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Izuku blinked open his eyes to see a blurry form hovering over him, he felt her rub his back gently.

“Mama?” he asked sleepily. She smiled down to him and ruffled his hair.

“Hi baby, ready to go in to the doctor?” he hummed as he rubbed his eyes.

“M’kay.” Izuku let his mom lift and carry him into the doctors office, they sat down and she gave him his favorite All Might toy to play with the adults talked.

“He’s been sleepy all the ti… hard to stay awake…”

“Could be… lepsy… tests”

… cause… medi… “

“Coul… quirk m… possib…”

After being asked a bunch of questions Izuku found out what they were talking about. Mama had bent to Izukus height and grabbed his hands as she began to speak.

“Izuku, baby, the Doctors think you have a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy.” Mama told him softly, “It’s why you sleep a lot, they’re going to try and help you with this so you won’t sleep as much, is that okay?” Izuki

“Okay, Mama!”


Kacchan didn’t like that he couldn’t play with him anymore. Izuku wished he could but Mama said that it was too dangerous for him to play.

“Izuku you’ll need to stay in the site of Hana-sensei at all times, if you fall asleep she can help you. It’s to dangerous to be alone”

He didn’t want to get hurt! But Kacchan wouldn’t understand!

“Kacchan! I need to stay ne-“ he yawned, “-near Hana-Sensei! I might fall asleep.” He said blearily, fighting another yawn. Kacchan huffed and grit his teeth in anger.

“Then doN’T FALL ASLEEP” he yelled. Izuku couldn’t help but flinch at his voice.

“I can’t help it, Kacchan!” Kacchan began to shake and Izuku stepped back as the explosions appeared at his hands.

“You’re just a Deku!” he shoved Izuku with a weak explosion and walked off.

Izuku began to cry.


“Sorry, you can’t play heroes if you don’t have your quirk yet!”

“Yeah, besides you’d probably get in the way cause you’ll fall asleep again.”

“He’s what Katsuki-kun said before.”

“A deku?”

“Yeah! Even If he got a quirk, he’d still be useless


“Stop it Kacchan!” Izuku held his arms out, blocking Kacchan and his friends form the cowering boy. “It’s not nice to hurt others!”

“Shut up Deku!” he snarled, “Get the fuck out my way!” Izuku flinched but didn’t move.

“A hero wouldn’t do with!” he shouted back, Kacchan screeched and flung himself at Izuku.

Izuku tried to dodge but he got pushed down and was being hit repeatedly by Kacchan, no matter how much he asked him to stop he kept hitting with explosing hands, finally Izuku bit Kacchan hard and the other boy falls back in pain.

“Now your going to pay!” he held his hand to cause another explosion.

And nothing happened.


Izuku, for once was wide awake. Kacchan’s explosions came back after a few minutes but bother Mama and Aunt Mistuki insisted they go to the hospital just in case. After Kacchan tried to hit him again, Aunt Mitsuki said they’d go to another hospital.

Now he’s sitting in an office and staring at the doctor who’s reading over his chart. The room was hero themes and Izuku loved the poster with the top 100 heros! He was trying to point them all out when the doctor spoke up.

“It says here you were diagnosed with Narcolepsy, but you seem wide awake Izuku-san.” The doctor- Dr. Amelia she told him- asked. Mama nodded to confirm and he smiled at her.

“I am! I feel very awake!” she nodded and wrote in her papers.

“Izuku-san, Can you tell me what happened exactly, do you know how you stopped Bakugo-san’s quirk?” Izuku kicked his legs and thought back to earlier today.

“Kacchan was being mean and I stood up against him, then he started hitting me and I couldn’t do anything so I bit him. Oh!,” he shouted, “That’s when the explosions stopped. Doctor, do you think that’s my quirk?  Dr. Amelia smiled and nodded.

“I think your quirk caused this, yes. Now do you remember what happened while you bit him?” Izuku hummed and crinkled his nose.

“It tasted like metal.”

“It seems it may be blood.”


They did tests for forever. They had to stay the night and the next day they did more testing.Izuku complained that he wanted to go home but Mama insisted they had to stay for more testing.

“Your quirk needs proper testing so it can be recorded sweetie.” Mama said softly. “Tell you what, Why don’t we get ice cream after this to celebrate!” Izuku brightened up and nodded quickly.

“Yes please!”

Auntie Mitsuki brought him his classwork for the next few days and a few toys so he wasn’t too bored. But the tests took so long and there was so many. They said he could be here for a few more days!

“Alright Inko-san I believe we’re ready for the next test! Izuku-chan, you ready?” Dr. Amelia asked. Izuku huffed.

“Will you answer questions about your quirk?” he asked shyly.

“If you do the test without complaining.” He grinned and they went on for the next test. Dr. Amelia even gave him a notebook! She told him that he was smart and that he should write down all his knowledge so he won’t forget.

Maybe this won’t be so bad!