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Business is going well, he thinks.

Considering the shop is located in one of the most famous tourist attraction in the whole world, Taehyung never really has a reason to be worried that he’ll stop gaining customers. The place is crowded, even more so during holiday seasons, and unless his service is inherently bad (in which it ISN’T, thank you very much) then he never has to worry about losing customers. His shop is mostly designed for kids, for families who want to try eating things shaped and decorated like the animals they wish to see in this giant zoo, and Taehyung has always liked how people light up and seem to be in awe over his precious creations.

He quickly moves to finish his latest coffee art—this time a velociraptor. The screeching reptiles are gaining fame again this month, right after nearly two consecutive weeks of pterodactyls being THE most sought after flying birbs—and right after he swiftly hands it over to Jihoon, one of his employees, smiling as the order is brought to the waiting customer, a family of three, in which the little boy gasps in awe at the reptile drawn on his father’s cappuccino.

He nods in greeting at the customers going out of his shop, his employees and he voicing out a pleasant: ‘please come again!’. The smiles the families give them are worth as much as the money he gains, or so he likes to think.

It’s well past lunch time, and so the rush hour will die down soon enough, thankfully. This place may be a zoo filled with more humans than Jungkook—his friend who likes Velociraptor well enough that he dares work in its section—is comfortable with, but his place isn’t exactly a family restaurant, so customers come and go easily. His shop may be popular because of the triceratops and stegosaurus cakes, his coffee arts, as well as the dinosaur nuggets (the kids love those, Taehyung doesn’t know why. They do know they can just buy those donuts at the nearby convenience stores all over the world, right? Right?!) but there are times when it’s not bustling with customers, enough so he and his employees can relax for a bit.

Already the place is slowly dwindling into a comfortable pace, and Taehyung hums to himself as one of his employees start up some music in his shop.

Some moments pass, customers coming and going, hopefully satisfied. Having settled himself as the cashier for the rest of the afternoon, he smiles as yet another customer goes in, greeting the other cheerfully.

“Hello, welcome! What can I help you today?” Taehyung’s greeting nearly falters at the sight of the person before him. Not that his presence is unpleasant, but more so that he’s surprised. Has it been that time of the year, already? Glancing at the calendar, he blinks as he registers the month. Oh. Right. He’s always come before end of the year holidays.

“Hello,” the man greets back politely, a small smile on his features. Yoongi, Taehyung remembers his name. He’s some sort of a regular; the one who always comes back to this zoo at least once a year, and during those days will always step into Taehyung’s shop to drink coffee and eat whatever cute pastry the shop has to offer.

(He’s also Jungkook’s upperclassman from high school,  and Taehyung wonders if Jungkook’s awe toward anything in this zoo is because of Yoongi).

They don’t talk much, not really, but the atmosphere around them has always been warm. They don’t exchange numbers, but they do remember each other. Yoongi remembers where his shop is amidst all of the other coffee shops available in this zoo, remembers Taehyung’s best creations and Taehyung remembers his face, his voice and his pouty lips.

Mostly because of their first impressions of each other, but well, who cares?

(Jungkook had smuggled a baby raptor when they visited Taehyung’s shop, and Taehyung had to watch as Yoongi dragged a whining Jungkook back to the facility so he could put that flesh-eating baby reptile to its place. They returned much later, Jungkook pouting and having his pay cut, and Yoongi scolding the other as he spoke in literal pout).

Not to mention that Taehyung is not that much into angsty Denial, Bad at Feelings trope that he’ll deny that Yoongi is very attractive. And cute. And soft. He’s pretty much in the pining section tag, at the moment, and if Yoongi doesn’t like him back, then he’s fucked, basically.

(Why is he thinking like an Ao3 tag? He really needs to stop reading Naruto fanfictions until late at night. It’s starting to bleed into his daily thoughts, it’s scary).

In all honesty, if he’s not supposed to maintain his professionalism as the shop owner at the moment, he’ll probably ask for the man’s number. But the easy dynamic between the both of them is both too precious and perhaps too fragile to break, and the both of them are content enough to keep it as it is.

“Hello, hyung,” Taehyung greets, his posture relaxed. “Long time no see! What are you going to order?”

Yoongi hums, voicing out his orders. The man seems to be keen on trying out his triceratops decorated pastries, and so Taehyung laughs as Jihoon takes his time to prepare for Yoongi’s order.

“Are you planning on seeing the triceratops today, hyung?”

Yoongi nods, leaning back on his heels. “Haven’t seen them in awhile,” he says as way of explanation. “And maybe I’ll visit Kook, see if his raptor babies have eaten him.”

Taehyung chuckles, smiling at Jihoon who hands over Yoongi’s orders. The man voices out his thanks, smiling crookedly as Jihoon grins and walks away to the back, probably ogling his crush; one of the employees in the shop next to his.

“Well, Kook certainly would like to see you too, hyu—“ A loud crash breaks out from outside of the shop, cutting off his words. Both Taehyung and Yoongi startle, turning their attention outside.

Claws. That’s the first thing registered in Taehyung’s mind.

Then, his eyes widen as he realizes what exactly he’s seeing: a pterodactyl snatching a tourist from the ground, flying off right after.

After that, it’s chaos.

One of his customers scream, loud and pitchy, that it rings Taehyung’s ears unpleasantly. The others outside have started screaming as well, running for their lives. The place is too packed, however, and people end up pushing against each other as they try to run from the freed dinosaur (in which it’s supposed to be impossible. What the fuck happened to the security?!). It ends up as a game of luck, as the crowd started to get picked one by one, pterodactyls snatching one after another like a horrific game of cranes. All the while, Taehyung can only watch as his feet seem to be stuck to the ground, wide eyed and panic blossoming inside of his chest.

One of it crashes to the store nearby, and Taehyung jumps in fright, stuttering over his words as he tries to—to run, or walk, or something.

“Shit!” Yoongi curses, having jumped in surprise at the crash as much as Taehyung did. He doesn’t run outside, perhaps seeing how futile it’d be to run away in the middle of that crowd, and instead hurries toward Taehyung, grabbing his arm and pulling him down. He ignores Taehyung’s surprised grip, having shuffled the both of them under the cashier table, away from people’s eyes and hopefully the wild pterodactyls.

His employees seem to follow Yoongi’s lead, ducking to the kitchens and other covered spaces, wide eyed and terrified. However, Jihoon jumps to his feet moments later, his eyes glued to the shop his crush works in. “Woojin!” He screams, scrambling outside, ignoring the others’ yelling at him to stay hidden. Taehyung tries to move after him, but Yoongi’s firm grip on his arm prevents him from doing so.

“Yoongi—!” Taehyung nearly shouts, quieting down when Yoongi shushes him. They can only watch in horrified silence, as a pterodactyl that crashed into that shop tries to take away a screaming guy, his arms held in firm, desperate grips of other people. Taehyung notices, distantly, that one of the people holding onto the poor guy is Woojin, Jihoon’s long lasting crush.

They keep on watching, as it seems to be the only thing they can do at the moment, as the pterodactyl seems to give up and flies away from the man, choosing to pick another poor fella from the crowd. Jihoon manages to safely arrive in the nearby shop, collapsing into Woojin’s arms and ducking somewhere in the shop, hopefully somewhere safe where no reptile birds can randomly snatch them like they’re dolls.

(Taehyung wonders, for a single terrified moment, if this is the pterodactyls’ way to take revenge, because they’re not as popular as they had been a few weeks ago, having been defeated in terms of popularity by the screeching velociraptors).

They huddle together for much longer, having to wait as more crashes and more screaming are registered in their ears, Taehyung frowning in sympathy as some of his employees start to tear up in fright.

It’s one thing to lose an animal in a zoo.

It’s another to have flesh eating dinosaurs on the loose.

Taehyung gulps, curling more into himself as he tries to pray, to hope that it’ll pass soon enough, that the securities will come fast enough and put this madness to an end. A warm hand settles itself over his, and Taehyung’s eyes snap open, the man himself not knowing when exactly he’s closed them. He stares in bewilderment at Yoongi, who isn’t looking at him even as his fingers rub comfort on his knuckles.

Unbeknownst to him, his stress starts to dissipate, the man too occupied with the warmth on his hand, and the one blossoming inside of his chest.

“I just want to see triceratops,” Yoongi bemoans, shuffling further under the table and thus closer to Taehyung. “I want to see super-sized babies napping under the sun, not super-sized flying birds.”

Beside him, Taehyung stays silent, even as their bodies press so closely together in order to hide from the mess happening outside.

He’s mesmerized, he thinks, even as people scream outside, and Taehyung wonders if his heart is pounding because of the flesh-eating godzillas outside or if it’s because of Yoongi. Yoongi and his warm hand. Yoongi and his pouty lips. Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi.

His mouth opens, to say something, anything

But before he can say anything, his cellphone rings.

“Fu—Ow!” Taehyung hisses in pain, having jumped in surprise and ends up smacking his head on the table. He fishes out his phone, eyes widening as he sees Jungkook’s name on display.

“Hyung, it’s Kook!” He exclaims, glad that his friend is still alive to make the phone call. Yoongi looks glad too, telling Taehyung to quickly answer the phone, in which he does so gleefully.

After that, it’s a mess of trying to quickly run behind the crowd to the evacuation site. Jihoon and Woojin are okay, thankfully, and so are the rest of his employees.

It’s past a day before everything seems to settle down; families of tourists flying over to pick up their children and relatives back home, paramedics doing their best to help the victims. He allows his employees to go home, giving them an extended vacation. He doesn’t know if they will want to come back working with him after this incident. Heck, he doesn’t even know if his shop will still be able to open after this, with the dinosaur mess going viral on the internet. This zoo will probably be shut down (for a good reason), and Taehyung won’t be able to make cute triceratops cheesecakes ever again.

“Sorry,” Taehyung says later on, as he huddles near Yoongi. The other man is content to wait for Jungkook alongside Taehyung, both of them worried as the muscled dongsaeng has mentioned about doing a mission with his velociraptor buddies. Yoongi blinks, his eyebrow raised in question over Taehyung’s apology.

Taehyung ducks his head down, blushing a little bit. “You didn’t get to see triceratops, and this place will probably be shut down after all of this.”

Yoongi pouts, seemingly having realized this as well, slumping down on the wall behind them. “You’re right. That sucks.” He sighs. “Was looking forward to it too.”

“You didn’t even get to eat the cake,” he quirked his lips, finding some humor over the thought of a smashed cake in his shop.

“That’s right,” Yoongi agrees, dramatically leaning onto Taehyung as he starts to whine loudly. “I spent so much money for this! Plane ticket, entrance fee, the cake and the coffee! I didn’t even get to eat the cake. This is a sin.”

Taehyung giggles, his body thrumming with warmth as Yoongi smiles too, still leaning onto Taehyung as if he’s a giant pillow.

“I—Ah, I can make you another one, hyung.”

Yoongi raises his eyebrow then, humming to himself.

“That’s right. Technically, you do owe me a cake and a coffee.”

“I—Yeah. Yeah, I do,” Taehyung smiles, his legs bouncing. It’s a new thing, to be proactive in his attempts to get closer to Yoongi. They had a dynamic, one as a shop owner, another as a normal customer. It’s warm, easy and steady. This, with his shop being gone for good, is a new thing. Something new, something that makes Taehyung nervous.

Should he keep the easy dynamic between them, or should he try to be something else?

“So, uh, I’ll make you a new one? Not here, though, since… the place will probably close? Maybe until… I have a new shop?”

“You can make it in my house.”

“What?” Taehyung squeaks. “Eh? What?”

“That’s me being smooth as fuck, Kim Taehyung. Come to my house, bake a cake.”


“God, you’re so cute. I’ll take care of the tickets, you’re going home with me.”


So much for keeping the old dynamic, isn’t it?


Yoongi wants to see triceratops.

Taehyung wants to see him.

At the end of the day, only one of them gets their wish, but well. It’s not so bad, isn’t it?

(“I can’t believe you ditched me for cakes,” Jungkook complains, tearing into his pizza like a hungry beast. Taehyung stares, wondering if he’s spent too much time working with raptors to eat like that.

“We waited for you until you showed up. We literally hugged, Kook.”

“Yeah, and then you left!” Jungkook points out, pouting. “For cake!”

“To be fair, it’s not just cake,” Yoongi finally pipes up from beside him, and Jimin snorts to his tea.

Taehyung flushes red, scowling at Jimin’s smirk.

“What, did you eat something else, hyung?”

“JIMIN,” Taehyung points his fork at his best friend, as if it’s something threatening.

Yoongi shrugs. “I ate some ass,” he says, grinning unrepentantly even as Taehyung yells, repeatedly smacking his shoulder in embarrassment.

“I did not need to hear that,” Jungkook whispers, his face contorting in disgust. Beside him, Jimin is cackling, the absolute asshole.

“It was a good meal!” Yoongi exclaims, laughing. “Very tasty, 10/10 would recommend!”)