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Dreaming of me

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A drink here, a kiss there, what's the harm in letting it all out once and awhile?

That was Aizawa's last clear thought before things started getting hazy. As unusual as it was, there was no celebration, no reason to let completely lose that night other than peer pressure the desire for a bit of dulled release.

So when he finally stumbled back home that night the world seemed to work in slow motion, spinning and wobbling far more than he was used to; simply tugging off his shoes was a chore, getting into bed was usually the best part of his day but the unusual aching in his gut prevented it from being anything but another tiring thought.

Finally, he found his way to the bedroom and as quietly as he could he opened the door and just as he thought, they were already asleep.

Aizawa had called ahead to let them know he would be late because he had been “invited” out and told them not to wait up if they didn't want to join him. He felt guilty they couldn't make it, it was rare that they had time for just the two of them.

That throbbing in his gut grew stronger as he sat down on the edge of the bed and slipped his fingers through the soft strands of hair mussed about the pillow. His pillow, he noted vaguely.

“Ah, must've been lonely…” he slurred. “'m sorry” their eyes fluttered in the dimness of sleep but didn't open, only barely roused by the sound of his voice.

“I hope I didn't wake you,” he leaned in and whispered as coherently as he could manage. “I seem to be a bit more out of sorts tonight than I'd expected to be.” they hummed in response and he pressed a kiss to the top of their head.

And then down past their cheek bone, across the bridge of their nose, on the corner of their lip, leading to a strew of light pecks all across their jaw. He noted the small smirk splitting through the slacked expanse of their tired face and huffed out a small laugh.

A drop of rationality echoed in the back of Aizawa's mind telling him to slow down, that he needed to sleep off the alcohol, that there was no telling how far he would want to go in this state so, for now, its best to leave it be.

But all that was overridden when they turned to him and sighed at his advances. When a soft blush spread across their sleepy face. When they peaked at him beneath fluttered eyelashes with those glossy jewels he loved so much.

“D-don't worry about foreplay... do as you want, I'll be fine.” They said, barely above a whisper, and the forwardness made Aizawa stagger in his thoughts. Even so, it was a difficult offer to refuse, but they seemed to hardly be able to keep their eyes open and his own exhaustion was just now setting in.

“It's no good tonight. We can pick this up in the morning if we have the time...” he tried to reason, more with himself than anything else but when his eyes lifted to the night stand and landed on the assortment of toys and lubricant littered about, as if having just been used, he realized the true state they seemed to be in now.

It drove him wild.

“Y’really were lonely, weren't you.” it wasn't a question. More of a teasing invitation, littered with darker undertones like a simmering pot ready to boil over if given enough heat.

The flush on their face deepened a shade or two, their eyes shut again and they rolled over in the bed, turning their back to him.

“Well if you don't want any I'm going back to sleep.”

“You can try but I want quite a bit, my love.” Aizawa sat upright, undressing as quick as he could, by the time he finished they were already fast asleep once again. Or so it would appear.

“I'm going to fuck you now.” he said darkly, snatching a condom off the nightstand and slipping it on.

He lifted the bedding only to find his lover unclothed beneath the sheets and still slick from all their activities they had been up to in his absence, they must have only finished just before he got home.

They shivered at the sudden rush of cold air. How cute, he thought. “You just rest, I'll help myself.”

They hummed in response once again and shifted over to allow him room in the bed, he dropped the blanket over top them again and settled in.

Aizawa huffed as he adjusted in the bed, scooting as close as he possibly could so that their bodies moulded together in the warmth of the bedding. He pressed his chest agents their back and let his hands drift over their bare thighs.

“So warm.” he said to himself as he buried his face in the crook of their neck. Looking up again, he found his partner had finally drifted off into a deep sleep; he wanted to be careful not to wake them a second time.

Slowly, softly he began to grind his hips against theirs, thrusting leisurely and with only enough force to feel the firmness of their defined muscles agents his heat. He kept a steady pace and before he knew it he'd nearly worked himself up to full mast. He carefully readjusted their position so his partner was nearly laying on their stomach and pressed himself against their opening.

He slipped in easily, his lover was still perfectly wet and relaxed from their earlier activities, it was more than what he needed to accommodate his girth, and and thought that they had done such things in his absence made a tinge of envy strike him to his bones.

“Bet those toys didn't feel this good.” he muttered, and thrust once.

It was short, soft, he was testing the water to see what the limit of force would be before it woke them again. They slept on with barely a sigh slipping from their lips so he gave another thrust, and than another, and another.

He worked up a good pace once again, not too hard but not too careful either. In fact, compared to usual he was being very sloppy, likely because of the alcohol still pulsing through his system. Nevertheless, it wasn't so mind numbing that all his inhibitions went out the door and from then on he kept his voice quiet and breath low, when he wanted to go deeper he would press in and grind agents them to keep the sound of skin slapping against skin to a minimum.

It was difficult but completely worth it.

His breath was short and he kept his face buried in the back of their neck to stifle any moans that might try to slip out. Before he realized what he was doing he'd already picked up the pace, leaning in over top of them now and letting a hand gently roam their body with soft tugs and featherlight caresses.

He was getting close, he could feel it starting in his toes and pulsing out through every nerve in his body. It had been a long time since he'd been so gentle, most of his love making tended to be fast fits of fiery passion, just enough to get him through without wasting too much time. While he loved the deep love bites, the heavy moans and the rough foreplay, there was something so good about just simply moving together as one; rocking his body against theirs to his heart's content, not searching for climax but for the pleasure of each moment made something passionate swell inside him.

Aizawa's body quivered, a deep sigh slipping past his tongue as he felt his partner clench around him.

“Sh- Shouta…” they moaned in their sleep.

Yes, he noted with captivation, they were still asleep. The sound of their voice brought him back from his thoughts only to tell him that they were dreaming of him, dreaming of what he was doing to them and couldn't help but speak the pleasure aloud as if they were feeling just as good as he was. Not due to those toys. Not due to another man.

This level of ecstasy was meant only for his eyes, only for his ears, only for his touch.

He kept thrusting, slowing his pace and only taking long deep strokes to feel every inch of his lovers being sucking him in and holding him close. He did the same as he felt his orgasm wash over him, wrapping his arms securely around his partner and pressing the weight of his whole body against them as it washed over him in one steady flow.

When he finally finished he sat up, tied up and despised of the condom and burrowed in next to his love.

“If you're awake and would like me to finish you off, now would be the time to tell me.” he rasped, there was no response so he took that as his que to call it a night and let his own tiredness overcome him.