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Will you love me, even with my dark side?
Sebastian watched Blaine Anderson walk away, his heart still beating in his chest. He could remember the discussion he had had after the Slushie Gate issue with Nick, Jeff, Thad and Trent, like it had happened an hour ago. After a long time, he had opened up, and cried his heart out to the four boys, who were still willing to give him a chance, who had pushed him when he resisted, hugged him when he needed, sassed him when he wanted to banter. They had pulled his hidden feelings out, and dragged him into their group, David later joining them, Wes the elder brother figure, who had understood him as well. Together, they had patched him, and helped him become who he knew he could be, but did not know how to be.
Sebastian turned to meet Jeff’s understanding eyes, tears stinging in his own at the genuine affection Jeff was displaying.
“I am all his, even with my dark side,” mumbled Sebastian, folding into Jeff’s open arms, clinging to his friend, feeling drained.

Blaine glanced around the choir room, his mind’s eye constantly seeing the Warblers, seeing Sebastian, singing for him, to him, with him.
“What did I tell you? Flawless”
Blaine’s body felt warm, blood rushing through his veins, heart thumping in joy at the genuine awe in Sebastian’s voice. And then his mind had interfered, screaming that Sebastian is the guy who threw a rock salt slushie at him. And yet, the pesky heart seemed to reign further, encouraging him to at least talk to Sebastian.
“I have a question”
Blaine looked at Kitty, who had just finished a very long and intense conversation with Marley, something that had been happening on and off since that morning. He was unsure whether to be worried or happy, though he was tending more towards the former, if Marley’s serious face was anything to go by.
“Why do you all hate the gorgeous Warbler?”
“Gorgeous Warbler?”
“Sebastian?,” blurted out Blaine, wincing when Tina threw a fierce glare at him. He could not help it. Anytime someone said gorgeous, Sebastian was the first one who came to mind, especially after Slushie Gate. Sam’s knowing smile made him smile back lightly, knowing that Sam will support him through everything.
“Yes. Sebastian,” said Kitty, her grin widening every fraction of a second, partially scaring Blaine.
“Well, there are a whole lot of reasons,” hissed Tina. “He almost BLINDED Blaine. Tried to take Blaine from Kurt. Photoshopped pictures of Finn. He..”
“Apologized for everything, and asked for a chance,” interrupted Kitty. “Yes, I know. Marley and I had a long chat with Santana AND Rachel. Rachel, who seems to have seen a better side to Sebastian than any of the others. Rachel, who was more in the crossfire than most in the room, who is not Blaine. Why do we even preach about forgiveness when we are never ready to act on it? Don’t interrupt me, that was rhetorical. Are you saying each of you did not have issues and act out at someone else throughout your years in New Directions? Blaine did not, yes. He chose a punching bag, which is better than lashing out at humans. Neither did Britt, as she is truly full of rainbows and sunshine, positivity shining in her soul. The rest of you? Santana and Quinn made life living hell for Rachel. Santana and Rachel are now best friends, rooming together! Quinn cheated on Finn with Puck, hid that her baby was Puck’s. Finn and Puck are still best friends! If we can forgive each other for all the shitty things we have done, why do we refuse to give Sebastian a chance? The Warblers a chance?”
Kitty walked out of the choir room, before turning back and adding, “Oh, that was also rhetorical! I know that no one in this place will actually do something about it. Come on Marley! Let’s get coffee at the Bean. Mr Shue is not coming today. And YES! He told Marley and I that he is not. Marley and I spoke about it, and we purposely delayed it! Bye!”
Having said her piece, Kitty flounced out of the choir room, Marley following her, the rest of them left speechless.
“She is right you know! He has become a charming, handsome Prince!”
Blaine did his best not to nod with Brittany’s words, his eyes meeting Sam’s smirking ones, a light blush covering his cheeks. Apparently, Sam had noticed his reaction to anything Sebastian. Shaking his head, he started fiddling with his phone, intent on ignoring Tina’s tirade against Sebastian, his fingers finding their way to Sebastian’s facebook profile.

Sebastian looked up from his text conversation with Wes, to be greeted by the sight of two girls, one wearing the cheerleader outfit that he had often seen on Santana.
He winced, not liking how rough his voice suddenly sounded. Clearing his throat, he added, “Can I help you?”
“You are Sebastian Smythe, right?,” asked the girl standing next to the blonde cheerleader, her sweetness radiating from her very expression. Even Sebastian had to melt.
“I am,” he said, a little suspicious.
“I am Marley, and this is Kitty. Kitty, stop,” said Marley, shaking her head.
“Hey there, Slick”
Sebastian tilted his head to look up at Kitty, an amused smile on his face. She sounded a lot like Santana.
“We both are friends of Santana’s. And Rachel’s. And Blaine’s”
“New Directioners then?,” questioned Sebastian.
“Got it in one, gorgeous. Can we three talk? All good, I promise”
Though filled with trepidation, Sebastian nodded, curious to know what the New Directioners wanted to talk to him about.