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She caught her reflection in the cistern's clear water, the hood of her new Thieves' Guild armor laying back as she braided her long hair to hide it under the leather.

She knew what she looked like, but this time, it was different. She was a different person now. Mousy brown hair bleached orange from dragon's tongue and canis root, bold stripes of snowberry colored warpaint across her eyes, burgundy red, just like her dunmer eyes were. Her skin, instead of seeming wan and grey, seemed slate blue. Even the scar that ran down her face seemed exotic, not the result of her bad choice to break up a fight between a drunk Dunmer and a Windhelm guard.

The girl she was before, boring, average orphaned Thelsa, little invisible mer eeking out an existence in the Grey Quarter? That girl wasn't looking back at her.

"Looks good on you, lass," Brynjolf said as she stood and tucked her long braid into her hood, lifting it up over her head to shadow her eyes. He certainly never saw uptight little Thelsa when he met her in the market. He saw a wild Dunmer and in her saw a fire in her she only hoped she'd ever have.

"One more thing." he said. "Its time to have a name," he continued, but lifted a hand quickly as she opened her mouth to speak. "Think carefully."

He had a point. She wasn't Thelsa any more. She was a thief now. An exotic Dunmer beauty, just coming into her own -- and you know what they say about Dunmer women? Thelsa just wouldn't do. "Melivani," she said, smirking at him. "It's a pretty name," Brynjolf winked. "But not as pretty as you are." Rest in peace, Thelsa. Won't miss you.




Melivani stole some trinkets. She planted a stolen amethyst in a Bosmer's hovel. Then Vipir bent her over a chest in the training room.

And why not? Melivani was a hedonist. That's what she'd decided. And Vipir was handsome, sturdy with a big fat cock and if he wasn't very smart, why should that matter? She let him bang away at her, like a rutting animal, biting back her moans, if only to prevent Mercer from discovering them, though the idea sent a shudder down her spine. Maybe he'd come in and punish her, and wouldn't that be exciting? He wasn't a Nord like Vipir, so he probably wouldn't be so big -- but a man didn't become the Guildmaster without knowing how to use all his weapons, she figured.

She tried to consider the idea, but Vipir's incessant pounding drove the thought out of her head. Sapphire might bitch that his nickname was more about his prowess than his feet, but she didn't know what she was missing.

Vipir rolled his hips, leaned down and slid his hands under her, one cupping her breast, the other rubbing insistently against her clit.

"You gonna cum for me?" he panted in her ear, "I'm gonna make you cum, you little dark elf whore."

Melivani loved it, and creamed on his cock. She was such a bad girl. Afterwards, as he tucked his cock away, swigging from a bottle of mead, he apologized.

"Don't really think you're a whore, you know," he said. She knew that, but honestly didn't care. She shrugged, non-noncommittally.

"Of course not," she said, straight faced. "You didn't pay for it." He looked shocked, but then she lost her composure and laughed.

"Bitch," he said chuckling. "We'll have to do this again sometime."