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In School Suspension

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Emma looks over at Henry as she drives down the main road of Storybrooke. “Are you okay with this kid?” she turns her eyes back onto the dark asphalt and her green eyes took in the small town. The long haired blonde was sure that if she sneezed the people on the other side of town would hear it.


Henry looks over at his mother. “I mean… I guess. I really didn’t have many friends ma.” The boy sits up higher in the front seat and his hazel eyes take in the town. “This is nothing like boston.” the young brunette chuckles softly as he looks around. “Can we go there? I’m kind of hungry.” he points to the diner.


“Um. Yeah.” Emma parks in the front of it and she unbuckles her seatbelt before turning to him. “I’m serious, if you don’t like it we can find somewhere else.” Emma knew what it was like, going places without a choice. While she absolutely had to leave Boston, she didn’t have to be in StoryBrooke.


“I’m sure.” He gives her a reassuring smile and he gets out of the bug, walking around the front to meet her at her door. “You think they have hot cocoa?”


“Henry it’s a diner. Of course they have hot cocoa!” Emma locks up the car and she puts her hand on his shoulder as they walk in. A bell signals their entrance and the two look for a booth. Finding one Henry runs to it.


“Come on ma!”


Emma follows and she sits across from Henry. “I like this one too.” She smiled in admittance.


He nods and when the menu is placed on the counter he smiles. “They do have hot cocoa.”


“I told you Henry.” The blonde watched the waitress and she smiled kindly at her before she ordered. “Two hot cocoa’s, maybe you could put a little cinnamon on top? And… Grilled cheeses?” she looks at Henry to check. After getting a nod she chuckled. “Yeah two hot cocoa’s and two grilled cheeses, and fries for the table please.”


Ruby nodded as she wrote it all down on her notepad and she smiles. “Give us about ten minutes” she places the copy of the order onto the table and she walks over to the kitchen.


“She’s pretty.”


Emma jerks out of her daze. “Huh?”


Henry chuckles and he shakes his head. The ten year old was wise beyond his years. Emma attributes his smartness from all of the books he’s reading. “I said she’s pretty.”


“Henry you’re way way way too young to date kid! I mea-”


“Not for me. For you”


Emma pauses and she stares at him for a few seconds. She never hid her sexuality away from her son, he would’ve found it out even if she tried to. He had a way of making you want to tell him your deepest secrets, and you would feel safe doing so. “Well… Yeah she’s pretty but Henry I’m not dating right now. You know that.” their drinks and plates were set in front of them.


Henry nods and his eyebrows scrunch in thought. Grabbing a fry and nibbling on it for a few seconds before swallowing. “Yeah, that guy you dated was an asshole. You gotta date a girl.”


“Henry!” Emma scolds before she chuckles and shakes her head softly, “While you do have a point. Women can be assholes too.” she sighs. “Anyway. Let’s get our grub on!”



Over the course of a month Henry and Emma started living in a small apartment. Emma slept in the living room and Henry took the bed room. The young boy started school last week and so far everything was going fine.


Emma makes her way up to the sheriff station and she walks inside. “Hello?” she calls out. “Anyone here?” the blonde hears rustling and she walks towards it. “Um. Hello?” she questions. “I’m looking for a job...”


Graham closes the filing cabinet and he looks her over. “Can you do paperwork?” he questions.


“Yes. Of course, but I’m good on patrols. I used to work for the Boston PD.”


“Well alright then. I am in need of a deputy.” Graham opens one of the filing cabinet drawers and he throws a uniform at her. “You’re gonna have to wear this.”


Emma places it against her torso and she gives the man a look. “You don’t have to put a woman in a uniform to give her authority. I’ll be fine with just the badge.” As Graham is handing the badge over Emma’s phone rings. “Swan.”


A dark sultry voice is heard through Emma’s phone. “Miss. Swan... right of course. Your son Henry is in my office.”


Emma’s eyes widen. “Um. You’re the principal? Right? What happened. He’s not in trouble?” Emma had never received a call from a principal before. She felt like she wasn’t equipped for this.


“I expect you to be in my office within the next fifteen minutes.” the line went dead and Emma looked down at her phone.


“What… the fuck.” she whispered out loud before she puts her phone in her pocket. “Gotta go. When is my first shift?”


Graham chuckles. “Tonight, but if you have any issues you can call me. “I’m Graham by the way.”


Emma nodded and she left the station. Driving to the school as fast as she could without breaking the speed limit she parks by the front office. The blonde runs into the school and she stops by the secretary. “Principal's office?”


The old woman looks up and she clears her throat. “Oh, you’re Miss. Swan. She’s waiting for you. Through the hall, to the left. It’s the second door.”


Emma nodded and she uses the directions before stopping in front of the large, heavy mahogany door. Shit. She felt like she was in trouble again. Growing up she stayed in the principal's office, but her son? No. Henry never got in trouble. She knocks slightly before letting herself in.


“Ma!” Henry looks up at his mother with watery eyes.


“Hey kid.” Emma knew the drill. She sits beside him in the squeaky chair that was supplied across from Regina's desk. It was a dark wood. She couldn't even tell what kind of wood it was. Maybe red mahogany? Honestly, she was just trying to keep her emerald green eyes averted from Regina. From the short glance she had? The woman was gorgeous.


“Miss. Swan. Nice of you to join us.” The woman’s red lips pulled into a smirk. “It only took you eight minutes to get here. What were you doing in town?”


“Huh?” Emma looks up then, she tries to hide the way her breath catches. “Oh! Yeah I was at the sheriff station. I’m the new deputy for the town.”


Regina hums and raises an eyebrow like she was interested. “That’s nice dear. Let’s get to business shall we? Henry has hit a boy at recess.”


“Wait what? No, no. Principal Mills I personally promise you Henry is not the type to do that.” Emma looks over at the boy and she tilts her head. Why wouldn’t he look at her?


The short haired brunette woman sat forward in her seat. Her tan forearms rested on the desk and her hands were joined together. “I can assure you he hit someone at recess. They were fighting. You were lucky one of the teachers stepped in or Henry would have been hurt too.”


“Look. That isn’t my son. If you knew him, you would know he wouldn’t hurt anyone.”


"Well. I will be getting to know him. During In School Suspension. This school has a no bullying policy. Since you’re new here and you are not aware I’m numbing the punishment slightly. If it wasn't for that simple fact he would have been kicked out.” She states seriously. Her eyes looking into Emma's the entire time. She wanted this new woman to know she was doing her a favor.


Emma swallows and she nodded. “Um… Thank you. I can promise you Henry won’t be hitting anyone again, and he will behave perfectly in ISS.”


“Oh I know he will. I run it. Now, here is your copy of the write up. My number is on there at the very top in case you have questions, but dear?”


Emma stands and she watches the woman waiting for her to finish what she was saying. “Yeah?”


“Don’t call unless someone is dying.” the brunette has a small smirk as she says it.


The blonde chuckled and she nodded. “Right. Okay. Come on Henry.”


“I'm really sorry Principal Mills.” Henry whispered, keeping his eyes on the floor as they go to leave.


“I’ll see you tomorrow Henry. Eight O clock. Don't be late.”