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pretty cure ever oasis

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Darn why did I end up here with my friends, why am I a seedling, where did my friends go, huh, who’s that, “why am I a water spirit now,” said the spirit, I walked towards her and asked her name and told her mine, “I’m Kaylyn,” said Kaylyn, “Kaylyn Izumi,” “I’m Nagisa Misumi,” I then said back, “wait have you seen a single oasis when you found me,” said Kaylyn, I shook my head no, “how about we make one,” I agreed. Her and I decided to make our oasis then and there, plants grew everywhere, the next moment we were surrounded by water, then we heard the gates open. I ran outside and I saw another seedling, “excuse me but are you the chief,” said the seedling, “yes, and who are you,” I then asked, “I’m Honoka Yukishiro,” said Honoka, “wait Honoka,” I said in realization, “Nagisa is that you,” said Honoka, “yes Honoka,” I said, “I was hoping to run into one of my friends,” said Honoka. Honoka then realized that history of seedlings that are not children of the great tree can grow bloom booths, “hey Nagisa,” said Honoka, “do you have any dewadems,” I looked in my pockets and I found some, “are these them,” I asked, “yes,” said Honoka, her and I walked over to the grass, she pulled out her seed heart and it went into the ground, I threw the dewadems into the air and it rained onto us, then the bloom booth bloomed, it was the beaker store, “thank you Nagisa,” said Honoka, “I can’t wait to start business,” Honoka walks into her bloom booth and it was open. I went to sleep and woke up the next day to the gates opening, I ran outside and met another seedling, “I knew I would find an oasis,” said the seedling, “welcome, uh……..,” I said, “Mai, Mai Mishou,” I told her welcome and she was happy and easily joined the oasis and her and I grew the ribbon shop.