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You're your best you

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"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo! It's a girl!" Mitsuki smiled weakly at her new born baby. She was so beautiful and from how much trouble she caused while she was pregnant, Mitsuki knew she was going to be a little firecracker. The nurse brought her baby over after she was cleaned and swaddled in a warm blanket so she could hold her and she smiled softly at the cute little scrunched up face. She brought a hand up and touched those soft, squishy cheeks causing her baby to open her eyes and Mitsuki was greeted with bright red eyes so much like her own.

"She's beautiful." Mitsuki looked up at Masaru who was looking down in awe at their baby.

Mitsuki looked back down at her as well. "Yeah... she is."


"Katsuki! Get your ass down here before you're late for school!"

"Shut up you old hag! I'm coming!"

"Don't call me a hag ya brat!"

Masaru just sipped his coffee and read through the news on his laptop as he tried to tune out his two demons that he loved with all his heart. He sometimes wishes Katsuki got his temperament but it keeps their household lively. He could hear Katsuki stomping his way down the stairs, no doubt acting out again just to spite his mom.

"Stop all that fucking stomping on my stairs!"

"Make me!"

Masaru sighed and put down his cup. It really was too early for this. "Katsuki, maybe you should grab something to eat before you leave?"

While his voice stayed even, they both could hear the underlying tension in his words which caused them to stop fighting. "Tch whatever."

Mitsuki just shook her head and whispered 'Daddy's boy' to him as he passed her to go to the kitchen. Katsuki rolled his eyes but didn't rise to her taunt as he grabbed him some toast and spread some peanut butter on it before grabbing his bag to leave. Normally he would eat better than this but he really was on the verge of running late.

"Not going to give your old man a hug before you leave?" Katsuki froze and turned stiffly to stare at his dad who was looking at him expectantly.

"Yeah, Katsuki. Not gonna give your mom a kiss before you leave?"

Katsuki could feel himself grinding his teeth and stopped himself because he didn't want to fuck up his teeth. He rolled his eyes again and quickly walked over to his dad first and gave him a quick hug and an even quicker kiss to his mom's cheek then rushing out the house before they could see the blush on his cheeks, making sure to slam the door behind him.

Mitsuki sighed at the door slam and went back to her now cold plate of food. "Masaru, where did we go wrong? Our Katsuki used to be so cute and affectionate."

"He was also a momma's boy when he was younger." Masaru turned to look at her and smiled at her pout. "He's a young man now dear. He's just trying to find himself. Give him time. I'm sure he'll come back around to being a momma's boy some day."

"But Izuku is still cute and affectionate!"

She had him there. "Well, every teenager is different. Just give him time."

She frowned slightly, pushing her food around. "I guess you're right. He does give us hugs and kisses again now. Maybe he's just a tsundere."

Masaru chuckled. "Probably."


Katsuki stomped his way down the street, passing Izuku who had been waiting for him as he went. "Good morning Kacchan!"

Katsuki grumbled out what may have been a greeting as he continued to walk to school. Izuku walked slightly behind him, talking a mile a minute on their walk. Katsuki just gave a grunt here or there but mostly stayed silent. "Hey Kacchan do you want to sleep over this weekend? The last one before our middle school life ends."

Katsuki stopped and turned to stare at him, Izuku's eyes bright and shining. Katsuki nearly wanted to shield his eyes from the brightness. He turned back away, letting out a loud sigh and shrugging his shoulders. "Whatever."

"Great! I'll tell my mom when I get back home!"

Katsuki just continued walking as Izuku started chatting away again. He figured it wouldn't be that big of an issue to do this with him since he was the only other person who knew his secret besides his parents and auntie Inko.

When he was born, he was born with a shy penis. Like extremely shy. To the point that he was raised as a girl for a couple of years before his true gender was revealed during a blood test to find out what kept causing him to get sick. His parents had the frilly pictures to prove it. He had tried to burn them but his mom caught him and hid them from him ever since. He knows she just wants to keep them to embarrass him at some point.

When they found out the truth, his parents were understandably shocked. Luckily, he was quite young when they found out so it was easier to adjust. The hardest thing was his clothes. Since his parents were part of the fashion industry he had a LOT of clothes when he was younger. Mostly because he knew he was their little model for baby girl clothes despite what they tell him now. So transitioning all of his cute girly clothes out to bring more boyish clothes in was a tremendous task.

Mostly because younger him loved his cute clothes so they ended up letting him wear both and even got him a boy's and girl's uniform for his elementary school when he started. They had explained his situation to the school so there were no problems and the kids were so young that they didn't care. They just thought he was a girl that liked to dress in boy's clothes. He started to just wear the boy's uniform when he started middle school.

The only reason Izuku and Inko knew is because she had bathed them together when they were around 7 because they played in a muddy puddle and young Izuku being a small child full of questions asked, "Momma, why does Kacchan look different down there?"


"Momma, why does Kacchan look different down there?"

Young Katsuki had wondered the same about Izuku. Inko had been so flustered because she thought Katsuki was a boy that she called Mitsuki to ask if it was alright to explain the difference between boy and girl parts.

"What? That's fine but what brought this on?"

"Well, I didn't realize Katsuki was a girl before I let them take bath."

"But he's not."

This definitely confused Inko. "But then why..."

"OH! I'm sorry. It's just we're so used to him that I didn't even think to tell you. Katsuki was born with his genitals on the inside."

"....Mitsuki... I don't know how to tell you this but..."

"I know what it sounds like! The doctor called it shy penis syndrome. When they checked, we saw that he really did have a penis! It's just really up in there."

"So how am I supposed to explain that to a 7 year old!? I still barely understand it!"

"Just tell 'im some boys are born different and he'll find out more when he's old enough to understand!"

Inko just sighed in defeat, "Fine. If he doesn't accept it, I'm sending them to you."


Izuku ended up accepting it and proceeded to ask Katsuki questions in rapid succession that Inko quickly shot down.

"Maybe when you're older, OK sweetie? Let's not overload Katsuki with too many questions."

Izuku pouted, "OK mom." And that was the end of that.

*End Flashback*

As Katsuki grew older, he realized that he really WAS different from the other boys once he started middle school. For one, regular boys could stand up to pee as they had this appendage that stuck out from their groin. Another is, once puberty started to hit in the first year of middle school, the guys that hung around him constantly talked about jacking off and to which girl. Katsuki had been too embarrassed to ask what they had meant so instead he did a search on his phone in the privacy of his room one night when curiosity got the better of him.

He couldn't look any of them in the eye for awhile after that.

It was around this time that he had started to question if he really was a boy or not and began to feel self conscious about himself when he never had a reason to before. Whenever the guys started to talk about that subject he would distract them or change the subject as it started to make him feel uncomfortable since it was something completely out of his element, having no personal knowledge of what they were talking about.

During his second year of middle school, the guys started complaining about random boners popping up during class so they started wearing baggy clothes to hide it so Katsuki had his parents get him a baggy set of uniforms to try to fit in. It's not like he even liked those guys or was trying to impress them but... wouldn't it be weird to not have some baggy pants? Even Izuku had baggy pants, probably for the same reason.

When his parents had asked him why, he just shrugged and responded with "Guy Stuff." They had given him worried looks at that and told him that he could always come talk to them about anything if he needed to. He'd blushed and nodded before running off to his room. It wasn't long after that, that he finally hit puberty or rather puberty hit him.

When it first happened, he thought he had wet himself and he swore he could have died of mortification but was thankful it wasn't a lot so it didn't mess up his sheets. When he ran to the bathroom to clean up, he was shocked to feel that his slit had something that felt like a crust covering it and that inside was still wet and sticky, not at all what it felt like when he cleaned up after peeing. When he had pulled his finger out, the liquid was a milky almost translucent color.

After cleaning up and going back to his room, he set about finding out what just happened and read that he most likely experienced something called nocturnal emission or what was commonly referred to as a wet dream. He wasn't sure what he was dreaming about to cause that but he hoped that was the end of it.

It wasn't.

Sometimes his crotch would get really tingly during class and he would try to press his legs together as it would relieve the itch enough for him to focus back in class but not enough that it made it completely go away. What was worse was that it happened multiple times throughout the day and he had no way to even take care of it. It left him feeling increasingly frustrated and snappish. Had this been what those idiots were complaining about? He hated this.

What really clued Katsuki in that puberty had really hit him was when one of the guys that hung around him asked if he, along with some others, wanted to come over to his house after school since his parents would be out. Katsuki almost immediately shot him down that is until he whispered, "I have a porno we can watch."


"I have a porno we can watch."

That gave him pause. A porno? That's not something he's ever watched before and now that he knows about it, the wonderment about it won't stop until the curiosity is satisfied. So they ended up at the guy's house and he booted up his laptop and popped in the DVD that he got from somewhere. They all huddled around the laptop as it started, watching and waiting with bated breaths.

This was kinda exciting for Katsuki. It's not often he experiences something that is new for others of his age. It didn't take long before the real action started and Katsuki's eyes were wide as he watch the woman suck on a man's penis. That went on for awhile before they changed positions and the man started playing with the woman's vagina, sticking his fingers inside and rubbing a little nub sat at the top of her vagina. Her moans and cries and watching the guy finger her began to make his crotch tingle.

The other guys began to comment how hot this was and that their dick was starting to get hard. Katsuki ignored them and watched with rapt attention as the guy pulled back and grabbed his penis, rubbing it against her wet vagina before slowly pushing inside. He almost gasped as her small hole easily accommodated his large erection. Fuck, that was hot. He briefly wondered if his own slit could function the same way. It looked like she was really into it.

Katsuki really did gasp as he felt something trickling from his slit and he was sure it would soon be staining his underwear. He stood up abruptly, ignoring the other's protests before running out of the room and out of the house. He ran all the way back to his house, running past his mom in the living room and ending up in his room with the door closed and locked. He breath heavily as he dropped his bag and slid down to the floor, head hanging between his legs.

There had been a banging at his door and his mother's concerned voice coming from the other side. "Katsuki, what's wrong? Did something happen?"

She had sounded so worried that he couldn't leave her hanging like that. "'M fine mom. It's nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, now leave me alone!" He heard a muffled sigh and her footsteps fading away. He let out a soft sigh and started to relax before a soft squish between his legs brought him back to his original problem. He cringed at the feeling before getting up and walking over to his bed, falling face first onto it. He really should clean up but he'll wait until his mom isn't on high alert.

He laid there for a few minutes before the throbbing in his groin became too bothersome. He's never touched himself down there before other than to clean himself but the throbbing was more than he could bare. He had to try something. He slowly unbuckled and unzipped his his pants before slipping his hand down to his slit. He gasped when he felt the skin around it was swollen and sensitive to touch. That's never happened before.

He breath in to brace himself before slipping a finger inside and was shocked at how wet he was already. He quickly added another finger and winced at the stretch. As he was pulling his fingers out, they rubbed firmly against his walls and he had to bite his lip to stop from crying out at the shock that ran up his spine.

"Shit." He pressed two fingers in slowly this time and felt himself opening up easier now that his slick was coating his fingers and entrance. He rubbed against his walls and could feel what felt like raised veins pulsing against his finger tips. That was also new.

He wondered if that was how females felt inside. He fingered himself for a few more minutes and while the ache got worse, it felt like he was getting closer to... something. He groaned and pulled his fingers out, more frustrated than ever before. It felt like he needed something more.

He suddenly remembered the woman taking that big, fat cock, crying out in pleasure and blushed, feeling even hotter under the collar. Well, he didn't have anything even remotely similar to that just laying around so he would need to make do with what he did have. He huffed and turned to lay on his back, shucking his pants and underwear onto the floor.

He brought his legs up and again moved his hand back down to his wet slit before sliding his fingers back inside. He began to thrust his fingers in and out, making sure to rub against his now veiny inside, trying to remember how the guy had fingered the woman. He didn't have that little nub to rub and he wondered if that might have gotten him closer to... whatever it is his body is chasing.

After working himself open some more, he added a third finger and the stretch had him twitching like crazy and God, he was leaking so much that it was starting to trickle down to his asshole. He started to hear a high pitched whine only to realize the sound was coming from himself. It was such a needy but frustrating sound and he couldn't believe he could make such a noise.

After stuffing his hole to the brim and rubbing up against his walls for a few minutes, he could feel a pressure deep in his core that felt like he had to pee. He was tempted to stop but it felt too good to end it there and it never felt this good when he had to piss. A choked out moan slipped past his lips before he could stop it, his whole body tensing when a hard nudge hit him just right and he was tumbling through a pleasure he's never felt before. If he thought he was wet before, it had nothing on how drenched he was now, his pleasure spilling out of over his fingers in thick streams.

He panted as he pulled his fingers out, grimacing at the sticky, white fluid coating them. He felt a little tired after all of that but there's no way he would be able to rest with all this mess. He groaned as he reached for the tissues on his desk and wiped his fingers off first before just grabbing the whole box to make it more easily accessible while he cleaned up his slit as well as he could without washing. After he was as clean as he was gonna get, he flopped back on his bed and pulled the covers over his half naked body, passing out soon after.

*End Flashback*

That was how he spent the rest of sophomore year in middle school trying to control his hormones. He didn't masturbate often because he found it took too much work to get him to orgasm with just his fingers and only did it if he was really pent up. Besides, leading into their third and final year in middle school, he had too much to do preparing to apply to UA to worry about that.

A school that he didn't understand why Izuku was applying to as well considering he was quirkless but he couldn't get him to stop no matter what he did or said. A school that Izuku was currently chattering about with so much enthusiasm. The gates of their school came into view and Katsuki has never been so happy to see the school gates as he was right now. "Shut up Deku, we're here."

"AH! You're right! We should hurry before we're late!"

"Mmm." They quickly walked inside and made it to their homeroom with a minute to spare. Katsuki sighed as he dropped his stuff down and prepared for what was already making out to be a long day. Little did he know what waited for him in a few scant hours after school.