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Eren Jaeger represented an unusual boy for sure. Some would say that his life was odd or rather unpredictable like a feather floating in the wind.

Born to a father named Grisha and mother named Carla he had remained a sole child in the family until Mikasa was taken in when both were still young.

She as adopted become fundamentally and lovingly attached to all of them as her love was returned from them. The bit older Mikasa always loved being supportive of Eren as they lived in happiness. Eren equally admired her for her talent to be strong and fearless. It was like looking on with pinkish rose color tinted glasses.

The family lived in the Wall Maria plateau in a humble village of Shigashina. An area outside the semi-suburban region of Wall Rose followed by the urbanized territory of Wall Sheena. In it, all things were centered around the capital city of Mitras of high rise buildings of concrete and glass.

It was the most populous hub of finance, trading, culture as its dockyards received ships all across the world. Three airports servicing incoming travelers and those who went abroad.

This was an island nation of Paradis.

There was also granny, Carla's mother. She lived in another country but had come to visit the Jaeger family. A widow, and in an appearance a strict woman with silver-white hair and glasses she did bear a resemblance to her daughter.

It inevitably made Mikasa bit upset, since she felt like she consistently received a cold shoulder. But Eren would always cheer her up as she sat in her preferred place in the home. It was the small attic room what was in the past used for storage.

The lacquered wood walls represented a welcoming space that had been cleaned out. She sat in the old style antique sofa chair with a backrest starring out from the rounded window.

The first wisp of the wind of change had come with Mikasa, but the second most significant event for him had to endure the death of his mother.

A kind housewife who aside if free time worked as an employee of a bakery. Leaving behind a grief-stricken family. Eren was narrowly in his thirteen years.

Erens father a well-respected doctor in the local hospital was also saddened. Unlike her wife, he was hardworking in researches, studies and even discussions traveling frequently abroad as their mother took care of them.

In the present circumstances they were left on their own, but with financial support and watchful eyes from his friend’s Armin’s family.

They were most intimate to the Jaeger family since they possessed houses next to each other. On the fifteen life years of Eren, he had graduated elementary, middle school and was in high school in a sophomore year.

It was just the sunny early spring day as Eren was coming home from school with father back home that he observed another car.

It was a lawyer that waited for him and the Mikasa with their father in the living room. He had informed them their grandmother had died.

In a surprise twist, he had arrived in the request and for the purpose of fulfilling the last will of her.

It hit like a ton of bricks after two hours as the layer detailed the stipulations and the demands passed on from their own mothers, mother.

Finding out that, the elderly woman was rich and had bequeathed a hefty sum for three of them divided up by her decisions.

And the bindings and the law of the testament were iron clad with no loopholes.

Grisha mentioned that was straightforward to understand since her deceased husband had been a barrister. And she had easy understanding, bright mind, and passion in elderly age to pursue the information from him. And as a practical woman, set them to practice. A source left in his books of law or his friends she knew to contact in a judicial system.

She after her husbands passing at age forty-nine had managed his money passed from him to her. Through his personal request and will with all assets deposited it in a trust, and fiduciary also referenced as equity.

The money passed from him and legal business deals were all his entire earnings, in his career and from his parents.

With rational management, the sheer amount had from fifty million at its growth until husband death through her guiding decisions had blown up. To a whopping hundred fifty-five million dollars.

It was divided up for all of them. For Mikasa, there was a letter with an inheritance of seventeen million with a set of rules to receive it in completed form.

There was a money for her university education, but the rule mentioned that her grades have to be good for her to receive the rest of the money.

She did retain an option to select any university, but it had to be at least a hundred years old. On the second clause with a broad curriculum, to choose from her free will and decisions.

On top added in the will, she had transferred her a land for her to do with as she desired. It was a beautiful prime nature spot with breathtaking scenery.

The letter was as mentioned by the layer for her own private eyes to read as it was written and addressed directly to her.

Grisha did, in addition, receive the inheritance from her in form of twelve million. It did make him bit stunted and frozen in the couch.

What came next for Eren caused his mind go almost blank. The reality floating in front of eyes like a slow movie turned to the rest of will and its points. He was a sole decider what to do with a twenty-five million dollars that were to be passed to charities.

There still was a sub-clause. First dictated that the charity has to be at least ten years old. With no illegal background, money could not be used for personal gain, and it could be donated in parts. The choice was on his own for what kind of charity or charities he wants to contribute the intimidating sums of money he could not grasp yet.

A land, for him, set exactly on the border of Trost Town just a road trip away. An enclosed brick walled property, but huge land in old times of a four-walled English manor walled in garden.

The land included remains of an overgrown mansion outside the extensive garden area.

On the side included had been ten million for a building of a house on that property. Eren maintained direct control of its construction, but with a rule that there would be overseer of the building project.

Eren did not have a chance to go over the letter sent by her grandmother to Mikasa, but he witnessed her with tears. At evening she sat in a trance looking out through the window with a tender smile holding the letter like it was a treasure.

A set of rules were set so things could be followed without any problems arising. Armin's grandfather, in fact, was made as an overlooker of the construction progress. Eren strictly designed the house on his own at age fifteen.

It did consume one and a half years for the construction to be ended. House had been finished and the total cost had been a seven and a half million. Two and a half were saved up from the meticulous and wise planning. It together with five million where for him to use until he would reach an age of twenty to inherit the rest of the money.

The end piece comprised a two-floor house with a tower rising to a height of three floors and a basement submerged in a slope. Right smack in the middle of the apparent four-walled enclosure with turrets.

An outer facade of the house was made up from red molded brick, providing it pleasant architectural outlook of several notes of distinctive architectural details.

It was a mix from Tudor noticeable in two chimney stacks, main door arch, stone mullion windows and with Diaper pattern. It, in addition, exhibited characteristics of a Victorian house with a flare of elven architecture in the roof balconies and other spots as it was the biggest influence.

The construction was more accented by the windows of varied shapes. From a basic arch to Gothic with a circle, oval, square, and octagon.

The corner tower was constructed from stone, with a mixed-up puzzle construction and use of stone cutting matching edges.

Eren with help also did prune and refreshed the letdown vast garden. It was a lush greenery that had grown unattended for many years.

Some places did not need to be taken care of like the iron archway trellis that did not require any help with ivy. He did have help with the garden as fast growing plants and flowers with bushes were added. In end, the surrounding around the house became fairy tail like beauty made more with some tweaks around the land.

But still, there were unexplored areas in the large and wide inclosed red brick wall square covered in some places with splotches of moss.

Outside the walls were thick shrubbery and the lofty trees with the tall hedge that had been there since Eren set eyes on the property.

The greenery hid the house from the eyes of all as one needed to walk through a tree alley to reach majestic iron gates. Minor side ones just aside.

From there, an asphalt road led to a green vegetation wall with two splitting roads. Below a raised earth level that was the same part of a circle road in front of the house.

He did have a helping hand of Keith Shadis an experienced gardener who aided him with the back side of the property. At the back of the property behind the wall was a simple rock fence that enclosed an area with mansion ruins.

It was built from stone and was promptly a hollow shell that gardener turned in a secret paradise spot for Eren. Even a tiny glass house got quickly constructed outside the steeper brick walls.

There was a river flowing through the several mile long and wide property that currently belonged to him. Where the fence passed, the river was a bridge, a set of two actually.

Barrel vaulted, stone constructed bridges covered in a fluffy blanket of soft moss. Ferns, shrubbery, nut trees, oaks, spruce, oleander and birch trees with other varieties in the temperate climate zone spread in the eyesight in his walk about the property.

Eren even was successful in growing bamboo trees next to his house, taking care of cherry, pear, plum, apricot and the apple trees.