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One Way Out

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Y/N is so fixated on her work that she forgets time and place. The three knocks on her desk, startles her. As she looks up, she could not help but smile. “You were not texting me babe.”, Hoseok says. “I was getting worried. I said I will pick you up but still, no message, no phone calls from you.” She turns to her computer screen to check the time. It’s a little past lunch time - which means she should have left work already. Especially today, as she works only a half day on Fridays. “Don’t worry, the car was comfortable but not as pretty as you. Please shut down the computer and come with me.” Y/N nodded and turned down the computer immediately as her stomach starts to make sounds. “Babe, have you skipped breakfast again?” 

“Only because I was in a hurry.”, she says quietly almost like a whisper. 

“You promised me that you will take care of yourself more.” She nods as she gets her coat.  

“I know, I try. It’s just not so easy.” She takes Hoseok’s hand and kisses him on his cheek.  

“One more babe.” She starts to laugh and gives him another kiss on his cheek. “Better. Let’s get lunch, shall we?” 

“Lunch? But I thought we go out for dinner later?” 

“We can do both.”, he says as he opens the car door for her and closes it as soon as she was inside the car. She watches him walk around the car with a devilish smile. “Or do you want to do something else? I have got something on my mind.”, Hoseok questions as he gets himself comfortable in his seat. With a fast movement, he moves his hand on her neck to pull her in for a little kiss. This kiss turns into pecks before he pulls away completely. “Something so much sweeter. So sweet that it is almost making me an addict.” His hand pulls her closer again to give him the possibility to place kisses along her neck. The love bites he creates gives her chill up her spine. Every single love bite feels more sensual than the one before. The feeling of receiving the love bites make her wanting more by each contact his lips make to her skin. Hoseok knows her favorite spot and he does not stop to abuse it. A moan escapes her lips as he abuses the spot too much. 

“Daddy, we are still on the parking lot of my work. Could we please get home first? I need you so badly already.” His touch wanders to down to her breasts before his hand stops to move between her legs. 

“Babe, you are so wet already for me. I could enter you with no problem. Damn,” he breathes deeply, “I would not even have to work you up anymore.” He licks his lips as he puts his forehead against hers. The way his eyes darken turns her even more on. “Baby girl, only under one condition I might be able to hold myself back now.” The eyes of him look deeply into hers as his hands move back to her neck. 

“What do you want me to do, daddy.” she asks whilst biting her lower lip. Y/N touches his chest with her left hand as her right hand is getting closer and closer to his bulge. When she reaches his bulge, she lets her hand glide over his pants slowly. One thing crosses her mind as her hand keeps moving on his pant as she gives him a little squeeze. She wants to suck him off so badly, she wants to make him cum. Right there, right now. He looks the most beautiful to her when she sees him wrecked underneath her touches. For whatever reason, kinky names get them excited in no time. No matter how much she wants to do it now, a work place is a line she does not want to cross. Daddy, is the word she says to let him know that she is in the mood for sex. Without even discussing kinky names, she found the right one to make him excited quickly. The word is like a switch for him. As he kisses up and down her neck, she starts to moan ‘daddy’. Those moans together with her touches filled his eyes with lust as his touches becomes more aggressive. 

“Listen, baby girl. You keep touching yourself quietly. I do not want to hear a beep and no touching me, got it?”  

“But daddy-”, she stops to speak as his finger pushes against her lips. 

“You keep touching yourself without a sound and without touching me or I will take you to the back seat and make you listen to me when I say so.” The face expression of his makes her weak. Hoseok never cares if anyone could hear them having sex. He also never cared where, as he always found a place to do it without anyone noticing it. As weak as she might for him right now, even if it would be the backseat, she knows it would be more fun to wait until their home. 

“Okay, I do it.” 

“My baby girl wants to do it?”, he asks as his smile grows bigger. His hands are playfully choking her as he repeats his question. “You want to keep touching yourself until we are home without cumming?” 

“Yes. I want you longer than a few minutes. I will behave and be a good girl.” A grin starts to form on his face.  

“What lucky bastard I am to have such a pretty girl like you and always ready to serve her daddy. I love you, baby.”, he says before he let’s go of her neck and kisses her deeply. What surprised her was that he did not want to put his tongue inside her mouth to play for dominance. Seeing it from the perspective of his boner, it would have excited him probably too much. She cannot blame him though. Hoseok uses his tongue often as a punishment against her since he figured out how to tease her the most. As he starts the car, she started to put her panties down to her ankles. The skirt of hers is still covering her thighs to her knees well. When he sees that the skirt might not stay in place, he leans to the backseat to get a blanket for her. “Hide what is mine. No horny bastard is allowed to see you like that.” By every god damn red light, he touches her to see how wet she has become already. Whenever he checks her wetness, he starts to play with whatever spot is the most sensitive by a single touch at the moment. The damn rule which forbids her to cum, becomes harder to follow with each touch of his. The cool breeze in the car did not help much to calm her down from the upcoming high. 

As soon as they arrived in his garage, of his house, he turns off the motor. She takes him by the collar of his shirt as soon as his seat belt was off and pulled his face to hers. She needed a release, now, not later, now. She places passionate and strong kisses on his lips to show him how needy she has become. Hoseok licks her bottom lip to give her a sign to open her mouth a bit more. His tongue slips through her lips as soon as he realizes he has the chance to. Hoseok’s left hand wanders from the outside of her thigh to her waist and up all the way slowly to her neck. The fingers of his hand move to the back of her head, that is when she can feel how he is taking some of her hair in between his fingers. With her hair in between his fingers he moves his hand towards her cheek. The thumb of his pushing her chin up as he stops the kissing. “Baby girl, did you just break a rule?”, he says with a smiling face. She does not care about the punishments, what she needs now is him. The few more pecks that she receives from him are not enough. His thumb is still holding her chin up. The way his eyes darken even more with lust makes her more excited as she already is. But that his eyes darken even more, could only mean one thing and that would be punishment. “You know what you just did, was wrong, right? Did you forget the rule of self-control, baby?”  

“Daddy, I didn’t forget. I just need you now. Please, daddy.” Whilst one hand touches her breasts, his other hand moves to his swollen member. He removes his hands from her and stops touching himself before he leans into his chair to admire her neediness. With a slightly tilted head, he starts to think about what he will do to her. 

“Get out of the car, I teach you how to behave.” As soon as he finished his sentence, he gets out of the car. Quickly, she puts the underwear back on and follows him. Not even a short look he spares on her as he continues to walk. His face starts look emotionless as he grabs her by her wrist to drag her upstairs as she walks to slowly for him. Once in the bedroom, he turns her to face him. “You have no self-control, do you baby? I guess I will have to teach you self-control once again.” 

“Daddy, I am sorry. Do whatever, but please, I need to cum! I cannot handle this edging any longer.”, she begs whilst her free hand is on his neck. Her whole body lingers for his touch. That he is taking his time, seems more than cruel to her. It is slowly killing her painfully. With his other hand he takes her hand from his neck and kisses her knuckles. 

“Let’s forget lunch and dinner, baby. If you still want to go out later, we can. But according to what I feel,”, he pushes her underwear to the side and touches her clitoris and slides his middle and ring finger along her folds. “we will be to be busy for that, don’t you think?” Soft moans leave her lips as she hopes that he won’t stop any time soon. At this moment she realizes that she lost the feeling for time. The only thing she could think of is feeling him inside her. Her moans become more as he speeds up his fingers. “I thought you’d finally behave.” His finger leaving her immediately whilst he steps back. “Show me what you wear underneath those clothes. I want to see your pure beauty.” A nod of hers follow his words as she undresses herself. "Hands on the bed. Legs straight." Whilst she is getting into position, she can hear him walking up behind her. He takes his shirt off and steps right behind her to leave no space between them. She can feel how excited he had become in the meantime. With a fast movement he places his hands on her waist as he places kisses slowly along her spine. That this is another test of self-control is driving her crazy. No matter hard she tries to control herself, she knows the more she gives in, the harder he will make it for her. The rules are easy, but playing by the rules is much harder. Especially when she is already so close to cum. The goosebumps start to build up all over her body. He pushes his hips against her a little stronger to make sure she knows what kind of impact she already has on him. As fast as his hands were on her waist, is just as fast as he removes all touches, he had a second ago with her. 

"Daddy, ple-", she begs as he cuts her off with his hand. One hand is pulling her back by her neck whilst the other one is around her mouth. He places one finger on her lips and she already knows what he wants from her. She starts to suck on his finger to show him that she is submissive. 

"I prefer to see your body react and as far I remember your only allowed to speak when asked. Am I wrong?" She nods quickly in agreement. "Time to count, baby." Hoseok’s hand lets go of her neck whilst he removes his finger from her mouth. Slowly she goes back into the position she was in. Without a warning he slaps her right butt cheek when he sees that she is in the right position. 

"One. Two. Three. Uh, four. Five." By the count of five he starts to rub her butt cheek which is becoming redder each second. On each butt cheek of hers, is one hand of him placed. She can feel how his hand move lower as one his hands start to play with her heat. The reaction of her body is almost automatic. 

"You broke five rules so far baby girl.", he says as he places kisses from her thighs to the direction of her heat. Then to test her again, he places a few kisses on her clitoris. "You are everything else but dry baby. Do you want to feel daddy right here?" Just the thought of feeling him right there makes her almost moan again. "Would baby girl want her daddy to use tongue or fingers?" She tries her best so hard right now to control her body. The kisses he places on along her folds do not help her to stay calmer. 

"Please use both daddy."  

"Both, huh? Are you daddy's little slut now? Come here.", he says as his left moves her neck again to pull her back again. The right hand of his move along her body until it stops in front of her lips. He takes his times as moves his fingers along her lips. "Do you want me so bad baby?" He turns her head to kiss her passionately. Once she looks at his eyes, he looks into hers to find an approval that she is more than ready to start the real fun. He moves his hands from her head and neck towards her shoulder to push her upper body into the mattress. Her legs might be still standing, but they feel as they are made of pudding by now. The hands of his keep on moving once she lies with her chest on the mattress. At first, he stops at her waist to give her a little squeeze, then he moves over her ass to stop at her entrance. She can feel how his fingers glide up and down along her folds. Y/N turns her head to see what he is doing, which makes Hoseok question if she would like to watch a show. "You want to watch me eat you out baby girl?” 

"Please, daddy." she says as she bites her lip. “Let me watch you.” 

"Sit on the edge of the bed legs apart, no closing until I say so." As she stands up, she accidentally bumps into him. Her butt pushes directly on his erection, which makes him grab her by the waist immediately to keep her close. "Baby, don't stress.", he whispers into her ear whilst he moves his nose next to her neck. Soft licks and kisses follow all over her neck as he stops the teasing with his nose. The way his right hand moves lower and lower towards her heat, makes her almost cry out. She can feel how slowly he inserts his two fingers into her wetness. 

"God, yes.", she cries out. “Right there, daddy.” The kisses on her shoulders do not stop as he continues to touch her at the right spot. 

"Daddy knows your body baby. I know you are needy right now but believe me." He makes a love bit on her shoulder and whispers, "I love you so damn much. You have no clue how hard I must control myself to not throw you on this bed and keep thrusting until my body gives out. But do you know what is more fun than that baby girl?" He makes another love bite closer to her neck. "I want to see you wrecked. I want to see you lying on my bed shaking and I want to hear you say that you cannot go on any longer. But I know that your daddy's little slut, aren't you? You can take a lot, don't you?" With a quick pace, he starts to thrust his fingers in and out of her whilst his thumb keeps on playing with her clitoris. She bites her lips to not let a moan slip through her lips as the orgasm starts to build up. It starts to feel so good that she no longer can concentrate on anything he says.  

"I'm all yours daddy. I love you." Her hands are wandering over his hands to his waist. "Please don't stop. I beg you." 

"You beg me to make you cum, hmm? But did I not tell you, we've got time." She can hear his almost evil laugh right next to her ear. That is the view he loved to see. Edging is for him the best thing in his opinion for his partner. The rule mostly only count s for her, because she becomes in that kind of situations a toy to him. Y/N does not mind it though, because whatever will follow afterwards, will make her feel so good. "Baby, you should not be so impatient." She was so close to have finally cum, but he remove s his fingers once again.  

"Daddy please.", she says as she turns around to face him. "Please daddy, let me cum. I beg you! I was so close again." Now it becomes the time for her to show him how much she needed to cum. She starts to mark his neck and collar bones with love bites, which makes him groan and that was the sign that she does it the right way. The groans become louder as soft moans leave his lips. At this point she does not care if any punishments would follow if she gives up the submissive side for now. Whilst keeping the eye contact, her hands already move down to his belt. She opens the belt and his pants whilst his hands hold her upper arms. He holds her in place to share some heated kisses. "Daddy I need you so bad." she says as she gets to her knees. Hoseok lets her slide trough his hands to finally feel the touch he was longing for all day. The eyes of his never leave her as he watches her taking off his pants. The self-control he had is unbelievable to her, she truly admired him for it. She makes a love bite below his belly button which just makes him placing a hand on the back of her head.  

"Baby, you should not tease me.", he says as moves his hand threw her hair. She places kisses along the visible erection through his underwear. The wet spot on his underwear tasted salty. Which makes her smile to know that he is more turned on as he wants to confess. Her fingers are slowly moving around the sensitive area as she looks for an approval to go a step further. “Go ahead, baby.”, he says to assure her. “Play with your toy.” Y/N nods as she starts to remove his underwear. Her right hand moves along his erections before she licks along his length before she ends up on the top of his dick. The groans of his become more as she flicks her tongue over his sensitive tip a few times as she uses it almost like a lollipop. To change the position of her lips on him, she starts to place some kisses down on his member on one side and up on the other side. He watches her moves closely as every other touch of her tongue or wet lip makes him want more. The feeling of having his eyes locked on her makes her feel as she is in control for now. Slowly she takes his dick into her mouth. Inch by inch until she is in the middle of his. Then Y/N starts to take even more time to pleasure him passionately. Whenever she goes down an inch more, she goes completely up again, just to work her way down slower. When she made it to the half, she takes him out of her mouth completely. Whilst her right-hand slights up and down his shaft, she starts to kiss his balls and alternately she massages them when she gets back to his dick with her lips. “Baby girl, you are so good to me.” Those praising words make her want to do more. Therefore, she takes him back into her mouth until his dick was completely inside her mouth. “Fuck, baby girl, stop now.” She could see how he starts to move his hips whilst the sweat starts to build on his chest. That she should stop now, seems not right to her. “Baby, stop! I want to fucking fuck you! I cannot do it if you make me cum now. Don’t you want to cum too?” Y/N nods as she takes his dick back in her right hand and takes him out of her mouth. Saliva of hers were all over her lips and his dick. “Sit down. Now!”, he says with a bossy voice. That is the kind of voice which tells her that he is struggling to keep his cool. Once she sits on the edge of the bed, she leans on her elbows whilst spreading her legs for him to see her wetness clearly. He licks his lips as he admires his view. When she feels as he would take too much time, she slides her hand between her legs to play with herself. Quickly he walks over to her to remove her hand immediately from herself. Hoseok leans down against her body to kiss her again. He puts all his weight to make her lie on her back. The kisses start to move to her jaw and then the kisses make their way slowly down along her body. He sucks on one nipple as he pinches the other one. Y/N’s moans make it harder for him to take his time as he becomes eager to finally be in her. That he could not stay as cool as he wants to be about her moaning, makes him angry. When he makes it to her clitoris, he starts to suck on it roughly. 

“Daddy, yes. Don’t stop.”, she can feel how her orgasm is building up in her stomach. The tongue of his is playing at her entrance for a little while before he enters her with it. He starts to eat her out as she is his favorite dish. “I’m so close! Fuck!” Hoseok could not hide his grin as he stops , just to move up to be face to face again. “Daddy! Why? I was so close! Why did you stop?”, she asks as her rib cage was going quickly up and down as her heavy breathing continues.  

“You want to cum, baby girl?” 


“Then ride me.” With his arm around her waist, he turns her with him. As she sits up, she stares into his eyes for a second before she creates another love bite on his neck. “Baby, do you want to ride me and cum or do I have to thrust up into you and you are not allowed to cum?” That was all it took to make her take his dick to place it at her entrance. She sinks slowly down on him. “I do not fuck you enough, hmm? You are still so damn tight. God damn.” When she starts to feel her orgasm to build up again, she starts to speed up. His hands are one time on her waist and at another time on her breasts. “Oh fuck, how can you become even tighter?”, he says as she clenches around him. Her orgasm does not take much longer until she comes all over him. When she tries to catch her breath, she leans forward and places her hands on his chest. The eyes of her are only half open as she looks for the eye contact with him. Before she even knows, he pulls her closer by the back of h er h ead with his hand in her hair as he sits up. Both of h is h ands move under her thighs to make her sit correctly on his lap whilst he is still inside of her. “You do not think I only let you cum only once, right baby?” She moves her head up and down in approval. Without giving her a sign, he starts to thrust up into her. The head of her rests on his shoulder as she lets him take the control. When he starts to feel close, he stops. “Baby, I need you on all four.” Without saying any word, she climbs off of him and gets on all four. Hoseok pulls her a little closer by her hips to have more closeness in this position. He gives no sign again as he starts to thrust into her.  

“Daddy, I feel like I will cum again.”, she says with breaks between her words. 

“Good. It’s your time to learn patience and cum with me together, hmm? You needed this lesson, you remember why, don’t you?” She is not able to speak up at the moment and Hoseok knows, she cannot focus as her orgasm starts to become stronger. As he wanted to try something new , he sits down on his heels as he pulls her along to not lose any kind of touch. He keeps his left hand on her waist and uses the right one to keep himself in place. “Baby, I need you stay a little away from me, okay? Otherwise I cannot thrust up.” She mumbles a yes as she moves a little away from his hips. He picks up his pace again, this time she is even louder as this angle hits her g-spot immediately. “Baby, you are so beautiful. Let me know when you are about to cum.” His thrusts are getting faster and messier.   

“Daddy, I am about to cum.”, she says. The orgasm took not long as her whole body starts to shake as the orgasm goes through her body. Once he sees that her high is over, he cums inside her. He puts his arms around her body to keep her by his chest as he lies down. “Thank you, daddy! I love you so much.” Her head moves to turn to him, which takes not long for him to move his head towards her to share a long kiss. When his dick has softened down, he takes it out of her to get a washcloth from the bathroom. “That was fun, but next time we should talk about new positions first.” 

“You had this position saved on your phone. Should I have waited until you tell me?” As he cleaned her up, he kissed her on her forehead. “I love you, Y/N.” There is no need to say anything back, she also can say nothing back as the smile on her face says everything. There are no secrets between them and as they think about the most topics the same way, they do not need to discuss a lot of things either. As he walks back to the bathroom, she takes her phone from her bag which lied on the floor, to check the time. It shows that it is three p.m. already and she noticed that she had missed a phone call and a few text messages from a number she had deleted but not blocked – Yoongi, her ex-boyfriend. She does not care about Yoongi any longer, therefore she deletes those notifications off her phone screen. “Everything alright? Did I hurt you somehow? You look a little pale.” 

“Nope. Everything is fine.” 

“You’re sure?” He says as he comes closer to her. 

“Hm, yeah. Why would I not be sure?” She says as she walks up to him to meet him half way. She puts her arms around his neck to pull him in for another kiss. 

“I guess I need to believe it. Want to catch some sleep?” 

“If you take a shower first, yes.” 

“What does that supposed to mean?” He places his forehead against hers as he licks his lips. “Let’s take a shower later on together. We wouldn’t waste that much water then.”, he says jokingly. She starts to laugh as she pushes him slightly away. 

“Let’s change the sheets first or do you want to go to my place?” 

“That’s something I actually wanted to speak about with you in the restaurant. But I cancelled it in the meantime. So why not now.” 

“You cancelled? When?” He starts to smirk at her words. 

“Y/N, I cancelled while I was in the bathroom getting a washcloth for you. How long do you think I need for that? Anyway, I wanted to ask you if we shouldn’t move in together.” 

“So quickly? But yes, I’d love that.”, she says as she kisses him. “When are moving in together?” 

“Wait, you are okay with that? You said we will move in together when we are ready for marriage...” 

“Yes, but plans change and if that means I see you more often I am in.” At that moment her phone starts to ring. Y/N walks to her phone but declines the phone call as she sees that it is Yoongi again. 

“Who’s that?” 


“Why did you not pick up?” 

“Don’t freak out, okay?” 

“Babe, what’s wrong?” 

“Yoongi is the person who does not stop contacting me since a few days.” 

“Wait, your abusive ex? Why would he contact you?” 

“I don’t know. I did not open his messages. I deleted them from my screen as soon as I saw them.” 

“When did you want to tell me that?” 

“I don’t know. I thought it is not important since I ignore him anyway.” 

“Let me see them.” He walks over to her to take the phone. Y/N starts to pick out some new bed sheets in the meantime. “Sweetheart, I am kind of happy you did not read them, but on the other side as an inspector at a police station, I am terrified from everything you told me about Yoongi before.” With one eyebrow higher than the other, she looks at him stunned. 

“Why? What did he write?”, she asks with a worry in her voice. “Just give me my phone.” Yoongi had texted her that he is waiting in front of her apartment. Yoongi is waiting for her and that she should have had returned a long time ago to her apartment. In his last text he wrote, that if she does not pick up her phone, he will start to look for her, she better not be with another male. 

“You better stay here. I’ll go over and pick some stuff up for you. Do you need something special or should I get anything I can grab?” Hoseok asks without even looking at her. He puts on a pair of his underwear before he takes his suitcases from his closet.  

“I’ll go in. Can you wait outside?” The words confuse him as he looks at her with widen eyes. In disbelief of what she had just suggested, he rethinks her words. 

“Y/N. Please consider my words, those guys are crazy. What if he just does not want to speak with you? What if he wants to hurt you? What if worse? I do not want to scare you, but please, think about it. Those guys are out of their mind.” 

“He won’t.” 

“He won’t what?” 

“He won’t hurt me.” 

“Yes, right. That is why you had a black eye after you told him that you will leave him.” 

“It only happened once and maybe I should have waited for a better moment to tell him that it was over. Maybe it was just a stupid moment.” 

“Do not start to blame yourself again! We have been through it.” He drags his hands through his hair. The tension is obvious on his face. In his job he already had some cases with abusive exes who follow their ex-girlfriends everywhere. The fear that his girl could become a case of his, worries him. “Okay.” 

“Okay? Okay what?” 

“I’ll drive you there, if you see him, you let me know. We will drive off in that second you see him . I will ask my colleague if they can search him up in the meantime. Maybe there is something I need to know.”, he sighs as he collects some clothes to wear. “I do not feel good by doing it this way at all.” He confesses as he puts his pants on. Y/N walks over to him to sit herself next to him. She takes his face in both of her hands.  

“I understand your feeling. I do not like the thought of him around my apartment either. But he also wrote those messages when I was alone in the apartment. Maybe he just tries to scare me.”  

“Maybe. But what if not?” She hugs him tightly. “After everything you told me, I do not want to lose you. I love you.” 

“I love you too. But nothing happened, right? I ignored him, but still he did nothing.” Luckily, she always had some fresh clothes at his apartment which are thankfully there at this moment. 

“Be careful. That is all I am asking for.”, he says before he kisses her forehead.

As they arrive at her apartment, she studies every car and everyone she sees within the cars. She does not recognize anyone as Yoongi. “I do not see him.”, she lets Hoseok know. Her heart was beating so fast. But she knew, any word about the weird feeling that she has would make him worry even more. 

“His car? Do you see his car?” 

“No. I do not see his car either.” 

“Are you sure you want to go in alone?” At the next empty parking spot, he park s the car. As soon as the car stands still, he takes out his phone. The phone is on mute which Hoseok changes immediately.  

“I am a big girl. I can handle that.” The worries on his face does not become less. “I do not see anything suspicious here. I will hurry okay.” Y/N leans towards Hoseok to give him a peck on his cheek. He looks once in her right eye and then into her left eye. He repeats that for a few times before he nods. Both of her palms are on his cheeks as she places a goodbye kiss on his lips.  

“Be careful, have your phone ready to call me if he is in the building!” 

“Okay, I will get my phone ready. Just in case.” She puts his number on her display and puts her phone back into her bag. As the suitcases are not very heavy, she takes them out of the car on her own and walks towards her apartment building. As her apartment is on the fourth floor, she decides to take the elevator. The apartment door looks alright, nothing looks unusual. She turns the key in the lock and opens the door widely. The sound of the door being unlocked is not hearable, but she does not recognize that the sound is not there at first . The strange feeling is becoming stronger with each step she walks in. After three steps she stops to take a breath. Y/N does not look around if something looks different, as she thinks that maybe Hoseok’s thoughts are getting at her. She closes the door without locking it and places her keys down on the counter next to her bag. The bedroom door is open, which does not surprise her. Sometimes she closes the door, but mostly it stays open when she was in a rush. Her eyes move over to the windowsill in her bedroom, which makes her wish that she did not walk inside alone. Her breathing stopped as her body stops to work. She feels like her heart stopped beating and as her heart has just dropped out of her body at the same time . Her blood was feeling cold, almost like her body does not belong to her . Goosebumps are starting to build up all over her body. On the windowsill was a guy with ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Those eyes, this smile. That kind of things she did not want to see anymore. As her body gives up completely, the suitcases drop off her hands.  

“Hello Y/N. Longtime no see.”, Yoongi smiles in her directions with a lighter in his hands. 

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No, this can’t be true. How could he find her? How did he make it into this apartment?  

“You did not pick up your phone when I called you. You ignored my messages.” His finger points at Y/N as he continues to speak . “Did I not say, do not ignore me?”, he asks as he makes a few steps towards her. She swallows hard as the fear takes over her body. He puts down the flame of his lighter before he puts it into his pocket. “Y/N I have missed you. I missed my beautiful Queen. Did my Queen not miss me? After all I gave you... Don’t your regret our break up too?” His voice sounded so innocently even though his actions speak a different language. He moves his head a little to the side to meet with her eyes, which are still stuck on the windowsill where he used to sit at. The tongue of his lick slowly over his own lips, afterwards it stays in the corner of his lips for a few seconds . The eyes of his never leave her body as he comes closer. When she notices that he is still coming closer, she starts to walk a few steps backwards. At this point, he already noticed that she must have something planned in her mind. Arrogantly he moves his eyebrow up and look s her up and down. It looks like he is the hunter and she is his prey. The hunter, who waited for the right moment to catch his prey. The fact that he does not like that the suitcases are still near her , does not help to lift his mood . Before he comes to close to her, she tries to run out of her apartment . As Yoongi is faster than her, he grabs her by the wrist to stop her from running. “Look at me.”, he commands angrily. Yoongi steps closer to her until her back comes in touch with her bedroom door. She tries to avoid the eye contact, but he moves his head with hers almost as he would try to mirror her. A grin starts to appear on his face as he sees that she becomes submissive. Y/N fears what could possible happen next. She hopes that Hoseok would wonder what could take her so long and that the longer she’s gone, would make him come to her apartment. Now she asks herself why she did not want to believe him, when Hoseok said, t hat this kind of guys are crazy. The tears of fear are starting to build up in her eyes. The grip on both of her wrists tightens up as he pins her arms next to her head. “I do not know why you hate me that much or why you fear me, but you will never have a better boyfriend than me. You are my Queen and I am your King, forever and always. Do you remember the promise we made? At least you always knew, I can, and I will protect you. Your own silliness to leave, is something I could not protect you from. But it is all good my Queen, I found you.”, he says as he pulled her in for a hug. Too much of a shock is blocking her body to remove itself from his hug. When Yoongi ends the hug, he takes her by her upper arms to hold her in place. She does not know what to say nor how to react as she looks up at him. “I still love you. That is why I will forgive you, for leaving me. Nothing can tear us apart, not even your police jerk.” As Yoongi said police, her eyes dart at him. The hope that this all would just be a horrible nightmare, seems apparently to not be the case. Those words, which fell from Yoongi’s lips, brings her back to reality. No, it is not a dream in which she could wake up from. The nightmare became reality and it is right in front of her. With each second that passes with no answer, he was getting more and more frustrated. He was getting mad at her for not being willing to answer him. But one thing made him happy, is that he has found her weak point. “Huh, did I get your soft spot? Honestly it makes me sick to think that this guy had his hands all over you. You were at his place, weren’t you?” Y/N was too much in fear to even think about what the words he says. As there is no response from her again, he hits the door next to her head with his fists. The anger inside of him grows with every single minute he has to wait for an answer. He moves a little closer to have less space between them. Yoongi places his hands flat next to her waist against the door. “Answer me! Do not even dare to lie to me.” Yoongi’s patience is almost down to point zero. His hands move back to his upper arm, with a tight grip. It was for sure, that it will leave a mark or at least some violet spots. The eyes of his go up and down her body. It looked like he tried to read every single movement of hers. If there is any hint that proved him right. Every second in which she d oes no t answer , he tightens his grip.  

“Why do you want to know that?”, she stutters. Her mouth did not want to work as well as she wanted it to . The shock i s s itting to o deep to even think correctly . Laughs, that is everything she gets back . “You kn o w where I was , don’t you? Why do you bother asking me, if you already know?”  

“Do I have to hurt him? Hmm? Is that what you want? I want to know why you were there. Do I have to bring you home, our new home? I bought a new house. We could start all over and we leave him behind and I will forget all these moments in between.” 

“No.” A tear starts to drop off her cheek as she answers him . To her surprise, he puts her face in his palms and starts to caresse her cheek. Then he wipes her tear away with his thumb. “Please, do not hurt him.” , she begs with her shaking voice. That she starts to beg, seems to amuse him.  

“Do not tell me, you truly love this jerk!” The laugh which leaves his lips sounds as he would try to mock her. “You do not mean it. I know. You know. Only he does not. We could leave him just a note. Just as you did. Now tell me, did you fall for him?” Even though he might be asking her, he tries to read the answer in her eyes. “You do.”, he says as an emotionless laughter leaves his lips. He starts to look at the ceiling as he bites his lips and then he looks back at her. Yoongi's eyes show the anger that he feels inside . The hands which just palms her face, start to move towards her neck.  

“I will not say anything, just leave now.”, she begs. “Please, leave me alone.” A little of hope is still left in her which makes her thin k that there is a chance that he might just leave. The hope, that he will not go full crazy and do something she would be the reason of his doings. The hope, that he will leave without looking for Hoseok and that he will leave Hoseok alone, is still there.  

“It is not so simply my love. I will not leave this town without you. Do I have to hurt him to have you, hmm? Do I have to erase him from your life, to get you back? Because you know I would.”  

“No.” she says in her teary voice. More and more tears start to run down her face. “I will not leave him.”  

“No? Do not worry if you do what I say, no one will get hurt. If you do what I want you to do, no one will get hurt either. Understood”? To show him that she understood, she nods. “Such a good girl.” He says as he pecks her lips as he caresses her face. “So beautiful, my beautiful Queen. I c annot wait to see you again, no matter where you will go, I will be there too and yes, I knew you were at his place. Now that I know which car he drives, I will know if he is at home or not. If you are alone in his house or not. The good cop has to protect you from the bad, doesn’t he promise that to you?” She looks back into his face with disgust . She starts to wonder, if that is the Yoongi she once knew. She asks herself, how he could have changed so much. She knew he had a bad side, but that it would end up like this, she would have never thought of. If someone would have told her, that this would happen, she would have never believed it. Maybe she would have laughed it off if someone would have told her that Yoongi would become like this. Probably, she would have not even paid a single mind to it. “You do not have to worry, I will visit you, when you are alone. I already found a place to watch over you like a hawk. I cannot let you go again. I refuse to do so. I love you Y/N, you are mine. Do you finally get it? Only mine. My one and only Queen.” He presses another kiss on her lips before he leaves her apartment. As soon as he leaves her alone in her apartment, she sinks right on the spot she used to stand at to the floor. The hands of her are shaking, her legs feel numb. She wonders, if that means he would come around again and what he talked about when he said he won’t leave without her. The fear in her body is making her shake even more than before. She gets up to get her phone, to call Hoseok . When Hoseok picks up the phone, he has no chance to say a word. Immediately she informs that Yoongi was in her apartment. He takes the key out of the car and gets out of the car quickly. As Hoseok is getting closer to her apartment, he tells her not hang up the phone under any circumstances. Yoongi seemed to have known what she will do. He hides himself a floor higher, so that he can hear and see when Hoseok will go into her apartment. Yoongi watches him running upstairs as he tries to comfort her through the phone. Hoseok took the staircase for a chance, that he might could run into Yoongi . Yoongi on the other side already thought things through. He enjoys the fear on Hoseok’s face . Yoongi’s mind is running wild as the anger t a k es over him. That Y/N chose someone like Hoseok over him makes him wonder why. In his mind, there should not be a space in her heart or in her mind for somebody else. Yoongi is jealous. He knows that and he knows that he needs to get it out of his system. As soon as he sees Hoseok entering her apartment, he throws his hoodie on and took off.

“He was here, Hoseok . He was here!”, she screams w hilst the tears a r e r unning down her face. The tears are not about to stop soon as the emotions overwhelm her. Hoseok rushes to her side to hug her , to comfort her . She pulls Hoseok closer, holding on his arms as hard as she could. She cries on his shoulder as he tries to calm her down. It made him speechless, to see someone he cares about in this kind of state. His heart is breaking as he wonders what he thought when he let her walk to her apartment alone. If he would have not trusted her to be able to handle it by herself, he could have ended it right there. Hoseok also regrets that he did not follow her secretly, he could have been there for her. Maybe he could have caught him right there, he thinks. It all could have ended here. His thoughts are all over the place. On one side, he can hardly handle seeing his girlfriend like this and on the other side, the regret of letting her get into this situation are becoming bigger. The only thing that keeps him calm is that it does not look he tried to harm her.  

“Hey, shh. Its okay. I am here now. I will not leave you alone. I will talk with my boss and he will understand that I will be taking care of you for the next few days. I’ll take some time off from work and be with you to protect you. I will tell him what happened. Yoongi can’t hurt you when I am around.” He tries to assure her with as many words as possible that she will not have to be scared as long as he is around. 

“You do not understand. Hoseok , I saw the craziness in his eyes. You were right.” Her voice sounded like pure panic. She had to confess herself, Hoseok was right and that Yoongi must have gone mad. “I never saw him this way before.”  

“Y/N, let’s get your clothes and leave, okay?”, he says while he strikes her shoulder. Her head feels so heavy that she rests it on his shoulder. “I will watch over you, the best way I can. On our way back, we have to take a stop at my police station.” 

“What?” Y/N pushes herself up to look into Hoseok’s face.  

“He has broken in. That is a crime. He obviously threatened you, which is another crime. I will not watch him making you feel the way he did once, again. He did it once and if I am not wrong, he will try to do it again. Y/N, I am worried about you.” Hoseok takes her face between his palms. ”Promise me to inform me about every little detail, no matter how small or unimportant you may think it is. You tell me every detail you remember, okay?” A quiet yes comes from her lips. Hoseok picks his phone out to call his police station, during the call he touches her cheek and stands up to walk a few steps from her. Hoseok wants to keep her in his sight but also, she should not know of what he is saying to the person on the phone. Y/N does not pay any attention to his phone call as she tries to get back up to pack her stuff. She takes a few deep breathes before she looks around to orient herself again. Everything was a bit blurry because of the tears in her eyes. Slowly she opens her wardrobe and takes a few pieces out. The phone call wasn’t long, he returns with his eyes all over the place. He scans her hands which were still shaking. “Someone from the office will be here soon. We won’t have to stop at the police station later anymore. They will take a look on how he got in when they arrive here.” 

“The door was unlocked.”  

“Y/N, did you forget to lock the door?”, he turns her around so that she looks at him.  

“No, that is the point. He must have gotten in somehow.” The concern was so clear in his face. He had cases like this before, which ended mostly well. The second last case did not. That he could not help this woman, was still a fresh scar. No matter how hard his team tried, it was not enough in the end. He started to think about a plan to avoid the mistake which happened with that exact woman. He knew he needed one real quick ly , the ticking of the clock has already started.  

“We will pack everything today. You are not coming back here.” She nods as he starts to help her to fill the suitcases. He realizes, she is not here with her thoughts . “Y/N, I am not a mind reader, but I know you. There was something else, right?”  

“No. That was it.”, she sighs. Tears are still running down her face every now and then. The tears were running down on her face slowly, but she chooses to ignore them. Her sight gets blurrier whenever the next tear is about to escape her eyes. She wants to leave this apartment now, the fear in her body i s still there, even though her motions became slowly normally again.  

“Your wrists are lightly purple. Did he touch you?” Y/N stops her movements and looks to the ground. “Please tell me.” He looks at her wrists and touches them slowly to be sure not to hurt her. Her eyes look blank as she looks at him.  

“He said I have to do whatever he wants me to do. If I do that, no one will get hurt.” In that moment they heard some men mumble in her anteroom. As both looked to the door, they see that some police officers have arrived. He tells her to keep packing, he must talk with his colleagues. He explains everything once again to his colleagues in every single detail he said on the phone before , just to be sure that nothing is overseen or forgotten.  

“Y/N, do you need something else? Are we ready to go?” She shakes her head and only whispers a no. “Alright. Let’s leave.” He takes the suitcases as also her bag and keys, before he guards her back to his car.

During the drive Y/N said no word. She only starred out of the car window. Y/N is not even thinking about anything in particularly. As she only wears a sleeveless shirt, Hoseok realizes some spots on her upper arm s are starting to appear blueish. He tries his best not to bother her with too many questions, but he wonders what might have happened up there. Was Y/N so scared that she let him touch her , he wonders. Maybe Yoongi pushed himself on her and there is more than he can see now. It is driving him almost crazy to keep thinking about the what ifs. He tries to push his thoughts out of his mind, just to concentrate on the road. Whilst Hoseok fights with his thoughts, Y/N only wonders how she got into this and her mind starts to drift off. Hoseok knows she needs to start to talk by herself. A phone in her bag starts to vibrate but it seems to be only recognized by Hoseok . Y/N did not recognize it nor does she move as if she had realized it. He wanted to take a look at the phones, to see if it was his or hers. But he thought the faster they are in his house the better it would be for her. He knows she needs an environment to feel safe now.


“Yes.” She turns to him. Her eyes a re so red and empty. Her lips slightly swollen, lightly reddish.  

“We are here.” , he says as h e unlocks his seatbelt. “I will watch over you. You are safe with me.” She nods as she slowly starts to look around. “Y/N, was there something else?”  

“I cannot remember something else.. . ”, she says as her voice quiets down.  

“It looks like you are not telling me everything.” He tries to look into her eyes, but she turns head away and unlock s her seatbelt. “Alright. I do not want to push you to anything nor to remember anything. I am here for you, if there is something you feel like it would be important, tell me okay?” She nods as she gets out of the car. A phone in her bag starts to vibrate again. “Can you check if it is mine? Maybe it’s my boss.” She looks through her bag only to see that it is her phone which screen was lighten up. She shakes her head in denial. “Babe, look at me. Was it yours?”  

“Yes, but it is the email sign. I guess it is not important.” He locks the car and they make their way into his house. Y/N goes directly into the kitchen to make some tea . “Do you want a tea too? I feel like I need one.”  

“Should I make you some tea? You can sit down and relax a little in the meantime.”, he screams to the kitchen as he locks the garage door. As he comes to the kitchen, he can see her starring at her wrists. “Y/N, did he touch you?” She nods and her legs give in as she confesses. Y/N sits herself up against the kitchen counter, her face buried in her palms. Hoseok’s heart feels like it is being ripped into pieces as he keeps looking at her. He wished he never had let her walk in on her own. The regret makes him feel like he should be the one to feel this suffer and pain she must go through now. He should take this pain, sadness or whatever it is she doesn’t want to talk about from her.   

“Why would he come back now? Why does he want me to leave with him?”, she asks as she starts to cry again. He knees down next to her and puts her into a hug as he pets her head. The other words she says, are mumbled, barely understandable. 

“Did he say that? Listen, I will not give him the chance to do so. You are with me . I will protect you. I will do the best I can, I promise you that. Y/N gets up and turns away from him to continue the prepar ation of the tea. “Let me do it Y/N. You are still shaking.” He tries to take the tea bag from her hand, but she clutches onto it as her life would depend on it . “Y/N, please let go. I will prepare our tea. Please sit down wherever you want. I will bring you the tea as soon as it is finished.” For a few seconds it seems like she did not hear him, then her strong grip is getting loose and she lets go of the tea bag. Slowly, s he walks over to the living room, from where she could still see Hoseok . H oseok’s eyes a re following her. The tea i s thankfully cooked fast , so that it does not take too long before he can sit down next to her.  

“Here we go. The tea is ready. Y/N, be careful, it is still hot.” Every move she makes, is studied by him. She tries to ignore the fact that Yoongi knows where both of them could be. If he watched them, he must know the number of his car plate. She tries to put pieces together, but it just seems like the puzzle is bigger as the pieces she has in the moment. Hoseok is texting with his colleague and with his boss about her. His girlfriend became his case, that is something he never wanted to say out loud. Normally, such personal cases are not allowed to be treated by the inspector who is close to the victim or the offender. But his boss only said that he can have the next two weeks off, but he cannot promise him to give him more time. He must check first, if he can allow an inspector under special circumstances to be involved in such kind of case or if he must use his vacation days to be with her. Hoseok is happy that he has at least the chance to protect her for the next two weeks personally. He knows he would get protection for her if he must go back to work, but it makes him feel better when he knows he could do it personally. Y/N takes her tea and walks over to the window. Hoseok looks up to her and follows her quietly.  

“I can’t see his car. There is no car which looked like one of those cars from before.”  

“Y/N, why would his car be here?”  

“He said, that he knows, that I was here. I think he watches me from somewhere.”  

“And you remember that just now? You need to tell me that kind of thing much earlier on .”  

“I just remembered that he said that.”  

“I am sorry. I just try to figure out to a plan.”  

“Believe me, he never planned anything. I do not think that a plan can help us.”  

“I had similar cases before. Trust me.” He realizes that she was still searching for his car. ”As I said, I do not see his car.”  

“Do you see a car which looks similar?” Hoseok looks at each car, but there is no car which looked like it was one of the cars from before. “Is there any possible way that he can watch us?” Hoseok worries starting to get bigger, if he knew she was with him, how often did he watch them going in and out of his house together or alone. Maybe he was sometimes closer, maybe even on his front yard looking through one of his windows. It also could be that he stalked her for such a long time, but makes his presence known now. “No. I do not see a car which looks like one of the cars which were in front your apartment. You said he lives somewhere else, beside you never told me what his job is.” 

“He never really wanted to let me know what he worked as. He was immediately defensive when I asked him. Money was never his problem, more his attitude. He also said he bought a new house.” She leans on window frame as she looks at him. “He said once something about his job, but I did not take him seriously.”  

“My colleagues are already checking everything they can find about him. Every single little detail could help. Did he ever mention any detail?”  

“He meant his job is buying, reselling and managing it all. That job would never be out of business he said.”  

“Do you know anything about his criminal history?” She narrow s her eyebrows. “Do you know anything about his past?”  

“If I would have known that he did any criminal thing. Do you think I would have stayed?”  

“No, of course not.” He rubs her back to calm her down . “Let’s sit down again, okay?” He takes her by the hand and leads her to the couch. “But do you think it is possible, that he doesn’t do this all on his own?”  

“I never met all of his friend. Only one. But I don’t know. I do not want to panic when there is no need for it.”  

“Y/N, panic? Honey, everything you can give me to solve this, it could help.”  

“I do not have more.” She looks back towards the window.  

“That is okay. It is enough for now. You should finish your tea and take a nice bath, do you want me to ”- She puts her cup down and stares into his eyes.  

“I just want to shower with the bathroom door open, may you can stay close? I do not know why but I feel like he is closer than I want him to be.”  

“Nothing can happen to you here. The windows are closed, and the door is locked. But of course, Y/N. If you feel more secure, I will stay close near you.” Little did they know that Y/N’s feeling was right. He could see them, and it makes Yoongi sick, seeing her in his arms. Seeing that he takes care of her, when he is supposed to be the one. It is not right, and he knows, it is time to change that. He takes out the lighter from his pocket as he remembers that this was the lighter, she gave him when they first met. She said that she had quit smoking at that time and he was about to do the same. He looks at the lighter and the pain he felt after she left him, came back up in him. He will get her back, no matter how.

As Y/N went to bed he sits down by her with his notebook in his hands. He was calling his police station to check for any information. So far, they only got his current living address and his criminal history. He lives at least thirty minutes away from Hoseok’s house. His criminal history did not sound better as the information about his address. Harassment of one of his ex-girlfriends, who reported him, but she has withdrawn it later on. She has withdrawn it within 72 hours. The police man stated that she looked frightened, pale and that she was shaking. She left that town on that night to go somewhere where she could feel more secure. His surroundings, especially a few friends were known as little criminals. Nothing that big, some drug dealers, public fights, but also for human trafficking. It is not been proven that he was really friends with them. They contacted him from time to time, he never contacted them according to the phone history. The only thing that makes it a little more suspicious, is that this woman, his ex-girlfriend disappeared from the radar and was being missed by her family after she was last seen by her former neighbor in that night. She said that she wanted to tell the police everything about his business and the way his crew treated her. He has beaten her to the hospital two times. Once after a fight and the other one after she wanted to leave him. At first, she reported that someone else who she did not know attacked her, by the second time she reported Yoongi . Hoseok started to realize, that maybe, Y/N has been gone through something similar. He watches her sleep as he thanks his colleague for the update. Y/N was very scared when Hoseok moved his arms quickly around her at the begin of their relationship. It could be that she had witnessed such things whilst she was with Yoongi , Hoseok thinks. He gives his colleague the new information that he had from Y/N. His colleague promised to take care of it asap. He hangs up, just in time it seems. Y/N starts to whisper and starts to kick in her sleep, as she would be in a fight with someone. She mumbles some words which sounded as she would plead someone to stop.  

“Y/N, hey! Wake up! Please wake up, Y/N.” Her breathing is heavy, her face looks pale. She sits up and hugs him tight. “Are your nightmares back?” She nods whilst her eyes become wet. “Y/N, I do not want to pressure you, so only answer if you want to okay?” 


“Do your nightmares have something to do with Yoongi ? I mean, you were doing better. That nightmare looked like the ones you had in the beginning.”  

“I do not know. I am so stressed out. My heart does not want to calm down, nor does my mind want to shut up. I am scared. What if he hurts you?”  

“I know, I know. Listen I will lay down with you okay?”  

“If he hurts you, he hurts me. He knows that.”  

“Y/N, he won’t do anything now. Those crazy people always wait a few days, at least before they do something else. He knows that the police are involved. He will not try to attack us in my house.”  

“Could you please check the windows and the door again, please?”  

“Okay. Just stay here. I will be right back. Do you need something, like a glass of water?”  

“Please a glass of water would be fine.” He nods and kisses her lips. As he checked everything twice, he goes back to the bedroom. “Thank you, Hoseok .”, she says before she takes a sip. When she finishes her glass, she puts it down on the nightstand and snuggles up to Hoseok . His hand i s resting on her waist while the other one i s touching her forearm. He wait s for her to fall asleep first , before he would try to do the same.

She feels a bit more alright than she felt the night before when she wakes up. The first things she does as she wakes up is checking her purple wrists. They hurt a little, but she tries her best to fall back to sleep. Not even a few minutes later, Hoseok wakes up to his vibrating phone, he looks at Y/N who seems to have f allen asleep again peacefully , it seems. He picks up his phone without looking on who is calling him. “Hello?”  

“My dear friend and colleague, where are you?” Hoseok ’s mind is racing, whilst he thinks if he had any appointments for today. He looks at the screen of his phone to read the name of the caller.  

“Oh shit. Sorry I forgot to tell you, that I won’t come.”  

“Yes, indeed. Can I come over then? I bring donuts and coffee.”  

“Well, I guess. Make sure to bring enough, Y/N is here with me.”  

“Wait, you moved in together? Finally. It was about time.”  

“Namjoon, let me explain it to you when you are here, okay? It involves work and her ex. I will have to wake her up, so do not hurry too much.”  

“See you in a bit.” With this words Namjoon hangs up. Hoseok leans over to Y/N and kisses her cheek. Y/N w a ke s up slowly but manages to get ready before Namjoon would bring them breakfast. Y/N i s not that happy nor that disappointed of having Namjoon over. She just wished that she could have this day to herself to think about what happened . Namjoon has been friends with Hoseok since they went to the police academy together . She is used to have Namjoon around since they used to stick together all the time . As Hoseok and Y/N were still friends with benefits, Namjoon was the one who always said, it would surprise him if they would not fall in love with each other at the end . He was the one who spoke with each of them one on one to finally confess. His plan worked out very well.   

When the doorbell rings, Y/N grabs Hoseok’s arm.  “Y/N, you can stay here. It is probably only Namjoon.” 

“What if not?” He takes his working gun out of safety and shows it to her.  

“I still got this one, but believe me, it is only Namjoon.” Hoseok kisses her cheek and walks to the door. Y/N’s body st arts to freeze up. She couldn’t move, too afraid that maybe Yoongi planned a trick on them. She watches the door open carefully. As the door opens, she can see that it is really Namjoon with breakfast in his hands.  

“Good morning, Y/N! Our colleagues already informed me about that shithead . Are you okay?”  

“They told you?”, Hoseok asks. “When did they call you?”  

“I called them. I will not wait until you tell me. I knew something was weird, because you usually do not forget our bro dates. I needed to make sure to be informed and to be in that team.”  

“How many are in the team of this case by now?”, Hoseok asks. Y/N was taking the bags off Namjoon and places the food on some plates.  

“Thank you for the breakfast, Joonie.” Y/N says with a fake smile. She trie s to make it look more real, but her eyes were still to swollen and her lips were still to reddish from crying to make it look real.  

“You are very welcome. Now we are a team of twelve people, but our boss said he will add some more.” Namjoon looks at Y/N's hands accidentally, but he does not like what he sees . “Please tell me that you guys played too rough in the bedroom and these purple spots are not from Yoongi !” Y/N’s eyes are filling up with tears. She turns away so they would not see her eyes filling up.  

“No, that bastard did that to her.”  

“Uh, yeah there was one thing I wanted to ask you Hoseok .” Hoseok looks at Namjoon as he watches Y/N wiping her face. “Why in this holy f’n world did you let her walk in by herself?” Hoseok walks over to Y/N to help her calm down. He handles her a tissue and puts the plates on the table.  

“Maybe because it was in my free time and I was thinking as a boyfriend and trusted her knowing about him.” Y/N takes a long sip from her coffee and eats the donut as she would be in a competition.  

“There it is. I did not come to fight but maybe, just sometimes at least, you should listen to the inspector inside of you instead of trusting people who do not know such cases nor who never had something to do with those cases.” Hoseok was getting mad as it sounded as Namjoon would try to tell him that he is a bad boyfriend .  

“Maybe you should start to be a friend and not as you were at work 24/7.” Namjoon grins.  

“Okay, got your message.” Y/N looks at Namjoon. “Y/N, did he mention anything else than Hoseok told us? Something from the past or now?” She shakes her head. “Your hands are shaking, are you okay?”  

“She does that since she saw him again. It is not just her hands shaking, the nightmares came back.” Namjoon starts to realize how much it affects Y/N. He always saw Y/N as the strong girl that absolutely nothing could scare or break. That was a side only Hoseok was al lowed to see. “The purple spots you saw, are also on her upper arms. He pretty much gave her a reminder.”  

“You mean he will remind her when those are gone?”  

“Why else would he wait so long in between? He texted and called her when she was alone but did not break in nor knocked on her door. He knew she was here with me and still he did not reach out for her.” Namjoon licks his lips as he looks at Y/N.  

“Y/N, how long? How long is he trying to reach out for you?”  

“Namjoon, I already told that to our colleagues, did they not inform you?”  

“They did, but if you remember an older case, he contacted that one girl whenever her husband was there. But only reached out for her when she was not able to defend herself, front yard, public parking lots.. . The full program.” Hoseok starts to remember it but tries to avoid to scare Y/N even more.  

Joonie is right. I mean, I know I said only a few days, but he was trying to contact me for longer than a few days . Since a few days after I left him , actually. But I never blocked him.” Namjoon throws a cocky look at Hoseok.  

“Here, the whole report from their phone messages plus the many times he tried to call her. I only wonder, why did you never say a word to us? You knew we had such cases before.” Y/N jumps up.  

“Believe it or not. I was scared. I am scared and god who knows how I will make it threw work on Monday knowing he might be watching me there too! I am not safe here . I am not safe in my apartment. I am nowhere safe.” Hoseok gets up to touch her, but she blocks him. “Do you have any idea what it feels like to go through all of this?”  

“I do not.”, Namjoon says emotionless, but calmly. “That is why I cannot understand why you said nothing. It’s been months since he is trying to get to you.” Y/N sits down again, her hands on her lap a s she stares a t an empty plate. Hoseok touches her arm to make her feel that he she is not alone. “Look, I did not mean to be this harsh on you. I want to help you too.”  

“If you want to help, why does it sound like you are blaming me that I have loved him?”  

“I do not blame you. I just think you know more than you are saying.” She looks at him stunned . “You were in a hospital, while you were in a relationship with him. Do you not want to tell Hoseok about it, or should I?  

Chapter Text

Hoseok couldn’t believe his ears. Y/N was in a hospital? When and why? “Y/N, were you in a hospital for a checkup?” Namjoon shakes his head as he looks at Y/N.

“You never told him?” Hoseok eyes shot to Namjoon. “You never told him the reason you were in the hospital for.”

“It is in the past, Joon. Leave it.” Her voice sounded trembling and angry at the same time. Hoseok was confused. Why would she not tell him? Why should he not know about it.

“Then let me do the explaining it to your boyfriend.” He puts his right eyebrow up and looks at Hoseok.

“No! I will.” She takes a deep breath and looks at her boyfriend. She stares into his eyes. Can she really tell him everything? Will he still love her, for everything she did in the past? Her worries starting to grow inside her mind. That is why, whenever she tried to speak, her mouth opens without a sound. Her eyes wonder to Namjoon, with hope he would explain and forget what she just said.

“Babe, maybe Namjoon should tell me, hmm?” Y/N looks at Hoseok and nods. Her eyes turn to her wrists whilst Hoseok is holding her hand.

“The reason she was in the hospital is that she was beaten up so badly that her rib bone almost broke. Her lips were busted and” he stops talking as he takes a file out of his backpack. “she had internal bleeding. Which apparently happened in her lower upper body.” Hoseok takes the file from Namjoon. As he opens the file, he could not believe his eyes. The first things he sees are photos. Photos of a violet and blue body. “Oh yeah, and a hurt ankle. Which all only happened because you were clumsy. According to the file, you fell of a ladder. I personally do not believe that a body can look like this if someone falls off from a ladder. But what do you think, Hoseok? Could she have been this clumsy?  Can she have fallen off a ladder according to the documents and photos?” Hoseok takes each picture in his hands. His eyes scanning the picture with a disbelief that these photos were taken from his girlfriend. He reads a little bit in the file as she was staring into the air. Tears which were brought up by the memories into her eyes. Namjoon strikes her shoulder. “I know, Y/N, you did not want him to see or hear about it, but as an inspector he needs to be informed.” Hoseok looks at Y/N with tears in his eyes.

“Please tell me, there is not more you hide from me!” Y/N’s eyes were stuck on Hoseok. “Tell me that there is not more you are hiding from me!”

“No, that was the worst of it. This is also the nightmare I have all over again each time. I only have that one day as a nightmare which repeats itself all over again. It is like a curse which follows me.” She tries to avoid Hoseok’s eyes. All kind of scenarios are going through her head of which way he will react to her words. For a few moments no words were spoken. Hoseok tries to start to speak, but each time he stops.

“Why did you never say anything? In those cases, you would have needed at least a therapy! It could have saved you from those memories.”, Hoseok asks. She shakes her head. “Y/N, did he do this on his own? Was somebody else doing this for him?” Namjoon started to think, that maybe Hoseok is right. Did she interfere in something? Did she know something she did not tell?

“Maybe there is a bit more..” Y/N’s eyes look full of sadness. She leans back in the chair and stares at her wrists which were on her lap. She touches the purple spots over and over again. Hoseok took the pictures in his hands again, as he takes his eyes off of the photos and looks at Namjoon. Namjoon looks at Hoseok too. It looked like they both had the same thought or an unspoken agreement.

“Y/N, what is more? What do you mean by that?”, Namjoon asks. His right arm now leaning on the edge of the table, his body directed towards her. Hoseok puts the file on the table and leans forward with his elbows on his knees. His hands folded near his face, his body also directed at Y/N.

“I.. He.. long time ago.. I went and those guys…” She sounded like she did not want to remember. Hoseok leans his forehead against his fingertips.

“Hey, breathe. Speak as slow as you need. Don’t stress yourself, okay?”, Namjoon says. The stress of her memories was readable all over her face.

“Back then when I was starting to date him, he was different. He used to bring flowers to every date. When I felt bad, he brought me chocolate and stayed by my side. No matter how late or which day of the week. I had financial problems after a while into our relationship... He offered that he would help me pay them all, if I agree to a deal.” She sobs. “To make a deal did not sound so hard. I just lost my job and didn’t pay my rent twice. He told me if I agree, he will let me know what kind of a deal it is. I could trust him since I loved him.” Her voice broke at the end of the sentence. “I was so dumb.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. May you can tell me what happened next.” Namjoon moved his head lower to look into her eyes. Y/N looks up and stares onto one spot on the table.

“I said yes. I never knew how much money he makes, nor did I know how much he owned. A part of the deal was that I had to move in at his place. As I moved in at his place, he said that he will treat me like a Queen. At the beginning it was true, we said that I will be his Queen and he will be my King forever. I couldn’t see how fake his acting was. He disappeared when he got a phone call. When he picked up his phone, except of ‘hello’ he said nothing, and he only said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ after that. If he said yes, he left. When he said no, he stayed. When I asked what it was about, he only said that it is none of my business.” Hoseok stares at Namjoon. Both of them knowing the strategy, they heard the story too many times before. The kind of carrying boyfriend turning into a monster. “Once he brought me to a friend’s house. There were not many girls there, maybe three others. Late at night, one of the guys said that we should go into another room and wait until they are done with the conversation. Yoongi kissed me on the cheek and told me, to go with the other girls. The others fell asleep while waiting for them. I had a bad feeling and wanted to tell him I am going home. So, I went downstairs again and realized they were not there. I saw two guys standing in front of the basement door, but I decided to ignore them. I tried to pass them, as one of the guys grabbed me by my arm and pulled me away. I tried to tell them I only want to tell Yoongi that I am about to leave. That I will walk home alone. But he refused, I asked them, if one of them might could tell him. They said no.” Y/N licks her lips. Her look wanders to Namjoon. “These two started to beat me up. I screamed and screamed, until my lungs gave out. By then I realized that someone screamed Yoongi’s name and the word ‘Queen’. When they stopped, I saw the anger in Yoongi’s eyes. He asked me if I was alright. Then he saw the blood between my thighs and asked them what happened. They only moved their shoulders as they would not know what happened. I could not speak nor move. I blacked out directly after that. I woke up in the hospital, he was sitting there next to my bed. He kissed my forehead and took my hand. He told me that the doctors said I was fine, that it was only a short surgery they had to do. He told me to lie, if I do not want that this to happen again. When I asked if that is normal, he said that it could become normal. So, I lied to the doctors.” Hoseok had tears in his eyes. In his mind, he can not believe that she did not went to the police. When they started dating, she was trusting him, but was scared to say something wrong. It took weeks to make her feel comfortable to say what was on her mind. He always wondered why, but once she dropped the words abusive ex-boyfriend, he made himself a picture about the situation.

“Was that the reason why you were flinching when I moved my arm to quick near you?”, Hoseok asks with such worry in his voice. The pain she must have gone through, maybe fear. The fear that he will hurt her too.

“Yes.”, Y/N says as she looked at him. “I wanted to tell you about it, but something in me stopped me from doing so. I don’t know why, but I wanted to keep it for myself.”

“Y/N, look at me, please.” Namjoon stopped speaking until she looked at him. “Did he or anyone of them ever touch afterwards in a way you did not want it to happen?” She bites her lips and tears were coming up. “Can you tell me which way it was?” Y/N took deep breathes.

“As I always took the birth control, he always praised me on how smart I am for taking them. After that incident I was happy I took them. That one night he took me down the basement to meet his two friends. One of them left the room, I never knew his name. The other one, Jungkook, stayed. Yoongi told me that Jungkook is doing such a great job for every single job he is supposed to be getting done. No job is to hard for him, he never backs out. He asked me, if he deserves an award for the great work. I said maybe, not knowing what it meant. He mentioned the deal between me and him. Jungkook looked at me as I was meat, he had his whiskey in his hand and smiled at me whilst licking his lips. Yoongi kissed my neck and whispered into my ear ‘Then make him happy’. I did not know what he meant until I saw that Jungkook took his shirt off. I told him that I do not want to do it, so Jungkook got two other guys into the room. He meant it is fun. Yoongi had left in the meantime and Jungkook pushed me back on the couch when I tried to get up to leave. Those guys took me and spread my arms. One of them gave me an injection. I still do not know what it was, I only remember falling asleep with my clothes on. But I woke up with no clothes on.” Hoseok started to cry. How could she never tell him? Was she in pain? What were her thoughts? So many questions going through his mind.

“Did you never trust me enough?” Y/N looks up at Hoseok. “Why did you never tell me about it?”

“I did not want to hurt you with my past.”, she says. “I love you so damn much, that I wanted to protect you from my past.”

“I told you about those cases, he was contacting you in that time and you thought you need to protect me from that? Honey, I want you to be alright.” He pulls her hands in his hands. “I want to take care of you with all of my heart, how could you never lose a word about it?”

“I wanted sometimes, but I thought maybe you do not love me anymore if you knew everything. Once you would know what happened, I might turn into the dirt on the sidewalk of your life. I do not want to lose you.”

“Honey, you will never lose me. I promise you that! The past is past, and I understand you want to move on... but sometimes you have to tell me this kind of stuff, even when they are hard to tell.” She nods and leans her forehead against his.

“I do not mean to interrupt your conversation.” Namjoon says as he takes out a notebook. “But I want to catch him, before he does anything else to you. Did you ever had to repeat that? Did you have to use your body in any other kind of form afterwards again?”

“No. That was the only time. I never have been beaten up again ever since too.”

“Did you see this Jungkook guy afterwards again?”

“Yes, he often came up to me and whispered weird stuff into my ear.”

“What do you mean by weird?”

“That he has pictures of that one night. He jerks himself off to the thought of me. I heard him asking Yoongi for one more night, but he refused.”

“Do you remember his full name?”

“I do not know if it is his full name, but I think it was something like Jeon Jungkook…” Namjoon nods as he writes down his name. He takes the lists in his hands and checks for his name. His eyes started to move to Hoseok.

“Hoseok.” Hoseok looks up at Namjoon. “This name shows up on the list of a person who contacts Yoongi in the last few weeks.” It was clear to see that Hoseok’s head was starting to work and he understood what Namjoon meant. “He might be helping Yoongi.”

“I hope you are wrong as I usually hope, but my feeling tells me that you might be right. Y/N, can you recall anything they were talking about?”

“I only remember that they mentioned ‘deal’ and ‘sale’ very often. But I never understood one thing. They also said a few times ‘that person is done’.” In that one second, when she finished her sentence, Namjoon and Hoseok knew, it will get worse the more they knew. Their friend who used to be so innocent and cute, has seen much worse than they ever could have imagined.

“I will make a phone call to our station. I’ll be right back.” Namjoon says before leaving them back at the kitchen table. Y/N got herself together again as she pecks Hoseok lips.

“I am sorry. I never wanted to be a bad girlfriend. I wanted to be there for you, please tell me, you do not see me differently now you know about it.”

“What are you talking about Y/N? Your past does not change what I feel for you now. You should know that. I am just, I guess you can call it disappointed. I thought you’d trust me.”

“I do. I just never thought it would be important.”

“Not important!? Y/N, maybe it is still the shock in you, but please be you again.”

“I AM ME! You have no clue of how hard I am trying-“ He kisses her, she reacts to it immediately. His hands on her neck, forehead to forehead. He takes a deep breath before he looks in her eyes.

“I am not talking about your personality. You should remember the times I told you I love you. Remember, I want us to have a family one day. I need you to trust me too, don’t just love me and give me your all if you cannot give me your trust.”

“I will work on that. I promise.” Hoseok nods and pulls her on his lap to hug her.

“Y/N, maybe you should take a nap or so. Hoseok and I have some stuff to discuss.” Her head turning in the direction of Namjoon’s voice. “You are not ready to hear the next step.” Hoseok nods and brings her to the bedroom. He leaves the bedroom open just in case. “Hoseok, we have a huge problem.”

“What do you mean? What did they say?”

“This guy, Jungkook, he is a bigger problem than Yoongi.”

“Bigger? In which way?”

“According to our nice hackers, he is trying to get her first.”

“You mean, he and Yoongi are trying to get her away from here?” Namjoon nods. “Fuck. We need to find a save spot for her.”

“That and something else. Both of them are in two different circles, Yoongi is in a drug scene and Jungkook, he is known as the Joker of headhunters. Apparently those two have gotten some rivalry going on lately. Both groups have lost some members to the death himself lately. And now you can guess what.” Hoseok puts his eyebrows together. “Their war started when Yoongi tried to get a hold on Y/N. Which means –“ Hoseok interrupts him.

“They use her as a weapon against each other.. Did they figure out where Jungkook is?” In disbelieve he stares at his friend.

“Yes and you won’t like it either. He is on the other side of the town, also about thirty minutes away. He got himself a house there. Whilst Yoongi's address is east, his is west. Our colleagues are sending us both the new address, where you two should hide in the meantime. You better start packing.” Hoseok walks off to wake up Y/N. As he walks closer to the door, he hears her snobs. She was not asleep.

“Y/N? Are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?”

“No, my boss has sent me an email. I am unemployed.” Hoseok takes her phone and reads it. It was mentioned that a tall guy, a bit muscular has threatened her boss to kill her if she does not give him the address of Y/N’s apartment. Hoseok knew, without a description of Jungkook, that it must have been him. “This description, tall and muscular, it does not fit Yoongi. Hoseok, Jungkook is in town.”

“I know. Our colleagues just told us.” Y/N’s face was a pure terror of fear. “Hey, we have a save address from our colleagues, we both will move their, okay?” Y/N can only nod. “I will inform you about the next things when we are there.”

This new place did not feel any safer to Y/N. She thought maybe there is something she was not thinking about that might help in this case. Her phone vibrates. A message by Yoongi.

From Yoongi: Meet me at the cross road south of the town by the flower market. 3pm – no police or Hoseok

She says nothing and holds the phone into Namjoon’s face. He takes the phone with him and talks with Hoseok. They called back to the police station, for backup, they do not want to make any mistake.

“Y/N, it might sound crazy. But you will meet up with him.”, Namjoon says. “I know you do not want to, but we will make sure that nothing will happen to you. There will be police officers and some members of the cobra will be there too.”

“He will know. He is pulling a trick.”, Y/N says with creed.

“We know, therefore we have everyone in place. Trust us.”

“What if he wants me to walk into a side street or into an empty building or so? Should I follow? Will there be enough secure for me?”

“Yes.” Namjoon explains every single detail to her as Hoseok studies Y/N. Namjoon was always good in planning, but the only problem was that he was not at the police station nor meeting up with the other members. He is usually the one who places every member on the spot of such situation. This time he had to trust his colleagues.

It’s two minutes before three pm.  Y/N sat herself on the bench in front of the flower market. Her mind was running, is he already here? Is he watching the situation? Her phone vibrates and a new message from Yoongi appears on the screen. He tells her to walk the street up until she sees a side street. As Namjoon told her, she should follow his instruction. So she did. The further into the side street, she realized that above her was still a building. As she tried to find him, her heart started to beat faster. As the walls end, she looks to the right, suddenly there were hands on her waist.

“I’ve missed you, my Queen.” She wanted to scream but one of his hands was already on her mouth. “It is okay, it is only me. I had to change the plan after realizing that there a lot of police men out there. But do not worry, I figured out, that right here, is no one. We can be completely alone.” He turns her and kisses her on the lips. She does not react to his kiss. He pulls away to meet her eyes. “Forget the deal, huh? Let me remind you, I am yours and you are mine. Which means I basically own you. The money I used to pay your bills, do I need to remind you?” She shakes her head. “So, let’s try again. I give you a second chance.” He pulls her in for another kiss. He licks her lower lip, she understood and opened her mouth a little more open. He kisses down her jaw down to her neck.

“Why are you back?”, she said crying. “Why now?” He sighs as he looks back into her face.

“Somebody else is looking for you.” He holds her by the waist whilst looking deep into her eyes.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that your lovely ex-playdate decided to turn on my crew. Which means he wants to hurt me badly. He knows that he could kill anyone, it would not mean a damn thing to me. But he is not dumb, Y/N. This smart kid did not forget you. I might not even be wrong, I guess, he must have figured out your address. Let’s say it in that way, either you stay with Hoseok and think he can save you or you come with me and you can be sure that we can disappear. I do not think you want to leave with Jungkook, after what he did to you.” Y/N’s eyes were full of anger.

“You allowed him to, while I tried to get away from that situation.” She sounded frustrated and hear eyes were filling up with tears. He knew, she must have got the information by someone already. “You are pathetic. Leave me alone.” Those words made him outburst.

“I can’t!” She tried to walk away, but he was faster pulling her against the wall. “You are trying to run? Again? I thought you were smarter than that. God, what are you doing to me!” He holds her by the waist as places kisses on her lips. “You do not want to react? I have a hard on since I saw you and you do not even want to kiss me. Do you want me to punish you for not holding on to our deal?” She shakes her head. “Huh. That is what I thought.” He kisses her again, this time she reacts to it. His hand left her waist as his other hand embraces her to pull her closer. The other hand opens her pants, his hand pets her belly. Slowly he makes his way down to her panties, which he pushed to the side. “Let me hear you moan.”

“You said you loved me, how come that you always end up hurting me instead?” Yoongi was not expecting these words coming from her mouth. He did not plan the what if in his mind. He stops his actions on the spot.

“For fuck sake. I love you! I want you to feel good! Don’t you get it?”

“You are about to rape me, and you think I will feel good?”

“Raping you!? Are you out of your mind? I would never do this to you.”

“But you let someone else do it for you.” He grabs her by her chin hard.

“I hate myself for doing this to you. I thought you would have fun spending a night with a stranger I knew. I had no clue that he would drug you, I figured that out in the hospital. Who do you think I am?”

“Liar!”, she screams. Her pain was shown in her eyes. “You are a fucking liar! How come you did not know that he would do this when you knew him? Honestly, I do not know you anymore. I do not know who you are, but I wished I never said yes to our deal.” Yoongi’s eyes were watering up. He did not want to believe what she just said. He closes her pants again, he leans his forehead against her shoulder. He started to cry. Somehow Y/N feels bad for him, but for all the pain he put her through, he deserved it. Every single tear.

“I am sorry for putting you through this. I am so sorry for everything.” He kisses her collarbone. “I wished I could take it all back. But I will never take back the love I had and still have for you. No matter who you love, I will love you more.” The heartbeat rises in Y/N’s chest.

“Are you willing to cooperate and get Jungkook off my back?”, she asks and wonders if he would do as he says he would. Yoongi looks up to her face.

“I can not do that. I will get in so much trouble.” He caresses her face with his thumb.

“You do not want your old lifestyle anymore? You care for me? Then do so! Show me, proof your words to me.” Yoongi sighs as he looks behind Y/N. He sees a man with a black hoodie. For sure it would have not been Jungkook. But somebody close to Jungkook and Yoongi fears for the worst.

“Do not turn around and walk to Hoseok as fast as you can. Don’t ask any questions, go!” He stares to the man in the back.

“But-“, he interrupts her with a peck on her lips.

“Believe me or not, but there is someone from Jungkook’s crew watching us right now. His name is Kim Taehyung, tell this to your, whatever he is to you. Now go!” Y/N started to walk off, turning back she sees Yoongi’s eyes following her. He gives her a sign of a phone call, that gives her an idea. She calls Hoseok to tell him to come towards her, as it is not safe for her anymore.

“Kim Taehyung, that is his name you say?”, Namjoon asks after Y/N told them what happened. “Well, his name is on the lists of the most contacted person on Jungkook’s phone list. Yoongi did not lie. Pretty much his lap dog or the right hand, however you want to call it.” Hoseok takes the list from Namjoon.

“What does this mean for me?”, Y/N says with worries in her voice.

“Well, you were stupid enough to ask Yoongi to cooperate –“ Hoseok interrupts Namjoon.

“It was clever.” Namjoon rolls his eyes. “If we have one of them on our side, we could get closer to the other. Catch two fish at once.”

“Not so easy though. What if he plays a trick? Do you want to watch him using the deal between them against her? What if he still wants to get away with her? If he has this chance? Maybe he is even going to kill you. Thought about that too?” Namjoon’s voice sounded as anger and worry would have a dance.

“Yeah, I did. Imagine that. We would not leave them alone. We need his thinking to get the other one. It is risky, but before she has to hide and run... When this lap dog also knows where she is, he must have been following Yoongi. When Yoongi only kissed you and said what he said, do you think he meant it, Y/N?” Hoseok was hoping for a clear no. He hoped that he would have not awaken her feelings that she once had for him.

“I don’t know. He also could have tried to manipulate me.“

Chapter Text

Y/N’s phone was quite for at least 14 hours since she met Yoongi. She holds her cup of tea in her hands as she leans in the doorframe, looking at Hoseok. Hoseok was working on his laptop, going through the files. Checking everything twice, maybe there was still something he might have overseen. How she wished things would get back to normal. He looks so stressed which urges Y/N to be a good girlfriend. She felt as she had failed to be the good girlfriend he needed. “Hey.”, she says with a smile. Hoseok still starring at his laptop.

“Oh hey, Y/N. I thought you wanted to take a nap.”, he says as he looks up at her.

“I couldn’t sleep, but I wanted to thank you for the tea.” Y/N walks over to Hoseok to kiss his cheek. “Are we alone?”, she says as she put her cup down and sits down on Hoseok’s lap. She wanted to give him the attention he is supposed to get as her boyfriend.

“Yes. Namjoon drove off to the police station. Do not worry, because we still have some police officers outside hidden. Are you worried? Do you need something?” She leans her forehead to his. He puts one hand on her waist and pulls her closer.

“No. I want to thank you.” She kisses him, but he does not react. Y/N started to worry. “Is something wrong? Do you not want to kiss me back?”

“I am sorry. It’s just...”, he sighs. “He kissed you.” Y/N’s face expression was clearly showing her confusion about his words. They hurt her and kind of were proof to her, the truth changed their relationship.

“What are you trying to say, Hoseok?”

“Y/N, after everything he told you yesterday, do you think you fall for him again?” That she was shocked by his thoughts would have been underrated. How could he think that? Was she giving him the vibe of not loving him anymore? Hoseok is searching for answers within her eyes. The silence which came after his question, made him nervous. Could he lose her? Hoseok’s mind is on a race.

“I love you. I do not feel a thing for him anymore. Please, believe me!” He only nods. “Hoseok, I know I was not there for you as a girlfriend. Let me make it up to you.” She places kisses down his neck.

“I do not understand what you are trying to tell me. But if it is, what I think it is, we should not be doing it.” He pushed her softly back by her upper arms. “You do not have to do it that way.”

“Then let me show you. I’ll be a good girl, daddy.”, she whispers in his ear as she touches his thighs. Her hands are making their way slowly to his dick. She tries to kiss him as passionately as she can, but she notices something is holding him back. “Baby, please relax. You said it yourself, he is at the police station and nobody else can disturb us now.” She kisses his lips one more time whilst she repositions herself on his lap, this time he kissed her back. He felt as he should not let it happen, but at the same time, he wants to show her how much he still loves her. That her past does not change a thing about his feelings for her. Her lips were already on his neck again. “I will not leave a love bite. I just want to make you feel good.” The fingers of her opening his pants as he starts to relax, she takes his member into her hand. Slowly she started to jerk him off.

“Baby, do you want to?” She does not answer, but she looks at him with lust. “Do you want to have fun or is it the feeling of losing me if you do not to this for me?” Her hands stop immediately. She sits herself back up. “Y/N, I know you are under a lot of stress, but I do not want to make you feel like you have to do that.”, he assures.

“Hoseok, did I do something wrong?”, sadness was the one thing he could find in her eyes. Her voice not as confident as it was a few minutes ago. Her eyes moving away from his body. As she licks her lips, he puts his hands below her chin to make her look at him.

“What are you talking about? No, you did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing. Look, we are both under stress, I do not think that this would be helping us right now.”

“You are not turned on by me. I was right, wasn’t I?” Hoseok eyes gotten bigger at her words. How could she think that? Did Yoongi already make her feel this low again? Did he say something that is getting to her that he did not know of? Hoseok was trying to find answers for the questions he has, with the knowledge of not pressuring Y/N. “You might say it does not change the way you feel about me, but it changed the way you think about me.”

“No, baby, no. You are perfect, and I do not care about your past. I want to make sure that nothing bad happens. As much as I want us to be intimate with you, I want to have them off your back.” Suddenly the doorbell rings. “Babe, wait here. I will check if it is Namjoon. Hoseok picked through the door viewer. A man from a flower delivery service stands at the door. He opens the door slowly with his right hand on his pistol.

“Good Evening Sir. We have a delivery for Y/N Y/L/N.”

“I will take them. Who ordered those flowers from you?”

“Sir, I am sorry. I am not used to get this question, but I do not get this information anyway.”

“Do you have a card of your company?” Hoseok says as he showed him his police ID. “Give me a card of your company, I will need this information.” The man gives him the card and the flowers. Hoseok takes them and looks around before closing the door. In the bouquet was a card, which he wanted to read, but Y/N came up to him. “Did I not say, stay in the dining room?” She walks closer to him.

“Those flowers are from Yoongi.” Hoseok looks surprised at her. “Whenever I had a bad day, he used to bring me the same exact bouquet.” She takes the card out of the bouquet.

“Wait, he always send you the same one?”

“Yes. For different moods, different meanings… a different bouquet.” She starts to unfold the card and starts reading it.

The card says: Queen, there must be leak within his team. Jungkook must know someone who gives him the information. I sent you this bouquet because he hacked into my phone. Please be careful, I will call you with a new phone number or text you when possible. I am not sure, but it will not take him long before he figures out your address, just as I did. Love, Yoongi

Y/N gave the card to Hoseok, so he can read it for himself. The front door opens.

“Did I not say, do not forget to lock the door? For f’n sake.”, Namjoon curses.

“Whatever. This is more important.” He hands him the card. ”These flowers just came with a message. I think Yoongi is ready to cooperate.”, Hoseok smirks. “Told you, Y/N is a smart girl.” He pecks Y/N on her lips as he puts his arm proudly around her waist.

“Well, that is good for you. Problem; how can we make sure, he does not do anything stupid?” Hoseok looks past Y/N when his eyes slowly wandered to Namjoon. “What if there really is someone who give Jungkook all the information he needs?”

“We never had a leak, nor can I imagine anyone who would be willing to do so.” Namjoon’s face showed no emotion. “Namjoon? Are you drifting off?”

“I never do, but can you be sure that this card is from Yoongi?” Y/N walks to the kitchen and lays the flowers on the kitchen counter. She tried to ignore the thought of someone from Hoseok’s team, could be willing to let her be caught. As Hoseok and Namjoon are still discussing at the front door, she stares out of the window. She looked out of the window and looked for the police men who were supposed to watch over her. She could not see them, but she could see someone with a black hoodie, black jeans and black sneakers. This man looks at her, as he noticed she looked back at him, a grin formed on his face. He picks his phone out and calls someone. She takes two steps back. “Hoseok! Come here! Hoseok! Namjoon!” She screams when she turned away from the window. The feelings of fear and being lost are making her skin crawl.  Hoseok and Namjoon are running to her. Y/N was leaning against the couch with her hands shaking in front of her face. She moved one hand in front of her face and one on her stomach. Her stomach turning, from all the thoughts. It made her sick, sick of knowing she would not be able to rest.

“Why were you screaming like that?”, Namjoon asks. Y/N’s legs gave in. As she sinks down, she looks at Namjoon. Both of them looking at her, waiting for her to say what she saw. “Y/N, breathe. It’s okay. Just tell us what happened.”

“The second guy from the night in the basement… This one guy was standing outside the kitchen. That is why I screamed. It’s someone I only saw around Jungkook. I never spoke with him, I do not know his name. He knows I am here now. He looked at me!” She looks at Hoseok. “Where should I go? They find me everywhere!” Hoseok tries to calm her through touch, but she pushes him away. She gets up slowly. “You told me there are police men outside. There was no police man in sight! Where are they?” Namjoon nods and looks out the window she was pointing at.

“Shit! Hoseok stay with her. I have to make a call!”

“What!? What is going on?”, Hoseok asks. Y/N jumps forward to grab Namjoon’s arm.

“Please tell me what is going on! I have a right to know!”, she screams. “I beg you, tell me.” Namjoon saw the worries in her face but he decides to look at Hoseok. “Namjoon?” Namjoon nods and moves his eyes back at Y/N.

“These police men which are supposed to stand there are not there –“ Y/N interrupts him.

“I knew it would be worthless! No one can protect me.”, she starts to cry. Namjoon pulls her in for a tight hug.

“Namjoon, do not tell me I think what might be the case, why they are not there anymore, could be true.” Namjoon says nothing. He only nods and Hoseok takes a look by himself. He is thankful that Y/N has not seen what Namjoon has seen. The police men who were meant to watch over them, were laying in the private car of the police station. Y/N must have overseen the fact that there was blood. It is very obvious for skilled eyes that there was a blood trail. Somebody worked clean and tried to make it very clear, they are not here to play. Y/N was crying in Namjoon’s arms heavily. “I make the phone call. We need a new address to go.”

“Ask them also for a new phone, at least a new phone number.”


“Someone was trying to hack our phones since Y/N met Yoongi in the side street.”

“When did you plan to inform me?”

“Our colleagues were checking, if that is true. Therefore, I did say nothing yet. Use Y/N’s phone. We will destroy her phone card afterwards.” Y/N does not recognize any words, she has gotten in to her own world of doubt. Hoseok nods at Namjoon and walks into the bedroom. When he enters the bedroom, he notices two things: the window was wide open and there was a red black lingerie on the pillow with a red rose. Yoongi’s bouquet was white, it could have not been Yoongi. He looks around the room and notices dirty prints on the floor. It looked like someone walked on bags, or at least bags over shoes to leave no trace. It had rained last night, therefore shoe prints would have had to be there. He follows those prints only to figure out that whoever it was walked in over the window towards her bedside to place the lingerie and the rose and to just walk out right after. But when? He left her alone in the bedroom when he started to work on his computer, she would have never kept a window open while she was asleep. There was a detail he saw, which he did not see at first. A picture. A picture of a passed out Y/N. He takes pictures of the scene and sends it via Mail to his team. He closes the window and locks it. One of his team mates has send him an answer to tell him that he will send some colleagues over. Hoseok wrote him about the dead police men, in the private car to inform him about it. He walks back to Y/N. Y/N and Namjoon were sitting at the kitchen table with glasses filled with water in front of them. He did not destroy her phone card.

“Y/N, are you okay?”, Hoseok asks worriedly. She nods. “Did you leave the bedroom window open before you came to me?”

“No. I did not open a window today at all. Why?”

“Namjoon, check your mails. We need to move. Y/N, do you still have everything packed up in the suitcases?”

“Yes, I do.” Hoseok collects all the suitcases and brings the suitcases to the kitchen. “Namjoon showed me a picture of that guy Yoongi mentioned. It was him. He was here, it is the guy Yoongi mentioned.”

“Do you do everything on your own now?” Namjoon looks up at Hoseok. “I am her damn boyfriend! Why in this world can you not tell me your plans ahead?”

“What is wrong with you? If you are mad, that is fine. Do not let it out on me!”

“Maybe you are the leak! I start to think that.” Namjoon gets up and puts himself in front of Y/N to put her out of his sight. “It is kind of weird that you do everything alone. The phone calls, the research...”

“Do you not trust me anymore? Ay, it is me! Your buddy since police academy. I know you are worried, but do not let it go above your head.”

“I am trying so hard to protect her, but I fail. Do you not see that! I am going crazy.” Y/N tries to push Namjoon to the side, but he only pushes her back in the chair. “Please promise me, you are not the one!”

“I promise you, it is not me. If you have forgotten, she is my friend. You should know me better by now. I might be emotionless sometimes, but you two became my family. I would never, ever, trade it in for anything else.” Hoseok walks closer to Namjoon, seeing the damage he just did. Hoseok is overworked, stressed and in a mood to go against anyone who would try to hurt her. Namjoon says nothing as he sees Hoseok struggle with himself. He gives him time to cool down.

“I am sorry. I just do not know what to do. This case is so personal, and I do not want to make any mistake. I am sorry Joon.”

“I forgive you! It is okay. I would probably think similar to you. You are my friend, my brother. This is why I was surprised that you want to be a part of this team. I knew it will hurt you, you will overwork yourself. We will make a plan from now on, when one of us is taking a nap the other one will stay awake. We cannot go two ways, you are right. I will speak with you more directly before I do anything else, promise.” Hoseok nods in understanding. He turns to Y/N to hug her. He puts his palm on her head to push her on his shoulder and mumbles an apology to her. She puts her arms around his shoulder to tighten the hug. Namjoon’s phone vibrates. “We have a new address. But the message also says that the phones of the lap dog and his owner are also near us. We have to be careful.” The door bell rings and Namjoon walks to it as soon as he hears it. He looks through the door viewer, as he only sees his colleagues, he opens the door. He opens the door and asks them if there is anything to know. After a few minutes, Namjoon came back. “Guys, we are ready to go.”


Y/N slept almost the whole drive, that is why Hoseok picked her up bridal style to bring her inside their new safety. He puts her on the couch and takes off his jacket to use it as a blanket for her. In the meantime, Namjoon brought the suitcases inside the house. There were two big couches, on one did Y/N sleep on and on the other Hoseok and Namjoon sat to look at her.

“We still do not have our new phones.”, Hoseok whispers. “Do you think they figure out where we are?”

“You forgot I am ahead of you, didn’t you?” Hoseok sighs. “Because I felt like they might find us in the other building if they figure out where we were hiding. I already made sure that we will get another building where there is no possibility of tracking us. We can only email from now on or use the emergency number – which cannot be tracked, except by the police.”

“When did you plan that?”

“Right after I have seen that they gave us a house with no fence. The next phone network server was only along the street, which made it real clear to me, that they will appear. You did not destroy her phone card.”

“It is the only way to stay in touch with that bastard.”

“You are probably right. The lingerie on the bed fitted to the one she wore on the photo. Do you think he wanted to remind her?”


“We might have to ask her that.”

“No, we saw that the underwear on the bed was the same as on the picture. Let this wound be untouched.”

“Alright… This time.”

“Are you not scared? Scared for her?”

“Hoseok, I am. Why do you think I give so much into this all?” Hoseok leans his elbows on his knees. “I care for her like a brother. I do not know what you are going through, but it feels like hell to me. Any corner is a turning point. Every turning point turns out to be exchanged with a wall. I almost feel like I will be crushed by those walls and honestly, I do not know when I will break. But one thing is for sure, we have to keep her safe. So, no more mistrust, okay?”

“Yeah. It’s just, what Yoongi wrote on that card, it freaked me out that we are the ones who have a leak.”

“Do you trust him?” Hoseok looked at Namjoon with disbelief. “Do you?”

“I do not. But I know she feels something for him.”

“I do not think so. She loves you and after everything that happened, it might different from what you think it is.”

“She might love me, but there is something that makes her listen to him. It cannot just be about that one deal. Maybe you are right, they have a connection on some level.”

“Do you think she is hiding more? Do you think that there is something she did not tell us?”

“I am sure about that.”


When Y/N woke up, she smelled coffee and croissants. She sits herself up to find Namjoon eating at the kitchen table. “Hello.”

“Good morning, sleeping beauty. It looked like you were finally able to sleep.”

“I think I was too exhausted to not sleep. Is there anything for me too?”

“Yes.” He smiles. “Right here, come sit next to me.” Y/N gets up to fill the empty mug with coffee. “No croissant? Eat at least one, I will even spread it with jam or hazelnut cream if you like.” She nods. “So, hazelnut cream it will be.” As he spreads her croissant Hoseok comes to the kitchen. He leans down to her to kiss her cheek. “Not when we have breakfast guys.”, Namjoon says jokingly.

“I try to keep it as normal as I can for Y/N.” He checks her plate. “You made her eat. That’s good. Does it taste good, Honey?”, he smirks as he sits down on the opposite side of her at the table.

“It is really good.” A phone in Namjoon pants start to vibrate. “Someone from your team?”

“I am sorry, I forgot to mention that I took your phone Y/N. I wanted you to take a good rest. Your phone vibrated.” Hoseok stops eating as he looked at Namjoon’s hands. “It is a message from Yoongi, he has a new phone number now and you should save it.”

“That is it?”, Y/N asks. Namjoon shakes his head. “Oh.”

“The lap dog attacked Yoongi, after you left, but he is doing better now. He knows he has been at the old safety spot, he received the photo of you standing at the window. He already called up his best friend, Jin. Do you know this guy?”

“Jin? Yes, of course.” Namjoon studies Y/N’s looks as she takes a sip of her drink. “He used to be the one to watch over me when Yoongi went to work. He was also the one who made sure I do not interfere their conversations anymore, so that I won’t be beaten up again.”

“Do you know his full name?”

“No, apparently not. He never wanted to give it to me.” She leans back and looks at both. “Jin is not like Yoongi. Yoongi has an aggressive side, Jin is so not like that. He can be overprotective, but he would never hurt someone.”

“So, you are saying Yoongi would?” Namjoon tried to twist her words to get information out of her. If Hoseok mistrusts her words, so he does too. Hoseok usually never mistrusts, but when he mistrusts someone he truly cares about, then there must be more than a surface.

“I.. I don’t know.” She looks on the table. “I told you about the sentence ‘the person is done’ right? Well I thought maybe sometimes he did worse then that selling, buying as he mentioned.”

“Did you know Yoongi is in the drug scene? “ She shakes her head. “You do not seem to be shocked. Did you know about it?”

“I did not know he was in that scene, I knew he was having something hidden from me in that one room in his house that he kept lock. It smelled weird sometimes, but I never dared to ask him.”

“So, you also did not know which circle Jungkook is in?” Hoseok does not interfere in his questions. Y/N shakes her head again. “His nickname is Joker, does that ring a bell?” She nods.

“Yes, when the phone ringed and he said yes or no, he said, that they should make sure that Joker has all needed information.” Hoseok looks at Y/N.

“Y/N. Look at me please. Do you know what he was doing?”

“He was getting the people done. After that night, I thought he meant raping.”

“You thought? So, you think there is more?”

“I highly doubt that there is not more when you ask me like this.” Namjoon nods.

“He is a headhunter, that is why his lap dog found you in no time.” Namjoon tries to fill her in all the information they have.

“Maybe it is also because of the leak in your team?”, Y/N asks. “Maybe Taehyung knows someone from your team. Have you thought about it too?”

“Y/N, what are you saying?”, Hoseok asks. “Do you believe Yoongi’s card more than us?”

“Of course not, but what if he is right. Just, what if. Can you say that for sure, there is no one in your team you would doubt?” Namjoon shoots a glaze at Hoseok. “You even doubted Namjoon. You two always came as the double trouble no matter where or when. You mistrusted even him, are you mistrusting me now too?”

“Y/N, answer my question. Do you believe in his words? Yes or no.”

“Yes.” Hoseok looked helplessly shocked about her answer towards Namjoon. “I believe everything I hear right now, because it all feels wrong. Everything feels wrong.” She started to scratch her lower arm repeatedly. Namjoon hold her hand to make her stop the movements. Her arm was already red, her tears were in her eyes.

“Namjoon, may you can write Yoongi if he wants to cooperate and what he wants in return.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?” He asks Hoseok while still looking at Y/N. “Do you think it will be a clever move?”

“Yes, let’s text him.”

Message to Yoongi: Do you want to cooperate? Tell me what you want in return.

Yoongi: You delete everything from my files. You won’t charge me for anything in my past which will be discovered through our cooperation. I want to see Y/N, without any disturbance. You delete also everything from Jin (Kim Seokjin) – we both want to get out of this lifestyle, we help you and you help us. Deal?

Message to Yoongi: Deal

Chapter Text

Namjoon’s head was spinning around the deal. He doubts that their boss had agreed on it. He wants to question Hoseok about the feedback he had from him, but with her in the room, it would have not been a good Idea. As Y/N gets up from the table to get dressed, Namjoon saw a chance. As soon as she left, Namjoon took his chance. “Are you sure they will sign a deal? I am not sure if our boss will agree with this.”

“Let Yoongi think we do. He will get nothing, that is what it will be.”, Hoseok says calmly as he takes a sip of his coffee. “We will inform our boss when it has to be.”

“If that is the plan, I wished I would have never typed the word ‘deal’. Are you insane?” Namjoon wipes his hand over his face. “If he smells how fishy this is, do you really think that you can help Y/N?”, Namjoon whispers in case she would be back earlier as expected.

“He would not dare to. He has too much to lose, plus he gave us a name of a member of his crew. We can play them against each other. If one of them is getting against the other one, we find more information than we need.”, Hoseok says calmly with a smile on his face.

“I do not know what you took to make you feel like this but come down again! You are playing a dangerous game at this moment. These guys are not to joke with or have I missed something?” Hoseok sits himself up and leans forward to Namjoon.

“I am not about to help Yoongi and his friend to get out of their situation. I want him to be out of her life and I will not risk losing her. I want all four behind bars, even if it is the last thing I do. I will make sure she won’t be with him under any circumstances.” Namjoon looks pale. He knows that this fire is too hot to touch.

“It was part of the deal, that you let him contact her.” Namjoon shakes his head. “Have you forgotten what your job is, mister I am above everyone else? Even if I do not even like the idea of him being around her, it is even better than this Jungkook guy or his lap dog.”

“She has been beaten by them. Raped through the other one, with the allowance of someone else. You are okay with her being around someone who allowed a guy to rape her? Are you serious?”

“Listen, I am not okay with what he did, nor am I happy what she did in the past. She is smart, she will learn, she will not go back to him. Why are so jealous of him?” Hoseok gazes at Namjoon.

“I am not jealous! I want him out of sight! I want them all out of her life!”, Hoseok screams. Namjoon tries to calm him, so that Y/N would not be able to hear him. “I curse myself for the day I met her.”

“Hoseok, what are you saying?” Namjoon puts his eyebrows forward and tries to read his friend in anyway possible. “You are saying this because of the stress. Since you met her, you said you will marry her, what happened?”

“The truth happened. That is what’s up, Namjoon.”, Y/N says. Hoseok immediately turns around, Y/N holds her hand up immediately. “Do not even dare to say a word. You regret meeting me? Thank you. That is all I needed to know.”  She turns around and walks away. Both are jumping out of their seat to follow her into the bedroom. She has not noticed both of them were already behind her as she turned around with her suitcases in her hands.

“What are you doing? Put the suitcases down! Now!” Hoseok commands. Namjoon pushes Hoseok to the side and hugs Y/N. Hoseok stays in the door with a begging look. “Babe, please. Do not leave me! I am sorry, I should have not screamed at you. I cannot keep you safe when you leave, please.” Namjoon leans back with his hands striking her upper arms, he looks in her eyes and nods. He does not pay attention to what Hoseok tells her. Y/N starts to cry and mumbles some words under her sobs.

“Hoseok, leave us alone in this room please.” Hoseok looked only at Y/N. Hoseok knew that those words were painful, but he did not mean it in the way she understood them, he wanted to make it clear to her. He knew that now, he must trust his friend. Hoseok nods and leaves the room with his eyes directed on the floor. Namjoon waited until Hoseok was out of sight. “Listen to me, closely. We both know, he is under so much pressure. He pressures himself too much because he does not want to let you down, okay? Trust me, I will be there, no matter what. Put your faith in me when I say, he loves you. He is only worried to lose you to Yoongi.” Y/N looks at Namjoon as she puts the suitcases down. Her heart felt like it dropped, her eyes open wide. Namjoon says nothing as he can see that she is thinking about his words. As Y/N sits down on the edge of the bed, Namjoon sits down next to her. He leans forward with his elbows on his knees, rubbing his hands. Y/N only sits and looks at his hands, as she takes a deep breath when she leans her head back.

“Tell me one thing.” Namjoon sits up. “Promise me one thing.” Her eyes looking for his while his eyes are still look forward at the wall in front of him. “No matter what happens, make sure you two are alright. Can you promise me that?” The worry in her voice so clearly to hear, that it makes Namjoon think, what it is that made her worried. Has the worry in her voice any meaning for her relationship with Hoseok or is it someone else she worries about. “Can you do that, Namjoon?” Namjoon swallows hard. He takes a few deep breathes before he even attempts to give her an answer.

“I do not make promises, you know me… As you are my friend, I will make one for you. I will try to save him from doing anything stupid.” Y/N takes Namjoon’s hands in hers. His eyes were still avoiding hers.

“You are like my brother, Namjoon. You know Hoseok, you know him the best. Answer me, honestly.” Namjoon looks at her face. “Do you think he will hurt Yoongi?”

“Why are you worried about Yoongi? Do you still love him?” Y/N mouth opens her face starring in his in disbelief of his question. “Y/N, if you still do, try to figure out why. I think- “

“No need to think. I love Hoseok, but there are moments were Yoongi was there for me, in a way Hoseok never was. Those memories outweigh the bad ones. I always hoped, me and Yoongi will stay friends if we would ever break up, but I guess that will not be happening after everything.” A tear shoots down her cheek. Suddenly they heard a knock at the door and Hoseok appears in the room.

“I just talked with our boss.” Hoseok says, when he sees Y/N wiping her tear off her face, he starts walking towards her. He kneels in front of her, taking the one hand of her out of Namjoon’s hand and grabs the other one from her face. Y/N does not spare a look at Hoseok. “Y/N, sweetheart?” Namjoon knew Y/N too well that she will not respond to him. She had her pride that made her something special, but sometimes it could just be confusing.

“What did our boss say? I hope it is about the deal you made.”, Namjoon says. He hopes he can drag the attention back to the conversation Hoseok had with their boss. Hoseok does not look away from Y/N’s face, it looks like his eyes are glued on her.

“Of course, he was not happy with the deal, but he agrees. Well, at least to a level. He wants us to meet with Yoongi and Jin, we should talk with them face to face before anything is settled.”

“Who will stay with Y/N?”

“Park Jimin.” Namjoon shakes his head.

“Are we talking about the same guy? Park Jimin who just came back from underground work? Do you think he is a good fit for that?” Jimin used to be best friends with Namjoon and Hoseok, but there was something about Jimin that made him not trustworthy enough. It was weird to them, that he did the underground work with passion. Their boss never lost a bad word about him, even though it is not a secret that he killed people during that time. Jimin always said those rumors are false, but there was too much talking of it to not be true. Especially that he never got into troubles with his attitude even though he left a nasty taste in his colleagues’ mouth because of it. He is to deflectable to be used for protection, he took things sometimes to easy and did things without planning.

“Our boss says that because of his previous works he knows what to do when Jungkook appears. You know damn well, that I would like to stay with her instead. I would even leave you here with her. The last thing I want, is someone else looking after her.” Y/N looks at Hoseok. “Finally, you are looking at me.” He says with a smile. “I am sorry for what I said. I was just annoyed that I am not as good as Namjoon.” She gave him a confused look. Before she can say anything, he looks down and back at her. “What I mean by that is, I cannot turn my emotions off that easily. Especially when it comes to you. I do not want you depend on a friend, I want you to be able to depend on me.”

“What about the regret of meeting me?”, Y/N asks. “Am I such a burden to you?”

“Hell no.” He gets up and hugs her. With a smooth move he picks her up and turns her so that he sits on the bed with her on his lap. “I just love you sometimes too much, that I do not know what to do next. You have been through enough.” He leans his forehead against hers. “I am so worried about you, that it goes over my head. If you would have told us this all much earlier on… The fear of losing you, to someone or worse… It makes me feel like I am not doing enough.”

“I am sorry.”, she says as Hoseok snuggles his face to her neck and places a soft kiss. “I know you are trying. I believe in you, you will do the right thing.” Y/N leans into his hug. “I just cannot remember a coworker from your work with that name.”

“I know you haven’t met Jimin yet, but we know him since police academy. He is calm, you will not notice that he is even here. He will stay inside this house with you and take care of you while we are gone. Other police men are outside, if they do not give the regular okay to the station that everything is fine, they will send some others out here to check on you.”

“When will you meet up with them?”

“As soon as possible. As you still have her phone, may you should text them, arrange a meeting at the warehouse outside of the city.” Namjoon nods and starts to take the phone out. “Do not be sorry for anything, Y/N. I will go with you, no matter where and no matter how complicated, hard or painful. You can rely on me.” Y/N puts her arms around his shoulders. The phone in Namjoon’s hand starts to vibrate.

“I call Jimin, he has to be here on time. I will go into the kitchen for the phone call.” Hoseok only nods. Hoseok and Y/N share some kisses as they enjoy having the little time of privacy they have, who knew for how long it will last.


The appointment was in an old warehouse, outside of the city. When everything was ready, Hoseok walked into the warehouse right behind Namjoon, to their surprise no one was inside. After waiting for almost ten minutes, they could hear some foot steps coming closer to them.

“Pretty late for a deal, don’t you think?”, Namjoon says.

“Well, I hope you could have used the time properly.”, Yoongi responds. Hoseok holds up some paper work. “Jin, are my eyes deceiving me or are these ours?” Jin laughs as he puts his hands in the pockets.

“If you do not mind, we would like you to keep your hands out of your pockets, for us to see. We do not want to start a fire.”

“Is my face not pretty enough for you?” He shows his hands. “Aren’t they pretty? Is it better like that?”

“Yes, beauty queen. Let’s get back to business.”, Hoseok turns his look to Yoongi. “In here are the papers, which promise you will not be charged for small things from your past. Big things will only not be charged, if your help is not good enough for an exchange. Got it?” Yoongi laughs mockingly.

“Only the small things? Give me the paper to read first.”

“Why the hurry?”, Namjoon looks at Jin. “Why should we give him also a deal when we know only you have got the information we need?”

“I can give you some insides of their tactics, I was controlling them. We needed to make sure that we can trust them, I was in charge of that. I know how they do their thing, which is helpful considering to what you need now, you will need me.”, Jin answers arrogantly.

“Who says they are still doing it the same way. What if their tactic changed?” Namjoon was getting suspicious. “What makes you think that we need to know their old tactics?”

“Believe it or not, you only get us in a double package. You should not forget the times, when Jin defended her towards outsiders. Or did she only mention our bad moments?” Namjoon looks at Hoseok, but he does not look back to Namjoon.

“You know that you do not have our trust just because you might have protected her, even though you handed her to a rapist.” Yoongi’s anger was on a rise. How often should he have to apologize until he is forgiven, he wonders. He did not seek for forgiveness directly, but for someone who believes him. “She was hospitalized, do you want to see some nice pictures that we have from the hospital? I mean in the end of it all, she fell off a ladder, right?” Yoongi knew instantly what Hoseok tried to do.

“I did not do this to her-” Before he can even continue Namjoon jumps into his words.

“If you did or not, does not matter to this case. You frightened her, it could become a possibility that the beating happens again. Did she interfere in something?” Yoongi licks his lips. He knew he would have no chance of saying his side of the story, but he needed to try anyway.

“First of all, she was supposed to stay in the other room with the other girls.”

“Like dogs? Simply locking them away?” Namjoon tried to be as provocative as possible to get to Yoongi.

“They were not locked away, I would never have treated her like a dog. I thought you know her?” He was waiting if there was a response of what he had to say. “Good, yes. She was interfering, interfering in a conversation between us and Jungkook’s people.”

“What was it about?”

“First I want to read the deal you are still holding.”

“Nope. Tell us what it was about first.”

“Do you think I will tell you anything without seeing the paper?” Namjoon nods to Hoseok.

“One more thing, before I handle you the paper, if one of you does anything, just a little thing that could mess up our work, you will be in bigger troubles as you are in now.” Namjoon warns them, not just with his words, also with his face expression. Hoseok gives Yoongi and Jin the papers. As Yoongi opens them, he reads it carefully to not oversee any little detail. As he turned to the last page, he saw the pictures of Y/N’s body. Black and blue, these photos were taken by the hospital. He recognized them immediately. He had tried to erase them from his memories, the moment he saw her. Lying helplessly in the hospital bed in her hospital gown, the nightmares she had which followed her after that event. His tears were coming up, but he tried his best not to show. It was clear to see that it was tensing him up. “This photo of her in underwear, where is it from?”

“That photo was found in the safety house. When she saw his lapdog at the kitchen window, and Namjoon stayed by her said, I wanted to make a phone call. See, this would not be unusual, but the bed room window was wide open. It was not her and it was not us, but someone else from the outside. Someone had come in, laid down this picture and a red rose on her pillow. To another surprise, the underwear you see on the picture was brought there too. Any guesses?” Yoongi was swallowing hard. He remembers seeing her on the day, on the day she was raped, getting dressed. He saw those clothes on her before he left her alone with him. He still sees the day like a bad movie in front of him. Seeing her passed out on the couch, with a small bloodstain on her inner elbow. Jungkook smiling at him with a quite comment, he could not understand Jungkook but did not ask him either to repeat as his worries about her were bigger. Yoongi had no clue what happened to her, but he brought her to the hospital right after. Only to get the news that she has been drugged. After telling the doctors a lie of finding her alone passed out, he begged them to check on her if she has been raped. He will never forget the feeling he felt when he received the confirmations by the doctor, that he was right.

“He asked you a question, it would be nice to get an answer by today.”

“I guess you have someone on your mind.” Yoongi looks up at Namjoon. “Let me guess, Jungkook.” Jin and Yoongi looked at each other and took the pen to sign the papers. “I guess you already know about the photo Taehyung sent me from Y/N at the window, you probably want to know which other photo he sent me too. Am I right?”

“Depends if it is helpful. Is it?”

“As you remember my card, there is someone who helps them. Otherwise I do not know how he could have come so close.” Yoongi takes out his phone and searches for that said picture. He shows them a picture of Y/N sleeping alone in the bed at the safety house. “Now tell me, if she is so secure, how come he could have come so close?” Hoseok looks at the photo, it was for sure the same day as she saw Taehyung in front of the house. Namjoon checks the time when the photo was received only to think the same thing as Hoseok, how close were they all the time.

“Did Taehyung send you this one?” Yoongi only nods.

“He also was sending me similar photos as he sent to Yoongi.”, Jin added. “Those are the ones I received.” He gives them his mobile phone to let them look through the pictures. To their surprise, the photos were really close up, some look like they were made directly at the window.

“I absolutely do not mean any harm to Y/N. I let her go, if you get those douchebags off her back. That is the only thing I care more about as anything else.”

“Do you still love her?”, Hoseok asks as he takes the signed paper from them. Yoongi licks his lips as he tries to study Namjoon’s body language before he looks back to Hoseok.

“No. I care for her, but I do not love her anymore.” Jin was extremely calm, which was very suspicious. Yoongi felt as he betrayed himself. Him not loving his queen, was the biggest lie he told anyone in his life.

“What is your relationship, towards her, Jin?”

“Did you not figure it out by now? I was the one who took care of her when he wasn’t there. I made sure that those guys won’t beat her up again. I cared for her like a brother.”

“Still you let Yoongi hand her to this man to be raped?” Jin’s face was getting angrier. Namjoon tested Jin, because he needed to know how far he can go. He was not dead sure if Jin truly wanted to help Y/N, maybe he already switched the side to Jungkook. He wants to know, if he can be sure that he will not turn on them.

“We both did not think that he would do that!” Jin looked to the ground, as he looked back up, it looked like he used a switched a button. The calm person became an aggressive one. “If one of us would have known that, do you truly think we would have let it happen?”

“I do not own you any answer, but you own us.” Hoseok checked if everything which needed to be signed was signed. Then he looks back at Yoongi. “I am glad you want to cooperate, but we still not know why you and Jungkook are using her against each other.”

“Because he thinks he can hurt me with her death.” Namjoon looks at Yoongi, with a side eye on Hoseok. He knew, anything that might costs Hoseok to jump out of his skin, may be troublesome. “He already killed the rest of our crew, we killed the rest out of his crew. We think someone might be still out there, but he must be hiding.”

“So, only you two against those two?”, Namjoon interrupts.

“As far as we know, that must be right.”, Jin says.

“Why would her death, hurt you more than you losing everyone who works for you?”

“He thinks I still love her. He wants to kill me slowly. That is why he tries to get her first. He wants to destroy her mentally, physically. He wants me to watch it all.” Hoseok swallows hard on Yoongi’s words. There was a similar case he had to take care of at the begin of his career. All the stuff he had seen at the crime scene, the footage of it, it all came right back up. Namjoon explains them, what they will have to do now and what they need from them. Yoongi explains that the deal was about someone who owned both crews money. They were making a plan on that night she interfered.


Back in the house, Y/N was nowhere to be seen. Their colleague Jimin, was also gone. The police officers outside the house, gone. When Namjoon and Hoseok have searched the rooms, with no trace of Y/N, they feared the worst. Hoseok immediately calls Y/N’s mobile phone, only to be reminded that Namjoon has it. Namjoon on the other hand tried to get the police station on the phone to figure out if something happened. They told him that they will check on it and get back to them as soon as they have some information. The only information they had, was that Jimin took her outside with a back up.

Hoseok was on the edge to go insane with his thoughts telling him that he failed to protect his own girlfriend. He couldn’t sit still anymore. Trying to get a hold of himself, he calls the police station. Maybe they could tell him where they are, so he can drive to her, to pick her up personally. Namjoon looked outside the window in the living room. He realized three black cars stopping their cars in front of their house.

“If we do not get any information on where they are, I will kill him as soon as he is back.” Hoseok says as he comes into the living room. He realizes the tense look on Namjoon’s face. Both of them taking their guns out and bring themselves in a secure place from where they were still able to see what was going on. It took a few minutes until they realize that it was Jimin, but no sight of Y/N. Jimin was opening the front door, to his surprise it was unlocked. Namjoon jumps up just to catch Hoseok, before he attacks Jimin.

“Where is she!?”, Hoseok yells repeatedly at Jimin. “You little shithead! Where did you take her?”

“She is still in the car! I’ll get her.” Namjoon was struggling to hold Hoseok back. The power his anger gave him, was very strong.

“You left her alone in the car!? Are you insane?”, Hoseok voice was still very loud and full of anger. Namjoon tried to calm him, with no success. As Jimin comes back with Y/N, Hoseok was speechless. Y/N’s skin was pale, and it was obvious that she must have cried. She shows no reaction to Hoseok nor Namjoon. “What happened to her? What did you do to her?”

“Jungkook, saw her.” Namjoon looks at Jimin with an angry look. “As she was getting into a state of shock, I took her right back.” Jimin sees that Hoseok is calming down while he tries to understand the situation.

“Where did he see you with her?” Jimin felt attacked. He knew he messed up, but he knew telling the story more beautifully would not help. “Where?”, Namjoon repeats.

“As she has been locked away the last few days, I thought I get her outside for a bit.” Hoseok who sat her down on the couch, immediately turns to Jimin.

“You took her outside? What the hell is wrong with you!” Hoseok takes Jimin by the collar of his shirt. “You better tell me where and for how long you have been outside. Beg to God he did not follow you here.” Jimin tried to get Hoseok to loosen his grip. “No chance, buddy. You better tell me where you have been.”

“We were at the park. We had back up around us, therefore we went for a walk. I bought her an ice cream since it is a warm day outside. As we were walking around, I realized two guys with black clothes following us. Our backup was also giving me the same information. Therefore, we were leaving the park. But as she got in the car, she looked to the right out of the window. She immediately froze and did not answer me. I recognized him, it was Jungkook waving at her with a smile.” Hoseok lets go of his collar. Namjoon shaking his head as he sat opposite of Y/N. “He chokes me, and you let it happen?”

“Yes. If I would be in his position, I would not just have choked you. I would have killed you!” To say he felt very unwelcomed would have been close to his feelings now, but it still would not feel the way he does now. “You risked her being shot, you idiot!”

“What are you talking about? He wants to use her against Yoongi, therefore he would have not just simply killed her. He is not dumb, you should know.”

“Do you know him?” Jimin was getting nervous. “Did your underground work have something to do with him?” Namjoon looks outside, just to see that the same cars are still standing outside. “Why are they not driving off?” Namjoon walks outside to send them away. If they would follow the car, they must know that she is here. As Namjoon came back he threw an ugly look on Jimin. “Do I have to take you on your collar too or will you finally open your mouth?”

“My underground work has nothing to do with him. You know that I am not allowed to talk about it.”

“It is just kind of weird, that someone who needs protection, can simply go for a walk with a guard.” Y/N’s phone vibrates. Namjoon takes the phone to read the received messages.

“We had back up.”

“Which are useless when we do not know what he has in mind. Do you know more than us?”, Hoseok asks.

“No. But think about it, he wants to hurt Yoongi. Do you really think, he will kill her quickly?”

“According to them he will do it slowly.”

“Yes, exactly. Wait a second.” Jimin gets into the kitchen to get a water bottle for Y/N. “Y/N, drink some.” He sits down next to her. “You remember your first case? It will be similar to her death.” Y/N  looks at Jimin with a questionable face.  “You do not need to know that.” He assures as he pets her knee. “You are safe.”

“Well, no.” Namjoon gets up to handle the phone to Hoseok. He walks around the table only to grab Jimin on his collar and to drag her away from her. “You idiot! They followed you!”

“No, it can’t be. They were not behind us. We drove with three different cars with a distance between us, to be sure to not to gain too much attention. They were standing there, how were they supposed to follow us.” Namjoon pushes his forearm on Jimin’s neck. “It hurts. Stop it. You guys are psychos. Did you forget I am on your side?” As Hoseok finished reading of the message he checked the window. A phone in Jimin’s pocket started to vibrate. Hoseok immediately turns around to take it off him. “What the hell? Give it back.”

“Shit is about to get interesting. Who is this number?” He showed him the number. “Who is it?” Hoseok voice was very loud and full of anger. He could not understand what it all was supposed to mean.

“I do not know. It is an unsaved number, how am I supposed to know.” Hoseok takes his phone out to check if that is the same number which contacted Jin or Yoongi. Jackpot, he was right.

“You knew they tried to hack us when Yoongi met up with her the first time.” Y/N only sits there while she stares at her water. She is listening, but her body was numb. Her body did not want to move. “They hacked yours. How stupid can one person be…” Hoseok’s anger is about to explode out of him. He calls his colleague who was in charge when they phone was first tried to be hacked, only to be informed that it was not the case with Jimin’s phone.

“What are you doing?”, Jimin screams. “You cannot destroy my phone card! Let go of me Namjoon!”

“This is my only number. Destroy it and you destroy my underground work!” Namjoon takes Jimin in a stronger hold. Jimin groans in pain. “Please consider you are destroying a work that I have worked on for over three years!”

“You only have one number?” Hoseok asks not believing his words. “Just so you know, no idiot who walks on this earth will believe this nonsense.”

“It is true! It is true, I swear. Ask our boss if you do not believe me.” Namjoon looks at Hoseok. Both knowing that there is no time for it. They need to leave, but with no new address, they will have to wait.

“What the heck are they doing here?”, Hoseok says as he turns away from the window. Namjoon lets Jimin go, within that second Jimin understood what was going on. “Y/N, come here.” He leads her to a side room with no windows, but still in his sight. Knocks were coming from the door. “Jimin, open the door.” Namjoon and Hoseok got into their position. He opens the door to see Yoongi and Jin completely wet from the rain standing in front of him. Jimin grabs them to drag them inside.

“Why did I know you would mess up?”, Yoongi’s look wander to Hoseok. He did not look at Jimin, but Jin did.

“You? I always knew you were a rat. What are you doing here!?”, Jin asks Jimin. His face shows that there was something going on between those two.

“I do not know what you are talking about.” Yoongi turns over to see Jimin being cornered by Jin. “Maybe you confuse me with someone else.”

“No.” Jin looks at the left side of Jimin’s neck. “I remember this scar. This scar, Taehyung gave you.”

Chapter Text

Hoseok scans Jimin’s body before he takes Jimin’s phone in his hands again. He searches through all the messages and phone calls on his phone. It was true, the number was not saved, but he was in contact with that person all the time. He must know Jungkook and he must have had conversation during being part of Hoseok’s team. “You coward.”, Jin says uncontrollably loud. He gets closer to Jimin and closer until there is almost no space between them. “Explain them why you have this scar!” Jimin licks his lips as he looks up at Jin.

“I told you, I am not who you think I am.”

“What are you trying to say? Are you saying that you have no explanation for this scar?”

“Why do I have to explain my scar? As I said it before, I am not who you think I am. A lot of people have scars, you have a lot to do if you think everyone with scars is someone you know.” Jin starts to grin.

“No explanation, huh? Well then let me tell them what happened.” Yoongi looks interested at Jimin’s face. Jimin looked as he was not scared, but his voice gave him away.

“I think, you should go ahead Jin. This little boy has played the wrong game.”, Yoongi says as he walks to the other side of the room. From his new standing spot, he found Y/N, sitting on the floor. Her back leaned against the wall, her knees pulled to her chest by her arms. The eyes of her were closed and her lips kept moving, but he could not hear a word. His heart started to ache not to be next to her, just to hug her. He knew if he did, Hoseok would have known he lied. This risk is something he could not take. Namjoon takes a short look on Y/N when he realized that Yoongi saw her, as he sees she is stressed but okay, he looked back to Yoongi who already had his eyes back on Jimin. Namjoon and Hoseok were watching the situation with worries. They knew, if something goes wrong, they need to get Y/N out of this situation immediately.

“How glad you must be just to have this scar.” It was clear to see that Jimin swallowed hard. “You are a coward! Simply worthless.” He provokes Jimin to make him speak.

“I never backed out from anything. You do not know me!”, Jimin screams. He lost his cool, Jin had him where he wanted him to be. Jimin knew if he would have reacted like that in front of Jungkook, he would be dead by now. The thought that Jin is about to do the same was on his mind, maybe he has a knife on him. Maybe he would not dare to do that here. The idea of dying now, was crossing his mind.

“What a great chance for you, that you were taken into this team.” Jin’s words made Namjoon think, when he was the last addition to their team, how come that exactly he was the one who was supposed to take care of her. Why was it no one who was in the team from the beginning, he wondered.

“You guys know each other?”, Hoseok asks. “Interesting.”

“Yeah. Actually, very interesting to say at least. He was working along with Taehyung, but because he cowardly did not do his job, Taehyung gave him the scar to remember him, that next time the scar would be on his face. He was supposed to shoot into someone’s head from an empty building. Would have been a lot of money for his crew, the job came from a client who needed their service from time to time. Not to mention that with every day they lost, the less money they would get from that client. Since then he only did little things, for example setting the traps up. I mean, as far as I am informed.”, Jin explains.

“Namjoon. Hoseok. Believe me when I say, they are lying.” Jin stomps on Jimin’s foot. To Jimin’s regret, no one stepped in. Jimin groans in pain but Jin keeps his foot on his as he moved it a little from time to time. Jimin tried to push him away but that made Jin even more angry.

“You are calling us liars? How dare you?” Jin’s voice begin to sound scary. It was much deeper than before, and he spoke much slower with a touch of anger. “You little rat were not capable of anything. Did Jungkook tell you to bring her to the park?” Jimin did not respond. Jin takes his foot off Jimin, only to take his fist to punch him in his stomach. Jimin bend forward which caused him to put his head on Jin’s shoulder. Jin takes him by the shoulder to lean him back against the wall. “He did, and you followed. You are his little bitch.” Hoseok heard enough and gives the unsaved number a call. While it ringed Namjoon took Jin away from Jimin. Hoseok walked towards Jimin to handle him the phone in case someone was about to pick up. As someone picked up, he turned it on loudspeaker and turned the phone to Jimin.

“Jimin?” Hoseok gives Jimin a sign to speak up.


“Why are you calling? You know exactly that we would call you if anything else is needed.”

“I just wanted to make sure if everything is alright.” You could hear a voice laugh and then the connection was gone.

“They call you if something is needed from you? You still do not know them, huh?” Namjoon starts to mock him. “You have a real problem my friend. Four people in here against you, I would start speaking up, before something bad happens.”

“I do not know that person.” Yoongi started to look at the ceiling before he looks at Jimin. He tilts his head a little and his finger is pointing at Jimin as he walks up to him.

“We all know now that you are a rat, it is time to speak up. How much?”

“How much what?”

“How much did he offer for you to bring her to the park?”

“I do not know why they have my number –“ Yoongi hits Jimin’s face with his fist.

“I am losing my patience with you. Why do you have Taehyung’s number if they do not know you? It is quite funny to me.” Jimin’s lip showed a bit of blood. Yoongi sat down on the table in front of Jimin, playing with his fingers as he looks at Hoseok and Namjoon. Namjoon nods as an approval to Hoseok to let Yoongi continue. “We do this to you and as far my information goes, you went to police academy with them. According to what we could find out about you, you were often seen with them, but they do not protect you now. You must have done something bad back then and you are still not able to get your head out of your ass.”

“Who gave you this information?”, Jimin asks.

“How much did they offer?” Yoongi ignored Jimin’s question.

“They offered me nothing.” Jin steps right behind Yoongi.

“Are you sure? I think Jin did not do his work out yet for today. I guess he would not mind using you as a punching bag.” Jimin looks around, he was looking for a way out, but they were all around him. It was obvious that no one believed him anything anymore.

“Okay, yes. You were right.”, Jimin mumbles.

“What was he right about?” Namjoon cuts in.

“Yes, my underground work included Jungkook’s crew, or whatever is left of it now.” Jimin looks at Hoseok. “Even when he knows I am on your team, he would have not hurt her. At least not yet. He wants Yoongi to see her pain.” Hoseok could not believe his ears. He left her alone with someone who was trying to help Jungkook to kill her.

“What was his offer?”, Hoseok asks. “What was his offer?” Hoseok repeated once again and that in a louder tone.

“He said he needed proof that I was around her. That’s it.”

“And you idiot followed him.”, Yoongi says as he walks to the windows. “Are they around us at the moment?”

“I do not know. They did not inform me about it.”

“But they informed you before?”, Namjoon asks. “You made it possible for them to lay down the stuff that we found in the bedroom. Who did you let in?”

“I did not believe Tae, when he told me that those officers are dead, and I should make sure that the other side was clean.” Jimin only stares to the floor. “As I checked, I found them dead. He did not lie. I talked with the other officers and walked to the other side with them, so he could walk in and put the stuff there." Hoseok shakes his head in disbelieve.

“What are their plans with her?”

“I am not informed about it.”

“Jin, Yoongi. You know Jungkook, do you believe Jimin’s words?”

“As far as I know Jungkook, he would use him only to get to her. He probably already knows that if it would get to dangerous, that he would speak. Cowards always speak before worse happens.”, Yoongi stated. Jin nods at Yoongi’s words. “I only wondered how much he offered you to do that?”

“Fine. He offered me 15.000,- Dollars if I can proof that I am in Hoseok’s team. He said he offers me more, if I do the next step too.”

“What is the next step?”

“Handing her to Jungkook. If that would be done and everything worked fine, he would give me 50.000,- Dollars.” It was hard to say who was angrier in this room. No one said a word, it became so quiet. Within the silence, there was a little sound which got the attention of Hoseok. He turns to the right sight, in the direction of the sound, only to see Y/N sob. Yoongi only could watch him walking to Y/N, his desire to be there for her was strong, but all he can do now is to watch them. It ate him alive, Jin saw it. He knew the lie Yoongi said, will him hurt him but both know otherwise their position might be worse. Y/N looks up to see Hoseok looking at her and she immediately tries to get back up on her feet.

“Where can we go now?”, Y/N asks.

“We have to talk with the station. They will have to send us a new address again first.”

“Jimin told him the address, if they are faster, I am dead.”

“What did you just say?”, Namjoon asks as he puts hand cuffs on Jimin. He pushes him down on the couch next to Jin.

“He lied. He just did not see me, he touched me. Jimin talked with them, the backup he was talking about left us alone for a few minutes. It felt like it was twenty minutes.” Hoseok looks at Y/N’s hand as he takes her hands in his.

“Shut up! You are as worthless as Jungkook said. Remember his words, Y/N. Do you want it to hap-” Jimin could not finish his sentence, as another punch landed in his face.

“Dare to speak to her like that again. I cannot promise it will be nice next time.” Jin says with his eyes looking at him as there was nothing human like within his. His eyes were showing that his talk is no empty air.

“Y/N do not look at him, look only at me. Tell me what happened in the park.”, Hoseok says calmly. Yoongi’s body turning in the direction of Y/N.

“When we got off the car we started to walk into the park, but there was a side walk to another hidden place. There were just trees around, he told me how you guys know each other and since when you are not that close anymore. I kept looking in the distance and behind us. I got nervous by every minute. The backup was out of sight. When I asked to go back, he told me to relax. I thought maybe I should trust him, but that was when I saw Taehyung and Jungkook on the bench.” She takes a deep breath. “They got up when they saw us and walked to a picnic table. Jimin told me to sit down and to keep calm. Taehyung sat himself on the other side as Jungkook sat himself to my right side. He did not sit as you would on a table, he had his body turned to me. He took me by my upper arm and pulled me into a hug. As his legs were on each side of this bench, I was totally tight to his chest.” Yoongi’s fist was tightly closed as he hears her words. He did not want to hear more. “He put an arm around my waist and the other one was touching my head. He pet my head and kissed me on the top of it. Jimin said nothing, I only saw Taehyung giving him an envelope. He took it, but I could not see what he was doing with it, because Jungkook… He took my face in his palms. He told me that he is sorry for somebody like me. If I would know his plan, I would be terrified. But he gives me an option on my future. I should think about. Either I will die, or I will have to be forever his.” Hoseok looks at Namjoon. Namjoon picked his phone out to call the station, but apparently, he could not reach anyone. He tries to reach their boss, but he was also not picking up. The emergency numbers he received from the team did not work either.

“I cannot reach anyone. Hoseok does your phone work?” Hoseok tries to call different numbers of the team including his boss’ phone. It did not work too. Hoseok shakes his head. “We have a problem then.”

“I knew you were not able to take care of her. Were you not informed that Taehyung knows how to hack phones? He probably already tracked Jimin’s phone and blocked our phones.”

“What do you mean by that?”, Namjoon says as Jin tries his phone.

“What I am saying is that my phone is not able to get the call to Jin nor is he able to call me even though our phones are directly next to each other. They have hacked our phones.” If they underrated Taehyung, then they must have miscalculated very bad. Jimin only laughs. “Shut your fucking mouth or I will shut it for good!”

“You really have underrated him. All I am going to say is that he knows how to hack into phone systems to make it dysfunctional. He knows how to hack into navigation systems to send someone off to somewhere else. Are you still thinking you do not need my underground work?”, Jimin says mockingly.

“Y/N, did something else happen?”, Yoongi asks. Hoseok looks at Yoongi surprised. Even though he does not want them to talk with each other, he knows he will have to accept that he asked her. It was a part of the deal, as long as he was around them it must be alright, he thinks.

“No. Jimin took me back to car. Jungkook and Taehyung followed us, but Jimin just told me to keep walking. When he put me in the car and I saw him standing there, waving his hand at me smilingly, I froze.”

“It is okay. I am sorry that you have to go through that.” The sound of a phone vibrating filled the room. It was Jimin’s phone, a new message by Jungkook. Jungkook wants Yoongi to hand Y/N over to him. He should do it personally, as there would be no need for worries. He is ready to put the weapons down, if he gets Y/N in exchange. Hoseok does not say a word but hands the phone to Namjoon.

“No way in hell!”, Namjoon yells. Yoongi’s attention was directed at the phone in Namjoon’s hands. “Sorry, but Yoongi will not do that. I will not risk that much.” Yoongi’s heart started to race as Namjoon explains the situation. Yoongi sat back down with folded hands in front of his face with a stare on Jimin. If looks could kill, he would be dead by now.

Chapter Text

An hour past since they saw the message on Jimin’s phone. The phone connection was still dead, they were still awaiting the answers from their colleagues who they have written the emails to. Still there was no answer. He wonders how it was possible for Jimin to receive a message when others are not able to call someone nor to text someone. Yoongi and Jin sat there quietly on the couch, their mind filled with worries and possible ideas on how to get her out of this mess. But none of the ideas sounded good enough to them. It was not her fight, it was theirs. Y/N and Hoseok were sitting at the kitchen table. As the kitchen and the living room were practically one room, they were still in each other’s sight.

 “We have to go, Hoseok.”, Namjoon says. “I know we do not have a save one right now, but we could check into a hotel. We could change that every second night.”

“He knows some hotel owners. He made his business mostly in hotel rooms. It would not be a clever idea.”, Jin mentions. “Would it not be safer to stay?” Namjoon looks at Hoseok for an answer. Y/N eyes followed those who spoke at the moment.

“Both are risks. We can be lucky and find a hotel which have no business with Jungkook. We could also stay and hope they will not come here.” Hoseok sighs while holding Y/N’s hand. Then one phone after the other one started to make sounds again. The phone connection was coming back. Namjoon immediately tries to call their team to inform them about what happened. Their colleagues informed him that they do not have a safety house near there. There is only one safety house, which would be the closest, but it would be risky to get away from there. Namjoon takes a moment to think before he turns to Hoseok.

 “We do not have another safety house near here. They can only offer a safety house which is almost two hours away from here. Do you think we can make it without being followed?” Hoseok looks at Namjoon before he looks into Y/N’s eyes. He breathed deeply for a few seconds.

“Y/N, I want to take the risk to bring you away from here. Are you ready to go?” She only nods, the power to speak slowly lost her body. For whatever reason, she felt like she was not herself anymore. It felt like watching a movie from someone else’s perspective. Outside she was crying but, on the inside, she was dying. It looked like only her soul kept her body awake, nothing else. As there was some food, Hoseok took some fruits, some slices of bread as also cheese and brought it to Y/N. Her eyes not even paying attention to what he brought to the table.

“I am not hungry.”, she says without even looking up. Yoongi gets up to walk into the kitchen, followed by the eyes of Namjoon.

“Y/N, you have not eaten for a while now. You need to eat something, even if it is just an apple. But please eat something.” She only shakes her head as she wraps her arms around her torso. Yoongi made a sandwich, her favorite one. A sandwich with ham, tomatoes, cheese and pepper. The only thing missing would have been salad, but he knows that is one thing she can live without as long as she had her tomatoes and pepper. She likes them to be cut in slices, not to thick but also not too thin. Yoongi knew, with a little bit of patience, she would eat her favorite sandwich.

“Y/N, even though you are not hungry, may you at least take one bite?” Hoseok looks at Yoongi as he wants to kill him, but as long as she would eat something, he would ignore his attempts. Yoongi puts the plate closer to her. “The tomatoes and pepper are cut in slices, just as you like it. If you want to make it out of this situation, you will need power. You are hungry. I can see it on your face, this sandwich would be a shame to waste, don’t you think?” Y/N looks at the sandwich only to be reminded how much she liked that kind of sandwich. Hoseok watches Yoongi with a side eye, he worries that he will scare her with pressuring her to eat. “Just take it and eat it. Come on, I know you want to.” He tilts his head a little to look into her eyes as a smile appears on Yoongi’s face. Slowly her hands turn to the sandwich. She starts to play with it as she takes it to take a bite. “Not that hard, huh?” Yoongi smiles at her proudly. She finishes her meal just in time, when they heard a knock on the door. Namjoon walked to the door immediately to open it. Their colleagues have come to bring Jimin to the station.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Jin walks to Namjoon. “We could need him!”

“What could we need him for? If you did not notice, he does not open his mouth anyway. We could only use him as a shield, but he does not care about him anymore.”

“Keep talking maybe you will understand what I am talking about.”

“Do not talk down to me like that! I swear if you two start to think that we trust you, you are…” Namjoon drifted off as he sees something white coming from Jimin’s jacket. “What is this?” The other police men were holding him on both sides as Namjoon tries to get the white paper thing from his jacket. He remembers that Y/N mentioned an envelope, it might be that one.

“Don’t! It is only the money I received.” Jimin starts to move his body in all kinds of ways in hope he might get away with that. It took a while to fix him, but after they had fixed him with his knees on the floor in a tight grip, Namjoon takes the envelope from him. The feeling of the envelope was not like there was money in there. There was something else. He holds the envelope against the light only to see that it looked like a walkie-talkie similar thing. It was for sure no bomb, that was clear to see. When he got the envelope open, he realizes two things. First thing, it was a communication device which makes it possible only to record, maybe even to transmit a conversation. Second thing, there were no buttons to be pushed on that device. Which meant Jungkook must have heard everything.

“They heard every single detail we were talking about and still do.”, Namjoon clarifies. Yoongi was walking up to Namjoon to take the device from him as it suddenly made some sound. It sounded like the person of the other device turned their device back on.

“Congratulations. It took you a while to realize what is going on.” The voice was manly, maybe a man in the begin or in the middle of his twenties. “Listen, we want her and nothing else. I let Yoongi and Jin live, if they give me her. That’s it.” Yoongi looks at Y/N, before he closes his eyes to turn it in the direction of the device which he took from Namjoon.

“Listen, kill me if you want to. No matter how you planned her death, you can do it to me.” Yoongi says with a straight look at the device. There was laughter coming from the device which made Yoongi even angrier.

“Yoongi, my old buddy Yoongi. You truly cooperated with them? Are you still so in love with her? Do you still want to protect your princess, huh? Sorry, I forgot. She is your queen, forever and always, right?”

“This is between you and me, leave her alone. Where are you?”

“You are a funny dude, Yoongi. Even though I did not tell you what I plan to do with her that night, you left her alone with me. You trusted me in that one night.” Yoongi did not hide his anger anymore. His breathing and body movements showed, that he had enough. “You only had this doctor documents, but no real proof that I did what I did. After that I thought I could trust you too, but then you betrayed us.”

“We never betrayed you! You betrayed us. Your crew attacked us!”

“It depends on from which point of view you tell the story from. Let me tell you one thing, Jimin was my rat. I do not care what you do with him. I want you, to surrender her to me. Personally.”

“I will never surrender her to you.”

“Yoongi, did you forget? Blood for blood. Your crew shot someone I cared about, that is how it all started. The rest is up to you. You took what is mine, now it is time to take what is yours.” There was a short sound which sounded like a disconnection. Y/N’s and Yoongi’s eyes met, it looked like a silent conversation. Namjoon has got a weird feeling about their shared look, to personally for his taste. Sure, they had a past but still so intimate after everything that happened, seemed weird to him. Hoseok’s fear might be right, she might catch feelings for Yoongi again, Namjoon thought. No one said a word, to big is the fear that Jungkook might hears it.

“Take him. Jimin is not needed around anymore.” Namjoon says to his colleague. He puts the device on the coffee table as he takes Jin by his upper arm and drags him to Hoseok.

“We have to make a plan. The easiest thing would be to put Jin with the device into the other room, just in case he tries to contact us again, Jin could come back out and let us know. Therefore, he would not be able to hear us.” Namjoon whispers. Whilst Jin nods, Hoseok looks in both of their faces before he nods too. Jin walks over to take the device, as there was suddenly a lot sound coming from outside the house. Everyone who was sitting before, is now standing.

“What was that?”, Y/N asks with a shaky voice. “It sounded really close.” Hoseok takes her into his arms and pulls her to his chest. He says some words quietly to calm her down.

“Jin! Give me the device!” Namjoon screams. Jin walks up to Namjoon but Yoongi was faster and ripped the device out of Jin’s hand. Yoongi wasted no time to get in contact with Jungkook. “Listen you little bastard! I am done playing games. I have enough! Let’s meet up. Where do you want us to meet?” The sound of connection was hearable again.

“Did she got scared? Does the king suddenly take the lead to protect the queen?” Jungkook laughs mockingly as a second voice appears in the background. “Playing chess is a complicated game which needs a lot of focus. If you are ready to seal a deal to call it quits, we should meet up.”

“Alright, where?”

“You remember the old warehouse which survived the fire?”

“I do remember, at which time?”

“So eager, huh? You can’t wait to see me again, do you? It is actually quite cute. Let’s meet in approximately one hour. Do not forget to bring her.”

“I will not hand her to you!”

“If you do not bring her, Tae knows where you are. Maybe she made up her mind to be mine or if she wants to die. The choice is yours, will you let her go and live or do you want her to die because she does not care for you anymore.” The disconnection sound was hearable one more time. Yoongi threw the device to the ground, he takes the vase from the coffee table and throws it on the floor. As he takes the chair, Jin steps in. He grabs him by his arm.

“Stop it. Yoongi stop!” Jin screams at Yoongi. Yoongi only looked back at him with anger as tears were falling down his face. “Destroying things will not help anyone. Get yourself together!”

“Easy for you to say.” Yoongi says as a tear fell off his face. When he turned to the right, he saw three pairs of eyes looking at him. “What?”, Yoongi yells. Y/N walks up to Yoongi as she was in trance, Hoseok was not trying to hold her back. As she stands directly in front of Yoongi, she wipes his tear away. “Why do I care about you so much?” He lays his head on her shoulder, his arms hanging in the air next to his body. “I don’t want you to get hurt. I promised you that.”

“I will come to the meeting.”, Y/N says. “I will come with you. You did so much for me already, I will never be able to repay. Hoseok and Namjoon will be there too for our protection. Nothing is going to happen.” Yoongi takes his head from her shoulder and grabs her by her upper arms.

“You will not come with me! You stay here with them.” She only shakes her head as he looks deep into her eyes.

“I want to. You said you will grant me any wish I have. My wish is to come with you.” Yoongi stares at her in disbelieve. He wonders how she can be so stubborn. All he wanted was her safety, even if it meant his death.

“You will not go. You stay here with us. We have new police men getting ready outside, you are safer here. Jin will go with him, that is safer for everyone.” Namjoon says whilst walking towards her.

“Listen to him, Y/N.” Yoongi looks at Namjoon and nods. Then he looks at Jin. “We should get going.”

“Yoongi, please! It is to dangerous. Stay, please. Please, stay with me.” A tear falls from her face. Yoongi’s thumb is wiping her tear away. As she puts her head down, he takes her face in his palms. He places a long, soft kiss on her forehead with his eyes closed. His heart feels as it was about to be ripped, the pain he might cost her if he will not make it back, makes him dislike himself even more.

“You remember what I promised you?” She looks at his lips. “I promised you, I will never let it happen again. No pain, no sorrow. I want you to be happy, I do not want to see you suffer as you do now. I said I will protect you and that is what I will do now.” His forehead leans against hers until their eyes meet again. “Please walk over to Hoseok, my beautiful queen.”, he says almost whispering with a broken voice as he lets go from her. She does not move but Namjoon takes her to place her on the couch. He walks towards the door, as he looks back one more time. She was worried about him and begged him again to say. All he could do was to mumble ‘I am sorry’. It made him happy to know that she still cares, but he also knew if he would not come back, he would break her heart again. That was a burden he did not want to happen. Her eyes were stuck in the direction of the door even a few minutes after they left. She asks herself, has she tried enough to keep him in the house. Maybe she could have made him stay, if she would have tried harder. Hoseok was walking up to her slowly from behind her.

“You’re okay?”, he asks as he sits down in front of her. When she only nodded, his thirst to know more grew. “Y/N, answer me honestly. Do you still love him?” She slowly turns to look at Hoseok. As she tries to speak, her voice gave in. Hoseok eyes were filling with water, Namjoon did not know how to react. He can only watch what is happening between his friends. “You said you loved me, was it just a joke to you? What am I to you…?” His voice broke when he said it. His heart was beating as it was about to explode, his body felt cold. “I thought I knew the answers to my questions, but I do not understand you anymore.”

“I am not in love with him.” She takes Hoseok’s hands in hers. “But I do care about him. You are the one I love, you are the one I want to be with, believe me.”

“Why would you care about him if he only hurt you in the past?”

“There were not just bad moments we had. There were also good ones.”

“Give me an example! Just one!” Hoseok was angry. If he hurt her so badly, why would she still forgive him. How was she able to that, he wonders. “What was so great that you forgive him?”

“The lighter he had when he was in my apartment, I gave it to him when we first met.” Hoseok bites his lower lip.

“Go on.”

“The lighter has also another meaning, I told everyone that I stopped smoking, but I never smoked a cigarette in my whole life. I moved into a new town with no money in my pockets, I trade my job for any better job I found. But when I lost my job, I found myself on the street. There was this guy and a woman coming up to me and offered me a job. They told me it would be a barkeeper job, but after a while they told me if I want to earn more money, I could work on the stripper pole. At first, I thought it was only a strip club, but then I realized it is worse. There were selling the girls, one by one. There were always these cads who came in and asked for a specific girl. They also went into a room right after they chose one, I could sometimes hear them scream. No matter which girl, every single one of them came out crying. Their make up was all over their face. When I had the chance to take my stuff and run, I did. I ran along the street and ran into someone. It was Yoongi. I ran into him as I tried to escape. I wanted to apologize to him for running into him, but he only shook it off and asked me for a lighter instead. I gave him the one I found in the club, he thanked me and used it. Then he looked closer at the logo and looked back at me. He only asked me one question, ‘did you run away’. When I said yes, he said that if I trust him enough, he will bring me away from there. When I said yes, he took me to his car and brought me to a house. It was a women’s center. He said I can call him if I need anything, but I should stay there at least for a while.”

“He helped you to get out of the situation…”, Namjoon says. Y/N nods when she looked at Namjoon. She grabs Hoseok’s hands tighter.

“He helped me for as long as I can remember. I think I did not fall in love with him in the way I did with you, Hoseok. I fell for him because he was the hero I needed. The hero I was wishing for to get me out of there. He helped me to get a good job and my own apartment. As I told you before, he paid for all my debt. It all went down south when I lost the job. I was so embarrassed to tell him that his help was for nothing. I could not even keep that job he helped me to get. Then we made this deal. He was so protective, and he tried to help me whenever I needed something. Money, food, clothes… It did not matter, he did everything for me.” Hoseok could not hide his sadness.

“I am glad he helped you, when you needed help at that time. But am I the only one for you, or was I just another escape for you from Yoongi?”

“No, this thing between us is so different. I love you so much, too much sometimes.” Hoseok gets up to peck her lips. “I just have this connection to him because of all this. He never judged me as the person I was or the person I am today. I do not want to lose him, at least not as a friend again.” Hoseok eyes were open wide on her words, but he started to understand.

Chapter Text

It was already getting dark outside and it felt like an hour has almost passed. In the meantime, new police men have arrived to protect the house and Jimin was still in a police interrogation. They were not many police men in front of the house, but a few more were hiding down the street. The only information they received from Jimin was that Jungkook planned to get as many people as possible out of the house and away from the house to kidnap her. He thinks that Jungkook must have recruit new people working for him already since this plan is barely possible to be done by himself. Then he repeated himself with the words ‘I am not informed about more’. This news was making Namjoon think, if Jin said that he was not sure if there are more people left in Jungkook’s crew, maybe Jin does really not know how many are truly working on the side of Jungkook. Maybe Jungkook never introduced many members to them. Hoseok sat on the couch with Y/N whilst Namjoon turned his eyes to his phone.

“Do you think we could make it out of town as long as they meet up?”, Hoseok asks Namjoon. “Maybe we could go to a hotel a few hours away from here.”

“Well, I thought that the best might be-” Namjoon’s words were interrupted by a gunshot. Hoseok immediately takes Y/N back into the room with no windows. “Lock this door, I will let you know when to open it again, okay?” She only nods without saying a word back. “There is a little table, go underneath it. I will put the blanket over the table, so you are hidden, okay?” Another gunshot was hearable which was quickly followed by another gunshot. Hoseok closed the door and waited until he hears her locking the door. Y/N crawled back under the table which was covered by the blanket from Hoseok after she locked the door. She tried to contain her breathing, but the fear got the better of her. Her lungs hurt, and breathing was getting hard as her panic takes over her body. Namjoon was about to get ready to take a safe look out of the window. What he saw, was making him think, that the meeting was a trap. The streetlights were starting to light up. It was getting darker and so it became harder to see something, but the silhouette of two men with guns were recognizable.

“There are two men in dark clothes shooting at our colleagues.” Hoseok nods as he understands and makes his way to the door to check if it was truly closed. As he realizes it was not locked, he locked it as fast as he could. “I will check the back door.” Namjoon says as he makes his way to the back door. The door was locked. In the moment he checked if the door was locked, someone from the outside tried to open it. Namjoon steps back and places himself behind a cupboard. Someone from the outside is trying to open the door with force, the door handle kept on turning. There was no window near the back door, therefore he could not see how many people or what kind of weapons this person or these people would have. One gunshot was fired against the door, but the gunshot did not go through the door. He knew the door is definitely damaged from the outside, but as long the door was still locked it should be fine. His eyes turn to Hoseok who was hiding behind a couch from where he could still see the front door, the front windows and also Namjoon. As Hoseok tries to get up slowly to look to the window, a gunshot went through the window. Bits of broken glass was lying on the floor, the sound of breaking glass was filling the room. The gunshot did not hit Hoseok, but it was damn close. From the view Namjoon has, he can see that someone was standing at the window. Namjoon slowly stoops himself, in case that the man at the window looks in his direction, he would not be able to see him standing there. A siren was hearable and that sound came closer each second. As another gunshot sound appeared, the man at the window was suddenly gone. There were some blood stains at the window, which made Namjoon think that that man must have been shot. The door handle on the back door stopped turning and another gunshot was hearable again. For another five minutes Hoseok and Namjoon remained on the spots they were at. Hoseok only glances at the door which was locked by Y/N. He wanted to check on her, to be there for her but it was too risky. Hoseok’s phone starts to ring, it was his colleague. Whilst the colleague tells them that two men have been shot and they will check the identity of the men at the station. He also says, it would be the best to not leave the house at the moment. Hoseok updates Namjoon quickly to get to Y/N.

“Are you alright, Y/N?”, Hoseok asks.

“Yes.” Her voice was very weak, it nearly sounded like a voice without a breath. Like the wind that you can hear crying through the windows, but if you were outside you would not be able to hear it. Namjoon moves his head at Hoseok with his eyes fixed on her phone.

“We should contact Yoongi that they should not return here, since we have been attacked.”

“Yeah, if it was not them.” Namjoon gives a confused look at Hoseok until he turns his eyes to Y/N’s phone which was vibrating. “Unknown number.” Namjoon and Hoseok share some looks before they pick it up.

“Hello?”, Namjoon says.

“Y/N?” It sounded like the voice of Jin. The voice was out of breath and sounded as the person has just finished a marathon.

“Who are you?”, he asks.

“It is me, Jin. Yoongi and I are on our way back to the house, listen closely. They are sending some men, I do not know how many, to you. They have guns, you need to get away from there!”

“They were already here.” Jin became quiet, not even his fast breathing was hearable anymore. “Where are you two?”

“Both did not show up. Yoongi is looking around trying to call Jungkook but he does not pick up. We are about to leave.”

“We will head out somewhere else, I will call you when your service is needed.” Namjoon hangs up and walks back to Y/N’s door. “Y/N, you can unlock the door. It is safe now.” Y/N does not make a sound. There was no sound of the door being unlocked either.  “Y/N, can you hear me?” Still silence. Hoseok tries to talk to her too, but she does still not react. “You stay with her, I will try to find something to break this door open.” Hoseok nods as he still tries to get her to open the door. Namjoon was starting to search for something to break the door open with in the basement. In a little dark corner, he finds a crowbar. He takes it and runs back upstairs. When he came back, he saw tears running down on the face of Hoseok and some mumbling coming from inside her room. He pushes Hoseok to the side and tries to break the door open. “Hoseok, call an ambulance!”

“They are on their way. I called them already.” Hoseok says with a shaking voice. While Namjoon was working on the door, Hoseok held a letter in his hands. He reads it again and again and again.

“Y/N hold on! Okay? Please do not do anything stupid, okay?” Namjoon does not see the letter in Hoseok’s hand. Hoseok takes the letter and puts it in his pocket. As he turns to Namjoon, the door started to open. There was some blood on the floor, not a lot but still very obvious that someone got hurt badly. Y/N was almost unconscious.

She cried as Namjoon takes her in his arms. Every breathe she took felt like a war. It was painful, panic was feeling her body. “I hate to be this kind of burden to you. I am so sorry for everything.” Her voice was breaking between her words, when she tried to catch a breath. Breathing was getting harder for her to do. Her eyes were closed, and her body was shaking as Hoseok takes her from Namjoon to bring her outside the room. He puts one of his arms underneath her shoulder and the other one under her knees to pick her up. He kisses her on top of her head while his tears were falling down on her. Namjoon takes this chance to look for a wound when Hoseok sat down with her on his lap.

“Where did you try to hurt yourself?”, Namjoon asks. She shakes her head slightly.

“There is no wound. I could not do it.” Namjoon shakes his head in disbelief and looks at her arms. There was no sign of blood. It was not helpful that she wore a black t-shirt. The blood stain was visible on her shoes and jeans. He picks her t-shirt up a little bit to take a look on her stomach. That is when she reacted to his movement. “Namjoon, please don’t.” Her begging words were ignored by both of them. Her body was to weak to push him away. Hoseok grabs her hands to hold her in place whilst Namjoon leans on her legs. His body was leaning on her legs when he pushes her shirt up to the rib cage. As they see her stomach, they were shocked. Cuts were placed all over her stomach. Some are deep, and some were only scratching the skin surface. Hoseok turns his head to look away from her wounds, his right cheek resting on her head as his arms are around her shoulder to hold her close. Namjoon gets up to go to the bathroom to get a cold washcloth. Carefully he tries cleaning her stomach from the blood which covered her skin. The sound of an ambulance car was finally coming closer, the minutes felt like hours to Hoseok. He puts the washcloth on a wound which looked the deepest. The paramedics were starting their work with disinfectant spray. It was very painful to her, when it got to painful that was when she grabbed Hoseok hands to hold. She could not hold back when the pain became too strong, she starts to scream. Namjoon was walking over to the window were the gunshot got shot through. The person who got shot was not outside anymore, probably he was taken away already minutes ago. In his mind he thought, if they did not appear at the meeting, could they have had someone who was doing this dirty job for them while they were somewhere else. Why would he risk two men of his crew being shot. It did not make sense. Nothing made sense.

“We have to bring her to the hospital. Two cuts are too deep, they will need to be stitched.” One of the paramedics says. Hoseok agrees to bring her to the hospital, because she might be even safer there, he thinks. Namjoon goes back to the room to look for the object she might have hurt herself with. As he finds the bloody item that she might has hurt herself with, he takes it and wraps it in a tissue before he puts it in his jacket pocket. He keeps looking around, only to find some paper, pencils and a photo. The photo was not recognizable anymore, but it looked the man on the photo, from what was left, looked like Hoseok.

“Joon. We are leaving, are you coming?”, Hoseok asks. Now the blood from her was visible even on him. His blue shirt showed the red stains on it very clear. The fingers were looking reddish as well as his pants. Namjoon touches the jacket pocket in which the object was in and takes a look on his jacket.

“Yeah, I am coming.” Hoseok turns around to walk back to Y/N, Namjoon followed him for a few steps until he got a weird feeling. He looks back one more time, as this strange feeling does not want to leave him alone.


Hoseok was in the treatment room with Y/N. Namjoon was waiting in front of the room as two faces are approaching him. They were so out of breath with sweaty foreheads.

“How did you know that we were here?”

“Never heard about the modern thing called apps?”, Yoongi says to him. “Is she alright?”

“Yes. Now she is.” Yoongi throws a worried look at Namjoon before he can grab Namjoon, Jin intervenes. “Relax, she is okay. She is getting her treatment.”

“You were supposed to take care of her! Did she got shot?” Jin was holding his arm stretched out in front of Yoongi’s chest. Namjoon licked his lips when he looked at Jin. “Do not look at him, look at me when I talk to you.”

“Firstly, you should stop talking this way to me. Secondly, you should stop lying to me.”

“Lying about what?”

“That you still love her.” Yoongi’s eyes widen at his words. Jin puts his arm down to grab one of Yoongi’s shoulder. “Just confess. I am not like you. I would not just kill you because you do.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“What I am trying to say is that, even though you said you do not love her, it hurts you to see her close to her boyfriend, doesn’t it?” Yoongi bit his lower lip. He walks closer to Namjoon.

“You are right.”, Yoongi says as he puts his arms to the side. He pulls his right hand near his heart. “Yes, it hurts to see her with someone else. Yes, I wished I would be the one to take care of her. The one who protects her. The one she can lean on, but that is something he does now. But I can accept it, because for whatever reason he is able to make her happier than I can.” His eyes started to water as he finally lets his emotion go.

“Why did you lie to us?”

“Why do you think did I had to look like the bad guy who wants to hurt her only for you to figure out that it was not me who want to hurt her. I might have lied to you, but I never lied to her. Would you have let me cooperate with you when I told you I was?” Before Namjoon could answer he sees Hoseok walking next to Y/N and a nurse. Y/N was lying on a hospital bed with closed eyes. A needle was in her arm which was connected to an infusion. Hoseok showed a sign with his hands that they should wait outside. Yoongi’s heart was starting to beat so fast, so hard. Jin held Yoongi back on his shoulder. For whatever reason, whenever he sees her, Yoongi has the need to be next to her. Even if he would just stand there, even if there is no word spoken. Having her close was enough for him.

“The doctors said she has to rest. No visitors today and no visitors tomorrow in the morning. They will have to run a few checks.”, Hoseok explains.

“What happened!?”, Yoongi almost screams at Hoseok.

“She hurt herself during the gunfire.” Hoseok stops when he sees Namjoon taking a tissue out of his jacket pocket. “Is that the object you found?”

“Yeah.” He takes the wood and turns it carefully. “This is not just a piece of wood, that she had found in front of her work the other day. It has a razor blade hidden within it, see.” He shows them how this piece of wood works. “It has the word ‘Joker’ on it.” Jin and Yoongi’s eyes meet.

“When did she find it?”, Jin asks.

“A few days before you appeared at her apartment.” Namjoon hands the item to Yoongi. “The only weird thing is, she found it next to her car door.” Namjoon says.

“So, this mofo was around her much longer than we think...” Yoongi thinks out loud.

“Do we know for sure, that he did not talk with her before Yoongi appeared in her life again?” Yoongi looks up at Jin. Namjoon and Hoseok are turning their look towards Jin too. “I mean, was she totally normal before Yoongi was in her apartment?” Hoseok starts to think and remembers something again.

“Actually, now that you say it. From that day on, I was picking her up from work since her car did not work anymore on the next day. She did not want it to be repaired, she sold it right away with the next chance she had. She also insisted to me, to not only to pick her up but also to come inside the building to pick her up…” Yoongi grabs Hoseok by his collar and pushes him against a wall.

“And you were never suspicious? How stupid are you?” Namjoon and Jin are trying to get him away from Hoseok.

“How does it feel to know that the one who cared for you has now nightmares because of you?” That was the turning point for Yoongi. Yoongi hits Hoseok with his fist on his cheek. Before Jin could react, both started a brawl in the hospital hall. It took Namjoon and Jin a few minutes to get them away from each other. All four were so caught up in the fight that they did not notice the two nurses who were walking in to Y/N’s room to pick her up. When they were about to leave another police officer stops them to ask why she has been taking out of the room already when the appointments were supposed to be tomorrow. One of the nurses says that they will do one more check up before she can rest until tomorrow. Y/N was still not moving since the medicine made her still sleepy. Hoseok walks over to them as one of the nurses apologizes that they need to get the test done, they could not be too late for the test. Hoseok touches Y/N’s hand and pets her forehead before he says that she will be back soon and that he will wait for her. She does not have to be worried. He asks for the ID’s of the nurses, as he wrote the names down, he walks straight to the hospital office to check the names. The names were registered within this hospital. Hoseok went back to the nurses and let them continue with their work. Yoongi on the other side could not understand why she was walking without security. When Hoseok realized that Yoongi was right and the other police officer he spoke with before was not in the elevator with her, he ran to the elevator. But it was to late, the elevator was going down. The other three were running towards Hoseok.

“I have a bad feeling.”, Yoongi says as he sees the elevator did not stop on the third floor where the test is usually made.

“Fuck.” Namjoon yells as he looks at the others. In that one second, they started to run towards the stairs to the first floor. “Wait, it is still going down?” There were no stairs to get to the basement, it was only reachable with the elevator or through the closed safety door. Jin was trying to push the button for the elevator as hard as he could with the hope that the elevator might come back to the first floor quickly. Apparently, there were no nurses nor any doctors in their sight who they could have asked for the key to go through the safety door which led to the basement.

Y/N started to wake up slowly from the medicine. She saw two nurses pushing her hospital bed to somewhere, but she did not recognize where she was. It was cold and darker with not many lights. Some cars were driving a few meters away from her. She can hear a man speak, but she was not able to move her head into the direction of the voice. When she looks back up to one of the nurses, she sees Taehyung. He held a knife in his hand. She turns her head quickly to the other side only to see what she wished she would not have to see. She saw the nurse dropping to the floor and Jungkook smiling at her.

“I thought it would be harder to get you.” He puts his palm on her face. “Let’s drive off, shall we?”

Chapter Text

She feels numb as Taehyung places her next to Jungkook in the backseat of the car. Her head was still feeling dizzy from the medicine, when she realized that Taehyung was sitting in the driver seat and that he was about to drive off, she gets up quickly to open the door. “Do you truly believe that I would make it possible for you to jump out of my car?” Jungkook shakes his head. “You are dumb. Dumb but cute.” She tries to open the door but with no success. Even the buttons for opening the window did not work either. Jungkook puts his hands on her upper arms and pulls her back down to the seat. When she started to fight him, he repositioned himself on the backseat. The power in her body did not fully return yet, the dizziness did not make it any better. He repositions himself with his right leg on the ground and his left leg stretched out on the seat. His right arm is tight around her torso and his left arm is over her collar bones which made it harder for her to move her shoulders. “Relax, I do not even do anything to you. At least not yet.” She tries to wiggle herself out of his hold, but he is simply too strong for her. “Listen.” He takes his right hand off her to take something out of his jacket. “Do you see this? Do you see this, Y/N?” Jungkook asks while he shows her a needle. It looks like the one that she saw in the basement before, in the moment before she passed out. He pulls her closer until her shoulders touched his chest. “I could use it again, Y/N. You slept so well after the last one we gave you. You were sleeping like the angel that you’re not.” He says whilst he places kisses down her neck. “Do not worry. Your hospital gown does not turn me off.” He slowly moves his left arm away from her, only to put it under her gown. He touches her up and down on her bare skin. “Maybe we should play a game. Do you like playing games?” His hand went down to her panties. “Beautiful girls like to play games, don’t they?”, he whispers in her ear. His nose was touching her ear. “They never get enough.” He leans his head against the seat. “Your wannabe King thinks that I was the one who did that to you.” He starts to push her panties to the sight. “But it was not me. I only took the pictures, in fact, you still own me an award for my good work.” He hums into her ear as he touches her clit. She felt disgusted and wished she could run away, in her mind she tries to recall the old house which belonged to Jungkook. She started to think about an escape plan, just in case he brings her back to that house. She was trying to think about anything, just so she does not have to think about the here and now. He pulls two fingers in front of her mouth. “Suck them. Make them wet.” She looked at Taehyung who only kept his eyes on the street, not even caring for what was going on in the backseat. His face expression was cold and careless. His grip on the steering wheel was rough, she could see the power he is using to hold the wheel. His face was emotionless but his hands showed anger. When he places his finger on her lips, she slowly does as he says. “If you play this game my way, I might even let you live. But only if you do play my game, Y/N.” He takes his fingers out of her mouth and makes a few eight-movements on her clit. He places kisses behind her ear and gives a compliment about how good she looks from time to time. Then he slowly pushes his finger along her folds before he pushes them in. “Let’s continue our game. Let’s see if you understand the rules, if I would ask you if I fucked you before, you would say?” She moves her lips but no word coming out. Her body starts to produce fluid for its own protection, which made her feel bad. She hates her own body for giving him the wrong sign. “You will need to speak otherwise I will have to put you to sleep.” She swallows hard. Before she places her left hand on his lower arm to push him away. He takes his fingers out of her to move them along her folds.

“No, you never touched me this way before.”

“And what else?”, he whispers in her ear.

“I still need to award you.” His smile grew big as he puts the needle back in his pocket. “Good girl. You seemed to have understand my game.” He takes his hands off her and puts her panties back in place. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes like hours. The road not even close to be called familiar, she cannot even remember to have ever been near this place. Y/N tries to recognize anything she can see from her lying position. It did not look like they were driving to the house she was thinking of. No, it looked more like they were heading somewhere new, somewhere she has never been at. She was thinking what she could do to escape this hell. Running away was option number one, but as soon as she could risk to run away, she also risks the others life if they find out where they are and he also might kill her anyway if he finds her again. But what if he would kill her, would that save the others in case of not ending up in a trap. The pain for them if they would lose her would last temporarily, even when the memories stay. She starts to think about Hoseok, being at her funeral. ‘He will find someone new and be happy again. Yoongi would have no problem to find a new girl too. Namjoon and Jin, both will be okay. Both are understanding and caring. It will be okay.’, she says to herself. Her thoughts make her eyes wet and one tear escapes. Jungkook does not say a word about it, he only wipes it away. He pulls her closer as he would try to cuddle with her with his head nestled in her neck.

Once they arrived in a garage, Taehyung turns his upper body to the backseat. “Welcome to your new home shorty.”, Taehyung says as he winks with a laugh at her, which only made Jungkook laugh with him about the expression on her face. Taehyung was turning off the motor and turned the car keys and puts them directly in his pocket. Y/N watches him as he walks to the backseat, to her surprise not to her door. He looks into the window at her but only for a second as he kept walking. His smirk was devilish, his movements punishments. The sound of the car door being opened, like a thunder to her ears. As the car door opens, Jungkook hands Y/N to Taehyung. “Bring her upstairs, she will need some clothes. Get her ready, for later.”, Jungkook says. Taehyung only nodded as he grabs her right upper arm with his left hand. She tries to memorize the rooms as good as she can as she passes them, but the dizziness overstrained her body and she collapses. At first, Taehyung thought she might be only acting like she was not feeling well to get out of this situation, but then he realized it was serious. She fell to the side towards Taehyung, he catches her right before she would have touched the floor. He took her by her thighs and takes her over his shoulder. As he arrives at one of the bed rooms, he lays her on a bed. As the bathroom and the bedroom were connected, it did not take him long to get a wet towel. He folds the towel and puts it on her forehead to cool her down. Her head felt very warm but her fingers were cold and goosebumps started to build up on her arms. When he recognizes that she does not lie in the middle of the bed, he picks her up one more time to lie her down a little more in the middle. “Why does he want you so bad, huh?”, Taehyung says to himself out loud as he sits down next to her legs whilst he tests the wetness of the towel. When he sees that she is moving her head again, he sits himself closer to her torso. As Taehyung expected, she tries to attack him immediately. “Stop that.” He says as he pushes her knees to her right side before he pushes his body weight on her legs. Her hands were not fast enough to hit him, he grabbed her wrist only to push them down next to her head. “Do not fight me! I would suggest to save the little energy you have left for other things.” He says when he moved his face closer to hers. “I would not mind to join the game, after all, I think it is more fun to play with you awake.” Her eyes have gotten bigger, her mouth slightly open as the shock sets in. He was the one. The one who was the one who raped her. The one who hurt her and now she finally had a face for the one person she hates. “Believe me, I will not hurt you. You can trust me more than Jungkook. Trust me on that.” He says as he looks back in her eyes. He loosens his grip on her wrists and gets up. She watches him walking to the wardrobe as he started to pick out some clothes for her. “I think these colours look really good on you.” He places a dress on the bed next to her and walks back to the wardrobe. He opens one closet after the other one until he seemed to have find what he was looking for. When he comes back to the bed, he sees that Y/N has moved. Her back against the wall with the blanket over her lower body. “I guess you do not need more at this moment.”, he says whilst placing the underwear on top of the dress. “I let you get dressed up. Do not even think of anything stupid.” He sits down next her again with his shoulders in her direction. “This window,” He points in the direction of the window without taking his eyes off her. “is locked, so do not even think about opening it. This door, it has no lock. In case you come up with stupid ideas of hurting yourself or to lock the door with furniture, think about what Jungkook will do to you. He will think you did not understand the game, which means you broke it that on the other side means he will have fun and you will not. Choose wisely.” As he finished his words, he turns away to walk outside the room. She stares at the clothes he picked out for her.

“So, you were the one who raped me?”, she says quietly.

“What?” She turns her head towards her hands but her eyes wandered in his direction.

“Nothing. I said nothing.”, she stutters. Her eyes were focused on her hands. In the corner of her eyes she could see that he turned around and the way he looks at her, frightens her.

“You are a bad liar.” He walks back to her. “Do you think it was me?” Her eyes were slowly turning from his left to his right eye. “You are wrong.”

“I think you are the one who is the lying one here.” An emotionless laugh escapes Taehyung‘s lips.

“Oh, shorty is getting a little braver. Where does that come from?” He puts his palm on her face. “I will say it for the first and the last time, I did not rape you. Is that clear enough?” She nods her head, even though her instincts are telling her to do not believe him. “Look, I know him very well. He loves to scare others since he is so good in what he does, therefore let me take your fear. It might not be much, but there is no need to be in fear as long as you do what he says.” He takes her hands. “No one raped you. At least not directly.”

“Not directly? What do you mean by that?” He takes a deep breath as he moves his hand away from her to avoid her look. It was very obvious he would not be happy to talk about whatever will follow next. He licks his lips as he looks back into her eyes.

“The truth is that we used dildos and the sperm of someone. It should look like we did it.” he looks down again. “We knew you were on birth control, so we knew you would not get pregnant from that.”

“But the doctors said that I needed surgery! Why did you do this to me? Why did you hurt me? You both are psychos!”, she screams. He holds one hand in front of her mouth.

“Do you want him to hear us?” He looks at her with a warning look on his face. “Jungkook gave this one guy the instructions but he went to brutal on you. That is when we had to stop him. It was never meant to hurt you this bad. It was only done to test if Yoongi would fail his loyalty to us if we would do that to you. I apologize for my part, it was not planned to be what it was in the end.” She could not believe her ears. His words, sounded so honest and so pure. Why would he even participate in those things. “Jungkook was upset with the idea of testing Yoongi. Since then I tried my best to get him away from you, but-”

“Why should I believe that you will not harm me? How should I know that it is the truth that you tell me? What could be the reason you tell me this now?”

“Because I know Yoongi longer than you think.”

“Since the deal, I know.”

“You are wrong. Listen, I wanted to tell him that all what I told you just now since that happened. But Jungkook, he was always in the way.” He takes a deep breath. “We do not have that much time, I will explain it another time.” She grabs his arm to hold him back.

“How much longer do you mean by that? Since when do you know him?”

“I met Yoongi a few years before he brought you out of that weirdo club.”

“Why are you not on his team then?”

“You really want to risk that Jungkook comes to check on us, huh?” He shakes his head. “Jungkook, has one thing against me. He uses it whenever I wanted to walk away, whenever I wanted to come clear with everything. I even wanted to go to police and tell them what I did to make it stop.”

“Why didn’t you do it?” His eyes started to water as he takes her hand in his.

“Listen, there is so much you do not know. I can tell you everything later, but before Jungkook sees us like this, you better get ready.” He looks deep into her eyes before he touches her cheek. “He is right in one thing, you are dumb but cute.” He smiles and touches her cheek with his thumb one more time before he leaves the room. Taehyung must have left the room just in time. Not even a few seconds later, Y/N could hear Jungkook at the door. He seems to whisper his words since she cannot understand anything. She grabs the clothes and hides inside of one of wardrobes. The wardrobe was thankfully big enough for a person to get dressed inside it.

“Are you hiding from me?” It must be Jungkook’s voice, Y/N thinks. She tries to see through the wardrobe door gap but no one was in sight. “Come out or we play the game of husband and wife.” Her heart dropped at his words.

“Otherwise?”, Y/N asks. Jungkook smiles in the direction of where the voice came from only to place himself near the wardrobe.

“I planned to have a nice dinner with you, if you are interested. I guess you must be hungry after such a long time, aren’t you?” Y/N opens slowly the wardrobe. Jungkook walks up to her to hand her his hand. She takes it and fakes a smile. “You are fun to play with, you know that?”, he says before he kisses her hand and leads her to the dining room. In her mind she thought, if she does what he wants, she could wait for the right chance to escape. The only doubt on her mind was that Taehyung would let her go. If he really plans to do as he says, she would only need patience.

“Do not sit so far away from me. Even when we only have steak and French fries, you could sit a little closer don’t you think?” Jungkook smirks when he sees her coming closer to him. “You are as beautiful as I memorized you.” She felt horrible to do what she was about to do, but she thought that is her only way out. She leans over until left hand moved playfully to his right hand. She starts to play with his fingers.

“When was that?”, she asks as she rest her head on her right palm. “Was it back at your old place?”

“No. I have seen you even before. Before I saw you taking off with Yoongi in that one night you ran out of the club.” She took the fork and started to play with the French fries in front of her. “Something wrong?” She looks up at him and shakes her head before she leans back in the chair to look at her knees. He takes his right hand to glide it up and down the thigh.

“It was just a bad time I do not want to remember, you know?”, she says whilst she tries to ignore his movements.

“Bad memory, huh?” He licks his lips before he gets up. He takes a step until he was behind her chair. He put his arms around her. “Do not worry, I decided for you already.” He pulls her chair slightly away from the table to turn her. “I thought after all the sorrow, I decide for you. I will let you live, but should you ever go against my rules or do something against my will, I will kill Yoongi in front of you.” He puts his hand underneath her chin to make her face him. “Did you understand that?”

“Yes. I understand that rule.”, Y/N says as the tears starting to fall.

“Aww, your heart is broken and I thought you loved the cop. Well, I guess I was wrong. Poor Hoseok.”, he says as he picks her up bridal style. Taehyung was nowhere to be seen since Jungkook picked her up from her new room. He takes her upstairs into another bed room. He places her on the bed, he walks back to the door to close it. He walks over to a white wardrobe to take a woman lingerie set out of it. It was a red one that he puts over one of his fingers as he walks towards the bed. “Put it on.”

“Jungkook, could you give me some privacy for it?” He smiles as he stands right in front of her. She looks up at him. “Please.” He touches her head gently as her heart started to race.

“We are still playing the game, do you want to quit?”

“I... No, it is just strange to me to do so. We are playing a game, why do we have to do it that way?”

“It is an adult game. You do what I want you to or I force my way and make you do things that will hurt. It is your decision after all. I give you four passes. Each of these mistakes you do takes someone else's life. You have four people in your hands, Y/N. Do you want them dead?” Her throat started to feel dry.

“No, I don’t.”

“Then I suggest you play by my rules. Let’s do something else first. Let’s get in the bathtub. It’s been a long day.” He takes her by the hand and walks with her to the bathroom. “Tae already filled the tub for us. Undress yourself.” She looks at him if he really meant what he just said. Slowly with shaking fingers she unzips the dress and lets it drop to the floor. His eyes following every move of hers. “Don’t stop.” Y/N unhooks her bra and throws it on the floor. Then she pulls down her panties only to see that Jungkook took his shirt off. “I like the view I have in front of me.” He says as he steps closer to her. His hands were on her butt when he pulled her closer. He kisses her neck and shoulder whilst his hands move to her waist. “Take my pants off for me.” Her eyes which stared at his trained chest started to move along his neck up to his eyes. His eyes were filled with lust and his grip on her waist loosens. Y/N pushes him away to have a distance between them, before she went on her knees. She touches his underwear as she looks up one more time. The way she took of his underwear was too quickly for his taste. He takes her by the wrist with an annoyed look and walks closer to the bathtub. He sat down in the bathtub as he looked at her. “Come in here. I want to cuddle with you.” She nods as she walks to him. She sat herself between his knees before she moved closer to him. His hands were caressing her body without leaving a piece of skin untouched. The warm water made her sleepy, which was not unnoticed by Jungkook. She felt that he was getting hard on her back, so she tried to move away a little bit to keep a distance. “Turn around and look at me.” She moves further away from him and positions herself in front of him. “Closer my beautiful doll. Come closer. When she was a few centimeters away from his face he kissed her. Her hands were placed on his thighs as his hands were moving from her neck to her butt. “Just because you played the game so nice, I will not make you have sex with me tonight. I can see you are not ready for me yet, therefore you will play with your future toy.“ He takes her left hand and places it on his hard member. “Make me feel good, Y/N.” As much as she was disgusted, she knew she would have to play along. She tries to be as passionate about it as she can to make it not last too long. Her thumb was petting the head of his member while the other fingers were on his length. As she makes up and down movements with her hand, she places kisses along his jaw and moans quietly in his ears. “Fuck. When your hand is already that good, then I do not wanna know how well you will ride me.” He bites his lower lip whilst his hips try to match her movements. “Shit, you make me feel so good.” Her moans were like the melody of a song to him. His breathing was getting heavier and his chest started to move faster. When he reached his high point, he starts to groan. She places kisses from his neck up to his jaw until their eyes met. “You are such a good player.”, he says as he places a few pecks on her lips.

“Well, it’s much easier when I have a good player like you to play with.” She says as she leans back to the other side of the bathtub. He smiles at her as he would plan something in his mind. Something that does not seem alright. She does not dare to ask him, but decides to keep on pretending. He steps out of the tub to take a towel and dries himself. He leaves the room to put on some clothes. He also takes the underwear for her that he has picked before and walks back to the bathroom. He looks at her with a smirk when he grabbed another towel. Jungkook makes his way back to the bathtub and sits himself on the edge.

“The water is getting cold. Come out.” She gets up from the bathtub to take the towel as he takes it away from her. “Did I say you do it yourself?”

“No, you did not but I thought I should.” He shakes his head.

“You are cute.” He takes the towel and starts to dry her body. “I really like that you play this game so well. Yoongi must have trained you well, did he train you like I do?” She has thought of anything he might will talk about but she did not expect to bring Yoongi’s name back up. “I am curious. Who taught you that?” He stops his movements and walks past her to give her, her clothes.

“I have been like that all the time. Maybe you just never noticed.”

“You have been like that all the time, huh?” She takes the clothes from him and starts to get dressed. As she finished dressing up, he puts both hands on her neck and pushes her head up with his thumbs. “When you try to trick me or cheat while we play our game, I will not wish to be you!” His face was cold emotionless. His thumbs started to hurt as he pushed his thumbs harder onto her skin.

“You are hurting me.”, she says with a short breath.

“Good.”, he says before he kisses her. “I hope you know that I will give a nice show when I kill them if you try to betray me.”

“You said only when I do not play by the rules!”

“That is right. So far you were good, but something tells me that you are about to try something bad. I would not, if I would be you.” She looks deep in his eyes.

“How should I proof it to you?” he caresses her face. “I will not risk their lives because of you.”

“Maybe you are not as dumb as I think you are.” Her head was getting dizzy again and her sight starts to get bad. She could not even see his face clearly anymore, Jungkook was moving his hand in front of her face as he notices that she was not feeling well. As he sees that she does not react and her eyes stare into emptiness he turns away to get another towel. His back was turned to her as he hears a dull noise. When he turns back to her, he finds her lying on the floor. He hurries back to her. “Y/N! Hey, what’s wrong?” He picks her up to lay her down on the bed. “Y/N, come on. Speak with me!” He starts to realize that it makes no sense to keep talking to her. He picks out his phone to text someone. After a minute he hears someone running upstairs.

“Did she pass out again?”, Taehyung asks as he enters the room.

“Again?” Jungkook gets up to walk towards Taehyung but he simply walks past him. He grabs Jungkook by his arm to hold him back. “Do not touch her!” He licks his lips and the anger was visible on his face. “What happened in the time you were with her?” Taehyung did not move, he only looked surprised at Jungkook.

“It’s me you are talking to. If I would be you, I would start to control myself.”

“Before I give you a beating or worse, for one last time. What happened?”

“I wanted to bring her upstairs as you have wanted me to, but on the staircase, she passed out. I was still able to catch her. She did not get hurt, but it took her at least ten minutes to be awake again.”

“You were not able to tell me this much earlier on, huh?”, Jungkook screams at Taehyung. “Hack yourself into the hospital data. I need to know why that happened again.”

“I already did.”

“And? What does it say?” Jungkook says as he lets his arm go.

“The stress is overstraining her body. Obviously, it all became too much for her to handle and therefore her body shuts down.” Taehyung looks at Y/N. “Do you really need to keep on pressuring her that much?”

“Why would you care about her? She’s a nobody with good looks only. You know for what this kind of girls are good for.” Taehyung turns his head in Jungkook’s direction. “Disgusted by my words? It is true, you know that too. You should be used to my words by now. But if you want to have a shot on her, let me know. We will not some footage to provoke Yoongi.”

“What kind of footage are you talking about?”

“I am not quite sure which kind of footage I will need. Maybe something sexual, he never liked it if someone was touching his queen.” Jungkook puts his hands in his pocket.

“You are thinking of something, I can see it in your eyes.” Jungkook smiles to himself as he walks closer to Y/N.

“You will stay with her. Make sure to hold her tight, just in case she tries to run out or something else.” Taehyung nods and watches Jungkook movements. When Jungkook stood next to Taehyung he whispers in his ear. “You remember what I still hold against you right?” Taehyung mumbles a yes back. “Good. Then everything is clear for tonight.” He touches Taehyungs shoulder. “You seemed tense.”


The sun was already shining through the window when Taehyung woke up. He stares at Y/N’s face whilst she sleeps on his arm. She looked like an angel to Taehyung. He touches her hair as he wakes her. She opens her eyes to see that Taehyung was lying directly in front of her. “Good Morning, Y/N. I hope you are feeling better than yesterday.”

“Is Jungkook here?”

“He is downstairs, he checked on us probably before.” He slowly gets up and walks to her side. “He prepared some clothes for you.” He takes it the clothes from the chair to hand them to her.

“At least a pair of Jeans.”, she sighs. He shakes his head and walks towards the door. “Wait a second.” Taehyung turns around to look at her. “Since when do you know Yoongi?”

“Later tonight, I will have to look over you when he discusses the new property where we will take you with some men downstairs. I will explain several things to you later.” She nods as he leaves the room. She takes the clothes and puts them on. She walks into the bathroom to look for a tooth brush to clean her teeth.

“I guess you are looking for something? Over here are the stuff you might need.”, Jungkook says. “I hope you slept well last night?” She says nothing but only nods. He takes the toothbrush and toothpaste to hand it to her.

“Thank you.”, she says as she takes it from him.

“I will bring you something to eat upstairs.”

“May I can have some toast?” He puts his hands on her waist to pull her closer to him. “Please.”

“Sure. Whatever you like.” She smiles at him. “You know that other girls usually need a while until they break before they play this game with me. You are something else, you know that?”

“I know. I hear it all the time.” She kisses his cheek. “May I can clean my teeth first?” He nods and leaves her alone. A few minutes later Jungkook appeared again with toast and apple juice. “Thank you, it looks good.”

“I am glad you like it. Just enjoy your food, I have something to do. I will send Taehyung over to you.” He picks his phone out to text someone. She thought he probably contacts Taehyung to come to her room. He kisses her cheek and leaves the room only to see Taehyung as he opens the door. “Right timing. Take good care of my doll.”

“Of course. As usual.” Jungkook walks out and Taehyung is closing the door.

“Did you prepare the food?” Her muscle start to feel like to becoming less each second. She could keep her eyes barely open. He realizes the change within her voice.

“No, why?” For some reason, she feels clouded. “Are you okay?”

“No, I… I… I just…” She drops her glass to the floor. The glass broke in dozen pieces.

“Hey, Y/N!”, he takes the plate away from her to put it on the bedside table. “Hey, look at me!” Y/N was about to fall forward but was caught once again by Taehyung.

“She cannot hear you.”, Jungkook says. “I guess the drops start to work.”

“You drugged her?” Taehyung shoots a glare at him.

“Just a little bit. We have to pack some stuff for her. Get as many clothes she could need and put them in this sport bag. We will drive to another place any minute.” When Taehyung finished packing, he brought the bag to Jungkook. “Good. Get her now, we have got to move.” Taehyung nods and walks upstairs. “Give her to me, I will hold her.” Taehyung puts Y/N next to Jungkook on the backseat. He closes the door and gets to the driver seat.

“To where shall I drive?”

“I seemed to have forgotten to tell you our new plans.”, Jungkook answers. Taehyung turns towards Jungkook. “Drive to the old museum which has been shut down for ten years. As far as I remember you liked to spend your time with your family there, didn’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You will see.”

“If you hurt or touch-”

“You will do what? You said you have no family left, so who could I hurt?” Taehyung looks at Y/N as sweat becomes visible on his forehead. “Yeah, you cannot save them all, right? I heard that you told her that you knew Yoongi longer than she thought. Do you think I am dumb, I would not figure it out?”

“You mistrust my loyalty to you? Really? After all this time, after all I did?”

“I do not mistrust you. But I think it is time to show you that I still have control over something so meaningful to you.” Taehyung bites his lips as worry creeps up on him. “I hope you did not forget about it.” Jungkook smiles as he looks outside the window.


Y/N was still sleeping when they arrived at the old building. “Drive through the side building. There is a way to drive directly into this building.” Jungkook says. Taehyung drove as he was told. As he arrived in inside the building, he sees three men from their crew. They were closing the door behind them. “Open my door.” Taehyung nods and walks to his side of the car to open the door. Jungkook steps out of the car. “Sit down in the backseat. I do not want to leave her alone.” Taehyung nods. Jungkook closes the car door behind door behind him. He walks to the drive seat and starts the motor.

“Where are you driving to?”, Taehyung asks as he drives more and more into the building.

“We need a place where screams cannot be heard.”

Taehyung fears the worst. They were way too far in the building, it was quiet, too quiet. Jungkook drove closer to a section with something similar like a pool. He parked the car on the side of it. It was directly in front of Taehyung.

“Take a close look on what happens next.”, Jungkook says as he gets out of the car. Taehyung's eyes follow him, he does not even recognize that Y/N is starting to wake up. Jungkook screams for someone to bring someone out. Taehyung could not believe his eyes.

“Taehyung look who we found. I would call it a big fish.” Taehyung tries to open the car door immediately, but it was still locked. “Do you remember him, isn't that your cousin?”

“Shit!”, he says out loud. “Jungkook! No, please let him go! Jungkook!”, Taehyung screams. Y/N starts to realize that something is wrong when she sees how hard he tries to get outside the car.

“Weird, you said you have no family. I guess you lied to me, right?” Taehyung hits against the car door window to make Jungkook listen to him. Y/N manages to take a look at the situation outside when Taehyung tries to climb to the front sit, which only amused Jungkook. To her shock, she saw one person she was thinking about. Kim Seokjin.

Chapter Text

“Your cousin is really funny, but you know that, right?”, Jungkook says to Jin. “I am really disappointed that you do not want to talk with me, since you always were such a good talker.” Jin does not even spare a look at Jungkook as his men put him on his knees. He turns his eyes to Tae who was running towards him as he sees that Jungkook is taken a knife from one of his crew members. “You know Tae, I was really patient with you. I let you get away with several stuff. I was even okay when you decided to bring your cousin to our jobs, so that he understands how we do our things. Since you did something against my will, I will have to take something from you.” Tae finally made it closer to Jungkook as he was stopped by two others who held a gun directed at him.  

“You already took my sister! What else do you want from me?” It was clearly to hear that there was pain in his voice. “Get the guns out of my face!” His voice sounded as he was full of anger. Jungkook gives his men a sign to lower their guns. 

“I want your loyalty back. You were someone I trusted the most but obviously you are changing. I do not like to see these kinds of changes within my crew. You gave all the information I gave you, to him. To your cousin who works for Yoongi.” Jungkook takes the knife and put it on Jin’s throat. “I told you, you were the only one I trusted blindly, Tae. I took you in as a brother and that is how you thank me?”, he says as he moves the knife on the side of Jin’s neck. A whine leaves Jin’s lips as Jungkook cuts his neck, not to deep, but deep enough to make it bleed. 

“It’s okay. It’s okay, Tae.”, Jin says with a calm voice. An anger look appeared on Jungkook’s face. 

“Shut your mouth, I cannot stand to hear you any longer.”, Jungkook commands. “Back to you.” He starts to move towards Tae. “Do you know how you can prove me your loyalty? Do you want my trust back?” Jungkook hands the long knife to Tae. “Kill him.” Jin saw the pain and the tears in the eyes of Tae, but Jin assures Tae by nodding with his head. Tae does not understand why Jin is okay with this, but he would not be able to live with himself if he would do it. 

“I cannot do it.”, Tae says as he lowers his head. 

“You killed so many people in your life Tae. What stops you from killing him?” Jungkook steps back to Jin. “You have seen your little cousin killing others even the one pregnant woman who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, didn’t you? But still, he does not want to kill his own cousin…” Tae got closer to his point of breaking down. “You do not want to do it? Should I kill another family member of yours while you watch them die?”, he says as he looks at Tae. Tae puts his arm with the knife down. “Fine. Our cooperation ends here then.”, he says as he takes his gun out and points it directly at Tae. Suddenly there was a very loud noise and the police siren was hearable. “What was that?”  He looks around, just to realize that some men in black clothes are storming in from different sides. “Shit.”, he yells before he takes off running towards the car. 

“Put your guns down! Get on the ground. Now!”, one of the men screams. Jungkook has passed Tae already and is about to be in the car.  

“They will not shoot me. Go, help Y/N.”, Jin assures. 

“Jin-” Tae wanted to help him. He wanted to get him out of this situation, but the only question how is what he could not answer yet. 

“You promised it to Yoongi. If she is ever in danger, you will help her, remember?” Tae nods. “Then do what you promised, or do you want more problems?” Jin gets up on his feet. “Go, this was a trap for Jungkook anyway.”, he yells at Tae. Tae’s eyes widen as he scans Jin’s face. He starts to understand the whole situation and the why he acted the way he did. As he looks back to the car, he can see that Jungkook was already sitting in the driver seat. Y/N was sitting in the backseat totally frozen. Tae starts running towards the car and opens the passenger seat as Jungkook started to drive off. 

“What are you doing in here? Don’t you want to help your cousin?”, Jungkook says. Tae shuts the door. 

“He cooperated with the police anyway. He will be fine.” Some gunshots hit the car as they drive out of the building. “I have a plan.” Taehyung looks to the back at Y/N. “Lie down, make sure to keep your head down.” She does not move an inch. He tries to grab her hands. “Y/N, please.” When his fingers touched hers, she looked at him. She nodded and does what he said before. 

“A plan? What kind of plan?”, Jungkook asks. 

“If we would drive along this street and turn the second right and then the first one left, we would be at the woods.”  

“What do you want me to do there, huh? You want them to find us there?” 

“Within the woods, are two lanes. One which brings you deeper into the woods and the other one brings you to the old fisher house. When we ride to that fisher house there will be another car waiting for us plus to that, we could take the street out of town from there.” Jungkook thought about his words as they finally made it to the main street, Tae takes a look once again to the backseat. Y/N was lying with a pale face with tears in her eyes. “Don’t worry about Jin. He will be okay. Do not worry about him Y/N.” She says nothing and stares into emptiness. Jungkook is doubting the words of Tae. If Tae lost his loyalty towards Jungkook, could he still expect him to say the truth or does Tae already have a new plan for himself. As he looks in the rearview mirror, he can see that the two cars from before were still driving behind them since they left the property. “Someone is still following us. I guess they want to play.” Tae thought he recognized one of the man’s face, but the person he was thinking of, could have not been him.  

“Somebody wants to play? Uh huh, not today.”, Jungkook says as he pushes the gas pedal with strength. The other two cars started to disappear but the one car Tae spoke about, seems to follow them anywhere. Y/N had her eyes closed and her hand above her head. She only hoped that Jin would be alright and wonders if Hoseok was there too. She dearly missed Hoseok, she would do anything to be close to him right now. She wants to tell him that she is doing okay, he should not worry too much. After driving like crazy for minutes it looked like the cars were not behind them anymore, Jungkook decides to drive to the fisher house like Tae suggested. When they arrived, he jumps out of the car to go to the backseat, just to get Y/N out of the car. He takes her by her wrist and drags her to the other side to Tae. “Get her into the other one. Make sure she becomes invisible and quiet.”, he says as he pushes her towards Tae. Jungkook takes the bags out of the car and walks over to the other car. When he looks at them, he can see that Tae and Y/N were still not in the car. “What’s the problem?” 

“Those idiots locked the car.” Tae sighs. “There might be another key inside the house.” Jungkook walks quickly towards Tae. 

“Get the key, I stay with her.” Jungkook grabs Y/N painfully on her arm which will leave traces for sure. “Don’t be like that!” He says as she expressed the pain with a cry out. He turns her to face him. “Look at me! Do you want to test me? Huh? Remember the rules.” When he looked behind her, a man appears on the road on which they came from. This man was walking close to the trees and hides behind a tree as Jungkook moved next to her. As it was foggy around the house, he could not say for sure if it was a person or if it was something else that looked like a person because of the fog. In that very moment as he sees the person moving, he takes her behind the locked car and holds a hand in front of her mouth. Someone was getting closer and closer. That said person walks towards the car they came with and tries to take a closer look into it. As he cannot find anyone within the car, he looks around as he was looking for someone. He did not wear a police uniform and no weapon was visible. He forces her to watch him go inside the house. She hopes that Tae has seen this man through a window before he will enter the house, but Jungkook does not even take his phone to warn Tae. “Shush. I will punish you if you do not shut up!”, he whispers in her ear as a respond to her whimpers. Those words made her mute when her mind starts to question herself what that punishment could be. The closer the man comes to the house, the more familiar he looked. She realized that Jungkook got his gun ready and pointed at the man. He still has his hand on her chin and mouth to make her quiet when he repositions himself. As soon as Jungkook recognizes the man as someone he knew, he starts to point his gun at him again. It was obvious that he does not want to kill this person, but to hurt at least. He wanted to know how this person knew he was there. Y/N tries to turn her body away as she hears the click of the gun, but his grip on her was to strong. He turns her back around to see the man. “Look closely, do not dare to look away again.” Her eyes widen as breathing was getting harder for her. He shoots one shot and that person was hit on the arm. This person immediately reacts to the pain in its arm and tries to get inside the house. He shoots one more time, but this time he shoots next to him into the wood next to the door. The man jumps back in shock, he loses his balance and falls down. She hoped that this was just a graze shot, the man started to scream in pain and that voice sounded familiar. This voice sounded like someone she met before, but a name seems not to appear in her mind. He waits a few seconds to see if there is someone else who might has followed him. As he realized that this man has followed him alone, he takes her to walk up to him. Y/N’s eyes widen when she recognizes him. “Long time no see, you rat.” Y/N could not believe her eyes when Jimin looks back at them. Jungkook removes his hand from her mouth. 

“I did not know you would come to this house, if I would have known I would have taken the other road.” Jungkook laughs at his words. Tae comes out of the house with a key in his hand as he looks to his feet, he sees Jimin sitting there in pain directly in front of him. 

“Uh, rats do not die that easily.”, Tae says. 

“Tae, this rat said he did not know we would drive to this house.”, Jungkook says. When he sees that she tries to get away from him, he grabs her arm. “Where do you think you are going?” 

“Tae found the key, maybe he could open the car so I can sit in the backseat, I feel dizzy.” Jungkook pushes her to the ground and tells her to stay there. Tae wanted to walk up to her but Jungkook gave him a sign to stay at his spot. 

“How did you get away, rat? I thought you will be in prison by now.”, Tae says. 

“Did I not say, that I am good with my boss?” 

“Yes, you did. I still doubt that he has just let you leave like that. What’s the deal?” Jimin looks at Tae annoyed before he turns to Jungkook. 

“I was supposed to be in the building, getting Jin out of your hands. While they take her away from there, but plans never work the way they are supposed to. Do they?”, Jimin says as he checks on his arm. In the corner of his eyes, he can see that she has her hand in front of her face whilst her upper body was moving forward and back again. Tae rushes by Jimin to run to her. 

“Y/N, are you alright? It looks like you are about to faint.”, Tae says as he knees down next to her. 

“I feel like as I would faint.”, she answers with a weak voice and almost without breath. 

“Shut up! The next time you faint, I will test if you truly fainted.”, Jungkook says.  

“I told you what stands in the hospital doc-”, Tae says angrily but gets interrupted by Jungkook. 

“I don’t care! We cannot waste any more minute, we have got to go.”, he interrupts. His eyes slowly turn from Tae to Jimin. “You, I need you to do something for me later.” Jimin’s face looked worried and painful. His eyes locking with Jungkook’s eyes. 

“What could you need me for?” Tae slowly helps her back to her feet with a look back at Jungkook.  Jungkook only grins as his eyes followed her before he looks back at Jimin.  

“You will like it.” He takes Jimin by the collar of his shirt. “Get up, you useless rat. Get in the car.” Jimin does what Jungkook told him. But before he can get in the car, Jungkook stops him. Because something inside him seems to have a problem with what he sees and dislikes it. Something inside him wanted to make clear that it is a problem, seeing Tae so close to her. Tae sits next to Y/N with her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her body. Something inside of him made him aggressive just by seeing them together. He knows he needs to controls himself, since she means nothing to him. ‘She is only a player in this game, why would I care for such a thing’, he asks himself. “Get out!”, he screams at Tae. “Are you deaf? Get out, now!” Tae pushes her head carefully off his shoulder to get out of the car. Tae looked at him as he wanted to say what is on his mind but he chooses not. He looks with a disgusted face at Jungkook. “Want to fight me?” Jungkook steps closer to Tae. “Try me!” 

“No.”, Tae answers whilst licking his lips. “I just do not understand you anymore. What do you want me to do?” 

“Jimin will sit with her. The child protection mode is on?” 

“Yes, it is.”, Tae assures. 

“Jimin, get in the backseat. You take care of her.” Jimin nods and was just about to get in the car as Jungkook sees a gun in the back of his pants. He immediately rips it from him. “You did not even shoot at me? Did you not even want to try?” 

“I was not even trying because it is not loaded.” Jungkook checks the gun just to realize, he told them the truth. He pushes Jimin further into the car. “They wanted to make me believe that they give me a gun in case I would need it.” Jungkook only shakes his head as he shuts the door. 

“Such a liar.”, Jungkook declares. 

“Such a bad liar, is what you were trying to say...” Jungkook turns to Tae as he steps directly in front of him. 

“I did not ask you for your opinion.” He looks at Tae’s hand without moving his head much before he looks back at Tae’s face. “You have the keys, you drive.”, he says as he makes his way to the passenger seat. When he looks to the backseat, he can see how far Y/N distance herself from Jimin. “Well, I guess you will like each other more later.”, he comments on the tension on the backseat with a big grin on his face. Tae gazes at him while he thinks, what kind of the things Jungkook must have on his mind and what he might plan to do. It would not be the first time that Jungkook tortures a girl mentally. He did it often with the girls which looked attractive to him. He always played the game until he was tired of them. One thing does not make up in Tae's mind though, if he really wants to use Jimin for something, what could that be. His mind starts to race, Jin starts to appear in his thoughts. He wonders if Jin got out safely, as he also wonders on how to keep the promise, that he made with Yoongi. How can he pretend to be on Jungkook’s side and also protect her at the same time, he wonders. Somehow, he needs to get his trust back and that would have need to be done real soon.  

“So, Jimin. Start the explaining.”, Tae calls out Jimin with the hope to make Jungkook stop thinking about what he is thinking about. “Why did you know we had Jin?” Jungkook looks at Jimin to study his expression. 

“They knew you plan to fish one of them. Both, Jin and Yoongi, were prepared in case you catch one of them and that is why both of them had a tracker on them, so we could track them when they would be with you. They truly believed you will bring Jin to Y/N.”  

“And how did you get behind us? I do not believe they just handed you the key...” 

“I knocked my former colleague out and took his key to drive away. I was supposed to go inside when it would be getting critical, as I am aware of how your crew works, I was supposed to attack you maliciously.” Jimin looks at Y/N before he looks at Tae. “Why do you want to know that? He tried to make you kill your own cousin, shouldn’t that be bothering you?” Tae licks his lips before he bites his lower lip.  

“Tae, already lost his sister to prove me his loyalty. I mean, I killed her in front of him but he knew, he has a new family now. I know, I can rely on Tae and he can rely on me.” Jungkook takes a look to study Tae’s face. “The only thing I do not trust is, why he never mentioned that Jin was his cousin.” Tae was still driving out of town and tried to focus on the street. He does not react a single bit to what Jungkook said about his sister. “Tell me, Jimin. Do you want another chance to win my trust back?” Jimin was thinking all kind of ways which answer could go to. He looks at her and smiles. 

“I do not like my job at the police station anyway, I want to be back in your crew.” 

“Good. When the right time comes, you will prove it to me.” Jungkook grins devilishly.  

“What do I have to do?”, Jimin asks. 

“Worried?”, he looks back at Jimin. “What every man needs and pretty girls like.” He looks at Y/N before he looks back at Jimin. “Trust me, the game is fun.” The anger which started to grow within Jimin, was strong. Neither or less, he knows he needs to control his anger. Tae was getting angrier too, he knows that he needs to start to pretend to be like Jungkook, if he really wants to keep her safe. The rest of the drive was quiet. Jimin looked at Y/N with pity. Tae thinks he knows what Jungkook meant, but he hopes he is wrong. He does not want to hurt her nor that Jimin must hurt her, but what if they must do it. What would happen if they would say no to such kind of things, wouldn’t that mean that they would be killed instead. Y/N fell asleep during the drive and was woken up by Jimin’s voice as he lightly shakes her when they arrived at another house. She slowly opens her eyes only to see that Jungkook was standing in front of the car door. Tae opens Jimin’s door as he walks to the back of the car. Jungkook opens her door and hands her a hand. When she stepped outside, she wonders how a sight could blind the look of what will happen inside the house. Around the garden was a high fence with big trees. It was hardly possible to see outside of the garden. The bungalow looked like a little family house. It was blue with big windows and a white door. 

“You two do not forget the bags.”, Jungkook commands. “Let’s get into the kitchen, don’t you think we should eat?” He holds her hand tenderly, which could only mean one thing. This place is to secure for her to escape. She nods and touches his upper arm in a flirty way. He liked her gesture and that made him happy again. The kitchen was big, it had a kitchen island and the dining room was also placed in the kitchen. The dining table was a big wooden table with chairs which colors fit perfectly to the table. As Tae and Jimin brought the bags in, Jungkook tells her to make a sandwich for all four. She nods and starts the preparing of the food. 

“Good job, Tae.” Jungkook pets Tae’s shoulder. “I had a little doubt that it would work out that fine. Even the groceries are here. I guess you can choose a room for me and my doll and bring our stuff there. You and Jimin pick yourself a room, just make sure it won’t be the closest to mine.”, he says with a wink. Tae and Jimin take the bags to bring them into the rooms. Jungkook saw that she was distracted with preparing the food that she does not see him walking up behind her. “Let’s continue our game, shall we?” She swallows hard of not knowing what he plans. He puts her hair over one shoulder and kisses the naked side. “I think you are ready for me.” Sweat starts to break through her skin, goosebumps appear on her arms. His arms were around her torso as he leans his chin on her shoulder. “I cannot wait to taste you.”, he whispers in her ear as he takes a sandwich and sits down on the table. “Hurry, I do not want to sit alone.” She nods as she takes a sandwich and walks to the table. Jimin and Tae came back from the rooms just in time it seems. When they see the prepared sandwiches, they take it and sit down to them.  

“They taste good. Thank you, Y/N.”, Tae says without thinking. 

“I am glad you like it.” She smiles at Tae and he returns a smile too. In the corner of his eyes, he can see that Jungkook is not having any of it. Tae looked at Jimin, but Jimin does not care and just eats his sandwich. When everyone finished their meal, Jungkook tells them to do the dishes. Jungkook gets up to Y/N and takes her by her wrist without saying a word. He walks with her through the hall way as he looks in every room until he finds their bags in one of the bed rooms. He leads her into that room. “Let’s continue our game, shall we?” He closes the door behind them and pushes her against the door. He pecks her lips before he picks her up. He looks deep in her eyes. “If you do not want to play, choose who I am supposed to kill.”  

“I am not planning to stop our game.”, she says as her hands find their place around his neck. She kisses him passionately. “I just want to take my time.” She gives him another peck. “Step by step.”, she says before she places another peck on his lips. 

“I like that. You are right.” She closes her legs around his torso. “I can take my time, don’t worry.” Their lips connect as their tongues fights for dominance. Her hand finds its way into his hair. He starts to walk towards the bed to lie her down. She kept her legs around his torso as he put his body weight on her. He starts to kiss along her neck and down to her collarbone. His lips felt so soft on her skin, she let him do whatever he wants as long as it does not go too far. She can feel the lovebites he creates on her neck and shoulder. One of his hands move along her body side before he stops his movements on her breast. “It is a shame you do not want more. But I do.” He says as he pulls himself up on his arms. 

“But you said it is okay. Step by step, don’t you remember?” She tries to play with her to sound as innocent as possible. 

“You know you are not that innocent, don’t you?”, he says while he plays with his fingers along her collarbone playfully before he gets up. She watches him taking off his shirt and placing his phone on the bedside table. “We can take it slowly, let’s take one step by step.” He picks his phone up again and walks to the other side of the bed to lie down next to her. “Come on, sit on top of me.” She nods and climbs on top of him. “Y/N, take your shirt off.” She hesitates to do so whilst his hands were on her thighs. When she takes it off, she takes it down slowly before she puts it down next to her. “You are really beautiful, but I guess you know that by now, right?” 

“You said it a few times now.”, she says as her hands move from his hips up to his chest. “But I cannot remember that I have complimented you.” She moves her lips closer to his and gives him a peck.  

“You still own me my award for my good work, you remember?” 

“Uh yeah. I do.” 

“You remember what I told you when we drove away from the hospital?” 

“You mean that you did not touch me?” 

“Do you still think it was me?” 

“No. I don’t.”, her voice sounded confused. 

“We only did it with dildos and no one really has raped you. You remember hearing those words from Tae?” Her eyes widen as she sits back up. ‘Tae was right. He might had listened to our conversation that we had.’, she thinks. “Doll, I want you to talk with me.” Her hands were on his muscles as her eyes moved from her hands to his eyes. 

“You are right. Tae told me about it.” 

“Did he also tell you that I wanted you since you worked in that weirdo club?” 

“No. He did not mention it.” Jungkook smiles as he takes a strain of hair from her face. “I did not know you have seen me there.” 

“Uh, yeah. I actually wanted to buy you. But as I arrived at the club, I saw you running out.” Her throat feels dry as he grabs her arms to position her underneath him. When he lies on top of her, he moves his phone closer to her head. “You have no idea what I have imagined doing to you.” His hands were on her waist as he kisses her collarbone.  

“Please, we said step by step.” Jungkook does not listen her words as he made his way down to her breasts. She does not look at him, but she can feel his lips and she hears the kissing sound he makes. It feels like he tries to make lovebites all over her body again. “Stop. Jungkook, please stop.” He looks up to see that her eyes were becoming wet. 

“Don’t cry. I only want to see you cry when I truly make you feel good.” He moves closer to her lips to kiss her deeply. “Do you want to help me otherwise with my boner?” Her tears started to fall as she feels his movements, his movements were like dry-humping. “You know what you could do?” She says nothing in fear for worse. He gets off her to take her jeans off. His hands wonder over her womanhood slowly. 

“I beg you. Please don’t.” 

“Please don’t what?” 

“Please don’t rape me.” He started to laugh as he places himself between her legs. He starts his movements again. “Please. I don’t want to. Jungkook, I beg you.”  

“Sorry, but a man got needs.” He kisses her neck before he gives the attention towards his phone. He takes his phone to take some pictures of her in her bra with tears running down her face. He takes the pictures in a way in which you can see the lovebites very well. “But you are right.” He puts the phone to the side and wipes the tears off her face. “I do not want to rape you. It is no fun, if only one of us enjoys the game or am I wrong?”, he says in carrying voice. He moves off her to lie down next to her. He pulls her closer. “Let’s sleep in a spooning position, that is always fun, isn’t it?” She turns her body on the side as he pulls her closer. “Sweet dreams, my doll.” 


When she wakes up the next morning, she tries to ignore the sunlight and keeps her eyes closed. “It is time to wake up. They are already waiting for us, Jungkook picked your clothes.” Jimin says as he brings the clothes closer to her.  

“I don’t understand.” 

“I don’t care what you understand or not. Do what you have been told.”, Jimin says as he was turning for the door. He jolts the door handle as it did not open, but with no success. He hits the door, but nobody opened it from the outside. 

“They locked the door?”, she asks carefully as she sits up. “Did he say something?” Jimin’s phone starts to ring, a text message showed up on his screen. 

From Jungkook: Watch her , every move . Do what you want to do with her, I don’t care. You will have to stay with her until we are done in the living room. Have fun.  

“What does it say?”, she asks. 

“Short version, you will have to get dressed whilst I am here. I am stuck with you until they are done in the living room.” 

“Is somebody else in this house?” 

“There are at least fifteen members in the living room. They told me nothing, except of that I should watch over you. I did not know they will lock me in here with you.” Jimin takes the chair and places it in the direction of the door. He takes the clothes off and puts them even closer to her. “I will not watch you getting dressed.” 

“Why did you decide to be in his crew again?” 

“Just get dressed. We don’t need to talk.” When she was dressed up, she hesitates first, but then she walks up to him.  

“Why do you pretend to be someone you’re not? This isn’t who you were in the house or in the park.” He turns towards her and takes her by the wrist to bring her back to the bed. 

“Why do you do what you do?” He looks at her with pity in his face. “Do you have any clue what you do to Hoseok, huh?” She slaps him across his face. 

“How dare you to say something like that? You know nothing-” He interrupts her by holding his hand in front of her mouth. He pushes her down the bed. 

“First of all, don’t scream. No matter what happens, do not scream. Got it?” She nods and he puts his hand off her. He started to whisper. “Listen, I have to pretend to be in Jungkook’s crew no matter what the price is, to not fall out of character, you got me?” She mumbles a yes. “I had to pretend to be against Yoongi and the others back in the house, so I do not lose my path. Do you understand that too?” She nods. 

“Who are you? Who are you then?”, she says a quietly as she can. 

“In real life I would be like this. I do not want to hurt you. But we definitely have to plan something together when he really wants to do what he plans to do.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“He recorded the conversation he had with you last night on his phone. The photos he made from you, the recording...” He takes a deep breath. “He has sent them all to Yoongi. Once he has an idea of something, he goes through with it. No matter what the costs are.” 

“He uses me to provoke Yoongi?” Her eyes wander to the floor. 

“Yes. He wants to get Yoongi.” 

“Did Yoongi react to it?” 

“He reacted pretty much in the way Jungkook wanted him to.”, Jimin says. “It is weird that Hoseok and Namjoon could not remember him. Tae and I know each other for so long now.” Y/N looks immediately at Jimin. 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Tae was also in the police academy with us. He did not go through with it because of Jungkook. At the time Tae already knew how to hack into systems and that is why we were so good for our tests. We had the results in our hands before we even took the test. When Namjoon figured that out, he went to one of teachers. He almost got us kicked out from the academy, but they did not believe him therefore we stayed in the academy. Since then Hoseok and Namjoon stopped talking to me.” Jimin holds a finger up to show her the sign of silence. It sounded like there were footsteps in front of the door. When no one tried to come in after a few minutes, both of them started to relax again.  

“Is there more I should know of?”, she whispers. 

“Jungkook and Tae know each other since they were children. He originally wanted to go also to the academy, but he failed the test. Since I know Tae, I know that he is good in hacking everything. The reason why he left the academy was not because of hacking, but because of his sister. Tae’s parents died in a car accident whilst he was in the academy. Jungkook offered to help his sister in the meantime. But after a few weeks and a few disturbing messages from his sister, he had enough and wanted to visit her. He met his sister without Jungkook’s acknowledge. When he figured out that they met, Jungkook said to him that he either helps Jungkook’s business or his sister is dead. Therefore, Tae left the academy and was on the way to his sister. He wanted to go to the police with her. When he could not find her, he asked Jungkook where they were. He told him that he is going for a walk with her in the forest. Tae trusted his words and walked to the forest only to find her tied to a tree. His crew were starting to appear around him and were holding him back. He said he tried to save her, but he was not strong enough against the four crew members. Jungkook killed her right in front of him, he stabbed her multiple times. He made him watch her die. Tae said that he would never join him because of what he did to his sister. His answer to Tae’s words were that he will join him anyway, because he is the only one who can give him an alibi. He told me everything later on that day, but before we could get her body, two police men knocked on my door. Someone must have informed the police about the dead body, which was taken away by his crew. He did not tell Tae to where they would bring her to. Someone must have found her before because they arrested Tae that night. They thought he killed her and that he was hiding at my place. Jungkook went to the police station the same night and gave him an alibi. That is how he got out of the investigative custody and since then Tae works with Jungkook.” She starts to realize how hard it must have been for Tae all the time. Now she starts to think that this is why he was so careful with her.  

“Is this why he depends on him so much?”  

“I think so. I am not sure.” He sighs. Jimin was waiting for her to keep asking questions as she was not sure what to do with all this information. It was too much and it was too confusing. Both set there in silence until the door opens.  

“Time to get ready, doll.”, Jungkook says as he opens the door. “You stay right there, I will be back in a minute.” He drags her to the bathroom and leaves her there with an open door. To her luck Tae just passed the bathroom door when Jungkook was out of sight. She runs directly at him and pulls him into the bathroom. 

“Stay away from me. Don’t do that.” 

“Tae, are you alright?” 

“Just stay away. Not a good idea if he sees us close together.”, Tae responds. “I can see you are alright.” 

“Yes.” She hugs him as she whispers into his ear. “Jimin told me about your sister and how you know each other. It is saved with me, promise.” Tae pushes her away and tries to read her expression. 

“He did what?” 

“Is everything okay?” 

“No, nothing is alright. There is a recorder in the bed room, he turned it on when he left the room.” Y/N’s heart dropped at his words. “He records every single thing when you are in the room with someone.” She shakes her head in disbelief.  He hugs her tight and he places a kiss on the top of her head. “I will try my best to get you away from him, I promise you that.”  

Chapter Text

Jungkook closes the door behind him as he sees Jimin is still waiting for him. “I don’t know for how stupid you think I am. But did you seriously think I leave you alone with her without any kind of control?” Jimin gets up from the bed to get closer to Jungkook. 

“What are you talking about?” Jungkook moves his arm quickly to take his gun and points it directly at Jimin. He tries to stay as calm as possible. 

“I am aware that something is going on between Tae and Y/N, but what is going on between you and her?” 

“What should be between me and her?” The sound click was filling the room. Now Jimin realizes the mistrust he is going to face. When Jungkook starts to mistrust someone, that person needs to do a lot to prove him wrong. He does not forgive, he also does not forget. 

“Don’t pretend to be stupid. That is already her job.” He moves the gun to point it to the middle of his forehead. “Now tell me, are you back as a member of my crew or are you back as an officer?” Jimin swallows before he touches the wrist of Jungkook. 

“If that is why I have a gun on my head, you can lower it now. I am back to be in the crew. Don’t you realize that we have to relax her somehow to keep her trust?” 

“Her trust?” Jungkook laughs. “You truly think she needs to trust you guys?” 

“Look, if we can be sure about one thing, then it would be that Yoongi told her about us, our way of doing things. If I am not damn wrong, he might as well has told her how to trick us.” 

“Why are you so sure about it?” 

“How long did you need to break her?” Jimin smiles at Jungkook’s surprised face expression. “Exactly. She must have learnt that from Yoongi or do you truly believe it was Hoseok who taught her that?” Jungkook thinks about his words for a few seconds before he lowers his gun. 

“I will not kill you now, just because I still need you to do one more thing for me.”  

“Which thing?” Jungkook grins as he pets Jimin’s shoulder.  

“You will see.” He walks out of the bedroom, as he walks towards the bathroom, he sees Tae talking to Y/N. He sees Tae nodding at her words and how he leaves the bathroom right after. She was just about to close the door as she sees Jungkook standing there, watching her. She puts a smile on her face when he started to walk towards her. He pushes her inside the bathroom before he closes the door behind him. “What is going on between you and Tae?” 

“Nothing. Why?” He places his hands on her neck and places a peck on her lips. He removes his lips slowly as his eyes searched for hers. She opens her eyes and smiles at him. “You really like to play this game, don’t you?” He pushes his thumbs hard onto her throat. 

“Do not think that you can play my game and win. Do not play my game and try to twist it into yours.” His face looked angry and his grip tighten around her throat. “You are worth nothing!”, he screams. “The only good thing you are meant for, is what I will use you for. I only want my revenge. The only revenge I can get is when I use you.” Her breath starts to become uneven. “It is hard to breath when I hold you like that, isn’t it?” The power to inhale becomes less each second which felt like minutes. Her legs are starting to give in, his hands following her move without a chance for her to catch a breath. “Can you imagine what it must feel like if I’d bury you two feet under alive?” No matter how much she would want to react to his, her body does not have the power for it. 

“I can’t breathe.”, she says with a weak voice. She tries to wrap her fingers around his wrists. 

“What was that?” He starts to mock her. He enjoyed the fear which grows inside her eyes, the look of almost giving up. Her begging became whispers without a breath. Knocks were coming from the door. “Come in.” The door opens and what Tae sees as he walks in, is not what he expected to see. She was lying on the floor with Jungkook hovering above her body with both hands on her neck. He can see that she is struggling to breathe. 

“Let go of her!” Jungkook only starts laughing and turns his head towards Tae. 

“Only if you tell me, what is going on between you two.”  

“What the hell are you talking about? We need her in a good condition when you want to get Yoongi. Kill her and lose your chance to catch him.” Jungkook let’s go of her throat and stands up. The air which starts to fill her lungs hurt. It hurt to breathe, some violet spots started to show on her neck. She leans on one of her elbows while the other one is touching her chest. Jungkook takes Tae by his collar with a sudden move and starts to punch him with his fist. It looks like he was going mad, as he was in full anger. He punches him nonstop until he starts to bleed above his eyebrow. Tae does not hit him back, he only tries to push him off him, but Jungkook was acting like a Pitbull. Once he had him, he did not let go. No matter how strong his desire was to fight him back, it would only show that he tries to turn against Jungkook. He could not risk it, he still needs the trust of Jungkook. 

“Will you now finally talk?”, he says as he takes the collar of Tae’s shirt in both of his hands to raise a bit from the ground. “Speak up!” 

“She reminds me of my sister. If you have forgotten, you did not let me help her either.” Jungkook let’s go of his collar and gets up from the floor. 

“It was really a shame that I had to do so. She was pretty, damn, when I think about her body though... She was really hot, a shame she had to die. She could have been my toy now, I mean mine and Y/N’s little toy at the end.” Tae clenches his fists. “But you cannot blame me for something I had to do. You didn’t really give me a choice.” Tae got himself up whilst Jungkook did not look, he was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall next to the door. He lowers himself to be on the same height as Tae. “You only had to say yes, but you decided to test me. I would suggest not to test me again, otherwise I will have to try to get Jin again.” Tae’s face looked as he was ready to give Jungkook a beating. Y/N was already back on her knees and has seen enough. She crawls towards Jungkook to avoid a fight. 

“You were right, I am sorry.”, she says as she touches Jungkook’s shoulder. 

“What are you sorry for?”, he turns over and touches her lips with his fingertips. 

“I think you were right. I am ready for you.” Jungkook starts to smile. He tilts his head a little to peck her lips. 

“See, I told you.” His fingers go through her hair as he pecks her lips once again. “Clean yourself up a little. I will join you in the bedroom in a few minutes.” Tae looked confused at her. Jungkook winks at Tae and leaves them alone. 

“What are you ready for?” Y/N’s smile is leaving her face as her eyes stare to the floor in embarrassment. He moves on his knees towards her, when he is close enough, he puts her face in his palms. “Y/N, what did you mean by that?” 

“I am his doll, as long as I am here.” A tear escapes her face. “Don’t worry, I will be alright.” She tries to get up only to have her arm caught by him.  

“Y/N, answer my question!” 

“The game of husband and wife.”, she stutters as tears start to fall off her face. 

“What? Why would you do that!?” Tae does not understand her at all. He thought, he understands her plan, but it all went down south. His plan was to avoid this kind of situation and he heard him say that he will let her think that she has a saying in anything which is supposed to go down. 

“So, you would not have to fight him.” Tae looks at her face but before he could say anything, her index finger was on his lips. “I was able to avoid it from happening a few times, but I guess this is the only way to keep you and Jimin save too.” Tae takes her finger off his lips and takes her hand in his to pull it to his heart. 

“What are you talking about? When you are alone with him... Have you got any clue what kind of sick bastard he is?” 

“Should that scare me?” She smirks as a tear landed on her shirt. “He is mistrusting both of you. If I do not play his game, he will notice that something is fishy.” Tae lets go of her hand only to look at her neck. “If I do not play along, he will think that I relay on one of your help, wouldn’t he?” Tae nods as he lets her arm go to move his fingers along her neck. 

“When did you start to figure that out?” 

“I never did. I only thought that it might be the reason why he has been different towards you since Jimin is back. You only confirmed my thought now.” She gets up and turns towards the mirror and looks at her neck.  

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? What about Hos-” 

“Do I have a choice?”, she interrupts him. Tae curses at himself for not knowing what to do. She starts to undress herself. “I don’t mind being watched when I do take a shower, but I think Jungkook will have a problem with you being in here.” She says as she wipes the last tears off her face. 

“How can you do that? How can you surrender yourself that easily?”, his face showed the pity he felt for her. 

“Tae, I died inside a long time ago. I only did what felt right to survive and now, guess what. This is what I have to do now to survive.” By now she was completely naked as she walks towards him. He was frozen at place and did not know what to do. His eyes were still avoiding her body, but he moved his hands forward to hold her away. She takes his hands and put them on her waist. “I want it to be over. No matter what the price is, okay?” He nods before her hands are moving from his chest towards his neck. She pulls him closer to place some kisses from his neck up to his jaw. She places a few kisses on his lips before she leans her forehead against his. “See?” She looks deep into his eyes. “I can do it. I am disgusted when I think that I have to do that to him, but I can turn my mind off just as I did now.”  

“Be careful, okay?” She nods. “If something goes on that should not be happening, scream. I’ll try to help you.”, he says before he leaves the bathroom. Jimin was already standing there, waiting for Tae. 

“You truly like to be close to death, huh? You look awful.”, Jimin wonders what might have happened that he looks so beaten up. He thought that this might be the reason why Jungkook was suddenly in such a good mood. 

“Just shut up. You look like you something happened while I was-” Tae was looking for a word that could fill this blank. “busy.”, he says without any thought. 

“Busy? You look more like you met Mike Tyson.”  

“None of your business. So, what went down?” 

“Jungkook just held a short meeting. He already told us about the next house in case we have to move.” Jimin looks at the door when he hears the water starts to run. “Was there somebody with you?” 

“She is in there.” Tae winks with his hand in front of Jimin’s face. “Did Jungkook say anything that he has planned for his next move?” 

“He said to one of them that he will play with her mentally. He should be ready to join in and eventually he will add some of the other to join in too.”  

“Wait. It is not-”, he stops his talking as he sees Jungkook coming towards them. 

“Having a nice meeting in the hall way?” 

“Not really. Just told him that he should get his mind started for the upcoming meeting in a few minutes.”, Jimin lies. He knew that he just signed his death. Jungkook nods and looks at the bathroom door. 

“She’s still in there?” 

“Yes, but I guess she should be finished soon.”, Tae answers. Jungkook sends both of them into the living room. When both of them left, he looks inside the bathroom. He discovers that she let the water run even though she stood in front of the mirror with the towel on already. She seems lost in thoughts as he walks in to turn off the water. 

“Do you want to keep me waiting?”, he asks as he touches her upper arms and kisses her shoulder.  

“No. I was just about to be done.” 

“You look as you are already done.” He picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. He closes the bedroom door behind him and places her on the ground. He starts to kiss her aggressively. Her hand found their place on his neck as she playfully scratches him. “You want to play rough?” She licks his bottom lip and he opens his mouth a bit more. His hands are opening her towel and he lets it drop to the floor. His hands are moving to her hips as he pulls her closer. He starts to place kisses down her neck. He suddenly stops and sits down on the bed. He admires her body for a few seconds before he changed his mind. “Let’s play, come here.”, he commands her. She walks up to him with her hands on his thighs, her ass up in the air and her lips pressed on his. “The rule of this game; I ask you a question and you answer honestly, alright?” She nods with her head and places another kiss on his lips. “Good.” He pulls her closer by pulling her thighs to him until she sat on his lap. His hands were on her butt. “Question number one, do you trust Tae?” She was surprised that that question had nothing to do with what she told him she would do with him, but she tries to pretend as it was alright. 

“I guess I should. You trust him, so will I trust him too.” 

“Question number two, do you trust Jimin?” 

“I am not sure, if I can trust him.”, she says as she moves her fingers along his chest. “If you do, I will do too.” She puts both of her arms around his neck to peck his lips. 

“If I say I do not trust him, will you mistrust him?” 

“I think I should do then so.” He slaps her butt hard with his right hand. His slap was painful and her butt starts to become red. The spot felt immediately warm. “Do I get slapped for every wrong answer or only the answers you dislike?” 

“You will figure that out by yourself.” He caresses her butt and kisses her collarbone. He places his face on the side of her neck. “Question number three, do you believe Jimin that I have sent the recording and the photos to Yoongi?” her eyes widen and she becomes nervous. He starts to make a lovebite on her neck before his left hand goes up to her neck and he places soft, wet kisses along her neck side. She starts to fake moaning while her hands moved to his upper arms. 

“He said Yoongi reacted to your messages, but he said nothing at the end.” His hands wander towards her waist. “Why are you asking me these questions?” His grip on her waist was strong and painful. 

“I think he told you more than he should have for your own sake, don’t you think?” She was getting worried about what to answer. If she says a wrong answer, what will he do then. He caresses her breasts with his thumbs carefully. “Next time, when he does not know when to stop, I will make sure you will know each other's skin.” 

“What kind of game are you talking about?” He smiles at her and starts to kiss her.  

“Just relax.” The idea of it made her uncomfortable. 

“What kind of game will I have to play with him?” 

“Do what I say and I do not try to make me angry.” He moves his arms up and down her thighs. “Put each leg on each side of my right thigh.” When she was sitting in the way he wanted her to, he puts his right arm around her waist with his hand above her butt cheek. The other hand was on her neck to pull her closer for some kisses. “Keep moving your hips, ride my thigh.” Her hands were holding his shirt in her hands to stay in balance. He starts to make out with her. He gives her the sign to open her mouth even more and as soon as she did his tongue was touching hers. Jungkook opens his eyes to check Y/N’s face, it was red. Either she feels uncomfortable or he gets closer to what he wants. He starts to kiss down her neck again as his hand start to rest on her waist. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”, he says as he sees how wet she has become. “Does it make you feel good?” 

“Yes, it does.” She hated herself for every move she makes. She hated that her body reacted positively, her mind is screaming at her ‘think about Hoseok!’. She just wanted to cry, but she starts to imagine it would be Hoseok, she thought when she would imagine him, it would not be that bad. 

“Well then, time to lie down.” She stops her moving with a confused expression. “What’s wrong? Just lie down.” She gets up from his lap to lie down in the bed. As she looked at Jungkook, she can see that he has a box in his hands. “I will have to blindfold you for that.”, he says as he comes closer with a tie that he had in the box. “Arms above your head, doll.”, he commands. He places the box near her head, but it is not in her sight. She can hear that he takes something else out of the box and puts it around her wrist and she can hear the metal of the headboard before she can feel something else similar to the feeling before, on her other wrist. He pecks her lips before he uses the tie to blindfold her. The sound of his belt, made her nervous. She tells herself that she is stronger than that, she only needs to think about Hoseok. It sounds as clothes were thrown to the ground, then she hears a lock on the door. A key must have been placed at the table near the door according to the sound, after that she can only hear someone walking. “Just relax for me, okay?”, he says as she can feel the bed is moving. He picks her leg up to place kisses along her inner leg slowly, until he was in front of her vagina. “Nicely shaved. I think you need to be awarded for that, don’t you think?” He moves two fingers along her fold. “You are already wet? Makes it even more fun to play with you.” She can feel how his finger go up and down her folds until the fingers were gone and his hands are on her hips. From her belly button to her breast he takes his time to kiss her. His hands were moving along with his body until was completely on top of her. She could feel his boner moving against her body. As he arrived by her neck he starts to smile when he sees the purple spots on her neck. “I am sorry for what I did to you. But I hate to see you with any other man but me. You understand that I had to do what I did, right?” 

“Yes, you needed to show me that I am only a player in your game.” His left fingers played with her nipple as he kisses her jawline. Without a warning he pinches her nipple and cuts her breast with one of his nails.  

“You are wrong.” He touches the cut he made on her skin. “You are my doll. You are only here for my needs and for the games that I will let you play.” He moves closer to her vagina again. He starts to play on her clit with his tongue. She only repeated her boyfriend’s name over and over again in her mind. It started to work, she starts to relax under his touches and moans. When he notices that she starts to feel good, he stops and places his dick closer to her womanhood. “Are you ready for me, my beautiful doll?” She only nods. “I will accept that you do not answer now, but therefore I want to hear you say may name clearly.” He pushes into her warm walls and a moan escapes his lips. “Fuck. I knew you were tight, but it was worth all the waiting.” He starts to kiss her passionately and lets her adjust to his seize. When he moved his body closer to her only his hips are starting to move. “God, you feel so good.” She starts to moan and she feels that she is reaching her orgasm soon. “You are easy to please, I like that.” His hands moved under her shoulders, his kisses were passionate but aggressive. “Fuck, I’m so close! Stop clenching.” She moves both of her legs on his hips to pull him closer. “Uh uh. Legs down, doll.”  

“But my award-” He interrupts her with kisses.  

“Your award, huh? I will let you cum, that is your award for today.” She moans as he hits all the right spots. She puts her leg down again. He sits up and takes her thighs to push her knees closer to her chest. Her legs are placed on his shoulder as he starts to nestle his head in her neck. He starts to thrust into her again, not like before, but aggressively fast. 

“Fuck yes!” He smiles as he watches her biting her lip.  

“You like it when I play with you, don’t you?” 

“Yes, I do.” 

“Come for me, doll.” He started to speed up his thrusts even more. “Say my name. Tell me who makes you feel this good.” When the orgasm hit her body, she clenched hard around his dick. Which made him reach his orgasm, he points his face at her chest. He puts his body weight back on her and he kisses her twice on the neck before he went closer to her ear. “You did not say my name. I could feel that I made you feel good, but still you did not say my name.” He places a long kiss on her lips. “Punishment will follow.” He gets up to take a towel to dry himself before he puts his clothes back on. “You are really something else, do you know that?” He pets her head one more time before he presses another kiss on her forehead. She can hear him leaving the room, but he says no word and all she can hear afterwards is that he unlocks the door and that the door closes again. She was sure that she was alone in the room. Panic starts to fill her body, sweat starts to build on her back. What could he possibly want her to do, that he leaves her behind like this. She tries not to think about anything in this moment, but the fear grew stronger as the sound of the door opening was hearable one more time. She can hear that he was not alone, the footsteps did not sound like only one person. The next thing she could hear was the click of the gun, the same click she heard in front of the fisher house. “Keep your legs down. Just relax.”, Jungkook says. She can hear someone walking around the room that stopped when Jungkook sat next to her with his hand on her chin. “We are still playing the honest game, right?” 

“Yes.”, she mumbles. The amusement of her fear made Jungkook more than happy. 

“Then tell me honestly, who would be more fun to play with. Would it be Jimin or Tae?” He lies the gun on her between her rib cage. “Who will be the other player of our game?” 

“I want you to play with me alone, just you.” She does not want to picture Jimin or Tae standing there. She can hear that some steps sounded as they would stand in one line.  

“Too bad.” He sighs as he looks at her face. She moves her lips but no word wants to come out. Her chest starts to move fast. “Did I say, you are allowed to cry during our game?” He watches her cry before he turns to the men standing at the wall. “I guess I will have to choose then.” 

“I only want to play with you Jungkook. Please!”, she starts to beg. He leans down to pet her head. 

“Nothing happened yet.” He looks at the men and looks at two of them. “You two leave. Do not interrupt me until I am done here.” The men did not say a word, they just left. When they were outside, he walks back to her to move her tie from her eyes to her mouth. She finally could see but she could not speak. Jungkook locks the door and puts the key in his pocket. “Did I not say, do not stare at her body?” Jungkook takes the gun and shoots into the man’s foot. “You did not say my name, now someone has to pay for you. Just because you did not want to play by my rules. I will be nice today, just to show you what would be happening to one of the four.” He sends the man to the other side of the room away from the door as he takes the handcuffs off her. She tries to catch the blanket to cover herself but Jungkook takes it away from her. “You are the last good thing he will see. Let him see what is mine.” His left hand was on her throat while he took the gun into his right hand. “Enjoy the show, my doll.” 


Tae and Jimin were waiting in the living room for at least thirty minutes until two men appeared. “Where have you been?” The men look at each other and start to laugh. Before they could pass him, Tae took out a knife of his pocket and pushes it into one of the man’s stomach. The other man only looked and could not believe of what he sees. “I am Jungkook’s right hand. Have you also forgotten that?” The man mumbles a no and looks at his buddy. “Take him to the basement or somewhere else. I hate to watch unworthy people die.”, he commands and the man immediately follows his command. “The rest of you stays here. Rat, you come with me.” When Tae realized they are far away from them, he says quietly. “He will tell her that it was one of us.” He sees the confusion on Jimin’s face. As they walk near the bedroom door, they can hear the lock of the door. “I think he lets him rape her or he gives her a show.” 

“Are you sure about it?” 

“It has always been either rape or a show for the girl.” 

“Do you have a plan? She won’t be able to handle that.” 

“Jimin, I trust her. She said she will play along, maybe that can save her some pain.” 

“Do you truly think that he will torture her or is it a test for us too?” 

“If it would have been for us, he would have let the door unlocked.” Tae sees that one other room was open and it was only two doors away from Jungkook’s room. Jimin looked much more worried than Tae. Then they started to hear screams coming from the bedroom in which Y/N was still in. It sounded like a hushed scream, but it did not sound as it would be her. 

“Watch the show I give you!” That screaming which sounded through the hallway, must have been Jungkook’s voice. Jimin immediately jumps up. 

“Tae, we should-” 

“Not yet.” 

“Not yet? Do you have any idea what she will have to go through?” 

“I told you that a few minutes ago. If you heard clearly, he said watch the show. Which means he will use this guy as an example for what he will do to Yoongi.” 

“But what if-” 

“We have to be more careful around her. Otherwise one of us will be next.” 

“Say it. I will be next.” Tae only sighs as he plays with his fingers. Jimin starts to walk up and down the room. “Why is he so obsessed with Yoongi?” 

“It isn’t Yoongi directly.” Jimin looks up at Tae. “I told you Jungkook always got and still gets what he wants.” Jimin sat down again whilst Tae puts his elbows on his knees to lean forward. “He wanted her since he saw her in that strange Strip club, I told you about.” 

“Do not tell me that she is the girl he wanted, which lived under the bridge.” 

“That is her, but that isn’t all.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“When my sister died, I went through her stuff. I found Y/N’s picture in the year book of hers.”  

“What does it have to do with your sister?” 

“I think he saw the letters between her and my sister. When they were little, Y/N’s father died. Her mother could not pay the rent and she moved away with Y/N. I never saw her again until my sister died. When she died I saw her yearbook. Under Y/N’s name, my sister wrote that she would never forget her best friend. When I looked at the picture, I remembered the girl that we saw under the bridge. Jungkook tried to get her away from there to make her his when he found that out. Apparently, the club owner was faster than us. When he figured out that she worked at the bar, he went there every night. He watched her, I heard that they sell the girls. I mentioned it to him once, since then he told the owner, no matter how high the price would be he will pay for her. On that day, he got the call that the club owner puts her on sale, we drove there. But she was running out of the building and that’s when he saw that she ran into Yoongi.” 

“He wants revenge because he stole her?” 

“No, he wants revenge because Yoongi is always a step ahead of him. He wants him finally gone and if he can play with Yoongi along the way, he will do it.” Tae sighs. “He only got that aggressive when he figured out that he hides her in this women’s center. So, he pretended to make our crews bigger and to put them together if Yoongi cooperates. I had to lie to Jin. I lied to the only person I had left to help Jungkook to get what he wanted.” 

“Wait, your cousin Seokjin?” Jimin started to create a picture of the puzzles pieces he had on his mind.  

“Yes. I might be good in hacking, but he knows how to control every single person of his crew. He gets through a system a message on his phone whenever we make a phone call or when we send a text, the phone number appears as a phone message on his phone. The guy who is missing in the living room, he tried to take over a job with no right to do so. Jungkook got informed on his phone that it was him, he will let him pay for that.” 

“Even if you wanted to, you would have to tell it personally to Yoongi then...” 

“I tried to tell Yoongi about this so many times, but Jungkook always appeared from somewhere. I thankfully managed it to tell it to Jin after a while. When Yoongi heard about it, he flipped out. Jin tried to calm him, but he started to even attack Jin who was standing in front of her to protect her from his rage. That’s when she got a black eye. Jin ducked and Yoongi swung his arm and hit her.” Tae stands up. “Jungkook saw the black eye, he was getting angry, but I do not know what he feels for her. I could never figure it out. He treats her differently than the other girls he played with.” Tae walks towards Jimin. “I told Jin to get her away from there, no matter how. I feared that Jungkook would harm her. I promised Yoongi, if he would get her away, I will promise him to keep him away from her.” A gunshot came from the bedroom in which she was still in, a man starts to scream in pain. Jimin runs towards the room. “Don’t! Jimin!” But his words stayed unheard.  

“I will not let her be in such a situation!” 

“What do you want to do, huh?” Tae licks his lips nervously as his eyes wander from the wall up before they are back on Jimin. “Go in there and you will not make it out alive! He locked the door, how do you want to get in anyway?” Jimin storms back into the other room Tae follows him and closes the door. “What are you doing?” Tae can see that Jimin is taking out his phone card and switches it with the one he had in his shoe. Tae locks the door with the key which was already stuck in the lock.  

“Is it locked?” Tae nods. 

“What are you doing? If someone knocks on the door, I will pretend that I had to give you a beating.” 

“Fine with me.”  

“Fine? Who do you want to call anyway?” 

“I call Namjoon.”  

“Why exactly Namjoon?” 

“Let’s see it in that way. Jin and Yoongi do want me six feet under. Hoseok wishes me death too and the only one who stays a bit more professional would be Namjoon.” When Namjoon finally picked up, Tae moved closer to Jimin so that they would not have to use the loudspeaker. 

“Is everything alright?”, Namjoon asks. In the background you can hear him walking and some male voices stopped their conversation. 

“We have a big problem.” The heavy breathing of Namjoon was clear to hear, but you could also hear that he is nervous. “I do not know how strong she is mentally, but he is showing her right now what he will do to Yoongi.” When Yoongi heard it, his eyes filled with water. Not because of what will happen to him, but seeing his queen in front of his eyes with seeing what he will do. This time Tae and Jimin could hear a scream but no gunshot.  

“What was that?”, Hoseok screams through the phone. “Is she alright?” 

“She is doing alright. That was the show I was talking about.” Hoseok and Namjoon are sharing looks before Hoseok looks at Yoongi.  

“Bring her to the phone as soon as you have the chance.” 

“I can’t. If I do one more strike, I am dead.”, Jimin explains.  

“I do not care if you are dead! Get her to the phone!”, Yoongi starts to yell. “They brought you back in to protect her from him. How come that she is alone with him now?” 

“She agreed to play his doll.”, he answers slowly. 

“You little shit! I swear to god if he hurts her, just the slightest, I will kill you personally” 

“Yoongi, I am trying. But he mistrusts me and Tae. I think-” A knock on the door interrupts his conversation. 

“Who’s in there?” It was Jungkook. Tae gazes at Jimin. Jimin only nods. 

“You know what I have to do?”, Tae whispers and Jimin nods. 

“What’s going on in there?”, Jungkook asks. 

“I have to give Jimin a lesson. We are out here soon.”, Tae says as Jimin hangs up and exchanges the phone card. 

“Don’t hurt him to bad, we still need him.”, Jungkook says through the door. Jungkook can hear the hits Tae gives Jimin, he can also hear Jimin's painful groans. He starts to smirk when he looks back to the bedroom door. She was leaning against the doorframe with red eyes and dried lips. Her black skirt showed a lot of leg and the red shirt which looked like a second skin on her. She only looked at the blood stains on his shirt. The dried blood on his arms, some stains were even on his thighs. A monster would be nothing compared to what Jungkook did in front of her. The way he killed him slowly, the painful look on the man’s face. The last breath the man exhaled. Jungkook had nothing human like in him that she could find. No matter how much she would dig, she would not find it. He has a wet towel in his hand with which he tries to clean himself with. “Let’s get you something to drink.” He holds his hand out for her to take but she just passes him. That was enough to make him angry again. He throws to the towel to the floor and pushes her on her shoulder against the wall. “Who do you think you are to avoid me?” She looks behind him to the door. 

“Is that Jimin?” 

“Why should I tell you?” 

“Nevermind.” She tries to get away from him.  

“Did you realize now what I will do to everyone you care for, when you break the rules?” The door behind them unlocked and Tae tried to step forward to see if she was alright. “I don’t know why you care for Tae, I even understand less why you care for Jimin. If you do one more mistake, be it just avoiding me. I will give you a show with one of them!”, he screams at her. Their faces were only inches apart, but still he raised his voice. He looked as he was about to kill her. She never saw someone that scary and never feared someone as much as she does now. He stares into her eyes with so much aggression that she just wanted to cry. Her body was filled with more fear the longer his eyes were clued on her.  “Crying does not work on me, but maybe it does to them.” He turns over to them. “I sent someone to clean the bedroom, therefore she will stay the night with someone else.” He turns towards them as he takes her by her wrist. 

“Jungkook.” He stops walking. “I would not trust the others, they already talked trash about her. Either you take her by yourself or I will keep an eye on her.”, Tae suggests. 

“What kind of trash?” 

“They want a piece of her.” Without thinking he clenches his hands. He did not notice it at the beginning, only when she tried to move her wrist. 

“Tell anyone, the only one who will get a piece of her is me.” Jimin wipes the blood off his lip. It caught Jungkook’s attention. “And maybe Jimin.” Jimin starts to look up with a disgust at Jungkook. “Oh, don’t pretend to be disgusted. I will pick some nice clothes for her, I even leave you two alone.” He starts to walk away with her before he stops walking again. Her eyes only went straight forward not even caring where she will go nor about what he will do next. Nothing mattered anymore. It feels as every single thing, every single touch, every so little detail is taking the hope from her. “But Tae, you are right. Make sure our stuff is clean and put it in the other bed room. I think she will need some good sleep.”, he says before he kept walking. 


Later that night, Tae and Jimin had to share a room, because Jungkook decide to take Tae’s bedroom until his was clean again. Tae darken the window and turned on his flashlight from his phone. 

“I truly hope that no one sees you doing that.”, Tae whispers. 

“I have to check if they texted me.” 

“Still not very thoughtful.” Tae watches Jimin’s finger move. “Do you still know which side you are on?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Do you still know who you truly are?” 

“I guess. It is not so simple to remember my true me when you have to pretend to be someone else to almost every person around you. Why?” 

“I feel lost. I feel like giving up. Have you reached that point? Have you ever felt like that in your life before?” Jimin looks at Tae and stops his movements.  

“Are you alright?” 

“No. How could I be alright? Look at me. I have nothing.” He takes a deep breath. “I don’t even know if we are still friends. Are we?” Jimin smiles. 

“Why do you think I was able to come back?” 

“Tell me, I don’t know.” 

“I told my boss what happened to your sister and what he has in his hands against you. My boss told me that a half year before it all happened, he was informed that you, Hoseok, Namjoon and me were planned to be together at his police station. He had even picked you personally, he was disappointed to see you leave with no explanation. He wants to give you a second chance if we can prove to him that everything, I told him is true.” 

“Why would you do that for me?”, Tae asks surprised. 

“Please, you always wanted to help people. You always wanted that kind of job. You can still decline it though.” Tae nods in understanding. Jimin phone starts to light up. 

“Fuck!”, Jimin’s face showed panic. 

“What’s wrong?” The face on Jimin’s face made him worry. 

“Yoongi is on his way.” 

Chapter Text

“What did you just say?” Jimin gives the phone to Tae to let him read the message himself. “This argh!” He looks at Jimin with an aggressive gaze. “Why did you have to tell them that she was alone with Jungkook?” When Jimin tried to take his phone back, Tae refused to give it back. “Let me make one phone call.” 

“Who do you want to call?” He does not respond to Jimin’s question, he already dialed a number and has the phone on his ear. It ringed at least eight times before Tae hung up. He tries to call someone else instead, but also, he had no luck. “They do not pick up?” 

“I wanted to check if Jin is alright...” Tae looks at screen a bit disappointed until it starts to light up. “Yoongi? Where are you guys?”  

“We are coming to get her. Something that you two are not able to do!” 

“Here are at least twelve members of his crew plus to that he mistrusts us. We need a bit longer to figure things out-” 

“I don’t care! Look, I want her away from him. You promised me that you would protect her, you would keep her away from him if I let her go. Did you even realize that everything happened that you say you will prevent? How does that make me think, huh?” Tae swallows before he answers. 

“You cannot come here. They will shoot you! I keep my promises, don’t worry! Is Jin-” 

“Where is she now? Is she with you or with Jimin?” Tae takes a longer break before he answers. “Did a cat eat your tongue?” 

“She is not with us two.”, he says in a very fast speed. 

“Don’t tell me she shares the bedroom with him. Don’t say it.” When Tae didn’t say anything to respond, Yoongi’s mood turned into an even worse one. “The only reason you are alive is that I can trust Jin. You are so lucky to have him as your cousin, I really want you dead for breaking the agreement we made. It will not save you from a beating at least!” 

“We had to do so.” Yoongi only hummed a uh huh, he was not impressed for what he has to say. “If he stays with her, we can make a plan without him interrupting us. He already thinks that there is something between her and us. You have no clue how thin the ice is on which we are walking on at this very moment.” 

“Okay. We will locate ourselves somewhere near the house, but let me tell you one thing. If she is hurt, you two will pay for my anger after I am done with Jungkook.” He can hear that someone is mumbling some words in the background, but not clearly enough to recognize the voice. 

“Tae? Are you alright?”, Jin asks. How much joy it feels him to hear his cousin again, was the kind of joy he did not have for a while. “Keep her save okay?” 

“I’ll try my best. Are you hurt?” Jin starts to laugh. 

“I told you, death doesn’t want me. I am doing good, just some scratches.” 

“I’ve got to go. Keep him calm, please.” 

“Yeah, you know him really well. Don’t you?” The tone of sarcasm was clear to hear. “Alright, bye.” And with those words the connection was gone. Tae hands the phone back to Jimin as one of the crew members walks in. Tae immediately jumps at him to drag him inside their room and holds his pocket knife next to his throat. He kicked the door close with his foot. 

“Just one little peep and you are dead.” Jimin starts to exchange the phone cards immediately.  

“You cooperate with this rat? When Jungkook knows-” 

“Do you really think you make it out alive?” The man starts to laugh and tries to provoke Tae. Jimin nods at Tae and he pushes the knife into the man’s throat. He opens the door for Tae to bring this guy out into the hallway. Tae takes him there before he pulls the knife out of his throat with a fast movement which killed him. He hated himself for doing so, but if he wants to help her, he needs to make sure that no one knows anything. As it all happened in the hallway in front of Jungkook’s bedroom door, it did not stay unnoticed for long. Jungkook was opening his door and looks at both of them. As he looks at the dead man in front of him, dozen different stories of what might have happened whilst he was not with them start to build up in his mind. Jimin could look behind Jungkook into his room, his eyes immediately searching for her. When he finds her, he can see that Y/N is lying on the bed with hand cuffs. She did not cry, but she does not look alright either. Her eyes looked blank, they did not look as she was in fear nor were in her eyes any kind of emotion. He looks away quickly towards Jungkook as he realizes he looked too long in her direction. 

“What the fuck is going on here?” The man was still bleeding from his throat and his face was facing the floor. There was no blood on Tae, not even on Jimin. He did not know who did what until he sees the bloody knife in Tae’s hand. 

“That is one of those I told you about. He was probably looking for her.”, Tae explains. 

“What makes you so sure that he was looking for her?” 

“One plus one is two.” Tae says as he shows in the man’s direction with his knife. “He said he wants to test the doll and now he walks through the hall way at night? Seems suspicious to me.” Jungkook looks at Jimin and then at back to Tae.  

“The decisions are still made by me.” Little did Tae know that this guy was sent by Jungkook himself to spy on both. Jungkook wanted that someone is checking on them from time to time, but obviously he did something wrong and got caught. He starts to think that he might have figured something out and was killed because of it. 

“I know you are the one to call the shots, but what if he had attacked her whilst you sleep next to her? You would traumatize her with two killings in one day.” 

“I decide.” He sighs as he looks up and down on Tae. “But that was a good decision and I do not care about this thing here.” He moves his hands in the direction of the dead man. “Tell two of them to get him out of the house. Those who are supposed to clean the bedroom shall clean this mess too.” He walks back into his room to lay down next to her. She was still lying on her left side as he places himself behind her. He moves closer to her and pulls her closer by her waist at the same time to spoon with her. He takes the blanket to move it over them. 

“Since I want to make sure, you are not hurting yourself. You will need the hand cuffs on.”  

“I promised, I would not hurt myself.” 

“Your stomach says something else.” 

“It was an accident.” 

“An accident? I saw everything when I cleaned you before. Don’t lie to me! Even when they might look older, how am I supposed to know what you are thinking about.” He puts a string of her hair in between his fingers and starts to play with it. “What did you use to hurt yourself with?” She turns her head in his direction. 

“I used the wooden piece you left at my car.” 

“You knew it was from me?” 

“Anyone else you know with the nickname ‘Joker’?”, she said in an annoyed way. 

“You are so clever. I am glad to have you finally with me. I have waited so long.” He places a kiss on her cheek. “You should sleep.”, he says before he places another kiss on the back of her head. “Sweet dreams my beautiful one.” She waits until she thinks he is asleep before she tries to get up. She slowly moved his arm off her and goes to the door. “I would not do it if I were you!”, he says as he sits up. Her fingers started to shake as she turns back around in his direction, but she does not look at him. Her eyes were on her feet, she felt the fear which creates the goosebumps on her body. He places his thumb underneath her chin to make her look up. “Do I also need to put handcuffs around your ankles?” 

“No. I am just thirsty. Just let me get a water, please.” He turns away from her to go back to his bedside. 

“Everything here. No need to leave the room.” He opens the water bottle and hands it to her. After she had enough to drink, he takes the water bottle from her to place it on the top of the nightstand. He walks to his jeans which were lying on the floor next to the bed and takes out a key. He takes the key to lock the door before he brings it back to where he had it from. Afterwards he goes back to the bed and shows her with his finger to come closer. He opened the blanket and waited for her to snuggle herself on him. Then he covers her with the blanket. She lies on her left side again, her butt touching his hips. He sneaks his hand over her waist before he grabs it hard. “Before you leave the bed, you have to tell me. I told you that once before.” His grip on her waist started to hurt. “Do it one more time and I will kill Jimin.” With those words his hand moved away from her waist to her thigh. Her mind was racing as it was in a marathon with her heart. ‘Is it important to stay save or should I risk someone else’s life to be the one to survive?’, she thought. Never in her life she would have had thought like that, but these circumstances make her think about the ifs. She can feel his breathe on her neck, that is when the first tear dropped. 


Jimin was the first one up in the morning and already made himself and Tae some breakfast. He did not want to wake up Tae earlier than needed, therefore he brings the food to him. He made something easy, not too much but enough to satisfy someone’s need. “Tae, wake up. Breakfast time.”, he says whilst showing him the plate. 

“How late is it?” Tae could not believe that the night was already over.  

“Almost six am.” Jimin puts the plate down next to Tae. Tae stares at his plate with a reminding thought. A reminding thought which won’t leave him. 

“Did you prepare my food?”, he asks whilst taking the plate to inspect the look of it. 

“Why so suspicious?”, Jimin was confused by his reaction. “You don’t have to eat it. I can eat it too.” 

“If you prepared it, it will be fine.” Jimin bites his lower lip before he decides to go ahead. 

“Why are you so worried?” Tae takes a huge bite from his toast. “You pretend as I was about to kill you.”  

“The last time I saw toast on a plate, was when he drugged her.” Jimin does not know how to react and just looks at Tae. He can see that Jimin is struggling on how to handle the situation but before he could even say anything else the door swings open.  

“What else was in the hospital paper?”, Jungkook screams at Tae. He was clenching his hand on the doorframe as he waited for Tae to answer.  “Listen, she does not react to anything. But before she passed out, she bit her lip very hard.” Jungkook was out of breath even though his room was not that far away. “Was there something about dizziness, abdominal cramps or strong headaches?” Tae’s mind starts to race when he hears the symptoms. Those symptoms were not stated in the documents but those symptoms are known to him since he once used a kind of fluid to get those reactions from someone, he tested that said fluid on before. 

“Where is she?”, Tae asks as he puts the plate to the side. Jungkook took off towards the living room, both start to run after him. “What the hell happened?” Tae saw the blood on her lips, her face was pale. He did not lie when he said that she bit her lip hard. “Who did this to her?” 

Jungkook looks at Jimin. “You were the last one in the kitchen before she started to feel this way! Some members saw you in the kitchen before you left with two plates.” Jimin walks straight to Jungkook but before he could say anything Tae got between both.  

“Do you seriously think he did that?” Jungkook’s eyes were clued on Jimin. Jimin knows he must stand his ground right now, otherwise Jungkook will kill him. 

“I seriously considering killing you today.” Tae takes Jungkook by his upper arm and drags him back to Y/N. 

“It does not look like something which was mentioned in the documents. Look!”, he says as he showed to the little black bottle on the table. “Jimin, lay her on the couch.” Jungkook calls someone from his crew to him. 

“You prepared the food, right?”, Jungkook asks the one of his members who were in the same room as them. The man says that he has prepared the food but the water glass was handled to him. “Water glass?” Jungkook picks up the black bottle. “You brought the glass and you are too dumb to remember that you brought orange juice? Take a sip.” Jungkook holds the bottle directly in front of the man’s face. The crew member denies it until Jungkook steps next to him and holds it against his chest. “If you don’t drink it, I kill you.” As Jungkook’s crew member opens the bottle, Jimin walks closer to him to smell the bottle. “What?” 

“It smells like herbals, but with bitterness and a horrible disgusting smell at the same time.” Those words light up a lamp in Tae’s head. Jimin looks at Jungkook, who gives the man one more sign to drink it. A few seconds after he drank the liquid, his head was getting dizzy. He started to show signs of pallor sweating, his coordination started to lack. He realized that his heart is beating faster than usual.  

“She did not have such a strong reaction that fast.” Jungkook turns to Tae. “Tell me, do you think it too? Could it be nicotine poisoning?” Tae wanted to answer but something caught his eye. Her body started to move, but not in a good way. Tae turns her head off the couch towards the floor with the rest of her body still on it. Right on time it seems as she starts to vomit. 

“If it is, it wasn’t much. Her symptoms are not as strong as his.” Tae holds her hair back. “Whoever tried to, might have even tried to attack you.” Jungkook looks at Jimin before he takes him by his collar. 

“You little rat! Try to weaken me or what?” 

“I did not do it. Why should I do this?” 

“it is just weird, when something happens, that you are always near.” He pushes Jimin against the nearest wall and kicks him with his knee into his stomach. 

“I might have been in the kitchen alone, but the rest of the time I was with Tae.”, he says with a painful voice. Jungkook looks at Tae for approval of Jimin’s words. When Tae assured that it was true, he let’s go of Jimin. “Do you truly think that I would have risked her to be poisoned?” Jungkook ignores Jimin’s words as he turns to Tae. 

“Do you think it was really nicotine poisoning?” 

“I am not sure. The symptoms are here but I don’t know.” 

“We don’t have someone here who knows about detoxicating a body.” Jungkook touches her shoulder to comfort her since she starts to open her eyes a little. “She needs to rest. Take her back to the room, make sure to bring down to a normal level.” Tae picks her up and walks to the room. “Rat, help him. I won’t need you now.” Jimin makes his way to Tae to help him to clean her up whilst Jungkook walks towards the many voices which were getting louder. He passed the man who was close to death on his way to the voices without even to looking at him. Nicotine poising, even as a fluid would not mean always the death. It is usually rare to die on it, but he drank so much of it that Jungkook was sure that he won’t make it out alive. When he leans at the door to hear what they might be talking about, he can hear his members speak. Some topics were the usually stuff about everyday life within the crew, but one thing made him listen closely. They want her and Jimin dead. No matter how high the price would be, they even would sacrifice Tae. That was the point for Jungkook to call the shots. He pushes the door open and sees the last five members sitting around the table discussing. The man who just spoke was sitting directly opposite from the door. He jumped up as he saw Jungkook standing there with no movements. Jungkook’s stare is very intimidating for the most people. It becomes very uncomfortable when he just stands and stares. It feels like knowing that bad things are about to happen, a nightmare would be comparable to it. A nightmare which is as dark as the night in the forest and as quiet as a night might seem, something is watching and ready to attack. “I did not hear any disagreement.” Jungkook takes his gun out and shoots at them. He shot at them on purpose in a way which let them suffer for a few minutes at least, because he wants to see them suffer, he wants to hear the whimpers before he takes their weapons off of them. “Well, you cannot trust everyone. My doll means more to me than you punks.”, he says as he walks out the door. Closing it right after he walked outside. He walks to the dining table to put them down. He checks if they are loaded or empty. Somewhere loaded, some others were only half used. 

“What the hell happened?”, Tae says as he sees the weapons on the table. 

“How far can we trust Jimin?” Tae walks to the table to look at the guns. 

“I think we can trust him with little things. I think he learnt his lesson.” 

“Why were you beating him up?” Tae does not look up at Jungkook, but he still can feel the heat coming from him. Jungkook leaned on the table with his palm stretched out. 

“He wanted to check if everything is going right when he heard the screams of your show.” Jungkook walks over to Tae. “He had to learn not to intervene.” 

“So, you only did what you had to do?” 

“Yes.” He takes one of the guns in his hand. He wants to use it against him but what if his mind makes him fail. Jungkook could still have a gun on him, which would mean he might be killed before he takes the chance. The anger that was still in him from when he killed his sister, is still growing stronger. When Jimin told him that he might get away easily, he wonders if he would truly get the second chance at life. Does Jimin hold on to his words or is it just a trick by him. One thing he did not want to imagine, that would be Jimin being killed because of him. Tae starts to wonder if he had become weak and tired. He cannot find the reason within himself why he was not able to kill Jungkook.  

“Then inform him to get the bags into the car. We are moving.” Tae takes his time as he walks pass Jungkook. “What’s your problem Tae?” Tae continues his walk without paying a single thought to what Jungkook just said. “What is your problem Tae?”, Jungkook says one more time but louder. Tae stops his movement as he looks over his shoulder to him. 

“My problem? You are the one with a problem.” 

“What did you just say?” 

“You heard me.” Tae turns his body towards Jungkook who already had his hands in a fist. “You are the one with the problem.” He points at him with his finger. “The guys don’t want her around because they know she means trouble. They start to use their brain instead of following you. You shot those who were still in the house.” Tae licks his lips. “You are losing control.” 

“You want to say that I do not know what to do?” 

“All I am saying is, you are becoming last trustworthy. You shoot your members, why?” 

“The same reason you stabbed his neck.” Tae tilts his head but Jungkook had enough. “We are going to a little motel, not that far from here.” Jungkook passes him without saying another word. Whilst Jungkook was taking a shower, he feels as he is going crazy. ‘You are the one with the problem.’, that sentence does not leave him alone.  All he wanted, he got it. All he wished for, he worked for it. Now, he reached a line where he tells himself to focus. Focus on what is important and that brought him back to what he wanted. He wanted his revenge. 

Chapter Text

Y/N feels dizzy as Jimin puts her on the bed. “Y/N?”, he says as she tries to sit up again. “Just relax. You will feel better soon.” She feels too weak to answer him, her body doesn’t not feel like it is hers to control. Her throat feels dry, her mouth feels like it is on fire. The feeling of the cramps in her abdominal are awfully painful and breathing is very hard for her to do.  Jimin opens the water bottle and hands it to her. “You need to drink something.” She denies the water that Jimin is giving her. The fear that there might be something in the water, which could make her feel even worse, is too big but the thirst becomes even stronger than the fear. “Please, just a sip at least.” His heart starts to beat faster as he hears the door opening. The door was faster open than he could stand up. Tae is looking at them before he goes directly to the wardrobe. “Why are you storming in like that?”  

“We are leaving. I bring the bags to the car.” Tae picks three bags from the floor up and fills them with clothes.  “He said we will go to a motel.” 

“I heard some gunshots, did something go wrong?” When Tae looks at Y/N, it hurts him to see what a member of Jungkook’s crew has done to her. He used this poison on other people before but he has no clue about the treatment. When the bags are filled, he walks closer to Jimin. 

“I don’t know what is going on in his mind at this moment, but he shot them. Every single one of them.” He takes a deep breath before he looks at Y/N. “It is my fault. I told him a lie and now, they are all dead.” Jimin looks at him stressed. 

“Are you sure? You must be wrong.” 

“He has taken their guns from them. He put them on the dinner table and looked at them. I saw at least twelve on the table and some of them had blood on it.” 

“Which means, if the rest of the crew figures out that he killed them, they will hunt us too.” Tae nods in agreement. 

“They will for sure think that we turned him against his own crew. The other problem, we still have no plan on what to do with her.” Jimin sighs as he moves back to comfort her. “But I finally see him breaking down a bit. Which might could help us.” 

“What do you plan to do?” 

“The other house he was talking about, it is surrounded by almost just woods. Jungkook and I used to play there when we were kids. We were there once too, in case you remember.” Jimin starts to recall a house in the woods in his head but he has his doubt to know which one he is talking about.” There is one way to this old house, another one through the woods, one which leads back into the town and the other one to the house at the lake.” 

“I think I know which one you mean.” Jimin licks his lips as his eyes move from the floor back to Tae. “You seem to have something planned. Do you?” 

“Not really, but I think we could run off once he trusts us for a few minutes. It’s a bit risky but the easiest way.” 

“Where are the guns now?” 

“He probably put them in a bag. He will probably take them.” 

“It does not sound like an amazing idea. Plus, to that he has over ten guns! I have no gun on me, I would not even be able to defend her.” 

“Do you have a better idea or do you just want to wait and see?” Y/N’s stomach starts to hurt more with every sip she makes but her mouth starts to feel better with each sip. Her body produces enough saliva for her again to lick her dry lips. She looks at them with a hope to hear them, but everything seems so quite since the dizziness became stronger. She could hear, but it sounded like she could only hear a small amount of what she is used to. 

“Y/N, I will try, if I can to get you some medicine. I don’t know how, but maybe I find a way.” He pets her back. Tae was just about to leave with the bags when Jimin stops him. “Tae, wait one more second.” 


“Do you even remember any of the routes?”  

“I remember the routes barely, but we talk about it later. He probably takes a fast shower before we leave. I better get these bags in the car.” 

“Maybe there is a pharmacy on the way. We should try to get some medicine for her.” 

“What kind of medicine? Do you know how to treat her?”  

“I don’t. But she needs something for her body, I think maybe something for blood sugar and something against her sickness would help.” 

“Maybe there is a pharmacy near the motel… I hope that we are able to get something for her, but I doubt that.” 

“We only need something to stabilise her stomach.” Y/N starts to drink faster. She uses both hands to hold the bottle up, but the shaking of her fingers does not stay unnoticed. “Don’t drink too fast, you might throw it up.”  

“I am thirsty and I feel sick.”, she says almost whispering. I need looser clothes, those feel too tight.” Tae looks into one of the bags to pick some clothes which do look comfortable. 

“Thankfully I did not take your bag outside already.” He picks out the first thing he sees, a short jean and a loose t-shirt. “I hope that is loose enough.”  

“Thanks.”, she says as she grabs her t-shirt to take it off. Jimin turns away and looks towards the wall next to the open door. When Tae noticed that he was still looking at her, he turns back to the bags. 

“I’ll get the bags to the car.” The sound of steps is coming closer to their room and Tae takes a step towards the door with the bags in his hands before he suddenly stops. He stops in shock of seeing Jungkook in front of him so unexpected. Even though he heard him, he did not think that he was this close. 

“Are you guys still not ready?”, Jungkook says as he looks through the room. He tilts his head slightly when he looks at her.  “My doll does not seem to like what I have picked out for her this morning.” 

“I felt like I could not breathe, I needed something loose.” 

“Then hurry up, we do not have time forever. Are these the last bags?” 

“Only yours are still missing.” 

“I brought mine to the car already.” He can see that she is still struggling to get her skirt off. “Why are you avoiding her beauty instead of helping her?” Jimin looks up at Jungkook before he turns to her. “Help her get dressed.” Jimin tries to help her, but she only pushes him away from her. 

“I don’t need your help.” She gets up from the bed to pull her skirt down. “I don’t need anyone’s help. I am able to dress myself for many years. No one of you will be touch-” Without finishing her words, she collapses in front of them.  

“Y/N?” Jimin knees down next to her. “Y/N?” 

“She just needs to rest. Stop the worrying thing you do lately, it is getting on my nerves.” 

“I don’t think she will be alright if we wait much longer.” 

“Listen up, rat. It is rarely deadly. Does that get into your brain?” 

“Look at her! She is doing horrible.” Jungkook knees down next to him to take a closer look at her. 

“You better listen closely.” He starts to touch her hair. “If you take too much, it will kill you. If you take only a bit, you suffer from a few hours to a few days.” He turns to Jimin. “Get her dressed, we are leaving.”, Jungkook says before he gets up. 

“Don’t you prefer to let her rest first?” 

“Are you in charge, or am I?” Jimin swallows hard before he takes her hand in his. “Then you know the answer.” 

“If she is doing worse than what it shows,” He stands up to look into Jungkook eyes. “you have nothing against Yoongi then. What do you want to do then?” 

“We still have Tae.” Jungkook spares one more look at her before he walks to the car. In his mind he knows he plays a game with her health. Her body does not react in a way he has seen before, it could mean that the poisoning could take a few hours to leave her body but it also could mean that her body is too weak to heal itself naturally. Something tells him that it is not just the poison that makes her act the way she does. “I will drive this time. Give me the keys.” He holds his hand out to receive the car keys from Tae. A strange feeling is overcoming Tae, just by the way Jungkook moves and speaks. Something is on his mind and it looks like a plan both will not be informed about.  

“What will we do if she won’t feel better?” Jungkook does not response but his eyes say everything they need to say when he looks back at him. They showed confident mixed with anger. It was never a good sign to see both emotions at the same time in his eyes, they almost look arrogant. 

“Don’t ask too many questions. You know what to do if something goes wrong. We will make sure that it will be avoided as long as possible.” Jungkook gets into the car and puts the keys in. When Tae sees that Jimin is struggling to get her on the backseat, he helps him. As he helped him, he could feel something similar to flames on the side of his face and neck. When he moves his eyes to Jungkook, he realizes that he is studying their moves. They placed her so that her head is laying on his chest. When Tae tried to get into the car, he gets stopped by Jungkook. “There is something Jimin is hiding in one of his shoes. You better take it and throw it in the trash bin.” Tae looks at Jimin and holds a hand out for Jimin to give him the sim card. “Hurry.”, Jungkook says as he becomes impatient with his slow movements. “Don’t even dare to lie about it, both of you lied to me already once.” Tae’s face was a poker face. He shows no reaction to what Jungkook tells them. Jimin grabs down to his ankle to take the card and gives it to Tae, who takes it from him and throws it away. When he gets back to the car, he watches the expression of Jungkook with his side eye. Slowly Jungkook puts a gun in his jacket. Tae sees how Jungkook puts the gun away, but he wonders where he had hidden it before. The gun looked like the one he had in his hands, the one which was placed bloody on the table. He takes out the beeper for the gate and opens the gate with it. As Jungkook does not want to wait until the gate is closed again, he drives off quickly. In his mind he knows, he must be fast. If someone was outside, he would follow them. His eyes are looking in any direction, just to be sure that no one follows them. 


Jungkook did not say a word during the whole drive. It was the proof that Tae needs to know that he planned without him or Jimin. Tae wanted to ask already a dozen times, where he is driving to but his feeling told him not to. He only hoped that nothing comes up that might cause troubles. Y/N was moving against Jimin’s shoulder with a very pale face but with less painful expression, to sit more comfortably. She still feels too weak, to do anything. Speaking is thankfully not needed at the moment but she is happy that at least the headache starts to go away completely. Jungkook stops the car on a parking lot at a grocery shop and parks a bit more in the back. “Tae, do you still have money on you?” 

“Not much, but I got some.” 

“Get enough that we could need for today and tomorrow. We will be waiting here.” Tae nods and gets out of the car. When Tae enters the store, Jungkook looks in the rearview mirror. He moves the mirror to have Jimin on full display. When he got his mirror ready, he moves his finger on his lower lip a few times before he sighs. “Jimin, the guy who was killed in the hall way. He saw something that he should not have seen, am I wrong?” Jimin was shocked to hear that he knows. He wonders who might have given him the information. That Tae might be the one to tell him about it, that is something he does not want to believe. Tae is not someone who would betray someone easily, but on the other side he pretends to betray Jungkook the last few days.  

“You mean the sim card?” Y/N’s eyes felt so heavy that she has to close her eyes again as soon she opens them. Slowly she moves away from him towards the car door on her right. The cool window helped her to stop this feeling of feeling overheated. The tension in the car stays unnoticed by her since the pain in her body is uncomfortably overwhelming her. “I took it for Tae. I wanted to be sure that he can check on his cousin.” 

“I am also informed that one of you talked with Yoongi.” One thing is for sure now, someone must have told him about the conversation they had. The other question is, how much is Jungkook informed. 

“He took Jin’s phone, that is why we spoke with him.” 

“But you decided not to say a word and you warned him not to come.” He can see that Jimin does not get nervous at his words. Usually he would start to lick his lip or hem before answering, this time he shows no signs of it at all. 

“I did not mean to say nothing. Just thought it would not be necessary to mention it.” 

“Not necessary? That is how you think about it.” Jungkook starts laughing. “It might have shortened the time to play with Yoongi, but at least we could have started.” Jimin puts a hand on her forehead.  

“Jungkook, she feels warm as she would have a fever.” Jungkook can see that Tae is leaving the store. He walks quickly back to their car and his eyes are shortly fixed on a car on the parking lot. Jungkook does not recognize it since his eyes are back on the rearview mirror. 

“You got everything?” he asks as he looks at him. 

“Yeah, I even found some pills she could suck on. Those pills are for a low blood sugar, I guess that will happen sooner or later. The food should be enough for the two days.” Jungkook starts the motor and corrects his mirror. Tae gives the pills to Jimin and Jimin starts to unwrap one piece. 

“Y/N, take one.” She can feel that he takes her by the upper arm to turn her in his direction. He opens her lips but she refuses to take it. Y/N does not speak a word nor does she have enough power to push him away strong enough. Therefore, he moves closer to her. “It will make you feel better, don’t think too much. Just take one.” She shakes her head as she leans back against the car window. “I see that you don’t feel better yet, maybe you can give it a try at least.” She shakes her head once again and leans her head against the headrest as she pulls the knees to the car door. Jimin moves to the back of her so that she leans on him. When she tries to move away, he takes her in a strong grip. “Take it or I will force you to!” The sound of Jimin’s voice was not just surprising to her, it also surprised the other two to hear him speak like that. She closed her eyes and leans against his shoulder. Jungkook’s driving style does not help him to hold her in place. 

“I will not take anything you are giving me.”, she says before she presses her lips close. It was making him mad that she does not want his help. He takes the pill between his two fingers and with the other hand he presses her cheeks with his thumb and forefinger. It is a shock to her to feel someone so sudden on her face, she gapes her mouth and widens her eyes. Jimin took the chance to put the pill inside her mouth and keeps her mouth shut with his hand while the other one holds her hands down.  

“Sorry, but if you would have just taken them, I wouldn’t need to have done it that way.” He keeps his hand in front of her mouth to make sure she does not try to spit it out. She notices that one of his fingers is reachable with her teeth. Y/N takes the chance and bites him. “You! That hurts!” He lays down on the backseat with her on top of him, still his hand in front of her mouth but slightly away from her lips. Tae can feel the tension that comes from Jungkook. Jungkook is not saying a word, he only keeps looking repeatedly into the mirror. 

“What’s going on?” 

“I am not sure but I think someone found us, I guess.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Am I seeing wrong or is that Yoongi in the white car behind us?”, Jungkook asks. Tae immediately takes a look to the white car. It looked like Yoongi and Jin. Yoongi must have lied when he said he will not come to close, Tae thinks. In his mind he is questioning himself if he should admit or deny the truth that he has seen Yoongi. 

“Yeah, that must be him.” Tae says with a deep calm voice. “When did they start to follow us?” Tae saw the white car in the parking lot at the store but he thought it is better to keep walking instead of figuring out if it is really Jin who is sitting in the passenger seat. He said nothing to Jungkook with the hope that they would not risk to follow. For sure Jungkook will try to get to Yoongi but his actions do not show that he is about to do any of it soon. Jungkook drives faster than allowed but not too fast to get the attention of the police. Even after minutes, Yoongi was still stuck behind them. “Tae, take my phone and call him.” Jungkook takes his phone out of his pocket and gives it to Tae. He starts to dial his number. 

“Yoongi?” Tae puts the phone on loudspeaker.  

“Did not think to see me this soon, huh?” 

“Your sarcasm is something I missed.”, Jungkook says as he looks into the rearview mirror. “Here is my deal, let’s set up a meeting for tomorrow. “ 

“So, you don’t appear again?” He can hear that Jungkook is taking a deep breath to calm himself. “Or do you want to hide?” 

“I never hide. I thought you learnt.” 

“I did. You didn’t. You can run, but not hide, Jungkook.” 

“You truly believe you call the shots here?” 

“This is between you and me. Leave her out of it! That is my only request.” Jungkook starts laughing at him.  

“Why do we have to be like that?” Yoongi’s anger was on a rise. “Tomorrow at ten in the morning, let’s meet at the old natatorium.” 

“I don’t believe a single beep you’re making. Why don’t we drive there now?” 

“I don’t do what others tell me to do. You do what I tell you, otherwise... I mean I have some nice ideas with my doll.” 

“Keep your fingers from her!” 

“Too late, she feels really nice. It would be sad to not use such a pretty thing.” He tries to mock Yoongi to a point that he agrees to meet up, but he is not having any of it.  

“I am going to kill you! Dare to do it one more time!”, Yoongi screams through the phone. 

“Then you do not give me another chance.” Jungkook starts to speed up and makes a few passing maneuvers before he makes a U-turn. Yoongi on the other hand had one problem, he was locked between cars. There was no chance for him to follow Jungkook. “Goodbye Yoongi.”, Jungkook says as Tae hangs up the phone.  

“Are you still planning to go to the motel?” 

“Jimin, maybe you should start to think why I made a U-turn or why you are the only one asking.” 

“I am asking because she needs to rest.” 

“Stop worrying about what is mine and worry about yourself more.” Jimin puts his arms around her to pull her into a protective hug as he tries to sit up with her in his arms. 

“We are driving to the other house instead.”, Tae clarifies. “We will let her rest at least for a few hours.” Y/N starts to feel safe in Jimin’s arms, the way he holds her makes her think about Hoseok. If something bad happened, he would hold her like that too. Sometimes even a kiss on the top of her head would follow. Questions about Hoseok’s well-being is crossing her mind, is he as worried about her as she is worried about him, is one of the questions in her mind. Another question in her mind is, if she must tell Hoseok what happened when she pretended to be his doll. She starts to ask herself how strong his love is for her. Then her mind was filled with questions about Yoongi. When he let her go a few months ago after treating her like a queen, protected her as good as he could, why would he care now after he broke things up with her in the way that he did. She always hoped to have another chance with him, but destiny had its own plans it seemed. Time even showed her that Hoseok is the one in her heart, but why is Yoongi coming into her mind so often lately when she says to herself that there is nothing, she feels for him now. A few tears are making their escape from her eyes and land on Jimin’s shirt. He notices the tears but he says nothing as he leans his cheek on top of her head to comfort her even more. She still wonders if she can trust him or if he plays his own game. Something was odd about him that she just could not figure out. Maybe he even planned something with Jungkook. Theories and more theories start to fill her mind. She asks herself if she is going crazy or if she will have to play the role of being Jungkook’s doll even longer. Now, Jungkook is not the only one to mistrust the others. Somehow Tae’s feeling is telling him to risk it all and to take her and run, he knows he must help her somehow but how without getting the attention from Jungkook. He does not want to wait until they would meet up with Yoongi. He only hopes that this will not make it worse for any of them. At the next red traffic light, he can see a grin grow on Jungkook’s face. 


“Leave the bags in the car for now. Let’s see how long we will stay.”, Jungkook says as he gets out of the car. He picks up the vase next to the front door and takes the key and unlocks the house. Tae tries to help Y/N to get out of the car, but she declines. Jungkook smirks on what he sees and walks inside the house. 

“Don’t be like that. I just wanted to help you.” Tae’s eyes were angry about her rejection but his hands were still holding out in case she would drop over because of exhaustion one more time. “Why are you like that?” 

“I don’t know what to do nor what I should believe. I don’t even know who I can trust from you.” The tears run down her cheek quickly. “Who knows what he has planned when you two are not having any information about it.” 

“Y/N, I understand how you feel but-”, Jimin gets interrupted by her. 

“No, you have no clue! The way he killed him, the way he behaves when I am alone with him... You have absolutely no clue!” 

“Don’t be so loud or do you want him to hear us?” Jimin scratches his head as he turns to Tae. Tae did not know how to handle the situation either, but he goes back into the car to look for something. He opens the door pocket and rummages through the stuff. “What are you looking for?” When Tae found what he was looking for, he takes it and shows it to Jimin. “What are you planning to do?”  

“What is that supposed to be good for?”, Y/N wonders. Tae takes the handcuff and puts it on her right wrist, the other half on his left wrist. 

“I promised Yoongi that I will protect you. If he is this horrible to you, well then he must share you with me.”  

“What do you mean?”, Y/N whispers. 

“I have no clue where the key for these handcuffs are, which means he can’t touch you or whatever he wants to do because I am attached to you.”  

“That is stupid! What do you want to tell him?”, Jimin asks as he checks the door, just in case Jungkook is comping back out.  

“I will think about something.” Whilst Tae and Jimin look at each other, Y/N stares at the handcuff on her wrist. “Let’s get inside first.”  

“What if-” Her words are getting interrupt by an impatient Jungkook standing at the front door. 

“What takes you so long?” His eyes immediately are directed at the handcuffs. Jungkook holds the door open until everyone is inside. With a fast movement he pulls Y/N and Tae back by the handcuffs as they passed him. 

“What are you doing?” Jungkook pulls Tae against the wall with his forearm on his neck.  

“Why are you in handcuffs when you know exactly that this is something I am against? You like to test me lately too much.” 

“What’s the big deal? At least she cannot run away.” 

“You truly think that such a little thing could run away unnoticed?” 

“That is not what I meant!” 

“Is that so? Then how did you mean it?” He moves his arm away from his neck and takes off his jacket which he places on a chair. 

“She is more than frightened. Who knows if she even thinks or if she rashes without thinking.” 

“You made my decision even easier.” He grins at Jimin before he leaves the room.  

“Jimin-”, Tae tries to speak but Jimin is not able to take in anything else. Jungkook just gave him the sign, the Joker sign. In this case it could mean two things but one thing is for sure, both end up with death. 

Chapter Text

Silence fills the room as Y/N and Tae keep their eyes on Jimin. Slowly and soullessly Jimin walks towards the couch to sit down. The attempts to get the attention of Jimin is almost worthless. There is not much Jimin can do to change the mind of Jungkook. Either Jimin runs and risks their life or he tries to fight and gives his up. Both sound like the Joker’s promise will happen either way. Y/N pulls Tae to the couch by the handcuff which is still connecting them. He cannot look at Jimin, he does not want to except the fact of what just happened. The worries about his friend, the last friend he truly has, has received the sign. He knows, once you got that sign, there is no way out of this mess. If Jungkook means to kill him, he will hunt him until he has him, if he should decide to run away. The other thing is, how can he be sure that he will not torture him in any way. Tae tries to keep a poker face even though on the inside he feels as his organs have been twisted. Y/N is more than confused about Jimin being suddenly so quiet. Jungkook has just walked outside to speak with someone on his phone whilst he leaves them alone in the living room. When Y/N looks out the window she can see him standing there, with a grin on his face. Tae noticed that her eyes are stuck in one direction. As he turns to the direction she was still looking at, he can see that Jungkook’s grin disappears as soon as their eyes meet. When Jungkook’s grin disappeared completely he turns his back to them. They could see him, but they could not hear him. “Tae, why is he not saying some thing?”, Y/N asks with her eyes fixated back on Jimin. When Tae does not answer her, she gets up quickly but gets dragged back down even faster on the couch by the handcuff.   

“Jimin.” Jimin does still not react to Tae, who has been calling out his name a few times by now. Jimin said nothing since Jungkook gave him the Joker sign. He knows that it ends up badly for him, but he wonders if he still can help her or if he will force her to watch whatever he has planned for him. “I will help you as much as I can.” Jimin starts to shake his head as one corner of his lips goes up for a few second. He bites his lower lip too hard that it start s to bleed. He turns his body towards Tae, in his mind he did not know what kind of expression he should show on his face. He tries to keep it cool even with the acknowledgement that his clock might be on the countdown.  

“You cannot help me, not even I can help myself right now.”, Jimin confesses. “I am not even able to call Namjoon to tell him that I am about to be killed and that we need a new plan.” He rubs his palms against each other as his eyes wander to her knees and up to her face. “I am sorry, Y/N. I... I mean that...” He could not find the right words to say as he stutters an apology. She places her left hand on his knee as a sign that he is not alone in this mess. 

“How could he even know about the card? I did not see someone else next to that guy...” Tae’s theories lead to nowhere and it always ends up at the same conclusion. His mind was like a machine, it rotated like in madness.   

“He had the bedroom door open.”, Y/N says quietly before she looks at Tae over her shoulder. “Just a bit, but he heard it all.”  

“What did you just say?”  

“He heard it himself.” She takes a deep breath before her eyes wander to Jimin. “When this guy opened your door, Jungkook saw you on the bed with the card in your hand. The man at the door was send by him, to spy on you. That was the reason why this guy was so loud, so that he could hear him. Therefore, he heard it all.” Tae rolls his eyes as he hears the technique, he had used on them. “He said also that you both are on his list, but he doesn’t know with who he will start with yet. Before he killed that man, he asked me with who from you I want to play with first.” For a few seconds no one says a word. Jimin and Tae look at each other as both realize they messed up.  

“What did you say to him?”, Tae asks almost stuttering. His eyes moving lazily in her direction.  

“That I only want to play with him .”, she sighs. “I did not choose any of you.” Jimin takes her hand in his.  

“He decided for me, Y/N. I am first.”, Jimin says with a sadness in his voice. “I don’t know what he means with playing but I hope it is not what I am thinking of.” Jimin licks his lips and pushes her hand off his knee. He walks away to get away from both of them.  

“I should have put the handcuff on yours, not on my wrist-” Jimin shakes his head as he stops walking at the same time. He turns around to look into their faces with his hands in his pockets.  

“It would not matter, the one who would not have a handcuff on his wrist would have been first.” Her eyes start to fill with tears. The imagination got the better of her, she wants to ignore it but it is just too strong. “I just cannot figure out what he is planning...”, Jimin says as his mind starts to drift off. Y/N moves her body in Jimin’s direction with her eyes on his eyes . She can see that he tries to contain his emotions, but his eyes showed the anger, the frustration which starts to build up inside of him. They were usually filled with confidence, cockiness and arrogance, it is all gone by now.  

“I have no clue either. I wished I would know with who he is talking to on the phone. If it would be Yoongi , he would have not left us alone.” They can see Jungkook in front of the window as he walks up and down whilst he is on the phone. His back is still turned to them. Jungkook puts one hand into his pocket whilst he keeps walking up and down. That is the sign Tae was waiting for. This sign means that he just decided for a new plan. He mostly put only one hand into his pocket when he made his decision for a plan of which he is more than sure to get through with.  

“He would not walk up and down either, if it would be Yoongi.”, Jimin says. Tae’s face froze for a second before he licks his lips. He turns his body more towards Jimin. “What are you thinking of?”  

“The crew.” For a second, he looks at her before he looks back at him. “Maybe they wanted to get to the house? I know they check on each other if they don’t hear from each other. They don’t do it all the time, but may be they did it this time. ” Tae gets up to walk to Jimin and takes him by his shirt and drags him out of sight from the window. Y/N tries to keep up with the speed of Tae’s walking. When he feels that they are in a safer spot, he lets go of his shirt.  

“That means they might want to come here. Is that what you are trying to say?”  

“If they see what happened at the other house , we are dead meat. If they also have the information that we are hiding here at this moment, they might come to this place.” He looks at her hand for a second before he takes her hand in his. “We might be in more troubles than we thought.” Y/N's eyes move along his arms to the fingers which are connected.   

“We have to be even more careful.”, Jimin declares. “No matter under which circumstances, don’t let him take these handcuffs off from you. It is the only way we can make sure that she is watched by one of us at any given time.” When the front door opens Jimin walks quickly into the kitchen.  

“What are you two standing around for?”, Jungkook asks. He seemed to have not seen Jimin standing next to them as he does not look in the direction Jimin left to. “I thought she needs to rest.”  

“She does. I did not find the right place for her yet.” Jungkook walks up to her to hold her face in his palms. The way he holds her face, forces her to look directly into his eyes.  

“If he wants to play, let him. He deserves something for his work, don’t you think?” His thumbs are moving up and down her throat whilst the other fingers are on the back of her neck. She nods at his words. “Good girl.”, he says as he pecks her lips. His lips were still touching hers as he looks at Tae who is not looking at them. “Believe me, she’s fun to play with.” , he says to him with a grin on his face. Tae starts to walk away from him but her face is still in his grip again which forces him to wait for her. Jungkook smirks as he moves closer to her ear. “I will check at your door. I will not come in but I want to make sure you do your job. I know he is a loud one, so make sure you do well.”, he whispers. Her eyes wander to Tae who can see that her face becomes pale and that her eyes become emotionless. Jungkook moves his hands away from her and puts them in his pockets as he places a few kisses beneath her ear. When Tae notices that her face expressions changes even more, he grabs her hand harder and drags her upstairs away from him. Tae started to walk the stairs faster and faster until they were almost running. Jungkook watches them walking upstairs until they are out of sight. Tae walks along the hallway until he sees a door on the left. With a fast movement he opens the door and drags her into it.  

“What did he whisper into your ear? Tell me! ”, he says as soon as he closed the door. “Did he want something from you?”  

“He wants me to entertain you.” Tae’s eyes widen for a moment before disappointment showed on his face. “I should let you play with me if you want to.” 

“This...” He puts his hand on her shoulder and lowers himself to be on the same height as her. “I will not use you.”  

“You heard it yourself. I am fun to play with.”, she says emotionless.  

“How can you be so okay with that?”  

“I am not okay with it at all. I told you before, I want to make it out of here. I don’t care how often I will have to do this if that brings me closer to get back to Hoseok .”  

“I don’t want to... I cannot do it...”, Tae says as he walks with her to the bed. “I will not make you have sex with me. I won’t hurt you, I promised that to Yoongi . I don’t break my promises.”  

“He does not have to know about this.”  

“He will figure it out eventually.”  

Jungkook sa id he will check on the door if he can hear you, since he knows you are a loud one.” Y/N’s eyes look at her feet. “It just does not make any sense.” , she sighs.  

“Nothing makes sense that he does lately.” , he adds to her words.  

“That is not what I meant.” He narrows his eyebrows when he searched for her eyes. “He said he does not like that someone else is touching me. How come he wants me to do this with you?” These words made everything clear to see for Tae . It is exactly what he thought, he will do.  

“It is a test for me then.”, he says as quiet as a whisper. He swallows hard on the thoughts ringing through his mind. “He wants to know if I take what’s his.” Y/N eyes widen as she starts to understand the new game Jungkook has started. “That means he cares more about you, than he wants to admit. Which we could use-”, he stops his sentence as he can hear some noises coming from the downstairs. Their heads immediately turning to the door. Tae gets up and walks to the door to unlock it. The more noise become hearable, the clearer it becomes that it involves only Jungkook and Jimin. Only groans and Jungkook's yelling are hearable.  

“What is going on?”, she asks. Tae does not answer but he holds a finger on his lips to show her to be quiet. They walk carefully out of the room and down the stairs. The sound of a fist fight was clear to hear, when Tae can see around the corner, he sees that both of them are attacking each other. It's kind of relax ing for him to know that he did not call for backup from his crew, but he still does not understand why they would have a fist fight in the kitchen. “Tae, stop them!”, she begs him as she touches his upper arm. When they stand in the middle of the kitchen, Tae noticed that Y/N is not strong enough to see what’s going on. He turns her so that her head is on his chest and his right hand covering the side of her face. Tae cannot stop them, even if he wants to. If he would try, it means he would have to pick a side. Therefore, he stands there quietly whilst she tries to get out of the grip in which Tae is holding her in. Her whimpers do not stay unheard by Jungkook. He looks into the direction of her whimpers, what he sees is what he does not like to see. He lets the anger which is building up inside him, out on Jimin.  

“I thought you are going to have some fun time. Isn’t she pretty enough for you?”, he says as he punches into Jimin’s stomach whilst he keeps him in a headlock. When Jungkook lets go of him, Jimin tries to stand up straight but he drops down on one knee. The painful groans of Jimin sounded as he barely had anything left in him. Y/N fears for the worst. The fear is taking over the control of her body, she tries to fight Tae to get out of his grip stronger, but he is too strong for her. Tae whispered a few words to her, which Jungkook cannot hear. Those words calm her a little, but she still wants deny what is happening at this moment. The tears start to fall down from her face onto Tae’s shirt, every punch she hears makes her fear Jungkook more each second. Jungkook grabs Jimin’s hair and places a kick with his knee on the side of his jaw line. Jimin falls to the ground as his lips starts to cover up in blood. His face had scratches from the rings Jungkook is wearing on his fingers. The wounds on Jimin’s body were surrounded by blue and violet, some even reddish and bloody. His white t-shirt is ripped, the shirt’s color is not white anymore. It has bloody and sweaty stains all over it . The t-shirt sticks on him like a second skin. He lies on his right shoulder with his left hand in front of his face, every inch of movement is painful. Jimin tries to get back up, but it takes time for him to get back up. Jungkook wipes his lower lip with his thumb before h e turn s to Tae. “I asked you a fuckin’ question.” The closer Jungkook comes the more she starts to cry. Tae starts to walk backwards out of the kitchen to keep a distance between them. Jimin sees the shaking of her body, but he only made it back on his knees by now. Jungkook follows Tae for a few steps until he sees a kitchen towel on the kitchen counter.  

“That’s not it. You were just too loud.”, Tae lies. “How can I enjoy something like her when I hear you two?” Jungkook laughs whilst he takes a kitchen towel to wipe Jimin’s blood off him. “She is yours, not mine to use anyway.” Tae takes a short look at Jimin, but the short look was enough to see that it was planned by Jungkook. He wanted to have Jimin for himself, to be interrupted by them was for sure not planned. “What was that for anyway?”  

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”  

“Since when do you share a beauty like her?” Jungkook throws the kitchen towel away and walks towards her again. Tae was not walking backwards this time. “That you share the girls with others, especially with me is nothing new. But her?” Tae picks her head up with his index finger. “Isn’t she too pretty to be destroyed by me?” Jungkook smiles as he grabs her shoulder to turn her to face him.  

“Is that so?” His eyes go up and down her body before they stuck on her face. “I can only see trash, trash which once belonged to Yoongi .”, he says as he takes her by the hair to look up. She opens her mouth and whimpers from the pain of Jungkook’s grip. “She is only a body to play with. Don’t you think I would have given her another name, if she would mean more to me?” Y/N’s tears are running down her face. “Oh, my little doll. Did I hurt your feelings? Should I make you feel better, hmm?” She does not response to his words, but the fear in her body is still there. “Both of you, wait right here.” Jungkook says as he let’s go of her. He walks out of the room without sparing a look on any of them. They could hear the front door opening and closing. Tae looks to the window with a hope of a chance to might follow him with his own eyes to watch what he is doing. As soon as he was gone, Jimin pulls himself up by a table which stands nearby him. Jimin places his left arm in front of his stomach as he tries to stand up. The pain felt like a thunder which goes through his body whenever he moved. Tae wants to speak with him badly but he does not know for how long they will be alone , to have a chance to speak. Jimin can see the worries on Y/N’s face and it hurts him to not be able to take the worries off her.   

“I hate this bastard.”, Jimin says with heavy breathing whilst he leans over the table . Tae opened his mouth to answer but he stopped when he heard the front door opening again.   

“I had some time on my hand to go through the annex. Look, what I found.”  he says as he shows them a bolt cutter. As he walks up to them, he unlocks the bolt cutter. “You better hold still, I do not want to damage my doll.”   

“What are you planning to do to me?”, Y/N asks as she fears for the worst.  

“Is my doll scared?” When he stops in front of her, Tae pushes her behind him. “Are you scared that I would hurt her?”  

“No, but she is scared enough. No need to keep pushing her to the edge.”  

“The edge is in most cases a cliff which you should not come to close to. Don’t you think she is too close to the cliff already?”  

“Even if, she’s scared.”  

“Show me your handcuff.” Jimin’s eyes immediately move to Tae.  


“Did you just say no?” Jungkook’s clenches his jaw. “Give me your wrist!”  

“Think about it, do you really want to risk her running away? How should we find her if she gets away to t he woods ?”  

“Why are you so sure that she would run into the woods, huh?”  

“I am not sure, but just ask yourself if. I mean, look at her. She would probably run along the road anyway.”  

“Exactly. This dumb bitch is too scared to think. Now, for the last time, show me your wrist!” Tae thinks for a second to fight him, but being handcuffed to her, it would make it hard for him to do. Once the handcuffs are cut off of him , he turns to Y/N. “Your turn, doll.” She shakes her head to tell him she won’t let him do it . “Show me your damn wrist!”, he yells at her. Under tears and in fear she shows him the wrist with the handcuff on. A second before he tries to cut hers open, she moved. He takes her by the upper arm and pushes his finger with a force on her skin. The grip is painful and her eyes immediately looking for his. “Play by the rules, otherwise you could lose a finger or two .” He moves the bolt cutter back in place but she just keeps shaking. “Tae, hold her.” Tae stepped behind her immediately and hold her lower arm with both hands as he tries to calm her with his voice. “The next time you break the rules, I will hurt you badly.” His eyes went to Tae who just moved his arms off her. “Listen up, that trash is my doll. If I tell her to do something, she has to fulfill it. Did you forget that, Tae?”  

“I didn’t forget . I never do.  

“Good. I almost thought you are forget ting about the rules.” His head moves in the direction of Jimin. He takes slow steps until he reaches the table. Jungkook places the item on the table in front of Jimin as he watches his reaction. Jungkook keeps looking down at Jimin with a disgust on his face. “I am not done with you yet. I will continue another time.” When Jimin makes eye contact with Jungkook, he can feel that his aura is giving worse than bad vibes. “Take a damn shower, you look pathetic.”, he says as he puts his jacket back on. “ And you two, s tay where I can see you. No one is leaving this house.” That Tae is moving his hands up and down her upper arms, is something that makes his anger rise again. He walks to them only to drag her to the side by her wrist. “You had your chance. If you touch her in any kind of way again, I will let you know what I think about it.” Jungkook’s and Tae’s face were only a few inches away from each other. Tae starts to smirk.   

“If she is just trash to you, how come that I am not allowed to damage her for good?” Jimin has just reached the first floor as he leans against the wall to hear their conversation. The strategy that Tae is using is new to Jimin. Jimin hopes that Tae is playing smart, one wrong step and it could be the final straw.  

“Because she is my trash, what I have planned for her, is none of your business.” Tae’s smirk disappears as his face turns angry. “What do you want to do about it, huh?” Now Jungkook was the one with a smirk on his face. Tae licks his lips aggressively before he moves a step back.  

“I will watch. There will be a moment when you cannot see her, then I will take real good care of her. Just like I did to all the girls before they died.” He turns his head to Y/N. “I could make her my bitch in a second, since we both know, girls never get enough from me.” Jungkook laughs for a second before he pushes Tae. The force Jungkook uses is pushing him to the ground, he moves quickly to put his hands on Tae's neck. Tae kicks Jungkook to get out of his grip and luckily, he landed a good placed kick. He gets back up on his feet to punch in Jungkook’s face a few times. “After everything you did to me, after everything you said to me. I don’t even feel sorry.” Jungkook checks if the punches did cut his skin open. When he does not see any blood, he jumps at Tae which makes him fall on the ground painfully. Jungkook takes him by his shirt to hold him slightly up. Both of his hands are holding his shirt tightly.  

“Jungkook, please! Stop!”, Y/N begs. “You’re hurting him.” Jungkook only laughs at her words to not hurt Tae. She tries to drag Jungkook away by his upper arm to move him, but he only moves her arm away. When he realizes that she won't stop, he gives her one hard push and she falls to the floor. She slowly crawled backwards in disbelief that he starts to show his true face now. Y/N knew his true face will be similar to a heartless monster, but he seems to be worse than she expected him to be.  

“I don’t know why you think you have something against me in your hands, Tae. But try me only one more time.” Jungkook puts one hand off him to take the gun out of his jacket. “Actually, I have enough of you. It is time for you to s h u t u p.” He moves the gun a bit more in the middle of his forehead. "Let's have some real talk .” He looks for a second over his shoulder to see Y/N whimpers followed by her begging to let go of him. “ You better start to tell me , why I should not kill you now?”  

Chapter Text

Jimin is fighting with himself at this point of either rushing downstairs or to pretend to not have heard anything. He tries to take a look to see how seriously the fight has become. He touches the wall as he moves closer to keep his balance. When he hears the click of the gun, a weird feeling appears inside of him. The idea of letting something happen to Tae if he could have prevented it, is not what he wants to live with. He tries to find Y/N but from his view, he cannot see her. Slowly he moves a bit more to have a better view. Now he sees the full scene and to his shock, he sees that Jungkook is holding a gun at Tae’s head whilst he holds him with his other hand on his shirt. Behind them, he sees Y/N. She looks as she is crying in fear on her knees with one hand in front of her mouth as she seems to be out of breath. One of Tae’s hands is on Jungkook’s wrist whilst he tries to keep himself balanced with his other hand. Jimin knows that Tae is usually able to calm Jungkook down. It is not the first fight he sees between them, but the first time that he hears those words coming from Jungkook. Fights between Tae and Jungkook are mostly handled quickly. Some punches here and some kicks there until both of them have calmed down. He hopes that he is right about this being such a typical fight and he hopes that it is not getting out of control. Jungkook always has been more aggressive to people close to him, but he would not kill them. At least he would have not done that personally. Tae on the other side has always been up for a fight if he stands in for something that he considers as the right choice. Without a good reason or just because of anger, he would have never started a fight. 

“Is there anyone else you could trust, huh? Do you think that there is anyone within the crew who would not turn on you if you pull this shit on them? You know me since we were kids.”, Tae screams at Jungkook. Jungkook looks once in Tae's right eye than into his left eye. “Kill me and your connection is gone. I am excited to see how you will get in touch with him once you are getting rid of me! Finding a replacement for me, won’t be easy either. Because there is no one else you can rely on. There is no one who would not try to get your spot, they all just want their damn money. But you and me, we have doing it for so many reasons and we have made it what it is today.” 

“No one else? No one else can replace you?”, he repeats his own words even slower than as he said before. “I would not be so sure about that.” Jungkook gets up and puts his foot next to Tae’s head. “I only need one thing.”, he says as he looks over at her over his shoulder. “Once I am done, I will change several things that I start to dislike.” With a fast movement he moves his leg to stamp on Tae’s chest twice. “You and me build it all up? Wrong. It was me! You are only my right hand who does those little things but I am the one who brought the money to my business. Don’t you get it Tae? You are nothing but a puppet. I know you too well to let you do the big things. See, I tell you what to do and you never questioned any of it. The past few weeks you question and suggest... It makes me think that you become eager to take control.” Jungkook kicks Tae one last time with a lot of strength which makes Tae cough. When Jimin sees what Jungkook is doing to Tae, he turns around to hide behind the wall once again. The aura which comes from Jungkook makes his skin scramble. “I can still send you to prison and pretend you did it all by yourself! I could also give you the choice of letting the crew have the last word with you, but we both know that they want your position and that your road ends there.” Jungkook looks to the stairs for a second before he looks back down. “I will turn them all on you, if you try to do something like this again! They are waiting like bloodhounds to do get the final go. Some of them already went to the house and saw the blood bath.” He starts to laugh devilishly. “Funny thing, they all thought immediately that you did it. Even though they dislike Jimin more than you. They mistrust you Tae, which makes me doubt that I can trust you either.” He puts his foot off him. “Of course, I told them that I am not aware that you did that, since I was not there when it happened. Guess what, they still believed me even though they know I am the only one who takes the gun from dead crew members.” Which was true. Crew members who broke the rules were killed by him directly before he takes the weapons off their bodies. When Tae or another high ranked member would have killed a crew member, the weapon would be on them until Jungkook takes it off them. They did it this way so that Jungkook could keep an eye on the number of members. Everyone is just a number until they have proven that they are worth to be a higher member within his crew. He moves his hands towards her. “Y/N, come here.” Her hands start to shake as she gets back up on her feet. When she walks to him, he moves his hand away before she can reach it. His hands move up from her waist to her shoulder until he takes her by the hair. He forces her to look at Tae. “Look at him. Do you want to know what I see?” He takes a deep breathe. “I don’t think that this guy will ever be able to look after you. He is definitely not even able to protect you.” He caresses her face. “Get up! I already found your replacement.” He places a kiss on the side of her neck. “If you behave well and you do not do anything stupid again, I’ll see what I will do with you, maybe you can change my mind and I keep you for my entertainment.” He licks his lip as the corner of his lip moves into a smirk. “You seem to have forgotten the rules, my pretty doll. Break one of the rules and you can choose who I am supposed to kill. Who will it be, huh?” Tears start to drop from her face as Jungkook stares at her like a hawk. „Don't cry now! You had the chance to prevent it.” 

“We are not done, Kook! Don’t distract yourself when we have still some unfinished business.” Jungkook knew in the second he heard his nickname, that Tae means what he is about to say. “You are seriously replacing me? You already planned everything behind my back? Are you fuckin’ serious? After everything you put me through, after what you did to my sister!”, he screams in frustration. Tae glares at him for a second before he attempts to swing at him, but Jungkook grabs Y/N to hold her in front of him like a shield. Tae stopped his movement in the last second. Jungkook shakes his head as he pets her head. 

“Well, well. Do you hit women now, Tae?” He puts his arms around her upper body. “Do you still think he means any good, Y/N?” He smiles at Tae as he feels he got the situation under his control again. “As the friendly friend I am, I will tell you why. You better listen closely, Tae. I planned to replace you since I know you two have history, I mean us. You remembered her when we found her under the bridge, didn’t you? You said no word to me at all. How should I have known by then how deep our history is? I mean in the end, it connects us three even stronger.” Y/N does not understand the situation. She also could not remember why she should know Tae or Jungkook. Tae looks familiar but she never recognized why he looks familiar to her. In her mind, she thought that he might look similar to someone she once knew. Someone she has not seen in a while. “Y/N, do you still not remember him? You do, don’t you?”  

“I cannot remember him and I don’t even know why I should. I only met you because of Yoongi. I met Tae because of you.” 

“I would understand why you would not know me anymore, but you should be able to remember him. He might have changed since the last time you saw him, but are you really sure that you cannot remember him?” His left hand is surrounding her throat. “Don’t you remember his sister?” She shakes her head. 

“Jungkook, stop.”, Tae says as the anger shows in his face. 

“It is just getting interesting.” Tae steps even closer to Jungkook. 

“Stop forcing her! She cannot remember us.” 

“Y/N, don’t you want to answer me?” He puts his hand underneath her jaw to make her look at him. “Don't you remember why you should know Tae?” 

“No, I don’t.”, she says with a shaking voice. “I really cannot remember. I only remember seeing you in the basement for the first time.”  

“You did not even see me in the club? Is that what you are trying to say?” 

“Maybe I have seen you, but I cannot recall any of it in my mind.” 

“Disappointing.”, Jungkook says as he shakes his head. He takes her hair away from her ear and whispers Tae’s sister’s name in her ear whilst his eyes are on Tae. Y/N’s eyes move to Tae for a second before she looks back at him. Tae hopes that she won’t show any other response on her face but he realizes quickly that Jungkook already read her face. Jungkook only looked at her with his side eye, but he does not need more to know what he wants to know. Her eyes show the fear as her lips open and close. They can see that she tries to say something but no word is leaving her lips. The name reminded her immediately on her former best friend from her childhood. That was the point which made her realize why he was so familiar to her from the beginning. She ignored the signs since she never wanted to believe that it is him. A sweet and shy boy turning into a man who helps someone evil. Someone who does not stop someone from doing the wrong things, but to someone supporting the acts of evil. The mole on his nose, the look in his eyes. Now, she realizes one detail after the other one that her friend’s brother used to have. The story that Jimin told her about the death of Tae’s sister, it starts to ache. Every little detail from her childhood is coming up and each single one hurts even more. The little girl she sees in front of her eyes has been killed by the same person who is now standing next to her. The memories are almost taking her breath away. Her fingers start to shake as she looks to the ground. 

“I see, you remember us. Perfect.” He takes her by the hand to walk upstairs. As Jungkook arrives upstairs, Jimin has been out of sight. Little did he know, that Jimin has been watching him walking pass his door with her. He waits a few seconds, when he decides to check on them. The closer he got, the more he can hear Jungkook’s voice, but not hers. Jungkook’s words sounded like empty threats to Jimin, but he could also hear kissing sounds. As she keeps quiet, he thinks that he will not hurt her. Therefore, Jimin walks back to the bathroom to wash his face clean before he heads downstairs. 

“Are you alright?”, Tae asks as he sees Jimin standing in the living room. “It did not look good for you. Let me see.” Tae takes a closer look on Jimin’s face as he shakes his head. “He got the best of you it seems.” 

“I feel like shit.”, Jimin says as he pushes him to the side to walk pass him to get into the kitchen. He takes a chair and looks at Tae. “Whilst I was gone, you really had to go for it huh?”  

“What do you mean?”  

“Your face does not look any better either.”, he says as he takes a seat. “I heard what happened. Everything. I was even able to watch a tiny bit” Whilst Jimin answers, Tae discovers something in the kitchen. “Why did you let him take the handcuff off you?” 

“What was I supposed to do? You were there when it happened. What would you have done?”  

“I would not have not let him take it off me.”  


“What do you mean with how?” Tae’s eyes were too focused on something on the kitchen counter behind Jimin that he does not pay any attention to Jimin’s words. “Are you even listening?” Tae just keeps walking until he stands almost in front of the one thing that keeps him distracted. 

“Forget what I said. Look at that.” Tae picks up a small pill bottle and shows it to Jimin. “I guess you know what they are?”, Tae asks as he gives Jimin the bottle. Jimin opens them and smells on them. “Do you think what I think?”  

“That those pills might be Rohypnol. Put one in a glass of water, just to be sure.” Tae takes a glass from the shelf and puts water into it. He takes the pills from Jimin to put one into the glass. 

“If that does not show that we might be right.” He shows Jimin the glass of water. “You cannot see any of it. I would not be surprised if he planned to use them on her again. Just like he did before.”  

“Rohypnol... Why would he use a raping drug when we are more than her?”, Jimin mumbles quietly but clear enough to hear for Tae. 

“Depending on what he plans to do. That will decide how much he will use and against who. He could knock her out from thirty minutes to a few hours.” Tae looks at Jimin. “I start to think that he wants to use it on us.” Jimin hands the bottle back to Tae. 

“So, he could take her away by himself.” Tae nods as he opens the bottle again.  

“We have to get rid of them somehow. Do you still have some placebos left?” 

“I do. But I would have to get my bag.” His eyes move to the stairs. “I hope he is not coming downstairs.” 

“I guess he won’t. He talked some shit to her. They will be too busy now, hurry.” Tae puts the bottle down and walks to the front door. The car is still unlocked as he opens the trunk. He starts to opens the first bag he sees quickly. As he opens the first bag, he sees the guns that Jungkook has taken from the former members. Tae takes one of the guns which is lying underneath the others. The bullets are in the inside pockets of that bag. He takes four bullets just to be on the safe side. Tae puts the bullets and puts them into the gun. As someone who handled guns before, Tae alleviates the gun before he puts it between his belt and his jeans. In the other bag has been only her clothes, but the third bag is the one he has been looking for. He takes those vitamin pills, snacks and the placebos to lay them down on the bags beside it. Tae looks towards the door to see if someone is coming out. When nobody came after a few seconds he looks up to the windows. The feeling of being watched did not let him go. His feeling has not deceived him. Tae can see at one window a light and a shadow. The longer he looked at it, the more it became clear – Jungkook watched him. Carefully he takes the placebos in a way that you cannot see them from Jungkook’s angle. Maybe Jungkook has not seen Tae taking the gun, but maybe he has only seen him doing something in the trunk. When Tae had everything, he closes the trunk and walks back in. “What took you so long?”, Jimin whispers. 

“I am not sure, but I think he saw me.” 

“Saw you at the car or saw you do something?” 

“I am not sure, but I could take one of those babies.”, Tae removes his shirt a little to show him the gun. “We have to get you one too, but I don’t know how yet.” 

“Good, at least you have one. Do you have the placebos?” Tae puts the snack on the table along with the placebos and the vitamin pills. “Let’s exchange them before he might come downstairs.” Before they could even start to work on their plan, the sound of a door takes their attention. When they hear someone coming down the stairs slowly. Jimin’s eyes turn to the placebos immediately. “Fuck!”, Tae curses quietly as he takes them to put them into his pocket. At first it seemed not to fit but thankfully it goes in smoothly at the end. 

“What are you doing? It is in the middle of the night. Shouldn’t at least one of you rest?”, Jungkook asks. 

“You are right, but I don’t feel that tired.” Jungkook’s eyes are focused on Jimin.  

“I am a little.” 

“Good.” Jungkook walks closer to the table to take a look what Tae has put there. “Vitamin pills and snacks?” 

“Yeah. I bought those in the store, maybe you should take some vitamin pills for her. I guess that from before will upset her stomach probably.” 

“I’ll bring her some, just to be sure.” He looks at the glass of water which is placed on the kitchen counter. “Why is this glass of water standing here when you sit over there?” 

“That is mine.”, Jimin says as he takes it to place it on the table in front of him. “Just forgot it.” 

“Right.” He looks suspicious at Jimin before he looks at the pills on the kitchen counter. “Who put a pill bottle there?” 

“We were just talking about it. We thought they belong to you.” 

“They don’t belong to me.” Jungkook takes the bottle to check the label. The label has something written on it, but it is hard to read. “Did you check on them?” 

“They have no smell.”, Tae says as he opens one of the snacks. “Smell them, they smell like a sweet nothing.”, he adds as he puts a snack into his mouth. Jungkook opens the bottle and smells it. 

“Rohypnol.” Jungkook looks for and backwards between Tae and Jimin. Both of them had no sign of lying on their face. “I will leave them here, but make sure to keep them here.” Tae nods as he watches Jungkook who takes two water bottles with him. Tae only looks at the snacks until he watches him taking some vitamin pills. 

“How she’s doing?” 

“Don’t know why it would matter to you?” Jungkook answers as Tae bites his lip. “Relax. I liked the idea with the handcuff. I handcuffed her to the bed, but this time I do have the key. No need for a bolt cutter this time.”, he winks at Tae as he walks away with a smile. 

“Too late to switch them now.”, Jimin sighs. 

“Not yet. Give me a little more time.” 

“You’ve got something on your mind?” 

“Bet your ass on it.”

Jungkook has been upstairs for at least an hour now with her. It has been very calm as the moon shines bright through the window. Tae and Jimin are in the kitchen still eating a snack as they plan their next move. Tae stands up and opens his belt. “What are you doing?”, Jimin asks. “Is this what I think it is?” Tae nods as he takes the SIM card from his belt. 

“This one is yours.”, Tae whispers as he hands him the SIM card. “Thankfully I have enough hiding spots on me.” 

“I thought you threw it away.” Jimin takes it and hides it back in his shoe. 

“I throw something else away to make it look like I threw your card away. We cannot lose the contact to them.” Tae looks upstairs for a few seconds. “Go into the bathroom and try to update them, I’ll wait here.” Jimin walks to the bathroom with a weird feeling in his guts. He switches the SIM cards quickly after locking the door. His phone’s battery is very low but one last phone call should work. As all the texts that he did not read yet, do pop up, one come to his view first. Yoongi’s text. 

Yoongi : I don’t know why you don’t answer any of us, but answer us you punk! 

Yoongi: I am watching you four. I prepared some pills in the kitchen. Your police brain will tell you what it is. 

The drugs were from Yoongi, but when and how he made it into this house is not mentioned. Jimin tries to call Yoongi but he does not pick up. He tries to call Seokjin but the luck has not been on his side. Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s phone were turned off. Jimin starts to question why their phones might be turned off. He should be able to call them at any time if something happens. The phone in his hand start to vibrate. At least someone called him back; Yoongi. “Hello?” 

“What the hell is going on?” 

“He figured out that I have to cards and Tae was supposed to throw this one away. Thankfully he has some tricks up his sleeve. My phone is not fully loaded, I have to be quick.” 

“Did you find the pills?” 

“Yes. Tae found them.” 


“Good? He thought we put them there.” 

“Did you not read what I had written on it?” Yoongi starts to sound annoyed. “I wrote Suga on it. That has been my ID in case he needed prove that something has been send by me. Tae should have known that.” 

“I did not read it, but he did. He looked like he could not read it at first. Listen, he is damn close to kill me and Tae.” 

“Tae too? What did he do to make himself look suspicious?” 

“Too much to tell and too less of time on our hands.”, Jimin sighs. “Listen closely what I am about to say. He wanted her before she worked in that club.” 

“The club she ran away from? You have my attention.” 

“Have they informed you about the past of them?” 

“Yeah. Namjoon told me that they know each other since childhood as well I am aware why you and Tae come along that well.” 

“Do you know about Tae’s sister?” 

“I only know that Jungkook killed her. Why are you asking me this?” 

“Tae’s sister and Y/N have known each other since they are kids as you know. Jungkook seemed to have liked her since then. I think he wanted her since then but you crossed his road.” 

“Are you trying to say that he wanted to buy her?” 

“Indirectly, yeah.” 

“This stubborn piece of shit. Where is she now?” 

“We handcuffed her to Tae but Jungkook removed it. She is with Jungkook for a little over an hour in his bedroom. He said he handcuffed her to the bed.” 

“If he touches her-” 

“Yoongi!”, Jimin curses under his breath. “He is not hurting her. I could not hear anything that should make us worry. She walked with him on free will which means Jungkook has no reason to be mad at her.” 

“I told you to prevent that to happen! Can you do anything?” 

“My phone is about to die. Inform Namjoon, please.” 

“Only under one condition.” 

“Which is?” 

“I will inform him but one of you bring her to the other side of the woods. We will be waiting with a car, as soon as she is here, we’ll bring her away.” 

“I will try but I don’t know how.” 

“Here’s a hint: Keep us updated or we will come to the house!” Yoongi hangs up before Jimin could even say anything else. He exchanges the SIM cards once again. When he walks to the living room, he can see that Tae lying on the couch with closed eyes. 

“Tae!”, Jimin says quietly as he shakes him. Tae rubs his eyes. When he tries to get up Jimin pushes him back down. “The pills are from Yoongi. He wants us to bring her to the other side of the woods.”, he whispers in his ear. Tae’s eyes widen as he looks in disbelief. 

“They are here?”, Tae asks. Jimin tries to explain every little detail as quickly as he can from the phone call. “I have a plan already.” 

Chapter Text

Tae is in one of the rooms, which he claimed for himself for over an hour now. The room he picked, is near Jungkook’s room, not to close but also not too far away either. It is closer to the staircase than it is to Jungkook’s room. He is waiting patiently for a chance to get to Y/N, Tae knows he needs only one chance to try if his plan would work as he thinks it would. In his mind he thinks about the plan over and over again for a few times as he sits on the edge of his bed. To have a better access with his fingers to get the needle that he still hides within his belt, he must move his upper body to the back a little more to get it out properly.  While the needle rests between his fingers, he sits back up again. Slowly he plays with the needle as his might is set on a goal. The timing must fit, he cannot be in Jungkook’s room for too long. He should not be too loud and he must inform her without telling her too many details. Jungkook might realize that something is going on, if he changes only a little detail in the room. Tae must watch his steps too and must be even more exact. Nothing can distract him either as he also must pay attention to Jimin, who is supposed to give him the sign when Jungkook is about to go back to his bedroom. Jimin knows he must give Tae the sign at the right time to warn him on time, it is up to Tae to react fast and correctly as soon as he would hear him. Jungkook could come back any time whilst he is in his room and if Jimin cannot keep him in the living room long enough or if he cannot give him the sign on time, he might get caught. Jimin and Tae know that they need to be a hundred percent ready if they want to be successful, no one is allowed to do a little mistake. 

Jimin is sitting on the couch in the living room as he turns on the tv to relax his nerves a little before they would have to start their plan. If he learned one thing of being in Jungkook’s crew, it is to stay calm under any circumstance. When he brought Y/N back to Hoseok in the safety house, he made one mistake. This mistake has been the reason why everything went horribly wrong and Jimin is more than aware of it to not repeat it one more time. The waiting makes him think, what might could happen if something goes wrong. What could happen if he catches Tae in his room. Theories over theories and questions with an if fill his mind. Distraction, that is what he needs to not think about answers to his questions. He looks through the channels until he finds something interesting. As much as he wants to keep watching it, his feeling tells him not to. He crosses his arms whilst he stretches his legs with the remoter still in his hand as he looks to the stairs, just to make sure if their plan has started already. He listens to the news for two more minutes before he switches the channel one more time. 

Tae is already on his feet again to open his bedroom door a little more, so that he could see a shadow of someone who would walk pass his door. Curses are leaving Tae’s lips even more quiet than a whisper, whilst he waits for him to finally leave the room. For a few minutes he walks up and down until he sits down on the bed again. It took another half an hour until the sound of a door brings his attention back to the open gap at his door. Just as he planned, he can see Jungkook’s shadow passing by his door. He waits a little longer, until he cannot hear the steps on the staircase anymore. As the sound of steps seem to be completely gone, he opens his door slowly to check for one last time before he leaves his own room. Carefully he walks to approach the door to Jungkook’s bedroom. For one last time he checks if Jungkook is still downstairs as he touches the door handle, only to be completely sure that he is truly gone for now. It is a strange feeling that he has as he opens the bedroom door. The first thing he sees are Jungkook’s jeans lying on the floor messily and the second thing he sees is Y/N, who is lying on the bed. Quickly he steps into the room and closes the door a little, but not too close to hear Jimin. As he steps closer to her, she starts to sob. 

“Please, my shoulders. Take the handcuffs off me! Just for a minute at least, I beg you!”, she groans as the tears keep streaming down her face. Tae walks quickly towards her to move his hand over her mouth to quiet her down. The face of hers looks pale as her tears stream down her cheeks. Ideas of what might have happened, fill his mind as he watches the tears drop. Her lips were reddish and dry. The movements she makes, do show that she tries to move her shoulder to gain any kind of comfort. At this moment, he does not want to keep thinking about the reason for her tears. Tae shakes his head and his eyes are back on the handcuffs. His body is leaning above her as he tries to whisper into her ear. 

“Relax. It’s me, Tae. Jungkook is downstairs.”, he whispers. As he tries to calm her down, he notices that she is getting even more nervous, when he does sudden movements. “It will not take long. But you need to stay quiet.” Slowly he removes his hand from her mouth. Apparently, Jungkook did not lie about the handcuffs. She must have been in those for hours whilst lying in this position. Y/N's wrists were red, which almost look like little cuts on her wrists and her arms must have become numb from the position she is still in. She has a silk tie on her eyes which seems to be used to blindfold her. On her chest lies a knife which has two very sharp sides. Only a single movement and it could slip off and cut into her skin. Then he starts to notice that she has the blanket up to her waist and that the only thing that he could see her wearing is a bra. “I have to try something. Just hold completely still, okay? Trust me, I will make it quick.” She moves her head up and down to show him that she understood. 

“Tae, whatever you plan. Please, just hurry up! He said he only will get some water from the kitchen.”  

“I know that he will be back soon, but I need to test something. If it works, we could get you out of here, tomorrow or even sooner.” Y/N could not believe her ears. She asks herself, if she heard what she just heard or if she starts to hear things that she wants to hear to comfort herself with. Her heart beats faster by the idea of being away from Jungkook, a trace of joy starts to fill her heart. The hope to be with Hoseok again, just to hug him, starts grow as she keeps thinking about the words that Tae just said. 

“Can’t you get me out already?” She starts to move more and more until Tae could not work on the handcuffs any longer.  

“Hold still. It won’t work if you keep moving.” 

“I need to move my arms. My shoulders hurt so much.” 

“Stop moving.”, he says in a very deep voice. This kind of deep voice sounded like a warning. Y/N mumbles a few none understandable words as she holds still once again, even though she wants nothing else than to put her arms down at the moment. “If we could, we would have done it already.” 

“What do you mean by that? Tell me, what do you mean with if you could?” He does not pay attention to what she is asking as he tries to open the handcuffs with the needle one more time. “Why are you avoiding my question?” The pain in her shoulders hurt more each minute as she could not move them even a little. Whatever Tae meant, it starts to confuse her the more she thinks about when they could have tried to get her out earlier on. 

“I am not. It is just that we don’t have the time to have a tea to talk it all through.” 

“I only wanted an answer.” Not a single answer comes from Tae’s lips, as she starts to wonder why. “I hope it will work out. I don’t have a good feeling about it.” Tae licks his lips as the arrogance in her voice starts to annoy him. 

“Did he leave keys around here? Did you see anything?” Y/N narrows her eyebrows as she starts to think about his question. When she feels that one handcuff is off her, she starts to stretch that arm slowly to her side. 

“I was blindfolded as he handcuffed me. I don’t know… At the other house he kept the key in his pocket. Maybe he hides it there again.” With one last fast movement he opens the other half of the handcuffs.  

“Perfect.” She puts her arms down immediately to move her shoulders. “What are you doing? Put your hands back!” 

“It hurts. I can’t. Give me a few seconds at least.”, she says as she gets up. “Argh.”, she yells in pain as the knife falls off her chest. The knife cut some cuts into her skin which causes her to bleed. His hand is very quickly in front of her lips to stop her from crying out the pain any longer. This fast movement startles her as soon as she feels his hand on her. 

“Could you not just do what you want and listen to what I am telling you? You are destroying the one chance that we have to get you away from here. Do you get that?”, he says as he grabs her upper arms to push her back down. He takes the knife and places it back on her upper body. “Great, now it is your job to find an excuse why you moved. Don’t dare to mess it up!” The cuts were not deep but they were thin, which made it more painful.  

“That burns!”, she says as she bites her bottom lip. To calm herself down from the pain, she takes longer breaths and deeper ones. The sound of her breathing makes Tae to want to take a look at her to see if she is overreacting or if it costs her that much pain. He spares one look and that is when he noticed that her blindfold seems to slip off her face. Tae leans down once more to whisper in her ear whilst he corrects the blindfold. 

“He could come back any time just as you said a minute ago. I need to handcuff you back to the bed again.” He takes her hands and puts them back in the place with strength before he closes the handcuffs. Painful sounds leave her lips as she gets back into the uncomfortable position. 

“Sorry, but you could have also done what I told you to.”, he says as he closes the handcuffs. “Have a little more patience. Yoongi said that he will wait for us on the other side of the forest.”, Tae explains before he steps away from her. 

“Yoongi? What about Hoseok?” As he hears Jimin raising his voice, he walks closer to the door. “Did you hear from him?” 

“See you tomorrow, Y/N.”, he says quickly before he closes the door behind him. Tae can already hear someone coming up the stairs as he was about to walk towards his room. There is only one problem by now, his room is too far away to get in on time and he does not want to cause any suspicion when he meets him in the hall way. Of course, he could say that her scream urged him to check on the situation, but he also knows that Jungkook does not like that someone else is taking care of his doll, especially when Jungkook does not ask for it. His eyes are moving to look for any potential room which he could reach on time. Whilst Tae tries to stay calm, he tries to find an excuse why he could be walking around at that time of the night which would be better than the idea he has momentarily. The bathroom door is open widely and is near enough to reach for him, as he sees that Jungkook is not in sight yet, he walks quickly into the bathroom and turns the lights on. It seems as he has been just on time. The steps on the stairs were no longer hearable and the lights in the hallway are still out. He turns the water on and puts some soap on his hand. Whoever walked in the hallway by now, walked slower and slower until the steps seem to be gone. Tae turns his head slowly towards the hallway to see if someone stopped at the door and he seems to be right. Tae looked at him from his feet to his eyes. Just to see that Jungkook is gazing at him.  

“Still awake?” Tae starts to smirk as he sees the grin on Jungkook’s face. 

“I could not sleep so I tried to relax. Turns out I cannot do any of it.” 

“And I thought you are already sleeping in your room.”, Jungkook says as he watches Tae drying his hands. “We have enough to do soon, maybe you should tell Jimin to catch some sleep too.” 

“Jimin must look like a zombie when you say it like that.” Jungkook shakes his head with a grin. “Besides, you do look rather relaxed.” 

“Well, I have nothing to worry about. Nothing that is stressing me out. In fact, I think I am the most relaxed one even though everything depends on me.” Jungkook licks his lips as he looks towards his bedroom door. “It might have its reasons.” 

“Well, I guess I talk with Jimin. Have you seen what he is doing downstairs?” Jungkook narrows his eyebrows as he looks back at Tae. 

“He’s watching something on the tv, why?” 

“Jimin is supposed to be the one to stay awake tonight. Maybe he can sleep a little. I don’t feel that tired anyway.” 

“Both of you should rest. There is no need that one of you stays awake to watch out. This house is barely known and barely anyone even comes here. Besides, we would have not known this house either if we would have not gone lost inside this wood as kids.” He looks down for a second as he seems to think about something deeply. “My bedroom door will be locked overnight. I need both of you to be more than ready, we will meet up with Yoongi soon.” 

“Soon? Soon as like not tomorrow?”, he asks as he walks up to Jungkook. 

“Eager to see him?” Jungkook leans against the doorframe as he takes a sip of one of the water bottles that he holds in his hands. It would have been enough space to leave the bathroom but his instincts are telling him to not walk that close pass him. “I cannot wait to see his dumb face either.” He starts to laugh before he takes another sip. “Let’s see how much she will like it.”, Jungkook says as he walks away. 

“Jungkook.” Jungkook stops his movements as he looks back at him over his shoulder before he turns his body towards him. “Is the crew making troubles?” 

“Why? Did they contact you too?” 

“They did not contact me at all. Usually I hear from them from time to time, but nothing so far. I just wondered, because you talk a lot on the phone in the annex, barely in front of us lately. That is why I am worried that we might be having some difficulties.” Jungkook’s face darkens as he walks back to Tae.  

“Don’t bother too much.”, he winks as he answers Tae. “Everything is under control. The crew wants to come to the old house. I tried to keep them away and I told them that the members are dead, but I told them also, it was not our fault.” Whimpers are coming from Jungkook’s bedroom. “As there is nothing else for me to say. Leave me alone and stop bothering me with your negativity.” Tae watches Jungkook disappearing into Jungkook’s room with the hope that she does not do anything stupid that might danger their plan. Tae stands in front of the door, but not to close as he tries to hear if there is any conversation between them. A sound of another whimper comes through the bedroom door. “Your own fault. I told you not to move.” Tae is sure, he must talk about the cuts. It sounded like a click of a light switch and a few mumbles by Jungkook. The quieter it becomes, the more he is sure that he can leave to check on Jimin. He puts his hands in his pockets as he walks the stairs down casually. When Jimin sees Tae, he walks into the kitchen immediately. 

“I see you made it out on time.”, Jimin says as he sees that Tae is right behind him. 

“Yeah. It worked, if she is handcuffed in the moment we could escape, I will be able to open them.” 

“Good. I hope you want have to use it.” Jimin watches Tae as he takes a glass from the shelf to fill it with water. “Don’t mean to bother you, but I still heard nothing from Namjoon or Hoseok.” 

“If you ask me, it’s more than weird.” He takes a sip from his glass. “Could you reach at least someone else from Namjoon’s team?” 

“I have tried to reach the others but then I had some connection issues. But I will try again later if I don’t hear from them soon.” Tae nods as he takes another big sip from his glass. “Thirsty, huh?” 

“I am more nervous than thirsty.” His eyes shoot up at Jimin who tries to follow his words. “Some crew members, want to go to the old house. Jungkook seems to have some troubles to keep them away. He told them that they are dead.”  

“He did what?” Tae remains silent as he refills his glass.  

“He also said that he told them that it was not our fault.” 

“I actually thought he would put the blame on you.” 

“Sounds like you would prefer it that way.” 

“No, but why does he come for your defence now? He pretty much wanted to sign your death, now he does not?” 

“For whatever reason, he did not and it did not sound like he plans to do it.”  

“Did they believe him?” 

“I don’t know.” Tae’s eyes stuck at the wooden floor as he points his finger at Jimin before he looks into his face again. “I guess they will, I mean, do they have another choice?” Jimin leans against the kitchen counter as he looks at Tae’s hand. 

“You’re shaking.” 

“I might do. Probably because I have a bad feeling. A very bad one.” 

“About the plan?” 

“Not just about the plan. All this time he was like a hawk, just waiting to attack. And now, it looks like he already knows that no matter what he plans will work out. He is too secure about it.” Tae bites his lips as he looks towards the living room. “I think he is in contact with my replacement who plans everything with him. He said nothing to me except that we will meet up with Yoongi soon. Whoever he is, he seems to be smart one.” 

“Any guesses who?” 

“Nope, I think he might not even be an official crew member. I don’t think it is important to figure it out. I have no plans in staying in his crew either.” He drinks his glass empty before he puts his glass down.  

“You know what will happen if he replaces you, right? You have not forgotten about it?” 

“You mean the part in which he kills me or that part that I will have to make shitty stuff?” 

“I mean the part in which he might kill you.” 

“Listen, he could kill me on the spot. He could kill me whenever he would see me again. Maybe he does not even want to do it by himself, I would not be his right hand at that point anymore.” Jimin sighs as he looks away from Tae. 

“At least our boss has signed the paper to give you another chance at the police academy. A new start is for sure for you.” 

“Why are you speaking like you are the one to die?” 

“Do I? I am just exhausted.”, Jimin says as he starts to yawn.  

“Jungkook said he locks his bedroom door overnight. We should sleep, even if it is just a little.” 

“If he locks the door, we can’t get her out anyway. But you’re right, some sleep sounds nice.” Jimin starts to massage his own neck. “We only have this chance, we won’t get a second one.”, Jimin declares. 

“Therefore, we should get some rest. Do you want to try one more time to reach your boss at least?” 

“I tried after Jungkook walked back up, but like I said. My phone service was having some issues, I could not reach him.” 

“We have to try to reach Yoongi as soon as we are close enough on the other side. Make sure you have the right card inserted.” 

“I will change it later before we start.” Tae places his hand on Jimin’s shoulder to drag him along. 

“Let’s get some rest. We talk about it tomorrow.”

The night felt short as the sun shines through the window at Y/N. She starts to look around if Jungkook is near her, which seems to not be the case. His jeans do not lie on the floor and his shoes are gone too. Before she could even enjoy to be alone for a few minutes, the bedroom door opens. “Good morning, my lovely doll.”, Jungkook says. He only where’s his jeans with no t-shirt on. She can’t stand his smile any longer and the hate for him starts to grow inside of her. Acting is the only way to make it through, so she tells herself to act along for one last day. Y/N smiles at him which works almost like a magnet. He sits down next her with his upper body above her as he rests his body weight on his left arm. “Did you learn your lesson?” 

“I learned my lesson. I promise.” 

“Do you want to get rid of the handcuffs?” 

“Yes, please.” 

“Why do you want to get them off?” 

“I want to be your doll.” Jungkook leans down to place a passionate peck on her lips. “How can I do that when I cannot touch you.” 

“Good answer.” He gets up and walks over to his bed side to get the key for the handcuffs. His eyes never leave her body as he walks around the bed. Another peck is placed on her lips before he opens the handcuffs. “Do you want to show how thankful you are that those handcuffs are removed?” Her arms start to tingle as she tries to move them. She places her arms around his neck to pull him closer to her lips. Jungkook’s hands are immediately on the side of her waist as he positions himself between her legs. “You really are thankful, right?” Y/N nods as she looks into his eyes as she bites her lips. 

“I am always thankful when you play with me.” Her hands move along his chest to his stomach as she keeps the eye contact. “Am I punished enough now?” Jungkook tilts his head as he sits down next to her again as he did before. His right arm is around her waist to pull her closer, to her disgust she lets him do it. “I did what you said so I would not have to choose two people you would kill. I surrendered myself so you don’t do it.” 

“Doll, you know how beautiful you are, right?” 

“Yes, I think so.” Judging on his face, she said the wrong thing. She tries to correct herself, but he interrupts her faster. 

“Do I need to show you how beautiful you are?” Before a sound leaves her lips, she can feel him placing kisses along her neck. “I told you so many times for how long I adore you, but you still don’t think you are that beautiful?” 

“I do. It’s just that I wonder if you kept your word.” His hand is in her hair as he pulls her closer that their noses almost touch. 

“Am I a man of my words?” The questions in her mind becomes visible on her face. “See, that is the thing with you beautiful girls. You might be beautiful but you are nothing else than just beautiful. I don’t know why you worry about them when you have me now. I have the money, which means you won’t have to worry about earning enough for a nice living. I can buy you beautiful clothes or jewelry. Whatever your heart wants. I have time for you whenever you need me to. Do you think or do you truly believe, that someone else would do that for you?” She lowers her head a little. The dislike of her behavior starts to show on Jungkook’s face. “Just forget them. Do it like when we were kids. You ignored me every time we met.” 

“I was a kid. How was I supposed to know better?” Jungkook licks his lips as he looks into her eyes deeply. 

“Will you be happy if I tell you, I will not make you choose who I will kill?” Her eyes shoot up to his immediately. “I guess it does.”, he says as he smiles. “I will not do it, if you promise to not leave my side.” No matter how much she would hate the upcoming words which will leave her mouth, she can be sure that she does not have to lose a loved one if she lets them out. 

“Thank you!” She hugs him, to show him that she is still willingly his doll on the outside. On the inside, she cannot wait to get away from him. The moment to run away, could not come early enough. For a minute he hugs her back tight as he places his face next to her neck. 

“I picked some clothes for you. Get dressed.”, he says as he watches her getting out of bed. When she stands in front of him, he pulls her closer and kisses her stomach. “You know I care about you, right?” She pets his hair as his hands lie on her waist.  

“You have a weird way to show it.” He looks up at her after placing one more kiss on her upper body.  

“It’s just that I care about you. I want to make sure no one is hurting you.” 

“If you kill someone I care about, you hurt me.” 

“I told you, I won’t if you take the punishment. You took the punishment and I will forget that I said you will have to choose two of them.” He stands up to stand in front of her. “Now, get ready. I put your clothes over there.” She looks to where he is pointing to. It’s a dark grey dress with black shoes. Y/N takes the dress in her hands as she stares at it. “Don’t you like it? I think you look amazing in dresses.” 

“It is not that I don’t like it. I would prefer jeans and a top today. Something simpler.” 

“If you cannot stand to be in a dress today, take the clothes you want from your bag.” That he does not try to pressure her seems odd. What he chooses, she must wear. At least that was a rule for the last few days. The clothes she sees first are the clothes that she picks. Once she has her top and her jeans on, he walks over to her. “But you could at least wear your heels, don’t you?” The way he pronounced the words, made it sound like a command. His voice changed again and that makes him unpredictable. He picks up her shoes to hand them to her. 

“Thank you.” She puts them on and walks up and down as she was walking a catwalk. “Does it look good?” 

“You are a perfect doll.” He places a kiss on her head as he leads her to the bathroom. “Clean yourself up, I will wait downstairs. Toast for breakfast?” The idea of toast brings back memories which she rather would get out of her mind. Y/N mistrusts the idea of him doing her breakfast, because the fear of being drugged again, grows. 

“Sounds good.” Y/N smiles as she walks into the bathroom. She opens a package of toothbrushes to take one out and uses one of the toothpastes which lies next to it. When she was done cleaning herself up, she keeps staring at the mirror whilst her hands rest on the sink. Before she can get to lost with her thoughts, a knock brings her back to reality. “Come in.”, she says as keeps looking for something. 

“Jungkook said I should make sure you come for breakfast.”, Jimin says as he closes the door behind him. The closer he gets the more he starts to see what Tae has been talking about this morning. Her wrists are red, her eyes are still puffy. “Are you alright?” 

“Yeah, I guess.” Jimin steps closer and watches her movements. 

“May I can help with something?” For a second, she stops searching. She turns her body into his direction with a questioning face. “What’s wrong?”  

“I am looking for a disinfectant spray. The cuts are pretty red, maybe I should use some. I don’t want to have an infection.” Jimin nods as he opens the bathroom cabinet underneath the sink. It does not take him long to find one. 

“Here. Sorry, I hid it there. I will wait outside until you are done.” She grabs his wrist to hold him back. 

“Wait a minute. Could you do it for me?” 

“I don’t think that this is a good idea. If Jungkook sees me looking at your half naked body-” Jimin was still moving his lips but no voice left him as he watches her taking off her shirt. 

“All you need to do is to spray it on the wounds. That’s it. I would take forever to spray it on myself.” Jimin opens the spray as the door opens at the same time.  

“I said bring her downstairs. What are you doing? Get your shirt back on.” 

“I only-” 

“She asked for this.”, Jimin says as he shows him the bottle. “Y/N wanted me to do it but I declined.” 

“Why did you not ask me?”, he asks Y/N before he turns to Jimin. “Go downstairs, I’ll do it.” Jungkook takes the bottle away from Jimin as he moves his head to give him the sign to leave. Jimin only looks back at her once again as he makes his way out of the bathroom. 

“What are you doing with those?”, Tae asks as Jimin brings Y/N’s sneakers downstairs. “Pretty, but not your size.” 

“Good. Keep the humor, we will need it.”, Jimin answers as he looks back one more time. “We cannot run away with the heels she is wearing. Do we have a plastic bag or something? I think I saw a place to hide in somewhere around here.” 

“Where do you want to hide them?” 

“I thought in the cabinet under the sink for now.” Tae licks his lips nervously as he opens the window widely. 

“Alright. Do that, but quickly. I don’t know how much time we have left.” Jimin takes some bottles and boxes out of the cabinet and hides the shoes behind it. Whilst he puts the boxes and bottles back, her high heels become more audible. Jimin needs more time, therefore Tae rushes into the living room quickly. 

“Jungkook, can we talk for a second?” 

“You want to talk now? My doll needs something to eat and I have to make a phone call soon.” 

“I want to talk about our next move with the crew and our meeting. You did not inform me about anything yet. Normally you always do, but maybe I should remind you that I am still your right hand.” 

“I have not informed you because there is no need to inform you about it already. We have the rest of the day. I’ll do it later.” Jungkook pushes Tae to the side and walks pass him. “Jimin?” Jimin’s reaction has been almost instant. He turns his body to face him. “Why is the window that far open?” 

“You did not inform me, if her condition is any better. Fresh air won’t be bad for her.” 

“Is it not too fresh for you?”, Jungkook asks Y/N as he looks at her.  

“I guess it is alright.”, she answers. “A breeze won’t harm me.” 

“Tell me if we should close it.”, Jimin adds. 

“Like I just said to Tae, I have to do a phone call later. I want you two to watch her then.” Tae and Jimin nod in unison. “Good, uh and Tae. Did Yoongi or Jin contact you?” 

“No, haven’t heard from them. Are you expecting a call?” 

“Jin said that Yoongi will contact me on their terms. Looks like they are finally okay with the situation if they have not contacted us so far.” Y/N takes the plate with toast on it from the kitchen counter to take a sit at the table. “Do you want some water?”, he asks her as he touches her lightly on her shoulders. Jungkook is not waiting for an answer as he gets a water bottle from the fridge. It does not look different from the others, but the only difference Tae sees immediately is the green ‘X’ on the purple label. Whilst Jungkook’s back is towards them, Tae shows her a sign to not drink the water. The confusion of why he would show her to not drink it, ended as he places the water bottle in front of her directly. The pressure he puts on her to drink it, makes it even more strange. “Just drink it.” 

“It is a bit too cold. I will drink it later.” 

“Not even a sip?” 

“No. It’s too cold, my teeth will hurt.” 

“We don’t want that, do we?” He places a kiss on top of her head. “I am in the annex for a few minutes, I have to try to get a hold of Yoongi. Just to see if he finally gave up.” 

“Do your truly believe he gives up?”, Jimin asks. 

“Maybe he starts to realize that my crew is still bigger, I mean who except of Jin is left in his?” Tae looks up at him.  

“Maybe I should try to reach them.” Jimin’s eyes widen as he hears him say those words. Whatever Tae is about to do, has not been discussed. 


“Maybe I can get my cousin to speak with me.”  

“I will try it now. If I cannot reach him, I will let you know.” Jungkook spares one more look at Y/N who is eating slowly in silence. A little smile appears on his face as he walks out. As soon as the front door closes, Tae shuts the window without locking it close. Jimin sighs deeply as he looks at Tae. 

“Call Yoongi, they need to distract him on the phone!” Jimin takes out his phone, in which he has changed the SIM card already. To their luck, he picks up immediately. 

“Yoongi, listen! Jungkook will call you or Jin in any minute. Keep him on the line as long as you can. We will try to get her out of the house now.” 

“I’ll try. Don’t waste time.” With those words he hangs up. 

“Y/N, ready to go?”, Tae asks as Jimin takes her sneakers out of the cabinet.  

“Put them on.” She changes her shoes very quick whilst Tae opens the window once again and climbs out. “Tae will help you on the other side. Go!” Y/N climbs onto the kitchen counter and with Tae’s help she makes it out. Jimin follows right behind her. Tae shows a way in which they should run to. Tae takes Y/N’s hand and drags her along as they run into the woods. A few meters in and they cannot see the house any longer.  

“How long do we need to the other side?”, Y/N asks. 

“If we run as fast as we did so far, maybe forty minutes maximum.” A silence nod by the others made it clear to Tae, there is no way back anymore. As they keep on running, they can hear someone else in the woods. Without a warning and with no one in sight, a gunshot fills the woods. 


Chapter Text

Y/N freezes at the sound of the gunshot in the second she hears it. The gunshot echoes through the woods as the fear becomes stronger. She grabs Tae's upper arm strongly in panic. “Tae?”, Y/N asks with a shaking voice. From her perspective, she is able to see that his eyes are directed to where the gunshot has been coming from. To not waste any time and to not be pulled into a sea of questions by her, he avoids the eye contact. Tae’s heart starts to beat faster as another gunshot becomes hearable from the same direction. When he looks at Jimin, he can see that he is also looking in the same direction. Jimin can feel the eyes from Tae on him. He turns his head to look back at him as his heart starts to beat faster too. It is a silent agreement from both of them, but both understood. There is no time to stay on the same spot any longer. 

“Keep running!”, Tae yells. The more their run, the more Tae hopes, to gain a bigger distance between them and Jungkook. As they keep running deeper and deeper into the woods, the worse and worse became their view. There were way too many trees which block the few into the distance. The danger to drip over the sticks and stones which are all over the ground, is becoming more. Jimin said during the planning that no matter if Tae or Jimin might get hurt, will stay behind and the other one keeps on going with her. Those words are going through Tae’s mind as he realizes that the shots are coming closer. “Y/N, faster!” She is running to careful and not as fast as the other two. Tae tries to drag her by her hand to make her run faster, which worked for a little while. She tries her best to keep up with them but whenever another gunshot sounds through the woods, she startles. Tae can feel her shaking every time she startles but he chooses to ignore it. Jimin stops from time to time to look back just to check if he can see Jungkook anywhere. 

“I think we need to separate here.”, Jimin suggests. “He is coming to close.” They run for a few more minutes with the gunshot sound coming even closer. The sound of a gunshot is followed by another one within a few seconds. “Tae, stop and listen.” Jimin grabs his arm to stop him as Tae refuses to listen to him. He needed his attention now, not later, now. “Listen, I will run in this direction and you run with her to Yoongi.” With his hands he shows him the directions he is talking about. The disbelief in the faces of the others are clear to see. 

“Are you out of your mind? How do you think that this will work?” Tae wants to take the gun off him to give it to Jimin but Jimin stops his movement. He shows with his right hand that he denies the gun. “You have no gun on you! Take mine with you at least.” 

“You will need it more. How else do you want to protect her? I will go without it.”  

“That is practically seen suicide!” Tae continues to run whilst holding her hand for a few more minutes until Jimin stops them once again. “No! We stick to our plan.”, Tae says whilst he grabs him by the shoulder to drag him along, but Jimin refuses to. Tae’s mind is spinning to find the quickest way to change Jimin’s mind without wasting too much time. The fear that he might run into the wrong direction, especially with no gun on him, worries Tae the most. 

“I will be fast. All I need is to distract him long enough.” Jimin’s eyes look for another route as Tae tries to get some sense into his mind. No matter what Tae says, no matter which words he used, Jimin ignored it. 

“I will not let him kill you! As soon as he will see you, he will shoot you!” The gunshots still continued to fill the woods which makes all three even more nervous. “You are coming with us just as we have planned!” Tae notices as he starts to walk that Jimin is still on the same spot. “Why don’t you finally move?” 

“Because we also said, if the plan needs to be changed, we change it no matter how as long we reach our goal.” 

“Your job is to bring her back, not to be killed!” 

“You are right about my job, but you are the only one with a gun. Which means you stay with her. I will run so that he sees me and starts to follow me. Once he does that, I will run away from him and come to the other side of the woods.” 

“That is not part of the plan, Jimin! In case you did not listen to me: he will shoot you as soon as he sees you!” 

“Do you think I don’t know that?” Jimin licks his lips quickly as he looks at her before he looks back at him. “I have the phone. I will call when I arrive on the other side, besides you mentioned that the city is not far from there.” 

“I said he will kill you! Do you even care at all?” 

“He won’t get me. I’ll be careful.” 

“How? How do you want to do that? There are so many open spaces over there. If he hides well, he can shoot into your back!” 

“You have more time to run if I keep him distracted.” 

“Listen to yourself!”, Tae screams. Y/N holds on Tae’s hand tight in hers as her worries get the best of her. “You stay with us!” 

“Bring her to Yoongi. I will try my best to get to the other side of the woods.” Jimin starts to run into a different direction and much closer to the sound of gun shots. Y/N could not believe her eyes. That Tae did not follow him, is the other thing that she could not believe. 

“Are you crazy? Jimin!” Tae wants to continue to run but the worries for Jimin grow as he tries to call him back. “Jimin, come back! Jimin!”, Tae screams but Jimin is already too far away to get him back. Y/N watches him helplessly screaming. Her voice feels numb as her body starts to shake. 

“Tae?”, Y/N asks worried. “Should you not go with him? You have the gun!” Tae sighs as his eyes water. He tries to avoid her eyes to not show her his emotion and to not confirm her fears. “I remember the woods as much as you do probably, Jimin has never been here before.” 

“He will make it, he said it himself. I trust him. We have to trust him.” On the inside, he knows that his chance is only thirty to seventy to make it out alive. “We have to keep running.” Y/N’s eyes were still fixated in the direction Jimin ran off to. Tae’s hand has still a strong grip on hers, which makes it is easier for him to drag her along. The closer they came to where Yoongi is supposed to be waiting, the more gunshots seem to fall. Then at least five gunshots sound through the woods, one following the previous one. Tae stops as he realizes that her hands start to cramp. 

“Please tell me it is not what I think it is!”, Y/N begs as her tears start to stream down her face. Then a typical gun sign of Jungkook fills the room. Ten shots within twenty seconds. “Tae?” Tae’s face turns pale as her words ring through his ears. 

“It also could have been someone else. Maybe Yoongi or Jin are closer-” 

“Jungkook mentioned something about a shot every two seconds for ten times. Is this what it means?” Tae turns his body in her direction and pulls her closer. 

“Does it matter right now? Listen, I warned him. He did not listen to me! You heard him yourself.” Tae looks into the direction from where the shots were still coming from. “We have no time to think about it now. Listen, Yoongi is not far from here anymore.” 

“But Jimin? I thought he is your friend?” Tae keeps walking whilst he drags her along. He cannot risk to stay on the same spot any longer, even if they would just walk. As long as they keep moving, everything should turn out well. 

“He is my friend. Even if Jimin got shot, at least the third bullet must have killed him.” Tae starts to realize that her body does not seem to work in the way she wants it to. Therefore, he stops to walk for a second. 

“How do you want to know that?” That she does not move, drives him almost crazy. He wonders, what she is thinking when she keeps standing still. “How could you even know?” 

“Because I have seen him doing these multiple times, I know how he places the ten shots.”, Tae says as he looks into her eyes. His eyes start to look cold whilst the first tear drops from his eyes. He finally showed an emotion in front of her. It is the first time that she has seen a real emotion in his eyes. “Do you want to see Hoseok? Huh? Then we have to run!” Y/N keeps her head down as they continue to run. The only thing she is thinking about is to finally see Hoseok again and that gave her a little more strength. She felt like her lung is about to give up, breathing has become more difficult. At this point she battles with herself, if she should quit or give the little, she has left to give. “I think we are almost there.” Those words were the words she needed to hear. As they get closer to the edge of the woods, they realize that the car of Yoongi is not in sight. “Where are they?” Y/N starts to look around to see if she might see his car. “Let’s go to the parking lot. Maybe they can see us over there better than over here.” Y/N nods in agreement as she follows him towards the parking lot. When they start to walk on the road, a car drives with a fast speed towards them. “I think that must be them.”, Tae pronounces. As the car comes to a hold in front of them, it becomes more and more clear who is sitting in the driver seat. Tae takes a deep breath as he puts her behind his back with his arm. Relaxation sets in when Yoongi and Jin step out of the car. Yoongi wastes no second as he rushes to Y/N’s side. His palms are immediately on her cheeks as he looks up and down her face. Tae lets go of her hand and walks towards Jin. 

“Y/N! Are you alright? Did you get hurt?”, Yoongi asks as he takes her into a hug tightly. The joy and luck he feels, makes him forget his surroundings. “We heard some gunshots. I was so worried about you. I cannot see any wounds. Are you alright?” 

“I am fine.” Her voice sounded weak. The sweat on her face makes her face shine even though, her eyes tell a different story. 

“You don’t sound like it.” He lowers his head to look into her eyes again. He places his palms on her the side of her face as he wipes her tears off her face with his thumb. 

“It’s just... Jimin...” Yoongi does not ask any questions as he pulls her head onto his chest, he looks over the shoulder to look at Jin. Tae does not seem to be in a better mood than her. He looks even worse. It is more than clear, Jimin will not come. Yoongi wants to hear an approval of his thought, but at this moment he knows that he should not ask to many questions. 

“Good job, Tae!”, Jin compliments. “You must be thirsty. I have water for you in the car. Get in.” Y/N walks right behind Yoongi to follow him to the car. Yoongi opens the car door for her as he looks in the direction, they have just come from. When Y/N was about to thank Yoongi for opening the door for her, she can see that Jin is looking into the distance, just like Yoongi does. 

“No need to keep on looking.”, Y/N sobs. “We heard gunshots and after Jungkook’s gunshot sign, we only ran.” Tears stream down her face as lowers her head. Yoongi uses his sleeves to dry her tears off her face. Her eyes are closed as the emotions overwhelm her. When he looks at Tae, he can see that something is bothering him too. The only difference is that he seems to have his emotions under control. With no further questions, he helps her into the car and gets to the driver seat. “He said he will call if he makes it to the other side, but I think this call will never come.”, Y/N adds as she keeps looking at her feet. Yoongi battles with himself if he should drive or change the seat to sit next to her. Now that she is finally back, he wants to keep her in his arms. Yoongi also wants to tell her everything will turn out alright, but on the other side, he feels helpless. The pain she must go through again, just because of someone he trusted. Because of someone, he said he would protect her from. Yoongi wonders, if she would have not met him, would she still be in this misery or would Jungkook leave her alone. Is this all happening because he helped her once before or is it all happening because he has been a step ahead once at the wrong moment. He removes his fingers from the keys and looks into the rearview mirror, only to see that she cries on Tae’s chest. Tae’s arms were around her body to comfort her as he moves his arms up and down her upper arms to comfort her even more. 

“I am sorry.”, Tae says quietly. Those might be only little words but for both of them it has a strong meaning. Tae wanted to say some nice words but he could not find the right words to say as he watches her crying her pain out. At this point he wants to let his emotion go but he fears that she will cry even more. “I wished he would have listened to me. I wished I would have been able to stop him from doing that mistake.”, Tae says as he recalls what happened in his mind. Jin looks to the backseat with a confused look on his face. His eyes make contact with Tae’s immediately. 

“Tae, do you mind to explain what happened?”, Jin asks as Yoongi starts to drive off. “We have a long road ahead of us.”  

“Yeah. But let her fall asleep first.” Y/N’s eyes were already falling close but she tries to fight her urge to sleep. Once her heart starts to beat slower again and her tears seem to stop to fall from her face. Her eyes fall shut of tiredness. 

The drive was truly a long road just as Jin predicted. Y/N fell asleep in Tae’s arms as he leant his head on top of hers. His arms were still tight around her body to keep her close to his body. Whilst both of them seem to sleep, Jin and Yoongi do barely speak. Yoongi’s eyes go automatically from time to time to the mirror to see if she is still sleeping. He is happy, she is back, but he would still prefer to be the one to hold her. Yoongi wished to know how to turn back time, just to change a few things that happened which would not lead her to the situation she is in now. Once their car is parked in front of their stay for the night, he turns the motor off. Yoongi breathes deeply for a minute before he leaves the car. 

“Y/N, hey. We have arrived at our stay for the night.”, Yoongi whispers. He spoke as softly as he could to wake her up slowly. Y/N opens her eyes whilst she turns her head in his direction. Tae moves his head to the side of her neck when he feels that she is moving. “Come on. I’ll take you on my back.” Tae’s hold on her becomes tighter when he feels her movements. The way he pulls her closer to his chest is almost automatically. “Tae, let her go. I got her.” Tae looks around until he realized where he is at. Tae nods when he sees Yoongi’s face in front of him. 

“Tae, look at me. It’s fine. Get out of the car.”, Jin tries to assure Tae that he does not need to worry. Yoongi takes her hand carefully to help her out of the car and he helps her to climb on his back. Tae looks at the surroundings as he steps out of the car. The environment looked familiar, but Tae could not tell why it does. Then he remembered a little detail to why it could be familiar. 

“Wait, isn’t that your old home? That is your old apartment.” Tae says as he gets out of the car. “Don’t you think he knows that we might be here?” 

“No. The old one looked similar to this, but this one is a different one.” Tae looks over his shoulder to see that Yoongi carries Y/N on his back as he walks towards them. 

“You definitely did not eat enough. You feel a lot easier than you used to.” Y/N puts her arms around his shoulders as she lies her head on his back. “We will see what we can make for you.” 

“I’m not that hungry.”, she mumbles. 

“Liar. Let’s see if you say this later too.” Yoongi locks the car and gives the car keys to Jin. “Maybe it’s better you also take the key for the apartment.” Tae looks around and takes a few looks at the cars. “I don't think that he would start to look for us here.” 

“That was not my thought.” As Tae looks around to see if he is missing something he should see, Jin starts to grin. 

“You never change, huh? You are still the same mistrusting person as usual. You should relax a little.” Jin places his palm on Tae’s right shoulder and pushes him to start walking. Yoongi follows right behind them whilst he can feel that Y/N’s tears are wetting his shirt. 

“Aren’t you afraid he might come here?”, Tae questions Jin. 

“We are only staying for the night and we will not stay long enough for him to find us.” Jin’s voice sounds like he does not even seem to bother at all. 

“He knows all the houses and apartments you two own and you think he will not come here?” 

“Tae, this apartment is not even signed by me or Yoongi. Besides, I just told you. It only looks similar to the old one. But this is another one.”, Jin explains as he unlocks the door. 

The apartment looks kind of lovely, but dark centered. A lot of things are in grey or in blue, barely in any other color. There is no decoration which would show that someone is living here. “I will bring her to bed. Jin can you start to cook anything for her?” 

“Yeah. I will make some sandwiches or maybe something warm if I find something.” Yoongi nods as he walks away to find a bedroom for her. “Tae, you mind helping me?” 

“I actually wanted to wash the sweat off my face.”, Tae sighs. “But I also wanted some alone time to collect my thoughts.” 

“As kids we used to help my mom in the kitchen to collect our thoughts, do you remember?” Tae shakes his head as he would say no. “It might be long ago, but give it a try. We will see if it works again.” Tae is still watching Yoongi as he still carries her along the hallway. For whatever reason he feels the urge to go with them, but Jin will not let him go. “You should not worry about her. She will be just fine.” 

“My mind is not only filled with her. I also think about the deal. The deal Jimin made for me. I mean does the deal still exist even though Jimin is dead?” The thought of Jimin’s death makes his eyes watery. 

“Jimin made a deal for you? No one informed me about it... What kind of deal?”, Jin asks as he moves his eyebrow. “Is it even a signed deal?” For a second Tae wondered why Jin would think that he would be informed about it, but he does not want to investigate in it any further. 

“When we finally bring her back, I will be able to go back to the police academy. I hope I will only have to do two years instead of all five.” A surprising look appears on Jin’s face. “But no, he said he handled it with his boss before he came back to us.” Tae does not want to tell him that it is a signed deal. It already seems like Jin does not want to hear any of it. Therefore, he says nothing else about it. 

“Well, that is awesome.” The way Jin says those words sound as he does not think it is as great as he pretends it to be. “I am glad that you will have a new start.” 

“It doesn’t sound like you mean it.” 

“No, I sincerely do.” Jin starts to put some ingredients together. “I guess it will be a cold meal.” 

“How did you plan to bring her back?” 

“Huh?” Jin does not even a spare a look on his cousin whilst Tae is looking eagerly at him. 

“I said, what is the plan. How do you want to bring her back?” 

“Well, so far we only planned to bring her here. Tomorrow we will-”, Jin stops in the middle of his sentence as he hears the stamps of Yoongi’s. His steps are clear to hear from the other room towards the kitchen area. Jin starts to wonder why Yoongi’s mood has changed so rapidly. “What’s wrong?” Yoongi’s eyes are only fixated on Tae. The heat that comes from him tells Tae to better walk out of the kitchen before Yoongi might get carried away. 

“You better tell me why she looks like she has met Wolverine!” As Yoongi is coming closer towards Tae, the anger in Yoongi’s eyes become even more visible. At first, he waited until he would get an answer by him, but the quieter Tae stays, the more anger is building up inside of him. Without saying any other word, Yoongi grabs him by the collar of his shirt. No matter how much Tae wants to fight him, he is to powered out to defend himself. With a fast movement he presses him against the wall. “Why don’t you want to tell me what happened? Were you the one who did this to her?” As he moves Tae’s shirt accidentally, he sees black and blue spots on his chest and lower neck. “You too? Did Jimin look that bad too?” Even Yoongi could not care less about them, it might would help to understand Y/N’s emotions even more. 

“Yes. We both received a beating by Jungkook.” 

“What do you mean with we both? Did he beat her up too?” 

“No, he never touched her in that way. Listen, Jimin had received a much harder beating by Jungkook. I was luckier... But I promise you, he never touched her like that.” 

“I don’t care what happened to you! I don’t care what happened to Jimin! If she has not received a beating, what else happened to her? It does not look like nothing happened.” The pronunciation of the words he spoke, made it damn clear to better not keep quiet any longer. 

“She has been handcuffed to the bed that is why there are cuts on her wrists-” 

“I am not talking about her wrists. Jimin told me about the handcuffs, I know why the wounds on her wrists are there! I am talking about her stomach and her chest!” Yoongi grabs him even tighter on his collar. 

“Those on the chest are from yesterday. The wounds on the stomach were already there when we took her out of the hospital.” Before Yoongi can even react to Tae’s words, Jin steps between them. 

“Yoongi, he speaks about the Joker wooden piece.”, Jin intervenes. “You know what Namjoon said-” 

“No. Y/N would have never harmed herself, never.” Y/N has this one pure thing on her, that one thing that he thought he saw. This fighter, who would never give up and who would never hurt herself or someone around her, no matter the situation. Y/N battled with mental illnesses before but she never harmed herself. There is no reason why she would start doing that when they try to help her. “She would have never done that. Y/N would have never done that.” 

“Remember what Namjoon said in the hospital.” Yoongi’s eyes are fixated at Tae’s. Tae can see that Yoongi’s eyes do look like they are on fire. “You saw how stressed she was. Think about it.” Yoongi might be listening, but he is not processing what Jin says. 

“The cuts on her chest? Has she done that by herself too?” Tae shakes his head before he looks back into his eyes. “Who did that to her?” 

“I was there when it happened, those happened accidentally. They happened when I tested if I can remove her handcuffs from her without the key. When the handcuffs were open, she sat up. But because she was blindfolded... I guess Jungkook did not tell her either... But that is why she did not know what lies on her chest! When she got up, the knife fell of her chest and cut her. That is why there are thin, long cuts all over her chest.” 

“Maybe it is the way you say, but what is about the weird behavior?” Tae licks his lips nervously. He knows that this topic is sensitive for Yoongi, especially because he told him to prevent it from happening. “I mean this kissing loving thing and her talk about being a doll?” Yoongi loosens the grip on Tae’s collar. “I know that she does not feel this way about me anymore.” This confession hurts him, but he decided to accept it. He started to except that his love for her is one-sighted. 

“Jungkook said that she is his doll. No matter what he wants her to do, she has to do so. Otherwise she could choose who of her loved ones should be killed first. He used it mostly for one thing.” 

“He used that to put her under pressure? So that he could pressure her into doing things that he wants her to do?” Yoongi let’s go of his collar to step away from him. “I believe that Jungkook would do any unholy thing to reach his goal, but that he steps so far is even a new level of inhumanity. Even for someone like him.” 

“She had to pretend to like him back, so that he would not send the crew on one of you.” 

“What did he do to her? What else?”, Yoongi screams in frustration. “You better don’t tell it is what I am thinking about!” 

“That is what I meant when I said that he won’t hurt her. She became his doll.” Yoongi froze as he looks at Tae. “She had to play a roll. Maybe she is stuck in it because of the stress.” If everything that Tae is telling him is the truth, what might have happened when she was alone with him. The pictures in his head will haunt him for the next few days for sure.  

“That is your fault! I told you to keep him away from her! You promised me, if I let her go, you will prevent that from happening. You fuckin’ promised me that!” 

“I am sorry. I kept him away as long as I could! He would have gotten much faster to her if I would have not done the things that I have done.” Tae takes a deep breath as he leans against the wall. “Listen. I only had this one way of handling it. I tried, but I realized if I would not do that, he would do worse things to her. That was the only way for her to not get hurt as long as she would have to be with him.” 

“She’s hurt! I saw the physical wounds. I don’t even want to calculate what she must go through now mentally. If Jin would not be your cousin, I would kill you on the spot.” Yoongi’s hands were already formed to wrists as the vein on the side of his neck starts to show. 

“We will have to wait until she shows them to us.”, Jin comments. Yoongi puts one hand in front of his forehead to scratch himself.  

“I just want the old Y/N back. I want my Y/N back.”, Yoongi sighs. “I hope you did not try to lie to me again.”, Yoongi says to Tae as he points at him. “I don’t know for how much longer I can let you get away with everything just because you are Jin’s cousin, but the point of me giving a shit about it is coming closer.” 

“Y/N.” The way Jin says her name brought the attention from Yoongi towards her. Y/N walks closer to them as she stops in front of Yoongi. Her hands are in front of her as she starts to play with her fingers for a few seconds before she looks up to Yoongi. 

“He is not lying. He is telling you the truth.”, Y/N admits. Yoongi looks at her for a while before he tries to touch her arm but she moves away. “I could not help but overhear your conversation.” 

“I thought you would try to sleep a little.” Yoongi tries to get closer to her, but she only backs up. “Don’t walk away from me, please. I… I try to understand what happened and what you are going through. I want to help you.” 

“Help me? I am already done. Just say it. Just say what everyone else is thinking of me now.” Tae walks towards them slowly, but he stops behind Yoongi as he sees that it is not his time to intervene. “I know what you think of me now. Just say it out loud.” A tear is dripping down her face slowly as her mouth is slightly open. He looks at her stunned. If anyone would have told him that she is breakable, he never would have believed it.  

“What am I supposed to say? What do you think is what we think?” The way she is thinking and the way she is acting, it confuses him. Anything he does, anything he says seems to be wrong.  

“That I am what I feel like I am.” Y/N fights for a sound to come out of her mouth which apparently does not work completely. “I am nothing more than trash. Hoseok will hate me, if he knows all of it. You probably do it already.” Yoongi grabs her quickly to pull her into her hug. She does not hug him back, but she lets her tears run down off her face. “He will break up with me.” 

“Don't say that. For me, nothing has changed. I still care about you and I still love you. I don’t care what happened between you and Jungkook. I am here for you, just as I promised you. If I am still in your heart or not, I am here for you.” He starts to pet her head. “We’ll talk about Hoseok tomorrow, okay?” Yoongi places a long kiss on top of her head. “I think it is better that you calm down before we talk about anything or anyone else.” 

“Is he alright? Did you hear from him or from Namjoon? How is Namjoon doing? Why are they not here?” Yoongi’s lips move as he would curse but no sound leaves his lips. “Why aren’t you saying anything?” 

“You are way too emotional right now. It won’t do you any good to talk about him at this point.” Tae looks at Jin to get an answer from him, but Jin looks away as soon as he notices that Tae’s eyes are on him. He can see that her face is buried in his chest, therefore he takes the chance walk to Jin. 

“Jin?”, Tae whispers as he stands next to him. “Tell me.” Jin places the plates on the kitchen counter before he turns to him. “What is he hiding from her?” 

“We will talk about it tomorrow.”, Jin whispers back. His whisper is not as quiet as Tae’s but he tries his best to keep his voice down. 

“Jin. Even if it is something bad, what is going on?” Jin puts the knife down as he turns to him. His eyes wander to her before they move back to him. “They have been stabbed. We found them lying in their own blood. Some of their colleagues have been killed too.” Yoongi starts to listen in as he can hear Jin’s whisper. “They immediately blamed us, therefore we had to run. We have the number of their boss, but I just don’t know if we can trust him enough.” 

“What did you just say?”, Y/N asks as she moves her head up to look at Jin. “What do you mean with stabbed?” She pushes Yoongi away to get closer to Jin. The emotions that she feels, are out of control. Tears start to stream down her face again as she tries to understand what she just heard and what she had just repeated. After a few steps, she falls to the ground as her legs are giving in. She falls to her knees and hands as she feels like as she would faint any second. “I took the punishment. I did everything and he promised me to not... I did not break any other rule... I have done the whole punishment. He said, no one has to pay with their life for my mistake. He promised me that.” Tae immediately knees down next to her as he is the one standing the closest to her. 

“Y/N, hey shh.” Tae has his arms around her in a way in which she is not able to move her arms. “Breathe. Y/N, breathe.” Yoongi’s heart breaks in thousands of pieces as he watches her breaking down. This is what he wanted to prevent from happening. This is exactly the kind of pain, he wanted to keep her away from. Tae’s eyes wonder to Yoongi who is sitting down on the armrest of the wing chair as his face becomes pale. It does not take long for Yoongi to break into tears either as he keeps looking at her. She tries to wrestle herself out of Tae’s hold but her body is to weak. 

“Let go. I want to go to Hoseok. He is not dead! No!” Her voice trembles as she keeps moving. “It is not true! It cannot be true! You are lying!” Yoongi gets up to sit down in front of her. 

“Look at me.” Her eye color looks so intense, her lips are dark red and the face of hers look even more pale than Yoongi’s. It takes a minute to make her look at him. “Listen to me. I am sorry, but it is true.” Her head immediately starts to move from the left to the right and back as she would try to show that she disagrees. 

“I took the punishment! He said he would not do it!” 

“Y/N, when did you accept the punishment?” 

“Yesterday. I accepted it yesterday. The handcuffs. The handcuffs were the punishment.” Yoongi looks up to Tae for a second before he looks back at her. “Why?” 

“We found them dead two days ago.” Y/N’s eyes widen as the feeling of betrayal makes her feel sick. Even though she knew she should not trust him, the feeling of maybe hearing the truth from Jungkook’s mouth felt too good to her. She should have known, but she failed to listen to herself. 

“He played me.” Y/N’s body stops moving as she starts to understand that Jin’s words were not a lie. “I was nothing but a doll. He let me believe that I still could help Hoseok...” Tae removes his arms from Y/N. Her body moves automatically towards Yoongi. “Then the crew must be still on your back too, right?” 

“What do you mean by that?” 

“Because I broke three rules... He said he will let the first one go, but then he said someone has to pay because I did not say his name. That is when he killed someone from his crew in front of me. The other two would be forgiven if I take the punishment.” Yoongi’s eyes wander between hers and Tae. “I guess, now I broke another one because I said I will stay by his side which was a lie...” 

“Why did you have to say his name?” Before Y/N could answer, Tae clears his throat loudly. 

“Yoongi, don’t go into it too deep.”, Tae intervenes. “Later. Y/N, what did you mean with the crew is on their back?” 

“Jungkook said, that they are waiting for one mistake of mine. Then he will hunt Yoongi and Jin down.” Tae looks at his cousin who does seem less bothered than anyone else within the room. “I guess the fourth will be the reason why.” 

“Don’t look at me like that!”, Jin says as he walks towards the windows. “We were for sure not followed!” After a minute Jin turns around to look back at them. “There are two bathrooms. Maybe you two should take a shower and go to bed after you have eaten.”, Jin says to Y/N and Tae. “If we should be followed, then we need to make a plan, Yoongi.” 

“You want to plan without me?”, Tae asks. 

“You can join in if you don’t want to sleep yet. But let’s eat first.” Tae walks into the kitchen to pick up the food and brings it to the table.  

“Y/N, we don’t have any spare clothes with us for you. You can throw the clothes directly into the washing machine. There are some towels that you could use to get into the bedroom whilst the clothes are in the washing machine, if it is okay for you.” Y/N nods as Tae turns to Yoongi.  

“We both know, that he either lied to her or he tried to keep her scared.” 

“Either way, we have to make a plan and we have to do one quickly.”, Yoongi suggests as he takes her to the table. 

“Did you even call their boss?” Tae’s question is getting ignored by Jin. “I take this as a no.” 

"It is more important to bring her away first, before we try to bring her back.”  

“Then give me the phone. I have nothing to lose.” 

“Don’t you even consider that Jimin lied to you?” 

“I don’t care what you think about him! I know him better than you.” 

“Of course, you do. Because you have an awesome hand in collecting the right friends.”  

“I was not able to choose! I had to! Did you forget about my sister?” Y/N looks up from the table as their voices become louder. She wants to walk away but Yoongi grabs her by the wrist to hold her in place. 

“Don’t fight.”, Yoongi yells. “We have no time for that.” He looks at her with a comforting smile as he lets go of her. “Eat. We should not waste too much time.” 

“I think we should contact their boss. Maybe he will listen to what I have to say.” Whilst Yoongi keeps eating, Jin shakes his head. 

“Why you? Don’t take it personal Tae, but why are you the one to do so?”, Yoongi asks as he looks up. 

“Jimin said I have a deal. I will pretend that I want to talk with him about it. If he has lied, we will do it your way.”, Tae suggests as he puts his elbows on the table. “If he says the deal does exist, I will tell him that you helped us and that she is in our care for now.” 

“Sounds like a deal.” Yoongi sees that Jin does not seem to like the idea much. “Are you against everything he suggests?” 

“It’s something that I don’t trust about it.” Tae looks at Jin stunned. “Are you still in contact with Jungkook?” 

“Do you have any idea what he will do to me once he finds me?” Tae puts his hands on the table. “He knows that I wanted to leave his crew anyway. If I would go back, he would kill me.” 

“Well then, I guess it will be alright.” 

“I am you cousin for God’s sake. Why are you questioning me? Did I ever lie to you before?” 

“Not as far as I am aware of.” Tae sees that Y/N stopped eating as her eyes are focused on one spot. “Y/N.” He touches her hand softly as he leans in to look into her eyes. “You should eat a little more.” Without saying a word, she leaves the table and goes into the bathroom. 

“I thought about what you said before. About the cuts on her stomach.”, Yoongi admits. “I don’t want to leave her alone longer than a few minutes. No matter where she is, I don’t want her do this again.” 

“What about the bathroom? 

“It stays unlocked. Everyone stays away except she has the door open or lets you in.” 

“You mean I have to watch over her all the time again?” 

“No, not again. I will do take care of her. You two will only jump in when I am not near.” Yoongi says as he gets up. “You two have something to talk about, handle it. I don’t want any fights like this in front of her again. Did I make myself clear?”  

“She has seen probably worse than seeing cousins fight.”, Jin comments without a thought. With one fast punch, Yoongi hits the table which makes the dishes shake.  

“I don’t care. I told you once and I tell you again, Jin. She is my queen. I will protect her no matter what the costs are.” Jin looks at Tae as Yoongi leaves them back alone at the table.  

“Whatever you are thinking. Get it out of your head.” 

“What am I thinking?” 

“I don’t know. It does not look positive. If I’d be you, I’d worry about your money and believe me, they will find it. You know that, as soon as they give you a new start, all the money you have is gone.” 

“I don’t care about the stupid money.” Tae takes the dirty dishes and brings them to the kitchen sink. “I put them away, you wash up. Just like we were kids, you remember?” With those words he leaves the kitchen. As he walks past the slightly open bathroom door, he can see her sitting on the edge of the bathtub with Yoongi’s arm around her. For a minute he watches them both. Even though he wishes that this would be the last stop before he can bring her back, he knows very deep inside, that it is only the silence before the storm. 

Chapter Text

The muscles ache as Y/N tries to stretch her arms and legs. Slowly she sits up in the bed whilst she is rubbing her eyes. She stretches her arms one more time before she opens her eyes. When the sunlight hits her eyes, she puts an arm in front of her face to protect her eyes. Y/N turns her body to the left side of the bed and places her feet on the ground. The eyes of hers wander through the room as she discovers Yoongi who seems to be still asleep in a wing chair, which is not far away from her bed. The curiosity, brings her out of the bed and in baby steps she walks towards the wing chair. It is not a big wing chair, but it is big enough to take a nap on it. Y/N approaches Yoongi with a soft touch on his shoulder. “Yoongi?” A few mumbles and a slowly waking up Yoongi is all she receives as a response. “Hey.”, she says whilst she tries to keep her voice down. Her voice is still weak from the crying of last night that makes it easier for her to whisper. The conversation from last night runs through her mind as she waits for him to say something, but he only grabs her hand and holds it.  

“Did you sleep well?”, he asks with his eyes half open. “I hope you could rest a little at least.” 

“I slept the night through. It’s been a while that I slept that much in one go. So, I would say yes.” Yoongi pulls her to the chair to make her sit in front of him. Without a thought, her body gives in and she sits down in front of him. Her face might not be directed to him but her left shoulder is and that is a spot on which Yoongi keeps his eyes on before he licks his lips to remind himself to just say what he thinks about out loud. 

“I know we have discussed it last night, but you won’t hurt yourself again, right?”, Yoongi asks as he pets her stomach through the shirt.  

“I promised you. I know now how stupid it was, I will not try it again.” 

“Do the wounds still hurt?” 

“Not anymore.” The answer came quickly as she moves her hair behind her ear. “Can I ask you something too?”, she asks as the insecurity comes through her voice. Yoongi looks surprised as he did not think that she might have a question for him. He hopes that she will not have questions about Hoseok as he watches her playing with her own fingers. 

“Yeah, ask me.” 

“Why are you changing your personality so often?” Yoongi narrows his eyebrows as his fingers move over hers. “I mean, when I ignored you, why did you not quit contacting me?” Yoongi moves closer to her so that there would be less space between the both of them. His right leg is stretched out behind her back whilst his leg is next to her leg as he places her hand in his. The atmosphere feels very comfortable to both of them even though it has been months since they were this close. “I just don’t understand your actions... In the safety house you were this caring again but, in my apartment, you were the cold one who I left.” 

“I am sorry for everything I have done and for everything you have to go through because of me.” His eyes stay on her hands as she tries to make some kind of eye contact with him. His lips felt so dry, that he licks it repeatedly. “I had to pretend to be a fuckin’ asshole to get your attention. Listen, after what happened in the basement... Tae talked with Jin and he told me what Tae said to him and what I heard from him, was upsetting me. I knew breaking up with you in a normal way, is something I would have not been able to do. That is why I needed you to hate me. I needed to make you want to leave me. If you would be gone, I thought he would stop using you to pressure me. I don’t want to tell you what he told me, but I think he already did whilst you were with him.” A few sobs escape his lips as he tries to take a deep breath. The emotionless face of her makes it easier for him to continue. “I never thought that you would not pick up when I call you, so I started had to text you again. You did not response to them either, that is why I had to make some research on you whilst Jungkook’s crew were out to kill every single crew member of mine. Jungkook informed me that he will kill you slowly in front of me, so that I could never forget the mistake my crew made. I swear to you, Jungkook tricked us and made his crew believe that we made it and I am more than just sure that it was planned by him personally. He only waited the whole time for the right timing to attack us and that is when he started to use you to pressure me. When I figured out that you were with a police man, it made a click in my head. I wanted to leave this business for months by that point and I knew that I cannot do it as long as Jungkook is out to get you. I had to be this douchebag who seems to stalk you to get yours and your boyfriend’s attention. Honestly, I thought you would tell him much sooner on but I guess I thought wrongly. See, I tried my hardest to be a step ahead of Jungkook to protect you and Tae promised me, if I let you go, he will keep him away from you.” Yoongi’s eyes look up to find hers gazing back at him. “I know you don’t feel the same way about me in the way I do for you. But, can you find a spot in your heart in which you can let me back in?” His fingers start to play with hers again as she bites into her lower lip to find an answer to his question, but she fears that this is all just a lie. The way he speaks, the way he looks. It is all so familiar, but she wonders if he only pretends to be the old him, she once knew. Maybe he truly puts on an act to get to her, but why would he ask for a spot in her heart if he would only pretend. So many questions go through her mind, but she tries to push them to the side. “I have opened my heart to you. Can you please open yours for me, before we have to go? I don’t expect that you will jump back into my arms and everything is like it was-” Yoongi stops speaking as he sees that she tries to say something. 

“You want the truth? Here is the truth. I never wanted to lose you. I wanted to keep you as a friend if we should ever break up. You have no idea how thankful I still am for the help you gave me. Somehow you managed it to make me see you as a monster.” She could not keep looking in his eyes any longer as his eyes make her only think about the good times they have shared. She wants to be mad at him, scream at him, but for whatever reason, she could not do it. There is still this warm aura on him that makes her feel home. “But I just can’t hate you. I tried so many times to do so, but I just can’t find the hate that I should direct at you in me. Before I started a new relationship, I needed so much distraction from you that I started to feel bad because it felt like I was cheating on Hoseok. Yoongi, you were on my mind even after the black eye was gone. When I was intimate with him, I almost said your name sometimes because you were always in the back of my mind. I don’t know if you are telling me the truth, but you still own me an explanation why you didn’t just say what it was all about. Why did you even hit me?” The redness in his face shows the embarrassment he feels inside. If he could go back in time and change one thing, this would be the one. Yoongi never wanted to hurt a woman physically, but he broke this promise to himself. Knowing that he did that, makes it even more embarrassing to him. 

“I apologize that I did that and I regretted it, as soon as I punched you. I thought it might make you hate me more. I did not want to scare you after what happened in the basement, but I wanted to make sure that you leave before he can follow you. I cannot explain you either why I thought it is such a clever idea to punch into your face. I guess, I wanted to have you in safety so much that I did what I never wanted do to you.” Her hand moves underneath his jaw to make him look up at her. Before his eyes lock with hers, she leans her forehead against his. 

“I understand that you tried to protect me. I think I can somehow understand your actions-”, she does not finish her sentence when she noticed that it really gets to him. 

“Did it hurt much? Was your eye alright?” The way he said it, sounded like he would still feel guilty. She does not want to make him feel worse, but she does not want to lie to him either. 

“Yeah, but I had the black eye only for a few days. You did not hit me that hard.” Yoongi nods apologetic. “Do you think Tae and Jin made a plan in the meantime?” 

“We made the plan last night, after you fell asleep.” Y/N moves her hands to let them rest on his chest. “I did not want to wake you, so I left when I noticed that you slept deeply.” 

“Why did you not come back to the bed then? Was the wing chair even comfortable?” 

“I wanted to give you your own space and I don’t want to make you feel like you should do what you don’t want to do. This wing chair is actually quite comfortable.” 

“I trust you. I want you to know that.” Yoongi looks deeper into her eyes as his hand makes its way to her neck to pull her in for a kiss. When Yoongi notices what he is doing, he pushes her away immediately and gets off the chair.  

“I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” 

“I’m fine.”, she says as she turns to him. “It’s okay.” 

“No, it’s not okay.”, he mumbles. “Let’s get ready, the others are waiting for us already probably. You can go into the bathroom which is opposite of this room, I will use the other one.”, he suggests as he leaves the room. Y/N gazes at the open door as she tries to collect her thoughts before she walks out of the bedroom. As she steps outside the room, she looks to the left side and when she does, she could see a door closing quickly. It must be the bathroom Yoongi was talking about the one that he said he will use. As she looks to the right, she can see that Jin is on his phone. Jin looks like he is concentrating hard on whatever he is typing before he puts it into his pocket. Whilst she stands in the doorframe still looking at him, he looks at her with a little smile on his face. Not even a few seconds later he leaves the living room into the direction of the kitchen. She spends no extra thought on it as she walks into the bathroom. As she wants to open the bathroom door, a hand is on her mouth and another hand is on her back to push her into the bathroom.  

“Keep your voice down.”, a male voice whispers as she gets pushed deeper into the bathroom. Suddenly, the hands are off her body and she can hear someone walking away from her. When the bathroom door closes, she turns around quickly. “Didn’t mean to scare you, but Yoongi is very protective over you.”, Tae explains. 

“Could you not just follow me inside instead?” 

“No, I would not have been able to if Jin saw me.”, Tae explains. 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Jin doesn’t trust me the slightest bit. I don’t know what is going on with him, but I don’t like it. Everything I do, he questions. Everything I suggest, he denies. It was like a tug of war last night, but thankfully Yoongi has some more brain than my cousin seems to own.” 

“Did you plan something at least? Where we will drive to?”, she asks in curiosity. 

“Yeah, we somehow managed to do that. We’ll drive off once you have eaten, if you are even hungry.”, he answers shortly as he gives her some stuff to clean herself up with from the top shelf. When she takes the products from him, he goes to the door to check if someone is behind it. When he hears no one, he continues to speak out loud. “You and Yoongi, huh?” 

“What did you just say?” 

“You have something on him that makes him go through fire for you. Is there anything of that in you for him too?” 

“Tae, I think you are overstepping the lines here. I am with Hoseok.” Tae’s eyes seem to change as he would question her words. 

“Do I? Nope, you are wrong. If there is something like that, then I need to know about it. Just in case Jungkook appears, would you rather stay with me, Jin or Yoongi?” Y/N swallows hard as she wonders what they might have talked about last night.  

“With you or Yoongi.” Tae shakes his head as he steps in front of her whilst he tries to read her face. Two steps away from her, that is when he turns away to sit down at the edge of the bathtub. “What are you planning to do?” 

“What am I supposed to plan? Besides, I don’t know if it is you or if the stress is getting to you.” 

“You are scaring me.” Tae gets up and walks towards her again to grab her by her upper arm softly. “I don’t understand what you want from me.” His eyes wander along her fingers, up to her arms before they stop at her face. 

“It is pathetic what you are doing. That you played along with Jungkook to get out, okay. You’ve been informed that Hoseok is dead and you already try to continue where you left things with Yoongi.” 

"Hoseok is not dead! I am not continuing anything with Yoongi.”, she says with an angry undertone loudly. “He’s alive, just like Namjoon is.” Tae starts to pull her in for a hug which she tries to block but he is too strong for her.  

“Y/N.”, he says as he licks his lips. “You have to face the truth even if it hurts. They are dead.” 

“How do you want to know if they are really dead? Maybe they are lying to us.” No matter how many times Tae would repeat himself, she needs some kind of proof to believe it. That she would accept it, would mean that she would never see Hoseok ever again. An imagination that she does not want to picture at this moment. She starts ask herself, why she did what Jungkook wanted her to do, if it is all for nothing at the end.  

“I called their boss.”, Tae says slowly. Y/N puts her hands on his chest to gain some kind of distance so that she could look into his face. “I asked him several questions.”, he sighs. “Jimin did not lie to me. He made the deal for me. It is signed by the prosecution. Everything Jimin spoke was a true word. When I asked about why we were not able to reach Hoseok and Namjoon, he also informed me that Namjoon and Hoseok have been stabbed.” Without saying another word, the tears fall down from her face again. Her hands turn into fists as she hits him in frustration which builds up inside of her as the truth starts to settle in. Tae only pulls her closer to block her punches. “I know that the truth hurts, but you have to face it to get over it. Otherwise it will hurt you even more when you keep on pretending that it is not true.” As Y/N tries to break free, Yoongi appears in the doorframe. Yoongi was listening to their conversation but he waited for the right moment to walk inside the room. At first, he says nothing but when he sees that she is about to break down again, he cannot hold himself back. 

“What did you do to her?”, Yoongi asks as he sees her breaking down in tears. Tae turns his head towards him as he loosens his hold on her. “I might have only heard the last sentence, but don’t rip up wounds which did not heal, Tae.” 

“I am not doing what you accuse me of. The wounds you are talking about do not even exist yet. She cannot keep her eyes closed from the truth.” Tae lets go of her in one go as he steps over to Yoongi. “Now that Hoseok is gone, the spot is free for you again. Isn’t that great?” Yoongi puts on a fake smile as he looks into Tae’s arrogant face before he replaces the fake smile with an angry look. 

“Are you trying to say that it was me? Get your stuff together. It was not me nor was it Jin. Besides, we have a deal because of them and then we should kill them? Think about it, it does not make any sense.” 

“Would you put your hand in the fire that it was not Jin?” Yoongi’s eyes move between Tae’s eyes as his jaw proofs to Tae that this topic is very sensitive. “That’s what I thought. I am not saying it was you, but if their boss told me the truth. It could have only been one of you two.” The coldness between both of them becomes more and more noticeable even by her. The words they speak might be heard by her, but she says nothing as she still tries to process that Hoseok is gone forever. 

“Are the two years of the police academy talking through you? We already told you, it was not us. If you don’t believe us, you can stay here or go back to Jungkook. Jin said you want to help us to bring her into safety, but the way you talk to me right now... Are you trying to fight me instead?” 

“I don’t want to fight you. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. Besides, do you still care for her? Then keep her away from Jin as much as you can.” 

“I know you two had your arguments but-” Tae shakes his head immediately as Yoongi mentions the word ‘argument’. He does not want to waste too much time which is why he interrupts his words. 

“It has nothing to do with our argument! It’s more a feeling that he seems not to be thinking straight.”, Tae says before he leaves them alone. Yoongi’s eyes follow him until he would have to turn to keep his eyes on him. He walks in front of her to pick up the products that she had dropped, from the floor whilst she did not move at all. 

“Are you okay? What happened?” She moves her lips, but not a tone is leaving her lips. She takes the toothpaste from Yoongi and turns to the washbasin to take a toothbrush. With shaky hands she tries to clean her teeth whilst he watches her. “Y/N, if something bothers you, you will have to let me know. I cannot help you when you don’t let me.” She brushes her teeth quickly, so quickly that she makes her gum bleed. Once she is finished with her cleaning her teeth, she takes the towel to dry her face with it. As she dries her face, her eyes look into the mirror. She watches Yoongi, who is still standing right behind her. Y/N puts the towel back and turns around to face Yoongi.  

“You can’t help me or am I missing something? The only thing you can do for me is to bring me to the nearest police station.” Her voice is weak as she tries to not give in her tears again. “But I guess that is not what you will do, am I right?” 

“I want to bring you their police station because the other police stations will underestimate the situation. We already figured how we will get there. The drive will be a bit longer than it usually is, but we will get there. Tae already told the police chef that we are on our way.” 

“Why do we not wait until the police is here?” 

“Because they will not come here. That is why we have to get going. I’ll be waiting at the dinner table, join me when you are ready.”, Yoongi says when he turns his eyes away from her. That he does not even close the bathroom door when he left, does not bother her. He walks along the hallway as he thinks about what he could do to gain more trust from her. Even if she says she trusts him, something feels odd about it. Maybe he needs just a little more, just something, to gain her full trust back. The closer he gets to the kitchen the more he can feel that the mood between those cousins seem to become worse. Even still lost in his thoughts, he realizes quickly that Tae seems more dissatisfied than his right hand. “Jin, go into the room in which I stayed overnight and keep an eye on her. I have to talk to Tae for a minute.” Jin speaks no word as he follows Yoongi’s instructions. “So, we two need to talk.” 

“Again? Wasn’t it nice enough earlier on?”, Tae mumbles annoyed. 

“Yeah, therefore we need to speak more.”, Yoongi says as he takes a seat. Tae understands and takes the seat in front of Yoongi immediately. “We cannot work against each other when we have the same goal.” 

“I kind of lose track what your goal seems to be.” 

“Hey, I try to work together with you. If you like me to forget that you helped her, tell me.” Tae’s eyes wander from the table to the hallway and back to Yoongi before he nods to show him that he understands. “Good, I guess you understand? I know Jin is impatient lately, but that is going on since we come closer to our goal. Don’t ask me why, I never saw him this way before either.” Tae looks astonished at him. As Tae leans back into his chair, he can see the lighter between Yoongi’s finger. The way he played with the lighter shows that he does not do it from time to time only. 

“You know that I trust you more than my own cousin, right?”, he confesses as he looks up at Yoongi. Yoongi clear’s his throat as he notices that Tae is looking back at him again. 

“For whatever reason I noticed that.” 

“Good. If something happens, don’t leave her with him.” 

“What are you talking about? I trust Jin.” 

“I hope I am wrong, but so far my feelings were never wrong.”, Tae says as he gets up. “Yoongi just told me that we are ready to go. Are you?”, he asks Y/N as she comes into the kitchen with Jin walking behind her as he is her shadow. She says nothing even though her body makes her feel the hunger she had ignored until now. To speak up and to say that she needs something to eat, would take more time than just to swallow the hunger. “Yoongi, Jin. Do you have your guns on you?” 

“We have our guns on us. Do you still carry yours?” 

“Yeah, I do.”, Tae says as he checks if his is still loaded. Yoongi gets up to step stand next to her. He locks his eyes for a second with hers before he puts his hand between her shoulder blades as they head their way out. What Yoongi does not notice is that Tae is watching them like a hawk. Whilst Tae does not pay any attention to Jin and simply follows Yoongi, that is when Jin sees his chance. He takes the chance of not being watched by Yoongi to take Tae by his shirt and to pull him back with it quickly.  

“Don’t shoot without a reason. We don’t need any extra attention.” Tae answers nothing back as he lets his expression speak. The looks from Yoongi’s eyes becomes palpable. It only takes a short time of eye contact between Yoongi and Jin, which makes Jin to continue his walk. As they walk along the parking lot, Tae looks at everything that moves and everything that stands to quietly on one spot. “I’ll drive. Who sits with her?”, Jin asks whilst his eyes move between them. Yoongi says nothing as he opens the passenger door. “Well, then we all know our spots.” 

Chapter Text

Unhappy with the idea of letting Jin drive, Tae tries to find a way to keep him away from the wheel. The stress that Jin creates as he tries to get everyone quickly into the car makes Tae suspicious of what the reason might could be for his action. Yoongi seems to not doubt Jin’s action at all whilst Y/N simply looks at the floor as Yoongi accompanies her to the car. Maybe it is because Yoongi is already thinking ahead and that might be the reason why he does not pay much attention to the words which are leaving Jin’s mouth or maybe it is just because he wants to finally get going. When Tae noticed that everyone is about to get in the car, he coughs loudly to get the attention of the others. His plan seems to work well as everyone stopped their movements to look at Tae. “Why are you stressing? I would prefer to sit on the passenger seat.”, Tae says as he cannot hold himself back any longer. Yoongi knows, having both of them next to each other could end up in a fight. In no kind of way will Yoongi let them sit next to each other as long as he is in charge to prevent any kind of fight. Be it verbally or physical. 

“Don't be that foolish and start to think a little. If his crew sees you, they follow us.”, Jin argues back. “I think I am not the only one who does not want that to happen.” Yoongi can see how her fingers start shake as she would fear something. Yoongi tries to make some kind of eye contact with her but she only keeps her head down low. Therefore, he places his finger underneath her chin to make her look at him. He takes her hand in his and places their hands within his pocket of his jacket. When their eyes meet, he leans his forehead against hers to show her that she does not have to fear anything. As he tries to calm her down, Jin and Tae start to become louder. 

“The fool here is you! No matter who they will see of us, they will follow us immediately anyway.” Yoongi lets out a loud groan to show that he has enough of their childish fights. The plan to get quickly from the apartment into the car to get on the road seems to not work as planned. That both of them keep on colliding their heads makes it even more stressful to him. He cannot explain it, but only the presence of Y/N reminds him to not lose his temper too but only until he finally had enough and that point has come. He has enough of their fighting. He has enough of Y/N being even more scared. He has enough of it all. 

“Both of you shut your damn mouth!”, Yoongi yells as he walks up to Jin together with Y/N. “Give me the keys. I will drive with Tae on the passenger seat. You’ll sit with her in the backseat.” Yoongi’s fingers are moving in a fast way to show that Jin should hurry up as he holds his hand up for Jin to give him the keys. Jin’s face becomes from neutral to annoyed. His face speaks volumes in such a strong way that it would need no explanation to what he thinks or feels. 

“What the hell is wrong with you? Since he arrived, you put me on dirt work.”, Jin complains loudly with an angry undertone. “I hope you know how much I dislike this bullshit!” Yoongi loosens the grip on Y/N’s hand just in case he must step between them. 

“Swallow it.”, Tae mumbles as his eyes are fixated on Jin. This comment is almost like a spark within hot oil. That this comment even came from Taehyung is already more than enough for Jin, but that he mumbles what Jin is supposed to do goes way too far. Jin says nothing back but it looks like he wants to do something about Tae’s choice of words. Yoongi’s hand is quicker at stopping him from walking towards Tae as his eyes narrow whilst his eyes move in Tae’s direction to show him to back up. This little movement shows its effect and Tae puts his hands up as he takes a few steps backwards. Yoongi’s face starts to express that he has enough of their stupid fights.  

“Maybe you should not take everything so personally and hear what I say instead, Jin.”, Yoongi scolds as he looks back at Jin. “And you stop picking a damn fight.”, he commands at Tae as he turns to him once again. The stress makes his neck feel stiff as he tries to not get on their level. He moves his head in a way which stretches his neck muscles well before he turns his head from Jin to Tae and back. “We have no time for these kinds of things. Get yourself together!” Jin looks still at Tae as he shakes his head in disbelief, it almost looks like he is not paying attention to what Yoongi is saying. The anger about the situation is clear to read in his eyes. Jin continues to show the dislike of the situation as he hands the keys to Yoongi before he puts his arm around Y/N's shoulder to lead her to the backseat. “I guess we are done complaining.”, Yoongi adds annoyed as he sees Tae is getting into the passenger seat right after Jin had placed himself with Y/N on the backseat. Yoongi sits down on his seat quickly and corrects the mirror accordingly. He looks to the backseat to take another look at her. That is when he notices that Jin does not leave a lot of space between him and Y/N. It should not concern him as Jin usually looked after her, but Tae’s voice starts to rotate in his mind. Jin changed lately, Tae is right about it. But what could he do to her when he would be alone with her? Jin has no motive to do anything to her, as long as he would find no motive for Jin to do what he says he would do, he will keep on trusting him. Maybe not as he is used to, but maybe it is because he also fears to get tricked and to get into more troubles from which the deal should have saved them from. If they truly believe it is one of them who killed Hoseok or Namjoon, they would still need to proof somehow their innocence. How do you want to proof to have not done something when you do not even know what someone else is holding up against you? They should have never walked in when they saw that no one was opening the door, Yoongi thinks as he starts to regret again that it was them who found them dead. The louder his thoughts become, the more he tries to ignore the voice in his head. It is too distracting and he must think about it but he must do it later when he has more time for it. Yoongi turns the car keys to start the car and drives off right away. When he left the parking lot, he can see that Tae’s eyes are more than fixated at the streets than on anything else. It almost looks like as he tries to memorize each road they took. When they arrive at a red traffic light after driving for two hours, he turns over to the backseat to check if she is doing okay. One thing he notices right away is that her eyes fall shut from time to time. “You are doing okay, Y/N?” 

“Yeah. How long will it take to arrive?”, she asks curiously. The hunger starts to take her energy which makes her more and more tired, her tiredness becomes hearable when she answered him. 

“When everything works fine, just a few more hours.” Yoongi’s body seems to be stuck towards the backseat as he does not make any afford to pay attention to the traffic. Y/N waits a few seconds before she shows him to turn back around with her finger. “Try to take a nap in the meantime.” Y/N’s eyes face her feet for a second before she looks back at him whilst she bites her lips. 

“The light is about to change into green. Keep your eyes on the street.”, Y/N says with an assuring smile. It is hard to smile for her in this situation, but she tries her best to make it as believable as she can. A little smile is returned by Yoongi before he turns back around which is assuring her that her fake smile looked as real as she could make it. She notices that Jin moves his hips a little from time to time which makes it seem as he is not sitting comfortably. After a few minutes, he is still moving his hips again,  which started to get on Y/N’s nerves. She tries to move to the other car seat to give him more space but he holds her back. “Shall I not move over?” 

“Stay close, just in case.”, Jin answers. Y/N looks at him confused as she asks herself in which case it would be good to stay this close to him. If they planned the road together, what could be happening to make any situation dangerous, she wonders. “I just needed to get a bit more space. It’s better now.” 

“Are you sure? If I’d move to the other seat, you would have much more space for yourself.” 

“It’s fine. Otherwise I will let you know.”, he assures. 

“Uhm, Yoongi. Shouldn’t we drive along the street on the right?”, Tae questions as he looks around. 

“No, we must go to the left to avoid the center of this town.” 

“No, you're wrong. Change the lane!”, Tae commands quickly as he recalls the streets within this city in his mind. He has been here before with Jungkook as they were driving to the storage. Some spots within this town are controlled by Jungkook’s crew and they are not afraid to shoot. It is too dangerous to take even just one wrong street. Therefore, Tae tries to remember where the hotspots were. 

“I cannot change the lane now. What’s the problem?” 

“If you drive into that street, you are driving directly to Jungkook’s storage. He has at least five crew members at a storage at any given time. It’s too risky to take this street.” 

“Are you sure about that? You also thought the apartment was Jin’s old home.” Tae rolls his eyes as he looks at Yoongi. 

“Of course, I am sure. Drive over by your next change, it’s not too late yet.” Yoongi licks his lips as he fights with himself about what he should do. Jin said that this street would be quicker last night but if it is not as save as Tae says, it would not be worth being faster. Somehow, he thinks he can trust Tae but at the same time, it feels like he is driving into a trap. “Change the god damn lane!” Yoongi looks into the rearview mirror to get some kind of contact with Jin but Jin only shrugs his shoulders. 

“Do I have a saying in that anyway? Drive however you want, you’re the driver.”, he answers aggressively which Yoongi dislikes even more than not knowing what to do. As they are coming closer to the cross road, he listens to the voice from deep within as he thinks that this might be a better choice to do so. If Tae helped her to get her away from Jungkook, why would he try to trap them then, he thinks. As a chance to change the lane comes up, he changes his lane just as Tae said. In his mind, there is some kind of hope that this was not a wrong decision. 

“I hope you are not trying to bring us into more troubles.”, Yoongi warns as Tae looks over to him. 

“Don’t worry, I am not planning to. I want it to be finally over too.”, Tae adds as he looks into the side mirror. “Be careful. Don’t get too much attention.”, he says as the car behind becomes more and more suspicious to him. For a while he keeps on watching the suspicious car, whilst doing so, he starts to bite his inner lip. 

“No need to warn me!” When Tae does not response to Yoongi’s words, he looks over to him. His lip must be bleeding by now as it looks like he is eating his own lip. “Are you nervous? You are about to bite through your lip. It makes me think that you are insecure about something.” 

“I am not insecure. I just don’t know what to think about the car behind us but I know, I just don’t like what I have watched the last minutes.” 

“Does something look strange?” 

“Apparently yeah. This black car behind us, the styled-up one. The driving style they are having is strange. They are always behind us and they change the lane as soon as we do. Whenever another car tries to get between us and them, they speed up. Next to that they are practically copying your driving style.” Yoongi looks into the rearview mirror to check about which car he is talking about and what he sees makes him sigh. Two men are sitting within the car and one of them seems to look similar to someone they know. “Do you remember when you met him?” Yoongi nods his head to show him that he remembers him. 

“I do and I guess Jin must remember him still too.” Jin looks at Yoongi whilst he remembers some people Tae might be talking about before he turns back to Y/N.  

“Y/N, move your head down and stay down.”, Jin commands as he fears that something is about to go wrong. If it is the one, he is thinking of, then there is a possibility that this man will shoot at him by any chance he has. “Yoongi, who are you talking about exactly?” Yoongi looks at Tae before he looks back into the rearview mirror without turning his head too much.  

“You remember the guy who was with you and Tae to show you how his crew functions? Well, I guess that’s him.” This short explanation was enough to call one person up in his mind. 

“Do you mean the guy who loved to show how good his gun works? The idiotic one with the ripped clothes and beard?” 

“Exactly him. He is driving behind us with someone else on his passenger seat. It looks like the other one is texting someone, I think.”, Yoongi tries to describe the scene he sees as good as he can but he still needs to focus on the street too. 

“Tae, did you not say he is one of the best at his job?”, Jin questions as he calls this guy up in his mind. He is pretty sure that Tae mentioned something about it once before. 

“Yeah and that could get us in some big troubles.”, Tae answers with a deep sigh. Tae tries to look as less as possible into the mirror to see what they are doing but he feels the need to watch them. Tae keeps his head straight forward so that it looks to the car behind them as he would not check on them even though he still does. “These two are crew members who are normally based a few towns from here. I don’t know why they are even in this district. Maybe Jungkook send some members out to find us.”, Tae says as he expresses his worries. Jin puts his hand on Y/N’s shoulder to keep her down as he lowers himself above her. “Don’t let them get next to our car, if we cannot see if they do have guns with them. But if they do, they will not be afraid to shoot at us as this town has no police station at all.” Yoongi licks his lips as he tries his best to stay calm. He is driving over the limit and his hands are tight on the wheel as he tries to keep his attention to find a way to avoid it from happening. 

“Got any plan to get away from here quicker?”, Yoongi asks quickly. Tae looks around as he starts to think if there was any kind of road which would lead them out of town faster. “You must have been here before.” 

“Yeah, I was. Drive to the parking lot and when they are behind us, make a U-turn and try to get away quickly.”, Tae suggests. 

“To which direction?”  

“Leave the parking lot into the direction we are supposed to drive to. If you drive fast enough, it should work.” 

“I hope it does.”, Yoongi says as he speeds up. Y/N’s body is too light to keep her on the backseat. In almost the last second, Jin grabs her to hold her on the seat as he leans on her to heavier her weight. Y/N says nothing as he grabs her with one arm under her waist and the other hand is grabbing the driver seat so that he can stay in place. If he could hold their body like this, their head would not collide with the car door when Yoongi would make the U-turn. “Watch out, I’ll make the U-turn now.”, Yoongi warns loudly to make it clear that he will try if the plan works as they had planned. The black car drove almost into their car as Yoongi makes a quick U-turn. He pushes the pedal strongly as he leaves the parking lot without stopping the car to see if any car is coming closer from the street. After speeding up the car for a few minutes, Tae tries to remind Yoongi that it is too dangerous to speed for this long. 

“You are driving too fast!”, Tae complains. “If they call someone else from the crew and they mention our car and you drive by this fast, they will find us faster than you think.” 

“Don’t you think I know that?”, Yoongi yells at him as he overtakes a few cars in front of him. “We are almost out of town. Maybe we should change the plan and drive along the highway.” 

“Good idea. But I don’t think that will stop them from following us.” 

“Is there another car right behind us that I am not aware of?” 

“Not right now. But the crew will let Jungkook know with which car we are on the road with. I cannot imagine that he will let that slide. I fear that he will call up some members around this area to look for us.” 

“We need a new car then...” 

“Yeah. But around here? Forget it. The only thing we can do is to get away pronto.” 

“I don’t like to admit it, but Tae is right. We are pretty much in the middle of an almost empty town. Just keep driving. I’ll think about something.”, Jin comments as he takes out his phone. From the way he holds his phone, there is no chance for her to see the screen. It almost looks like Jin is trying to hide the screen from her as he holds it weirdly. Her feelings seem to agree with her mind, as her stomach feels as it would twist. She feels as he would hide something from them which would mean no good to any of them. 

“What are you doing with your phone, Jin?”, Y/N questions. “I thought you planned how we will get back yesterday? Is there no plan B?” Tae can see that Yoongi does not seem to listen to Y/N’s words as he keeps driving a little to dangerously, but it keeps Tae listening into their conversation. 

“Guess what, we did. Together. We have planned the damn road, but guess what. Sometimes plans do not work out the way they should. A plan B would have not been helpful as you probably noticed, no one of us could have known where the next member of his crew is waiting for us.” 

“I noticed that nothing seems to work out as planned! May you can just tell me what you are doing on your phone?” 

“You are just like Tae! You both have the same character.”, Jin says harshly. “Relax a little. I only look up if there is another option to get us away from here without looking that suspicious.” Y/N nods as she would understand his thinking even though something seems to not be right about it. If he only looks up for another road, why is she not allowed to view it together with him, she asks herself. When she moves her head up, she can see that Tae is looking at her with one eyebrow up as he moves his eyes towards Jin who is still looking at his phone screen. She looks back to Jin’s phone but she cannot see anything from it even when she tries to change her perspective. “Stop moving. I almost dropped my phone because of you!” Her eyes move back to Tae, he moves his chin towards her to give her a little signal. She closes her eyes and nods once, before she looks back at him. That showed Tae that he can focus back on the street whilst she tries to get a look on Jin’s screen. Yoongi watched Tae’s movements with a side eye as he continues to drive as he would not pay attention to anyone within this car. Of course, he listened into the conversation between Jin and Y/N, but it does not bother him as much as it does to Tae. Right from the start, he told Jin to not give her too many information as she would only keep on asking questions. 

“Can I at least sit back up when the car is already gone?”, Y/N wonders. 

“No. Wait until we are on the highway.”, Jin answers as he puts his phone back into his pocket. “Yoongi, maybe we should stop driving to the north.” 

“But that is the fastest way to get there. That is the only fast way to get-” 

“After the highway, drive up the next motor way to the west and drive down the next possibility. We will check into a little motel which is almost directly next to the exit when you leave the motor way. They have an underground carpark which is only open for their guests. If we check in, we could hide our car as long as we need to think about a new strategy. We will need a new one.” Yoongi says nothing as he drives up the motor way just as Jin suggested. 

“We should keep driving, Yoongi! If we check into a motel room, it could slow us down. Please, think about it!”, Tae begs to get a little of clearance into him. “It will cost us precious time.” 

“But if we keep on driving whilst they probably already figured out our road, they can find us easier.” 

“Yoongi, please consider that each of us has a gun on us. If we need to check in to get into the underground carpark, then how will it be if we have to leave? We won’t be able to get out quickly enough!” Tae turns his body towards Yoongi to make it clear to him that he could make a huge mistake by listening to Jin. 

“Tae is right. I will drive down the next exit and get back to a similar road that we had planned. Nothing should go wrong if we do.”, Yoongi explains. 

“Like everything else worked so well so far.”, Jin comments as he shakes his head. “How come that you trust him so much after only one night in which you wanted to kill him, huh? Should I mention that that night was last night?”, Jin asks angrily. He has been on Yoongi’s side for years. Jin was the one to tell Yoongi to trust Tae through all the years, but Yoongi barely did.  Maybe because Jin asked Tae’s decision and moves even more than Yoongi sometimes, maybe that is the reason he mistrusted him all the time. Tae has always been a good and kind person around Yoongi so far, but Yoongi said every time that he cannot believe that Tae’s character is like that. Like that this was only a mask for Tae’s true character, which would fall off any time. Yoongi never saw the good things in Tae, he always saw Tae as someone who is similar to Jungkook. Money, that is the first word that popped into his head when he thought about Tae. It has been no secret that he earned good money, but that he showed it off with accessories. That Tae did show off his money in this way, was a bit too much for Yoongi’s taste. The stubbornness and the will to get what he wishes, showed more than a few times at their meetings. The only thing he did well so far was to bring Y/N away from Jungkook but that this action would bring him more than just a little trust by Yoongi seems awfully mistaken. That someone, even if it is Yoongi, changes his mind this quickly seems more than wrong. “I’ve been by your side for years and months. You never trusted him, now you do?” 

“It has nothing to do with who I trust. It has more to do with who has the better arguments.” 

“If he leads us directly to Jungkook, you’d be fine?”  

“I understand that you do not trust your cousin, but trust me!” Those words sounded like a warning for Jin to not keep on pushing Yoongi’s limit. Yoongi turns the radio up as he hears the traffic news. “The traffic jam is on our road.” He looks at Tae as he moves the palm of his hand along his face. “Fuck.”, Yoongi screams as he hits the wheel as he drives off the motor way. 

“Calm down. Park over there and turn off the motor.” 

“The next time I turn off this motor is when we arrive. Until then I will not make any breaks.” 

“Maybe it’s better to stay on the motor way then…”, Tae mumbles. Yoongi looks over his shoulder to see that Jin and Y/N are sitting on their same spot again. “I mean, there’s no direct lane down but-”, Tae stops speaking as he sees a car speeding up behind them. For the last few minutes, there was not a single car behind them. It is kind of strange that a car suddenly appears and that it drives up this fast right behind them even though the other lane is completely free. 

“Why did you stop speaking?”, Yoongi wonders as he looks into the mirror. “How did they find us?” 

“I don’t know how but you better push the pedals with all you got!” Yoongi starts to speed up until he reaches the limit of the speed in which he can still control his car. Tae takes out the gun and unlocks it just in case someone should come too close. It is not obvious if their own a gun or if they do not. Either way, he wants to be prepared for the worst. 

“Put the gun away!”, Yoongi yells. The yelling of Yoongi made Jin curious what Tae is doing in front of him. The word gun makes Jin anxious as he watches Tae, who is facing the car window as he keeps on looking into the side mirror. “I am not giving them a chance to drive next us. You can put it away.” 

“Tae, don’t do anything stupid! The last thing we need is that we are getting recognized.”, Jin scolds as he notices that Tae stays completely calm. Almost as his words do not count for him. He swallows hard as he sees that Tae has his gun ready to shoot. 

“I know that! Have you forgotten what I did the last few years?” Yoongi takes a deep breath as he is getting worried if he does only one mistake and that one mistake could be a downfall. Jin pushes Y/N to the side and tries to grab the gun which is still in Tae’s hand. “Stop that! What the fuck do you think are you doing?”, Tae screams as he hits Jin. He can land some punches but Jin does not back up. 

“Give me the gun! You will not shoot whilst we are in the car!” 

“Who said that I will? I am only prepared.” Unexpected, Jin tries to get the gun off Tae. “Let go of me!”, he says as he tries to keep Jin off of him. Tae struggles to keep Jin away from his gun as he tries to not fire a bullet by accident. Jin has the hand on Tae’s wrist as he tries to lean in to get it from Tae’s other hand. The grip Tae has on the gun is amazingly powerful even though he is still fighting to keep him away from his gun. 

“Who knows what you will do next? Give me the gun!” Jin’s elbow is already pushing against Tae’s chin which is still blue because of Jungkook. The pain that comes from that spot makes it extra hard for him to fight Jin off. Y/N moves to the other seat to sit behind Yoongi as she fears to receive a punch by accident. Yoongi tries to pull Jin away from Tae as he also tries to keep control of the vehicle. 

“Both of you sit on your fuckin’ seats and you put the fuckin’ gun down! I have enough of both of you!” Jin stops his movements as he lets go of Tae’s wrist as he sits back down. “What the hell is going on between you two? I don’t want to play family nor am I in a mood for this kind of bullshit!” Y/N’s fingernails start to dig into the seat as she stares at her knees. Yoongi and Tae notice that the car is suddenly not behind them any longer. “I don’t want to hear a beep from both of you except the situation makes you do so.” Whilst Jin struggled to get the gun off Tae, his phone must have fallen out of his pocket. His phone lies on the seat next to Y/N. At first, Jin does not notice that his phone is lying this close to her. When his phone screen lights up, he notices that his phone is lying on the empty seat between them. As he takes his phone, he looks up only to see that her eyes are on his phone. It lighted up for such a short time that she could not see why the phone was lighting up. When his phone is back in his pocket, he turns towards his car window as nothing had happened.

“Y/N, are you still doing alright?”, Yoongi asks. 

“Why shouldn’t I?” 

“Well, you skipped breakfast and that is usually not good for your blood sugar.” When Yoongi sees a little convenience store next to an empty gas station, he drives onto its parking lot and parks the car near the entry. “Tae, can you get some snacks and drinks?” 

“We are not that far away anymore. Should we not keep on driving?” 

“We should, but I don’t want her to pass out either.”, Yoongi explains as Jin takes his phone out. Y/N watches how Jin’s eyes start to search for something on the parking lot. Slowly he starts to play with his phone before he puts it into his pocket. “I’ll give you some money.” 

“I still have enough-” Yoongi pushes the money into Tae’s hand. “I don’t need it.” 

“Take this. Just in case, if you don’t need it, you can return it to me.” Tae nods as he gets out of the car. 

“You think he won’t do anything stupid?”, Jin asks as he watches Tae going towards the entry. His eyes do not leave Tae’s figure as Tae enters the shop. 

“Shouldn’t I ask you this question? By the way, when did your cousin ever make something that stupid?” Jin smirks at Yoongi’s question.  

“You don’t know him that well but still you trust him...” 

“See, now we-” Yoongi stops to speak as he can see that two men are going into the store. The two men who are walking into the store would have not been strange, but their clothes got Yoongi’s attention. He could swear he saw a gun, but he does not want to bring up some insecurities within Jin. Jin is more than relaxed on the backseat as Y/N leans forward to Yoongi. She wants to say something but Jin intervenes quicker. 

“What did you try to say, Yoongi? I cannot read minds, you’ll need to speak.”, Jin questions as he keeps his eyes closed whilst his head rests against the car window. A few seconds before he was about to answer, a gunshot becomes hearable. The sound came clearly from within the store. “What the?”, Jin asks as he widens his eyes. The sound repeats itself a few times in a row. 

“Yoongi! Tae is not coming out!”, Y/N says worriedly. “Yoongi!” She shakes his shoulder with her hand with a lot of strength but Yoongi does not answer her. “Yoongi? You both have guns! Why is no one going in to help him?”, she asks as the panic takes over her voice. Yoongi seems to think and it looks like he wants to do something, but he does not move. She puts her hands on Jin’s thigh and starts to shake his leg. “Jin? Why are you only looking? He is your cousin!” She cannot understand how he could stay so calm, even though he knows that his cousin might be killed if he does not help him. 

“If anyone of us gets in... We do not know how they are placed nor who is closer at the door. Whoever of us walks in, might get shot quicker than you think.” 

“I do not understand why you do not want to help him? Do you not care about your cousin?” Her eyes start to fill with water as her worries become stronger. There were too many gun shots to keep on count. The only thing she is paying attention to is how many seconds are within the gunshots. Whilst she is counting the seconds, she hopes that there will not be any kind of similarities as what Jungkook did to Jimin. 

“He will come out.”, Jin says. “He will come out.”, he repeats himself more quietly as he turns his back on them. But still there is no sign of anybody leaving the store. 

Chapter Text

“Tell me your cousin is not about to do something stupid!”, Yoongi begs Jin to tell him anything or something but not that Tae is the active shooter. “Why is he not coming out already?”, Yoongi wonders. That Jin seems not to be bothered much, is making him kind of boil inside as he waits for Jin to make some kind of sign that he is going to help him. “Jin, you have to go in!” Jin turns his head in Yoongi’s direction as he wonders why Yoongi is pushing him to go inside. 

“Not yet. The shooting is becoming less already.” Jin sounds distracted. Something is distracting him obviously, but he would not admit it anyway if Y/N would ask him. Therefore, Y/N says nothing as she watches his left hand shake. 

“Jin. He is your cousin, go in! Hurry up!” 

“Do you think I don’t know that? Besides, he is used to be in such situations, in case you forgot. If I go in, I might make it worse.” It becomes more and more visible that Jin worries about Tae. Y/N starts to ask herself if it is just an act by him. Why would he worry and not go in, Y/N wonders. The doubt if Jin really means it, is in the back of her head. As long as Yoongi trusts him, she must trust him too, she thinks doubtfully. If Yoongi is not letting Jin behind, even after all these doubts, then there must be something both of them hide. The worries and thoughts are getting more as she tries to free herself from all of the negativity which is starting to get the best of her. 

“I did not forget about that! But I need to stay here with her! Which is another reason why you should go inside.” Jin laughs mockingly as he still looks straight into Yoongi’s face. 

“Are you mistrusting me?” Yoongi throws his head back for a second in frustration before he leans more towards the backseat. “You do... Unbelievable. Might want to get rid of me? Is that the reason I should get inside or do you want to exchange me with Tae?” He sounded serious. A bit too serious. The more Yoongi shakes his head and the longer he stays quiet, the more it shows to Jin that he must be right. Yoongi keeps on shaking his head as he rethinks the words Jin had just said. 

“I do not mistrust you, not at all. I am not replacing you either! Why should I? You are like a brother to me? I would never ask you to do something which I think you are not able to do. Only your behavior makes me question you lately. Don’t you realize how strange you behave? You are not even willing to help Tae! How can I know that you would help me or Y/N if we would be in such a situation?” 

“You know exactly that I would help her! She has no gun to begin with. She probably would not even know how to use one if she had one. You and Tae know what to do, the only difference is that he is trained for those moments.” Jin licks his lips quickly as he looks to entry for a few seconds. “Do we even have time for a conversation like that?” 

“No, but-” 

“What are you waiting for then? Drive.”, Jin commands. “He is not coming out.” 

“Are you seriously telling me to leave your cousin behind?” Jin swallows hard as he looks at the entry as a few gunshots are still hearable. His head sinks down as he bites his lips hard. Sweat starts to build on his forehead. He questions himself if it is a good idea or if it is a really bad one to just drive off. His mind tells him to leave, but his heart tells him to wait for Tae. Y/N’s eyes are stuck on Jin as she tries to process the words Jin said. The possibility that Yoongi would leave Tae behind becomes bigger. If Jin says yes, what would happen to Tae, she wonders. When there was no gunshot left to hear, Yoongi sits himself straight up and keeps his eyes on Jin. “Jin? It’s your call to make. Are we leaving your cousin behind or not?” Jin says nothing as he keeps staring onto the door of the store. 

“Wait!”, she yells at Yoongi as before she turns to Jin. “What if he has been shot? Do you want to wait until he crawls out on all four?”, Y/N asks worriedly with a tear running down her cheek. “You should check on him, at least! Even if you don’t want to help him! You are his cousin after all! He only has you.” 

“For fuck sake! Stop pretending as I would want him dead! Let’s get it into your brain, shall we? I do not want him to die if he has been shot. I do not want to leave him behind if he is only hurt. We all should know by now, if he is only hurt and Jungkook checks on the situation, he will kill him himself. If he is dead, we would have to leave him here. To be purely honest, I still have hope of him walking out by himself. Tae is better when he works by himself.” 

“You cannot be serious!” She turns away from Jin to get the full attention from Yoongi. “Yoongi, I beg you. We cannot leave him behind! If Jungkook finds him... Please! Don’t, don’t leave him behind!” Her lips are shaking as she would have no control over them. With her right hand, she pulls him closer to the seat. He can see how serious she means it as he looks into her eyes. The fear he saw months ago in her eyes, that is exactly what he can see in her eyes again. A deep sigh leaves his lips as he looks deeper into her eyes. “Please!” Yoongi moves his hand to put her hair behind her ear before his hand rests on her cheek. His eyes start to wander towards Jin. “We cannot leave him behind!” She tries her best to keep his attention on her, even if it would mean that she could make the car stay only for a few more minutes longer on the parking lot. A few seconds might even make a difference. She hangs on to the words that Tae knows what he is doing. 

“Jin, I don’t like to say it but maybe-” Yoongi stops himself from talking as he feels her grip is tightening on his arm. He looks at Jin before he looks to the entry once again before he wipes the tear off of Y/N’s face. “Don’t cry! It will be alright.”, he says calmly before he places a kiss on her knuckles. It was not a fast one, it was a kiss to show he cares. The eye contact remains between Yoongi and Y/N whilst he places the kiss. Slowly he lets go of her hand before he turns to the wheel. He realized that she tries to pull him back closer to her, therefore, he moves a bit forward. When she could not catch him fast enough, she tries to use her voice once more. 

“Yoongi!”, she screams out as loud as she could even though her voice sounded weak and broken. Yoongi only closes his eyes for a second to ignore her voice. The pain in her voice, is too much for him. He feels overwhelmingly guilty as he cannot take it to hear the pain in her voice. If there is a way to take someone’s pain away, he would do it. This decision is not easy for him at all as he thinks about what happened along the road. Tae helped her and he is Jin’s cousin. Even if they seem to hate each other at the moment. But Jin’s mistrust towards Tae is still there and it does not look as it would disappear anytime soon. But if Y/N does trust him, shouldn’t he do it too? Did he help or in a way that he is not aware of? What if Tae is still working secretly with Jungkook and this is only a trap and that would be why something happens to Y/N, could he live with that, he asks himself. Tae might had helped her, but maybe just to show kindness which should hide the horrible twist in his actions. Jin fighting his cousin by any possible chance he gets, makes him wonder if Jin fears that Tae has something against him in his hand. Jin never acted like the way he does to Tae to anybody they had met, not even against people they disliked. Something is going on between both of them, that is something he is aware of. They just do not want to speak it out loud and that makes Yoongi ask himself, can he even trust both of them? Questions over questions and theories over theories start to fill his mind as he tries to think what’s the best for her. Only for her. Not for him, not for Jin. Just for her. She comes first and that is the most important thing for him right now. Yoongi cannot figure out why she worries this much about Tae, but he could not live with the acknowledge that he brought pain over her once again. Yoongi starts the motor of the car and drives closer to the entry. The driving pace is slowly and carefully. Lost in his thoughts again, he starts to think if it is a good idea to drive in front of the store door, it might be a trap from Tae and Jungkook. Maybe they tried to get one of them in to kill him or Jin to get Y/N back into Jungkook’s hand. Yoongi gets ripped out of his thoughts by Y/N’s voice. 

“What are you doing? Yoongi! We cannot leave him!” When Y/N tries to climb towards the passenger seat, Jin holds her back from getting into the front seat. Her eyes meet with Jin’s who says no word to her. Jin only looks at her as he would stare into absolutely nothing. His eyes look blank and emotionless, almost like ice. The coldness of him makes her freeze, which makes it easier for Jin to hold her in place. 

“Maybe we will see him near the door.”, Yoongi mumbles. Yoongi hopes that they could see him when he passes the door and he hopes that Jin is right. Hopefully, he will make it out walking. Somehow, he believes that Tae might come out running when he sees the car. As he drives the car closer to the entry, the door of the store opens quickly. Yoongi stops the car immediately as he moves his hand to show someone to get into the car quickly. Y/N tries to see who Yoongi is giving the sign to. To her relief, it is Tae. His face looks sweaty and his fingers look bloody. Tae runs towards the car whilst he holds the gun towards the ground.  

“These men were sent from Jungkook.”, Tae explains as he closes the door. “He told them to give me a message; we would see Jungkook soon. But this were amateur shooters… It looked like they were here to give us the sign that he is ready to play.”, Tae explains further as he tries to catch his breath. 

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”, Y/N asks as she touches his left arm. “Is that your blood?” 

“I’m fine.”, he answers as he sits himself to be turned more towards the others in the backseat. As he moves, her hand falls off his arm as he moves a bit too far away from her without even looking at her. 

“What did they mean with soon?”, Jin asks whilst Yoongi drives off quickly. “Didn’t they say something else?” 

“I did not have the time to ask them for cookies and hints.”, Tae says annoyed as he locks his gun. “If Jungkook sent them, then they must have watched us somehow.” 

“How can they watch us when we are almost alone on the street most of the time?”, Yoongi asks. “It does not make any sense.” 

“I don’t know what is going on in his head, but he definitely wants us to know that he knows where we are. Which makes it harder to predict where he is.” 

“You mean he started his game? That means that it will not take long until he will come personally then...” 

“I am pretty sure about it. I just cannot figure out how they did follow us...” 

“How many crew members are left in his crew? Does he still have many men up on his sleeve?” 

“Let me say it that way, we are dead if he sends them out to kill us. There are too many to keep count on... If Jungkook does not care about his men, then he will sacrifice some more crew members, I bet.” Tae keeps looking out of the window, just in case he can see something that looks suspicious or familiar. “He probably placed some members already in the town before we will get there. Jungkook always wanted to be a step ahead of you, I guess he made it this time... I would not doubt a second if he would be there already.” Tae’s choice of words make Yoongi think if it is just a frame-up.  

“So, let me get this straight. Jungkook lets us get away every time just so that his crew shows up out of nowhere to remind us that he is still following us?” 

“Yeah, it seems like it. How else could we get away that easily with just a U-turn? The guns of the shooters within the store were not fully filled. I had to check why they stopped shooting at me so suddenly. That is also why it was easier for me to shoot at them.” 

“He sent them out with just some bullets?”, Yoongi asks in disbelief. Tae is happy about the luck that their gun has not been filled but it seems strange. Why would Jungkook take the risk to lose some of his members? If he is ready to risk, then it would mean he wants to end this for once and for all. 

“Some bullets? He sent them out with half-filled guns, Yoongi. He did obviously not care about them. Which means we need to speed up even more. No breaks. No stops. Nothing until we are there.” Yoongi hits the wheel in frustration as he realizes that it would not matter which strategy they would plan, Jungkook could be wherever they would drive to. Where can he even go if Jungkook started to play his game? How long would it take for him to come personally? Yoongi’s mind is filled with questions about if and when the next thing could happen. “Do you have some bullets on you for me? I need to refill my gun.” 

“Underneath the seat. It’s within the box.” Tae grabs immediately for a possible box which is supposed to be underneath his seat. Within this box, are two smaller ones. The bullets are in the smallest of them. Thankfully, there were the right ones for his gun. 

“Thanks.” Yoongi nods as his eyes move from mirror to mirror. Tae takes his gun into his hands one more time to load it with new bullets. He knows now, if Jungkook appears, he won’t appear alone. 

“Could it be that he tries to lead us into the direction he wants us to?”, Jin asks. “Is that not a strategy Jungkook uses?” Tae licks his lips whilst he puts his hand through his hair in stress. 

“Yeah. But I cannot see his strategy here. How could he know that we would drive this road? Did anybody check the car for a GPS or something like that?”, Tae asks.  

“I did not. I did not even think about it. Did you Yoongi?” Yoongi does not answer as he drives to the side of the road. “What are you doing? No breaks, we have to keep going!” 

“Everyone, get out of the car except of Y/N.” Yoongi removes his seatbelt quickly before he gets out of the car. Even though Tae and Jin agree to take no breaks, they do as Yoongi says just to speed up the process. No matter what he might plan to do. “I’ll check the back of the car. Jin, you check the front and Tae think were else you used to hide them at.”, Yoongi commands as they start to check the car. A few minutes have passed but nobody is finding anything. “Did anybody find something?” Tae and Jin shake their head before Tae gets back into the car. Yoongi goes back to the driver seat but stops for a second as he looks at Y/N through the window. He can see that Tae is already back on the passenger seat and that he talks to Y/N. She looks alright, but Yoongi knows, something is bothering her. He wants to ask her if it has something to do with Tae or with Jin, but how when he cannot be alone with her. Maybe he is wrong and it might be something else. It also could be that she is afraid that she might see Jungkook again. Whatever it is, he will figure it out eventually sooner or later. 

“Yoongi, I think it is better you stay with her on the backseat. I’ll drive.”, Jin suggests. Yoongi’s mind starts to rotate if it is a good idea to let Jin drive. His instincts are telling him to be careful. Even though his feeling is telling him to be careful, he starts to think that he had become too careless with his actions which would cause an unpredictable wrong decision. If Jin starts to notice the doubts Yoongi has, he might get a worse attitude from him.  

“If Tae should have a problem with that, you change the driver seat with him, clear?” 

“You know that he will dislike it, right?” 

“We all have to except things we dislike.” Jin nods at his words as Yoongi walks towards the other side of the car to get into the backseat. 

Tae cannot hear their conversation as he was listening to Y/N. He looked up once but he did not look for too long as his attention went back to her. She tries to tell him quickly what she has on her mind but she stops to talk as soon as she notices that someone is at the driver’s door already. Tae looks at the driver’s door when he hears that it makes an unlocking sound, that is when he noticed the change. “Get back to the backseat! What do you think you are doing?”, he yells immediately at Jin. 

“I am driving. Yoongi drove long enough and so far, you should know that we exchange the driver after driving for so long.” 

“It’s been four hours! What’s long about it?” As soon as the backseat door closes, Jin starts to drive off. “I could drive too! I’ll drive instead of you.” Jin does not react to Tae’s words. “Let me drive instead.” 

“Tae, what’s the matter?”, Yoongi asks. Tae’s eyes go to Y/N before he looks back to Jin. Tae does not answer him, but his attention is quickly back at Jin. “Calm down! We have to get going. Checking the car took already too long.” 

“Give me your phone!”, Tae says angrily. Now he is the one to ignore someone else’s words. 

“What? I am driving.” 

“I said, give me your phone.” 

“Do you want a car accident to happen? Use your own! I cannot give it to you.” 

“My battery died.” 

“I cannot give it to you as long as I drive.” 

“Then stop the damn car!”, Tae screams whilst his vein starts to show on the side of his neck as he screams at him. Jin has only been driving for what feels like two minutes but Tae is already looking like he wants to attack Jin. Yoongi does not intervene until it is obviously too intense. Therefore, he watches the ongoing scene. When she notices that he will not interrupt them, she tries to whisper towards Yoongi. Yoongi sees how her lips move but he cannot hear her. She moves closer to him with her left hand on his knee and her right wrist on his shoulder. 

“Trust Tae, Yoongi.”, she whispers as she touches his neck gently with her nose tip. 

“Y/N, what are you trying to do?”, he whispers back. His hands are on her hips whilst he tries to keep a distance between them. She moves her head a bit higher until she is closer by his ear. “Stay out of our conversations.” 

“Jin hid the phone screen from me, before they shot at Tae. Before they discovered us.” Her left arm moves beside his neck to make sure he does not remove his head from her as her fingers touches his scalp lightly. “He did nothing else than to fight with Tae. I know the old Jin. Back then, he always would have helped him, why does he stop doing it now? Why did he not go in even though he was taught by Tae on how to react in this kind of situation.” Yoongi notices that Jin is to focused on the street whilst Tae calms down as he looks through Jin’s phone.  

“He has just given his phone to Tae. You need to trust me here, okay?” 

“I do. I just do not know what to think about Jin.” 

“Stop listening to Tae. Trust him, fine. But don’t trust every word he says! He might have helped you out, but what if he only joins Jungkook’s playbook? We don’t know if he really wants his deal. Jin has been in contact with the police station, but they did not response yet. I told him to not say a word about our plan to Tae nor to you. I did not want you to worry too much. Have a little trust in Jin.” 

“Why does it sound as you mean what you are saying?” 

“Go back to your seat. I will try to get him on the passenger seat.” She looks deep into his eyes before she moves back to her former spot. As Yoongi put his hand on the edge of the backseat, that is when she puts her hand above his. His eyes drop to his hand whilst he takes her hand properly into his. With a small smile on his face he takes his hand and pulls her hand on his lap. Both of his hands are on each side of hers as he nods. “Jin, please exchange the seat with Tae.”, Yoongi commands calmly. “I don’t want him to get a heart attack.” Jin nods as his eyes search for a parking spot. He drove for a few more minutes until he stopped the car at a bus station. 

“Hurry!”, Jin yells loudly as he throws the door shut. Even though he might not look angry, his actions are speaking louder than he wants them to be. 

“What the heck is his problem?”, Tae questions himself. “I hope you told him what you told me, Y/N.” Those words make Yoongi turn to her immediately as he notices that those words may did not come from her, but maybe he is telling her what to say. That also could mean that he listened to their whispering, but would that mean that Jin heard them too? 

“Y/N?” Yoongi licks his lips before he looks at her. “Y/-” His hands are tight around her hand, so that she cannot pull it away if she wanted to. 

“He speaks about Jin’s phone. Every time he is on the phone, something happens.” Yoongi knows there is not much time to discuss this out. Both watch Tae and Jin walk around the car. As they pass each other, Jin walks a little closer to Tae so that their shoulders collide. “Yoongi. Something is wrong about it. Jin is always on his phone and I do not think that he is in contact with the poli-”, Y/N tries to explain until Jin gets into the car. Yoongi sighs as she stops to talk. “Was it really necessary to hit his shoulder with yours?”, Y/N asks.  

“Before anyone answers that question,” Tae stops to speak for a second as he checks how many cars are about to drive pass them, before he can get the car back on the road. “why did you try to leave me behind at the store?” Tae questions as he puts his seatbelt on, what Yoongi does not see, Tae’s eyes are glued on Jin. 

“I did not plan to leave you behind.”, Yoongi explains. “I wanted to see if you are near the door and if not, I would have sent Jin to you.” 

“Uh, yeah sure.”, Tae says as he shakes his head. “As he would have come to help me.” Angrily he turns the car keys and waits for the next possibility to leave the bus stop as he missed the current chance. Luckily, he found another gap in which he drove the car into quickly. 

“I definitely would have done something if I knew you were in danger! Besides, you know how to act in such situations. If I would have come in, I would have only destroyed the plan you made within the three seconds you knew something is wrong.”, Jin sighs. “Besides, I know I am the only one you have left from our family-” 

“Family? Don’t you even dare to put that word into your mouth! Since when does a family member treat another family member like you do? I doubt that you even know what it means…” 

“I… Forget it.”, Jin says quietly. “Let’s get to the police station and then you can start to walk alone.” Tae’s eyes move from time to time towards Jin but also into the mirrors. Y/N looks like she is torn in believe and in disbelief whilst Yoongi is petting her hand to keep her calm. 

“At least now we understand each other again.” 

“There is something I always wanted to ask you, Tae. Why did you not invite me to her funeral? I still do not know where your sister’s grave is.” The way Jin said it, hit a spot in Tae’s heart. The pain he hides, the memories that haunt him at night are in front of him as Jin’s words go through his mind. 

“As you would even care at all.” Tae does not know if he should believe that Jin cares or if it supposed to trick him. But how could he even trust him when all he does is fighting him? Tae trained Jin for situations like before personally, what is holding him back that he would even risk his death, he wonders. Besides, why did he never ask him before about her grave? Why did he not ask him about it in the apartment before they took a rest? Why now? No matter what he would ask, Jin would not tell the true reason, he thinks. 

“I do. I truly do care. You can ask Yoongi how often I looked for her grave, I never found it.” If Jin is acting, then it is spot on, but Tae does not want to believe what he hears. “There is no record of her name at any graveyard.” 

“You will never find it! You left me behind bars even though you knew I would have never harmed her!” 

“How was I supposed to know what is going on between you two? I wasn’t there for months.” 

“Exactly. We all would not be in this mess if you would have taken care of her instead of Jungkook. I asked you because I knew she would be alright when you look over her. But you said you have no time like you would have to take care of her like a toddler. If you would have only said yes instead of finding an excuse…” 

“I told you that I was not able to.” 

“Yeah, but later on you could take care of Y/N. You just did not want to.” 

“That is not it and you should know that.” 

“I do? How? How am I supposed to trust anything you say?” Tae starts to shake his head as Jin does not respond. “I can see now how important it truly is to you by your silence.”, he says sarcastically. 

“You know what, when we are done here, I am done with you. We are not one family anymore.” 

“And you just said we were.”, Tae hisses. The silence fills the car with an uncomfortable atmosphere. It was super quiet in the car for the next forty minutes before they arrive at the parking lot from the police station in which Hoseok and Namjoon worked at. What Y/N did not expect, is the feeling that hits her as she looks at the benches on the parking lot. The memories she has from here. The many times she sat in one of the benches to eat lunch with Hoseok or Namjoon. The more she looks around the more memories hit her and they hurt her badly. Hoseok’s voice is clear to hear in her head as she gets out of the car. “You alright?”, Tae asks as he closes the car door. 

“Yeah. I just... I am okay.”, Y/N tells him with a fake smile. “Everything is over soon, right?” Tae nods as he walks around the car to walk into the police station. The closer they get, the more they notice that there were cars which shows that police officers must be inside the building but nobody is visible near the glass doors. A red shield is hanging at the door with no further note. 

“Closed? Since when does a police station use that shield?”, Jin asks. 

“If it’s closed, they should have also locked the door.”, Tae comments as he opens the door. No one seems to be inside the building, not a single officer is in sight. “Hello? Anybody here?” Nobody is answering them. Nobody’s steps are hearable. It was just quiet, a little too quiet. The desks do not look tidy, paper works were still lying on several desks. Another thing Tae notices, is that the computers were still on standby. 

“Guess there were all called out.”, Yoongi guesses as he looks at Y/N. “I know you were here a dozen times at least. You must know where their boss’ office is.” 

“Yeah, the office of their boss is on the fourth floor.”, Y/N says as she moves her head towards the right side of the desk. “I was in his office a few times. We should take the elevator.” The others follow her as she makes her way to the elevators.  

As they walk along, Tae and Yoongi realize that there are red spots on the wall, almost as it would be blood. She stops to walk as she only hears that only one person seems to follow her.  

“I am getting a bit worried here. There is blood on the wall.” Tae tried to whisper those words to Yoongi but his voice was just too loud. He turns to Jin to make him take a look at the wall but he refuses. 

“I don’t need to look at that spot. Look at this one over there!” Jin points towards the storage room in front of him. “There’s more.” Tae takes big steps as he walks closer to him. Yoongi walks also quickly up to him and what they see, is more than proof. “His crew was here.” 

“Y/N, did you just push the button for the elevator?”, Yoongi asks as he hears the elevator melody. 

“Yeah. Why?”, she questions innocently. 

“Why? You are so stupid! If they are still in the house, they know that we are here now!”, Jin explains as he grabs her by her upper arm. 

“Why should they be here?”, she questions as she had overseen the blood spots as she walked past it. Y/N did not look around as her feeling is still telling her that the police station is called out for something big. They will return at any moment, she believed until she sees what the others have seen already.  “Is that blood?”, she asks as her eyes wander to the storage room. 

Yoongi steps in front of her to take the view away from her. “Don’t look over there.” The closer he gets the more he sees that Jin’s grip is very tight on her. “What are you doing? Let go of her!” 

“Fine.”, Jin answers as he lets go of her arm. “If she does any other stupid thing, I guess it is up to you to take the blame then.” 

“She is not four years old. Stop treating her like that!” 

“Put the feelings aside and see in what kind of danger she brings us in!” Yoongi’s eyes narrow right after Jin had finished his sentence. 

“I seriously have enough of your bullshit attitude! Keep going and you will figure out how to save your ass on your own!” 

“What do you mean by that? We both don’t even know if our deal is even existing as Tae’s is. Do you really think that Hoseok would have helped us, knowing that you are her ex? I am damn sure, it was only a bluff.” 

“Maybe Hoseok bluffed, do you really think that Namjoon did too? We both researched them, you read the same thing as I did. We both know that we can rely on Namjoon’s word.” 

“But Hoseok is the only one except from us who signed the paper! Wake up Yoongi! Hoseok played us big time.” 

“I can explain.”, Y/N intervenes. “I overheard their conversation about the deal.” 

“I am right, am I? Tell Yoongi I am right!”, Jin commands. 

“Stop pressuring her!”, Yoongi yells whilst he tries to not be too loud. Tae kept looking around until he heard the yelling of Yoongi. 

“It’s fine, Yoongi.” Y/N says as she puts her hand on his forearm to pull him back a little. “Hoseok did not mean to make the deal at the beginning. He was more about of getting you out of my life, both of you. He feared to lose me. Hoseok truly thought I would get back to you just like that. Like we would have never broken up.”, she explains. “Namjoon reminded him to what he had agreed on. But Hoseok did not care. Later on, Hoseok talked with their boss and explained what he did. The last thing I heard was that their boss said that Hoseok and Namjoon should meet up with you before anything else is settled.” 

“But how did you end up with Jimin then?”, Tae asks. 

“That is not important. What matters is that we two are fucked, Yoongi.” 

“No, it matters!”, Tae defenses his question. “Y/N? Was it then when Jimin was looking after you? Was that the time before we saw each other in the park?” 

“Yes. That happened before I met Jimin.” Tae nods as he listens to her.  

“Alright. Come on, Y/N.”, Tae says as he drags her into the elevator. Yoongi follows him until he places his foot between the doors of the elevator. 

“What are you doing?”, Yoongi asks. 

“We have no more time to discuss things. You heard what you needed to hear and now it’s time to check if someone is in that specific office. Want to come with me or is the fear bigger to not have a deal holding you back?” Yoongi turns around at Jin as he steps into the elevator. Jin looks towards the hall from where they came from before he looks back at Yoongi. 

“Just to clear this up.”, Jin comments as he walks into the elevator. “You know what it means if our deal is none existing?” Yoongi nods to show he understands. “What’s the plan then?”, he asks as he gets into the elevator. 

“The plan is to look through his office, we might find something that we could need.”, Tae explains. Y/N pushes the button to make the elevator go up. 

“What do you expect to find?” 

“Maybe there are some hints. From what I remember at the police academy, there must be at least the head of the police station who stays at the station.” 

“You saw it first. Don’t you think it is weird for him to stay when there are blood stains all over the first floor?” 

“I thought you have been arrested before?” 

“What does it have to do with that?” 

“Whilst I was arrested, I saw some men in handcuffs fighting with the police officers. Maybe the blood stains came from that.” Y/N’s eyes wonder to the elevator floor as she is reminded on her childhood friend once again. The words Jimin said to her, are going through her mind.  “We never left traces like that anywhere.” 

“The smaller spots might come from a fight, okay. But what about the blood in the storage?”, Jin questions. 

“I don’t know. I just hope Jungkook was not faster than us.” The elevator opens and what they see is nothing suspicious. The hallway is quiet and no one is making sound. “Y/N, where is his office?”  

“That way.” Y/N does not show in which direction they are supposed to go, she just walks directly into that direction. Their footsteps echo through the hallway and Y/N’s heart beats quicker and quicker. She tries her best to stay calm but the thought of Jungkook being in this building makes her sweat. “That’s his office.”, she clarifies as she sees the office shield with his name on it. Tae nods as he gets his gun ready. Jin copies his actions as Yoongi takes Y/N by her wrist to pull her to the side. 

“Let them go in first.” Tae turns the knob and steps in first. Slowly they make their way into the room. The office is not a small one. It also has another room which can only be entered through the office of the police commander. Tae sees the files on the floor, some books are out on the floor too. Bullet casings are lying on the floor. As he gets in deeper, he can see that on a couch lies a wallet. Jin sees it too and he is faster in opening it than Tae.  

“Mr. Bang Si-Hyuk.”, Jin reads out loud. “That is the same name as on the office door.” It made click immediately for both of them to realize what must have been going down. The door to the other room becomes a part of Tae’s view as he keeps on looking whilst he listens you Jin. “No money in there but therefore a credit card.” 

“Jin, come here.” Jin does not comment on Tae calling him over to the door he tries to open the door but it seems locked. “Did you see a key in the wallet?” 

“No. There was no key in there.” Jin walks outside to call Yoongi into the room. “It looks safe. I don’t think that there is anybody here.” Yoongi puts his arm on her lower waist as they enter the room. 

“This door is locked. I have no clue what’s behind it.”, Tae admits. Y/N walks directly to the bookshelf and takes a book out. She remembers that are several books with hidden security keys. 

“I think it was that one. I know it was a dark green one.” Y/N shakes the book whilst she holds it on the backside. “Knew it.”, she says as a silver key falls out of the book and directly onto the floor. The key jumps twice on the floor before she picks it up. 

“How did you know that?”, Jin asks. 

“Well, as I said I was here before. I know some hidden secrets within the station.”, she answers as she holds the key towards him. 

“Y/N, did you cut yourself on your finger?” Y/N tilts her head as she wonders why he would say that. She takes a look on her fingers and palms to see if she has hurt herself accidentally. 

“No. I did not. Why?” 

“Tae, how are the odds that Bang is not alive anymore?”  

“I don’t think that he had any worth for Jungkook to keep him alive. Do you think it’s his blood?” Jin only nods as he watches Yoongi walk over to the bookshelf. “If it is his, then Jungkook has not been a part of this. He would never allow to make it that obvious.” 

“You mean that he has sent his crew ahead?” 

“I think so. I just do not understand how he could get everyone out of the building.” Yoongi is still looking at the books which Y/N had looked at a minute ago. 

“Was it that one?”, Yoongi asks as he takes the said book from the shelf. 

“Yes, why?” He ignores her questions and checks the book for more blood. 

“The blood dried on the book. It is for sure not Y/N’s blood.” Yoongi’s eyes drift to the key. “Let’s open the door! I want to know why they hid the key back in its place.” Jin nods and puts the key in the lock.  

“Uhm, Yoongi. We have a problem.” Yoongi walks over to Jin to try it himself.  

“Y/N, are there any other keys that could fit in?”  

“Well, there has been three keys within this office. One for this door, one for the main door and one for the closet were the copies of these keys are.”  

“We have to go through the books.”, Yoongi says as he hears a click. “Did the door open?” 

“Yeah, but it does not open widely.” Tae says as he tries to open it more together with Jin. “I think they must have put something behind it.”  

“Y/N, stay near me. Okay?”, Yoongi says to Y/N. 

“Okay.” She does not understand the situation as clear as the others do but somehow, she does not even want to believe the same thing they do. Tae tries to look more into the room but when they finally opened the door more, a hand falls down in front of him.  

“What the-”, Tae yells as the sudden movement takes him by surprise. “I think there is a dead body behind the door.” Jin pulls him to the side and places his body between the door and the door frame. With his left leg against the doorframe and his right shoulder against the door, he pushes it open. What he did not think is when he stepped inside, that the door closes again behind him. “Jin?” 

“The door closed because of the body. Give me a minute.”, Jin says as he looks around. Ten bullet casings lie at the end of the room near the window. Some more right next to the dead body. “Open the door!”, Jin screams as he discovers that someone is coming towards the window. “Open it!”, he yells again as he hit against it. He tries to pull the guy away a little so Tae can open the door a bit easier. When he looks to the window again, he can see that someone is holding something in that person’s hand. Jin pulls at the door and it finally opened. He tries to slip through the little place he has just to get out. “Lock it.” His voice sounded commanding and fearful at the same time. 

“Why shou-” Tae tried to ask but Jin pushes him aside and locks the door. 

“We have got to go! There was someone outside with what I think was a gun in his hand.” 


“There is a window in there with milky glass. I could not see who it was.” 

“Milky glass? That must be the glasses to the emergency staircase.”, Tae says. “We have to leave this room! They saw one of us. They must know we are here…” 

“Let’s go.”, Yoongi says as he grabs her hand. “We’ll take the stairs.”, he whispers as they are back in the hallway. 

“They will hear us clearly when we use the stairs.”, Tae whispers back. 

“When we use the elevator, they will know that we are about to leave.”  

“There is just one way out, isn’t it? Either alive or dead.”, Y/N comments quietly. The last piece of hope she had disappeared as she sees the questioning faces of them. 

“Let’s take the stairs. We can still go up or down and we can check if there is someone in sight. If we take the elevator, they can see if we are going down...”, Yoongi says as he looks forward and backwards between Jin and Tae. 

“Jin, your first. Then Yoongi, then Y/N and I will walk in the end.”, Tae suggests. 

“Should you not go first?”, Jin questions. 

“Fine with me. Then you will walk behind them.” 

“What about this man that Jin saw?” 

“The emergency staircase does not go up to the fourth floor. So, when he had a gun, that could only mean either he is one of the good shooters who wait until we are outside or he was positioned on the roof for another reason.” 

“Alright. Let’s go!”, Jin whispers as they walk to the staircase. As they come closer to the staircase, they can hear the sound of the elevator. There is a good thing and a bad thing about this. The good thing is, whoever took the elevator cannot see from the elevator to the staircase. The bad one, if someone is coming up the elevator, is there a chance that someone could come towards them on the staircase at the same time?