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A Legend All Their Own

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Vision was nothing.

He was an orphan, separated from or abandoned by his parents at birth, he wasn't sure which. Named by Edwin Jarvis, (the head of his Orphanage) for his strange eyes, with vibrant blue irises that seemed to spin like gears in the right light. Eyes that most found frightening, that many thought marked Vision as some sort of monster or demon.

Vision was a thief. A reluctant thief, that was true. A thief who stole only to keep himself alive. To help others, when he could. But a thief none the less. It was all he knew, the only useful skill he had. And even that skill wasn't fully his own, aided by a magical stone that allowed him to walk through walls.

Vision wasn't supposed to fall in love with the Princess.

And she was most certainly not supposed to fall in love with him.

Or maybe she always was.

If Vision had known everything then that he knew now.. Well, he wouldn't really change much.

He supposed the story of how it all happened had actually started a long time ago.

Vision had been just four years old the first time he saw her.

Back then, if not easy, life had been bearable for just about everyone. The King and Queen of Sokovia were fair, well-liked rulers. They had made allowances for the care of the Kingdom's orphaned children.

Mr. Jarvis had taken Vision and a group of other children on a trip to the castle. Large crowds swarmed around the gates, jostling for the best view of the balcony. Soon, the King and Queen were to present the newborn Heir to the throne, Prince Pietro, and his twin sister, Princess Wanda.

The people cheered when their Royal Family appeared, the King holding Pietro, the Queen with Wanda. Most were more interested in the Prince, but little Vision's unusual eyes fixed on the Princess. Somehow drawn to her, he slipped away from Mr. Jarvis, pushing through to the front of the crowd for a closer look.

As Vision's eyes had fixed on her, Baby Wanda's found Vision in the crowd. She almost seemed to reach for him..

"Vision!" cried Mr. Jarvis, relieved, grabbing his hand. "Do not wander off like that again.."

Vision's eyes remained on Wanda as he was pulled away.

As young as he was at the time, the image of the little Princess remained with him, one of his earliest clear memories.

Ten years later, tragedy struck in Sokovia, with the King and Queen killed at sea during a terrible storm.

Custody of Wanda and Pietro, and the Kingdom itself until Pietro came of age, was passed to a distant relative, Lord Ultron.

Lord Ultron's style of ruling was not popular. He replaced the castle's Staff and Guard with people of his own choosing, and heavily restricted any public appearances from the royal twins.

Next He removed most of the allowances put in place for Sokovia's less fortunate. Edwin Jarvis's orphanage was closed, forcing Vision, now fourteen, and many other children out onto the streets.

Despite his own troubles, Vision could not help thinking of Princess Wanda, wondering if she was alright.

It was this thought, Vision learned later- his concern for someone else, someone he didn't even know, when his own life had just taken such a downward turn- that let fate decide Vision was ready.

One night, sleeping amidst a tangle of other street children to share warmth, Vision's eyes suddenly shot open, letting him see a yellow streak across the night sky.

Drawn to it as he had been to the Princess ten years before, Vision disentangled himself and got up, chasing the streak, following it until the object that had caused it crashed in the distance, just outside the city walls.

It was a vibrant yellow stone.

Selling a stone like that would feed Vision for at least a few months. Nearly a year if he kept it to himself, which he never would. And yet, somehow, he already knew that he wasn't going to sell the stone. He was drawn to it. It called to him, as if it was meant to be his.

Vision reached for it, gasping when his hand closed over it. For a moment, it seemed as though his hand had turned see-through, almost sinking into the ground beneath the stone. He let it go, hesitating for a moment, then grasped the stone again. Again, his hand looked see-through. Vision stood with the stone in his hand. The light, see-through feeling began to spread over his whole body. He reached for a nearby tree, and his hand disappeared into the trunk.

While any normal person would be very freaked out by this, Vision had never been entirely normal. He opened his fist, the shining yellow stone sitting in his palm, and he grew solid again. Grasp it firmly, and he faded, see-through, intangible.

Yes, there were definitely some possibilities here.

Vision headed back into the City, and made his way to The Bakery. Grasping the stone, he walked through the building's locked door. Let himself become solid again for just long enough to grab a loaf of Yesterday's bread and tuck it inside his shirt, then grasped the stone and rushed out, releasing the breath he'd been holding since he walked in.

Selling this stone may have fed Vision for a while, but keeping it and the strange new ability it gave him could feed him, and maybe others, for a lot longer. Vision didn't like the idea of stealing very much, he didn't see that he had a lot of choice.

More tragedy struck in the years to come. Prince Pietro died mysteriously just a few months shy of his eighteenth Birthday. Ultron, the only remaining male heir, was named the new King of Sokovia.

A few had argued in favour of crowning Wanda Queen instead, but the notion was quickly shot down. It was nearly unheard of for a woman to rule.

Princess Wanda's already rare public appearances became nearly non-existent.

Once, late at night, Vision had seen her step out onto the balcony where she'd been presented after her birth. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, but she looked so very sad. For the briefest of moments, Vision had worried she was about to jump, and had almost cried out, but then Wanda had shaken her head and disappeared back inside as quickly as she had come.