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In School Suspension

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Emma parks by the schools front office, getting out of her yellow VW bug the blonde makes her way inside. She smiled softly at the secretary that was sitting there, “Hi Ms. Lucas, is she in her office?”

The grey haired woman shakes her head. “She’s in the classroom with Henry. I could call the room if you need something?” the woman offered with a smiled. Already grabbing the phone.

“No thank you, what room is it? Henry forgot his lunch.” she lifts up the brown bag. “I can take it to him.”

“Here you’ll need this.” Granny grabs a sticker sheet and takes one of the stickers off to give to Emma. It was bright yellow and said Visitor on it.

“Oh awesome, thanks.” Emma takes it with a smile before sticking it onto her white tank top. “Room?” she questions once again.

“She's currently in room 108. It’s quite literally right down the hall.”

Emma nods softly and she takes her leave. Her green eyes glance at each number until she sees 108. Awesome. The long haired blonde knocks softly before opening the door.

Regina looks up from where she was sitting at her desk, sliding the black rimmed glasses off of her face. “May I help you Miss Swan?” Regina's heart had skipped a small beat when the blonde had walked in, and that all in itself was so terrifying to her. How could one person have that kind of power over her? She didn’t even really know this Emma Swan and yet she felt like they had known each other forever.

Emma smiled politely, closing the door behind her and biting the corner of her bottom lip nervously. “Um yes. Henry forgot his lunch.” She holds the bag up again. “So I thought I could bring it up here to him.” a small pink blush rested on Emma’s otherwise pale features.

Regina hums. Glancing over at Henry who was engrossed in the book she gave him. A small smile slipped before she clears her throat and turns her head to look at Emma again. “Yes we both ate thirty minutes ago. I had my secretary bring us both lunch. It is one in the afternoon Miss Swan and he was hungry. So was I. You wasted your time.” The short haired brunette slides her glasses back onto her face, and she went back to reading her book. Dismissing the new deputy.

Emma swallows softly and she rocks on her feet. “Well I still brought it. In case he wants it.” The blonde walks over to Henry’s desk and she sets the bag down beside his book. Finally gathering his attention. “I brought your lunch.”

“Oh, sorry ma I already ate lunch with Principal Mills.” his hazel eyes look up at his mother. “But thank you.” he gives her a bright smile.

Emma nodded. “No problem. I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve been looking at better places for us to stay in around here. Since I have this new job you know?” she rambles slightly with a smile. Sitting in the desk beside him. “Any requests?”

Henry thinks about it. His index finger tapping his chin. “Hmm what about a bigger table for the dining room.”

Emma tilts her head and she chuckles at her sons request. “Why out of everything would you choose a table in the dining room?”

Henry shrugs. “We’re not gonna be alone forever. We need a bigger table for when we have someone else there.” He said like it made the most sense in the world.

Emma looks down at the floor before she sighed and nodded. “Alright bigger table it is.” her green eyes lock with his. “I promise.”

He smiled softly. “Okay.” he whispers. “Now go back to work.” the boy nudges her and chuckles. “You're embarrassing me.”

Emma smirks then, she leans forward and gives his cheek a big kiss. “Gotta go Henry!”

“Oh my god mom!” he wipes his cheek in disgust. Groaning in embarrassment as his cheeks turn into a deep crimson.  

Regina chuckles into her book as she secretly watches the interaction. The little family in front of her was everything she longed for but could never have. The brunette closes her book. “We need to get back to work Henry.” A small smile was on her face and she winks at Emma.

Emma blushed darkly, almost darker than Henry. It was a close call. “Um yeah I need to go back on my patrol. Catch you later Henry. I might miss the car pick up time, can you catch the bus today? One of the open houses is at three thirty.”

“I can take him home.” Regina offers and then fiddles with her fingers nervously under her desk. “You know. That way he isn’t getting into trouble or getting bullied on the bus.” She reasons. Why did she offer? She had never ever went out of her way for a student like this before, but then again, Henry wasn’t just a student was he? Regina wanted nothing but to keep the boy safe. She saw a small part of herself in Henry.

Emma slides her thumbs into her back pockets as she thinks it through. “Henry do you feel safe riding home with her?” She whispered to the boy.

Henry smiled and he nods. “Yeah, she’s a good person. My superpower tells me so.”

Emma nodded softly and she ruffles his hair, “Alright. Well okay.” the deputy walks up to Regina’s desk and she hands her a key. “So you both can get in. Thank you for this. I owe you one.”

Regina takes the key out of Emma’s grasp, their fingers brushed and Regina had to stop a small gasp from escaping. Her heart was fluttering in her chest, barely contained behind her rib cage. “I’ll remember that.” she teases as she takes the key. “Be safe Swan.” she smirks at her.

Emma swallowed thickly. Why was her throat so dry all of a sudden. “I will.” she smiled and she leaves the classroom.

Henry smiles when she left and he shakes his head. “She likes you.” the young boy states, fixing his hair from where Emma had messed it up.

“Hm?” Regina questions as she puts the key onto the chain she had in her bag. “What did you say Henry?”

Henry shakes his head again. “Nothing.” he whispered before going back to his book.



Regina walks up the steps to their apartment. Henry right beside her. “So you are both moving out of this place correct?” she watches as bugs crawl on the walls in the hallway causing her to grimace in disgust.

“Yes ma’am. Well that’s what mom said. I believe her.” he walks up to their door and he smiles up at the brunette waiting for her to unlock it.

Regina nodded and she shuddered, “Good. You do not deserve to stay in a place like this Henry.” she unlocks the door. Following the boy inside. At least it was better inside. There weren’t any bugs. That was always a plus.

Henry puts his book bag onto the table by the door and he goes to the fridge. Grabbing two juices. Handing Regina one. "Here you go.”

Regina smiled and she takes one of the juices from his hand, twisting the top off and taking a sip. “Thank you Henry.” her caramel eyes look around, taking in the fact that there was a pillow and a blanket on the couch. “Is someone staying over?” she questioned in innocent curiosity.

Henry drinks half of the juice before he shakes his head. “No that’s where mom sleeps. I get the bed.” he looks up at Regina. “It’s only been like this for a few weeks. In our old apartment in Boston we both had our own room.”

Regina nods and she sits on one of the armchairs. “Okay, well too bad you and your mother could just stay in my house. I have more than enough room. At least until she can find a new apartment, or house.” she sighs in thought. Her house was way too big for just herself.

Henry studies her and he shakes his head. Never had he met anyone quite like Regina. She would be perfect for his mother. For one, Regina was organized and Emma? Not so much. “Ms Mills?”

Regina shakes her head clear of her thoughts and she smiles. “What is it Henry?” she questioned curiously.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” a determined look crosses his boyish features.

Regina lets out a small laugh and she shakes her head. Her body shaking slightly from her laughter. “No Henry I do not.” she puts her bottle of juice onto the small table by her chair. “Why?”

Henry smiled softly. “Well do you have a  girlfriend  then?”

Regina stops laughing and she swallows softly. Shaking her head. “No Henry I do not have a girlfriend either. Why?” she questions again.

Henry let out the brightest smiles the woman had ever seen from him. Henry knew what he had to do now. It was time for an operation. Operation First Date. “No reason!” he blurts as he keeps planning in his head.

Regina's eyes narrow and she’s about to ask him more about it when the door opens and Emma walks in.

“Hey mom! Finally you’re here. Principal Mills said she wanted us to go to her house for dinner!”

Emma smiled brightly. “Oh really? Well that’s awesome.”

Regina's eyes widened and she stares at the boy with her jaw open slightly. What was he planning. What the  absolute  hell was going on, and why did Regina not want to stop it? She was both terrified and excited all at once. One thing was for sure. She knew that it was going to be hard for her to continue to keep her walls up around these two goofballs. Gods help her.