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Izuku blinked open his eyes to see a blurry form hovering over him, he felt her rub his back gently.

“Mama?” he asked sleepily. She smiled down to him and ruffled his hair.

“Hi baby, ready to go in to the doctor?” he hummed as he rubbed his eyes.

“M’kay.” Izuku let his mom lift and carry him into the doctors office, they sat down and she gave him his favorite All Might toy to play with the adults talked.

“He’s been sleepy all the ti… hard to stay awake…”

“Could be… lepsy… tests”

… cause… medi… “

“Coul… quirk m… possib…”

After being asked a bunch of questions Izuku found out what they were talking about. Mama had bent to Izukus height and grabbed his hands as she began to speak.

“Izuku, baby, the Doctors think you have a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy.” Mama told him softly, “It’s why you sleep a lot, they’re going to try and help you with this so you won’t sleep as much, is that okay?” Izuki

“Okay, Mama!”


Kacchan didn’t like that he couldn’t play with him anymore. Izuku wished he could but Mama said that it was too dangerous for him to play.

“Izuku you’ll need to stay in the site of Hana-sensei at all times, if you fall asleep she can help you. It’s to dangerous to be alone”

He didn’t want to get hurt! But Kacchan wouldn’t understand!

“Kacchan! I need to stay ne-“ he yawned, “-near Hana-Sensei! I might fall asleep.” He said blearily, fighting another yawn. Kacchan huffed and grit his teeth in anger.

“Then doN’T FALL ASLEEP” he yelled. Izuku couldn’t help but flinch at his voice.

“I can’t help it, Kacchan!” Kacchan began to shake and Izuku stepped back as the explosions appeared at his hands.

“You’re just a Deku!” he shoved Izuku with a weak explosion and walked off.

Izuku began to cry.


“Sorry, you can’t play heroes if you don’t have your quirk yet!”

“Yeah, besides you’d probably get in the way cause you’ll fall asleep again.”

“He’s what Katsuki-kun said before.”

“A deku?”

“Yeah! Even If he got a quirk, he’d still be useless


“Stop it Kacchan!” Izuku held his arms out, blocking Kacchan and his friends form the cowering boy. “It’s not nice to hurt others!”

“Shut up Deku!” he snarled, “Get the fuck out my way!” Izuku flinched but didn’t move.

“A hero wouldn’t do with!” he shouted back, Kacchan screeched and flung himself at Izuku.

Izuku tried to dodge but he got pushed down and was being hit repeatedly by Kacchan, no matter how much he asked him to stop he kept hitting with explosing hands, finally Izuku bit Kacchan hard and the other boy falls back in pain.

“Now your going to pay!” he held his hand to cause another explosion.

And nothing happened.


Izuku, for once was wide awake. Kacchan’s explosions came back after a few minutes but bother Mama and Aunt Mistuki insisted they go to the hospital just in case. After Kacchan tried to hit him again, Aunt Mitsuki said they’d go to another hospital.

Now he’s sitting in an office and staring at the doctor who’s reading over his chart. The room was hero themes and Izuku loved the poster with the top 100 heros! He was trying to point them all out when the doctor spoke up.

“It says here you were diagnosed with Narcolepsy, but you seem wide awake Izuku-san.” The doctor- Dr. Amelia she told him- asked. Mama nodded to confirm and he smiled at her.

“I am! I feel very awake!” she nodded and wrote in her papers.

“Izuku-san, Can you tell me what happened exactly, do you know how you stopped Bakugo-san’s quirk?” Izuku kicked his legs and thought back to earlier today.

“Kacchan was being mean and I stood up against him, then he started hitting me and I couldn’t do anything so I bit him. Oh!,” he shouted, “That’s when the explosions stopped. Doctor, do you think that’s my quirk?  Dr. Amelia smiled and nodded.

“I think your quirk caused this, yes. Now do you remember what happened while you bit him?” Izuku hummed and crinkled his nose.

“It tasted like metal.”

“It seems it may be blood.”


They did tests for forever. They had to stay the night and the next day they did more testing.Izuku complained that he wanted to go home but Mama insisted they had to stay for more testing.

“Your quirk needs proper testing so it can be recorded sweetie.” Mama said softly. “Tell you what, Why don’t we get ice cream after this to celebrate!” Izuku brightened up and nodded quickly.

“Yes please!”

Auntie Mitsuki brought him his classwork for the next few days and a few toys so he wasn’t too bored. But the tests took so long and there was so many. They said he could be here for a few more days!

“Alright Inko-san I believe we’re ready for the next test! Izuku-chan, you ready?” Dr. Amelia asked. Izuku huffed.

“Will you answer questions about your quirk?” he asked shyly.

“If you do the test without complaining.” He grinned and they went on for the next test. Dr. Amelia even gave him a notebook! She told him that he was smart and that he should write down all his knowledge so he won’t forget.

Maybe this won’t be so bad!

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Izuku didn’t understand much about his quirk but what he did know is that it hurt others. They ended up staying at the hospital for three days and after a lot of testing Dr. Amelia told him all that she knows about his quirk. He decided he didn’t want to use it.

“You need blood regularly or you’ll continue to get sleepy. Izuku, If you don’t you could never wake up again.” She agured. Izuku shook his head.

“No! Then other people won’t get to use their quirk!” He stood up on his bed and pointed out the door. “I heard the nurses talking they said it was an evil thing! Stealing someone’s quirk is evil!” he felt tears coming to his eyes.

“Oh- Oh no sweetie-“ Dr. Amelia pulled him into a hug, “It’s not evil! In fact I think you could be a  herp with this quirk. You could stop villains from using their quirk for evil, you could stop people peacefully when they loose control of their quirk. Did you know Present Mic, that new hero, was called a villain as a child?”

“What!” Izuku sniffled, “Why!’

“Because when he was born, it was with his quirk. His crying broke the windows in the hospital and made everyone in the delivery room go deaf. In an interview he opened up about that and said that he pushed pasted that and used his quirk for good. You can too! I promise.” Izuku burst into tears and hugged her tight.


Everyone was scared of him in school.

“theres the villain kid”

“A thief, he steals quirks”

“I heard it took Bakugo a whole day to get his quirk back”

“I hope that kid isn’t in my class next year- teaching a future vi-“


“Izuku, baby,” Mama called softly. Izuku ignored her in favor of watching a video of a hero fight from that morning. “Why don’t you go outside and play with your friends? You haven’t for a few weeks now.”

He began to write his observations of the fight when a hand touches his shaking shoulder.

“Izuku…” tears built in his eyes. Looking up at Mama he fought the urge to cry. Mama didn’t like it when he cried. “What’s the matter baby?”

“Everyone hates me.” He broke out into a sob. “They say I’m evil and I have a villians quirk. No one will get near me now.” And Izuku began to cry even heard when Mama Embraced him, rubbing his back as he sobbed into her shoulder.

“oh baby, You’re not evil. You’ll be a hero someday! Then you can prove them all wrong!”




School doesn’t get better. Weeks turn to months and months into years and no change. Everyone Hates him still.


Please enter chat name…


“BloodyheCK” has entered the chat room “Does Quirk is Villain?”

BloodyheCK: Why is the chat name a dead meme.

ChargedW/Possesion: that’s what I said like the fuck

Fisharefriens: IT’S A GOOD MEME

ControlFreak: Yeah 70 years ago

StabStabisBad: Welcome noob, so the “society thinks I’m a villain” club, this chat can be a mess cause theres like 20 people here now.

ChargedW/Possesion: yeh, it used to be like 6 of us but then people invited people and now people are here.

ControlFreak: wow how well said

ChargedW/Possesion: you know fucking what

ChargedW/Possesion: catchthesehands.png

BloodyHeCK: I think I’ll fit in thanks


“BloodheCK” invited “ControlFreak” and “ChargedW/Possesion” to the chat

BloodyHeck is typing…

BloodyHeck is typing…

BloodyHeck is typing…

BloodyHeck is typing…

ChargedW/Possesion: jesus Christ spi t it out

BloodyHeCK: right so I noticed you guys mention UA and I wassortaofwonderingifyouweregoingtoapply

ControlFreak: my eyes can’t read that

ChargedW/Possesion: English pls

BloodyHeCK: asdjflkafd

BloodyHeCK: Sorry

BloodyHeCK: I haven’t every actually messaged any one… ever.

ControlFreak: mood

ChargedW/Possesion: big mood

BloodyHeCK: So I was wondering if you guys were going to apply to UA…

ControlFReak: Hell yeah I am. I want to be a hero.

ChargedW/Possesion: I just want to prove those assholes wrong.

BloodyHeCK: Then We’ll be there together!!!1! I’m Izuku! My quirk is Vampire, by consuming blood I erase a person wuirk

ChargedW/Possesion: wuirk lol

ControlFreak: pdfft

ControlFreak: I’m Hitoshi, My wuirk is mindcontrol

ChargedW/Possesion: Lola, my wuirk a possession quirk, I’m possessed by a dog demon.

BloodyHeCK: leave me and my typos you dicks

ChargedW/Possesion: Knowing everyone’s quirk makes the names funny, I think we’ll get along nicely.


And He’d made friends. He joined the chatroom to meet people like him, but he never expected to become friends with anyone. They both live too far away to meet in person, but they will when they get into UA.

And Izuku is determined he will.




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“Can someone be a hero with a villain quirk?”


Izuku stared wide eyes at the scene in front of him. Kacchan was trapped inside the villain All Might had caught- why was he here? Wasn’t he on his way to prison? So why was he here?

 Then Izuku realized, it was his fault, he distracted All Might. He felt his feet begin to move, he had to save Kacchan, he had to do something, he ha-

No wait, he thought to himself. I can’t just rush in, think, how do I fix this.  It didn’t take long for him to form a plan.

Izuku quickly pushed himself forward to the Pro-Heroes at the scene, only to be blocked by Death Arms

“Get back, kid! It’s too dangerous- “

“Wait I can help!” He dived under his arm and stood in front of Kamui Woods, “My quirk is a type of erasure!” Death arms was shocked enough to loosen his grip on Izuku’s arm. “I can stop him- “

“Kid no quirk can erase a mutation.” Death Arms interrupted, “Not even Eraserhead can.” Izuku shook his arm off again.

 “No quirk can erase the mutation, your right- “Izuku flinched when another big explosion blew rubble toward the crowd, “But he probably had a function that allows him to control his body- Just like Cementous! He’s made of Cerement but can’t- “

“Control cement when erased!” Kamui Woods turned towards him and gave a shaky grin. “You sure it’ll work?”

“Yes.” Izuku said determined. Another explosion caused the crowd to move back, Izuku could see Kacchan losing power behind his explosions. “He’s losing energy.” He muttered. Kamui Wood’s eyes snapped towards the other teenager and clicked his tongue in frustration.

“Alright, we don’t have much of a choice. What do you need?” Izuku pointed towards the Sludge villain.

“I need at lest a drop of his blood, if you look closely he’s protecting his eyes from the explosions so it’s safe to bet that is his weak spot. If Death Arms can cause the street to crack under him- it should make him loose balance. The other pros can sweep in as a distraction, Kamui Woods-san if you can get a branch to cut his eye and bring his blood the- “

“You can erase his quirk.” Kamui looks at the villain and nods. “You heard him- Death Arms get ready- Eagle, Backdraft- Be the distraction.” They all line up and after another harsh explosion-



“What do you mean, kid? A villain quirk?”


Izuku watched as the Officers pour the villain into an air tight room, upon surveying the room he sees a vent, which he assumes provided oxygen for the Sludge quirked man to breathe. There was probably a function to release tranquilizer in the case the villain tried to escape. It probably can close off as well to limit the ability to escape-

You got all that by just a minute of looking?” Izuku’s mouth shut as he flushed, had he said all that- “Out loud? Yes.” The man in front of him, a detective he assumed, grinned. “You’re pretty smart, you know that?”

“I-I-I mean not really, I just- “Izuku stammered out, what was with the compliments?

“Nonsense!” The detective ignored Izuku’s attempts at denying and gestured for Izuku to follow him. “I’m Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, and I’m here to get your witness account of the attack, and your role in the capture of the villain.”

“O-of Course. Anything I can do to help!”

“Alright, I need your name and your quirks name and description, since it was used for capture.” Izuku immediately went into his backpack to pull out a plain folder.

“Right, I’m Midoriya Izuku, I’m 15 and my quirk is c-called,” he stopped and glares at the papers a bit before handing it over, “It’s called ‘Vampire’, officially.” The detective quirked an eyebrow while accepting the folder.

“Why is it called ‘Vampire’?” as he began to read.

“My quirk actually drains ‘Quirk Stamina/Energy’ from whoever I ingest blood from. This causes the body to shut down their quirk system to regain this ‘Energy’. The ‘Energy’ that I take in return causes my body to become stronger and more heightened senses. It’s like what people called vampires back before quirks appeared. So, it was decided that would be my quirks name.” Izuku cut himself off after he felt himself ramble on, the detective continues to read the report and shoots a questioning look.

“It says you have draw backs? Is that why you have the Citizens Quirk License?” Naomasa-san inquired. Izuku smiled sheepishly and nodded.

“With out blood my body slowly loses energy. I slowly get more and more tired, and it often causes for me to have narcoleptic episodes when I have too little blood.” Izuku then bumbled, “The license is so I can drink blood in public without fear of arrest.”

“I see!” Naomasa-san looks into Izuku’s eyes and asks another question. “How come you don’t drink blood regularly?” Izuku hesitates again but replies.

“I don’t want to stop people from having quirks, so I can be like a normal kid. It didn’t seem right.” He glances at the quirk usage license the Detective pushed back towards him and bit his bottom lip, “I can’t use national donations because of the fact their quirk will stop working and there are very few people willing to donate blood and it doesn’t seem fair for me to do that. People are already scared of my quirk. I can consume blood, I can stop their quirk from working. Most people think to villains with similar quirks to mine and think ‘this kid will be just like them’. So, I just deal with it.”

There was a gap of silence following Izuku’s words and the Detective give Izuku a soft smile.

“We did a little research into you.” He said as he leaned forward. “It says you want to go to UA, so you want to be a hero?” Izuku nods.

“More than anything. But I really can’t without- “

“We at the police department would like to form a contract with you.” Izuku blinked.



“People look at me and tell me constantly that my quirk would be better suited for being a villain. What I mean is- Can someone like me, with a ‘villains’ quirk, become a hero?”


“So, let me get this straight?” Izuku leans back in his chair in shock, “You want me to come in and help detain villain with strong quirk, ones you can’t contain on your own, and to be a living quirk suppressant until you can bring them to a facility best suited to contain their quirk. In exchange I can use the more hostile villains blood that you provide on a schedule for hero training so that when you work with one of said villains, they cannot use their quirk while I can use mine.”

“You are a smart kid.” Naomasa-san grins, “So what do you say?”


“There is no such thing as a ‘villain’ or a ‘hero’ quirk. It matters how you use your quirk, and where your heart is. You can be a hero.”


“When do we start?”


Patient: Midoriya Izuku

Date of birth: July 15th, 2150

Doctor: Maki, Aimoto

Date of Manifestation: October 23rd, 2154

Details of Manifestation: In the middle of being attacked by a classmate, he bit the attacker. Attacker then loses ability to use quirk for 4 minutes.

Analysis: Midoriya can erase a person’s quirk when consuming their blood. We kept the Patient in the hospital to observe the current specs of his quirk. The more blood he consumes, the longer the effects. A drop of blood can cause 2-6 minutes of erasure, while a pint of blood can be a day. We are unsure of a higher amount due to patient becoming overly energetic as a side effect. His body seems to grow stronger and faster with more blood he consumes, his body could not handle anymore raise in strength. His body can heal faster in this state, and his senses raise exponentially as well.

On the downside we found he needs constant ingestion of blood. When did more tests and discovered his body takes ‘Energy’ from the blood. Without the ‘Energy’ he is constantly tired and prone to suddenly falling asleep, with more blood he needs very little sleep.

Upon testing what this ‘Energy’ is, our hypothesis is the persons quirk stamina is being transformed into said energy. The body considers this energy taken as quirk overuse and stops the person’s ability to regain he stamina. We will still consider this as an erasure type of quirk due to this.

We will require him to consume blood as we’re worried his body will shut down without it.

Quirk name: upon analysis ‘Vampire’ seems to be a good fit. When consumed blood he is not unlike what a vampire is portrayed to be, along with the fact he needs blood regularly to keep him functioning.

Side effect: lack of blood causes narcoleptic episodes and slight anemia. Too much blood can keep him awake longer without any setbacks. Too much blood also strains the body as it passes its physical ability.

Notes: Midoriya is adjusting well, considering. His canines are slightly sharper but not like a stereotypical vampire. His eyes glow when consumed more than enough blood. We suggest he regularly drinks blood to stop the sleepiness and to keep him from going anemic.

Edit: We come to the problem as to where he gets the blood as his quirk erases others. We considered quirkless blood donors but there is no way of seeing which blood donation if from a quirkless individual. Midoriya is very clear on not taking someone’s quirk so he can stay awake.

He drinks blood his mother donates herself and a few nurses who have come to know the Midoriya. It’s not enough to stop sleeping spells, we now have him registered as narcoleptic

I will continue to search for a way to get him the blood he needs.


Chapter Text

There was an audible chime within the classroom and the students all glance back at the sleeping teen. After a moment, the chime formed a pattern and he suddenly picked his head up to look at the screen on his watch. He quickly grabs his bag and books and shows the message to the teacher, who sighs and makes a gesture for him to exit. After a moment of silence, one of the student spoke up.

“Where the fuck is Deku going?”


Eraserhead hated working in daylight.

His eyes strained against the sun blaring at the group of heroes currently trying to pin down the villain. A sudden wave of dust made his threaten to close, but he stayed focused and refused to let his eyes cave. The villain was unnamed, his entire body was a mutation made of rocks, and can cause earthquake like tremors in the ground.

The tremors Eraserhead can stop, but the moment he blinks, the villain regains ground. They needed suppressors to stop him, but there wasn’t any available.

“Just a little longer! He’s on his way!” he heard one of the officers call from behind.

“Who’s on their way? Please say fucking All Might!” Mirko cursed over the comm as she slammed onto the villains back, only to be thrown off again.

“The Nukekubi!” replied another officer.

“Who is the ‘Nukekubi’?” asked another pro, from the corner of his eye, he could see the hero move civilians from the building to a safer location.

“Isn’t that a demon?” he muttered, “from old myths?”

Shit, he blinked.

Another tremor shook through the street and he refocused his eyes, feeling pain creep behind them when-

“That’s right,” a figure came to stand beside him. “Pleasure to meet you Eraserhead.”  the person- man?- moved forward and he couldn’t help but notice the bulky suit, and the mask. The voice distorter was making his voice harsh, and deep.

“You Nukekubi?” he gritted out. The man nods.

“Sorry, I’ll be muttering for a little while.” Eraserhead doesn’t look towards the guy but he could assume he was sitting, looking out the widows vantage point. “Good spot, easy to see the villain wherever he moves.”

“You listening Detective, Heroes?” her paused as the comms filled with confirmations. “Alright. He’s a rock mutation obviously, with a earthquake type quirk. His height is roughly 12 ft tall, weight unknown. He seems to favor his left side, right leg isn’t being used as much. Assumed weak spot. Confirm.”

Suddenly Mirko sweeps in and aims a kick to the villains right leg, he gives a cry of pain as he falls, Eraser takes the chance to blink.

“Confirmed. Focus on the leg and eyes. Possibly the mouth. Hero’s strike for blood. Bring me a sample when able.” The fight below continues.

“You work for the Police Force?” Eraserhead asked suddenly. He wasn’t sure why, but the man beside him seemed… off.

“More of a consultant.” The Nukekubi replied. “I’ve been doing this for about four months now. It’s a take-give relationship.”

He could respect that. Suddenly one of the Hero’s below barked a laugh into the coms.

I’ve got a sample, coming up”

In a few moments the hero, Switchblade, is holding his bladed finger out covered in blood.

“There was a pipe that pierced his leg. We were able to remove it and I cut the wounds some more, so it’s defiantly his.” The Nekukubi pull down the bottom part of his mask, revealing his mouth.

“This will be weird.” He warned and the proceeded to lick the blood off the blade. The hero blushed while Eraserhead had to force himself from looking Nukebuki. He pulls the mask up again before Eraserhead could talk.

“Alright, Eraserhead you can disable your quirk.”  Eraserhead hesitates, but does so and the villains quirk doesn’t activate. “My quirk disables others for a certain amount of time. Heroes you have approximately sixteen minutes unless I get another sample.”

In the end, it only took them nine when Eraserhead came down to join the fight.


“Thank you for your report Hero-san!”  Naomasa patted Aizawas back, “As always your report is thorough!”

“It’s no problem.” Aizawa replied dully. “I do have one question though.” Naomasa paused before looking back at the hero.

“And that would be?”

“Why do you have a kid involved with Villains.” He searched the detectives face for any clues but found nothing, not even confusion or shock.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean?”  Aizawa couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“I teach students training to be heroes and have been for awhile now. I recognize when a child is playing adult.” He steps forward. “I ask again, why is a kid working as a ‘consultant’.”

The detective signs and rolls his eyes. A Teenager steps out from behind Naomasa and gives a cheeky grin. His green hair was wild and his eyes sparkled with mischief.

“I told you he figured it out.” The kid pats the adults back in sympathy, “He had me pegged as soon as I walked in! One look and his face screamed ‘I’m on to you’.”

“You’re killing me Midoriya-san.” Naomasa groans. The kid, Midoriya, laughs heartily and begins walking out.

“You’ll live Naomasa-san! I’ll come by tomorrow, Mom’s making the Chief a cake for his birthday!” He runs out and closes the door behind him. Aizawa could feel his eyes squint at the door, then flicker to the Detective.

“What the fuck just happened?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure anymore.”


“So you have a contract with a middle school teenager?” Aizawa wished he could say it was the weirder things the police department has done to ensure villain stayed locked away, but it wasn’t.  All in all, he couldn’t find himself too surprised.

“Yes, it’s a bit unorthodox but Midoriya-sans quirk has solved a lot of problems with villains. For instance his quirk was able to wipe even Reapers quirk.” Naomasa revealed in Aizawa’s shocked face. “Yes, Reaper. His quirk was ‘Haunting’, the ability to rip a soul from a body, his mutation made him semi-corporal. The only hero able to defeat him was All Might and that was after dosing him with suppressants and you glaring at him from a distance.”

“How is that possible?”

“Well, your quirk ‘Erasure’ can erase a persons quirk as long as your eyes are open, Midoriya on the other hand doesn’t erase the quirk, rather he drains them of their quirks stamina.” Aizawa clicks his tongue in thought.

“I see, so he erases the quirks ability of use. With Reaper is was not only ‘Haunting’ but also his ability to be semi-corporal. Thus making his body physical, while all I could do was stop his ability to remove souls.” Aizawa couldn’t help his grin, “Where did you find this kid?”

“He helped some pro’s with the Sludge villain about 6 months ago, the Chief and I saw the potential and asked if he’d like to do a fair trade off.”

“What is he getting out of this?” Naomasa laughs lightly and reaches into his briefcase and goes though a stack of papers.

“The blood,” after a moments pause, he focus’s on a piece of paper. “Midoriya-san’s quirk has a drawback. He needs contant blood consumption.” He slides the file over to Aizawa and continues.

“Doctors fear he could go into a coma without blood consumption, and before we met he suffered from narcoleptic episodes due to not enough energy from blood. We give a steady amount daily to keep him mostly normal while disabling certain villains of their quirks.”

“he’s a problem child, alright,” Aizawa ground out. “Self sacrificing, though his heart was in a good place. What is it he plans for his future.”

“Well, That’s why I’m taking to you so in depth about this,” The detective admits. “He wants to  become a hero.”

Naomasa would never admit it out loud, but the grin on Aizawa’s face made his skin crawl.

“I’ll see what I can do.”


Annabelle’s chat name has be changed to SiriusBlack

SiriusBlack: Okay

SiriusBlack: which one of you fuckers changed my name again

MewFour: I don’t know what you’re talking about

SiriusBlack: I know it was you you little shit

MewFour: You’re the little shit

SiriusBlack: original comeback

MewFour: 5’2”

SiriusBlack: I’ll attack you when I meet you I swear to god

MewFour:  can you reach me?

SiriusBlack: say goodbye to your fucking kneecaps

MewFours’s chat name has been changed to HypnoToad

HypnoToad: You bitch

SiriusBlack: Am I wrong?

CountVonCount: pfttt


              CountVonCount’s chat name has been changed to EdwardCullen

EdwardCullen: mejrgkhjoffuck OfF

Izuku huffed at his phone as he opened the door to the apartment. He could smell dinner being cooks and bounced at the familiar scent of Katsudon.

“Mom! I’m home!” he ignored his phone going off in favor of taking off his shoes.

“Welcome home!” she called back, “How was it at the station today?” She met him in the living room to give him a hug, one that he curled into.

“It was great, I helped suppress a villain today,” he beamed. Inko grinned back and pulled him towards the kitchen.

“I know! Naomasa-san called to inform me before he messaged you. I’m so proud of you,” Izuku flushed under her praises and she smiled softly. “I was hesitant to let you do this but… look you Izuku! You’re so much more lively than you used to be.”

“Thanks Mom.” Izuku accepted her hug easily and Inko sighed contently.

“My baby is growing so much!” she cheered. He flushed brighter and escaped her arms.

“Mom!” He whined as his phone chimed. Inko grins widly and giggles.

“You’ll always be my baby!” after he phone chimes again she looks at him with mirth in her eyed. “Those are your online friends right? When do you plan to meet?”

“We agreed we would meet first day at UA.” He beamed. “We’ll all get in I know it!”


SiriusBlack: you better get into UA so I can properly kick you ass

HypnoToad: I swear tg you have a weird way of saying ‘get my ass kicked’

EdwardCullen: I can’t wait to meet you guys in person. It’ll be the best day of my life.

SiriusBlack: ew he’s being a softie again

EdwardCullen: The day I can finally kick both of your asses

EdwardCullen: smackdown.gif

Chapter Text

Izuku couldn’t help but stare at the adults surrounding him. Tsukauchi was grinning innocently while Aizawa looked as if he needed to sleep for the next ten years. Then he squints at the smallest one in the room, sipping tea, as if it were normal for him to be in the police stations break room.

“Alright, I’ll bite,” he flashes a fanged grin, “What’s this about.”

Six months ago Izuku would have thought he was in trouble, that they were going to reject him and revoke the contract. That they were going to punish him for have an evil quirk. But he’s grown since then. He knows better. He especially knows Tsukauchi better, that innocent face isn’t fooling anyone.

“Yes, of course!” piped the… dog? Mouse? “I’m Nezu and I’m here to announce a very important thing!”

Izuku leaned forward to hear the next words only for the creature to take a sip of tea. He glances over to Tsukauchi.

“Are you guys fucking with me?” he asked blandly. Tsukauchi looked horrified at his language while Aizawa let out a snort before letting his head rest on the table, and the… bear???? Began cackling.

“HA!” he set his tea down and stood on the table. “No I’m indeed here with some grand news!”


“Allow me to reintroduce myself! I’m Principle Nezu of UA! You’ve been recommended to UA Academy!”

Izuku immediately looks at Tsukauchi and Aizawa, then back to Nezu.

“I’m sorry but what?”

“UA has special slots of recommendations from major corporations, Pro’s, and political figures located in  Japan! The students in recommendations then get interviewed and go through a quirk demonstration, which is then reviewed by all teachers and board members. This year we have 5 recommendation slots open within our Hero Course! Those who fail are immediately given an option of a spot within one of our other courses or given the option to try the Exam. You on the other hand have a special recommendation. ” Nezu tapped Izuku’s forehead, “You gained a very special recommendation.”

“What’s different with this recommendation than the others?”

“This is the second time since the first UA’s opening that the Police Chief has recommended a student.” Izuku’s eyes grew wide and snapped his gaze to Tsukauchi, who looks all to pleased with himself.

“Chief recommended me? How? Why?” 

“Everyone in this department knows how much you wish to be a hero, and you’ve gained everyone's respect! Chief decided on his own to give you the recommendation, saying “If that kid becomes a hero, our country will gain a valuable asset. No one could do as much good as him”

“I- but- He- and you-”

“That’s not all! Based on your interviews and work with the precinct we have already come to a decision already!”


“Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into UA Academy! All there’s left to do it the admission paperwork, which your mother has already signed!”

“You got my mother in on this.”


Needless to say, Izuku accepted, only after he cried and hugged everyone in the room, then he went to hug the chief. Then everyone in the precinct because they wanted hugs. Which made him cry more .


Two days ago

SirisBlack’s chat name has been changed to TeamJaCoB

TeamJaCoB: i stg i’ll unfriend you little shits Stop changing my name

Bella: PFT



EdwardCullan: because you’re a useless bitch

TeamJaCoB: yes hello 911 there's been a murder

Yesterday  3:04 am

Bella: mirrors don't break, they just multiply.

Yesterday  6:36 am

TeamJaCoB: shinsou what the fuck

Today 5:21  pm

Dragula: guess who got in on recommendation bitches

ScreenSlaver: what the fuck

TeenWoof: omfg are you serious?

Dragula: ye



Dragula: now you guys need to make it or i’ll hunt you down and drag you into UA myself

ScreenSlaver: like I’ll let you be the only one get in.

TeenWoof: yeah who else will kick y’alls asses

ScreenSlaver:you don’t even want to be in heroics

TeenWolf:That won’t stop me.


Izuku got his ass in gear then, in between school and ‘work’ he works out to naturally build his body rather than rely on blood. He’s finally got his chance, he will be a hero.

Chapter Text

“Holy shit.”

Izuku twisted around to see a tall guy with wild purple floof for hair, he rubbed the back of his neck and gave a shaky grin.

“Izuku?” Izuku flashed a fanged grin.

“Hitchan!!” Izuku was practically vibrating with excitement.

It’s been almost a year since he began talking to Hitoshi and Lola, they’ve all gotten close and to finally meet was amazing. Izuku couldn’t wait to see how his quirk worked. Could he makes someone do something they couldn’t normally do? If Izuku erased his quirk would it stop the brainwashing that already happened? Or would it only stop him from brainwashing more people-

“Wow you weren’t kidding you really do like quirk analysis.” Hitoshi laughed easily, “and Hicchan?” izuku flushed.

“Sorry, Is that weird? I can call you Hitoshi instead. I forgot to ask. Wow i was being rude please forgive me-” as he began to mumble and Hitoshi waved him off.

“Nah, It’s cool. I just… never had a nickname before.” he paused, thinking on it and announced. “I like it. But only you can call me that.”

“What about Lochan? I-i mean Lola?”

“If I can call her that adorable nickname then she can call me by my adorable nickname.”

They took notice of the time and began to make their way to class when Izuku heard it. The voice.

“-So you’re from one of those rich pansy schools huh?-”

“Oh no.” Izuku moaned. He stuffed his face into his hands.

“Who’s that?” Hitoshi watched carefully as izuku’s face went from horror to disdain.

“Bakugou Katsuki.” Izuku mumbled. “He and I went for middle school together, and I’ve known him my whole life.”

“Wait. wait.”


“That’s ‘Kacchan’?”


“How did a prick like him get such a cute nickname?!” Izuku flushed and rubbed his head in embarrassment.

“It’s a-... a habit i picked up from my mom, nicknaming people. I couldn’t say Katsuki as a kid so Kacchan came to be.Now I think so fast sometimes i shorten people’s names and yeah."

“You!” They both turned to see a guy with glasses and a rigid stance greet them as they finish walking into the door.

“Me.” Hitoshi deadpanned. Izuku held back his laughter as the guy continued.

“I am Iida Tenya! I wish to apologize about how I acted before the exam, and to congratulate you on knowing the true meaning to the test.”

“The rescue points?” Izuku murmured asking Hitoshi, who shrugged.

“I didn’t know about the points.” he stated. “I just acted.”

“Even more so-” suddenly a blur of brown hair entered.

“The tired purple guy!” izuku this time cackled at the description. “Thank you so much for saving me! I’m Uraraka Ochako!”

“I was nothing.” Hitoshi started to flush at the attention. Izuku was about to tease him when a voice broke through the chatter of the room.

“If you’re here to make friends then show yourself out.”

The rooms silenced and Izuku turned to see Eraserhead- Aizawa, in a sleeping bag drinking a energy pouch.

“Oh mood” Izuku and Hitoshi murmur at the same time. Aizawa raised an eyebrow but stood and continued.

“It took you 12 seconds to quieten down. My name is Aizawa Shouta and I’m your homeroom teacher for 1-A. Put these on and meet me at the field in 15 minutes.” He shoved the uniform into Izuku and walked out of the room.

It was silent for a few seconds when a voice broke the silence.

“What the hell?”


They all made it to the field, Izuku was already noting things about his classmates, generating ideas of what their quirks could be. Like the blonde guy probably deals with electricity if the static of his clothes tell him anything. And the girl with green hair looks like a mutation type of quirk, probably an anima-

“You’re mumbling again,” teased Hitoshi. Izuku flushed and checked to see if anyone else heard, luckily it seems no one else did.


“Now, we’re going to have a aptitude test. You’ve done this before in middle school but today we will be doing something different. Bakugou Katsuki.” Kaccha- Katsuki? (What should he call him now?) steps forward and Aizawa hold out a grey ball. “You placed first in the practical portion of the exam. How far was your through in for the baseball test?”

“68 meters.”

“Now I want you to throw the ball using your quirk this time.”

“Hah! Easy.” he stepped into the circle and wound for the pitch. “DIE!” and the ball explodes from his hand and bursts across the field.

Aizawa holds up the device and shows his score.

“706 METERS?” cried out the group.

“In this assessment you will be using your quirks to compete.”

The class began to chatter and a pink toned girl pumped her fist.

“This will be fun.”

“Fun huh?” Aizawa grinned. “Well then, the person who comes in last will be expelled.”

A pause entered the field and everyone began to shout and cry out.


“Oh nooooooo.”

“That’s not Fair!”

“If you have any complaints I could just expell you now.” silence followed. “Now I expect everyone to use their quirks to their advantage.” his gaze settled on Izuku. “And to its full extent.”

The class broke apart to prepare for the tests and Hitoshi is freaking out.

“I can’t use my quirk for this test. I’m going to fail.” Izuku glanced at Aizawa and received a subtle nod.

“He wants us to use it on our classmates.” Izuku whispered

What!” he hissed. Izuku glanced around and leaned forward.

“Aizawa know’s about my quirk. He looked at me when he said use it’s full extent. Basically we need to use it on everyone in order to not get last.”

“Isn’t that cheating?”

“No. Would it be cheating against a villain?” silence. “Exactly. If we get in trouble i’ll take the fall.”

Izuku and Hitoshi had a staring match as Aizawa called the first pair for the 50 meter dash.

“Okay.” Izuku held op it hand revealing a needle on his ring..

“Lets go.”


Izuku decided to be as fair as possible to other people, he’d erase as many quirks as possible. It wouldn't do much for the mutation quirks, like the frog girl, but it’d stop any abilities directly related to its use. He went around and subtly bumped into his classmates, pricing them and ingesting the drops of blood he accumulated. Katsuki glared at him everytime he got close and Hitoshi gave him playful looks and would keep a distance. But out of the 20 students, he’s erased 15. The candy cane haired guy was unapproachable, the guy in the mask was harder skinned, so the needle didn’t scratch and invisible girl was hard to pinpoint a spot to prick.

And with the practice he’s got from working with the police force a few drops of blood gives him 15-30 minutes of erasure depending on the quality of blood and the about he managed to taste.

So needless to say he did great the first 4 tests compared to the others. Not only were they confused about the lack of ability to use their quirk, but he got a boost of energy and strength from the blood he’s taken. By the fourth test, their quirks slowly came back.

Hitoshi seemed to be doing well as well. During the long jump he brainwashed Uraraka (who’s quirk came back the third test) to high five him and he cleared the jump, barely making a landing. He also made her touch the ball before his throw, also gaining an infinity score. He heard murmurs of “she just helped him? Is that cheating?” He was lucky no one admitted to losing their quirk, probably because of the embarrassment, so he slid under the radar.

At his turn for the throw tho, he took a swig of blood from Criminal #305 and wound for the pitch. He got 503 meters. Not bad!

“Fucking Deku!” a snarl came from behind. He tensed slightly but didn’t let it get to him.

“I have a name Katsuki.” he snarled back. Bakugo lunged only to be stopped by Aizawa’s capture weapon.

“I will not condone students attacking each other. This is our warning, do it again and i’ll have you expelled.” the students were in awe of the use of the weapon and how his eyes glowed red. “Stop using your quirk, i have dry eye.”

“I wonder what that was about.”

“Bakugo seemed really angry didn’t he?”

“Wow our teacher is so manly!”

Izuku ignored everyone and went to sit next to Hitoshi. Even if they turn on him too, he’ll still become a hero.


The test ended and Aizawa showed the scores. Izuku was grinning widely as he go he number 2 spot, Hitoshi managed to snag number 14. He looked down the line and saw the more quirk reliant people dropped quite a bit, he felt a bit guilty but he couldn't find regret in him. After all, he gave it his all. After Aizawa  announced it was a logical rouse, the class began to whine about being tricked.

“I have to ask… did anyone elses quirk stop working?”

“Wait! You to-”

“I thought i was the only-”

“So everyone-”

“What about those 5 they could-”

“Quiet.” Aizawa snapped and the class fell silent. He glanced at Izuku. “I told everyone to use their quirks to their full ability and everyone did.”

The bell rang before  anyone could ask whose quirk it was.

Iuku got lucky.