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I'll be by your side

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Laura walked in the Square, not knowing what to do. Wait, is that her? No, it can't be! She decided to explore anyway. Going down the sewer, she saw Marie, from the Squid Sisters! No way!
-Look kid, not here to take pictures so stop squeaking like that! I need help. Callie's been kidnapped and Agent 4 returned home 'cause his mom's sick. Need your help. Take this and go kick the octarians' asses!
Laura gladly took the armor. It looked cool! Maybe not the freshest thing around, though… Big boots that make at least 4 times the circumference of her foot. Oh well! What could she do? She took the gun and ran into one of the kettles.
-Okay, you know the drill. Kill everything that moves! Well, splat. You know what I mean!
Laura’s gun shot slowly and it was pretty weak.
-Hey, Marie? Will I get to have another weapon or ameliorate thish one?
-Of course! I know, this one sucks, but you’ll have to get used to it for now.
Agent 5 advanced more and more in the level. It wasn’t hard, let’s be honest. If all the levels were that easy, she would save Callie in a second!
-There’s a vault. You’ll need a key to open that, so start looking.
It was almost an order. She didn’t hesitate, she rushed trough the octarians with the Tenta Missiles Marie gave her. Boom! She got the zapfish!
-Eashy peashy lemon squeezhy!
-I like that attitude, 5! Go in the next kettles and keep that rhythm and we’ll save Callie in no time!
-Got it! If that doeshn’t bother you, Marie, what happened to the agentsh before me?
-Oh, 3 and 4? 3 is gone with Cap’n Cuttlefish and 4’s mom is sick, like I mentioned earlier. And lemme tell you about 3’s hygiene! It wasn’t the best, let’s be honest!
-Marie! At leasht give them the benefit of the doubt! Maybe they worked out and didn’t have time to shower!
-Well, yeah. She did work out… anyway! Not the point. The point is you need to get the other 2 zapfish and defeat the boss, then you can advance to the second zone. Go, chop chop!
-Okay, okay! Don’t need to rush! I know your shishter is in danger, but calm down! I’m gonna shave her, just you wait!
-Now, you see those pads over there?
-Well, they bounce! Go have some fun kid!
-Yes, knock yourself out, 5!
-Like a kid in a candy store… Except this is an island surrounded by water that kills us with bouncy pads. (Damn, Ice would love that).
-What wash that, Marie?
-Nothing! Just day dreaming about the good ‘ol days…
Laura had splatted all the enemies near her. Wow, she loved those bounce pads! Fun and effective, just her type!
*five minutes later*
-Okay, Agent 5! You have enough Zapfish to open the boss kettle. Wonder what the octarians have in store for us this time… OH GOD IT’S HIDEOUS.
Laura could at least agree on that. It looked like the toasts were burned to (almost) a crisp. She liked HER toast nice and toasted, not a single trace of a burn. She was picky, yes, but who could change that? It was her taste. BAM! The toasts almost hit her in the side of her ribcage.
-That was a close one! Climb the Oven, the weak point is exposed up there! Go 5 go! Go 5 go!
After doing that 3 times, she beat the Octo Oven. Easy, but for now. Things would get harder, according to Marie in a chat from a bit earlier.
-Okay, now you have the choice. What kettle do you want to go in? Maybe the inkfurlers? Or the rolonium? Your choice!
-Ronolnium? That’sh a fresh name! Ronolium!
-No, no no. Rolonium. R-o-l-o-n-i-u-m. Got it?
-Yesh! I did!
*after that mission*
-So, what next?
-I’m shorry! I have bracesh and can’t shtop doing that!
-Oh, that’s understandable. Don’t mind me then. But, just a heads up. Octarians are like Inklings, they can fight and swim through ink, just like you, and they’re super sneaky, so watch out!
-Okay, thanksh! I’ll be careful in thish kettle!
She started to walk, her weapon shaking in her hands. She had a stress problem, so that didn’t help either. Slowly and carefully, she made her way to the middle of Musselforge fitness, aka the map she was on. Suddenly, she heard a voice and turned around slowly, horrified.
-Hello there, little squid!
End of first part.