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isn't it obvious? I love you*

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Water dripped off Stiles' as he walked back into his room wearing nothing but a White threaded towel, standing at the foot of his king size bed he began drying his now clean, wet, body. When a slight knock upon the window startled him, turning around he seen no one other then the alpha himself. "Derek," Stiles hissed his voice filled with announces.  scoffing his feet across the floor he unlocked the window. 

"what are you doing here?" the young male questioned the wolf. 

"You gonna let me in or what?" Derek grumbled back. 

"I'm so going to regret this." Stiles hissed once again bitting his bottom lip. 

Letting the alpha in he turned away from him," What do you want Hale?" 

"What's stuck up your ass? Why else would I be here? to see you lover boy." Derek evilly smirked back to him." 

"Not tonight Derek, I'm really not in the mood." the younger male blew the alpha off. 

when seeing Stiles was naked he wanted nothing more then to help him out of that towel, at this point in time Derek wanted to lick and bite him, so badly wanting to leave hickey's and sucks marks all over his young perfect skin that covered his body. 



Grinning the wolf walked up behind his lover boy pulling him close, tight to his chest; he nuzzled his head into the nape of Stiles' neck, kissing and licking all over his exposed bare Flesh. Ejecting his claws he gently starched, scrapped at the raw flesh that belonged to the younger male. 

Quickly but shortly Derek, repositioned which lowered  his head so he could kiss up down his Stiles' spine where he had just dug into with his claws, not wanting to hurt the one he ever so loved so dearly, a warm, burning sensation from the stubble of the alpha's chin sent the barest trickle through Stiles' body; making him squirm and shake in the older male's embrace. 

"That's when Stiles' could feel it, he could feel the smirk, Derek's smirk against his pale skin. the older male preached above him pressed into him, the hot air escaping the alpha's throat made shiver shot through out his body; making him giggle like he's never giggled before. 

"Laugh all you want big boy, let me tickle you, and we will see how long you stay still for this." Stiles slighted breathed out. 

"I'm nit ticklish baby." the wolf laughed back at his lover boy. 

Derek jumped when feeling Stiles' hand slide between his legs, softly running his finger tips over the wolf's skin. "I know one place you're ticklish!" Stiles voice being undertone, low and husky earning himself a grumbled growl from Derek. 



" That's cheating, it doesn't count." Derek bit back, tossing his head back words; a low chuckle is pressed against Stiles' neck following with tender kisses. Turning in the alpha's embrace he spotted the large erection Derek contained. 


Licking his lips he shoved the alpha down on the bed, quickly straddling him so he could ride him like he born to do; unbuckling Derek's belt he slipped off the dark wash jeans, leaving the alpha in nothing but his clad boxers, only then he moved to the shirt quickly ripping it open; sending buttons flying all over the room. - Leaning down onto the alpha's chest he sucked in one of his pink, avert nipples. A Deep low growl slipped passed Derek's lips, while his lover boy sucked deep dark buries on his chest and neck, leaving his mark. 

lightly biting down on the alpha's collarbone Stiles softly broke the alpha's flesh, instantly getting a mouth full of blood, which he loved the taste of. - Sitting back up Stiles' licked his lips after tasting just how sweet Derek's blood actually was, from there it wasn't long before the younger male slid down the alpha's sweating, yet broad body, making his way to the alpha's cock area. Opening his mouth he slowly but painfully and teasingly drug the clad boxers down with his teeth. 



Derek’s huge cock sprung out leaking pre-cum from it’s head, this only made Stiles smile wickedly while he kitten licked, sucked the glinting pre-cum off the the red swollen head. “Stiles!” Derek whined out as he began bucking his hips up, shoving his cock further into Stiles’ mouth.

Pulling his head back and letting the alpha’s cock fall out of his mouth Stiles smirked. “No, none of that Derek; tonight you go by my rules. We play the game my way or we don’t play at all. Understand?” Derek nodded his head and he gripped his swollen cock in his hand stroking it hard and fast. - Trying to convince Stiles to take him back into his warm mouth.

Until Stiles couldn’t sit back and watch any longer, he needed to touch him, he needed to feel Derek’s hot skin pressing against his own. Wrapping his hand back around Derek he licked a thick stirp along the underside of the throbbing oozing cock. - pressing tender kisses, sucking him back in softly Stiles knew he had the alpha right where he wanted him, weak and needy of him and his mouth skills. “You’re a fuck tease!” Derek growled again, but this time his eyes flashed red; as he yet again tried to buck his hips up forcing his cock into the back of Stiles throat.

Stiles didn’t gag through he hollowed his cheeks, sucking the older male in deeper so deep his nose brushed against the alpha’s balls. “Fuck Baby.” Derek cried, barked, growled all at once. Trying to grab something, anything that was in hands reach other then Stiles head. Pulling off Derek with a wet pop Stiles began searching inside his nightstand drawer, looking for tube of lube. Once finding it he spread it across his fingers, beginning to slick, pump up and down on his own throbbing swollen cock. Instantly moaning aloud so Derek could hear him enjoying the self pleasure, until the feeling of his hand became dry. - popping the lid back off he squirted more into his hand and then to slicking the alpha’s cock.

Glancing up at Derek he softly whispered. “Ready?” before Derek even had the chance to answer Stiles sat himself down hard onto his throbbing cock. The feeling that shot through Stiles was amazing, it was a feeling he’s never felt before not ever. Both Derek and Stiles arched their back, crying out in ecstasy. Hands pressed to either side of Derek’s firm chest, Stiles rode him like it was all he ever needed in life, rolling his hips harder and faster with each thrust; pulling himself up and off the alpha Stiles slammed back down causing him to strike his prostate. Which only made him moan out once more. “Fuck your tight!” the old male hissed in Stiles chest as he abruptly sat up, so he could thrust harder inside the one riding him into the night.

Meeting Stiles thrust for thrust each step of the way;every time a hot, heated moan escaped from them. The smell of very hot heated sex and love filled Stiles’ small bedroom, their needs swirled around their minds, clouding their thoughts. Stiles began mumbling almost incoherently about just how good the alpha felt inside him, this only seemed to turn Derek that much more. Reaching up he gripped Stiles’ hips in his hands, moving him back and forth; helping him move faster. Sweat beaded and dropped off their skin, matting their hair to their heads; that’s when they knew it was almost that time, time they cum.

“I’m too close Der, I’m gonna cum.” Stiles finally found the words to speak, his shaky legs went numb from the sex feeling good, and not being able to hold off much longer. Pins and needles shot through them.

“Cum Stiles.” Derek command his voice being heavy and stern.

- Just as Stiles was about to let loose and shot his load all over the alpha there was contusion pounding noise ruining everything. Between the contusion pounding and hearing himself call out for Derek he jolted upright in his bed. Just then and only then he heard his father’s voice ringing in through the door.

“Stiles, get your ass up out of bed. We have company.” John’s voice being stren.

“Fuck not again!” Stiles shouted as he laid his head in his hands shaking it, all because he just had yet another wet dream about Derek fucking Hale. Stiles just couldn’t understand why every time he had a wet dream lately, it always had to be about him. But why does this keep happening to him, he just couldn’t grasp it; that’s when he realized his bed was soaking wet, he was soaking wet from head to toe.

His clothes soaked in cum and sweat for Derek. Climbing out of bed he scoffed his feet across the floor making his way to the door, opening the door he poked his head out. “Hey dad, um i’ll be down in a minute.” Stiles nodded his head.

“Hurry up boy, someone is waiting to see you.” “Yeah okay, just um give me 5 minutes.” Stiles sighed closing the door.

With door being shut in his face John shook his head. “Boys!” John mumbled walking away from his son’s room. “This has to stop.” Stiles whispered his voice full with lust.

Grabbing a white v -neck t-shirt and black basketball shorts he stripped out of his cumed up clothes, following with tossing the cleans on over his body. Once done Stiles began making his way down to the kitchen, in need of something to drink due to his mouth being dry.

Stiles sighed when spotting his older cousin Spencer Reid sitting on another dudes lap, who by the way was not wearing a shirt; as he made his way into the kitchen. Curving his lips in a smirk he looked to his dad. “ This is unsanitary! We eat in here.” Stiles joked opening the fridge.

“Pretty boy he could be your twin.” the other guy’s voice sounding surprised.

“Why do people always say that?” Stiles turned to look at Spencer.

“Well we are related Stiles. Is it so much of a bad thing; that we look alike?” Spencer’s voice filled with hurt, because he loved his little cousin to death.

“Yes!” Stiles joked. “By the way I’m Stiles.” Reaching his hand out he introduced himself.

“Morgan, Derek Morgan.” Morgan took Stiles’ hand in his shaking it. Just then the front door swing open, the voice following it was like music to Stiles’ ears; but he’d never show it, and if you asked he would deny all of it. Why? Because he was only a junior in high school and played lacrosse,while Derek was the cool popular kid; who played basketball and to top it all he was the caption of them team, so to Stiles he could never like a boy like himself. “Morning lover boy!” Derek smirked patting Stiles on the shoulder.

“Hey Derek.” Stiles mumbled trying to hide the bright shade of red his face was turning, while his palms became shaky with sweat. ‘ Oh god, not now.’ Stiles thought to himself, with being too embarrassed about the dream he had not even an hour ago. “Derek, hey this my cousin Spencer and his friend Derek Morgan.” Stiles quickly pointed to them. Extending his hand Derek took Spencer’s, Morgan’s both in his shaking them. “Derek Hale.” he smirked. That was until he felt a hint of jealousy and anger shot through him, realizing Morgan was sitting there with no shirt. - Derek quickly turn his head as he felt his eyes beginning to change from blue to red, meaning he was about to phase into his alpha form.