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Even Heros Need Saving

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Midoriya couldn’t breathe.

It was painful, much more so than he’d imagined. If this was what drowning felt like, he never wanted to experience it again.

“I’m just going to borrow your body for a bit.” The sludge villain whispered in his ear.

Midoriya cried out the best he could, ripping and tearing at the suffocating villain. His vision began to blacken on the edges, and his movements slowed considerably.

He felt his body move on its own, jumping into the shadowed alley near by.

In hazy consciousness, Midoriya could have sworn he heard the infamous laugh that could only belong to one person. He swore he could remember seeing his favorite hero’s blinding smile out of the corner of his eye.

Midoriya swore he heard All Might mutter and sigh, “Now where did that villain get off to?”


The sludge villain was furious. God damned League of Villains. They said this was a no risk job. It was easy, get in and get out. No one ever mentioned that All Might of all heros would try to arrest him.

The sludge villain flexed the hands of his captured body. He heard police sirens wailing in the distance, getting closer.

“Sorry, kid. I need your body for a bit longer.” He muttered to himself, knowing the kid was unconscious by now.

He made his way across the city carefully, only using back roads and alleys to get to the League’s headquarters. Once he saw the polished wooden door, that was very out of place in the grungy alley, he marched towards it, his anger mounting.

He slammed the door open with one push. “What the fuck Shigaraki?!”


Tomura Shigaraki was a villain, so it was safe to say his days were far from normal. He had seen a lot of things, and met many different people. It took a lot to surprise him these days.

A sharp bang followed by, “What the fuck Shigaraki?!” would not have surprised him in the least. Shigaraki pissed off a lot of people very frequently. He wasn’t very good with social skills, and honestly he didn’t care to be. They were all just pawns to be sacrificed.

Though in this particular instance, Shigaraki was nearly left speechless.

A fucking sixth grader, or someone roughly around that age, was yelling at him with the confidence of a convicted felon. He was so shocked by the sight, he blocked out whatever other curses were thrown his way.

This little boy, who had eyes far too innocent to be saying half of these phrases, marched up to Shigaraki. He yelled in his face, with no fear for his life.

Just who the fuck was this kid?

Shigaraki ruled out prank, because he knew his name. This boy was upset about something that had to do with him. Shigaraki just had to figure out what. (He would have a lot earlier, had he been listing.)

“Well!?” The green haired teen demanded.

Shigaraki took care to only use two fingers to push the boy in the forehead, making him back up and get out of his personal space.

“Who are you?” Shigaraki asked blankly.

The kid’s eye twitched in irritation.

“Who am I??!” The boy yelled.


A flurry of emotions crossed the boy’s face. Fist they were anger and irritation, then they morphed into something like confusion, then finally understanding.

The boy smacked his hand on his face. “Right, you don’t know this kid.”

In a gruesome display, the sludge villain left the young boy’s body, letting it crumple to the floor behind him.

“Oh sludgey, yeah I remember you.” Shigaraki said, not phased in the slightest. “Did you get the job done?” He asked, waving a hand, while turning away. He waved Kurogiri to get him a drink.

He knew this guy, it wasn’t interesting anymore.

“Did I get the job done?!” The villain seethed. “No I did not get the fucking job done! If you had actually bothered to check your information, then you could have seen that All Might was there today—“

Shigaraki stilled, glaring over his shoulder to the small time villain. “Did you say All Might?” He grit out.

The villain stilled under his bloody gaze, “Uh, ye-yeah.”

The glass in Shigaraki’s hand disintegrated.


Midoriya woke slowly. His head felt heavy, his eyesight was blurry, and he felt like his mouth was filled with cotton.

It took more than a moment for the nausea to fade. He didn’t feel great. His side and knees were sore. He deduced that he had probably been dropped onto the floor.

Gathering his bearings, he noticed two figures engaged in conversation, with a third listening from behind the bar.

Midoriya’s eyes widened as he recognized one of the figures as the villain that had attacked him. He didn’t know the blue haired man, or the purple misty bartender. Probably villains, which was not good for Midoriya.

With his head clearing, his thoughts began rampaging. He needed to get out of here without them noticing, they may kill him otherwise.

As only the bartender could directly see Midoriya, he began slowly inching towards the wide open door. He didn’t make any large movements or try to shift out of his awkward positioning.

He hadn’t gotten more than a few feet before a flash of purple obscured his vision. Midoriya watched, helplessly, as a pair of feet stepped out of the purple fog.

“Well well, look who’s awake.” A cold voice, cooed.

Midoriya knew he was done for, as his eyes scaled the villain in front of him. His eyes finally trailed high enough to meet the man’s.

A single blood red eye peaked out from the grasp of dismembered hand. Stringy blue hair framed the sickly pale of the man’s face. The dry, cracked skin formed a cheshire grin on the villain’s face.

Midoriya was frozen by his gaze, only snapping out of it when he took a step forward. Midoriya scrambled away from the villain in fear, not stopping until he was half way under a table, stopped only by it’s base.

The villain grinned at Midoriya’s reaction, but proceeded to walk past him.

The pale man approached the sludge villain. He stopped within arms length of the other, his back facing Midoriya.

“Hey kid,” He called out, “watch this.”

With no warning, the pale villain’s hand latched onto the sludge villain’s face. A cacophony of agonizing screams filled the quiet space. Those screams would haunt Midoriya’s dreams for years.

It took less than a minuet for the screaming to stop.

Without turning around, the man spoke again. “This is what happens to anyone who becomes useless to me, kid. You better learn quickly, unless you want to end up the same way.”

Midoriya’s eyes fell to the slimy ash that piled in front of the man. He had the urge to throw up.

“We can’t let you go home kid. You’ve seen our faces and our base.”

Those words left Midoriya breathless. He felt as if he’d taken on the full force of one of Kacchan’s punches.

“So what’s going to happen to me?” Midoriya trembled out.

“Well kid, I guess what I’m trying to say is,” He turned around, once again facing Midoriya,

” Welcome to the League of Villains.”