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The Savior and the One Who Was Saved

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There were countless things that Bakugou Katsuki would rather be doing than picking up groceries for his classmates.

Yet here he was, doing just that because his fucking dimwit “friends” wanted popcorn for movie night and it was his turn to pick it up or fucking whatever.

It was nine PM and really fucking cold outside. He would much rather be sleeping or doing homework or literally anything else, but no. He was doing this because he was a good goddamn friend. The fucking best.

The grocery store was only a twenty minute walk away, but everything seems farther away when it’s the middle of the night and you have to constantly look behind you because you don’t want to get fucking kidnapped again because you’re not over that even though it was two years ago. Fuck.

He kept walking, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket, which was not nearly warm enough to keep out the chilling breeze. There were still people around, so it wasn’t like he could just explode to keep himself warm, which he had done probably thousands of times. However, he found that strangers didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as he did.

Just then, another fucking freezing breeze hit his face. He probably had hypothermia by now and was probably going to die just because he decided to do something nice.

Fucking serves me right.

Back in first year he would never have done something like this, but now he actually had friends that he cared about (to his incredible dismay) and since they were all about to graduate, he figured he should try to be a little nicer so that they would want to join his agency.

Who wouldn’t?

Well, probably most of the rest of the class. They knew he was strong (the strongest) but some people couldn’t handle his personality and he knew this.

He had some confidence that his friends (the self-proclaimed Bakusquad) would stand by his side, but he had to be sure. He had to at least get Kirishima and Kaminari on his team. As much as Bakugou hated to admit it, those fuckers were goddamn powerful. Especially Kirishima, to whom Bakugou still owed his life.

He shivered, trying not to think about the fucking kidnapping thing again.

If he could, he would get Mina and Sero on his side too. They had improved like crazy since first year and he could really use their help with the social side of hero work. Maybe Jirou too, although there was talk about her starting an agency with her girlfriend Momo. He respected that, although he would have loved to work with both of them.

The rankings were supposed to come out tomorrow. Aizawa had gotten a team of analysts to rank the students of class 3-A based on how successful they might be as pros. It was harsh and a bit cruel to whoever ended up in last, but Bakugou didn’t care because he knew he’d be number one. Or at least somewhere close. He hoped his friends would be in the top ten at least.

It’d taken a while for him to admit it to himself, and he would never admit it to them, but he really did fucking care about all of them.

Lost in thought, Bakugou almost didn’t notice the girl run into him.

She was short, plain looking, and dressed in black clothing, so it was easy not to see her in the dark. He didn’t think she saw him either, since when they came face-to-face, she dropped the paper bag of groceries she was carrying.

“Hey!” He growled. “Watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry!” she yelped while trying to pick up the fallen food items. She didn’t get very far though, because she slipped on a patch of ice on the sidewalk and fell down.

Bakugou sighed. Be a good person, fucking help her for god’s sake.

Without thinking, he grabbed her arm in an effort to pull her up, thinking that she would be grateful for the assistance. Instead, she made a sound that was somewhere between a scream and a sob and pulled back.

Should I apologize? He thought. I don’t see what I did wrong. I mean she was the one who fucking ran into me.

“I’m so sorry!” she cried.

Why is she sorry?

“I fucked up, ohh my god I’m so sorry.” She buried her face in her hands.

Before he could make a half-assed attempt to comfort her, she spoke again. “Listen, it’s going to be awful, but it will wear off I promise. I have to go.”

She ran off before he could question her, leaving him bewildered and her groceries on the ground.

Fucking weird , he thought as he walked into the grocery store.

Two minutes later, as he was deliberating over whether to buy Mountain Dew (Kaminari’s favorite) or Red Bull (Kirishima’s favorite), he felt everything go wrong.

He dropped the basket he was holding and suddenly he couldn’t move. He remained conscious long enough to feel his body painfully smack the tiled floor and then he was gone.