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He didn’t know how long it had been; hours? Days? It’d all been one big blur after he had escaped the beam. Spending however long in space, trying to flee did nothing to aid him in his mind either.

Half awake and unresponsive, Kirby barely felt the Warp Star descending at a rapid speed. Down it spiraled, the exhausted puffball just managing to hang onto it. Not that it was going to do him any good.

The star smashed down into rocky plains, dissipating into dust and leaving Kirby to crash. A feeling much too familiar to him, he felt himself skid face first across the gravel, barely able to manage out a squeak. Only when he’d gotten a faceful of dust and dirt did the pink ball stop.

“Gah...” Kirby whimpered, pushing himself back onto his feet with his paws. Only when he was shaking off the dirt did the puffball realize what was happening. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Kirby was alone.

The pink hero stood in the deserted wasteland, not a single soul in sight. There were no birds chirping, no cries of Pokémon living their daily lives, or even a mere Goomba waddling its way around. All traces of life had vanished, as had the sun beneath the thick clouds of dust.

Kirby was not a fool. He may have been young, he may have seemed childish to most people, but he was still a hero. He’d seen normal, average people become monsters that would lose their humanity, fought creatures that were out of eldritch lore, and had destroyed all threats to the universe. Threats to his peacefulness. His dreams.

And they were all gone. He had knew that those beams had taken everyone. That they had... they’d...

A fat tear rolled down the puffball’s cheek, his mouth falling open as he trembled. “K-King Dedede... M-Meta Knight!” He cried mournfully, falling onto his round bottom.

The once selfish, self proclaimed “King of Dreamland” had been running away with Luigi and Ness, just barely being able to outrun the beams before he had been consumed by the light. Because he’d knew that Kirby wouldn’t be able to save them all. Because he knew that he’d wouldn’t come back home to see Bandana Dee or his boys.

Sir Meta Knight of Dreamland has ended with a similar fate, proving his title as “The Strongest Warrior in the Galaxy” before being claimed by death. Taking to the skies and braving the attack of Galeem, the knight had used Galaxia to cover the escapes of those who couldn’t fly. Those who all had been taken, the same as him.

It hurt Kirby to think about what had happened to the others.

Pikachu? The Electric Mouse had been fleeing for his life, lightning not being able to outspeed Galeem. And after him, went poor Sonic, who’d tried to save his fellow rodent.

Fox? He’d been blasted whilst speeding away with Jigglypuff in tow. The balloon had died out with the rest of Star Fox.

Yoshi? The dinosaur managed to find the fleeing star, attempting to keep with a cowering Pichu on its back. They both were unrightfully shot out of the air as Kirby had looked back.

Both Samus and Link were the first two that were taken, the Champion failing to defend himself from the beams before it claimed him. Nor Samus was able to defend herself, her Power Suit doing nothing to stop the agonizing death that had come for them all.

Donkey Kong? One of the slowest to have been at the cliffside, he had refused to run away. The Kong had instead chose to stay where he remained, the same as Incinearoar. The two of them defiantly were taken to their ends, unrelenting in their bravery.

And Mario? The hero, the legend known as Mario? The Super Star had been the last for the beams to have taken. A veteran in surviving any scenario, be it in a castle, lava or space itself, the senior Mario Brother out maneuvered the light. But, as famous and as powerful as he was, he knew that he wouldn’t last. None of them were going to. Mario had stared up at Kirby, leaping up into the air with tears in his eyes.

“You can-a do this, Kirby!” The plumber cried out to him, forcing on a resentful, broken smile. “You’re a number one!” Was the last thing to leave he hero’s mouth as he let his eyes shut, the light embracing him.

Raising a stubby, pink paw to rub his eyes, Kirby could only sit there, wailing in agony. He’d been the only person to get away. All of his friends who hadn’t even been there, the whole entire universe; all gone. Except for him. He was the last thing alive in this big, wide world.

Shakily, the puffball dried his tears and brought himself back to his feet. If he was the last one then... He’d just do what he would do in any dire situation in the past.

“Mario... Everybody!” Kirby shouted, waddling off towards the cliff’s edge. The heavy fog rolled away slowly, revealing to the puff a large, expansive valley of a variety of colors.

Ancient looking ruins rested before a waterfall, a bride connecting it to a plain that housed a town with mighty walls. A city laid next to the waterfall, buildings tall as the mountains that surrounded it. Further off, the puffball could swear that he could see giant shrooms, towering over the trees and framing the fiery mountains that surrounded it.

More cities and villages laid beyond, a castle floating in the middle of the sky. All of this trapped in by mountains of different seasons, confining it all for now. And beyond all of that? Without a sliver of doubt, at the edge of the world laid Galeem—waiting for its plan to be fully completed. For the world to be as it knew it.

Kirby stood proud at the lip off the cliff, tears shed but not forgotten as she stared down this new place. He’d conquer it all, in his quest to get his friends back.

“Everyone... I promise that I’ll save you all! I’ll get you all back!” Kirby declared to the heavens, eyes brimming with determination. “I won’t lose any of you again... And we’ll live happily, again!”

With those simple words, the puffball leapt over the edge, letting himself fall to the ruins below him. He’d save everyone from this “World of Light”... Or at least die trying.