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Heavy In Your Arms

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The clinking blades on the ice slowly faded out and the loud but inaudible noise of the crowd whisked away as the lights of the stadium dimmed and the Zamboni returned to the back of the rink. The smell of popcorn and beer lingered but it was probably from the empty cups and cans scattered around the bleachers. Yuri Plisetsky remained in the balcony on the ice rink watching the cleanup crew tie black garbage bag after garbage bag picking up the litter the spectators couldn’t be bothered to throw away on their way out.

His grandfather had always taught him to respect the hardworking man including janitorial, “they work twice as hard for half the pay. They don’t need your laziness to add to their workload Yurochka.”

“Yakov left almost an hour ago. I thought you would have gone with him to celebrate,” it was a deeper, thick voice and it oddly relaxed Yuri whenever he heard it. Otabek Altin was the only person Yuri could confidently call a friend without the fear of overstepping any boundaries or receiving a hug because he ‘opened up’.

The Russian Fairy picked the red sequences stitched onto his costume leg. “we got to the lobby and he started bitching about deferring from the routine so I left,” he shrugged, the corner of his lips dropped from a non-cholent line to a merciless scowl, “Viktor and Yuuri went to go celebrate their ‘big win’ by themselves,” he crossed his arms over his chest and slammed his expensive European running shoes onto the cement, “I win a gold medal at my first senior competition and they only tell me how to improve. That stupid pig wins silver at twenty-something and the world explodes,” Yuri mumbled before standing up and pushing passed Otabek heading to the stairs.

The Kazakh skater gripped Yuri’s athletic jacket stopping the boy in his tracks. Yuri felt his shoulder melt into the older man’s grasp. He wanted to pull away to make his dramatic exit, but he also wanted to stay and listen to what Otabek had to say about his pity party.

“They are so hard on you because you are so good. If they let you slide by because you won you would have nothing else to fight for,” his grip loosened, “you only deferred because you thought Yuuri was going to win and retire. You had something to fight for,” he shrugged.

Yuri tugged his shoulder and started to walk down the stairs, slowing down so Otabek would catch up to him, “why are all skaters so fucking philosophical!” he yelled turning his walk into a stomp when he heard Otabek’s boots descending the stairs, “can we at least go out tonight?”

Otabek slowed in his tracks as the pair walked through the corridor until he came to a full stop, “I have plans tonight Yura—” it was barely a whisper, but his face told it all.
Yuri didn’t look fazed as he spun on his heels to face his friend, “I’ll just tag along,” his smile wafered into a frown as Otabek’s eyes made direct contact with his, “you could at least pretend to invite me Beka,” Yuri huffed before spinning on his heels again and set off in a run out of the stadium.


Four months later:

He wasn’t a child despite what everyone thought. Yuri had been an adult for years now; with his gruelling schedule and leaving home at the age of twelve in order to pursue his career. Yuri had clawed his way to the top beating every boy and girl who crossed his path in the skating world. This had led to Yuri not having very many friends, but he didn’t mind.

Yuri was gliding across the ice as, yet another competition ended, and he swept the competition away with his light movements and grace. He had placed at worlds meaning Russia was on its way to the Olympics with two spots on the men’s team and three on the woman’s.

Katsudan was also a shoo-in for the Japanese team as they held three spots and he was asked to join the Olympic team long before the placing was set.

To Yuri, his same name counterpart was more of a child than he was. Crying about his placement and his spontaneous declarations of love that broke the internet every time his name appeared at an event. Katsudan was a big baby who needed support from Viktor for everything he did. After their big hit at the Grand Prix Finale, the two decided to skate as opponents in the next season and remained lovers in the bedroom.

Just days before the World’s Yuuri went public with his mark. It rested nicely between neck and shoulder softly covering his scent glands on the left side of his neck. Yuri had honestly been surprised by how healed it had looked when the photo from some gossip page showed up on his Instagram. Most Omega’s jumped at the chance to show off their new look and brag to the world that they had an undeniable bond with an Alpha that no one would ever be able to touch.

Viktor had explained later that they had gone through with the marking a few weeks after the Grand Prix but Yuuri insisted on keeping his mark hidden. Apparently, in Japan, it was more of a private thing that wasn’t to be revealed until the mark was properly healed.

Yuri kind of liked that idea. Having something so sweet and sacred between you and the one you love but he would never admit it to the pig.

“What’s got you so lost in thought?” a thick voice rattled behind Yuri causing him to jump then suddenly relax once his mind wrapped around who the voice belonged to.

“I didn’t even hear you come on the ice,” Yuri laughed spinning around on his blades to rest in Otabek’s arms, “I thought you went back to the hotel,”

Otabek chuckled taking in Yuri’s sent, “I started and then I realized I couldn’t celebrate our big win without you,” Yuri had won gold once again, with Katsudon two points behind in silver, Otabek had come in third surprisingly beating out JJ who blamed his loss on being rusty from his Grand Prix flop.

It had been a close race with the foursome skating their hearts out in hopes of landing spots on their Olympic teams. Yuri and Yuuri were the fan favourites to compete this year so it was no surprise when they were presented with official slots at the finale ceremony. It had come as a slight surprise when Otabek too was presented with his slot during the final ceremony especially because Kazakhstan only had one male entry in the 2018 Olympics.

“We still have the after party to attend,” Yuri purred as Beka’s right hand snaked around the blonde’s waist, “we have to at least make an appearance,” the taller male responded by placing his lips on Yuri’s cheek and trailing kisses down his neck and over his costume onto his shoulder, “only forty minutes,” Yuri mumbled before taking Otabek’s lips with his. He could smell the spice seeping from Otabek’s neck and it was driving him crazy! Yuri had only presented as an omega two years ago, but he had never met anyone who drove him wild like Otabek.

“Thirty,” Otabek grinned into Yuri’s neck as their lips separated before slipping away and taking the younger boys hand pulling him off the ice.

About an hour later the two were dressed in their suites watching the festivities take place all around them. Yuri had spent a few minutes talking to potential sponsors Yakov insisted he be nice too. They droned on and on, on all their endorsement offers and how much Yuri would be making by this time next year if he continued to skate the way he was.

Honestly, Yuri had never thought about his future, he had turned sixteen a little over a month ago and he knew he had a long career ahead of him so why was everyone so concerned with him plotting out every detail. He was going to the Olympics for God sakes. He was at the height of his skating career; he had beat a world record and won first in two major competitions at fifteen. He was doing better in his first year in the league than skaters did their entire lives--- so why did he feel so empty about it?

“Yurio!” Viktor called over a crowd of people tearing Yuri away from his in-head reflections, “Yurio, there you are! I want you to do a dance with Yuri and me,” the platinum-haired man staggered resting himself on his husband to keep him standing.

Yuuri had a smug almost droopy smile on his face as his hand gripped Viktor’s tightly, “Viktya thinks you can beat me,” he slurred.

Yuri rolled his eyes looking over to Otabek out the corner of his eye who was smirking, “fine,” he groaned pulling down his red tie and stepping closer to the intoxicated men, “you’re going down Katsudon!” he growled stripping his jacket away.


“That was incredible, Yura!” Otabek laughed as he swiped his card into the lock of his hotel room door. Pushing it open with one hand while the other wrapped around Yuri leading him into the small room.

The blonde pulled his hair out of the pony holder and smiled, “I think I won this time,” he kicked the door closed behind him before pulling out of Otabek grasp and flopping down on the bed, “that piggy didn’t see it coming!”

Otabek chuckled pulling his jacket off and resting it on the chair in the far corner of the room. It was a small hotel room; when you walked in you saw the whole room at once even the bathroom if the door was open. The bed was big enough for two people, but you couldn’t risk a third and it had ugly sheets that gave him shivers but Otabek’s single room was a lot better than the shared room Yuri had.

Yuri ran his hand across the brown flower pattern on the bed before scooting up towards the pillows kicking his shoes off in the process. He could feel himself getting wet in anticipation and Otabek’s scent had suddenly become stronger filling the room with a strong woodsy spice. Yuri felt his breath quicken and Beka hadn’t even touched him yet.

“You okay?” Beka asked stripping himself from his button up and t-shirt before climbing onto the bed, “you look a little pale Yura,”

“I’m fine,” Yuri breathed, his right hand coming up to stroke his boyfriend’s cheek, “I just really want you right now,”

The Kazakh skater smiled pushing Yuri down and taking his lips in his. Their tongues slipped together, and their hands roamed freely among each other. Otabek took his time undoing the buttons on Yuri’s shirt and Yuri wasted no time tracing the chiselled features of Otabek’s muscles; each one sculpted perfectly due to years of ballet and figure skating.

Yuri let out a purr as Otabek pulled away from his lips and licked up his neck stopping to gently nip at Yuri’s scent gland taking in the sweet aroma that was pouring out of it, “ it’s not usually this strong,” Otabek mumbled before moving his lips down to Yuri’s collarbone and following the trail down to his chest and slowly kissing behind every button he was undoing.

Once Yuri’s shirt was gone the two quickly undressed each other’s pants leaving them inches apart with only the thin fabric of their briefs between them. Yuri felt himself mewling over the thought of Otabek being inside of him, feeling him in the most intimate way—they had had sex a few times before, but Yuri had never felt himself craving Otabek’s touch like this.

The first time they had slept together had been back during the Grand Prix; after choreographing Welcome to the Madness the Alpha and Omega found themselves longing for the others touch with each intimate movement of the routine until Otabek finally took the plunge and kissed Yuri. It just kept going until they found themselves slumped on the floor of Yuri’s hotel room trying to catch their breath after both of had their first real orgasms. After that, they had decided they wanted to try out long distance, for the most part, they made it work by one of them flying out once a month for a few days and calling and facetiming every day until the Worlds where the two had been inseparable since meeting at the Helsinki Airport.

Yuri let out a gasp as he felt Otabek’s teeth graze against his cock over his underwear, “take them off,” Yuri whined rolling his hips forward

In one quick movement Otabek stripped Yuri down tossing his briefs onto the floor before using one hand to hold himself up and the other to slide his underwear down his thighs before kicking them off. Otabek turned back to Yuri using both hands to pull the blonde’s legs apart exposing his glistening opening. Without warning, Otabek bent closer using his tongue to lick up the hole causing Yuri to leap from the bed

“Fuck, Beka!” Yuri gasped running his hands through his hair while the other traces over his own stomach, “please,” his blue eyes wide, pleading, “I want you,”

Otabek slipped up Yuri’s body meeting their lips using his right arm to wrap around Yuri’s right thigh lifting it as he used his left hand to a line himself with Yuri’s opening.

Yuri groaned as Otabek’s weight rested on top of him making him feel safe and confident in his lover. Every time Otabek tried to move his lips Yuri followed craving the taste and warmth in the pit of his stomach. As Otabek entered him Yuri felt that warmth grow into pleaser as they slowly started rocking together.

Yuri finally pulled away from Otabek allowing them both to breathe, “this okay?” Otabek grunted lifting his left arm back up to pull his weight off Yuri.

“No,” Yuri quipped wrapping both of his arms around Otabek’s torso digging his nails into his lovers back pulling him back down to rest chest to chest, “I like the feeling of you on top of me,” he panted rocking his hips faster getting into a steady rhythm. They remained silent just listening to each other’s heavy breathing and moans as their bodies climaxed together.

Otabek felt Yuri’s fingers trail along his bicep as they just lay together catching their breath. He wrapped his arms around the blonde’s waist pulling him over as Otabek rolled onto the back, resting Yuri on his chest, “I’m going to miss you,”

Yuri snuggled deeper into his partner's chest, “don’t talk about it,” he whispered closing his eyes tightly, “just pretend that you’re not leaving tomorrow,”

They had only been together for a few months but with Worlds, travel, and special appearances, the two had never been apart for long. Now that the season was over and the Olympics ten months away Otabek and Yuri wouldn’t be seeing each other until Otabek’s nineteenth birthday in October.

The two-drifted back to silence before nodding off to the sleep for a few hours.

When Yuri awoke he was alone in the bed wrapped warmly in the hotel comforter. His body ached, and he felt cold. Throwing the blankets off Yuri quickly redressed in last night’s formal clothes before rushing out of the hotel room hoping to catch Otabek down in the lobby.

The older man was sitting on one of the couches drinking what Yuri assumed was tea from a to-go cup and reading a well-worn out book, “I thought you left,” Yuri smiled plunking himself next to Otabek.

“I was about to, Yura,” Otabek mussed laying the book on his lap and wrapping an arm around Yuri, “I just checked out and my coach is grabbing a cab,” Yuri’s smile dropped slightly before curling into his partner, “you feel warm Yura, are you okay?”

Yuri shut his eyes tight before nodding his head, “yeah, I think you just wrapped me in too many layers,” he joked hoping Beka would drop it. But the Alpha just stared at him before pulling out his phone.

“I’m going to call Viktor to come to pick you up,” just as Otabek said that he heard his coach call him over to the front doors of the hotel, “he should be here soon, ok? And I will call you when I land,”

Yuri nodded before reaching up and giving Beka a peck on the lips, “it’s probably just a cold from all the stress. I’m okay Beka,” Yuri smiled making sure it reached his eyes to try to convince Otabek that everything was alright.

Otabek kissed him back before standing up and running his hand through Yuri’s blonde hair, “Прощай,” he smiled before walking across the lobby to his coach.

“Прощай,” Yuri whispered before resting his head against the arm of the couch.

Yuri didn’t realize he fell asleep until he was woken by a certain Russian pain in his ass, “he looks like a kitten Yuuri,” Viktor teased as Yuri’s eyes fluttered open.

Yuri wasn’t surprised to see Viktor and Katsudon in the hotel lobby but what surprised Yuri was the concerned look that was running over the Piggy’s face, “what’s wrong with you?” Yuri asked with a yawn as he sat up before feeling a sudden pain erupting in his abdomen.

“Viktor, why don’t you go see if you can get Yurio a room?” ignoring the confused look his mate was giving him, Yuuri shewed the Alpha way.

Yuuri rested the back on his hand onto Yuri’s forehead, “are you in heat?” he whispered checking to make sure no one was around to hear them, “why would you leave the hotel? Why didn’t you take your suppressants?”

The Ice Tiger swatted Yuuri’s hand away, “what are you? My mother?” he spat.

Yuuri tried hard not to look hurt, “I just don’t want you to get hurt—”

“I was visiting Beka,” Yuri interrupted, “so I was safe,”

“Until you left the room,” Yuuri interjected, “I know it’s embarrassing to talk about heat especially to an Alpha, but you should have asked Otabek to save the room,” the Japanese man furrowed his brows, “you and Otabek didn’t… you know?”

Yuri blushed loudly, “of course not you pig! I’m not an idiot!” part of Yuri hoped that Katsudon believed him, but he knew they both knew he was lying.

Viktor returned with a key to a hotel suite, “I gave them my credit card so don’t go crazy,” he teased as he handed Yuri the key.

Yuri muttered some thanks before standing up and heading to the elevator. He debated asking Yuuri to come up with him but decided he had already embarrassed himself too much in front of the skater and spend his heat alone locked up in some strange hotel in Helsinki.