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In School Suspension

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Emma and Henry both walk into the apartment, the young boy goes right to the kitchen. “Woah, dude. Talk to me. What happened?”

Henry shakes his head seriously. “I don’t want to talk about it.” his eyes were still wet from earlier. Like he was trying to stop himself from crying. Emma knew that look well. Someone hurt her sons feelings.

“Well… Why don’t we have a movie night. You calm down a little, and then we’ll talk about it?” Emma offered, she was really trying here.

The boy sighed deeply before he nods, eyeing his mother. “Okay.” He nods again, his bangs swishing as he done so. “Only if we get to watch my favorite.”

Emma smiles brightly. “Alright then mister. Go get your jammies on and meet me in the living room!”

“Ma, I’m ten. It’s pajamas.”

“Okay, okay, whatever! Come on!”


Henry sits on the pillow on the floor. His back against the front of the couch. “He was bullying me…” He started as the movie played in the background. “He kept saying hateful things, about us.” He shakes his head. “I know violence isn't the answer but he pushed me and he said he would do worse if I didn’t fight back. I like it here. I didn’t want for us to leave. I messed up didn’t I?”

Emma slides down onto the floor beside him and she wraps an arm around his shoulders, pulling his body against her side. “It’s alright Hen, I knew something happened. Who was it?”

“Principal Mills knows who it was. I asked her to not punish him.”

“Why would you do that?” Emma asked in surprise. Why shouldn't that boy get in trouble just like her little boy.

“Because if he got in trouble too i would have to sit in ISS with him everyday.” he reasons and he looks up at her.

“You got a point. But that boy can’t get away with this. You know that right?” Emma whispered.

Henry nods seriously and he laid his head against her as he watched the movie. Ending the conversation.


Regina Mills walks into the mansion. Setting her bag down onto the table by the door, along with her keys. “Mother?” She calls out as she makes her way through the foyer and into the kitchen. Not seeing her she lets out an aggravated huff. Of course she wasn’t there. The short haired brunette grabs a water and she goes to her room.  

She takes off the black blazer she was wearing and she places it on the chair in front of her vanity. Her mind kept going back to that woman. ‘Miss Swan.’ Regina had her suspicions about Henry, and after the boy asked her to keep the boy out of the punishment she knew that something was off then.

The brunette sits on her bed, thinking it over. Why was Henry’s mother looking at her that way? Regina was known as the HBIC all over StoryBrooke so no one really even looked at her. Too scared, while that had its pros, it most definitely had its cons.

She is interrupted from her phone with a constant chime on her phone. Rolling her eyes she gets up and collects her phone out of her blazer pocket. Seeing the unknown number she decides to answer it. “Regina Mills”

A soft timid voice came from the speaker. “Hey um.. It’s Emma. Swan I mean. Henry’s mother.”

Regina places her palm against her forehead. “Is someone dying Miss Swan?” she questioned with an exasperated tone.

"I might if you hang up. Look Principal Mills. I need your help with Henry. It is taking me a lot to even say that but i do. I think you can help me.” she rambled slightly.

Regina slides her palm down her face and she cradles her own cheek before she takes a seat on the bed again. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the fact that he’s being bullied, I think you know that too. Henry doesn’t just hit people.”

“So… Miss Swan. You’ve called me on my own time to tell me I have done the wrong thing?”

“No, absolutely not. I just think we need to keep our eyes peeled with that other boy. He could be bullying more children. Not just Henry.”

Regina's eyebrow raised as she listened to Emma’s rants. “What do you mean by us?”

“Well I’m the deputy right? I could like… Look around.”

“You’re seriously insinuating that you’re going to spy on a ten year old boy.”

“What? No! I was talking about keeping an eye out on the kids, after school when they all go to the diner and stuff when they wait for their parents after school.”

“I guess there is nothing wrong with that. Just be careful Miss Swan, you never know what could happen. We don’t need any rumors about you around the town.”

“Yeah okay. You got it.” Emma smiles once she gets Regina's approval. “So what will Henry be doing tomorrow?”

Regina rolls her eyes. When would this conversation end. “He is going to learn just like all of the other kids, he’s just going to be separated. Now. I really want to retire to bed.”

“Why do you talk like that?” Emma questioned. If you could see her, you’d see her eyebrows are furrowed.

“Like what?”

“Fancy.” The blonde has a cheeky grin.

“Goodnight Miss Swan.” Regina sighs out and shakes her head.

“Goodnight Regina.” Emma's goofy smile is heard through the line as she speaks before Regina hangs up.


Henry walks into the classroom and he sits in the desk in the front. He was happy he wouldn’t have to see Jack today. He didn't think he could listen to his mean comments. Henry knew he was different, he didn’t need anyone to tell him that. His hazel eyes watches Regina walk into the classroom.

“Good morning Henry.” the woman walks over and she places a packet on his desk. “This is everything we need to learn today.” She points to the top. “Go ahead and put your name and today's date, then we will start.”

Henry nods and he writes his name, and the date. “Principal Mills?” he questions, looking up from his paper momentarily.

“Yes Henry?” She leans on the desk beside his.

“Thank you for keeping Jack out of here.”

Regina decides to sit on the table top of the desk and she nods. “You know you still have not told me everything that happened on that playground.” She reminds him.

“I know, it’s just embarrassing. He was making fun of the way I write and how my mom has had a girlfriend and it was all so dumb.” he rambles. So much like Emma in those few moments.

“What is wrong with your writing? Henry all I see is you have a backwards Y. You’re ten. It’s okay.”

Henry shakes his head softly. “It happens all the time. I mess up letters. It’s why i read so much. I try to change it, but then i get confused.” he sighs. “You think when I get older that it will go away?”

Regina listens to him and she nods. “I believe so yes. What a foolish thing for him to bully you for. I’ll tell you a secret.”

Henry turns to her in interest. “Really? What is it?”

“You have to promise not to tell anyone. Here.” she holds her pinky out. “Pinky promise it.”

Henry gives a bright smile and he links his pinky with the principals before they shake.

“When I was younger I used to stutter. Now, when I’m really tired or nervous sometimes it comes back.”

Henry tilts his head. “Is that why you talk like that?” he questions.

“What is it with you and your mother asking me why I talk a certain way?” she chuckles and she shakes her head.

“You talked to my mom?” Henry questions her. Scrutinizing her.

“Yes. Now Henry are you ready to work?”

 Henry eyes her for a few more seconds. Something in his eyes before he smiles and he nods softly. “Of course.”