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Anata wa bakadesu

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Weekends are always the marvellous days in the week to stop from the mother lode of work and rest, to relax and forget about the responsibilities just for a while to only regret it later on Sunday night. For Taehyung, it’s the time wind back to those childhood moments, basking himself into the anime he loves.

There’s no other place that could make him completely absorb the four new episodes that he’s about to watch than the manhwa café, entirely surrounded with shelves of mangas and people that would understand with his fascination into these non-alive characters. The problem is today though is that there’s too many of those people.

Since the summer break has started, high school students start coming by more often to the place, filling up not only the café side but also the reading tables and resting area. The resting area, his favourite prized thing of them all are already taken by these people. How the heck is he supposed to indulge in his anime now?

He tried checking and going through them one by one but mostly were already have been occupied, even the ones one the higher level. Mostly except… and the power of anime is on his side! Taehyung found one of the twin capsules empty at the far end of the room and makes a swift dive in, quickly taking off his shoes and placing them down to the floor as if to say this area is taken. With an exultant sigh, Taehyung plops down to loe down on his back and getting himself comfy with the head pillow.

Now he can finally start binge watching. Taehyung takes out his earphones from his pockets, untangling them then connecting it to his phone before putting the buds into his ears. Everything is going perfectly fine today. He gets a spot in the rest area, no one bothering him as he watches the third episode already, his tummy is rumbling, he- oh… he’s hungry. Okay, maybe it doesn’t go as smooth as he planned it to be. It was his fault though, he could’ve eaten something first but will to find an empty resting spot was higher in priority. If he left his shoes outside, people wouldn’t try to claim his place, would they?

As Taehyung contemplates whether or not to leave his territory, he hears another sound that’s definitely not coming from his stomach. It sounds strangely from above him, like right next to him? Unknowingly, Taehyung turns his head to see what it is only to meet with a pair of eyes looking back at him. “Holy shit, what the hell!”

Taehyung quickly scrambles up, unfortunately his instinct was to stand up and his head went straight on to hit the extent of the space, making him fall back down to his knees and groans while holding onto the injured spot. “You deserved that kid” and what the hell? “Excuse me?” Taehyung tried to keep the nice in his tone but it’s proven to be difficult when he was already grimacing from pain. “Funny how I should be the one saying that to you, and so I will say it back. Excuse me, what are you doing in my space?”

How in the world would Taehyung know? “I just assume there was no one since there weren’t any shoes outside” the stranger squints at him, not even sitting up but rather drags himself to the edge and check if his words were true. Taehyung stares at the back of the other’s hoodie and realises the damn stranger is wearing a matching coloured hoodie with the dark green resting mat, no wonder he couldn’t see the other, he was in the damn camouflage. He hears the stranger mumbles “Ahh that fucking Jungkook brat” before watching him sit up, finally getting to take a proper look at the… resident?

The man in the green hoodie seems to be smaller than him, though he wasn’t sure whether he is younger or older since the stranger have this young and slightly chubby for features but eyebags and glare that he’s giving to Taehyung right now says otherwise. “Well didn’t you at least saw me sleeping here?” and Taehyung wants to give back a snarky remark but he bites down on his tongue and shakes his head instead. “Then how did you not realise you’ve been rudely intruding and putting your head on my lap this whole time?”

“Listen, I really didn’t realise it and I apologise but this is a twin space anyway. It’s not my fault that you’re a chameleon and that every other space is empty except for this one” he huffs out. This grumpy looking man is really getting onto his nerves, Taehyung is hungry and still has one more episode to watch but this situation isn’t helping him. “Besides, you have no right to claim a spot when it was clearly made for two people. So how about you let me stay here and I’ll get you a ramyun cup as an apology for rudely intruding because that’s all I could think of and I’m hungry.”

This seems to make the other quiet and consider about it. Taehyung lets out a sigh when the stranger hums in agreement and Taehyung quickly slip on his shoes, walking fast to get two cups of ramyun then preparing them after paying. He could’ve just leave the place instead of arguing with the man, but he’s not going to let some unknown man ruin his day. Taehyung heads back to the resting area, careful with the hot cups on his hands and pokes his head in.

Stranger man is now sitting with his back against the wall, hands holding up an old manhwa and eyes are focused in reading. Taehyung clears his throat, not knowing what to call the other and hands out the cup when stranger man looks back and grabs the food. It was all quiet after that, just two people that don’t know anything about each slurping on their ramyun with zero communication. Taehyung helps taking the other’s cup and throwing it away when they were done and when he goes back to the resting area, he sees that the stranger is already going back to reading his manhwa.

“Uhm… I’m sorry to interrupt but I’ve never really gotten your name?” the stranger looks up from reading, stares at him dead in the eyes before looking back down and  say “Yoongi, Min Yoongi.” Oh how rude this Yoongi is, not even a handshake! Taehyung doesn’t care anymore, he starts lying down across the floor, making sure he’s getting a real pillow to rest on this time and goes back to his previous position of phone out and earphones in. “Kim Taehyung”, at least he’s nice enough to give this cursed man his name.


Or maybe Taehyung should never have been nice to this Min Yoongi, because he can’t focus on his screen when could see from the corner of his eyes that the other is burning holes though his phone.  He’s too comfortable in his current position to turn the other way, so instead he does the courtesy of putting his phone down to look at the man. “Is there something else that’s bothering you?” Yoongi gestures with his head, “What are you doing” Oh so he was just curious then, “I’m watching anime.”

Yoongi kept his lips sealed, dragging the silence in air too long and throwing Taehyung off edge but then he started asking “Why are you here if you’re just going to watch some anime on your phone?” wow so this guy is judging him now. “Why are you here if you’re just going to sleep then?” Taehyung states.

The other lifts up what he was reading and waves it to Taehyung, “I’m using the manhwa section like any other people, just because you saw me sleeping instead of reading doesn’t mean that I’m not using this place like I should” Is this random person that he barely meets for an hour telling him what to do now? “Besides, anime isn’t as good as the manhwas, might as well get to reading than hurt your eyes from those things.”

Isnt’t as good?

Those things?!

He had to sit up because “Excuse me” Taehyung started, “of course anime isn’t as good as your plain old manhwa because they’re better than that, they’re the greatest.” If Yoongi was burning holes earlier, it’s blazing like hell right now. “Better?” he leaves it at that, as if he’s giving Taehyung the time to take it all back. “How the fuck is anime better than manhwa? Is this what you elementary kids think of these days?”

That was such a low blow. “I’m 23, thank you. And anime is just like any form of art, a quality content that you seem to not understand” he huffs out. What, now this guy is trying to pick a fight with him? About anime? Not a chance. “Well that still makes me older than you then. And for you to think that anime is better when all they do is take the real art from the manhwas and makes them move around and add voices?” Holy shit. “That’s not art, that’s thievery.”

Holy shit, this guy is really testing him, what happened to his peaceful day. “I’m sorry then hyung, but animators take a lot of time to create even one episode with quality content and you’re taking that as if it’s worthless? The work they put for  animation, effects and even the voice actors did a hard job of pouring out their emotions to make it come to life. But the money that they should earn all went back to the manhwa creators. Who’s the real thief, now?”  Yoongi just shrugs at that, “Wouldn’t that be the manhwa creators right to do so? Not their fault that anime can’t live without their ideas.”

Really, Taehyung doesn’t understand why this guy is trying to pick up a fight with him about this but Taehyung refuses to let this person get away with it that easily. “Too bad that’s their only source of income though.” Yoongi didn’t seem to be intimidated by it, only giving a chuckle and a shake of his head. “You weeaboos are really something else, truly, I admire it.” Taehyung shouldn’t be taking that as an insult. But he did.

But he’s also so tired with this shit- all he wanted to do is to watch his anime in peace, what’s so wrong with that. “You know what, whatever. I feel bad for you to be living in ancient times when we are here at the future.” He gets out then, putting on his shoes and standing up. To hell with this, he could just enjoy one more episode back at his room instead. He’d rather hear his roommate fucking with his boyfriend rather than this bull. But his fate doesn’t seem to end there, he was just about to leave when he heard a “Nya nya nyanya nyaaaa~”


Ever since then, Taehyung’s trip to the manhwa café could never get better. Because fuck it, he lied to himself and he can’t stand Jimin and Hoseok frick fracking all the time, so he made himself come back. But every single time he’s here, the nyanya man Yoongi would be there too and it’s frustrating him to no end. Taehyung wouldn’t even try to go for those resting areas anymore, making himself take a seat by the table instead.

Yoongi though is somehow very persistent in annoying Taehyung. He would go wherever Taehyung is, just being close and said nothing because he knows it’s enough to piss him off. What is he, one of those sadistic characters that finds joy from other people’s misery?

No matter where Taehyung goes Yoongi would be close by, sticking to him like a stigma. If Taehyung tries to engage with a conversation (basically telling Yoongi to fuck off) the other would then start spewing words of how manhwa are always better than anime. Sometimes a nya nya nyaaa but really, when will this guy ever give up?


It’s one of those days again, where Taehyung tries to peacefully watch his shows while Yoongi is sitting at the opposite while ‘reading’ something he read hundreds of times before. “You know, sooner or later you’re going to miss these anime because the 3D world is up and rising to take the throne. Not manhwa though, they’re a classic. Everyone’s going to keep them, collect them, and auction them off because they’re going to be so rare and valuable.” Taehyung sighs, he’s already playing this at maximum volume but Yoongi always spoke at the time when the scenes are quiet. “Why are you praising 3D animation, hyung, wouldn’t that mean it will rip off from the manhwas too?” he replies in monotone, too tired to fight this off. “Hey there!”

A sudden intruder joins their table, Yoongi looks disgruntled but Taehyung doesn’t mind about it, any other stranger than Yoongi would be better right now. “What are you reading there?” Taehyung is glad that the new stranger seems to be interested in getting Yoongi’s attention, at least he could watch this without disturbance.

Why does he feel uneasy about it though?

 “Ahh, this? It’s Bleach, but I’ve read it a few times already.” Taehyung slowly presses the down button for the volume, taking a peek at  and wondering what the conversation ahead is going to be. “Oh, neat! Have you tried watching the live action on Netflix? I think it’s way better than the anime could ever be, it’s really cool!”



Say what now?

Taehyung had to pull his ear buds out because what the hell did he just heard? “What the fuck?” he heard Yoongi say and for once in his life, Taehyung couldn’t have agreed better with Yoongi on this. As if sensing each other’s mind, they made eye contact. Because really, what the hell is this guy saying? And in sync, Taehyung and Yoongi both gets up from their seats and leaving the stranger alone, puzzled of whether he did something wrong.


The rest areas are mostly conquered again, but they saw someone leaving the tent ones and quickly makes their way to it, leaving their shoes out before going inside. “What the fuck that guy was thinking, live action? Over the manhwa? Fucking ridiculous!” Taehyung lies down and stares up at the fairy lights hanging on the tent’s ceiling, “I don’t think they’re that bad, but saying it’s better than the anime is bullshit.”

“Imagine thinking a human acting is better.”

“Taking away all the art from it.”

“They can do those CGI shit but I fucking refuse for any of them claiming faces.”

“They’re movements can’t even be compared to the anime, it loses all the exaggeration and smooth swiftness that it should have.”

Yoongi lets out a sigh before joining Taehyung and lying down next to him, murmuring under his breath “Fucking live actions, I’d rather watch my characters in an anime than those fuck ups.” Taehyung turns his head to look at Yoongi’s side profile. “Are you saying that animes are better?” and Yoongi turns to look at him then and oh, he just realise that they’re so close. “Fuck yeah they’re better than those dead actions”, and Taehyung could feel Yoongi’s breath ghosting over his lips. “Not as good as the manhwa, but definitely fucking better yeah.”

Of course it is, Taehyung rolls his eyes and smiles at that. His smile faltered slightly when Yoongi didn’t say anything though, his eyes turning slightly wide than what they were used to. “What?” Taehyung asks, and he sees Yoongi blinking several times before his expression going back to that blank glare, “What?”

Huh, weird. “You were staring hyung”, Taehyung states. And as if he just realises it, Yoongi quickly defends himself “No I wasn’t” but the silence after that was too long. They were staring at each other again and what the hell is the clique shoujo moment going on? Taehyung lets out a nervous laugh before looking back up to the fairy lights, for any longer than that would be… “You’re weird, hyung.”


It’s weird how ever since that day, Taehyung would spend his weekends with Yoongi at that manhwa café, except rather than hearing them bickering you would hear them having actual conversation and talking about all their favourite manhwa and anime. Sometimes it would be spent with reading whatever Yoongi wants Taehyung to read, others would be inside the tent watching anime on Taehyung’s phone, sharing earphones (with an adapter, they’re not that close to share the same earphones).

But it’s… fun, Taehyung has to admit. They would share each other’s perspectives and diss together of whatever live actions are out there. It’s still weird, but Taehyung’s glad that they could be friends instead.


One day, Taehyung came in a bit early. Already heading for their spot in the tent (everyone knows it’s their spot by now) and flopping in. He’s too lazy to take off his shoes, too in content with the comfiness and letting his toes sticking out from the tent. It wasn’t too later when he feels someone nudging them from outside, “Get those big shoes off and feet in, you brat.” Sitting up and poking his head out through the cloth covers, Taehyung grins up at his frenemy. “Hyung, you’re here!”

What Taehyung didn’t realise is the person standing next to Yoongi. “Wow he really does look like a huge puppy, hyung!” Taehyung doesn’t get what the other said, but seeing Yoongi smacking the other’s mouth closed in a flustered manner is something he never thought he would see coming from him. “Shut the fuck up, Kook! You’ve seen him now leave me alone.” The other just giggles, bunny teeth showing and all before waving to them goodbye.

After they both take off their shoes and sitting properly inside, it suddenly feels… awkward. Well, not Taehyung obviously, he feels just normal as always but the air surrounding Yoongi is clearly showing him that he’s nervous. Why would Yoongi be so nervous about?

“So what do you want to do today, hyung?” and Yoongi literally jumps when Yoongi spoke, seriously what’s wrong with this guy. “U-Uhh, I wanted you to read this time” and Yoongi hands out the manhwa in hand. Taehyung takes it casually but stops when he reads the title, “Hyung?”


“You want me to read a shoujo manhwa?”

“W-What’s wrong with that, don’t judge me! It’s uhm… it’s a really good one.” Hearing Yoongi stutter is an uncommon thing to experience as well but Taehyung just shrugs it off and just like that, they’re both lying down and reading their own things. Though Taehyung doesn’t think that Yoongi is actually ready, finger brushing the edges non-stop and facing the same page that should take five seconds to read for five minutes. Taehyung lets him be though, reading and reading until he stops at this one page.

The page was bookmarked, folded at the corners and Taehyung could feel Yoongi’s whole demeanour shaking next to him. The page he’s reading was nothing special, just the typical guy asking the girl out and when he finished reading until the end he turns to look at Yoongi to give his review. “This is boring, hyung. I mean, it’s cute but that’s pretty much it to this.”

Yoongi who was stuck in that same page for ten minutes now closes his own manhwa and putting it aside, but he’s not looking back at Taehyung like he usually does. “Ahh really? I- I like it though, especially the part where I bookmarked it.” The bookmarked page? “Hyung, you’re saying you like that cheesy and typical confession part?” At this, Yoongi finally turns to look at Taehyung, not just his head making his whole body facing him. “It’s not that bad, at least he’s brave enough to do it!”

To say he was shocked by Yoongi’s reaction was a little bit of an understatement, but Yoongi just seems as surprised himself. And oh, they’re face are close. “I- I just wish… that I’m just as brave as him to do it?” Ouch, so Yoongi likes someone? Why does it hurt though. “You’re saying that you like someone, hyung?” and he nods.

Confession. Yoongi likes someone and he wants to confess. “Is it… is it that guy from earlier, that Kook?” and when he says this, Yoongi’s face falls. “What? No, fuck, not Jungkook. He’s my disgusting annoying roommate, I only see him as my little brother.” And what the hell is this sense of relief coming out from him?

“So… who is it then, hyung?” now Yoongi seems more confused. “What?”, “The person you want to confess to. I mean, I would probably not know about that person, but if you want to confess then just do it, hyung.” Taehyung smiles encouragingly, it feels a little forced to him, but Yoongi probably just needs a little cheer up to do it.

It’s suddenly quiet, the brows on Yoongi’s face are knit together and before Taehyung could come up with words of positivity he heard Yoongi saying, “I like you.”



He’s probably practising, yeah that’s probably it. “Yeah, hyung, just like that! I’m sure you’d be just fine”, “N-No, Taehyung, I really like you.” And oh. Oh. The silence came back in between them. Yoongi is playing around with the hems of his hoodie, biting on his lips and waiting, waiting, waiting for Taehyung to say anything.

Yoongi didn’t expect the first words Taehyung would say is “Wow, you’re such a fucking tsundere, hyung. But you got to ask me out properly” though.

And he groans, he’s mad but doesn’t that mean Taehyung accepts him? Taehyung is just laughing at him because, “Hyung, are blushing? That’s so cute~” and yes, Yoongi’s face is comepletely red now, hiding it away in Taehyung’s shoulder. But Taehyung haven’t somewhat accepts him yet and so he mumbles “Will you go out on a date with me?” and he’s enjoying this, “What was that hyung, I couldn’t quite hear that, could you repeat that please?”

Yoongi whining and being cute is definitely something that he could get used to, Taehyung gets that sadistic side Yoongi shows all this time. Taehyung couldn’t help himself but to coo and hug him because wow such a tsundere. “Is our first date going to be having ramyun from the café, hyung?”

“No, our first date starts here. Sleeping.” And Taehyung laughs again, Yoongi has his arms wrapped around him and leg thrown over, pulling him close. “This would do then”, Taehyung giggles, there’s no way Taehyung’s going to deny some cuddle time. He could get used to this soon.


“Nya nyan nyaaa.”

“What does that supposed to mean, hyung?”

“You know what it is, shut up and let’s sleep.”


He could get used to this really soon.