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pretty cure digidestined

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The pretty cure just finished fighting when Cure Black, Cure White, Cure Bloom, Cure Aqua, Cure Passion, Cure Muse, Cure Peace, and Cure Heart noticed something in the sky, “what is that,” said Saki as Cure Bloom, then lights came out of the sky and landed in front of all 8 cures. The 8 of them grabbed the little devices that landed in front of them, “what are these,” asked Ako as Cure Muse, then a digital stream surrounded them, and they were transported to another world. “Hey, Nagisa, wake up,” said a voice, “ok ok I’m awake,” said Nagisa, she looked up and saw the digimon in front of her, “aaaaaaaaaaah, who are you,” “I’m Demiveemon,” said Demiveemon, “I’m your digimon partner,” “wait digimon?” said Nagisa, “digital monsters,” said Demiveemon. Nagisa and Demiveemon went to find Nagisa’s friends, they noticed Saki run towards them and she had a digimon with her, “Saki slow down,” said Nagisa, “Nagisa save me,” said Saki, “Saki settle down,” said Demiveemon, “it’s just Minomon,” “aaaaaaah another one,” said Saki, “are you scared of us, Saki,” said Minomon, “n - n - n - no,” said Saki, “you just scared me,” “Saki, Nagisa,” said Honoka, “HONOKA,” said Nagisa and Saki, “how did you find us,” asked Nagisa, “I led her here,” said the digimon that came out of the bush, “Saki, Nagisa, meet Motimon,” said Honoka, “he’s my digimon partner,” “Tokomon wait up,” said Ako, “you gotta beat me Ako,” said Tokomon, “Ako has a digimon too,” said Nagisa, “yep,” said Ako, “Saki, Honoka, Nagisa, Ako,” said Setsuna, “Setsuna, you’re here too,” said Saki, “do you have a digimon too,” “yes I do,” said Setsuna, “Tsunomon come out,” “greetings friends of Setsuna,” said Tsunomon, “it’s a pleasure to meet you,” “GIRLS HELP,” said Yayoi, Karen, and Mana, then a digivirus appeared, “we need to run,” said Nagisa. All 8 girls started to run, until their digimon went into their digivices, and then a voice told them that they can transform by saying pretty cure digital crest power. “PRETTY CURE DIGITAL CREST POWER,” said Nagisa, Honoka, Saki, Karen, Setsuna, Ako, Yayoi, and Mana, the 8 of them transformed into their very familiar cure forms, “defender of miracles, Cure Black,” said Nagisa as Cure Black, “the strong knowledge, Cure White,” said Honoka as Cure White, “the golden flower of kindness, Cure Bloom,” said Saki as Cure Bloom, “the wave of reliability, Cure Aqua,” said Karen as Cure Aqua, “the crimson heart is the proof of friendship, freshly ripened, Cure Passion,” said Setsuna as Cure Passion, “strumming the tune of hope, Cure Muse,” said Ako as Cure Muse, “love and light become one, Cure Peace,” said Yayoi as Cure Peace, “the heart of light, Cure Heart,” said Mana as Cure Heart, “to defend the digital world, it’s our job, together we are the pretty cure digidestined,” said all the cures. They battled the digivirus and couldn’t defeat it until it was frozen and destroyed it, “are you all alright,” asked the cure that appeared, “yes,” Cure Black responded, “and who are you,” “I’m Wind Trio,” said Wind Trio, “I’m a digital defender pretty cure,” “so they exist,” said Cure Bloom, “and over there is Reliability White,” said Wind Trio, “she froze the digivirus.” The 10 of them went back to normal, and their digimon came out of their digivices, “woah you 8 got bigger,” said Nagisa, “that means you’re not Demiveemon anymore,” “well I am but I’m now Veemon,” said Veemon, “you were Motimon and now you’re,” said Honoka, “Tentomon,” said Tentomon, “I’m now Wormmon, Saki,” said Wormmon, “you can call me Gabumon, Setsuna,” said Gabumon, “I’m Gomamon now, Karen,” said Gomamon, “I’m Patamon, Ako” said Patamon, “I’m Biyomon now, Yayoi,” said Biyomon, “and I’m Salamon, Mana,” said Salamon, they were about to leave but Kaylyn stopped them and wanted to give Nagisa something, “Nagisa, I think you should have these,” said Kaylyn giving Nagisa her goggles, “I don’t wear them anymore and I think you should have them,” “you mean it,” said Nagisa grabbing the goggles, “yes Nagisa,” said Kaylyn, as she put the goggles on Nagisa, “I need to pass them on.”