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Kuvira´s visitor

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It had been a few months after Kuvira had been defeated and now the ex dictator were in prison serving her times. As she was sitting in her cell she was surprise when the door open and Korra walk in and the guard close the door.

“And to what pleasure do I own you, avatar.” Kuvira said dry as she went back to looking at the floor.

“I just wanted to see if you were behaving, and how you were feeling.” Korra said.

Kuvira just laugh.” Really you came to see if I was behaving and how I felt. I thought that we had been clear with one another after you have beaten me.”

“Well that´s true but that was a while ago, thing do change and so dose people. So Kuvira how are you feeling.”

Kuvira sigh.” To be honest not really that good, I feel lonely and I don´t just mean from being in this cell all the time. I feel lonely as their will be nobody for me once I get out.”

“Hey that´s not true, their is somebody waiting for you.”

“Really and how might that be?”

“Me” Korra said as she sat down next to Kuvira.


“After we fought I started to get some feelings for you and knowing how and why you did all the things you did, only made me being more interested in you.”

Kuvira did´t know what to say, she was shock for one but she did´t know how to handle this news.” Y,,you really have feelings for me.”

“I do, I hope you do so as well.”

“Too be honest I have always admirer you and being here made me realize that I do love you.” Kuvira said as they lean in and kiss each other. They moan into each other´s kiss as they started to undress one another, once Korra got to Kuvira´s crotch she felt something. “Mm well you are packing something extra.” She said as she remove the woman´s pants and saw a thick cock at 2 feet flaccid.

“Like what you are seeing.” Kuvira chuckle as she grab her cock and started to stroke it to full mast. I was now 2,5 inches and so thick that she could´t warp her and around it. Korra stood up and bend over a table and Kuvira walk up spitting her fingers and then push them inside Korra´s ass and move them around a little before she pull them out and then she started to eat Korra out. The avatar was moaning she felt her ass getting rim by her lover. her pussy juice were running down her legs. Kuvira push away and line her cock up against the wet hole and push in making them both moan at the feeling. After getting at least a foot inside Korra, Kuvira started to fuck the avatar hard bulging her stomach out. “Fuck I love your ass Korra.” She said slapping it.

Korra just moan as she took more and more of that incredibly cock, she shiver and scream in pleasure as she came once Kuvira went balls deep inside her. Kuvira went rougher slapping her balls against the avatar needy pussy. This kept on going for a few mins before she hilted inside Korra and cum pumping her so full that Korra look like she was pregnant. Kuvira pull out and lifted Korra up and put her down on the bed. She then went over Korra´s body and move her cock down to Korra´s face while she went for Korra´s pussy and started to eat her out while Korra suck her off.

Both Korra and Kuvira were moaning in pleasure as they felt the other´s mouth on their genital. For mins they made sure to pleasure the other one before they came. After Kuvira came again and pull out of Korra´s mouth, she move up and pull Korra to her ballsack and the avatar willingly suck and lick those hairy cum tanks.”I love you Korra.” Kuvira said and was only getting a muffle answer from Korra.