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ad meliora

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ad meliora- Latin; towards better things





Seokjin was just enjoying life, minding his own business, being handsome as always. But there was a tiny problem though - his questionable sanity. Cause he sure as fuck doesn't think suddenly hearing a voice in his head murmuring something unintelligible was common.

His first thought is that he has finally lost it completely and that Yoongi was right. His, in Yoongi's words,F disgraceful to humankind jokes have backfired and the universe is making him pay for them. As they say - karma is a bitch.

In the midst of panicking, he catches some words that the voice in his head is saying and it sounds a lot like, how the fuck do you drive this thing? The young man is offended, how could it call him a thing, of course, thinking that he is the one being driven in this context...wait what.

"Oh man, I'm really losing it now, aren't I."

The voice disappeared after hearing Seokjin speak in a hushed whisper.

Seokjin stays quiet for a while after that, listening attentively for any sound.

After a few minutes of silence, Seokjin concludes – surely that had to be his subconsciousness or something. Though he wasn't fully convinced, because why would he subconsciously ask himself how do you drive this thing referring to his body.

Oh well, maybe his astrology chart has something to say about this strange moment he had. He's got to check it out after his shift at work.

Speaking of work, while having a mental breakdown, he had without noticing arrived at the front of the bakery that he works at, almost walking straight past it.

After walking through the door and greeting his co-worker, Hoseok, he started making his way for the kitchen. The bakery was very popular, courtesy of Seokjin of course. Seokjin made the tastiest mouthwatering pastries in the whole of the whole country, if not even the whole continent. And of course, Seokjin thought his good looks helped too in bringing the customers in, but Hoseok had shot that thought down immediately, explaining that due to the older male spending all his working hours in the back no one really saw him, but Jin suspected that Hoseok was just envious of him.

Yoongi had once said that it was the narcissistic tendencies in him that made him think things like that, but Seokjin had countered that with saying that he just knew how to love himself and wanted to share it with the world. To, in other words, inspire them to be like him.

Rounding the counter, Seokjin entered the back of the bakery and while walking he took and tied on his baby blue apron. After washing his hands, he started taking out all the needed ingredients so he could get to work, all thoughts about this morning’s moment of insanity all but forgotten.


Working here had its perks, Seokjin mussed to himself as he took a much-needed break after a few hours of baking all kinds of sweets. He could take home whichever pastries hadn't been sold that day with him so he always had some snacks no matter what time of the day it was. He was kind of worried about losing his fit figure though. He didn't think that eating sweets every day was very healthy, but overlooking that problem was pretty easy because they were too tasty to hold back and one more couldn't hurt, right?

However, it seemed his new subconscious wasn't having any of it.

"Are you sure about that? That sounds a bit delusional." The voice said tauntingly.

Seokjin felt offended that his subconscious would betray him like this. So what if he liked snacking and he sometimes lost count how many he really ate. Like, ok, maybe he had way too many cheat days as one should have, but it was still rude to attack him out of nowhere like this when he was putting so much effort into convincing himself it was okay.

"Oh, ok Mr. Know It All. I'll show you and your stupid questions about what you think is or isn't good for me," Seokjin declares as he stuffs his mouth full with one of the rainbow sprinkled doughnuts just to accentuate his point.

Surprisingly, or not, depends how you look at it, the voice doesn't return after that and Seokjin finishes his shift without interruptions. As he is getting ready to leave for the day and packs the unsold pastries, he decides to give most of them to Hoseok, and no, it wasn't because his subconsciousness had gotten to him, not at all. His co-worker just looked like he really could use some sweets right now. The poor guy hadn't been his cheery self today and Seokjin was getting a bit worried, but decided not to ask and hoped that this would make him feel better.

Putting the box of pastries on the counter right in front of the mopping blonde, Seokjin gave him a soft smile when Hoseok looked up.


"Don't worry about it." He answered and was on his way out the door.

The walk back to his apartment wasn't long and the evening air was quite nice. Seokjin enjoyed the neighborhood that surrounded his workplace and apartment, it had plenty of street lights and cozy stores all over it, all in all, a nice place to live at.

The first thing the man does when entering the apartment is going straight to the kitchen to make himself a big cup of chamomile tea. This day has been one of the weirdest in a while and he could really use something relaxing.

As Seokjin waits for it to brew, he takes off his shoes and goes looking for his computer. Unsurprisingly, he finds it in the most ridiculous place ever - the trash can, somewhat remembering throwing it there in his rage when it had shut down in the middle of an important scene in the drama he was watching. Not thinking further about that incident, Seokjin goes to get his tea and after putting it on the coffee table beside the laptop, falls into the cushions of the couch.

Pressing the turn on button, Seokjin puts his hands dramatically together in a prayer and hopes that the thing will work. Seeing the screen light up, the young man did a small victory dance on the couch that consisted of him wiggling his butt.

Seokjin pressed on the search bar and wrote in his favorite astrology website. Quickly getting through it and finally getting his natal chart, Seokjin looked intently at it trying to figure out if there was any reasoning behind why his subconsciousness has had a mind of its own today. Although he was starting to have doubts about it being his own mind playing tricks on him, but nothing else made sense.

Finding nothing wrong with the transits and no way of knowing what is happening to him, Seokjin let out a sigh and took a sip from his warm teacup, feeling as it warmed up his insides and started relaxing him.

While drinking the tea he heard the voice in his head say something about schizophrenia but he just ignored it, thinking that was the better choice and continued with his tea.

After a while of doing nothing, he decides to finish watching last night’s episode to get his mind off of his chaotic thoughts.

What a strange day it has been.












Seokjin finds himself in his usual seat, in the far side of the cafe, someplace where no one can disturb him and his client. The cafe is nice and cozy, kind of hipster looking but at least there aren’t any loud people.

It was nice meeting with his clients here, seeing as he didn’t want any strange person in his apartment and because he likes this place quite a bit. The young man never found the need to find somewhere else to do his job.

Needless to say, doing it in the cafe helps him from wasting money by renting out a place and it’s more convenient since he can get food and drinks without needing to make them himself. While if he had his own place he would have to spend the extra time to go to a store to get food that he would have to make himself, no thank you, he does that plenty enough as a baker.

Seeing as his client hasn’t yet arrived, Seokjin settles down on the worn couch, taking a sip of coffee.. He pulls out his laptop from his equally worn backpack and opens all the necessary pages up.

Luckily he doesn’t have to wait long for his client to show. He straightens up in his chair when he sees a middle aged woman walk through the door of the cafe. She stops for a second trying to figure out which of all of the people in the cafe could be Seokjin.

The handsome man raises his hand a bit in the air and waves weakly making the woman look at the movement and make a beeline to his table.

She is dressed in an office suit and looks to be in her forties, all in all she looks like a well put together woman.

Sitting down they exchange a bit of small talk and without wasting any more time, they get right to the session. When Seokjin has written in all her birth data he starts assessing her natal chart. She wanted to know if her love life would have any spikes because she doesn’t really believe her husband is going out for milk and some bread.

While looking at the planet alignments, Seokjin hears a voice in his head murmuring something along the lines: the fuck is this gibberish, just some squiggles and lines .

He really tries ignoring it, but the voice starts making unnecessary comments about the husband.

“Oh honey, he clearly isn’t going out for milk and some fucking bread,” it stated in mock pity. “The guy is getting his milk straight from the source I see, not so sure about the bread though.” “Use your brain, you look like you’re smart, and maybe leave his ass.”

Not really having time to think about what is happening in his head, Seokjin just goes on about his work and tells the woman all that he sees in her natal chart about love in the far time coming.

He can’t say that the voice in his head is wrong about the husband though, as the natal chart also had said that there would be complications in the near future so to look out for that, but you can’t always completely trust on what the stars and planets say.

The woman doesn’t look that happy about what she has heard but she thanks him nonetheless. Giving him the payment for his service, the woman is out of the cafe and into the street of people.

Seokjin pockets the money and swirls his cup around, looking at the remnants of the coffee.

Damn, he really needs to get his head straight.












Seokjin honest to god had forgotten about the voice.

So when he suddenly heard it again, he almost dropped the delicious lemon flavored cupcake mix he was putting in the oven. In response getting only an annoying cackle.

Everything had been peaceful and quiet. When a few days had gone by without any weird comments, Seokjin had put his past strange activities down to not getting enough sleep, making his poor brain to not function correctly. After getting the dearly sought out sleep he wasn't waiting for the voices return, clearly because he had thought his brain was malfunctioning due to only being able to work on mere fumes. Clearly - he had been wrong.

“You should make some dick shaped cookies, or boob. Spice it up a notch. You could get more customers with the extravagant choice in cookie shapes, bet.”

Before Seokjin could make any more mistakes, he carefully puts the batch of unbaked cupcakes inside the center of the oven, making sure they wouldn't actually meet the ground this time around.

“Okay, now this is getting ridiculous.” He snapped. “I really need to seek out professional help, a priest or a psychiatrist, who knows which one best fits. Need to see if I don’t have any multiple personality disorder because I would never come up with this kind of shit on my own unless I was down two bottles of vodka. That’s when I start to take no responsibility for my actions.”

After the man's outburst everything became quiet, even the roaming around the front of the bakery has gone silent. Seokjin can hear the timer for the cupcakes slowly tick away, the sound seemingly ten times louder than before, like it’s counting away the exact moment Seokjin will finally break.

What felt like ten years but was actually around three minutes, Seokjin starts to hear the sounds from the front of the bakery start up again. The silence had left as if it never even was there, of course that could have been believable if only Seokjin didn't see Hoseok standing in the doorway of the kitchen with his arms crossed looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I thought maybe you were on the phone with Yoongi having an argument about your alcoholic tendencies or something and I just wanted to let you know to keep it down, 'cause everyone in the front can hear you loud and clear, but it seems my assumptions were wrong,” Hoseok says while looking around the whole kitchen area. Assuring himself that no one really was in the kitchen except Seokjin, his gaze fell back on Seokjin who was still standing by the oven.

Seokjin didn't have the slightest clue how to explain himself to his co- worker, seeing as he has no idea what is happening to him currently too. All Seokjin is sure about is that his life is taking a drastic turn for the worse.

The co-workers have a stare down for a few more seconds until the blond breaks it with turning his back to Seokjin to make his way back to the counter, but stopping and in slight amusement adding “Just keep it down about your vodka drinking adventures, you’re scaring the customers away.”

Being left alone in the kitchen with his slowly crumbling sanity and a slight headache arising from all the questions that he has no answers to, Seokjin tries taming it and grabs all the needed ingredients for the next pastries.

Seokjin tries his best to concentrate on the task at hand but his thoughts keep distracting him and the headache just starts becoming stronger.

The timer for the cupcakes finally goes off, making him leave his thoughts alone for now. Looking through the closed oven door to make sure the cupcakes are absolutely done baking, after deeming them good enough Seokjin grabs his oven gloves and opens the door to take them out. Just as he gets a grip on the plate of cupcakes and is taking them out, the voice comes back. The words sound a lot louder spoken in the silent kitchen, startling Seokjin, and that’s how he finds himself almost dropping the plate. Again. This time around having more trouble balancing and getting a better grip on the plate. He even had to use some matrix looking moves to save the lemony sweets from meeting the floor. Seokjin was quite proud and impressed with himself.

“Please don’t go to a priest, I heard from other demons holy water hurts like a bitch.”

The voice sounds so innocent and childlike, but Seokjin doesn't trust anyone who makes him almost drop his greatly crafted pastries to the floor. No childlike demeanor is going to stop Seokjin from lecturing someone, or some voice in this instance, when his cupcakes nearly saw their end faster than needed and it had happened twice already.

“Uhm, excuse you. Your bitch ass almost made me drop these precious babies on the ground. TWICE!” he exclaimed. “So we’ll see about me ever listening to your advice of what I should or should not be doing. Oh, wait, that’s right! I never would have done that in the first place.” Seokjin stated, murmuring something about the voice saying he shouldn’t eat the pastries from a few days ago, he is still salty about that.

As he starts to calm down from the outburst and without his frustration clouding his mind, the realization about what the voice had said finally registering in Seokjin’s slow mind.

Seokjin's eyes widen when all the strange thoughts he has had lately finally make sense with this new information. Seokjin had unknowingly somehow gotten a demon inside himself, maybe the wording wasn't the best, but that was still what had happened.

“You bitch!” he hissed.

“Uh yea, sorry about the cupcake thing. Didn’t really mean for you to drop them. I was just trying to give you an amazing marketing advice, but ok,” the voice grumbled.

Seokjin was seating with questions and mild anger at his body being used by someone else than him, he did not consent to this.

“Bitch! Explain the fuck does how do you drive this thing mean.

It’s quiet for a moment until realization seems to hit the demon.

“Oh that. I kind of have no clue how to control your body so I’m just chilling here. Don’t have a clue how to leave it either,” the demon quietly adds the last part as an afterthought.

Well isn’t that just dandy. Just what Seokjin wanted to hear on an early Monday morning.

The young man thinks it's better to stop talking to the demon, so he doesn't make his coworker really think something is wrong with him. He will just have to deal with this later in the safe space of his home, for now, the young man will concentrate at the task at hand - making the delicious best selling pastries of Seoul. No, Seokjin is not arrogant, he just knows when he is right.






Everything was so bleak and cold. Every corner was filled with demons just craving to make the next destructive move. The newly fledged demon felt lonely. He simply couldn't find it in himself to follow in the steps of the others. He was more drawn to the uperworld walkers, humans. Their life didn't revolve around planning the next manipulative move just to gain some sick satisfaction. The humans had different morals than demons and they weren't as single minded. They didn't see the world in black and white, flames and pain. They saw the world in colors and that fascinated the fledgling.






Dragging himself inside of the apartment, Seokjin carelessly dropped the box of pastries on the table next to the clothes racks. Without even thinking of taking his shoes or coat off, Seokjin trudged to the coach and fell on it like a sack of potatoes.

Closing his eyes just for a second to enjoy the couch cushions comfort and the peaceful quiet of his apartment,Seokjin let out a content sigh.

His peaceful mindset was rudely interrupted by his new annoying body neighboar, the demon.

“By the way, my name’s Jeongguk so now you can stop calling me the demon or it, just use he , ” the demon said softly, trying to be considerate of the young man's long sufferings. Nice try, DEMON, I will not fall for your tricks.

Seokjin could hear Jeongguk let out an aggravated sigh that was definitely the cause of the young man’s thoughts and the capitalized way Seokjin had tried saying demon in his head.

“So, unwanted neighbour,” Seokjin started while finally taking his shoes off and tossing them to the side, not looking where they landed but hearing a thud that sounded like they had hit  the wall, “how shall we solve this problem that is you.”

Seokjin is met with silence, it seems like he has offended the demons feelings, or something like that, if the demon can even have such things as feelings maybe his ego just got scratched. Not wasting anymore thought on the wrongful intruder, Seokjin stretches his arms behind his back, one after the other, and stands up making his way to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Seokjin makes himself a late evening snack that consists of a sad looking sandwich with almost expired cheese and a juice box that he found at the back of his fridge. He has no inkling as to when he had gotten the darn thing but he isn't complaining.

Scarfing the sandwich down and sipping on the juice, Seokjin locates his laptop, that has somehow ended up underneath a potted cactus that he vaguely remembers Taehyung had gifted to him so he could grow it out with his brothers own cactus. Saying something along the lines that he didn’t want his Tata to be lonely. Putting a reminder in his head to water the poor thing soon, Seokjin guilty put the cactus aside and picked up his laptop.

Making his way to the bedroom, Seokjin left the empty juice box on his bedside table and dropping the laptop on the bed. Grabbing his pajamas, he made his way back out of the bedroom to go wash off the long day.

Seokjin was halfway done taking his clothes off when he remembered that he wasn't quite alone in the bathroom, well in a sense.

“Don’t let my presence stop you. Go ahead, continue as you were,” Seokjin heard the voice, Jeongguk, say after the moment of complete stillness from Seokjin’s side.

Still not being quite sure if he should proceed with his shower Seokjin stood completely still and in silence for a few more minutes, when, finally, he went back to his senses and remembered that anyone would be blessed to see his beautiful self in all his naked glory. The young man carried on taking the last bit of clothing off and stepped in the shower, letting the already regulated warm water fall down on his tired body.

Just when the young man was relaxing into the warm water falls and thoroughly enjoying himself, the demon just had to come back and remind Seokjin that he was still here and wasn't gonna leave any time soon.

“I wonder if at some point I will be able to make you put your dick in like a donut and you have like zero controle of stopping me, huh.”

Seokjin scrunches his handsome face up in confusion. Don’t get him wrong, Seokjin was all  about food, but he wasn’t rather sure if he really wanted to fuck any edible item, like a donut. He really had no clue what the demon’s deal with pastries was. Maybe it was a kink of some sorts and who was Seokjin to judge, but Jeongguk sounded awfully intrigued and determined and Seokjin had no clue how to feel about that, maybe he should start fearing for his life and seek out the exorcist, who knows what kind of ideas the demon will think of to torment him him with next.

“Do you not have any better things to do than taking me along with your strange pastry kink,” ok, maybe Seokjin was judging a little.

“Seeing as I’m currently stuck inside your body, I would say that, no, I have absolutely nothing better to do. And I really don’t see the reason you have to attack my kinks like that man, I didn’t know Mr.“I like when a large amount of food goes down, and it feels like i’m almost choking” had any say in what is strange and what isn’t.” Maybe Seokjin had forgotten about his vulnerable drunk moment a few days ago when he and Yoongi thought to go out to a family Korean BBQ restaurant. The two friends had gotten quite drunk and Seokjin had accidentally too loudly proclaimed his liking for choking. Safe to say the restaurant staff had kicked them both out afterwards and told them to never return.

“That’s what I thought.”

After the mutual kink shaming, sharing? Who  knows. Seokjin quickly finished up washing up along with getting inside of his soft stripped adorned with cute alpacas pajamas and made his way back to his bed that awaited his return.

In bed, the young man settled in and pulled up Netflix on his laptop. Putting on the lates show that he was currently binge watching, Seokjin pulled the covers up to his armpits and sank more into his pillows.












Living with a demon possessing your body wasn’t what Seokjin had thought it would be, not like he really ever had thought about the possibility of that happening, but the sentiment still stood.

Jeongguk was a menace to live with. The demon, without a fail, always found the strangest things to say at the most inappropriate times imaginable. Like most of the times it’s the randomest thing ever that Seokjin is caught so off guard that he just has to stop whatever he is doing and stare at the wall, reevaluating his life.

Personally, he thinks that Jeongguk should stop trying to convert Seokjin into becoming a flat earther. His main argument being that he is from hell and so he knows best about the whereabouts of the earth. Of course what the demon sometimes forgets is that he can also hear him when he starts whispering to himself or lowly cackling about how quote “I totally got him this time.”

Jeongguk seems really adamant on learning how to control Seokjin’s body. The young man can feel a tingling sensation in his fingers every time the demon tries moving them. So far Jeongguk has been met with failure, but with great determination, that the demon clearly has, he is sure to be able to do it in a few weeks time. Seokjin isn’t entirely sure how to feel about the possibility of not being in control of some or all parts of his body. He can just shiver at the thought.

Another thing that the young man isn't sure about is, why hasn’t he seeked out an exorcist yet. It surely isn’t the demon’s charming personality or persuasion skills. The only thing Jeongguk could persuade, may be a fish out of water trying its best to get back into it and away from the demon. Maybe the reason why Seokjin didn’t try to get rid of the demon was because his trying attempts to control his body were, well, pretty amusing.

Every time Jeongguk had tried his hardest to move any small part of Seokjin’s body, he would murmur to himself motivational speeches. The speeches ranged from amusing to a bit on the desperate side.



“Come on big boy you can do it, just move this lousy finger.

C’mon useless body from earth, move.

I know you can do more than this, you pathetic croissant.

Why. Won’t. You. Moooovvvveeee.”



Pretty sure the last attempt didn’t involve any motivation speech but what sounded like loud sobbing noises. Seokjin had felt a bit bad then and wanted to console the poor thing, but thought better of it, since it was his body that Jeongguk was trying to take control of after all.

When Seokjin tried questioning Jeongguk about his little breakdown the other day, the demon pretended like he knew no such thing, so Seokjin just left it at that.

“Hey Jeongguk, do demons have gender.” There was a brief silence that followed after Seokjin's question, but it was only brief.

“No,gender is a human made construct. Why do you ask?”

“Just remembered you told me to use he instead of using whatever. I guess I got curious, why is that?”

“I just thought that would be easier for you, ‘cause my voice sounds pretty deep and “unfeminine”, I don’t know. I mean you can still use whatever if you feel like it.”

“Nah it’s ok, I’ll keep using he.”

After their brief somewhat normal conversation came another moment of silence. It was the first most civil conversation that the young man had had with the demon and it was, strange to say the least, but he couldn’t say that he didn’t like the change.

“Do you ever think about how it would feel fucking a belly button.”

And with that all the normality and hope for a better future went straight out of Seokjin's head. Woosh , just like that. Say goodbye to his last standing brain cells, they really are stronger than the US marines.

“What the actual fuck, Jeongguk!”






The uperworld was much livelier and calmer than hell’s crushing dark energy. The humans looked different from the demons. Their features were much more welcoming and pleasing to look at than the demons with their big horns, sharp claws and a twisted faces. The fledgling was smitten for all the new things he was discovering.

He still felt sad for not being able to fit in with the humans. The fledgling had to hide himself in the shadows as to not be spotted. He didn't want the humans seeing his twisted looks in all their innocent and pure world. The demon would only ruin it.












“Hey Yoongi, did you hear about the chef that died.”

Yoongi gave Seokjin a questioning look and stuffed more noodles in his mouth.

“Did the Korean BBQ restaurant where we’re banned from have a-”

“He pasta away!”

There was a thick silence that followed Seokjin’s brilliant joke. Seokjin himself was trying to hold back from laughing out loud.

After five cruel minutes of trying to hold himself together, Yoongi locked eyes with Seokjin from across the table. “I hope you pasta away.”


Seokjin sobered up and made a face to show his displeasure. He really didn’t appreciate that his very own parasite would side with Yoongi. He thought they both had a bond, but it seemed like all the world did for Seokjin was just disappoint.

Seokjin didn’t try making any more jokes seeing as no one was appreciating his comedic genius self, so the two friends finished their noodles in silence.

After sharing warm goodbyes and a light smack to Yoongi's ass, they both parted ways with no hard feelings between them. Seokjin knew that the younger male secretly loved his jokes and only put up a front, though at some points Seokjin did think Yoongi genuinely disliked them, and maybe him too. Well, you can’t win at everything.

Making his way down the street towards his apartment, Seokjin studied his surroundings and saw that the streets were empty of pedestrians.

“Listen you could be a little nicer seeing as you don’t even pay taxes around here but freelance!”

“Well, I don’t know if you haven’t noticed, but- I’M LITERALLY IN YOUR BODY, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SUGGEST I PAY TAXES!”

Not gonna lie, Seokjin got quite startled at the loudness the demon had spoken in his head, he may have jumped a bit in the air, nevertheless the young man wasn’t going to lose this fight that easily though.


Seokjin was really glad that there was no one around to witness the one sided argument it seemed like he was having with himself, that would have surely turned some eyes.

“You’re like a parasite that I can’t get rid of even with eating three whole bags of garlic and onions, raw.”

“Is this way you wiki howed how to get rid of parasites? I though you may actually have a real problem. I was even beginning to feel concerned.”

Seokjin huffed out a breath of disbelief, this disrespect. And for all I have done for you.

“What exactly have you even done for me except threaten me with taxes,” Jeongguk murmured.

Ignoring the demons soft complains, Seokjin thought about more pressing matters, like how he has to see another client, who for some reason thinks the stars will really tell them if their future spouse will like pineapples on pizza. Thinking the stars don’t have anything better to do than figure out your petty disagreement of where pineapples should or shouldn't be. Ridicules.

Like a light switch being flipped in Seokjin’s brain, he remembered something that’s been bothering him for the past few days.

“Hey, eh demon boy. Do you even have a body or do you just float around like a blob when you aren’t, you know, possessing some other person's body.”

“For your information, I do have a body, but you aren’t going to be able to see it, due to all the disrespect I have been put through. You really don’t know how to house your guests.”

“Though, some day when I get out, I will show you my form, but what your human eyes will see is a human vessel that I stole back in the seventeen hundreds, and the modifications I have done to bring out my personality more,” Jeongguk continues after a dramatic pause.

Seokjin digests the new information and can’t hold himself back from the insults, “so like, you look like Shrek then, oh wait I probably shouldn’t insult Shrek like that, he has done nothing to deserve this form of disrespect as some have. Forgive me.” Seokjin for dramatic effect bows ninety degrees, still in the middle of the street where people could see him at any given moment, although maybe his dignity has most likely long left him, perhaps Jeongguk pushed it out of his body to make more space for himself.

“I probably should have questioned the part where you said you stole some persons “vessel” like three centuries ago.”

“Aww, are you getting used to my quirks? Don’t worry, sugar plum, the guy didn’t feel a thing and left us peacefully. What a nice chap he was.”

Seokjin’s face scrunched up in distaste hearing the pet name, but he remained silent, not feeling up for yet another banter sesh. The young man had exhausted himself for the day and all he wanted to do was take a warm vanilla and cinnamon scented bath, but it will have to wait. He still had to deal with the nuisance that was his client.






He didn't want to do it. He just wanted to get away from all the darkness that consisted in hell. He only wanted to roam the earth without ruining it's purity. The darkness just oozed off of him. The fledgling had seen the fear and disgust in the human boys eyes that he had so cruelly taken off this beautiful earth. And it was all his selfish selfs fault. All because he didn't want to return to his own roots and live ones that he had no right to live.

All that was left of the boy was the vessel that the the demon was currently using for his own sake. Maybe he wasn’t so different from all the demons he oh so wanted to get away from.












Seokjin getting annoyed at Jeongguk was more likely than you think. Just yesterday the young man had told the demon to be quiet when the said demon had said absolutely nothing. The memory is still fresh in his memory, I mean it did only happened a day ago.



“Will you be quiet!”

 “I didn’t say anything!”

 “Well stop thinking so loud!”



Ah yes what good bonding times.

Let’s get this clear. Seokjin didn’t hate Jeongguk. No, he just found the demon to be a bit of a headache that just came when it wanted without a care. If Seokjin had to be honest then he would say that the demon was kind of rubbing off on him, of course Seokjin would never admit to this outloud, he still had some dignity left. All in all, Seokjin enjoyed their moments, but that didn’t mean he didn’t find Jeongguk to be a brat.

Maybe his last moment of annoyance originated more from stress than the demon himself and was really uncalled for, but this time though, Seokjin actually had a reason to be annoyed at the demon. One being that Jeongguk was yet again trying to take control of his body, and two, because he had made him trip and injure himself. The latter was the real reason why Seokjin was annoyed at the demon. He had tried ruining his beautiful, sinnful looks. How dare he.

So it went down like this. Seokjin was enjoying his day off, treating himself to some homemade cinnamon buns, when lo and behold Jeongguk went I think not and took over the young man's ability to his legs.

Jeongguk, after a week of struggling and having mini breakdowns, with great determination finally was able to move Seokjin’s finger. One finger lead to two fingers which lead to the whole hand and the next thing Seokjin knows is that the demon can now fully control whatever he does with his body.

So this is how Seokjin finds himself tripping over his own coffee table and in the last possible second saving his precious cinnamon buns. Jeongguk really needed to stop making Seokjin drop his beloved babies, him with his pastry kink and all should treat them better.

The young man was worrying so much over his babies that he didn’t notice the sharp pain in his upper leg that bumping in the coffee table had made.

When he deemed them all good, Seokjin put the plate with the cinnamon buns down on said coffee table and only when they were safe did he finally feel the stinging pain.

After inspecting the damage done to his poor leg and deeming it not that bad, only then did Seokjin let out a dramatic gasp.

“I can’t believe you’ve done this! My handsomeness just decreased for about 10% and it's all your fault!”

“So dramatic,” Jeongguk muttered.

Without having a say in it, Seokjin’s body slowly got up from the floor and got plopped down on the couch, making the young man bounce a bit.

Seokjin watched as his arm reached for the delicious looking pastries, awaiting the cinnamon bun to be put in his mouth, but the demon had different ideas. Jeongguk grabbed the bun and held it above Seokjin in a teasing manner. The young man raised his brow in a questioning manner, not having a clue what the demon was doing.

“You do know that this is my body and that I can reach it just fine, or better, hear me out, make my own hand come down and put the precious baby in my mouth.”

Jeongguk huffed a breath using Seokjin’s body and continued to hold up the bun in the air.

Seokjin, still not understanding where Jeongguk was going with this, tried making his arm come down, but he was met with resistance. He tried using his other hand, but the demon stopped him midway there, taking control over the other arm too.

“Oh, so you wanna tussle. Ok bring it on big boy.”

From the side it looked like Seokjin was having a stroke or something, with both his arms in the air and his face scrunched up in concentration. It was surely a sight to be seen.

Jeongguk started laughing at Seokjin failing to over power him. The poor human was weak to the demons demonic strength.

Approximately four minutes of struggling later, Jeongguk took pity and put the cinnamon bun in the humans mouth.

“Giving up so easy, huh. My charms really do make everyone weak.”

The demon internally rolled his eyes and stopped controlling any of Seokjin’s body parts, thus allowing the human to enjoy his pastries.

Maybe Seokjin’s charms did make everyone weak, or maybe, Jeongguk was just really weak and soft for one human.






Jeongguk. The demon had given himself a human name just so he could fit in even more into the perfect world. His life with humans for the past century had thought him a lot. But with all the knowledge on humans came the hidden truth that the demon had not noticed at first, starstruck with all the earth's “purity”.

Humans could be as cruel as demons. Jeongguk had learn it the hard way. The new lesson came with the demon needing to use his powers for the worse. Jeongguk had gone days filled with regret and disgust at himself, not wanting to leave his home incase his demon side fucked up again.












After days of planing, Seokjin finally made his way into the arcade. Jeongguk had been bugging him for at least a week now about wanting to go to an arcade. The demon had never been in one and he really wanted to experience it at least once, he had been really persistent about them both going.

The arcade wasn’t that big however it certainly had its fair share of games and charm to it. Seokjin couldn’t remember the last time he had stepped foot in an arcade and he was kind of excited to relive the nostalgia of the younger years.

“Where to first,” Seokjin lowly said to himself in thought, raking his eyes over all the colorful games.

Stopping his gaze at the shooting game, that was currently vacant, the young man hummed in thought and made his way towards the game which emitted loud zombie grunting noises.

Finding the slot for the coins, Seokjin pulled out some change from his pocket.

“So, what do we have on the agenda today?” Jeongguk asked, no doubt analyzing the game and trying to figure out how he will defeat Seokjin.

“Some generic zombie shooting game. The main point is to kill the most zombies and don’t get killed yourself. I think it’s pretty understandable and an easy start to our arcade adventure.”

Jeongguk hummed in agreement, “who will go first?”

Seokjin’s first thought was to suggest rock, paper, scissors to decide, but he kind of can’t see what the demon would pick and he doesn’t trust him to not cheat, so that’s off the table.

“Oh! Okay I thought of something. So pick a number between one to ten and if you get a higher number than me then you go first, if my number is higher than yours then I go first. Deal?”


Seokjin picked the number three and told Jeongguk to say his number. The demon had said five, so he would be going first. That possibly is worse for the demon, going as he has no clue how the controles really work since Seokjin didn't explain them.

Jeongguk took over Seokjin’s body to be able to play the first round of the game. Before putting the coin in, the demon cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders back to loosen up a bit. Only then did he proceed with putting the coin in the slot and pressing start. Just as the start button had been pressed the first small horde of zombies showed up and tried attacking their character.

The demon killed the first horde with some difficulty, still not being too sure about the controls. On the second and third horde he was starting to get the hang of it. Jeongguk had started to feel cocky and with that he missed the zombie on his left that attacked and killed him, making the game over flash on the screen. Jeongguk huffed out a breath of air and pouted, like a petulant child would.

Seokjin snickered and got the control of his body back, so they could proceed to the second round and see who is the winner of the first game.

Without any hesitation, the young man put another coin in the slot and pressed start to begin the game.

The first horde was quite easy to beat, with some slow ten to twelve zombies, so Seokjin quickly got that win and moved on to the second horde. The second horde wasn’t that bad either, the zombies were still quite slow but they were now more than twenty. Getting past the second horde, Seokjin began the third horde a bit startled, due to the shift of flow. The third horde zombies were coming at him much faster than the other two hordes had, but he still beat it. At the fourth horde Seokjin lost, due to two zombies attacking him at the same time from different sides while he was taking out the ones in front of him.

With a small victory dance and a mock disgruntled congratulations form Jeongguk, they moved on to the next game that had caught the demon’s eye.

Nearing the basketball game, Seokjin picked another number and made Jeongguk do the same. Seokjin won this time around, so he will be throwing the balls first.

Inspecting the game, he put the coin in the slot and grabbed one of the balls to be ready to throw as soon as possible. Pressing play, Seokjin started trying to get the ball to fall through the net as fast as he could. Jeongguk, being the little shit he is, tried distracting Seokjin by making random comments or just randomly yelling for two seconds in his head. The screaming had scared him so much that he threw the ball so off that it almost came back and hit him in the head.  

Trying to ignore the menace in his head, Seokjin started throwing two balls at the same time to try and up his current low score. His strategy didn’t work and he ended the game with the score of 120.

“Yah! Your screaming was unnecessary and it threw me off track.”

“Where you ever on the track to begin with, and I’m sure your strategy with throwing two balls at the same time would have definitely worked if I would have stayed quiet.”

“Whatever, you brat. Let’s see if you can do any better,” Seokjin murmured as the control of his body left yet again from his reach.

Jeongguk started the game optimistically much better than Seokjin had done most of the game. As the demon was passing his score, Seokjin thought about annoying Jeongguk for payback.

He started making strange noises, but they didn’t falter Jeongguk’s great aim and his score kept getting higher and higher. Seokjin tried taking back some control of his arm and it worked for a second before the demon locked him out, but the brief second of lost control made the demon fail the shot and miss for the next five shots.  

Jeongguk quickly recovered from the disruption and made it past two hundred. After two hundred the basket started moving side to side, making it harder to get the ball in.

Seokjin stared in awe as the demon scored even with the basket moving. Jeongguk’s score got till 249 when the time ran out and the game ended.

This time around the demon did a cute victory dance, at least Seokjin thought it was cute, he wasn’t entirely sure going as he couldn’t see his own body from another perspective.

After the first won victory from the demon, they both made their way towards the other games with Jeongguk still in control.

They played all sort of games they could find their hands on. They strayed away from the multiplayer ones and vowed to come back to the arcade to play those when Jeongguk got out of Seokjin’s body.

They had almost played at every gaming station and thought to take a break for a few minutes to recharge their energy.

Seokjin went to the cafe, that was located to the side of all the games, and ordered himself a banana milkshake on Jeongguk’s request.

Enjoying the refreshment, Seokjin sat down on one of the unoccupied booth seats.

The cafes interior fit the arcades aesthetic with its neon lights and pink booth seats. It was truly a comfortable place and it was much quieter than the arcade, so it was quite relaxing.

Finishing up the milkshake. Seokjin made his way back into the arcade. Searching through all the games, the young man's eyes lit up when he found what he was looking for.

Not being able to leave the arcade without having a round of DDR, he moved with fast steps closer to the machine.

“What is this contraption supposed to be?” Jeongguk said with a confused lilt to his voice.

“This, my dear comrade, is the best thing in this whole place you will play. This, is the Dance Dance Revolution.”

There was a brief silence between the two, before the demon spoke again. “Was that supposed to explain to me what this machine is used for, or... ”

Seokjin mock scoffed at the demon's cluelessness.

“You pick a song and try to follow the arrows on the screen with your feet.”

Yet another silence fell on the two.

“I don’t understand your logic with this being the best game here when all you have to do is move your feet as the machine tells you to do, so I will engage and try it out myself and only then will I judge.”

“Yeah, sure. Sounds fair, I guess.”

Jeongguk huffed a laugh, “you guess, huh.”

“Yeah,” Seokjin said with a small smile creeping on his face.

Jeongguk allowed Seokjin to go first, presumably to see how the game actually worked. It was kind of strange for the demon to just allow Seokjin to go first and not go head first on his own without knowing what to do.

Maybe the demon was being nice. Nah, he probably was just scared of defeat.

“Oh, and you do know that I could hear what numbers you were picking in your head, right?”

Oh that little...

Seokjin ignored the demon and stepped up on the dance floor, quickly putting in the coin, he scrolled through the long list of songs.

Seokjin knew what song he wanted and to get to it he had to scroll all the way till the letter e. Finally his eyes landed on ‘Everytime We Touch’ and he pressed the start button enthusiastically.

“Going as I’m not a weakling I’m not gonna use this support. Now watch and learn.”

The song started off easy with some slow coming arrows one at a time. After a few seconds the arrows became drawn out arrows and not just slow one pieces however it was still pretty slow. When the chorus came the arrows started coming a bit faster but Seokjin still was doing great, he had this game in the bag. Between the chorus and the second verse, Seokjin missed some arrows due to the flow change, though he quickly caught on and was back on track for the win.

Maybe Seokjin had overplayed his greatness at the game going as he got an F, but he thinks that he did pretty good.

He is currently in the lead with 241 900 points, he is pretty proud of himself seeing as Seokjin doesn’t work out or even have one dancing bone in his body.

While panting, Jeongguk switched out with him and started scrolling through the song list.

The demon didn’t scroll that far and picked the song ‘Elise’, he also upped the speed by on level, looks like he was feeling confident.

While Seokjin’s song had started off pretty easy and slow, Jeongguk’s song started fast, probably because the demon upped the speed.

In the first second of the song the demon had grabbed the support that was behind him. He was mostly supporting his weight on the support and quickly jumping on the correct arrows.

In the middle of the song the arrows started coming down slower, making it more possible for the demon to get points.

“Yah, what is this! Why is the game getting slower, this isn’t fair.”

Jeongguk giggled at the humans disgruntled voice in his head and continued the slower pace.

The game got even slower and the demon could hear Seokjin not being pleased at all the games unfair bias towards him. Jeongguk just continued to cutely giggle at Seokjin's outbursts, finding them endearing.

The giggling stopped when the game swiftly picked its speed back up making the whole thing really hard again.

Jeongguk finished the game with the score of 210 000 points, meaning that Seokjin had won at DDR.

“Ha, I won. The game tried me with making your arrows slower, but I still came out victorious. Suck it, machine.”

The demon smiled at Seokjin's doings and walked them both to have a seat near the door to the outside world, to calm down the ragged breathing.

Seokjin had enjoyed the arcade day more than he thought he would have. It was nice to forget about the real life responsibilities and just relive his childhood. The company wasn't bad either.

Who was he kidding, Seokjin really liked having Jeongguk as his company to the arcade. The demon wasn’t as bad as Seokjin had thought he would be, seeing from past experiences with his annoying self, everyday finding new ways to drive him up the wall.

The company was quite comforting and enjoyable. Seokjin was even beginning to think of the demon as a friend. He still had his doubts about Jeongguk, going as he was a demon, a spirit that came from hell and nothing ever with good intentions came from there. Even though Seokjin was feeling more comfortable around Jeongguk it didn't mean he was less wary of him. You could never know when the demon will change his mind and raise havoc on him.

But those were thoughts for a different day. Today, Seokjin will enjoy what he has now.






He was back. After years, centuries of not seeing hell, the demon was finally back. Nothing had changed. The demons still wanted destruction everywhere they went, but Jeongguk was determined to ignore it this time around. His time on earth was a healing time and a learning process that he had much needed.

Returning to hell definitely raised a commotion from the other demons. Of course they knew of Jeongguk, the runaway demon, the misfit, the weird one. He had garnered a lot of names for himself through the past centuries.

As the returned demon made his way to his chambers all the demons around him whispered like Jeongguk was the biggest gossip around hell. Well, for them that might as well be true.












The day had started off like any other Saturday day would for Seokjin.

He got up, made some breakfast, washed up and lounged around his living room. However while he was watching a drama on his TV screen, something strange happened.

One moment Seokjin is alone in his living room and watching as some guy is getting smashed into a wall and the other there is a young guy standing in front of him, blocking his view of the TV.

When the Seokjin realized that he was no longer looking at the screen but at some strangers muscly thighs, he slowly raked his eyes upwards to have a look at the intruders face. The guy looks young with his doe like big eyes and baby face, though he has a really defined sharp jawline. Seokjin notices that he also has cherry red hair and what seems to be horns coming out of his head. Wait...horns?

With a bit of a delayed reaction Seokjin jumps up from where he was sitting and dives behind the couch. The young man with wide eyes is holding his hand to the left side of his chest trying to make his quickly beating heart slow down.

After Seokjin's grandiose dive to the ground, the room was filled with complete silence, it was too quiet. Seokjin started to think that he had just imagined the good looking man in the middle of his living room. Not being too sure, Seokjin slowly creeped up by the back side of the couch, slowly so slowly he peeked over the couch.

He was met with the sight of the horned guy looking amusedly at the couch where Seokjin currently resided. With a slight squeak, the young man dived back down to the ground. From where he was lying, Seokjin could hear the redhead laughing about his actions. The redhead had a cute laugh- no Seokjin, he is an intruder in your house that just poofed in out of nowhere.

Deep in thought about the stranger he almost missed the said guy speak up for the first time.

“Are you gonna stay there for the rest of day or are gonna come and greet me.”

The horned guy sounded way too pleased about Seokjin finding a safe space behind his own couch. Grumbling about the annoyingness of the redhead, it all of a sudden hit Seokjin that his voice sounded awfully similar to a voice he has been hearing for the past six weeks in his own head.

Seokjin quickly shot up from the ground and walked around the couch, bumping into the corner of it and stumbling a bit. He steadied himself and walked closer to the redhead who was still smiling at Seokjin.

He stopped right in front of the redhead, their feet almost touching. Seokjin studied him from this new acquired angle.

The redhead seemed to be almost Seokjin’s height, his arms, that were not hidden by his black shirt, were muscly and looked like he could just throw him across the room without breaking into a sweat. He had a childlike smile on his face and Seokjin noticed that his front teeth were a bit bigger than the rest, resembling something of a bunny. The horns were the point that Seokjin got stuck on the most. They weren’t that big but they still looked sharp and like he could definitely do some damage with them.

Taking in all of the redheads appearance, Seokjin let out a low whistle, but quickly stopped, still not being sure if it was really him.


The redhead snorted sofly. “Took you long enough.”

Finally being assured of his suspicion, Seokjin fully relaxed. He raked his eyes all over Jeongguk’s body again, no wait, vessel that he had stolen back some centuries. A thought all of a sudden hit Seokjin and he looked at the demon suspiciously.

“How the hell did you even get out, is the question I want answered.”

“Oh that, right,” Jeongguk laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck while avoiding eye contact with Seokjin.

“There, mayhaps, was an eject button all this time just right behind me...oopsie?”

Seokjin kept staring at the demon in front of him, he felt his eye start twitching. He calmed down his eye and looked at their feet while dragging his hand through his messy black hair. He composed himself and smiled a sinister smile at the demon.

Jeongguk gulped loudly and laughed nervously, his eyes flicking all over the room looking for escape routes.

“You meant to tell me ...that there was a button for you to leave my body and you somehow missed that for the past month and a half.”

Seokjin could feel his eye start twitching again. Jeongguk stopped looking around the room and locked eyes with the human, looking like a kicked puppy.

“I’m sorry,” Jeongguk said and looked down at his feet. “I didn’t mean to not notice it. At least we bonded and became close pals with my obliviousness,” the demon mumbled the last part, still looking at his socks that seemed to have some kind of purple, big chined thing on them. Grose, his taste in socks was horrible.

Seokjin let out a frustrated sigh and dragged his arm across his face dramatically. He let the arm fall back down to his side and looked at the still miserable looking demon.

Seokjin wasn’t that annoyed of the demon not noticing the button sooner, but it still itched his skin a bit.

Not liking the sadness and regret seeping off Jeongguk, Seokjin reached out his hand and patted Jeongguk’s shoulder once, twice and a third time for good measure. Fuuuccckkk, this was the most awkward shoulder pat in history, Yoongi would have for sure made fun of Seokjin if he would have been here.

Retracting his hand and looking up at the demon's face, Seokjin noticed that all the sadness was gone and left in its place was a huge bunny smile which made the demon look awfully adorable and that just wasn’t fair.

Seokjin looked away from the endearing smiling bunny man. Trying to not look flustered, Seokjin cleared his throat. “So now that you Do you some....Mario Kart?” God, Seokjin get yourself together, you’re making this more awkward than it should be.

Jeongguk smiled even wider and nodded his head excitedly, skipping his way to the couch and plopping down on it. He looked at Seokjin, who was still standing where Jeongguk had left him, and tilted his head in a cute way still with his big smile on.

Oh man.












Living with Jeongguk no longer possessing his body but with his very own was an experience. The demon did some strange shit. Just yesterday Seokjin had caught him burning a ten thousand won bill.



“Wha-what are you doing?!” Seokjin exclaimed panicked, dread creeping slightly in, at the scene in front of him.

Jeongguk calmly looked up from the burnin- was that a ten thousand won bill?

“What does it look like I’m doing,” the demon calmly said, looking at Seokjin with a confused facial expression, not understanding why he was panicking.

“Honestly, I have no clue. Enlighten me.”

Jeongguk looked away from his hand that no longer had the burning bill in it, “Damn dude calm down, we have to pay taxes in hell too you know.” The demon was looking judgingly at Seokjin for no apparent reason like he was the strange one here.



That wasn’t as bad as the demon learning about the internet and the most evil thing on it, memes. From the moment Jeongguk had discovered memes and had watched all of the vine compilations, Seokjin was sure it was all of them, all hell broke loose in his humble apartment that hasn’t lived a peaceful moment ever since the damn demon stepped out of his body.

Seokjin has wholeheartedly had enough, he won’t stand for this kind of attack on him, such disrespect. No, he is putting his foot down.

 “Jeongguk what the hell do you think you are doing in my peaceful haven. I do not stand for this! Not in my christian household.”

Jeongguk looks up from where he was acting as some type of person from the national geographics channel filming a documentary on moths or in his case, memes.

“Uh, you ok?”

Oh did he have the nerve to ask if HE was ok??

The twitching eye was making its comeback. Seokjin closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, counting till ten and then letting it all out. When Seokjin opened his eyes, he noticed that the demon had put away that atrocious bucket hat and was looking back at him with a puzzled look in his eyes and confusion written all over his face.

Without a sense for decency the demon opened his mouth, probably to say something stupid yet again. “By the way, I thought you were an atheist. Can I ask what changed your mind?” Jeongguk had said it in such an innocent way, as innocent as the demon can be, that it threw Seokjin off his track of thoughts for a bit.

“That is besides the point of this conversation but at this point I might as well start praying to some sort of God because of the way that you are.” Seokjin breathed in after his outburst, forgetting for a moment what point he was actually trying to prove in the first place.

“Don’t distract me,” Seokjin glared at the demon who in turn leaned closer to his new friend, the moth.

“I am done with you attacking me in my humble abode with memes and vine references. I deal with that kind of shit as it is already from Yoongi, and I do not need a carbon copy of that man and his ridiculousness.”

Jeongguk was looking at Seokjin with wides eyes after he finished his second outburst of the day, and definitely not the last one but he didn’t need to know that for now.

After a few tense moments, the demon sat up straighter on the ground and cleared his throat.

“I am sorry that you feel that way. I shall lesen my insufferability from a solid ten to a nine point five.” The demon smiled smugly at the human and turned back to his friend doing God knows what.

Seokjin really had thought that Jeongguk would understand and really step a notch down but of course not. He let out a breath of irritation and turned away from the demon to continue his day as peacefully as he could.

Of course nothing goes as Seokjin wants it to go.

Seokjin may have thought that the memes and reciting all the vines was the worst that could happen, but he was wrong. What the demon had done was the last straw for Seokjin. Something just clicked in his head and all the uneasiness came back. Seokjin remembered what he was trying so hardly to ignore. The slight fear always in the back of his head never leaving him just quieting down to a quiet whisper. The thing living with him in the same house was a demon, an evil entity that could put his life at risk. Oh what blissful ignorance had Seokjin lived.





The demons went from talking behind Jeongguk’s back to yelling insults right at him. They all ranged from him betraying the demons and living with the humans to making fun of him not being demon enough. They all found it amusing that Jeongguk had a softer heart than them, they even started calling him human as some sort of insult. To the younger demon it felt more like a compliment. Like they were reassuring him that he wasn’t like one of them.

Jeongguk had been hearing all the jeers for weeks now and he had honestly had enough. He will show them that he could do demon things like they could but in a nice way and not harmful at all to anyone.

There is one detail he had forgotten. Jeongguk had clearly miscalculated what exactly he would be doing or getting himself into.






Seokjin was cooking dinner when he felt a slight uneasiness fall on upon his shoulders. He slowly put down the tomato that he was currently cutting and turned down the stove to slight simmer.

Making his way to the living room where the demon resided in, at least he had when Seokjin last saw him, he quickly stopped, hardly crossing the threshold. The sight in the room, frightened Seokjin to the core.

Jeongguk was playing with what looked like three demonic spirits that somewhat resemble dogs, if dogs had a ripped hanging open jaw and blood coming from their eyes like some sort of tears.

Seokjin was shaking in fear not being able to move from his spot when all of a sudden one of those things looked straight at him. The thing looked ready to eat him up in one bite. Seokjin swore the thing smiled at him in satisfaction from seeing the fear coming off Seokjin like fumes. The thought of him dying at the hands of the demonic dog frightened him to the core so much that he even didn’t notice he had let out a high pitch yelp of fear making the culprit of the dogs being there look at him.

The demon smiled at Seokjin, clearly happy with his companions but the smile quickly fell from his face when he noticed that the human was shaking like a leaf and looking paler and paler by the second.  

Jeongguk dismissed the dog things to who knows where and made his way closer to the human, concern written all over his face.

Seokjin still fear stricken didn’t noticed that the dogs had disappeared. He was saying his goodbyes to his loved ones and counting all the regrets that he had done and all the things he had yet to do.

He was brought back to the real world by hand suddenly touching his upper arm. Looking at the hand and then quickly to its owner, Seokjin saw that it was no one other than demon with the demonic dogs. Seokjin flinched away from the touch like it had burned him, letting Jeongguk’s hand fall back to his side.

The human was staring with wide eyes at the demon, all sorts of emotions floating up from fear to anger and even sadness. Seokjin was scared of the demon and angry at him at the same time. How could he have had the demon living with him for this long knowing that one day this would happen. That one day the demon would snap and find amusement in the mortals trust in him. Ridicules was what Seokjin was.

Finding a new found confidence fueled by his anger, Seokjin hid the fear in the back of his mind and stood up high, puffing his chest out.

“Okay, demon,” Seokjin spit out venomously.   

Jeongguk seemed to flinched at the word demon and attained a hurt look on his face but Seokjin was past the point in seeing things rationality and let his anger take the wheel.

“I. Have. Had. Enough. I’m done being your mouse in this cat and mouse game that you’re playing with me. Like, yeah, okay, let’s laugh at this stupid mortal that is gullible enough to fuck around with just for some laughs, because my apathetic, demonic ass has been bored for too many centuries and was really feeling it.” Seokjin paused for a second, feeling out of breath.

Jeongguk’s face was contorted in sadness, pain and what looked like betrayal. Seokjin just scoffed at him. He had to give it to him, he was a really good actor that was for sure.

“I don’t know why I gave you a chance since I should know that there is a reason people from all cultures fear demons. But here I was, pushing all my doubts and worries to the back of my head, and even trusting you just to fall right into your messed up trap.” Seokjin sneered at the demon.

“I truly don’t know why I’m even bothering. You wouldn’t care how much I am hurt from your awful actions because at the end of the day you’re just a demon who clearly can’t feel anything and just wants to cause destruction everywhere it goes and I’m just the chosen mortal to play with like a puppet. How more pathetic can you get.”

When Seokjin was finished all that was left was sadness and fear, the anger long gone with his outburst. Seokjin wanted to curl up into a ball and stay holed up in his own room for at least four years so he didn’t have to get deceived again.

He felt tears pricking at his eyes but Seokjin will not let the demon see how affected he is, he doesn’t want another reason for the demon to feel satisfied.

After a long pause, Seokjin hears a slight hitch in the quiet room and a shaky breath of air leaving someone's mouth, clearly the demons. Seokjin hadn’t looked at the demon all this time after he had finished speaking but the sounds made him curious so he tried risking a glance.

What he was met with shocked the young man. The demon had tear tracks running down his cheeks and he looked like he was having a hard time catching his breath. Seokjin didn’t know what to think of this. Demon’s wouldn’t cry or feel hurt, right? Who was he kidding, of course not. This was probably one of Jeongguk's tricks to make the human feel bad and believe some more of his lies.

Jeongguk opened his mouth to say something but choked on a sob. After calming himself a bit down he tried again.

“I-i. Wh-what?” The demon sounded so broken and in pain that it made Seokjin’s frown a little.

“I-is this wha-what you really thi-think of m-me?”

Seokjin stayed quiet and observed the demon’s next actions, the silence being an answer in itself.

Jeongguk let out another sob, not being able to hold it back.

“We-well I got so-something myself that I-i would like to tell m-my mind on.”

The demon looked like he was trying really hard to compose himself so he could be able to tell his thoughts. On what, Seokjin wasn’t so clear on.  

Jeongguk breathed in a deep breath and let it out, finally composing himself if only for a few minutes.

“Ju-just because I’m a de-demon doesn’t mean I don’t, or can’t, have fe-feelings.” The demon started, still not being able to stop the stuttering from breaking his own words. Jeongguk looked determined now, still the pained look creeping in every few seconds.

“Just because I’m literally made from the big ol’ evil of the world doesn’t mean that I can’t change and adapt to a new way of looking at the world,  and not just like a demon.” Jeongguk narrowed his eyes at Seokjin while saying the last part, making him feel guilt slowly creeping in.

“I have lived on earth with humans for a long time and I have become more humane by the years, so for y-you to just look at the me from the point of view of me being a-a demon that comes from hell and can’t do no good, is really hurtful. I-i thought you tru-trusted me,” Jeongguk’s voice broke a bit and he took a moment to collect himself again, “I thought you didn’t think of me just as some other demon who is only here to fuck with some stupid mortals just for the fun of it but as someone close to you, ma-maybe, maybe a friend. Or maybe more.”

Jeongguk let out another quiet sob and tried blinking the tears away.

Seokjin was stunned, he wasn’t sure what he was feeling but he was definitely feeling guilt creeping full force up his throat, clogging his ability to breathe properly.

The last part of Jeongguk’s sentence was hardly possible to be heard but Seokjin caught it even if it did take him a full thirty seconds to understand what the demon had actually said. When the realization hit him, the only thing he could hear were the words just on repeat echoing in his head. Seokjin didn’t even catch the demon mumbling human’s really can be crueler than demons before leaving. When he finally stopped processing the words, he had been a tad too late, Jeongguk had already left Seokjin’s apartment, his life, with tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes. In just a blink of an eye he was gone, like he had just puffed out of existence.

It doesn’t hit Seokjin fast enough that he might have fucked up. He only comprehends that maybe he had overreacted when the demon has already left.  The realization, that what Jeongguk had done wasn’t any different than him being his annoying self, comes afterwards followed by the thought that, maybe he really had enjoyed Jeongguk’s presence in his life.

Seokjin hadn’t fully grasped how much Jeongguk's presence could light up his day but deep down he knew that the arcade date that they had had was the real turning point that made the man realized that he enjoyed what they both had, that was each other. How had he not noticed Jeongguk’s feelings faster. How had he not noticed that he would hurt him by saying his unnecessary bullshit.

Jeongguk had never made him doubt him, making him think of wanting to harm him in any way. He was always kind, even if annoying, but lovely all in all. They really could have talked this out like adults but no, Seokjin had to go and ruin something beautiful that they had both created.  Seokjin was being ridicules and now he was paying for it.












Seokjin goes days moping around his apartment not even leaving his bed. The man hardly got himself to the bathroom.

Though, Yoongi wasn’t having any of this. One day the short man just showed up at Seokjin’s door and barged in like he owned the place. Seokjin hadn’t protested just closed the door after the small bundle that was his friend.

Yoongi had taken one look at the older man and a frown had made its way resident on his pale face.Quickly making his way to the kitchen, Yoongi pulled the fridge open and noticed that it was empty excluding the sad looking banana at the back.

The frown on Yoongi’s face deeped and without a word the smaller man left Seokjin’s apartment just as fast as he had entered it.

Seokjin blinked at the wall not processing what had just happened. He stopped thinking about his short friends antics and threw himself down on the couch. His mind, now not being distracted by other things, started to think about Jeongguk , who had so suddenly left his life. There were almost no indicators that Jeongguk had even existed in the first place just the also sad looking moth in the corner of Seokjin’s living room. He and the moth were the only ones that truly knew that he wasn’t just a figment of a wild imagination.

Seokjin felt deep rooted sadness in his chest but no more tears were making their way down his cheeks, he had cried them all out. He brought a hand to his chest and rubbed it, hoping that the pain would go away.

After a while Yoongi returned with grocery bags in hand. Seokjin hadn’t thought it had been that long for his friend to be able to run to the store but then again Seokjin had stopped processing time, he was merely flowing through the days. God, he didn’t even know how many days had passed after the argument or what day it was. He was a mess and Yoongi was here to help him get back on his feet.

Yoongi quickly emptied the plastic bags and got ready to cook Seokjin a meal that he was long overdue. Yoongi started up the stove, putting some water to boil and he busied himself with cutting and seasoning the meat. Every few minutes Yoongi would look up towards the couch and see that Seokjin had yet to move. Yoongi sighed silently and put the noodles into the boiling water. While the noodles were in the pot cooking, Yoongi put the meat pieces on the pan and started cooking those too.

When all was done he put the food on a plate, grabbed a pair of chopsticks and made his way towards the lump shape on the couch that was his mopping friend.

Seokjin almost didn’t notice his shorter friend putting food right in front of him on the table. He merely looked down at the plate before he trained his eyes on the wall again.

Yoongi frowned again at his friends refusal at the food. Seokjin loved food. He would never refuse a free meal.

Being determined, Yoongi picked up the chopsticks and scooped up some of the noodles. If Seokjin wasn’t gonna eat it himself, Yoongi will make him eat.

Yoongi felt a bit like he was feeding a baby that didn’t know yet how to hold kitchen utensils themselves. It was a bit ridiculous looking but at least he made the man finally eat something. After finishing the plate Yoongi went back into the kitchen putting the dirty plate in the sink and grabbed a cup to fill it with water. Back in the living room, he somehow got Seokjin to drink the water without spilling it all over himself.

Putting the now empty cup on the coffee table, Yoongi settled back on the couch and turned to his friend.

“You know I’m all ears if you ever want to talk about what’s bothering you.” Yoongi was unsurprisingly met with silence. He studied his older friends distant gaze at the wall and his hands slow movements across his chest. Thinking it’s better to be straight forward and not beat around the bush, Yoongi tried again.

“Okay you gotta stop this moping around bullshit it’s not helping you or anyone. So get your shit together and leave the house for some fresh air at least.”

Seokjin’s eyes finally came back into focus as he turned to look at his friend sitting beside him. With one glance, Seokjin broke down and feel into Yoongi’s awaiting arms. Yoongi tried soothing him by rubbing his back and repeating it’s all right and you’re gonna be ok.

When it felt like Seokjin was calming down, Yoongi tilted his head up and wiped his tear stained cheeks. He softly pushed the older male away and quickly got up with the cup to refill it. Rushing back into the living room and sitting back down on the couch, Yoongi gave the cup to Seokjin’s outstretched hands.

No more tears left to cry and an empty cup, Seokjin gets himself emotionally ready to open up to his friend about what has been happening the past few weeks. The older male cleared his throat from disuse.

“So, you’re gonna think that I have finally lost it.”

Yoongi smiled softly at him, “Haven’t you lost it a long time ago already.”

Seokjin punched his friend in the arm softly muttering about Yoongi being a brat but he wasn’t offended, Seokjin could even feel a small smile stretching on his face from the youngers words.

“Anyway. As I was saying.”

Seokjin told Yoongi all about how he had found someone talking in his head and how he had thought he had gone insane. It went on from that to him discovering that the actual voice was a demon possessing his body who didn’t know how to control it. All the while Yoongi was making strange facial expressions, not believing a word that came out of his older friends mouth. Although being in disbelief, Yoongi found no reason for Seokjin to be blatantly lying about what had happened to him these past weeks to put him in a state that he was currently in.

When Seokjin had explained the argument that they both had and his realization of how he actually felt, a silence fell on the two close friends.

The information was a lot to take in and Yoongi took his time to process it all, not wanting to make Seokjin feel worse than he already does.

“Well you certainly got yourself in some strange situation there,” Yoongi said, breaking the silence that felt like it dragged on for hours. Seokjin looked down at his hands, a frown creeping back on his face.

Yoongi noticing the change, quickly tried to salvage it, “Hey, hey I didn't mean it in a bad way. I’m sorry. It’s just a lot of stuff to take in all at once.”

Seokjin man nodded in understanding and  tried giving Yoongi a small smile that came out a bit looking like a grimace, but at least he was trying.

Yoongi rubbed small circles in Seokjin’s shoulder, “Hey, you’ll get through this, yeah? No man or demon is gonna stop you from living your life. It’s not gonna be easy but it’s not gonna stay the same way forever.”

Seokjin nodded, looking like he was reassuring himself of Yoongi’s words more than agreeing with Yoongi.

“Now. The first thing that you are gonna do is go back to work and make those damn pastries that you like flaunting about being the best at making,” Yoongi pats Seokjin's shoulder and gives the man a gummy smile for good measure.

Seokjin locks eyes with Yoongi and assures him that he will go back to work starting tomorrow. Yoongi smiles wider at that and pats him once more.

“You’re gonna be okay.”

I hope so.












Back at work Seokjin hasn’t stopped moping but he is trying to get his life back on track and that is all that matters. While the moping around is still happening the pastries are coming out looking sad too, like they just absorbed the younger man’s emotions.

Hoseok had noticed the sour mood that Seokjin has been having for the past days of him being back in the bakery. Hoseok was starting to feel concerned for Seokjin, he had never seen the older male this down. His boss also noticed that the clients weren't coming as they used to due to the depressing pastries that made them sad just looking at them. Hoseok said that he saw some cute looking man by the window start crying the second he had bit into the sad excuse of a cupcake. The blond had felt bad and just wanted to go up there and hug the poor guy. He had looked like a sad small chick and that just wasn’t acceptable.

His boss just gave him a lecture about not bringing his emotional distress into the work environment and to start pulling his weights or otherwise Seokjin was useless to him. How wonderful.

Seokjin straightened up and made his way back into the kitchen to try and not make the pastries sad this time around or else he might as well get fired. His co-workers worried gaze followed him all the way to the kitchen. He didn't have to worry. Seokjin will just try harder not to fuck up.





Yoongi, trying to be a good friend, tried cheering up Seokjin in many ways. His first plan was to deliver Seokjin his favorite foods for every day to make a smile form on his face. It was a success on the daily. Everyday Yoongi was awarded with a smile from his older friend for his kindness and everyday Yoongi felt grateful that he could cheer Seokjin up in some way.

His second plan was to cheer the man up with his own favorite annoying past time hobby, dad jokes. Yoongi claimed to hate the said dad jokes but really he wasn't any better.

Even though Seokjin smiled and looked like he was getting better. The man let his mask of being fine drop when he thought his shorter friend wasn't looking. Yoongi wasn't sure what more he could do to help, so that's way when he was awake at two am, staring at the ceiling, he finally got an idea. Maybe the idea wasn't the best one but he could still try it.

Now, where could he get a demon summoning book to summon the damn demon.





The early morning found Yoongi in his closest library with a coffee cup in hand. He looked mad looking through all the book aisles like a rabid animal. Of course he had come up empty handed because why would a library have a demonic book on how to summon one.

Yoongi had gone through three libraries when he thought about giving up and trying to scavenge the deep web. Maybe he would have more luck there or maybe he should just go on eBay. Who knows, all kinds of weird shit could be found on eBay.

Yoongi’s giving up was a bit spurred on by the last libraries librarian looking like she was three seconds away from kicking him out and calling the cops. Maybe he should really stop terrorizing the poor librarians with his suspicious behaviour.

Yoongi decided to try one last time. He was going to go to the central, biggest library in Seoul and if that place didn’t have it then eBay or some shady website it is.

Alas, Yoongi had spent two hours in the library and to no luck had found anything close to it. The short man was thinking of trying his luck and asking the librarian if they could maybe help him in his findings but seeing from the last librarian, Yoongi was a bit wary.

Finding the front desk at which Yoongi spotted a tall looking man behind, searching something on the computer. Yoongi turned his back to the desk and thought about the choices he had. Saying fuck it, he turned back towards the desk and made his way over.

Stopping in front of the man, Yoongi looked down at the floor and fidgeted with his fingers, trying to figure out how he was going to word his request. Thinking something up, he looked up and was met with the librarian already looking at him with a confused look in his eyes.

“Can I help you, sir?”

Getting lost in the mesmerising eyes of the younger looking boy in front of him, Yoongi almost missed the question aimed at him. Shaking his head and looking down sheepishly, Yoongi cleared his throat that had somehow clogged up with him being flustered.

“Uh, yeah. Would you by any chance have a book on summoning demons?” Yoongi winced at his words and hoped that the cute guy didn’t think he was apart some cult or something.

The librarian looked Yoongi up and down and told him to wait a minute with a kind smile- and where those DIMPLES. Yoongi tried calming his heart down from the attack of the dimples. With a steadying hand holding himself up on the counter, incase he fell or some other stupid shit, Yoongi tried calming down his slight panting.

The librarian had been gone for at least three minutes and Yoongi was beginning to panic. He wasn’t sure if the cute librarian with the dimples hadn’t went and called the cops on him just like the other librarian wanted. Maybe they had some kind of librarian telephone line where they warned each other from weirdos like him.

Damn, maybe he should leave while he still could.

Just as that thought crossed Yoongi’s mind the cute guy was coming back with a heavy looking book in hand.

“Here you are.” The librarian pushed the book on the counter towards Yoongi and once again gave him one of his soft smiles. Yoongi would have probably fallen if he wasn’t still holding on to the counter. Thank fuck for thinking forward.

“Uh. Th-thank you.” Smooth Yoongi, nailed it.

As he was picking up the book, and it was a fucking heavy one, he clearly hadn't thought this through, the shit he did for Seokjin, the librarian smiled yet again with all his dimples on show. He was surely attacking Yoongi, he just knew it. His suspicions were proven correct when the guy smiled somehow even wider after Yoongi tripped on his feet, trying not to fall from the books weight and the librarians smile.

Getting safely out of the library without making a bigger fool out of himself, Yoongi let out a sigh and looked down at the heavy, black book in his hands. This is going to be interesting.












Surprisingly the book was in korean. Who would have thought demon summoning books had translations. Unsurprisingly the summoning was confusing. The easy parts include drawing the pentagram and getting a circle of salt around said pentagram and also putting some candles around the pentagram. What for? Yoongi wasn’t sure either, maybe demon’s liked mood lighting. The hard parts were that he needed to say the actual spell that was in Latin and that he somehow needed to sacrifice something that resembles with the demon.

Never having met the demon, Yoongi had no clue what he could use. The shorter male was a bit apprehensive of asking Seokjin anything about the demon but he had to do it if he wanted to succeed.

“Hey buddy, old pal, comrade-”

“Yoongi, please get to the point.”

Yoongi huffed a breath and blew some hair out of his face, “I wanted to ask you if you could say some words that resembled your demon lover-”

“He wasn’t my lover.” Seokjin glared at Yoongi.

“Well yeah, we all know why.”

Hearing Yoongi's words, Seokjin’s face fell. Shit. Way to go Yoongi.


“No, it’s okay. I guess I would describe him as annoying, way too attractive- ”

“Hol up, hol up. Not in that way. I meant more appearance or habit wise.”

Seokjin, still not knowing why his shorter friend wants to knows this type of information, gave him a puzzled look but all he got in return was the male waving his hand in dismissal.

“Uh okay. He resembled a bunny with his front teeth being bigger than the rest. He liked drinking banana milk for some reason. I was starting to believe at one point that he had an addiction to it.”

Yoongi nodded along marking down all that his older friend was saying in his memory. So all that Yoongi had to get for the summoning was some annoying looking bunny plushie and banana milk, that sounded pretty easy. He's got this in the bag for sure.





Yoongi had asked Taehyung for help in his search for a bunny plushie that looked annoying enough. And Taehyung somehow had actually delivered on the request.

In front of Yoongo laid a pink bunny plushie with one exaggerated eyebrow and a smug looking look on its face. Perfect, it was just what the man was looking for. Yoongi had to remember to buy the younger boy some food for his help.

Dropping the bunny in the pentagram, that Yoongi had drawn with white chalk hoping it wouldn't stay there forever or else he would have to get a carpet to hid it from the future guests. God knows what they would think of him if they saw it. Next to the bunny plushie were three bottles of banana milk just incase the demon needed convincing and to distract him.

The candles were all ready and lit and the salt in place. Seokjin was slumping on Yoongi’s couch staring at the wall, his newest of hobbies, and Yoongi was ready to read out the summoning spell. Of course, Yoongi, ever the dramatic had the ever loving need to wear a cloak while the summoning was happening. He was kind of glad his older friend was still out of it, so he wouldn’t make fun of him for trying to fit with the aesthetic of the situation.

Taking one last glance at Seokjin, Yoongi focused himself on the summoning book, saying a quiet prayer to whoever was listening and getting ready.

Reading the spell wasn’t easy going as Yoongi clearly didn’t know Latin so he hoped he did it well and didn’t mess up. After finishing the last line, Yoongi looked at the pentagram. Seeing that nothing had happened, the man frowned and dropped the book on the floor.

As Yoongi was beginning to pout, smoke arose from the middle of the pentagram. The shorter male starred attentively to see what would happen. It seemed like the smoke had gotten Seokjin’s attention too, because the older male wasn’t looking at the wall anymore but at the pentagram with wide eyes, like he had just noticed his surroundings.

In a blink of an eye in the middle of the pentagram stood a redhead with horns coming from his head. The bunny plushie was cradled in his arms and he was calmly sipping on one of the banana milks. The red haired demon had big doe eyes and a childlike innocence to his face even though his eyes showed the many centuries the creature had lived through.

Seokjin was sitting still on the couch with his mouth wide open, not believing what was in front of his eyes.

Yoongi looked from his friend to the demon and thought he should leave the two alone so they could talk this out. Feeling kind of awkward, Yoongi creeped slowly backwards away from the two having a staring contest and slowly out of the living room.

“I’ll just leave you two to it out...yeah ok bye.” With that Yoongi dashed out of there and into his room.

It seemed like the shorter males words had shook them out of the staring contest as they both turned and watched him scurry away. Realizing that they were now left alone in the room with no distractions stopping them from talking it out, the two, like the fools they were, avoided each others eyes like the plague. None tried making a move to talk first.

Seokjin reasoned in his head that it was his fault that they had had the argument in the first place, so he let out a sigh and readied himself to right the wrongs he had done and deal with the consequences that were to come.

“Look, I know you probably don’t wanna see me right now or maybe ever, but I think Yoongi went through a lot of shit for this so I will take this opportunity and apologize for the asshole that I was.”

Jeongguk didn’t say anything and he didn’t look like he was going to any time soon. He just continued to sip the banana milk and stared at Seokjin with no emotion on show.

Dragging out a sigh, Seokjin gathers the thoughts that he wants to express and hopes he doesn’t in any way hurt Jeongguk again.

“What I said a few days ago was shit. I had no right to say that to you. You had always been kind to me and never made me doubt you in any way so for me to so wrongfully accuse you of ever wanting to harm me was wrong. I hurt you with my unnecessary insecurities and fears. I shouldn’t have holed them up and just sat down with you and talked them out like adults should.”

Jeongguk had yet to make a sound that he was even listening but with the deep stare that he had trained on him, Seokjin knew he was listening closely.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me. I just wanted to apologize about all the shit that I spewed. I’m sorry.” Seokjin let out a shaky breath and locked eyes with Jeongguk.

Jeongguk stopped drinking the milk and dropped the empty plastic bottle on the floor by his feet. Never breaking eye contact with Seokjin.

“Your low morals for me sure were hurtful. And with all that you had said, I don’t know how I could trust you again.” Seokjin winced at the words and looked down at his feet. He deserved that, he wouldn’t trust himself either.

Seokjin heard Jeongguk let out a soft, drained sigh, “You really should have just told me about the fears that you had. Maybe I would have felt a bit hurt that I somehow made you afraid of me but I don’t think it would have blown up like it did.”

Seokjin nodded, still looking at his feet. He really had messed up the one good thing that he had finally found after all these years and now he would never even get to experience having it again.

“Can you look at me?”

Seokjin hesitantly looked up and locked eyes with Jeongguk. He was no longer trying to hide his feelings from showing on his face. Seokjin could see the hurt and apprehension and what looked like a bit of hopefulness.

“Can you please let me out of this,” Jeongguk said while pointing at the pentagram and the salt around it. “I don’t wanna feel trapped. I want to have my freewill in this conversation.”

Seokjin nodded and quickly got up from the couch, almost making himself trip on his own feet. He pushed the salt away with his foot and tried scrubbing the chalk away to make an opening for the demon to be able to leave.

Jeongguk stepped out of the pentagram, still with the bunny plushie in hand and having stuffed his jacket pockets with the leftover banana milk bottles. Jeongguk looked like he was holding on to the pink bunny as if it was his support system.

Jeongguk stopped in front of Seokjin, their feet almost touching. He searched Seokjin’s eyes for something and when he found what he was looking for his shoulders relaxed from their tense stance.

“I know I shouldn’t have had the demon dogs in your apartment without your permission and that I scared you with them. So, what I wanna say is...that I’m also sorry.”

Seokjin smiled softly at him and shook his head, “Yeah, you should have. Apology accepted.”

They both stood in silence for a while just looking at each other, taking in all that they had missed in these few somber days.

Jeongguk let out a wet chuckle, “Fuck. Aren’t we both a bunch of messes. What a match.”

Jeongguk smiled a small smile at him and Seokjin could swear his heart skipped a beat. “I know I probably shouldn’t, but I accept your apology. I really liked spending my time with you. Learning all the new things about the world from you and the way that you see it.”

Seokjin could feel tears welling in the back of his eyes and he wasn’t even going to stop them. “I’m so sorry. I really loved having you around and it took you poofing out of existence to realize what I had lost. I was such a mess. Yoongi even had to baby feed me.”

Jeongguk laughed at the mental image of Seokjin being baby fed by his shorter friend. God, Seokjin really loved Jeongguk’s laugh, his smile and his annoying self. He really loved Jeongguk.

At the realization, Seokjin let the tears fall freely down his cheeks with a smile on his face. Jeongguk sobered up and noticed that the human was crying but also smiling. Without thinking he pulled Seokjin into a hug, which just made the human cry even more.

Jeongguk heard Seokjin mumble something in his chest so he pulled him a bit away and asked him to repeat himself.

“I love you so much.” Seokjin whispered softly.

Jeongguk was stunned at the words. He wasn’t waiting for Seokjin to say anything like this. All hope the demon had for the future were maybe they could be friends and Jeongguk would learn to live with that but now maybe they could be more. The thought of that made a big bunny smile form on Jeongguk’s face and he pulled Seokjin in for a deep kiss.

Seokjin was startled at the sudden kiss but he quickly reciprocated.

When they finally pulled away, they both were tangled in each others arms with lovey dovey smiles on their faces and heart eyes.

It seems like life had went towards better things in the end.









~1 year later~



One year was a long time. A lot could happen in one year. Like getting yourself a sugar glider that for some reason had a vendetta on your boyfriend.

For Seokjin, one year later found him in his kitchen making pastries for his boyfriend on their one year anniversary. The said pastries were made in boob and dick shapes as his wonderful boyfriend had once suggested. And Seokjin being the great boyfriend that he was, was going to fuel Jeongguk’s strange pastry kink.

When the timer finally goes off, Seokjin took out the pastries from the oven and put them on a plate to cool off. Seokjin himself took off the apron that he was sporting and raced to his bedroom to make himself look presentable. Ruffling out some flour from his hair that had somehow gotten there and spritzing on Jeongguk’s favorite perfume on himself, Seokjin looked in the mirror and found himself to be looking as handsome as always.

In the kitchen, Seokjin man grabbed the plate and made his way towards the living room where Jeongguk was playing a video game. He walks past Odengs cage and sees him munching on the bunny plushie that had been used on the summoning ritual a year ago. At least Odeng had a substitut and didn't have to bite Jeongguk all the time, the plushie and the demon looked identical anyway.

Putting the plate in front of Jeongguk, who was too busy playing some kind of shooting game on the tv, Seokjin plopped himself in Jeongguk’s lap to get his undivided attention.

“Hey babe,” Jeongguk said still not taking his eyes off from the screen. Seokjin huffed and started distracting the demon with planting kisses all the way down his neck. That for sure got Jeongguk's attention to put the controler away and wrap his arms around Seokjin’s waist, nuzzling his face in his boyfriend's neck.

“Happy one year anniversary bun. I made you something.”

His words had made Jeongguk pull his face out of Seokjin’s neck and look around the room. When he spotted the plate of pastries on the coffee table a smile started stretching on his face, but when he noticed what shapes they were in Jeongguk was full on grinning and started kissing Seokjin all over his face.

“Thank you, thank you. Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

Seokjin laughed at the demon’s antics, “Yes, but you can do it again.”

“I love you so much,” Jeongguk said while planting a big kiss on Seokjin's lips.

“Glad to know me fueling your pastry kink makes you love me more.”

Jeongguk smilled a cheeky smile, “Of course.”

Without another word Jeongguk took Seokjin off his lap and dashed for the plate while Seokjin could only fondly stare with an ever present smile.





“What’s wrong bub? You can tell me anything that’s troubling that beautiful mind of yours.”

Seokjin smiled at the words of reassurance and kept fidgeting while deep in thought. It had been bothering him for a while now. The thought that Jeongguk was a demon so he would never age or die. Learning from past experiences Seokjin needed to share his concerns with the other party in the relationship and not hole it up inside himself.

Taking in a breath, Seokjin turned towards his boyfriend, who was already looking back at him with concern written all over his face.

“I don’t know. I’m just kind of thinking about the fact that you're a demon and that you would never age while I will age in front of you and eventually die.”

Jeongguk frowned a bit, never having really thought about it himself. He stayed quiet for some minutes to gather his thoughts, so he could reassure his boyfriend of his fears and insecurities.

“Hey it’s ok. I can always make my vessel age with you so you don’t feel left out in experiencing all the old age experiences.” Seokjin punched Jeongguk lightly in the arm but smiled nonetheless.

“And when you die I will be waiting with a free spot in hell. I will make it all nice and cozy just for you.”

Seokjin chuckled at that but abruptly stopped, “Wait, and what makes you think that I’m going to hell!!! I’m a child of God. I have done no wrong- wait... nevermind I’m dating a demon. Makes sense.”

Jeongguk grinned his bunny grin at his boyfriend and took him into a hug, “Don’t worry bub. Hell’s not that bad and my quarters will be welcoming and homey.”