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Void space

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As the red light of operation theatre turned on, Xiao Nai slumped on a chair. His hands shaking, cloths covered in blood. His friends were in no better condition than him. How did this happen?
They were married for almost six months. A large photo of their marriage hung on the wall. The alarm buzzed as they both stirred. Xiao Nai shut the alarm off as he spooned his wife again to catch the extra five minutes of sleep which they both loved.
Xiao Nai - Good morning
He greeted his wife as she just hummed. Turning her face towards him he pecked her lips she smiled brightly before greeting him back. They got up to went for a jog. The breakfast table was set by Wei Wei, they would eat in silence alongwith his teasing and would leave for work. This was their routine & it was same that day... Then why??