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Kandomere headcanons archive.

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  • Kandomere prefers to spend his free time indoors, preferably in his apartment. He’d ask you often if you wanted to join him for the evening, especially after a rough day at work for both of you.
  • You probably worked for the MTF too, and that’s how he met you in the first place, but it also means he knows very well how exhausting it can get.
  • Imagine the quiet evenings, with soft music playing in the background, maybe the classical one since Kandomere enjoyed the calming nature of it. The sun is slowly setting down, colouring the shiny roofs and glass-covered buildings of the Elven District. You just sit on the couch or on the kitchen’s counter, with a glass of wine, talking about things without any real importance, and just enjoying the moment in the each other’s presence.
  • He wouldn’t answer any calls, of course except for Montehugh, because Kandomere knows that if his partner calls even after being specifically told not to interrupt, it must be important.
  • He’d worry about your work in the field, and none of your courses or years of experience would make him feel any easier.
  • Thanks to his position, Kandomere knows whenever something happens in your district or concerns you. He knows when you’re out on an operation, and even though he can’t stop thinking about all of the possibilities and accidents and things gone wrong, he knows better not to call you, because it could interfere with what was happening.
  • He can’t really sleep when it happens, too scared to get a call from a sad EMT, telling him that there was nothing they could do to save you. It’s one of his biggest nightmares.
  • There are nights when he relives this scenario over and over again in his head, too afraid to fell asleep just to see and feel it again. If you are with him, he’d probably move closer to you, holding you tight and breathing in your scent, trying to prove to himself that you are safe now, that you are there with him and nothing will ever tear you apart.
  • He’d be extra touchy on the next morning, constantly running his hand through your hair or sitting closer to you through breakfast, driving you slower to the precinct just to have more time with you.
  • You’d probably have a talk about your job, and the dangers around it. Kandomere tried to stay calm and not overreact, but he couldn’t make you change your mind. He wouldn’t change his job too, even when he knew you were worrying too.
  • Kandomere is not a fan of excessive PDA during his working hours, but occasional touch would happen. He’d also make sure any Elf around you could clearly smell his scent on you. Just in case.
  • It wouldn’t really be a case since everyone knew who you made fell for you and what he would do to anyone disrespecting his partner. After all, he had a lot of experience when it comes to dumping a body.