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1-A is GONE!

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Iida Tenya added 19 people to the group chat.


Iida Tenya: This group chat is for studying purposes!! Please ask questions about the homework if you have any!!


Uraraka Ochaco: Iida, we love you, but you’ve just added all of us to this group chat.


Kaminari Denki: i feel called out


Sero Hanta: normally id say they werent talking about you but lets be honest theyre definitely talking about you


Kaminari Denki: bro… whyd you gotta call me out like that




Jirou Kyoka: lmao




Iida Tenya: Also, as we all know, Mineta Minoru has been moved out of 1A due to his behaviour.






Uraraka Ochaco: BYE GRAPESTAIN


Hagakure Tooru: BYE GRAPESTAIN


Yaoyorozu Momo: Bye grapestain


Asui Tsuyu: bye grapestain


Midoriya Izuku: Bye grapESTAIN


Todoroki Shouto: bye grapestain


Iida Tenya: Even you, Todoroki?


Iida Tenya: Anyway, Mineta is gone, meaning there is an open spot in 1A.


Iida Tenya: Aizawa-Sensei has informed me that that spot will be filled by none other than Shinsou Hitoshi, originally from General Studies!!


Kaminari Denki: thE BRAINWSHAY GUY???


Shinsou Hitoshi: hey


Kaminari Denki: ITS HIM!!!!!


Midoriya Izuku: !!!! You’ll be transferring to 1A????


Shinsou Hitoshi: yeah


Midoriya Izuku: when!!!!!


Shinsou Hitoshi: what day is today


Sero Hanta: it is wednesday my dudes


Shinsou Hitoshi: it’s monday


Shinsou Hitoshi: i’ll be transferred into your dorms on saturday


Uraraka Ochaco: Nice!!!!


Bakugou Katsuki: what the fuck is this


Shinsou Hitoshi: a coke


Kaminari Denki: he knows no fear


Kaminari Denki: i like you already


Shinsou Hitoshi: ew


Sero Hanta: dang son


Ashido Mina: guYs!!!!!


Ashido Mina: it’s been sO LONG SINCE WEVE THROWN A PARTY




Iida Tenya: Great idea! We will throw a housewarming party for Shinsou!


Shinsou Hitoshi: no


Kaminari Denki: oh yes


Kirishima Eijirou: bakugou and I can make food!!


Satou Rikidou: I’ll make a cake


Shinsou Hitoshi: no


Bakugou Katsuki: bakugou is doing what


Kirishima Eijirou: makin food with me!!


Bakugou Katsuki: you are going to burn the fucking kitchen down


Kirishima Eijirou: bold of you to assume I haven’t done it already


Jirou Kyoka: momo and i can get present mic to chaperone


Shinsou Hitoshi: please don’t


Kaminari Denki: jirou and i can create a playlist!!! aoyama is the disco ball


Aoyama Yuuga: I was summoned?


Aoyama Yuuga: Why


Shinsou Hitoshi: s t o p


Kaminari Denki: n o


Sero Hanta: youre part of 1a now bud


Sero Hanta: there is no escape


Shinsou Hitoshi: i’m going to bed


Kaminari Denki: its like 7 pm bro


Shinsou Hitoshi: bye


Midoriya Izuku: WaIt I have a question!!!!!


Shinsou Hitoshi: ask


Midoriya Izuku: What dorm are you getting??


Shinsou Hitoshi: unfortunately ua is only kind enough to let me transfer into the hero course but not get a contamination-free room


Shinsou Hitoshi: i’m getting the short pervert’s old room


Jirou Kyoka: omg im so sorry


Shinsou Hitoshi: don’t worry aizawa’s already deep cleaned it 4 times


Jirou Kyoka: thank god for aizawa


Ashido Mina: RT


Shinsou Hitoshi: rt


Yaoyorozu Momo: RT


Asui Tsuyu: Rt


Midoriya Izuku: rt


Aoyama Yuuga: Rt~


Uraraka Ochaco: Rt


Kirishima Eijirou: rt


Shinsou Hitoshi: seriously i’m gonna pass out bye


Iida Tenya: Goodnight Shinsou!! Sleep well!


Kaminari Denki: snatch those zs


Midoriya Izuku: gn!!!

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1A Chat


Midoriya Izuku: Shinsou what’s your favourite colour??


Shinsou Hitoshi: take a guess and why


Midoriya Izuku: Because it’s 2 am, I can’t sleep, I really need something to do, and this gets questions that will be asked at the party out of the way


Shinsou Hitoshi: oh


Shinsou Hitoshi: same


Midoriya Izuku: And I’m gonna guess purple :D


Shinsou Hitoshi: i don’t actually have a favourite colour


Midoriya Izuku: I like green!


Shinsou Hitoshi: doesn’t your last name literally mean green


Midoriya Izuku: Yeah!


Midoriya Izuku: Wait hold on why aren’t you asleep??


Shinsou Hitoshi: insomnia


Midoriya Izuku: !!! Me too


Midoriya Izuku: Whats the longest book you’ve ever read


Shinsou Hitoshi: i read les mis once


Midoriya Izuku: Isn’t that the one nicknamed ‘the brick’?


Shinsou Hitoshi: yeah it’s over 600k words and has the dimensions of an actual brick


Shinsou Hitoshi: in comparison hp book 5 is only 250k


Midoriya Izuku: Holy cow


Midoriya Izuku: How much time did it take you to read that???


Shinsou Hitoshi: like 3 days


Midoriya Izuku: That’s like 200k words a day???


Shinsou Hitoshi: i don’t want to talk about it


Shinsou Hitoshi: wbu


Midoriya Izuku: Uh


Shinsou Hitoshi: do i look like i would judge


Midoriya Izuku: ,,,,,


Midoriya Izuku: It was a 270k All Might fanfiction,,,,,


Shinsou Hitoshi: no offence but i’m judging


Midoriya Izuku: Would you look at that! It’s 3 am! I should sleep haha


Shinsou Hitoshi: but will you


Midoriya Izuku: ,, no


Midoriya Izuku: Did you know there’s a nickname feature here?


Shinsou Hitoshi: i am painfully aware of it


Midoriya Izuku: Well then


Midoriya Izuku: We should change ours!!


Shinsou Hitoshi has changed their nickname to catspresso.


catspresso: k


Midoriya Izuku: .


Midoriya Izuku: I found a flaw in my own plan


catspresso: you can’t think of one?


Midoriya Izuku: Yeah


catspresso: i have one


catspresso has changed Midoriya Izuku’s nickname to wattpad.


wattpad: I’m skdhfhwihsdkf


wattpad: Why


catspresso: change it then


wattpad: I don’t have anything better


catspresso: dude everyone already knows you’re a fanboy


catspresso: i’ve known you for a day and a half and i already know


wattpad: Well then


wattpad: I am tired


wattpad: Goodnight shinsou!!


catspresso: yeah



Kaminari Denki: you guys changed your nicknaesm


Kaminari Denki: WITHOUT ME


Kaminari Denki: this is treason


Kaminari Denki changed their nickname to dank river valley.


dank river valley: where is my bro sero




dank river valley: YEAH DUDE


Mina Ashido: HECK YEAH


Mina Ashido changed their nickname to MUSHU.




Iida Tenya: Please use this chat for its original purpose!!! This is for getting to know Shinsou and for studying, not for nicknames!!!!


wattpad changed Iida Tenya’s nickname to man door hand hook car door.


man door hand hook car door: Excuse me.


wattpad: Good morning iida




dank river valley: MIDORIYA H MY G O D DDD


dank river valley: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


man door hand hook car door: Stop this.


wattpad: Sorry iida


wattpad: Change it back yourself if you want to


dank river valley: SAVAGE OMG


MUSHU: denki that died in like 2016


dank river valley: hush at least my teeth are minty fresh


Sero Hanta: mmm teeth smell good


dank river valley: SROE


dank river valley: S ER O




dank river valley: YEAH WE DID BRO


dank river valley: CHANGE URS!!!!!!!


Sero Hanta changed their username to Office DepotTM.

Office DepotTM: midoriya oh my god


Office DepotTM: the legend


man door hand hook car door: I trusted you


wattpad: I got three hours of sleep last night I don’t care


man door hand hook car door: Midoriya.


wattpad: Yeah ik I’ll try to sleep tonight


MUSHU: were not talking about th fact that midori read a 300k fanfiction?? about all might?? who is now our teacher????


catspresso: if it wasn’t on wattpad my life is a lie


wattpad: Can I go home

Chapter Text

dank river valley: IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES




dank river valley: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


man door hand hook car door: Why. 


Uraraka Ochaco: Iida, we love you, but you’ll never be able to tame them.


Aoyama Yuuga changed their nickname to Fromage~*


Fromage~*: Hi welcome to Chili’s!


dank river valley: AOYAMA!!


Fromage~*: :>


MUSHU: it u


Fromage~*: It me!!


catspresso: what kind


Fromage~*: ?


catspresso: your nickname just means cheese


catspresso: what kind


Fromage~*: All of them!


MUSHU: ???


catspresso: but why


Fromage~*: J’aime le fromage~


catspresso: understandable


MUSHU: you know french????


catspresso: correct


Tsuyu Asui: How?


catspresso: good question


Fromage~*: Comment connaissez-vous le français? [how do you know french?]


catspresso: a vécu en france pendant un certain temps [lived in france for a while]


Fromage~*: !! Moi aussi!!!! [me too!!!!]


catspresso: bon :) [nice :)]




dank river valley: WOAH


Kirishima Eijirou: bro thats dope!! man i wish i knew enough of any language to be bilingual haha


Office DepotTM: ^^


catspresso: tri actually


Fromage~*: MOI AUSSI


dank river valley: wait whats ur third???


catspresso: jsl


dank river valley: shit whats that


Kirishima Eijirou: japanese sign language?


dank river valley: OH


Office DepotTM: lmao galaxy brain


Office DepotTM: wait why do you know jsl


catspresso: wouldn't you like to know weather boy


MUSHU: oh damn


Kirishima Eijirou: thats so cool though shinsou!! i only know like 4 signs its impressive that you know more!


catspresso: shut up i’m not fluent yet


Kirishima Eijirou: okay but like thats still hella impressive bro


catspresso: h


catspresso: aoyama what’s your 3rd


Fromage~*: Hm?


Fromage~*: Oh! English :>


wattpad: !! Wait shinsou why do you know French?


catspresso: already answered that


wattpad: Its in French


catspresso: google translate exists


wattpad: Do I LOOK smart


catspresso: that’s fair


catspresso: tbh the only 1as smart enough to use google translate would be yaoyorozu and bakugou but yaoyorozu’s too nice to intrude like that and bakugou doesn't care


wattpad:.... Yeah okay


Todoroki Shouto: hey


wattpad: Todoroki yesterday I watched you lie on the ground next to a melting ice cube for 15 minutes and when I asked why you said “our mental states are similar”


Todoroki Shouto: :-|


catspresso: same boat


Jirou Kyouka: same boat


MUSHU: ohmygod


Office DepotTM: eye--


Kirishima Eijirou: same boat


Office DepotTM: ???


dank river valley: kiri???


Kirishima Eijirou changed their nickname to sharkboy.


sharkboy: :D


dank river valley: no wait 


sharkboy: todoroki used an emoticon


sharkboy: and it looked like the polite cat


Office DepotTM: holy shit ur rite


Todoroki Shouto: Who?


catspresso: you’re friends with midoriya how do you not know


wattpad: HOW


Todoroki Shouto: I have never seen this cat before in my life


MUSHU: man*