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Golden Eyes

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Chapter 1: A new frontier

The shadow of a young man moved down the sidewalk, a hazel eye scanned the map of the city that was currently held in his hand. He crossed an intersection and continued to scan the paper for a few moments later before cracked a smile.

Found you. He thought, he folded the map and put it inside his back pocket, he would need it later. He had been tracking the ability users for a while now and it seemed as if they knew of his presence in the city, his suspension was further proved by what he saw on the map, what seemed like hundreds of red dots in a warehouse on the edge of the city. Clearly whoever was leading them wanted to keep the public out of danger as much as possible.

This didn’t bother Yuu, it just made his job easier. He wouldn’t need to worry about civilian casualties and he could let loose, a win-win for him. One he intended to use to its fullest potential.

Quickly finding his way to the warehouse, the reaper cupped his hands around his mouth, “Hey! I know you’re in there! Just come outside already and make it easier for all of us!”

As the moments passed Yuu watched as scores of people drifted out from their shelter. Leading the drifters was a tall man in a black business suit with an ivory cane in his left hand. Meanwhile, the other drifters began to surround Yuu, many preparing their abilities for the inevitable fight.

The businessman pointed his ivory cane at Yuu, “Are you sure you want to do this, Reaper.”

Yuu held up a hand, and fire erupted from his palm, “All I know is that I have to do this.”

Without a moment's notice, the man was only inches away from Yuu, swinging his cane down on the reaper. Yuu scoffed, superspeed, he’s dealt with superspeed more times than he could count.

The cane came down with a large thud as ice surrounded Yuu’s arm. The Reaper’s brown eyes turned to gold as he glanced at the businessman, and before many of the other drifters knew what happened they were either face down in the concrete or flat out knocked out.

Yuu stood up and gazed at his handiwork with satisfaction, a crooked smile on his face and hands resting on his hips, “I got to say, I outdid myself this time, more than I did in Arizona that’s for sure!”

A grunt from behind Yuu caused the reaper to turn himself around, finding a lone man pushing himself off the ground. He had torn brown pants and a worn white beater around his neck, “You know Mr. Reaper, I doubted the rumors about you until now.”

Yuu crossed his arms, “What makes you say that?”

A smirk overtook the man's face, “They say that you’re unbeatable and that you can escape from any situation.” He leaned against the wall, clutching his gut with one arm, “But now I see something different.”

Yuu frowned, “What’s different?”

Suddenly a purple glow surrounded Yuu, and his body grey light and transparent. The man pushed himself off the wall, eyes shining a sinister shade of purple, “That you have a huge sense of overconfidence.” The man brought his right hand up to his face, and leaned toward Yuu, and snapped his fingers.


“I’ll have you return everything, All for one!” All Might grunted through his punch.

“Will you kill me again, All Might!” All for one teased the symbol of peace.

With a resounding boom, a volley of wind threw everyone close to them back several feet. As the two titans began to battle, buildings collapsed and All Might was sent flying. Again and again, All Might charged his rival and would be sent flying backward with resounding force.

Bakugo stood up from the rubble and looked around stared in disbelief as All Might flew backward and through another building.

All for One gazed down at the palm of his hand, “Air cannon plus springlike limbs, Kinetic booster times four, strength enhancer times three. This combination is fun. Maybe I’ll try to add a few enhancer types.”

Bakugo watched as the smoke cleared, finally getting a glimpse of the damage caused by the clash. Shattered pavement, destroyed buildings, and smoke flowing from the ground, “All Might!”

All for One stared at Bakugo, “Even with your worry, he won't die from something like that.” He turned his gaze at Shigaraki, “Now go!”

Shigaraki turned back toward his master, “But what about you?”

Before All for One could respond a building exploded and the number one hero lept from the cracks in the building and began to plunge toward the villain once more. In response, All for One pushed off the ground and began to float in the air, “Think constantly, Tomura. You still have much more room to grow!”

All Might plunged toward his enemy, “I won't let you get away!” He threw a punch, which All for One caught, creating a large shockwave to send debris away from the two men.

“Master,” Tomura whispered to himself.

“Let's go, Shigaraki!” Mr. Compress began, “While that pipe mask is holding all might back!” He held his hand out to Dabi, compressing him into a blue sphere. “Get your piece.”

Bakugo watched as the league of villains turned to him, prepared to subdue their enemy, “What a pain!”

Tomura took a few steps toward Bakugo when something grabbed the league’s attention. An outline of a person, purple light shining on the edges. It fell to its knees while clutching the side of its head, seemingly in pain. “What the hell!” it shouted, purple light fading out, showing a teenager with brown hair, a black jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a dark red shirt, jeans and a pair of worn sneakers.

Toga took a step backward, “What’s going on?”

Mr. Compress pointed to the clearly confused man, “Who are you?!”

Tomura shook his head, “We don’t have time for questions, we need to get the boy and get out of here!” Another shockwave shook the ground as the league began to clash against the young hero in training.

Yuu shook his head as his vision cleared and his ears stopped ringing. He scanned his surroundings and found the most bizarre sight, In the ruins of buildings two men were fighting, one with his bare hands and the other with some kind of growth from his fingertips. Meanwhile, a younger teen fought alone against six other people.

Yuu rubbed his eyes and scanned his surrounding once again, “Where the hell am I?”

He watched as the blonde dodges a rope, several knife strikes, and create an explosion in between him and the blonde with the knife. Yuu stood up as Bokugo used an explosion to flip over another villain, however, this came back to bite him as he was now surrounded by those he was trying to get away from. The girl began to throw her knifes toward her target, he used his explosions to dodge and flee into the air. He set off another explosion and fled further into the air, landing moments later.

Yuu prepared to join the fight when a nearby wall exploded and a hill of ice appeared not even a second later, grabbing everyone's attention. Three boys flew from the hill, one gelled back black hair, another with green hair, and the last one with red locks.

“Come!” The redhead called toward Bakugo, extending his hand out to him.

Tomura reached out to Bakugo, attempting to capture him. As he reached out something stuck to his leg, causing him to glance down, a trail of ice had circled around his leg, encasing his foot in the cold element. Before he could trace it back to its owner Bakugo let loose an explosion, shattering the ice and sending Tomura flying.

With the blonde away safely and the villains mostly out of the fight, Yuu decided to do the responsible thing and figure out where the hell he is. Yuu turned on his heel and used his newly acquired superspeed to make his way out of the battlefield and into this unknown world.