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Birth Name: Faye Mya Constantine-Lehnsherr

Adopted Name: Faye Mya Constantine-O'Connell 

Used name: Roswell Winchester

Nickname: Pommy, Roz (Dean) Roswell (Most)

Date of Birth: August 16th 1989

Age: (S1-16) (S5/6-20/21)


height: 5ft11

Hair: Red

Eyes: light brown

Cast: Karen Gillan

Cast: Karen Gillan


Mother: Cheryl Constantine-O'Connell (Deceased)

Father: Erik Lehnsherr (Estranged)

Step-Father: Alex O'Connell (Deceased)

Maternal Half-sister: Gemma O'Connell (Deceased)

Paternal Half-sister: Wanda Maximoff

Paternal Half-Brother: Pietro Maximoff

Maternal Uncle: John Constantine

Paternal Grandfather: Jakob Lehnsherr (Deceased)

Maternal Grandfather: Thomas Constantine (Deceased)

Paternal Grandmother: Edie Lehnsherr (Deceased)

Maternal Grandmother: Mary Constantine (Deceased)

Step-Grandfather: Rick O'Connell (Deceased)

Step-Grandmother: Evelyn O'Connell (Deceased)

Godfather/Surrogate father: John Winchester (Deceased)

Surrogate brother: Sam Winchester

Surrogate brother: Dean Winchester


Other relatives:

Phil Coulson (Born Philip Winchester (John Winchester's maternal half-brother) Phil was born after Henry's 'disappearance')



Roswell was born August 16th 1987 in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh to Cheryl Constantine, Roswell is the result of a short relationship between Cheryl and a man named Erik Lehnsherr, the relationship ended before Cheryl found out about her pregnancy. Cheryl's brother John was present at the birth and instantly fell in love with his niece. Roswell spent the next 5 years of her life living in London with her mother and her uncle. When Cheryl met and fell in love with Alex O'Connell they moved to Roswell, New Mexico, USA, a year later they were married and 3 months later Gemma was born.

When Roswell was eight years old a chupacabra broke into her home and slaughtered her family, despite Alex's best efforts to fight it off whilst defending his wife and children. John Winchester arrived as the monster was going for Roswell. Saved her but she did not come out unmarked, she bears claw scars along the length of her left arm and hand. Roswell was the only survivor.

John took Roswell in and raised her as his own daughter, but never kept the truth from her. Despite himself, Dean and Sam hunting the supernatural, John kept Roswell in a strictly support role. Research, medical attention etc.

At the age of 12 Roswell declared that she no longer wanted to be Faye....she wanted to be called Roswell.



Roswell is adventurous and reckless, with a dry wit and a stubborn streak. Roswell shows that she is very clever and observant; Roswell is often flippant in the face of danger. Roswell is also very flirtatious. Dean claims she only passed her driving test on her first go because of a revealing skirt. Despite her tough exterior, Roswell can not always hide her emotions and is devastated when faced with the loss of loved ones, she is also troubled and lonely. Roswell describes herself as a science fiction fan. She cited Jules Verne as an example of a science fiction author whose work she had read.



Roswell's powers manifested the night of her family' slaughter, the stress of the situation switching something inside of her on. She threw John Winchester against a wall as he tried to approach her before she knew he was there to help her.

Magnetokinesis: Roswell can manipulate various forms of magnetism, usually creating a green field of magnetic energy around her fingers allowing her to move metallic and otherwise magnetic objects in a similar manner to telekinesis. She inherited this power from her biological father.

Ferromagnetism: Roswell can magnetize metal and manipulate magnetic objects, causing them to attract or repel each other. She could, theoretically, use it to ferrokinetically halt bullets in midair and launch them, cause several cars to move and group together, manipulate the pedals of a car she was in to make it move on its own and remove the medical bone screws inside bodies. Her abilities work against anyone who wears metal or other objects she could magnetize.

Ferromagnetic Sense: She is also able to sense the presence of metals.

Ferromagnetic Levitation: Since Roswell was 16, she's been wearing steel-toe boots, metallic bracelets and various metals within her outfits allowing her to levitate.

Electromagnetism: She can create and use magnetic fields to manipulate electrical currents, allowing her some control over electrical appliances. She has used this ability to cause lights to turn off or even blow out, shut down police cruisers using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and reverse the electrical current of a taser to the cop who was holding it.

Electromagnetic Sense: She has stated that just as she can detect metal; she can feel surrounding electrical currents. She can also sometimes vaguely sense when people or animals are in the same general area, due to sensing the trace metal content in their bones and electromagnetic pulses in their nervous systems.

Radio Frequency Distortion: Roswell could block cell and walkie-talkie frequencies using her abilities. (Another reason John and her 'brothers' don't take her on hunts, she interrupts with magnetic fields)

Weaknesses: When her powers are used, a greenish-black glow surround her hands; this makes it hard for her to use them secretly. Roswell is unable to use her powers without any metal in close range.



Entomology: Roswell knows insects and can tell them apart very well.

Multilingual: Aside from English, her mother tongue, Roswell knows Italian, Assyrian, and Hebrew so it can be presumed she knows the languages fluently. It may also be presumed she knows Arabic and Sanskrit, due to being able to read text written in these languages.

Occult knowledge: Roswell has acquired an extensive knowledge of supernatural mythology.

High-level Intelligence: Whilst not as intelligent as Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, Roswell's intelligence does sit up there on level with the likes of Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Sam Winchester. She is also well-versed in how police, fire departments and various government agencies (FBI, CDC) typically operate and conduct investigations.



Protection Amulet: Given to her by Constantine.

Egyptian Snake Ring: Originally given to Cheryl by Alex, John recovered it from Cheryl's body before giving it to Roswell. 


Pairing: Bucky and Steve

Pairing: Bucky and Steve