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Maybe one day

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Virgil pushed his sweaty bangs out of his face, grin spread across his face as his team mates chatted animatedly, still buzzing from pre game practice excitement. One of his team jogging over and slapping him on the back as they walked towards the lockers. “Nice job out there foster” they complimented, Virgil’s smile widened if possible. “I’m not team captain for nothing” he gently nudged his friend and fellow team mate with his shoulder, they rolled their eyes and ruffled Virgil’s hair causing the purple bangs to fall back in his face. “Oi!” He scowled then, pushing his hair back out of his face just in time to watch his team mate flee for the lockers. Virgil huffed out a laugh and jogged to catch up.

After showering and changing Virgil slung his bag over his shoulder and left the school. Waiting for him was his best friend, Logan sanders. Logan stayed after school for his art on the same days Virgil had football practice, Logan got lifts with Virgil to and from school considering he was yet to learn to drive.

“Sup nerd” Virgil greeted as they began walking to his car. Logan rolled his eyes “how was practice today?” He asked instead, looking over at his friend. Virgil grinned again then. “It was great actually, everyone put out well, I think we’re so ready for our next proper match, we’re gonna thrash em!” Virgil exclaimed, excitement getting the better of him. Logan couldn’t help but smile in response, “good,I’m glad you had an adequate practice, I’ll be there to watch you ‘thrash em’ as you say” Virgil giggled a little, small blush painting his cheeks. Logan came to every game Virgil played and it made the lanky boys heart burst. Virgil had the biggest, gayest crush on Logan, and funnily enough, it was crushing. He and Logan had been best friends since before he could remember, an unlikely duo but a strong bond never the less.

As they approached Virgil’s car, Logan let himself in while Virgil put his stuff in the back before climbing in himself. He glanced over at Logan as he put his belt on and started the car. “So, hows your project coming along?” He asked as he started to pull out of the car park and head home. Logan gave a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose, “it is proving more difficult than I originally thought” he said glancing over at Virgil then directing his focus to the window. “I just can’t seem to get it right” he frowned. He had been working on this project a long time now and Virgil was yet to see it, normally Logan would let him see his work prior to it being finished but Logan had been insistent that this time he wait until completion. Virgil frowned noticing Logan’s distress about his art. Gently he placed one hand on Logan’s knee squeezing it briefly before returning it to the wheel. “I’m sure you’ll get there lo, I’m positive it’s already incredible and you’re being too critical on yourself as usual” there was no doubt in Virgil’s voice, his gaze was focused on the road ahead and Logan was thankful, it was unlikely he saw the blush rise across his cheeks as he relished in the contact Virgil gave him.

“Pizza and movie night?” Virgil asked after a moment of silence and Logan couldn’t help the grin spreading across his face. “As if you have to ask” Logan almost scoffed. “What fool would I be to turn down our weekly pizza and movie night” he laughed a little as they neared Virgil’s house. Virgil rolled his eyes at Logan’s comment, “thought I’d ask just in case” he mutters pulling into his driveway. “You always do” Logan says in a teasing tone, but it’s fond. Virgil looks over at him as he parks the car and turns off the engine, he looks as though he’s about to say something but instead shakes his head and exits his vehicle, Logan mirroring his actions. “I’m choosing tonight though, calculator watch” virgil smirks as he enters his house, Logan in tow, the eyeroll could be heard as they kicked off their shoes. “Whatever brad pitiful” Virgil laughed at that and the two boys headed up the stairs to Virgil’s room, Logan calling out a hello to Virgil’s mum like he always does on the way.