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Those boobies were mine!

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Levi was a man who didn't let his emotion control him. He was stable-- both, mentally and emotionally. Reliable, he was well versed in many things; whether it was cooking, sewing, studying, battling, fighting, cleaning or other-- more obscure activities or hobbies, people loved him for he was able to help in any kind of task. Yet, people-- even comrades-- were reluctant to ask his help or expertise, because he was one of those kinds of people who liked when things were done perfectly.

People didn't mind sitting near him, they didn't mind talking to him, but they weren't good at asking him anything as they were too afraid of making him angry and more than anything-- they already had so many chores to do in a day, they didn't want to be punished by Captain Levi. When he start's something, it must be finished and be perfect, it was his little hic. He's obsessed and it was the worst when it came down to cleaning. Many cadets were punished into stall cleaning or a day's worth laps if they made litter or didn't correctly wash or clean what they were supposed to clean.

He was used to not being asked help-- he was used to be left alone, but at times that loneliness was a little heavy to bare. He wasn't very sentimental before, but he isn't sentimental at all now--not anymore, he left it all behind and shows a mask of ice to everyone. After witnessing his best friends die by the hands of titans, he strengthens his resolve to fight them. He wasn't hot blooded as he knew being like that was just a shortcut to his own death. Although, he does care about his allies-- even those who betrayed him, but he hides every bit and bits of warmth he could produce.

In his own way, he protected his sanity from the deaths of the many people he watch and surveyed as they were become stronger and better-- as they were becoming competent fighters. Over the years, he witnessed many deaths, he saw hundreds and hundreds die from their expeditions. At first it was weird to see them come and go, but after a while-- even while it became routine, he missed those few people that died in those missions.

At times, he honestly wondered how Erwin was able to cope with the fact that he sacrificed anyone to win each of his battles against the titans. How many families were broken because of that man's charisma and passion? But, alas, he knew there was no point asking himself those questions. What was done was done and was in the past. All they could do now was strive towards the future well-being of humanity, right?

As the small man was walking towards the mess hall, he was sweeping the horizon with his cold blue eyes, examining the cadets and regular members alike, trying to find if a pest would dare litter while he was around. But nothing happened and he continued on towards the place everyone ate at. Entering the mess hall, he directly went to get some food and strode to his spot at his usual spot-which was in front of Erwin.

His eyes landed on a girl-- a young woman, who just became one his own, a member of the recon corp. It was a group of soldiers who pledged their lives for humanity sake. His eyes scanned her--from head to toe, her soft locking [h/c] tresses that surrounded her face that had big [e/c] orbs. Her lips were died blood red, a striking color that provoked a foreign feeling within Levi's gut. Her smile made his heart leap and he couldn't help, but gulp at her swaying her hip as she shifted her weight to her other leg.

She held on her tray of food while she was trying to get a seat between Mikasa and Eren. She knitted her eyebrows, trying to explain herself to Mikasa who seemed un-happy from hearing her words. Levi kept an eye on the girl and she sighed in defeat, walking towards the end of the table, near a small bald kid. As she sat on the bench, she closed her eyes and clasped her hands together. It wasn't a sight he saw many times, but it appeared that the young lady was praying. Levi was annoyed as he saw such a pure female amongst his soldiers, who the hell prays these days?

Clicking his tongue, he side glanced away from the female and started talking with his Commander who gave him an inquisitive look. Levi shrugged as if nothing happened, but he couldn't really stop looking at her, not many of the girls in this building had her innocence, aside maybe that other blond girl names Krista. But something about this lady kept him unfocused and it bothered him.

Levi didn't notice, but he felt his leg being kicked lightly, "what is it Erwin?"

"You are staring at a cadet, Levi... Is it love at first sight?" Levi scoffed as he saw his boss give him a coy look, "No, it is not. Praying is stupid and that is what she was doing. I didn't mean to stare at her. Let's not forget she's 15. Then again maybe you like them young."

"Oh you don't say? Do you like them older then you?" Erwin countered back with a huge grin on his lips, "no, but I want them to be at least be 18 before I do something with them and even at 18, some act like little 8 years olds."

"So what's the point of getting one when she's 18 and acts 8 while you could get one that's 15 and is as mature as an 18 years old woman?" Erwin was having fun toying Levi as he saw the smaller man sigh, "Erwin, shut up please."

"How bold, telling your boss to shut up," Levi rolled his eyes and was thankful no one was actually being attentive to their conversation, "Seriously! Erwin, you dumb piece of shit."

Levi looked away from the infuriating blond man in front of him and stared at the recruit he was staring at earlier on, and now she was surrounded by guys and he felt a pinch in his heart. She grinned as she finished most of her meal and handed Sasha her potato—a potato that the brown haired girl immediately took from her hand.

Levi sneered as he saw Sasha get up, raising the potato up and screamed, "The good lord brought another angel on earth! Bless you, Lords of potatoes!" The 104th were a rowdy group as they laughed and giggled at the brown haired glutton while she swallowed that potato almost in whole, what is that kid, a monster?

Levi face palmed at them being the childish brats they were, but he was surprised at himself for letting out a small smile, even though they are willing to give their lives for humanity, they still find the strength to enjoy these few fleeting moments, eh? I guess I can't give up my faith in humanity so early. I hope I get to see those kids become adults.

"Levi," Erwin gave the smaller man a stare, "what, Erwin?"
"Stop smiling, it's creepy," Levi humphed as his trademark scowl re-plastered itself on his face, "thanks asshole."
Erwin laughed as Petra and Hanji were rubbing their fists onto his blond locked head, "go on girls, and teach him a lesson."

Levi chuckled as he saw his commander beg the girls to stop.

3 years quickly passed by, and not only was the crown was handed over to the survey corps, most of the mysteries that had plagued humanity were gone. Humanity had finally found a way to annihilate the titans. It took efforts and deaths-- many deaths. Amongst them were Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie-- the enemies, whom everyone loved before they betrayed humanity.

After the crown was taken, the military police were now under jurisdiction of the survey corps and so they were forced to fight outside the walls as well. Due to the slacking, most of them were obliged to restart training and honing their skills. Was this retribution? It seemed like it, after all the corruption happening within the military police, they were punished.

Commander Dot pixis and Niles Dawk were no more as they died bravely in the final battle. Commander Pixis left his daughter and grandchild a new found future-- a future where they could go to the sea, see those little creatures they called fish. On an earth that was safer to walk in, to play in, to learn in and same goes for Commander Niles Dawk, who left behind kids and his wife- Maria.

Hearing about her being widowed, Erwin went to her and gave her his condolences. After, they met up more and one day, they hook up. The kids were confused at first, but they accepted him, solely because their mother seemed very happy with him by her side.

Commander Erwin Smith was spared, how did that happen? No one knows-- yet, he was the lucky gambler and he came out victorious, as always. Many of the soldiers who died under his command could now rest in peace as their deaths were now justified. The survey corp was now explorers, not killer and they would roam the land around them, finding new discoveries. Hanji was quite fascinated by the new world and would be running around with Moblit-- who actually survived, and would bring back samples of many new unknown items.

Armin-- who was now 18 years old of age, was given the responsibility of taking the reins of the Survey corp. He was a little surprised at first, but with a tired smile, Erwin told him that he trusted him. Armin then saluted his commander and pledged that he would take care of the survey corps while the old man would take some rest.

The rest of the Levi squad had all followed their own path; Sasha, Mikasa, Eren, Connie all wanted to explore the world. Jean was asked by Historia Reiss to become one her guards and he accepted. Ymir was always loyal and by the one she cherished the most, Historia. Historia has been doing her job as the queen quite well; her decisions were sound, although at times, she would ask Erwin guidance. Being queen at 15 was a handful, but even if she had gotten experiences, she was always careful to ask some opinions or feedback from those who have more wisdom.

And what about [name], you ask? She became the wife of the strongest man on earth, Levi Ackerman. It was quite surprising, considering he was older than her, but when he asked her about it, she smiled and accepted the ring. Their relationship was a little strain at first, 3 years ago, they would have never been able to tell that life would lead them to this.

At first, Levi would tell himself that he didn't like her and would find himself quite irritated with himself as he would keep looking at her from a distance. Then he became even more distressed when guys would put their arms around her shoulders and immediately find a way to either punish the infuriating males who had tried to flirt with the one he liked or he would make [Name] do chores in his office.

It pissed him off that she was getting under his skin so much, but he kept his feelings inside as he didn't want to seem like a male who would want to defile a girl-- a young female. [Name] was a little alerted by Levi's doing and so-- once, she went ahead and consulted Erwin about it, but Erwin seemed know what was happening and told the lass to be patient with his right hand man.

[Name] then tried to read Levi, it was hard-- the man never or rarely shows any shreds of emotions, and so it was getting harder and harder for her be patient and one day she snapped.

"What do you want from me, Captain?" One question, it was in a severe tone and Levi sighed, "What are you talking about [name]? Sweep the floor."

"What is there to fucking sweep? Look at this damn floor! It's fucking spotless!" Her hands flew around as she was gesticulating at her infuriating superior, "It's been 2 years now, 2 years! Why the fuck do I get these silly chores? Chores that I earned by what? Talking to other males or because guys get close to me! Like, do I seriously deserve these chores? Honestly! It’s like if you just want to keep me clos..."

She gaped and her brows knit as she tried to recall something her superior said, be patient with Levi, okay? It can't be! Why didn't I notice this before? He can't possibly be in love with me... Right? She looked at Levi and he closed his eyes as he exhaled, "So... You figured it out."

Her eyes widen as she couldn't help herself, she was extremely surprised by her Captain's motives to keep her inside his office, "why didn't you voice out you wanted me near you? You didn't have to hide that-"

"Dear, you notice that I am 32 this year, right? Don't you think it would be weird for a man like me to develop feelings for a brat?" He gave her a serious glance and she blinked, confusion invaded her mind, feelings for me? She gulped and her lips quivered as she was submerged by emotions she never really felt before, he likes me, "Levi, I-I don't get it."

"Are you dumb, I like you! Damn it, [Name]," as the words flew from his mouth, the young woman felt her heart skip a beat. She dropped the broom and sank onto the floor, her eye dripping of little, clear liquid were sliding down her cheek. It was enough to worry Levi as she noticed him getting up, he really has feelings for me, little me? I'm just a useless brat, why does he like someone as plain as me, I don't get it!?

Suddenly, he was in front of her, kneeling as he brought his palm to the side of her face, brushing his thumb under her right eyes. He swept her tears away, keeping a steady gaze on her, "does it disgust you? If it does, I understand and I won't stop you from leaving-"

Before he knew what happened, he felt himself falling onto his back, "I'm not going anywhere, Sir." Her voice was wavering a little, but it also held determination as she stared at him from above. He was a little shocked at her boldness, "If you really like me, I will stay by your side, Captain."

"Don't call me Captain anymore," his palm never left her face as his thumb brushed her lips and he smiled while he felt them, "Call me Levi, [Name]."

She nodded as she felt him bring his hand lower, grasping her chin and tilting it to finally bring her lips onto his. They kissed-- it was innocent, not forceful and very sweet. He was a little taken a back when he felt her tongue brush his lower lip and they escalated the kiss into something more passionate. He surrounded her with his arms and felt a little more weight on his groin and he realized she relaxed onto him, straddling him as she started rolling her hips. Levi let out a groan, satisfied by the blissful feeling that was coursing through him, but he knew that he shouldn't do this with her now and so he pulled his lips off hers, "We shouldn't do this now, [Name]."

She tilted her head, "Why not? Is it because I don't have enough experience? I'm not good enough?" Levi shook his head, "Let's wait one year, okay?"

She was about to protest, but Levi spoke before she did, "I want you to be an adult before, we do anything and even if you don't have enough experience, just means I can teach you a whole lot more." The girl blushed at his last statement and she nodded.

"Fine, but can we-- at least-- cuddle and grab hands and also kiss once or twice?" He nodded as he gave her a little smile and she hugged him tight, "Can I also sleep in your bed-"

"Now you're taking it too far, no." She pouted as she heard him reply quickly, "and if I have a nightmare, can I come to see you?" She blinked and did puppy eyes, trying to sway the man who couldn't help but sigh at her childish antics, "Okay, you can IF you get a nightmare."

She giggled and lightly, he pushed himself up with [Name], "Whenever we are going outside, stay by my side. Understood?"

She saluted as she gave him a grin, "understood Levi!"
Two years later, Levi and [Name] were married and had a child.