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Undying Relationship

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"Ahh, the work goes well," Megatron declared and added "Soon we will all the energon cubes we need."

"Then we will soon return to Cybertron and leave this planet behind us," Starscream mused.

"Yes Starscream, unless we are foolish enough to be....Careless. Seize thoese Autobots!" Megatron ordered as he pointed to the other side of the ice cave.

Thundercracker and Skywarp came right away and pointed their weapons at Ratchet's group as they where trapped.

"Let me dispose of these lowly Autobots," Starscream insisted, it was naturally his job to do so as SIC.

"No Starscream," the grey mech said and looked behind his Second in Command at the shuttle. "I believe that honour will go to Skyfire."

Starscream optic almost widen, he knew the shuttle well and doubt he would harm anything that wasn't a treat.

Skyfire walked forward to his leader and then looked at the Autobots. This didn't seem at all right, yes they are at war but still, this was everything against his nature.

"I'm a scientist, not an executioner!" Skyfire told him.

"You will do as I say Skyfire, I order you to dispose of these Autobot's NOW!" Megatron ordered impatiently.

"I will not, they have done nothing wrong," Skyfore declared, looking down at his leader.

"But you have, consider this your punishment!!" Megatron quickly raise his arm with the fusion cannon and before anyone in the cave could react, he shot the shuttle in the chest and then quickly turned his weapon at the Autobot's and blasted them away.

Seeing the shattered part's of the former Autobots laying around put a grin to the war lords face plates.

Starscream stood there a bit frozen and shocked of what he just witnessed, after all the years serving under Megatron he never seen his leader beat down or shot anyone but himself, this was unexpected.

"Make sure he doesn't step out of line again Stasrcream," and with that Megatron walked his way out for the cave and headed outside to join the rest of his army.

"That F#%&?%!! How dare He!!" Starscream yelled furiously, never in his life had he hated Megatron as he does right now, every circuit in his body screamed for revenge if not to kill him and send him to the pit.

"S-sta-rr- scre- mm" Skyfire managed to speak weakly, with caught Starscream's attention who ran to his side.

"Quiet you big lug, What where you even thinking?!! NO ONE SPEAKS TO MEAGTRON LIKE THAT EXCEPT ME," Starscream yelled and worriedly scolded his friend as he open the damaged chest part and looked inside. "You're lucky you're are in this bad shape or I would Blast Your Aft half way across the galaxy!!"

The damage was bad and quickly Starscream called to his Trine mate's that here behind him looking on, they too were a bit shocked on what happened.

"Don't just stand there! We need to move Skyfire to the med-bay Now!" their Trine leader demanded and then turned around and faced Skyfire once more and treated him "And YOU, Don't You Dare Join The Allspark After I Found You So Soon!! Or Primus Know I Will Hunt You Down!!"

This almost put a smile to Skyfires lips if he had the energy, it felt good to know his friend hadn't changed that much as he feared he had.

"I never seen screamer this, I don't know .. worried," Skywarp whispered to the blue seeker.

Thundercracker himself didn't know what to think of this nether, Starscream never mentioned Skyfire before, but again their Trine Leader had many secrets.

"They obviously were close, just do as he says," Thundercracker replayed back to Skywarp.

"Right, hold on then," Skywarp said as he and the trine where holding Skyfire and with a Crack they where gone to the med-bay.

Unaware to them the parts on the cave disappeared and the four Autobot's came out from their hiding trick.

"Finally, I started to wonder if they would ever leave," Hound said and added "Come on we better help the others!"

They all also went their way to find Optimus and the others.

At the med-bay Starscream was working on Skyfire determined for his survival, Skywarp and Thundercracked also help in what ever way they could of their knowledge.

-STARSCREAM!!- a voiced screamed in the blue, red white seekers audio receptors with made him back away and put both hand on his head as he replyed.



Starscream ignored the order and went back on repairing Skyfire, his trine noticed, but was it ever a wise move to ignore their leader?

"He called on us didn't he?" Thundercracker asked as he watched Starscream ignore him and just continuing with his work "Starscream we need to join in or ales we get punished for disobey him"

"I'm not getting punished, not liked him," Skywarp said and meant Skyfire, he didn't want to end up like that, which made him fearful to follow Starscream's lead and ignore the order.