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The Loki System

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Heimdall stands at the observatory, bored. He was usually bored. After all, despite his status as the Gatekeeper, it was not often that people would try and invade Asgard. So he stands and waits for days on end, without much to do but peek into other people's lives.

The Bifrost activate, alerting Heimdall to open the portal.

Within a moment, he saw the King of Asgard appear before him. Trailing behind him was his wayward sons and their warrior friends.

At that moment, Heimdall knew that shit was going to go down. He stayed silent.

Odin stomps over and pulls out Heimdall's sword from the control panel before throwing it to him. Heimdall backs away.

Thor looked furious. "Why did you bring us back?" He demanded, his chest puffing up like a proud and angry peacock.

Odin didn't look at him. He couldn't. Never in his life had the golden king been so disappointed, so angry, at the son he had raised. He cast a glance to Loki. The dark prince that he had taken from Jotun. Perhaps the one who was truly rightful to the throne was him because, at this point, Thor was a lost cause.

"Do you have any idea what you could have done? What you could have started?"

"I was protecting my home!"

"You cannot even protect your friends. I have seen the 'battle' you were in and if it wasn't for Loki, you would all have perished. How can you hope to protect our kingdom if you can't even survive an illusion that your brother had cast? How can you hope to make peace if you had truly harmed the Jotuns?"

While Odin continued to chew out Thor, Loki turned to the others.

He saw that Fandral was still pale and unwell, despite the fact that he had closed his wounds.

Loki had used most of his energy in maintaining his illusions and copies. He did not have enough seidr to completely heal the internal wounds that the ice stalagmite had done on Fandral.

Not to mention, Volstagg was bearing a heavy injury within the throw of the illusionary battle. Loki's protective shield on the ginger warrior may or may not have flickered when he (Volstagg) was grabbed by a Jotun. Upon closer inspections, it seems the trickster was right on this fact when he saw that a part of his arm was blackened and slowly rotting.

Shit. I forgot about him.

{Indeed you did, Master Mot}

"Father?" The dark prince approaches the furious Allfather, looking slightly meek and worried (for the old god's health; a person his age should not be shouting that angrily until his face turned puce).

Odin finally turned to the others, wearing an ire-filled expression until his eyes landed on his youngest. His face softened slightly immediately. In a quieter and much kinder tone, he asked, "What is it, my son?"

Loki still looked mildly worried, but he gestured to the Warriors. "Fandral and Volstagg were gravely injured during the battle. The fault lies with me for I allowed my shields to flicker. I would like to send them to Healer Eir to get them checked up if it's alright with you?"

Thor stood behind them, his face darkened slightly after being ripped through by his father's words. However, upon hearing what Loki had said, he became anxious. His friends had been injured and he did not notice? What injuries have Volstagg and Fandral sustained for Loki to call them grave? His mind was fraught with worry as he thinks of this.

Odin nods once in agreement and looks to Sif and Hogun. "Get them to the Healing Room." Hogun and Sif bowed their heads respectfully and hurried over to help Volstagg and Fandral out the room. Both injured warriors slightly complained about being manhandled but were silenced by a knock on the head by Sif and a "Shut up!" by Hogun.

Loki was about to follow them out, but Odin stopped him. "Wait, my son. Stay here. I wish to speak with you after I deal with your brother." With that, the golden god's attention returned to Thor's.

009, should I be worried?

{According to this world's data, the original Loki stayed in the observatory as the plot played out. He was not punished during this scene.}

I see. Then I can breathe easy.

By the time Loki came back from speaking with 009, Thor and Odin were continuing their third (or was it fourth?) screaming match.

"-There won't be a kingdom to protect if you're afraid to act!" Thor yelled loudly.

Odin stares at him.

The thunderer continues to make his point across. "Whatever the cost, the world must know that the new King of Asgard will not be held in contempt!"

"That's pride and vanity that talks! Not leadership! Have you forgotten everything I've taught you? What of a warrior's patience, cunning?" Odin countered, becoming equally as loud and dramatic.

Like Father, like son, indeed.

Thor was stubborn as a bull and fought back willfully. "While you wait and be patient, the Nine Realms laugh at us! The old ways are done. You'd stand giving speeches while Asgard falls!"

"You're a vain, greedy, cruel boy!"

"And you are an old man and a fool!"

The whole world seems to stop at Thor's words. Odin falls quiet.

His face hard as stone, but in his eyes, you could see he was slightly hurt by the younger god's comment. No parent would want to hear their own child insult them so.

He could only shake his head, his eyes showing every bit of pain and anger for his son. When he speaks again, there's something terrifying beneath the calmness of his words.

"A fool, yes. I was a fool to think you were ready."

009, what do I do? This stuff is getting really tense around here.

{I don't know. It says here that Loki stepped in to interfere but was stopped with a glare from Odin.}

Within the system space, 009 was reading off of a script with the title THOR on it.

Well, I guess I'll give it a try.

Loki takes a step toward Odin, looking concerned. "Father, if I may." He said quietly, breaking the silence as both gods turned their attention to the trickster, who looked so much like a sadden Frigga. With his teeth lightly biting his lower lips, his eyes wide and worried, and his eyebrows furrowed slightly, it made the two male Odinson panic.

"Thor is still maturing, as both prince and king. He hasn't yet proven himself to be worthy, but perhaps if we give him a second chance-"


"We have given him a plenty of chances, Loki. You are too kind and forgiving, having spoiled your older brother when it should have been him offering his kindness and spoiling you. I am sorry that your mother and I allowed this madness to grow and fester; if we had, this would never have happened." Odin felt bad for cutting off his youngest, but he was already firm on his decisions.

Thor felt slightly ashamed, but he didn't waver on the outside. He was grateful that Loki had at least tried to help.

He now must suffer the consequences of his actions.

"Thor Odinson..." Odin begins with an eerily calm voice. Thor readied himself. "You have disobeyed the express command of your King. Through your arrogance and stupidity, you could have opened these peaceful Realms and innocent lives to the horrors of war."

The Allfather plunges Gungnir into Observatory's control panel. The turret of the device turns, the Bifrost energy building along with Odin's rage. It fires, as the Bifrost opens at the end of the platform, creating a portal behind Thor.

Odin turns angrily to his son.

"You are unworthy of this Realm..." He rips off a disc from the chest of Thor's armor.

"...Unworthy of your title..." He tears off Thor's cloak.

" ...Unworthy of the loved ones you've betrayed. I hereby take from you your powers!"

Odin extends his hand towards his son. Mjolnir goes flying from Thor's grasp into Odin's hand.

"In the name of my father..." A stroke of lightning comes off the hammer and hits Thor, disintegrating the right arm of his armor and part of the chest piece.

"...and of his father before..." Another strike disintegrates the remainder of Thor's armor, including the scarlet cloak and torn-away disc on the floor.

"I cast you out!" Odin thrusts Mjolnir before him and, with a crack of thunder, followed by a barrage of lightning, Thor is hurled back into the open Bifrost and disappears into the vortex.

Loki had covered his eyes as the scene played out, watching in awe as Thor was banished in a rather dramatic fashion. Within the observatory, that was now silent and dark, he approaches Odin.

Odin holds Mjolnir in his hand, staring at it bitterly. He closes his eyes, lost in contemplation, whispers something quietly.

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor..."

Runes appear on the side of the hammer as if carved into its smooth surface. The runes linger for but a moment, then disappear. With a final look at the war hammer, Odin turns and hurls it into the Bifrost.


And then he remembers who else stood in the room. His youngest.


The Allfather, the most powerful man in the Nine Realms, worshipped and honored by mortals and feared by his enemies, now stood as a father, an old man, who lost a son.

Without any hesitation, Loki ran over the moment Odin fell to his knees. "Loki, my son..."

The tear-filled voice of the Allfather echoed in the observatory, weak and gruff like he had much sorrow to hold. Loki just held him as the man who banished his son silently shed tears of loss.

Mot felt slightly sad. He had the memories of the old Loki, and that meant he still technically shared fraternal feelings for Thor. Now that the god was banished, he would need to wait a few days before he finds his worth and all that rot. Wait, if Thor was gone, and wouldn't that mean...?

A tug on his sleeve alerted him to Odin. "Father?"

Odin's pallad did not look all that good. The man was as pale as his beard. Loki became very worried as he took Odin into his arms. "Heimdall!" He called to the gatekeeper who had stood outside during the entire fiasco.

Heimdall rushed in quickly and saw the scene before him. "What has happened to the king?"

Odin shook his head. "I fear that I have been prolonging from my sleep far longer than I have anticipated. Heimdall, my consciousness may fade by the time we get back to the palace. Loki, listen to me."

Loki anxiously stares at his father, whose head he was now all but cradling. "Your mother may wish to stay and watch over me while I sleep. Your brother is also not here with us at the moment. Therefore, I shall make a royal decree. No matter if your brother returns, you are chosen as prince regent for the remainder of my Odinsleep. Make me proud, my son."

Odin's voice begins to fade with those words and Loki nearly drops his (Odin's) head.

I actually want to dump it on the cold, hard ground, but he's King, so...

{Master Mot, committing regicide is not a good resume to have. Besides, it's just a few days (or weeks) of playing King. What could go wrong?}

009, if I remember correctly, wasn't being prince regent one of the many causes to Loki's death?

{... I see your point...}

With that conversation done and over with and Odin finally proceeding to fall into his sleep, Heimdall was left equally gaping with Loki. The two men looked at one another silently and then sighed.

"I never wanted the stress of the throne, father..." Loki grumbled to himself as he and the gatekeeper heaved their king gently onto a stretcher that was summoned by the trickster.

Heimdall was greatly surprised. "I assumed you would be elated by this decision."

"You wound me, Heimdall. I rather like my freedom and liberty. As king, I won't be able to coop myself up in the library all day or wander through town. Neither can I go realm trotting, and I assure you, that is something much more pleasurable than having the title of king."

Heimdal raises a brow. "Realm trotting?"

Whoops. I wasn't supposed to say that.

According to the old Loki's memories, he used to leave Asgard unnoticed by traveling through his secret paths. Of course, no one knew of this, including Heimdall after Loki had made charms to counter the all-seeing eyes of the gatekeeper.

Well, the secret's out now.

"I'm hoping you won't mention the last bit. Let's keep it a secret between us, alright?" Loki smiles nervously, looking rather embarrassed.

"... As long as the king doesn't mention it, your secret's safe with me."

Was the reluctant response.

It was evening by the time Heimdall and Loki managed to carry Odin back to the palace. Loki had summoned several guards to the observatory to take the place of Heimdall so that both, the gatekeeper and the dark prince, could explain the situation to the Queen and report what had happened with Thor.

The moment they entered the shared bedroom of the Allmother and Allfather, the Queen was sitting by the fire with a book on her lap. Once hugs were given (Frigga gives the best hugs. This fact was realized by Mot when Loki's mother embraced him in a tight and warm embrace) and everything was explained, they settled Odin onto his bed and Heimdall went back to his post.

Loki was left in the bedroom with Frigga and the sleeping Odin. Frigga sits at her husband's bedside, holding his hand. Odin lies there, looking pale and lifeless, his body and the space around it warped from the effect of the Odinsleep. The walls of the chamber have moved close around him, protecting him like a dark crypt, sealing off any light that is cast by the moon.

Loki sits at Odin's side, across from Frigga. He speaks softly to her.

"How long will it last?"

"I don't know. This time is different. We were unprepared." She said sadly.

He sighs, smiling indulgently as he scolded the Allfather good-naturedly. "I know you can still hear me, Father. You should take better care of your health, you know. I may not seem like it, but I'm beyond livid that you suddenly hauled your kingly duties to me."

Frigga's expression mirrored his. "You've put it off for so long now, I fear..."

Loki takes her hand. She's grateful as she wipes tears from her eyes.

Frigga continues, her face more determined. "We've raised Loki well. He's a good son."

Loki smiles brightly and reaches out a hand to Frigga, tucking a loose curl behind her ear before leaning in to kiss his mother's forehead. "We mustn't lose hope that father will return to us. And Thor..."

Frigga looks concerned for him.

"There is still hope for him." He says firmly. Loki knew that Frigga was equally heartbroken that the thunderer was banished. He tries his best to console his mother.

"There's always a purpose to everything father does. Thor may yet find a way home."

Frigga suddenly smiled, her face blooming as she touched his son's cheek endearingly and filled with love. "There is wisdom within you, my son."

"Wisdom that is taught at my mother's knees." Loki smiles back, leaning into the hand that exudes warmth and protection.

This moment would have lasted longer if it were not for the clatter of armored footsteps hurriedly approaching.

The Einherjar Guards enter the room. Loki was confused by this, wondering what they were doing.

Frigga now speaks. "Thor is banished and Odin has appointed you Prince Regent. Until he awakens, Asgard is yours."

The Einherjar kneel before Loki, who could tell where this was going. Another enters, holding Gungnir before him. He kneels before Loki and off the spear to him.

Frigga places a hand on his shoulder. "Make your father proud."

With great reluctance, that did not go unnoticed by Frigga, nor the Einherjar, Loki reaches out tentatively, then takes it. He does not like the feel of it in his hand.


It was night in the healing room. The Warrior four, battered and shell-shocked, still reeling from the day's events, sit before a roaring fire.

Hogun reaches into the flames, pulling out some fragile healing stone. Neither the fire nor the stones burn him. As he carefully places the stones over the wounds of his comrades, the stones begin to glow. He crushes them to a powder. His comrades' injuries heal up at the glowing powder's touch.

Fandral winces in pain as Hogun attempts to heal a closed wound. It was the inside that was still mending itself. Nothing could be done unless they wish to reopen the scar left by Loki's magic.

Volstagg looks at the skin on his arm. It was healing but still blackened from the necrotizing touch of the Frost Giant.

The door opens and Loki quietly walks in, a group of Einherjar following him like metal ducklings. The Warrior Four look over to see what was happening. Loki pauses in his steps and turns around, looking annoyed at the guards. "Shhh! You're disturbing the injured with the noise you're all making. I said I'm fine, so please let me be-" One of them opens their mouth to protest- "Yes, I know I'm regent. I know I should be protected. But, and let me punctuate on this, Tyr, I am perfectly capable of handling myself, most definitely when visiting the healing ward."

The Einherjar, Tyr, was amendment about protecting the current Prince Regent, who looked as delicate as a flower and acted so much like Queen Frigga. "But your grace, what if someone ambushes you? Or worse, assassinates you by impersonating as your friends? We absolutely MUST protect you from EVERYTHING, for the sake of Asgard."

Mot smiled serenely. Oh, isn't this quite lovely? I have forty stalkers.

"Well, now I'm here. Go outside and wait for me, alright? I wish to speak to my friends."


"And take Gungnir with you!" Shoving the golden spear into the Einherjar's hands, Loki pushed all of them out the door and locked it shut, sighing in relief.

"What was that all about?"

Four pairs of eyes were on Loki as the trickster turned around and sighed, heading over to the healing group of warriors.

The dark prince reached into the fire and brought out a healing stone, pushing aside Hogun so he could work on Fandral's internal injuries.

The Warrior Four watched as he turned the stone to powder and place it into a needle that came from who knows where. He carefully injected the powder in Fandral's wounds, ignoring as the Warrior flinched in pain before finally feeling the warm effects of the healing stone. Loki closed the needle wound with the residue of the healing powder.

This was done all in silence before he was ready to speak.

"Thor has been banished by father."

Pandemonium erupted within the healing ward.

"We should have never let him go!" Volstagg cried.

"There was no stopping him," Hogun responded evenly.

Fandral shed crocodile tears. "At least he's only banished, not dead. Which is what we'd all be if those warriors hadn't told Odin where we'd gone."

This gave pause to the Warriors. Volstagg wondered aloud. "How did they even know?"

Loki was examining Fandral's fully healed wound as he responded haphazardly. "They didn't. I told father."


The Warriors all but demanded before more yelling and shouting filled the room.

They spoke as if Loki wasn't even there.

"He may speak about the good of Asgard, but he's always been jealous of Thor." Sif spat venomously, glaring at the trickster.

Volstagg agreed wholeheartedly. "True, but we should be grateful to him. He did save our lives."

Hogun stared coldly at the dark prince, his face glacial cold. "Laufey said there were traitors in the House of Odin."

All four warriors now stare at Loki with matching looks of distrust.

Hogun continued to speak, with Loki remaining calm and tranquil as water, still dazed and serene without a ripple in his expression. " A master of magic could easily bring three Jotuns into Asgard."

The others look to Hogun, understanding the implication.

"No! Surely not!" Volstagg billowed, his voice booming through the healing ward.

Now that was what gained the attention of the dark prince. "Be quiet! You might alert my guards!" He whispered, clamping his hand around the large warrior's mouth.

No one said anything right as he said that as if awaiting someone to burst through the door. They hear some light footsteps outside but that was it.

Sif was first to speak after a moment, eyeing Loki with a harsh glare. "And since when did you suddenly have guards?" He demanded.

"Since I was crowned regent..."

And then silence fell once again.


Loki placed his focus on cleaning away the residue healing powder on Fandral's healed wound. "I told Father where we were going right after Thor decided we should take a trip to Jotunheim. I was worried that Thor would do something stupid and put our lives at risk. I had no idea Thor would be banished due to his actions. Father fell into the Odinsleep right after he flung Thor into the Bifrost. He made me regent because he knew mother would be protecting him in his sleep." He mumbled quietly, sighing hopelessly at his predicament.

Sif folded his arms and looked grim. "Loki, as much as I am glad that we managed to get out of our predicament and prevented a war, Thor is out there all on his own. This is the harshest consequence Odin has ever placed upon him. You must go to the Allfather and convince him to change his mind!"

Loki furrowed his brows. The room was tensed and he felt accusatory eyes laid upon him as if he was to blame for all this. This was not good. The old Loki had wished to gain the trust of his friends and live a happy life. This will not do.

"I have tried to console with father before Thor was banished, but he will no longer give second chances. And lest we not forget, father is in a sleep that he cannot wake until a certain time has passed. Sif, you must understand; if I had not placed that illusion upon all of you during our excursion, we could have killed hundreds of frost giants.

"Laufey would not be pleased if he had witnessed his own kind slaughtered before him like canon fodders. I would not be pleased if some Elf Prince from Alfheim and his friends suddenly intrudes into Asgard and begins a massacre upon my people.

"We need to put ourselves in other's shoes. If we see frost giants as monsters, then it's a possibility that there are beings out there who see us Asgardians as monsters as well. Why can't we all understand this concept?

"I rather like a future where Asgard is still filled with happiness, where children never have to grow up in war, where we never have to pay the cost of war with our lives. And that is exactly what Thor needs to understand if he wishes to return home and be a good king."

With his little speech over, Loki had left the room completely in awe. He may not have noticed how his voice had echoed, because even the Einherjar who stood outside was left mesmerized by the Silvertongue's words of wisdom.

There was silence once more. The warriors tried to take in these words, a strange feeling rising inside them as they contemplated to themselves.

Fandral spoke. "I thank you for helping my wounds and keeping us safe throughout that battle, illusionary or not, my prince." He shot a flirty wink and held Loki's hand like that of a maiden, only to be pinched by his nose and pushed away.

Loki wiped his hand on a handkerchief and revealed a small smile. He looked tired and stressed. "You are welcome, Fandral. I bid all of you a goodbye for now and hope that you all rest up. I'll be in my father's office, so if you need me for anything, you'll see me there."

Loki stood up and headed to the door. "Have a good night, my friends." An indulgent smile appeared brightly on his face as he shut the door quietly, leaving the warriors on their own.

In the quiet healing ward, Sif speaks back on the earlier conversation. "I still suspect him. Who else could elude Heimdall's gaze with tricks of light and shadow?" He reasoned as he stared back at his fellow warriors.

"The ceremony was interrupted just before Thor was named King." Hogun agreed, thinking back to the coronation.

Sif stood up and rushed over to the door. "We should go to the Allmother."

Fandral stands up and attempts to stop him. "And tell her what? "Oh, by the way, we think your son just betrayed the throne. And do us a favor. Bring back Thor. There's a good fellow!"

Sif pauses, but then sighs. He has no other plan so he goes and sits back down. "It's our duty. If any of our suspicions are right, then all of Asgard is in danger." He reminds them still as he stares into the fire.

Fandral nods in return, but internally, he's questioning himself. Why had he defended Loki? Sure, the sorcerer had healed him, but that wasn't anything special. Loki always healed them after every adventure. It made no difference. However, this time around, Fandral felt something warmer when Loki's magic had sealed his wound.

He did not sleep that night.


Loki sat in his father's office, quill in hand as he read and signed another document on sheep trade. Why the hell did Asgard have so many sheep trades? This was what kept him for most of the hour until a knock came to his door.

"Come in."

Tyr walked in, a letter in hand.

"The Council wishes to hold a meeting tomorrow morning. They wish to have a discussion on the botch coronation, your grace."

Loki reads over the invitation and signs off on it, handing it back to Tyr. "Tell them to meet me in court. Thank you, Tyr."

"With pleasure, your grace."

The Einherjar leaves with a small bow.

Loki rolled his eyes. After "reviving" that soldier from Thor's coronation, it seems he had developed a little crush on Loki.

Tyr, a young guard who was recently promoted to Einherjar a few days ago. The young man was ecstatic when he heard he was guarding Loki, the Prince Regent. Sure, he had to share the trickster with thirty-nine others, but as the head guard, he got to stand the closest.

After that day where he burst into the coronation hall yelling about frost giants, Tyr had fainted due to all the anxiety that piled up. He thought he had reached Valhalla the moment he opened his eyes when, to his astonishment, the first things he saw were soft emerald eyes and a sweet voicing lulling him back to life.

To his shock, it was the second prince who healed him! The one who he was always afraid of. Who he had feared the most (after the Allfather) when he heard terrible rumors about the Silvertongue. Now he was loyal and acted like a puppy, trailing after Loki like an obsessive fan.

Loki sighed. The guard's infatuation with him is just temporary. Just because Loki was the one who woke him up, he must have placed some attachment to him after such a traumatic experience with the frost giant break in. Soon enough, he will lose interest and go back to being a normal Einherjar. After all, it was just a small crush, right...? Right?