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Alpha to Omega, and Back Again

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A deep groan of pain mixed with pleasure escaped Jared as his back hit the wall, the sound swallowed up in the kisses he and his boyfriend were sharing. It wasn’t always like this – only when Jensen got really horny – but Jared loved it when this happened. Most of the time, Jensen treated Jared like some sort of fragile little human who was made of glass, and Jared hated it. He was 6’4” for crying out loud! Jared was perfectly capable of taking care of himself!

Then again, although he would never say it out loud, he kind of liked it when Jensen babied him. He was so caring, and loving, treating Jared like he was the most precious thing in the world. He could only imagine how awesome it was going to be when they had sex. And that was the truth, too – he really could only imagine. Jensen was such a prude; he refused to have sex with Jared because he was worried he was going to hurt him. It didn’t matter that Jared wanted to be fucked by his boyfriend – what he wanted didn’t matter if there was a chance he would get hurt.

But Jared trusted Jensen – he knew he wouldn’t hurt him. If only he could get Jensen to believe in and trust himself like Jared did, they might actually get further than second base.

“Mmm…m’sorry baby,” Jensen mumbled as he broke the kiss, their foreheads pressed together as they both drew in some much needed oxygen. “Did I hurt you?” He’d heard the groan escape Jared when his back hit the wall, but he wasn’t sure if it had been in pleasure or if the younger man was in pain because of how roughly he’d shoved him. Sometimes, Jensen just couldn’t control himself – it was the damn wolf in him; when he got carried away, he got a little rough. That’s why he and Jared couldn’t have sex. He was just trying to protect the younger man.

God, he couldn’t even groan in pleasure without Jensen thinking that he’d gone too far. Wrapping his hands around Jensen’s neck he fisted his fingers in the older man’s hair, pulling Jensen closer. “No, m’fine,” Jared mumbled with a shake of his head. “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” If Jensen stopped right now, Jared was going to freak out. After all of the effort it took just to get Jensen into this mood, if he didn’t follow through with at least a good make-out session, Jared wasn’t going to be a happy boyfriend. And as Jensen had once said, Jared was a lot more fun when he was a happy boyfriend.

The fact of the matter was, Jensen was a werewolf, and Jared was a human – usually, the two didn’t mix, but Jensen and Jared were trying to make a go of it. Besides, it had been proven in some cultures that werewolves and humans could co-exist. Jared had lived here almost his whole life, and neither he nor his family had ever had a problem. Hell, when Jared had been six years old and followed Jensen around like a lost puppy dog, Jensen’s family had practically adopted him as one of their own.

Most humans feared werewolves because of all the bad press they got. When something went wrong in a community where werewolves were known to live, they automatically got blamed and they were all but run out of the town. Jared and Jensen both hated the bad press human media gave werewolves because it was almost always wrong. Werewolves weren’t ruthless killers – hell, most of them were more gentle and docile than some humans.

Of course, the media didn’t focus on that. All it cared about were the few werewolves who did make mistakes. Although it was a huge taboo in the werewolf community, some werewolves did turn humans against their will. That was the kind of ruthless things the press would focus on – they never wrote articles about how some humans and werewolves could fall in love and actually be in a relationship for two and a half years without incident.

But Jared didn’t waste his time thinking about any of that. He knew the truth, and that was all that mattered. Luckily for him, Jensen went against tradition and actually agreed to date Jared. Most of the time, werewolves stuck to their own species because they were worried humans wouldn’t understand them, or that their human companion would be hurt if they got out of control. And sure, it took Jared a good two and a half years to get Jensen to date him, but it was worth it. Ever since he was fourteen, Jared knew that he was in love with Jensen, and he worked his charm and managed to get Jensen to agree to give him a shot.

That had been one of the only times Jared had ever been proud to be a nerd. The younger man had done his research and took Jensen documented cases where humans and werewolves had been together romantically. Sure, it had been about one hundred years ago when it had been most common, but Jared had been willing to work with those odds at the time. And he was glad he had been because everything had turned out in his favor. Now, if only he could get Jensen to loosen up a little bit and maybe at least they could touch each other without their clothes on, or something.

Another deep groan escaped Jared as Jensen’s teeth lightly scraped along the long column of his neck, Jared pressing his body against Jensen’s so he could feel every inch of his boyfriend touching him. They were both rock hard and Jared just wanted to shove Jensen down onto the bed and take what he wanted – he wouldn’t though. For one, he was too much of a chicken to make the first move like that and two, Jensen had made it very clear he wasn’t ready to have sex with Jared yet. Apparently, he was waiting for the right moment, or something which was romantic and all, but Jared was ready now. He was eighteen, after all. In a couple weeks, he would be graduating from high school, and he was still going to be a virgin, for crying out loud!

“J-Jen,” Jared mumbled softly, his fingers gripping Jensen’s chin and forcing him to look into his eyes. “I want to touch you. U-Under your clothes.” It was bold, but Jared was willing to take the hit if Jensen said no. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Jensen denied to do something Jared wanted. He’d spent two and a half years getting his proposals to go on a real date turned down, but he had been persistent and he eventually got what he wanted.

Just as Jared thought Jensen was going to agree to let him do as he was asked, they were interrupted, forcing Jensen to step back away from Jared as his bedroom door burst open. “Guys, Mom wanted me to tell you that dinner is ready,” Megan explained, smiling at the looks on the boys’ faces. She knew that she should have knocked, but she didn’t think those two were actually doing anything sexual, so she hadn’t worried too much about it. Jared was a virgin, after all. Everyone in the family knew that.

Rolling his eyes, Jared pulled his shirt down where it had ridden up before he headed out of the room and down the stairs. It wasn’t uncommon for their families to dine together, but boy did they have impeccable timing. If he had just gotten a few more minutes with Jensen, Jared was sure that he could have worn him down and he would have finally gotten to touch under the older man’s clothing. Oh well, this gave him a reason to continue the make-out session later and try again. After all, Jensen and Jared always spent their time together holed up in the other’s room. It was like their parents didn’t care if they were together because they trusted them.

Not that Jared was complaining about that, of course. Sure, it wasn’t the brightest move on his parents’ parts, but he wasn’t going to mention that. He was eighteen years old, so of course he was horny all of the time. And being a virgin dating a man who was as hot as Jensen didn’t help with that fact either, but for some reason, his parents trusted him. Well, Jared had a feeling that they trusted Jensen more than they trusted him, but he wasn’t going to complain about that either. They were smart not to trust him. If it had been up to Jared, they would have slept together by now.

Dinner wasn’t anything to talk about – same old, same old. Megan and Mackenzie were complaining about school assignments that they had, Josh was chatting with Gerald and Alan about his college schedule this semester, and Donna and Sherry were chatting about some kind of spring event that they wanted to set up at the house. Jared and Jensen weren’t paying attention to anyone else really, too focused on each other. It was obvious they had been making out – Jensen’s lips were red and kiss swollen and Jared’s hair was a mess. No one said anything about it, though. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for Jensen and Jared to slip up to Jensen’s room and make out. It was actually kind of expected.

So when Jensen and Jared quickly ran back up to Jensen’s room when dinner was finished, no one said anything about it, Donna actually smiling fondly at her son and his boyfriend. Jared was a good kid, and if Jensen was going to be with a human, Jared was definitely the only boy she could see her son with. After all, Jensen was well over the age that many alphas mate, and for a while, Donna had been worried her son was never going to find the right one. But she knew that as soon as Jared got him to finally agree to go on a date that Jensen had found the one. Sure, mating between humans and werewolves wasn’t common, but it surely wasn’t impossible either. And if the time came that Jared happened to want to be a werewolf so he and Jensen could mate properly, she didn’t think anyone would be against that.

As soon as Jared had Jensen in his room again, he shoved him against the wall, attacking his mouth with his own once more. Jared was ready to pick this up right where they left off, and he didn’t see why Jensen wouldn’t feel the same way. He still hadn’t given up on his want to touch Jensen under his clothing, and he wasn’t going to. “S-So…can I?” he asked, picking up their conversation and knowing that Jensen would understand what he was asking. The older man had been adamant about the whole no sex thing, but Jared didn’t think that he would deny some touching. What was the big deal with that?

He wanted it – really, he did – but he was scared. Jensen was still young, after all. And the last time he had been with someone, he hurt them pretty badly. That’s why he kept telling Jared that they needed to wait – he didn’t want to hurt Jared in the same way. Sure, the kid had lived – the werewolf gene had helped heal him a lot faster than a human would – but Jared wasn’t a werewolf. Jared wouldn’t heal like the other boy had. And that’s what scared the hell out of Jensen. If he ever lost control and hurt Jared, he would never be able to forgive himself.

Still, Jared had been so patient with him, and it was just touching. It wasn’t like Jared was asking to blow him, or anything. Plus, they could keep their clothes on and still touch; that wasn’t a problem. And Jared seemed to really want this, so how the hell was Jensen supposed to say no? Sighing, he nodded, licking his lips as he explained, “Y-Yeah, okay. Just…go slow…and if I say stop, don’t ask questions – just do it.”

Honestly, Jared couldn’t believe that Jensen was agreeing to this. But that didn’t mean he was going to dwell on that, quickly nodding as he allowed his head to process the fact that in a few seconds, he was going to be able to feel Jensen’s skin instead of the rough denim he always had to grab. Slowly, he allowed his hands to slide down Jensen’s body, his breath catching in his throat as he felt the older man’s muscles rippling under his fingertips through the fabric of his shirt. Once he reached the waistband of Jensen’s jeans, Jared bit into his bottom lip as he slowly popped the button and dragged down the zipper. God, this was unbelievable – finally, he was getting to feel Jensen skin-to-skin.

Jensen groaned in pleasure when Jared’s hand cupped his erection, the older man biting into his bottom lip to keep the louder sounds that wanted to escape him from coming out. Shit, Jared’s hand felt so damn good. This is why Jensen had been waiting – he knew that the second he allowed himself to have just a little taste, he’d want more. When it came to Jared, he had absolutely no will power. He could already feel his body starting to heat up, letting him know that he was on the verge of becoming dangerous.

But Jared had waited so patiently for so long for Jensen to allow him to do this and he was going to let him keep going until Jensen got to ground zero. He owed him that much after being such a prude. So Jensen grounded himself, taking a deep breath as he just let his body relax, focusing on who was touching him like this and not just the fact that he was being touched. As long as he reminded himself that this was Jared who was with him, he generally was able to keep pretty good control on things.

Sometimes, Jensen actually had to wonder what attracted Jared to him. Sure, he was an all right looking guy, but he had so many issues. First, the obvious issue being that he was a werewolf. And not just any werewolf – he was an alpha wolf. It meant that he had heightened senses – he was faster and stronger than any human, beta, or omega wolf. Not to mention that he was almost five years older than Jared, which he sometimes wondered if that wasn’t too much of an age gap. And then there was always the worry in the back of his mind that he was going to lose it and hurt Jared. The younger man may have had confidence in him, but Jensen didn’t share the same feelings.

Another deep moan was torn from Jensen’s throat as Jared thumbed at his slit, the older man’s hips bucking into Jared’s hand on their own accord. “Fuck…Jay,” Jensen breathed, his fingers curling around Jared’s biceps as he held on for whatever Jared was planning next. Ground zero was coming up on him fast and there was nothing he could do about it. “J-Jay…not gonna be able to do this much longer, baby,” he warned, biting into his bottom lip to silence another moan.

“Y-Yes, you can,” Jared assured Jensen with a small nod, pulling his head back so their eyes were locked. “Just concentrate. This is me; you’re not gonna hurt me.” He’d promised Jensen that if he was told to stop, he would without question, but Jensen hadn’t come out and actually told him to stop yet. And until he did, Jared was going to take full advantage of this. Quickly, he flipped them around and pushed Jensen onto the bed, blanketing the older man’s body with his own. Crushing their lips together, Jared shoved his hand back under the waistband of Jensen’s jeans and boxers, nipping Jensen’s plush bottom lip lovingly.

Breaking the kiss, Jared used his free hand to grip Jensen’s, lacing their fingers together as he tugged on Jensen, pulling his arm downwards. “You can touch me, too,” he whispered, breaths panting out against Jensen’s lips. “Please?” He was already rock hard and if he didn’t get some relief soon, Jared was going to start sobbing. This was the closest they had ever been to getting to home base and Jared wanted more. Even if they didn’t actually have sex, Jared just wanted to see Jensen come. He’d been imagining it since they first got together and now he wanted to see it.

This was getting to be too much. Jared wanted more from Jensen and he wasn’t sure if he could give it. He knew that Jared was worried about being the only man in high school who was still a virgin, but Jensen wasn’t going to risk hurting him just because of that. When he was ready, he’d take Jared, but until then they were going to wait. But Jared was really pushing the envelope here, Jensen hesitating for a moment before allowing Jared to push his hand into the younger man’s pants. And holy fuck, it felt so damn good! Jared’s skin was hot and hard, all for Jensen and he didn’t want to ever stop.

Unfortunately, he knew he had to. His body was starting to vibrate with the pull of wanting to turn – of wanting to claim. Jared was a human and if Jensen tried to have sex with him – because of the feelings he had for Jared – his body would try to knot. A human wasn’t able to take a werewolf’s knot without serious consequences, and Jensen wasn’t going to do that to his boyfriend. Jared couldn’t possibly understand the mechanics of how werewolf society worked and he would just assure Jensen he could control himself. The fact of the matter was, Jensen couldn’t – not completely, anyway. Not when it came to Jared.

Before Jensen knew it, Jared was wrapping his hand around his cock, stroking slowly, almost tentatively, like he had no idea what he was doing. Hell, Jared probably didn’t because he was a virgin, but it still felt like Heaven. And Jensen knew that he couldn’t have Heaven right now. There was too much at stake and he just couldn’t let Jared do this. “Jared, stop…” he breathed, giving his head a small shake even as his hand started sliding over Jared’s hard flesh, using the pre-cum oozing from the head to slick his way. “Stop, please, I…I can’t.”

Jared knew that he should stop – had promised that he would if Jensen asked him to do so, but he couldn’t. They were so close, and Jared wanted them to finish this. He wanted to see Jensen come apart beneath him and memorize the look on his face – the sounds he made. “You can,” he assured Jensen with a small nod, rutting his hips into Jensen’s hand. “You are. Don’t make me stop. Not now. Please, Jen?”

Both of them are begging – desperate. Jensen wants to stop because he doesn’t trust himself, and Jared won’t let him because he knows that Jensen can get through this. Of course, Jensen was going to do whatever Jared wanted because it goes back to the whole no will-power thing, and his hips were thrusting wildly into his boyfriend’s hand, his own fingers playing along Jared’s dick like a pro.

It didn’t take long before Jensen’s body was arching off the bed, a loud scream of pleasure ripping through him, forcing the older man to cuff Jared around the neck and pull him down into a passionate kiss. Their parents were downstairs, after all. They didn’t need to know what was going on up here, although Jensen had a feeling they really wouldn’t care. At least not his parents, anyway. And Jared’s parents had to know that Jared was an eighteen year old boy – most kids his age were sexually active.

And now that he and Jared had gone this far, there was no going back. He watched in awe as the younger man shuddered above him, his warm cum coating Jensen’s hand as he worked Jared through his orgasm. This was definitely not something he would be able to get out of his mind, and he knew Jared was going to want more. On the bright side, this proved that Jensen had more control than he thought he did. Hopefully this would placate Jared and he wouldn’t bother him about having sex for a while. This was a good substitute he supposed – for now, anyway.

A wide smile came to Jared’s lips once he could get control of himself again, his hazel eyes locked on Jensen. “I told you that you could handle this,” he gloated as he pulled his hand free from Jensen’s pants, buttoning his boyfriend’s jeans back up. “And you were…amazing at it.” Jared wasn’t going to deny that he’s jerked himself off to thoughts of Jensen, but he’d never come like this to his own hand. Jensen had been the reason for that.

“Aren’t we smug?” Jensen asked, buttoning Jared’s pants before he gripped the younger man’s hips and rolled them over so he was lying on top of Jared. Surging forward, he crushed their lips together, intent on getting another make-out session in before Jared had to go home. After all, tomorrow was a school day, and Jensen knew Jared’s parents were going to want to take him home soon, unfortunately. Seriously, they were allowed upstairs in Jensen’s room alone with the door closed, but sleep overs were strictly forbidden. It made no sense to Jensen. Must have been one of those human customs that he didn’t really understand.

Just as Jared was about to answer Jensen’s question, there was a knock on the door, Jensen quickly rolling off Jared so no one would think they were doing anything wrong. “Yeah, come in,” he called out, smiling at Jared as the door opened to reveal his brother. “Hey Josh, what’s up?”

Josh smiled at Jared and his brother before he explained, “Jared’s parents are ready to go home. They sent me up here to get him.” It wasn’t hard for a werewolf to tell what had been going on up here. The scent of arousal was hanging heavy in the air, and that shit-eating grin on Jensen’s face would have been an indication even if Josh couldn’t smell the sex in the room. How they got dressed so quickly was way beyond him though – he would have to learn Jensen’s secrets about that later, he supposed.

Although leaving was the last thing that Jared wanted to do, he knew that arguing with his parents wasn’t a good idea if he wanted to see Jensen again. “Okay, thanks Josh. Tell them I’ll be down in a minute,” Jared answered, returning the other werewolf’s smile as he turned towards Jensen to say good night. He was actually pouting as he leaned towards Jensen and pressed their lips together, pushing his tongue into Jensen’s mouth and mapping out the familiar wet cavern.

By the time he broke the kiss, both men were panting, Jared’s forehead resting against Jensen’s as their breaths mingled. “I don’t want to go,” Jared pouted, biting into his bottom lip. “I hate it when I have to leave and I don’t get to see you until tomorrow. It sucks.” If it were up to Jared, he would be with Jensen all day every day. But he still lived with his parents and went to high school, so he wasn’t the one calling the shots.

He knew exactly what Jared meant. Jensen hated it when they had to say goodbye. But Jared’s parents had made their rules clear in the beginning, and Jensen was going to respect them. Until Jared was out of school and able to make his own rules, Jensen wasn’t going to upset the parents so he couldn’t see Jared at all. That would have just been stupid. Instead, he cuffed the back of Jared’s head and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. “I don’t want you to go either,” he breathed when the kiss broke, their foreheads resting against each other’s. “But your parents aren’t going to change the rules and let you sleep over. And if we argue with them, it’s only going to get us into trouble. You can see me tomorrow, baby.”

Again, Jared bit into his bottom lip, giving his head a small nod. “Yeah, I know I can,” he assured Jensen. “Just sucks that I have to wait so long.” Pressing their lips together once more, Jared rolled off the bed and headed down the stairs. He said his goodbyes to Jensen’s family before he was out the door, climbing into his parents’ car and smiling at Jensen’s bedroom window when he saw his boyfriend standing there watching him. It occurred to him in that moment just how much he loved Jensen. His chest was aching at the thought of not seeing him again until the next day, and Jared knew that it could only be because he was so in love with him.

Ever since Jared could remember, he’d been in love with Jensen – even before he knew what love was. When he was little, he’d run around saying that he wanted to be Jensen’s mate, but everyone had just figured he was being cute. Jared knew now that he hadn’t just been saying it; he really wanted to be Jensen’s mate. Being his husband wasn’t enough – mates were forever, unlike marriage. And there were so many other perks to being mated rather than married. For one, mates can feel and sense each other’s emotions. Of course, it wasn’t like they could read minds or anything, but they were in a sense, mentally connected. There was just one problem – a human could only mate with a werewolf if they were turned into a werewolf themselves.

Now, Jared had done his research. He knew how risky it was for a human to be turned into a werewolf. There were all kinds of cases on the internet about transformations that had gone bad. Humans who had been bitten needed to be under constant care and surveillance for up to thirty six hours, and even after that, there was no guarantee the human would survive the change. And that wasn’t even accounting for the ritual that had to be performed. To turn a human, the wolf had to bite them and drink their blood. Once that was finished, the human had to ingest the werewolf’s blood for the ritual to be completed – from what Jared could tell, it was very complicated.

Also, Jared had to take into account that newly turned wolves could only turn out to be betas or omegas – never an alpha. Not that it was an issue for Jared, but with his luck, he’d become an omega, which was even more dangerous than becoming a beta. Omegas were practically irresistible to other werewolves, and while Jared was still in the beginning stages of the change, he would be vulnerable – Jensen wouldn’t be able to mate with him until he was a little more adapted, which left him open to someone else trying to get at him. He wasn’t worried about that though – Jared knew Jensen would never let anyone near him with the intent of harming him.

What he was worried about, however, was the fact that betas and omegas, whether male or female, could get pregnant. Naturally, it was a lot more dangerous for an omega to get pregnant though, so that was something else that Jensen would probably freak out about. But he wasn’t going to give up without a fight. It was something that they needed to discuss. After all, Jared was graduating soon, and this was the perfect time to talk about it so they could get everything planned out before graduation. Once he was done with school, Jared wanted Jensen to finally make him his – forever.

Mind made up, Jared grabbed his cell phone as soon as he heard his parents go to bed and dialed Jensen’s number. He wasn’t about to wait until tomorrow to discuss this with Jensen. It was something that needed to be discussed right now. “Jen,” he breathed when his boyfriend answered the phone. “I need you. Can you come over? Now? My parents are already asleep. Please?”

It was against the rules, and Jensen knew it, but he didn’t care. If Jared was calling him in the middle of the night like this, there had to be a damn good reason for it. Without hesitating, Jensen grabbed his jacket and jumped out his window, landing in a crouch outside his front door. “I’m on my way, baby,” he promised the waiting man. “I’ll be there in three minutes.”

True to his word, Jensen was slipping into Jared’s room through his open window three minutes later, the older man quickly moving towards Jared and gripping his upper arms, looking the younger man over to make sure there were no visible injuries on Jared’s body. “What is it, baby?” he asked when he couldn’t find any sign of injury. “Are you all right? When you called, I thought something had happened.”

“No, I’m fine,” Jared assured Jensen with a small shake of his head. “I just…I wanted to see you, that’s all.” Biting into his bottom lip, Jared locked eyes with Jensen, his hands moving to slide up Jensen’s arms before they carded through Jensen’s hair. “I…want to talk to you about something. It couldn’t wait. Besides, we’ve never spent the night together before, and I want you to stay with me tonight. I’ll set the alarm clock and we can make sure that you’re gone before my parents even realize that you were here.”

Again, this was against the rules, but Jensen was honestly surprised just how willing to bend the rules he was when it came to Jared. “Okay,” he answered, allowing Jared to pull him towards the bed and push him down so that he was on his back. “What do you want to talk to me about?” Usually, when someone said they needed to talk in a relationship, it was the first sign that the other person was getting dumped. Of course, he wasn’t worried about that. Not with the way Jared was acting right now.

This was it – the moment he’d been waiting for since before he even knew he wanted it. But Jared knew that he had to be careful about this. If he went the wrong way about this, Jensen would definitely not agree to it. So, he had to get Jensen in the mood first – had to show Jensen just how awesome it would be if they were mates. And the best way to do that was by making out, Jared was sure. Climbing on top of Jensen, Jared dipped his head and crushed their lips together, both men moaning softly against the other’s mouth.

Just as they were getting into it, their kisses becoming more desperate and their dicks pressing against the flies of their jeans, Jared mumbled, “I love you, Jensen.” They’d never actually come out and said that before, so this was kind of a big deal. But Jared wanted Jensen to know that he was one hundred percent sure that he wanted this when the time came. He didn’t want Jensen to have any doubts because he sure as hell didn’t.

The words threw Jensen off, the older man frowning at his lover. Of course he loved Jared, too, but they had never spoken the words out loud, so what was he supposed to think? What was he supposed to say? There was only one thing that he could think of. “I love you, too, Jay,” he whispered back, leaning in and pressing their lips together once more. Now it was official – they’d said it and there was no going back. Not that Jensen would ever want to go back. He’d been in love with Jared since he was a teenager, so there was definitely no doubt in his mind that he and Jared were meant to be together.

Their kiss continued for a few more minutes before Jensen pulled back, his hands sliding up and down Jared’s back, feeling the younger man’s muscles rippling beneath his fingers. “So, what did you want to talk to me about, baby?” he asked, a little curious about it now that Jared had made the next move – he’d taken their relationship to the next level and Jensen wasn’t sure what that meant. It was honestly a little scary.

He could only see this going one way – Jared was going to be blunt. Just lay everything out on the line here and Jensen was going to answer however he pleased. But Jared was sure about one thing – he wasn’t going to tiptoe around this. “I want you to turn me,” he explained, biting into his bottom lip as he tried to read Jensen’s expressions. “I want to be your mate, Jensen.”