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As far as Bakugo was concerned, he never wanted to hear about his kidnapping ever again. He knew it would be talked about on the news every now and then, mainly because the investigation into the League of Villains will go on for a while and that’s always the story everyone thinks of about them, but for everyone else, he wanted them to be quiet about it. To him, he failed. He was the one who had to be rescued, All Might used up all his power in the final fight, and Bakugo blames everything on himself; he was the reason All Might lost all of his power.

Camie was in a similar boat. She had no recollection of her attack, but when she learned of the details, she couldn’t exactly say that she was thrilled with what happened afterwards. Shiketsu students overheard from U.A. students during the exam that her double was naked on the battlefield, attacking someone much more violently than necessary. Despite her personality, she still had standards, one of which was keeping violence to a minimum. Not only that, but some boys in Shiketsu started talking about what she may look like naked, leading to a couple of girls labeling her as a whore. Not every student did. In fact, most were sympathetic to her, but that didn't stop a very select few. It also doesn’t help that she shared Bakugo’s sentiment of feeling like she wasn’t strong enough to keep her attack from happening. It wasn’t Bakugo’s level of self-loathing, but the feeling was still there.

That may be why both connected so well. Camie already succeeded in being the girl that got the closest to Bakugo’s good side, all within the span of a day no less, but she still kept in contact with him after the exam. She got his number from Todoroki (why he had Bakugo’s number is still one of life’s greatest mysteries) and after everyone got back to their respective campuses, she texted him, asking if he was doing alright. Bakugo wasn’t too thrilled to be reminded of what happened, but considering the text sounded like a genuine attempt to reach out, he didn’t hold it against her, so he simply texted back ‘Yeah’

The next time they met was during a joint-training session between the two schools. U.A. and Shiketsu decided it would be best to train their students together after the recent attacks both sides had suffered. Since Bakugo and Camie were the targets of the League’s attacks, it was decided that the two of them would undergo certain training seperate from what the rest of the classes were doing. While everyone else worked on quirk development, compatibility, and search and rescue, the two of them would work on self-defense training in different settings.

The two turned out to be a pretty good team, all things considered. Both had quick reflexes to make them formidable at dodging attacks and direct hand-to-hand combat, especially one exercise where they had to fight each other without using their quirks, where both more than held their own against the other. Both had worked on these skills after their respective attacks and it showed. They also shined in interior spaces, especially when using their quirks. One such event involved them fighting in a building where the only way to pass was to capture the people attacking them, rather than escape. Camie was more adept to stealthing than Bakugo was, and seeing her quirk first hand, he knew it could be a dangerous tool against bad guys. What Bakugo suggested was for Camie to hide in a certain room in the building while he lured the attackers to said room. He would daze the attackers using his quirk just before he entered the room to give her some time to use her quirk, and she would make an illusion of the room with different properties than what it actually looked like. Both would then pounce on the attackers and capture them.

The plan worked to perfection. Both followed their roles to a T and took the “attackers” (some teachers) out in no time. Both were complemented for their planning and judgement of the situation, rather than running right at the attackers and fighting head on. The Bakugo that first entered U.A. would have never been this strategic, but the more he went through U.A., the more he realized brute force could only go so far. An already lethal hero was becoming more dangerous by the day with his increasingly unpredictable nature.

Camie was happy to be fighting the way she was. Being able to both fight against and fight with one of the top hero prospects in all of Japan was nothing short of cathartic for her. She held her own against him and did wonders working with him. Her feelings of confidence were through the roof after training had finished. She had never felt so good about herself.

The two talked regularly after the session was over, mainly with Camie asking for pointers on her fighting style. She would send him videos of her technique, and Bakugo would give just basic pointers on how to fix her style. Her moves were impressive enough on their own, though, and Bakugo decided to incorporate some of them into his own training. This went on for a few weeks, and Camie eventually decided to give him a video call to get real-time feedback. Being on video was easier for him too, as he could show her exactly what she needed to do to fix her style (he also wouldn’t pass up on an opportunity to show off how much better he was at it).

The training went on for about 40 minutes, and by the end, both had developed their techniques to be near, if not completely, perfect. However, the call didn’t end. Camie had wanted to talk to Bakugo, the person, since the remedial exam ended. Bakugo was never one to hold a conversation, especially one about his personal life, and Camie could guess which questions she shouldn’t ask. Instead, she held the conversation at general hero talk, such as discussing the heroes they liked and disliked. Bakugo wasn’t shy about his contempt with Best Jeanist and the internship he had with him, to which she simply replied with how much of a bae the top 5 hero was, which kind of validated his points. He was able to recognize the heroics of the hero after learning what happened to him before All Might came to stop All For One, but he still hated the internship regardless.

This discussion inevitably led to the League of Villains being a topic, however. To their credit, it was a subtle shift in the conversation, so much so that Bakugo didn’t expect it to come up (he was too caught up in his contempt for his internship). Camie was afraid to speak, afraid to say something to either set him off or have him hang up, and Bakugo didn’t want to remind her of her attack any more than he wanted to be reminded of his. For as blunt and direct as Bakugo often was, he had learned to hold back every now and then, such as when he was reminded of Todoroki’s upbringing during the remedial exam.

The best she could do was speak from her own experience. “If I’m being totes honest,” she practically gave up on using her trendy speech after that, and even then, the way she said totes was more desperate than anything, “I don’t think I’ve managed to completely get over what happened to me.”

Her confidence was high after their training, but just laying in bed, talking with Bakugo on the phone, made all that go away. She was comfortable, so she was vulnerable, and even more, she was vulnerable to a guy that she doesn’t know very well. The most she knows about him personally is that he was kidnapped, he fights well, and he hated his internship with Best Jeanist. He was in a similar situation to her, though, so he can at least empathize with her.

“You shouldn’t let that haunt you. If you knew how I felt after what happened to me, yours wouldn’t seem so bad.”

She didn’t know, and she was afraid to go farther, so she just kept talking about her own attack.

“But it does. Carrying the reputation of being the future hero that couldn’t defend herself doesn’t make for a bright future. I know the folks at Shiketsu are thinking it, even if they haven't told me.”

“If anyone gives you a hard time, just do what I do and threaten to kill them.”

After a slight laugh at that, she said “I don’t see how anyone from there could take a death threat from me seriously. I’m just too cute.”

He rolled his eyes at that.

“Is that how you felt? Like you lost big on your reputation?”


She wanted to ask how he did feel, but couldn’t.

“You want to know, don’t you?” He sighed. Since she was attacked too, he felt like she could keep her mouth shut if he told her. Still, it didn’t hurt to ask. “Only if you promise to keep what I say between us.”

She nodded. She gossiped a bit, but she would be sure to never mention this to anyone.

“When All Might came to save me, he used up his power and retired, as I’m sure you’re aware of,...and I’m the reason why.” His voice picked up a little bit, and he turned away from his phone’s screen. “I made a hero retire, all because I COULDN’T DEFEND MYSELF from those villains! The hero I looked up to ever since I was a kid, and now all he can do is teach at a dumb school instead of saving people.”

He was trusting her with emotions that only two other people fully knew about him. He liked the fact that he could get it off of his chest and tell people about it, but he wouldn’t tell just anybody. Heck, he never even told his parents or Kirishima about it. He felt like he could trust her, though, seeing as she confided in him earlier.

She didn’t get emotional at hearing all of this. She didn’t cry. She just listened.

“He’s teaching you, though, isn’t he?” He turned to his screen to look at her now that she spoke. “You’re being taught by your idol to carry on his work. He knows you can become an even better hero than he was.”

“But I cost him his powers.”

“You couldn’t have known that would happen. None of us did.”

He turned away. “That’s what he told me, but I still don’t believe it.”

“I can’t imagine he blames you.”

He turned back and spat out “And why shouldn’t he?”

She brought her voice to his level. “Because he came to save you, and all of the power he used was to stop the main bad guy.”

This conversation got more tense than Camie had hoped, but the way Bakugo was talking made it sound like he was venting, rather than raging. This was actually working out better than she expected it to.

She said “You told me that I shouldn’t let my attack haunt me, and you should take that advice too. You won’t get better if you let this eat at you.”

It had been awhile since someone matched Bakugo like this in intensity. This girl was something else if she could raise her voice like this without any fear of him, even if the yelling coming from the both of them was well-restrained. Most others would have gotten scared from the way he said “Why shouldn’t he,” but she didn’t.

He was able to get rid of his sense of self-loathing and replaced it with a sense of determination. “That league of bastards will fall. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Make sure to leave some hits for me. I want some of that too.”

He nodded at her and she nodded back. Teaming up and fighting together were in their future.

“Alright, I need to get ready for bed.”

“What time is it?” She looked at her clock to see 9:30. “Really? You’re going to bed now? Didn’t peg you for being a boomer.”

“What exactly is wrong with going to bed early?!” he screamed, in a vintage Bakugo way.

She laughed. “Nothing. I don’t go to bed much later, anyway, so I totes understand.” And she was back to her old ways, too.

“Well, thanks for talking with me. Good night.”

He nodded and hung up, and, immediately after said “I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

No more than 10 seconds after he said that, when he was getting up to brush his teeth before bed, he got a text from her.

‘You do think I’m cute though, right?’