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Imagine you have two husbands...

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Your heart bursting with love and warmth.

Your womb burgeoning with their children.

You spend everyday, sandwiched between the muscular bodies of your husbands. Your vision blank, your mind elsewhere, your need filled.

The two cocks that fertilized you buried deep inside, thrusting rhythmically over each other. Their hands carefully cradling your large delicate belly as you move with their thrusts.

Your tongue is hanging out and drooling. Your eyes are rolled back, your vision full of stars.

You’re so wrapped up in the pleasure that your not even aware when it ends. You lay bonelessly between them, breathless, sated, nestled safe and warm inside and out, between the two men that have filled you with life, and continue to fill and fulfil you.

Life. you’re ballooning with it.

Your body boneless from the pleasure, your fluid womb taut with children.

It’s glistening surface thin and delicate. full and ever so fragile. The yolk of an egg moored to trembling gelatin.

Breathless, quivering.


You’re far away.

Large muscular bodies cradle your yielding body, and hands ghost over the ripples and flutters beneath the thin skin.

Your husbands are breathless. Their awed touches light and careful.

Five? six?… seven even?

It didn’t matter.