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Digimon Fusion Kai

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All there was throughout the outside of a planet was empty space with an array of stars and other planets that make up a solar system. Amidst this side of the Digiverse, it was a solar system with many Digital Worlds. This was merely one sector of the vast Digiverse, there were three others.

However, there was a massive flow of activity taking place in the Northern sector.

Floating in the middle of this vast universe was the so-called 'Earth' planet of the Northern Digital Sector. This was the Northern Digital World. Like its counterparts, it teemed with life forms known as Digimon.

All was well, until now.

A massive spaceship ascended over this Digital World. A sinister being confined to a small hovercraft glared down at the very planet and faced off what looked like an army of Digimon garbed in military armor. Suddenly, a blur of explosive light blitzed through the Digimon army with sheer ferocity. The blur stopped and a figure faced off against the creature in the hovercraft.

The figure turned out to be a teenage boy. His hair was similar to the style of Taichi Kamiya's. However, this boy did not wear any pair of goggles over his hair. His chocolate brown eyes narrowed. His orange-tan skin was covered in heavy sweat. His battle attire consisted of sleeveless body armor, black spandex pants, fingerless gloves, and a pair of combat boots. He wore a red headband and there was scar visible over his left eye. The left side of his face was coated with sweat and blood dripping out of a wound on his forehead.

The teen sported a confident smirk on his face and chuckled under his breath. Materializing in his right hand was a beam of white light - which extended out and condensed into a long saber. Gripping his weapon, he prepared to do battle with the sinister creature.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Destiny )

"BURIZALOR!" The young man roared out for all, including the creature, to hear.

The shadowy figure within the hovercraft points his finger, glaring intently at the teen.

"It's over you murderous monster! It all comes down to this... my fate, this world's fate, and our successors' fates! Oh yes, and yours too, Burizalor," the young warrior wore a proud warrior's smile. In an instant, he created a Ki ball in his right hand and tossed it toward the sinister being. "DIE, BURIZALOR! THIS ONE IS FOR MY FRIENDS!"

The energy blast hurtled toward the hovercraft, homing within the being's range.

However, the creature laughed maniacally as a massive sphere expanded at the tip of his finger. The sphere grew into a gargantuan, expanding outward as it became larger than himself. As it expanded, it easily absorbed the teen's Ki blast.

"NO! IT... IT CAN'T BE?!"

The being, identified as Burizalor, tossed the 'Ball of Death' toward not just the boy but at his own fleet of soldiers.

The teen roared out with intensity, his own life replayed through his mind. "AUUUUUUGH!"

My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you. Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors. Burizalor must die. My time has passed. I… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged. We… we will be avenged!

With that, the teen was thrown back and buckled under the tremendous pressure exuding from the 'Ball of Death.' His body armor and clothing disintegrated from the scorching heat of the sphere. Following his clothing, the young warrior's body was engulfed by the blast. His body buckled while breaking down into data fragments.

The sphere quickly slammed into the Digital World. The planet started cracking and transformed into a massive ball of magma. After that, it exploded as if it were a ticking time bomb. All that was left was a large flash of light.


The sinister monster witnessed the apocalyptic event and laughed upon at his accomplishment.

All it took was one attack from this icy monster and the Northern Digital World was reduced to planetary rubble.

Nothing remained of the planet.

"WAHAHAHA! THIS IS EXCELLENT!" The proud tyrant laughed with remorseless glee. "I've reduced it to bits! No more Digital Knights to stand in my way! Now, it's time we move on to the Eastern sector!" Farewell, Taito Yagami. You can die with the rest of your pitiful comrades.

As he made his declaration clear and known, Burizalor lowered himself through the open-door roof and descended inside his cockpit. The roof sealed up and the ship soared off into space while entering hyper drive mode.

Watching the tyrant's ship depart into the farthest area of space, the ghostly spirit of Taito Yagami appeared. His face sneered as he glared daggers at the departing ship.

It's not over yet, Burizalor, until you're dead. Mark my words.

(End theme)


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Avant )

'100,000 thousand years/digital cycles ago, before the Great War between the Digital Knight Council and the Corrupts, the foundations of the Four Digital Realms were laid out by the powerful Huanglongmon. Before his time, there were the Guardians. Before them were the Supreme Guardians. There all but existed one Digital Realm ruled by the Supreme Guardians. Then, following a great crisis, all but one Supreme Guardian remained. Under this Supreme Guardian's supervision, Digi-Guardians took their predecessors place and trained warriors who would become Watchers for each Digital Realm.

Then, 5,000 years/digital cycles ago, as Huanglongmon rose to prominence, the golden dragon divided the once single realm into the four Digital Realms. They were all designated according to the Four Symbols of Chinese Mythology: North, South, East, and West. Huanglongmon chose four Digimon, empowering them with the authority to oversee each realm.

Azulongmon would rule the Eastern Realm. Zhuqiaomon was designated as 'Sovereign' of the Southern Realm. Ebonwumon was given authority over the Northern Realm. Baihumon was entitled to watch the Western Realm. Each realm became parallel to various realities and worlds beyond the outer perimeters.

Overtime, as their stranglehold on each realm strengthened, so did those who threatened to oppose them. Behind the Wall of Fire, a destructive and sinister force ripped through to the other side and spilled an enormous vast of corrupt energy throughout the universe – including the Four Realms. Born from this evil energy were the Corrupts, a vast army consisting of powerful interdimesional denizens from various dark realms – including those from the Dark Ocean and the Dark Area.

Amongst the crop of these wicked creatures, one was given the gift from the creature behind the Wall of Fire. The gift enabled this chosen one to evolve with frightening results. This creature was known as Burizalor, who ultimately chose to use this power for evil.

Opposing Burizalor and his wicked forces, the Holy Beasts forged a counter strike and recruited various warriors. Most of them bore resemblance to humans. Amongst those warriors was Gennai, fit and chosen to lead the Digital Knights. Their mission was to oppress Burizalor's empire and force the evil back behind the Wall of Fire.

Despite their futile attempts, the Digital Knights' numbers were reduced as Burizalor's armies surmounted against theirs. As per request from Gennai, he asked the Holy Beasts to summon aid from the human world. Disgusted with the notion of working with pure-blooded humans, Zhuqiaomon turned down the request. Ebonwumon and Baihumon gave Gennai notice about giving a final decision. However, Azulongmon openly accepted and asked Ebonwumon to transport five specific children with the highest potential to aid them against Burizalor's forces.

Taito Yagami: the leader

Cyrus Fujita: second in command

Sara Masaki: third in command

Mimiru Mitsuo: Support

Leon Shinomori: Technical support

Shortly, with Ebonwumon's guidance, Gennai opened a portal to Earth. He arrived in Tokyo, Japan. He quickly gathered five orphaned children, who witnessed the same visions. They were drawn together to meet with Gennai. As fate would have it, they were chosen to be the first Chosen Children. Gennai and the five children were summoned back to the Northern Realm, which has already been oppressed and devastated by Burizalor's forces.

Under the guidance by Gennai and the Digital Knights, the five children were given the first Digivices made specifically to draw out the potential of chosen ones. Unlike any of their successors, these five children lacked Digimon partners. After intense, physical training, they achieved their potential and activated their Digivices, granting them extraordinary powers.

By the time they reached their early and mid-teens, they were thrown into the battlefield and achieved excellent results. Their powers allowed them to battle and overcome many of Burizalor's armies. In short time, they surpassed nearly all of the Digital Knight Council. One by one, they crushed any Corrupt army that invaded the Northern Realm.

At the end of the First Great War, the Chosen five combined their powers to stop the evil behind the Wall of Fire – Apocalymon. Defeating Apocalymon drained the Chosen five. They expended most of their powers to seal the force of evil, costing them their majestic armors. Despite losing their powers, they achieved a grand victory and their names became synonymous with legendary. They became heroes of the Northern Realm as their names became spread throughout the other realms.

Enraged by the losses of his men, Burizalor launched a counter strike to finish the Chosen five. With his planet-destroying power, he sought to wipe out the Chosen five and the Northern Realm. Fortunately, the Holy Beasts intervened, united, and banished Burizalor into the Dark Area. The tyrant and his evil regime would remain sealed there for a long period of time. At last, peace was restored to the universe and the four realms.

That didn't last.

An anomaly named Millenniummon freed the evil sealed behind the Wall of Fire. Millenniummon freed Burizalor and his father, Mutalior, from their imprisonments. With Apocalymon's help, Burizalor and Mutalior summoned an amassed army of sinister Digimon. Many of these wicked creatures evolved and formed elites. Among those serving under the Buriza Empire: the Nightmare Soldiers, the Dark Masters, the Demon Corps, and the Nightmare Special Squad. As for Millenniummon, he was never seen or heard from again.

Granted another chance, Burizalor launched a second campaign. Rallying support from evil Digimon, his supporters greatly doubled since the first Great War. His armies were greatly advanced from their predecessors, heavily prepared to eliminate the Digital Knight Council and the Chosen five. Upon hearing about the impending threat, the Digital Knights were forced to engage Burizalor's advanced armies. The end results were disastrous as the Northern Realm was at risk of being oppressed by Burizalor.

The Second Great War commenced.

The Chosen five were summoned again from their training posts.

However, there would be a traitor among them. Cyrus forged a secret alliance with Burizalor, who offered him more power from the Dark Ocean. Promising him more power, Cyrus joined Taito and the others to suppress Burizalor's Special Task Forces. Upon receiving a prophetic message from a Digimon he killed, Taito was given foresight to see events unfold in the future – including the destruction of the Northern Realm, the death of his colleagues, and a brief glimpse of their successors (the Odaiba Digidestined).

Incapacitated after his last mission, Taito was forced to stay behind. Cyrus and the others were called upon to take another mission. As fate would have it, it was pre-staged by Cyrus. With Machinedramon's assistance, Cyrus betrayed his colleagues and finished them off. Sara, Mimiru, and Leon met their unfortunate ends. With all but two of the Chosen five dead, Burizalor closed in as his forces wiped out the Digital Knights. Gennai escaped with eight Digivices and Digi-Eggs. He wasn't able to get the crests and tags. Piedmon confiscated them before Gennai had a chance to ensnare them. These items were crucial in the fact that were supposed to be for the next group of Chosen ones, the first generation to have partner Digimon. As he escaped into the Eastern Realm, he mistakenly dropped Gatomon's Digi-Egg and Digivice... who would later hatch and be taken under Myotismon's wing.

While Gennai escaped, Taito defeated Cyrus and left him for dead near a magma pit. Burnt alive, Cyrus was retrieved by Burizalor's men. With only a short time to live, Cyrus' soul was transferred into a Shadramon as his old body was discarded. Taito, the Northern Realm's last warrior, resisted and gave it his all to confront Burizalor. Recognizing Taito's power growth and his fears that a warrior would destroy him, Burizalor received horrific visions and unleashed a Death Sphere to destroy Taito… along with the entire Northern Realm.

Taito's last words were as followed:  'My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you. Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors. Burizalor must die. My time has passed. I… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged. We… we will be avenged!'

In the end, the Buriza Empire won. The Digital Knight Council was all but reduced to a sporadic handful. The Northern Realm was destroyed as its remaining worlds were quickly conquered. Setting his sights to the Eastern Realm, Burizalor organized a man hunt on Gennai. Gennai was found, but at the last minute Azulongmon intervened and swiftly rescued him.

With Shadramon's aid, the evil one arrived in the Eastern Realm. He gave the seven tags to Devimon of File Island and ordered him to banish them into the oceans. With the Crests, Shadramon divided them into various sectors of Server Continent. Burizalor handed the Crest of Light and the tag to Myotismon.

Afterwards, Burizalor led his forces on an assault against the Holy Beasts. As valiant as their efforts were, the majestic gods were overwhelmed by the dark forces. The Dark Masters and the Nightmare Special Squad sealed and rendered the Beasts' powers useless. This would ultimately lead to Burizalor sealing away the weakened Holy Beasts. As a last resort, the Holy Beasts expelled their last Digicores into another realm, ensuring Burizalor never finds them. That realm would later be confirmed as Spira.

Overtime, his evil campaign slowly spread across and influenced the Eastern Realm. As news spread about the Digidestined's arrival, he ordered every virus Digimon to kill them without hesitation.

Among the first to be informed was Devimon of File Island.

The seven Digidestined eventually arrive on File Island. They were ultimately introduced to their Digimon partners.

The leader of team, Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya, is partner to the Digimon known as Agumon. He wields the Crest of Courage. He's appearance and personality resembled the late-Taito down to the core.

Sora Takenouchi, the motherly tomboy, became the partner for Biyomon. She wields the Crest of Love. She is much like her counterpart, Sara. Both possess love for the ones she calls friends.

Yamato 'Matt' Ishida, the lone wolf, became partnered with Gabumon. He is the bearer of the Crest of Friendship. He shared some resemblance to the traitor Cyrus. However, this boy didn't forge any hatred with anyone, but seemed distant. Although, he came at odds with Tai.

Matt's younger brother is Takeru 'TK' Takashi. His Digimon partner is Patamon and he holds the Crest of Hope.

Then there is the self-proclaimed "girly girl" of the group. Her name is Mimi Tachikawa. Much like Mimiru, her taste for fashion is no different. She adores the color pink. Her partner is Palmon and she inherited the Crest of Sincerity.

Of course, the team needs a genius in the group and that role fits Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi. His talent with computers and calculations has helped the team get out sticky situations. He holds the Crest of Knowledge and his Digimon partner is the wacky insect known as Tentomon.

Joe Kido is the eldest of the team, but he was quite cowardly at the beginning. He eventually realized his responsibility as a Digidestined and became an asset to the team. His partner is the witty Gomamon and he inherits the Crest of Reliability.

Through their journey, they have managed to overcome many enemies. Devimon of File Island was the first to fall at the hands of Angemon. Later, Agumon evolved into his ultimate form and vanquished Etemon of Server. The Digimon were getting stronger after every battle. They ultimately returned to earth to stop Myotismon. The villain sought out to find the eighth child, who was later to be revealed as Tai's sister.

She is identified as Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya. Gatomon, who once served Myotismon, united with Kari to help bring down the villain. This ultimately led to Gatomon evolving into Angewomon with the Crest of Light.

After harnessing the full power of their crests, Tai and Matt enabled Agumon and Gabumon to digivolve into their mega forms: WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. By doing so, they destroyed VenomMyotismon and restored peace to Odaiba.

Unfortunately, they noticed that the sky was beginning to rift. The Digital World had somehow become connected with the real world. The Digidestined knew that they had to return and investigate the urgent situation. As soon as they returned, they noticed that the Digital World was out of proportion.

Tai and Matt eventually found themselves in a squabble after a fleet of Digimon attacked their team. Matt argued that he should have led the team since he felt that he wasn't as incompetent as Tai. This led to Matt disbanding himself from the group and sought time to think about these actions.

Burizalor discovered about the Digidestined's progress and invested interest in team's lone wolf. He concluded if he could draw Cyrus into his dark forces, then drawing Matt would be easy. Ultimately, the tyrant personally appears before the boy and offered him a chance to become stronger than he already was. Matt wanted to become stronger than Tai, but never felt the need to kill him.

In the end, Matt agreed to Burizalor's terms and was offered a spot in the forces. He was eventually groomed to be the next lead commander and was greatly influenced by the tyrant's word. Matt was slowly becoming "baptized by the darkness." Matt now realized that strength was everything and that the weak had to perish. The darkness consumed the boy to loathe his rival, Tai Kamiya. Everything since then would never… ever… be the same again.

Meanwhile, Tai and his friends overcame Daimaomon, a dark lord who sought TK and Kari's powers. Summoning Angemon's power, the dark lord was destroyed.

When word spread about the Digidestined's return, a cutthroat warrior was summoned from his duties. This warrior would end up confronting the Digidestined… and from there their lives would change forever.

So, ends Taito and company's story, now we begin the Odaiba Digidestined's long tale.

My name is X, a watcher of the Digital Worlds… and I am here to tell their story.'

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai Opening (TV Size) –  Dragon Soul )


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 1: A New Conflict! Return to the Digital World!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Several hundreds of kilometers away, a herd of Bullmon grazed on a specific grassland area. Two Scarecrowmon were working on the fields; one gathered hay and the other was loading it into a small black truck. The one who gathered hay was walking about and planting pumpkin seeds across the fields. The farmer pair were planning to grow some more pumpkins for the next harvest. They whistled about as if nothing would disrupt their day of hard work.

However, that would soon all change.

Suddenly, they raised their heads and heard resounding. A bright flash of light opened a hole in the sky, forging a vortex that shot something out like the sound of a cannon.

As it came closer, a spherical object hurtled through the vortex and aimed to land at a designated spot.

"Um, hey! What is that up there, Cletus?" the Scarecrowmon in the truck asked pointing up.

"I'm not so sure, Jim," the Scarecrowmon harvester replied, looking up at the same direction.

Then, their eyes widened at once as the object drew closer. Engulfed by flames from the atmospheric re-entry, the object approached the earth and then…


Jim (the Scarecrowmon in the truck) jumped out and cowered behind the vehicle. Cletus watched as it plummeted toward the surface of the grassy meadows ahead of them. The Bullmon and Emumon scattered away in droves away from the object.

A large explosion erupted from the surface of the ground, leaving a billowing dark cloud. Cletus and Jim faced each other with gaping mouths.

"Um, we had better check this out! This has to contain some kind of great discovery!" Jim suggested. "I'll bet we'll find something worthwhile!"

Cletus exclaimed, getting into the truck. "You're thinking what I was thinking, Cletus! Well, yee-haw! Think about the amount of digi-dollars we'll get once we get this thing pawned off!"


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Hashiru Senritsu )

Upon arriving at the crash site, Cletus stopped the truck and looked out with his eyes widened. Jim was also shocked at the deepened crater the object created. It was about twenty-five feet wide in diameter and twenty feet deep. The area inside the crater was still steaming hot and embedded at the center was a capsule space pod, which was about the size of a Greymon's head. It was silver all over with a thick purple glass shield encasing the front. On the center was an odd-shaped symbol with a pair of yellow 'eyes' embroidered and odd lettering on the front. Smoke expelled out sides of the pod.

Cletus reached for his shotgun and stepped out of the truck. He nervously approached the crater and gulped. "I better be careful with this..."

"I don't like this, Cletus. I changed me mind," Jim spoke, in typical hick-like slang. "Let's forget about this."

"Pipe down, Jim. I've got to check this out first," Cletus assured his work partner. "I can tell ya. It ain't no meteor. It's made out of steel and we would have been cooked like Cockatrimon dinner if it were a meteor!"

"I'll be darned, Cletus!"

Suddenly, the glass shield opened, expelling more smoke to emerge. Cletus jumped back and caught glimpse of a skinny hand sticking out of the pod. Alarmed, he readied and pumped his shotgun. Jim bemused and trembled.

The hand pulled itself out and a lone figure emerged as a shadow presence. Then, the light illuminated over the 'visitor,' revealing himself to the Scarecrowmon pair. It slowly ascended off the ground and landed on the surface. Cletus stiffened, feeling cold sweat covering his face.

"Oh my gosh, Cletus! A Digimon! But, he looks like that... that varmint from File Island from the stories I've heard!" Jim exclaimed, pushing himself against the end of the truck.

"It's that Devimon fella!" Cletus cried out.

They were wrong. The visitor from inside the pod only had a body structure akin to Devimon's. This one possessed traits that differentiated from File Land's greatest enemy.

This villainous figure stood a staggering eight-feet in height. His skin was dark gold, more like a dark bronze skin coloration except around the mouth. The arms of the fiend reached down the top of his shins. Black, leather bands covered his waist, the left thigh area and the left wrist. Around the left knee and left hand were brown ropes. Brown lengthy bandages covered the entire right arm from elbow and downward and the index finger on his right hand was entirely red. A purple bat-shaped insignia marking adorned his chest. His wings had holes through the skin and purple skull symbols covered his shoulders. Protruding from the temples of his head were long horns and the face of the fiend was pale. The fiend's crimson eyes flare, gleaming and oozing with evil intentions. Attached on his right arm appeared to be a wrist device with a scanner screen attached to it. Adorning his chest and shoulders was protective dark gray armor with large shoulder padding. Another device, albeit smaller, was attached on the right side of his face. The device had what appeared to be a small purple glass object served to scan the perimeters around him. A brown-leather tail like belt extension wrapped around his waist.

(End theme)

"Hey! You're on our property!" Cletus called out to the fiend, pumping his shotgun. "Get... off!"

Glancing over at Cletus, the oddly-colored Devimon smirked and pressed a switch on his device. "Are you threatening me?"

He scanned the two Scarecrowmon.

"You two have a battle power of 5 each. How pitiful!"

"I told you! Get off our property!" hastily warned Cletus. "Don't you come closer! I-I'll shoot!"

Jim lowered himself and gulped. "Don't tempt him, Cletus!"

NeoDevimon advanced by stepping forward once.


Cletus recoiled out of fear and fired his shotgun.

The shell shot forward only to be caught by the creature before it even struck his face. NeoDevimon smirked and flung it back at Cletus. The shell returned with more force and snapped the shotgun completely in half. Cletus flew back in front of the truck, hit his head and was knocked unconscious. Jim stayed at the backseat and howled in fear.

"What a bunch of weaklings," NeoDevimon remarked, smirking.

Suddenly, the device on his face reacted as did the device on his arm. They were instantly tracing the location of a high battle reading. It was much higher than either one of the Scarecrowmon.

"The readings are going off. Signal is picking up from Range 4880. I'm currently in Sector 12974. There's somebody with a huge power over there. That has to be him!"

With that, NeoDevimon jumped off the ground and flew up into mid-air with his wings spread out. It didn't take long for NeoDevimon to disappear off into the far distance.

The two Scarecrowmon were left behind. Jim crawled out of the truck and found Cletus laying unconscious. He then noticed the shotgun snapped into two halves from the shell NeoDevimon had flung back at Cletus.

"That's no ordinary fella... that's for sure," Jim stuttered, his mouth became dry.

Unbeknownst to the Scarecrowmon, a mysterious figure sat watching on a tree branch. The most notable featured was his mask. Eyes were visible under the mask as they narrowed to the crater where NeoDevimon had left his pod.

"So, the time has come."


Elsewhere within the Digital World, a beautiful blue sky loomed over a lonely horizon. There was a cliff side with a rather ominous figure. The warrior looked like a cross between a lion and a human warrior. He was bipedal, with a pair of pants, a strap over his chest and a sword sheathed on his back. His upper body was massive and muscular. His eyes were blue as the heavens. His arms and legs were massive in size as well. A light tan mane encircled his head. This was none other than the brave warrior of File Island who helped the Digidestined battle Devimon and recently Daimaomon. The figure turned out to be none other than Leomon. He faced the horizon ahead and peacefully meditated to himself.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he felt an approaching presence. He turned to see where the mysterious dark power emanated from.

"W-What kind of power is this! It couldn't possibly be... No, Daimaomon was slain! It also couldn't be WarGreymon or the angels either!" Leomon exclaimed, his eyes widened.

Then, from the top of the clouds, NeoDevimon came traveling across faster than Leomon could pick up. The fiend looked down to where Leomon stood and swiftly landed down.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Akumu )

Leomon gaped in shock. Wait! That can't be THE Devimon! I witnessed his downfall back on File Island! This one has a different presence and power behind him.

NeoDevimon was twenty yards away from where Leomon stood and smiled. "Excuse me for dropping in, but I was looking for a specific Digimon. I thought you were him."

"Who are you? You don't look like Devimon from File Island."

"I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. I'm not his reincarnation if that's what you're implying."

"Feh. Be off, demon! I have no business with you," Leomon growled, his eyes on NeoDevimon and preparing to unsheathe the sword from his holster.

NeoDevimon frowned. "Not until you answer my question, but do call me NeoDevimon."

The brave warrior retorted. "Cute. I don't have any business with the likes of you unless you're looking for a fight."

NeoDevimon chuckled deeply. "You sure are in high spirits, warrior."

Then, the fiend pressed the buttons on both of his devices. They immediately scanned Leomon like the two Scarecrowmon from earlier. A higher calculated power reading was revealed for Leomon.

"Ho, well, your battle power is 322. So, there are powerful warriors like you around, huh? Impressive, but you'd be a fool to attack."

Leomon grunted angrily and stepped into a defensive stance. "Now you listen to me! I warned you! Do you wish to fight?!"

"Show me what you've got."

Incensed, Leomon balled up his two fists and exerted a powerful thrust. "FIST OF THE BEAST KING!"


Connecting with impact, the attack consumed NeoDevimon right off the bat.

Leomon smiled in satisfaction, until his eyes witnessed a shocking result. As soon as the billowing smoke cleared, the landscape was reduced to rubble around the fiend, but NeoDevimon stood unscathed.

"Bah! You call that an attack?! Is merely kicking up dust all it can do?!"

Leomon stood horrified at the result.

"Allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack!" NeoDevimon bellowed out, raising his right hand to his side. "Now, pay close attention."

Leomon braced himself with cold sweat pouring down his face. He was prepared to meet his fate until NeoDevimon's devices probed another energy signal.

"Humph, well it's your lucky day then, warrior. My scouters are picking up another great power here."

(End theme)

With that, the fiend ascended up into mid-air as Leomon looked up. NeoDevimon checked his scanners' readings and picked up another calculated battle power.

"It's that way. Range 12909. It's large. It has to be the largest battle power on this side," NeoDevimon muttered, reading his calculations. "It's Agumon in his supposed mega form! This time I'm sure of it!"

Then, without any hesitation, NeoDevimon flew off into the distance and left Leomon behind.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Kuroi Kage  (0:00-0:10))

The brave warrior dropped down to his hands and knees. He was horrified at the invader's incredible durability, taking a full force of his attack.

"I... I don't believe it. I hit him full force and he didn't even flinch. No... The Digidestined do not stand a chance against this monster!"


Wonder Swan Digi-Amusement Park

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Kame House )

Meanwhile, standing outside the gates of the amusement park, the other Digidestined gathered around to wait the arrival of their friends. Among those in waiting were Izzy, Tentomon, Joe and Gomamon.

The sea mammal Digimon groaned out of boredom. "Ugh, this is soooo boring! When are they going to get here?"

"They should be here any minute," Izzy answered, looking up and trying to keep the sunlight from bothering his eyes.

"Izzy! I see Mimi and Lillymon!" Tentomon called out.

Lillymon came flying down with Mimi at her side. The girl jumped off and raced to her friends.

"Hi guys! Sorry we're late!" Mimi apologized to her friends.

"No problem. You're already late," muttered Joe, as he nearly losing his cool. "We've been waiting!"

"I needed to lie down after all of that running around," the girl replied, wiping her forehead. "Ick, I hate sweat!"

"Hey, where's Sora?" Izzy asked Mimi. "We just received word from a source that Tai, Kari, and TK defeated Daimaomon."

Lillymon replied. "Well, she said that she had to take a walk somewhere, but she'll meet up with us soon. I hope..."

"What about Tai, Kari and TK?" asked Joe. "We just can't wait for everyone to get here."

"They're on their way over. But, boy, my feet are KILLING me!" Mimi whined, sitting down and kicked her feet up.

"Funny, cause we didn't even have to walk over here," Lillymon sighed.

Mimi scoffed to her Digimon's comment. "As a former princess, I shouldn't be sweating like a pig. It ruins my image."

"I'm assuming all is well in the Digital World," said Izzy.

"Weird, I kinda figured that something was wrong. We've checked around for hours," Tentomon shrugged. "Though, I've noticed quite a lot of irregularities."

Izzy raised a brow in curiosity. "Really? I'd better recheck then."

(End theme)


As soon as they recognized the voice, the Digidestined glanced upward to find WarGreymon descending to where they gathered. Sitting on his back were Tai, TK, Kari, Patamon, and Gatomon.


Meanwhile, NeoDevimon was already catching up with WarGreymon's location. He picked up the Digimon's power reading and grinned.

"The position of this power is moving at considerable speed, but not fast enough."

Then, he noticed the power reading suddenly stopping at the coordinates of the Wonder Swan Digi-Amusement Park.

"What...? It suddenly stopped?!"


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Boku-tachi, Digimon! )

"Hey guys! We have arrived!" Tai announced to everyone, hopping off WarGreymon's back. "What are you guys standing there like a bunch of sad cases?"

"We've been waiting for you! Here you come all unannounced," Izzy exclaimed, approaching the gogglehead.

Tai waved his hands out and cautiously laughed. "Hey! Hey! Take it easy, dude!"

TK said, jumping off WarGreymon and lent a hand to Kari, letting her down. "That was sure a fun ride!"

Kari noticed the absence of a certain Child of Love. "Um, hey, where did Sora go?"

"Not to mention Biyomon," Gatomon affirmed.

"She'll meet up with us later," Tentomon assured Tai's little sister. "She... Well, she left to get some things off her mind. I don't know why though."

"I still can't believe Matt ditched us. I couldn't even find him anywhere," Tai scoffed. "Not even a trace from my Digivice. It's like he vanished from the Digital World."

"I hope he doesn't hate us," TK sighed sadly, recalling Tai and Matt's argument earlier. "He must have had a reason for leaving us like that."

"I'm sorry, TK," Patamon felt sorrow for the little boy.

"Don't worry. We'll find him eventually," Tai reassured Matt's brother. "Don't you sweat it, TK. He's bound to be out there somewhere."

"Once Sora gets here, we'll be heading off to investigate the recent irregularities with the Digital World. I've noticed some rather bizarre turbulence of events lately," Izzy stated. "You see I have discovered shifts in the land and..."

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  The War Breaks Out )

Suddenly, WarGreymon glared up toward the heavens and probed a disturbing, ominous presence from a distance. Izzy paused briefly, noting the sudden moment of silence. Soon, the other Digimon were able to sense the dark presence but not as acutely as WarGreymon.

"What is it, WarGreymon? What's the matter?" Tai asked, noticing a hint of fear in the Digimon's eyes.

"Something is coming, Tai. Something strong is heading our way," the mega responded, his eyes focused on the source.

(End theme)

Patamon muttered, frowning "A rather powerful one."

TK gasped and kneeled down beside his Digimon. "Patamon? Is it really heading our way."

"But I don't see anything," Kari replied, gazing up into the skies.

"You can't see it, but we can sense it," stated Gatomon, her fur standing up.

"I don't see anything," Mimi looked up.

"Um, that's cause your senses are not keen like ours, Mimi," Lillymon said.

No! It's a much, much more powerful presence. It's super strong! WarGreymon mused, his face contorted with bewilderment.

"Look! I see something above us!" Joe exclaimed, pointing up. "It looks like…"

"Not Superman that's for sure," Gomamon joked, looking up.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Anxiety and Unease )

Descending at near super sonic speed, NeoDevimon landed right in front of the Digidestined. They showed defiance and defended their partners upon the creature's arrival.

The children looked like they had just seen a ghost. They never thought that they would see another 'Devimon'. TK was the most frightened one of them all for obvious reasons.

"I'll protect you without dying this time!" Patamon frowned, floating in front of his human partner.

TK smiled and nodded his head. "Patamon…"

Facing the Digidestined standing before him, a scowl formed across NeoDevimon's face. He then shifted his focus primarily on Tai and WarGreymon. The fiend broke the brief silence and a manner very un-Devimon-like.

"I thought I'd know you but you seem to have digivolved to your mega form," NeoDevimon chuckled a devilish chortle. "WarGreymon, very nice. I am impressed, Agumon."

WarGreymon growled defiantly. "What? How do you know my rookie level name?"

"Huh? Who is this? I doubt this is the Devimon we've dealt with on File Island," Joe pointed out.

"If you are, then tell us how you came back to life!" Tai demanded, gritting his teeth while clenching fists.

"You're mistaken. Don't compare me to that weak fool. Now answer my question, Agumon," NeoDevimon shifted away from the children.

"Why me?"

NeoDevimon frowned, closing up his wings on the back. "What have you been doing this whole time? Has something distracted you from completing your mission?"

"My mission? What are you getting at?! I don't even know you!"

"WarGreymon. What is it that he's talking about? Did you have some sort of previous identity and not tell me before?" Tai asked, tapping WarGreymon on the side.

"I have no idea what he's talking about."

"Your mission was to exterminate the Digimon of the Digital World-One! What have you been doing?!"

(End theme)

Getting annoyed with NeoDevimon's manners, Lillymon advanced toward the fiendish Digimon.

"Lillymon! What are you doing?" Mimi whispered, trying to restrain her partner.

"Look, pal. I don't know what you're talking about, but I think that you're sense of sight is poor. Scram! Shoo!" Lillymon waved her hands off and narrowed her eyes. "The last thing that we need is a drunk Digimon attempting to threaten us!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Aku no Shutsugen )

Suddenly, the fiend's belt came lashing out from behind his back. Lillymon's reflexes were poor as she was struck in the face. The force of the blow sent her crashing against a tree stump.

"LILLYMON!" Mimi cried out in horror.

"Lillymon! No!" WarGreymon gasped, realizing how fast NeoDevimon struck her down and rather mercilessly.

Following the strike, Lillymon fell off the stump and immediately DE-digivolved back to Palmon. Mimi hurried over her fallen Digimon.

"Oh no! Palmon! Are you okay?!" Mimi shrieked, shaking her now unconscious partner.

"What was that for?!" Tai exclaimed, his eyes hardened. "Leave her out of this!

"Pardon me, but the lady approached me first. I acted on impulse and had to defend myself. If you don't like it, then too bad. Your whiny friend should get over it!"

"You low life!" TK blurted out. "That's all you are!"

"That's right!" spoke out Kari, frowning.

All NeoDevimon could do was laugh. "Agumon, was that sufficient enough to refresh your memories?"

(End theme)


Next episode: The Dark Invader! NeoDevimon!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 2: The Dark Invader! NeoDevimon!


Wonder Swan Digi-Amusement Park/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

"Know you? You sure have the nerve to come hit our friend and ask us that?!" Tai angrily retorted, defying NeoDevimon. "What do you want from Agumon? And how can you even be sure you're looking for the right one?!"

The fiend scowled at the mere presence of the Child of Courage and uncrossed his arms. "Impossible! You couldn't have possibly forgotten about me and our mission, Agumon. Or, as we designated you by your identification number: Zero-009. You were to report everything of your mission to me. I would be the one to retrieve all the data coded from your reports."

"Why should we listen to a liar like you? You've got the wrong Digimon!" Tai stood up to NeoDevimon. " Agumon and I met back on File Island! I don't recall him being affiliated with a creep like you!"

"Besides, even if I did remember, I wouldn't be helping the likes of you," grunted WarGreymon.

Mimi held Palmon in her arms and eyed the visitor. "You tell him, WarGreymon."

"What happened to you, Agumon?" NeoDevimon questioned the Mega, until he had came into realization. "Did you take a blow to the head when you were barely a baby?"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Kuroi Inbou )

As soon as NeoDevimon mentioned this, Tentomon's antennae perked up and slowly nodded his head. Izzy took notice of his Digimon and wondered.

"I wonder what's up with Tentomon?" the Child of Knowledge thought, raising an eyebrow.

WarGreymon exclaimed, showing frustration. "I don't know what you're talking about! You have no concrete proof I'm affiliated with the likes of you!"

"If I was lying, I wouldn't have come here in the first place. Now answer my question! Did you hit your head when you hatched out of your Digi-Egg? No doubt you have suffered amnesia!"

WarGreymon sighed and touched the back of his head. "Okay, I can admit to one thing. I did hit my head once when I was Koromon, but, that was a long time ago. I don't even remember much of it myself or everything before the accident."

Upon hearing this, NeoDevimon bellowed. "You fool! That would explain it!"

"Explain what?! Tell us!" Tai demanded out of the fiend.

That was when Tentomon cleared his throat to garner everyone's attention, including NeoDevimon. They all turned and faced the insect Digimon.

"Everyone. I think you may need to hear this, especially you, WarGreymon," Tentomon spoke up, flying beside the Mega Digimon.

"Oh no, he's going to tell them," Gomamon muttered, glancing over to Tentomon.

Gatomon was curious. "About what? Patamon?"

The Digimon partner of TK remained silent. No reply to Gatomon's question. Mimi, Joe, Kari, TK, Izzy and Tai were waiting for what Tentomon was going to reveal to everyone.

"Tentomon, is there something you know?" Tai raised his concern. "What about WarGreymon?"

"What this jerk is telling us does coincide with what I'm going to tell you. WarGreymon, I was told that you were found separated from our group before Tai and the others came. You were an aggressive and a blood lusted Digimon. There was doubt you would ever be tamed before Tai and the others arrived on File Island. Then, one day, you fell down a gorge and landed right on your head. We, the Digimon, nursed you back to health and your blood lusted nature had become a forgotten memory. Since then, you've been a friend to us and you became a loyal partner to Tai."

The Digidestined were shocked. Before they had even arrived, Koromon had been a violent Digimon with a mysterious past. Not even Koromon's Digimon friends knew the full detail of his origins.

Tai couldn't believe it and muttered. "I... I can't believe this."

"Huh? So that wild Koromon was myself," WarGreymon addressed the insect rookie.

"You were that same wild Koromon, WarGreymon," Tentomon sadly sighed, drooping his face. "We're sorry we never told you this, but we wanted to put the past behind us. We didn't think a guy like him would come finding you."

"Oh, Tentomon..." Izzy kneelt by his partner.

(End theme)

The Child of Courage turned away, trying to deny this cold truth. "WarGreymon. Tentomon. You never told me any of this."

The Mega Digimon apologized to the gogglehead. "I'm sorry. I should've told you about my accident, but I still don't know who this creep is. Trust me, Tai."

"Don't beat yourself up over it. I know you wouldn't lie to me about this jerk. There's something about him I don't like," Tai said, glancing and frowning toward NeoDevimon's presence.

"Heed my warning, Zero-009," NeoDevimon addressed the Mega. "If there are any trace of memories in that thick skull of yours, I will find a way to reveal them!"

Everyone stood their ground as the fiend methodically advanced forward. Tai and WarGreymon threw themselves in front of the group, barricading them from NeoDevimon.

"I'm not scared of you. I'm not going to let you hurt me or my friends," Patamon thought, frowning and standing by TK.

NeoDevimon bellowed out, raising his tightened right fist. "We need you back, Agumon! Your people need you back!"

"Be careful, WarGreymon..." Palmon muttered, slowly moving around Mimi's arms and regaining her senses. "He's more than your average enemy Digimon. There's something oddly strong about this guy."

WarGreymon nodded, his eyes focused on the fiend. "Yeah, I just noticed."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  A Power that Cannot Be Denied )

"Ha, ha! You want to know why? That's because you are no normal Digimon, Zero-009!" NeoDevimon chuckled. "You are an elite-class Digimon from the other side! Freshly born from another Digital World where the strong thrived! Your Digimon friends behind you were deemed failures in comparison to you!"

The group exclaimed in unison. "Another Digital World?!"

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am NeoDevimon, also known as Devi-087. I am an elite commander of my squadron. With my experience, I'm far more powerful than the enemies you've encountered up to now."

Izzy confirmed. "So you're pretty much an alien to this Digital World!"

"Yes, but you should know this isn't the only Digital World. There are many hundred of thousand worlds across this galactic realm," NeoDevimon revealed. "Where I come from is the Northern Realm. We're currently in the Eastern Realm. Each realm is divided and governed by higher-class Digimon. I came here by crossing a stargate by ship. It only took me a day or two to get where I was. Our way of traveling through space is through these stargates. There are many realms parallel to this one, including one where my leader's home world lies."

"Eastern Realm?" Izzy mused.

"I don't care where you came from!" Tai exclaimed. "Agumon is not part of your group of ruthless thugs!"

"Ha. You're in denial, human. You can't seem to handle the truth," the fiend chuckled, advancing toward the boy and WarGreymon. "Relax, because I will relieve you of your pain once I have recruited Zero-009 back to our forces."

"If Agumon is considered an 'alien' here, then why was he chosen to be Tai's partner?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah, why should we believe you?!" Gatomon hissed, standing beside Kari.

(End theme)

"The answer is simple really. His Digi-Egg was collected from us before we could send him to the frontlines. The Digital Knights who opposed my leader collected eight Digi-Eggs and kept them in safe keeping, ensuring that eight Chosen ones would take them."

"Yeah, that pretty much clenches it," Tai said.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Anxiety and Unease )

"But, the Digital Knights denied Agumon's chance to realize his true destiny. He's apart of a warrior elite just like me. You could say that we're interdimensional and galactic pirates on the front line. We serve for our leader and purge worlds for him to sell for profit."

Gomamon scoffed. "Pirates? You go and steal other Digimon worlds?"

"We locate hospitable digital worlds and sell them for profit. Our leader expects hundreds of worlds under his careful eye. He wants what's best the Eastern Realm has to offer. With the four Holy Beasts sealed, we currently have expanded his territory across the Northern and most of the Eastern Realms. To make these worlds suitable, we must exterminate those native inhabitants. Think of it as trading other Digimon's spaces for others' suitable needs. It's a fair trade, don't you think?"

"No wonder Gennai has had problems of contacting on his old colleagues. They were most likely wiped out," Tentomon proclaimed. "They must be the Digital Knights you're referring to!"

"When an elite warrior is fully grown, he or she is usually assigned to worlds with the most powerful natives. With experience under our belt, wiping out an entire world should be a simple task."

Joe said, trembling in fear. "Yelp. If this is true, then these guys make Myotismon look like a joke!"

"It's too bad you're not a Lycan or any canine-type Digimon from our elites. Had you been that type of Digimon, you would have wiped out this world's natives. In fact, there is an alternative to unleash the rage in your heart. You should have the Rage symbol on your right hand now!"

"Wait a minute, Rage symbol?" Tai spoke up, raising an eyebrow.

"Are you stupid? Looks like I'll have to explain this to your puny, feeble mind!" NeoDevimon growled, clenching his right fist. "The symbol responds once the moon turns red. The radiation waves activate the symbol and trigger your animalistic rage. Thus, you are able to tap into your true potential! You should have a serial number implanted on your skin."

"I have no idea what you're talking!" WarGreymon responded.

(End theme)

Noticing the absence of the 009 serial number on WarGreymon's right hand, NeoDevimon gasped out in utter disbelief. "Where's your symbol?! The symbol necessary to grant you your potential power! Tell me what happened to it?!"

"It was removed from my ear when I was Koromon. A kind Digimon surgically removed it once Motimon informed me that it would bring bad luck. It was the reason I went crazy," WarGreymon confirmed, looking at his hand. "If that was the case, I'm relieved that symbol was removed."

"No wonder you've become so complacent in this comfortable world! You're dishonoring our code by aligning yourself with these pathetic humans! You've turned into a human-loving softy!"

"Shut up! I don't care what you say I am!" the Mega Digimon retorted, stepping forward and threatening NeoDevimon. "You're not going to tell me who I really am! I'm Tai's Digimon partner and honored to have a friend like him! I can't… and will never my back on my friends behind me!"

"Yeah! So do us a favor and leave!" Tai demanded, facing the fiend.

"Yes! Just go and leave, you monster!" Mimi defiantly cried out.

Kari and TK frowned toward NeoDevimon's direction.

"You tell him!" Izzy nodded his head in reply. "You still have no concrete proof WarGreymon would ever be affiliated with the likes of you, galactic pirate filth! You're story is too illogical for me to believe."

"We even saved this world and our world from three other creeps!" yelled TK. "Don't overlook us just because we're kids!"

"That's right!" Kari agreed.

However, NeoDevimon simply grinned and shrugged off their threats. He observed each of their Digimon while reading their calculated power readings through his devices.

"How do you expect me to take you all seriously? Here's the deal. We are among the elite," NeoDevimon explained, standing twenty feet away from the group. "We survived by continuously fighting other beings across these Digiworlds. The more we fought, the stronger we became. It's a tough job exterminating the many races of Digimon, but somebody's got to do it. We're running a tight business and the 'bossman' expects everything going his way."

NeoDevimon pressed a side button on his device. The scanner screen flipped over and then a low hum was heard. A holographic image of what appeared to be a planet appeared above the screen. The planet itself was light blue and looked similar to Neptune, the eighth planet of the solar system. The children and their Digimon observed the hologram while Izzy was intrigued with the high tech the alien was provided.

"We have recently found a digital world known as Zappa, which we know can be sold at a very high price. The locals are very strong and I'll be having three colleagues of mine meeting me there. The problem is that we will have some problems with these natives. But just think, the four of us should do enough to finish the job, Zero-009. Thank the Digigods that I've remembered you. You, Zero-009, should be enough to tip the scales. So, what do you say? I've come back to take you to the fold."

As soon as he deactivated the hologram, NeoDevimon extended his left hand out in front of WarGreymon and grinned. The offer with the devil (no pun intended) was laid out. It was either join NeoDevimon to revive his old killer instinct or stay with his human partner. The answer was obvious to WarGreymon.

TK and Kari stood by the other children's sides as their Digimon stood by their respective partners. WarGreymon turned around and responded to NeoDevimon with his answer.

"NO! I've heard enough from you!" the Mega Digimon angrily snapped.

"You know his answer! It's NO!" Tai exclaimed, standing beside his loyal partner.

"How sad," the fiend sighed in obvious disappointment, until he glanced toward the youngest two Digidestined - namely TK and Kari. "But do tell me something. Are those two little brats your siblings, boy?"

Tai's blood chilled as he saw the galactic demon making eye contact with Kari and TK. His sister and Matt's little brother were once again put into danger, especially after the fiasco with Daimaomon two days ago.

"No! You stay away from my sister and TK!" Tai growled, throwing himself in front of the children. "I MEAN IT!"

"We've got your back!" Patamon replied, his cheeks puffing up.

"Don't you even come near them or I'll rip your heart out," Gatomon hissed, extracting the claws through her gloves.

"Ooo, I'm shivering towards you pitiful, human-loving weaklings!" NeoDevimon laughed, advancing forward. "I suppose that those two little brats happen to be Chosen Children as we like to call them? I can tell by looking at their two pets."

"You leave them alone!" WarGreymon threatened the fiend. "I'm warning you!"

"Sorry, it can't be done. If you won't join me, then I'll just have to borrow those two brats."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Kuroi Kage )

NeoDevimon eyed the two children as Tai and WarGreymon barricaded in front of them. TK and Kari looked on with frightened looks even with their Digimon guarding them.

"You make one more step and we'll kill you!"

Tai agreed. "Get him, WarGreymon!"

The Mega immediately raised his arms up to gather powerful ball of energy and unleash his most powerful attack. "TERRA-"

Suddenly, NeoDevimon vanished like a blur. This display of untold speed caught the Mega completely by utter surprise. Then, before he realized it..


WarGreymon recoiled and doubled over once NeoDevimon felled him with a vicious kick. The surprising force of raw power sent WarGreymon flying back. Tai raced toward NeoDevimon with his fists balled. Albeit it was not a wise choice and he would pay for it.

"That was a cheap shot!" the gogglehead roared out.

Merely standing still, NeoDevimon allowed Tai to land a free shot into his gut. The result was Tai crying out in excruciating pain as his fist throbbed. The fiend backhanded Tai aside and scoffed in annoyance. The boy rolled across the ground, groaning in pain. Kari cried out in horror witnessing her brother and WarGreymon felled in two shots. Both were on the ground, writhing in agony.

The group cried out in shock. "TAI!"

Tentomon was horrified. "That guy moved too fast! And he felled WarGreymon?!"

"Tai!" Kari yelled out, running by her brother's side.

"Kari! Look out!" Gatomon called out in warning to her partner.

Glancing over to the youngest Digidestined, NeoDevimon's image blurred out and reappeared in front of the two kids. He swiftly snatched both TK and Kari. Gatomon jumped up and prepared to digivolve, but NeoDevimon swatted her aside. In retaliation to Gatomon being taken down, Patamon pounced toward the fiend. Much like Gatomon before him, the villain easily brushed Patamon aside with his wings.

TK squirmed while being held under NeoDevimon's right arm. "Let us go, jerk! Patamon! Get up!"

"Big brother! Help!" Kari screamed, attempting to break free.

"Zero-009. Listen up and listen closely. If you wish them returned to you, then you must follow my orders," NeoDevimon explained his proposition. "Make sure the boy is listening, too, since these two brats mean so much to him!"

"That coward! Using them as hostages!" Mimi shouted, though she was shaking in her legs to do anything. "I… can't even move…"

Palmon trembled out of shock by NeoDevimon's otherworldly strength. "If WarGreymon, Gatomon, or Patamon couldn't stop him… then… shoot… nothing I can do! But, TK and Kari…"

"I'll give you five hours to make a decision. If you decide to join us, then you can find me with your instincts. You'll know where I'll be waiting."

"Is... Is that all you want from us!" Tai growled, trying to pull himself up.

"No, and here's the deal. In under those five hours, make sure to find 100 Digimon and order Zero-009 to exterminate the 100 Digimon! The scouters on my arm and face will easily pick up the energy signals of each Digimon's battle power dissipating. That will indicate each apparent casualty you have killed. If you refuse, I'll kill these two brats. Trust me, I have plenty of experience when it comes to slitting children's throats!"

These cold-hearted words alone were enough to make the children's stomachs wrench and enough to boil the blood running through Tai and WarGreymon.


Unbeknownst to them, the group, including NeoDevimon, was being observed by the mysterious masked man, whom concealed himself within the thick brushes of the forest. In fact, he glanced right toward Tai and WarGreymon. Thoughts were now running through his mind.

There they are, but they're not ready for this one. Hopefully they can survive since I will need them alive.

With that, the masked individual vanished out of sight like a phantom. His presence was not felt by anyone of the Digimon.


"When you're done, do come and find me. You can find me by tracing my battle power," NeoDevimon chuckled deeply at WarGreymon's expense. "This should be simple for you! Farewell, fool!"

With that, NeoDevimon opened the wings and ascended with the two children tucked under his left arm. They desperately fidgeted under the fiend's grasp, but he held them tightly in his possession.

This was his last and only chance to force WarGreymon to reconsider to his deal. It was WarGreymon having to join forces with the new enemy or the death of the two Digidestined children.

"Tai! Help us!" Kari cried out.

TK shouted out to the leader. "Don't let him take us away!"

The villain rocketed off into the distance with his two hostages. Tai and WarGreymon gazed up in horrified disbelief as they called out to the children.

(End theme)

The other Digimon were still too stunned by NeoDevimon's display of strength and felt powerless in NeoDevimon's presence.

"Kari! TK! You bring them back, you...! Ugh...! You monster!" Tai cried out, succumbing to the pain across hid body. "Damn you!"

"Tai... we have to follow him!" WarGreymon bellowed, lifting himself off the ground. "TK and Kari... should anything happen to them, I'd rather die. But, we can't do what NeoDevimon requires... I'd rather die than join that heartless..."

Joe and Izzy walked over to assist Tai on his feet. The leader groaned, gripping his side until he smashed his fists to the ground. WarGreymon was on his two feet, struggling to even stand without collapsing on one knee. Tai felt powerless having been humbled by a single Digimon. Add insult to injury when he witnessed his Mega being downed in one blow.

The other Digidestined gathered around Tai with distraught looks.

"I'm sorry, Tai. I wish we could have done something, but seeing that creep do that..." Mimi sighed sadly, feeling ashamed. "He put down WarGreymon in just one attack."

And we're just as guilty for not being able to save TK and Kari!" Palmon sat down. "He caused me to De-digivolve with just the lash of that belt- or whatever it was."

"There's no way he could have stood a chance against him," Gomamon replied. "I doubt he would've given us the time to digivolve."

Without even thinking twice, Tai stood up and glanced over to his Digimon partner. "WarGreymon! I've had it with this guy! We're heading out to save TK and Kari!"

The Mega Digimon nodded. "Agreed, Tai. Let's go!"

"Tai! Are you crazy?! He nearly killed you and WarGreymon! Don't start getting thick-headed without a strategy!" Izzy chided as he tried to stop his reckless friend. "We need to think this over before we rush out there unwisely!"

"I doubt he can be reasoned with, Izzy! Don't forget who got taken here!" Tentomon said to the computer whiz. "Quite frankly, I wouldn't provoke him."

"Besides you two are in no condition to fight," Joe tried to convince the duo. "You two need to sit down."

"Screw that noise! We're NOT sitting down for anything!" Tai replied angrily.

Gatomon scurried over beside Tai. "Sorry, guys but I'm with Tai on this one! Kari's in danger!"

"Not to mention, TK!" Patamon puffed up his cheeks angrily.

"That monster!" Mimi angrily scoffed. "How could he have done just a cowardly thing? He goes and takes two children as hostages!"

"If he's anything like Devimon, Etemon and Myotismon... ugh, I can't even think about!" Palmon agreed.

"I don't give a damn who he is!" The gogglehead cursed. "I'll never forgive him for this!"

"So, what now? He's probably long miles away from where we currently stand," Joe replied, irrationally shaking his knees. "We would be signing our own wills if we go over there and engage him. WarGreymon couldn't touch him. Besides, I'm too young to die."

"Don't be so over dramatic, Joe," Gomamon came up with his own strategy. "Look. All of us together can stop him. Think about it. Zudomon, Lillymon, MegaKabuterimon, and WarGreymon at once. Add Garudamon when Sora and Biyomon get back. I love that five on one advantage! Not to mention since we'll be near TK and Kari, Patamon, and Gatomon can digivolve!"

"Yeah! Why didn't we think of that!" Joe snapped his fingers.

"Not only that, but that belt..." WarGreymon mentioned. "You guys saw that thing around his waist? I sensed some kind of power source from it."

Tai gasped and recalled seeing the belt. "That's right. I wonder... If we rip it off somehow..."

"It could decrease his abnormally strong power," Izzy theorized. "That's it! How very observant of you, WarGreymon!"

"Yeah, somehow we can rip it out of him and his power should decrease to that of a normal Champion level. Then, our Digimon can take him a part one by one!" Tai openly declared. "What do you think?"

"Good plan, Tai!" Tentomon folded his arms, nodding. "Quite frankly, I never pegged you as much as someone who utilizes again, we did openly give you suggestions."

Izzy smiled. "Affirmative. Looks like we'll be giving you a hand then."

Patamon declared. "I'll do everything in my will to protect TK. Even if it costs my very own life."

"The same goes for Kari," Gatomon raised her voice.

"Thanks, guys. Like I said before, there is no I in team!" Tai shouted, standing up and raising his right fist.

WarGreymon cleared his throat. This caught Tai's immediate action and he walked over to his partner. They had a quiet conversation and glanced over to the other Digidestined. What WarGreymon told him prompted Tai to rethink his plans and glanced over to the two Digimon: Gatomon and Patamon. The leader then looked toward WarGreymon and snapped his fingers.

Izzy blinked. "You got an idea, Tai? What did you come up with?"

"Izzy. I've got an even better idea. You guys stay here and wait for Sora. You let her know about everything. I don't expect Matt to be coming back for a while, but if he does show up, let him know about everything that's happened. Patamon. Gatomon. You two are coming with me. You might serve as a distraction while we take advantage of the situation."

"Wait! What about us! We could still provide help!" Palmon eagerly called out, showing no fear on her face. "That creep cheat shot me and I need to pay him back!"

"Sorry, but this is my final decision. You have to stay and tell Sora everything," Tai clarified.

"Humph, so we're decoys?" Gatomon crossed her arms and kicked dirt away.

"Don't worry. Since TK and Kari will be there, I think we should digivolve," Patamon assured the feline.

"It's settled then. We're off to save Kari and TK! We just might have a chance of winning this," the gogglehead declared, preparing to make his move.

Just then, a voice bellowed out from behind the brushes as the entire group turned to face the source of the voice. "Sorry, but you don't stand a chance on your own, Tai. Agumon."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Daimao Appears )

Once the Digidestined followed the familiar voice, Leomon came walking out the forest and approached the children. Tai was even more relieved since it was two days ago he teamed with the brave warrior to defeat Daimaomon.

(End theme)

"Leomon! You're back!" Tai exclaimed.

Mimi happily ran over to Leomon and hugged him. "I can't believe it's you!"

The brave warrior knelt down and embraced the girl with one arm. "Yes. That creature is far stronger than you think. WarGreymon and others alone won't be enough to stop him. Even if Matt and Sora returned, it probably wouldn't make a difference. In order to even the odds, you're going to need my help. With my battle strategies, I can assist you in any way I can."

"But what makes you so sure? You're only a Champion-level, right?" Mimi inquired. "WarGreymon is a Mega and that NeoDevimon easily knocked him aside."

"I know because I fought him before he confronted you. I used my best attack, but he didn't even have a single scathe on his body," Leomon openly admitted, recapping his recent encounter. "Tai, you will need my help. I could even the odds."

"With a power we're facing, we'll definitely need your help," said WarGreymon.

Tai asked the warrior Digimon. "Just a question, Leomon. Did you see Sora and Biyomon anywhere?"

"Yes. I did see them coming their way over here."

"And Matt?"

"You mean the boy with the Gabumon? I have seen no signs of him. I'm sorry."

"Poor TK," Patamon sighed sadly and then his face twisted into a frown. "That's it! Let's get going you guys! TK and Kari need us!"

Tai concurred with TK's partner. "Izzy, you know what to do."

"I've got everything covered! We'll let Sora know about your whereabouts. We'll be meeting with you later. Good luck, you guys!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  The Clouds of War Spread )

"Thanks. WarGreymon! We're heading off!" Tai faced his Digimon partner.

The Mega Digimon clenched his fists. "It's about time!"

Without hesitation, Tai hopped onto the Mega's back and held firmly on his Brave Shield cover armor. Patamon and Gatomon hopped, latching onto Tai's back. WarGreymon jetted up into mid-air and soared through the skies. Leomon levitated off the ground and flew off toward WarGreymon's direction.

"WAAAHH... Oh wait," Tentomon stopped as he had forgotten about a technique utilized by adept warrior Digimon. "Leomon has learned the art of Bukujutsu, the famous flight ability passed down by warrior Digimon as a means of transportation."

"I wish I could do that," Gomamon replied. "Guess we're not warrior enough to even consider learning the technique. Shucks, it beats walking!"

Tentomon shrugged. "It's a rare ability and only few have ever achieved it. It's no surprise Leomon effectively uses it with the years of training under his belt. He must have learned it since we departed the Digiworld sometime ago. Pretty nifty way to get around the Digiworld."

"That's right. A lot of time has passed since we left. Hasn't it?" Izzy pointed out. "I've started to notice some change in the shaping of the landscape coupled with less Digimon activity in some remote parts. Tentomon, what do you know about this?"

"Well, first of all, I wouldn't know. I was gone with you the whole time since we left."

The computer whiz spaced out, realizing his own folly. "Uhhh. that's right! Well, while we're waiting for Sora, I'll..." He stood up, gritting his teeth. "I hope Sora gets here soon."

"Leomon said she and Biyomon were coming. All we need to do is wait for Sora and hopefully, Matt," Mimi observed the skies, clasping her hands in prayer. "Please, come back safe, guys."

(End theme)


"Wow! Leomon sure can keep up with WarGreymon now!" Patamon gaped, observing the Champion-level warrior flying alongside Tai's partner.

"No doubt all the training you've undergone, Leomon. It couldn't have been easy for you," WarGreymon stated.

Leomon intently focused to the exact location where NeoDevimon's landing site was situated.

"Can you pick up his presence?" Gatomon asked.

WarGreymon was quick to confirm. "It's faint, but I can sense it. He's definitely at a far distance."

"Good. You just keep focusing on his energy signal!" Tai said, putting a hand over his face to keep the pressure winds from blowing his face.

The Mega soared through the skies at a rapid pace with no intention of rest. Leomon wasn't too far behind following WarGreymon. His speed greatly increased, proof of this were him showing no evidence of fatigue or losing breath.

"If I keep up at this rate, we'll be able to catch up," Tai said.

"Leomon. We're making a turn on the left," WarGreymon affirmed. "Remember to stay with us."

The veteran warrior nodded. "Yes. You just lead the direction, my friend."


NeoDevimon's Camp

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Hashiru Senritsu )

Having returned back to the site of his landing, NeoDevimon descended into the crater and next to the stargate pod. He entered the code and activated the capsule door.

"Here is where you two brats will be staying," NeoDevimon snorted as he threw the children in his pod. "This ought to keep your annoying whimpering down."

"No way you're keeping us quiet inside this thing!" TK exclaimed.

"My brother's coming and you're going to be sorry!" Kari threatened the fiend.

NeoDevimon merely stifled a laugh and sealed the capsule door. "Yeah, we'll see. That boy and Agumon still have to carry out their end of the bargain. I doubt they'd have the guts to show up here after how easily I dispatched them."

Peering out through the glass, TK and Kari fiercely banged their fists against the door. To their dismay, their voices no longer could be reached to the outside. NeoDevimon ascended out of the crater and landed softly on the terrain. He checked his scanners for any battle power readings from any local Digimon.

"He hasn't started his killing spree yet. No matter. He still has less than five hours left before I execute these children," the galactic demon pivoted his head, shifting his view and eyeing the foreign surroundings. "Now what should I do in the mean time? Standing here is going to be quite bothersome."


Kari ceased pounding on the glass and knelt down. Her already red hands throbbed following continuous pounding on the impenetrable glass. Curling up in a fetal position, the girl covered her face and cried.

TK stopped and knelt beside the younger Kamiya child. "Don't let him scare you, Kari. I'll make sure to protect you."

"I hate him, TK! He kidnapped us and he hurt my brother!" She cried out, throwing her head up as tears spilled from her eyes. "I hate that monster!"

As TK comforted Kari, he recalled the amount of limited time they had left. Patamon, Tai, WarGreymon, and Gatomon. get here as fast as you can, guys. You only got less than five hours before we're finished? I can only comfort Kari for as long as I can. I have to stay strong. "Kari, we have to stay strong. Dry those eyes." Though, even he tried to suppress any tears he wanted to spill. And where are you, Matt?!


NeoDevimon watched the skies and activated his scouter devices. "I should've destroyed Zero-009 when I had the chance. That boy shouldn't have stuck his nose where it doesn't belong. Surely, Zero-009 and that boy wouldn't have to guts to face me again. Would they?"

(End theme)


WarGreymon and Leomon closed in at approximate site NeoDevimon waited. The Mega-level Digimon probed the fiend's presence, who wasn't too far off as previously speculated.

Tai's partner confirmed. "Ok, we're going to descend very soon. I'm sure that we're getting closer."

"You two better hang on tight!" Tai said to Patamon and Gatomon, who were clinging to his back.

"Remember, he carries that device around his eye. He'll easily trace our energy signals," Leomon reminded WarGreymon.

"You're right. He'll definitely know where we're coming from."

"If Leomon's suspicion is correct, it can easily trace a Digimon's position. We better hurry and catch him by surprise!" Tai exclaimed. "It's worth a shot!"


NeoDevimon's Camp

Popping open a green pill capsule, NeoDevimon swallowed it in one gulp. The contents contained a small dose of blood enough to nourish himself. He checked his wrist device and then the scouter. Nothing but faint signals from weaker Digimon.

Suddenly, he pinpointed two strong battle powers heading toward his current location.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  A Tough Struggle )

"What's this...? I'm picking up two power signals. These blasted devices have to be broken," NeoDevimon angrily scoffed. "I better remind myself to receive a program upgrade. Blasted obsolete technology. I should've stuck with black arts like Devimon excels at."

NeoDevimon frantically turned toward his stargate pod, probing two powers reacting. "What? These two are coming from inside the capsule! It's not possible for these two children to generate this magnitude of power! Unless... I recall our lord referring to items known as tags and crests. These necklaces around their necks! How could I have been so blind?! I was too caught up with forcing Zero-009 to join us when I completely forgotten the damn tags!" He clenched his right hand, growling under his breath. "But, how could those items generate that much power?! No wonder they were hell bent on scattering the items across this realm in the first place. Our lord wanted to ensure that none of the Chosen ones were to retrieve the tags and crests!" But then again, if the rumors are true, he seems to have taken in one of the Digidestined under his tutelage. If that child has a tag and crest, then he must be being groomed to harness a power of darkness. How ironic. One of the Digidestined joining our side. He evilly smiled at that sick thought.

Once again, his devices started tracing two powerful beacons along with three faint ones.

"A new reading! Incoming quickly!" howled the fiend, shifting his view toward the skies. "Two major powers and three faint, weak ones! The two powerful beacons are calculated with a 322 and 334! One of them has Zero-009's power exactly. But, how dare he try to challenge me! He should realize he doesn't stand a chance! Blasted gadget, I'm not longer going to rely on them anymore once I leave this trash heap."

(End theme)

Then, his devices once again warned him. He looked up to find two flying figures descending from the heavens. One of them was none other than WarGreymon. Tai, Gatomon, and Patamon were visibly spotted on his back. Accompanying the one human and three Digimon team was Leomon, the first warrior NeoDevimon encountered in the Eastern Realm.

The fiend bellowed out in shock. "IT IS HIM!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Scampering Battle! )

"Yeah! Tai and the others are coming!" TK exclaimed, looking outside. "I told you, Kari!"

"He also brought Gatomon and Patamon, too!" Kari smiled. "And I see Leomon!"

The villain mused. Can it be that the scope is not broken? Could the power of those crests generate so much power?!

NeoDevimon flew back as WarGreymon and Leomon swiftly landed on the ground. Tai, Gatomon, and Patamon hopped off the the dragon warrior's back.

Not just Zero-009, but that Leomon I've encountered earlier! NeoDevimon's scowl was replaced by a devilish smile.

Tai observed his surroundings, looking for his sister and TK. "They're not here! Gatomon. Patamon. Can you sense them anywhere?"

"I can smell them," Gatomon confirmed, sniffing the air. "But where... I'm not so sure."

(End theme)

NeoDevimon grinned and crossed his arms nonchalantly. "Well! I see you fools have found me. I wonder how."

"Does it really matter? We found you and that's all that matters," WarGreymon rebuked, narrowing his eyes at the fiend.

"Heh, lets try out another question. Why did you decide to find me?"

"Don't play us like we're idiots!" Tai retorted angrily, harshly provoking NeoDevimon. "Give back my sister and TK! They're just kids!"

"Just wait a bit, boy. First, let me ask Zero-009 a question," the galactic demon turned, facing WarGreymon's direction. "So, my friend, have you decided to join me and the elites? Will you return to the fold like you were destined to?"

"I already gave you my answer. It's still NO!"

"Now meet our demands! Give us back TK and Kari!" Tai repeated.

"Curses. I really expected better from you, Zero-009," NeoDevimon frowned, revealing his sharp fangs. "How can you be such a fool? Surely you two don't think you stand a sliver chance against me?"

"Fiend, I've grown bored of your drivel," Leomon growled, unstrapping his sword and tossing it aside.

The sword landed on the ground and dropped like a heavyweight. Everyone, minus NeoDevimon, watched in surprise at the small dent the weapon left on its impact.

"Leomon? You were you armored?" WarGreymon asked, glancing down at the heavy sword.

"Yes, you never noticed? I trained under Piximon while you and the Digidestined were gone. He was the one who showed me to train with heavy weights and upgraded by sword's density. Perhaps, you should consider, WarGreymon?"

"Piximon, huh? Man, I can remember him sending us into that cave, WarGreymon," Tai recalled past events. "But, I don't think I want to go through with that again."

The brave warrior smiled and massaged his shoulders. "Now, I feel much better. I haven't felt so light in such a while."

NeoDevimon observed his scouter and calculated a new battle power from Leomon. Hmmm, that Leomon's power just jumped up to 408. Interesting.

"Well. Looks like I'll be removing my armor then. Sorry if I'm copying you, Leomon," WarGreymon stated, looking over his body. "I just might move quicker without the armor."

The Child of Courage approved of his partner's decision. "Go for it, WarGreymon. It's worth a try. Izzy told me that Chrome Digizoid armor you're wearing has some dense metal."

With that, the Mega proceeded to remove his armored gauntlets, his shoulder weights, and the shin guards concealing his muscular legs. Finally, he unstrapped the ropes around his chest armor and let the armor fall. Stretching out his arms, WarGreymon felt lighter than before and never better. He popped his neck and jumped up gracefully. Tai, Patamon, and Gatomon stared in obvious shock.

"Ok! Now, I'm ready!" WarGreymon chuckled, smashing his fists together. "You're right, Leomon. This feels much better."

NeoDevimon observed WarGreymon's battle power slightly increase. And now Zero-009's power rating just went up to 416!

NeoDevimon stared down his opposition, stifling with a pompous laugh. Tai, Gatomon, and Patamon stepped away to notice a crater in the distance.

"Hmmm, that crater over there," Tai muttered, noticing Gatomon sniffing towards its direction. "Can it be?!" Are TK and Kari in there?!

"Feh, ha! Ha! Ha! You really think this will make a difference?!" The fiend heartily laughed at the two warriors. "Even if you removed your entire weighted armor, you still wouldn't have any hopes of defeating me! Your such sad cases!" He ceased his laughter, uncrossing his arms. He promptly removed the wrist device on his right arm.

"If you think power is everything, then you're no warrior," WarGreymon replied. "Even you should know with all of your experience."

"Yes, but there's also no place for idiocy in our elite," NeoDevimon threw his wrist scouter on the ground. His face contorted with disdain, glaring at WarGreymon with hatred. "You are a traitor to us! I no longer have any interest in you joining our ranks! You and these humans must... DIE!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Aku no Shutsugen )

WarGreymon and Leomon assumed fighting positions. However, before they mounted their first moves, NeoDevimon flew out at them and vanished like a blur. Tai turned and watched as the fiend reappeared behind the duo.

"WarGreymon! Leomon! He's behind you!" the gogglehead warned them.

WarGreymon whirled around and gasped. NeoDevimon delivered two consecutive elbow strikes across their exposed backs. The duo reacted from the blows and jumped backwards. They landed on their feet, showing horrified expressions in response to NeoDevimon's superior speed.

He's too fast! WarGreymon thought, his face contorting with shock underneath his mask. I didn't even have time to react!

Leomon shared the same sentiments as the Mega. He charged right at us from the forefront, but he was still able to strike our backs?

"I'll say this, you're defenses are not that bad. I commend you," NeoDevimon commented, grinning.

"Man! This is insane!" Tai cried out. "I didn't even see him move until he got behind them!"

"That should keep you alive for the next few minutes, because I plan on attacking with my full power on my next turn," announced the fiend.

Since when did he show this display of power! Gatomon thought.

No doubt that belt thing should be his weakness. WarGreymon even sensed some kind of source of power coming from it. Tai studied the belt around NeoDevimon's waist. His eyes slowly shifted toward the crater. Now I have to somehow reach that crater and see if the kids are there! "WarGreymon and Leomon. You two try and hold him off." He whispered, nodding toward the duo while slipping toward the crater. Careful, Tai. Take one step at a time.

The fiend snickered, staring down at the duo. "Before you still think you have high hopes on emerging victorious, you should know three partners of mine waiting for me are superior in strength compared to my own. Moreover, I am actually an Ultimate level! As an advanced Ultimate-level elite, I can rip a Mega-level Digimon to shreds, especially you two."

Upon hearing this horrifying revelation, the group gawked in disbelief. It was now revealed: NeoDevimon, an Ultimate, was superior to either WarGreymon and Leomon.

(End theme)


Next episode: The Digiworld's Strongest Team Unite!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 3: The Digiworld's Strongest Team Unite!


NeoDevimon's Camp/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Tai, Gatomon, and Patamon noticed the crater from the combatants. They came to the assumption the captives, TK and Kari, were inside.

"TK and Kari have to be in there! There's no doubt about it!" Tai stated, his fixated eyes turned away from NeoDevimon. But, this NeoDevimon guy is wicked! Catching both Leomon and WarGreymon by surprise?! Are there really Ultimate-level Digimon now who can beat around Mega-level Digimon?! "First things first, TK and Kari."

"This guy gives me the creeps and I don't mean just by looking at him either," Gatomon said, her narrowing her eyes coldly at NeoDevimon.

Patamon stayed silent, turning away from the fiend while eyeing the crater. Don't worry, TK. We're going to get out of this mess. I promise!

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Desperate Situation )

NeoDevimon dropped by his sides, casting an annoyed gaze at the duo. Both WarGreymon and Leomon recovered from the quick elbow strikes delivered to their backs. There was silence while a cool and mighty wind blew in between the two sides.

Leomon turned toward Tai's partner, inquiring. "WarGreymon, what new techniques did you acquire since digivolving into your Mega form?"

"Quite a few, but I don't think it will be enough," WarGreymon replied, cocking his head. "But there's always high hopes."

"Then lets see it," the brave warrior insisted, whispering.

NeoDevimon interjected the duo's silent chit-chat. "Please, I can still hear you! There's no need to whisper amongst yourselves. Are we making secret plans?! Well, if that's the way you want to waste the last minutes of your lives, then go right ahead!"

Ignoring NeoDevimon's taunts, Leomon murmured. "So, what's this new technique you have?"

"To be honest. It's a new modified variation of my Terra Force," WarGreymon said. "I've been meaning to use this but never got a chance to."

"Since my limb is still healing from the battle with Daimaomon, it's going to be very difficult to concentrate on my attack. It will be time consuming."

"So, what do I do?"

Leomon quietly replied. "Keep him preoccupied until I gather enough power into my attack."

WarGreymon nodded, clenching his hands. "You better be sure that this is going to work, Leomon. I'll hold him off as much as I can."

"Just trust me on this one, WarGreymon. I've been meaning to experiment with this new variation for quite a while."

WarGreymon grinned behind his mask. "You're just in luck, my friend. We've got a big target right in front of us."

"Yeah. We just better make it count or else we're screwed."

The duo shared a laugh together, which befuddled the galactic demon. He scowled in annoyance.

(End theme)

They're laughing? Have they lost their minds? the fiend wondered, trying to comprehend their hidden motives.

"Ok, Leomon! Do what you have to do! I'll keep jerk distracted!"

"Good luck, my friend. I won't let you down!"

While the fight was set to commence, Tai, Gatomon, and Patamon slowly slipped toward the crater. Tai turned his eyes, carefully keeping a keen observation on the battle on hand.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans OST –  Vs. Raditz/Nappa OST )

Wasting no time, WarGreymon hastily sprang forward and launched himself at NeoDevimon. Granted time to prep, Leomon focused and channeled energy in his right fist.

WarGreymon clashed head to head with NeoDevimon, unleashing a flurry of punches. The fiend mobilized himself into the air while evading WarGreymon's rapid strikes. Timing all of WarGreymon's punches, NeoDevimon threw out his hands and countered with handswipes - doing so with rapid succession.

Leomon drew in his inner chi through his body, channeling it directly into his right fist. As the two warriors kept NeoDevimon preoccupied, Tai and the two rookies raced toward the crater where the capsule was situated in the crater.

"There! I see the ship! All right, my Digivice is definitely picking up some signals. There's no doubt that it's them," Tai said, clenching his device. "But, I'm wondering why you two haven't digivolved yet?"

Garnering Tai's attention, TK and Kari desperately pounded their fists against the pod's glass window. The gogglehead attentively turned his view at the kids inside the pod and hurried over to it. His face lit up with relief, pressing his hands against the pod. Although, he still couldn't hear their pleas, but he noticed them pointing to the pod's front hatchet - signaling to him to set them free.

Patamon looked down at himself and wondered why he or Gatomon haven't digivolved. The pod concealed TK and Kari, effectively blocking out their Digivices' energy from digivolving their partners.

Gatomon examined the capsule, speculating why she and Patamon haven't digivolved. That's it! The capsule has both TK and Kari inside. There must be some kind of barrier that's blocking out our digivolving powers!

Tai howled, forcibly trying to pull the pod's hatchet open. His face turned beet red as he pulled harder. "Hold on, guys! I'll have you out of there in no time!"

As the battle waged on, NeoDevimon sized up WarGreymon and slammed him through the earth. He effectively followed it up with a kick to the Mega's chest. That one kick sent WarGreymon sailing twenty feet into the air whilst NeoDevimon prepared to launch another attack. Flipping around in mid-air, WarGreymon stopped and steadied himself while staying afloat. NeoDevimon readied his hands, both of which glowed with dark red energy.

In response to NeoDevimon's initial strike, WarGreymon cupped his hands over his head. He drew in terra energy from his surroundings, collecting a glowing orange sphere. The energy itself coalesced with the energy in the air, condensing in the Mega's palms.


"Zero-009! Just what do you hope to accomplish with th-?!" NeoDevimon ranted, suddenly stopping mid-sentence as his device reacted to the energy sphere. "It can't be! His power level went straight up to 924! It's still increasing!" His eyes widened, taken back by the increasing level emanating from the sphere. Somehow, he can focus all of his energy into a single point!

Suddenly, another source drew NeoDevimon's attention away. He whirled around the opposite direction, picking up another growing source of energy. The source came directly from Leomon, who was gathering energy ins his right hand. The fiend's eyes widened in utter disbelief, reading Leomon's exact power calculation.

NeoDevimon scowled angrily, frantically observing both sides. "What?! Leomon's power just jumped up towards 1020! No, it's now 1030! How are they doing this!"

"…FORCE!" WarGreymon roared and hurled the orange sphere toward NeoDevimon.

The invader quickly evaded the incoming sphere. Throwing his arms around, WarGreymon manipulated his attack's 'movement pattern' and did a 'curve ball' maneuver with the sphere. Carefully manipulating his sphere's movement, he made it follow NeoDevimon. Forced to flee from the sphere, NeoDevimon scrambled away and glided into the air. Then, as he created a distance between himself and the sphere, NeoDevimon whirled around. He threw out his left hand and caught the sphere bare handed. It exploded in close range, completely consuming NeoDevimon head-on. But, to WarGreymon's shock, the billowing smoke that followed the explosion cleared away - revealing NeoDevimon, who was completely unscathed except for burnt marks on his hand.

"What?! He... he countered it?!" WarGreymon spat out.

Tai recklessly pounded his fists against the glass shield.

Patamon puffed out his body and expelled air in the form of a bubble.. "Boom Bubble!"

Extracting her claws, Gatomon used them to pierce through the surface. "Lightning Claw!"

Nothing happened. The shield was still unscathed. TK and Kari were still trapped inside. Tai was already showing signs of frustration.

"Damn, this isn't good! I can't even get the kids out and now things aren't going well for WarGreymon. C'mon buddy! Hang in there!"

(End theme)

NeoDevimon grinned, raising his right hand. "Too bad, Zero-009! Let me show you my attack!"

With that, the invader called out his primary attack, firing a charged blast from his palm. "Stun Claw!"

With little time to react, the blast caught WarGreymon and consumed him. He was sent plummeting to the ground, receiving massive damage to his body. He landed in a heap on the ground, struggling to get up. NeoDevimon launched himself toward the fallen Digimon's position.

"It all ends for you, Zero-009! Time to die, traitor!"

Finally, Leomon completed his initial power-up and gathered enough energy through his right hand. A grin smeared across his face as he set his primary target directly for NeoDevimon.

"Looks like someone is going to die today," Leomon growled. "For sure, it won't be WarGreymon and me."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Shuugeki! Soshite... )

NeoDevimon's device reacted to a higly-powered beacon from Leomon's position. Glancing over his shoulder, NeoDevimon blanched as it dawned on him that a champion-level Digimon produced a highly-powered energy beacon.

"A power at 1330! That's impossible! He shouldn't be able to do that!" NeoDevimon bellowed out of shock. "All of it focused in his right hand?!"

The rookies sensed the warrior's increasing power and whirled around.

"Tai! This is coming from Leomon!" Gatomon exclaimed.

Patamon gasped. "Wow and he's only a champion! How awesome!"

"That's crazy! Piximon's training must have did wonders for him!" Tai said, his mouth and eyes widened.

NeoDevimon heatedly pointed at Leomon and challenged him. "Show me what you've got!"

"Now! Eat this, fiend! Lion Heart!" Leomon roared, pushed his right fist forward and released a long, spiral-shaped beam - a new variation of his Fist of the Beast King attack.

Focusing on his attack's range, Leomon targeted it solely for NeoDevimon. The fiend's eyes widened as the blast came hurtling towards him faster than his device could detect. Springing off his feet, WarGreymon barely kept up with the beam that shot him. NeoDevimon howled out a high-pitched shriek as the blast edged closer. He took a chance and evaded the attack at a hair's breadth. The blast appeared to have consumed him as it hurtled into the distance and impacted with a giant hill in the distance. In a blinding flash of light, the energy consumed the area and wiped the hill off the landscape. The end result was a ton of rock debris falling like rain following the hill's destruction.

Tai dropped down to the ground with both rookies. "THIS IS FREAKING INSANE!"

Patamon cried out. "He should've warned us before doing that!"

"All that from a champion-level!" Gatomon shouted, covering her sensitive ears. "Geez, what is the Digiworld coming to these days?!"

(End theme)

At the wake of the explosion, the dust slowly started to clear away. Leomon cautiously waited to see how much collateral damage his attack caused.

Everyone's hopes were gravely shattered as a lone figure stood behind the billowing smoke cloud.

To everyone's horror, NeoDevimon was still standing, but he didn't come away unscathed. His left shoulder armor was broken off with a minor burn on his shoulder, right where the attack nicked him. It looked like a bleeding bruise mark. The tall hill behind NeoDevimon was gone, effectively wiped off the map.

Horrified to say the least, Leomon gasped as his entire body froze. "He... he dodged it?! He shouldn't be able to move that quickly!"

"Ha! My, my! It went right through my armor," NeoDevimon sighed with relief, pointing to his broken armor and the minor injury. "That was quite a unique attack. Imagine if that would have hit me. I would have been finished off for sure."

"Damn! That was all for nothing!" Leomon cursed, panting from near-energy exhaustion. "And that was my first time I've used it!"

"Luckily, your aim was a little off. Now, there was a little trick I was going to show you. Remember, the one I was going to use on you before I left?"

Leomon thought, his body violently trembling. Oh, Goddramon! This is the end of me for sure.

NeoDevimon cackled. "Now, hold still. This will only take a moment."

With that, NeoDevimon raised his arm and gathered dark energy in his palm. Leomon immediately crossed both arms in front of him and executed a defensive stance. The fiend showed no hesitation and would make Leomon pay for shattering his left shoulder pad and scratching up his left arm.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  The Clouds of War Spread  (1:09-1:33))

"NOW YOU'RE DEAD!" NeoDevimon roared, preparing to throw the attack at the brave warrior.

Then, at that instance, NeoDevimon's entire body froze in place. With his body frozen stiff, he could hardly tell who got him.

"What! My body… stiff… What could…"

Then, he saw the culprit behind him. He heard a stifled laughter, coming from WarGreymon standing behind him. The fiend turned and saw WarGreymon holding a vice grip on the belt extension, which was the source of his abnormal power.

"Ha! You got too careless, NeoDevimon!" WarGreymon sneered, grabbing a hold of the villain's belt. Look what I've got here!"

"But how did you know!"

"Tai assumed that it would have been your weakness," WarGreymon confirmed, holding the belt firmly in his clutches as he paralyzed NeoDevimon. Gripping harder, he forced NeoDevimon down to his knees. "When you hit Lillymon and caused her to de-digivolve, I took notice of that belt, sensing a weird energy. It's your main source. I thought you were smarter than that. There are other ways to defeat your enemy than with brute force."

Tai poked his head out of the crater and laughed. "Whew! I knew it would work! That belt was way too suspicious for me not to know!"

"Yep and that could be where he is getting all of that power from," Patamon nodded.

"That was some good thinking, Tai," Gatomon said.

Tai's bemused. "Good thinking? Me? How do you figure that?"

Falling to both knees, NeoDevimon's face contorted and his body racked with pain. WarGreymon held a tighter grip on the belt. The fiend felt most of his power already leaving him.

He called out to the brave warrior. "Leomon! Hurry up and do that attack again! I've got him where I want him!"

"Right! This time I won't miss! You keep him steady!" Leomon grinned, sensing lady luck on their side. "Don't let go! I can only do this once more!"

(End theme)

Patamon cheered on. "Looks like we might actually win this!"

"I think you're right! But we should really get back and getting the kids out," Gatomon said, glancing back to the capsule.

Tai wondered. "But, how? We can't even get it to budge." Then, an idea popped up into his mind right off the bat. "There's always the alternative!"

Gatomon raised a cat's brow. "And that would be?"

"Put my fist through it! If we can't get it to budge, we'll bust our way in!"

"And break your fist?" the feline sighed, dropping her head. "Men."

Attempting to regain his footing, NeoDevimon seethed as shot a glance at the Mega. Then, much to WarGreymon's surprise, NeoDevimon started to plea for mercy.

"Zero-009! Surely, you won't go through with this…! You wouldn't … dare kill me! I'm an elite!" the fiend begged, groveling before WarGreymon like a coward.

"I don't care who you are! You don't go and try to kill us! You tried to force me to join your extremist group and you nearly killed Tai! But, the lowest act you've ever committed was kidnapping TK and Kari!" The Mega roared, chastising the galactic demon. His green eyes narrowed coldly, tightly gripping the fiend's power belt. "You don't deserve to call yourself an elite warrior. You don't deserve a second chance, coward!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Akumu )

NeoDevimon pressed on, pleading like there was no tomorrow. "Please! I beg of you! If you let go of me, I promise to leave this world! I promise never to hunt you down again. I'll never kill again! Please, let me go and I'll change my ways!"

WarGreymon frowned but still maintained a vice grip on the tail-belt. He wasn't sure to be convinced by NeoDevimon's words. He sensed deception behind NeoDevimon's false pleas.

"No! Close your thoughts, WarGreymon!" Leomon called out to Tai's partner. "He is deceiving you! Whatever he says, don't let go of that grip!"

"PLEASE! Just let me go and I'll leave this world! You'll never see me again!"

WarGreymon rebuked. "Not a chance."

"Have it your way then, my friend," NeoDevimon muttered as he looked up and his eyes glowed, releasing a blinding flash of black light.

"NO! WarGreymon!" Leomon roared out.

(End theme)

Caught off guard, WarGreymon was blinded by NeoDevimon's glowing eye flash. The fiend seized this chance and shot an elbow strike into WarGreymon's chin, knocking the Mega to the ground. WarGreymon landed in a heap, completely overtaken by NeoDevimon's underhanded tactic.

Tai watched the sequence of events unfold. "NO! WarGreymon! GET UP! UP!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  A Wasteland of Tension )

Descending over WarGreymon's fallen side, NeoDevimon pressed his right foot down on the Mega Digimon's exposed abdomen. WarGreymon howled in excruciating pain as he felt his ribs being crushed under the fiend's weight. NeoDevimon repeatedly stomped, forcing more weight into WarGreymon's body.

"Coward!" Leomon roared, trying to move until his body slowly started giving out on him. My body is feeling too exhausted to even move. Forgive me, WarGreymon!

"Don't overlook me, Zero-009! I have tricks up my sleeve!" NeoDevimon cackled, a devious smirk smeared across his fiendish face. "You should've known that devils such as myself are capable of underhanded tactics. You were too stupid to see through it. How could I have thought of you as such a warrior? Now, how about I do the honors of dissecting you piece by piece?!"

With that, NeoDevimon laughed maliciously and pressed his foot deeper into WarGreymon's abdomen. Everyone cringed as WarGreymon's ribs were being crushed. Tai attempted to save his partner, but were restrained by Patamon and Gatomon

"Let me go! I have to save him! He's going to kill him at this point!" Tai roared out.

"Are you stupid?! He'll kill you!" Gatomon hissed as she grabbed his left arm.

"WarGreymon would rather sacrifice himself for you than you for him!" Patamon pleaded. "Don't be stupid! Kari doesn't want you to die!"

"Kari..." the gogglehead was reminded of his sister, who was still trapped.

Tai collapsed knees and stared toward the battlefield. Grasping his Digivice tightly, he prayed that WarGreymon would somehow pull himself out of this predicament. He wished for a miracle to rise to the occasion and save WarGreymon from certain death.

WarGreymon howled a blood-curling roar as his ribs were being crushed under the demon's weight.

NeoDevimon continued with the taunts to Tai's partner. "There's no hurry, my friend! You can suffer more! Suffer terrible agony! Scream like you've screamed before! Do you enjoy this threshold?"

The venom from NeoDevimon's voice was enough to set off everyone and it caused Tai's blood to boil like never before. However, for some reason, the Child of Courage held back whilst realizing the risk of throwing his own life away recklessly. Leomon could not even move as he had expended most of his energy. NeoDevimon glanced over to Leomon and grinned.

"Why don't you take this moment to charge up another attack? C'mon, I'm right here! I'll give you a head start."

"Why? You'll only dodge it again…"


Kari held onto TK with streams of warm tears pouring down her cheeks. Even while being held captive inside the capsule, she and TK heard the echoing screams.

"This is horrible! I can't bear to hear that screaming! TK!" Kari cried, holding onto TK. "Can it be really over for us?!"

"Kari! Didn't you hear what I said? We have to stay tough! I'll protect you as much as I can, but we have to believe in ourselves. We have to stand up against that jerk. What do you say?!" TK spoke out, holding his Digivice in front of the glass door. "If they can't break us out, then we can use our Digivices to break out of here!"

"Will that even work?"

"It's worth a try, Kari. Would you rather let WarGreymon stay out there and suffer? This way our Digimon can digivolve and put an end to this!" TK said, pressing his Digivice against the glass.

Kari wiped her tears away and nodded in reply to TK's brave words, but, she could easily feel he was just as scared as she was. She held out her Digivice and her Crest. Suddenly, the items released a flash of blinding light that shot out through the glass shield. NeoDevimon's capsule circuitry was quickly overloaded by the massive increase of power from their Digivices - and Kari's Crest.


Tai, Patamon and Gatomon all turned to watch the glass shield shattering and the invisible 'barrier' blocking out their Digivolution shut down.

"TK! KARI!" the trio exclaimed in unison.

"You guys! We're out!" TK called out, running out of the capsule.

Kari waved out to her brother and Gatomon. "We're ok!"

Tai was taken back by this and noticed the items in their hands. "The Digivices did that?! No way!"

(End theme)

Then, without warning, TK's Digivice started rumbling in his hands and released a golden beam toward Patamon. The rookie felt intense energies surging through his tiny body, finally granting him his Digivolution powers again.

"Whoa! Check this out!" TK gasped, glancing down at his Digivice and then to Patamon. "Patamon!"

"Tai! Look! Patamon is already receiving power from TK! Hang in there, WarGreymon!" Gatomon exclaimed.

TK's face lit up with confidence. "Patamon! It's time to show this bully what we're made of! We took down one Devimon before and we can do it again!"

Patamon nodded and flew up into the air, readily flapping his wings like crazy. "Yes! I can feel your hope coursing through me! Thank you, TK. It's my time to shine!"

"Go for it!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure –  Braveheart  (TV Size))

"Patamon... SHINKA!"

The Digivice lit up as Patamon underwent a magnificent transformation. The tiny rookie was bathed in the light and taking on a larger form. He became a bipedal human in a white suit covered with symbols, pieces of armor and a blue strap across his chest. Around his waist and flowing down at the center of his legs was a blue cloth. Brown straps adorned with metallic stubs covered his right hand. A golden sun-shaped armor padding adorned his right shoulder and a golden bracelet encircled his left wrist. His upper body was chiseled with a muscular build, a silver helmet concealed the upper half of his face and six majestic white wings sprouted out from his back. Long, orange hair came down across his back and a battle staff appeared in his left hand.

The angelic figure came flying out of the light and stood before everyone. He howled with might. "Angemon!

Tai smiled at the sight of Angemon's ascension. "This is awesome! Go for it, Angemon!"

"Way to go, Patamon! Now, NeoDevimon's in for it now!" Gatomon replied.

"Show him what you're made of!" TK exclaimed, showing first signs of hatred toward the darkness NeoDevimon represented.

"Leave this to me, Takeru," the angel responded, nodding his head.

NeoDevimon immediately stopped as his scouter was going off once again. This time he turned to notice Angemon floating out and sporting a radiant, golden aura.

"What is this?! How did that little squirt of a Digimon digivolve…?! No! Curse them!" NeoDevimon hissed as his eyes and mouth gaped. "Those children escaped and disabled the barrier that blocks out their digivolution!" Eyeing Angemon, the fiend scowled and gritted his teeth. "This power is… is… going off the charts!"

Tai smirked as help finally arrived for both WarGreymon and Leomon. "Thank goodness. Now, the tables have turned on you, NeoDevimon!"


Keeping himself concealed, the masked man keenly observed the battlefield. Everything was going to what he foresaw. Angemon has appeared to serve as the necessary force to defeat NeoDevimon or so he thought.

It all depends how much power Angemon can exert but fate still hangs into balance for WarGreymon. I can't allow him to die! He and Tai are the ones I am looking for!


Leomon was relieved once the holy angel made his presence felt. "Angemon has the holy advantage over a devil such as NeoDevimon. No matter how powerful this Devimon may consider himself, he is vulnerable to any or all of Angemon's attacks. If the first Devimon was any indication, then..."

"Angemon... Good... They were able to get the kids out of there..." WarGreymon muttered weakly, slowing moving his arms.

NeoDevimon stepped back repeatedly. His eyes widened once he read the power rating from Angemon himself.

"How is this possible?! His power rating is a...1307!" NeoDevimon shouted, stepping back. "No! That little brat's Digivice is responsible for this!"

"NeoDevimon, for harming my friends and kidnapping these two children against their will, I will NOT grant you any mercy. Prepare yourself!" Angemon called out, spinning his staff overhead.

With that, a bright whitish aura gleamed around the champion-level angel's body. He then launched himself across at NeoDevimon, balled his right hand into a tightened fist and wrenched it to his side. Blinded by the holy aura, NeoDevimon screeched out once the stinging light pierced his eyes and was rendered unable to detect Angemon's movements.

As he walked from the crater, TK held his Digivice out in front. "NeoDevimon, you leave me and my friends... ALONE!"

The angelic warrior howled out as he thrust his right fist at the distracted devil man. "Hand of Fate!"


Angemon's right fist successfully punched into NeoDevimon's armored chest. The fiend's face contorted as his body racked with excruciating pain. His howls became era-piercing screeches. Staggering back awkwardly, NeoDevimon fell to his knees and coughed. TK, too, seemingly dropped to his knees and pressed the Digivice to the ground. Angemon descended and oddly seemed out of breath.

"TK! Are you ok?!" Tai called out, rushing by the little boy's side. "Hey!"

Kari gasped out and kneeled beside her friend. "TK! What happened?"

"What's going on here? Why are both TK and Angemon exhausted?!" Tai tried shaking TK.

Could TK and his partner have a deep connection through their Digivice? Leomon pondered, observing TK's bond with Angemon. Whatever the case maybe, he has damaged NeoDevimon, but for how long...?

(End theme)

It was already clear as day that Angemon had expended most of his energy on NeoDevimon. Tai, Kari and Gatomon tended to the boy while Angemon was catching his breath.

NeoDevimon seethed angrily, standing up as he gawked at his cracked armor. "That... dirty... little... curse that Angemon... and that... child!"

The fiend glanced over with his focus primarily on TK and the humans. His eyes contorted with furious anger. Kari gasped out and fell back beside TK. Tai growled and stepped out in front of the children.

Gatomon stood alongside Tai. "I've got your back, Tai!"

Tai raised a fist, heatedly warning his enemy. "Stay back! You'll deal with me before you even get near these two!"

"That boy... he must die... He and that girl both must die since they are catalysts that allow their Digimon... to digivolve..." NeoDevimon growled as he advanced. "So, they're the Children of Hope and Light. if I get rid of them, I'll... have less problems. My colleagues will have less problems. They must die!"

"Get back you! You lay a hand on them and I'll claw your eyes out!" Gatomon hissed, her eyes narrowing.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Taiketsu )

NeoDevimon ranted, slowly walking toward the children. "Yes... I can't allow brats like them to... allow their... Digimon to become stronger... than me! Now, stand aside!"

Tai allowed himself to serve as a human barricade, protecting Kari and TK behind him. Gatomon jumped out at NeoDevimon to attack, but he quickly brushed her aside with one hand. NeoDevimon lunged at Tai, backhanding the boy. The gogglehead hit the ground hard, rolling across in a heap. TK and Kari looked up at NeoDevimon as the bodies became cold with fear. Staring over them were en executioner's eyes.

Angemon could barely even move from all of the power he exerted to weaken NeoDevimon. The brave warrior, Leomon, appeared to be in the same condition. Only WarGreymon was readily able to move.

"You... stop it!" Tai pleaded while wincing from NeoDevimon's blow. "They're only..."

"...only children? Those two brats have Digivices and Crests obviously more powerful than yours!" NeoDevimon exclaimed. "I was a fool to think Zero-009 was the mightiest Digimon on this planet. No, Angemon has proved my theory wrong. Granted, he and the feline... are indeed a rare breed. It's a shame though that these two children will not grant their partners anymore power. These children themselves become an even greater threat to the empire I serve."

"No... stop! We won't... let you get away with this...!" Gatomon hissed, lifting herself off the ground.

"Oh, don't worry my friends. Once these two brats are gone, you'll all be joining them in limbo," NeoDevimon sneered, raising his right hand over his head.

Tai growled and slowly picked himself up. "No... STOP IT!"

NeoDevimon grinned and prepared to deliver the final blow to TK and Kari. You two will undoubtedly become more powerful in time. "I, NeoDevimon, decree that Hope and Light die on this very day. Farewell, little ones."

"STOP IT!" Tai and Gatomon cried out at once.

Leomon growled and attempted to move his body. Angemon did the same.

"NOW, IT'S TIME TO DIE!" NeoDevimon declared, thrusting his hand over the kids.


(End theme)

Before NeoDevimon could react, WarGreymon jumped down behind the fiend and applied a full-nelson hold to restrain him. NeoDevimon struggled to break free as he flailed his arms around and tried opening his wings.

"Way to go, WarGreymon!" Tai called out, raising his right fist up. "Now hold him tight and don't let go!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Aku no Shutsugen )

NeoDevimon struggled under the Mega's strong grip around his waist. However, the excruciating pain shot out throughout his upper body from the blow Angemon inflicted to him.

WarGreymon immediately bellowed out to Leomon. "I have where we want him! It's time!"

"I can't believe... that you're even moving, Zero-009!" NeoDevimon winced, baring his fangs.

"Leomon! Power up that attack you used earlier! Angemon was able to get a good hit in!"

"Yes!" the brave warrior responded, channeling the remaining chi reserves in his body. "Make sure to keep him locked tight unless you plan to move out of the way?"

"No... can't even move with my body in pain, too," WarGreymon responded, his face straining under the mask.

As the fiend struggled harder, WarGreymon gripped tighter. The grip from WarGreymon was slowly starting to loosen, but NeoDevimon was too weak to even counter. Angemon's main attack had done him in.

"Damn that boy and his Angemon! That strike of his has left me weakened!" NeoDevimon roared, wailing his arms around. "Let me go! You'll die too if he kills me! Don't you even care?"

"Well, it'll definitely worth the payoff..." the Mega Digimon muttered, smiling underneath his face mask.

Suddenly, Tai figured out WarGreymon's strategy and yelled out to his partner. "WarGreymon! You CAN'T do this! Just move out of the way!"

Glancing over at the gogglehead, WarGreymon knew he would be giving up his own life to ensure that his partner and his friends survive. He felt responsible for this mess and would finish it his own way. "I must, Tai. You need to understand this guy was after me and I'm going to make sure he doesn't lay a hand on you or the kids again...!"

"But, there has to be another way!" Kari cried out.

"War... Greymon..." Angemon muttered, getting off his knees. "Don't... do this... my friend..."

Tai's eyes widened in horrifying disbelief of losing his trusted friend. "No! WarGreymon!"

"What! Have you gone insane, Zero-009?! You'll die as well!" NeoDevimon, too, was shocked about WarGreymon's suicide strategy.

The Mega Digimon chuckled, maintaining his grapplehold on the fiend. "If it's the only way to defeat you, then so be it..."

NeoDevimon could hardly believe what his adversary had just said. "WHAT?! You're... INSANE!"

Leomon announced with his right fist glowing again. "WarGreymon. This is it. You better have second thoughts, because this will be for the last time. Have you made your decision?"

He responded with no second thought. "Yes..."

"NO! Leomon!" Tai cried out, dashing toward Leomon. "There has to be another way to ensure a victory!"

"Aren't you ready yet?!" WarGreymon cried out. "My ribs are broken!"

"Let me go, Zero-009! I promise to leave this realm for good!"

"Your tricks won't save you from this," WarGreymon hissed.

Immediately after gathering his last ounce of power input, Leomon channeled the energy through his fingertips and faced his primary target once again: NeoDevimon's chest. The damaged armor exposed an opening into the fiend's bare chest.

(End theme)

"Sorry to keep you waiting, WarGreymon. Prepare yourself!"

WarGreymon howled. "Leomon! DO IT NOW!"

"No, wait!" the gogglehead screamed out, approaching closer to Leomon.

NeoDevimon screamed out, his eyes and mouth widening in disbelief. "NO! ZERO-009!"

"Lion Heart!"

The blast came ever so closer as NeoDevimon's eyes widened and his shady life flashed before his very own eyes. There were sudden heartbeats throughout the whole scene. Tai had sudden tears coming down his eyes, witnessing his partner's downfall. Nonetheless, WarGreymon was willing to lay down everything to put down NeoDevimon.


Elsewhere, the masked individual witnessed the event from sitting perched on a tree branch. He had seen Tai crying and pleading for his Digimon to seize his suicidal attempt to stop the invader.

The man muttered under his breath. "Tai. This is not the end for WarGreymon. This is just only the beginning, my friend. You two are about to embark on a journey after this ordeal is over."


Everyone blinked as the beam SHOT through NeoDevimon's center chest, which resulted to the beam drilling through WarGreymon's as well. Tai screamed out as both warriors dropped to the ground. Each had huge, gaping holes in their chest cavities. Blood spilled from their chests and out of their mouths. This was especially true for NeoDevimon as he regurgitated a mouthful blood.

Leomon watched as he panted heavily and looked away from WarGreymon's fallen form. Angemon was equally as heartbroken. TK, Kari and Gatomon were silent. Tai rushed over to WarGreymon's fallen form.

Leomon muttered, his eyes shamefully looking away. "I'm sorry, my friends. Please, forgive me."

Tai pleaded as he put his hands on WarGreymon's chest, staring at the grisly sight. "WarGreymon! No!"


TK cried, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Oh... WarGreymon..."

Tai's little sister couldn't even utter a single word and fell down to her knees crying. Gatomon sat by her side and comforted the Child of Light.

"WarGreymon, you're willing to do this for me?"

"Yes, Tai... You are my friend... and I will always be loyal to you... I proved not even a monster like NeoDevimon... will ever force me to turn against you..."

"And you really did prove yourself to me, WarGreymon..." The gogglehead reached over, grabbing WarGreymon's left hand.

Glancing over NeoDevimon's pathetic state, Leomon scowled angrily and strode toward the dying fiend. A disgusted look smeared the brave veteran's face. Suddenly, his keen ears were picking up a few words from the villain's mouth.

"How ridiculous for me to lose to a group of low-level trash... Dying is sure a pain...What's even shameful is for me to die on this retched realm...!"

"Yes, a shame for you. You made a mistake to underestimate us..."

The invader coughed out more blood, his pants became heavy. "Got to hand it to that traitor... He's even willing to die for his human friend and you weaklings... Now, we're both dead..."

"No, you die alone," Leomon responded, smiling.

Moving his right hand toward a button on his scouter, NeoDevimon gasped. "What...! What are... you getting at...?"

"Fool. A long time ago, the Holy Beasts scattered their last Digicores from evil's hands. We can revive WarGreymon with these four Digicores. I didn't tell the children this, but there are four mystical Digicores passed down to the four Holy Beasts. For their loyalty and great service to Huanglongmon, they were asked to protect the Digicores. I only vaguely know their whereabouts, but we have other means to save WarGreymon's life. Of course, he can just be reborn. As for the likes of you, you'll be sentenced to the Dark Area... where you belong."

"Through the four Digicores?" NeoDevimon asked, pressing the button on his scouter once again.

"Yes. The Digicores will do the job. WarGreymon will be back in no time."

"Damn you... But, then again, I'm glad that you've told me..."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Unforeseen Circumstances  (1:40-3:07))

"What are you talking about?" Leomon demanded out of the fiend.

"Just now, I've just recorded and transmitted everything you've said to my three accomplices. They're currently under the watch of my leader. Now they had heard everything that's been said and will want to get here..."

Leomon couldn't believe what the villain revealed. The scouter also served as a device to send transmit messages across other dimensions and time-space.

"That's right... they're coming... to demand the four Digicores given to them and call forth our other forces destroy this pitiful world... heh, you're all going to die. That includes you... oh, and did I forget to mention... two of the four Dark Masters are currently stationed in his realm...? They'll know about my defeat... and hunt you all down..."

"How long until they come...?" WarGreymon weakly called out, turning his head toward NeoDevimon. "How long...?"

"I'd say give it two weeks... yes, that's the estimated time they will take to arrive here... and the best part is that they are STRONGER than me..."

Leomon muttered while looking down at the dying invader. "In two weeks, three warriors coming? Even stronger than you? And two Dark Masters in this realm?"

"Heh, there should be a mountain... called Spiral Mountain. Now, you know why... your world has shifted... the Dark Masters altered everything during the Digidestined's absence. Spiral Mountain... is the foundation of our lord's accomplishments. How do you like your odds now, fools? I hope you enjoy these two weeks because it will be your last..."

"Be silent! I've heard enough from you," the veteran growled, the claws in his hands extracting.

"Isn't it just sweet...? You're all going to die and I shall be avenged... looks like I'll be getting the last laugh after all!" NeoDevimon howled a villainous laugh, which got under Leomon's skin.

The veteran growled angrily as he prepared to deliver the final blow. Suddenly, he stopped and sensed NeoDevimon's life force fading quickly. NeoDevimon let out his final gasp of breath and died at that instant.

(End theme)

"You still laughing? I guess that's it for you then," Leomon scoffed, dropping his guard and looking away from the corpse.

Just then, he glanced across the landscape to see the other Digidestined with their Digimon - specifically Sora hitching a ride on Birdramon, Izzy riding on Kabuterimon's back and Mimi hanging on by Lillymon's right hand. Joe was on his way with Zudomon racing by foot.

The red-haired tomboy stared over Tai and WarGreymon. She gasp and ordered the team to descend where their friends were gathered.

"No, this is worse than I imagined!" Sora called out.

Izzy nodded in reply. "I see TK, Kari, Angemon, Gatomon, and Leomon, too."

"I don't like what I'm seeing. Sure, NeoDevimon looks to be done for, but WarGreymon.." Kabuterimon sighed.

Sora wondered, looking over at NeoDevimon's corpse. Was that NeoDevimon they were fighting earlier? It looks like we missed a huge battle.

As everyone landed, Sora hopped off Birdramon's leg and raced over to Tai. Joe and Zudomon arrived at the site with the marine mammal panting from running a long distance. The gogglehead looked over his shoulder to see Sora standing behind him. He looked away and focused primarily on WarGreymon. She noticed her friend shedding tears, openly putting her arms around his shoulder.

"Tai, what happened here?" Sora asked, her voice softened. "Tai...?"

He wiped the tears from his eyes and faced Sora. She sighed sadly and observed WarGreymon's dying form. The other children went over to comfort TK and Kari and to tend to the injured Digimon.

Mimi was relieved. " At least TK and Kari are ok. Thank goodness."

"Since the boy is apparently in a shocked state, I will explain the situation to you," Leomon said as he approached the Digidestined.

Izzy nodded in reply. "Yeah, tell us everything that happened."

"Very well then..."


Urliza Dimension

"Humph, NeoDevimon's dead."

The one who received the signal was a ten-foot tall baboon behemoth, covered with salty white-gray fur. It sat on its backside with its body structured as a bipedal. His face was covered with black rubbery skin, his snout was long and equipped with canine fangs along with a row of dagger-like teeth on both sides. Its eyes were red with its hands and feet a pinkish skin coloration. Adorning hie chest and shoulders was protective dark brown armor with massive shoulder padding. He, too, wore a scouter device on his arm and on right corner of his face. A long, silver tail settled around its waist.

Sitting next to him was MetalGarurumon. A boy came walking out from the bushes with food.

A smirk smeared on his face as he bit into a piece of well-cooked meat. The boy wore spiky, blonde hair. His eyes were blue, almost like that of heaven itself. However, it sort of had a cold glare to them. The outfit he wore appeared to be a uniform. The attire consisted of a white overcoat with purple and black embroidered patterns on the shoulders and his sleeves were long and white. In addition, he wore white pants with blue patterns on the sides and long black boots. On his chest appeared to be a golden emblem of a military insignia. It looked like a holy cross symbol with a red emerald embedded at the center of it. The most glaring feature are the faded color in his eyes, an sign of dark corruption by a dark force. The third accomplice NeoDevimon mentioned was Yamato "Matt" Ishida.

The Corrupt Child of Friendship simply scoffed at the news. "Serves him right, Babimon. How could he lose to a bunch of wimps? He's a disgrace and that's all there is to it."

"Heh, ain't that the truth?" The baboon Digimon howled in amusement. "I mean he lost to weak Eastern Realm warriors! I could have taken them myself!"

"Maybe so, Babimon, but..." Matt stopped himself as he quickly recognized Leomon's voice through the transmitter on the scouter. "I swore I could have heard Leomon."

"So, what now, Yamato?" Babimon inquired.

Matt rubbed his chin with a sly grin. "I must admit that these Digicores sound intriguing. I could make any wish that I desire come true."

"Huh, you think?"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Aku no Theme )

"I know so, Babimon. It was said through the message that they were forged by the Holy Beasts. These items no doubt have great power. Time for us to go. This is one of my first missions serving Lord Burizalor. He's expecting great results and he wants me to become Cyrus' successor." He remembered his last argument with Tai before being tempted by Burizalor's offer. "I'm sure we'll meet with Tai and the others in the Digital World where I left several days ago."

"Tai? Oh yeah. You told me about him."

"He has my brother held captive. I'm going to take TK back," the blonde-haired boy stated, standing up and glancing up to the dark red skies. "I didn't walk away from the group and join this elite for nothing. Power was something I wanted to show that idiot, Tai. I don't need to listen to him anymore. I am my OWN boss. MetalGarurumon's power has been augmented thanks to the powers of darkness Lord Burizalor granted me."

"So, what are we going to do with the wish these digicores grant? Maybe we can bring NeoDevimon back to life?"

"No, that would be a wasted wish," Matt sighed, walking toward his own stargate pod. "How about eternal life for ourselves, Babimon?"

"An eternity of relentless combat? I love the way that you're thinking my friend!" Babimon laughed, stepping beside his pod and opened it. "I could definitely live with that!"

"The power of Angemon is incredibly high since the last time we fought together," Matt reminded himself. "He's gotten stronger over the past few days."

"Maybe our devices are all screwed up. He couldn't have gotten that powerful."

"I don't think so, Babimon. NeoDevimon received massive damage from a single blow Angemon gave him. I see that my brother has overcome his fear and become a determined Child of Hope."

"So, you think that little brother of yours will join us? Just think about having Angemon on our side. We'll be unstoppable."

"That's not such a bad idea. I actually had that in mind," Matt nodded as he stepped inside his stargate pod.

"Now that's what I'm talking about! Central Digital World of the Eastern Sector, here we come!" Babimon declared, walking into and fitting inside his massive space pod.

"Yes, just the way as I hoped. Tai will be finished and TK will become apart of our elite. I just love the thought of that," Matt chuckled, closing the pod door.

(End theme)


Digital World

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Requiem ~To Those Who Meet Their End  (1:23-2:24))

The seven children gathered around the dying WarGreymon. The Mega slowly struggled, reaching over for Tai's hand. The gogglehead smiled tearfully and touched WarGreymon's warm hands.

"No. Please don't leave me, WarGreymon," Tai begged, feeling humble. "We've... We've been a great team..."

"Tai... We'll meet again... I... promise..." the Mega muttered, coughing.

Kari buried her face into her hands, letting out unrestrained tears. Mimi and Sora stood beside the little girl to comfort her. Leomon lowered his head in sadness.

"If only we hadn't been caught," TK said, wiping the tears from his eyes. "This wouldn't have happened."

"It's okay, Takeru... I knew that this would be coming..." WarGreymon muttered. "It was only a matter of time..."

Tai shook his head and gripped his partner's hand. "WarGreymon. Please, don't go. Like Leomon said, if we can find the four Digicores, then we'll restore you back without you turning back into a Digi-Egg."

"Thank you, Tai... You... You were a true friend... I will never forget you..."

With that, WarGreymon's body slowly began to disperse into data. Tai knelt in front of the Mega and tightly grasped his hand.

"Goodbye, old friend..."

A voice spoke out from behind the group, catching them off guard. "I don't think he'll be leaving you anytime now, Tai Kamiya."

(End theme)

Everyone glanced around to find the source of the voice. Sora gasped and pointed toward a lone figure standing in front of them. He appeared to be 5'6 in stature, but his body was completely concealed, including his face. His facial mask was divided into two different colors: black on the left part of the mask and golden on the right side. Only his eyes and a part of his nose were visibly revealed. Fashioned on the center of his mask was a golden phoenix emblem. A green gem was embroidered on the emblem. He wore a dark gray overcoat with golden buttons fashioned on the center. A black belt tightened around the masked man's waist. Sliding down the right side of his coat was a red rectangular pattern. He wore black gloves coupled with matching black, leather pants (visibly seen under the overcoat). He wore shiny gray boots fashioned out of leather, too.

It was the same masked man who watched the entire battle against NeoDevimon.

Everyone stood silent as he approached them. He shifted his view solely on Tai, kneeling by the Child of Courage. Behind the man's mask, his reddish brown eyes stared a serene gaze into Tai's chocolate brown.

"Who... are you?" Tai asked the mysterious man.

The stranger offered, examining WarGreymon's fading form. "Tai, I will ask for your cooperation. You and Agumon will need to come with me."


Next episode: The Long Road! Two Weeks Time!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 4: The Long Road! Two Weeks Time!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Alarmed, Tai shot back the masked man. "Hey, how do you know my name?"

"Don't worry. I'm going to save your Digimon's life."

"How? You're not some sort of miracle god."

"Just what do you think you're going to do to save him, mister?" TK asked.

(Cue G-Gundam OST –  Strongest Card ~ King of Hearts )

The masked individual said, placing his palms over WarGreymon's fading body. "I'm no god, but I still have the power to prevent Digimon from dying as long as their bodies aren't completely erased."

The goggle boy wasn't sure if he could trust the man and neither could everyone else. Everyone, except Sora, that is. She stopped Tai and put a hand on his right shoulder.

"Tai. Just go ahead and let him," Sora assured her friend.


Izzy interjected. "It's better than to save Agumon now before we lose him, Tai! Then, we can question this guy. Whoever he is..."

Tai gave in. "Alright, go ahead, but you're going to tell us who you are when you're finished. I still don't completely trust you."

"Believe me, I get that every time," the masked man solemnly shook his head. "I'm thankful you are allowing me to do this."

The masked man murmured a chant akin to a Buddhist's mantra. Then, a bright golden flash of light gleamed around his hands, scanning the Digimon's chest while retrieving the lost data. He immediately restored it to WarGreymon, reconfiguring his body. His wound was initially healed, shocking everyone. A tiny smile smeared across Tai's face as he watched his Digimon completely restored from deletion.

"WarGreymon!" TK and Kari cheered in unison. "You... you saved him!"

"Oh, thank goodness," Mimi smiled, clasping her hands together. "I'm so glad."

"I thought he was a goner. Tai, you ought to thank this guy for sure," Joe let out a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead. "Man, what a day..."

With rapid succession, WarGreymon's wound was completely healed and de-digivolved back into Agumon. Tai raced over and scooped Agumon into his arms. The masked man lifted himself off the ground and folded his arms.

"Agumon! I thought I was going to lose you!" Tai exclaimed, laughing and hugging his Digimon partner.

"Ack...! TAI! You're CHOKING me!" the reptilian responded, gagging.

Tai glaring at the masked man, bowing. "Thank you, Mr. Mask Guy. I owe you."

"Now, with our friend saved, you owe us a question. Who exactly are you?" Leomon demanded from the mysterious man. "I've never seen you before. Were you a witness to this battle?"

The masked man nodded. "Yes. I did watch the battle."

"Why didn't you help us?" asked Kari. "We could've used your help."

"I am merely a watcher. I wasn't assigned to defend this sector from outsiders or take part in any conflict involving warfare."

"Then, what are you doing here and why conceal your identity?" Izzy asked.

"Yes, he does seem rather suspicious hiding behind a mask," Kabuterimon replied.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot reveal my true identity," he answered. "However, you may call me by my guardian title: X."

"X, huh? Cool, so why did you watch us?" TK inquired, his curiosity piqued.

"I did watch your battle and I was impressed with your teamwork. I was shocked you were willing to sacrifice yourself, WarGreymon. Tai, you have a loyal partner."

"So, how do you know my name?"

"I've been monitoring you and the other Digi-Destined since your first arrival on File Island. Your Digimon have advanced. Two of which recently became Mega-level. You defeated Devimon on File Island, stopped Etemon on the Continent of Server, and saved your world from Myotismon's dark hand. Daimaomon was vanquished. Just now, NeoDevimon was soundly beaten. However, you only defeated a weaker outsider. NeoDevimon was just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, he told you that three more invaders would arrive. He speaks the truth. Three warriors will indeed come here in two weeks."

"Damn! Then, how do we prepare for them!" Tai asked, frowning. "Tell us. They had training with Piximon and they've gotten stronger after each fight they've been involved in. We barely beat NeoDevimon and he was just a weakling compared to these invaders?!"

"That is why I have come to seek you and WarGreymon. I saved WarGreymon's life because I sense potential in his power. Not just in him but you specifically, Taichi Kamiya. The Crest of Courage is all the proof I need to convince me that you are the one I have been searching for. However, like any latent power, it must be unlocked. I am here to help Agumon and your Crest unlock your hidden potential."

"Unlock our hidden potential?" Tai repeated what X told him.

"Yes, Tai. Angemon has already proven that. However, TK, you must help Angemon to control his full potential. Kari, too, has an unlocked power through her Crest of Light," X explained and cleared his throat. "Now, I've decided. Agumon. Tai. I would personally like to invite you two to join me in my realm. I will prepare you two to prepare for these invaders."

"You want us to come? But what about the others?"

"Tai, the only others with your and Agumon's level of potential are Leomon, Kari, Gatomon, TK, and Patamon. The others, too have potential, but they won't be able to draw them out as much as the aforementioned. Leomon, I ask for you, TK, and Kari to train Gatomon and Patamon," X shifted his view toward TK and Kari. "You two will need to monitor your Crests As the Children of Hope and Light, your time will eventually come." He turned back toward the Child of Courage. "Tai, you possess the Crest of Courage. You and Agumon will definitely be the one that can stop them. If you're willing to accept, I would like to invite you two to my sanctuary on the other side."

"Should I do it?" Tai asked, looking down at his Digimon partner.

"Yes," Agumon responded without hesitation. "We should accept his offer. I mean he did safe my life and I'm indebted to him."

"Alright, then. If you say so, then I can't argue with you," the goggle boy smiled, facing the masked man. He approached X and shook his hand.

(End theme)

"Are you leaving, Tai?" TK asked, approaching the leader.

Kari wiped the dry tears from her cheeks. "Tai, you're not really going to leave us?"

The gogglehead knelt over, smiling and hugging Kari. "Yeah, but don't worry. Agumon will get the proper training from X. I might even get my Crest to reach this potential he's hinting at. We'll be back. You guys just stick together. I might not be around, but you guys should take care of yourselves." He pulled away, wiping tears from Kari's eyes. "We have friends here in the Digital World." Facing Matt's brother, Tai smirked. "TK, I trust that you'll take care of my sister?"

"You can count on me!"

"Sora. I leave you in charge of the others," the gogglehead approached the tomboy. "I'm sure I'll get some sort of message from you."

"Tai, I..."

"Don't say anything. I know you won't let me down. If you see Matt, make sure to tell him everything that's happened and let him know about the invaders," Tai faced, turning around as he made eye contact with his friends. "I won't forget you guys. X, will I still get a chance to communicate with my friends in your realm?"

"Yeah, I can reach the minds of those throughout the Eastern Quadrant, including this world," X nodded. "It's long distance. So, it's gonna cost you."

"Pfft, I knew there would be some kind of charge," Tai rolled his eyes. "Well, everyone... I guess this is goodbye? You take care of yourselves. Don't you worry. Agumon and I are coming back stronger than ever to kick those invaders' butts off this world!"

"We'll be waiting for you, Tai!" Mimi said.

Tai and Agumon placed their hands on X. Sora rushed toward the gogglehead, opening her mouth as she called out. Embracing him, she released a few tears. Tai pat her back and wiped the tears away from her eyes. She looked up and noticed the trademark Kamiya smile on his face.

Sora murmured. "Take care, you two. Good luck with whatever training X has prepared for you. Get strong is all I ask."

"I just hope it isn't as tough as Piximon's training," Tai reassured his closest friend. "I'm counting on you to take care of our friends and finding Matt."

Turning away from Sora, Tai and Agumon placed their hands onto X as they were instantly teleported from the spot.

Sora wiped her years away and turned around to confront the remaining Digi-Destined. This was her time to prove herself as a leader since her last mistake prior to Tai's departure to the real world. Sora couldn't afford any failure now.

"Remember that Tai will be coming back, you guys. What we need to do is use these remaining two weeks to prep ourselves for the worst to come," Sora announced, making sure everyone got the memo. "Now we're lucky time runs differently here than in our world. Let's not forget we've survived staying here once before and we can do it again. We're more familiar with our surroundings and have Digimon friends to depend on. In the meantime, we're going to search for our Digimon friends and prepare. Leomon, I understand you're going to train?"

"Of course, but I will take Patamon and Gatomon to train them," the brave warrior replied. "You hear that, you two? This training will be nothing like Piximon's."

"Oh, nothing that I can't handle," Patamon said.

Gatomon cleared her throat. "Ah, but I never trained under Piximon. So, I can't say for sure how tough he was and surely can't compare him to Leomon. This will be a treat."

"Don't worry. Kari and I will be watching you guys," TK assured the two. "Right, Kari?"

"Yeah..." the young Kamiya slightly nodded.

"Just one question," Joe spoke up and raised his right hand. "How was NeoDevimon able to find you guys so easily?"

"Yes, that's a concern in itself," Zudomon said.

"To answer your question, Joe, there is a device mounted on his face that seems to track an opponent's power and position," Leomon stated, pointing to NeoDevimon's corpse and the scouter mounted on his face.

"So, there are Digimon with advanced technology never developed in our world. Prodigious!" Izzy's interest piqued, racing over NeoDevimon's corpse. His eyes lit up at the scouter device. "Beautiful. I'm going to have a field day with this."

Mimi tip-toed over to NeoDevimon's corpse and gagged. "Izzy? You... You mean that? Yuck! I'm not touching that! Joe, why don't you pick that scouter-thingy and give it to Izzy?"

"No way. You're asking me?!" Joe freaked out. "What if he like... comes back to life or something? Like one of those slasher horror movies?"

"Oh don't be such a scaredy cat," Mimi sighed, folding her arms and frowning. "I'm not touching it because corpses have germs!"

"Oh, Mimi..." Lillymon sweat-dropped.

"Here let me do it," Sora said.

The redhead knelt over and unhooked the scouter off the fiend's face. She mounted it on her face and pressed a button to activate it. Suddenly, an advanced mathematical numbers flashed on the glass screen. She attempted to read it as Birdramon, who de-digivolved to Biyomon, approached her.

"What do you see, Sora?" Biyomon queried.

The awe-struck tomboy gasped. "Wow! This is advanced technology! I really wish we had one of these back home!"

"Can I see it, Sora?" Izzy asked, extending his right hand.

"Sure, here you go."

She took off the device and handed it to Izzy. The young tech put it on and read the calculations.

"I can't even read this language, but I think I can have this thing repaired. I'll tell you guys what. I'm going to go see Gennai," the Child of Knowledge proclaimed. "I'm sure he can help me repair this and guide me in deciphering the language. Perhaps even decode some messages?"

"That's a good idea," Joe nodded.

TK walked over toward Patamon and picked him up. "You alright, Patamon?"

"Just a little weak from expending all that power to stop NeoDevimon..."

"You did great, Patamon."

" We'll probably get some better readings out of it, Izzy," Sora replied. "I'm sure Gennai can figure it out somehow. As for me, I'll be out looking for our Digimon friends. Mimi? Joe? Will you guys be doing the same?"

"Well, we were thinking of exploring this area a little more," Lillymon said. "Right, Mimi?"

"Um... Yeah! We'll just head on out of here by morning. I mean after everything that's happened today. I can't believe all of that just happened over the last hour... or so."

Zudomon concurred. "You got that right."

"I agree with these three," Joe said, offering an idea. "We'll just find some shelter here until we can decide what we want to do."

"Ok then. I guess I'm on my own with Biyomon then. We'll see if we can find and use these Digicores like Leomon said?"

Leomon nodded, grabbing a hold of the arm he used to launch his attack. Everyone watched as he twisted his arm back into its right position. The children cringed from the bones popping and the shoulder being put back into its place.

"Yuck! That has got to hurt!" Mimi cringed, covering her ears. "Did you HAVE to do that here?!"

"Forgive me, Child of Sincerity," Leomon apologized. "Children, I don't know the whereabouts of the Digicores, but I will search any clues and forward them to you. In the meantime, I'll be taking Gatomon and Patamon. TK and Kari, let's go."

"Yay! We can come!" TK cheered, jumping up excitedly.

"Yeah, that's good to know," Kari nodded, smiling.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Unforeseen Circumstances )

"Yes. These two Digimon will become a powerful asset once properly trained under my wing. We'll need their combined holy force to drive off invaders, who will be here in two weeks time. For now, only I can train them properly."

"Isn't that too big of a burden on your part?" Sora asked the brave warrior.

"I understand, but it must be done. Granted, TK and Kari need to come to offer support for their Digimon. Moreover, the Crests of Hope and Light need to reach their potential. If they do have latent power inside them too, then they must unlock that hidden potential."

Leomon scooped up Gatomon and Patamon under his arms. He bent down and let both TK and Kari to ride on his back. Before he departed, he gave one final notice to the other Digi-Destined.

"In two weeks, we'll be back to see you. I'm sure you'll be prepared and have gathered as many allies as you can. By then, Tai will have returned. Take care everyone and come prepared."

With that, Leomon ascended into mid-air and flew off with Kari, TK, and their Digimon partners. The other children looked on and gathered together their friends depart until they return within the two weeks.

"Something tells me these two weeks are going to fly by fast," Joe groaned.

"And that's a good thing?" Zudomon said. "I sure hope that's not what you meant, Joe."

Biyomon blinked and looked up at the redhead. "Sora. Are you okay?"

Ignoring her Digimon partner, Sora glanced at the heavens and hoped for the best for her departed friends. Tai. Kari. TK. Matt. Please come back soon. We need to be together if we have any hope of stopping the invaders.


"I sure hope everything turns out right for them, Biyomon."


Outer Realm/Paradise Gateway & Passage

Awestruck at their foreign surrounded, Tai and Agumon scoured through a dimension, shrouded with mystery. They looked up to find a long road of floating orbs in a line formation. These 'orbs' are the soul cores of the dead Digimon from the Digital World. Any Digimon killed were sent here regardless of who they were: good, evil, angel, demon, alien, dinosaur, android, etc. It didn't matter.

(Cue G-Gundam OST –  Spanning the Globe )

X walked ahead of the duo, politely passing by the floating soul orbs. He noticed that Tai and Agumon were still standing with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

Sighing deeply, X waved his hand over to them. "C'mon, you two! We don't have any time to sight see!"

"Hey, it's not everyday we come to an afterlife world!" Tai called out, pushing through the floating orbs and dragged his Digimon partner along. "Besides, I see you're already accustomed to this?"

"Of course, I also help guide the dead Digimon souls," the masked man answered, leading the Child of Courage and the dinosaur Digimon down the road.

"So, how do you judge the good and bad Digimon?" Agumon asked with curiosity.

"Ha, well, that's not my job. You see we're about to meet the Judge himself toward that temple ahead of us," X said, pointing toward a magnificent structure.

All Tai and Agumon could do was gasp and gape simultaneously. "WHOA!"

As the trio walked down toward the entrance of a large, temple structure resembling the Shaolin temple. The outer layers were darker though with some gothic features to make up for the 'Underworld' theme.

"So, this is it, huh?" Tai asked the masked man. "The big man is in there?"

X nodded. "That's right and I really advise you show him the highest regards. He really wants all of subjects to acknowledge him."

"You still haven't told us what he does to with the dead Digimon souls."

"Well, Agumon, to answer your question. You're aware of Primary Village?"

The Digimon eagerly nodded. "I am."

"Well, when all good Digimon are judged, he turns them into a Digi-Egg as you may like to call it, and sends them back to the living world to any Primary Village available. Unfortunately, the living world has had to deal with powerful enemy forces and many of the Primary Villages were destroyed. So, the good souls are contained here until those villages are somehow restored. It's going to take a while for them to recover all that was lost."

"That's too bad," Tai said. "I didn't think the Digital World had to suffer so much during our absence."

"Well, that's another story for another time, and you ask what happens to the evil Digimon? Well, just now, you've managed to defeat NeoDevimon. Those evil Digimon are condemned to the Dark Area and imprisoned in Digital Limbo. So NeoDevimon is going to be confined for eternity in that specific area. You and your friends will never have to deal with him again."

"That's great!" Agumon exclaimed.

"Yes, it is and that is one invader defeated. However, we must prepare for the next three coming within two weeks. After we have a brief chat with the Judge, we'll be taking a journey to my sanctuary."

Tai and Agumon both nodded in reply as the masked man walked opened the doors. There was a sudden brightness inside the room which stung the eyes of Tai. He quickly shielded his eyes with his goggles and let out a deep sigh.

"This is too bright," Tai remarked, adjusting his goggles.

"You're telling me! Maybe you should have given me a pair of goggles when we were on Earth, Tai," Agumon said, having to his use claws to cover his eyes.

(End theme)

The trio stopped by a large desk table. It appeared to be forged out of solid black crystal and stood nearly thirty feet tall. Sitting at the desk was a large Digimon that even Tai and Agumon appeared to be intimidated of. X stood tall and cleared his throat without any hint of fear in his eyes. It was hard to tell his facial expressions with the mask concealing his face.

The Digimon was massive in size (specifically height), but with a slender build. He had the outward form of the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis. The face resembled that of the jackal. His outfit consisted of the ancient Egyptian attire. He wore a golden necklace, which covered nearly his entire neckline; golden bracelets adorned his wrists and a tan dress covered his lower section of the body (including his legs). His skin was light blue with darker blue tinted stripes around his arms and chest. The claws are sharp and colored dark blue. Unlike the legendary Anubis, this Digimon had golden eagle-like wings sprouting out of his back, which spanned out and was considerably larger than nearly his entire body size. He also had noticeable long dark blue hair tied down at the very end of the hair.

"Now that is what I call an Underworld lord!" Tai exclaimed. "He sure does live up to his name!"

"No kidding!" Agumon added.

X glanced at the duo and cleared his throat. "I thought I told you two to show some curiosity? Ah, what the hell, this is your first time seeing the great Anubimon!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  The Gods' Bolero )

As the Underworld lord's ears perked upon hearing the mention of his name, he looked down at the trio standing yards away from his table. His intimidating glare softened as he immediately confirmed X's presence.

"X! Good to see you, my friend!" Anubimon responded with a loud.

"The honor is mine, Lord Anubimon. I have brought along two of the subjects I have requested to take with me to my sanctuary," X introduced the two. "This is Taichi Kamiya and his Digimon partner, Agumon. This boy holds the Crest of Courage and already his partner can digivolve into the Mega level."

Anubimon nodded and studied Tai carefully. "Yes, I have been keeping an eye on you and your friends. Your accomplishments thus far are worthy of praise from me. It's an honor to have one of the Digi-Destined standing before my presence. So, you wish to take him under your watchful training, X?"

"Yes, him and Agumon. I truly believe these two can stop the incoming invaders."

"That's right and with only two weeks to spare," Anubimon sighed, opening his Book of the Dead. "Already our holding cells are flooded with good souls ready to be sent back to the living world. Our spaces are wearing thin. I'm hoping there's at least a few Primary Villages available so these souls can be restored."

"We're sorry for what happened, Anubimon. If we hadn't gone to stop Myotismon back in our world..."

"Don't fault yourself, Child of Courage. It was your responsibility to stop that menace and prevent him from killing the Eighth Child. We're grateful you managed to do so."

Agumon interrupted. "I don't mean to be rude, sir, but can you really judge Digimon from other realms?"

"Of course he can, Agumon," X replied. "The dead of ALL worlds come here for relocation."

"Well in that case. Sir, can you tell us if a guy named NeoDevimon came by here?" Tai asked.

Skimming through his book, Anubimon confirmed. "You mean the villain who arrived from that stargate? He did. I sent him to the Dark Area of course. Yeah, he's already in sitting his little bum in Digital Limbo as we speak."

"Wow and did he try to fight you?!" Tai exclaimed, looking enthusiastic.

Anubimon smirked proudly. "Well, he tried, but I got him in my submission grip and forced him to submit! Yep, I overpowered that fool!"

"Really?! You beat him easily?! Wow, you've got to be insanely strong!" Tai appeared excited and faced X. "Hey, X, let Agumon train with this guy instead!"

"Yeah, well, Lord Anubimon is too busy to accept any pupils," X confirmed. "He's already hard at work... iksnay on the Anubimon stay..." The masked man whispered into Tai's ear. "I'm way stronger than he is. Trust me. You'll get better training results from me."

Anubimon's ears once again perked as he grinned. "I heard that! X, you little weasel! How about you and I go at it like old times?"

"Sorry, Lord Anubimon but I think my 'best' would probably kill you," X bowed in respect to the Underworld judge. "With all due respect..."

"They're your responsibility. Besides, two weeks will be plenty to prepare for these invaders. I just don't want to end up with a pile of more paperwork and more souls to judge when they do arrive. I'm reaching my limit here."

"Yes, Lord Anubimon, just you watch and see. Agumon become a killing machine when I get through with his training. You won't even need to judge anymore souls! That's a watcher's promise!"

"Alright then. Taichi and Agumon, I bid you farewell from this point on and good luck with your training," the Underworld judge stated, pointing to a door on the left corner of the room. "That door will lead you down the road to X's sanctuary. But, I'm afraid X already has become accustomed to flying there on his own. You will need to do the best you can to keep up with him."

"Don't worry, Lord Anubimon. We're going to stay with him no matter how long it takes us," Tai reassured the lord.

"Yeah and I'll do my best to slow down for you guys to catch up," the masked man replied. "Agumon, just don't overexert yourself while traveling on this road. Likewise with you, Tai."

The Digimon quickly confirmed. "Got it!"

"Thanks for everything, Lord Anubimon. You may resume with your work," X waved farewell to the judge and flew off to the door.

"See ya, Anubimon! We'll see you again once our training's done and we manage to stop those invaders!" Tai called out. "Let's go, Agumon."


With that, the duo followed X out the door and left Anubimon to resume his work with more souls waiting to be judged. A smile crossed the Underworld lord's face as he sensed new hope upon studying Tai.

"Good luck, my friends."

(End theme)


Two miles off from the temple, the trio faced a pathway leading to a large three-headed snake structure. Each head was structured with gaping mouths, revealing long fangs. X led Tai and Agumon toward the snake, which seemed to stretch out across the clouds in the distance. Naturally, the gogglehead and his partner were flabbergasted.

"Wow, first the temple and Anubimon... And now this!" Tai exclaimed. "How are guys able to afford all of this?"

X shrugged and replied. "Well, we higher-types do tend to keep all of the luxuries to ourselves. I mean, how else could he hope to manage to make the 'Other World' look fancy?"

"Makes me wish the Digital World could have all these luxuries," Agumon said.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Saa, Hashiridasou! )

X stopped and noticed a dog-like guardian standing beside the 'snake road.' It sat up and appeared to have three heads. It's appearance was strikingly similar the legendary hound of Hades: Cerberus. Its steel-like fur was noticeably black with a silver mane around its neck and three blades protruding through the top of the shins of each leg. The feet were equipped with silver, sharp claws. The lower jaw of the middle head was brown and seemed to be the only head that could speak.

"Ah, Cerberumon, aren't you supposed to be guarding the front gate?" X asked, kneeling over to pet the hound's central head.

"Yeah, I forgot this wasn't my position. Thanks for the reminder!" Cerberumon responded. "By the way, you're going to be crossing the great Orochimon Road?"

"Well, these two are, but I'll be flying. Unless Agumon becomes WarGreymon, that is..." X said.

"Orochimon Road? And how far does it go out, Cerberumon?" Tai asked the hound.

The dark hound Digimon spoke. "I heard it was a 40,000 digi-kilometers. The last time I checked..."

Naturally, Tai freaked out. "40,000 DIGI-KILOMETERS?! Has anyone ever made it this far?!"

"Only two have. Lord Anubimon and X standing before you," Cerberumon pointed to the masked man. "Shoot, I couldn't even cross twenty miles. I was too pooped out after crossing that far. Word of advice: Watch where you are going or you'll end up falling off. The Dark Area and Digital Limbo are down there. Once you fall off, there is no way out."

"Right! We'll keep that in mind," X nodded. "Hear that you two?"

"Yes..." Tai and Agumon groaned at once. "But… 40,000 KILOMETERS?!"

"C'mon, you two! This should be fun!" X laughed, hopping atop of the middle Orochimon head.

Tai held his stomach as it started to rumble a bit. "But, what about food?"

"Even a Digimon needs his meal..."

"Don't worry. There are pit stops along the way and you'll get free food as long as you're with me," X reassured them. "Not to mention some hotels along the way to sleep in. Remember, we're still technically in the Digital World. Then again, I really don't have to eat or sleep much. Only when I feel like it."

The Child of Courage sighed. "Gee, well, that's reassuring."

"Time runs much slower here than in the Digital World or Real World. You guys won't even age for a long time if you remain here. 40,000 or even a million digi-kilometers… we'll get to my realm in a week. Of course, I have to slow down for you guys. I can get there four hours tops."

"Couldn't you just teleport like you did earlier?" Agumon asked.

"Actually, I still haven't been able to master teleporting off my realm. I can only adeptly use it when I'm in Lord Anubimon's palace and there I can probe powerful energies from many realms."

"Well, nuts to that," Tai said. "Though, I must feel good to be a watcher. I wish I could be in your position."

X proceeded to pull Agumon up as well. "Believe me, Tai. It's a hell of a lot of work. Everyday you'll have to answer to prayers and respond to a certain crisis. We have to maintain a status quo of peace as we watch every occurrence in the living worlds, but the forces of darkness are always screwing with the order. Just like NeoDevimon did and the villains who attacked the Digital World in your absence. Bad things happen everyday just like in your world, Tai."

"I know how you feel."

"Well, Tai and Agumon, this is it," X said, pointing to the long road ahead. "40,000 digi-kilometers to go..."

(End theme)

The goggle boy stood on top and looked into his mini telescope. "My little scope can't find anything in the far distance! This road looks endless!"

"If we put our minds to it, we'll cross this road," Agumon reassured his partner

Tai drooped his head and sighed. "Two weeks. Man, I wish I had my driver's license or we'd be driving down this road!"

"There's no time to waste. Now, lets get started."

With that, X levitated off the ground and slowly glided over the road.

Agumon tapped Tai's right side. "Just make sure not to fall off this road, Tai. We'll be serving burgers down in Digital Limbo for eternity."

"That's a scary thought. We better keep our minds focused then. Let's go, buddy. WarGreymon should be up for the job!"

"You got it!"

X watched as Tai's Crest and Digivice emitted beacons of light. Cool, I'm getting to see Agumon digivolve again. WarGreymon has excellent flight speed but I doubt even he can make it past a 40,000 digi-kilometers without fatigue.

"Agumon… WARP SHINKA! WarGreymon!"

"Good, now stay with me, WarGreymon," X instructed the Mega Digimon.

WarGreymon scooped up Tai into his arms and flew up to meet with X. He watched X soar off and rocketed after the masked man.


Digital World

Kari smiled as her eyes were awe-struck at the beauty of the land. "Wow, how pretty! This is beautiful scenery."

TK looked up to Leomon. "Will this be where our Digimon will start training?"

"That's correct, TK," the veteran confirmed.

"You picked a good spot," TK said. "This is more than enough room."

"Yeah. I mean, we are watching our Digimon train for two weeks, right?" Tai's little sister inquired to the brave warrior.

"Yes, and you two will need to carefully harness your Crests' powers. The crests are what give your Digimon the power to digivolve. Yet, TK's Crest has yet to glow and Patamon has not digivolved into Ultimate-level. My training should enable him to boost his own energy to a maximum."

"So, we have to rely on my Crest then?" TK's face was smeared with determination. "Alright, Mr. Leomon."

"TK..." Kari murmured, smiling at the boy.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Bolero )

"Today, we shall start with the basics. Patamon. Gatomon. This two weeks worth of training will be extremely harsh and difficult. If you are weak of heart, then I suggest you back down and walk away. Do you think you have what it takes to endure MY training?"

"You know that I'm up for it. I'll get as strong to protect TK. I won't let him down."

Gatomon nodded, putting her game face on. "Likewise for Kari. Do what you have to do, Leomon!"

"As you know, Taichi and Agumon departed with X on the other side. They will be training for two weeks from I understand. I recall Gennai telling me of a peculiar man who once in a blue moon finds a potentially strong warrior. When Tai returns, he and his Digimon will perhaps be more than enough to defeat the three invaders. The three villains have been confirmed to be more powerful than NeoDevimon. We endured an extremely difficult and emotionally-driven front against an Ultimate-level monster. Yet he was powerful enough to push WarGreymon and I to our limits. I can't imagine how powerful the trio will be. That is why we'll need more than just WarGreymon and Tai's help to surmount this adversity. You two are next in line in the power hierarchy. After all, the Child of Friendship and his Digimon partner have been missing in action since the battle on Earth."

TK addressed to the brave warrior. "Mr. Leomon, do you know where my brother could be?"

"I'm sorry, Takeru. I have not seen him," the warrior sighed sadly. "His sudden disappearance is a mystery to me."

"I wonder if he left because of me. I've always been too much of a crybaby and he probably got fed up with me. DemiDevimon was probably right after all," TK sadly felt dejected.

Kari looked at the boy with sympathy.

"Takeru. Don't say that," Leomon knelt in front of the boy, staring at his eye level. "I'm sure that your brother needed to clarify his position. He probably needs time to himself. But believe me, he would never abandon you. Brothers always stick together through together."

"Until now... he's gone and he's never coming back."

"TK..." Kari whispered to the boy's ear. "TK?"


"I think we should have a talk sometime."

"A talk?"

Kari smiled softly. "Mmmhmm. Is that okay?"

"Thanks, Kari."

"You and Angemon saved us, TK. I'm very grateful. If it weren't for Angemon, we would all be taken away by that creep."

"Okay. We'll have a talk. Where do you want to meet?" TK asked the Kamiya girl.

"The forest ahead of us," Kari pointed toward a dense forest ahead of them. "For now, let's watch our Digimon train."

"Don't know but I'm interested to find out myself, Kari."

"So, I assume that you two have heard about the four legendary Digicores?"

"Not very much except from what you've told NeoDevimon," Patamon said, nodding. "I overheard you talking about them when I was Angemon."

"Well, you should know that they can restore Digimon back from the dead, except unless it was from a natural cause. That means they are immediately revived without the need to reverting back to a Digi-Egg."

"So, death has to have been a result of a battle or through any physical harm?" Gatomon asked.

"Yes. Lets say that I were to die in a battle, you could use them to resurrect me."

The feline smirked curiously. "How cool."

"Yet I do not know the whereabouts of the four Digicores. That is the problem. If only we had them in our possession," Leomon clarified to the four. "Now, onto the phase of our training. WarGreymon will be back, but that still won't be enough to defeat the three invaders. He and I alone will not stand a chance. The others will be searching for allies to aid us. We need the power from you two. You must learn to unlock your true potentials. The key to unlocking them will not only be through your training but it all depends on the will power of your partner's Crests. TK and Kari possess the Crests of Light and Hope. The children will help you unlock your true potentials."

"No problem. So how do you want us to start our training?" Patamon asked.

"So we have hidden powers?" Gatomon said, pointing to herself and Patamon. "I guess Myotismon was too stupid to even realize that."

"Myotismon was a fool. He ignored what potential you had, Gatomon. If you had unlocked your hidden power before, you would have crushed him easier than you did when you battled him. You two have power hidden within you that you couldn't hope to imagine. The training will bring them out."

"So I would have kicked batty's butt while still in my champion form?"

"In a way, yes and no. You still would be required to digivolve into your Ultimate-form," Leomon replied. "If you had trained as hard as I did, you would have stood up to Myotismon in your champion form."

Gatomon grinned mischievously. "Heh and what the heck was I doing hanging out with bat boy when I could have been with you, Leomon."

"Tell us what we should do now. I'm eager to know," Patamon stated, standing on his hind legs.

This prompted the brave warrior to grin widely. "You really want to know? All right, step one..."

(End theme)

With that, Leomon grabbed Patamon by this wings and tossed him up with one hand before catching him. TK quickly got up and prepared to stop Leomon, but Gatomon was able to hold him back.

"Don't do that to him!" TK protested, his eyes narrowing angrily.

"Trust me. Patamon will be fine," the feline Digimon reassured the Child of Hope. "Leomon knows what he is doing."


Kari placed a hand on TK's shoulder. She then set TK down on a rock. TK was left with no choice, but to watch Leomon physically toss Patamon.

Glancing over behind him, the veteran scanned toward a small canyon slope and an idea came to mind.

Without effort, Leomon hurled Patamon toward the slope. The Rookie flung across the slope with tremendous force. Patamon howled out of horror as he was flung across. TK was about to spring in until Gatomon stopped in front of him.

"Let me go after him, Gatomon!"

"No! You're only going to ruin the demonstration!" Gatomon hissed. "Leomon knows what he's doing and I believe him!"

Kari covered her mouth. I really hope you're right, Gatomon!

Patamon screamed as he came ever so closer towards the slope. This was the Rookie's fate. It was either unleashing his hidden power or become splattered jelly all over the slope.

TK couldn't take it anymore. If he couldn't save him, he would at least cry out for his Digimon partner and use the power of his Digivice.


As soon as the boy cried out, his Digivice shone off a beacon of illuminating golden yellow light and this served as the necessary catalyst to grant Patamon a tremendous amount of power. The Rookie's form released a powerful aura glow over his body and he quickly snapped back to reality.

His eyes looked across the mountains. The tiny Rookie charged up and expanded the aura of light all around his body. The light assumed the shape of the familiar form of Angemon but the end of the 'right hand' had a 'blade-like extension' at the end of it. The 'shape' around Patamon released a powerful beam of light and shot directly at the slope ahead of him.

Both Leomon and Gatomon were astonished as the blast fired at the slope. The initial blast made contact with the slope, leading to a destructive explosion.


A powerful gust of wind from the explosion blew against Leomon and Gatomon. The feline hid behind Leomon, who shielded himself by crossing his arms out. TK and Kari hid behind the rock to steer clear of the incoming rock debris.

Was this all the result of that boy's Digivice?! Leomon thought, reminiscing the event a moment ago. My assumptions were correct. They can unlock their true potential from their partner's devices. These children will be the catalysts to unlock the true potential of these two Digimon.

As the dust slowly dissipated, the entire canyon slope was left a pile of debris and with a streak of unearthed trail in the far distance.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Unforeseen Circumstances )

"All that from TK's Digivice but his Crest didn't glow yet?!" Gatomon gulped, glancing at the children. If little TK can do that, I can't imagine what Kari will do with BOTH the Digivice and the Crest!

TK was visibly trembling. "No way... I did that for Patamon?"

"Patamon. I can't believe you did that," Gatomon muttered, looking at the trail and the debris of the ravine.

"Wow, you've got one strong Digimon, TK," Kari commended the child.

Leomon concluded. No, it wasn't Patamon who destroyed that canyon. It took TK's Digivice to grant him that force of power. However, that shape I saw. I've never seen anything like it. Are we looking at a glimpse of what that little creature will eventually become? And that was just the boy. I can't imagine what the girl's Digimon can do.

"Way to go, Patamon! That's the way!" TK rushed by his Digimon's side and hugged him. "We'll surprise those three bullies when they come! They won't expect that from you!"

The Rookie Digimon stammered, still overwhelmed with shock. "I... I did all that...?"

"It begins to become clear, doesn't it?" Leomon asked, approaching TK and Patamon.

"Well... Sort of..." Patamon lowered his head. "That's not even my own power. TK also..."

"No, it has become quite clear. Your power bursts loose only when the boy's and your emotions are at their peak. There was another force that allowed you to pull this off, Patamon, but, I will teach you to harness that ability again. TK serves as the necessary catalyst to releasing your full power. Gatomon, this goes for you, too."

"You can count me in," the feline replied. "How about you, Patamon?"

TK's partner objected. "What about TK? Will he be in the right frame of mind?"

"Takeru? How about it?" Leomon asked the younger brother of Matt.

"Please, TK. We really need you for this one," Kari spoke up, pleading to the boy. "Tai didn't just leave for his own sake. He and Agumon are with X to prepare themselves for whatever training they will need. It's only right that we should too. You have to be strong about this, TK."

The child glanced over at Kari, who had a rather pleading look.

Smirking with confidence, the boy cleansed any doubt from his mind. "I'm in! I'm not going to cry anymore. Even if Matt isn't here, it doesn't mean I can't stick up for myself. You guys… I'll do everything I can to help Patamon in his training. I'm so in!"

"Thanks, TK," Patamon smiled, rubbing the side of TK's right leg.

"I'd knew you'd change your mind," Kari stated. "I can't wait until my brother comes back to stand by us! TK and I will bring the best out of our Digimon, Leomon!"

"Mmhmm," Gatomon nodded in agreement. "Kari, you're so becoming like your brother."

"Let's begin," Leomon said.

"Right!" The four responded in unison.

(End theme)


Next episode: The Wilderness Survival! Prepare for the Invaders!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 5: The Wilderness Survival! Prepare for the Invaders!


Digital World/ August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Nearly every beast of the land fell asleep with the creatures of the night lurking about. The beautiful dark blues skies were littered with shiny, bright stars and a half crescent moon loomed over the landscape. Hard winds blew across the grassy meadows and rocks were sent scattering. And there was an unlikely Digimon pair in hiding under the cool shading of a large tree.

As moonlight shone over two tiny figures within the darkness, Gatomon and Patamon were revealed into view. They finished eating their meat apples and were already curled up asleep.

Since they were going to be involved in rigorous training, the Digimon decided to increase their food consumption and give them enough energy to go on about the day. It would also serve as necessary to would burn the food down.

As soon as Gatomon and Patamon slept, Leomon returned and watched them from on top of a rock. With arms crossed, he turned his view to the full moon. Its beautiful illumination shone over the dry terrain.

Leomon alternated his attentive view to the young Digidestined: the possessors of the Crests of Hope and Light. Sitting on top of a rock near the pond, TK sat on the left side while Kari sat on the right side. Their eyes were fell on the lake in the distance and noticed their reflections coupled with the half crescent moon. TK picked a pebble off the ground and hurled it across the lake. With the pebble bouncing across the lake, it sank down once slapping the center.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Tomodachi ~Tatakai no theme~

Kari glanced over at TK. "Um, hey, TK?"

"Yeah?" TK replied, looking directly at Kari. "Is there anything you need to tell me?"

"Well, you do remember that I needed to talk to you?"


Kari sighed, picking up a pebble off the ground. "Well, I think this would be the perfect time for us to talk."

"Sure. What do you have in mind, Kari?"

"Well. Lately, I've been worried about you. You haven't been yourself," Kari said, tossing the rock at the lake. "I understand that you miss your brother. To be honest, I really didn't know him that well. I mean he did watch over me when Tai left to find the others back home. But, I could tell that he really cares for you."

"How do you know?"

"Well, take my brother for example. He's an honest, but a stubborn brother. He can act like a dork, but that's what makes him such an awesome brother. He makes me laugh and he can annoy me. That's just like any big brother or sister would do. You care for them so much that you make you happy or bother you."

"Yeah, but my brother really doesn't do anything like that. I hate to admit it, but he's always overprotective of me. I really haven't stuck up for myself. All of that changed since I came to the Digital World. With Patamon by my side, I don't feel afraid anymore and know my Digimon will always protect me with his life."

"Like he's done before?"

TK nodded in reply, trying not to reminisce the emotional scars he received prior to the departure from File Island. "But, back to my brother. He always vows to protect me and would destroy anything that would harm me."

"Well, to be fair to him, he has every right to worry about you. But, I don't think he should hurt anyone. Only really bad guys like that NeoDevimon creep. Tell me, are you two separated?"

The boy nodded. "Yeah. Our parents divorced and that really changed my life. I only get to see my brother once and a while. At least, I was able to see him then. Now, he's not with us and I feel I'm responsible somehow. Was it something that I've done wrong? Tell me, Kari. Did I do anything to upset him?"

Kari blinked. "No, I don't think so. I do remember him and Matt arguing before he left. Your brother... How can I say it? He seemed to want to take the role as leader of the Digidestined."

She sighed. "He thinks Tai is not cut out to be one."

"That's… what I thought."

"I see. So that's what it's all about. But, let me ask you this," she proposed the next important question. "Did you do something to upset him?"

"No. I blame myself for being too much of a crybaby and he probably hates me for it. I can't help it. I can't help the fact that I cry. I just get scared," TK admitted, trying to hold back tears.

"Believe me. I cry too. I cry when I something scary comes about, but I manage to overcome that fear," Kari tried to calm the boy. "You want to know how I did that?"

"How so?"

"My brother taught me to always overcome my greatest fears. I used to be so scared of the dark, but my brother told me that there wasn't anything to be afraid of. So, what I did was confront that fear and say to myself, 'I'm not afraid'. I repeated that over and over again. Repeatedly. I have very little fears, but I am definitely afraid of these invaders coming."

"Why is that?"

"Well, because we really have no idea how powerful they really are. NeoDevimon was insanely powerful, but this trio could be even deadlier. However, as long as we remain strong and prepare ourselves, we just might... No, we will rise up and overcome this enemy!"

"I hope you're right."

"Hope? That's what your crest symbol represents."

The boy nodded and looked down at his Crest of Hope. Thus far, his crest was the only one not to activate by will. Thus, Angemon has been incapable to digivolve to an Ultimate-level Digimon. TK wondered if Patamon would ever digivolve further.

"I know that your crest hasn't been activated and Patamon hasn't digivolved into an Ultimate-level. Patamon still hasn't reached his full potential, but believe me. His time will come. You have to overcome your fears against the approaching enemy. Do you understand, TK?"

"Yeah. I'm beginning to understand," TK nodded, smiling to Tai's sister. "It's starting to become clear to me."

"I know Angemon can do it, but it's really up to you whether you want Angemon to digivolve to Ultimate."

"My choice?"

"If you keep holding yourself back, then you won't help Angemon. You understand?" Kari asked.

TK blinked in surprise. "Wow, Kari. Since when did you think like this?"

"My brother always tells me to have confidence for myself and to face my fears. You should take it from me."

"Oh yeah. You're making a lot of sense. I'll do what I can to help Patamon," TK said, looking up at the skies and clearing his throat. "You know something? I don't think I'm afraid of these three invaders anymore. I'm ready to face anything!"

With that, Kari simply smiled and felt that she had boosted the boy's low confidence. Her brother had lectured her to be strong and show confidence towards anything intimidating. Now, she had lectured TK to boost his self-confidence.

Kari smiled as she thought about her brother. Thanks, Tai. Your advice has led me to help TK. Though, still I wish I could be as strong as you. Again clearing her throat, she spoke up. "TK. I have one more thing to tell you."


TK glanced over to Kari. The girl pressed closer to him and planted a peek on his cheek. TK was taken back, but left really comfortable to receive a light kiss from Tai's little sister.


"Just call that a good luck charm. I do that with my best friends," Kari stated.

"Well, um... Thanks... I guess..."

"Don't mention it."

TK held his cheek where Kari had planted a kiss.

(End theme)


Gennai's Home

Izzy and Tentomon were standing outside what appeared to be a Japanese shrine albeit submerged underwater. It was just as the computer whiz and the insect Digimon had remembered it. In fact, they were still able to breathe despite being 'submerged'. The fact they could still walk and breathe easily as if they were on land was astonishing.

Then again, they were still in the Digital World and all forms of logic were practically 'thrown out the window'.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Tranquil Times

They watched as a school of multiple colored forms of fish swam by peacefully. Red. Green. Blue. Yellow. Golden. Silver. Jade. Orange. Izzy watched the beautiful fish blissfully passing by them.

"I remember this place very well. How about you, Tentomon?"

The insect Digimon observed the scenery and squatted down to pick at a piece of 'sea weed'. "Just as I remembered, Izzy. But, where is Gennai?"

"Beats me. He's probably asleep," Izzy shrugged, walking up a pair of steps.

"I seriously doubt he'd be asleep if he knew we were coming, Izzy."

The Child of Knowledge sweat-dropped. "Yeah, that's a good point. Well, if that's the case, we'll just have to barge right in and wake him up then. Are you with me, pal?"

"Well, just don't expect me to dump a bucket of cold water on him..."

"What's this about ice cold water? Is that you Tentomon and Izzy?" the voice of an old man called out from the other side of the shrine garden.

The Digimon and child looked at one another, confirming the voice simultaneously. "Oh yeah. That's Gennai all right!"

"I'm over here near the garden ahead of you! Don't worry I wasn't sleeping. Come on over and you could maybe join me!"

"Well, what are we waiting for, Tentomon? Let's go!" Izzy said, racing over toward the exact garden where Gennai was harvesting.

Tentomon followed his partner and fluttered his wings. "Wait for me, Izzy! I don't have strong legs like you humans do!"

"Gennai!" Izzy called out, panting as he ran. "I really need to run more if I wasn't chased by Digimon."

As Izzy reached the garden area, he spotted an older-looking man kneeling beside a plant bed. The man's eyes appeared sealed shut with a white mustache adorning his upper lips and curling at the ends. He wore what appeared to be a black outfit with red edges on sections of the suit. His gloves and boots were red. Glancing over to Izzy, the old man named Gennai slowly stood up and picked up a wooden, walking cane.

Smiling, Gennai greeted Izzy. "Ah, Izzy. Good to see you my friend. I take it you and Kabuterimon had no trouble with the directions to my home through the e-mail I sent you?"

"Yeah, we followed the exact coordinates that you relayed to us. No trouble at all. How's everything going, Gennai?"

"Well, I've gotten a lot more sleep since you kids left. Let me tell ya it works wonders for a man my age."

Tentomon landed and greeted the old man. "Hi-ya, Gennai!"

"Good to see you, too, Tentomon. Oh and in case you were wondering, I accidentally fell down my steps as I was reaching over to pick up a bottle cap. That's why I'm holding this cane here," Gennai said, showing them his wooden cane. "It's a bother, but what can you do if you were an old man?"

"Not to mention with no hospitals around," Izzy said, glancing around the shrine.

"Well, the fish are always kind enough to lend me a hand."

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Power That Cannot Be Defied

"Anyway, Gennai. We did come here for business. There are some questions that need to be answered. Like, for instance, the whole star gate deal. Ever since NeoDevimon came, we were warned of three invaders coming within two weeks. Now, naturally, I figured there was only one Digital World. But now, since NeoDevimon came, it appears I have a lot to learn."

Gennai nodded as he stopped to steady himself. "Hn. Izzy, I should have told you this the night you children slept here. I was too caught up with upgrading your laptop and telling you about the cards to unlocking the doorway back to the real world. Honestly, I wasn't expecting for an invader coming from the other side."

"So, what do you actually know about the invaders?"

"They're exceptionally stronger and advanced. The enemy Tai and the others faced was abnormally stronger than any Digimon threat before."

"Well, we didn't get a chance to see how the battle was determined and ended. However, we did see NeoDevimon easily put down WarGreymon with one blow," Tentomon pointed out.

"Yes, I witnessed the whole event through my viewing screens. I was naturally horrified as you were, Tentomon."

Izzy inquired. "So, where exactly did NeoDevimon come from?"

"Another Digiworld within the Eastern Digi-Galaxy. As you may know, we are currently in the eastern sector."

"Yeah, so I take it there are more?"

Gennai nodded, walking up the steps with the aid of his cane. "Come inside and we'll have a discussion about this over tea."

"Sure, if you have a lot to say, then tea would be nice. What do you say, Tentomon?"

"For me, I'll have whatever snacks you've got."

Gennai sighed. "Ho boy. Well, come on you two. We have much to discuss."

With that, the old man stepped inside his shrine with Izzy and Tentomon following him.

(End theme)


As they gathered around a small round table, Gennai began to speak. "All right, Izzy. You said you wanted me to tell you everything about the four Digi-Galaxies."

"Yeah, I mean Tentomon and I weren't exactly coming back just to chit-chat. I need to gather as much information as I can to know what kind of enemies we're going to be dealing with. If NeoDevimon was merely a weakling compared to these invaders, then we're in serious trouble. Without a doubt..."

Tentomon sipped his cup of tea. "And this tea is too hot for my mandibles. Could use a little more sugar..."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kyoufu no Ashiato

"Shucks and I was hoping you were going to stop by to say hello,," Gennai chuckled, setting his cup down. "No, but seriously, I'll tell you about the abrupt changes that have taken place in the Digital World. You see it all started many years since you and the other Digidestined left to stop Myotismon back in your world."

"What? How could it have been several years? We were only gone for a few days in our world. How much time passed since our departure?" Izzy asked the old man.

"At least a thousand years or so... I wasn't exactly counting every single day. So, my calculations are likely to be completely off. I spent most of my time asleep!"

Izzy sweat-dropped. "I kind of would have figured that, Gennai. Well, you at least noticed the changes that had been occurring, right? It's impossible for lands to remain constant over such a long period of time."

"Naturally, yes. but there have been unnatural shifts to the landscape. You see... an invasion had taken place even before you children even returned."

Upon hearing this, both Izzy and Tentomon were shocked beyond belief.

"Another invasion, you say? But, who attacked the Digital World...?"

Gennai sipped his tea once again before responding. "A group of four powerful dark Digimon known as the Dark Masters."

"The Dark Masters...?" Izzy said, gulping and not exactly comfortable with the sound of their name.

"Who are the Dark Masters?"

"They are byproducts from an evil force that was defeated sometime ago. In fact, they are like computer viruses manifested into Digimon forms. They are four Mega-level Digimon."

"Not exactly what we needed to hear," Tentomon remarked.

"They arrived to start chaos in the Digital World. The Dark Masters left a wake of destruction and altered nearly every ecosystem in this world. Many Digimon were massacred. Others enslaved. Chances of the dead being revived were cut short with the number of Primary Villages decreasing."

"Who are these four called?" Izzy curiously asked. "That way we'll know who or what we'll be dealing with."

"Certainly. From the intel I've gathered, all four of them have conquered territories here and enslaved Digimon from many sections of the Digital World. The four Dark Masters are as follows: MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, and Piedmon."

"Yikes and I'll bet this Piedmon guy is the strongest of the bunch?"

"You'd be right, Tentomon. Piedmon is the leader of the Dark Masters, but he is not the overall leader of the invaders. No, there is an even greater evil power lurking within the Digiverse."

"A greater evil? And who might this greater evil be?"

"That I cannot say for sure, Izzy."

However, Izzy somehow could tell Gennai was hiding something. Nonetheless, he still listened to the old man continuing his explanation.

(End theme)

"Anyhow, as I was saying, the greater evil himself arrived here and conquered the Four Holy Beasts. As the four Dark Masters laid claim to their new territories, they used their power to change and alter the balance of the entire Digital World. Lands shifted. Islands submerged underwater. Areas that were once tropical forests became desert wastelands. Even up in the northern regions, polar ice caps spread and a great Ice Age had occurred. The greater evil utilized his power to seal the Four Holy Beasts."

"Ok and who are these Four Holy Beasts?"

"Good thing you asked, Izzy. I never told you this, but this is the great opportunity. This also ties in with the Four Digi-Galaxies. As you know, there are Four Holy Beasts. There are four main Digi-Galaxies. The Holy Beasts each rule over a quarter of the Digi-Galaxy. For example, the Digi-Galaxy section we're currently positioned is in the Eastern Quarter. The beast that guards this sector is the great dragon named Azulongmon."

"Azulongmon?" Tentomon repeated.

(Cue Final Fantasy VII OST - On That Day Five Years Ago

"That's right. Each of the Four Holy Beasts are based and tied with the mythological figures from Chinese astronomy. The four quadrants of the heavens - east, south, west and north - are referred to as the Celestial Temples."

The Child of Knowledge noted. "Yeah, I learned that from the folklore tales."

"Good, so you at least know where I'm getting my point across. Azulongmon is the watcher of this sector."

"And who are the other three Holy Beasts?"

"Izzy, you are so full of curiosity aren't you, boy?"

Izzy chuckled modestly. "I will do anything to obtain knowledge from the facts I gather. This is interesting. I didn't think there would be Digi-Gods."

"Yes, but even they aren't omnipotent. They were defeated by a single evil entity and sealed away. The name of the three other Holy Beasts I'm afraid are confidential for now I'm afraid. I'm only really allowed to tell you the name of the Eastern Holy Beast. However, I'll throw out a few hints. The southern guardian is a phoenix, the western guardian is a white tiger, and the northern guardian is a turtle."

The insect Digimon added. "Fascinating. And I suppose you're telling us that each govern a different Digital World?"

"Yes, we're currently on the main Digital World in the Eastern Digi-Galaxy. But, Azulongmon is not currently around since he and the other three beasts have been sealed."

"So, they must have all united in hopes of stopping this 'greater evil'?"

"Correct, Izzy. They were determined to combine their efforts by putting a stop to the monster. Regardless, they were ill-equipped and entered a war that they couldn't win. The villain sealed them away after weakening them in a seemingly hopeless battle."

"That's sad to hear. I can't believe all of this was going on since our departure back to our world," Izzy sighed, taking a sip from his tea cup. "But, what of these other main Digital Worlds?"

"All but one still occupies their respective quadrants as we speak."

"What? And what happened to that specific one, Gennai?"

"Destroyed by a cataclysmic force thousands of years ago by that same greater evil. Leading a campaign of conquering the Digi-Galaxies, the villain began his senseless and violent conquest in the Northern Quadrant. So, yes, the main Northern Digiworld was destroyed. The Northern Holy Beast was forced to retreat to a new world in his respective quadrant. Despite being a peaceful guardian, there have been many wars launched in that specific sector of the Digiverse. In fact..."

"In fact? What? Is there something else you want to tell me?"

I don't think I should tell him about my experience in the great wars in the Northern Quadrant. That's a past I'd hope to put behind me and move on. Those were horrible times indeed. Gennai thought, sipping his tea cup.

Izzy looked at Gennai with concern. "Did you even get a glimpse of this powerful evil force that sealed the Four Holy Beasts?"

"I've only see the four Dark Masters and their henchmen. The greater evil hardly exposed himself here in the flesh except when confronting and sealing the Holy Beasts. I think I was smart enough to avoid contact with this greater evil or I would have been captured."

"Gee, this guy, whoever he is, sounds really powerful. I mean to destroy a Digital World on his own and sealing four mighty Digi-Gods. And NeoDevimon was simply just a low level invader?"

"That's right. You kids were very lucky to have left or you would have easily been casualties. No doubt this greater evil will know of your presence. Worst case scenario, he probably already is aware of your return."

Tentomon shuddered at the thought of being caught. "No kidding! I wouldn't want to be caught dead being close around this guy, Izzy. What do you think?"

"We didn't even expect to be confronted by NeoDevimon, first of all," Izzy pointed out. "But, something doesn't add up. Where are the four Dark Masters now? We haven't run into anymore super-powered Digimon since Daimaomon and NeoDevimon."

"That's where I was getting into. As of now, only two of the Dark Masters currently occupy their lands in the Digital World. Those are Puppetmon and MetalSeadramon. The other two Dark Masters left with the greater evil back to their main base of operations."

"Whoo! So, we aren't out of the loop yet, Izzy!" the insect Digimon buzzed, frantically flying overhead.

"With Tai and Agumon training with X in the Other World, I don't know whether you children and your current Digimon's power are enough to defeat even one Dark Master. Even Puppetmon, the weakest of the bunch, can defeat Ultimate-level Digimon."

"So NeoDevimon lied when he said that he came to this Digital World for the first time..."

"Maybe or maybe not, Izzy. He was one of the elite, but of the low class. As far as I know, only the Dark Masters, higher elite soldiers, and the greater evil arrived in the Digital World."

"And no doubt the greater evil will return to this world anytime he wants to. I mean it's like he's putting this world under reserve until he comes back to make his full authority claim," Izzy said. "Right, Gennai?"

"Correct again, Izzy. Wow, you are catching on better than I expected."

"C'mon, me and the others have already dealt with Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, Daimaomon, and now NeoDevimon..."

"By working together yes. But you'll need to step it up if you want to defeat the three invaders. If the greater evil can destroy a Digital World on his own, I can't imagine what these three invaders can do. I don't even want to imagine what would happen if you and the other Digidestined fail."

"We're not going to fail, Gennai. As we speak, the other Digidestined are going to be looking for our other Digimon allies. Remember, there's still the matter of Leomon. He's training Gatomon and Patamon. In addition, he's going to do what it takes to make the crests of TK and Kari grant them full access power. By doing so, we'll have Patamon possibly digivolve into an Ultimate and Gatomon as Angewomon will be stronger than ever."

"And what about Tentomon?"

"Tentomon? Well... Of course, we're going to be prepared but we want to get as much information as we can to let us know what kind of enemy we will be dealing with. But, I didn't think there would be a group like the Dark Masters. To make matters worse, two of them are currently occupying this world as we speak!"

Gennai nodded his head in reply. "And that's our gravest concern before the invaders come. No doubt they know you children are here and realize that their comrade, NeoDevimon, perished in battle."

The red insect scoffed. "So, why haven't those two cowards shown themselves?"

"They're playing smart, Tentomon. They will attack when you least expect it and I advise each of you to be careful," the old man warned the duo. "Also, you and everyone else need to be 100 percent once the invaders arrive."

"I know," Izzy sighed, realizing the situation they were in. This is not exactly the most prodigious situation we're involved in. We have two of these Dark Masters to deal with coupled with those three invaders coming in two weeks. The other Digidestined don't even know what they might get themselves involved in. It's a good thing Gennai is telling me all of this or we would have been entering confrontations totally unprepared. But how can Tentomon and even hope to prep against two powerful Mega-level Digimon? I mean VenomMyotismon was the first true Mega we encountered and he was a monster! It took our combined efforts to stop him. Then, along came Daimaomon and NeoDevimon. Supposedly, they were both Mega-level, but yet were unnaturally strong.

Glancing outside his door, Gennai watched as his fishes swam around in a school formation. He reminisced of the events from his past, including the glory days which he was involved in profound warfare against the greater evil.

"Gennai, if it's okay with you, Tentomon and I would like to stay here."

"Really? Whatever for?"

"Well, I'd like to see if you can perhaps upgrade my laptop and I'd like to show you the many Digimon we've managed to capture on profile."

"Oh, so the Digi-Analyzer worked just fine?"

Nodding his head, Izzy smiled and pulled out his pineapple laptop. "That's right. Its worked wonders for us. And thanks for helping WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon digivolve into Mega with that prophetic message."

"Heh, it's what I do best," Gennai smiled proudly. "At least I helped you kids get rid of Myotismon."

"That was a prodigious move on your part. We really didn't think the whole Arrows of Hope and Light would even work. How wrong were we?" Izzy reflected on the events leading up to the defeat of the vampire demon.

"I'd call that pure luck, Izzy," Tentomon stated.

"There comes a time when you must gamble everything into a game of chance, my friends. It happens to each of us in life. There are certain risks to take and you've taken them. It was the only chance you had to defeat VenomMyotismon," Gennai spoke up, sitting up. "And WarGreymon took a risk by staking his own life to stop NeoDevimon."

"No doubt about that. Anyway, weren't we going to check out my laptop? There are some interesting Digimon profiles you might want to have a look at."

"Sure, I'll be more than happy to see what profiles you've saved. And I'll see what cool new programs I'll add to your second upgrade. Perhaps..."

"Actually, this is something else I'd like you to examine," Izzy said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the scouter device NeoDevimon sued before.

Gennai gasped as he gazed down at the highly advanced piece of equipment. "Incredible... Is this the device the invader used?"

"Yeah, according to what I heard, it traces one's power setting and their positions in an approximate location. They call this thing a scouter device. It was attached on NeoDevimon's face and I'm sure that's how he was able to read the power readings from WarGreymon and the others. You wouldn't believe the technology on this thing. I took a look and tried deciphering the calculations but they were in a different language. Perhaps you might want to look at it?"

"Certainly, this is one highly advanced tool. Not only will I decipher the coding, but I can add this to your laptop. You'll have your own personalized scouter through the access of your own computer."

"You can do that?"

"Sure, but it might take me several days. So, you might want to stay here until then."

"Prodigious! Sounds like a swell idea! What do you think, Tentomon?"

"A few days rest wouldn't be so bad after the recent skirmishes we've been involved in. I have absolutely no objections to some much needed rest," the insect Digimon complied.

Izzy added. "By the way, Gennai, if you want, I can help you with that."

"Well, you can watch but maybe you should let me work on this myself. Trust me. Once I'm done, you're not going to want to stop using the scouter add-on. Now, shall we get started, Izzy?"

"You bet!" the computer whiz jumped up and followed the old man into another room. "Coming, Tentomon?"

"I'll be right there, Izzy," Tentomon said, collecting the glasses on a tray. "We seem to be doing well. But, I've got to wonder how Tai and Agumon are doing. I hope they're already starting on their training right about now."

(End theme)


Digital World

"Just as I expected, TK and Kari are out of my digivice's tracking range," Sora confirmed, glancing down at her device.

"Where to now, Sora?"

"Anywhere but here. I'm just glad that's over with. But, Tai and Agumon gone for two weeks...? Birdramon, what are we going to do now? I did suggest we could go see Piximon."

Birdramon sighed. "We don't have to fly there so soon. We still have plenty of time. Perhaps we can find a place to stay and sleep?"

"That's a good idea. It's been a long day and we didn't get much sleep the other night. I just have to wonder where Matt is. Tai asked me to find him and I will do the best I can to carry out his wishes," Sora said, gripping her digivice.

Birdramon nodded her head and took off into mid-air while Sora clung on. She set off toward the northern direction while recalling the location of the Continent of Server.

"We should get there at most two days. Maybe three if we stop to rest."

"That's fine, Birdramon. But, I would suggest we find a place to rest on our way."

"All right then."

Sora smiled and looked ahead toward the skies with the wind blowing against her face. Good luck everyone.


Megabyte Forest

Four days pass on.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Teki o Yattsukero!

Leaping out at the Tyrannomon, Gatomon cried out defiantly as her tail ring gleamed with golden light. She clenched her right fist and clobbered Tyrannomon across his cheek. The massive beast groaned and tipped over from the powerful blow of the tiny Champion. Patamon gawked in utter disbelief at how casually his friend had taken down a monster twenty times her size.

Gatomon swiftly landed and dusted her gloved paws off. "That takes care of him! Ha, am I good or what?"

"Wow, you are simply amazing, Gatomon!" Patamon jumped up excitedly. "You're strong for someone your size."

"Heh, don't forget I did take down Greymon and the rest of them at the gate Myotismon used to enter the real world," the feline reminded the Rookie. "I get all of that power because of the tail ring. Otherwise, I wouldn't have knocked Tyrannomon's lights out."

"Well, it's a good thing you do have that tail ring."

"So, want to grab a bite to eat? I smell fish and I'm in the mood to have some fish!"

Patamon groaned. "Fish again?"

"Hey, either take it or leave it, porker. It's up to you. Now, c'mon, I'm going to need some help."

"All right then," Patamon nodded, flying off and following the feline. "I just hope TK and Kari are coping better than we are."

"I'm pretty sure they are, Patamon. Don't worry about it. They're in good hands," Gatomon assured them. "At least, I hope so..."

(End theme)


Meanwhile, at a far off distance in the forest, a pair of shining bright auras flashed through the canopies of the lush rain forest. One light was pink and the other was golden yellow.

Standing together with their eyes closed and hands against their chests, TK and Kari tapped into their power of their crests. Shining auras covered their still forms. Pink light surrounded the girl and the boy's body was gleaming with golden yellow light. Only Kari has made any real progress. Unfortunately, for TK, he tapped too much too soon, causing him to collapse.

Nearly exhausting himself, he fell back. Kari gasped and sank to her knees. She breathed heavily and crawled beside TK's side.

"TK! Are you all right?" Kari asked, expressing concern for her friend's condition.

"We've been doing that... for hours and I still haven't tapped into my crest's power... All I'm getting is the light..." TK replied, breathing heavily.

She blinked and sighed. "I think you are tapping too much, too soon, TK. What you probably need to do is do it a little at a time. If you use too much, you'll collapse and exhaust yourself."

"Yeah... I guess you've got a point... I just wish I could make my crest glow already..."

"Don't worry, TK. We still have plenty of time. I mean, it's only been four days and I think we're making little progress. Don't be hard on yourself."

TK nodded and gripped his crest. "I'll do the best that I can, Kari. I won't let you or anyone else down. I will make Angemon digivolve..."

Kari smiled until she felt faint and light-headed. Her vision blurred as TK grew concerned. "Oh, suddenly... I feel so light-headed..."

"Kari! C'mon, quit kidding around here. Can you focus?"

Slightly nodding her head, she tried to focus her vision and waved her right hand in front of her. What's happening to me? Why do I feel so light-headed? I can't be sick again... I've got to keep going.

"Hold on, Kari! Just relax and lie down," TK instructed his friend, setting Kari down. "Just don't get up."

"I'm not sick, TK... I just need to lie down that's all..."

"Are you sure?"

The young Kamiya child nodded. "Yeah... I'm good. Thanks for staying here with me."

"Of course, what are friends for? Our health should always come first before everything else. Listen, just don't get up, ok?"

"You don't have to... repeat yourself. I heard you the first time..."

TK chuckled and sat by Kari's side. "Just get some rest for now. We have plenty of time. So, let's not push ourselves this early. I'll be sure to remind myself that. Deal?"

"Yeah... deal..." she whispered, closing her eyes.


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Blue Faith (Joe no Theme #2)) 

50 kilometers from where the two children were, there was a commotion emanating within the lush rainforest on the southwestern side.

Mimi, Joe, Palmon, and Gomamon were walking along a path leading down toward a lake. Before they could reach it, they felt a tremor from under their feet and tried to sustain their balance. Mimi screamed and sank to her knees. This forced Joe to rush over and help her on her feet.

"Yikes! What's with the tremor?" Joe panicked, befuddled what was the source of the sudden tremor.

Palmon lifted her roots out of the ground. "Earthquakes all of a sudden?"

"No way. I don't think this was an earthquake's doing," Gomamon said. "From what I hear, there shouldn't be any earthquakes from these parts?"

"Oh yeah? Well, why is there an earthquake taking place now?" The young doctor-in-training roared out. "Huh, smart guy?"

(End theme)

Then, rather abruptly, the tremors died down and everyone blinked at once. Joe and Mimi glanced over to where billowing smoke rose from where an object fell from nearly 10 kilometers from the distance.

Gomamon noticed the smoke emerging and frowned.

"What is that, Gomamon? That looks like smoke," Palmon pointed out, looking out at the distance. "Darn, I can only barely see a puff of smoke!"

"Oh yeah. I can see it," the marine Digimon said. "Joe, I'll bet you and Mimi can see it now."

Joe nodded. "Yeah, but what could that have been?"

"I'd say something fell from the sky and crash landed."

"No way! Don't tell me the invaders have already come too soon!" Mimi panicked, springing to her feet as she screamed.

"Calm down, Mimi! It couldn't be the invaders! Besides, that NeoDevimon guy said they wouldn't arrive here for two weeks."

Palmon scoffed. "Nah, we shouldn't have believed a bad guy like him. I thought we were better than that, guys!"

"No and I still think I'm right," Gomamon stated. "It's not the invaders. There would have been two more crash landings by now. I was only able to glance at the last second and find one object crash landing."

"Wait, how can you be so sure?" Joe asked, veering toward the far distance. "I wish I had your superior eyes, Gomamon."

Relieved, Mimi wiped the nervous sweat from her brows. "So, it can't be the invaders! So, we're just fine! For a minute there, I thought we were goners."

"You can breath easy, Mimi," Joe said. "What do you think, Gomamon?"

The marine mammal frowned. "We should check it out, but I could have sworn I heard someone yelling. There could have been some Digimon from where that object landed."

"Sure, let's go check this out, Mimi. Maybe then they can tell us what really landed."

Mimi agreed with a nod. "Yeah, I'm with you. Palmon?"

"Hey, I'm just as curious as you guys! Let's go!" the plant Rookie Digimon stated, scurrying off into the forest.

"Hey, wait for us, Palmon!" Mimi called out, running to catch up with her Digimon partner.

"Wait for us!" Joe and Gomamon called out.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Iya na Yokan)

With that, the trio raced into the forest to follow Palmon through. For what they will eventually find would not be a space pod from one of the three invaders. Nonetheless, here was something about the falling rock very unsettling.


As the group entered the forest, they came across assorted trees knocked over. Palmon stopped and gasped upon arriving at the site of the landscape torn away by a cataclysmic force. Trees were torn down and the ground ripped up with the terrain uplifted.

"Good grief! Look at this mess!" Palmon exclaimed, pointing to the devastation.

Mimi gasped with fright. "Um, maybe coming this way was a bad idea?"

"No, it seems safe," Joe reassured the group, walking through the ravaged land. "Hmmm, it looks like these trees were torn down recently. I'd say at the same time that object landed."

"That sounds about right. Whew, glad we weren't here," Gomamon observed the wreckage. "To think that object so far off would uproot this much land from a far distance."

"I doubt much could have survived this," Joe blinked, adjusting his glasses. "Hmmm, well, not much we can do here but pass by."

Gomamon walked by the debris and checked for any signs of any survivors. Then, something had immediately caught his attentive eyes. There was a green, clawed hand sticking right out of the wreckage. The sea mammal took a few moments to analyze the hand.

"Hey, guys! You might want to come over here and check this out!" Gomamon called out to his friends.

Palmon walked by Gomamon and saw the green hand. "A hand? Somebody is stuck under here!"

Joe rushed over to where the Digimon were gawking at. "What? Are you serious? But there's no way anyone could have survived this!"

"Well, we can't be sure whether he's dead or alive."

"Let me see, Palmon," Mimi said, kneeling beside her plant Digimon and noticing the green hand. "My gosh. The poor Digimon..."

Then, the hand started to move and low groans were heard from under the pile of debris. A pair of blue eyes opened. Before Mimi realized it, the hand reached over and snatched her hand. Mimi recoiled and screamed out. Gomamon and Palmon jumped back, taking on defensive stances. Their eyes were locked directly at the hand ensnaring Mimi.

"Mimi!" Joe cried out, running over to her.


"No... wait... Don't go..." a low, gruff voice groaned.

"Wait... That voice sounds so familiar," Mimi whispered, recognizing the familiar gruff tone.

(End theme)

Before Joe and the Digimon could save her, Mimi stopped them by putting her hand in front of them. She nodded her head and gripped Ogremon's hand. "It's Ogremon, you guys!"

Everyone gasped in shock upon the announcement. Palmon went over to pull Mimi away from Ogremon.

"He's an enemy, Mimi! Get away or he'll take you as a hostage!"

"No way, Palmon. He must have been caught by the explosion of that impact. Joe, help me out here."


"There's no 'buts', Joe! Come over here and help me pull Ogremon out of here!"

Choosing not to argue, the Digidestined of Reliability walked over to the girl and helped her by grabbing Ogremon's other free hand. They tugged and pulled to remove Ogremon out of the debris. The ogre Digimon offered the every ounce of strength to allow them to pull him out freely.

"I can't believe it is Ogremon!" Gomamon exclaimed. "But how did he arrive here?"

"Yeah, I thought he would have been confined to File Island?" Palmon wondered.

With one more successful pull, the children were able to free Ogremon from out of the debris. The ogre Digimon coughed out with his forehead stained with purple blood juicing out of a wound. Mimi knelt by Ogremon's side and discovered the wound on his forehead.

"Joe, I want you to get me some medicine and bandages from that first-aid bag of yours."

"Sure thing, Mimi," Joe nodded.

Ogremon groaned under his breath. "...What...What happened?"

"Ogremon? Can you hear me?"

"You... You're a Digidestined...? I.. I remember you..."

Mimi smiled and ran her hand through his white mane. "Well, at least you don't have amnesia. That's good. Listen, we're going to make your wound better."

"That's not all, Mimi. It seems that his right arm's been broken," Joe examined the ogre, his face contorted with disgust at the fractured limb. "Ouch, I hate to be in Ogremon's position right now. But, how can we be sure once we help him… he won't attack us?"

"Yeah. I mean this is Ogremon! He once worked for Devimon and helped to endorse his conquest to take over File Island!" Palmon reminded everyone. "Once we nurse him back to health, he'll just turn on us."

"Like any jerk Digimon would," Gomamon frowned. "And I'm not even going to joke about this guy."

"Everyone! Will you just calm down for a minute?" Mimi retorted against her friends' accusations. "Please, I know I'd be there to nurse you if you were hurt like Ogremon here. Right, Joe? Wouldn't you have done the same for me if I was hurt?"

The Child of Reliability gulped and slightly nodded. "Well... Of course I would but Ogremon's a shady character..."

"It doesn't matter. Look, he's hurt and I'm asking us to nurse him back to good health. I say we put our differences aside," Mimi ranted and glanced up at Ogremon with a compassionate smile. "Please, Ogremon. Sit down and hold still. We'll start by bandaging that forehead of yours."

"I... I... don't know what to say. You could have left me there. Better yet... you could have had your Digimon finish me off while I was down. What's the point to all of this?" Ogremon asked until Mimi put a finger against his mouth to silence him.

"Shush. You want us to help you with those wounds or not?"

Ogremon looked deep into Mimi's compassionate eyes and couldn't resist turning down an offer from the sincere child.

"That's a good Ogremon," Mimi smirked, taking a paper towel from Joe. "Joe, does this towel have the medicine on it?"

"Yeah, it should help to decontaminate any bacteria from infecting his wound and I'll get some bandages for that arm of his."

"All right, then. Now you hold still, Ogremon..."


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Sweet Innocence (Mimi no Theme #2)) 

"YE-OUCH!" the bellowing roars of the ogre echoed following his treatment. "THAT HURTS!"

"Oh, be quiet you crybaby," Mimi scolded the whimpering ogre Digimon. "There. How does that feel?"

"Well, it's better than being stuck under those trees..."

"You're right arm has been bandaged up and that stick underneath should provide as a crutch. It'll take some time to heal. The medicine should also heal the wound on your forehead. I would suggest you don't take part in any fighting for a couple of weeks. Maybe even a month..."

"No way! Can't do that until I've found Leomon!" Ogremon declared, standing up and once again feeling pain in his right arm. "OW!"

Mimi said, pulling the ogre Digimon down. "Don't stand up, Ogremon. Look, whatever grudge you hold against Leomon, you need to drop it and get better."

Palmon warned the ogre Digimon. "Besides, Leomon is a friend of ours and we're not going to let you fight him that easily."

"Whoa, who said anything about fighting, guys? We just nursed Ogremon to health. Now, what we can hope is for him to recover. Joe, don't you think it's time we go over to the site of that object landing?"

He nodded. "Sure thing, Mimi. We need to get to the bottom of that."

(End theme)

"Now, Ogremon, you stay here and get better. We've done everything we can for you," the Child of Sincerity slightly bowed her head. "You rest and don't get involved in any fighting. Don't even bother Leomon now. He's busy.."

"Busy doing what?"

Gomamon cleared his throat. "Well, let's just say he's training for his inevitable showdown with you." The sea mammal smirked. "Get it?"

"Oh, that blasted Leomon thinks he can train ahead of me! He's got another thing coming! Wait until..."

"Actually, Gomamon's only being his witty self. Truthfully, he's training two Digimon friends of ours and preparing them for the coming of the invaders," Joe explained.

"Invaders? What?"

"I suppose Leomon didn't come and tell you," the doctor-in-training promptly stated. "You see we were involved in a scuffle a few days ago and had a run-in with some creep from out of this world."

Mimi asserted. "Well, it'd be hard to explain. I think we should get going right now. Ogremon, it was nice to see you."

"Wait! But... Why do this for me? Why are you Digidestined all of a sudden so nice to me?"

Mimi smiled and winked to the ogre. "Because that's what friends do. They help each other."

With that, Mimi called for everyone and started walking down the path to the source of the impact. Ogremon felt the cold exterior of his heart warm up to Mimi's kindness and for Joe treating his injuries.

To everyone's surprise, he called out to the children and the Digimon. "Wait! Hold on!"

As the group whirled around, Ogremon came racing toward them and waving his club. "Did you really mean what you said?"

"About you being a friend? Of course," Mimi nodded.

Ogremon felt cried his tears welt up whilst putting on his 'tough ogre' act and wiping them away. He failed to cover up his teary eyes. "I... I... never had any friends."

"Well, you do now."

With that, she reached over and took Ogremon by his left hand. Joe, Gomamon, and Palmon glanced at each other as smiles smeared on their faces.

"If you will, you can lead us to where that impact landed? Since you did claim to have seen an object hurtling from the skies, right?"

"Yeah, I'll show you the way," Ogremon nodded, stepping ahead of the group and wiping his tears away.

"Mimi, you truly are one of a kind," Palmon whispered to Mimi. "You seem to be able to see the good in people. You've really earned the right to hold the Crest of Sincerity."

Looking down at her crest, Mimi concurred. "Yeah, I guess I am that special." A smile crept across her lips. Mimi Tachikawa, you've done it again. You can make friends with anyone even with former enemies.


Back at the object's impact site, a shadowy figure slowly emerged from out of the smoldering smoke. Two arms emerged followed by a head. Then, a familiar voice, similar to the style of the late-Elvis Presley, boasted from out of his long slumber.

"Ho, ho, ho! Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! You better look out because THE KING is back for the greatest comeback tour of the year!"

The former Ultimate-level Digimon and former ruler of the Dark Network army emerged from out of the smoke. However, he came out looking shinier and stronger than before. His body was now entirely metallic silver with a gleaming 'shininess' to his form. His body was rippled with tightening muscles. While flashing a big grin, his golden teeth shone and a golden necklace/medallion hung down his neck. A prehensile, long tail twirled around behind his posterior. A pair of black leather bands wrapped around his left arm. Emblazoned on his both sides of his muscular pectorals were red, Kanji lettering. A pair of black shades adorned his face while covering his eyes.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Achiki, Etemon!)

"I'm back baby! Uh, uh, huh, huh! Yeah!"

Observing his surroundings, he noticed that no one was even around to witness his comeback tour.

He solemnly sunk his head and sweat-dropped.

"Where is a king supposed to get a viewing audience? Now that I'm back, I can find those Digidestined brats and then Datamon is next! Time to start this comeback tour with a bang!" the new 'Metal' Etemon declared, racing into the forest.

(End theme)


Enclosed Dimension

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Aku no theme

Deep in a disclosed location, an underground hiding facility was situated. This site was the hidden headquarters of the two Dark Masters currently occupying the Digital World.

A pair of ominous shadows, one small one and one massive, serpentine shaped presence, watched a viewing screen with attentive eyes.

The big one bellowed in a deep and calm tone. "Hm. We've been monitoring those Digidestined brats for the past few days. Suddenly, their leader disappears with some stranger. Apparently, they aren't coming back anytime soon. That leaves the rest to be easy pickings."

Then, the smaller Dark Master giggled in the manner of an innocent child. "Ha, ha, ha! Not only that, but NeoDevimon bit the dust. He was one of our lordship's lowest elite warriors. Oh well. He was too cocky for his own good. That just leaves room for us to take the remaining Digidestined apart!"

"Don't forget. We have a Digidestined on our side. He, his Digimon partner, and Babimon are on their way here in almost two weeks time. 10 days to be precise."

The smaller one whined and threw a little tantrum. "Aww, but I can't wait for 10 days! I can't even wait one minute! I'm getting bored sitting on my bum! I HATE waiting!"

"Will you shut up and quit whining for at least a minute? Is that so much to ask?"

"No, because I want to get rid of those meddling kids right now! Right now!"

"Why don't you just shut it?" the bigger one roared.


"Shut up!"

"Make me!"

"Don't make me feed you to my ocean servants."

The smaller individual shrugged. "So, what? I'm wood. I taste horrible."

"Good point, but then again my servants could use you as a new chew toy."

"Hey, watch it the name calling, metal head!"

"Well, unless you've forgotten, we're only holding possession of the Digital World temporarily until our lordship returns to claim full sovereignty over it. Consider this rental space for us in the meantime. Seriously though, I can't wait until the other two Dark Masters come, Puppetmon."

"Heh, you said it, metal head. Then, we'll be reunited and we'll run this place with our lordship!"

"Yeah, yeah, but for now... it's our job to keep a close monitor on this world and get rid of these Digidestined brats. Now, let us commence with OPERATION: EDD."

"Operation: EDD?" Puppetmon blinked and scratched his head.

MetalSeadramon groaned in annoyance. "Operation: Eliminate Digidestined."

"Pfft, is that the best you can come up with? That sounds way too generic!"

"Like you can do any better?"

"Yeah, but give me a little time. I need to check on my sector. Keep me updated, you pile of scrap metal."

"Sure thing, you rotten pile of termite wood."

(End theme)


Next episode: The Puppet and the King! Scour Through Megabyte Forest!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 6: The Puppet and the King! Scour Through Megabyte Forest!


Digital World/Megabyte Forest/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Upon arriving at the object's landing site, Joe and Mimi gazed with bewildered looks. Even Palmon and Gomamon were flabbergasted at the size of the object. One word came to their mind as they observed the fallen object.


"It does look like a meatball," Ogremon scratched his head. "Gee, I never thought of that."

"Remind me to tell you about the meatball that fell from the sky," Gomamon sarcastically remarked. "Then, again, we're in the Digiworld. Anything is bound to turn up sooner or later."

"Don't remind me of the soda machines," Mimi shuddered, remembering the Numemon. "This thing is already starting to reek..." She gagged, covering her nose.

Covering his nose, Joe barely could manage to squeak. "No telling what could have come out of this thing. Heck, why do I even want to know?"

"No joke," Palmon stepped on the object. "Yuck! I'll never eat spaghetti and meatballs the same again, Mimi."

"Me either," the sincere child replied, stepping back from the meatball. "Ogremon, are you sure you don't know what came out of this thing?"

"I have no digi-worldly idea. Mind if we get away from this thing?" the ogre's face turned purple. "I... I think I'm going to hurl..."

"Yeah, I've just about had it with standing around here. Let's get going," Gomamon said, moving back into the forest.

As the group scoured the forest, they each let out a deep sigh of relief from no longer having to smell the putrid odor of the giant meatball. Mimi leaned back against a tree and stretched her legs out.

"Good, I really need to rest since my feet already start to hurt," sighed Mimi. "After all that walking, Joe, we deserve a break..."

Joe set his medical bag down. "I agree. I just didn't think we make it out this far into the forest."

"It's a good thing we ran into you, Ogremon," Palmon looked up at Devimon's former henchman. "I really thought you were going to eat us for sure."

"Hey, I may look like an ferocious monster, but I don't eat humans! Besides, now that Devimon is gone, I have no one else to serve. My only goal these days is finding and defeating Leomon."

Mimi spoke up, addressing out to the ogre Digimon. "If you don't mind me asking, but why the obsession over defeating Leomon?"

"I think we're about to get an obvious answer here," Gomamon muttered, sitting next to Joe.

"Is it because you hate him?" Mimi asked.

"No, no, it's nothing like that. There is no hatred involved in this. Our rivalry stemmed from a long way back. Way back when we both were considered rookies. Leomon was truly dedicated to his cause and vowed to become one of the Digiworld's mightiest warriors. However, I wouldn't allow it. I wanted to go beyond what Leomon could ever hope to achieve. That was my one desire, but luck never seems to favor me. I'm always on the losing end."

"So, this is simply to see who is better?" Joe addressed. "Yet, you don't seem to be bothered with the idea of actually eliminating our friend."

"I only aim to eliminate him just simply to position as the better warrior. It's our code of honor. One has to kill the other or the rivalry will continue forever."

Mimi gasped and pointed out to what the ogre Digimon said. "Forever, you mean... There's no end to the rivalry?"

"End? Unless one of us dies, then there is no end. Either I end Leomon's life or he ends mine. It's just as simple as that. We even made it clear to each other. Now, granted, this was long after you kids left File Island, but, we've been rivals long before you even arrived in the Digiworld."

"I see now. Now, that's one eternal rivalry. I don't think even I could hold a grudge for that long," Joe said.

Gomamon snickered. "You couldn't even hold a grudge for five minutes, let alone a long time. This is their way of the warrior. Their oath and code."

"Like chivalry," Palmon stated.

Mimi smiled. "Almost like King Arthur's Court!"

"Well, not exactly," Joe sighed, sinking his head. "Anyway, Ogremon, once you heal..."

"Yeah, I can get back to finding the Continent of Server. If Leomon thinks he can one-up me, he can forget about it! So long as we both live, we are eternal rivals!"

"But you said eternal. You mean that there is no end. So, have you ever thought about what would happen if you won?" Mimi addressed an important question.

"Well, um..." Ogremon thought this hard and through. "Well, I don't know. Maybe I'll take a vacation or something. A nice cruise, the biggest feast a Digimon could afford, or even find the most beautiful digi-lady an ogre could find."

"So, in other words, you're going to become a playa..." Gomamon pointed out. He noticed Joe, Palmon and Mimi glancing toward him with surprised looks. "What?"

"Anyway, as I was saying, is that it? You really never thought about what would happen if Leomon was defeated?"

Ogremon nodded. "No and I won't know until I've defeated Leomon! Even if our rivalry lasted for eternity, then I'll gladly accept and get stronger than I possibly could!"

"But, you and him can be friends instead. You don't necessarily have to fight endlessly," Mimi said.

Joe pointed out. "Besides, Leomon has gotten much stronger than the last we saw him. He and WarGreymon fought a powerful enemy named NeoDevimon recently."

"Leave me alone! You kids wouldn't understand!" the stubborn ogre snarled, waving his club overhead with his non-injured arm. "You haven't grown up realizing that your only destiny in life was to fight and kill your rival. If you're the one that ends up getting killed, then your life is over. I'm a soldier in life and that's the way I have chosen to become. There's no way around it."

Mimi noticed a bit of tears swelling up in the ogre's eyes. "Here, let me dry those tears for you. You don't have to cry..."

"Yeah, it'll ruin your otherwise scary image," Gomamon stated. "Think about how Devimon would feel if he saw you like this."

"No way... I couldn't..." Ogremon wiped his eyes using his uninjured arm. "It's all right. I'll just use my sleeve to wipe these tears. I look so pathetic."

"There, there, its ok, Ogremon," Palmon reassured the crying ogre.

Joe glanced at Ogremon and sighed. I never thought I'd see this. Ogremon crying? The Digital World really is falling apart. What next?


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Achiki, Etemon!)

Elsewhere in the jungles, a figure was seen swinging across the trees using a vine. He howled an ululating cry reminiscent of the legendary Tarzan.

"A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH!"

Landing on the top of a branch, the figure was revealed as the new 'Metal' Etemon. The shades wearing 'king of swing' grinned, glancing toward a far distance where the two Digidestined and their friends were situated. At last, he had found two of the kids he had encountered back at the Continent of Server.

"Hehehe, I've found who I've been looking for! Two of those Digi-brats! Ha, ha, exactly where I wanted them. Time to show them my greatest comeback tour of the year! Uh-huh-huh!"

(End theme)


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kuroi Kage

Unbeknownst to the group, and even 'Metal'Etemon, a trap door suddenly opened from a different sector within the Megabyte Forest. Several bird Digimon flew away at the sight of the crafty figure to emerge from out of the underground.

It was none other than one of the two Dark Masters currently stationed in the Digital World. He appeared to be a wooden Pinocchio only evil and completely demented. His eyes gleamed with a subtle, crimson glow and his nose was pointed, metallic and shaped like a single TV antennae. A red cap adorned his head with the top flopping to the side. He was wearing light blue pants, matching color overalls with yellow cork-like objects attached the overalls to the pants. Large, white gloves covered his hands. Attached to his back was a cross-shaped weapon built as a boomerang and used to cut down his foes. Gripped in his right hand was a large mallet with yellow bullet objects inside.

Observing his surroundings carefully, the Dark Master activated the scouter device attached on his left arm. He quickly picked up two sources coming from two Digivices. He sneered and pointed to his left direction.

"So, two of those Digi-brats are here. Now, it's time for us to play a little game!"

(End theme)


"Well, guys. I think we should get going," Joe suggested.

Mimi slightly whined as she put her shoes back on. "Aww, I was just going to kick back. I thought we were going to rest here?"

"I thought we might find a safer location. I mean there's no telling what could be hiding in the forests."

"Good point. Like the Woodmon. Those guys really got on my nerves!" Ogremon said.

Palmon replied. "You lead the way Ogremon because we really have no idea where we're going."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

Then, Ogremon and the Digimon heard a disturbance from behind them. They immediately saw a powerful blast hurtling toward them rapidly, which ripped through trees that stood in their way.


With that, Ogremon pushed Joe down as Gomamon and Palmon knocked Mimi down. The kids hollered out as the blast barely missed them by several inches and passed across into the forest while leaving a wake of destruction. Gomamon, Palmon, and Ogremon pivoted around to find the culprit behind the attack.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Arata na Teki!)

It was none other than Puppetmon. The menacing, child-like puppet stood on top of a tree with a mallet in his hand. An evil smirk crossed his demented face.

"Who...and what the heck is that?" Joe exclaimed, pointing to Puppetmon.

"I don't know, but he sure isn't no good little boy considering he looks exactly like Pinocchio!" Mimi cried out, her soft expression now frowning. "You tried to kill us, you creep!"

"Eh-heh, that was the whole point, you stupid kids!" Puppetmon laughed, holding his mallet. "What else do you think I was going to do? Sing you a song?"

"Well, you're not going to get away with that!" Palmon called out.

"We'll show you!" Gomamon stated.

Ogremon glanced up at Puppetmon and gasped out. "Ah! I've seen his face before! No, you two would be wise not to fight him unless you two are able to digivolve into Mega-level."

Befuddled, Joe asked the ogre Digimon. "Why? What's the big deal?"

"Are you kidding? You mean you don't know? That guy is one of the self-proclaimed Dark Masters!" Ogremon said, pointing up to Puppetmon. "His name is Puppetmon and he's a Mega-level Digimon!"

Upon hearing this, the group exclaimed as they realized the little menace was a mega. "WHAT? HE'S A MEGA?"

"Now, answer me another question... What's a Dark Master?" Joe asked, his eyes leered toward Puppetmon. This little guy is a mega? Hard to believe!

"Remember, Joe. Don't let size fool you," Gomamon reminded his partner. "I think you know that from the battles we've been through."

"Um, did you just read my mind, Gomamon?"


"Never mind..."

"Puppetmon, I say we can take him regardless! Gomamon, let's do it!" Palmon declared as she stepped forth to engage the Dark Master.

Mimi pulled Palmon back. "Hold on! You heard what Ogremon said! This little guy is a Mega-level Digimon… as stupid as it sounds! You and Gomamon can't take him just as ultimates... Right?"

Puppetmon jumped off the tree branch and yawned with boredom. "So, this is what I have to deal with? How boring. I thought I was going to have a little fun. Ah, well, I guess I'll just have to take what I can get."

"Humph, arrogant little creep," Ogremon snorted, raising his club. "You guys stand back. I'll take him."

"Hey! Not with your injuries!" Joe called out, restraining Ogremon back.

"Yeah, you're the one who warned us not to fight him!" Mimi said.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I can't fight him! Let me at that wooden little..."

Puppetmon pointed his massive hammer at the children and their Digimon friends. "BORING! I'm just going to blow you away." As he said that, yellow projectile bullets shot out of his hammer and pelted the ground where the group stood. They all jumped away to avoid the blasts.

"Ooo, now we're getting somewhere!" the puppet Digimon chuckled. "Ha, ha, ha!"



(End theme)

(Cue Digimon Adventure - Brave Heart (TV Size)) 

Upon hearing their Digimon calling out to them, their Crests of Reliability and Sincerity glowed.

Ogremon observed this carefully and thought. So, now, I'll finally get to see their evolved forms.

"Palmon Shinka! Togemon! Togemon Chou Shinka! Lillymon!"

"Gomamon Shinka! Ikkakumon! Ikkakumon Chou Shina! Zudomon!"

The two Ultimate-level Digimon faced off with Puppetmon and charged out to attack. Mimi and Joe held their glowing crests while standing back from the heated engagement.

"Well, you two can digivolve into Ultimate-level? Great but I doubt that'll be enough!" Puppetmon waved his finger.

"Yeah, well, try this on for size! Vulcan's Hammer!" Zudomon howled, slamming his majestic hammer and sending an arrow-like projectile at the mega.

Cupping her hands together and forming a lily in her hand, Lillymon charged up a cannon underneath and fired a shot at the Dark Master. "Flower Cannon!"

"Go, Zudomon!"

"Let him have it, Lillymon!"

Ogremon watched and then gasped as Puppetmon easily slammed his hammer down with one hand.

"Take this! Puppet Pummel!"

As the mega unleashed his attack, both Lillymon and Zudomon's offense were cut short. They were immediately struck down by Puppetmon and engulfed by the immediate backlash of the Puppet Pummel. Both ultimates collapsed and lost immediate power while DE-evolving to their rookie forms. Mimi rushed over to pick up Palmon as Joe dashed over by Gomamon.

"Damn, they knew they were going in unprepared..." Ogremon muttered.

Puppetmon had an annoyed look on his face. "Don't tell me it's all over? That's it? That's all you Digidestined have to show for? Man, what a freakin' disappointment! I thought I was going to have fun but NO! I got stuck with a bunch of weaklings! So, how about I finish you off and get it over with?"

(End theme)

Joe and Mimi prepared for the worst as they closed their eyes. Puppetmon raised his hammer overhead to deliver the final blow.


Came the boisterous cry heard around Megabyte Forest.

"A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH!"

The group looked around the forest for any signs of where the call may have come from. Even Puppetmon was befuddled while glancing around the canopies.

"What the heck? Did I just hear Tarzan just now?" Joe wondered, his ears picking up on the call.

Gomamon was confused as anyone. "Well, whatever it is, it's getting annoying!"

"I second that!" Mimi said, clenching her teeth.

"A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH! A-UH!"

"Ugh! All right! We get the POINT already! Knock it off!" Puppetmon cried out, getting annoyed.

Then, the howls got even louder. Everyone looked up to find a silver, metallic monkey swinging across the vines and landing on top of a branch. Much to Joe, Mimi, Palmon and Gomamon's dismay, they were looking up at a familiar face and presence yet he had different physical features.

It was 'Metal'Etemon. He turned around, raised his arms and howled out. "Yo! Get DIGI with it! MetalEtemon is in DA house!"

"METALETEMON?" the group exclaimed at once.

Then, after that, there was immediate, awkward silence.

Crickets chirped and everyone froze in their places.

However, 'Metal'Etemon broke up the silence and clapped his hands. "Well, c'mon now, a superstar like me deserves a standing ovation and an applause!" The new Etemon apparently enjoyed hearing himself talk, stopped clapping his hands and faced the two Digidestined. "After all, it's been a while since we've last seen each other!"

"Oh no! Etemon? But, how?" Joe exclaimed.

Ogremon was confused and looked dumbfounded. "What? You mean you kids know this nut job?"

"Heh, I used to be Etemon, kid," the king of swing smirked and flexed his arms to reveal his biceps. "But, now, I'm MetalEtemon! Oh, thank ya! Thank ya very much!"

"Man and just when I thought he was a goner," Gomamon frowned. "I wonder just how tough he's now going to be?"

Palmon groaned. "Ugh, just what we DIDN'T need: new and unapproved!"

MetalEtemon snickered and spoke out for his 'viewing audience'. "Well, let me tell you about my story my own way. Kill the lights! Spotlight on!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Love Serenade (Etemon no theme)) 

Despite his delusional frame of mind, he really pictured himself on stage with a spotlight cast over him and three Etemon band mates. One playing a guitar, another playing drums, and another with a bass. MetalEtemon held a microphone in hand and started to explain his story through his own words.

"Here is the long, tear-jerking story of the new and improved MetalEtemon! Listen up, baby! After fighting that with overgrown dinosaur with that metal body, I was swallowed by some big black hole and sucked away into a void that seemed like eternity! I found myself and spent time down in a dark, cold abyss that seemingly looked like hell! My digital body was jacked, fried, melted and put through a cold blender, baby! It sure wasn't the rightful place for the king of swing like me! But I stood strong despite the pain and agony because I was reminded of what you kids did to me! I swore that I WOULD come back to take my revenge upon you, Digidestined! I came back as MetalEtemon and eventually found my way back to the Digital World on my comeback tour! But next time, I better make sure not to come back hitching a ride on a meatball!"

MetalEtemon spun around with his mike in hand and continued to sing much to everyone's dismay. "And I've come back to take my revenge on... HOWL! YEAH! I've come back to take my revenge upon the Digidestined! YEAH!"

Everyone covered their ears, including Ogremon. Puppetmon was already getting fed up with MetalEtemon's obnoxious interference.

(End theme)

"Enough of that garbage already!" Puppetmon exclaimed.

"My music ain't crap! Besides, I have many more lyrics where that came from after spending my time across limbo!" the metallic monkey replied. "So, what are ya going to do bout you overgrown foot-stool?"

"Hey! Who are you calling over-sized?" the puppet Digimon took offense from the insult.

MetalEtemon summoned a banana peel and hurled it to the ground. "Yo, watch your step! Banana Slip!"

(Cue Propellerheads - Spybreak

Slipping over the obvious and oldest trick in the book, Puppetmon fell back and groaned.

"Aw, did it hurt, sonny boy?"

Puppetmon lifted himself up and raised his hammer. "Don't call me sonny boyPuppet Pummel!"


The Dark Master slammed his hammer against MetalEtemon's knees and forced the metallic monkey to hop around while clutching his throbbing knee.

"OW! I'll use ya as a toothpick!" MetalEtemon howled.

Seizing the opportunity, Puppetmon charged across with his nose drilling. "Drill Nose!" With that, he drilled his nose right up MetalEtemon's rectum.

However, in retaliation, MetalEtemon pulled off his one desperation attack. He let out stinky fart right in Puppetmon's face. "Gas Attack!"

"ACK! DAMN, WHAT DID YOU HAVE TO EAT?" Puppetmon yelled out, coughing.

Mimi, Joe, Gomamon, Palmon and Ogremon all covered their noses. Apparently, they wanted to no whiff of the putrid smell and who could blame them? MetalEtemon had just performed one of the abnormal and grossest techniques a Digimon could possibly resort to.

Puppetmon launched out numerous bullet-like projectiles out of his hammer. But, MetalEtemon easily blocked out the array of shots by putting out his hand as they ricocheted off his metallic body. He clenched his left hand and walloped Puppetmon in the face.

"Metal Punch!"


Puppetmon reeled back from the monkey's strong left hand and stumbled back. He quickly regained his senses and shook the cobwebs out. "UGH! You're fighting dirty!"

"I'm not dirty! I just got this body detailed at the car wash yesterday!" MetalEtemon remarked, grinning at his own joke.

Lame come back. Puppetmon thought as he slammed his hammer in front of the metallic monkey. "Take this! Puppet Pummel!"

As the two Megas commenced in their squabble, the others fled from the scene. This gave them a chance to escape and regroup from the enemy attack.

"Run! This will give us enough time to recover and come up with a way to stop these two!" Joe stated, leading everyone down the forest. I just hope that neither one of those two come and find us!

Puppetmon struck his tongue out while standing in front of a tree. "Nya, nya!"


Metal Puppetmon punched against... the tree. Puppetmon had ducked under the blow at the last second. The tree started to move as a crack line formed around the center and it immediately collapsed on top of the king of swing. Puppetmon laughed out triumphantly as he finally found the perfect playmate.

"Oh yeah. He'll do just fine. Now, where to begin? Ah, yeah!" Puppetmon deviously smiled, preparing to dish out some punishment on his new rival. "This is what you get for calling me sonny!"

(End theme)


"Mmmhmmm, just a few more minutes..." the feline muttered.

Then, the footsteps became louder. This prompted Gatomon to immediately wake up. Springing up to her feet, the feline looked ahead to find a pair of red, massive legs standing in front of the resting spot they were occupying.

"Oh boy... Here we go again..." Gatomon gulped, tapping Patamon on his head. "Hey, porky, we've got company..." Another tap. "Hey, Digiworld to porky!"

Upon hearing his 'pet name' called out, Patamon groaned. "I told you not to call me that...!"

Just as he was about to go into an outburst, Gatomon quickly covered her friend's mouth and silenced him. "Quiet, you fool! We've got company!"

"Who is it...?"


Glancing over Gatomon's shoulder, the rookie Digimon gasped as he spotted the familiar, red massive legs. "Oh...! I recognize those legs anywhere! The Tyrannomon are back..."

"That's right and they want another piece of us. Well, actually they're more after me than you. Heh, that's fine with me. I guess they haven't learned their lesson after the beating I gave them," Gatomon chuckled, adjusting her gloves. "This is going to be fun."

"Need some help, Gatomon?"

"Nah, just leave these two with me. You sit back and watch me go to work."

(Cue Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged OST - Let the Battles Begin

Showing no fear, Gatomon graciously stepped out of the hiding spot and confronted the Tyrannomon pair. Patamon knew that the feline was no push over and has taken down champion-level Digimon on her own. These Tyrannomon were the same ones who have been relentlessly hunting them lately.

"Well, here we go again..." Patamon sighed, watching Gatomon. "Just another Tuesday for her..."

With that, loud clobbering was heard as bodies were laid out and cries were heard.




"Lightning Claw"

Patamon lied back down and yawned while his friend went to town on the Tyrannomon. Several bodies fell to the ground as bumps formed around each of their heads. The dinos' eyes were all white whilst tongues hung out of their mouths.

Dusting her paws off, Gatomon walked away whistling to herself. "Just another day's work for me. Next time you boys want to eat us, you'll be dealing with moi. Got it?"

No response came from the otherwise knocked-out Tyrannomon pair.

(End theme)

Gatomon stepped back inside their hiding spot and leaned back against a wall behind her.

"Wow, again you're showing them you're not a cat to be messed with!"

"Eh, it's all the same. Tyrannomon attack and I beat them up. If it weren't for the tail ring, I wouldn't have stood a chance. I would have been on the level of a rookie like you. Good thing I'm not."

Patamon scoffed. "I wish I could have some mystical item granting me a boost of power. I sure could use it."

"Well, in your current state, you're showing me that you can beat up rookie Digimon. Don't sell yourself short."

The bat-pig Digimon nodded in response. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Of course I am," the feline shrugged. "Anyway, I wonder how Kari and TK are doing."

"I know. Their crests should at least be getting stronger, right?"

Gatomon replied with only one answer. "We'll see. That's all I can say for now."


TK and Kari stood together with their Crests in hand. Thus far, their progression hadn't gone as Leomon wanted. Only Kari's crest has reacted and illuminated brilliantly.

TK has shown distress with the results of his Crest. No matter how hard he tried, nothing came about for him.

"No... No... NO!" TK cried out, holding his Crest in frustration. "Why isn't anything working?"

Kari glanced over at the young Takashi child. "TK, don't be so hard on yourself. We still have plenty of time..."

"But I want to get my Crest to glow right away! I... I just want to get prepared," he angrily growled. "That's all, but I can't do anything if my Crest doesn't want to react!"

"Don't stress yourself over it or it will never glow, TK."

"Your crest got to glow more quickly than mine did. I don't understand. What am I missing?"

Leomon observed the distressed child and eyes his crest. Only faint ones but nothing that could be strong enough to trigger a Digimon Digivolution. No progression with his crest. I understand we still have 10 days left, but I feel they will need more of a challenge to go by. Their Digimon partners have certainly shown to survive on their own. Perhaps, it is time to move on to the next phase of the survival test.

The Digidestined of Hope sat on the ground and sighed to himself with the Crest of Hope in his grip. Opening his palm, TK studied the crest and once again was disappointed with the lack of a subtle of glow.

"Nothing... Nothing is working..."

Kari knelt by Matt's brother and patted him on the back. "Don't give up. I'm not about to quit and neither should you. We'll beat these invaders with our newly powered crests. Angemon will become an ultimate. You shouldn't give up hope."

No response from the boy. Kari had hoped her words would encourage him to consider remaining strong and not ultimately giving up.

"Listen up, you two," Leomon called out to the pair.

The two children responded accordingly. "Yes, Mr. Leomon?"

"I understand the boy has problems with his crest?"

As the warrior faced TK, the boy sunk his head and felt ashamed to even give him a straight look. Kari felt sorry for TK and raised her hand.

"Yes, Kari?"

"Please, don't be hard on TK. He's really tried his best to get his Crest to glow. I've been a witness to everything and believe me when I say that he has put his heart into it."

"If that's the case, then why hasn't his crest reacted fully?"

No reply came.

"Then, it would be time to move on with the next phase. You see. Your Digimon partners have progressed far better than I had hoped in their survival training. The Gatomon has shown to have experience surviving on her own in the wilderness and has carried Patamon through. Though, the little Digimon has started to catch on. He will no doubt be a stronger Digimon."

TK felt at least somewhat proud and smiled. "Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for."

"So, here is what I suggest for you and your partner Digimon," Leomon clarified. "I will be taking you four further into Megabyte Forest in yet another survival test. For those two that is, but I want to see what happens whether you child are forced in a dangerous situation where your Digimon must digivolve. Perhaps this way, Patamon can digivolve into his Ultimate-form."

"Wait... you want us to stick with our Digimon in another survival test?" TK asked.

"That's what I said, but this will be not only important for your Digimon. It will be crucial for yourselves and your crests. In order to make yourselves stronger to wield the crests of Light and Hope."

Kari whispered to TK. "You and me in a survival test...?"

"I can't believe it either, but Leomon will be watching us. Um, will he?"

"No, you will have to depend on your Digimon to protect you. Only this time they may digivolve if need be."

"Oh, now that's good!" Kari sighed a relief. At least we'll be protected.

"If this enables you to invoke your crests' full potential, then I'll know it was the perfect idea. Believe me, children. Once this is all over, you will be ready for when the times comes to battle the invaders. Until then, it's time to buckle down."

"Yes, Mr. Leomon!"

The brave warrior deeply sighed. Though, there may be some distractions that may stand in their way. I'm sensing the presence of an evil power at work. While I won't directly get involved with the children, I will stick around close by enough to scope out this hidden enemy. So, the first of the Dark Masters resides in the Great Megabyte Forest? The children may be in more danger than thought. Then, he thought this further and nodded. This may be their chance to prove themselves worthy if they can manage to defeat one Dark Master. If they can, then Patamon and Gatomon will be ready.

"So, when do we go, Mr. Leomon?" Kari inquisitively asked.

"Yeah, we're ready whenever you are..."

Leomon stated. "Yes. We will be leaving for the forest tomorrow. So, in the meantime, you children can rest for the day. I'll be off to tell your Digimon partners in a few moments."

TK and Kari looked toward each other with smiles on their faces. Feeling this was his chance to make his crest and Digimon strong, TK was willing to go with any method of making his crest glow.

However, unbeknownst to them, the danger of Puppetmon was still a grave concern in the Great Megabyte Forest. This will be a major test to establish whether they will be ready for the invaders.


MetalEtemon found himself awake, but not freely moving. He noticed strings attached to his arms and then...

(Cue Benny Hill Music)


He slapped himself!


"Hey... Ow! Ow!"

"Ha! Ha! Quit hitting yourself!" the laughter of Puppetmon was overheard.

"Hey, quit it! Ow!"

The Dark Master sat on top of a tree branch enjoying himself like any child would and controlled MetalEtemon's every movement with his strings. He flipped MetalEtemon over and started to move his hands. He controlled the metal monkey to tickle himself.

"Hey! HAHAHA! Hey! Cut it out! Stop it! I'm ticklish!" laughed MetalEtemon.

Puppetmon snickered. "Heh, that'll teach ya!" Then, he noticed the absence of the Digidestined and their friends. "Oh no! They're gone!"

"It's your own dumb fault, you idiot!" MetalEtemon exclaimed, ripping the strings off his body.

"Stupid tin can!"

"You big, dumb knothole!"

(End theme)

As Puppetmon jumped down, MetalEtemon tried to take him down. The Dark Master swiftly landed on MetalEtemon's back and kicked him in the back of the head. The metallic monkey fell face-first on the ground and shook his head.

"Um, hey! Where are ya going?"

"Home. You're lame at name calling and your jokes are lame. I'm outta here!"

MetalEtemon scoffed and stepped back. "Well, I'm metal and you're wood. So, whatever sticks to me will break you in half!" With that, he raced off to the other side of the forest in pursuit of Joe, Mimi, Gomamon, Palmon and Ogremon. "Meh, who cares about sonny boy! I have to find those brats and exact my revenge to complete my greatest comeback tour of the year!"


Puppetmon's Mansion

Standing at the center of the lush, tropical forest was a two-story, white mansion. Sections of the home were painted blue. Four windows were displayed on the front part of the mansion with a wooden, front door. The top level was smaller in comparison with two windows on the opposite sides. The rooftop was wooden and padded down with the very top forming arches on the sides.

Standing outside the mansion were two guards.

One was a flightless bird covered with a lighter blue body with the top head being a darker shade of blue. His feather tips were purple. The beak was orange and elongated. His eye pupils were also orange with black irises at the center of the said pupils. Tied around the neckline was a red bow tie. A golden crown adorned his head. He wore red-white shoes on his otherwise short, stubby legs. Expanding across his back was a green bush covered with pink, flowers. This bird Digimon was called Deramon.

The other guard had a green, plant-like body (almost identical to Palmon). Her arms had violet-colored tulips for hands with single stems emerging from out of the center. Adorning around the neck was a red flower. The head was green with a red top covering her head. The eyes were light blue. This flower Digimon was otherwise known as Floramon.

Inside the mansion was basically what a Dark Master, such as Puppetmon, would dream of living in: a fun house. But, as a Dark Master, his way of fun and games would be completely demented and warped. There many traps laid out even among the harmless toys. That said explosives were strapped on each toy.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Akumu

At the upper level of the mansion, Puppetmon was in his room and sitting in a chair with his large monitor screen in front of him. Flipping through the channels using a remote, he's been keenly observing his territory but nothing has turned up yet.

"I knew I should had installed a satellite to expand outside the forest! That way I can hunt down the Digi-brats in anyway I can! But, this is strange. I've only seen two of those bratty kids. But thanks to that stupid metal monkey, I lost them. Where could the others be?"

"Master Puppetmon..." a voice, akin to an English butler, chimed in. "You have a call from fellow Dark Master, MetalSeadramon."

"Bah, put that fool on the line!" Puppetmon pressed the off button on his remote, closing off the monitor. "I'll check the monitor later. So, what does ol' metal head want?"

"He seems to have pinpointed the locations of the Digidestined currently in the Digital World."

"What? You're serious?" Puppetmon jumped up excitedly. "Well, what are you waiting for? I said put him through!"

Walking inside the room was a flightless, bipedal kiwi Digimon. Its body was entirely covered with bristly, hair-like feathers. The upper part of its face was shielded under a silver mask. The back of its head was covered with green, leaf-like extensions. The legs of the kiwi were dark gray with its three clawed nails purple. Revealed through the eye holes of the mask was a pair of green eyes. This was Kiwimon.

"I've already put him through, Master Puppetmon."

"Ah, good. Now, let's see what he has to say..."

Turning his seat around, Puppetmon pushed a button underneath his seat and activated a three-dimensional hologram of the shadowed MetalSeadramon. No description was given of the sea ruler, but a pair of red eyes was revealed.

"Well, so the metal head has decided to report to what he's found?"

MetalSeadramon responded with a slight hiss. "Laugh it up, wood boy. Just remember we let you ride our coat tails. Now, listen up, you reported to have encountered two Digidestined?"

"That's right! If it hadn't been for that stupid monkey, I would have had them!"

"Yes, but you still let them get away! Anyway, I have some news you might want to hear. I'm picking up locations at different sections of the Digital World. One in Sector 8756. Another at the Continent of Server and specifically at Sector 0198-111. Two more located Sector 123444. The two that left your watch yesterday are back and shouldn't be too far from your mansion. Though, they might be in a conflict with that metal buffoon you mentioned. I'd suggest attacking once they're too fatigued after they deal with the monkey."

"Heh, kick them while they're down? Ke, ha, ha, now that's my kind of style!"

"Just a word of advice, don't underestimate them. There's no telling how much power their Digimon partners will gain through those blasted crests."

"Me? I never underestimate anyone!"

"Well, that's a new one. Hehehe."

An irked Puppetmon scoffed. "You making fun of me? You'll regret that!"

"Look, you just take care of the kids that appear at your domain. I'll be monitoring the other two children. Oh and I almost forgot... I can't seem to find the one inheriting the Crest of Courage."

"What do mean you can't find him? Did he just disappear off our radar?"

"No, because he was on my radar a few days ago when NeoDevimon came. Since then, he's been missing. I think a higher power might be at work here. I don't like this..."

"Paranoid as usual, metal head? Don't worry so much. He probably did the smartest thing a Digidestined could do. He knew we were too much to handle. So he packed up and walked out on his friends! Some courage."

"I wouldn't be so sure. In any case, our invader allies will arrive in 10 days. They will be the ones to seal the deal on the Digidestined and end their legacy."

"Heh, it's ironic that their legacy's end will come to an end by one of their own?"

"Indeed. Now, I must be off. I have an entire ocean world to look after and I'll be monitoring the other remaining Digidestined. Catch ya later, wood stool!"

(End theme)

With that, the hologram of the ocean Dark Master disappeared. Puppetmon scowled in annoyance and turned his seat around.

"So, those two kids who I saw the other day are back? But, that means the metal monkey is going to get in the way. Feh, that metal moron better not kill them before I get to. I'll just have to keep an eye on things until then."

Turning on his monitor, Puppetmon observed the more forest territory and scanned for the Digidestined's whereabouts. Little did he realize that two more would be arriving at Megabyte Forest.

"Once they get of that stupid monkey for me, then it will be game time for me!" Puppetmon snickered, leaning against his seat. "Wait, did I just say game time? Man, that sounds lame! I need to think of a good catchphrase. Kiwimon, any suggestions?"

"I have no ideas, master."

"Eh, you suck, Kiwimon."

And so, Puppetmon waited until any of the Digidestined appeared on monitor.


Megabyte Forest

"Feh, that piece of fire wood just had to get in the way!" MetalEtemon spat out, landing on a branch. "If he didn't get in the way, I would have brought those blasted kids to their knees. Oh well. Guess it'll be fun to make them run and hide."

Glancing around the tropical forest, the metal-armored primate scratched his chin and tapped his silver Chrome Digizoid armor. "Heh, it was good to come back with a new body. Now I feel stronger, but not just that… I can feel the presence of everything that moves. Uh, huh! That's what I call an upgrade for the King!"

Night had fallen with a half-crescent moon looming in the background. MetalEtemon noticed the moon and grinned.

"That moon looks nice from this view and I just wish I can could sing one of my greatest hits but what's the point? Without a large viewing audience that is... Oh well. I can start thinking of my career as soon as my revenge is complete! You can't hide from me Digidestined! For I am the King of Swing!"


Next episode: Puppetmon's Deadly Games! Engage the Metal King!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 7: Puppetmon's Deadly Games! Engage the Metal King!


Digital World/Megabyte Forest/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Hirogaru Fuan)

Mimi, Joe and the Digimon lied hidden in a distant cave while staying out of MetalEtemon's sights. Palmon and Gomamon kept their guard up while guarding the cavern's entrance.

It was already dark. No doubt they would think MetalEtemon would have been fatigued from scanning the vast forest.

Ogremon sat by the side of the cave with his injured arm still bandaged, grimacing in pain. Mimi went over to check on his arm as Joe handed her a bit more of ointment.

"Ogremon, are you going to be all right? That arm looks like it still hurts you," Mimi said, showing concern for the injured Digimon.

Ogremon gingerly lifted his arm, slightly grimacing. "Eeeii! Yeah, it still does hurt a bit. Man, just who was that nut job?"

"Not the true King of Rock n Roll. That's for sure," Joe stated. "That was Etemon, former ruler of the Dark Network. After we left File Island prior to Devimon's defeat, we arrived at the Continent of Server in search for our Crests after we obtained our tags. That's where we ran into that annoying jerk."

"Dark Network? Wait, I think I've heard of that organization. It was actually an underground terrorist organization before it expanded into a standing military after obtaining some kind of new power," Ogremon recalled. "So that silver monkey was their leader?"

"That's right. It was Tai and MetalGreymon who stopped him by putting him through some hole... I think it was," Mimi explained. "We were just as surprised as you were when we saw him."

"Apparently he managed to digivolve during his time in this limbo or so he claims," Joe said, tying another knot around Ogremon's bandages. "Now, he's a Mega-level Digimon called MetalEtemon."

"Not only do we have to deal with him, but we have that Puppetmon character."

"The girl's got a point," Ogremon said. "He's one of the Dark Masters."

Gomamon overheard this and posed an important question. "Then, who are these Dark Masters?"

"Well, this happened sometime ago... I'd say around the time you kids left back to your own world. You see these are a group of four powerful Digimon. How they came here is still a mystery to me, but they came from another world unlike this one. Rumor has it that they were taking orders from a greater evil."

"A greater evil?" Palmon pondered. "Whom could they be taking orders from?"

"Like I said, I don't know the full details and I couldn't tell you who their leader was. I can tell you these four are bad news. From what I know, Puppetmon is the weakest of the four."

"Weakest you say?" The Child of Sincerity gulped. "I don't want to how scary the other three are."

Joe inquired. "And where are the other three? Who are they?"

"I heard of a great sea beast named MetalSeadramon. That's one guy to look out for in the oceans as he currently holds authority all over the vast oceans. Then, there's Machinedramon - a walking, living, and breathing path of destruction. And lastly, Piedmon - he's the worse of the worst kind and the most powerful of the four Dark Masters. I reckon he was the one given all of the strict orders from the supposed leader of theirs."

"Ah, that's just great. If the incoming invaders were bad enough, now we have to deal with four strong Mega-level monsters," Gomamon said, scratching his head. "Sucks to be us then..."

"Actually, on the bright side, only two of the Dark Masters occupy the Digital World. Or so I heard..."

"Well, I hope you're right, Ogremon," the doctor-in-training asserted. "Because we have friends out there as we speak! I doubt they know what's going on with two crazy powerful Digimon out there. Do you know where the other two could be?"

"Probably left with their leader. I can't really say for sure..."

Palmon grew suspicious of Ogremon and approached him. "You're hiding something, Ogremon. Aren't you...?"

"What would I be hiding? I'm telling you the honest truth."

"Yeah, but you did work for Devimon. That would make you a bit suspicious," Gomamon pointed out.

Mimi rebuked at the Digimon. "That's enough you two! What makes you think Ogremon is lying? He was thankful for pulling him out of those trees. We should show him some gratitude for leading us out of there before Puppetmon or MetalEtemon tried catching us."

"See? I can do plenty of good whenever I feel to!" Ogremon implied. "Look, you can trust me or not, but what I'm telling you is legit. I've seen what these Dark Masters can do. But that monkey guy was completely new to me."

"Yeah, since he can confirm to have arrived through that giant meatball that landed in the forest," Joe deduced. "So, now we have a Dark Master and a lunatic out for revenge. This is just great and I knew skipping out on pre-med school was bad."

Looking outside the cave, thoughts ran through Palmon and Gomamon's minds. They were horrified at the notion of three other powerful Digimon than Puppetmon. They were easily repelled by the childish Mega.

To make matters worse, the invaders were still coming within 10 days.

"You know... it's barely even past four days and yet a lot is on our shoulders," Joe sighed. "With Tai and Agumon gone with that X guy, TK and Kari with Leomon, Sora gone, and Izzy seeing Gennai, we're all split and left vulnerable."

Mimi glanced over to Joe and sadly sighed. "This is bad. I mean just when we were all together about four days ago. Wow, it's going to be nearly a week since we left home."

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ogremon couldn't believe what he was hearing. Are these even the same kids who stopped Devimon and put me in my place? Why are they giving up so easily? It's not like them!

Suddenly, much to everyone's surprise (including Palmon and Gomamon), Ogremon stood up and spoke out. "All right, I'm getting really sick of this 'Oh what are we going to do?' and that 'It's hopeless' crap! What happened to the fire I saw in you back on File Island? You were standing up to Devimon and myself if I recall!"

"Well, we're not exactly dealing with easy enemies here! These are Mega-level Digimon! The only Mega Digimon on our side are WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Matt and Gabumon are nowhere to be found. Tai and Agumon left with X to some other world," Joe clarified. "Leomon is the only one who even comes close to their strength-level. It took WarGreymon and Leomon to even put NeoDevimon down. Now, we have three invaders who are said to be stronger than that jerk!"

"That's right," Mimi sighed. "I'm sorry to say but we're backed against a corner here."

Ogremon scoffed. "Look, you aren't backed against a corner here. As far as I know, this NeoDevimon guy was strong, right? Well, I kind of doubt either MetalEtemon or Puppetmon are close to his power. Sounded like NeoDevimon was in some kind of league of his own just like those three invaders coming here. No, I say we do have a chance, especially against that monkey guy."

Joe was taken back to what Ogremon was implying. "Wait a second, you're not suggesting we fight him now?"

"Nah, I say we would need a good game plan to stop him. I'm not exactly a good planner here. So, could you guys lend me a hand here?" Ogremon asked, looking at the children and the Digimon.

"Wow, Ogremon has a plan? Who would think that's possible?" Gomamon chuckled.

Mimi smiled toward Ogremon. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I think the key to beating that Etemon punk is through..." the ogre Digimon said, pointing to Gomamon.

Everyone glanced over at the sea mammalian Digimon and raised their eyebrows (at least Mimi and Joe). Gomamon had a confused look at the stares he received.

"Um, what? What could I do?"

"That hammer thing of yours when you digivolved?" The green-skinned ogre clarified. "I'd say that will be useful if you ask me."

"Hey, he brings up a good point. That's some thinking, Ogremon."

"It's nothing really, Joe. It's not like I planned anything out. I'm just taking a guess..."

Palmon sunk her head. "Some genius planner you are..."

"Ok, but I'm serious. Listen up because I may just have the idea to putting that MetalEtemon guy out of commission..."

(End theme)


"There. You four will remain here in the forest as a part of my survival test. Now, listen to me, the children here will keep an eye on you."

Patamon blinked. "You mean these two watching us? Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"No since this is your training. They will merely observe your progress," Leomon stated promptly. "Since the last survival exercise seemed to be much easier, this should offer more challenges."

"If you say so but let me remind you that I'm already used to this," Gatomon shrugged. "I don't know about porker over here, though."

"Hey! Will you quit it with that stupid name?" Patamon scoffed, a vein popping out on his forehead.

Kari got in between the two and held them back. "Ease down, you two!"

TK approached Leomon. "Where are you going to be, Mr. Leomon?"

"I'll be off in another vicinity of the forest. I don't wish to interfere with their training. They have to learn to cope with new environments and adapt. Now, you and Kari do your best in harnessing the full potential of your Crests. Takeru, that goes double for you. You are the only Digidestined whose Crest hasn't glowed. If you can manage to it, we will stand a better chance by the time those two invaders come. Got it?"

"Sure, thing. Don't you worry! I'll do the best I can!"

Leomon nodded. "Let's hope you're right, kid. For all of us."

With that, the brave warrior levitated off the ground and jetted off into the air.

Gatomon raced out into the forest to begin to collect food for breakfast.

"Looks like I'll be foraging again. C'mon, Patamon! I'm going to need some help picking out some fruit in the trees!"

Patamon fluttered his wings and gave chase to the tail-ring feline. "Wait for me!"

TK glanced over to Kari and smiled. "Well, Kari. Looks like we're going to have to dig deep and call upon the full power of our Crest. I mean... I know you can, but I haven't made any progress."

"Don't give up. Just remember we have plenty of time before our last 9 or 10 so days are up," the Digidestined of Light reminded him. "Look on the bright side, Patamon's learning to fend for himself thanks to Gatomon."

"Still, I don't feel at all stronger as you guys have become. I mean, what good is Patamon if he can't digivolve into his Ultimate-level form?"

"Well, TK... I... I honestly don't know what I can tell you," Kari sighed deeply. Poor, TK. Ever since we started to harness the true power of our Crests, I've been keeping up but TK's way behind. He wants this power now, but he won't gain anything if he gives up.

TK let out a deep, defeated sigh. I've got to keep going somehow. No rest for the weary, right? "Hey, Kari? Ready to continue where we left off? This time for sure I'll make my Crest glow!"

"Sure thing! Let's get started!"


Puppetmon's Mansion

The live coverage of the two Digidestined was sent back via satellite network within Puppetmon's mansion. The devious Dark Master watched them carefully in his seat and had grown a fond interest in the two children.

Specifically, the one he kept an eye on for was TK.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Zetsubou

Stroking his chin, Puppetmon grinned. "Well, well, this is rather peculiar."

"What would that be, Master Puppetmon?" Kiwimon asked, walking beside the seated Dark Master.

"Look at the screen and feast your eyes on that, Kiwimon."

Kiwimon watched the screen. "Hmmm, I suppose good things come to those who wait."

"Yeah but I hate waiting. Sometimes it can be a drag but occasionally I suppose you're right. This is great! Now I have two Digi-brats in my territory! Woo-hoo!" Puppetmon jumped out of his seat and giggled mischievously. "And to think I have the two youngest ones on camera!"

"Perhaps you should ditch the cameras? It seems to be you're observing these two children for other reasons?"

Puppetmon scoffed in annoyance. "Like what? You think I'm some kind of child mol... Um, I forgot. What are they called?"

Kiwimon sweat dropped and responded. "Child molester?"

"Yeah, that's it! Look, I may be bad, but I ain't one of those freaks!" Puppetmon walked over and grabbed the remote control. "Now that their guardian, Leomon, just somehow bailed on them, this gives me free reign to walk right over there and convince them to come here!"

"And that will work, how, Master Puppetmon?"

"Well, we could try this," the demented puppet pressed a red circle at the top right of the remote. "There! Let's speed things up a bit!"


Megabyte Forest

TK and Kari were standing together for a second until they started to move horizontally across the forest. They opened their eyes and looked down from where they had left.

"Hey, what the heck is going on here? Why are we getting moved along?" TK asked. "And how are we moving by ourselves?"

"It's like everything around us is moving!" Kari exclaimed

Gatomon and Patamon emerged out of the forest with food. However, just as they watched their friends being scaled away, they called out to their human partners and chased in pursuit of them.

"Hey, TK!"

"Kari! What the heck? The ground is moving on its own!"

Kari called out to the feline Digimon. "Gatomon!"

"Patamon!" TK cried.

Leaping out from her spot, Gatomon landed gracefully into Kari's waiting arms. As for Patamon, he flew quickly to catch up with TK and landed on top of his hat.

"Just what is going on here?" Gatomon wondered. "Somebody's trying to play a prank on us!"


Puppetmon's Mansion

Puppetmon jumped around excitedly and laughed. "Hehe! At this rate, they'll be here in no time! I had better get ready to greet my two new friends!"

Puppetmon stepped forward near his toy chest and poked his head in to search through his pile of toys. There were several stuffed animals, toy cars, a fire truck, a slingshot and toy robots. He picked up a pink rabbit and tossed it over his shoulder.

"Now, what game shall we play? Nah, not in the mood to play with the bunny rabbit!" the childish Mega griped and hurled out a barrage of toys. "No! No! No! No! Not this one! Or this! Ugh, why couldn't I just get rid of some of these smelly ol' toys?" Then, he stopped and pulled out a shiny object. It was his favorite toy. He held a 44-Magnum. "Ah, ha! Now this is WHAT I'm talking about!"

Kiwimon stood nervously as Puppetmon happily gripped the gun in his hand. Knowing how unpredictable the Dark Master is by nature, Kiwimon swayed back.

"Now, take a look at this baby!" Puppetmon held the gun in hand. "It's a 44-Magnum in perfect condition!" Pulling out a golden bullet, he placed it inside the revolver. "I'm going to put this in. And you want to know what it does?" He pointed the gun point blank in front of Kiwimon and chuckled. "It goes inside your body and explodes! How about you become my test dummy, Kiwimon?"

"Um... I think I'll pass, Master Puppetmon."


Megabyte Forest

"Look! We can jump on the other side!" Kari pointed across.

Gatomon shouted. "Right! Let's go for it and get off this ride!"

The children immediately hopped off the sliding ground and jumped on the ground (which wasn't moving of course). They and the Digimon sighed a big relief. That is until that piece of land started to slide across diagonally. TK and Kari panicked as they searched for another non-moving piece of land to jump on.

"What now?" Kari wondered with a worried look. "Where can we attempt to jump?"

Patamon blinked. "Where is it taking us?"

TK frowned. "Man, if this is some kind of sick game, then I don't want any part of it! Whoever this prankster is better show himself!"

"Look! Another immobile spot of ground! Hopefully I don't jinx us," Gatomon said, pointing to a stretched of land near a tree canopy.


Puppetmon's Mansion

Puppetmon once again searched through his toy box and pulled out a pair of slingshot. He picked up a small rock, put it on the rubber band and slung it right at Kiwimon's face. The bird Digimon grunted from the blow while observing the monitor screen.

"Excuse me, Master Puppetmon but you may want to take a look at this! The children were just there a minute ago and now they're gone."


Pushing Kiwimon aside, Puppetmon grabbed his remote control and pressed a green triangular button to switch through every security camera view. "Where are they? Not here. Not there!" Finally, with one more button push, he recaptured Kari, TK, Gatomon and Patamon on camera. "Whew! There they are! I thought I lost them!"

"Good timing, too, master."

Carefully observing the screen, Puppetmon looked at TK and noticed a look of fear etched on his face. A small, demented grin adorned the Dark Master's face. "Heh, well, look at this. He sure looks easy enough to scare." Puppetmon dropped the remote control and rubbed his hands together. "He'll definitely make the perfect play mate!"

"Should I go and get him, master?"

"No way! Leave this kid with me!"

With that, Puppetmon skipped along down his playroom and hopped across to hold onto a metal bar. He gracefully slid down to the bottom level of the mansion. He pushed open the front door and raced out laughing like a demented child.

(End theme)


Megabyte Forest

As he sat back to catch his breath, Kari knelt beside him. "TK? Are going to be all right?"

"Yeah, but all of that running and jumping around got me so tired. Man, I need to catch my breath."

"Luckily I'm a bit athletic since I play soccer some. Maybe you ought to lay off playing those video games and get active more?"

"Yeah, but something's been bother me. What kind of prankster would set those traps?"

Gatomon looked around the forest as her ears perked. "Good question and I think we may be getting our answer in a minute."

"You hear something, Gatomon?" Patamon asked his teammate.

TK chuckled. "I know if my brother were here, he'd be worrying about me and asking me if I'm all right. Well, if he were here, I'd tell him that I could now take care of myself."

"Don't worry, TK. I'm sure we'll see him again. What we need to do is rest a bit and catch our breaths," Kari said.


(Cue Child's Play 2 OST - Chucky

The two children jumped to their feet and looked around with fear etched on their faces. TK and Kari had their backs facing each other. Their Digimon barricaded their partners, guarding them.

"What was that?" Kari wondered and whispered to the boy. "TK, watch carefully around you."

"Come out! Come out! Wherever you are! It's time to come out and play!"

"It looks like someone's coming this way but I don't see anybody!" TK replied, his eyes shifting.

Then, before the blonde-haired boy could blink, a pair of white-gloved hands covered his eyes and caused him to fall forward. He pushed the hands away and turned around to find Puppetmon facing him down.

"Hey! Time to come and play with me!" Puppetmon said, putting his hands out.

"Hey, who are you? Are you that prankster?" TK retorted and frowned. "That was a mean joke you played on us!"

Kari quickly moved beside TK and helped him to his feet. Normally I'd want TK to watch over me, but it's time I take a stand on my own. "I have to agree. That was a mean joke! You take back what you've did!"

"Now, why would I want to do that?" Puppetmon asked. "Oh and how rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Puppetmon and the ruler of this forest territory. I'm one of the four Dark Masters!"

"Dark Masters...?" the children murmured.

"Wait! I remember now! Leomon told me about these guys when he came by to pick me and Patamon up from our den!" Gatomon recalled and pointed to Puppetmon. "These Dark Masters are said to be some really powerful Mega Digimon that came when we were on Earth dealing with Myotismon!"

"Yeah and he's no doubt one of the four!" Patamon nodded, glaring down the evil Dark Master.

Kari shouted at Puppetmon. "You lay a hand on me and TK… you'll deal with our Digimon!"

Puppetmon grinned. "So, his name is TK?" He pointed at the boy and closed his right eye. "Hey, don't you want to go to my play house? We can play war games together!"

Surprised by his offer, TK stepped forward with a confused look. "What? You... You want to play war games with me?"

"Yeah! That's right!" the Dark Master reached into his pocket and pulled out his 44-Magnum. "We're going to play a little Cops and Robbers! It'll be fun! Now, take this!" Puppetmon tossed the gun over to TK.

As the gun came toward his direction, it landed right into his hands. The boy was taken back by this and couldn't hold the weight of the gun. It slipped right out of his hands and quickly fired several bullets.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With more repeated shots hitting a nearby tree, TK screamed and jumped back in shock. Hearing the repeated gunfire forced him to cower and cover his ears.

"What the...!" Kari gasped and covered her ears. That was a real gun!

"Hey! That was not a toy gun! We, kids, shouldn't be playing with real guns!" TK barked at the Dark Master. "It's dangerous!"

Puppetmon devilishly smiled. "Well, of course! If the game weren't dangerous, it wouldn't be any fun at all! But, for you, I give all beginners a head start! It also wouldn't be fun if I killed you right away anyway!"

Having heard enough, Gatomon hissed and jumped in front of the children. "TK! Kari! Don't listen to a thing that demented creep says!"

"Watch it or your nose will grow!" Puppetmon growled, pulling out a red ball of string. He tossed it across and watched as it expanded out with long yarn spreading out. Both Gatomon & Kari were caught by the yarn and ended up being tied down to the ground. Patamon tried attacking Puppetmon head on but the Mega easily swatted him aside with one hand. The bat-pig hit a nearby tree and fell to the ground.

"No, Patamon! Gatomon! Kari!" TK shouted, realizing he was alone with the demented puppet. He rushed by their fallen sides. "No! You guys! I'll get you out of here!"

He heard foot stamping his way and was confronted by the kid-like Dark Master.

"So, are you going to come and play with me?"

"Forget it! No way!"

"Oh? Don't want to?" Puppetmon rubbed his chin and looked down at the tied down victims. "Hmmm. Well, if that's the case, if you don't come play war games with me, then I'll just have to kill your friends here. Starting with the girl!" Pointing to Kari, Puppetmon cocked a mischievous grin. "Do you want that?"

TK was left with no other choice. He hated himself for doing this, but the lives of his friends were more important. "All right but anything to prevent you from hurting my friends!"

"Ah, now that's a good boy!"

"No! TK! Forget about us! Just go and run away from here as far away as you can! Go find Leomon!" Kari called out until Puppetmon shot out another ball of yarn. This time sealing Kari's mouth shut.

"Ah, shut up!" Puppetmon turned his attention back to TK. "Well, are you coming?"

Kneeling down and picking up the 44-Magnum, TK faced the wooden Digimon. "All right, let's go and play..."

Puppetmon chuckled and waved a finger. "Now, that's the spirit!"

With that, TK walked down a path while being led by Puppetmon toward the mansion. It wasn't far away from the current location and Puppetmon made sure to incapacitate the boy's friends.

Kari tried speaking out but her mouth was kept sealed with the string. She struggled to break free, but Gatomon had an ace up her sleeve.

"That idiot forgot that I have claws," Gatomon muttered. "I'll have us out of here in no time, Kari!" Then, we'll go and revive Patamon. Don't worry. TK. You won't be playing any demented games with that freak! At least, I hope he doesn't.

(End theme)


Cocking a grin, the metallic 'super star' rubbed his chin. "Hmmm, they sure don't redecorate like that used to. I'll never get an audience in this piece of dump. Now, I wonder where those meddling kids went? They couldn't have gotten too far."

As MetalEtemon walked by, a dumpster lid slowly lifted from under a pile of rocks and revealed a pair of blue eyes. Peering through and getting a glimpse of the shiny monkey king, Ogremon remained silent. He slowly raised a blue flag from out of his spot to signal to the others.

Also lifting garbage lids from under a pile of rock debris, Mimi, Joe, Palmon and Gomamon watched MetalEtemon.

"There he is. What do you want us to do now, Joe?"Gomamon whispered.

Joe kept his eye on MetalEtemon. "Stay low until he walks ahead a little further. This is supposed to be a sneak attack."

"I just hope this will work. If what Ogremon says about Zudomon's hammer is true,"Mimi murmured.

"It's worth a shot, Mimi. If this doesn't work, then I have no idea what will," Palmon said.

Ogremon watched MetalEtemon pace forward a little further and waited patiently. The further MetalEtemon, the more room they would be able to spring their sneak attack. Just a little further. That's it, monkey boy. Right where we want ya. "Ok, I think that's enough hiding. Time to spring out our surprise attack! GO, GUYS!"

Without warning, everyone threw their trashcan lids off. The clattering of the metal lids caught MetalEtemon's immediate attention. He glanced behind him.

"What's this?"

"Now, you two!" Joe called out, holding his Digivice and Crest.

"Digivolve and kick his metal butt!" Mimi declared.


MetalEtemon frowned and pointed at the group. "You were hiding! That's not fair!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure - Brave Heart

Ogremon stepped forward. "Life ain't fair. Deal with it, monkey boy. Go for it you two!"

"Palmon Shinka Togemon! Togemon Chou Shinka! Lillymon!"

"Gomamon Shinka Ikkakumon! Ikkakumon Chou Shinka! Zudomon!"

MetalEtemon found himself confronted by two Ultimate-level Digimon and a Champion.

"Heh, nice try, kids, but you forget that I'm a Mega! Your two Ultimates and the green tool just aren't going to cut it! Nuh-huh!"

Ogremon was taken back by the insult. "Hey, did he just call me a TOOL?"

"Leave this to us, Ogremon. You're still injured as it is," Joe insisted. "Zudomon, you know what to do!"

"Lend him some help, Lillymon!" Mimi called out.

Lillymon flew up and nodded. "I'm on it! Zudomon, I'll cover from the air!"

"And I've got land covered! All right, you metal monkey!" Zudomon roared, charging out at MetalEtemon. "How about trying some of this? Vulcan's Hammer!"

He slammed the massive hammer to the ground, firing a projectile that nullified as it hit MetalEtemon. MetalEtemon grinned and flexed his arms. "Pfft, is that the best shot you've got?"

Lillymon gathered enough firepower through her hands, summoning a cannon flower. "Flower Cannon!"

Blasting a green beam through her cannon, Lillymon made a perfect shot and blind swiped MetalEtemon from the right side. The blast had enough force to at least knock him to the side. He got up onto his feet and glanced up with an annoyed scowl. "Stupid little fairy! You dare strike the king like that and not expect to get a butt whooping?"

Zudomon charged out at the distracted MetalEtemon and raised his hammer overhead. The Mega quickly turned sidestepped him by tripping him over his feet. The mammoth-sized sea beast fell face-first and grunted.

"Heh! Told ya! I'm king of this mountain!"

"No! He's still too strong for them!" Mimi cried out.

Joe frowned. "C'mon, Zudomon! You almost had him!"

Ogremon watched the scene and scratched his chin. No, they're doing it all wrong! Zudomon needs to at least throw his hammer at that creep's chest! If I'm right, then his body could be Chrome Digizoid!

Lillymon stayed in mid-air and fired more blasts through her cannon. But, MetalEtemon deflected them back at her.

"Keep it up, honey! I've got enough energy to keep this going for a life time, baby!"

"Rats," Lillymon panted while catching her breath. "C'mon, Zudomon, get your big butt up! Your hammer is our only hope to take this annoying creep down!"

MetalEtemon grinned. "If ya'll want, I can do a quick number to get this show started! I know just the perfect song, too!"

"Great and just exactly what we didn't need to hear!" Joe cried out, covering his ears as if expecting a terrible song to come.

Mimi grimaced. "What now? This plan will never work!"

"It will... Someway or another, it will work," Ogremon stated.

(End theme)


Finally freeing herself, Gatomon relied on her claws to break out of the tightened ropes. She used her Lightning Claw to free Kari out of the predicament. Now, she was sitting beside Patamon's side and revived him by splashing his face with a handful of water.

"Patamon! Wakey, wakey!"

The bat-pig Digimon awoke almost immediately upon having cold water splash his cheeks. He jumped up and shook off the water. "EEK! THAT'S COLD!"

"Look. There's no time to be complaining. TK's been captured and you'll have to go get him!"

Patamon gasped in horror. "Where did that jerk take him?"

Pointing down the exact path Puppetmon took earlier, Gatomon pointed down to the right angle. "Down that path. I'm sure you can pick up on TK's scent. Right?"

"Yeah, I can smell him! You two wait here! I'll bring him back if it's the last thing I do!"

The determined Digimon flapped his wings and flew off toward the path Gatomon pointed toward. Kari got up and watched the rookie disappear into the distance.

"Let's follow him, Kari. That way we'll know where he's going."

"Right, let's go!"


Monochromon Canyon

Sitting quietly at an isolated spot on the canyon (with the top shaped like a Monochromon's head no less), Leomon was in deep meditation while conserving his own energy.

"I'm sensing Ogremon and several of the other Digidestined! Mimi and Joe! But, this other power... Who could this be?" Leomon wondered, getting off the ground. "It's a dark source of power. An enemy no doubt. I have to see what they're dealing with."

With that, Leomon jumped up into mid-air and quickly flew off into the distance to the approximate location where Ogremon, Mimi, Joe and the others gathered.


Arriving at the site of Puppetmon's mansion, Patamon looked at it carefully and nodded. He frowned while advancing closer towards it.

"So, a house in the middle of the forest? That's too obvious! I'll bet TK is in there!"

The bat-pig flew directly towards the mansion undetected and without the two guards (Deramon and Floramon) around.


Puppetmon's Mansion

Back inside the mansion, TK came out of a closet and raced down the hall on the top floor. He pushed his way through a door and found himself inside Puppetmon's base of operations. Wow, from the outside, it looks like a two-story mansion, but I didn't think I'd find a third level. Well, looks like I'm inside his main room. I wonder what I can find here.


Megabyte Forest

Kari and Gatomon raced across the forest with the feline following Patamon's scent. They stopped as Gatomon sensed a presence from a close distance.

Gatomon stopped as a brown-feathered creature jumped down in front of her. As soon as she saw the Digimon blocking their path, Kari stopped and frowned.

"Hey, who are you?" Kari said. "Get out of the way! Our friends are in danger!"

"I'm sorry, but Master Puppetmon is playing right now," Kiwimon warned. "He doesn't wish to be disturbed."

Gatomon scowled. "One of that creep's cronies? I didn't think he would have friends..."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Shuugeki! Soshite...

"You had your chance!" Kiwimon howled, opening his mouth and unleashing a barrage of miniature kiwi-shaped bombs. "Pummel Peck!"

Kari gasped as the tiny bombs aimed for her, but Gatomon quickly stepped in front of her.

"Time for Angewomon to take center stage!" Gatomon declared, feeling Kari's Crest glowing.

Once Kari's Crest of Light activated, the feline hopped into mid-air and became engulfed inside a column of purely white light. Kiwimon gasped as he witnessed the sequence of events.

"Gatomon Chou Shinka! Angewomon!"

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Kari smiled, watching Angewomon glide in mid-air. "He's all yours!"

Watching the incoming bombs coming her way, Angewomon merely put a hand out and stopped the bombs with her aura. Kiwimon was caught off guard by this display.

"What? You couldn't have done that!"

"Time to end this little game," Angewomon frowned.


Puppetmon's Mansion

Finding himself back in the hallway, TK ran forward and found another stairway. He came closer until Puppetmon came into view. The Dark Master saw TK coming his way with the 44-Magnum in hand.

"Oh no!"

Puppetmon happily chimed. "I've found ya!"

As TK tried running back, Puppetmon fired a shot with his Magnum and barely missed TK's left foot. The bullet hit the ground and caused the boy to fall back.

Bang! Bang!

He fired a second shot. Followed by two successive shots. TK was forced on his back and away from the four holes made from the bullet shots. Puppetmon pointed his gun toward the fallen Digidestined, grinning from wooden ear to the other.

"Now, there's nowhere for you to run, kid! Say your prayers!" Puppetmon mused until he pulled the trigger.

(End theme)

Click. Click.

"What the heck? No more bullets?" Puppetmon reached down into his pocket. "Dang, da-bit! Just give me a few minutes to reload, ok? Don't you go anywhere!"

TK gulped and searched for any way to escape. No! He's going to kill me! I've got to think of something fast!

Loading a bullet into the barrel of his gun, Puppetmon grinned. "Oh yeah! Just one shot is all I need."

Hey! Wait a minute! If he plays like a kid, then he thinks like one! That's it!

Suddenly, Puppetmon turned and saw TK getting up to his feet. "Huh?"

"Oh, boy. Don't you ever get tired of this game? This is too boring!" TK groaned, pretending to be 'bored'.

"What did you say?"

"We've been playing this game for more than an hour already. Tell me, you don't know anymore other games? Do ya?"

Puppetmon was speechless and couldn't think of any other options. "Um, well... Uh... I sure do, but I'm not used to playing other games."

"Oh? How come? Ah, I know why!" TK deviously grinned and narrowed his eyes. "It's because you don't have any other friends to play with, huh? Is that right?"

Puppetmon was taken back as he gasped and looked away. "Um... I have friends."

"Then, why don't you introduce me to some of your friends, Puppetmon?"

He looked away and lowered his head. "You'll meet my friends... Just... Not right now..."

"No way! I want to see these friends of yours right now!" TK approached the dejected Puppetmon.

"Um, well, you see... TK..."

"Well, ADMIT it! You don't have any friends at all!" the boy poked Puppetmon's side. "Not even a single one!"

Puppetmon spat out. "Well, I do! Wait here! I'll bring one of my friends here right now to meet you!"

With that, the Dark Master raced down the hall and the stairway. TK watched him go and quickly heard a familiar Digimon's cry.


"Oh, Patamon?" he turned and saw Patamon flying behind him. "Patamon! It is you! Oh, what is that in your hand?"

"A remote, but I guess he used this to move us around in the forest."

TK nodded and grabbed the remote. "So, you found his room, too? Good, I say we trash it and leave Puppetmon a message."

"Good idea, but let's hurry!"

"I'll lead the way, Patamon."


Puppetmon was inside one of his toy rooms and picked up a football. "Ah, here, I know how to make friends!"


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan

Upon entering Puppetmon's control room, TK tore up some of the puppet's maps and used a toy hammer to crush his remote control. Patamon went about helping his partner to vandalize the Dark Master's room, including the monitor screen.


Megabyte Forest

Kiwimon stepped away as Angewomon hovered closer. Kari frowned and yelled out toward Puppetmon's henchman.

"Tell us where TK is!" the girl demanded.

No response as Kiwimon stepped back while attempting to make his escape getaway.

Angewomon gathered her holy power through her hands, forging a bow & arrow of light. "Don't you even think about running off without saying goodbye!"

There was nowhere for Kiwimon to go, but the end of Angewomon's powerful arrow.


Puppetmon's Mansion

Finally completing his 'friend', Puppetmon used the football as a head with two wooden planks crossed together and attached on the dummy's back. He even glued on a pair of eyes, a mouth and a nose. Nonetheless, Puppetmon was satisfied and held his 'friend' up in mid-air.

"There we go! All done! Now, to show TK that I do have friends!"


Just as TK and Patamon raced down the stairs, Puppetmon arrived at the hallway with his 'friend'.

"Hey, TK! Here's my friend! I want to introduce you to... Huh? TK? Where did ya go?"


Megabyte Forest

Meanwhile, the boy and his Digimon ran out of the mansion through the front door. They passed by what appeared to be a bush and a tulip. Once they passed by, the two plants were revealed to be the camouflaged forms of both Deramon and Floramon.

"Isn't he Master Puppetmon's new toy?" Floramon asked, watching TK and Patamon venture into the tropical forest.

"Oh, I think that kid smelt trouble," Deramon replied.

"Oh, let's just keep quiet until then."

"Yeah, might as well."


Kiwimon tried to escape until Angewomon released her arrow. He had no chance but to flee.

"Celestial Arrow!"

The arrow shot down at the enemy Digimon and struck him head on. Within an instant, the ancient bird was deleted.

"That'll take care of him," Angewomon sighed, dropping down and dedigivolving back to Gatomon. "That was good for a light exercise!"

"Now to find TK and Patamon," Kari said until she overheard a boy's cry.


Gatomon's ears perked up and listened for their cries. "It's them and it sounds like they're at a close distance! Let's go and follow their voices!"

"I'll lead the way. Keep up with me, Kari!" Gatomon said, racing off ahead.

She followed behind her Digimon partner. "We're coming, TK! I knew you'd get out of his clutches somehow..."

(End theme)


Puppetmon's Mansion

(Cue Child's Play 2 Unreleased OST - Into the Factory

Staring down at his broken remote and his vandalized monitors, Puppetmon sank his head. He was speechless.

He never would've expected his new 'playmate' to vandalize nearly all of his equipment and toys. If he had a heart (which he doesn't, it would have been broken.

Nonetheless, he gripped the broken remote tight and crushed it. "TK destroyed my most precious toy. My precious toy... And he didn't want to play with me?" Glancing out the window, Puppetmon's eyes narrowed as he angrily growled and uttered a darker tone. "TK, game over."

(End theme)


Next episode: End of the Road! Puppetmon's Last Act and the King's Final Tour!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 8: End of the Road! Puppetmon's Last Act and the King's Final Tour!


Digital World/Megabyte Forest/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Racing out across the forest, Gatomon and Kari followed TK and Patamon's cries. Before advancing forward, Gatomon stopped and sensed a sinister vibe closing in.

"Kari, looks like that puppet freak is onto us. No doubt TK escaped from him and he's going to want him back."

Kari gasped. "We have to hurry then. I just wish we knew where TK and Patamon are!"

"Don't worry, Kari. I've got my nose on them. They're not too far from where we are. Just make sure to stay close to me."

"Right, just lead the way."

With that, Gatomon hurried through the forest brush as she kept up with her friends' scents. Suddenly, Gatomon stopped and sniffed out the scent direction of the two. Kari knelt beside her.

"Kari, pull out your Digivice."

"Right! I forgot I can trace TK's location through it."

As the child checked her device, she noticed a blinking golden light. "Hmmm, can you tell me what exactly does this mean?"

"It means they're close and my nose never deceives," she said, pointing to the left direction. "There! They're over in that direction. Time to move!"

"Hold on, Gatomon! Wait for me!"


"Kari! Gatomon!" TK called out.

Patamon flew overhead in order to get any glimpse of their friends from a further distance.

"It's going to be tough to find them with all of these trees in the way, TK."

"I know, but we can't give up. They have to be here somewhere!"

Then, before TK blinked, he finally got a response as he overheard Kari and Gatomon's voices. His ears picked up on the familiar voices and smiled.

"Patamon! Did you hear that?"

"Yep, it's them!"


TK poked his head through a bush as found Kari and Gatomon with their backs against him.

"Hey! Over here!"

Kari whirled around and saw TK. "TK! Oh, thank goodness!"

"We're so glad to see you!" Gatomon raced over and greeted the Child of Hope.

Patamon flew over to find TK reunited with Kari and Gatomon. "Oh, good! You found them!"

"Yo, porker! Glad to see you and the kid managed to get away from that freak!" the feline Digimon called out to the flying 'bat-pig'.

Once again irked with the 'porker' reference, Patamon scoffed and landed atop of TK's hat. "I thought I said not to call me that?"

"Why not? I think it suits you and I think it's cute," Gatomon snickered.

"Ok, you two... that's enough," Kari scolded the two Digimon. "TK, you don't know how glad I am to see you and Patamon safe?"

"Yeah, Patamon came to get me and I got away from that demented puppet! I'm telling you that guy has a sick mind when it comes to fun and games!" TK exclaimed, panting from the excessive running. "Since I left him hanging dry, there's no doubt he's looking for me and definitely is not very happy."

Gatomon nodded. "Yeah, that I can't argue with. I felt a tremendous amount of power earlier. I think you royally ticked him off, TK. In any case, we have to get out of here before he finds us!"

TK blinked. "Right and I know a short-cut that's actually near Puppetmon's mansion. It should at least get us out of here and out of that guy's reach."


"Yeah, but we better make it hasty," Patamon suggested. "That is unless you want to become that guy's play mate for the rest of your life?"

"I think we'll pass! Thank you!" Kari and Gatomon exclaimed at once.

TK smiled. "Good, now follow us. Patamon and I were kind enough to leave a trail back to Puppetmon's mansion."

"You crazy? What if Puppetmon had followed your trail?" Gatomon pointed out.

"Somehow, I doubt he's that smart enough to follow the trail we left behind. These are like breadcrumbs you know. We placed some white, shiny stones on the ground. You won't miss them," TK pointed out. "Now, c'mon! We better hurry!"

Kari and Gatomon nodded simultaneously. "Right!"


The battle against MetalEtemon was not going as Ogremon had intended. Zudomon and Lillymon were easily being overtaken by the metal monkey's brute force.

Mimi, Joe and Ogremon watched from the sidelines with worried looks. Mimi feared for the worst while Joe remained firm.

"This is just not going our way. Is it?" Ogremon sighed, stepping forward. "In that case, I'm stepping in!"

"Wait! Not in your condition you're not!" Mimi immediately stopped him. "You can't fight him like that!"

"Yeah? Sorry but I'm not going to stand back to let this creep going roughshod on your partners! Besides, I need to take a few shots at this guy... before my showdown with Leomon!"

Joe grimaced. "Well, at least it'll be better than seeing our Digimon getting taken a part like this. Let him, Mimi."

"But, Joe...!"

Standing tall over Zudomon and Lillymon, MetalEtemon laughed out in triumph and folded his arms. "It's SO good to be the king! What's the matter, ya'll broken and tired? I was just getting a warmed up! Auh-huh!"

Zudomon struggled to stand. "He's... too strong..." And all I need is one hit with my hammer! Just one hit!

"Does anyone know... the number on that bus...?" Lillymon sat up, her eyes were spinning around.

"Humph, you two aren't that fun anymore!" The metal monkey king declared. "I might as well finish this and move on with the grand finale of my comeback tour!"

Then, he turned and saw Ogremon stepping forward. The king cracked a fiendish grin as he noted Ogremon's injured arm.

"Hey, king! How about taking me on instead?" Ogremon challenged him.

"What? You're serious?" MetalEtemon cocked his head to the side and scratched his chin. "Hmmm. Your arm's broken and I doubt you're as strong as these two, but what the heck? If it's a butt whooping, you want. Well, the King can serve that!"

Ogremon chuckled, slamming his club on the ground. "Heh, somehow I knew you were going to say that. Come and get you some, king!"

Then, Mimi had seen enough and raced over toward Ogremon's side. "No! Ogremon!"

"Mimi! What do you think you're doing?" Joe gasped out. "Get back here!"

Mimi ignored Joe's apparent cry and stopped in front of Ogremon. "I don't care what you or Joe think, you're still badly injured! You're taking a big risk doing this!"

"Hey! Listen, I appreciate what you've done for me, but I can take care of myself! Would you rather have this annoying creep get the better of your Digimon? No? Well, I'm stepping up and taking this guy on!" Ogremon made his declaration. "It's a part of my honor code to serve those in need. I'm a warrior, after all."

"Ogremon... I..." Mimi was taken back by his act of chivalry. This is not the Ogremon we used to know back on File Island.

"Way to go, Ogremon. You've won my respect..." Joe whispered, smiling from ear to ear.

Ogremon faced MetalEtemon down. Hopefully I can give those two enough time to recover, especially Zudomon. His hammer is going to be THE trump card to this guy's downfall.

"Well, what are ya'll waiting for? I haven't got all day! After I'm through with you all, I'm off to continue my comeback tour once I find each of the other Digidestined! Only then will my revenge be served!"

"Yeah? Well, you'll have to go through me first!" Ogremon roared, rushing at the enemy with his club.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Scampering Battle!

MetalEtemon stood his ground as he prepared to take the champion-level Digimon head on. Ogremon's club impacted MetalEtemon's face, following it up with a shoulder guard.

"Pummel Whack!" Ogremon roared out as he repeatedly bashed his enemy with a barrage of shots.

However, MetalEtemon's Chrome Digizoid armor was resistant to every one of Ogremon's blows. He remained unfazed by the warrior's blows.

"Ha! You call these blows? You're even dumber than ya'll look!" MetalEtemon laughed, flexing his arms. "If you want to king to even notice, then you'll have to try harder! Now, my turn! Metal Punch!"


As one blow from MetalEtemon impacted him, Ogremon was sent sailing forward and crashed into a pile of debris. Mimi gasped in horror and raced over toward the ogre's side.

"Now, that's what I call one of my Greatest Hits! Auh-huh! Yeah!" the king struck a pose and flexed his arms. "Now, take a look at these washboard abs! I'll bet you'd want a body as built as mine!"

Ogremon lifted himself off the pile and grunted. "Feh, I say you would qualify in the featherweight division!"

"Watch your mouth, boy!" MetalEtemon yelled, charging forward. "Just for that comment, I'm going to grind ya to dust!"

Then, Joe realized that Mimi was still standing in the way and immediately called out to her. "NO! MIMI!Get out of the way!"

The girl gasped and turned to find MetalEtemon coming towards hers (and Ogremon's) direction. She quickly covered her eyes and cowered back.

Lillymon sprang up to her feet and flew forward. "MIMI!"

Just as MetalEtemon edged closer, a shadow loomed down from above and...


A single blow registered and sent MetalEtemon flying back through a nearby pile of rocks. Mimi gasped and looked up. A smile crossed her face as she realized whom her savior was. Ogremon's face twisted with a slight sneer. Joe, Zudomon and Lillymon were greatly relieved.

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M810 "Piccolo Arrives"

Their last-minute savior was none other than Leomon.

He levitated down with his eyes toward MetalEtemon.

"Is everyone all right?"

"Leomon! Oh, thank goodness!" Mimi called out, embracing the brave warrior. "It's really you!"

"Wow, you came through for us!" Joe exclaimed. "But how did you get here?"

"I felt you were all in distress. I was able to trace the digivolving energies of your Digimon coupled with the foul darkness your enemy was emitting."

Ogremon scoffed and slowly stood up. "You just had to come, didn't you? Once again stealing all of my glory..."

Ignoring Ogremon's obvious grudge, Leomon smirked. "Well, it's nice to see how my rival has been lately. I see you injured your arm."

(End theme)

"Yeah, but don't think I'll be handicapped for long! Once I'm done healing, I'm going to train with Piximon and finally settle the score with you! I know I can't take you as you are now, but just you wait until I'm done with the training!"

The brave warrior offered a respectful gesture. "I'm looking forward to it, but I wish to thank you for protecting the children here."

"Yeah, well... don't expect me to get mushy!" Ogremon muttered, turning away. "I only did it because they helped nurse me."

"Leomon, you won't believe just how tough this guy is! So far, he's been dominating our Digimon!" Joe offered to explain. "Plus, we need Zudomon back on his feet! He's our trump card."

Leomon observed the metallic material on MetalEtemon's body and focused on Zudomon's Vulcan's Hammer. He nodded. "Yes, I see now. Well, don't worry. I'll take everything from here."

"But... He's too strong for even our Digimon! He's a Mega-level Digimon!" Mimi warned Leomon.

"Yes, but I fought a far more powerful enemy by teaming with WarGreymon. Don't worry, I can certainly manage this," Leomon reassured his friends.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Tataki no Toki)

As Leomon stepped forward, MetalEtemon pulled himself out of the rubble and shook the cobwebs out. He faced down Leomon's direction and scowled. "Hey! Just who do you think you are? You're interfering with my comeback tour!"

"Sorry, but the show ends here for you."

"Oh, not a fan of my music? Well, I guess I'll just have to wipe that stupid look off your face!" MetalEtemon bellowed, charging forward. "Now, take a little of my Metal Punch!"


Everyone looked away and winced as MetalEtemon's punch impacted the brave warrior. However, in reality, Leomon still held his ground and did not flinch from his enemy's powerful punch. MetalEtemon removed his fist from Leomon's face and gulped. The Mega-level Digimon was taken back in shock and stepped back.

"But... But... That's impossible! That should have crushed your head!"

However, much to MetalEtemon's dismay, Leomon smirked. "That punch? You call that a punch? My friend, that was nothing more than a gnat bite."

Taken back by this insult from the brave warrior, MetalEtemon stepped back and nervously trembled. What the heck? Who does this guy think he is? One punch from me and he didn't even flinch? No one messes with the king like that and gets away with it!

MetalEtemon sprang forward and threw out another punch, which Leomon casually sidestepped. Another punch thrown. Leomon telegraphed and moved his head to the side. The rock 'n roll villain threw out a barrage of fists, which all were dodged by Leomon with extreme ease. Leomon delivered a high knee up into MetalEtemon's and forced him back. The metal monkey groaned from the blow and shook the cobwebs out.

"You're not going to humble the king!" MetalEtemon barked, charging forward.

As he attempted another Metal Punch, Leomon caught his fist and countered with a backhand slap. This managed to knock both MetalEtemon's 'screws' loose and his shades right off his face. The brave warrior slowly paced forward and vanished out of MetalEtemon's sight.


MetalEtemon felt a tremendous force from the back of his head and was forced down to his knees. Reaching over and grabbing the Mega, Leomon tossed him overhead. The king found himself laid face first on the ground.

"Wow! Just take a look at that!" Joe's mouth gaped. "He's... He's taking him to school!"

"I guess all of that training with Piximon did great wonders for him! You go, Leomon!" Mimi cheered on from the sidelines.

Ogremon merely scoffed and watched his 'rival' in action. "Leomon... You're always a step ahead of me every time. I hate that about you. I've always hated that about you."

Zudomon grabbed a hold of his Vulcan's Hammer. "Leomon..."

"Zudomon, now would be the perfect time to use your hammer?" Lillymon proposed. "Well, what do you think?"

"As soon as, Leomon's done with him..."

The brave warrior overheard the comment and stepped aside. "He's all yours. I've managed to bring him down to his knees."

"Good, then it's time!" Zudomon declared, raising his majestic hammer.

That was when MetalEtemon went for a last desperate act and cocked a grin. He lifted himself off the ground and raised his right hand overhead. "No way... A superstar like me isn't going out in whimper... Naw! I'm going to go out with a bang and here's what I mean!"

With that, a dark sphere suddenly materialized over MetalEtemon. This sphere was condensed with his own Dark Network energy. Leomon and the Digimon felt the tremendous force this attack was emitting.

"A little gift from the powers bestowed to me from my Dark Network..." he grinned. "If I'm going down, I'm taking one of ya'll with me! It doesn't matter who!"

Suddenly, the dark sphere dispersed into a cloud and shot down black streaks of lightning down at the group. "Dark Spirits DX!"

(End theme)

"Everyone get back!" Leomon roared.

Mimi, Joe and Ogremon found themselves guarded as Leomon stood out in front of them. Zudomon and Lillymon looked on while fearing for the worst. Nonetheless, Leomon stood with confidence.

"Let's see you take this!" MetalEtemon howled with boisterous laughter. "I've got more where that came from!"




The black lightning impacted and exploded right where Leomon and the others stood. MetalEtemon continued to laugh out triumphantly and snapped his fingers.

"Show's over for them! I told you they'd be going out with a bang!"

Then, before MetalEtemon turned away, he overheard Leomon calling out to them. "I wouldn't get too sure of yourself..."

MetalEtemon paled as he glanced behind him to find the billowing smoke cloud dissipating. Emerging from out of the smoke was an unscathed Leomon. Behind him, Mimi, Joe and Ogremon were still standing behind him. They, too, were not scratched but obviously Leomon shielded them.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M711 "Piccolo's Bell Theme"

"But...But... That's impossible! No way!" MetalEtemon stuttered as he stepped back.

"Your final attack failed you, MetalEtemon," Leomon frowned. "Did you think that would stop me?"

Mimi looked down at herself and deeply sighed. "Oh... I... I can't believe we survived that!"

Joe smiled and noticed Leomon standing tall. "It's thanks to Leomon..."

"Feh, showing off as usual. Just like you always do..." Ogremon muttered. "But that's what makes him so good..."

MetalEtemon stepped backward as Leomon advanced closer. He didn't want to admit it but Leomon had his number. His strongest attack did nothing to the brave warrior.

(End theme)

"No... This can't be..."

"Hey, king! THINK FAST!"

Overhearing Zudomon's bellowing cry, he quickly turned and then was on the receiving end of the Vulcan's Hammer.


The hammer bounced right off MetalEtemon's metallic chest and chiseled a hole through it. That small hole expanded as his metal started to crack open. MetalEtemon's mouth gaped wide open in shock. All it took was one strike from Zudomon's hammer and his metal alloy was broken through.

"What? I'm falling a part!" he panicked and trembled. "It's not impossible! Why does this sort of stuff keep happening to me?"

"You're an even bigger fool than you think. Have you even gotten a look at my hammer?" Zudomon held his majestic Vulcan's Hammer. "My hammer is made out of the same metallic alloy: Chrome Digizoid metal. Looks like you're not the only one to possess your own form of the Digital World's strongest metal."

"It's no longer your moment to shine if you ask me," Lillymon said, flying down beside Zudomon.

"But... But no! I'm supposed to be invincible! I'm the King!"

"Well, your highness, your comeback tour ends here," Ogremon spoke out. "Leomon, he's all yours."

(Cue Dragon Ball OST - M505)

Charging up his right fist while gathering a tremendous amount of energy, Leomon glared directly at MetalEtemon and prepared to aim fire at any given moment. However, MetalEtemon would not run away. He would go down fighting.

"All right! You just give me all that you've got!" MetalEtemon roared, challenging his otherwise superior opponent. "I'll TAKE anything!"

"Fine. If that's the way you want it... Then, allow me to give you what you desire," Leomon muttered calmly with his fingers streaking with energy. "You're the second one with the honor of dying by this technique alone..." He then pointed two fingers across and fired a spiraling beam at his direction. "Lion Heart!"

MetalEtemon couldn't even move as the beam shot across faster than anyone could even blink. In an instant, blankness flashed through MetalEtemon's eyes.


The spiraling beam drilled through MetalEtemon's chest as he was thrown back by force. The Mega let out a deafening cry as his body exploded into a cloud of silver data fragments.

"AUGH! Just you wait, I'llllllllllllllllllllll be back!"

What seemed like a moment was really a second. MetalEtemon had been done away with quickly before everyone's eyes. Mimi, Joe, Ogremon, Zudomon and Lillymon were all speechless.

Joe's mouth dropped. "He... he just finished him with one attack...!"

"Following Zudomon's attack that is," Mimi reminded him. "But, yeah, I can't believe it."

Ogremon scowled. "Curse you, Leomon. You one-up me yet again..."

(End theme)

Leomon deeply let out a sigh and dropped his arm. "And that ends it." He turned to glance at everyone behind him. "You no longer have to worry about him anymore. It's over."

"Oh, Leomon... Thank you..." Mimi nodded, clasping her hands together.

Joe approached the brave warrior. "That was awesome, Leomon! Was that a new technique you've managed to utilize under Piximon's training?"

"I used this same technique to stop NeoDevimon," he proclaimed. "But, since Zudomon had cracked open his armor, I merely finished where he left off. He couldn't have survived from it."

"Well, it was my idea to have Zudomon use his hammer. So, technically, I should get credit, too," Ogremon scoffed.

Leomon acknowledged his rival. "Thank you, Ogremon. That was a brilliant strategy on your part."

"Yeah, sure... Huh? What" The ogre Digimon blanched, apparently speechless. "Did heck just freeze over?"

"Um, did Leomon just thank Ogremon...?" Joe asked.

Mimi nodded. "Um... he sure did... It couldn't have been my imagination..."

"No, I'm serious, Ogremon. Thank you for looking after these children and their Digimon. In addition to your idea by having Zudomon utilize the use of his hammer. I personally wouldn't have thought of that myself."

Ogremon was speechless. He really had nothing else to say but this, "Well, I just didn't want you to take credit for my idea..."

"Which I didn't. All I did was aid you. This was really your doing. But even after praising you, you still hate my guts. As I expected from you..."

"Well, even so, we shall remain rivals. Don't forget that," he pointed at the brave warrior. "Once I'm done healing this arm, I will train under Piximon and meet you again!"

"If you mean before the invaders arrive in nine days, then good luck. I will be waiting for you..." Leomon responded, with his back to his rival. "Mimi. Joe. Make sure you stay out of trouble. Lillymon and Zudomon, protect them. And Ogremon... well, all I have to say is that we will meet again."

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Ogremon spat out. "You just come by, show off, take care of the bad guy and get on out of here without staying for a conversation?"

Leomon smirked. "Something like that."

"But, Leomon, you just got here," Mimi approached the brave warrior.

"Yes, but I have to resume my training and I'm afraid there's something I have to take care of," Leomon said. That incredible force I've felt since arriving here came from the forest. No doubt one of the two Dark Masters is there. In order for those two to complete their survival game, even I have to eliminate that menace and prevent him from disrupting their training. But this is it. The last time I'm helping them.

"Leomon?" Joe muttered.

"Take care everyone. I apologize for leaving you like this but I have to take care of a major concern."

"But, how about you take us to help you?" Lillymon offered.

"I appreciate the offer, but I can take care of this. I want you to reserve your strength and look after these two children. Well, it's time I depart. Until then, we shall meet again sometime before the invaders do come. Farewell."

With that, the brave warrior jumped up and flew off into the distance. The group watched as the warrior disappeared off into the distance. Ogremon waved his club overhead and called out to his rival.

"Hey, get back here! I'm not through with you!" Ogremon roared.

"Well, there he goes..." Joe sighed. "At least he managed to come through for us. But, I feel at this point we'll have to look after ourselves. Mimi, what do you think?"

"To think all it took Leomon was one attack," she said, sitting down. "With MetalEtemon gone, where is there for us to do?"

"Continue our search for the other Digimon friends," Lillymon suggested. "Ah, besides, we have Ogremon with us."

"That's right! Ogremon, would you mind accompanying us while your arm heals?" Mimi asked the green-skinned Digimon. "I mean... It's not like you have anything else to do."

Ogremon considered his offer and looked down at his injured arm. Giving a shrug, he turned and sighed. "Might as well. Until my arm gets better, I can't go and train with Piximon. Besides, there are some lands I'd like to see visit and see before I set off on my journey to the Continent of Server."

"Don't worry, Ogremon. We won't hold you back," Joe assured the ogre Digimon.

"And that's the least of my worries. I know some Digimon that might consider helping in the battle against those nasty invaders."

"That's to know. Well, what's the use sitting around here for?" Mimi jumped to her feet. "I say we get on going!"

"Just another adventure for me... Hoo boy..."

Zudomon chuckled. "Look on the bright side, Ogremon. At least we won't be dealing with that egomaniac anytime soon."

"Can't argue with that."


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kuroi Inbou

Arriving at the site of Puppetmon's Mansion, TK, Kari and the Digimon stopped to gaze at the Dark Master's home. TK pointed to the mansion.

"That's where I was held captive and forced to play with Puppetmon's demented game," TK explained.

Kari nodded. "Well, I don't like the looks of it. Can we get going?"

"Yeah, no use for us staying here," Gatomon said. "So, which way, TK? You mentioned a short-cut?"

"Over on the left side and aside from the house. I'm sure of it..." TK stopped in mid-sentence.

He stopped abruptly as soon and stuttered in fear. Kari, Gatomon and Patamon looked up ahead to find unwelcome company.

Standing away from them was none other than Puppetmon. He cocked a psychotic grin and chuckled like a demented child.

"Going somewhere, kids?"


Deep in the Digital World's oceans, a powerful force worked behind the scenes and observed intruders entering his territory. The current location was near the shores of the Great Megabyte Forest.

The lurker waited.

He was hungry for a battle with Puppetmon having been heavily active for the past day or so.

A pair of crimson eyes gleamed through the darkness of the murky underwater hideaway.

The presence slowly emerged to reveal a long serpentine body and a large horn protruded through the crown of his head. Though, he was still cleverly disguised within the shadows.

The ocean Dark Master uttered a low yet bellowing tone. "Hm. That fool, Puppetmon, still hasn't finished off those kids. It makes me wonder why we decided to nominate him and allow him to take a spot among us Dark Masters. Either one of us three would crush him like a piece of fire wood that he is. Meh, if he fails, it's no big loss. Puppetmon was always the weakest of us Dark Masters. Although..."

The sea serpent's eyes flashed and probed a high power from the southwest side of his current position. It belonged to Leomon, who was already on his way to the eastern quarter of Megabyte Forest.

"A huge power reading. It's coming this way toward my position. Well, I might feel a little generous of giving Puppetmon a little helping hand. After all, we're currently working under the Operation: E.D.D. I'll take care of whoever this is and give Puppetmon the opportunity to finish those kids off."

As he slowly rose up to the surface, one thing came to mind: eliminate this enemy with any means necessary.

"That's right. Come to me. You'll never know what will hit you."

(End theme)


Following MetalEtemon's downfall, Leomon was in a hurry while soaring across the open skies and over the deep oceans below. He tried focusing his senses to pick up on the children and their partner Digimon. Their readings, including Patamon and Gatomon, were still too low and far off for him to probe. However, he did feel a faint presence from Puppetmon and growled.

"There it is and that is where they are currently stationed! Hang in there, children! I'm coming!"

Before he edged closer...


The ocean water suddenly opened up and sent a large amount of water across. Leomon immediately stopped and watched as a large, massive serpentine figure emerged from out of the deep ocean.

"What... What is this?" Leomon roared angrily, baring his teeth. "Who are you?"

The behemoth turned around and stared right into the brave warrior's eyes. The ocean serpent had a sleek and long body, which enabled him to swim across the vast oceans. This monstrosity appeared to be measured at 40 feet in length with a head larger than its own body. Its entire body was made out of the powerful digi-alloy: Chrome Digizoid armor. The armor plating was mostly golden (mainly across the head, around the head, face, tail and the fins & flippers). His under belly down from head to tail was light blue in coloration. A long, dagger-like horn adorned his forehead and measured almost at 14-feet long. Dark bluish 'mane' streaked down the back of his head. He opened his eyes to reveal a pair of fear-inducing red orbs. He opened his mouth to reveal a set of teeth that each measured at twelve inches. A long, blood-colored tongue revealed itself. The end of this tail was actually two - both shaped like spears.

(Cue Dragon Ball OST - The Clouds of War Spread)

The ocean behemoth narrowed his eyes and uttered a deepened cackle.

"I asked you a question: Who are you?"

"Entering my ocean territory was a big mistake on your part, warrior. Because I rule these oceans with an iron tail!" the beast roared out, lashing his tail across.

Leomon quickly moved away from the lashing tail and scanned his surroundings. I have to be careful with this one! I wasn't expecting a sneak attack upon coming here!

The sea monster cackled. "Heh. Allow me to introduce myself. As you know by now, there are two Dark Masters positioned currently in the Digital World. The children you're about to save are already engaged in battle with my partner-in-crime, Puppetmon. I'm sure you can guess who I am..."

"If the stories I hear are true... you're the ocean demon MetalSeadramon."

"So kind of you to know my name," the Dark Master mused. "I am well known and feared throughout the underwater world!"

"A Dark Master... I wasn't expecting an ambush from the likes of you."

MetalSeadramon started moving around Leomon in circular motions. "Heh, it's what I do best. Ambush is my specialty."

"You will NOT prevent me from saving those children! I'll go through you no matter what it takes!" he declared, reaching over for his sword.

"What's the matter? I am giving you sea sickness?" MetalSeadramon cruelly joked. "Feeling motion sickness? Don't worry. For you, I'll end this quick!"

"Don't take me lightly, Dark Master. I told you that you aren't going to hold me back for long!"

"And I say you don't have a chance in hell! LET'S GO!"

Leomon reached down for his sword and flew out toward MetalSeadramon's direction. He made a dive toward the behemoth's mouth but then quickly made a u-turn around MetalSeadramon. He raised his head and watched the brave warrior launch himself straight into the air.

Opening his widened mouth, the Dark Master released a stream of powerful blue energy beam through his nose. "River of Power!"

As he gazed down, Leomon found himself in a unstable spot and quickly avoided the incoming beam. He took no chance to slash through the beam and risk losing his sword. He rested higher in mid-air and watched as MetalSeadramon fired another River of Power beam. Leomon evaded the attack.

Leomon clenched his right hand and channeled through his inner ki to release his most powerful attack.

However, before he could get the chance, MetalSeadramon performed a feat that not even Leomon was expecting.

The behemoth launched himself straight out of the ocean and took into mid-air flight. Leomon's eyes widened in horror as MetalSeadramon aimed to attack his adversary head on.


The sea monster cackled out in triumphant laughter. "Oh, but it IS! Did you think I would be confined to these oceans? I can attack while in mid-air flight, too!" Opening his mouth, MetalSeadramon unleashed a stream of ice at Leomon. "Giga Ice Blast!"

The brave warrior anticipated this attack and threw out his right hand to release an attack of his own. A lion-faced projectile beam shot forward in attempt to cancel out the Dark Master's attack. "Fist of the Beast King!"

As the two attacks collided, it was MetalSeadramon's who had won out the struggle. The ice beam shot forward, which Leomon managed to avoid. However, it blasted Leomon's left arm. The lion let out a pained roar.

Smelling Leomon's freshly spilled blood, MetalSeadramon launched himself further up and slapped Leomon down with his tails.

"Ha! Entering my territory! I'll kill you before you even hit the waters!"

(End theme)

(Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Battle of Rivalry

As MetalSeadramon prepared to open fire with another River of Power shot, Leomon immediately stopped himself and was inches away from hitting the ocean surface. He opened his eyes and watched as the powerful beam shot toward his direction. Leomon once again avoided contact and phased out of the way.

Reappearing at a different spot, Leomon was given a chance to catch his breath. However, it didn't take MetalSeadramon long to locate him using the sensors installed inside his head and flew out to Leomon's current position. The sea serpent opened his mouth and unleashed numerous laser beams down at his intended target.

"Energy Blast!"

Gasping out, Leomon was forced to go on the defensive. He avoided the array of laser beams and swatted away at least four of the beams. With Leomon momentarily distracted, MetalSeadramon dove down at the intended target and opened fire with another powerful blast through his nose. Leomon saw this coming and flew across the ocean surface to lead the Dark Master across.

"Heh, trying to outpace me on my own turf? You're kidding yourself!" MetalSeadramon bellowed out in laughter. "You can't hope to escape me while you're on my turf! Now, eat this! River of Power!"

As the behemoth mounted a repeated attack, Leomon increased his speed and flew further across the distance. MetalSeadramon made sure to keep a bee-line straight for his target. He shot out numerous laser beams through his mouth in hopes of catching Leomon off guard. Leomon spun around while avoiding the incoming shots. He flew straight up into mid-air and gathered enough energy through his right hand in attempt to unleash his new technique, which he had utilized on MetalEtemon earlier.

"I can't... believe I'm going to be forced to resort to this attack. I was intending it for his partner in crime," Leomon slightly grimaced and channeled his energy through the right arm. But, this one will have to do. I'm sorry, children. But you will have to handle Puppetmon on your own. Don't give up and believe in your Digimon. They will surely... will not let you down.

"Talking to yourself? I'll you're praying before your eventual demise!" MetalSeadramon roared, opening his mouth.

"Me pray? Yeah, right... I'll never pray for my life for the likes of you. I'm taking you down in one shot!"

As soon as MetalSeadramon's sensors went off, he was picking up a high power reading from Leomon. He scanned the high-level of energy channeled through the warrior's right arm position. Hm. He's collecting energy to release a powerful attack through that arm. Well, he's going to need the time to pull it off and time is something I will NOT grant him!

"Here he comes..." Leomon muttered as he gathered half of the force needed to implement his attack.

Opening his mouth, MetalSeadramon prepared to fire his deadly River of Power again. This time Leomon was wide open for an attack.


Leomon braced himself and clenched his right fist. "Here goes...!"

It almost seemed like an instant but both sides would unleash their attacks.

Time itself slowed down as they aimed to strike. First, Leomon. Then, MetalSeadramon.

"Lion Heart!"

"River of Power!"


(End theme)


"You two can't hide from me too long! When I find you, I promise you'll be my two playmates and we'll have lots of 'fun' together!" Puppetmon shouted out while chasing Patamon and Gatomon. "Of course, once you're expendable, I have to get rid of you like all my other old toys! But, tough luck."

TK growled and clenched his fists. "No! I will not run anymore! I have to stand up and fight!"

"Fight him? You're crazy, TK! He's not going to show us any mercy!" Kari warned her friend. "If we even try fighting him, we're not going to survive!"

"I don't care! He's tormented me long enough!" TK yelled and stepped out into the open. "Hey, Puppetmon! Over here, you big bully!"

(Digimon Adventure OST - Hashiru Senritsu

Hearing the boy's cry, he shifted his view and noticed TK facing him from a few meters away. Narrowing his eyes, Puppetmon chuckled and lowered his hammer.

"Well, you decided to show yourself, TK. You're actually stupid... I mean brave enough to step out here and confront me?" he grinned. "I have to admit I like your guts!"

TK angrily rebuked against the cruel puppet. "I'm not afraid of you anymore, Puppetmon! I'm fed up with your games! All you do is hurt others and force them against their will to play your games! If you don't like them or they even bore you, you destroy them! I saw what you did to those two in that room when you went looking for me! They didn't deserve to get treated like trash!"

"TK! Get away from him!" Kari exclaimed, jumping out of the bushes.

"No! TK!" Patamon gasped out in horror.

Gatomon frowned. "You get away from them, Puppetmon!"

That was when TK silenced them by holding out his Digivice and Crest. Kari realized what TK was up to and pulled out her Digivice. The Dark Master eyed them carefully.

"Hmmm, Digivices..."

"I'm glad you know what these are! Now, Kari! Time to trash this piece of fire wood!" TK called out. "Patamon! Gatomon! Digivolve!"

Kari nodded in reply. "You heard him, you two! Go for it!"

"It's about time!" the Digimon duo responded at once.

(End theme)

Puppetmon scoffed in annoyance and charged forward with his mallet in hand. "I don't think so, kiddies! You're done for! RAGH!"

"GO!" Kari and TK shouted.

(Cue Digimon Adventure - Brave Heart (TV Size))

"Patamon Shinka! Angemon!"

"Gatomon Chou Shinka! Angewomon!"

The angel pair dropped down to face off against the Dark Master.

"Feh, so what? You two aren't even in my league! I'm a Dark Master and a Mega-level Digimon!"

TK retorted. "But I doubt you're even close to being the strongest! I'll bet Angemon and Angewomon can even take you!"

"Heh, we'll just see kid!" Puppetmon snapped fingers.

With that, the ground under Puppetmon's feet started to unearth itself. Several spots were dug open as oddly shaped red vegetable creatures popped from the ground. Their bodies were entirely red with whip-like arms and their fists substituted with bulging, green spikes. Adorning the crown of their heads were green, hair-like leaves. They each had red eyes. There were at least ten of them.

"Yuck! Just what are THOSE?" Kari yelled out.

"They're my RedVegiemon! And they're my loyal friends coming out to play!

"And I can smell them from all the way from over here! Ack!" TK coughed, covering his nose. "It smells nauseating!"

"Heh, say hello to my friends! See, TK? I do have friends! Oh and I forgot a few other house guests! Come on out, boys!"

Coming out of the forest were more of Puppetmon's henchmen. Several trashcans came popping out of the forest and shot open the lids to reveal Digimon inside They were pink, slimy garbage creatures with rotten banana peels on their heads. They opened their mouth to reveal rotten, yellow teeth. Each one was armed with bazookas. Much like the RedVegiemon, they had a putrid smell. There were five of them.

"I told you, TK. I have friends and they're here to help me get rid of your pansy angels! Now, how about we settle this? Ready, RedVegiemon and Garbagemon?"

"YEAH, BOSS!" the army responded in unison.

"Great, just what we needed. If only our friends were here, then we'd stand a better chance!" Kari feared for the worst.

Angewomon responded. "No, we have to prove ourselves ready for the invaders. I doubt these rag-tag goons will be as powerful as the invaders."

"Angewomon is right! We must overcome these enemies with any means necessary!" Angemon stated, holding his staff. "Ready, Angewomon?"

"As I ever will be!"

"Don't worry, Kari. We just have to believe they can win!" TK reassured his friend. "We don't need anyone to help us through this!"

Smiling, Kari nodded her head. "Ok, let's do it!"

"Puppetmon! Just watch what our Digimon can do against your rag-tag group!" TK grinned. "Get them, Angemon!"

"Attack, boys! You have the numbers advantage!" Puppetmon called out and jumped across to attack Angemon head on.

But as soon as five of the RedVegiemon and two of the Garbagemon charged forward, Angemon's right hand started to emit a stream of holy energy. He thrust his fist forward to unleash a powerful sacred energy at the incoming enemy Digimon.

"Hand of Fate!"

The five Digimon were like lambs being led to the slaughter as Angemon's powerful attack engulfed and deleted them completely. Fortunately, Puppetmon jumped away from the attack. The other RedVegiemon and Garbagemon were visibly shaken by the display from the single champion-level.

"Oh no! My friends!" Puppetmon yelled out hoarsely.

"You never really cared for them, Puppetmon! You just led them to their demise!" TK called out.

"Liar! I would never do such a thing!"

Kari glanced over to Angewomon. The female angel flew across and projects a cross-like shape to release a holy stream toward Puppetmon's remaining soldiers.

"Heaven's Charm!"

The beam engulfed RedVegiemon pair and a Garbagemon before they were easily vaporized within the holy stream. Puppetmon's eyes widened open in disbelief. Now, his army was reduced to only two Garbagemon and a RedVegiemon trio.

"This can't be happening!" Puppetmon jumped around angrily and stomped his feet. "You guys are bunch of pansies!"

"We're sorry, Master Puppetmon! Please, forgive us!" a Garbagemon begged for forgiveness.

"They're showing mercy to you, Puppetmon!" Angemon called out. "If you don't wish to be sacrificed, then we suggest you leave this foul menace!"

"You really mean that?" RedVegiemon asked, looking up at the angel Digimon.

Puppetmon had grown irritated with the two angels and immediately vented his frustrations on his remaining rag-tag group. "DON'T YOU DARE TURN ON ME! Do you think I NEED your help? TAKE THIS!" He slammed the ground using his mallet and released a powerful destructive beam at the remaining RedVegiemon and Garbagemon. "Puppet Pummel!"

With that, the blood-curling screams of the henchmen Digimon echoed as they were instantly deleted. TK, Kari, and the angels watched this scene in utter disbelief. It just one attack Puppetmon had gotten rid of his remaining forces without a shred of any remorse.

Angemon roared. "That's unforgivable!"

"I can't stand this little creep!" Angewomon became incensed. "Turning on his comrades just for failing!"

TK clenched his fists and glared a hole through Puppetmon. "How... How could you DO THAT? Those were your friends! And you KILLED them?"

Kari gasped and covered her eyes from the slaughter that had just taken place.

Turning around, Puppetmon simply shrugged his shoulders. "They were just expendable! Just useless toys!"

Following Puppetmon's callous remark, TK angrily yelled out. Angemon launched himself forward with his staff in hand and aimed to attack the Dark Master head on.

"Ha! You want to rush to your own death? Well, allow me to do the honors of sending you to your grave! Puppet Pummel!" howled the Dark Master.

As Puppetmon hurled his mallet to nail Angemon, the male angel immediately used his staff to counter the mallet and struggled to hold the wooden Dark Master back. This allowed Angewomon the chance to fly out from the sides as her right fist was emitting a pink glow.

"Get him, Angemon! MAKE HIM PAY!" TK cried out, his eyes mixed with sadness and pure anger.

(End theme)

However, Puppetmon had a trick up his sleeve. He brought out his left free hand and launched numerous wires at the female angel. Angewomon hollered out as she was on the receiving end of being caught by the wires.

"Hehe, now! Wires Choking!" Puppetmon yelled out.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Aku no Shutsugen

Before long, Puppetmon used his strings to control Angewomon's movements and sends her flying towards Angemon. She yelled out and ended up being slammed directly into Angemon's side. The angel Digimon were sent rolling across together. Once again controlling the strings, Puppetmon forced Angewomon up like his own marionette and moved her toward the fallen Angemon.

"What's going on? Why is Angewomon attacking Angemon?" Kari gasped.

TK noticed the strings around the female angel's body. "Because that creep is controlling her with those strings of his!"


"Hehe, I see you've caught on with my trick, TK! That's a good boy!" Puppetmon snickered. "Yes, these strings enable me to control any of your pet Digimon at any time I wish! So, now, I'm going to enjoy controlling blondie over here to do my dirty work!"

"Let. Me. GO!" Angewomon cried out, attempting rip the strings off her body.

"No way! I'm SO going to enjoy this," the demented Dark Master snickered.

TK yelled out to his partner Digimon. "C'mon, get up, Angemon! Get up and get those strings off her!"

Kari couldn't believe it. She feared of what Puppetmon will do to Angewomon to force her against her own will. But, she wasn't about to give up

"C'mon, Angemon, get up... Get up..." Kari muttered, praying for Angemon to save Angewomon.

(End theme)

Then, it happened so sudden. A faint white, subtle glow was engulfing Kari. It appeared and then faded out. TK glanced over to Kari and was taken back by this mysterious display.

"Um, Kari...?"

"What just happened?"

"What are you...?"

"That glow. There was a white glow on you one second and then it vanished."

Then, it happened again. This time TK caught a full glance and Kari was emitting a white aura around her body. The girl looked down upon herself and gasped.

"What's this...?" she wondered, looking at her glowing body. This isn't making any sense!


Leomon and MetalSeadramon both released enough force in attempt to overwhelm the other in this struggle. It appeared Leomon would have the upper hand that is until MetalSeadramon took advantage by channeling forth more power (and thanks to being an android) to increase his River of Power's force.

Once releasing more of his power, MetalSeadramon watched as the beam struck Leomon head on. The warrior howled out and found himself on the receiving end of the River of Power beam. Throwing his head back, Leomon was sent hurtling towards the sandy beaches. From there, he was left lying and having been crushed decisively by MetalSeadramon.

"I've... been defeated...? Impossible..." the warrior muttered before lapsing into unconsciousness. His vision went completely black.


Kari fell down to her knees as she clasped her head and was gasping out for air. TK ran beside his friend and checked on her health.

"Kari! What happened? You're breathing too heavy!"

"I'm... okay. Just suddenly out of breath..."

"Out of breath but you didn't even move or anything! You... Wait..." TK noticed the Crest of Light emitting a pink glow. "What is this?"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Bolero

Suddenly, the white glow and the pink light intertwined as Kari was lifted into mid-air. She cried out as the combined light entered through her body as streams of light. White and pink rings encircled her eight-year-old body.

Puppetmon stopped for a moment as the light expanded across and blinded him in the eyes. He was sent flying back and rolling down.

"AUGH! What is this light?" the Dark Master howled out in pain.

With Puppetmon's strings released, this allowed Angewomon to rip the strings off and free herself. She immediately glanced over toward Kari and uttered a gasp.

"KARI!" the blonde-haired warrior screamed out.

Picking himself off the ground, Puppetmon observed Kari from the distance. "What... What is that light? How is that girl suddenly glowing?" He wondered as the white gleaming light shone brighter.

Angemon watched the events unfold and spoke in thought. Kari? I'm sensing a strong holy power coming from Kari! Wait...

Suddenly, both angel Digimon were, too, covered by the same white glow. They didn't realize it but Kari's glow was re-energizing them with surging power. Angemon and Angewomon looked down at their glowing bodies. TK watched Kari descend from mid-air drift. She slowly dropped back down to her knees and suddenly lost consciousness. TK rushed over and caught Kari's unconscious form in his arms.

"Kari! Kari! Are you all right?" TK attempted to awaken the child.

"Angewomon! I've been re-energized by that light Kari was radiating..."

"I can say the same for myself. Let us put this replenished power to good use by taking down Puppetmon!"

"Yes! It's time we put an end to these games," Angewomon nodded, looking down toward the fallen Dark Master.

Puppetmon picked himself up as he reached over for his mallet. Before he was inches from grabbing it...


Pressing his foot down on the mallet and crushing it under his toe, Angemon kicked away the broken remains and gazed down at the armless Puppetmon. The Dark Master was left with no weapons to defend himself with and panicked realizing he was at the mercy of the two angels.

"GAH!" he screamed out in panic and scurried toward this mansion.

"So, attempting to escape? Sorry but retreat is NOT an option for you!" Angewomon yelled out, summoning a bow and arrow.

That was when Puppetmon grinned and his eyes started to glow a white light. Angewomon and Angewomon both launched their attacks simultaneously at the Dark Master. He turned with his eyes and mouth widening with an obvious shocked expression.

"Hand of Fate!"

"Celestial Arrow!"


The combined force sent Puppetmon hurtling towards the mansion and crashing through the wall. TK watched from the distance and cheered for the result.

"Yes! Direct hit, you two!"

"That should at least weaken him!" Angemon exclaimed. "Now, for the finishing blow, Angewomon!"

"Coming right up!" she cried.

(End theme)

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Arata na Teki!

Suddenly, the ground started to tremble. The angels took into mid-air flight and floated above the area near the mansion. Then, to everyone's surprise, the large house had uprooted from the ground! Yes, uprooted! The house then sprouted arms and legs to stand a towering 25 feet tall. The house unleashed a terrifying and deafening roar that could be heard from even the furthest distance.

"WHAT THE HECK?" TK cried out as he trembled and covered his face.

Angemon gritted his teeth. "This has to be Puppetmon's doing!"

"Our combined attack still wasn't enough to put him down!" Angewomon exclaimed. "But we still have another shot!"

As the monster house towered over the Megabyte Forest, its bellowing yells echoed out from afar. Emerging through the trapdoor of the roof, the weasel himself emerged and stood tall on top of his monster. Puppetmon stuck his tongue out and waved out to the angel Digimon.

"Heh! Heh! Over here, suckers!" Puppetmon laughed. "I've got something you don't!"

"Man, this is crazy! Just when things couldn't get any worse than it already is!" TK exclaimed.

Just then, Kari started to stir about and moaned under her breath. TK glanced down at his friend and ran his hand across her forehead.

"Oh, good. You're coming to!"

Kari groaned and slowly opened her eyes. "Uhh... T... TK?"

"It's not looking good, Kari. Puppetmon's mansion just turned into a walking monster. Angewomon and Angemon are in trouble," TK explained, pointing ahead.

As the Child of Light looked ahead, she uttered a small gasp. "Puppetmon's house...? That monster was his house?"

"That's right. And I want to know how you gave off that white glow just a while ago."

"White glow? What... are you talking about, TK?"

Upon hearing this straight from her mouth, TK couldn't believe it. He looked at her as if she had amnesia. What? She doesn't remember? But, she couldn't have forgotten since she did it about minute or so ago!

The mansion giant stepped forward and pressed its right foot down while in the process caused the ground to tremble. Angemon and Angewomon scattered into different directions. Throwing out its right hand, the behemoth swatted Angemon aside and sent him crashing through a tree. Angewomon attempted to mount an attack from behind the giant's head until the giant used its other arm to swat Angewomon away.

"NUGH!" the angel woman uttered as she plummeted to the ground.

"WHEE! HA! HA!" Puppetmon gloated as he danced on top of the mansion monster's head. "Look at me! I'm on TOP of the Digital World! You two dead beats are done for!" The Dark Master folded his arms and grinned. "See? I rule this forest! Nothing can stop me now!"

Both Angemon and Angewomon were down. Though, they were both getting right back on their feet and would not give up trying to stop the Dark Master.

Observing from the behemoth standing over the forest, TK and Kari watched Puppetmon celebrating as if he won the lottery. Having heard enough from Puppetmon's annoying laughter, TK stood up and glared toward the Dark Master.

"He thinks he can toy with people's lives? He's NOT going to get away with this!"

Kari shook her head and stood herself up while keeping herself standing. "No... No, he won't get away with it, TK. That I know."

"Good to see you back on your feet and with your head cleared."

"And let Angewomon down? No way!" Kari nodded and held her Crest of Light. "Let's do this! Just one more combined attack should do it!"

"This time... We're going to aim for the obvious target... And believe me it won't be the house..."

Standing tall on mansion monster, Puppetmon glanced down at the forest and snickered. "Heh, I'll bet those stupid kids haven't figured out this monster shouldn't be their target. I think it's painfully obvious they should be aiming for another target..."

(End theme)

Holding up their Crests, both TK and Kari called out. "Angemon! Angewomon! Stand up and fight! Aim your attack on Puppetmon instead!"

Puppetmon panicked as soon as he heard this and spun around.

His eyes widened.

His wooden teeth chattered until they broke apart.

"WHAT? They've already discovered?" he yelled out.

Angemon glanced over toward his female partner. "Well, what do you say? Should we?"

"Let's do it, Angemon!" Angewomon nodded.

With that, the two angels flew up together and aimed for Puppetmon as their primary target. They yelled out simultaneously as both of their fists charged up with holy energy. This would be their last shot to defeat Puppetmon.

"AUGH! Wait! Don't! C'mon, house! Here they come!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Moment for Shuddering)

Coming down from opposite sides, the two angels dropped to meet Puppetmon head on for the finishing blow. The mansion monster raised both arms to swat them aside. However, they evaded around the behemoth's hands. Angemon swiftly moved around and headed straight for Puppetmon with his right fist glowing. The same went for Angewomon.

"NO! THIS CAN'T BE!" Puppetmon screamed as he desperately ripped off the cross handle on his back. "Take this! Flying Cross Cutter!" He called out while hurtling it at Angewomon. It quickly spun around faster than the eye could see but Angewomon easily punched through it using her glowing fist.

"A valiant effort, but sorry!"

"NO! THIS CAN'T BE IT FOR ME!" Puppetmon exclaimed, racing over to jump off.

As he did, he plummeted but did not get a chance to make it far down as the angels swooped down to implement their double attack. Angemon thrust his fist forward.

"Hand of Fate!"

Following up his attack would be Angewomon.

"Here is my own! Celestial Fist!"



Two devastating blows were delivered across Puppetmon. Angemon's fist went through Puppetmon's chest while Angewomon's attack rocked the Dark Master back with tremendous force. The angel pair lifted upward as they forged weapons out of their holy energy. Angemon wielded a spear while Angewomon held a bow and arrow.

"Ooooh... Not... good..."

Showing no remorse for the heartless Dark Master, Angemon hurled the spear down and watched as it impaled through the Mega Digimon's gut and pinned him down to the ground below. Angewomon released the arrow by pulling the bow's string. The arrow, powered by her purifying holy light, struck the area where Puppetmon was pinned. The light exploded and engulfed Puppetmon from within. His deafening cries were overheard as his body was slowly being broken down.


With those last words said, Puppetmon's body vanished within the purifying light force and all that was left was the spear that had pinned him down.

With Puppetmon gone, the mansion monster's body started to collapse and fell apart. By destroying the puppeteer, the puppet could no longer move on its own anymore.

(End theme)


Deramon and Floramon witnessed the battle from a disclosed location. They couldn't believe their own eyes.

"We're... FREE! We're free!" Deramon celebrated and hugged Floramon.

"Yes! Thanks to those angel Digimon! It's a miracle!" Floramon cheered.


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST -Shouri ~Zen no Theme2~)

TK and Kari ran out into the open while their Digimon came floating down to greet them. TK raced over and hugged Angemon.

"Thanks, Angemon! You and Angewomon finished him!" TK smiled while hugging his guardian angel.

Kari jumped into Angewomon's arms and hugged her. "You did great!"

"To think we've beaten a Dark Master on our own, Angewomon."

"You're right, Angemon. We are indeed grateful to have beaten Puppetmon and surely we are prepared for the invaders."

TK stared at his Crest, sighing. "My Crest still hasn't glowed! If being pushed beyond anger like that wasn't enough, what then?" There has to be something missing. But, what could it be?

Having exerted enough of their power, both Angemon and Angewomon de-digivolved back to their rookie forms. Kari now held Gatomon in her arms while Patamon sat atop TK's hat.

"I think we're ready for those invaders! I don't know about you," Patamon said.

Gatomon shrugged. "We'll see once Leomon decides to come by and pick us up. Leomon should be back soon."

"Just one question, Kari..." TK spoke up.

"What is it?"

He looked directly at her and asked the obvious question. "That light? How did it happen?"

"It's like I said before..." she replied, shrugging. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Honestly, you think I would know?"

"Well, I just find it funny... Not 'ha-ha' funny, but obvious. Your body was glowing like a Christmas light and then it vanished."

Gatomon nodded. "That's right. That same light gave me and Patamon the extra boost we needed to trump Puppetmon."

Looking down at herself, Kari couldn't reflect on anything that involved a mysterious glow overtaking her. Did I really glow and was I responsible for giving our Digimon a boost? If that's true, then it'll definitely be useful against the invaders. But, how can I NOT remember?

Nonetheless, they managed to overcome a Dark Master but obviously the weakest of the bunch. At least, one major enemy was eliminated before the arrival of the invaders.

(End theme)


Lying on the sandy beach and left for dead, Leomon was unconscious from the ambush implemented successfully by MetalSeadramon. The cybernetic sea serpent stood tall over the fallen warrior.

"Hm. Well that takes care of him. He put up a valiant effort..." MetalSeadramon cut himself off and probed up a fading power reading through the scouter installed in his head. "Well, the fool, Puppetmon, actually got himself killed. Feh, good riddance. He clearly underestimated the Digidestined. The Dark Masters has no room for failures!"

Moving across the ocean, the sea serpent dove into the ocean and returned to his duties below the surface.

Meanwhile, Leomon moved about slowly and opened his eyes. Muttering to himself, he smirked. "So, they've... defeated the one named Puppetmon. That's good... In these few days we have left, I'll get them ready. If MetalSeadramon did this to me, there is simply... no telling how frightening these three invaders... will prove to be." Laying back on the sandy, he inhaled the fresh sea air and sighed. "So be it... nine days, if we ever cross paths, MetalSeadramon, the result shall be different..."


Other World/Orochimon Road

WarGreymon, Tai and X were still traveling along the long roadway for the past ten days. It was a long (and I do mean LONG) road, but they have finally managed to make it towards the end.

WarGreymon fell down in exhaustion while Tai sighed deeply in relief. He looked up and focused to see a floating planet. It looked like a green planetoid that was oddly the same size as a small moon.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Road to Tomorrow

"Yes! We did it! We're finally here, WarGreymon."

"It's about time! I thought I was going to die, Tai..."

"Well, you two finally made it," X stated, pointing to the small planet from above. "See you two on the flip side!" With that, he vanished out of sight and presumably was already on the planet already. Tai and WarGreymon looked up at the floating object with one thing in mind: get the training over with.

"Heh. Luckily the nice people around the pit stops were able to give us free food," Tai smirked. "Good thing X came with us while we traveled up this long road."

"Yeah. I don't think we would have survived without those meals but we did it, Tai, my friend," WarGreymon measured the distance between the road and X's planet. "C'mon, there's no time to waste. Grab on and I'll use whatever strength I have left to get us up there."

Tai nodded and hopped on his partner's back. "Go for it, WarGreymon."

With that, WarGreymon jumped up into mid-air and slowly drifted towards the moon-sized planet. As they came closer, the planet had a grassy, green surface with a white mansion on front. Tai's eyes widened at the site of the beautiful mansion.

"Wow! X has to be wealthy if he can afford that! I wonder how he can afford that!" Tai exclaimed.

(End theme)

As they edged closer toward the planet's orbit, a strong gravitational force pulled them down without warning. The Mega Digimon found himself suddenly plummeting down toward the surface of the planet. Both the Digimon and the boy yelled out at the top of their lungs.

"AHHH! HOLY CRAP!" Tai screamed out, watching WarGreymon falling down. "What's going on here?"

"The gravity on this small planet is too strong, Tai! It's pulling us in as if it were a magnet! I can't resist it! Hang on!"



The Digimon landed face first onto the planet with an unforgiving fall. The fall inflicted a tremendous amount of excruciating and bone-breaking pain throughout WarGreymon's body.

Slowly and carefully, he pulled himself up but the force was holding him down. Tai rolled off WarGreymon's back and was pulled down by the gravity of the planet. He strained under the sheer gravity as his face turned tomato red.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - An Isolated Warrior)

"Geez! This gravity is too strong! How the hell can X live on something like this?" Tai coughed while he spoke.

WarGreymon slowly made it up to his feet and held his own against the strong gravity force. He reached over to pick up Tai and placed him on his left shoulder.

"My whole body feels like lead," the Mega responded. "I wonder where X is? We've got to talk about this gravity."

"Ah, I was waiting for you two!" X called out, reappearing several meters from them. "Excellent work. You two are the first to ever reach this far. Well besides Anubimon and myself that is. No other soul has made this far. Many have given up while others became victims of the obstacles that stood in their path. I commend you, but I had a feeling you would have made it."

"So, was that like a first part of our training?" Tai asked, scratching his head. "'Cause I seriously doubt I should call that a warm up."

"You have completed that first part of the training. With that out of the way, I think it is the perfect time to start the second part. Are you up for it, WarGreymon?"

WarGreymon nodded. "You bet!"

"Let's do this, X," Tai said.

(End theme)


Next episode: The Digital Invaders Arrive! The Dreadful Day Arrives...


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 9: The Digital Invaders Land! The Dreadful Day Arrives!


Other World/X's Planet/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

(Cue G-Gundam OST - A Gundam Fighter

Tai asserted, facing the masked man. "You know you shouldn't have made us run up that road! You could have brought us over here yourself!"

"I agree. It felt like almost like a waste of time and a drag," WarGreymon concurred.

"So, you guys would have chosen the easy path," X sighed, rubbing his temples. "Man, that is so like you. Guys like you would rather take the easy route and have people guide you. Listen up. Through my training, I'm going to help you to learn self-responsibility."

"Self responsibility? C'mon now," Tai scoffed.

X rubbed his chin. "Tai, I understand you have already exhibited great leadership, but there's more to being a Digidestined leader than just leading a unit. You have to understand to concept of self-sacrifice and understand there'll come a time when you'll have to make a great sacrifice. You also can't be too selfish. And this is perhaps a very important rule: Know your enemy."

Tai responded as he adjusted his goggles. "Right, know my enemy..."

"There will be some creeps out there that will take advantage of you. You can't get too complacent. No matter who they may be," he pointed out while furrowing his brows. "Even if they are your best friend."

"Right... Wait? Even if they are my best friend?"

"You know the old saying: Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer."

"Yeah, but you'd think someone close to us would turn out to be our great enemy? I seriously doubt it"

"Not everything is what they seem. Life can be cruel that way."

"We'll keep that in mind, X," Tai said.

"That's good. I hope you do," X cleared his throat. "Now, sorry if I'm repeating myself, but you've completed the first part of my special training by crossing the long Orochimon Road. With that out of the way, are you ready for the next challenge?"

"You bet we are! WarGreymon's rearing to go! But, I just have one question for you, X."

"Let me guess: 'How hard is the training going to be?' or the usual 'Will it be enough to make us strong?"

"None of the above!" The Child of Courage proclaimed. "But, this is a really stupid one."

"Oh, boy..." the masked man sweatdropped and sighed. "What is it? Knowing you, it is probably stupid..."

Tai pointed to X's mask. "Why do you look like the masked guy from G-Gundam? What's his name...? Oh yeah! Schwarz Bruder! I swear you look like him!"

X rubbed his temples and deeply sighed. He quickly barked out at the goggle head. "Look, Tai! I'm not going to say it AGAIN! I may look like him, but I'm not that same guy! Besides, I'm real and he's not. Got it? So, no more Gundam references!"

"But you can't deny that you look like him."

"Seriously, I could unmask myself if I wanted to, but I would just reveal my secret identity. Besides, I've been forbidden from the Higher Powers from ever removing my mask or taking part in conflict that should arise in this sector."

"Sorry for bringing that up," Tai apologized.

(End theme)

"It's ok, Tai. Anyway, what we need to do now is begin Agumon's training."

The Digidestined leader nodded in reply and pointed to his towering partner. "We're ready to go! But let me warn you not to take WarGreymon lightly."

"Before I start with you, Tai. WarGreymon, I would like for you to attack and strike me down head on. Let's see how good you really are!" the masked man stepped into a fighting stance.

As WarGreymon tried to move, he felt weight heavily pushing him down as he barely moved with the high gravity. "Augh... I could attack, but I feel so heavy here. I can barely move my body!"

"I realize that since you are from the lower realm. You wouldn't be strong enough to endure this much gravity. No wonder you can't move."

"Care to explain to us about this planet of yours?" Tai inquired.

"Sure. This is my home planet. I live here since I can see a good view of nearly the entire Eastern Digi-Galaxy. As you two can see, this is a planetoid, but it has very powerful gravity. It's about ten times more than the Digiworld you're accustomed to. On top of that, its gravity is even greater than that of Earth's. You two weigh ten times as much. You two try to jump as high as you can."

"Let's give it a go, WarGreymon."


The duo jumped, but it was all to no avail. They couldn't even jump an inch off the ground. Tai landed down and strained.

"Damn! It's no good!" Tai complained. "We can hardly get up!"

X observed the pair's dilemma. Hmm, they're attempting to jump that far in ten times their usual gravity? This is going to be an interesting week.

The gogglehead posed another question to X. "So, what's it going to be? Is my friend going to get his training? Though, I'll admit that this gravity isn't doing us any favors."

"Regardless, you two will overcome this gravity and I will train Agumon as much as I can. So, how much time do we have left again?"

Tai was flabbergasted. "What you mean you lost track of time?"

"Hey! I maybe an overseer of the Eastern Digi-Galaxy, but I'm NOT perfect! I sometimes lose track of time myself!"

"Sorry, I asked..."

"I've lost count on the many days we've spent traveling on that roadway," WarGreymon claimed, unable to recall the amount of time they spent on Orochimon Road. "I know we only have a month and half to spare."

"He's right, Tai. As you know, those three invaders are coming to the Digital World and are going to cause a ruckus. Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, and even NeoDevimon will be nothing compared to these guys."

"Just teach us as much as you can. Even with the little time we have left."

"Don't worry. By the time Agumon completes my training, those invaders won't know what hit them! Agumon will be an unstoppable fighting machine."

"Could you tell us when they are due on the lower realm?" Tai asked

"Sure, Tai. I can learn when they arrive on the lower realm. Usually, my predictions come true," the masked fighter declared.

With that, X faced the skies surrounding his planet and quickly began to sense three energy signals pinpointed through a star gate passage.

"Oh yeah. We've got two pods coming this way. There's a big one inside one pod and two more inside the other one. They're on a pace towards the lower realm in about 8 days."

Tai exclaimed. "Whoa! 8 days? You're able to know when a person comes and goes from a certain point within the Digiverse?"

"At least in the Eastern Sector, yeah. I don't usually scan the other sectors. The Northern Sector has been 'dead', the Southern Sector has undergone chaotic times, and I have seen nothing of importance in the Western Sector."

"So, now, it's going to be 8 days?"

"Oh don't worry about it, WarGreymon. It'll be more than enough. To be precise, 8 days with me is like training for a thousand of years. You won't age or even know the difference after it's all said and done."

As soon as Tai heard this, he jumped up and frantically cheered. "WOW! NO KIDDING?"

"Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're gonna win against them," X warned the duo. "These invaders are very strong, but not as strong as me. In my day, I would have taken them in my sleep."

"I wouldn't doubt that," Tai said. "You're supposed to be all-powerful combat master! You practically can see nearly the entire Digiverse and can predict time!"

"Well, I can't predict time. I'm not omnipotent being you know. Now, if you have any hopes of beating them, then Agumon will train under my wing."


X nodded. "Ok, then! I think it would be a good time to start!"

"So, what now?"

"Tai, before I start training your friend, I think it's time that I show him how to free his mind."

"Free his mind? Now, where have I heard that one before?" Tai wondered, raising his left brow in curiosity.

"You two will be taking part in a training simulation program I've prepared for those I have hoped to train. If you two qualify, then I'll train Agumon."

With that, X led them toward a seated white table with a chair set next to it. Snapping his fingers, a laptop materialized on the top of the table and it opened up on its own. The masked man sat down on the seat provided for him and waited for the screen to load up.

"Wow, you even have your own laptop?" Tai pointed out.

"Yep and it runs much faster than any processing networks on Earth. Shoot, I can hold an infinite amount of memory on this thing! Of course, I have the only one of its brand," X boasted, watching the Infinite Windows screen fully loaded and with all of the icons in place. "Ah, there we go!"

"Wow, now that's what I can fast loading time. Izzy would kill to have one of these things!" Tai grinned.

Clapping his hands, a brown box appeared next to the laptop. He opened the box to find a CD inside a case. He picked it up and opened the disc drive to insert the CD inside. Closing it up, he waited and watched a blue box instantly appear on screen. He quickly typed in a password and watched the training simulation program loading up on screen.

X chuckled and watched the entire planet being reality warped. "You two are so going to get a kick out this!"

Tai and WarGreymon were stunned as the planet and the scenery were being altered before their very own eyes. Everything seemed to fade out. The trees, grass, the mansion, the skies and their entire surroundings vanished from their view.

Just like that.


The moment Tai blinked and opened his eyes. He and WarGreymon found themselves in a completely isolated, blank expanse. Everything around them was completely white. They stood on nothing but solid white marble.

There were no sounds. The entire space was so tranquil that a pin drop could easily register a sound from a further distance.

Tai was awe struck at his surroundings. "Wow. Is this really the simulation program you loaded, X?" His voice echoed out the space.

"Um, Tai. X isn't here..."

As soon as the Digimon brought that up, Tai came back to reality and glanced around. He was right. X was not even in the room.

"Where... Where the heck did he go? Is he just going to abandon us like that just for Agumon to train on his own? Man, what a freaking rip!" the goggle head scoffed, stomping his right foot down. "YOU MADE US RUN DOWN THAT STUPID ROAD FOR NOTHING!"

Tai's voice roared and echoed. He heard the echoes repeating over and over again as they eventually died down.

"Shoot, I knew this trip was going to be a waste. Let's find a way out of here, WarGreymon."

"Right, Tai."


Just as the duo was preparing to depart, another voice cleared his throat. Tai and WarGreymon both stopped as they glanced over their shoulders. They spotted none other than the masked guy sitting on a red, comfy and cushioned chair. Sitting next to him was a big screen television.

Waving out to the duo nonchalantly, X grinned under his mask and spoke in a mock hick manner. "Hiya, fellas!"

"Sheesh, X! Did you have to hang us out to dry like that?" Tai barked. "I mean we were just about to leave!"

"And deny Agumon his training? Ah, I feel insulted," the masked man joked and got up from his seat. "You two didn't come all the way here for nothing. You wanted Agumon to receive training? I shall give it to him."

"So, is this apart of the simulation program, X?"

"You would be correct, WarGreymon. This is merely a subspace of the program," X explained and pointed to the television screen. "This big screen TV will display a menu screen." He then pulled out a black remote control from out of his sleeve. "And this remote will enable me to select the simulation program we will using."

Tai was thrilled at the aspect. "Really? Wow, that's neat and all with a push of a button!"

X chuckled at Tai's zeal. "All it takes a simple push of a button. Now, there are thousands of simulation programs. Many dealing with combat. There are even programs to test your wits and intelligence. There are programs that will enable you to face your greatest fears. But, what we're looking for are all the combat programs. I'm sure that's what you're asking for?"

"For WarGreymon? You bet!"

"Then, you came at the right place."

"Wow, combat programs! I'm going to get a kick out of this!"

"Anyway, the first thing I want you to do is learn how to free your mind."

The gogglehead and his Digimon partner stood looking dumbfounded.

"That's the next part of the training. To qualify for these simulation programs, you have to free your mind."

"So, why do I have to free my mind?"

"To enable your friend to master these programs and overcome the gravity on my planet. Agumon and other Digimon all possess energy, much like living things from the material world. Digimon possess their own Digital 'Ki.'"

"Digital Ki?" WarGreymon gathered.

"Yes, even Digital Humans can possess it. I, myself, am an example of such. There have been humans before you who entered the Digital World and have harnesses this special type of power."

"You mean… we weren't the first humans to arrive in Digiworld?" Tai was befuddled.

X nodded. "No, you weren't. Gennai aided a group of kids against a great evil long before you and the other Digidestined arrived on File Island. These kids were able to harness special abilities through training and harvesting Digital Ki through their potential Digivices."

"Wow, that's cool," the Child of Courage said. "Am I able to do that?"

"Well, no, your Digivice is modeled differently. I can't say you can't, but who knows? Enough about that. I'll tell you more of what I know later," X declared. "I've digressed for too long. Agumon's training will be the key to facing these invaders. Now what I meant by freeing your mind was this... control."

Pressing the button on his remote control, he selected the Jump Program on the screen. In an instant, the trio found themselves completely transported from out of the white subspace and into a city.

Tai and WarGreymon were both overwhelmed by their surroundings. It looked like a city district within New York City. The skies were now dark green and the sounds of traffic could be overheard in the background. Cars honking, people cursing, etc.

(Cue The Matrix OST - Shake, Borrow, Switch

X stood in front of the duo with his arms crossed. "This is probably the easiest of my simulation programs. If you can at least pass this, then Agumon will definitely be ready!"

"Right!" the duo responded at once.

"All you two have to do is let go all fear, doubt and insecurity. Free your mind."

With that, X demonstrated as he across the near thirty-story building and jumped across with great agility. Then, in an instant, he phased out towards the other side of another building in half a tenth of a second. Both WarGreymon and Tai were caught by utter disbelief as their mouths nearly dropped.

(Theme fades)

Tai and WarGreymon cried in unison. "WHOA!"

X faced them with a smirk and called out to them. "All right, Tai! You're turn! Then after you, WarGreymon! Go for it!"

(Shake, Borrow, Switch repeats)

Tai knelt down and clapped his hands. "Ok, Tai Kamiya! You can do this! Free your mind!" Heh, this should be too simple!

The masked man observed Tai with careful eyes. Judging by that look on his face, I don't think he gets it. I wonder if he'll make it? Nobody ever makes it over on their first try. Nobody.

Tai quickly sprinted across and jumped across the roof. WarGreymon watched from the sidelines.


Suddenly, in an instant, Tai plummeted like a dead weight toward the streets.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the boy screamed out at the top of his lungs as he plummeted further down. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

X sighed and unrolled his sleeve to look at his watch. "Commence crash landing. Three. Two..."

WarGreymon dove straight down to catch up to his falling partner. "TAI!"

But, it was too late. Not even WarGreymon could save him.


(End theme)

As soon as he hit the surface of the street, the ground suddenly turned into gooey, bouncy and bounced Tai right off. He yelled out as he was thrown up and fell face first on the ground. WarGreymon landed and knelt beside his human partner.

"Tai! TAI!"

Much to his surprise, Tai was still moving. He let out a sigh of relief. But, then, Tai spat blood right out of his mouth.


The goggle head looked down at his stained glove and gasped. "Bl... Blood?" His face blanched at tiny blood stains on his fingers.

X quickly appeared next the Tai and WarGreymon while observing the goggle head being helped to his feet by the Digimon.

The Child of Courage frowned directly at X "Hey! This is supposed to be a simulation program! It's not supposed to be real!"

X confirmed. "Your mind makes it real."

"So, it proves Izzy's theory right that if I get hurt here, my real self gets hurt. If I die here or in the Digital World, I'm dead meat, right?"

"Yes. Your body can't live without the mind. If your mind is not strong enough, then your body will fail."

"Man, I'm not so sure if I can do this."

"Yes, you can. Tai, you and WarGreymon have to do this. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. This training will help Agumon once the time comes to stop the invaders. You, Agumon's partner, must be mentally prepared to boost the morale of your team! They have to stand behind you. By uniting together, you'll come through and defeat any enemy that opposes you! So, what's it going to be Tai?"

"I'll continue for Agumon and my friends's sakes," Tai faced the masked man with a big grin. "That goes double for Sora and my sister, Kari!"

The mention of the red-haired girl name brought a smile to X's face. I'd know you would come through. You made the right choice. Protecting Sora and the others is your one duty as Digidestined leader.

Pulling out his remote, X pressed the Return button and deactivated the Jump simulation program.


They were now back to the white, isolated expanse.

Then, with another push of the Simulation Program Off button, they were brought right back on X's planet.

"X, don't you get bored on this small planet?"

"Me? No way! I mean, look at the mansion behind me!" the masked man pointed to the mansion that looks reminiscent to Wayne Manor. "Shoot, I have everything I need here! There are so many endless rooms to visit that you'll end up in other worlds!"

"You actually have dimensional access to other worlds?"

"Well, the access is pretty limited. I can only access to worlds that I've personally visited."

"How many worlds have you visited?" WarGreymon asked.

"Too many to count and many of them are pretty small worlds. Pretty boring, too."

"Wow, that is neat! We've got to check it out sometime, WarGreymon!"

"Let's put it this way, to an enlightened mind such as myself, the smallest world holds fascination without end. I can see nearly the entire Eastern Digi-Galaxy Sector and I can pick up nearly every known activity that occurs. Besides, I love training myself here. I still need to work my body out, so I can maintain my power."

X looked over at his laptop and retyped the code to reactivate the simulation program. "Now let's go on and try that 'Jump' program again. Otherwise, our training stops here."

"We'll do our best!" Tai declared, standing back on his feet. "Count on it! After we pass it, Agumon'll be ready for whatever you can dish out!"

The masked man made eye contact with the Mega Digimon. "Oh and WarGreymon? As soon as we finish the simulation program, I'd keep that heavy armor on. Cause you will be training on my planet grounds after you've mastered each combat simulation program. It'll be better exercise that way."

"What? But if I try training on this planet, I would hardly move with the heavy gravity!"

"Let me tell you something, the world where these Digimon invaders come from have gravity at times as strong as this."

WarGreymon and Tai were both speechless. "You're... You're kidding."

"Do you begin to see where they have gotten their great strength? Not to mention their inborn fighting instincts. You can't imagine how monstrous their power lies!"

"All right! I say we work our butts off! C'mon, WarGreymon! We have work to do!" The determined Child of Courage openly declared. "By the time we're done here, you're walking out a complete, utter badass!"

"I'll do my best, Tai!"

X chuckled and watched the pair raising their fists over their heads. That's the spirit, guys! Now you're talking my language. How I've missed the good old days when the one who trained me said the same exact thing.


Digital World

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Running Across the Land)

Gatomon and Patamon pounced right after their sparring instructor, Leomon. With rapid speed, they attacked the brave warrior head on with a barrage of attacks. Leomon easily countered their blows, not even breaking a sweat.

TK and Kari were looking on from a safe distance. They were anxious to see if their training would pay off.

As soon as the duo went for another frontal attack, Leomon smirked and quickly phased away quickly. This caught the two off guard. Gatomon jumped down as she scanned the vicinity. Even her keen sense of smell was unable to pick up Leomon's scent.

"Hey! Where did he go?"

"Gatomon, we better keep an eye-"

Before Patamon could finish mid-sentence, Leomon reappeared behind Patamon and delivered a chop to the back of his head. Gatomon managed to react, but Leomon kicked her away like a soccer ball.

"You two better look around you!" Leomon roared.

"But you went too fast! We couldn't see you!" Patamon grumbled, picking himself off the ground.

"You shouldn't rely on your eyes so much! You should be able to feel my presence!"

"We're tried doing that, but you're too darn fast!" Gatomon hissed. "Give us a break here!"

Leomon took that to consideration as he punched the ground in front of them. One punch ruptured the earth, sending debris forward. The debris flying forward knocked the two rookies back. Gatomon and Patamon groaned as they lied on the ground with scratches all over their body.

TK sighed while holding his Crest. "I wouldn't want to be Patamon right about now."

"Or Gatomon for that matter," Kari nodded and watched TK. Poor, TK. Even now, your Crest still hasn't glowed. What is missing?

"If you two have time to complain, then you have time to act!" Leomon angrily bellowed, baring his teeth. "Remember this, you only have seven days! You're improving, but it's not enough!"

"Ugh. You could have told us that from the start before that survival test," the feline muttered and spat on the ground.

"No kidding. We can't endure training like this for long..." Patamon panted.

"Either that or become stronger, especially when you digivolve. You two can be stronger than me! You just have to keep going! Because these invaders no doubt will be stronger than EVEN me!"

With that, Leomon took advantage of their guards being down and mounted another frontal assault on the duo. This time they reacted and swayed from the warrior's attacks.

"You two call that defense? Concentrate! That's not enough! Look! I'm at least trying to kill you! Attack me!" Leomon yelled, throwing out a flurry of punches.

TK and Kari cringed as they watched their Digimon attempt everything to block out every one of Leomon's attacks.

The training had intensified over the past two days prior to the survival test. Puppetmon proved to be a tricky Dark Master, but they would have to improve if they wanted to stand a chance against the three invaders.

However, what TK didn't know was the fact that his own brother was among those three invaders.

(End theme)


File Island/Outskirts of Andromon's Factory

Sitting outside the factory of Andromon's territory, Izzy and Tentomon departed following a discussion with the android Digimon.

Setting his laptop in front of him, he observed a 3-D scan of File Island. "Fascinating. I didn't think Andromon was building a super energy cannon as a last resort to preventing the invaders from landing their space pods. An ingenious move if you ask me. I just hope its effective."

"I hope so, too, Izzy. I mean if that doesn't stop them, then we're left to stop them," Tentomon said.

Izzy agreed. "Yeah and let's hope that it never comes down to that. Then again, I could stay with Andromon a bit and maybe he can build me some weapons," the child of Knowledge looked down at Tentomon. "What do you say we pay ol' Andromon a revisit?"

"Sure as long as the floors are clean! My foot nearly got caught in that oil muck earlier!"

The genius boy chuckled as he was reminded of that incident. "Sure, thing, buddy."


Digital World

Gatomon and Patamon were both sporting heavy bruises across their faces. They had taken a vicious beating following their training with the battle prowess nature of Leomon.

Leomon observed the feline and the bat-pig. "Well, at least these few days are toughening you two up. I commend you for sucking it up."

"Yeah, but you knew that we were going to get tougher," Patamon responded while rubbing his cheek.

"Yeah, he's right," the feline said. "Tell me. You fought many warriors before, right?"

"I fought to survive. But now, I fight to make myself stronger. My arch nemesis has always been Ogremon. He and I have fought many battles. Our rivalry has been an endless battle and I've thrived for better challenges, which is when NeoDevimon arrived. I sought the challenge I've been looking for. However, knowing Ogremon, he no doubt will be training to not only get strong enough to possibly fight alongside us, but he will once again challenge me when this conflict is resolved."

TK spoke up. "What are our chances of beating these invaders?"

"I'd say we have a chance once WarGreymon and Tai return, but our chances are still kind of slim. We will need everyone's participation. The other Digidestined included."

Kari gasped and looked over to TK. But, what about Matt? We're not complete without that piece of the puzzle.

As for TK, he had two major concerns: his Crest and the whereabouts of his missing brother. He deeply sighed and looked out into the night skies. A shooting star flew across and he immediately made a wish.

I wish we could be together again, brother. I want to see you again before the invaders come. Please, if you can just hear me.


Other World/X's Planet/10:09 AM

Four days have passed since Tai and Agumon's arrival on X's planet.

WarGreymon continued his training. He and Tai effectively 'freed' their minds. Tai's partner was able to perfect the simulation programs.


X observed WarGreymon and Tai through the laptop as the duo took part in another one of the many battle simulation programs. Both swiftly jumped over numerous of holographic buildings while WarGreymon plowed through enemy Digimon holograms.


(Cue The Matrix OST - Switch or Break Show

"Terra Beam!"

All, but one of the NeoDevimon holograms, were deleted by the streaming blast of energy. The last one flew out for a head-on charge. The source of the attack came directly from WarGreymon.

Tai smirked and side stepped the incoming enemy. He whirled around and whistled out to WarGreymon. The Mega Digimon cupped his hands together to gather a ball of orange energy through his palms.


The NeoDevimon hologram turned and immediately was on the receiving end of a powerful orange stream of energy. He screeched out as his body instantly became deleted.


"Nice shot, WarGreymon!" Tai commended his partner's new technique. "That new technique of yours is great!"

"Thanks, Tai."

"Whew! This beats any video game!" the goggle head wiped the sweat from his forehead and faced the large screen in front of him. "X! We've perfected this program. Nobody can top us now!"

"Except me, of course," the blaring voice of X snickered.

"Well, no doubt. You're the one who made created this crazy program. You think you could go back home with me and we could make huge bucks off of this bad boy?"

"I would and I think that's one hell of an idea, but my programs are not made for profit."

"No sweat. I wouldn't want any grubby hands to downgrade this thing either. Man! We managed to overcome all of these obstacles, WarGreymon! I think we're ready for anything."

"You're right. I feel a lot lighter and I think I've gotten stronger," WarGreymon flexes his arms while jumping up freely like a lightweight. "Not to mention faster."

The Child of Courage concurred. "X sure wasn't kidding about the gravity on his planet. This and training on that planet has really helped!"

"So, what else is there to learn from?" WarGreymon faced the masked man on the big screen.

"So, you think you're ready? Well, my training is much tougher than you can imagine with only three days to go! You really think that you can take it?"

Tai nodded excitedly. "We'll give it a shot!"

"But let me warn you! Agumon's required to be at his most tip-top form. Learning this technique is flawless and your heart must not be tainted with evil. You must have an equilibrium of physical and mental capacity!"

"Bring it on, X!" WarGreymon said, displaying his Dra-Killer claws. "I'm are ready!"

(End theme)

The goggle head suddenly heard the most irresistible force in the universe.

He dropped down and heard his stomach growling. "But first, let's get something to eat! My stomach is really kicking my butt!"

X naturally chuckled. "Well, you can't beat an empty stomach. No matter how strong you've become."


(Cue The Matrix OST - Domo Showdown

The training continued for Agumon on X's planet.

WarGreymon mastered flight, speed, and energy conservation. He even achieved a unique ability, known as Fury Blitz, which enabled him to boost all of his five senses - coupled with increasing his speed and power.

To top it all off, they were already in the process of mastering X's most powerful weapon. X was confident that the Mega would be ready. Through his eagle eyes, he monitored their progress lately. They had far exceeded his expectations.

Watching from the side of the training grounds, X folded his arms and nodded. Yeah, that's the way. You've mastered every basic I could teach you.

WarGreymon raised their arms over his head. Flowing through his hands were streams of blue aura. The blue light radiated brightly and was composed of powerful spiritual energy. As WarGreymon lifted his hands higher, his own aura expanded with a bright light.

Looking down at his hands, WarGreymon noticed his fists were imbued with purifying, blue energy

"Yes! Now, this is what I'm talking about!" Tai boasted while watching WarGreymon collecting the blue energy in his hands. "We're ready to go, X!"

The masked man nodded in response and stepped into a stance. "Then, let's begin! Catch this large stone! Let's see if you can truly react faster than super sonic speed!"

With that, X looked down at a near 75-ton stone and levitated it utilizing his psychokinesis. The stone was easily ripped and lifted out of the ground like a lightweight. X once again proved he had the most powerful influence of 'mind upon matter' in the Other World.

He held the stone firmly hovering in place.

Finally, with one smooth hand wave, he threw the stone toward WarGreymon. WarGreymon finished gathering enough energy and stood with his fists glowing with a mix of orange and blue energies.

WarGreymon roared out as a red aura covered his body. "Fury Blitz!"

The Digimon watched the large stone hurtling forward. WarGreymon launched himself across as he fired mid-sized beam through his right hand and shattered the stone successfully.

X grinned underneath the mask at his apprentice's display. "Good, good!"

"And that was a nice shot there, WarGreymon!" Tai commended his partner. "We're going to own these invaders!"

(End theme)

"Excellent show. You destroyed the stone that couldn't fight back, but still very impressive," X congratulated the duo. "WarGreymon utilized my Fury Blitz technique very adeptly. That's nothing short of impressive."

Tai chuckled, scratching his nose. "What can I say? WarGreymon is one of a kind!"

"That and I never thought that anyone else could master the Life Bomb technique so quickly. It took me quite a while to perfect it. It only takes a person of pure heart to do so."

"So, a person with evil in their hearts can't use it?"

"No, Tai. Those tainted with a hint of evil in their hearts would only critically endanger their own lives and even die. The Life Bomb only answers to those with pure hearts and it erases every evil essence within that being's heart. This is why I choose you two to use such an advanced technique."

"Would I be able to use it more often than WarGreymon?" the goggle boy asked.

"It all depends. You will have to erase any form of greed and darkness. You and your heart must be flawless to pull this off successfully without critically destroying your own body. You understand? Be clear of any corruptible influences. There's a possibility that you could."

"Wow! That's awesome!" Tai smiled.

"But you guys have to remember this. The Life Bomb is a martial arts discipline that allows you to borrow the energy from every living creature, whether they are biological or digital. That includes everything from the trees, the sun, the animals, the atmosphere and the grass, then you must concentrate and release that energy. If WarGreymon were able to draw enough energy to create such a ball he forged, then just imagine how large it will be back in the Digital World. You must be careful with this technique, because you could also endanger the world you're trying to protect. It could lead to planetary destruction."

Tai uttered a tiny gasp. "Umm... planetary destruction?"

"That's right. So, don't get too reckless and trigger-happy!"

WarGreymon chuckled and nudged his partner at his side. "Hear that, Tai?."

"Yeah, I got it."

"Don't use it if you can avoid it. I'm giving you permission to use it only once," X instructed them. "It must only be an alternative when all the chips are down."

"Right, we got it, X," Tai replied to masked man. "And we have several strong friends back in the Digiworld."

"Yes, but you have to take into consideration that these invaders will be the strongest opponents you've ever faced. NeoDevimon is a weakling compared to these three," X stated. Damn. Maybe I should have told him that two of those invaders are Matt and MetalGarurumon. Should I?

"Like I said, Fury Blitz is all WarGreymon needs," Tai grinned.

"You got it! They won't know what hits them!"

Tai frowned. "That's what I'm worried about. What if that doesn't work?"

"Then, you and everyone else will engage them in battle, Tai. That's all there is to it," X promptly stated. He took another glance at Tai and WarGreymon. A proud smile crossed the masked man's face as he walked in between them. "I'm proud of you two. I have taught Agumon all the basics. You two already mastered every simulation program."

"Piece of cake!" Tai flashed another grin.

"You two are remarkable guys! I don't know what else to teach you... But by the chance you survive, come by and see me again you two! You know you're always welcome back here!"

The goggle boy nodded and stretched his arms. "You bet! You can just call me up through your telepathy."

"Yep! Well, this is it, guys. The day of the battle has finally come. The invaders will reach the Digital World by tomorrow."

WarGreymon smashed his right fist against his left palm. "And we're looking forward to it!"

Just then, X's face contorted and roared out in disbelief. "WHAT? OH CRAP! NO!" This sudden reaction worried both Tai and WarGreymon.

"What's wrong, X?" Tai showed concern over the matter. "What happened?"

"Damn! I should have done this before our training!" X blurted out while waving his arms madly. "I forgot to factor in the time it'd take you to go back on the long road!"

(Cue G-Gundam OST - The Arrival of Those Who Approach

"Can't you just take us to the Digital World?" WarGreymon asked the martial arts master. "We have to go on Orochimon road again? It took us a week to get here in the first place!"

"At your current speed, you'll manage to make it through in a day," X responded. "I'll let Gennai know to pick you up."

"But that's a day late!" Tai exclaimed. "Our friends will be gone and the Digiworld will be in further danger! And here I thought you were an all mighty watcher!"

X sighed. "Look, I don't play God. I made a miscalculation on the timing. I make mistakes like anyone else can!"

"So, where are they now?" WarGreymon asked the masked man.

"It appears the invaders are plowing through the star gate leading into the Digital World's realm. I just hope your friends are well prepared! These three invaders are NOT going to be a cake walk!"

"I thought you could take these invaders with ease," Tai said.

"This is a battle you two must take part in alone with your friends. I can't interfere anymore. The Digital World is a realm, which you Digidestined must preserve. I only train people. My fighting days are behind me and it's not in my jurisdiction to leave for any crucial situation. The Higher Ones are monitoring me and will strip me of my power if I break the code. You two have been my greatest students and I'm proud to have taken you as my future apprentices. Especially you, Tai. I enjoyed working with you."

Tai smiled. "Thanks, X. We've learned a lot from you and we won't let this knowledge go to waste."

"That's right! We'll make sure to stop those invaders and protect our loved ones," WarGreymon reassured X.

"Yes, especially Sora," X said.

(End theme)

"I've seen how you were willing to risk your life to save hers. I saw what you did when Datamon kidnapped Sora. It makes me proud to know that a boy with as much courage as you do is out there protecting his loved ones."

"She and I are childhood friends. We've known each other for a long time."

X nodded. "I can tell. But how do you really feel about her?"

"How do I feel about her?"

"It's okay. You can tell me the truth. But then again, you don't have to say anything."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Braveheart's Triumphant Return

"Well, she's a very kind and sweet friend. She's always been there whenever I'm depressed and she easily gets along with my sister, Kari. When we first arrived in the Digital World, she served the role as a 'caring mother'. When I left the Digital World, specifically after we defeated Etemon, she tried her best to keep everyone together. It takes a lot to make her crack. She isn't the Child of Love just because of a cheap gimmick. She really has lived up to her Chosen Child title. Sora really does love everyone of us, but I think she has a place in her heart for me." X noticed a warm smile etched on the goggle boy's face. "I know I have a place in my heart for her. We're connected, though we might not want to admit it. It's funny though. She still thinks I'm childish and a cocky idiot, but I think it's my courage that attracts her."

"Courage and Love?" X agreed. "Yes, they do go together."

"How so?"

"You as a courageous young man will one day have the courage to admit your love towards the girl that you solely love. Please, do take good care of her and the other Digidestined. Do it for me!"

Tai nodded. "I will, X. You don't have to worry about that!"

"I foresee a bright future between you two. Please, do not screw it up. I say this because one day... One day somebody that you know will be waiting."

"Who, X?"

"You'll know who, Tai. What you need to worry about is saving your friends and kicking those invaders' asses! You can't let those three destroy everything dear to you!"

"Right! WarGreymon, I think it's time we show these three monsters what we're made of!" Tai called out to his Digimon partner.

"Yes! Let's go!"

"Oh, hold on, Tai!"

"Yeah, what is it, X?"

X snapped his fingers and Tai watched as a new choice of attire replaced his old clothing. His new attire consisted of a long sleeve dark blue shirt with the Crest of Courage embroidered on the right side of the chest, black pants and matching color boots. Still adorning his big hair were his goggles.

"Just a little gift for you before you leave," X said. "How do you like your new attire? I hope it's something you'd like..."

Tai gazed over his new wardrobe. "Sure, I like it, but I guess I could do that."

"Not unless you become a watcher like myself. I have plenty of other powers you're not even aware of."

"Heh, I'll keep that in mind. I appreciate this, X. Hey, I even see my Crest symbol on this shirt!"

"Just don't get it ripped, okay?"

Tai chuckled and rubbed his head. "Um, what? Nah, you don't have to worry about that! I'll make sure to keep this shirt spotless."

X sighed. "That's what I'm afraid of..."

As WarGreymon prepared to fly out, Tai stopped and glanced over his shoulder to face X one more time. "X..."


"Thanks for everything."

X responded. "Likewise."

The two shook each other's hands and forever forged their friendship. The student and mentor became best friends with a single handshake and after months of hardship.

Tai hopped up and mounted WarGreymon's back. X waved out to the dynamic duo.

Holding tightly onto WarGreymon's back, the Mega Digimon powered up a bright orange aura and launched off the planet. Taking a deep plunge to the bottom, WarGreymon flew straight up and blitzed across Orochimon Road at a faster than supersonic speed rate.

"Tai! I can't believe how fast we're moving! We'll probably even get there in less than a day!"

"Let's hope so, WarGreymon. We can't think of the worse case scenario..."

"And that would be?"

Tai reminded him. "Our friends and the Digital World are done if we don't get there fast! Speed it up, WarGreymon! We don't have much time to lose! Hang on guys! We're on our way!"

"Right!" WarGreymon responded as he boosted his speed and launched farther out into the distance.


X scanned the skies with a tiny smirk. "Tai. In due time, you will eventually know my true identity. I wish I could show you who I am but of course you know the consequences I'll suffer if I disobey the Higher Ones' laws. I hope we will see each other again, Tai. Good luck, my friends."

(End theme)


File Island/Outskirts of Andromon's Factor

Observing the skies and scanning for any outer space objects preparing to plummet to the planet, Andromon remained standing on his post. He had picked up little activity. However, he was able to locate three metallic objects passing through orbit.

He quickly glanced over at Izzy and reported his findings. "Izzy! I'm able to see them! Three space pods are about to pass through orbit!"

"It was just as X predicted, right?"

"He said they would land at approximately 11:43 hours but no known location of where they will make their landing."

Izzy nodded. "All right, Andromon. This would be our chance to use that super cannon of yours! Let's hope this works and knocks them away from the planet."

"Is your partner, Kabuterimon, ready?"

"He is... Kabuterimon, are you ready? Have that cannon mounted on your back?"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Unforeseen Circumstances (0:00-0:53)) 

As he airlifted himself out of the forest, Kabuterimon slowly levitated into mid-air with a large cannon strapped around his back (much larger and heavier than his body) and summoning enough strength to keep the weapon balanced.

"I am but this cannon is way too heavy!"

"Don't worry, Kabuterimon! All you need are a few shots and that'll be it!" Izzy called out and sat down to observe his laptop screen. The Digivice attached on his computer pinpointed the range where the three space pods were coming from. "They're getting closer! Andromon, let's just hope this works or we're left to stop these three monsters on our own."

"Have faith, Izzy," Andromon stated. "My heat sensors indicate their range is getting closer! All right, now would be a good time to start firing!"

"You heard him, Kabuterimon! Fire away!" Izzy called out.

"Got it! Here goes nothing!" Kabuterimon shouted as he aimed the position of the cannon towards the skies. "Ready, aim..."

Andromon waited for a moment and pressed a button on a remote control in his hand. This activated the cannon in the process and released a powerful beam upward. "Fire!"



A large, charged cannon beam was directed up into the heavens. Kabuterimon was forced back as he managed to keep himself afloat with the cannon still strapped on his back.

"Do it again, Kabuterimon!" Izzy called out in order.

"Fire!" the android Digimon roared.

Kabuterimon repeated the process and waited as Andromon activated the cannon. Another successive beam was launched upward.


A third shot was fired out. Kabuterimon was forced back even further while keeping the cannon intact. "Couldn't you guys be a little more careful? This thing is killing my back!" The insect Champion griped.

"Sorry about this, Kabuterimon! I'll make sure to make this up to you!" Izzy exclaimed. "If we survive that is..."

"We will," Andromon reassured the child.


As the three pods were approaching the atmosphere, the successive cannon beams were launched at their direction. Andromon's aim was to destroy or knock the pods directly out of course of the Digital World. However, since they were already approaching the planet's atmosphere, destroying the pods was the only viable option.

As the beams flew across, three slammed against the pods with force.



Activating his eye binoculars, Andromon checked the skylines for multiple, massive explosions covering the beautiful blue skies. A blinding flash of light radiated the heavens and loud explosions erupted.

"Scanning using heat sensors," Andromon said as his eyes probed the smoke-covered skylines.

"Did we get them?" Izzy asked. "I hope we did..."

Kabuterimon landed next to the android Digimon and the computer whiz. He faced the skies in hopes that the cannon's beams had done their job. "Anything yet?"

"Nothing but we'll confirm just any moment," Izzy stated.


That was when Andromon stepped back and uttered a horrifying gasp. Izzy and Kabuterimon knew that this wasn't good news. They looked up and watched as the three pods were still plummeting toward the planet.

"It... IT DIDN'T WORK!" Izzy shouted out in shock. "But... That should have taken them out!"

"You were unable to see it but I detected a force field that shielded those pods. No doubt these pods were programmed to withstand punishing blasts. They certainly came well prepared," Andromon frowned and stomped his right foot down. "Izzy, we failed. It looks like we'll have no choice but to engage."

"And here I was hoping we would avoid that," Izzy sighed sadly. "I still can't believe this..."

"It'll be all right. We'll stop them. No matter what it takes," Kabuterimon said. "Remember, once Tai and WarGreymon get here, we'll stand together as a complete team."

Izzy sighed. "Not without Matt and MetalGarurumon. Where have those two been?"

"In any case, we must hurry and engage the enemy!" Andromon stated in order. "Izzy, you and Kabuterimon go on ahead. I'll be going back to my factory to grab my gear."

"Right but do you know where exactly they are going to land?" Izzy posed the more important question.

As he was silent for a moment, the android Digimon responded with a nod. "Yes... They will be landing at the exact coordinates: Star City, Sector 875-90."

"Star City?" Izzy pondered and recalled a mid-sized Digimon city on Folder Continent. "That's all the way to Folder Continent!"

"Right, now hurry! I promise I will catch up with you two!" Andromon raced off to his factory.

"I wonder if everyone else is already aware..."

"That's a silly question to ask, Kabuterimon. Of course, they are! Besides, Gennai sent me a message, he'll be the one who will transport Tai and WarGreymon back to the Digital World. He's asked all of us to go to the exact coordinates of where Leomon is with TK, Kari, Patamon and Gatomon."

"How far are they from where we're at?"

"If we leave now, we'll arrive there in maybe two hours or so. So, I suggest we get a move on!" Izzy suggested as he mounted Kabuterimon's back. "Go for it, Kabuterimon!"

"Right, just hang on tight, Izzy!"

With that, the insect Digimon lifted off the ground while fluttering his wings and taking flight off Andromon's territory. They were now setting off and leaving for the coordinates that Izzy was picking up from his laptop. He traced TK and Kari's Digivices to their exact location.

(End theme)


Folder Continent/Star City

It was 11:42 hours.

Star City was still going about its daily affairs. No catastrophes have occurred thus far.

However, all of that would soon change.

Three shining objects gleamed from the skies. This immediately attracted the attention of the Digimon inhabitants of this mid-sized city. They gazed up and pointed to the three objects.

To them, they had though they were looking at a strange star phenomenon.

Unbeknownst to them, these three objects would make their presence felt.

They plummeted down, slammed into and wiped out an observatory tower. The three space pods smashed into the streets of Star City.




It was finally 11:43 a.m.

The Day of Reckoning has arrived.

The Digital World at last yielded itself to the three invaders' incursion.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Anxiety and Unease

The Digimon citizens started running for their lives as the pods formed massive craters upon their crash landing. Many other Digimon gathered around as the space pods powered down. Smoke seeped out through the edges of the pods.

A Yokomon freaked out as its eyes widened in horror. "My heavens! Three objects came dropping down from the skies!"

"What was that?" a Frigimon asked while picking himself up.

"Were those bombs sent from the skies above? Are we being attacked?" a Gekkomon wondered and stepped toward the edge of the middle crater.

"It looks like something feel from the sky. But what would these be?" a Guardromon said. "This might have come from outer space! Then, there's alien Digimon inside no doubt!"

A desperate Pumpkinmon pulled out his camera and kneeled beside the edge. "There are three of them! Wow, there's one that's humongous! We better get a picture of these for our photo album."

"There could be alien Digimon in there!" a Swanmon shrieked. "There could be tiny little green men in there! What if they start attacking us?"

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Moment For Shuddering)

Suddenly, the pods started to open as figures slowly walked out from out of them.

Emerging from out of the larger pod was the colossal titan, Babimon. The powerful alien baboon sported an arrogant grin and opened his eyes despite the flaring sunlight nearly blinding his eyes. It had been a near six-month journey for him and he had finally seen a source of sunlight.

Walking out from the middle pod was MetalGarurumon.

Last but not least, Yamato 'Matt' Ishida emerged in his full battle gear.

"Hey! There's a human boy with what appears to be two Digimon! Alien Digimon and a human child?" the Frigimon said in befuddlement.

"And that big monkey is absolutely hideous!" the Swanmon shrieked and walked backwards. "Th... This is something you don't see everyday!"

"What? Visitors from other worlds? Yeah, that I can't argue with!" Pumpkinmon said as he madly took snap shots. "Ooo, now this is definitely going into my book collection!"

"A human boy? But how could a human boy come from digital space?" the Guardromon wondered.

Matt looked up and gave the Digimon inhabitants a cold stare with his icy, blue eyes.

This gesture alone gave the Digimon terrible and weary vibes. The boy and the Digimon duo came walking out from the impact craters.

Both Matt and Babimon had their arms folded. As Babimon cocked a grin, Matt maintained that same icy stare that would send frightening chills down a grown man's spine.

"Man, my neck was killing me, Yamato. I'm telling ya," Babimon grumbled.

Matt devilishly grinned. "Well, well, home sweet Digital World. I have returned and this place really hasn't changed much." Soon, the games will commence and all hell will break loose.

(End theme)


Next episode: The Struggle Begins! The Terrifying Saibamon!



Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 10: The Struggle Begins! The Terrifying Saibamon!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Leomon, Patamon, and Gatomon sensed the sinister presences from as far as they were standing.

The brave warrior frowned as his revealed his fangs. "So, they're here!"

Gatomon and Patamon gasped as they felt the two frightening powers. Even, TK and Kari were trembling while their Digivices reacting to the enemy's energy signals.

"So, they're finally here?" TK asked.

Kari gulped. "By what Leomon just said now, I would say yeah and they came sooner than we had expected them to!"

"At last, they've arrived," Leomon growled to himself. "I can't believe what I'm sensing here! Their presence is astonishingly powerful! Two of them are stronger than NeoDevimon!"

"They're enormous!" Patamon exclaimed.

"But, we'll show them what we're made of once we digivolve!" Gatomon said.

TK gulped while holding his Crest of Hope. "Matt, where are you...? You've been gone too long. I'll bet you would have known about the invaders, right?"

The child was in for a complete and earth-shattering reality check soon.


Elsewhere, both Sora and Birdramon were both soaring across in mid-air flight. Suddenly, Birdramon gasped and glanced over toward the east direction.

"Sora, I'm detecting a large sinister presence. There's three major powers situated in one location."

"But we won't stand down, will we?"

"Piximon will be joining us soon. But, most importantly, Tai and WarGreymon will get here. Our chances may… be better than we think."

"I hope you're right, Birdramon."


Ogremon, too, stopped in mid-air flight and probed two powerful energy signals. Having obtained the Bukujutsu technique from Piximon's training, the green-skinned warrior was flabbergasted by the two major powers

"Whoa! Whoa, they're TOO strong! Was I stupid enough to even head out to Leomon's location? Just what kind of freaks are we fighting here?"


Sailing across the oceans while standing on top of Zudomon's back, Joe, Mimi and Lillymon faced the eastern direction.

"Feel that, Lillymon?" Zudomon asked his colleague.

Lillymon nodded grimly. "Yes, their powers are even greater than I imagined."

"Yeah, but we're still going to aid our friends! We're the Digidestined after all!" Joe exclaimed.

Mimi put her hand on her chest and felt her heart rapidly beating faster than it ever has before. She deeply let out a sigh and prayed. Please, let us come out of this alive.


Izzy traced the location of the three invaders using his laptop and suddenly was picking up the beacon indicator of a Digivice at that same approximate area.

The computer whiz's mouth nearly dropped as a familiar Crest symbol appeared.

"What is it, Izzy?"

"Kab... Kabuterimon... You're NOT going to believe who I just traced at the coordinates of Star City?"

"The same area where the three invaders just crash landed a few minutes ago?"

"Yeah..." Izzy paled as he fell back.

"You can't mean..."

The Child of Knowledge grimaced with fear. No... You mean to say that the reason he's been gone all this time was because he wasn't even in the Digital World in the first place? But... It can't be! It just can't be! Ma...


Folder Continent/Star City

Facing the Digimon crowds staring at them with horrified stares, the invaders sensed fear from each and every one of them.

Babimon and Matt both sported grins on their faces. The inhabitants were motionless and remained helpless at the presence of the invaders.

Chuckling under his breath, Babimon clenched his right hand and balled it into a fist. His grin widened with into a malevolent one.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Wasteland of Tension

Star City's inhabitants cowered back at the giant baboon's presence.

"Home sweet home, but I haven't seen this city before," Matt viewed his surroundings. "Not that it really matters to me."

"Yes and these Digimon here pose no threat to us," MetalGarurumon scanned each of Star City's Digimon residents.

Babimon snorted. "So? Should we greet these little insects? They're gawking at me and it's getting annoying."

Matt shrugged his shoulders. "Why don't you decide what to do with them? They're all yours."

The baboon Digimon licked his lips. "Heh, thanks Yamato. This is going to be a little fun for me. Say, how about we say hello to those peeping retards?"

As Matt mounted on MetalGarurumon's back, the blonde-haired boy smiled. "Now, don't go too hard on them."

With that, a stream of glowing white energy imbued Babimon's right hand. He then raised his hand with his middle and index fingers sticking out in front.

Suddenly, as he put his hand out, a white column of light erupted and enveloped the three invaders. Then, that same white stream of light was engulfing the whole city. Star City's inhabitants all screamed echoing cries once the white engulfed them at once.

It seemed like a moment.

When in fact, it took merely a few seconds.

The blinding explosion of light swallowed Star City whole.

Everything was instantly wiped out, minus the three invaders.


(End theme)


Watching the explosion erupting from afar, Piximon shielded his face. He felt the tremendous power being exerted from the invader and tried to keep himself steady from the strong gusts blowing his way.

"What was that?" Piximon hollered as his eyes widened in horror. "Those monsters! How could they?"


Sora crossed her arms in front to keep herself from being blown back by the tremendous wind force.


"I can't believe this! I can feel them even from all the way over here!" The bird Digimon screeched out. "Incredible power!"


Leomon stood atop a cliff ledge with his eyes glaring out at the far distance. He, Patamon, Gatomon, TK and Kari witnessed the explosive light expanding out from their vantage point.


"WHAT THE...!" Joe screamed and nearly choked. He fell back and nearly fainted next to Mimi.

"This is coming from them?" Lillymon blanched.

Zudomon buried his face in the water. Are we truly out of our league here?

Mimi looked out and gasped. Her knees trembled like crazy. "What have we gotten ourselves into...?"


From deep under the ocean, MetalSeadramon probed power readings from the invaders. He calculated Babimon's power and noticed it surging.

Chuckling to himself, the undersea Dark Master started to move about. "So, they're finally here. Guess it's my time to make my move. The Bearers of Reliability and Sincerity are well within my range."


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Akumu

As the expanding light faded and died, the smoke cleared away to reveal what was left of the populous Star City.

There was nothing left.

No buildings.

No activity.

No more Digimon inhabitants.

They all died a quick and painful death.

Everything that was once a great city was now left in a pile of rubble and shambles.

The scene was reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic land.

Staring over the barren and devastated landscape, Babimon stood afloat in mid-air and laughed cruelly at his work. An irked Matt was still mounted on MetalGarurumon's with arms crossed.

"Ha! Ha! You think I was trying too hard to impress them, Yamato?"

Matt snorted. "There isn't anyone else left to impress, Babimon. I should have known better than to let you have any fun!"

"Oh, why? Ah, c'mon! A little destruction won't even affect the sale price for this world! Big deal!"

"For once, use the most important muscle in your body. That brain of yours for example," MetalGarurumon remarked.

"Hey, watch your mouth, wolf! Remember who you're talking to!" Babimon scowled toward the cyborg wolf.

"Why don't you make me?"

"Knock it off you two!" Matt cleared his throat and shot them both an icy, cold stare. The two Digimon immediately silenced themselves. "We came here to get information on the exact location of those four, magical Digicores. In addition, I'm here to find and take back my brother, TK. The boss will surely allow him to join our side." He shot another icy glare at Babimon. "And you do remember what we came to wish for with the Digicores, right?"

"Well... duh, of course," Babimon nodded nervously at Matt presence.

"Good and we'll need all four Digicores, right?" Matt pointed out. "So, let me pose you this important question. What if one of those four Digicores happened to be here in this city you've just casually nuked without a second thought?"

(End theme)

As soon as that was brought to his attention, Babimon gasped and slapped himself across his forehead. He sank his head and sighed. "I'm... I'm sorry about that. I guess it just completely slipped my mind."

"Well, what's done is done," Matt forgave the alien baboon. "First thing on our agenda is finding the guy with the highest battle power. He should be the one who killed NeoDevimon. It no doubt has to be Leomon. Either him or Angemon. The others lack the sufficient power to defeat NeoDevimon." Pressing the side button on his scouter, the device scanned the entire planet.

Babimon did the same.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Tough Struggle

Several high powers were quickly calculated and confirmed.

The baboon was the first to pick up the confirmed readings. "Well, this is strange! There are more than half a inhabitants with a battle power higher than a 1,000!"

Matt checked his readings. "..."

"How is that possible, Yamato?"

"How should I know? They've probably been preparing for us. Just find the strongest one."

Babimon nodded and turned toward the western direction. Three powerful readings were already picked up from the approximate sector: 123444. "Three of them! They definitely have the highest battle powers together!"

"Humph, and I haven't gotten anything from Puppetmon. No doubt that fool was destroyed. Not that it mattered in anyway," Matt scoffed. "Though, MetalSeadramon seems to be still active. He'll no doubt come to assist us in anyway he can."

"Good riddance to Puppetmon, but good to know MetalSeadramon is still taking care of business!" Babimon smirked.

MetalGarurumon picked up the same three strong power readings. "All right, Matt, I, too, can confirm three high battle powers. No doubt two of them are Leomon and Angemon. The third must be Angewomon if all possible."

Matt grinned malevolently. "All right, you two! Let's go and have some fun!" And take back my brother!

(End theme)


Centarumon felt the three powers moving across the Digital World and gawked from the power he felt.

"They're moving in! Time to assist Leomon!"


Elsewhere, Andromon was already taking flight thanks to a booster rocket pack equipped to his back. A pair of gliders protruded from his sides to guide him through the skies.

"No, that was clearly NO multi-dimensional shift or earthquakes! They're finally here. Star City's destruction is proof of that! Izzy, I hope you're putting that scouter to the test!"


As Kabuterimon continued his journey across, Izzy put on NeoDevimon's scouter and activated it.

"With this scouter, I'll know for sure where they are."

"I just hope they aren't close to us, Izzy, but you were going to say something about Matt's whereabouts and where you think he might be?"

"Hold on, Kabuterimon," Izzy said while reading the calculations on the scouter. "Good thing Andromon made some last minute upgrade repairs to this thing. We just have to remain low and out of their scouters' reach."

"Got it, Izzy!"

Izzy growled, gritting his teeth. His thoughts became filled with distraught over Matt's sudden betrayal. Matt, why... why did you those these group of ruthless thugs?


Other World/Orochimon Road

Back on the roadway, WarGreymon was still soaring through in hopes of making it towards the battle in time.

Hang in there, guys! We're coming! Tai thought with eyes focused for the upcoming war. "Faster, WarGreymon! Faster!"


Digital World

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Desperate Situation

Leomon noticed the wild Digimon fleeing and disrobed the sword sheath off his back.

"There's no need to be afraid. We've become far stronger during these seven days. You defeated Puppetmon and that itself was an accolade to consider. Defeating a Dark Master would have been no easy task but you two did it."

"We're ready," Gatomon responded. "Lets just see how powerful we've become once we digivolve!"

"TK? Don't you think it's time?" Patamon looked over to his human partner.

"What do you think, Leomon? Should they or should they not?" TK approached the brave warrior. "At least, we'll be prepared ahead of time before those monsters get here."

"Yes. It would be the perfect time now. Let them digivolve."

"Now that's what I want to hear! All right, Patamon! Show your stuff!"

Kari nodded. "You, too, Gatomon!"

With that, the children pulled their Digivices and allowed the two Digimon to digivolve into their evolved forms. TK's Digivice lit up and released energy to allow Patamon to digivolve into his Champion-level form.

"Patamon Shinka! Angemon!"

"Wow! Look at you!" Gatomon's mouth dropped. "Dang! You've definitely gotten stronger. Now, it's my turn! Gatomon Chou Shinka! Angewomon!"

Now, Angemon was impressed with his partner's overwhelming surge of power. "Angewomon! You're power has gotten very impressive and we'll see that put to the test!"

"Definitely," Angewomon smiled.

Leomon suddenly felt a presence from the distance and quickly turned the other corner. "Hey! Something is coming this way from that direction, too! And someone is coming from over here, as well!"

"What? But I thought you said there were only supposed to be three invaders!" TK exclaimed as he and Kari stood by their Digimon. "Stay close to me, Kari."

"Right, I know..."

(End theme)

Just then, the group all turned and found Sora landing with Birdramon.

"S... Sora? Thank goodness it's just you and Birdramon!" TK exclaimed

"We're glad to see you!" Kari said.

Sora smiled and embraced the two children. "How have you two been? I've missed you so much!"

"We're glad to have more support," Leomon said. "You two will grant us plenty of support."

"We're definitely looking forward to it," Angemon stated.

Angewomon smiled. "It should be worthwhile then, Sora. The invaders are in for a big surprise!"

Sora noted the conspicuous absence of Tai and WarGreymon. "Tai and WarGreymon aren't here yet? Joe, Mimi, and Izzy aren't even here either! Not to mention Piximon. I just hope we can hold these three monsters off before they get here."

Kari overheard their conversation. "I hope Tai and WarGreymon get here soon!"

"So, how was it like training with Leomon?" Sora asked the angel Digimon.

Before they had a chance to answer Sora's question, Leomon quickly cut them off. "Small talk is over! They're here!"

The group all looked up to notice three looming, dark shadows from above. Their faces were mixed with a contortion of fear, shock, and sheer anticipation.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Aku no Shutsugen

Everyone gasped as they looked up to find Matt, Babimon and MetalGarurumon floating up together in mid-air.

As soon as TK caught a glance of Matt's face, his widened and mouth widened. The boy felt his stomach turn as he dropped down to his knees. Not only did his knees quiver but his mouth and arms.

The little boy looked like he had just seen a ghost.

The Digimon and the children noticed a broken TK not moving and stuttering to himself.

"TK?" Kari gasped as she kneeled beside him. "TK? What's wrong? TK!"

"What happened to him?" Sora asked as she rushed over by Kari.

Leomon looked up and gasped in shock. He, too, saw Matt afloat in mid-air. Angemon, Angewomon and Birdramon were taken back in disbelief by the revelation of two of the invaders.

"No! It can't be!" Angewomon exclaimed.

Angemon was in disbelief. "No... Matt and MetalGarurumon?"

"What? You mean that's why Matt and MetalGarurumon have been gone?" Sora shouted as glanced up. Her eyes and mouth widened.

"Matt… Matt…" TK murmured as he barely managed to speak.


"Matt! You've made TK cry lately! I won't forgive you for this!" Kari exclaimed, her eyes narrowing.

Sora screamed out loud enough for Matt to hear her out. "MATT GET DOWN HERE AND FACE US! YOU HAVE EXPLAINING TO DO!"

As he overheard everyone letting him know how they feel, Matt couldn't help but chuckle. He saw TK looking up at him with teary eyes.

"Wow, looks like you were pretty popular with those rag tags," Babimon chortled.

Matt smiled. "Ah, they love me so. And TK... Just look at him." I've found you brother. Now, I can take you back.

The baboon Digimon counted the group all together. "Heh. I see fresh meat walking. Four pitiful Digimon and three pitifully weak humans!"

"You see that boy down there? The one next to the Angemon? That's my little brother, Takeru. Or TK for short."

Babimon blinked. "That kid? Heh, he's such a little shrimp! So the Angemon is his Digimon partner?"

"Yeah. It seems that they've been expecting us."

So, those are the invaders? Angemon thought. I can feel their aura. Demonic, especially that radiating from the giant baboon! I can't believe TK's brother has joined the rankings of our enemy!

The invader trio descended as they landed and faced off against Leomon, Angemon, Angewomon, Sora and Birdramon. The invaders sported grins on their faces.

(End theme)

Noticing TK kneeling on the ground, Matt chuckled in amusement. "TK, we meet again. Little brother."

The younger brother was in a state of shock and couldn't even mutter a single word. Kari grasped his hand.

"Don't let them scare you. He might be your brother, but he's joined the enemy. We're going to have to fight them. Remember, what we talked about?" Kari asked. "That night. Do you remember?"

TK nodded. "Yeah..."

"Judging by your looks, I see that you've been preparing yourselves for our arrival," Matt chuckled as he eyed each of the Digimon. "Leomon, Angemon, Angewomon and Birdramon, ah, how I missed you all."

"You'll learn the hard way how we deal with traitors," Birdramon hissed.

"Lovely," Matt quipped.

"Matt, you've got a lot of explaining to do! What's you and Gabumon's reason for joining the enemy?" Sora heatedly demanded.

"Heh, light my fire, baby!" Babimon threatened the tomboy. "C'mon! Give me your..."

"Shut up, Babimon," Matt dryly said as he put his hand out to silence the alien baboon Digimon. He folded his arms and stared at the whole group. "So, it's going to be all of you against the three of us? Clearly, you have the numbers advantage but I doubt any of you will be putting a single dent into our armor. You won't even make Babimon or MetalGarurumon work off a sweat."

Leomon grinned. "Heh, keep saying that."

Matt, what made you decide to join the enemy? Was it that argument you and Tai had before Daimaomon captured Kari and me? TK thought as his eyes watched both sides.

"TK?" Kari noticed the boy's distress.

"This is going to get ugly, Kari. I say we head for higher grounds. We'll just get in the way," TK said as he grabbed Kari's hand

She nodded without hesitation. "Right. I'm with you."

With that, the children scurried off towards the distance and watched from behind the rock. This also served as means for TK to recover from his state of shock.

The invaders paid no heed to them as they kept their eyes on their Digimon adversaries.

TK raised his head up and peeked over at Matt. "Matt. How could you?"

"TK. Stay tough. I'm sure there's a way to get your brother back. I think he was influenced by some dark force," Kari tried to reassure her friend.

"But, I just feel guilty by having Angemon attack my brother's Digimon."

"I don't think we really have a choice. We'll just see how everything plays out."

"All right, Kari..." the boy sighed.

"So, are we ready to get settled with?" Matt sported a devious grin.

Leomon scoffed and took a fighting stance. "Let's go!"

"Wait, your voice. I heard you from my scouter's transmitter when you defeated NeoDevimon," Matt pointed out. "Isn't that right, MetalGarurumon?"

"That's right," the metal wolf Digimon agreed.

"Wait! You heard my voice?" Leomon was taken back.

"Yes, didn't NeoDevimon tell you?" the blonde-haired preteen pointed to the scouter mounted on his left face. "Our scouters serve as communicators."

Babimon shifted around to find TK hiding behind a rock with Kari. "And your brother just hid behind that rock, Yamato."

"I know. I'm glad that he's given the proper care while I was away," Matt smiled proudly. "You have no idea how close he and I are. We are brothers after all."

"Leomon. We can't let them take TK!" Angemon declared. "Whatever's taken over Matt, I can sense a dark influence overtaking him."

"We will bring him back Matt back to his senses. I'd like to do that personally myself," the brave warrior shot a glance toward Matt and growled.

"Now. I ask of you two favors," Matt stepped forward and offered. "First off, I want my brother back. He shouldn't be hanging around bad influences such as yourselves."

"Bad influences? Look who's talking! Who are you trying to fool?" Sora angrily retorted against Matt. "You deliberately walked out on us when we needed you the most and aligned yourself with these type of creeps! You're not worthy of being the bearer of the Crest of Friendship!"

"My, my, you're really burning with passion. Aren't you, Sora?" Matt chuckled at his own pun.

"You're sick," the Child of Love scoffed.

Matt snorted. "For my second offer, I want you to tell us where we can find the Digicores. I think that's a good deal, don't you think so?"

"So, you know about the Digicores?" Angewomon asked.

"Heh. Why else would we bother coming to this dump?" Babimon shouted out. "Hand them over! Bring on all the pathetic friends you've got to help ya. It won't even make a difference! They're just slugs compared to us!"

"Heh. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don't know where they are," Leomon replied. "In any event, I don't think even the beasts will allow you to take their treasures!" He stood in a fighting stance. "No more talk."

"Well then. If you don't give us more information on the Digicores, we'll just have to beat it out of you then," Matt frowned and dropped his arms to the side. "MetalGarurumon, get ready."

"Right, Matt.."

Babimon's scouter device started going off as he picked up the official readings of the warriors standing before him. He smirked and didn't even work up a sweat. In fact, he was busting out laughing.

"The Angemon has a 981 power level. The Angewomon has a power stat of 1083. The flame girl has a power reading of 840. The bird has a level of 1080. Pfft, the Leomon has a level at 1220. Idiots! Do you think you can challenge us with pathetic power readings like that? I'll crush you like BUGS!"

Matt sighed and removed the scouter from his face. "Babimon, take that damn thing off right now."

The baboon blinked in confusion. "What?"

"I just had some second thoughts. These scouters usually indicate inconsistent battle powers. Trust me. The numbers from these scouters are usually unreliable."

"Hey, you know something, Yamato? You've got a good point!" Babimon grinned and removed his scouter. "Good call. I recall that idiot, NeoDevimon, let himself get fooled by their power readings by relying on that stupid scouter. He's known to get extremely overconfident over his scouter's figures. He was such a wimp."

As the two scouters dropped, Leomon uttered a gasp. Such a wimp? Are there other invaders whose strength overshadows NeoDevimon?

"I recall you and WarGreymon fighting that monster, but I never got a chance to see that fight first hand," Sora pointed out to remind the seasoned warrior.

"I was a witness to it," Angewomon said. "So he calls him a wimp?"

"I mean if they're stronger than NeoDevimon and WarGreymon isn't here..." Sora continued on. "How do you expect to beat them with just us?"

No response. Leomon once again gave everyone the silent treatment.

"Don't worry, Sora. Remember, you have me to assist our friends," Birdramon opened her wings and prepared to engage in battle.

"Thanks, Birdramon."

"Why don't we see what they can really do?" MetalGarurumon suggested to his human partner. "Then we'll ask for TK and the Digicores."

"By the way, didn't you carry eight Saibamon seeds?" the blonde-haired boy asked his partner in crime. "Bring them out. They'll do."

Babimon devilishly grinned. "Heh. I really love the way you think, Yamato. You really know how to have fun!"

"Um... Saibamon?" Sora blinked in confusion.

"What are those?" Angemon wondered. "Better yet. I don't think I want to know."

Reaching down inside his belt buckle, Babimon pulled out a small bottle containing eight green seeds inside. "Eight of them. You're right."

"Heh, maybe the Saibamon can persuade them to tell us where we can find the four Digicores and force them to hand over my brother. What do you think, Babimon?"

Kneeling down, Babimon poked eight holes into through the soil. He picked up each seed and placed them into each of the holes. "Oh, I think they can arrange that! This soil will grow some fine Saibamon."

After that, he piles some dirt over each planted seed. He pulled a small bottle of a green liquid substance and poured several tiny drops over the buried seeds. Babimon gets up off the ground and rejoined Matt.

"There. That should do it. We'll just kick back and watch the show," MetalGarurumon affirmed.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Arata na Teki!

Just then, the ground quickly rumbled as green heads started popping out from the ground. The warriors glanced over and their eyes widened at what was emerging from the buried ground. Green, gremlin-like monsters sprouted from out of the soil. Their heads were enlarged as if their brains caused their heads to expand out. They sported crimson eyes, clawed feet & hands and pointy, elf-like ears. Their heads, arms and legs were neon green while their bodies, hands and feet were dark green in coloration. They snickered and faced their enemies.

All eight of them laughed like the gremlins they are.

These were the deadly Saibamon, effective in groups and utilized as tools in combat.

Shuddering at the grotesque imps, TK and Kari were watching this from the distance. 

"Augh, I don't like the looks in their eyes!" TK exclaimed and leaned back against the rock.

"Yuck! They're so disgusting!" Kari gagged.

"So we're supposed to fight these things? They don't look so tough!" Angewomon said.

Sora groaned. "Yeah, but these little guys are so creepy!"

"Stay on your toes and keep your guard up everyone!" Leomon advised his colleagues. "Never underestimate the enemy!"

Matt pointed out at the Digital World's defenders with a smirk. The Saibamon turned to face Leomon and his cohorts. "Those four are your targets. Do them some harm, Saibamon!"

"Guess I'll take two of them on the far left!" Angewomon announced.

"I'll take the other two on the far right!" Angemon made his call.

Leomon glared at the middle. "I'll take the two in the middle!"

"Birdramon can take the last two!" Sora declared.

Matt stepped back and watched TK from the corner of his eye. "And now we begin the main event. TK, I hope you and Kari are enjoying this. Once this whole skirmish is over with, little brother you'll be coming back with me!"

TK frowned in defiance. No! Something is wrong with you, Matt! I will find a way to bring you back to your senses!


Other World/X's Planet

Standing at the center of his planet, X observed the events set to commence in the Digital World. He couldn't predict who would come out on top but his prayers went out to each of Tai's friends.

"Poor, TK. He's just found out that his own flesh and blood is one of the three invaders. He's been broken, but he's going to have to find courage. In order to make your Crest glow, you must mature. Even if it takes force to do it," X hollered out as he calmed down and deeply exhaled. "And so... the battle for the Digital World begins." C'mon, Tai! Get there as soon as you can!

(End theme)


Digital World

Angewomon gawked at the little gremlin-like creatures. "So, what are these things? Champion level or Ultimate?"

"Allow me to answer that question for you," Matt said. "All eight of these grown Saibamon are each Ultimate-level!"

"Ultimate level?" the united fighters shouted at once.

"Those little things are Ultimate-level?" TK gawked at the gremlins. "I find that..."

"Hard to believe?" Kari asked.

"Exactly what I was going to say..."

"Great! All eight of these things are Ultimate," Sora gulped.

Leomon maintained a serious glare. "Don't underestimate the enemy, Child of Love. No matter how small they may seem."

"Here they come!" Angemon howled as he warned his comrades.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Shuugeki! Soshite...

With that, everyone glanced ahead and quickly scattered away as the eight Saibamon rapidly moved around in multiple directions. Birdramon, Angemon and Angewomon all took to the air to avoid the Saibamon. Meanwhile, Sora and Leomon somersaulted away from the little beasts.

Two Saibamon slammed through a giant boulder and shattered it with force. The others each jumped up into mid-air and circled the three airborne Digimon. The six each dropped to the ground.

"Stay focused! And don't let any of them grab you!" Leomon called out.

Babimon was having a good laugh watching the Digimon and the two warriors scattering. "Ha! Look at them go! Just like Roachmon!"

"The Saibamon are merely just testing their ground," Matt said. "They're not even serious yet."

"Not to mention they're one of our successful experiments in biotechnology, Yamato."

"Really? I must have missed that memo. Remember, I've only been in league with you guys for a short time." Yet, I've learned so much after being baptized into darkness by 'him'.

The eight Saibamon stopped playing with their enemies and lined back up in formation near the three Invaders. They happily chirped and laughed in amusement.

"Heh, they're really enjoying this!" Babimon cackled. "Oh, boy! Now, they're ready to get down to business!"

"All right, guys! This is it!" Leomon roared, clenching his fists. "Time to get serious!"

The three airborne Digimon prepared to attack by unleashing their front assault on the eight Saibamon.

Then, the eight Saibamon made their first move.


Leomon was ready as they followed out and kept up with the eight imps. Two of them jumped out at Leomon, whom countered their punches and threw them off him.

Pegging a Saibamon in the face with an elbow, Leomon knocked it aside and side stepped another coming his way.

The angel Digimon and Birdramon were poised ready to attack. In fact, Angewomon forged her bow and arrow. Angemon's right fist glowed and Birdramon's wings unleashed a horde of fire blasts.

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Meteor Wing!"

As the attacks came forward, the Saibamon quickly scattered and retreated. Fortunately, the Digimons' attacks were sent toward the far off distance and exploded on impact.

(End theme)

Leomon's ears perked. "So, you've finally come, my friend."

Then, there was loud galloping from the background. Leomon's ears perked again as he turned and felt the presence of a Digimon. The angels and Birdramon looked down.

It was Centarumon. He dashed toward the group and stopped beside Leomon.

"Centarumon!" Angemon cried out in surprise.

The four-legged beast nodded as he greeted the team. "Hello again. I only see three of the Digidestined." He recognized Sora and then turned to find the other two children hiding behind a large rock. "It's good to see you."

"It's Centarumon!" TK happily chirped.

Kari looked up to notice three unfamiliar figures levitating down. "There's three more coming down!"

"Hum?" Angewomon saw the three figures coming into a closer view. She gasped as Andromon, Piximon and Ogremon were revealed.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M-1412

"It's Ogremon, Piximon and Andromon!" Birdramon announced. "Sora, Piximon did come!"

"That's good. I'm glad he came," Sora smiled and waved out to her sensei. "Piximon!"

"Sora! I've come to help as I said I would! Yep, yep!"

Ogremon groaned once he laid eye contact on Leomon. The two rivals exchanged glances. "Humph, there you are, you rug carpet."

"Ogremon, well this is a surprise. I never thought you'd show up to aid us. Especially since we'll be working together."

The horned ogre dropped descended and landed meters from his rival. "I'm only helping to kick these punks off the planet. Then, once this skirmish is over with, we'll fight to once again settle the score!"

"Fine by me if you want another loss," the brave warrior smirked, furthering bruising his rival's ego.

"Just shut your trap..."

"Um, now is not the time to argue you guys," Sora sighed.

Andromon landed beside between Piximon and Ogremon. Turning off his rocket boosters, the android Digimon unattached on his right leg was a large cannon. "I apologize for not showing up early, Digidestined and friends. I've had to equip myself back at my factory. Your friend, Izzy, should be on his way here."

"Him and Tentomon? Well, the more help, the better!" Leomon nodded. "As you can see, you will have noticed that two of the Invaders once was affiliated with the Digidestined. The Child of Friendship, Yamato 'Matt' Ishida. And his partner, Gabumon, but currently in his Mega form: MetalGarurumon. They were the ones missing for quite sometime."

"Those two?" Centarumon was shocked, as he should be.

Ogremon, Piximon and Andromon were all taken back by this shocking twist.

(End theme)

Matt merely smiled. "Nice to see each of you, old friends. Ogremon, Andromon, Piximon and Centarumon. It's been a while. And Leomon, I can't forget about you. How have each of you been?"

Ogremon scoffed and hollered out at the blonde-haired preteen. "Hey, what the heck are you doing with creeps like these?"

"Oh, please, you were once loyal to Devimon. So, quit trying to be a hero. It simply doesn't suit you. I know being a Digidestined didn't work well for me either."

"That's enough, Matt! Quit these stupid games and come back to your senses!" Sora snapped.

"Yeah, you've had us worried!" Piximon exclaimed.

Babimon chuckled and looked down at Matt. "You sure are popular with these idiots, aren't ya?"

"I'm too good for them. I was held back a lot just by sticking with these rag tags. I only managed to get stronger by hanging with the likes of your boss, Babimon. I have to say..." the blonde looked down at his right hand. Clenching it tightly, he raised it. "...I feel pretty damn good."

"Yeah, no kidding. Just with your Alter power, you can crush all of them at once! But, I doubt you'll be even needed to wipe these bugs. Just leave that to the Saibamon," Babimon said.

"Hehe! Hehe! Hehe!" the three-foot tall critters giggled with an evil tone.

"So, these little midgets are our opponents?" Ogremon snorted. "Man, I was expecting some competition! Bah!"

Andromon activated scanned the eight Saibamon and attempted to use his newly installed scouter (duplicated thanks to his technology and placed inside his body). Scanning procedure. Calculate power readings of the eight.

He scanned all eight altogether and read each of their separate power readings.

Within a few seconds, he confirmed their power readings. "Each of the eight has power readings of 1200."

"1200 each?" Sora exclaimed.

Angemon paled. "1200?"

"Not exactly what we needed to hear," Angewomon murmured.

"Not to fret! If we work together, we should take these eight little monsters!" Piximon reassured everyone. "Don't let some mathematical calculations scare you!"

Sora smiled, listening to the combat master's guided wisdom. "He's right, guys! Just don't sweat it and fight them with all you've got!"

"Man, they just keep on coming," Matt remarked.

Babimon snorted in annoyance. "Like a swarm of flies. They're already annoying me."

"Heh, well, they have eight Digimon and we have eight Saibamon. That makes it a fair game. Don't you think, Babimon?"

"Got that right, Yamato! I mean, how about we have each of our Saibamon fighting each of these wimps one at a time?"

"Yeah, I like that idea. MetalGarurumon, what do you think?"

"Your call, Matt."

Facing the group, Matt smirked and pointed to them. "So, how about it? How about each of you fights one at a time? One Digimon for each Saibamon? I think that's fair game. What do you say?"

Leomon snarled angrily. "You call this a game? How absurd! Let's just get this over with!"

"Yet, this could work for us," Angewomon suggested.

Sora nodded. "Besides, Tai and WarGreymon haven't returned yet. I think you can handle them if you fight seriously."

"But don't you think we would benefit more if we all fight them at once? There's no way I'm going to go by that punk's little game!" Ogremon snorted. "I'll beat the snot out of him!"

"Ogremon! Control yourself!" Leomon roared at his rival. "It's not wise for you to charge in there without a strategy! We will go by what Sora suggested."

"Yep, yep, Sora's been learning from my teachings. We fight them seriously and not let down our guards," Piximon stated. "Now, the question is... Which one of us goes first?"

Andromon stepped forward without questions asked. "I'll go. I've had some modifications done to my body prior to the invaders' arrival. According to my calculations, I have a 50/50 probability of defeating at least one of the creatures."

"If you think you can handle one of them, then go for it my friend," Centarumon stepped aside. "But, the minute any of them interfere, we'll be there to stop them."

"Be careful, Andromon!" Angemon exclaimed and kept an eye on the Invaders. "Matt... You've emotionally broken TK. I will not forgive you."

Birdramon narrowed her eyes at the Invaders. "Somehow, I doubt any one of them can be trusted."

"Oh, look at that, Kari!" TK pointed out.

"Yeah, Andromon... I hope he can at least defeat one of those eight," she said. "But then, we'd still have eight more to go."

"Heh. Wait 'till those Saibamon surprise the hell out of that cocky punk," Babimon said.

"Fine. You take Andromon," Matt ordered. "Give him everything you got."

"Good luck, Andromon!" Piximon called out.

"Man, that should have been me out there instead of him," Ogremon snorted. "Why do I always get left out?"

"Don't worry. The moment the enemy attempts to assault Andromon with sheer numbers, then we'll step in," Leomon assured his rival. "It's only the matter of the case if Andromon can take one of those Saibamon."

"If he can't, then we're in trouble," Sora said as her eyes twitched. "But Andromon seems confident in himself."

Piximon had his eyes fixated onto the battlefield. "Go for it, Andromon..."

The android Digimon pressed a pair of buttons on his right hand. Both fists were charged with surges of pulse energy. Stepping forward was one of the eight Saibamon.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Moment For Shuddering

It didn't take long but the Saibamon lunged directly for Andromon to begin its assault. This allowed Andromon enough time to launch a counter attack. His right hand was replaced with a blade and he released a boomerang-like blade directly for the Saibamon.

Andromon yelled out. "Lightning Blade!"

The green little monster was on the receiving end of the android Digimon's attack and knocked back. Andromon raced out in pursuit of catching up with the monster. However, the Saibamon swiftly landed on the ground and opened its cranium to release a green, acidic spray.

"Acid Spray!"

"What?" Andromon gasped.

As he saw the deadly spray spewed at his direction, Andromon sidestepped away the incoming the acid. The spray splattered the ground and started to eat through the ground.

"Yikes! That was a close one!" TK let out a sigh of relief.

Kari blinked. "That acid would have been disaster for Andromon since he's an android Digimon!"

"It would have been deadly for anyone, Kari."

"Whew! Thank goodness for that!" Piximon said. "Keep your guard up, Andromon!"

"I have to know what kind of modifications he's done to his body," said Angewomon. "He's been keeping up with that Saibamon."

"But for how long you think he will last?" Birdramon wondered.

Babimon, Matt and MetalGarurumon watched the fight progress carefully. They noticed as Andromon was keeping up with that one Saibamon. Matt seemed a little impressed to say the least.

"Hmmm, Andromon is definitely not the type to train. I wonder what upgrades he must have done to himself? Perhaps, I can try to have some modifications done for MetalGarurumon if need be," Matt observed and commented.

Andromon launched himself over at the creature. The Saibamon jumped at the android Digimon and executed a right fist thrust. Telegraphing the monster's attack, Andromon sidestepped him and kneed the Saibamon into his exposed gut.

Delivering an elbow shot to the back of the Saibamon, Andromon forced the monster face first to the ground. Andromon picked the Saibamon by his left leg but gremlin quickly recovered and somersaulted right out of Andromon's reach. It launched itself again and threw out a right hand, which was countered by Andromon. The two Digimon exchanged blows quicker than the group can see. Though, the most of the Digimon followed their exact movements.

"I can't even see a darn thing! They're moving too fast!" TK cried out. "Hey, Kari? You think it's because we don't have trained eyes?"

"I'd say so, TK."

The Saibamon dropped down in front of Andromon and threw out an attempted right fist. Andromon spun around to the side of the tiny creature and executed an elbow shot directly into the Saibamon's chest. Saibamon screeched out in excruciating pain as he rolled across the ground. The android Digimon followed it up with an elbow shot to the creature's face and fired a pulse beam through his right hand. One shot from the beam knocked the Saibamon off his feet.

Andromon followed it up with another.

The Saibamon jolted from the beam released by the android Digimon.

Finally, Andromon put both fists together and unleashed an enormous beam, which engulfed the Saibamon.

(End theme)

"Yeah! Way to go, Andromon!" Sora cheered on for the android.

"Wow! Thos pulse beams of his sure are grinding that freak to the ground," Ogremon was impressed.

"Good job, Andromon," murmured Angemon.

"Excellent work, my friend," Piximon nodded in approval.

Showing hints of frustration, Babimon scoffed and watched Andromon. "Curse that android. This can't be... He shouldn't be this strong. Even with those blasted upgrades."

"Don't worry about it, Babimon," Matt stated. "It's not even over."

"Well, that's Andromon for you!" TK commented with a smirk.

Kari agreed. "Looks like we'll manage to plow through these freaks before my brother and WarGreymon get here."

"Heh. Heh. It looks like they'll be able to entertain us a little bit after all," Matt muttered with a smirk.

Babimon grunted. "You're taking them too lightly if you ask me, Yamato. What if they defeat the Saibamon?"

"Somehow, I doubt that. Matt knows what he's talking about," MetalGarurumon commented.

Suddenly, the fallen Saibamon was moving its right arm and slowly was trying to pick itself up prior to Andromon's assault.

The Digimon and warriors looked on unwillingly.

Matt watched the struggling Saibamon and frowned in disappointment.

Babimon looked down at Matt and commented. "This is impossible! These are the cream of the crop! The Saibamon's power is approximately 1200. Each one of those eight! They're all equally matched with... with..."

"With whom?"

"Well, with NeoDevimon, Yamato."

Matt nodded in agreement. "Yeah, but somehow Andromon's power is still greater than that Saibamon. This doesn't surprise me. He took out Greymon and Garurumon at the same time when a Black Gear controlled him. He was no easy opponent for us Digidestined then."

"But, our data never showed that!"

"Well, could your data be ever so wrong?" Matt remarked.

Just then, the struggling Saibamon was back on his feet and catching his breath. Andromon turned around to face his enemy. The Digimon and the warriors were surprised by the imp's resilience.

"Incredible! That little imp is getting up! Keep your guard up, Andromon!" Piximon exclaimed.

Sora was surprised. "Wow, these little guys are tougher than I thought."

Suddenly, MetalGarurumon's eyes flashed as a beam shot forward and struck the Saibamon head on.

The little imp let out a blood-curling scream as it exploded with all of its body parts, blood, organs and brain matter splattering the ground. The heroes looked on with disgust and utter disbelief.

TK and Kari were both taken back by this display of power by MetalGarurumon. They were shook up.

"What? No way!" TK shouted out. "MetalGarurumon just slaughtered that guy!"

"I couldn't even see him move," shuddered Kari. "I mean... Just one shot and that Saibamon was wiped out... I shudder to think what Matt and that monkey can do!"

The Saibamon corpse was now nothing more than a pile of blood, flesh and bone. The Digimon were stunned by the metallic wolf's relentless assault. This was obviously Matt's way of showing his disapproval towards the creature's incompetence.

"He... He just killed his own guy!" Ogremon exclaimed. "Man, but I have to say that little freak was already done for."

Leomon frowned as he had overheard the invaders' conversation. But, did I just overhear them saying each one of these monsters had the same strength level as NeoDevimon? Unbelievable. Yet, Andromon was able to decisively defeat one.

"Why in the hell did you have MetalGarurumon kill him off?" Babimon asked the blonde-haired preteen.

"Andromon already had beaten him. It would've been a major waste of time to keep him around," the blonde responded. "He underestimated Andromon. Didn't I just say these Saibamon needed to go all out?"

"Yeah, but he was still alive!"

"Besides, these Saibamon are expendable. They have no feelings or show any shred of emotion. They were created solely to carry out their assignments. They are tools and nothing more."

"I can't believe this!" Angewomon frowned and growled angrily. "How could MetalGarurumon kill that Digimon? And Matt calls them tools?"

Sora was taken back by Matt's dark side surfacing. "I can't believe this... Matt, how could you?"

"I find it hard to believe that a Digidestined would convert to the darkness," Andromon remarked, his eyes locked on Matt. "He's clearly not the same Digidestined of Friendship as before."


Data Ocean

Hitching a ride on the back of Zudomon, Mimi, Joe and Lillymon set off on the journey across the treacherous Data Ocean. Despite their progress, they were still nowhere reaching the coast to the continent where the major Invader battle was currently taking place.

Suddenly, the rising tides roared out and a massive, serpentine monster emerged from out of the deep blue Data Ocean. Mimi, Joe, and their Digimon were all taken back by surprise as the Dark Master of the oceans emerged from out of hiding.

"So... That's MetalSeadramon?" Joe yelled out in shock and fell back.

Mimi trembled before his presence and uttered a gasp. "He's... He's too big! How do we beat that?"

"Like this!" Zudomon and Lillymon answered as they promptly engaged the Dark Master.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Shitou

Zudomon was the first to attack as he lunged at MetalSeadramon and impacted his Vulcan's Hammer on the serpent's Chrome Digizoid body.

MetalSeadramon easily passed through Zudomon and swatted him aside with the end of his tail.

Lillymon flew up into mid-air to avoid being on the receiving end of MetalSeadramon's tail. However, as the metal-bodied serpent erected himself up, he blew a stream of red, hot flames out of his mouth.

"Energy Blast!"

The flower girl quickly defended herself against MetalSeadramon's assault and cupped her hands to form a flower cannon. "Flower Cannon!"

As the two streams collided with each other, it was MetalSeadramon's that overwhelmed Lillymon's. The flower Digimon zipped to the side to avoid the overwhelming burst shot.

"What's it going to take?" Zudomon grunted.

Lillymon descended to assist her comrades. "His body is made out of Chrome Digizoid alloy, isn't it? Zudomon can surely break through his armor."

"But, it won't simple like I did with MetalEtemon!" Zudomon reminded her. "Besides, we will need more help to stop this monster. He is a Dark Master..."

"Yeah, but I suggest we do that fast!" Joe shouted as he watched MetalSeadramon recoiling out of the water. "He's about to attack!"

As soon as Zudomon warned him, MetalSeadramon charged up a laser beam through his nose. "River of Power!" Calling out his attack, it shot across and forced the two Digimon to scatter at all sides.

"You guys! Please, be careful!" Mimi screamed. "Joe, we really need Izzy and Tai if they aren't already over at the battlefield against those Invaders."

"I know... We could use either one of them by now," Joe concurred. "Where are those two?"

(End theme)


Digital World

"So, who's next?" Matt glanced at the seven other Saibamon. "Which one of you wants to step up and fight? So, we can continue our little game."

Angewomon descended to the ground and glanced toward the Saibamon horde. "Looks like I'm up to go."

However, Centarumon was quick to butt in and interrupted the angelic woman. "No, please. Allow me, Angewomon."

"No, let me do it," Angewomon assured the centaur Digimon. "I can take him. I'm an Ultimate just like they are..."

"You're a great asset to the Child of Light. However, I cannot let these monsters go unpunished. I will never forgive the traitorous Digidestined and these invader allies of his to extract information on the legendary Digicores. I can not allow them to seize one of the ultimate sources of legendary power of the Digiverse!"

Centarumon readied his arm blaster and stood against the Invaders. Angewomon stepped aside and allowed the Champion to take her place.

"Now try me!" the centaur Digimon howled out.

Matt grinned. "Now that's more like it."

"Just some fresh meat volunteering himself to get slaughtered!" Babimon added.

"Bah... SCREW THIS NOISE!" Ogremon roared out as he walked past both Centarumon and Angewomon. "You let me take one of these little freaks on! They're excessive chattering is already getting on my nerves!"

"Ogremon! Don't! Let Centarumon handle this!" Leomon called out.

"You know your role and shut your mouth, Leomon! I've got this one!"

Sora blinked. "Wow, he really told Leomon off... Ogremon, you sure you want to do this?"

"Girly, don't question me. I know I can take one of these little creeps on," the green-skinned warrior stated. "Piximon, don't you even dare interfere, you pink butterball."

"I wasn't even going to say anything, but be careful..."

Ogremon stepped forward and threw his club aside. "I won't even need that. I'll tear one to shreds if I have to!"

"Please, don't get too carried away and fight seriously," Birdramon muttered.

Matt grinned and watched Ogremon. "Heh, Ogremon seems eager."

"Yeah, right. Eager to die," Babimon licked his lips.

Ogremon stepped up and lunged forward at the second Saibamon was ordered to attack. The green-skinned warrior howled out in laughter as he clenched his right fist. "Ready or not... HERE I COME!"

Before long, both the Saibamon and Ogremon vanished out of sight. Everyone (excluding Sora, Kari, and TK) was at least keeping up with the two combatants.

"They're gone!" TK cried out.

"They're moving at super speed, Takeru," Leomon confirmed. "You won't be able to feel their Ki since you, Sora, and Kari have not been trained to do so. If you had you could concentrate hard enough and you'll be able sense them. Everyone else is doing it but you three."

Kari blinked. "Wow, amazing."

Sora shook her head. "I know."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Teki no Yattsukkero!)

As they continued to commentate, Ogremon was countering the Saibamon's claws and evaded around to avoid contact with its fists. Ogremon phased behind the Saibamon and tried to seize him. However, the Saibamon dropped down, seized Ogremon by his right arm, and tossed him into mid-air.

Then, Ogremon descended down to stomp the Saibamon over its head. The green monster sidestepped Ogremon and sprang into mid-air.

The Saibamon went airborne and somersaulted on top of a nearby cliff ledge. Ogremon flew out in pursuit of the tiny imp. However, this was simply a clever ploy being implemented by the creature. The Saibamon lunged itself at Ogremon. The ogre knew that this was coming and phased out of its reach. As the imp was caught by surprise, Ogremon appeared above the Saibamon. It screeched and looked up above its head. Ogremon readied his right fist and shot out a purple stream of energy directly at the Saibamon.

"Pummel Whack!"


The blow impacted with the Saibamon, sending it plummeting downward. As the attack faded and smoke cleared away, there was a small crater where the Saibamon was left laying. The creature looked completely out of it with its body smoldering.

Startling turn of events astonished the invaders, except Matt.

(End theme)

Babimon's face contorted. "What is this, a joke? I can't believe we're going to lose another one!"

Ogremon landed on the ground and kicked dirt over the fallen creature. He turned to face the Invaders and spat on the ground.

"I just took out one of your boys, fellas! Don't take me lightly because that'll come back to bite you in your asses!" Ogremon put a thumbs down. "You three are next once I've taken out every one of these little freaks!"

Leomon growled. "There he goes running his mouth again."

"He really does enjoy hearing himself talk. Doesn't he?" Centarumon groaned.

Sora folded her arms. "It's a bad habit of his."

"All right! We are so going to win against those green little men!" TK happily cheered. "Yeah!"

Kari smiled with delight. "I know! We might not even need my brother, Joe, Mimi, or Izzy now!"

"Argh, that cocky green son of..." Babimon growled.

Matt spoke up. "Babimon, relax."

Ogremon pointed at the rest of the Saibamon. "All right! Before I get done with you three jokers, I'll take the rest of the six green men!"

"Ogremon? Are you nuts?" Sora screamed out from the background.

"Awww, that's too bad I won't get the chance to see that. It would have been quite a little show," Matt chuckled calmly.

"Oh yeah? Bring the little midgets on!" Ogremon called out the six Saibamon.


The Saibamon jumped out of the crater and went to grab Ogremon.

"Ogremon!" Centarumon roared.

As Ogremon turned, he saw the Saibamon coming toward him.

"What in the...?"

Before the Saibamon could wrap itself around Ogremon, Centarumon stepped out in front of Ogremon and allowed the Saibamon to apply a vice grip around his waist.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Taiketsu

"Centarumon! I thought I told you to..."

"Get back! I'm going to take this since you were too arrogant to not bother finishing the enemy off!" the centaur Digimon yelled out.

"I said this was my fight!" Ogremon roared.

Sora quickly raced out and grabbed Ogremon from behind. "Centarumon! Can you get out of that thing's grasp?"

"I...I...I'm not so sure..." Centarumon struggled. "Curses...!"

"Hey, let me go!" Ogremon snarled. "Let me go, kid!"

Centarumon struggled and kicked away with his hind legs. "Let me GO!"

Leomon remarked. "It's over..."

The others looked on with surprise as the Saibamon unleashed an explosive blast, which engulfed Centarumon completely.



Sora cried out as she was blown back with Ogremon.

The explosion covered the ground where the two once stood. Each of the Digimon and warriors looked on and gasped in utter horror. Kari covered her eyes as TK held onto her.

"CENTARUMON!" Sora screamed out.

(End theme)

As the dust clouds started to settle, there was nothing left of the two Digimon.

They were both vaporized.

No bodies.

No last words.


Just a smoldering crater in their place.

Matt nodded his head. "Now that's more like it. I guess we'll call that a draw."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Requiem ~To Those Who Meet Their End~)

Leomon gasped as his own comrade was done in by the creature's Kamikaze attack. Everyone else (except the villains) looked away and deeply mourned the loss of one of their Digimon friends.

TK was visibly shakened and rightfully so. He didn't even bother looking at the devastation and cried. "No... Centarumon!"

"No! Why did he just kill him?" Kari cried. "I can't bear to see this!"


"How could anyone be so cruel?!"

"Hikari..." Angewomon murmured in sadness. "Ogremon, you fool. If you hadn't been so foolish..."

"Ogremon! What Centarumon did was save your carcass from certain death!" Angemon yelled out at the ogre.

Sora dropped Ogremon down and frowned. She delivered a slap across his face. "You son of a...! What Centarumon did was what any honorable warrior would do! He came in there to prevent you from getting killed! But, no, you just had to show how your machismo again!"

The ogre Digimon sank his head in shame and allowed a few tears to drop. "I... was too arrogant..." Centarumon, I'm sorry my friend. It should have been me that died. Not you. I should have made that honorable sacrifice. I just had to be so damn reckless… and that got you killed!

Sora started to feel some tears despite losing her cool with Ogremon. She wiped the tears using her right sleeve. "Centarumon... It should have been Ogremon to make that honorable sacrifice. You didn't... have to do that!"

Babimon scoffed and yelled out at the crying tomboy. "Oh, you shut up, girly! It doesn't matter who bites the dust first! Don't you get it? All of you except Yamato's little brother are going to DIE anyway!"

"Calm down, Babimon," Matt said. "Give them a little time to mourn that piece of trash that just bit the dust."

As soon as Sora overheard this, she clenched her fights tightly and gritted her teeth. She fiercely glared toward Matt.

Ogremon gulped and stepped back. "Shouldn't have said that ya blonde punk..."

Sora growled and put out a right fist. "Shut up! You SHUT. UP." She put her hands out in front. "Matt, I thought I knew you. You're no longer a friend in my eyes. For traumatizing your brother and calling an honored warrior like Centarumon... trash? You sick, twisted son of a... You DON'T deserve the Crest of Friendship! I'll take you down myself if I have to! I'll make sure you stay away from TK! He wants the real Matt! Not this new twisted monster! Everyone but Birdramon need to stay out of this! Now!"

"Right! I'm coming, Sora!" Birdramon called out. The giant bird swooped down and remained hovered over her human partner.

"Birdramon will blow these bastards up and scatter them to the wind!" Sora declared. "Birdramon! Let's do this!"

"I'm on it, Sora!"

(End theme)


Next episode: A Turnabout for the Worst! More Sacrifices!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 11: A Turnabout for the Worst! More Sacrifices!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Teki o Yakksukkero!

"Birdramon will blow these monsters up and scatter them to the wind!" Sora declared. "Birdramon! Let's do this!"

"I'm on it, Sora!"

Piximon exclaimed. "Everyone! We should get away from here!"

Leomon roared. "Get back everyone!"

"Get the kids, Angemon!" Angewomon cried out.


With that, both Angemon and Angewomon swooped down to snatch up both TK and Kari away from the site.

Birdramon's body was enveloped in flames as she spread her wings out.

"Birdramon! It's time!"


Andromon followed everyone else but glanced over his shoulder to witness Birdramon gathering her attack force. "Incredible. Birdramon's power is rising!"

"Go for it, Birdramon! Let them have it!" Angewomon yelled out.

"Meteor Flare!" Birdramon roared as a shadow flame replica emerged from out of her body and launched toward the enemies.

Their attacks hurtled forward as the six remaining Saibamon, Matt, MetalGarurumon, and Babimon stood their ground.

Just as the enemy prepared to scatter, Birdramon waved her wings up and 'curve balled' her attack above them. Birdramon's eyes flared as she redirected her attack. The enemies were left standing and watched the rain of fire blasts showering down upon them.






The rain of blasts was instantly vaporizing the six Saibamon at once through the intense mystic flames. Their loud cries and banshees echoed. The three invaders shielded themselves from the incoming attacks.

(End theme)

The combined force of Sora and Birdramon's merciless attacks instantly wiped all of the Saibamon out.

"They did it!" TK cheered out. "That takes care of all those little creeps!"

"Centarumon's been avenged..." Kari whispered.

Then, Sora frowned as she glanced over her shoulder and called out to her friends. "You guys! Watch your backs! Birdramon missed one of them!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Shock!

Suddenly, the last surviving Saibamon lunged out of nowhere and launched toward TK. The angelic warrior prepared to swat the creature with his staff.

"It's the one that escaped their attacks!" Andromon warned Angemon.

(End theme)

Then, an arm ensnared the Saibamon. The creature looked up and saw Leomon holding a vice grip around its right-handed wrist. The Saibamon struggled to break free, but Leomon shot a swift knee him into the Saibamon's gut.

"Die!" Hurling the creature into the air, Leomon channeled energy through his right hand and unleashed a lion-faced beam at the enemy Digimon. "Fist of the Beast King!"

Once being caught within the incoming beam, the Saibamon howled out as it was vaporized down to its bones and charred skin. Nothing was left of the Digimon after the beam faded away. Smoldering ash of the Saibamon's remains dropped and was blown away by the strong winds.

"Whoa. That was close," Angewomon sighed a relief.

Sora called out to Leomon. "I knew she missed one! Thanks a lot to taking care of that one, Leomon!"

"We can relax now, Kari," TK sighed.

"I hope so..."

Angemon dropped down with TK and Kari in his arms to thank the brave warrior. "That takes care of the last one."

"Yes. At least for the Saibamon," Leomon said as he turned toward the rising smoke. "However, I was definitely expecting those other three to survive. I certainly needed a warm up. The real battle's about to begin."

With that, the dust settled and it revealed three figures walking through the smoke.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Unforeseen Circumstances

Matt, Babimon, and MetalGarurumon emerged completely unscathed from their attacks. Holding a hand over his head, a green dome was visible over the trio. Once he brought his hand down, the barrier dome vanished.

The majority of the heroes looked on with great shock across their faces. Kari was scared beyond her wits and buried her face on TK's shirt. Sora frowned and cursed to herself.

Matt chuckled deeply with his eyes on the whole group. "Heh. I hope it will be a great battle, Leomon. I must say I was impressed with your pet bird, Sora. I didn't think she'd have it in her to wipe out the whole Saibamon squad. Oh well, like I said they were expendable."

Sora scoffed. "It's about time you and those two get your hands dirty!"

"Well, you did say you wanted playtime to end, didn't you?" the blonde-haired preteen grinned, looking up at Babimon.

Babimon flexed his arms and laughed. "Oh yeah! I've been waiting for this since our long trip here! I didn't come here just to waste time looking at these bugs!"

"They survived Birdramon's attacks!" Andromon gawked at the unscathed trio.

"Sheesh, what are these guys made of?" Ogremon groaned

Piximon gasped. "Their attacks should have at least did some damage!"

Sora angrily scoffed. Birdramon should've at least burned off Matt's stupid smug.

The baboon Digimon stomped forward and clenched his fists tightly. A malevolent grin was etched on his face. "Let me go next, Yamato. You don't have to get your hands dirty. Besides, I'll kill them all at once!"

"Go ahead," Matt shrugged and stood beside MetalGarurumon. "Be sure to spare TK's life. He's coming with us."

"Right, I'm just glad you reminded me again before I had forgotten. Heh."

"No, he's not!" Angemon roared out as he handed TK and Kari to Angewomon. "Take the children to safety on the sidelines, Angewomon!"

"Yes," the female angel nodded and took the children from Angemon. She quickly found another large rock and landed down to set the children down. "Ok, you two. Please, stay here. I'm not sure how this will turn out but no doubt..."

Before she even had a chance to finish her sentence, she heard the heavy footsteps of Babimon stepping into the middle of the battlefield. She frowned as she saw everyone else standing his or her ground.

"Please, be careful, Angewomon," Kari said to her Digimon.

TK closed his eyes. "And please... try to stop my brother and bring him back to his senses."

"We will try, TK," Angewomon reassured the little boy. On the other hand, it's not going to be easy. Sorry, TK. Your brother may not want help for as long as he aims to take you.

Babimon clenched his fists, chuckling under his breath. Like any hungry beast, he was ready to charge in for the kill. "Now, let's get this show on the road. I've been cranky since being stuck inside that pod! Now, I can really work my muscles out!" He once again eyed each 'victim'. "Yamato, just relax. I'll have all these bugs squashed! One by one!"

Matt stepped away with arms folded. "Show off..."

(End theme)

As Babimon started to pump every muscle within every fiber in his body, a black aura coated his body. Taking a stance, Babimon pumped his power tremendously and caused the ground under his feet to suddenly tremble. Andromon's geo-thermal sensors indicated a strong seismic activity as a result of the baboon's initial power-up.

The android Digimon uttered a gasp as he read the beast's calculated power. "Battle power of over 4,000? No, it's much higher than I first calculated!" At this rate, from the way he's been demonstrating his power up, the seismic level will go higher.

Piximon strained as he put his hands out. "Andromon! My powers aren't even working on him!"

"Unbelievable! To think a monster like him even exists!" Angemon cried out.

"I...I never thought it would be so much..." stammered Leomon. "It looks like I might have to digivolve to my Ultimate form if that's the case. I can't guarantee a victory, but I know my chances are better."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Ijou Jitai Hassei!!)

Babimon continued to pump out more of his potential power, which was already noticeable by the Digimon. His horrifying roars echoed throughout the land. The clouds quickly darkened as it clearly indicated the mood of the scene. The warriors and the Digimon were in sudden despair.

"Here it comes! Get ready!" Leomon roared out in warning. "We can't run! We stand and FIGHT!"

Suddenly, before any of the fighters could even move, Babimon phased out their sights.

Even their keen senses couldn't keep track of his movements.

Leomon, Angemon, Angewomon, Piximon, Andromon, and Birdramon were left standing with their guards completely down.

The unfortunate victim of Babimon's assault was Andromon.

Babimon came charging toward the android Digimon and laughed insanely with his eyes gleaming with red, bloodlust. "HERE I COME!"

The android lifted his left arm to strike Babimon's face. However, the insane baboon was able to see this attack coming and threw out a clenched right-handed fist.

Piximon uttered a horrifying gasp as he watched Babimon's powerful fist connect with Andromon's arm.



Andromon howled out as Babimon ripped the android Digimon's left arm off with a single punch.

Andromon dropped down to one knee as black oil exploded from out of the torn wire ligaments. Each torn wire was 'bleeding' profusely as Andromon's systems were waned.

The others all turned away in horror while refusing to watch him scream out in agony.


"Andromon!" Piximon cried out.

Both TK and Kari covered their eyes from the gruesome scene. Watching Centarumon die was traumatizing enough but witnessing Andromon's suffering was insufferable.

Kari cried. "No! This is too much to bear! Make them stop!"

What's worse was Babimon sick, twisted smile as he kicked away Andromon's severed arm. "Heh, so it was breakable. These wimps are TOO fragile! Just look at the worm squirm! Maybe I should rip off that other arm, too!"

Angemon paled at the sight of Babimon's terrifying strength being displayed. "ANDROMON!"

Matt joked as he watched Andromon suffering in excruciating agony. "I didn't think androids could feel human emotions. This is certainly a first. It doesn't really matter if he's going to die."

TK watched from the corner of his eye again. The only person that came to his sight was Matt. He noticed that evil smirk etched on the pre-teen's voice.

The boy shot an angry glare at his brother. How can my brother look on like that? He's smiling? What did these monsters do to my brother to make him this way?

Babimon screeched, bringing closed fist down at the one-armed Andromon. "NOW, DIE! RUAHAHA!"

Andromon jetted upward with his jertback and avoided being caught Babimon's clutches. The alien baboon stared up at the levitating android and cackled.

"I've... got to maneuver away and grab my proton cannon... before he... NO!"


With that, Babimon launched himself straight up for an airborne attack and caught Andromon by surprise as he phased in front of him. The berserk beast delivered a swift right leg boot into Andromon's gut and followed it up with a spinning back kick to the android's head. Andromon was sent plummeting downward, landing with a near earth-shattering impact. Piximon looked on with fret, but his worries faded as Andromon slowly picked himself up. However, steam started to seep through his mechanized body.

(End theme)

"I... can't malfunction... Must continue... Bzzt... Bzzt... Shutdown imminent..."

Babimon cocked a grin. "Heh. That stubborn bastard. He just won't die."

"Andromon! Leomon! Ogremon! Piximon! We've got to do something!" Angemon exclaimed.

Ogremon stepped back with fright. "Yeah... I doubt I can take him... I'm WAY out of his league!"

"What...What tremendous power..." Leomon murmured. "I have no choice. I have to..."

"You leave that to me! I'll help Andromon!" Angewomon answered

The angel Digimon howled out in warning. "No! Don't do it!"

"He's right! That monster is too much! Fall back now!" ordered Leomon.

Taking her chances, Sora raced over to save to pull Andromon from the battlefield.

Birdramon roared out. "SORA! NO!"

"WHAT IS SHE DOING?" Ogremon exclaimed.

"SORA! GET BACK!" Piximon shouted.

"SORA!" TK and Kari cried out.

Watching Sora and Birdramon flying out to Andromon, Babimon watched them like a hungry predator.

"That's it! More fresh meat lined up to be slaughtered and a human girl no less!" Babimon licked his lips. "You're mine."

Babimon gathered a ball of energy through his right hand. He watched Sora and Birdramon passing across the battlefield.

"Going to save your friend? I don't think so! Not on my watch!" Babimon roared as he waved the tip of his fingers and unleashed a wave of earth-shattering energy wave in between his intended targets. "Bomber DX!"

As the powerful blast was launched, it blasted through the ground and quickly cut off the duo from saving Andromon.


Sora crossed her arms in front, but the impact of explosion sent her flying back. Fortunately, Birdramon quickly intervened and caught the Child of Love in time.

"Thanks, Birdramon!"

"I was lucky to accompany you. That attack would have surely wiped you out!"

"I know, but I couldn't reach Andromon in time!"

"Don't worry. He's ok… but I don't know how much longer he can last."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Akumu

As the smoke cleared away, the group all uncovered their eyes to see a long, trench pit in between the strip of land where Sora & Birdramon were separated from Andromon. The long pit was so deep that it looked nearly bottomless and there was nothing but darkness.

Sora gawked in utter shock. "He did that just with... look at the size of that hole!"

"Are you even surprised?" Leomon called out. "It's a good thing Birdramon was there when you called for her!"

"Man. To think we'd be out of that guy's league..." Ogremon gulped as he fell back.

"No, I refuse to back down now," Angemon frowned while holding a firm grip on his staff. "We can't let them take TK."

Angewomon slightly trembled. "Yes, or Kari either."

"I can't even see the bottom of that trench!" Leomon exclaimed. "Amazing and I'll bet he was only using a tiny fraction of his overwhelming power."

Suddenly, conspicuous by his absence was none other than the little, pink winged Digimon. Angewomon was the first to notice Piximon's sudden absence and glanced around in search of him.

Angewomon called out to the others. "Where's Piximon?"

"He was just here with us earlier ago!" Angemon stated as he looked around. "He couldn't have got caught in that blast!"

TK gasped out and came into a realization. "But... What if he did get caught in that blast? I mean he's a very tiny Digimon!"

As Kari glanced up, she uttered a deep gasp and pointed up. "LOOK! I see him! He's above that monster!"

As everyone had overheard Kari calling out to them, they saw and pointed out Piximon behind Babimon.

The tiny Ultimate frowned as he took a deep breath and took a chance to ambush the behemoth.

"PIXIMON!" Leomon bellowed out. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What do you think you're doing?" Angemon called out.

Ogremon growled. "Is he NUTS?"

Babimon was already getting annoyed with their sudden outcries and clenched his fists. He looked around his space. "What are those idiots babbling about? They're annoying!"

Piximon thought as his closed his eyes. I do this for you my friends! Thank you!

Sora cried out. "PIXIMON!"

"Hey, Babimon! Behind you!" Matt warned his partner in crime.

Dropping his staff as he launched himself across, he latched on Babimon's back and held a firm grip with his clawed hands and feet. The mighty invader was taken by surprise as he reached to pull Piximon off his back.

(End theme)

Irked, the giant Babimon bellowed. "HEY! GET OFF ME! YOU PINK LITTLE FURBALL!"

Andromon watched as he barely managed to stutter, as his power cells were slowly beginning to shut down. "Piximon... Don't it... it's not worth it... They need you..."

"LET ME GO! WHEN I GET YOU, I'M GOING TO SQUISH YOU!" Babimon howled and struggled to pull Piximon off his back. "DAMN YOU!"

Sora realized what the combat master had in mind and hollered. "No! Piximon! If you're thinking what I think... Please! It's not worth it! There has to be another way!"

TK overheard this and gasped. "Piximon's going to throw his own life away?"

"What? But he can't!" Kari exclaimed. "Sora's right! There has to be another way!"

"Piximon! Don't!" Sora screamed. "Piximon... You're throwing your own life away!"

"Piximon! DON'T!" Andromon yelled out.

Leomon, Angewomon, Angemon, TK and Kari looked up in horror as they dreaded the worst to come. They didn't even dare move at risk of getting caught by what Piximon aimed: a last-ditch Kamikaze. The same tactic the Saibamon utilized to finish Centarumon.

Like Centarumon, Piximon planned to go out like an honored warrior before him.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Avant

"Goodbye, my friends..." Piximon whispered.

Sora gasped. "NO! PIXIMON!" She screamed out in anguish with hot streams pouring down her cheeks.

Centarumon... My friend. I'll be joining you soon. Make room for me.

Piximon's body emitted a subtle pink aura. He invoked the glowing aura, letting it engulf his tiny round body. Babimon frantically tried to grab Piximon before he could successfully execute the Kamikaze technique.

"NO! GET OFF! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" Babimon yelled out as he thrashed about desperately.

Matt frowned. "So, he's going for a Kamikaze? He's ripping off the Saibamon."

The pink aura of light engulfed both Babimon and Piximon entirely. It seemed rather abrupt, but channeling all of his inner Ki allowed Piximon to detonate…


…like a bomb.

Piximon went out in an explosive display, giving up his own life while taking Babimon with him. The bright exploding light waned as smoke clouds spanned the area where the two were.

(End theme)

Andromon looked up and watched as the dust clouds started to settle. His eyes twitched and face contorted.

However, the one individual that took it harder than anyone was Sora. She drooped her head and teared up.

Leomon, Angemon, Angewomon, TK, Kari, Ogremon, and Birdramon all sank their heads in mourning for the loss of another.

First Centarumon.

Now, it was Piximon.

There was a moment of silence until Sora threw her head up and screamed.

"PIXIMON!" Sora screamed, emotionally distraught as tears fell out of her eyes.

"He gave his life for us," TK murmured as he fell to his knees, crying.

Comforting the boy, Kari embraced TK and poured her tears out. Losing another Digimon friend had struck them like multiple gunshots and the image of Piximon's sacrifice would never leave their minds.

That was when Leomon frowned and looked up. "You've won my respect my friend. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it wasn't enough." He growled under his breath as soon as the smoke dissipated.

"What? What are you saying?" Angemon gasped out and looked up. His mouth widened. "No... No... It can't be!"

"How... How did he survive THAT?" Angewomon shouted.

Much to everyone's dismay, their worst nightmare had not been vanquished.

Piximon's attempted suicidal attack did nothing and his sacrifice became wasted.

Sora gasped as Babimon was revealed from out of the dissipating smoke. The alien baboon was still levitating in mid-air with an unscathed body. On his face was a large, malevolent grin as he laughed maniacally.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Shitou

"IT CAN'T BE!" Sora screamed out. "HE'S ALIVE?"

Watching the shocking turn of events from the sidelines, both TK and Kari were losing hope.

"He... He's gone... Piximon is gone," Kari murmured as she looked away.

TK cried. "No... This can't be... Matt, please tell him to stop this... Stop the pain! Stop it all! JUST STOP IT!" He pleaded with high emotion.

Babimon snickered under his breath and bellowed out laughing. "HEH! HEH! What a waste! Did that little pink cotton ball thought he done me in? I barely even noticed that!" The baboon dusted himself off. "You idiots just don't get it! You'll never be able to stop us! No matter what you try! The cotton ball died a fool's death!"

Sora clenched her fists, gritting her teeth. Joe, Mimi, Izzy, Tai! What's taking you and the Digimon so long?


Other World/Orochimon Road

"I guess X was a little off on his predictions again. He thought it would take us a whole day, but we're already gaining more ground," Tai looked out at the distance. "Whew! Now this is speed!"

"We'll make it time, Tai!"

They were too late to save Centarumon and Piximon. However, they have a chance to save their fellow Digi-Destined. Tai and WarGreymon knew that the invaders were already in the Digital World and had begun their destructive path.

However, Tai has no idea that one of those three invaders was the Digi-Destined teammate he had been searching for: Yamato "Matt" Ishida.

(End theme)


Digital World/Data Ocean

With the battle making a turn for the worst for the Digital World's defenders, the clash with MetalSeadramon was not favoring Joe, Zudomon, Mimi, and Lillymon.

Lillymon scoffed and scanned the ocean behemoth towering over them with his presence. "We're not even close to a Dark Master's league and we're only Ultimate-level Digimon. Angemon and Angewomon are only special cases."

"Yeah and Puppetmon was said to be the weakest between him and this guy here!" Zudomon shouted.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST: Attack of the Saiyans OST - Boss Theme)

MetalSeadramon deeply growled, indicating his patience was growing thin. "What are you fools babbling about? I'll bet you're chanting a little prayer before you all die?"

"No, we were praying that you'd die," Zudomon heatedly rebuked.

"Now, what would happen if I were to attack them now?" MetalSeadramon chuckled as evil intentions crossed his mind. Pointing his snout toward their direction, the Digimon reacted and raced out to stop the Dark Master. "Ah, now that's more like it! I want to have a little more fun before I waste you three!"

"Come and get some!" Zudomon roared as he raised his Vulcan's Hammer overhead.

Lillymon summoned her Flower Cannon. "We're not giving up, metal head!"

Widening his mouth, MetalSeadramon shot out an ice stream at the ocean warrior. "Giga Ice Blast!"

Once the beam came shooting toward them, Zudomon and Lillymon evaded it. Zudomon lunged forward and nailed MetalSeadramon's face. His hammer impacted the Dark Master, knocking him back a few feet. The Dark Master retaliated, swinging his tail down and swatting Zudomon aside.

"Zudomon!" Joe yelled.

MetalSeadramon glanced upward as multiple green blasts struck his back. He lunged up, attempting to swallow the pixy girl.

Lillymon's cannon charged up an even greater energy beam. "Flower Cannon!"

Zudomon smashed his hammer down. "Vulcan's Hammer!"

As Joe and Mimi's Crests glowed, their Digimon's attacks were augmented twice than before.



The Dark Master rocked back from each devastating shot and fell back with a thunderous collapse. The ocean splashed across upon his fall.

"Yes! Did you see that, Mimi? They DID it!" Joe prematurely celebrated.

Mimi smiled, nodding. "We got him!"

"And just think of how useful you'll be when we help the others with the invaders!"

Zudomon furrowed his brows as he watched MetalSeadramon recovering. "I don't want to jump the gun when it comes to the invaders. He's back for some more."

"Great, now what?" Mimi blanched.

"We continue to bring the fight to him!" Joe declared.

MetalSeadramon growled, shaking his head. "You shouldn't have done that! Now, you're good as dead!"

(End theme)


Digital World

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Anxiety and Unease)

Gazing down his adversaries from the distance, Babimon sensed fear and doubt from each of them. He grinned while raising a fist in front of his face.

The baboon was clearly ready for another round. "All right! Now with those two pieces of waste gone. First, I'll take out rust-bucket and then I'll kill the little firefly!"

"Sora, have Birdramon digivolve," Leomon advised the Child of Love. "Because I, too, recently am able to digivolve into my Ultimate-level form."

Ogremon overheard this rival, irked by the revelation. "You just had to find ways of surpassing me, you carpet throw-rug!"

Angemon and Angewomon were taken back by this startling revelation. "Why didn't you tell us that you could digivolve further?"

"Because I planned for this to be a surprise and to throw off our enemy's game plan, but I wasn't expecting them to be this powerful. I was planning to use this form as a last resort," Leomon proclaimed. "Now, Birdramon, can you digivolve?"

"Yes and into Garudamon."

"Perfect, then here's what I have planned. Ogremon, I hope you're listening because you, too, will play a big part in this."

The ogre Digimon scoffed and scratched his head. "Pfft, so you're going to use me like a pawn?"

Angewomon frowned. "Knock it off, Ogremon!"

"Piximon gave his life for nothing!" TK cried out. "What's going to take this guy down? He's invincible!"

Kari sighed sadly. "I wish I knew but let's not give up. Our Digimon haven't given out."

(End theme)

"Andromon! Please, stand your ground!" Leomon's voice reached out to the android Digimon.

Unfortunately, Andromon barely even paid attention to the warrior's outcry. His power cells were shutting down one by one. He gave up his life and it was all in vain... There is no possibility of us ever finding the Digicores if the Holy Beasts have been sealed, especially now with every Primary Village wiped out.

Babimon cackled as he faced Andromon's direction. "Hah! Luckily, you'll be able to see him soon in hell!"

The android Digimon took a defensive stance. "No... That's not going to happen... I'll fight you to the death if I have to..."

Leomon had finished explaining his strategy to his allies. "...and that's the plan. The instant he moves to attack, he'll be open and we'll use that instant to attack him at once."

Sora smiled. "Yeah, that'll work!"

"Ha. That's a pretty good plan," Matt overheard their conversation. "But for your sakes, I hope it proves to be a successful stratagem."

Ogremon growled angrily and snapped. "SHOVE IT, YA PRETTY BOY BLONDE PUNK!"

Matt merely chuckled and shrugged off the ogre's threatening gesture. "I'm flattered with the petty insult. I'd like to see you try it, but you've always been all talk and no action. Isn't that right, Ogremon?"

"Oh, that does it! Screw the monkey!" Ogremon roared, finding himself restrained by Angemon and Angewomon. "I'm going to grab that blonde jerk and tear him to shreds!"

Sora pivoted her view toward Matt, giving him a cold smile. "Matt, you're one to talk. All talk and no action. You're so confident. I hope to see the look on your face once Tai and WarGreymon get here."

The blonde preteen's interest was quickly peaked as he faced Sora's direction. "Tai? What's he going to do? What he'll be doing is licking the bottom of my boots like a dog. I'm superior to that dimwit."

"Talk is cheap," Leomon growled.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M1119

Suddenly, everyone sensed Babimon lunging toward Andromon's direction.

Leomon roared, racing out to save Andromon. "Now! It's our only chance!" With that, his entire body was engulfed by a golden aura of light. As a surprise to TK and Kari, he called out the next stage of his evolution. "Leomon Chou Shinka!"

Emerging in place of Leomon was the newly digivolved Ultimate form of the brave warrior. He looked entirely the same with a few distinct and noticeable differences. His body was a lighter shade of blue/white. His body was giving off an icy and chilly breeze. Each time he set a foot down, a foot imprint of ice was left behind.


"Did you see that, Kari?" TK gasped.

Kari said with eyes widened. "Yeah! He never told us he could digivolve!"

"He kept this from Angemon and Angewomon, too. I'll bet!" The Child of Hope said. "Now we should have a better chance! Go IceLeomon!"

Angemon murmured. "IceLeomon?"

"Curse you, Leomon! One-upping me every time you get a chance!" Ogremon snorted while charging across toward Babimon. "Uh oh… Andromon's in danger!"

"Let's go, Angemon!" Angewomon called out as she glided past Ogremon.

"Right behind you, Angewomon!"

Sora raced across to catch up with Ogremon and IceLeomon. She held up her Crest of Love overhead and allowed it to activate a red gleaming light and thus allow Birdramon to digivolve.

"It's your turn, Birdramon!"

"Right! Birdramon Chou Shinka!" The majestic bird was engulfed by a burst of flames as she emerged in her powerful Ultimate-level form. "Garudamon!"

Babimon turned as he saw his opposition preparing to launch an all-out strike on to save Andromon. He looked up to find Garudamon, Angemon and Angewomon gliding over him. Ogremon and IceLeomon were already meters away by foot.

Babimon roared out in laughter. "So, you want to attack me from all sides? Fine with me!"

Suddenly, IceLeomon and Ogremon phased out one after the other.

Meanwhile, Babimon was already at a closer distance from reaching Andromon. Andromon reached down for the cannon attached on his right leg. He had saved this for as a last resort and realized now would be the good time to put it to good use.

The android Digimon murmured. "It's time... Now, come at ME!"

"Fine! I WILL!

Suddenly, Babimon was caught off guard as IceLeomon lunged from out of the corner.

Andromon watched IceLeomon nail a right fist into Babimon's right cheek. The baboon Digimon sent hurtling back.

Ogremon appeared under Babimon, delivering a swift kick to the baboon's chin.

The blow knocked Babimon into the air.

"Ogremon! Now!" IceLeomon roared out as he channeled Ki through his right fist and thrusts it forward to release an ice-element version of his original Fist of the Beast King. "Ice Beast Fist!"

"Pummel Whack!"

Each attack collided with Babimon and slowed him down enough for the others to launch their attacks out.

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Hand of Fate!"

Babimon recovered enough in time to foresee in the next incoming attacks. He swatted aside Angewomon's arrow, evaded Garudamon's attack, and tilted his head to let Angemon's beam pass on by.

(End theme)

"NO! We were SO close!" IceLeomon roared.

"He evaded our three attacks!" Garudamon exclaimed. "We were too late!"

"DAMN!" Sora cursed, disappointed with the outcome.

"How are we going to beat this guy?" Kari asked as she was starting to lose whatever hope she had.

TK muttered while clasping his hands together. Tai, Mimi, Joe, Izzy… where are you? We need WarGreymon, Zudomon, and Lillymon! No, we need a miracle!

Babimon seethed as he glared down at the warriors and then faced the air borne Digimon. "Bah! You've just only dug your own graves!" The baboon clenched his right fist and licked his lips like a hungry predator. "Now I'm going to kill you all at once!"

Andromon prepared for his next attack on a distracted Babimon and barely mounted the pulse cannon on his right shoulder. All that mattered to him was avenging the losses of both Centarumon and Piximon.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Destiny)

"Piximon. I will avenge you my friend. I won't let your sacrifice be in vain. I'll do what it takes to defeat this heartless monster," Andromon used his right arm to activate the switch to activate the pulse cannon. This is for you, my friends. With my last ounce of cybernetic strength... "Giga E.M.P Cannon!"


A powerful charged electromagnetic pulse beam impacted against Babimon head on, engulfing him in a massive explosive blast. The villain roared out as everyone shielded their eyes from the blinding and exploding flash of light.


"That was for you, Centarumon and Piximon!" Andromon howled out as he dropped his cannon and sank to his knees. His power cells waned, abruptly leading to immediate shutdown. His voice became statistic-y "Shutdown imminent... power cells dead. 50 seconds until immediate shutdown."

Matt and MetalGarurumon waited for the smoke to clear to confirm Babimon's fate.

"Did he get him?" Sora wondered as she looked up.

Ogremon grunted and uncrossed his arms. "I hope so. I don't want to see that monkey's ugly mug again!"

IceLeomon scanned the billowing cloud of smoke from where Babimon was blasted.

Andromon barely stood on one knee as his robotic vision was blacking out. His systems were already failing and to the point of termination.

However, as soon as he could even utter a word, Andromon's eyes slightly widened.

Then, everyone gasped in horrifying disbelief as the smoke cloud dissipated.

Babimon was revealed and Andromon's attack had done little other than leave scratches all over his body, but none that would have depleted the monster's source of power. Babimon scoffed and spat out.

The baboon coughed, blowing out smoke. "Ugh... Damn! That was close!"

"Ha! Well done, Babimon. Somehow, I knew you'd pull through!" Matt laughed out in good humor. "I mean you almost died!"

"Ah, kiss by bum, Yamato!"

Andromon couldn't believe what he was looking at and muttered to himself quietly. "Huh? No...It's not possible..." 15 seconds until termination.

"PHEW! Don't scare me like that!" Babimon dusted himself off.

"He's a... a monster," IceLeomon gasped out as his face contorted out of fear. "A true monster..."

Andromon dropped his arms to his sides and began his immediate shutdown. His vision was blurring out into pitch darkness. "Goodbye, friends... I gave it my all."

The android closed his eyes, fell face first and his program abruptly became terminated. In an instant, his body broke down until it exploded into data fragments.

Everyone from IceLeomon's side watched this with sadness and grief. After having lost Centarumon and Piximon, some were already on the verge of breaking down.

Sora, TK, and Kari were heart broken, breaking down into tears after seeing another Digimon ally lost.

(End theme)

The Corrupt Child of Friendship chuckled. "So, he fought like a warrior, but he died like a damn dog."

TK heard enough as he rebuked toward his brother, shocking everyone.. "Matt! THAT'S ENOUGH! WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS HAPPEN?"

"All you have to do is forget these losers and reunite with me, TK," Matt extended his right hand, waving out to the little boy. "You and me will be together at last. I'll protect you and provide for you. I will give you all the power you could ever ask and more." A devilish grin adorned his face. "C'mon, we are brothers. We're meant to be together."


Sora yelled out at the younger brother. "Don't, TK! I doubt he's even your brother anymore!"

Kari spoke out. "But, that is Matt standing there!"

"Yeah, but his mind isn't completely there. He's obviously been brainwashed by these monsters. I don't know what they did but rest assured we're going to bring back the old Matt!" Sora vowed. "Did you hear me, Matt?"

"My brother will get here and knock sense into you!" Kari directed her attention toward the brainwashed pre-teen.

"What makes you so sure? He might even bother showing up," Matt shrugged. "I'll bet he chickened out like he usually does. He's too afraid to face me."

"TK. I know my brother like the back of my hand!" Kari reassured the Child of Hope while glaring angrily at TK's brother. "He will come and you're going to be sorry, Matt!"

IceLeomon scowled. "Then, when will they get here? They should have been here by now!"

Angemon, Angewomon and Garudamon were silent throughout the conversation. The loss of Andromon had greatly affected them.

Ogremon smashed his fists to the ground. "Damn! Now, Andromon's gone? Now, what do we do? We can't beat that monkey! Hell I know I don't stand a chance..."

C'mon! Where are you, Tai? TK thought.

"Tai... Tai... That's all I'm hearing now! Can we just forget about that loser for once? He's not coming! Face it!" Matt snapped, taking a deep breath as he snapped his fingers. A light bulb in his head lit up. "Then again. This just gives me an idea."

"What do you have on your mind, Matt?" asked MetalGarurumon.

"Just wait."

Meanwhile, Babimon dusted himself off completely. He glared down at his enemies with a sadistic grin.

"Another one down! That makes three weak bugs squashed!" the monkey muffled. "Although, I'll let that IceLeomon live more or less. I'm sure he can tell us the location of those Holy Beasts and the Digicores. Yeah, now there's an idea!"

Angewomon gasped. "Well, it appears they have interest in sparing your life just for the information on the Digicores. That is if you know about them. Will do you?"

"It won't matter," the brave warrior asserted. "Even I don't know where they are since the Holy Beasts were sealed by the great evil that swept across the Digital World. The Digi-Destined were fortunate enough to have departed back to their home world."

"Who was this dark force, IceLeomon?" Garudamon asked as she descended.

Sora nodded. "Yeah, is there another secret you're not telling us?"

"..." No response from the brave warrior.

"So, answer me this. What chance do we have of beating Matt, MetalGarurumon, and that crazed monkey?"

"No chance in hell, Sora," IceLeomon said rather bluntly.

"Damn. Somehow, I knew you'd say that. I hate it when you're right," she gulped.

"I never expected them to be this powerful and I surely wasn't counting on one of them being a Digi-Destined. Sora, this will surely be our most difficult battle. NeoDevimon was a weakling compared to these three."

"No, we can't die here..." Kari murmured. "We can't..." Covering her eyes, she pressed herself against TK.

Matt. You can't go on like this. Just stop this senseless violence. That's all I'm asking as a brother to another. TK mused with tears streaming down his face.

"We have to fight him on the ground," IceLeomon informed his comrades. "He's way too accustomed to aerial combat."

"Heh. Whichever you want, boy!" roared Babimon. "It won't matter because the result will still be the same! You're only prolonging your deaths!"

With that, the frantic baboon lunged down instinctively toward them with blood lust in his eyes. The closer he came, the group prepared to scatter out and launch a counterstrike.

"Babimon! Wait! Halt your attack!" Matt called out in order.

"Huh? Why the hell should I?" Babimon demanded out of his partner-in-crime. "What's the point?"

The others were just as bemused as well. They didn't understand what Matt's motives were to stop Babimon from carrying out his attack.

"What's wrong with you, Yamato? All I have to do is..."

"Don't be in such a hurry. That's all. I want to ask my old friends something," Matt smirked with self-assuredness.

"Like what?"

"What is he up to?" Kari wondered

TK prayed for hope. "Matt? Are you having second thoughts?"

"Tai Kamiya. So, that punk is supposed to be on his way here with WarGreymon? I figured he would have wussed out after he was hearing that we were coming. After all, his partner and Leomon barely managed to survive against NeoDevimon." He briefly paused and pointed to little Kari standing next to TK. "Oh and how can I forget his little sister, Kari?"

The young Kamiya girl gasped and frowned toward the blonde preteen.

"Seriously, Kari. You really think Tai and WarGreymon will live to our expectations? You ever wonder why they left you? Because he's nothing more than a gutless coward!"

"You're wrong! I know my brother like anyone else!" The Child of Light heavily rebuked against TK's brother. "They're strong so long as they hold the Crest of Courage! No! They will be different! More powerful than ever before!"

Leomon warned the blonde-haired boy. "Matt, you should know by now that Kari's brother is one Digi-Destined you cannot underestimate."

The alien baboon busted out in joyous laughter. "Wha, ha, ha! Then where has he been? Maybe he's not coming back, because he's just what Yamato referred to him as... a gutless coward!"

"No! He'll come back!" TK shouted as he wiped tears from his eyes. "He'll be back to beat you three up! Then, he WILL bring you back to your senses and bring back the brother I cared for!"

"Heh. Such faith, my little brother. You will make a fine soldier."

"I'm NOT going to be a soldier on your side!"

"Touching," Matt unfolded his arms and chuckled. "All right then. I'll tell you guys what. Since I was such a friend to you, we can wait for him until he comes."

Babimon roared. "What? Yamato! You're joking! He's never coming! Let's just finish them off!"

The Corrupt Child of Friendship declared. "We'll wait for three hours and no longer."

Boiling with anger, steam shot out from the baboon's ears as his eyes turned red with blood lust. "Three hours? What am I supposed to do for three hours? Take a nap? I've been suspended in animation for too long! My body is hungry for action! To hell with waiting!"

"BABIMON! DO WHAT I SAY! NOW!" Matt bellowed. "Do you want me to send MetalGarurumon to deal with you?"

This idle threat quickly made Babimon abruptly stop in mid-air. The baboon dropped down to the ground and sighed. He knelt before the blonde and the metal wolf Digimon.

"I'm... I'm sorry. I just got carried away again," Babimon lowered his head with a calmer tone.

"Well, there you go. I'm such a friend, aren't I?" Matt folded his arms. He faced the group and once again flashed three fingers. "I'm only doing this because TK is my brother. Three extra hours is the limit. Enjoy them for all that you can. TK, you've got three hours to make your decision. You better make the right one and I might spare that loser's little sister."

With that, Matt sat down on a rock behind him and leaned back. Babimon stood guard next to him and MetalGarurumon.

TK looked down at the ground and slammed his fists down. He had sheds of tears coming down his eyes. A tough decision was offered to him: join his brother or face the consequences by watching everyone close to him die.

It was either reuniting with his brother, who didn't even act like the old Matt since his return or it was to betray him with risking his friends' lives, especially Kari.


"Kari? What am I supposed to do? I know my brother won't hurt me, but I don't want to think what he might do to you or the others."

Kari knelt down beside the boy. "My brother will get here soon. I know he will, TK. Once he gets here, this whole mess will be settled and the nightmare will be over."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Desperate Situation

Observing the trio from the distance, IceLeomon mused. The way the big one cowered. That must mean that Yamato and his Digimon are even more powerful. I've never seen this Digimon before. It must be Gabumon's Mega form. It's hopeless. Not one of us is even close Matt's Digimon or the behemoth.


"I still don't get it. Why do you want to wait this Taichi guy?"

"Because he took TK away from me and is a pathetic excuse for a leader. That position should've been reserved for me. I would have led the team through thick and thin when he went back to the real world. Sora, Joe, TK, Mimi, Izzy, and myself ended up separated while he and Agumon disappeared for a while. I wasn't thinking clearly and needed time to myself. Then I came into realization that I would fit the bill better as perfect leader for the Digi-Destined. Once Tai and I finally settle our differences, he will grovel before my feet. Then, I'll kill him right on the spot. Until, after these three hours, he'll beg us to send him to hell. Just think, the ultimate humiliation, Babimon!"

The baboon grinned malevolently and licked his lips. "Heh. I knew I could always count on you to come up with the cruelest and sickest ideas! I love it!"

"That's assuming he shows up in three hours."

"You can have Taichi, but let me take these other wimps!"

"Do whichever you want. That's after we force IceLeomon to tell us where the Holy Beasts and the Digicores are."

Babimon scoffed. "I don't know about you but I do hope Taichi shows up!"


Angewomon wondered out loud. "What is keeping Kari's brother? Not to mention Joe and Mimi!"

Sora sighed. "I don't know. He should have been here by now! Surely we'll need him, WarGreymon, Izzy, MegaKabuterimon, Joe, Zudomon, Mimi, and Lillymon!"

"They're planning on annihilating every Digimon here. Do you prefer to die running or standing?" Leomon boldly asked everyone.

Please, Tai! Come quick! Kari thought.


Data Ocean

As Kabuterimon carries him over the vast digital ocean, Izzy monitored his laptop and noticed two beacons flashing on his monitor. They were close to where he and Kabuterimon were coasting over.

"Kabuterimon, there are two beacons close by!"

"What do they indicate?"

"You're not going to believe this, but Mimi and Joe..." Izzy said as he clicked on a message on the screen. A full screen display of the MetalSeadramon was shown. "Hey! It's Lillymon and Zudomon! They're involved in a battle with MetalSeadramon!"

"You mean one of the two Dark Masters residing in the Digital World?"

"Yeah and there's only one left we have to worry about since Puppetmon was defeated by Angewomon and Angemon. There's no time to lose, Kabuterimon! We better get there on the double!"

"Roger that! Hang on tight!"

The giant insect Digimon flew off into the distance on his left hand side as he noticed flashes scattering across the skylines.

"There they are! Time for us to get our hands dirty, Kabuterimon."

(End theme)


Next episode: Will Tai and WarGreymon Make it? The Three Hour Limit!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 12: Will Tai and WarGreymon Make it? The Three Hour Limit!


Other World/Underworld Gateway & Passage/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Finally, after crossing Orochimon Road in nearly half a day, WarGreymon and Tai reached the Underworld Gateway and Passage. The Mega Digimon flew by and noticed Cerberumon still safeguarding the legendary road.

"Look, Tai! It's Cerberumon!" WarGreymon pointed down.

"Oh yeah! We're definitely back at the check-in station!" Tai happily smiled. "All right, let's get through that doorway of the temple!"


With that, WarGreymon dove down and flew right beside the line of digisouls waiting to be judged by Anubimon. They looked ahead and found a familiar old man standing near the station.

"Gennai!" Tai called out to the old man. "Gennai! Over here! It's us!"

As he overheard a familiar boy's cry, he cleared his ears and cupped a hand behind his right one. "Tai...? Tai! It's about time, boy!"

The Mega Digimon descended near Gennai. Tai hopped off and ran over to approach the old man. "Gennai! It's good to see you. I think you know our..."

"I know about your situation, Tai. I was sent here thanks to Anubimon's portals. Now, grab my hand and Lord Anubimon shall have us transported back to Digiworld."

"Right!" Tai nodded. "This is it, WarGreymon!"

"I'm really looking forward to this."

With that, Gennai placed his hands on Tai and WarGreymon. He gave a signal to the seated Anubimon.

"We're ready, Anubimon!" Gennai said.

The Underworld lord nodded, his eyes gleamed with dark purple energy. "Child of Courage, I must congratulate you for WarGreymon's complete training. No doubt it was difficult for him, but worth the trip. You and WarGreymon had better on down there. As we speak, three of your Digimon comrades have already given up their lives. Their digisouls will be here anytime now."

The Child of Courage blanched. "Who? Anubimon, who just got killed?"

"I regret to say that Centarumon, Piximon, and Andromon have all met their ends," Gennai sighed sadly. "I'm sorry about their losses, Tai, but we can't waste anymore time. Your friends are next if we don't hurry."

"Right! I'm sealing these invader bastards' fates!" Tai frowned as he put his game face on and fixed his gloves. "Send us there, Lord Anubimon!"

"As you wish, Taichi. Good luck and defeat those monsters! Because of them a handful of city Digimon populations were wiped out over the last several hours, including Star City! The lines are getting longer and my work is already becoming a burden."

"Don't worry, Lord Anubimon. We'll make up for it," WarGreymon reassured the Underworld lord.

Nodding, Anubimon put a hand out and summoned a dark portal from under the feet of Gennai, Tai and WarGreymon. The vortex quickly rose up and swallowed them as they were immediately being transported back to the Digital World.

Anubimon sighed and resumed his work. "May my prayers be answered and have this whole skirmish end soon. Child of Courage, we're counting on you and the Chosen Children to overcome the Invaders. Do not falter and let them win."

Standing beside the Underworld lord's desk was a short, miniature man wearing attire worn by a magical wizard. His outfit was a tan yellow with patches of pumpkin orange folds on his shirt and straps around his knees. He wore a pair of light brown gloves (with zippers on his palms) and a pair of boots with golden crescent moons adorning the front parts of the foot accessories. Flowing down his back and tied around his neckline was a large, dark blue cape. A tiny skull adorned the neck collar, which concealed the lower half of his face. On top his head was a dark blue wizard's hat with a skull embroidered on the front. His eyes were small and emerald green with dark yellow hair visibly seen underneath the hat and covering sections of his forehead.

The wizard Digimon spoke in a calm and wise tone. "That was Hikari's older brother."

"Yes, he was, Wizardmon. He has gone off to aid his friends against those invaders. No doubt it will be a war."

"Yes and a war which Gatomon has gotten involved in. Can they win?"

"It all depends. This enemy is greater than anything the children have gone up against. Just now Centarumon, Piximon and Andromon are due to arrive here shortly since they were killed in action."

Wizardmon sighed sadly. "That's a shame but I have faith. They defeated Myotismon in both his Ultimate and Mega forms. No doubt they will somehow come out on top of these monsters."

"We'll see, Wizardmon. After all, one of their enemies happens to one of their own."

"Kind of an ironic twist the Digidestined of Friendship has become an enemy to his own friends. This is the work of the evil one," Wizardmon sighed with dread. Gatomon, please survive.


Digital World/Outside Gennai's Home

Finding themselves back in the Digital World, Tai was relieved but WarGreymon wasted no time. The boy jumped up and mounted WarGreymon's back.

"All right, Gennai, we're off! Sorry we can't stay and chat!" Tai said.

Gennai nodded and reached into his cloak. "Oh before you go. Take these!" The old man pulled out a small leather bag and tossed it to Tai.

Catching it with one hand, Tai gladly accepted and stuffed it down his right glove. "Thanks, Gennai but what are these?"

"They are medical vitamins," the old man advised him. "They boost one's energy and helps one to recover even from even fatal injuries. Now, take heed and only take them when you really need them, Tai."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Adventurer (Taichi no theme)) 

"Right! I got it. I might need to feed these to my friends if they're beaten up. Before we go, WarGreymon could use one of these since he used up a lot of energy just by flying across a million kilometers. Bottoms up, buddy!" Tai pulled out the bag to teach down for a small, green vitamin. He tossed it into WarGreymon's mouth and watched the Digimon swallow it whole.

"Then, hurry you two! Time is of the essence.

"Got it, Gennai! Thanks! Let's move, WarGreymon!"

"Hang on tight!"

With that, WarGreymon immediately picked up a large gathering of energy signals from the north direction. Wasting no time, the Mega took flight and hastily flew across.

Gennai went wide-eyed. "But... I didn't even get to tell them... Oh dear..." They don't know about Matt. This is going to get ugly.


WarGreymon augmented his power and speed, following toward the direction where the invaders battle was taking place.

"WHOO-HOO!" Tai hollered out. "That energy pill sure worked!"

"Yeah, talk about an energy booster!"

"No kidding! We'll get there in no time!"

"I sense a large gathering of energy signals from the north! I hope you're right though, Tai. I shudder to think what those monsters have done to the others. Centarumon, Piximon, and Andromon are already out of the picture."

"No way! I won't let that happen on my watch!" Especially not my sister! We're finally here, guys!

(End theme)


Digital World/Data Ocean

(Cue Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged OST - Fight On!

The siege against MetalSeadramon continued as Zudomon and Lillymon still managed to hold their own. MetalSeadramon plunged through the ocean and swam across rapidly. Zudomon was left at the center with the predatory Dark Master encircling him underwater.

"He's encircling us!" Joe panicked. "No we won't know when he'll jump out and attack us!"

"Where is going to attack from, Zudomon?" Lillymon cried out.

Before Zudomon replied, the Dark Master speared out through the ocean surface while body slamming himself into Zudomon. Avoiding contact with the incoming Mega, Lillymon zipped away and hoped to get as far away from the beast as she could.

"RAGGGGHH!" MetalSeadramon roared while turning around and unleashing another beam through his nose. "River of Power!"

Zudomon swayed away out of MetalSeadramon's blast while turning around, letting his back provide as a barricade that took the Dark Master's attack.

"AHH! None of our Digimon are Megas!" Mimi screamed. "We're gonna die!"


A familiar cry was heard from the distance, garnering Joe and Mimi's attention.

The Digiteam turned to find a familiar red-shelled beetle Digimon. Atop of the beetle's back, Izzy was seen waving out to his fellow Digidestined.

"Joe! Mimi!" Izzy called out. "MegaKabuterimon and I are here!"

Mimi smiled happily and waved. "It's Izzy! This is good! IZZY!"

"Hey! Be careful around here! MetalSeadramon's engaged in battle with our Digimon!" exclaimed Joe.

It didn't take long for Izzy to spot the towering Dark Master and uttered a horrifying gasp. "Oh nuts..."

"Don't worry, Izzy. I'm going to assist them in anyway that I can!" MegaKabuterimon reassured his partner. He flew where Mimi and Joe were.

"Izzy! Grab my hand!" Mimi cried out as she reached out with a hand extended through the barrier.

Izzy grabbed his pineapple laptop. Taking a deep breath, he hopped off as soon MegaKabuterimon edged closer toward the Joe and Mimi. He grabbed onto Mimi as she was starting to lose grip.

Joe was quick to intervene as he helped Mimi to pull Izzy directly inside. Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Izzy sat knees and clutched his laptop in arms.

"That was CLOSE!" Izzy took a deep breath and exhaled in relief. "Gennai was able to upgrade my Digimon Index and now I'm able to trace you guys faster through your Digivices."

"That's great, but can we save talk until we've beaten MetalSeadramon?" Mimi suggested as her eyes fell on the battle.

Joe frowned. "With MegaKabuterimon there, the odds should go in our favor .We have three Ultimate-level Digimon on our side. I wonder if it will be enough?"

Izzy watched his partner Digimon engage MetalSeadramon by air. "Go, MegaKabuterimon!"

As his horn crackled, he released a powerful electric burst of energy at the Dark Master. "Horn Buster!"

The attack knocked MetalSeadramon in the side of the head as he roared angrily. He looked up to see MegaKabuterimon hovering near him.

The Dark Master prepared to fire another River of Power blast. "So, we have a pesky bug! I'll squash you!"

"MegaKabuterimon!" Lillymon and Zudomon called out.

MetalSeadramon widened his mouth to unleash a burst of flames. "I've only been toying with you up until now!"

The three Ultimate-level Digimon scattered out and were around MetalSeadramon from three opposite angles. Lillymon and MegaKabuterimon were both aiming to launch their attacks from the air while Zudomon attacked from the ocean.

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Horn Buster!"

As all three attacks impacted the Dark Master, MetalSeadramon's durability proved to be irresistible. He flew around them, retaliating with a powerful beam through his snout. "River of Power!"

Just as the beam shot through the ocean, the three Ultimate Digimon moved away from the center.

(End theme)

MegaKabuterimon glanced at his two colleagues. "One more time!" With that, the beetle Digimon flew across as he closed in on MetalSeadramon.

"Wait for me!" Zudomon shouted.

Lillymon shrugged and joined into the clash at hand. "Might as well but I doubt I'm going to make a difference... Humph."

"HERE I COME! River of Power!" MetalSeadramon howled as he released continuous energy beams.

Zudomon, MegaKabuterimon, and Lillymon braced themselves for impact as MetalSeadramon charged his energy attack. Izzy, Mimi, and Joe closed their eyes, preparing for the worst.

Then, like a shot, a spinning tornado came out of nowhere and flew through MetalSeadramon's beam. The beam was knocked straight into the skies as everyone, including MetalSeadramon, spotted what redirected the Dark Master's attack.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Battle of Rivalry

WarGreymon and Tai came into view, much to the Digiteam's delight.

"TAI! WARGREYMON!" Joe exclaimed.

"You're back!" Izzy shouted.

Mimi's eyes widened, her mind and spirit became at ease. "Thank goodness!"

"Looks like we've got a detour," Tai said, noting MetalSeadramon. Pivoting his view to his friends, he waved to them. "Thank goodness you guys are ok!"

"You came just in time!" MegaKabuterimon said. Wow, I didn't even see WarGreymon!

"Impeccable timing, but we still have MetalSeadramon to deal with," Zudomon said.

Lillymon added. "Behind you!"

As WarGreymon whirled around, he hovered while coming face to face with the Dark Master.

"Ah, so, you must be the Child of Courage," MetalSeadramon noted, meticulously staring at WarGreymon and the boy. "You and your partner just came in time. I was wondering why you two were off our radar, but it doesn't matter now. I can finish you before you get a chance…"

"Hold that thought," WarGreymon calmly remarked.

"Sheesh, look at how calm those two are," Joe whispered to Mimi and Izzy.

The Child of Knowledge monitored Tai and WarGreymon. "Well, they have been gone for two weeks. I wonder what knowledge they've learned."

"Does it matter now? WarGreymon can't beat that guy alone!" Mimi snapped.

"I see what you're attempting to do and believe me you WILL fail!" MetalSeadramon bellowed as he glided toward WarGreymon, preparing another River of Power. Unfortunately, for him, he wasn't paying any attention to the other Digimon present.

He was immediately caught off guard as Zudomon jumped up and smashed his Vulcan's Hammer over MetalSeadramon's face. MegaKabuterimon followed up as he slammed himself into the serpent. Then, Lillymon let loose a Flower Cannon shot and popped MetalSeadramon's right eye.

Thrashing his head around, MetalSeadramon angrily roared and fired numerous River of Power beams uncontrollably. Lillymon and MegaKabuterimon tried their best to evade the stray blasts by flying around.

WarGreymon seized the opportunity and spun faster as soon as he reached closer to MetalSeadramon.

"Brave Tornado!"

"NOOO!" MetalSeadramon roared and desperately lunged at WarGreymon. He lashed his long tail across to swat his ocean adversary aside but to no avail. WarGreymon's spinning claw blades ripped through his tail.

MetalSeadramon's eyes widened as soon as WarGreymon proceeded to tear through the serpent's body like hot knife on butter. In what seemed like two seconds occurred rather suddenly.

Zudomon, Lillymon and MegaKabuterimon watched this marvelous display by Tai's partner.

"He did it!" Joe exclaimed as he and his fellow Digidestined witnessed the Dark Master's downfall. "That's the way to get the job done!"

"Let's not discredit our Digimon either!" Izzy said. "They gave WarGreymon the aid he needed."

Mimi sighed happily. "I can't believe we've managed to pull through."

(End theme)

Tai and WarGreymon overheard their conversation.

"That was a good enough warm-up," WarGreymon remarked.

Tai smiled. "Right. Hey, guys! You'll be ok now!"

"We were just about to reach the others, but MetalSeadramon obstructed our way," Joe stated.

Twisting around, WarGreymon's newly heightened sensed picked up on a series of wicked powers. Tai faced his partner with alarm, realizing what danger awaited them.

"I sense them, Tai."

"We're going to be on our way, guys," Tai said. "I know it's sudden…"

"We'll try and keep up, Tai," Lillymon said.

"Hold up, Tai!" Izzy said as he opened up his laptop, checking his monitor. He pinpointed the sector '123444' - the site of the invader battle. Flashing on that pinpointed location were the symbols of Hope, Light, Love and Friendship.

Tai checked his Digivice. "Don't worry. Izzy. I know where to find them."

"Yeah, the good news is that they're still there. Bad news… well… the battle is still going on."

"Piximon, Andromon, and Centarumon died, you guys," the Child of Courage announced, sinking his head a little low. He sadly sighed.

"What..? You mean… how do you know?" Joe was shocked.

"Gennai filled us in on what's going on," WarGreymon promptly stated.

Izzy sighed sadly. "That's not all, guys."

"Sorry, Izzy, but we've got to go," Tai said as he clapped WarGreymon's right shoulder. "Let's get moving, bud!"

"Right!" WarGreymon said as he jetted off.

"TAI! WAIT! I was going to tell you…!" The Child of Knowledge called out, but his voice fell on deaf ears as Tai and WarGreymon disappeared into the distance. "…one of the invaders…"

"What were you just going to tell him?" Mimi inquisitively asked.

MegaKabuterimon lowered his head. "One of those Invaders happens to be..."

"Just spill it," Joe said. "We can take it."

"Two of the invaders just happens to be…"


Digital World

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Hirogaru Fuan

Slowly and agonizingly, the three hours passed by quickly.

The wait was over.

There were no signs of Izzy, MegaKabuterimon, Joe, Zudomon, Mimi, Lillymon, Tai, or WarGreymon.

TK still hasn't made his decision.

An irked Matt faced the heroes and scoffed. "Time's up. It seems we've been stood up. Three valuable hours wasted, but of course the coward wouldn't show his face. That's no surprise considering we're speaking about Tai the clown."

"No! You're wrong!" Kari retorted at TK's older brother. "My brother is NOT a coward!"

"Then where is he? Why isn't he coming?" TK turned and asked Kari.

"I... I don't know but I'm not going to lose faith, TK. He will come!"

Ogremon scratched his head. "Well, I hope you guys understand the meaning of a miracle because we're really going to need one."

Sora frowned and looked up toward the skies. C'mon, you guys! What's taking you four so long?

Matt advanced toward the group with his ice, blue eyes piercing through TK's own. "So, have you made a decision, little brother?"

After a few moments of silence, TK lifted his head up and glared at his corrupted brother. "Matt..."

"Yes? Have you decided? Will you join me?"

Kari whispered. "TK..."

However, he was quick to put his hand out and stopped Kari abruptly. TK's eyes were revealed to have sheer determination.

Angemon muttered. "TK, I hope you know what you're doing."

Matt spat out. "Well, I'm waiting, little brother! How long are you going to keep me in suspense? Answer me!"

"Here's your answer, Matt!" TK spat out as his tear-filled eyes opened. "NO!" He yelled out in defiance much to Matt's dismay.

Matt frowned in response to his brother's answer. "No? So, you turn down my offer?"

"Yeah and you can forget it! I'm going to protect Kari from the likes of you! My REAL brother would never turn his back on his friends or his own brother! Why did you have to go and leave us?" TK angrily rebuked, lashing out at his brother. "Looking into your eyes, I don't see my brother. All I see is a stranger I don't even know! Whatever it takes I will bring you back, Matt! I will let my hope shine!"

Irked with TK's rant, Matt unfolded his arms and pointed a finger at the boy. "So, that is your choice?"

"That's right and it will remain that way until my real brother surfaces!"

Kari nodded. "You tell him, TK!"

Angemon smiled. "You're finally starting to let your hope shine through the despair."

Sora yelled out at Matt. "You hear that, Matt? Even your own brother is against you! Unless you start seeing the error of your ways, then don't bother getting near TK!"

(End theme)

As the group gave him angry glares, all Matt could do was grin and laugh. "Fine. Have it your way! I wasn't expecting much this but you've made your choice, little brother. You'll regret saying all of that to me. You've doomed your friends' lives by turning me down. Now, watch as your friends suffer the consequences. One..." He scanned each of TK's friends. "" Smiling, Matt stepped back. " Babimon, it's time we rough up our friends here."

"Finally, it's time. I'm just sorry that coward isn't here to see it," Babimon cackled as he removed his damaged body armor. "Now, let's get this over with, kids!"

Angewomon jumped up into mid-air and frowned. "Here he comes everyone. Brace yourselves!"

"Even without Tai, we have one last chance!" IceLeomon reassured everyone. "Although it's a long shot."

Sora looked up at the ice-based warrior. "What do you have in mind, IceLeomon?"

"Listen clearly, you everyone," the brave warrior continued on. "Ogremon. You draw his attention. Angemon, Angewomon and Garudamon. You three provide as back up if he intends to attack in mid-air flight. Meanwhile, I'll go for Babimon's rear."

"His rear?" Angemon inquired.

"Yes. Once I grapple him, Angemon, Angemon and Garudamon will attack him all at once."


IceLeomon nodded. "Good and we cannot afford ANY failure. Make no mistake!"

"Yes! This is brilliant, IceLeomon. We will play our parts to perfection," Angewomon replied.

Sora seemed doubtful though. "Will it work?"

IceLeomon gave assured reasoning. "Be confident, everyone. If you two put your minds to it, then your combined strength will greatly overwhelm even this monster."

As he methodically stalked forward, Babimon popped his neck and licked his drool-covered mouth.

Grinning, Babimon wasted no time and lunged toward the group. "LET'S BEGIN ROUND TWO!"


Data Ocean

"MATT AND METALGARURUMON?" Mimi and Joe shouted, naturally shocked as they should be.

Lillymon dreaded the truth that slapped them across the face.

"Those two… are the invaders?" Zudomon exclaimed, his angry roars filled the vicinity.

"Yes," Izzy sadly sighed, his eyes shifting down to the oceans. "I'm sorry I had to tell you this."

Mimi stared at her Digivice, her eyes widened in horror as the Symbol of Friendship was displayed. "Joe, he's right."

The doctor-in-training frowned. "Damn it all. Matt, how could he?"

"What would drive him to join these creeps?" Lillymon scowled, folding her arms.

"I wish I could tell you, but we need to get to where the others are," Izzy insisted, shifting his view at the direction Tai and WarGreymon took a few minutes ago. "That's where we need to be."

"Let's get going then, guys," MegaKabuterimon said.



Digital World

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - An Outcome-Switching Recovery

As Babimon lunged out to attack, he aimed to attack the weakest link: Ogremon.

"All right! Here goes nothing!" Ogremon bellowed, charging down Babimon's path. I'm… gonna… die… I'm gonna die!

Babimon cackled in deep laughter. "Ha! Eager for death, aren't ya?"

Observing the group, Matt quickly figured out what they were devising. "Hm, not a bad strategy."

Now, draw his attention! IceLeomon thought as he stood his ground and waited for the right opportunity to come.

As Ogremon raced ahead, he lunged at Babimon and pressed his fists onto the ground. Unleashing his Pummel Whack attack, he rocketed himself straight into mid-air.

Before he had a chance to attack, the baboon noticed IceLeomon vanished.

IceLeomon quickly slipped behind Babimon, catching him off guard. He glanced over his shoulder and felt his body paralyze once the brave warrior had swiftly grabbed the alien's long, prehensile tail.


"Go it!" IceLeomon called to the others.

"YOU DAMN DIRTY CAT!" Babimon roared as he suddenly started to feel dizzy. "Uhhh... Ohhhh..."

IceLeomon looked up at the air borne trio. "Go for it! I've got him where we want him!"

"Let's do this!" Angemon exclaimed as he thrust his fist forward. "Hand of Fate!"

"Heaven's Charm!"

"Phoenix Claw!"

As the beams and claw slash rocketed down him, Babimon felt weakened from having his obvious 'handicap' exploited by IceLeomon.

"All right! We got him!" Sora shouted.

TK watched with anticipation. "Way to go, guys! There's no way he's going to get up from that!"

Suddenly, Babimon's painful contorted face twisted into a devious grin. "Heh, not so fast."

"What?" IceLeomon gasped.

(End theme)


Babimon spun around and pulverized IceLeomon's cranium with an elbow smash. As blood bubbled in his mouth, IceLeomon spat out quite a mouthful and stumbled back.

As the Digimons' attacks came forward, Babimon opened his mouth. "Primal Howl!" He released a large beam to counter their attacks and nullified them in an instant.

Everyone else, except Matt and MetalGarurumon, looked on with horrified looks on their faces.

Dropping down to his knees, the brave warrior felt his head throbbing in excruciating pain.

Seizing IceLeomon's mane, Babimon lifted him up. "Heh. Don't die yet! We still have to ask about the location of the Holy Beasts and those four Digicores!"

"No! IceLeomon!" Angemon yelled.

"IceLeomon! Let's move, Angemon!" screamed Angewomon.

"What fools do you take him for?" Matt spat out at the group.

"Damn kitty! Next time, you should listen to me!" Ogremon yelled out.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kuroi Inbou

Just that one blow racked IceLeomon's entire body into excruciating and unrelenting pain.

"Heh. Well, this is too disappointing," Babimon snorted, swinging IceLeomon's body around. "I doubt even the rest of your pals would last if they took an elbow shot from me. But who could blame them? The Digimon of this world are fragile!"

"It's... It's over," TK stuttered and stumbled back.

Babimon grinned and dropped IceLeomon's crippled form. "Well, if he's going to take a nap, I guess I have to play with his buddies."

Ogremon stood his ground while Angemon, Angewomon and Garudamon were poised to launch a counter strike from mid-air.

"C'mon and bring it, ya smelly ape!" Ogremon challenged Babimon. "If Leomon can't take you, then it's up to me!"

"Please, quit it with the heroics, Ogremon. It doesn't suit you," Sora remarked.

TK had once again lost his confidence. At the same time, he feared for Angemon's chances to bringing down Babimon even with the help of the others.

Noticing Angemon in mid-air, Babimon pointed to him. "Come on! You're Takeru's Digimon! You're supposed to be a savior for that brat! Have you lost hope all of a sudden? Heh, you're such a warrior. Taichi has left you all to die."

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai: Attack of the Saiyans OST - Vs. Raditz/Nappa

With that, Babimon phased and reappeared in front of Angemon. Before the male angel could react, the invader executed a swift kick to Angemon's chest. Then, he followed it up with a double sledge across the angel's spine and sent him crashing into the earth.

Next, he flew out at Angewomon and swatted her aside with a backhand. She, too, joined Angemon and fell.

Garudamon was next. Before the phoenix warrior could unleash an attack, the villain lunged at Garudamon and punched her in the gut. Staggering from the rib-cracking blow, he followed it up with a swift uppercut that knocked Garudamon out for a loop. Landing beside the two angels, Garudamon was laid out.

TK, Kari and Sora all looked on with horror. 




Babimon roared out, laughing like a blood-crazed lunatic "Hey! Don't you three die yet! I want to play with ya some more!"

Out of the three fallen Digimon, Angemon slowly picked himself up onto his feet as his face was bled from the assault inflicted upon him.

Babimon grinned and popped his own neck. "There you go. That's the way to be a true warrior! Not only do you fight like one, but…" The alien baboon lunged straight forward and aimed to finish off the angelic warrior. "YOU WILL DIE LIKE ONE!"

"No! Angemon! Get down!" TK screamed.

Suddenly, as Babimon came forward...

"Pummel Whack!"


Babimon was sent flying back and gingerly landed, planting all four feet on the ground.

"Celestial Arrow!"

Alarmed by a rising power emanating, Babimon whirled around as Angewomon shot a desperate holy arrow at his direction.

He cracked a grin and brought his hands forward. "Ha, ha! Yeah, come to poppa!"

Matt yelled out to Babimon and warned him. "Babimon… MOVE AWAY!"

With that, Babimon gasped as the holy arrow came hurtling his way. He quickly moved out of the way. However, an arrow whisked along by Babimon's right side and hurtled directly at a steep hill, blasting a hole through it.

"Crap!" Sora frowned. "Almost had him!" If only Matt didn't warn him in time!

The resulting explosive caused debris to rain down across the battlefield.

The Corrupt Child of Friendship scowled. "Babimon, you idiot. Next time use you head!"

"He's not one for brains, Matt," MetalGarurumon added.

Irked, Angewomon gritted her teeth. "…Almost had him, too!"

Babimon growled, facing Angewomon with evil intentions. A deep growl was heard from the beast as he stomped forward. "YOU LITTLE BUG! YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!"

"No…!" The female angel backed away.

"Just for that..." Babimon grinned darkly. "I'm going to enjoy taking my time stomping you like a Roachmon!"

The alien brought his left fist forward and threw a green blast. It flew out directly for Angewomon as the female angel tried to out maneuver it. She jetted upward, watching the blast impact and explode as it hit the ground.

Babimon smirked and prepared another blast to completely finish Angewomon off. "One more time, baby!"

(End theme)

Just then, an icy beam along coupled with a dark beam launched from opposite sides of the battlefield. Alarmed by the incoming beams, he grunted as both shots impacted him.



Throwing out his arms, Babimon howled an unrelenting roar that shook the area around him. He glanced over at both opposite ends to see Ogremon on the right side and IceLeomon on the left side.

"You two? Damn... You two are tougher yet more annoying than I'd imagine!" yelled Babimon.

"Ha! Having some trouble there, monkey?" Matt laughed as he taunted the alien baboon.

MetalGarurumon remained silent, observing both warriors standing on the opposite sides of Babimon.

IceLeomon muttered. "Sorry, but we won't go down without putting as much as a resistance..."

Ogremon cocked a grin. "Sorry, monkey boy but I'm NOT going to die by your hands!"

Babimon cursed as his face contorted with anger with every muscle fiber tensing. "Idiots... YOU LITTLE BUGS! NOW YOU'VE PISSED ME OFF! " His feet pressed through the ground as a crater formed underneath. "I took it easy on you! We came here to find out about the Digicores but NOW-"

Suddenly, IceLeomon, Ogremon, Angewomon, and the other Digimon felt a powerful energy signal coming from a far distance. They turned around and uttered unified gasps.

The invaders took note of their shocked expressions. Matt raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M1412

"What is this?" IceLeomon wondered as he tried to confirm the two powers. "I'm sensing not just one but two tremendous powers approaching from afar."

"I feel them too!" Angewomon exclaimed. "Somehow, they feel so... familiar."

"Huh? You think it's them?" TK exclaimed.

"It has to be him!" Kari nodded as she raised her voice. "If that's true, then you jerks are in trouble!"

Babimon snarled and spat out. "Quit being delusional, kids! Taichi and Zero-009 aren't going to be here!"

However, IceLeomon cracked a grin. "Yes. At last, it's them!"

Angewomon, too, confirmed it. "Tai? WarGreymon? Oh yeah! They're coming!"

"Are you sure? It's that true, then…" Sora gasped, her hopes were raised.

"My brother's coming! He's definitely coming isn't he?" The Child of Light cried out.

Babimon looked around his surroundings and had a puzzled look. "But, where? I don't see him! What have you idiots going on about?"

"Apparently, Digimon here can detect energy better, Babimon," Matt murmured. "Hmm, Let's see..." Picking up the scouter, he attached it on his right ear and peered through the glass scanner. As he turned it on with a push of a button, the device started picking up a strong energy signal from far off in the distance.


"WarGreymon! This is not enough! We have to hurry!" Tai called out as he shielded his face from the blowing air pressure. Please, don't let anyone else be dead. I wouldn't dare live with myself if anything were to happen to Kari!

"We're almost there! I can sense where they are. We'll definitely be there in no time!"

"Go, WarGreymon! We have to get there faster!"

With that, WarGreymon augmented his speed flight, quickly picking up the pace as he coasted through the air.

(End theme)


Matt picked up on the energy signal and his eyes widened in disbelief. Beads of sweat dripped down his face as he gawked. He turned his attention back to the battle and would announce. He had to let Babimon know before it was too late.

"So, are they telling the truth? C'mon! I want to know! I really hope they are..." Babimon waited for a confirmation.

"I don't know if it's really Tai and WarGreymon, but I can say they will arrive here in four minutes or less. But, here's the shocking revelation..." Matt stated. "Tai's partner has a power reading of 5,000!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan

Babimon exclaimed out of shocked disbelief. "WHAT? 5,000? NO! That number has to be a calculation error! That is just NOT possible! It can't be accurate!"

"You think I would lie to you like this?" Matt snapped as he removed his scouter. Could it be that the clown's partner has a power that can now vary consistently? Which means that 5,000 could be just for starters!

"Well, I think that your partner is actually worried," IceLeomon grinned while pointing to the nervous Babimon.

Irked with the situation, Matt yelled out to Babimon. "All right, Babimon! Kill all of these fools and bring the two kids here! We'll just take my brother by force!"

"WHAT?"the Digital World's defenders shouted in unison.

"Matt! Don't do it!" TK begged and cried out.

Kari stepped back and hid behind TK. "Our Digimon are out of commission, TK! They can't save us now..."

Sora frowned. "C'mon, Garudamon! Get up!"

Angewomon panted, down on one knee. "I used up nearly all of my power…"

"But, what about the Digicores?" Babimon asked his partner-in-crime. "Don't we..."

"We don't need them now!" Matt declared. "I never believed there would be Digicores here or any of the four Holy Beasts for that matter. If anything, we'll simply visit the world known as Spira to gain important information on those four powerful artifacts. I've heard from your lordship that the Holy Beasts' seals were transported. In any case, Tai is the only person that matters to me now! If you think about it, we might use him to track the Digicores for us."

"I still say your machine's broken, Yamato! Zero-009 can't be anywhere near 5000! But, these twerps standing before us are getting on my nerves. I'll be more than happy to wipe them out! Just give me four minutes tops. Maybe even less!"

IceLeomon overheard the mention of a realm called Spira. "So, the legend of Spira is true? Is that the refuge where the Holy Beasts' four most valuable Digicores are located? They must have arranged for them to be taken to Spira before being sealed away. If that's the case, then if we beat these guys, we'll go to Planet Spira.

"IceLeomon! You have to run!" TK interrupted IceLeomon. "Our Digimon will hold them somehow until Tai and WarGreymon get here!"

Kari pleaded. "Yeah! We can't afford to lose you after everything you've done for our Digimon!"

"Don't be ridiculous! Not even your Digimon can hold these two all by themselves!" IceLeomon retorted.

Ogremon stood his ground and watched Babimon carefully. "I hate to admit, but that damn Leomon brings a good point. Your Digimon are out of commission for a while. They weren't tough enough to handle this creep!"

Sora looked over at the fallen Garudamon, she raced over to the Digimon. "C'mon, Garudamon. On your feet!"

Suddenly, she heard the phoenix warrior breathing heavily and moving her right arm up. Then, she noticed Angemon and Angewomon stirring.

"Hey, you guys! They're recovering!" Sora called out to TK and Kari.

"So, these wimps are going to hold me up?" Babimon snorted. "Ha! Don't make me laugh!"

"Angemon! Angewomon!" TK and Kari called out.

Sora waved over to the children. "Hurry, you guys! They won't respond until you two talk to them!"

"Let's go, TK!" Kari said as she grabbed the boy's hand. Then, taking a chance, she raced across with TK.

Eyeing the Children of Hope and Light like a hungry animal, Babimon flew out to snatch them for Matt.

"TK! KARI!" Sora screamed out for the kids.

Babimon was nearly inches from taking TK and Kari captive until...

"Hand of Fate!"

Suddenly, a golden stream of light shot across and blew up in Babimon's face. This last desperate attack repelled Babimon and sent him flying through a nearby rock cliff. Upon his impact fall, the cliff crumbled and buried the fearsome invader underneath piles upon piles of rubble.

(End theme)

"Whoa! Angemon!" TK was caught by surprise as he turned to see his Digimon partner barely standing on one knee.

"Nice shot!" Sora commended their savior.

Before MetalGarurumon stepped in, Matt put an arm out to restrain his Digimon from interfering.

Popping right out of the rubble pile, Babimon jumped right back to confront his opposition. Not only was he enraged but beyond insane anger.

With his forehead bleeding, Babumon fumed and pumped his body with raw energy. "THAT TEARS IT! I'M GOING TO FINISH YOU OFF! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" His eyes settled on Angemon, Angewomon, TK and Kari.

IceLeomon realized what the baboon was going to aim for and uttered a horrifying gasp. "No... GET BACK CHILDREN!"

Then, Ogremon was thinking the same idea and raced out to beat his rival in saving. "BRATS! GET AWAY FROM THERE!"

"KARI!" Angewomon screamed.

Angemon howled in warning to his partner. "TK!"

"NO! GET AWAY FROM THERE!" Sora cried out.

Before the two kids and the angel Digimon even had a chance to move, Babimon pulled back his fist and powered up an aura of powerfully intense energy. His fist was now coated with a black Ki aura that was ready to kill off his four adversaries. The two kids and their Digimon stood felt the strong force coming from the single power-up itself.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Tataki no Toki

"NOW TAKE THIS AND DIE! Bomber DX!" The baboon roared out and pulled his fist forward and unleashed a powerful energy wave that shot straight for the children and the angels. TK and Kari screamed for their lives as the angel duo made their move to evade the blast. In the process, they would be the sacrificial lambs for the children.

However, in an instant, both IceLeomon and Ogremon threw themselves in front of them. Both looked at one another and exchanged an assuring nod. They, for once, put aside their long animosity toward each other to give their lives up for lives more crucial than their own.

They exchanged words with one another.



"Guess we'll never get a chance of who's the better warrior, but I'll make sure I go out in a more grander style..."

"We'll see..."

"IceLeomon! Ogremon! What do you think you two are doing?" Angemon exclaimed.

TK and Kari cried out at once. "OGREMON! ICELEOMON!"


(End theme)


Next episode: The Rivals Farewell! WarGreymon's Unleashed Fury!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 13: The Rivals Farewell! WarGreymon's Unleashed Fury!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Moment For Shuddering (0:00 - 0:44)) 

TK and Kari cried out in unison. "OGREMON! ICELEOMON!"


Everyone, but the invaders, looked on with horrifying distress as the energy blast engulfed both IceLeomon and Ogremon. Both warriors howled out in excruciating pain. Their unified roars screams were enough to traumatize TK and Kari.

It happened all too sudden but the unforgettable moment would forever remain in everyone's minds.

The angel Digimon shielded the two children from any incoming debris.

(End theme)

As soon as the smoke settled, IceLeomon stood with his body battered and his mouth was coughing out blood. Ogremon groaned as he sank to his knees.

Dropping his stretched out hand, Babimon blinked in befuddlement.

"IceLeo-Leomon? Ogremon" TK said. "You saved us..."

"They just saved us?" Kari asked.

" away, kids," muttered IceLeomon. "You and your Digimon. Get out of… here."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kanashimi)

Ogremon's grunted, his vision blurred as darkness began to engulf his eye's shine. "Kids... thanks for everything. Thanks to your friends... I've changed for the better... And I was honored to fight by your side... So speak the Ogremon of honor..."

IceLeomon's eyes were, too, glazed over and he collapsed onto the ground face-first next to his rival. The children ran to their sides, while the angels lowered their heads in grief. Sora watched this with tears, looking away while pressing herself onto Garudamon.

TK asked with tears in his eyes. "Why... Why did you save us, IceLeomon? Ogremon?"

"We need to know. It could have been our Digimon, but why you two? You could have pushed us away, side stepped out of the way and let that blast pass through," Kari pleaded, shedding tears. "You two didn't have to do that... please, don't leave us!"

"I thought...I told you kids to run..." IceLeomon weakly smirked. "Hurry..."

Ogremon chuckled under his breath and coughed. "Kids... I'm telling ya... Leomon, don't you think it is time?"

"Don't leave us! Tai and WarGreymon are coming! They're going to save us!" TK cried out in tears. "Please, don't DIE!"

Watching the scene with a malevolent grin, Babimon was satisfied with his 'handiwork'. Matt and MetalGarurumon stood away, looking on from the distance.

Takeru... How I remember those days when you cried. Matt thought as he slightly turned his head away.

Babimon laughed out loud. "Those idiots! I'm telling ya! Making us kill them in the wrong order!"

Matt sighed deeply. "Shut up, you idiot. You ever try to engage an attack like that toward my brother again, even if it wasn't intentional, I will KILL YOU!"

Babimon backed off, intimidated by Matt's angry scowl. "Ok... Gee, sorry. I just got carried away..."


"Two energies are dying as we speak, Tai."

"Don't tell me..."

"Leomon and Ogremon."

Growling angrily, Tai clenched his fists. "I can't believe this... at least Sora, TK, and Kari are ok. These bastards are dead meat!"

WarGreymon mourned the loss of the two slain warriors. "They've sacrificed themselves for us."

"We should have been there sooner!"

"Leomon and Ogremon would have wanted it this way. Those two have had a never-ending rivalry. Ironic, those two would sacrifice themselves together for the sake of others and die together. They made their choice. This was their decision to make. In return of their honorable sacrifice, we shall defeat these Invaders!"

"Our Digimon friends. Centarumon, Piximon, Andromon, Leomon and Ogremon. You've all earned my respect. Leomon, thanks for looking out for my sister and TK. You've helped to make their Digimon stronger. Thank you my friends. Your deaths won't be in vain!"


Leomon, having lost his Ultimate-level form due to power loss, and Ogremon were both slowly coming close to death's doors. They looked upon the faces of the children.

For Leomon, these two children looked up to him as a sort of a fatherly figure. Kari didn't know Ogremon too well, but TK could tell the ogre changed for the better.

"It's really over for us... Ogremon... Guess we'll never settle our score him..."

Ogremon chuckled. "Bah... We have all eternity in the after life to do that..."

"To think we'd have to saved two children... But the Digidestined are crucial to preserving light and hope to... the Digital World... They must stop this dark force... TK... Kari... You two are special..." Leomon coughed. "I'm glad to have known you... It's been an interesting two weeks... hasn't it... Right Angemon and Angewomon?"

"Leomon. Don't speak anymore," Angemon pleaded. "You're only sapping more of your strength."

TK and Kari cried simultaneously. "NO! DON'T LEAVE US!"

"Thank you... my friends. I'll never forget you... Uh... Goodbye..." Leomon muttered.

Ogremon exhaled as he closed his eyes.

With that, Leomon's eyes shed with tears and his body became limp. Letting out his last breath, his body quickly was deleted into a cloud of shrouded data. Ogremon's body, too, exploded into data.

The two rivals had gone out working and dying as a team. No winner between was ever decided.

Their digisouls passed onto the Other World and would remain there since no Primary Villages to revive them as Digi-Eggs.

TK and Kari let out their true emotions as tears poured down their eyes. Understandably so, the two children had been traumatized to no end after seeing the deaths of five Digimon. They've lost not just a Digimon, but also a very close friend. Leomon had given up his life to ensure their survival.

As for Ogremon, he carried out his final and noble deed as a warrior.

(End theme)

Angemon and Angewomon couldn't bear to stand the loss of the warriors as they turned to face the murderer.

Sora quickly got up on her feet as her eyes locked with Babimon's. "You... You're not going to get away with this!"

Garudamon slowly picked herself up and stood on one knee. "This time I won't miss you for sure..."

Babimon chuckled, licking his lips. "Yes, that's right! Throw yourselves at me and join your friends in the after life! Soon all of you will be dead!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Tataki no Toki

As TK and Kari let out cries of anguish, their Crests activated and released streams of illuminating light.

TK's golden yellow.

Kari's bright pink.

The items reacted in conjunction with their heartfelt emotions as their Digimon siphoned off the power to boost their depleting energy. The angel pair faced Babimon with revenge set in their minds.

Suddenly, Matt's scouter started going off, which caught him by surprise. Both Angemon and Angewomon readied their attacks simultaneously.

"Angemon..." TK whispered.

Kari murmured with tears. "Angewomon..."

The kids cried out in unison. "LET HIM HAVE IT!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Celestial Arrow!"

The duo released their attacks as they coalesced into a single, widespread beam.

Babimon gasped. "What the...?"

"HIT HIM!" Kari exclaimed.

TK cried out emotionally. "We can't let this monster get away for what he's DONE!"

Bewildered, Matt read off his scouter. "Their combined power is calculated at 2,800! Just as I thought, their powers fluctuate tremendously! Babimon, look out!"

Babimon scoffed. "2, 800, eh? Man, you call that power? You're too slow!"

With that, the laughing baboon batted away the merged holy beam and sent it hurtling toward a nearby hill. The hill was quickly blown apart until nothing was left but rubble.

"No, it can't be!" Angemon called out.

Angewomon feared for the worst to come. "He... he easily countered our combined attack! What else can we do?"

"There's... no way we can beat him…!" TK fell back and stuttered. "R-r-r-right?"

Sora clenched her fists. "No. We can win! I know we can do this! Leomon and the others are counting on us!"

Kari wiped tears from her eyes. "I wish Tai were here!" She couldn't even utter another word as she watched the angel pair. "Even our Digimon can't stop him!"

(End theme)

Advancing toward the angel Digimon, Babimon dusted his hands off. "Heh. Not bad for a Champion and an Ultimate. That actually stung my hands quite a bit! Albeit, if it was only temporarily. You two will be joining your friends… right now!"

"No to mention that their power just dropped all the way down," Matt remarked while reading his scouter. "It seems the Crests couldn't boost their powers even further and Angemon hasn't even digivolved yet. Something wrong with your Crest, little brother?"

"H... He... He's strong! Too strong!" TK stuttered as his mouth chattered.

Angemon slightly paled at the sight of Babimon. "We can't beat them..."

"We're sorry, Leomon and Ogremon," Kari knelt down and clasped her hands in prayer. We've let you down. We let Centarumon, Piximon and Andromon down. We've let everyone including my brother down...

Sora cried out toward the children. "You two stop that! It's not over!" She scoffed and deeply sighed. "Damn, if only the others were here..." Izzy! Mimi! Joe! Tai! Where are you four?

Suddenly, Babimon slowly approached the direction of the children, but the angel Digimon pair obstructed his path.

Racing forward, the baboon Digimon backhanded the angels aside.

This prompted Sora to quickly rush to save the children. "GET AWAY FROM THEM!"

Getting back to her feet, Garudamon launched out alongside her partner. "We've got to get them away from that monster!"

As the villain loomed over them, both TK and Kari stared up at the beast's blood lusted, crimson eyes, filled with evil intentions and the lust to kill.

Just as Babimon raised his right hand up, he prepared to flatten the children, which even Matt advised against.

"I thought I told him not to kill those two! I need my brother back!" Matt angrily roared. "No, Babimon! Leave them with me!"

"BAH! Ha! Ha! Ha! I can't wait to see Taichi's face when he finds this little girl and the little crybaby have been flattened into pancakes!"

Grinning malevolently, Babimon raised his left foot and was ready to crush the children with one foot and grind their skeletons into dust. No matter how much Matt had warned him, he wasn't about to comply with orders and allow complete blood lust to overlap his sanity.

In other others, there was no reasoning with a blood lusted animal.

As soon as the single foot came down, the children covered their eyes and were about to meet death's door next.

"No! We're not going to make it in time!" Sora gasped in horror. "Garudamon!"

"I know!"

"BABIMON! I GAVE YOU ORDERS TO SPARE THOSE TWO!" Matt yelled out at the baboon Digimon.


Then, before he was able to crush them, he pressed his foot down and felt no bone crunching sound. Not even a squish of flesh. Nothing but rocks crushed under his foot.

Babimon's eyes widened as he pulled his foot up. "What? I should've heard bones and flesh squished under my heels!"

As he abruptly scanned his surroundings, Matt and MetalGarurumon followed what appeared to be swift movement.

Not even Babimon and the others were able to follow.

Babimon glanced over his shoulder to spot none other than...

WarGreymon levitating barely off the ground with TK and Kari both mounted on his back. The children opened their eyes and gasped in shocked surprise.

"WHAT THE...?" Babimon roared out.

Kari blinked as she rubbed the Brave Shield adorning WarGreymon's back. "War... WarGreymon? Is that you?"

"Hello, Kari. It's nice to see you and TK again," the Digimon smiled under his helmet mask.

"WarGreymon! If you're here, then Tai has to be here..." TK glanced around and looked dumbfounded for a moment. "Um, well? Where is he?"

Babimon noticed WarGreymon and growled toward his direction. "So, Zero-009 has arrived... But where is that damn partner of his?" Glancing around, the baboon tried smelling Tai's obvious scent. "Well, he's not here! I can't even smell..."

Then, as Babimon continued on, Matt's eyes shifting around. Then, his eyes shot further wide open as he turned the left corner to spot Tai standing between Babimon and the angels.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Braveheart Challenges the Strong

As the Child of Courage landed, he faced the Invaders' direction and frowned.

He glared at Babimon.

Then, Matt and MetalGarurumon.

Everyone else laid his or her eyes upon the new arrival.

Then, TK, Kari and Sora all cried out simultaneously. "TAI!"

"Nice timing there," Tai acknowledged his partner's impeccable timing. Good, TK and Kari are safe.

Babimon wasn't sure what to make of Tai as his eyes were slightly widened and his mouth closed. "So, this is the boy who inherits the Crest of Courage. Feh, what's so special about him?"

Matt's face said it all. His reaction was mixed with shock and anger.

He obviously wasn't expecting Tai to suddenly show up at the last moment before the siblings were killed by Babimon's hand.

Matt clenched his fists. "So, you've finally shown yourself, Tai. Late as always." The blonde smirked and folded his arms.

Sora smiled as her eyes scanned her best friend. "Tai! It's bout time! Welcome back!"

"I can't believe it! He's here!" TK happily cheered.

Kari nodded. "See? I told you he'd come. I know my brother better than you guys."

However, Tai's eyes were still focused on the Invaders. He glared down Matt and uttered a gasp.

"Matt? What are you... No," Tai shook his head and frowned. "So, you're one of the invaders. You left us to join this group of monsters? You abandoned the good fight. You left me, your brother, and everyone else behind. You're contradicting your own Crest of Friendship!"

"Wow, you're a fast one, Tai," Matt rolled his eyes. "I was beginning to wonder if you would have figured it out by now. Then again, I'm dealing with you of all people." Shrugging, Matt chuckled. "You're only using half a brain, clown."

Ignoring the blonde-haired youth's insult, Tai kept his composure and sighed. "Matt, I considered you a friend. I thought after that argument we had... you'd come around and help us against the evil Digimon that have been making a mess of things in Digiworld. We still managed to come out on top without your help but the Digidestined were still incomplete. That's why... as of now and the way I see things, I lost my respect for you."

Matt snorted. "Are you going to go on with these boring lectures?"

"No, I'm just here to set the record straight. You hurt TK. Not physically but his heart has been broken. He was so optimistic you'd return. He's even prayed for you, Matt. And now you come back attempting to threaten the Digiworld with your Digimon and this jerk. What do you hope to accomplish?"

Matt smirked and spat on the ground near Tai's feet. "That's what I think of you, Tai. I've always wanted to humiliate you and make you out to be the clown that you are. As a Digidestined leader… YOU'RE A JOKE!"

Tai frowned, clenching his fists tightly. "And you could hope to do better?"

Sora watched the exchange between the two. "Tai's not even flinching and Matt's letting him have it. I had no idea Matt hated him to this extreme!"

"You haven't noticed? My brother has always been jealous of Tai," TK stated as he watched the two boys. "No matter what Matt had done, Tai has done better. My brother will not give up until he's beaten Tai and now..." Trembling, TK stepped back. "...They're going to settle the score. These two have actually fought before over me. Back on File Island..."

"I remember Tai telling us that," Sora said

Kari listened to their conversation and observed her brother.

WarGreymon was silent throughout the entire conversation, not taking his eyes off MetalGarurumon.

Tai demanded. "So, why did you come back, Matt?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you, Tai. But, since, you're going to die, I'll be at least a little generous to my favorite rival," Matt grinned and flashed two fingers on his right hand. "I came back for two reasons. One is to confirm the location of the four Digicores belonging. You know the ones the Holy Beasts released before they were sealed. Two: to come back to retrieve my brother. You took him away from me, Tai!" He accused Tai over a baseless claim. "I will personally ensure you don't walk out of this alive, Taichi Kamiya!"

Taken back by this false accusation, Tai retorted angrily. "Let's see you back up that claim, Yamato Ishida! You accuse me of stealing your brother? GET OVER YOURSELF!"

"You bastard…"

"You walked out on us once we came back to the Digiworld! So don't go spewing this baseless crap! Now, put up or shut up, Matt! This is it! We're going to settle this our way!"

As his grin widened, Matt uncrossed his arms. "Then, let the games begin."

As the two exchanged glares, Babimon seemingly felt left out. "Hey! Don't you ignore me!" Babimon bellowed toward Tai.

(End theme)


Other World/X's Planet

X observed the events with his eyes closed.

"Good, Tai and WarGreymon made it in time! But, unfortunately, their five Digimon comrades perished in battle. Now, those two are finally having a stand off. Tai Kamiya. Matt Ishida. Tai is taking this rather hard, but he's going to put aside all of his high emotion to engage battle with his former friend. Shoot, I can't predict the outcome between their Digimon, but Babimon's practically going to be a non-factor. Now, to see where this is going to lead."

"X!" a voice belonging to what sounded like a teenage girl called out.

Frozen stiff, X kept to himself. Great, she's back. She's not going to take this well. "Tai, please, don't do anything stupid."


Digital World

Tai and WarGreymon stood their ground as they eyed the three Invaders. Then, they pivoted their view toward the Digidestined trio, Garudamon, and the angel Digimon.

"Good to see you guys are all right!" Tai smiled and called out to his friends. "Kari and TK are safe. That's good."

Sora responded and waved out to her friend. "Tai! We're so glad to see you again!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Budokai OST - A Hero's Desperation

"I'm sorry about our friends. Centarumon, Piximon, Andromon, Leomon, and Ogremon are all gone, aren't they?" The Child of Courage asked the redhead.

The tomboy sadly sighed, slumping her head. "Yeah… that giant baboon creep was responsible for their deaths."

"That's right! Leomon and Ogremon gave lives to save us! Piximon tried to destroy that big monkey by blowing himself up, but he… he failed!" TK explained. "I'm sorry... we couldn't save them."

WarGreymon knelt down on the ground where both Ogremon and Leomon had fallen before their bodies exploded into data. He looked up and nodded to Tai. "Ogremon and Leomon died right here."

"They died protecting me and TK," Kari said with sadness in her tone.

Glancing over his shoulder, Tai spotted the exact place where Centarumon died and then to the area where Andromon perished. "Leomon. Ogremon. Centarumon. Andromon. No... They're gone. THEY'RE ALL GONE!" The boy trembled with high distress.

"It's all because of him!" TK pointed toward Babimon, who was seemingly grinning proudly.

Facing Babimon, Tai's eyes darkened as he narrowed them. Babimon was not the least intimidated by Tai's determined, fiery glare.

Then, Tai and his friends all turned as soon as they heard the maniacal baboon cackle.

"WA! HA! HA! HA! Don't tell me that you're shocked to find your weak friends dead!" Babimon cackled with no shred of remorse for the fallen. As he stopped laughing, he rubbed his chin and grinned. "Come to think of it. There was another one that went bye-bye. He was blown to pieces. Well, no need to grieve. You'll be seeing them soon enough. Besides, you just came back and it would be sweet if you died on the same day!"

Tai and WarGreymon both growled simultaneously.

"Those five gave their lives just for us to defeat you," Tai stated as he clenched both fists. "And you dare dishonor them? That's it pal! WarGreymon, take this guy out first!"

Suddenly, Matt's scouter was picking up an increasing power reading. The device probed up a high energy number emanating from WarGreymon.

"What's that? WarGreymon's feeding off Tai's emotions, raising his suppressed power?" Matt shouted out. "His power is steadily increasing!"

The rocks under WarGreymon's feet started to lift off the ground. Not only that but the ground under his feet was beginning to tremble.

TK gasped as he, too, felt the ground rumble. "Whoa! Guys, can you feel that?"

"The ground is moving! But... Is that coming from..." Kari looked toward her brother's Digimon. "...from HIM?"

Sora was, too, taken back. "This is coming from WarGreymon?"

"It is," Garudamon said, feeling an overwhelming power surge from WarGreymon. "From what I tell you, this is only a fraction of his new power!"

Garudamon watched carefully while the angels were recovering from Babimon's blows. They, too, sensed WarGreymon's growing power.

Babimon snarled under his breath and stepped toward Tai's partner. "You? Zero-009? Heh, this is funny. You think just by powering up that you'll scare me? Pfft, please! This is nothing! You're all signing your death wishes if you're putting your hopes on this wimp!" Cracking his knuckles, the baboon's grin widened. "And this time I'll make sure I send you to the after life for GOOD!"

No initial response came from WarGreymon.

Irked, Babimon charged forward and roared. "ANSWER ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU! YOU SMUG BASTARD!"

As soon as Babimon reached him, the baboon punched his right hand down and pulverized the earth.

However, much to his shocked dismay, he was unable to catch WarGreymon. He was gone from his sight and out of his reach.

Just then, his ears picked up footsteps and turned to find...

WarGreymon and Tai walking toward his friends.

Babimon's face contorted with a mix of angry frustration and apparent shock.

"What...? HOW? He can't be THAT fast!"

Having picked up on their movements, MetalGarurumon addressed to Matt. "They've both moved out of the way long before Babimon could reach them! They've gotten fast, Matt!"

Matt frowned as he observed Tai approaching TK and the others. "You made Babimon start to worry. I know WarGreymon can do more. Just what kind of power-up did he receive?"

"We're sorry we're late guys!" Tai apologized as he approached TK, Kari, Sora, and the others. "WarGreymon and I had to take the same road we crossed over before. It's something I don't want to do again. Believe me."

"Yeah, but thank goodness you came," Garudamon stated.

Kari and TK crowded around Tai as they embraced them. He pats their heads and smiled. Then, he faced Sora's direction.

"Did you get new clothes?" Sora asked.

Tai chuckled. "Well, my old clothes are underneath these duds, but yeah… X gave them to me. Neat, huh?" He turned around, showing off his new wardrobe.

"That's neat, Tai!" TK said.

Kari concurred. "Wish I could've been there to see Agumon's training!"

Smiling, Tai responded while hugging his sister. "Heh, you won't have to wait long then. Just watch WarGreymon mop the floor with this monkey bastard. He'll show you something that will blow you guys out of this world! Right, buddy?"

WarGreymon replied. "Got that right!"

"Plus, we would have been flat as pancakes if you didn't come bail us out, WarGreymon," TK said to the Mega Digimon.

"Thanks a lot," Kari bowed her head a little.

"It's a miracle we made it here in time," Tai replied. "Now, you guys stand back and let us take care of this. WarGreymon..."

"Tai..." the Mega lifted his head.

"Kick this guy's ass," the gogglehead removed his goggles and put them dangling around his neck. His happy smile turned into a serious game face.

WarGreymon turned toward his Digimon colleagues. "And one more thing, guys. Angemon and Angewomon have both gotten stronger. Leomon's training did not go to waste. Them being alive now showed that they've improved."

"But it's our fault everyone else died!" TK called out. "We were helpless to do anything!"

Tai reassured Matt's younger brother. "Don't worry, TK. As long as we find access to the Holy Beast's realm, then we'll borrow their Digicores to help restore their lives and restore the damage done to the Digital World. After all, they didn't really die as the way they should have wanted it. Their ends were unfortunate and unexpected. They'll be back. You have my word!"

WarGreymon agreed. "We got this one covered!"

"No! Please, at least let Garudamon fight with you, WarGreymon!" Sora called out.

"Sorry, but we've got this, Sora. Please, just stand back," Tai advised Sora.

"That's insane!" TK said. "Even for WarGreymon, that monkey's power is beyond imagination!"

"He's right! Tai! WarGreymon! Don't do it," Kari pleaded of her brother and the Digimon.

WarGreymon turned his attention over to the mass-murderer and sensed the dark power emanating around Babimon's massive form. His face twisted with rage as a sudden heart beat echoed through his body.

Sora quickly turned and faced the group. He took TK and Kari by their hands while leading them away.

"Sora? What are you doing?" TK asked as he was pulled along.

"If we can't take part in this, then we better get out of here!" Sora stated. "It's now my job to see that you guys are safe! Tai and WarGreymon will take care of this. I believe in those two right now."

"I have faith in them, too, but that Babimon is TOO strong!" Kari implored.

Sora smiled. "That's why we have to believe in them, Kari."

Garudamon followed alongside Sora as she carried both Angemon and Angewomon. Glancing behind her, Sora watched Tai and WarGreymon preparing for battle.

Tai and WarGreymon walked toward the lumbering simian giant. The villain cackled to himself and popped both sets of his knuckles.

However, both Tai and his Digimon partner stood motionless with quiet fury building up inside of them.

Once again taking light of the situation, Babimon carelessly taunted the duo.

Mistake number one.

"What's that look on your faces?" Babimon asked as he puffed and growled. "I hate those silent treatments you're giving me. Well, don't get too overconfident! You two are going to die soon in any case! Ha!"

"You're going down and you're gonna pay for what you've done!" WarGreymon murmured silently.

Tai clenched his fists. "You tell him, WarGreymon!"

With that, WarGreymon exploded with an orange aura covering his physique. His teeth clenched as parts of their bodies bulged with some muscle. Their aura turned bright white while flaring up magnificently.

Then, the ground around him trembled as pieces of rocks floated up again. This time tiny rocks and pebbles lifted higher off the ground. Some rotated and spun around WarGreymon freely.

Babimon was taken back by this display of raw power shown by Tai's partner.

Matt was even more bewildered.

"Whoa... WHOA! WHOA!" Babimon yelled out as he looked down at his feet. "How could these this wimp be generating this much power? How?"

Finally, Matt's scouter confirmed the power readings straight from the Mega Digimon. The blonde-haired youth's face said it all. He gave Babimon a worried look and scowled. "I'm picking up a power of 7,000 from each! Now, 8,000!" But, how? Where did he did get this much power!" Could this also be a side effect from feeding off Tai's Crest of Courage?

"Is that even possible for WarGreymon?" MetalGarurumon wondered, as his gaze was fixated on Tai's Digimon. If it is, then I think WarGreymon is up to par with me!

Meanwhile, Sora and the others were stunned to even mutter a single word. Their expressions said it all.

"This is crazy!" Sora exclaimed.

"And this is just the beginning," Garudamon observed WarGreymon's glowing presence from the distance.

"Man, this is intense and look at Babimon! He's looking pretty scared if you ask me!" TK shouted happily.

Kari nodded and anticipated for the two to start the fight. "You can say that again! I think he might be chickening out!"

WarGreymon howled an intense roar, unleashing his suppressed power. The ground stopped trembling and the floating rocks fell like raindrops.

Stepping back as his mouth chattered and body trembled, Babimon was stunned beyond belief and glanced toward Matt.

"Yamato! What was his power reading again?"

Crushing the scouter with his left hand, Matt scowled while gritting his teeth intensely. He confirmed the final power reading to the baboon Digimon. "It's… it's over 8,000!"


Tai scoffed and spoke up for the baboon to hear. "Don't you worry. My pal won't need to use the Fury Blitz on you."

WarGreymon concurred. "Yeah, that'd be a waste of my time."

Overhearing this, Matt muttered to himself. "Fury Blitz? What's that?"

"Bah! You'll never be a match for me!" Babimon screamed out to the point where he was screeching rather than howling.

As soon as Babimon threw a right fist at WarGreymon, the Digimon merely phased out. WarGreymon blitzed behind Babimon and shot a kick to the back of Babimon's head. The baboon howled as the Digimon hit the exclamatory point, sending the behemoth falling face first on the ground.

"GAH!" screamed the baboon Digimon.

"Interesting, WarGreymon has gotten better since the last I've seen him in actual combat," MetalGarurumon thought. "I wonder how he managed to improve."

"Nice. WarGreymon is no slouch in the combat department," Matt smirked.

Dropping down behind where Babimon was lying, WarGreymon stood poised to attack the minute the baboon stood up.

"Keep your eyes on him, WarGreymon," Tai murmured, having already distanced himself from the battle.

WarGreymon growled. "C'mon, big guy. Get up."

Slowly making it back to his feet, Babimon rubbed the back of his head and groaned. "Ugh... What...?" As he shook his head to clear it, the alien baboon regained his senses and looked directly at his enemy. "Ugh! H-Ho-How did you get behind me?"

No response from WarGreymon.


"Your mouth is writing a check that your ass can't cash." Tai flashed a grin.

Babimon fumed and roared out in angry frustration… again. "Wh-WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

Strange. His power is completely different from before. MetalGarurumon though, observing WarGreymon discreetly. Where in the world could've WarGreymon gotten this much power?

"You're saying that I'm just ALL TALK?"

"No doubt about it, you loud-mouthed moron," WarGreymon narrowed his eyes, readying his next attack.

Babimon grinned as he regained his footing. "Heh. You could tell, huh?"

Planting both of his feet down, Babimon's entire body began trembling as an explosive aura of black light enveloped his physique. This specific, dark energy being exposed was reacting with Babimon's sheer hatred for Tai's Digimon.

Both of his eyes shifted and then widened as the muscles on his body rippled with indescribable amount of dark energy and veins popped out throughout sections of his body, including around his forehead and legs. While it seemed like a minute was only a brief moment.

With this body jacked and pumped, Babimon was ready to go another round.

Cracking a malevolent grin, the baboon roared out. "So, what can you tell from this, smart guy? HUH?"

Charging at the warrior, Babimon utilized super speed to catch up and reach him at close quarters.

WarGreymon did not budge an inch from his spot. He also never once removed his angry sneer.

Babimon howled violently as he unleashed a flurry of punches at the Digimon. As each powered fist was thrown out, they didn't even connect ONCE!

Babimon was hitting nothing but air while WarGreymon danced around and telegraphed his fierce punches. Much to his horrifying disbelief, Babimon watched as none of his punches impacted WarGreymon's sleek form.

Attempting to connect with a final blow, Babimon went to punch WarGreymon's head off. But, WarGreymon quickly vanished out of his reach. Once again, he hit nothing but pure weightless air.

"No, he's gone!"

"Over here."

Hearing his adversary's voice, Babimon jumped around and looked behind him to see WarGreymon standing several meters away on the battlefield.

"You stupid little bug..." Babimon snorted, gritting his teeth as his whole body tensed up.

TK exclaimed out of sheer thrill. "Now THAT was awesome!"

"It's about time someone put that jerk in his place!" Kari stated.

"I know! Tai, what kind of vitamins has WarGreymon been taking?" Sora called to the Child of Courage.

"The best kind Other World can offer," Tai said with a smile.

"Unbelievable! Ugh, that idiot doesn't realize that he's outmatched by WarGreymon!" Matt scowled in annoyance as he watched Babimon's pitiful efforts. "Tai's Digimon is toying with the dumb bastard."

Before the baboon would react, WarGreymon's body flickered from view and left him completely off guard. Despite that, Babimon aimlessly scanned the land's surroundings to search out the warrior.

Then, before he could even look up, WarGreymon descended atop Babimon's head. Babimon screeched angrily and attempted to snatch his pre, smashing his fists overhead. Then, WarGreymon instantly vanished out of his reach.

WarGreymon reappeared in front of Babimon, delivering a rib-cracking kick to baboon's abdomen.


The villain gasped out as air was forced right out of his body, sending him reeling back. Babimon's entire body racked with pain as he doubled over.

Pulling his fist back, WarGreymon growled. "That was for Piximon!"

Babimon attempting a spinning kick, but WarGreymon phased of his reach again.

Next, WarGreymon appeared behind Babimon and delivered an elbow shot across Babimon's back as the Invader was sent hurtling across the battlefield.


"That was for Centarumon!" shouted WarGreymon.

Following the impact blow, Babimon was sent hurtling toward a rock ledge. He gingerly bounced off the edge and jetted into the air.

He looked down at WarGreymon seething with anger. His eyes once again bulged out and veins popped all around his head. "You no good... arrogant... piece of little... scum... SCUM-SUCKING PIGS!" the invader howled out. Out of desperation, Babimon released a powerful burst of energy through his right arm. "Bomber DX!"

WarGreymon firmly stood his ground, waiting for the blast to impact him head-on.

"WARGREYMON!" TK and Kari cried out from the sidelines.

Sora called out in warning to the duo. "No! Tai, tell him to move!"

"Relax," Tai whispered, reassuring his friends.

"I won't even need to dodge this one," WarGreymon murmured, firmly standing his ground. He lifted his arms up, letting the devastating blast impact him with earth-shattering force.


(End theme)

As the smoke cleared, WarGreymon stood without a singe. It was an amazing feat to behold and demonstrated his incredible robustness.

Babimon was horrified and trembled with angry frustration. "What the? He-he's a monster!"

"So, he dispelled it with just his energy alone," MetalGarurumon murmured.

"Babimon has a very short life span as far as I'm concerned," Matt scowled. "That idiot doesn't know who he's dealing with."

"Agreed, Matt."

WarGreymon phased out and reappeared behind Babimon. The giant baboon instinctively whirled around, being on the receiving end of WarGreymon's Dramon Killers. Then, he followed it up with a clubbing fist across the invader's back and knocked him sailing across.


"That was for Andromon!" WarGreymon roared. "This one's for Ogremon!"


With that, WarGreymon executed the ax handle to the enemy's back and sent Babimon plummeting to the earth.

As Babimon ended up on the receiving end of a devastating fall, WarGreymon jetted down faster than the monkey's fall. He quickly turned and rotated around Babimon.

He glided upward, yelling out. "And this is for Leomon!"

Tai frowned and shot a devastating kick to Babimon's head. This physical blow knocked Babimon sailing backwards, sending him crashing through a rock face. Upon his fall, the cliff came tumbling down upon the beast and buried him under a pile of massive rock debris.

The Child of Courage nodded in approval, watching his partner standing tall without a singe. "That was for our Digimon friends. All five of them."

Kari and TK cried out as they cheered Tai's Digimon. "Go, WarGreymon!"

Garudamon chimed in on her five cents. "Yes, this has definitely turned into a completely one-sided battle if you ask me."

Sora nodded. "It's about time this guy had it coming."

Pushing his way out of the rock pile, Babimon made it up to his feet and literally roared out in bloody murder. His face received a deep gash across his forehead, causing blood to spill and drip down his maw. Picking up several stones from the ground, he hurled them across in sheer frustration.

"DAMN YOU!" Babimon screamed as he hurled a single stone at WarGreymon.

Evading his the rock, WarGreymon tilted his head. "You're not as strong as you make yourself out to be. It's quite pathetic you have to resort to throwing stones like a stupid monkey."

"NO! I am an elite warrior! I'll have no lower-class wimps like you push me around! Zero-009, you were supposed to be lower ranked than me! HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO SURPASS ME?"

"You just hate losing," Tai's partner scoffed, a hint of exasperation evident in his tone.

Tai snickered upon hearing his partner's remark. "Ha! Now that was a good one!"


Kari once again was awe struck by WarGreymon's strength. "He battered Babimon around like a pinball! And that monkey is such a potty mouth!"

"Yeah and he's already screaming like a baby. When is he ever going to just roll over and give up?" TK groaned irritably. "No doubt we know who the winner is..."

Babimon roared angrily at WarGreymon as he readied another Bomber DX blast. "YOU DIRTY DOG! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

"BABIMON! GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!" Matt yelled hoarsely. "You won't do a damn thing if you're angry enough not to think straight! NOW, RELAX AND CALM DOWN!"

Matt's partner inquired. "You think that will actually work?"

"I don't think so, MetalGarurumon. Knowing him, he'd probably could care less," the irked blonde-haired youth scoffed.

Stopping himself completely losing it, Babimon took a deep breath and sighed. He shook his head to regain his composure, chuckling. "Y-Yo-You're right. Thanks, Yamato. I... I wasn't thinking straight. I let myself get way out of hand there..."

"More like lost your damn mind and whined like a complete cry baby, but yeah you get the whole idea," Matt stated. Brick-headed spastic! At this rate, MetalGarurumon might have to engage battle with WarGreymon. 

Grinning, Babimon took another deep breath and faced down the warrior. "You tricked me into a fit of rage, Zero-009. I commend ya, but don't you get too overconfident yet. Now you'll see what I can really do." Clenching his right hand, the baboon pointed at the duo. "Are you two fools ready?"

"Bring it," WarGreymon challenged the Invader.

Babimon watched Tai's partner carefully and grinned. "Heh, he's bluffing."

No. He has power to spare. MetalGarurumon thought as he observed WarGreymon. "He's pretty much exuding complete confidence in the face of danger.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Unforeseen Circumstances (0:00 - 0:53)) 

Suddenly, Babimon flashed two fingers. WarGreymon noted this as the ground under him exploded.


Babimon looked on as the explosion widened and realized this was his only opportunity to mount an attack quickly. He laughed and jetted through the billowing smoke cloud. "RAHAHAHAHA! HERE I COME, BUG!"

From an angle of his right eye, Babimon located WarGreymon air-borne above the smoke cloud. He glided at the warrior in an instant. In an act of desperation, Babimon threw out a rapid flurry of punches at WarGreymon.

As usual, Tai's partner telegraphed the behemoth's punches while maneuvering around them. WarGreymon executed a front kick, which Babimon barely evaded. WarGreymon flew in and went for a straight right hook. The baboon ducked under and flew away to avoid close contact Tai's partner.

Babimon moved away to catch his breath as WarGreymon swayed back.

(2:07 - 3:07)

"Well, at least you're showing some effort," WarGreymon remarked. "Just don't start whining."

"Heh. Just for that wise-ass comment, I'll make sure you get what's coming to you!" Babimon threatened.

With that, Babimon's mouth gaped. WarGreymon readied himself for what could be another devastating attack.

The invader released a powerful mouth beam. This time with more power packed into it. "Primal Howl!"

WarGreymon fired a streamlined orange beam to counteract his enemy's attack. "Terra Beam!"

The two attacks impacted as they exploded, releasing a bright illuminating flash of light that engulfed the skies.

Everyone back on the ground took cover. Garudamon shielded everyone, sans Matt and MetalGarurumon, to protect them from the incoming debris scattering across the landscape. TK, Kari, and Sora gawked in awe at the display of power the three were demonstrating in that one instant.

MetalGarurumon was there to shield his partner from the debris. "I've got you covered, Matt!"

"Unbelievable! He deflected Babimon's attack at a close distance!" Matt exclaimed.

(End theme)

As the smoke cloud cleared, Babimon gazed on in bewilderment as WarGreymon was revealed – once again without a singe on him.

WarGreymon sighed. "That was close."

"Phew," Tai let out a deep breath, watching the exchange from below. "That one made me sweat a bead at least."

"Didn't even scratch my armor once," WarGreymon dusted his armored body.

Babimon gawked at the duo and stuttered in obvious disbelief. "No. No... NO!" He threw his hands up and closed his fists in angry frustration. "NO! THAT WAS ONE OF MY STRONGEST ATTACKS!"

"He really is tough, Tai," WarGreymon said, a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

Tai seriously replied. "Yeah but this could take forever. We can't let this drag on for long."

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M725

"All right! That's enough fun, Babimon!" Matt called off the battle-hungry baboon Digimon. "It'll take forever with you! MetalGarurumon and I will take over from here!"

"WHAT?" Babimon gasped out of insult.

The Corrupt Child of Friendship bit his lips, gazing at Tai and WarGreymon. Ridiculous. I can't believe MetalGarurumon and I have to clean up the mess you've created, Babimon. I swear... It's like taking care of a child!

(End theme)


Next episode: The Power of Fury Blitz! WarGreymon vs MetalGarurumon!



Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 14: The Power of Fury Blitz! WarGreymon vs. MetalGarurumon!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Braveheart Challenges the Strong

"Yeah. Finally, we get to see that big jerk afraid!" TK laughed. "After all of that time he bragged about being invincible!"

"He's too scared to fight with WarGreymon," Kari added.

"It'll be over in no time I'll bet," Sora said.

"I knew that the monkey crybaby wasn't going to be that big of a deal," Tai scoffed as he glared toward the blonde-haired youth and the metallic wolf. "It's Matt and MetalGarurumon that we're really after."

"Curse you to hell, Zero-009. Curse you, Taichi," Babimon tensed up as his body trembled and anger setting in. "Making me surrender your execution to MetalGarurumon and Yamato." Slowly descending, he cracked a devilish grin. "Heh. Well, you'll be sorry it ever happened. You're a disgrace, Zero-009. You and your partnership with this human make me RETCH!" Looking down at Matt, Babimon gave him the approval nod. "Yamato. I'll leave these two to you and MetalGarurumon. Just make sure they die painfully for what they've done to my pride!" So, I'm going to take my frustrations out on the other set of bugs!

Then, Babimon's eyes settled upon TK, Kari, Sora, and their Digimon.

It didn't take long for Tai and WarGreymon to figure out Babimon's next ploy.

Tai uttered a gasp. "No... What the hell do you think you're doing, Babimon?"

"Don't tell me he intends to take out everyone else in exchange to Matt and MetalGarurumon for us two!" WarGreymon shouted and immediately roared out to the observers, sans Matt and MetalGarurumon. "TK! KARI! SORA! GARUDAMON! ANGEMON! ANGEWOMON! GET AWAY FROM THERE! BABIMON'S TARGETING FOR YOU NOW!"

Gasping all at once, the group screamed as Babimon nose dived toward them. "AHAHAHAHA! HERE I COME! IN EXCHANGE FOR TAICHI AND ZERO-009, I KILLING THESE THREE KIDS AND THEIR PETS!" 

"THERE HE GOES, TAI!" WarGreymon roared as he jetted down, pursuing the frantic Babimon. I've got to make it in time!

"HURRY, WARGREYMON!" Tai called out to his partner.

WarGreymon finally came to a settlement. I didn't want to have to use it, but… Fury Blitz.

The Child of Courage turned away, calling out to his friends. "Get away you guys!"

"HERE I COME, PREPARE TO DIE!" Babimon yelled, gaping his mouth while preparing to repeat his most powerful technique. "RAUGH!"

No… No choice! WarGreymon yelled as a bright red aura flared around him. "Fury Blitz!" With that, he utilized X's secret technique while rocketing down faster than the eye could follow and jetted further down, spinning his Dramon Killers, impacting Babimon's back. "Brave Tornado!"

"What…? No… NO! NO! YOU CAN'T… DO THIS TO ME…. AUGH!" Babimon howled in excruciating agony as WarGreymon drilled through his torso, ripping him into two halves. "AUUUGHHHH!" His final words echoed out for everyone to hear. "NO! YAMATO, AVENGE ME!"

With that, Babimon's body was split into two and both halves exploded into data. Babimon was silenced forever, deleted from the Digiworld completely.

(End theme)

WarGreymon descended over to TK, Kari, Sora, and the others. Tai hurried over toward his partner.

"He… he did it!" Sora exclaimed happily. "WarGreymon got him!"

TK and Kari cheered. "YAY! WARGREYMON DID IT!"

Angewomon had watched the events while sitting up. "Excellent. That takes care of one invader..."

"And two more to go," Angemon murmured, grinning from ear to ear.

Tai stopped as he spoke to his friends. "Well, did you guys see that?"

"Yeah, but what did WarGreymon do?" Sora asked.

"I utilized a technique passed to me by X. It's called Fury Blitz," WarGreymon stated.

"Fury Blitz?" TK inquired.

Garudamon asked. "How does that work?"

"By controlling all the Digital Ki in my body," Tai's partner explained. "I amplify it for a heartbeat."

"When one gets it right, one's power, speed, and anything else skyrockets… even for just a second," the Child of Courage said. "Pretty cool, eh?"

"Oh yeah!" TK said, clenching his fists eagerly.

Angewomon addressed to Tai. "But, why didn't WarGreymon just use it in the first place?"

"It doesn't work like that," WarGreymon shook his head dismissively. "If I can't control my energy carefully, I'll end up blowing myself apart. There's only a certain limit I can reach now, but with training… well, you know. I'll be ready for more."

"I see now," the female angel nodded.

"Yeah, I remember X warning me about this," Tai said, reflecting on the last days of WarGreymon's training.


Flashback/X's Planet/Two Days Ago

WarGreymon was taking a break after having gone through hurdles upon hurdles across a 29,000-kilometer race.

He didn't show much signs of fatigue.

X reappeared in front of Tai and his Digimon, lecturing them on the use of the Fury Blitz technique.

"WarGreymon. You both have come further with the Fury Blitz technique than I had when I was a young fighter. But remember at your present level of skill, you have to beware of the over usage. Just the slightest error in your control will destroy your bodies. For WarGreymon, his data code will overload and explode. Don't increase any higher than twice your normal power. Do you understand, WarGreymon?"

"I got it."

"Tai, are we clear? Don't make WarGreymon expend too much. I know how trigger happy you can get."

The Child of Courage comprehended the situation. "Right."

"Remember anymore than two times the Fury Blitz will take a heavy toll on your body."

"Damn, that sucks. Thanks for the warning, X. I didn't know what we'd do without you."

"Well, Tai, WarGreymon would be dead for one thing."

"True... Heh, don't worry I won't get careless!"

The masked watched nodded, folding his arms behind his back. "Let's hope so. For your sake and ours."


Digital World

"Now, all that we have to deal with are Matt and MetalGarurumon," WarGreymon said as he watched the partners standing afar from the group.

The Child of Courage affirmed the situation. "I know."

MetalGarurumon turned, silently murmuring to his partner. "Babimon's incompetence led to his own downfall. He has nobody to blame but himself."

"Humph, he asked us to avenge him? Sorry but we don't avenge losers," Matt scoffed as he unfolded his arms. A devious smirk adorned his face. "Whatever WarGreymon, you made sure to make note of it. Didn't you, WarGreymon?"

"Yes, I have."

Matt smirked. "The others don't matter to us now. Tai and WarGreymon are our main priorities until we defeat them." The Corrupt Child of Friendship heatedly pointed toward Tai's direction. "Only ONE of us will be declared the best of the best. Tai, get ready! The time has come for us to settle this!"

Tai locked eyes with Matt. "Of course, just you, me and our Digimon. No more games."


Other World/X's Planet

Overseeing the events that had taken place, X nodded in approval. "Now, it's down to how it should be. Tai and Matt facing one another with their Digimon." But, I just hope he doesn't go as far as killing Matt. The Child of Friendship is crucial if the Digidestined are to defeat the great evil that looms. No doubt the evil one is aware of what's going on.


The masked man turned and saw a teenage girl standing behind him. Her very presence was beautiful and serene. She was approximately 5'1 and had long golden brown locks, a pair of purifying sky blue eyes and a slim figure. A pink flower adorned her hair. She wore a spaghetti-string pink t-shirt with a white heart symbol embroidered on the front, a pink skirt and a white platform boots.

"Oh, Keke... So, you've come to oversee the fight that's going to commence in a short while?" inquired X.

"That's right," Keke added while walking toward X and standing by his side. "I just wish it didn't have to end like this. Their Digimon are going to tear each other to pieces."

"Matt's been influenced by that 'evil one.' There's nothing I can do to stop this since I would be directly interfering in Tai's fight. As you know, I am an watcher."

"I know but why are you forbidding me from going over there? I could stop the fight!"

"You could have if you still had your Ascendant powers, but the Nexus has all but stripped us of our powers after we vanquished our greatest enemy. You're back to what you were before we met the Chosen of that other universe."

"I know, but still… I wish I had my Ascendant strength back."

"Relax, Keke," the masked man reassured her. "I have an important assignment for you. One that will help the Digidestined get to where they need to be."

Keke blinked. "Rea... Really? You mean...?"

"That's right. However, we cannot know what the future will brings us as far as this battle goes. Let's pray that neither one of them kills one another and that Tai comes out victorious."

"As long as Matt lives... Then, that's all that matters to me..." she deeply sighed.

X furrowed his brows and thought. It's time. WarGreymon will really need to step it up against MetalGarurumon. Tai, this won't be a cakewalk. Good luck, my friends.


Digital World

Tending to the survivors, Tai gave each of the Digimon Digi-Medical vitamins. The Digimon had expended most of their energy during the battle against the invaders.

Having defeated Babimon, Sora and Garudamon felt their bodies completely rejuvenated with an energy boost. One they really needed.

Garudamon felt her energy being replenished. "Wow, this really works!"

"I was lucky to take them from Gennai before I got here. When I feed one to WarGreymon, his energy was replenished," Tai added. "I figured if it would work for our Digimon."

Kari approached her Digimon partner. "How do you feel, Angewomon?"

"Much better, Kari. I think I'm ready to see action soon."

Angemon picked up his staff and flexed his left arm. "Sure enough I think I might want to help you, two." He turned to face WarGreymon and Tai.

TK sighed, nodding. "You two are going to be fighting my brother and his Digimon."

"Yeah... I know you don't seem too happy about it, TK. But your brother really needs to get his head out of his rear and get over himself," Tai frowned while facing Matt's direction. "If anyone's going to bruise that ego of his, it's going to be me and WarGreymon."

Sora approached TK and knelt down beside him. "You do understand where Tai's coming from with this? Matt's not himself..."

"I know... I know," TK stammered. "But I just wish this doesn't have to be settled through violence! That's all! I don't want to see you two fighting, Tai."

"I understand. Look, I can't make any guarantees, but I'll try to talk him out of this," the Child of Courage knelt in front of TK as he put his hands on the boy's shoulders. "I'll do what I can. But if that approach doesn't work, then I'm going to knock some sense into him."

"You have to understand. This not only hurts you, but it really hurts Tai to have to do this," WarGreymon assured the Child of Hope. "He didn't want to have to fight Matt but we weren't prepared for this. We didn't expect Matt to have been one of the three Invaders coming to the Digiworld."

"He's must have been brainwashed somehow," Sora stated. "The question is who could have influenced him? That we'll never know."

"Believe me, Sora. Before we go back home to our families, I'm going to find whoever did this to Matt. Just you wait and see!" Tai declared, clenching his fists. "But for now... I think it's time we settle this."

Facing Matt's direction, the Child of Courage's face conveyed determination. "One on one."

Standing beside MetalGarurumon, Matt smirked with both arms folded.

The blonde carefully watched Tai. Ah, just what are you thinking, Tai? You sure have that angry look on your face. How long will you keep me waiting?

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Namida no Yukue

Taking notice of Matt from the distance, Tai turned and faced the Corrupt Child of Friendship. Matt.

Sora blinked and noticed her best friend not taking his eyes off Matt. "Tai...?"

"You guys better get going and meet up with the other Digidestined," Tai ordered. "I'm sure Mimi, Joe, Izzy and their partners will arrive anytime now."

TK frowned and ran over toward Tai. "What? But I have to see this!"

"No, he's right, TK. We'll only get in the way," Kari replied. "This is no place for us. Not even our Digimon have what it takes to compete with MetalGarurumon. Plus, this is something my brother wants to settle on his own."


Sora claps the little boy's shoulder and tenderly brought him close to her side. "It's okay, TK. Your brother will be brought back to his senses. Okay, TK? You just have to trust in him and WarGreymon."

"Oh... I... Oh all right," TK sighed.

"If we were to stay here, then we would only distract WarGreymon, TK," Angemon said.

"Look, I understand you want to see your brother, but we have no choice," Tai implied. "If I confront Matt, I'll try talking to him, but I can't guarantee we won't end up clobbering one another. As for WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, well, those two are going to fight each other no matter what since they'll be protecting us regardless." Turning around, Tai gave an assuring smile to the group. "Rest assured, guys. I'll bring back Matt to his senses."

"Just don't kill each other. That's all I'm asking," TK pleaded.

Kari nodded. "We believe in you, Tai."

"Thanks, guys," Tai knelt down as he embraced TK and Kari. One corner of his eye didn't sway from Matt's direction. This will be my biggest test to date as the Child of Courage. But, you know what? I really do hunger for the challenge. This is what I live for: to find the greatest challenges and overcome them.

"Do us a favor though," Angewomon said. "Fight somewhere else. This place is barely an battlefield anymore."

"No problem. Once I've settled things with Matt, we can find the location of those Digicores and those four Holy Beasts. That way we can restore our slain Digimon friends and repair the damage done to the Digital World. Since Leomon, Andromon, Piximon, Ogremon and Centarumon can't all be reborn without a Primary Village."

"Yeah, they've all been practically wiped out in the Digital World. Until they are restored, no Digimon can be resurrected," Sora said.

"That's what X told me," Tai promptly stated. "Sora, I'll leave you and Garudamon in charge of taking everyone away from here."

The tomboy nodded. "No problem."

"Protect TK and my sister. Go meet with the other Digidestined and wait for me with Matt. Ok?"

"Understood, Tai. Just be careful," the redhead said.

Tai smiled and winked to his childhood friend.

"What's keeping you, clown?" Matt barked out. "You and WarGreymon aren't getting a case of cold feet, are you?"

Turning to face Matt and MetalGarurumon, Tai frowned. "Wish me luck, you guys."

"Tai. Sorry we have to leave it to you alone," said Angewomon. "Just don't die on us."

Kari clasped her hands together and let out a few tears. "Good luck, big brother!"

"Bring my brother back, Tai!" TK exclaimed.

Sora smiled as she took TK and Kari by their arms. "Let's get going you two. We'll leave this to those two."

Before long, Tai and WarGreymon both levitated off the ground. He waved to Kari and TK. "Take care of them, Sora. I'm counting on you."

"Leave them to me, Tai," the red-haired girl nodded.

Hopping on MetalGarurumon's back, Matt called out to Tai. "Have you already figured that there is no way out of this, clown?"

"We're not fighting here," Tai replied, climbing on WarGreymon's back. "I have a better spot for us to settle our score."

"Have it your way, old friend. Just lead the way."

With that, Matt and MetalGarurumon watched Tai and WarGreymon jet off into the distance ahead. The blonde and his wolf flew out in pursuit of their rivals.

Watching the four disappear into the distance, Sora, TK, and Kari were lifted by Garudamon. Angemon and Angewomon hovered into the air alongside the giant bird Digimon.

"There they go and we should be leaving from this point forward," Sora stated as her eyes faced the direction the rivals crossed.

Angewomon spoke up. "Tai said the others would arrive? Though we're not even sure if they're coming."

"Remember to feel them out, Angewomon," Angemon said to his female colleague.

"We still have our Digivices," Sora confirmed. "With those, we'll find the others for sure."

Garudamon agreed. "Should we start going now, Sora?"

"Yeah... C'mon, guys. Let's go," Sora said as Garudamon led the group and flew out.

TK and Kari glanced behind them to get a view of the sun in the background. Far off into the distance of the canyon valley, their brothers would finally settle their dispute.

Kari feared for Tai's survival.

TK was worried for Matt.

No matter who won, these two children will never forget this day.



Sora sighed deeply as she visualized Tai and Matt in her mind. "Tai. Matt. Somehow, we've got to get myself involved... Those two can't end up killing one another."

(End theme)


As they soared across another canyon valley, Tai and WarGreymon scanned the terrain and ranges that dotted the landscape. Figuring out which spot to land, the duo wanted to ensure that they weren't any innocent bystanders to get in their way.

Without distractions, they were free to fight Matt and MetalGarurumon.

Matt and MetalGarurumon were keeping up pace with their rivals.

Then, once Tai spotted an area to stop, WarGreymon vanished.

MetalGarurumon phased out, following WarGreymon's direction.

Landing on a lower cliff ledge, Tai and WarGreymon cushioned their landing. Both sets of their feet touched the surface of the rocky surface. Strong winds blew against Tai's air as it moved out into a wave-like motion. Towering behind him was WarGreymon.

On the opposite end of there the duo stood, MetalGarurumon landed with Matt standing by his side. The blonde still had both arms crossed with a devious smirk etched on his face. Another strong wind blew against his spiked/slicked blonde hair.

This was it.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST -  An Unfamiliar  Menace

The two Megas had a standoff while the two boys' eyes pierced through one another.

Matt affirmed. "Nice relocation, Tai. I like this spot. We fight it out to our heart's content."

"Thanks, but I wasn't looking to receive any compliments from you," Tai frowned.

"No need to get so pushy, my friend," the blonde chuckled. "But, I have to say that this makes it a fitting place for your grave. Now, there's the easy way or the hard way."

"What are you getting at?"

"Simple, Tai. It's really an easy question I think you can answer. Just don't think too hard now."

"Go on. I'm listening."

"If you were smart, you will do the right thing and hand TK back to me. This way we can avoid any further and petty dispute. Just think, I could let you live and we could become partners. The boss I'm working for would personally be interested in you. Just think, we could be his two prototypes and one day we'll give us the power we've wanted. We could build an army and crush anything that dares to challenge our authority. We're the next evolutionary step in digital life forms. We can take over many worlds. Starting with this one. What do you say? Does that sound like a great deal? You and WarGreymon would make the finest soldiers within my boss' military empire."

Tai retorted, turning down the offer. "In your dreams, Matt! I would never turn my backs on the other Digidestined or our Digimon friends! Sora, my sister, your brother, Mimi, Izzy, and Joe were brought here to keep bad creeps from harming the Digiworld. You turned your back on us, Matt. You spit on the face of every Digimon that sacrificed themselves out there just to stop you and that psycho partner of yours. You didn't even seem to show any remorse when watched them die, did you?"

"They fought and died like the dogs they were," Matt candidly stated, showing no shred of remorse for the fallen warriors.

Upon hearing this, Tai restrained himself from blindly attacking Matt and growled behind his breath. "Bastard. Yet, you've made your own brother cry."

"He shouldn't be crying..."

"No, he should learn to grow up, but you left him without as much as a goodbye! You didn't even tell us where you were going! We could have needed your help with Daimaomon and NeoDevimon! Yet, you didn't come back. You left the Digital World with this evil force to see more power."

"And I've been away for seven months..."

"Wait, seven months? But, you've been gone for two weeks."

"On that day that happened, I left with the dark lord on his ship and departed to his home world. You'd be surprised how time flies and goes in other worlds. On my new boss' home planet, I was told that at least two weeks equates to seven months in this Digiworld."

"How long were you on that planet?"

"Seven months, but it would merely be a 14 days in the Digiworld. I only spent two weeks traveling in that pod."

"So while we were fighting Daimaomon, you were ready on that planet?"

"You'd also be surprised how fast the dark lord's ship can go."

Tai scowled. "Back on topic, you deliberately aligned yourself with this creep and allowed him to influence you with darkness?"

"I wanted power, Tai. Power to control my life. I also needed it to one day confront you. You, Tai..." Matt pointed at the Child of Courage. "You had the nerve to take TK from me. He's my brother!"

"Yeah, he's your brother, but you sure don't act like the brother he looked up to! He's scared of you now. He even asked me to talk sense some sense into you, but somehow I doubt that's going to work," Tai continued. "You seriously intend to fight me."

"A fight to the death is what I desire. You see, Tai, I cannot allow you to live for the sheer fact that you make me sick. I loathe the fact you are the leader of the Digidestined. I should have been the rightful leader and you know it!"

Irked with Matt's rant, Tai frowned. "All you do is whine, Matt. You don't get your way and now you're going to take your frustrations out on me? The way I see it... I don't see a super powerful guy." He frowned, clenching his fists. "All I see is an egotistical and self-absorbed bastard who can't get over the fact that there will always be someone better than him!"

Matt had heard enough and cut Tai off with a yell. "Enough!"

(End theme)

There was silence as both youths stopped talking. The only sound that could be heard in the background was the whistling winds blowing across the landscape.

"Do I have to remind you? I chose to become leader since I felt responsible for everyone. The Crest I have embodies the courage I exhibit. I speak for everyone that I've done an okay job as a leader. TK is still safe, as you've already seen. I lived up to my promise, Matt. I can never replace you as his brother. You both are blood brothers and there's nothing I can do about it. But, I told TK that I'd be a secondary brother in case you weren't around. He has appreciated what I've done, but he wants his true brother back. He doesn't want this self-absorbed fool who doesn't know what's good for his peers. How TK could call you his brother now baffles me, but I understand the fact he respects you. So, if you can hear me, Matt. Please just snap out of it and return back to us."

However, the blonde youth wasn't going to give in to Tai easily without so much as a resistance. "Feh. Quit trying to butter me up. All of that nonsense you spat out was nothing but lies. I will say this, Tai. You are a great liar. No, I really do applaud you for that."

"Shut up. You know I'm right!"

"No, you shut up, idiot! I've heard enough out of you! If you aren't going to join me, then MetalGarurumon will wipe your Digimon partner out! Then, once we're finished playing with him, I will take TK back. I won't allow you to corrupt his mind anymore!"

"You've completely lost it," Tai was taken back by Matt's declaration. "You're the one who's corrupted! Wake up and realize what you're saying!"

"Humph, no. I'm perfectly fine, Tai. Now, I'm not going to ask you again. Will you hand TK back to me and join me? This is your final opportunity to make the right choice."

"Offer denied, Matt."

Sighing in disbelief, the blonde muttered. "Disappointing really."

"I have all that I need to keep me happy. I have a sister and friends waiting for me. I've got a family back home. You have a family, too, that's waiting for you. Can you imagine how they must feel to see us preparing to wage war on one another?"

"You say that as if I'm supposed to care."

"You'll regret ever saying that..."

"I have no regrets," Matt promptly stated. "You had your chance. My boss would have enjoyed having you on our side."

"Heh, I wouldn't say that if he were around. He'd kill you in a heartbeat. And he's many times more powerful than either of us," Matt said as he unfolded his arms. "Once I'm done with you, I'm taking my brother back. He's going to be a fine soldier."

"You won't lay a hand on TK!" Tai retorted.

"Sorry but you have no say in the matter. Now... PREPARE YOURSELF, TAI!"

"Let's get this over with!"


"Don't let me down, WarGreymon!"

With that, MetalGarurumon crouched back and was ready to go.

WarGreymon crouched and took a fighting stance with his left foot out and both arms extended out.

Neither one took their eyes off one another.

They each faced off with the winds blowing around them.

There was a moment of silence during the stand off from both sides.

WarGreymon vs. MetalGarurumon.

As if time suddenly stopped, neither side moved a muscle.

Not even a single eye blink.

Then, a rock tipped over a ledge nearby and immediately plummeted to the ground below.

Then, as it hit the ground, the rock shattered.


This quickly signified as the starting bell and both sides started to move.

(Cue G-Gundam OST - A Clear Mind  - Burning Palm

WarGreymon launched out at MetalGarurumon with full speed.

WarGreymon yelled out as he came toward MetalGarurumon head on. "HI-YAAAA!"

MetalGarurumon quickly sidestepped his rival, throwing out his blade-like tail. WarGreymon quickly countered and caught his hand.

WarGreymon proceeded to throw a rapid flurry of punches at MetalGarurumon, who easily telegraphed and evaded all of the punches. The wolf was reading him like a book and continued evading his enemy's punches.

Looking behind him, MetalGarurumon quickly zipped across and over a canyon ledge. The Dragon Man Warrior followed out in pursuit of the metallic-armored wolf.

Just then, MetalGarurumon bounced off a rock ledge and catapulted himself directly at WarGreymon. Before the he could dodge, WarGreymon was on the receiving end of a tail swipe. WarGreymon was sent flying back and into a nearby rock ledge.

However, WarGreymon quickly stopped himself and shot up into mid-air flight.

He scanned the area for any sighting of MetalGarurumon.

"Watch your back, WarGreymon!" Tai called out. Where did he go?

Matt grinned. "Heh, you should've taken his advice, WarGreymon!"

MetalGarurumon jetted behind WarGreymon. The wolf went for an overhead chop with his tail. He only managed to slice air as WarGreymon ducked under.

Shooting himself forward, WarGreymon attempted rapid kicks to catch MetalGarurumon. Though, MetalGarurumon once again telegraphed WarGreymon's ferocious kicks.

The two eventually flew further up while rapidly trading blows with one another. Mainly punches and most of them quickly countered from both sides. But, it was MetalGarurumon who got the better of WarGreymon.

He quickly saw an opening, repeatedly headbutting WarGreymon's chest. The warrior grunted from each blow pounding his chest violently.

"Ha! What's the matter, Tai? I thought WarGreymon was capable of better than this!" The Corrupt Child of Friendship laughed.

"Show me the power you could have used to destroy Babimon!" MetalGarurumon roared as he continually battered WarGreymon. "Bring it out! Quit holding back you fool!"

"WARGREYMON!" Tai cried out.

Matt yelled out as he laughed and enjoyed every minute of Tai's punishment.


MetalGarurumon nailed another headbutt into WarGreymon, following it up with a spinning tail slap over the warrior's back. "Show me now or die!"


One shot across WarGreymon's back sent him plummeting toward a pit below. But, WarGreymon quickly prevented his own fall and back flipped on top of a neighboring rock ledge. He set himself down and looked up to find MetalGarurumon looking down from a higher ledge.

Watching the fight unfold, Matt folded his arms and faced his rival. "Is this really all WarGreymon can do?"

"No, he hasn't even gotten started!" Tai retorted, smiling. "C'mon, WarGreymon. You can do better than this."


An explosive flash expanded from the horizon.

The two streams of light collided with one another and blasted through each other.

During each collision, the heavens nearly trembled and more explosive flashes popped everywhere. Several rock hills shattered from the force of power exerted from both Digimon.

WarGreymon flew with full speed toward MetalGarurumon. MetalGarurumon saw it coming and lifted his shoulder armor, countering the punch.

Jetting upward, WarGreymon spun himself into a tornado aimed to collide with MetalGarurumon. "Brave Tornado!" The drilling claws came within range of the metallic wolf Digimon.

MetalGarurumon countered by maneuvering to the side and avoiding contact with Tai's partner. As the plate armor around his body opened, MetalGarurumon launched a barrage of missiles at his intended target: WarGreymon.

"Giga Missiles!"

As the missiles came toward him, WarGreymon swayed around the shots. They exploded rapidly and forced WarGreymon back.

"Behind you!"

With WarGreymon preoccupied with the missiles, MetalGarurumon quickly swerved around the warrior and delivered a head butt across WarGreymon's' back.


Spinning himself around, WarGreymon retaliated with a claw slash across MetalGarurumon's face. The blow registered, knocking the metallic wolf away.

"Two can play that game, MetalGarurumon!"

"Curse you, WarGreymon! I'll get you for that!"

WarGreymon went for a straight kick but MetalGarurumon ducked under the blow. The wolf went for a claw slash attempt, which WarGreymon barely managed to dodge. WarGreymon dug deep and quickly leveled MetalGarurumon with a right hand fist. As MetalGarurumon's head snapped back, WarGreymon delivered a sledge across his rival's back.

Gathering quick successive energy in his hands, WarGreymon launched a massive, orange sphere at the wolf Digimon. "Terra Force!"

Spitting out an ice stream out of his mouth, MetalGarurumon countered the warrior's attack. "Cocytus Breath!"

Both attacks collided at once.


WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon shielded their eyes from the explosive blast as a result of the collision from both attacks.

Suddenly, Matt noticed a subtle red glow around WarGreymon, which expanding into a crimson aura and glowed profusely. The aura was now flaring up like a raging inferno.

Gathering power obtained from X's training, WarGreymon felt the muscles in his body tightening with a surge of new power.

"What...?" A flabbergasted Matt gaped. "What's going on here?"

"You're about to find out," Tai said. "Let him have it, WarGreymon!"

WarGreymon gritted his teeth, focusing as a protective orange-red aura flared around him. "Fury Blitz! Engage!"

With that, WarGreymon pushed his right hand forward and released a seemingly 'invisible' force of power at MetalGarurumon's direction. "Terra Fist!"

The wolf quickly made wind of this and jetted straight into mid-air as he watched the 'invisible' force blast the canyon. The giant pillar of stones exploded and crumbled down into fallen debris.

MetalGarurumon stopped completely in mid-air and watched as…

WarGreymon rocketed at MetalGarurumon, demonstrating an incredible speed feat that lasted less than a second. The wolf didn't get time to perceive and hear a 'sonic boom' effect.


WarGreymon's armored fist impacted MetalGarurumon's face.


MetalGarurumon reeled back from the blows as WarGreymon followed up with a series of rapid punches. One each impacted MetalGarurumon's face, repelling him back.

WarGreymon followed it up with a kick to MetalGarurumon's face, sending him hurtling through the rocky grounds below. Utilizing his Fury Blitz, WarGreymon rocketed down, swerving around to continue the assault.


Tai clenched his fists, anticipating his partner's next move. "GET HIM, WARGREYMON!"

Suddenly, MetalGarurumon vanished from out of WarGreymon's sights.

"What? He's gone!"

Just as he stopped, MetalGarurumon phased in front of WarGreymon, headbutting him squarely under his jaw.


(End theme)

Reeling from close contact with his rival, WarGreymon growled while MetalGarurumon's vicious headbutt.

"That Fury Blitz technique was a nice trick," MetalGarurumon proclaimed. "But, I've encountered something akin to it!"

WarGreymon scoffed, rubbing his jaw. "I somehow doubt it."

The Corrupted Child of Friendship chuckled. "Do you see now, Tai? You're Digimon still can't do a thing to MetalGarurumon. My partner is superior and more efficient than yours."

"We'll see," Tai said. "WarGreymon, time to get serious!"

"Please, don't tell me that's all you've really got, because if it is you had better quit," MetalGarurumon growled, his icy eyes glared intently at WarGreymon.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans OST - Vs. Vegeta)

WarGreymon clenched his fists, readying his next attack. Funny... As grim as things look right now, I kind of enjoy the challenge."

"Let's see who'll truly come out on top, Tai," Matt declared. "But, you already know the outcome."

"Don't get your hopes up," the Child of Courage scoffed. "Let's take the Fury Blitz to the next level, WarGreymon!"

Acknowledging his partner's suggestion, WarGreymon nodded. "Right."

WarGreymon zipped around the canyon ledges and leveled several hills down with his fiery aura. He launched himself straight at MetalGarurumon and kicked the metallic wolf in the gut.

I can't believe MetalGarurumon is stronger than he used to be. WarGreymon thought as he seized MetalGarurumon by his blade-tipped tail.

As he spun hurled MetalGarurumon across, WarGreymon blitzed across to engage the wolf with another drilling maneuver. MetalGarurumon recovered, evading WarGreymon's drilling attack.

Taking advantage of the situation, MetalGarurumon headbutted WarGreymon's obvious blind spot - the back. WarGreymon howled out from the blow, whirling around to nail him with a crescent kick.

The two Megas immediately pulled off one another and stopped fighting abruptly.

Tai observed the heated engagement, chuckling. "Heh, our Digimon are pretty much equal if you ask me."

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he's not even close to hitting his max potential!"

"Likewise for WarGreymon. Matt, just don't cry when WarGreymon beats MetalGarurumon down," the Child of Courage murmured, watching WarGreymon preparing to make his next move.


As they were on their way, MegaKabuterimon, Lillymon, and Zudomon stopped as they probed several energies gathered in one location.

Izzy stared into his laptop monitor and announced. "You guys! There are three beacons heading our way! According to the online map, I'm seeing the Crests of Light, Hope and Love."

"Then, that means Sora, TK and Kari just left the battle? Is it over?" Joe wondered.

Zudomon answered for his partner. "No, I'm sensing a gathering some large powers. I can't really make out who they belong to..."

"Yeah, these are two really strong and mind-bobbling powers," Lillymon said as she shivered.

Mimi gasped in worry. "I hope they at least beat one of those invaders."

"Well, there's a good chance Tai and WarGreymon is already engaging battle with them," MegaKabuterimon stated. "No doubt those two will be fighting Matt and MetalGarurumon."

Izzy nodded. "Yeah, that's highly a possibility. So, if these two belong to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, then the other Invader must have been taken out."

"But who I wonder?" Joe said.

"It was WarGreymon. I just sensed him earlier and his new power crushed the weaker Invader," Zudomon confirmed.

"Wow! He actually beat an invader! Way to go!" Mimi happily clapped her hands. "One down and two to... But, this is Matt and MetalGarurumon."

"If anyone's going to stop Matt and his Digimon, it will be Tai and WarGreymon. He probably told Sora and the others to leave to find us," Izzy deduced, scratching his head. "I think he did the right thing. Otherwise, he and WarGreymon will get too distracted if we interfere."

"You think Tai and WarGreymon will stop those two?" Lillymon queried

"I... I can't say for sure, guys," the Child of Knowledge promptly stated. "I can't predict battle outcomes. I don't hold all the answers, guys."

Upon hearing this, the Digimon and the children feared for the worst.

Not just for Tai, but for Matt, too.

The possibility of one of them getting killed in action was highly probable.

"Tai. Matt," Mimi whispered as she clasped her hands in prayer. "Please don't kill each other."


Other World/X's Planet

"Keke, normally you'd enjoy watching a great fight," X addressed to the girl standing behind him.

"I know, but watching two Digidestined fighting like this just gets to me..."

"You're really worried for Matt?"

She didn't want to admit it but seeing Matt in action was awe-inspiring. However, she forced herself to support Tai in the conflict.

"You could say that..."

X looked away and sighed. "Rest assured. Neither of these two is going to get themselves killed. Tai will restore Matt and make him see the error of his ways."

"I hope so. There's still hope in Matt, right?"

"Of course but it all depends if Matt wants to be saved. We'll see but this battle isn't likely to end quickly. It will take a while," X closed his eyes to view the climatic fight. "WarGreymon's already using the first level of the Fury Blitz technique. The worst possible outcome would if he's forced themselves to amp his power up three times the normal max." Tai, if you know what's best… WarGreymon shouldn't go three times the max. But, if you that you must… well, I can't do anything to change your mind. Be wise with your decision.

(End theme)


Digital World

"Well, I'd say that he's already hit your limit, loser," Matt remarked with a grin.

Tai scoffed. "Oh shut up. I'm sick of hearing you run your mouth."

Matt chuckled and closed his fists. "Spare me, Tai. Allow my partner to show you something for you to dread."

"What now?" Tai growled as he watched MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon in the distance.

MetalGarurumon tensed his body, channeling his energy as a transparent orb materialized around him. On the outside, electrical bolts surged around the orb while MetalGarurumon's body shimmered with a bright blue aura.

WarGreymon tensed up, clenching his fists. I'm... I'm feeling that power. Wow, this is intense.

"Holy crap!" Tai gaped. Matt wasn't kidding!

"Keep it coming, MetalGarurumon!" Matt exclaimed.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Ijou Jitai Hassei!!

WarGreymon glanced around as uttered a horrifying gasp once dark clouds covered the bright blue skies. All of that power that MetalGarurumon accumulated was generating an electrical storm within the area. Lightning bolts struck across the land and strong winds knocked down numerous of cliff ledges and tall stone pillars.

Tai noticed the darkened skies and watched as more lightning struck down over the rocky landscape.

WarGreymon paced himself, sensing MetalGarurumon's power substantially growing.

The Child of Courage exclaimed as he glanced around the unstable environment. "Man, this is not good! His power is causing all of this? I would hate to see what happens if he went all out!"

"This area is becoming too unstable!" WarGreymon exclaimed. "All of this is generating from MetalGarurumon!"

"HOOOOOOWL!" MetalGarurumon roared out, howling as the orb exploded and released an expanding aura of white light.

The entire area felt the effects of the initial power-up.

After what seemed like eternity, the radiant light faded. Everything seemed tranquil. There was an unpleasant silence that followed.

Uncrossing their arms, both Tai and WarGreymon uttered a gasp at the after math of MetalGarurumon's initial power-up. A series of rock ledges and stone pillars collapsed. Smoke clouds covered the land below them.

The expanding light cleared even half of the entire landscape.

"This... This is crazy!" Tai gasped in horrifying disbelief. "The land. Those stone pillars. Nearly everything's been wiped out clean..."

"He sure wasn't planning to renovate the land. That was all MetalGarurumon."

"Look ahead of you, you two," Matt said to Tai and WarGreymon.

Facing the front, WarGreymon narrowed his eyes as a smoke cloud cleared away. A shadow emerged through the smoke screen. MetalGarurumon emerged with a shiny metallic blue aura outlining of his body. The aura radiated magnificently to give the metallic wolf a more streamlined form.

Closing his fists, Matt cracked a grin. "Heh. Impressed?"

"Impressed? WarGreymon's gonna kick his ass," Tai angrily retorted.

"MetalGarurumon, walk all over him."

MetalGarurumon silently nodded and his eyes glowed white flare to them.

(End theme)

Just then, catching WarGreymon off guard, the wolf was suddenly gone from sight.

WarGreymon felt a gust of strong air coming towards him.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Tataki no Toki

MetalGarurumon appeared above WarGreymon, nailing him with a vicious tail swipe that impacted the warrior's face. Tai's Digimon grunted from the registered blow and was sent plummeting below.

"This is it, Tai!"

"WarGreymon! Rebound!"

MetalGarurumon delivered another head butt, knocking WarGreymon senseless. The blow impacted the Dragon Warrior, dropping him to the ground below. The enhanced wolf phased and appeared above his adversary. MetalGarurumon followed it up with a four-legged stomp over WarGreymon's back. WarGreymon was on the edge as he plummeted to the earth.

Regaining his momentum, WarGreymon somersaulted onto a nearby ledge and recovered from the attack. He scanned the skies for any signs of MetalGarurumon.

"Where did he go? Matt!"

"I'd look up if I were him," Matt devilishly smiled.

"BEHIND YOU!" MetalGarurumon howled.

Overhearing the wolf's howl, WarGreymon whirled around but he didn't have time to perceive MetalGarurumon's next move.


Headbutting WarGreymon over the back, MetalGarurumon catapulted himself into WarGreymon and sent flying forward. As the warrior roared from the velocity he was traveling, he saw a rock ledge. Capitalizing on the momentum, WarGreymon stopped himself and bounced right off the ledge. He jetted straight up and landed on another ledge.

WarGreymon turned up as MetalGarurumon fired a dark blue beam at his direction.

Reacting to the incoming shot, WarGreymon utilized his new technique and amplified it out of desperation. "Fury Blitz! Times Two!"

Augmenting his speed, WarGreymon jetted off the ledge and glided into mid-air, avoiding MetalGarurumon's beam. That beam collided with the steep, shattering it in an explosive blast.

MetalGarurumon fired another beam at WarGreymon. "TAKE THIS!"

As soon as WarGreymon stopped, he phased and appeared above MetalGarurumon.

WarGreymon kicked MetalGarurumon aside, knocking him a few feet back.

As both Mega Digimon met head-on, they collided and traded blows at a rapid pace. WarGreymon threw out a fury of claw strikes as the metallic wolf relied on jaw bites.

Seizing the opportunity, WarGreymon shot a knee into MetalGarurumon's gut to send him flying backward. Matt's Digimon somersaulted back until he regained his own momentum and shot himself forward. Gaping his mouth, the wolf released a stream of ice.

"Cocytus Breath!"

WarGreymon gathered a ball of energy, expelling it in the form of an orange energy wave. "Terra Beam!"


The Megas' attacks collided and imploded into an explosive force of white light.

Tai and Matt yelled out as they were knocked away by the single explosion.

The Digimon resumed their fighting in aerial flight until they flew apart from each other. They landed on opposite ends of the vicinity, landing on nearby ledges.

"Well, that was impressive. I must at least give your Digimon some credit," the Corrupted Child of Friendship proclaimed, clapping his hands. "Whoopie."

Tai angrily scowled. "WarGreymon's not done yet."

The Digimon exchanged glares. WarGreymon was noticeably breathing hard while MetalGarurumon was cooling down by taking a few breaths. However, it was fairly obvious Tai's Digimon had expended more of his own energy from the get-go.

(End theme)

"Damn, I didn't expect his speed and power to be so incredible," WarGreymon panted, albeit wearing a smile behind his mask. "Even with twice the Fury Blitz, I'm still having some difficulty..."

MetalGarurumon frowned. "Had enough?"

"Not a chance," retorted WarGreymon, crouching over while maintaining a fighting stance. He then closed his eyes, focusing through his Digital Ki. It will be better to blow myself up than allow him to do the honors. I've gotta amp up the Fury Blitz - three fold.

"Heh. Is your Digimon buddy chanting a little prayer, clown?" Matt chuckled.

Tai retorted. "You wish. Just watch."

WarGreymon focused. I wonder how long my body will last if I increase my Fury Blitz up to level three? X is going to kill Tai if he ever finds out he let me do this.

"What's the matter, Tai? Have you already lost your will to fight?" Matt asked, glancing over his shoulder at his rival. "I expected a little more out of WarGreymon. This has been a disappointment by far."

The Child of Courage heatedly spat out. "Well, there's no other way for him to win… he's going to take it to the next level!"

"Face it, Tai. You and WarGreymon chose the wrong guys to mess with. MetalGarurumon and I are a formidable team who can never be beaten! Your chances of victory are looking grim and it's such a damn shame. I truly expected a true challenge upon coming here. I wanted to end your life in grand fashion, but if this is all I get then so be it. Just remember, TK comes with me."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Wasteland of Tension (0:00 - 1:10)) 

As Matt ceased talking, WarGreymon closed his fists. The intense crimson aura returned and expanded around his physique.

Matt raised a left brow and noticed WarGreymon's expanding, his muscles expanding and broadening.

MetalGarurumon studied his rival carefully with keen eyes. What's this? He's drawing out more power.

Flexing his arms, WarGreymon gathered more power, quickly augmenting his form into the third Fury Blitz level.

Closing his eyes, WarGreymon murmured. "Just as long as you can body, it's time for three times the Blitz Fury power."


Other World/X's Planet

The masked watcher clenched his fists angrily and roared. "No! What the hell are you thinking? You should never go beyond two-fold! Tai, what are you thinking?" But then, it is true. WarGreymon can't win against MetalGarurumon in his current state. C'mon, WarGreymon… don't let up!

Keke sighed sadly with her eyes closed, but she was able to see the battlefield site in the Digital World clearly. "C'mon, WarGreymon! Go for it!" That and save Matt, too.


Digital World

WarGreymon continued to gather Digital Ki, enhancing his Fury Blitz form to the third level.

"Get ready, Matt! You'll regret making me do this!" Tai called out. "Now, WarGreymon's going to teach you and MetalGarurumon a lesson! Don't underestimate us!"

Matt was starting to show some shred of concern as he watched WarGreymon.

"Incredible, his power is rising..." MetalGarurumon gasped, his eyes and mouth gaped in bewilderment. "But how? He should be..."


Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Zudomon, Lillymon, and MegaKabuterimon noticed a large gathering of smoke.

Noticing the scouter going off, Izzy watched the official power reading calculation flashing on the screen.

As he removed the scouter from the laptop, Izzy took a look at it and put it over his right eye. "Whoa! You guys! You're not going to believe this but the scouter is somehow working again and picking up a power calculation. This is coming from... WarGreymon!"

"What does it say?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah, we would like to know!" nodded Joe.

"The power reading is increasing way too rapidly!" Izzy checked the scouter and read out the calculated numbers. "17,000! 19,000! 21,000!"

Suddenly, the scouter exploded and shattered into pieces right. This quickly took Izzy by unexpected surprise.

"Izzy!" Joe and Mimi cried.

"Are you all right, Izzy?" MegaKabuterimon shouted as he worried for his partner's condition. "Izzy!"

"I... I'm fine but the scouter just self-donated. My guess would be that the device overloaded from calculating such a large power reading. But, that's my only guess."

"Well, we're just glad you're all right, Izzy," Lillymon said with concern for the child. "We could care less about that stupid little device."

Zudomon scoffed. "Forget about the scouters. We can easily pinpoint their location. WarGreymon's power is going off the charts!"

"Is that right, Zudomon?" Joe asked his partner Digimon.

"Then, we better get ahead! I wonder if we'll meet up with Sora and the others along the way," Mimi said.

Izzy shrugged. "We'll know once we continue moving forward you guys."

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Curtain Rises on the Battle (0:00 - 0:24)

At last, WarGreymon gathered enough power, reaching the Third Stage.

MetalGarurumon felt the rising winds and was taken back by them.

Matt's contorted with disbelief, while Tai sported a confident smirk.

"How can this be?" Matt exclaimed. "MetalGarurumon, don't stand down!"

The wolf gasped. "Yes, but this isn't po-possible!"


The Dragon Warrior bellowed, his voice echoing. "Fury Blitz! Times Three!"

(1:17 - 1:31)

The flaming crimson aura exploded around WarGreymon's body as he flew out. As his eyes flared, he came within reach of MetalGarurumon and closed his right fist.

"No…!" MetalGarurumon gaped.

"This is Fury Blitz Stage Three!" WarGreymon declared. "I'm sorry to do this to you, old friend."

(End theme)


Next episode: The Ultimate Clash! Awakening of the Wolf Beast!



Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 15: The Ultimate Clash! Awakening of the Wolf Beast!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

(Cue Pokémon OST -  Kanto Rival/Champion Battle )

The Dragon Warrior bellowed, his voice echoing. "Fury Blitz! Times Three!"

The flaming crimson aura exploded around WarGreymon's body as he flew out. As his eyes flared, he came within reach of MetalGarurumon and closed his right fist.

"No…!" MetalGarurumon gaped.

"This is Fury Blitz Stage Three!" WarGreymon declared. "I'm sorry to do this to you, old friend."

Matt's mouth dropped. He... He's faster than before! I couldn't even see him move! Like he was standing still one second and then he's right front of-! "MetalGarurumon!"

"Terra Fist! Times Three!"


WarGreymon pulverized MetalGarurumon, his fist impacted with the metal wolf's face. The heavy leveled MetalGarurumon, sending him hurtling into the distance. Sporting a crimson aura, it flared as WarGreymon propelled himself toward MetalGarurumon. He completed a quick u-turn and slammed a foot over MetalGarurumon's back.

As MetalGarurumon recovered from WarGreymon's shot, he fired out an ice beam. He gasped as WarGreymon phased out, letting the ice beam shot through an after image.

MetalGarurumon whirled around…


…and was on the receiving end of a flying kick by the Fury Blitz user. Feeling the wind knocked right out of him, MetalGarurumon fell as WarGreymon removed his foot out of him. MetalGarurumon crashed through a collection of rock pillars

WarGreymon roared as he pummeled MetalGarurumon with a flurry of claw slashes. While being on the receiving end, MetalGarurumon's head snapped back after each crushing blow. Tai's Digimon shot an uppercut into MetalGarurumon's chin and followed it up with a crescent kick that knocked the metal wolf through a pillar of rocks.

"Wow, I didn't think WarGreymon could do this!" Tai was in awe at what his Digimon was capable of with the Fury Blitz.

Suddenly, there was a slight tremor coming from the rock pillars. Tai watched as a burst of energy shot out from the ground and crumbled the rock pillars at once.

"You spoke too soon, clown," Matt chuckled.

MetalGarurumon emerged out of the pile, howling out in rage. "Hoooooooooowl!" His eyes widened and twitched, turning around to scan the proximity of the battlefield. He spotted WarGreymon rocketing downward. "We won't get the best of me! Damn you!"

As WarGreymon flew within range, MetalGarurumon retaliated with a tail swing. WarGreymon bounced away, using a rock ledge as a launching pad as he flew back at MetalGarurumon. He quickly rammed a knee lift into MetalGarurumon's back.

Somersaulting into the air, MetalGarurumon recovered from the vicious blow. He landed on his feet and rocketed toward WarGreymon. WarGreymon timed his rival's approach, ramming a left fist into MetalGarurumon's abdomen.


Tai winced. "Ouch."

Matt's contorted with shock and frustration. "C'mon, MetalGarurumon… what's the matter with you?"

As he recoiled from WarGreymon's punch, MetalGarurumon stumbled back and coughed. That one punch alone was enough to not only stun but also knock the wind out of him. The wolf sank down, falling on the ground as his face contorted with pain. He coughed out trickles of blood mixed with saliva.

(End theme)

Contorting with pain and rage, MetalGarurumon cursed aloud. "You.. you... bastard...!"

Overcoming the pain for an instant, MetalGarurumon glided up and landed on a ledge. He coughed out hoarsely, spitting out blood. The excruciating pain in his gut shot throughout his body.

"MetalGarurumon! How can just a punch injure you?" Matt exclaimed. "Gah, c'mon!"

"He's in pain, Matt. Don't push him…"

"Don't tell me how to care for my Digimon, clown!" The Corrupted Child of Friendship snapped, his cool headed facade was replace by a desperate and angry one.

However, MetalGarurumon wasn't the only one feeling excruciating pain. WarGreymon was starting to feel winded. Fury Blitz Stage Three was taking its toll on the Digimon's body.

Tai took note of his Digimon's condition. I shouldn't get too overconfident. X was right. There would be major consequences for going anywhere past Stage Two. Hold on much longer WarGreymon. Besides, I vowed that I'd bring Matt back to his brother. I have to fulfill my promise to TK!

The Dragon Warrior thought as he watched his rival getting up. I think I'm starting to get what X met, but I had no choice. It was either that or get killed by MetalGarurumon.

Straightening himself to his feet, MetalGarurumon trembled and seethed. "This can't be happening!"

Even more incensed was Matt. He growled, gritting his teeth. "How's WarGreymon able to do this? He shouldn't be able to one-up MetalGarurumon! MetalGarurumon CAN'T lose!" The angry blonde roared out at the top of his lungs as his voice echoed in the distance. "DAMN YOU, TAI! I WILL FIND A WAY TO DEFEAT YOU IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!"

"You'll never win with a frame of mind like that," the Child of Courage shook his head dismissively.

Overhearing Matt's roar in the background, WarGreymon added. "I've got to finish this quick and put to end to this nonsense. I guess Blitz Fury Stage Three was a little too much for me... If we drag this out longer, we're screwed."

MetalGarurumon picked himself off the ground and trembled with rage. He and Matt both were never pushed this far against two opponents.

Matt absolutely hated the sheer thought of losing to Tai. He would rather die than decisively lose to his rival. Every hate that built up inside of Matt only fueled MetalGarurumon.

"This… This can't be happening! He assured me that I'd be able to beat Tai and his Digimon! Was he lying…? NO! MetalGarurumon should be able to finish this scum off! Matt thought while looking down at his hands. "MetalGarurumon, you shouldn't shed blood for this weakling! You won't stand for it… I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!" He roared. "MetalGarurumon and I will NOT stand for this! I will defeat you and take back MY brother!"

Holding his Crest of Friendship, Matt seethed and fueled himself with overwhelming rage. He let out a roar, which echoed throughout the land while his Crest reacted almost immediately.

As a result, the Crest enabled MetalGarurumon to receive a power boost.

"NO!" the blonde-haired youth roared at the top of his lungs. He growled angrily and clenched both of his fists. "TAI! HEAR ME OUT! MetalGarurumon AND I HAD IT! HE'S GOING TO BLAST YOU TWO INTO DUST!"

"What? What are you saying?" Tai exclaimed.

WarGreymon growled under his breath. "Tai, I… I can't…"

"IF YOU WON'T SURRENDER MY BROTHER TO ME, THEN YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE!" Matt continued to scream out as he faced MetalGarurumon. "MetalGarurumon, let's wipe those two out!"

"I'm with you, Matt!"

Tai yelled out to reason with the youth. "MATT! CALL HIM BACK! NOW!"

"It's too late, Tai. You should've given TK back when you had the chance. Now you two will die together!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Presentiment

With that, MetalGarurumon jetted fifty feet into the air. He gaped his mouth, collecting a ball of energy between his teeth. He harnessed the ball of energy, targeting WarGreymon and Tai below him. Matt immediately hurried and took for cover.

"MATT! GET BACK!" Tai shouted as he chased after the Corrupted Child of Friendship. He stopped as he looked up and saw MetalGarurumon's energy ball expanding.

MetalGarurumon's entire frame sparked as a bright aura materialized around him. Streaks of lightning crackled all over the aura, the Digimon's energy output was becoming unstable while gathering more energy.

The voice of Matt was heard echoing out from the distance. "DODGE THIS ONE, YOU PIECES OF TRASH! WILL YOU TWO DIE BY METALGARURUMON'S ATTACK!"

"NO! He's going for it! Tai, we'll be wiped out if we don't act!" WarGreymon warned his partner. "He has enough power to wipe out this whole area! Maybe even more if we don't stop them!"

"DAMN! We've got to do something but..." Tai exclaimed as his eyes shifted between Matt and MetalGarurumon.

"Tai, we have no choice..."

"What do you mean?" Tai blinked in confusion.

"Don't you get it? We have to gamble this one out. It's risk it all or get killed," WarGreymon stated. "Time for Fury Blitz... We might even have to pass beyond our intended limits."

"Wait, you mean..."

The Mega Digimon nodded. "Ready to stand up and risk it?"

"WarGreymon..." Tai murmured with his head down. Lifting it up, the goggle head flashed a grin. "Gambling is what I do best. Go for it!"

"Fury Blitz! Times Three!"

Then, WarGreymon crouched down, cupping his hands together. The Digimon's palms collected condensed, orange spheres of energy.


Matt watched them, grinning evilly. "Heh, just look at them, MetalGarurumon. The clown's Digimon thinks he can counter your attack?"

"They wish!" MetalGarurumon howled, his eyes fell on WarGreymon.

(End theme)

"Tai, your Digimon is delusional if he thinks he can counter this!" Matt exclaimed. "Now, prepare to DIE!"

Launching his attack, Matt MetalGarurumon fired at his adversary.


WarGreymon initially fired his attack in conjunction.




Both beams hurtling toward one another until they collided...


A vast explosion transpired as the blasts connected, causing the ground around them to crack. Rock ledges and stone pillars crumbled from the sheer magnitude of their combined attacks coupled with the influx of energy that shook the area. The very environment, which surrounded them, was altered. Earthquakes became widespread and felt from several kilometers away. Strong winds blew away most of the rocky hill tops and paved across the landscape.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M1119

The blasts were struggling with one another in a tug of war.

Neither side was willing to give out.

Both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon concentrated on their beams as they faces contorted.

Tai and Matt hid behind giant stones, watching in awe at their Digimon's incredible display of sheer power.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were on even ground with their attacks repelled one another. The hotter energy stream was slowly overwhelming the ice beam.

Matt uttered a gasp as he noticed MetalGarurumon already being forced back. "What?" NO! That beam of WarGreymon's is overwhelming MetalGarurumon's? How is this possible?

"IT'S... IT'S ON PAR WITH MY OWN BEAM?" MetalGarurumon exclaimed, watching WarGreymon pumping out an influx of energy in his attack.

Matt was utterly shocked. "BUT... BUT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?"

The two Megas struggled as their blasts forced each other back. The entire landscape was brightened by an illumination of orange light. Reaching down for more reserves of Digital Ki, WarGreymon pushed back within every fiber in his body. MetalGarurumon did the same as both were regaining the upper hand.

That was it.

WarGreymon knew he had to push it further.


"DO IT, WarGreymon!"

Yelling out, WarGreymon yelled out as his red auras flared further. "Fury Blitz! Times Four!"


Other World/X's Planet

X roared. "NO! Just what are you thinking? You've gone past your limits!"

With her eyes closed, Keke grimaced. "No! Matt, stop this! You two shouldn't be fighting!"


Digital World


A thunderous rumble echoed as WarGreymon expelled an added boost to his Terra Beam. The augmented beam expanded, launching upward toward MetalGarurumon before the wolf could even perceive the power boost.

MetalGarurumon's eyes widened as the beam pushed through his Cocytus Breath. "AUGGGHHH! MATT!"



The beam collided with MetalGarurumon, sending him seventy feet into the air. The wolf's echoing cries emanated throughout the skies as he disappeared into the atmosphere.


(End theme)

Watching Matt's partner being knocked into the heavens, WarGreymon panted heavily from having expelled so much energy. The muscles in his body tightened as he could barely move.

Tai jumped up, pumping his fists in victory. "Way to go, WarGreymon! You got him!"

WarGreymon groaned, his body stiffened and racked with pain. "I… I got him…but, honestly, I didn't think I think I could…"

"Well, you did.."

Suddenly, Matt lunged at Tai and punched him. As Matt's face impacted Tai's, the boys fell on the ground and rolled around together. Springing to his feet, Matt rushed toward the goggleboy and kicked him in the stomach.

"You want to celebrate? You… YOU IDIOT!" The Corrupted Child of Friendship roared, kicking Tai's stomach repeatedly. "MetalGarurumon is probably dead! How could you be this heartless? First, you kidnap my brother and now your Digimon just destroyed mine! When is the pain going to stop? Aren't you satisfied enough?"

Tai mounted comeback and punched Matt's face. Stunned by Tai's blow, Matt stumbled back as the goggleboy speared him down. Tai clenched a fist and punched Matt again. A cut opened up on Matt's bottom lip, but that's didn't deter him from his anger growing.

"You want to know what's pathetic? You! You're pathetic! How could you insinuate that I'm a kidnapper?" The Child of Courage retorted, holding Matt by his collar. "Reality check, Matt! You left us! You left for your own selfish reasons! Matt, your brother was hoping for your return! He isn't the Child of Hope for nothing! You let him down! He wanted his brother back, not some crazed lunatic! You seem to be under the control of a dark force and I'll do what I can to bring the real Matt back to reality! You better realize that your so called buddy, Babimon, killed five of our Digimon friends. They're dead! It's going to take some time before they are reborn again! You don't realize what you've done!"

Suddenly, Matt's eyes shot wide open as he viewed images of TK running through his mind.


Perplexed, Tai looked down at his rival. "Matt? Is that you? The real you?"

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M728

Tai stood up on his feet, sighing with regret. Leaving a stunned Matt laying, Tai approached WarGreymon. Though barely able to move, WarGreymon slightly pivoted his head to see his partner walking up to him.

"You did great, WarGreymon!" The Child of Courage exclaimed. "You never fail to disappoint me, bud!"

Tai slapped WarGreymon on the back, which elicited a loud pained roar from the Mega. WarGreymon's body trembled with pain, causing Tai to jump back startled.

"Whoa! I must have hit you too hard!"

"I put too much into that Fury Blitz Times Four… definitely too much for my body."

"I'll say. You even cried when I just tapped you," Tai blinked as he thoroughly scanned his surroundings. "Sheesh, you guys sure made a real mess of this place."

"Well, Tai. I think you'd better run for it."

"Huh? Why?" The Child Courage inquired before… he realized what his partner implied. He dreaded the possibility. "You don't mean?"

"Yeah. He's still alive. MetalGarurumon is no quitter," WarGreymon chuckled. "If he were that easy to destroy, I wouldn't have had any trouble."

Suddenly, a bright glow emanated from the skies above. The light produced metallic blue hue, which was a clear indication that MetalGarurumon survived. Blinking as he came to, Matt stared at the skies with a devilish smile. The boy's eyes glowed with darkness.

"I won't give up," Matt chuckled as he stood up. His calm, cool headed demeanor resurfaced, replacing his distressed look. "MetalGarurumon, we're going to finish this piece of trash."

Tai gasped as he looked up at his partner. "But you should be stronger than him, right?"

"I told you, Tai. I pushed myself too hard. My body is a wreck… I could be at my possible limit."

"Damn!" Tai replied. "Matt, stop this now!"


MetalGarurumon pulled himself from out the blast.

MetalGarurumon heavily inhaled and exhaled to regain his breath. Both looked up at the earth-shattering blast as it faded through the planet's stratosphere.

"Damn you! Why? How can WarGreymon be superior to me?" The wolf seethed and gritted his sharp teeth down. "I'M SUPPOSED TO BE SUPERIOR! I AM YAMATO ISHIDA'S Digimon! I CAN'T BE DEFEATED BY TAI'S Digimon!"


Other World/X's Planet/5:22 PM

X observed the turn of events. "No... MetalGarurumon and Matt aren't done. Far from it."

"But I'm just glad Matt's Digimon didn't get killed by those attacks," Keke said, feeling tense. "But how much longer can he and Matt wing it out?"

"I can't be for certain, Keke, but you need to calm down. I know you've been on an emotional roller coaster since the start of this entire invasion."

"It's just... I wish there would be other alternatives to resolve this issue."

"There isn't... They have to fight until there is a winner decided. There'll be nothing that'll pull these two away from each other," X promptly stated. "Keke... What we can do now is wait and hope for the best." Worst case scenario: MetalGarurumon has a trump card. C'mon, Tai. WarGreymon. You two have got to stay in the game!

(End theme)


Digital World

Feh, those two think this is over? It's NOT over until I... I say it's OVER! Matt evilly smiled as he watched the blue light descend from the skies. "We won't give up, MetalGarurumon. You're going to finish... these two pieces of trash."


MetalGarurumon's eyes were gleaming a dark blue hue as low growls were uttered directly from him. His armor was completely covered with scratches and metal pieces were noticeably shattered. "...By any means necessary, friend..."

With that, MetalGarurumon continued descending from the skies. He was severely battered but not yet fatigued.


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Anxiety and Unease

Much to his dismay, WarGreymon struggled to stand himself up. Tai's eyes widened in horror as MetalGarurumon dropped down and landed near Matt.

"Great... he's here..." Tai paled.

"Tai, I hate to say it... but… you're screwed," Matt chuckled.

"I knew it was too obvious," Tai responded. "Damn, it just had to come down to this..." Blinking his eyes, Tai sighed deeply and faced the blonde-haired youth. "Matt, please don't let this continue. Your brother's wants this to stop!"

"Sorry, but I'm going to be taking TK back. You'll be drop dead by the time I'm done with you..." the blonde grinned and turned to give a nod to his Digimon. "MetalGarurumon, go and check for the moon."


With that, the metallic wolf Digimon hopped up and flew out back into the skies again.

Tai had a perplexed look on his face. "Full moon...?" Wait, didn't NeoDevimon mention something about a Rage symbol? That's something Agumon had, but was removed… don't tell me. "Damn it all…"

"Heh, it won't be long now. Once MetalGarurumon has found what he's looking for, it's game over for you two," Matt folded his arms, calmly standing his ground. "You two will be given a proper burial when it's said and done."

"You won't get the chance..." Tai narrowed his eyes defiantly.


Meanwhile, as he passed through a pair of clouds, MetalGarurumon scanned around and scoffed. "So, no moon right now? All right, no matter."

Turning around, the metallic wolf Digimon located no sign of a distinctive form of a moon. Since it was still day, night would not come with a full displayed moon for another few hours.

Deeply sighing, MetalGarurumon repeatedly shook his head. "All right. Time to stop worrying about displaying any fireworks. All I need is to undergo my new, secret transformation. My giant wolf form is enough to even terrify myself. I've been inching to show this to Matt for a very long time myself."

As the Digimon coasted across the skies, he confirmed no signs of a full moon after another random search.

"I can't believe this... I chose a full moon night just to destroy WarGreymon! But this is odd. Shouldn't the Digiworld's moon be out by now?"


Other World/X's Planet

X watched the scene with sheer satisfaction. He realized that MetalGarurumon needed a full moon to complete a new transformation.

Matt, you need to rid yourself of this darkness. X thought as he observed MetalGarurumon soaring across the Digital World's beautiful skies. If only I were there to help, but Tai has to do this on his own. It's not my job to interfere on my apprentices' behalves.

Keke frowned as she glanced over at X. "So, Matt is being influenced by some asshole? Any idea who it is?"

"I do have a good idea on who it is and his power is revered and feared throughout the Digiverse. This is the force that defeated and sealed the Four Holy Beasts."

Upon hearing this revelation, the girl paled. "Is this being monster that powerful?"

"Yes and even Tai's Digimon doesn't stand a chance against this great evil right now," the masked man continued. "To make matters worse, the sole reason the Northern Digi-Galaxy's Digital World is gone is thanks to this villain. It'll take time for another Digital World to reformat in its place."

"You... You can't be serious... So, who is he? What I mean is... What is his name?"

X remained silent as he resumed watching the heated battle between rivals.

"I just hope that Matt wakes up and sees the truth. Tai and Matt should be working together if they hope to defeat this great evil," Keke clasped her hands together and prayed.

Tai. WarGreymon. Everything rests on your shoulders now. After this, you'll realize that there's a greater evil being out there in the Digiverse.


Digital World

WarGreymon and Tai scanned the skies for any signs of MetalGarurumon while Matt waited patiently.

"I wish he'd hurry up," Matt scoffed with arms crossed.

WarGreymon scowled and panted. I don't have much energy left. MetalGarurumon barely seemed fatigued… I wish I didn't have to expel so much power from the get-go.

"What's he even doing up there?" Tai growled as he reached for his mini-telescope. "Why doesn't he just get down here?"


"Damn! Where is that blasted moon?" MetalGarurumon growled in frustration. "I'm anxious to unleash my beast form! Humph, I just remembered that this Digital World has a different time zone. I can't believe I was stupid enough to forget! All right then, so be it. I'll lose a bit of strength, but there's no other alternative. I can't wait to see the face off of WarGreymon! That damn fool."

(End theme)

With that, the metallic wolf descended through the clouds and flew down to rejoin his partner.


"Great! He's coming back!" WarGreymon shouted.

"Where? I don't see him?" Tai glanced up.


The goggleboy groaned. "Just our luck..."

Diving down and stopping in mid-air, MetalGarurumon landed beside his partner. Matt walked beside his partner and patted him on his head.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Tough Struggle

"So, did you find anything, old friend?"

MetalGarurumon confirmed. "Sorry, Matt. There was nothing. No moon in sight."

WarGreymon murmured under his breath to Tai. "Looks like we'll have to rely on the Life Bomb when all else fails..."

"No kidding. We should really save that if we need it. Just how X suggested. It should be our last resort."

"So, you two thought you would have bought more time and not allow MetalGarurumon to come back by night fall with that last desperate attack?" Matt crossed his arms.

"What are you getting on about?" Tai retorted at the blonde youth.

"Tai! Don't be such a moron!" Matt snapped. "Well, I suppose NeoDevimon never told you this. I assume he did… makes no difference, but MetalGarurumon's kind transform at the sight of a full moon."

The Child of Courage blinked. "...transform?"

Matt smirked. "Well, I have been hiding secrets from you while you were gone from the Digiworld. Do you recall leaving us prior to Etemon's defeat? We all ended up getting separated."

"I recall, but what does that have anything to do with MetalGarurumon?"

"Well, one night, we were walking out at night looking for food. Before I realized it, Gabumon pointed out to the fact that there was a full moon. Then, that's where he made the mistake of being exposed to the moon's radiation. As he looked directly into it, he underwent a feral digivolution. A berserk Garurumon more or less."

"How come you didn't tell us this?" Tai asked.

"I didn't think you had to know. Gabumon ended up destroying areas of the forest in his feral state. I knew nothing about his tail weakness then and was forced to hide as sunrise came. As he turned back to Gabumon the next morning, he had no memories of what he had done. Since then, I reminded myself to keep Gabumon hidden from exposure from the moon, especially on a full moon night."

"And now that's he gotten stronger since then..." WarGreymon growled. "No, you don't intend to..."

"That's right. MetalGarurumon, if you will, can you allow yourself to transform into your giant werewolf mode?"

The metallic wolf was at first weary of the idea. Then he was quick to have a change of heart and nodded. "Yes, if it means crushing WarGreymon!"

Tai frowned. "Wait, don't do this, Matt! This is your chance to stop this and come back with us!"

Grinning malevolently, Matt put his right hand and closed it. "It's too late for that, Tai. I'm going to crush you and scatter you to the winds."

"But there's no moon now! How can MetalGarurumon even transform at this time of day?" the Child of Courage exclaimed.

"That's a good thing you asked, WarGreymon. You see moonlight is only sunlight reflected," Matt explained with his hand held out in front. "You should have known that from science class, but I guess you fell asleep during that class session. Anyways, but only when it's reflected that it emits a special radiation. When the moon is full, that radiation exceeds a million zeno units per second and when MetalGarurumon absorbs that full amount through his eyes then his Lycan reaction is set off. The other warriors needed certain markings to awaken their blood lusted demon nature, but wolves and a few canine Digimon don't need tails to complete their were-beast forms. They have special cells that set them apart from every other Digimon. There are many digital moons around the planets in this Digi-Galaxy, but no matter their size, their green radiation will not exceed 17 million Z.P.S without the circular reflective space of a full moon. However…"

Suddenly, MetalGarurumon's back unlocked a hatchet and releases a tiny white orb. The shimmering orb then altered into condensed white ball of glowing light as he opened his hand. The illuminating light glowed brightly and brilliantly as Tai and his partner shielded their eyes.

"MetalGarurumon's kind is among the few Digimon species that can compress the Digiworld's atmosphere with a power ball to create a tiny artificial moon that reflects 17 million zeno! You can thank the elite fighters who have helped us learn this technique! It is time, Tai! You and WarGreymon shall both die and I will reclaim my brother! You never should have challenged us!"

"No! Matt!" Tai pleaded. "Don't make this any worse than it already is!"

"You're making a big mistake if you launch that, Matt! I'm warning you!" WarGreymon growled as he clenched his fists. "MetalGarurumon... Stop him!"

"Sorry, old friend. It must come down to us determining a winner by sudden death," the wolf Digimon responded.

"Go for it, MetalGarurumon!" Matt ordered. "Let's show them no mercy!"

(End theme)

MetalGarurumon flew up and launched the artificial moon through the clouds and near the stratosphere. Both Tai and WarGreymon both gawked in horror. Chuckling under his beastly breath, MetalGarurumon howled and witnessed the artificial moon glowing brilliantly as the sun. WarGreymon shielded his eyes.

The wolf Digimon embraced its shimmering light and began absorbing large quantities of the bright artificial moonlight.

Matt laughed proudly. "Yes! Now let there be light!"

"NO! NOT NOW!" Tai exclaimed.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Akumu

"Ha! Too bad that WarGreymon doesn't sport a Lycan tail," said Matt. "You two will a giant Lycan's wrath!"

"MetalGarurumon... MODE CHANGE!"

WarGreymon and Tai turned as they witnessed MetalGarurumon undergoing the first phase of his transformation. The wolf Digimon was growing into an unnatural and gargantuan size. The wolf's head increased (in width and weight) and his entire body had grown to a towering thirty-seven feet in height. His eyes turned crimson and gleamed with sheer blood lust. The arms and legs of the beast had now evolved in a bipedal body form. The wolf's fangs grew out and protruded with sharpened tips and his howls altered into horrifying monstrous roars that would bring fear to an army of Tyrannomon.

"MetalGarurumon… LYCAN MODE!"

Needless to say, Tai and WarGreymon's mouths nearly dropped.

The goggle head nearly wanted to faint but he maintained his stance. He wasn't about to let down and neither was his Digimon partner. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! "WarGreymon, I don't see how we're going to overcome this..."

"Stand your ground, Tai. We will... somehow manage to overcome Matt's transformed partner!"

Nodding his head, Tai smirked. "Yeah, you're right. I don't care how big he gets, we're not going to give up!"

"That's what I thought. It's not like you to give up and I don't intend to go down easily... Really, we're warriors of courage. We should enjoy whatever challenges are put in front of us."

"No matter if we win or lose... But I want to win to put an end to this and bring Matt back to TK!"

As he listened them babbling, Matt smirked with arms folded. "You two are insane..." Ha. These fools are turning this into a form of competition. Well, it's going to come back and haunt them. You two are about to make your makers. After I've given you your burials, I'll be off to take my brother back.


Digital World

Fleeing as far from the battle, Sora, Garudamon, Angemon and Angewomon (with TK and Kari in tow) were already at a far distance. The Digimon sensed the overwhelming force exchanged by the two from the other side.

However, they were unaware of the turn of events that involved MetalGarurumon undergoing his transformation into Lycan Mode.

On the other hand, they certainly did sense the beast's frightening, imposing power.

Garudamon and the angels each turned as they paled.

"Angemon? Garudamon? Are any of you sensing this?" Angewomon paled.

"What's going on?" Sora asked with concern.

Kari was clueless. "What's going on?"

"Angemon, the weather's been changing and there have been earthquakes. Could they really be coming from those two?"

However, something else had caught the angel Digimon's attention.

The white glowing orb floating at the center of the skies.

It was the artificial moon that MetalGarurumon launched momentarily.

"Since when has there ever been a full moon during daylight hours?" Angemon pointed out across.

Kari blinked in confusion. "Never, why? I thought nothing was supposed to make much sense here."

"It looks too bright to be a moon," Sora said as she stared out at the white glowing ball.

Garudamon frowned. "And this rising power is emanating from MetalGarurumon. It's as if he had achieved a boost of new power."

Angemon nodded in agreement. "Yes! I do sense MetalGarurumon growing stronger!"

"If that's the case, then we've got to go back!" TK highly suggested.

"What? But we can't! We were told to leave and meet up with the others!" Angewomon exclaimed.

"He's right. I'm not going to let WarGreymon and my brother die out there!" Kari shouted. "Angewomon, please!" The brunette faced Sora's direction. "What do you think Sora?"

The redhead looked at both TK and Kari. She didn't want to break Tai's word but she has never been one to abandon her friends.

And she wouldn't start doing that now.

(End theme)

Clenching her fists, Sora nodded. "Ok, you two have just convinced me. I, too, am worried about Tai and WarGreymon." She smiled and pointed directly to the direction of the colossal battle. "What do you two say? Ready to go?"

"Exactly what we were hoping!" the children shouted at once.

"Angemon? Angewomon? What do you two say?"

"Just as long as one of us protects TK and Kari," Angewomon stated.

"Allow me," suggested Angemon.

"Good! That's what I would like to hear!" Sora looked over to Garudamon. "Ready to save the day?"

"Ready as I'll ever be, Sora."

"It's settled! Let's go!" the tomboy declared like a brave leader would.

Kari prayed to herself. "Oh, Tai, please let you and WarGreymon be all right..."


WarGreymon and Tai braced themselves as the towering behemoth slowly stalked toward them. Their faces contorted with horror and bewilderment.

It wasn't too long when MetalGarurumon Lycan Mode was recovering from a Terra Beam and now his power had been restored and had assumed a frightening, giant form.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Tai and his Digimon partner were not looking to retreat.

They would fight or die trying.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Mighty Foe

Looking on with satisfaction, Matt watched his partner calmly stepping toward both WarGreymon and Tai. MetalGarurumon LM howled with authority as he stared down at his two victims.

He was prepared to crush the two into oblivion.

"What do you think of this, WarGreymon?" the giant wolf laughed as he took several steps forward. "Thanks to Matt, I've grown stronger! The moon has augmented my power and that is all that is required to destroy you!"

Tai stepped back. "Damn... just how are we going to stop him, WarGreymon?"

"Nothing!" Matt laughed. "Face it, Tai! You and WarGreymon are dead!"

"Don't forget that a wolf-type Digimon hits their peak in this form!" MetalGarurumon LM roared out.

"Tai," WarGreymon murmured to his partner. "We will do everything we can to beat Matt's transformed partner."


"I can't guarantee we'll be victorious..."

"Well, we'll die trying but let's not think about death now," Tai frowned. "I'll make sure that it won't!"

"This will require a powerful sphere of energy that I've been saving up since my training with X," WarGreymon suggested. "You go start up the Life Bomb. You leave me with our giant friend here!"

"Are you sure you can handle him on your own?"

"Heh, I didn't think I would have to do this..." WarGreymon chuckled. "The only technique X has ever taught to you was gathering energy for Life Bomb. Now, go!"

Tai raised an eyebrow in concern until a smile adorned the big-haired youth's face. "Right, I see what you mean! Ok, WarGreymon. Go for it but hold him as much as you can!"

"Heh, just leave this to me," WarGreymon closed his fists.

With that, Tai ran off from WarGreymon and landed on top of a pile of rocks.

"Don't let me down, WarGreymon." Can't believe we're going to use this move, but X did say to only use it as a last resort. I do hope WarGreymon can hold him off for three minutes at best.

Standing out in front with a defiant look, WarGreymon stood his ground and waited for MetalGarurumon LM marching toward him.

"What's wrong? Have you lost your will to fight?" the behemoth chuckled.

WarGreymon closed his eyes and deeply sighed. "No, on the contrary..." Crouching down, the Mega roared out as a red fiery aura exploded around his form. "Fury Blitz! Times Five!"

Once again sporting the red aura, Tai's partner roared and rocketed toward MetalGarurumon LM. The gargantuan-sized beast saw him coming and went to swat him aside with his right hand.

Then, WarGreymon avoided contact as he flew around MetalGarurumon LM and swerved around the behemoth. WarGreymon dropped down and grabbed MetalGarurumon LM's tail. Utilizing the strength augmented by his Fury Blitz, WarGreymon lifted MetalGarurumon off his feet and slammed him to the ground. Then, he picked the giant up with a vice grip around the tail and hurled him across the landscape.

"All right! You go, WarGreymon!" Tai yelled out. "Stay on him!"

Matt was utterly surprised by WarGreymon's display of pure, physical strength. "Well that's quite a power boost but I doubt he's going to last long relying on so much power..." Then, the blonde-haired youth noticed Tai standing out with his arms raised overhead. Raising an eyebrow, Matt pondered. "And just what is Tai doing? Why is he raising his hands? I wonder... Could he be gathering Alter energy to form an attack? If that's the case, not on my watch!"

Launching himself across to attack MetalGarurumon LM head on, WarGreymon yelled out and aimed to batter the behemoth with a series of punches. The behemoth stopped himself as he threw his right fist across and smashed it through the ground to uproot the earth. WarGreymon stopped immediately as an earth wall was pushed out in front of him. The Fury Blitz-powered Digimon punched through the wall and then...


WarGreymon was sent flying back while being on the receiving end of a kick. Smashing through the rock face, MetalGarurumon charged across quickly.

Falling onto a pile of debris and tons of rock rubble, WarGreymon was battered from the behemoth's kick. His chest armor had been cracked and was already spitting out blood through his mask.

Lifting his head up, WarGreymon witnessed the beast charging forward. Here he comes! I've got to pull myself out of here...

MetalGarurumon LM landed down near the fallen, crumbled form of WarGreymon. The beast sneered and went for another fist smash.

"Fury Blitz!"

WarGreymon repeated the same strategy of avoiding the giant's closed fist. MetalGarurumon LM only managed to punch through the earth and looked up to find WarGreymon soaring straight up into mid-air.

However, the airborne Mega was already feeling the consequences of expending too much power from repeatedly using the Fury Blitz. Twice he has had to use the Fury Blitz Times Five. His speed was already causing him to become sluggish.

(End theme)

"Damn! I've wasted it!" WarGreymon cursed himself.

"Don't die yet! I didn't even get a chance to kill you!" MetalGarurumon LM roared.

The airborne Digimon muttered. "I can't believe he could move so fast in that gargantuan form. I just hope Tai started to gather enough energy... c'mon, Tai!

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Shitou

With his arms held above his head, Tai was starting to gather spiritual energy from his surroundings. This was the set-up to X's strongest technique, the Life Bomb. The user is able to gather the energy from every living creature, whether they are biological or digital. In this case, Tai was gathering the energy available from the Digital World's life forms.

"Ok, just getting started. Let's hope my body can handle this..." Tai tensed with arms held high.

Matt had seen enough as he readily bumrushed his rival. "I've seen enough of this!"

"Solar Rays!" WarGreymon yelled out as he brought his hands at the sides of his head. In the process, the Digimon summoned forth a bright flash of ultraviolet light.

MetalGarurumon LM howled out as the light blinded him and temporarily stunned him for a few moments. This gave Tai more time to complete his Life Bomb for WarGreymon.

"UGH! MY EYES! DAMN YOU!" MetalGarurumon LM howled angrily with sheer blood lust. "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Noticing his partner thrashing about while being blinded, Matt scowled. "What did he just do? MetalGarurumon! What was that flash of light?"

"Heh, good... You used the Solar Ray..." Tai whispered. "C'mon, this isn't going to be enough." Noticing Matt at a closer distance from him, Tai gasped. "Oh no! I hope he doesn't know what I'm doing. Please, don't find out."

WarGreymon landed on a rock ledge to sit down to rest his body and conserve as much Digital Ki as he could. Deeply sighing, the Digimon laid back and watched white streams of energy flowing from all around. These were the streams of life energy Tai was gathering to build up the Life Bomb.

"Good, get as much as you can, Tai. He should be blinded for a minute at most."

Tai whispered under his breath. "Digital World. I call for your life energy. The terrain. The oceans. The living creatures. Plants, animals, and Digimon alike. Just give me a little bit of your energy..."

Growling to himself, Matt closed his fists and charged toward Tai. "Whatever you're doing, it's not going to work on us! Just wait until MetalGarurumon recovers his sight!"

Speaking of the giant beast, MetalGarurumon LM was regaining his sight. This certainly was not very good news for either WarGreymon or, most importantly, Tai.

"WarGreymon!" the beast howled. "Wait until I find..." He noticed Tai standing out in the open and grinned. "Oh, better yet. I've got an even juicier idea! I'll kill your partner instead!"

Upon hearing this, WarGreymon sat up in alarm and called out to his human partner. "TAI! GET AWAY FROM THERE!"

From across the face of the digital world, from the depths of the seas, and the fire of its core, Tai drew out the energy crucial to build the Life Bomb.

This was his last hope.

This was the Digital World's last hope.

Tai not only had little strength left, but he had minimum time to complete the process.

"Please! A little more! Just a little more!" Tai begged as he looked up to see a condensed ball orb with spiraling data rings around it.

"You've got it, Tai! Just keep it going!" WarGreymon encouraged the boy and flew out to prevent MetalGarurumon LM from stopping the process to be completed.

"Don't be such a fool, Tai!" Matt said. "Whatever you're creating is NOT going to cut it!"

"Heh, you won't be laughing once I launch this baby!" Tai grinned.

MetalGarurumon finally regained his full sight and flew out to attack Tai head on. "NOW YOU'RE MINE!"

"Terra Force!"


An orange sphere impacted MetalGarurumon LM's back. However, this only managed to stun the behemoth as he turned to find an airborne WarGreymon.

(End theme)

"Feh, you pesky little insect. You're only stalling him," the giant snorted.

"Hold him off, WarGreymon! I'm almost done!" Tai called out.

"Like hell you are!" Matt roared out as he lunged at his rival. "Don't you even think about launching that thing!"

A devious grin etched on MetalGarurumon LM's face and he launched himself directly for WarGreymon. With one swing of his tail, he swatted the airborne Mega down.

"And stay down! That should take care of you," the gargantuan grinned as he turned to face Tai's direction. He saw that Matt was on his way to stop the Child of Courage. "Oh good! Take down him, Matt!"

Finally, it was complete.

Tai watched as his right hand was emitting a purely, white aura filled with indescribable spirit energy. Every form of spiritual Ki was intensely glowing in his closed fist. "YES! IT'S DONE!"

"I told you that it's useless!" Matt roared out.

"OH SHUT UP!" Tai retorted as he prepared to launch it. I've got to throw it now!

"NOT SO FAST!" Matt roared and projected a beam at his rival.

"Ah, crap..." the big-haired boy murmured and closed his eyes. He concentrated as the Life Bomb's energy projected a barrier construct that shielded him from Matt.

"What's this?" The Corrupted Child of Friendship exclaimed.

"Allow me, Matt!" MetalGarurumon LM roared as he fired a beam from out of his mouth.

This time the behemoth's mouth beam collided and overwhelmed the Life Bomb's barrier as he was caught within the blast. The Child of Courage cried out as he threw his head back.

"NO! TAI!" WarGreymon howled while struggling to get back to his feet.

As soon as the dust settled, the mountain slopes were nothing more than a pile of fallen rubble.

Tai was laid out amongst the rubble and groaning. Matt and MetalGarurumon LM stalked toward the fallen big-haired youth.

"Damn. I didn't... I didn't think he would attack me... Your Digimon packs power. I'll give ya that," Tai groaned with a smile.

Slowly picking himself up, Tai faced the giant beast with a defeated smile. However, he wasn't about to go down that easily.

"The Life Bomb... gone..." Tai put up a front and sighed.

Matt chuckled with his arms crossed. "I've gotta say that you have spunk, old friend. But it looks like your luck just fizzled out, am I right?"

"Well, just like a certain pink-furred rabbit with a set of drums. I just keep going and going..."

"I've heard enough from out of this punk's mouth, Matt! Allow me the honor of crushing him beneath my heel!" MetalGarurumon LM roared.

"Be my quest."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Aku no Shutsugen

With that, MetalGarurumon lifted his left foot up and prepared to crush Tai with a single foot stomp.

Closing his eyes, Tai was ready to accept his fate and then...



Opening his eyes, Tai turned and saw WarGreymon lying in place of him. Just a moment, he had been over where WarGreymon was lying but was immediately knocked aside.

"War... WarGreymon!" Tai cried out in horror.

Yes, the Mega had sacrificed himself for Tai as MetalGarurumon LM stomped his right foot down on WarGreymon's lower section of the body - from the waist and down to the feet. WarGreymon cringed and utterly let out a chilling scream out in agony.


Hearing WarGreymon scream out in agony made Tai cringe. "WarGreymon! You didn't have to do that! It should have been me!"

"Give it up, Tai! You're partner is as good as dead!" Matt jumped down behind Tai, chortling. "You might as well surrender now."

Glaring up at Matt, Tai closed his fists. "Never! And you better shut up if you know what's good for you! How could you enjoy this?"

"Why? Because I can!" Matt laughed.


As they came closer to the battlefield, Garudamon and the angels felt a weakened power and feared the worst. Sora, TK, and Kari noticed their grimaced looks.

"What's wrong, Angemon?" TK asked his Digimon. "Garudamon? Angewomon?"

Sora frowned. "It's bad, isn't it?"

Angemon confirmed. "WarGreymon's energy is decreasing! We have to hurry!"

Kari exclaimed. "Then, let's go! There's no time to lose! My brother and WarGreymon need us!"

"We're almost there! I can definitely see devastation from the battle itself! We're not too far behind!" Angewomon shouted.


MetalGarurumon LM repeatedly stomped down his foot down on WarGreymon and cackled into cruel laughter. The more stomping that was given to the Mega, the more Tai cringed. Matt bawled out laughing at the carnage.

WarGreymon howled out a chilling banshee as his legs were crushed with nearly every bone broken in the lower anatomy region - specifically his legs.


MetalGarurumon LM taunted the fallen Mega. "Ha, ha! Oh silly me! I've left you alive! You just better hope that my aim is perfect next time. I want to hear that squish under my foot."

WarGreymon howled as he struggled to get up, but his crushed legs weren't giving in.

The behemoth smirked and aimed to deliver the final blow to his adversary. "NOW PREPARE TO DIE, WarGreymon! NO ONE WILL MISS YOU!"

MetalGarurumon went down for the kill, but WarGreymon used the last of his strength to shoot out an energy beam through his right hand.

The blast shot MetalGarurumon's left eye and popped it. The beast howled out as he grabbed his left eye socket region as blood profusely leaked out of the wound. "RAGGGGH! DAMN YOU!"

"Heh, now you've got a new gimmick going for you... go and be a pirate, matey," WarGreymon chuckled.


"Tai! That was a cheap shot!" Matt exclaimed.

The big-haired youth stood up as he seethed and faced his rival. "Cheap shot? You came back demanding your brother back! You sent a monster to kill five of our Digimon friends and didn't even bother to apologize to your brother! You're a hypocrite! Some Digi-Destined you turned out to be! You don't deserve the Crest of Friendship!"

"No, you're wrong... Stop toying with my mind! Stop it!" the blonde-haired youth grabbed his head and stepped back. He looked down at his hands as he started to show signs of slight paranoia. "I'm BETTER than you!"

"Well, I will say this... You made a mistake coming back here with this new attitude of yours! Five of our Digimon friends are gone! You came here thinking you'd find those Digicores and it turns out they aren't even here. WarGreymon destroyed your new friend Babimon. That just leaves you and MetalGarurumon. This nightmare will be over! That I can guarantee you, Yamato!"

"SHUT UP!" Matt yelled out. "TK is MY brother! Give him back to me!"

Tai defiantly replied. "No."

"That's NOT the answer I was looking for!"

"Quite frankly, you don't deserve to see your brother right now. He's better off not knowing this new Matt. Come back to your senses or I will beat it out of you!"

(End theme)

MetalGarurumon LM uncovered his injured eye and stared down at his fallen adversary. WarGreymon's body was battered, broken and trembling with excruciating pain. He let out an imposing, bellowing howl.


With that, the giant Digimon scooped up WarGreymon with his hands and proceeded to squeeze the life from out of the Mega. WarGreymon struggled to break free but to no avail.


"WarGreymon!" Tai cried out.

"Yes! Kill him! Squeeze him to death, MetalGarurumon! Make Tai beg for mercy!" Matt called out to his partner.

"Like hell I'm going to beg..." Tai seethed with both fists closed. Getting view of his rival, the Child of Courage waved his hands out and challenged Matt. "Let's go! Come and kill me, Matt! Like you said you would... talk is cheap."

Matt rushed up toward Tai and connected his face with his fist. Telegraphing his move, Tai caught his rival's fist with on hand before it impacted his face.

"I've fed up with you, Matt! You and your ego-trip! CRY ME A RIVER!" Tai roared as he delivered a right fist across Matt's left cheek.

The blow connected with Tai's rival as it knocked Matt back.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but... I'm going to have to break your arms and legs," Tai frowned with his right hand closed. "I promised TK I would bring you back to your old self and that is exactly what I'm going to do!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kuroi Inbou

Pulling himself off the rock wall, Matt groaned and wiped the blood dripping from a cut on his lips. "Like hell you will... I'll never lose to you."

"Likewise, Matt. We're going to settle this, man to man." Staring at his right hand, Tai clenched the one hand that still carried the Life Bomb's energy. Got to hit with this but need to focus on summoning it! Luckily X was able to teach me somewhat how to focus on this thing's energies. That's the only I'm good for now… as WarGreymon's lightning rod.


"We're almost there!" Angemon announced to everyone.

"We're on our way, Tai! Don't you give out on us!" Sora exclaimed.

Angewomon observed the glowing ball of light. "But I'm curious to know about that shining orb."

Just as they approached closer, Angemon looked ahead and caught a glimpse of the giant wolf Digimon. Everyone else did, too, as they uttered a unified gasp and moved away behind a cliff ledge.

"We have to get down and stay behind these rocks," Sora said to everyone in her group.

"But, what was that monster?" Kari asked until she recognized the beast's body armor. "Wait, you don't mean..."

Sora frowned as she watched MetalGarurumon LM standing over a crippled WarGreymon. "That monster is... MetalGarurumon!"


"Is this true, Sora?" asked Garudamon.

Distraught, TK sank to his knees. "No, then my brother and Tai... are still fighting."

"Garudamon, it's time. We have to act fast," Sora proposed. "We need to become difference makers in this fight!"

(End theme)


Next episode: Tai and WarGreymon in Peril! The Miraculous Life Bomb!



Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 16: Tai and WarGreymon in Peril! The Miraculous Life Bomb!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Reeling back from a fist, Matt retaliated with his own and knocked Tai back. The big-haired boy stopped himself short. and situated himself for his incoming opponent. Matt lunged forward and tackled him down. He pushed Tai to the ground, letting his head hit the ground.

Matt spat out and snorted. "Feh, what's wrong, Tai? Where's all of your valor now?" He delivered a vicious kick to Tai's right side and watched him fall on his back. "C'mon! Surely you can do better than this!"

"Ma... Matt..." Tai barely managed to speak out. "We... have to... stop this..."

"I don't have to stop anything and who said I have to listen to YOU?" Matt yelled and kicked Tai in the face. "I follow my own command! You have NO authority over me anymore! I'm entitled to my own well being!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Tough Struggle

Picking himself up, Tai wiped the blood on his left cheek and seethed. "You... don't know what the hell you're talking about, Matt! Stop thinking you're better than everyone else! Because I know for sure..." Summoning enough strength, Tai gained his second wind as he jumped to his feet and jump kicked Matt squarely in the chin. "...I'M BETTER THAN YOU!"

Taken back by surprise, Matt knocked into a rock face. He quickly recovered but only to find Tai charging at him while pummeling him with punches. The blonde-haired youth reeled back from each blow.

Tai roared as his punches pummeled Matt like no tomorrow. "I'm far from being through, Matt! Now, get up or stay down!"

As he heard that, Matt grinned and spat a wad of mixed blood-saliva from his mouth. "Sorry, but it's not over... NOT UNTIL I'M THROUGH WITH YOU!"

Meanwhile, WarGreymon was still at the mercy of MetalGarurumon's crushing foot. The giant Lycan continued the punishment with each crushing his former friend's crumpled body.

"HAHA! OW! What's that I heard? I think I just heard your bones cracking, WarGreymon! You should stop screaming because your resistance is futile!" MetalGarurumon LM laughed mercilessly.

The injured WarGreymon howled out in excruciating pain. "AUUUUUUUUGH!"

Grimacing over WarGreymon's situation, Tai yelled to the blonde youth. "Matt! Tell him to stop this!"

"Not until you surrender and hand TK over to me. It's your choice. You return my brother or watch your Digimon die before your very own eyes!" Matt grinned with no show of remorse.

"You son of a..." Tai stopped himself as he closed his fists.


Hiding behind a wall, Sora, Garudamon, and the angel Digimon pair remained close to TK and Kari.

Kari uttered a horrifying gasp, witnessing WarGreymon being squeezed to death. "Oh no! WarGreymon!"

Sora addressed to both Angemon and Garudamon. "All right, let's make our move! Angemon, stay here to look after TK and Kari!"

"Understood," the male angel nodded.

"Don't worry about us. You just go and help WarGreymon!" TK said to the airborne trio. "Angemon will take care of us!"

"Ok, then! Let's move, guys!" Sora called out in order.

With that, the redhead grabbed a hold of Garudamon's leg as the giant bird took off with Angewomon trailing behind her. They set off toward the battlefield and hid behind another rock ledge.

"So, you sensed a source of power from MetalGarurumon's tail?" Sora asked the Digimon.

Angewomon nodded in response. "That's correct. It was faint, but once we arrived here… I could feel energy flowing through his tail."

"So, to cut off his power, we need to cut his tail off," Sora frowned as her eyes studied the beast's wagging tail. "That'll be out definite aim."

"But, what makes you think he'll just let us run up and cut his tail off? That's not very smart, Sora," Garudamon warned her partner. "He will eventually know we're coming."

Sora smirked and faced the two Digimon. "I've got it! Garudamon, I'll need your help."

"What do you have in mind?" The bird Digimon inquired.

"Ok, here's what I was thinking. Angewomon attack him from the front and attract his attention. Then, Garudamon hides somewhere and uses an attack to cut that tail off when he is completely off guard. How does that grab you two?"

"Now, that's an idea, Sora. Good thinking."

"Thanks, Garudamon."

Angewomon nodded. "Let's make this work."

(End theme)


Suddenly, MetalGarurumon LM probed a few presences around the vicinity and scanned the encompassing region.

"Who's there? I'm sure I've detected something from afar," the gargantuan growled under his breath. He quickly tightened his grip and became entertained with WarGreymon's horrifying agony. "Whatever it is, it's no big deal. I'm enjoying every minute of this!"

"I don't think so!" a voice called out from the distance.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Moment For Shuddering

Overhearing this startling female cry, MetalGarurumon LM turned as he spotted Angewomon floating from at least a several meter distance.

"Hmmm, so it's you Angewomon," MetalGarurumon LM narrowed his eyes. "Well, this is quite the surprise. TK and Kari are back then."

Glancing over to his Digimon's position, Matt was surprised to see Kari's partner arrive unexpectedly. Realizing that Angewomon was present, he had a good hunch that both TK and Kari were within the vicinity.

"Well, if Angewomon is here, then Kari and TK are here then," Matt smirked with his back turned on Tai.

Standing back on his feet, Tai flew out at his blonde-haired rival and head butted him in the back. "Don't turn away! I'm the one fighting you, Matt!"

Noticing Angewomon, Tai couldn't believe his eyes. "No! No! I thought I told those guys to leave and get as far away from here as possible!"

Struggling to pick himself up, Matt spat out blood and snickered under breath. "Wake up, Tai! My brother has decided to return to me! I don't know about your sister, but TK has seen the light." Spitting blood on his hand, the blonde-haired youth showed his bloody hand with a mischievous grin. "My brother and I are bonded by blood."

MetalGarurumon LM faced Angewomon and started to cackle in amusement. "Ha! What a surprise! WarGreymon, your comrade just came to watch you die. I just love reunions. Now just watch closely as I crush your buddy into a sardine can. Now where is TK, Angewomon? Speak now because WarGreymon's life hangs into balance!"

"No... Please don't surrender TK... Either to him or Matt..." WarGreymon murmured, as his body was nearly broken.

"TK is no concern of yours! Now put him down and face me, coward!" Angewomon hollered out and stood up to the behemoth.

"Feh, as you WISH!" MetalGarurumon LM tightened his grasp and forced WarGreymon to let out more chilling banshees.

Suddenly, Garudamon glided behind MetalGarurumon LM and summoned her phoenix flames from out of her back. "Wing Blade!"

"WHAT?" MetalGarurumon LM roared as he turned around and was caught by surprise from the incoming, flaming bird. "Wing Blade? That means..."

From the corner of his eye, MetalGarurumon LM caught a glimpse of Garudamon with her arms outstretched. Her attack was the behemoth's tail.

Panning out to the other side of the battle, Matt noticed the flaming bird and hollered out to his Digimon. WHAT? That's Garudamon's attack! That means... "MetalGarurumon! Look out behind you!"

With Matt distracted, Tai seized the opportunity and punched him down.

"Don't take your eyes off me, Matt! I'm NOT done yet!" Tai roared as he launched himself at his rival.

Matt growled. "Damn you..."

(End theme)

Upon hearing his partner's warning, the gargantuan watched the blazing bird coming towards him at a rapid pace. He took a deep breath and side stepped it. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched the flaming bird plowing through a cliff ledge.

Seconds later...


The attack exploded upon impact and the ledge was reduced to rubble. Garudamon's sneak attack failed her, but all hope wasn't lost yet.

Matt watched this event and laughed out. "Nice dodge! Now finish WarGreymon off and take care the rest of the trash!" Soon, brother, you'll be coming with me! It's only a matter of time.

"Man, that was a close one! Continue aiming for that tail, guys!" Tai yelled out toward the Digimon.

"Ha! Did you really think that I wouldn't know? Matt was able to see it coming. He's kind of like my 'second set of eyes'. He'll tell me what you fools are attempting to devise! We are after all... A TEAM!" MetalGarurumon LM bellowed out, laughing.

"Damn it!" cursed Garudamon. "Almost had him but still weak from the earlier battle..."

Angewomon called to Tai's partner. "Please, hang on! WarGreymon!"

"Oh lucky me! Remember after I kill WarGreymon, then you insects are next!" the behemoth warned Angewomon and Garudamon. "Now, where is Angemon? Surely he would be here! I guess he was too much of a coward to present himself before me! Such cowardice! Ha!"

Crap! He was able to keep his wits! Tai thought, as he looked on with distraught. I'm sorry, WarGreymon. I don't want to stand by and watch you die. My Crest might not have enough power and I've just about lost hope. Forgive me, everyone.

Having heard enough, both TK and Kari squirmed right out of Angemon's arms to reveal themselves out in the open. The angel Digimon uttered a gasp and flew out to retrieve the children.


"Stop it! I can't stand this anymore! Matt! Call him off right now!" TK screamed out at his older brother's direction. "Please! I'm TELLING YOU! Call him off now!"

Overhearing his brother's pleas, Matt frowned toward his direction and scowled. "TK...? You want me to stop?"

"You heard that straight from his mouth, Matt! He wants you to stop!" Tai exclaimed. "If you're any kind of brother... If you still have a conscience left, you'd order MetalGarurumon to stop this! Now, what are you going to do, Yamato?"

"No... I can't... Not until I've beaten you, Tai."

"Is that all you care about at this point? Matt, you are so driven to kill me..." the goggle boy sighed in disbelief. "So, be it... You've left me no choice." Sorry, TK... It looks like I might have to break that promise.



MetalGarurumon LM uttered a deep gasp as he felt a numbing sensation jolt throughout his body and coming from his posterior. He was frozen stiff as his tail was successfully sliced off in a single stroke. WHAT IS THIS? MY TAIL?

Noticing the tail falling off the behemoth's backside, it quickly deleted from the spot. Garudamon, Angewomon, Angemon, TK, and Kari all turned to notice surprisingly...


Dropping down on the ground with his Vulcan's Hammer, Zudomon grunted and retreated back.

Tai gaped in shock. "Z…Z…Zudomon?"

"WAY TO GO, ZUDOMON!" a new pair of voices called out from the distance.

"Wait! What's going on?" Sora called out and looked out beyond the battle site.

Standing out in a group and away from everyone else was Mimi, Izzy, Zudomon, MegaKabuterimon, and Lillymon.

They had finally made it in time.

As he witnessed this turn of events, Matt's mouth nearly dropped. His blood boiled at the sight of the other Digidestined.

"See, Matt? Our friends came through at the end!" Tai stated, tightening his fists. "The gang is all here." With that, a smirk formed across the Child of Courage's face.

"No... This can't be! I CANNOT AND WILL NOT LOSE!" Matt cried out. "METALGARURUMON!"

MetalGarurumon howled angrily as his body shrunk right back down to normal size.

He had regressed back to MetalGarurumon much to Matt's dismay.

"NO! DAMN YOU! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!"Matt berated the Digidestined, his former friends. "I can't lose here! Not me!"

Tai waved out to the other Digidestined. He flashed them a thumb up. "Way to go, guys! I never thought you'd come through! And Joe! Nice one! Where did you get that mad sword?"

Joe sweat dropped as he patted Zudomon's head, sighing with relief. "Oh… oh… oh… my gosh… we… we got him?" He cowered and prayed in his mind. I'm SO dead! I'm SO dead!

"That'll weaken MetalGarurumon!" Zudomon exclaimed.

Mimi clapped for the Child of Reliability. "Nice job, Joe! You're braver than I thought!"

"I wouldn't have thought of that," Izzy added. "Now, MetalGarurumon ought to be weakened from having exhausted all of that power."

"One would hope, Izzy," MegaKabuterimon affirmed.

Joe took a deep breath and slumped back. "I'm... not going through that one again."

"Don't worry. The deed is done," Zudomon said.

"Well... If you say so." Well, yeah, I have to admit. What Zudomon and I did was change the course of the battle. We're the difference maker for once! We're RESPONSIBLE for tipping the scales back to our favor!

As the beast released his grip, WarGreymon fell off and hit the ground.

MetalGarurumon was fully regressed back to his normal Mega form.

"WarGreymon!" Kari called out to her brother's partner Digimon.

"Yes! This should do it!" Sora cried out and flew straight up to garner everyone's attention. "It's all up to us, you guys!"

Suddenly, the goggle boy came back to reality as he faced forward and saw Matt charging his direction.

Tai dropped down and leg swept Matt right off his feet. The Child of Courage followed it up with an elbow strike that caught Matt's chest.


"UGH!" Matt coughed out, hitting the ground.

MetalGarurumon stood his ground and was shocked by his regression. "What? I'm back to normal? My tail was removed!"

"All right! The tail is off!" Kari hollered.

"And the advantage is once again ours," smiled Angewomon.

Angemon stepped out to warn his comrades. "Be careful, everyone! The battle is far from over until we've defeated MetalGarurumon! Lillymon, Zudomon and MegaKabuterimon! Lend us some support!"

"Right!" the trio responded with a unified cry.

"Do you guys want to die so much?" Matt exclaimed and picked himself up from the ground. "Oh, trust me. Once I'm through with all of you, MetalGarurumon will kill you all! Then, I'll take my brother!"

"You keep telling yourself that," Tai scoffed. "It's over for you."

"Shut up... I'll kill you..." Matt growled under his breath.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Shuugeki! Soshite...

With that, MetalGarurumon dashed toward TK with swift quickness. The boy cried out as the wolf Digimon came ever so closer to snatching him away, but Angemon quickly intercepted the wolf.

"TK! RUN! " Angemon called to his partner.

The boy immediately turned and scurried off, while Angemon held off MetalGarurumon with his staff. MetalGarurumon summoned his strength to push away Angemon and enough time to deliver a crushing head butt into Angemon's exposed gut. Being forced to his knees, Angewomon coughed and dropped his staff.

"What's wrong, Angemon? You're supposed to be TK's guardian angel, aren't you?" the wolf taunted. "Show me your power! C'mon!"

From another corner, Angewomon swooped down to attack MetalGarurumon. And from another angle, Zudomon, Lillymon and Mega Kabuterimon attempted to sneak attack the Mega-level wolf Digimon.

The four Ultimate Digimon launched their primary attacks simultaneously in hopes of drawing the wolf's attention.

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Horn Buster!"

All the attacks hit their mark but MetalGarurumon propelled through each of their attacks utilizing quick and perceptive reflexes.

He flew out at Angewomon and delivered a claw slash. The force was enough to send Angewomon crashing through a rock ledge. Angewomon was laid unconscious as Kari ran over to her side.

Then, MetalGarurumon fired numerous missiles at the three Ultimate Digimon. Lillymon plummeted downward while Zudomon and MegaKabuterimon were knocked away by the devastating shots.

Garudamon witnessed this while being airborne. "He defeated all four of them at once?"

"Garudamon!" Sora called out. "Do you have anything left?"

"Only enough for one more..." the bird Digimon responded while panting. "But doing so will render me weakened from loss of energy..."

TK clenched his fists and called out to his fallen partner. "Get up, Angemon! You have to stand and fight!"

Hearing the boy's pleas for him to stand, Angemon struggled to get up as MetalGarurumon head butted him to the side. MetalGarurumon picked Angemon by his neck using his mouth.

Angemon was losing breath and energy while being in the clutches of the metallic wolf. "Is that your best? Just like WarGreymon, you two are weaklings. Give it up."


Scoffing in annoyance at the angel's valor, MetalGarurumon delivered another head butt that connected between Angemon's eyes and nearly cracked open the metal mask shielding his eyes. The angel cried out as a trickle of blood seeped from his forehead.

"Heh. At least, I can have a taste of your own blood," MetalGarurumon snickered as he walked over the red fluid splattered on the ground.

"Behold, Tai. I'll show you just how kind MetalGarurumon can be!" Matt chuckled. "That's my partner for you..."

The big-haired preteen seethed at the sight of Angemon's suffering. "No! Stop this! TK will never forgive you for this!"

"Too late. Angemon can die next to WarGreymon!"

This statement brought chills to both Tai and TK. They felt their hearts shatter and anger swelling up from inside.

MetalGarurumon tossed Angemon down and watched as the angel dropped next to WarGreymon. The Mega Digimon groaned as he registered some movement and reached out for the fallen Angemon.

(End theme)

"Ange-Angemon… My body is broken... I can't even move anymore... He's gotten weaker since losing that form... You have to at least hold him... Before we're finished..."

Matt snorted and looked away from the scene. "Your partner isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, Tai. Reminds me so much of you." Chuckling to himself, Matt narrowed his eyes. "Who would have thought that he would remain conscious after having his ribs and legs crushed."

"C'mon, WarGreymon!" Tai cried out, ignoring the blonde-haired youth. "We're still going to keep going!"

"He's as good as dead, if you ask me," Matt grinned. Noticing Tai shooting him an angry look, the blonde could barely contain his laughter. "Aw, don't give me that look! You just don't want to accept and face facts! WarGreymon is DONE!"

Standing away from his fallen Digimon, TK clasped his hands together and whimpered. "He's much too strong for Angemon... Yeah, he's a Mega and Angemon is only a Champion. He can't defeat someone stronger than he is..."

"TK! Don't give up hope on Angemon!" Kari called out in hopes of raising the boy's spirits. "And most importantly... Don't you give up!"

"TK's sort of convinced me. Guess what, Angemon? I've had a change of heart. I won't finish you first. Rather..." the metallic wolf turned away from Angemon and set his sights on Tai's partner. "! I'll kill WarGreymon first, after all! I'll deal with the rest of you afterwards!"

"Don't waste anymore time then! Do it and we'll leave here with my brother!" Matt cried out.

Tai yelled out to TK and the others. "NO!"

"C'mon, MegaKabuterimon! Get up!" Izzy cried out.

Mimi rushed over to Lillymon's side. "Lillymon! Get up!"

Joe gulped. "Can I even try something that crazy again? Do I event want to attempt it?"

Garudamon jetted into the air while gathering reserves of her sacred power. Sora looked down to notice the bodies of their friends lying around.

Sora frowned. "Garudamon!"

"I'm ready, Sora."

"No! I won't go with you!" TK retorted toward his brother's direction. His face contorted and stood defiantly against his kin. "My real brother wouldn't inflict pain on my friends and get away with taking me away! You stay away from me, you fake!"

Upon hearing his brother's unexpected defiance, Matt growled angrily and gripped his Crest. "TK... How could you say that to your own brother?" Closing his fists, he yelled. "Feh! Too bad! Go on, MetalGarurumon! Garudamon is coming toward your direction! Look above!"

Following his partner's orders, MetalGarurumon stopped and looked up to find Garudamon swooping down from the heavens.

Uttering a gasp, Sora watched MetalGarurumon. "Here he comes, Garudamon!"

"You help the others, Sora. Tai, WarGreymon, and our friends need you. I'll hold MetalGarurumon for the time being."

"But, can you be sure of lasting much longer with the little power you have left?"

"Don't worry about me, Sora. Just go!"

"Ok then! Don't let me down, Garudamon!" Sora nodded as she turned toward WarGreymon's direction. As she pivoted her head, she saw Tai grappling with Matt.

"You don't... have to win this. Just hold," WarGreymon muttered as he pleaded to Angemon. "I know that you have enough strength for that...Then, Angewomon will finish him off..."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Clouds of War Spread

MetalGarurumon launched himself up at Garudamon and delivered a head butt to send her flying up. The giant bird warrior roared as she fell back and feeling weakened from the blow.

"I...I can't, WarGreymon... He's too strong..."

"Angemon...! Now...!"

Suddenly dropping down beside him was Sora. The tomboy knelt down and touched his face. "WarGreymon..."

"So... Sora?" the Mega was taken back by surprise. "What are you..."

"Here to help you guys in anyway I can," she smiled and noticed the two fallen angels. Then scanned the entire surroundings to see every other Digimon laid out from MetalGarurumon's assault. "They're all not looking good."

"It's no surprise... MetalGarurumon's stronger even if they had united... Only I would have stood a chance of beating him..."

"Well, count me in as well," Sora stated as she clasped WarGreymon's right hand. She noticed a subtle white glow shrouding his fist. "Wh-What's that?"

"Energy… transferred to me… from Tai… through his Crest… he wants me to use it…"

"I see…" The Child of Live nodded.

Before he had a chance to finish explaining, MetalGarurumon stalked toward Sora and WarGreymon. The redhead was horrified when she realized that Garudamon was taken out.

"No! Garudamon!"

"Heh, I wouldn't worry about her, Sora. She's not dead... yet," MetalGarurumon chuckled. "So, what are we waiting for, WarGreymon?"

"Great... To think I'd die at then claws of my own comrade," WarGreymon sighed as he closed his eyes.

Suddenly, Sora stepped out in front of Tai's partner and defiantly glared MetalGarurumon down. "Not so fast! You want to get to him? Go through me first!"

Chuckling once again, the wolf snorted. "Well, well, isn't this amusing? You're willing to thrown your own life away for something that does not involve you?"

Delivering a right punch to Matt, Tai glanced over his shoulder and uttered a gasp once realizing Sora stood in between MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon. "WHAT? SORA! GET AWAY FROM THERE!"

"Heh," Matt wiped the blood from his lips. "I have to say that girl has more heart than brains. Of course, that's all she's ever good for. That idiot is going to get herself killed!"

"Sora! Get away from there! Please!" Mimi pleaded from the distance.

Izzy and Joe couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Kari covered her eyes in sheer horror and the thought of Sora massacred was a thought she couldn't bear to visualize. TK, on the other hand, screamed out angrily.

"STOP IT!" the boy shouted at the top of his lungs.

Matt turned toward the battle and noticed a different demeanor on his brother's face. He could see the flaming passion burning through the boy's eyes. No longer were they innocent.


As TK screamed, Angemon started to rise back to his feet and became motivated from the raw emotion displayed by his partner.

MetalGarurumon faced Angemon, who stood with his staff in hand. He could feel the angel's power rising as a result of this sudden rush of emotion demonstrated from the Child of Hope.

"ANGEMON! STOP HIM!" TK commanded with his face contorting with anger.

"What? You stop me?" MetalGarurumon asked as he snorted in annoyance. He noticed Angemon with his fist wrenched back and glowing with intense, holy energy. "He's... NO! He is serious!"

Angemon threw a powerful holy beam towards the Mega. "Hand of Fate!"

Seeing the beam hurtling toward him, MetalGarurumon pounced up to evade the blast. However, Angemon vanished and easily caught the Mega off guard. He reappeared in front of the wolf Digimon and delivered a kick that sent MetalGarurumon flying back. Seizing the opportunity, Angemon dove down and launched himself at MetalGarurumon to implement another assault.

However, much to Angemon's dismay, the Mega saw him coming and retaliated with a head butt. Angemon jolted back as his half of his protective face helmet shattered. His face was exposed with a deep cut over his forehead. A blue eye was revealed underneath the cracked face mask. Blood dripped down from the deep wound on his forehead gash.

"Sor... Sora..." WarGreymon groaned as he barely could register a form of speech.

"WarGreymon! You need to recover and quit moving so much!" Sora stated.

"Sora!" Kari called out from the distance.

As Kari came near Sora, she, too, knelt beside WarGreymon and touched his face. "Oh, WarGreymon."

"TK?" Sora called out as she saw him standing out in the open.

"Sora... Please..." WarGreymon muttered with a cough. "I have... an idea of what you can do with the spirit energy I have left... Tai managed to gave me some of it..."

Sora turned and listened. "Ok, what…?"

"Yes, now please... hurry over here!"

Angemon and MetalGarurumon traded powerful projectiles during their flight battle. It was the angel's beams countering MetalGarurumon's missiles. Catching TK's partner off guard, MetalGarurumon slashed Angemon across the chest and head butted him once again.

"Enough of this! Enough! Just die, Angemon!" the wolf roared.

Angemon stopped himself from plummeting to the earth and faced off against his even more powerful enemy with a sheer will of determination. "I won't fail, TK! If I fail, then everyone will die. I won't let you down, Takeru!"

"WarGreymon, it's hopeless," Sora said as she knelt down beside the Mega. "He's too strong. Why didn't you tell Angemon to stand his ground?"

"Sora. Hurry... While I'm still alive... I can give you... my portion of the Life Bomb..."

Sora leaned closer toward the fallen WarGreymon. "Wh-What did you say?"

Noticing Sora about to receive the Life Bomb energy transfer, Tai smirked. "Heh, good." Oh yeah! We still have that Life Bomb! Thank god that Matt doesn't know anything about it. We have a chance! Luckily… my Crest was able to transfer the energy I had over to WarGreymon. Good timing!

"What am I supposed to do...?" Sora blinked in confusion.

"It's the Life Bomb... It is the ki I've gathered from... all over the Digiworld... Tai and I each share 50 percent of the full Life Bomb... But I think there's still enough to beat him though with only 50 percent. MetalGarurumon's been weakened since losing that giant form..."


"Sora ...Hold my hand..."

"But I don't get how.."

"NOW! Angemon, I doubt can last much longer out there...

MetalGarurumon caught Angemon off guard with another head butt to the angel's face.

"Just hold your hand...?"

"Yes, please..."

"But your arm's broken..."

"Just hold onto it! Just DON'T let go!"

(End theme)

With that, Sora nodded and grasped WarGreymon's hand tightly. Closing her eyes, she was ready to receive the Life Bomb energy transfer. The Mega began to transfer the last remnants of the Life Bomb's energy to Sora. The redhead tomboy looked over at her hand as it began to glow with an intense magnificent blue aura.

"Ah! What is this? The... this is-is unbelievable!" she exclaimed and watched her right hand glowing.

"Now palm up... Concentrate and it will form into a sphere. Do it, Sora! Angemon's going to give out soon!"

As soon as she palmed up, Sora gasped as a large, condensed blue sphere formed over her hand. She was awestruck by the brilliant orb of life energy floating over her hand and listened to it emitting a low humming sound.

Sora blinked in surprise. "It's beautiful, but is this it?"

"You... You did it, Sora!" WarGreymon muttered.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Destiny

Angemon struggled to get up and saw MetalGarurumon closing in on him. MetalGarurumon swerved away and slashed Angemon's exposed chest.

"You... You have to hit him with it on... on your first try, Sora... Make no mistake..."

"What? On my first try?" the girl was taken back by surprise.

"I don't have enough strength to make... another one. You have to hit him..."

"Don't you worry, WarGreymon!" Kari exclaimed. "We'll take it from here! You heard him, Sora! We can't afford any mistakes!"

"Thanks, guys..." Tai's partner smirked underneath his facemask.

Noticing the intense blue orb floating in Sora's hands, Matt frowned and pointed toward the source. "Just what the hell is that? What is that blue sphere?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Tai taunted. "It's a big surprise.."

"Whatever, it really doesn't matter now. Angemon is going to die soon!"

"Yeah, WarGreymon weakened him, but MetalGarurumon is still too strong!" TK thought. "C'mon, Angemon!"

Climbing over atop of a rock pillar, Sora held the basketball-sized energy sphere in hand. She waited for the perfect opportunity to launch it. She looked down toward the confrontation between the two Digimon. All of the Digidestined looked on with anticipation.

MetalGarurumon charged over towards Angemon and incinerate him with a finishing blast. "You lasted longer than you thought, Angemon! But you've managed to hit your limit!"

Angemon bounced off a ledge and flew up. Unfortunately, MetalGarurumon followed closely behind him while shooting out an ice blast. The ice blast struck Angemon across the back and caused him to lose control of his flight. Angemon plummeted to the ground but it didn't take long for him to fire a holy beam. MetalGarurumon anticipated the incoming attack.

"Yes! That's the spirit! One last, futile effort!"

With that, the Mega phased out and the beam was sent hurtling through the atmosphere.

(End theme)

"Hold still!" Sora scoffed as she kept the tiny Life Bomb in place. If you keep jumping around, then I'll never get to hit you with this!

Just then, she heard a voice calling out to her telepathically and this managed to get Sora overly flabbergasted. The source was coming from none other than the master of the Life Bomb and Fury Blitz technique, X.

Don't aim with your eyes! Feel his evil ki and just throw it!

The girl blinked in confusion and glanced around. "Who... Who said that?"

I'm X. I'm the one who helped train WarGreymon. In addition, I'm the one who taught him to master both the Fury Blitz and the Life Bomb. He's done quite well for himself. Same with Tai. Now listen to me since this is very important, Sora. Your friends' fates lie in your hand! You hold in your hand the ki and the hope of the whole Digiworld!

"Whoa, so I get to be THE hero? Well, what do you know? Pigs can fly," Sora remarked.

"What's going on, Sora?" Kari cried out.

Matt was obviously confused by the turn of events. "What's Sora doing? And how did she get that blasted ball? Argh, you guys are getting on my nerves!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure 02 OST - Yuukan ni Tachimukau zo!!

MetalGarurumon charged at Angemon with the intentions of delivering the final blow. "This is it, Angemon! The end of you!"

"All right! I got it!" Sora exclaimed.

MetalGarurumon starts to widen his mouth and prepares to fire a deadly barrage of energy blasts. Angemon flew straight up as MetalGarurumon launched numerous ice mouth beams. The bombardment of blasts pulverized the earth and triggered several strong explosions. As the smoke was building up from the explosions, Angemon was caught through the heavy smog, ultimately bombarded by the blasts.

MetalGarurumon continued his relentless assault while TK sank to his knees and feared for his Digimon.

Matt looked on with a certain degree of satisfaction while Tai crossed his fingers to hope that Angemon would manage to escape MetalGarurumon's attack.

Angemon attempted flight as means to escape until up another set of beams came showering down around him. Suddenly, energy blast shot straight out of nowhere and knocked Angemon out of mid-flight. The angel was sent plummeting down to the earth.

Sora! Please! Hurry! WarGreymon thought

Garudamon groaned and barely lifted her head up. "T... That's a lot of power I'm sensing from that energy source Sora is holding..."

Izzy stared out at the ledge Sora stood on and noticed the glowing, blue orb floating in her hand. He rubbed his hands in awe at the ball. "What is that? Hey, guys! Take a look at that!"

"It's beautiful," commented Mimi once spotting the Life Bomb Sora held. "Did WarGreymon give her that?"

"Joe, I'm sensing... a great deal of power from that ball," Zudomon said while groaning and ignoring the pain shooting throughout his body. "Sora needs to throw it soon or it's going to wear off..."

"It'll wear off? But, what the heck is it?" Joe wondered with an eyebrow raised. "And will it be enough?"

"Well, what is she waiting for?" The Child of Knowledge cried out. "Why doesn't she just throw it?"

As he fell face first on the floor, Angemon was nearly out of breath. However, the driven passion to protect his partner was enough to make him stand back on his own two feet. MetalGarurumon lunged straight at his adversary with the drive to finish the angel off.

"Take a good look, Tai!" Matt laughed. "Say goodbye to Angemon! But do not worry... WarGreymon will, too, be joining him! After him, it's every other Digimon!"

"Angemon! Get away from there!" Tai yelled out at the angel's direction. "MOVE IT!"

Sora timed herself and pinpointed the perfect time to launch the Life Bomb. She glared down and watches as MetalGarurumon flew toward Angemon.

"That's it! I've got it!" the tomboy cried out

"Throw it now, Sora!" Kari exclaimed.

"Now is your chance, Sora!" TK cried out. "Do it, before Angemon is done for!"

"What? They're actually going to attempt that same maneuver WarGreymon tried pulling off earlier?" Matt was taken back in disbelief. "Damn it! MetalGarurumon!"

"Here we go!" Sora cried out and tossed the orb directly at MetalGarurumon. "YES!" Please, hit your target!

However, after hearing out Matt's warning cry, MetalGarurumon glanced over to his right side to spot the tiny Life Bomb hurtling at his direction.

"What the hell is that?" the wolf roared.

"HIT HIM!" everyone, except Matt and his partner, cried out in unison.

Matt screamed out a final warning to his Digimon. "JUMP!"

(End theme)

With that, MetalGarurumon calculated his timing and jumped up as the Life Bomb shot past him.

"What? No, it can't be!" Sora was shocked and taken by surprise. She was even more horrified once she realized where it was being directly aimed for.

Kari Kamiya.

Angewomon picked herself up and saw that Kari was on in harm's way. "Kari...? KARI! GET OUT OF THERE!"

The girl screamed out and closed her eyes, as the Life Bomb was seconds away from wiping her off the face of existence.

"That was a bad aim, my friend!" Matt cried out. "Now, your sister is about to become the sacrificial lamb, Tai!"

"KARI!" Tai screamed out like never before and filled with raw emotion. Seeing his sister preparing to meet her fate pushed him over the edge and would shatter his spirit forever.

No! Tell Kari to bounce it back! She can bounce it back since she does not contain darkness in her heart! X linked his message through WarGreymon's mind.

The sphere was within Kari's range. Closing her eyes, she was ready to meet her fate.

Angewomon jumped up and flew out to attempt to rescue her partner.

However, there was little time and her chances of reaching to Tai's sister were slim to none.

In other words, it would take a miracle.

Kari! It's me, WarGreymon!

The Child of Light lifted her head up. "No. Is that you, WarGreymon? Or am I hearing things?"

No! It's me, Kari!

"WarGreymon but how are you able to speak through my mind?"

You don't have darkness in your heart! That attack will only destroy those with at hint of darkness in them! You're the carrier of the Crest of Light! It will not affect you and do not fear! You can bounce it back! Kari, BOUNCE IT BACK NOW!

"All right! Here goes nothing!" Tai's sister declared, throwing her hands out.

As the sphere came closer, everyone cried out for Kari. However, the girl stood ready with her hands out. The Life Bomb hit the palms of the young girl and bounced right off.

Tai and everyone else uttered a gasp of shock over the shocking rebound.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Off to a New Adventure

"KARI!" the children yelled out simultaneously.

The sphere was now redirected toward the Mega once again. Everyone looked on with sudden anticipation as everything went into slow motion. MetalGarurumon turned as the sphere came hurtling at his direction.

"What...? No... NOOOOOOOO!"

Matt looked on with horror as the sphere collided with MetalGarurumon. "METALGARURUMON!"

Another half a second passed.


An echoing explosion erupted and MetalGarurumon was on the receiving end of the devastating force of life. Matt looked on with horror as MetalGarurumon's face contorted with excruciating pain and was sent flying straight into the stratosphere while riding along with the massive life energy stream. As soon as the Mega Digimon was shot through the stratosphere, a bright star shone over the skies.


"METALGARURUMON! NO!" Matt screamed at the top of his lungs and sank to both knees. His partner was utterly and shockingly defeated by a turnaround.

Needless to say, the other Digidestined hollered out and cheered on for their victory. Kari looked down at her hands and noticed her Crest of Light emitting a subtle pink glow.

"My... My Crest of Light helped me?" she wondered.

"Kari!" Sora called out as she dashed toward Tai's sister and embraced her. "Kari! Oh, I can't believe you did that!"

Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and TK joined in with the girls. They gathered around to praise her efforts. Soon, following them, was Angewomon as she placed Angemon's arm around her neck to help in standing him up. Garudamon was slowly picking herself up.

(End theme)

"Heh, way to go, Kari," Tai smiled with arms folded. "X, I'll bet you were responsible for this. I owe you one." With that, he looked down to see Matt already levitated on the ground and on his knees. "Matt, we're going to have a serious talk and you better be prepared when I get back. Stay where you are."

The Child of Courage flew down toward WarGreymon's side and rejoined his friends.

"We did it, Tai..." WarGreymon muttered.

"Yay! We did it! We did it!" Mimi's voice became heard whom obviously was celebrating their victory

TK approached Kari and pat her right shoulder. "Thanks a lot, Kari. I didn't think you had that in you..."

Still looking down at her hands, Kari blinked. "Neither did I, but..."

"Hey, why are you so glum, Kari? You just became a difference maker! You and Sora..." Izzy stated. "That was a nice rebound!"

"You two ought to be credited for beating MetalGarurumon!" Joe said.

Tai overheard this and smiled. "But you also helped change the course of this battle, too, Joe. If you hadn't cut off his tail, we would have been in serious trouble! WarGreymon would have been finished for sure..."

With Tai facing the group, little did he realize that WarGreymon had reached out to grab Tai's right hand and absorbed the remnants of the boy's Life Bomb energy.

"Let's also not forget Angemon had a hand in this, too," said Sora. "You distracted MetalGarurumon long enough for me to throw that spirit ball and I was relieved Kari bounced it right back. I'm just glad this is over."

"Yeah..." TK nodded while deeply sighing. He noticed his brother, Matt, on his knees. "Matt..."

Matt was completely bewildered as to what had happened to MetalGarurumon.

Walking over by TK's side, Tai put a hand on the boy's left shoulder and cleared his throat. "TK? You ready to confront your brother? I can come with you."

"No, Tai. I need to stand up to my brother on my own. This is something that needs to be settled between brothers. I appreciate it. Thanks, Tai. WarGreymon needs you more than me."

"Well, that's a good point but I won't rule out getting involved if he tries anything."

"Don't worry. I'm sure it won't come down to that," TK reassured the preteen as he stepped forward. "I just hope I know what I'm doing..."

The gogglehead watched TK advancing toward his brother. Wow. I never knew that TK would grow up this much. He's already taking responsibility for his own actions. I just hope that TK can get through to his brother. If anyone can do it, it will be TK.

TK slowly stepped toward Matt and kept a long distance away from him. Matt peered over at TK with blank eyes.

"Matt. What has happened to you? What happened to the brother that vowed to protect me?"

"TK, I…"

"Don't say anything, Matt. Why did you come back with that monkey to kill my friends? Why are you SO driven to take me back? What if I had died because of your recklessness!" the younger brother berated his older sibling.

"But, I would never kill you!"

"True, but you wanted to take me away and help turn me into something that I don't want to be. Matt, tell me why have you changed! You better tell me the truth!"

"I did it… I did it to…" Matt cut himself off as he listened for an echoing sound from above.

Suddenly, every Digimon felt a disturbing presence and looked up to see a figure plummeting from the heavens. Tai gasped and saw none other than MetalGarurumon's motionless body slamming onto the ground. The Mega landed onto the ground, catching everyone by surprise.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST -Shock!

Matt looked on and smiled vaguely. "Oh, yeah...! You're back!"

"No! It can't be!" Kari cried out as she fell back.

"It's okay. He's done," Tai said. "He's totally knocked out from that last blow. That should do him in."

"I hope that you're right, Tai," Sora was slightly shook.

Mimi was noticeably nervous as she stood beside Izzy and Joe. "Yikes! I can't believe that didn't finish him!"

Izzy reassured everyone. "He's tough, but I doubt he's going to be waking up anytime soon."

(End theme)

Gabumon? I'm surprised that you're back, but did you survive? Matt thought.

Tai and Sora flew over to examine MetalGarurumon's fallen form. Thus far, they were quite relieved to confirm that the Mega was knocked unconscious.

"Man, he sure was a great ally but a tough son of a gun," Tai remarked and wiped his forehead.

"I guess we don't have to worry about him," Sora agreed and tapped her right foot over the Digimon's side. "Our job here is complete. You know... If he were actually a living thing and died, we would have to dig a grave."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Daimao

Suddenly, MetalGarurumon's eyes shot wide open as he glared up at the duo with dark intentions. He bellowed out with his right eye open. "A grave for yourselves?"

This shocking twist caused Tai and Sora to jump back in alarm. The other Digidestined gasped in unison.

Matt smiled as his Crest was beginning to glow once again. TK jumped back as he saw MetalGarurumon coming back to it.

(End theme)

"No! It can't be!" Sora exclaimed. "I saw him take a direct blow from that Life Bomb! It hit him head-on with full force!"

"No! That should have been over with!" Tai thought with his fists tightened and face contorting with shock. What is this guy made of?

"We're definitely back in the game now, my friend!" Matt declared. "We'll show these fools that we don't go down that easily!"

"You've given me... quite a beating..." MetalGarurumon grunted under his breath. "I almost thought you had me on that last one…"


Other World/X's Planet

X frowned. "So, just like what happened from the other alternate universe. MetalGarurumon took my signature technique with full force! Only this time it was Sora who threw the Life Bomb and Kari was the one who reflected it back at MetalGarurumon!


Digital World

(Cue Dragon Ball Z OST - M922

"Oh you've taken... a lot out of me," the Mega said while standing with a battered body. "But I have enough strength... left to finish you all!"

With that, MetalGarurumon lunged at Sora and knocked her back with a flying head butt. He then rushed at Tai and delivered a head butt to his face. MetalGarurumon stood tall over the pair and turned his attention to the other children.

"After I killed you all… I'll take time to heal," the Mega said. "Then, I'll... get rid of the pieces of trash and take back TK... Matt and I have come out on top despite the odds..."

MetalGarurumon slowly approaches the group with an intensified look of rage. Angemon and Angewomon stood by the children. They were poised to defend them as the last forms of defense.

"You bastards! You pushed our powers to the limit and actually hurting MetalGarurumon," Matt scoffed. "But what hurts us the most is our pride for struggling with scum like you..."

"Now you all die!" MetalGarurumon declared.

"I... don't think so..." TK pressed his hand on his chest and lowered his head. "Matt... If only you'd just stop this. Both of you." Then, he stopped himself and looked up with a determined look. "No! I won't keep crying over this!"

Kari glanced over at TK and blinked. "TK...?"

"The trait of my Crest is Hope. And if there's anything that can stop this fighting, it's hope and I hope my brother realizes the error of his ways! He has to!" TK cried out with his Crest in hand. Sorry Tai and WarGreymon, but this is my brother! I have to stand up and face him myself!

With everyone else preoccupied with the fight, Kari and Angemon glanced over toward TK's direction.

"TK...? What's wrong with you?" asked Kari.

Angemon frowned. "TK..."

Grasping his Crest, TK raced out to where Matt was standing. The other Digidestined called out to the fleeing boy.

"TK! Where do you think you're going?" exclaimed Joe.

"GET BACK HERE!" Sora screamed out.

Tai hollered out to the boy. "TAKERU!"

"I'll get after him!" Angemon declared as he flew out in pursuit of TK. Takeru, just what are you thinking? This is reckless of you and to go to your brother?

As he paced forward toward the ledge where his brother stood, TK was determined to stand up for himself and confront his brother. For two weeks, he waited and waited. Now, his brother returned, but not completely the same.

This was a new Matt.

new Matt that TK was not fond of.

He wanted his old brother back.

He wasn't going to relinquish all the hope he had left.

It was now or never for TK as this would be one of the child's greatest turning points in his life.

"It's time to find out if I'll one day to grow up to be a young man!" TK exclaimed. "Matt!"

Overhearing his brother, Matt looked away from the battle and spotted his brother standing out several yards from him. The blonde uttered a small gasp. "T... TK? What do you think you're doing? Have you finally seen the light and changed your mind?"

"No! I came here to tell you to stop!"

"TK!" Angemon's voice called out from the background.

Noticing Angemon heading toward his direction, TK turned and responded. "Angemon! Get away! This is between my brother and I! Please stay with the others!"

"I'm sorry but I can't just let you go near your brother!"

However, Matt cracked a grin and pointed a hand at Angemon's direction. "Hey, you heard the little squirt, Angemon. This is between us, blood brothers. Outsiders like you should stay out of family affairs. Now, be gone!"

With that, MetalGarurumon fired a blue beam at Angemon. The angel Digimon wasn't fast enough to react in time as it struck him head on and sent him plummeting onto a pile of rock debris.


"Heh, don't worry. I didn't kill him but I think I'll do just that if you don't come with me."

(End theme)

Glancing over his shoulder, TK gulped and stood his ground.

"C'mon, it shouldn't be THAT hard of a decision. I mean, you wouldn't turn your back on your own brother," the older brother chuckled. "Well? Would you?"

"No... But I still wouldn't join you! I have friends I can depend on! I have Angemon to watch over me and I can take care of myself!"

Taken back by his younger brother's rant, Matt scoffed angrily. "How disappointing. You, TK. My own flesh and blood would turn his back on his brother? Do you really consider yourself man enough to stand up for yourself? That's laughable..."

"Because I have hope this fight will end soon! Matt, you've lost! There's just no way MetalGarurumon can last much longer!"

Matt was overwhelmed from hearing his brother spouting off these bold statements.

"Face it, Matt! You're in denial! You're blind to see the truth right in front of you!"

TK pointed out toward the fight.

Matt growled, gripping his Crest of Friendship. "TK! No, you're… coming with me!"

"I won't…"

The Corrupted Child of Friendship frowned in disapproval. "What?"

TK stepped forward while putting up a brave front. "I'm not backing down. You see... Thanks to Tai and the others. Thanks to Leomon. Thanks to Kari. Heck, thanks to Angemon, I've adapted to looking after myself without the need for you! Unlike you brother, I've matured! And my hope is that you will realize the error of your ways. Return to the same brother that I came to rely on and LOVE!"

With that, the Crest of Hope slowly showed signs of golden light glowing and fading. Then, it started to radiate brilliantly. TK gasped as he watched his Crest glow and grasped it firmly.

"What... What's going on here? How is it glowing?" Matt exclaimed as he shielded his eyes.

"Tai! Look!" Kari pointed toward TK's direction. "It's TK and his Crest!"

"His Crest is glowing!" Sora announced the obvious.

The Child of Courage had a smile on his face. "Angemon... Will you finally digivolve?"

"His Crest! It's about time!" Mimi cried out as she put an arm around Lillymon.

Tai murmured. "Go for it, Angemon."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Concierto de Aranjuez (MagnaAngemon Evolution Theme)) 

Suddenly, much to MetalGarurumon's dismay, he noticed Angemon lifting off the ground and being covered by a golden aura.

It was the same light radiating from TK's Crest.

"Wha... WHAT IS THIS?" the wolf roared out. "What's going on?"

WarGreymon slightly turned his head, chuckling. "Well, looks like Angemon's about to digivolve. I'd say it's about time, my friend. Let your hope shine, Takeru."

"Matt! It's over! You may not want to admit but I am not losing hope in saving you! Whatever means necessary..." TK stood his ground with closed fists and his Crest of Hope glowing on his hanging tag.

"TK..." Angemon whispered to himself as his entire form was basked inside a golden aura of light. "Angemon... Chou Shinka!"

Angemon's form underwent a dramatic transformation from his Champion straight into his Ultimate-form. His bodysuit was white with golden ribbons wrapping around his majestic form. His boots and shin guards were silver. Eight white angel wings sprouted from out of the Digimon's back. Strapped around his waist was a golden belt buckle. Forming on his face was a purple visor, a purple glass shield on the left arm and a blade protruding out of his right hand where a golden armor section was attached. Covering his entire left arm was black leather and a silver cross on the Digimon's visor.

Slashing the purple blade across, the digivolved angel called out his new official name. "MagnaAngemon!"

"Wow! Angemon!" TK was awe struck by his Digimon's surprise evolution. "Now that's awesome!"

Even the Digidestined were all awe-struck by the newly digivolved Ultimate.

Tai was speechless and couldn't say a word. The presence of MagnaAngemon silenced the group.

"So, that's Angemon?" Joe pointed out as he nearly jumped out of his shoes.

Izzy nodded and reopened his laptop. "That's right and all due to the Crest of Hope. Let's see here..." The computer whiz scanned his monitor and confirmed the Digimon's Ultimate form. "MagnaAngemon. He wields the mighty Excalibur. Nice homage to the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur."

"Excalibur, huh?" Mimi blinked, turning toward TK. "Just look at him… he looks so brave out there! MagnaAngemon, huh?"

"If that's what it takes to stop MetalGarurumon, then so be it," Tai said. "Go for, MagnaAngemon."

Matt closed his fists and launched himself right at MagnaAngemon. "NO! You stay away from MetalGarurumon!"

"Sorry, Yamato," MagnaAngemon spoke in a low, soft-spoken voice. "But you stand down."

With that, MagnaAngemon calculated his timing and sidestepped Matt. He stared down at TK and smiled. "Don't worry, Takeru. I will end this."

"MagnaAngemon, please... just don't kill, MetalGarurumon."

"Rest assured, it won't come down to that."

The angel of hope jetted toward the metal wolf.

Casting a gaze down at his brother and then to MagnaAngemon, TK clasped his hands together. "Please, MagnaAngemon, come back and don't go away like last time." He shook off the painful memories of losing Angemon before he returned back into a Digi-Egg. Please, don't let it happen like that last time. Never again.

(End theme)


Next episode: The Invincible MetalGarurumon Defeated! A Shining New Hope, MagnaAngemon!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 17: The Invincible MetalGarurumon Defeated! A Shining New Hope, MagnaAngemon!


Other World/X's Planet/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Bewildered by the turn of events, X was flabbergasted. "MagnaAngemon? Well, this is an interesting turnabout."

"I honestly never expected this," Keke said.

"Well, let's take into account on TK and his Crest of Hope," he implied. "It was only a matter of time before the boy's Crest could shine. This is his shining moment. Strong as MagnaAngemon maybe, he's still no match for the great evil that awaits them."

"You mean MagnaAngemon hasn't reached full power?"

"No, but I suspect he will in the future. Though, this is simply overkill. MetalGarurumon no longer stands a chance."

Keke nodded. "But I hope they can at least change Matt. This conflict can't go on much longer. Can it?"


Digital World

"Go for it, MagnaAngemon," TK instinctively stood his ground. "I want this to end."

"MetalGarurumon!" MagnaAngemon hollered, throwing his fist as it impacted MetalGarurumon's face.

TK watched with anticipation and crossed his fingers. "C'mon, MagnaAngemon!"

On the other hand, Matt was nearly down on his knees as he was stunned by the events. Reaching down into his pocket, he pulled out a tiny remote control and pressed a red button with the words Pod ActivateIf I'm beaten, then I'll leave here and come back stronger than ever. "I can't believe my own brother's Crest was this powerful. I underestimated the Crest of Hope... I hate to do this but it's time to retreat..."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Braveheart Challenges the Strong

In retaliation, MetalGarurumon shot out a volley series of weak ice blasts, which were easily deflected by MagnaAngemon's blade.

"No! My attacks have become weaker and I've expended too much of my energy... Losing power as it is," the wolf Digimon groaned, a subtle cyan glow engulfed his body. It was an indicator that his body breaking down was imminent.

"You and Matt shouldn't have underestimated us," MagnaAngemon chided MetalGarurumon. "You've done enough damage here. It's time to put an end to this for all time."

"Let him have it, MagnaAngemon!" Tai called out.

Sora nodded. "MetalGarurumon's lost most of his power from the looks of it."

Kari clasped her hands together. "You can do it, MagnaAngemon!"

"Let's end this, partner!" TK cried out as he clenched his Crest. "Matt, I want you sit and watch! Because you're not going to forget this."

Ignoring his brother, Matt was on his knees, trembling. "No... He won't lose! Not MetalGarurumon!"

"Again in denial, Matt? You've become a sad case," TK sighed and looked up at the face off. "Face facts... this invasion ends here now! This one's for all our Digimon friends killed!"

MagnaAngemon jetted toward MetalGarurumon, but the Mega was ready. The wolf lunged forward, attempting to catch him with a claw slash. However, MagnaAngemon whirled around to the side, nailing an elbow strike into MetalGarurumon's cranium.

"TK... If you won't come with me, then I'll have to take you by force!" Matt declared and picked himself up.

"No! I won't go with you, Matt!" TK retorted angrily with a determined glare on his face. "If you really cared for me, you would let me make my own decisions! I'm not a scared little boy anymore! I've grown up and it's time for you to grow up, brother!"

These words were enough to throw Matt into a mental state of disarray.

MagnaAngemon pummeled the Mega with a flurry of fists. MetalGarurumon howled, his head rocked back from every damaging blow. MagnaAngemon whirled like a tornado, impacting the ground below him as he closed in on the metal wolf. MetalGarurumon sprang away, but MagnaAngemon flew out of the earth underneath the wolf. The angel's right hand was closed, readily delivering an uppercut into MetalGarurumon.

NO! I CAN'T DODGE THAT! MetalGarurumon thought, his eyes and mouth widened in shock.


The angel's fist impacted with MetalGarurumon's chest, rocketing up into the air with the wolf's dangling form going for the ride. "AHHHHH!" MagnaAngemon roared out with raw fury as he held MetalGarurumon's weakened form on his right hand. "Excalibur!"

Then, came repeated sword slashes.





Like lightning strikes, they were brief but dealt plenty of damage.

MagnaAngemon finished the job and dropped MetalGarurumon. The wolf Digimon groaned as he de-digivolved back to Gabumon.

"HE DID IT! THEY DID IT!" Tai exclaimed.

"Prodigious!" Izzy said.

Kari sighed with relief. "And Gabumon managed to live through. I'm glad MagnaAngemon didn't bring himself to kill him."

"I can't believe it! We actually won?" Joe was flabbergasted. "We won?"

"Well, we did survive," Mimi smiled as she helped Lillymon back to her feet. "Lillymon, you won't believe this but we've won!"

The flower Digimon smirked weakly as she slowly stood up. "That's good... I'm glad we all managed to survive."

(End theme)

Tai noticed Matt in the distance and saw an object levitating from the skies. It was Matt's space pod as it landed beside the blonde-haired youth. "Hey, what's that pod doing here? Wait! Don't tell me he's intending on getting away without us knowing?"

"What?" Sora looked across. "Yeah, he's trying to get away!"

MagnaAngemon de-digivolved to Patamon and fell into the boy's waiting arms. The Crest of Hope's glowing light faded as TK deeply sighed. "Patamon, are you all right? I really thought I was going to lose you!"

Slowly opening his eyes, Patamon cooed and cradled himself in TK's arms. "I'll never leave you again, TK. And you see? I promised Gabumon would be just fine."

"Thank you, Patamon, but I wonder..." TK looked down at his Crest. "That was intense, but awesome. MagnaAngemon saved us all!"

Sora raced over to check on Gabumon's unconscious form, while Tai hurried toward the blonde-haired youth. The blonde-haired boy looked right at the Digidestined leader.

"Get away, Tai! It's time I leave here!"

"It's over, Matt! You put up a valiant effort. We've been through hell today, but no thanks to you and that monkey friend of yours. We lost five Digimon comrades. Centarumon, Piximon, Andromon, Leomon, and Ogremon. We took care of that that baboon freak! My Digimon and TK's partner defeated MetalGarurumon!" Tai roared, grabbing Matt's shirt as he jerked him forward and balled up his right fist. "TK has a stronger heart than you ever will! His love for you and hope for a miracle finally allowed MagnaAngemon to digivolve! Your hate allowed MetalGarurumon to gain so much power, yet that power could've destroyed him! It's over. You're beaten. Be a man, Matt. Or have your forgotten all about that?"


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Yuugure

Matt gave no response as he pushed Tai away and frowned.

"I'M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU AGAIN, MATT!" Tai yelled out. "ARE YOU A MAN OR NOT?" Noticing the dangling blue Crest of Friendship around Matt's neck, Tai scoffed. "And in my view, you don't deserve the Crest of Friendship. As enacting leader, I demand you to hand it over!"

"No..." Matt frowned and stepped back. "You think this is over? You stupid idiot. It's NOT over until it's over!"

"Matt! Just get over that damned inflated ego of yours!" Sora screamed out as she faced the Corrupted Child of Friendship. "We've been through too much pain! Physical and emotional pain! We've suffered heavy losses and some of us are in need of recovery. We're tired and can't go on anymore! If only your brother wasn't here, I'd knock you out myself!" Closing her fists, the tomboy was more ready to knock sense to Matt, but she managed to restrain herself from doing anything reckless. "But, out of respect for TK's wishes, I'm not going to do that. Matt, what you need to do is think about what you've done if you're going to leave. Hopefully until then, you'll be a changed person."

"Sora, wow, I'm speechless," Tai smiled as he collapsed, feeling the pain he sustained after the nasty fall he took after MetalGarurumon blasted the rocks he stood on while harnessing the Life Bomb's energy.

"Oh, Tai! Are you all right?" Kari called out as she and the other Digidestined dashed over to check on the gogglehead's condition.

Sora hurried over to Tai and knelt by his side. "Hang in there, Tai!"

With everyone preoccupied with the injured gogglehead, Matt seized the opportunity as he picked Gabumon up and walked toward the space pod. He stood beside it.

However, before he stepped inside it, Tai called out to him once again. "Matt!"

Looking over his shoulder, Matt made no response. "..."

"You better take Sora's warning seriously. You had better think about everything that's happened. The next time we meet... You better be the old Matt we used to know or else you'll be dealing with me again," Tai stated. "Cause if I have to fight you again, then I'm all for it!"

"Feh. If that's the case, then I'll be waiting for you. TK, I will not give up on you, my brother. Tai, you're still not fit to lead this group. Only I can make everyone stronger. Until then, I look forward to the day when we meet again."


"Matt!" TK called out. "Please, don't leave us!"

The brothers stared each other down for a few moments.

Nothing but silence as the two brothers' eyes softened.

(End theme)

"Sorry, TK... I'm sorry for all of this..." Matt muttered as he showed hints of regret. "You are the only one... I truly care for. Farewell, my brother and take care of yourself. Until we meet again." I can certainly use your strength… to help me stop him. By him… I mean the evil one.

Sora rushed over to Matt and stopped halfway. "You're not going anywhere, Matt! Only cowards run away!"

"I'm not running away!"

"Then, what the hell are you doing, Matt? Answer me, damn it!"

"Sora! That's enough!" Tai ordered as he strained. "Just let him go... because I said so."


"Let him go, Sora. Trust me on this one."

"But we can help you through your problems," Kari pleaded to Matt. "Just give us a chance."

"No, I must go," Matt sighed deeply. "I have to go back and face him..."

As soon as 'him' was hinted, Tai's interest piqued. It was the dark force that Matt recently aligned himself with. "Him?"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - An Eerie Stillness

"All I can say is that you guys have to stay clear of this one. You need to turn away now. This great evil is far greater than anything you've ever faced. It was through him that MetalGarurumon was able to harness great power… so, it seems it wasn't enough. No matter how strong MetalGarurumon has become… no matter how mighty WarGreymon and MagnaAngemon are… His strength surpasses ours. He is the Digiverse's greatest threat and you guys would be suicidal if you ever faced him! I'm giving you one, final warning. Turn back now and don't attempt to challenge him if you value your lives."

"But, if we work together we can…"

"That won't work, TK," the Corrupted Child of Friendship boldly stated.

"Matt…" The Child of Hope whispered.

Giving his ominous warning to his former friends, Matt stepped into the pod and placed Gabumon inside. "TK..."

"Yeah, Matt?"

"You're growing up, TK. I'm surprised. You stood up to me and because of that Angemon finally digivolved. Remember, who you're fighting for, TK. Though, I wish MagnaAngemon and you were fighting alongside me."


Matt spoke out for one final comment before his eventual departure. "We'll see what the future holds in store for us, but you guys would be better off staying here. Do not attempt to go anywhere... Like Planet Spira. There are dangerous on the other side." With his back turned, Matt crawled inside. "Goodbye and I will return to finish our fight, Tai. Get stronger. It's your only key if you want to survive."

Overcoming the pain in his body, WarGreymon raised his head, frowning. "Your pride's crushed, Matt."

"No. I admit my defeat here... Which is why I am leaving..." Matt answered. "I don't know when I'll return but here me out... I will be back and stronger than ever!"

With that, Matt pressed the red button and activated the door to shut the hover pod. Blasting from off the ground, the space pod was launched straight into the heavens and disappeared, passing through a star gate portal that opened. It closed as the pod breached the portal.

TK had a few tears coming down his face. But, Sora walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, TK. We tried our best."

The boy wiped the tears from his face and sighed. "It's okay, Sora. I know my brother will come back. I just need to be strong."

This brought a smile to everyone's face. Patamon cradled himself and slept in TK's arms.

"You did great, TK. I'm proud of you," Kari approached TK and hugged him.

"I'm not a scared little boy anymore."

"You've faced your fears."

"But then again, this is just only the beginning," Tai looked up at the skies. "There's an even greater evil out there. Are we even prepared to face it?" And whoever this is... Matt warned us that this guy's power far exceeds ours? What kind of overpowered freak is out there watching us? Am I even ready to face it?

(End theme)

Izzy surveyed the area as he turned to find Tentomon, now de-digivolved from his Ultimate form. "This place is trashed! I'm just glad we all survived this."

"The invaders have been beaten and we saved the Digiworld," Joe wiped his forehead and sighed a relief.

Gomamon, now de-digivolved from Zudomon, hopped onto his partner's lap. "And we saved the day, too! It was my brilliant plan to cut his tail off."

"It was my plan… you just went along with it," the doctor-in-training rolled his eyes.

Mimi jumped up to her feet and laughed happily. "I'm just happy we're alive period! I mean. We saved the day! We ought to be commemorated!"

WarGreymon groaned and de-digivolved back to his Agumon form. The Rookie Digimon lied beside Tai and was hurt to even move. "I can't get up… need a bed… maybe pain medicine."

"You took it worse than I did, buddy! I think I broke my tailbone!" Tai called out. He tried standing up and hunched a little. "Man, that was a nasty fall I took…"

Sora looked up at the heavens and thought, the Digicores came to her mind. "You guys. We're going to have to venture through into the other side and find this Spira world."

Izzy nodded. "Yes, in fact, Gennai informed me sometime ago about using a ship to get there."

"Wait? Gennai knows about a ship to get to Spira?" TK asked.

"Why didn't you tell us this before, Izzy?" Joe picked himself up. "That information would have been useful!"

"Not if we were killed by the invaders," the Child of Knowledge replied. "Besides, this spaceship was commandeered by that masked guy. Tai, I think you know him..."

"Of course, X..." Tai responded. "But, where are we going to find this spaceship?"

"A spaceship in the Digiworld?" Kari pondered.

Gatomon, now de-digivolved from being Angewomon, walked beside her partner with a fatigued look. "Kari... Need some sleep."

Tai closed his eyes. "Well, if anything, I could project my thoughts to X and he can trace a link telepathically to me. I'm sure he can help us out." Ok, X, let's see if you know anything about getting us to Spira.

And Tai would be right. Only X would provide them with the answers to their questions about finding the spaceship and the mystery of Planet Spira.


Other World/X's Planet

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Gods' Bolero

Deeply sighing a relief, Keke leaned back on the ground and spread her arms out. "Thank goodness for that! Gabumon lived, but Matt got away... This sucks."

"I think this is for the best, Keke. Matt will eventually come around. I think we're seeing signs of the old Matt returning, especially when he spoke with TK. What's more imperative is getting the spaceship prepared."

"The spaceship you once commandeered on a long ago?"

The masked man nodded in response. "Yeah, Gennai knows what I'm talking about. But first, I would suggest we grant the Digidestined at least a few days of reprieve."

"I see. That's a good idea."

Turning away, X faced the skies as he reflected on what Matt said regarding the great evil. "Because, the evil one will be going to Spira shortly for the Digicores. Before they go, Tai and Agumon need treatment. His friends need rest until we get that ship. Besides, Keke... I have a job for you."

"And that would be?"

"How would you feel about helping to find the spaceship and teaching them how to run it? Besides, it's better than staying here. I'll even provide you a fake spiritual body for you to actively use."

Jumping to her feet, Keke gasped. "Really? Me?"

"Of course. So, are you up for it?"

"You bet! I've been craving for some real action in a long time! I may not be as powerful as I was before but it'll be good to go back to my roots!"

X smiled underneath his mask. "Good, until then start training. I'll contact our other friends and I'll contact Tai in a minute."

"Got it!"

The masked man turned away as Keke sprinted away back to her training grounds. Tai, I've been overhearing you and your friends mentioning Spira. Don't worry. I have that covered for you, my friends.

(End theme)


Farthest Corner of the Eastern Digi-Galaxy/Unknown Planet/Throne Room

After monitoring Matt's mission via his scouter and space pod, the short, seated figure faced a large, ten-foot tall screen and picked up a beacon moving across space and heading toward his sector.

The evil one, which Matt alluded to, was seated on a chair with a glass of red wine on the side. Smiling, the evil one sipped his wine and spoke in a sinister tone dripped regal politeness. "So, Yamato has failed me. No matter. I don't have a use for him anymore. Though, I'd like to thank him and NeoDevimon for gathering more classified information on the four Digicores. Planet Spira, it'll be good to visit you once again. And I have finally decided what I wish for. Even the Chosen Children can't hope to stop me." Getting up from his seat, the evil one's eyes gleamed blood red and with deadly intent. "In one month's time, I shall be ready. For, I will become the most powerful and feared single entity in the Digiverse!"

The evil one had already set his goal and would depart shortly.


Digital World/Inside an Aircraft Carrier

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - At the Battle's End

Following the grueling battle against the invaders, the Digidestined managed to dodge yet another bullet. The three Invaders, two of which were two of their own friends, were defeated.

Those two friends were Matt and Gabumon.

Thanks to MagnaAngemon, the threat was thwarted.

As Matt and Gabumon retreated, the other Digidestined realized the conflict hasn't been resolved.

Not by a long shot.

They suffered five major causalities.

Those five slain Digimon were Leomon, Ogremon, Centarumon, Piximon and Andromon.

Realizing that their Digimon friends could not be reborn with all the Primary Villages destroyed, they were left no other option but to seek out the four Digicores to restore their lives. However, there was one issue that prevents the children from ever locating these Digicores.

The orbs were on a far off realm known as Spira across the farthest sectors of the Digiverse.

However, Izzy recalled Gennai telling him about a spaceship, which had been previously used by the masked man named X. Now it was up to Tai to convince X to let them borrow his spaceship.

But, first...

The Digidestined were in need of reprieve. Tai and Agumon required treatment to their injuries.

Fortunately, thanks to Izzy, he contacted Gennai to come retrieve them. The old man offered to nurse the kids back to good health and help them convince X to grant them permission to borrow the spacecraft.

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai Insert Theme -  Over the Stars )

As he leaned against a wall in the aircraft, Tai took a deep breath. His body ached from the fall he took after MetalGarurumon blasted the rock ledge he stood on. He landed awkwardly, injuring his tail bone and threw out his back. Agumon lied next to his partner with his head resting on the boy's lap.

Patamon and Gatomon were both laying on their partners' laps while catching up on some rest.

Sora, Biyomon, Mimi, Palmon, Joe, and Gomamon were all sitting on the corner on the opposite side. Their eyes faced the ceiling as they recalled Matt's final words before he departed.

Every one of them was still attempting to cope with the fact that they had to fight their best friend and his Digimon partner.

"To think our worst enemy turned out to be one of our own," Joe spoke through the silence.

Gomamon mumbled. "Like they say, life's full of surprises? Huh?"

"This isn't a time to joke, Gomamon," Palmon rolled her eyes.

"Who said I was joking?"

Sora scoffed angrily. "How could he do this to us? I mean, here we are looking for him throughout the Digiworld and he decides to come back trying to take our heads? Not to mention we've lost Digimon friends because of that stupid..." Closing her fists, the redhead growled and cursed under her breath while avoiding cause an outburst.

"Please, try to control yourself, Sora," Biyomon pat her partner across the back. "We're all upset here."

"But the fact that he came back for TK and trying to kill us? Who does he think he is?"

Mimi backed away and gulped. "Sora is already scaring me. I've never seen her like this."

The Child of Reliability frowned as he spoke out. "I can concur with her. Matt turned his back on us and turned tail once he realized the odds were stacked against him. There's no way he and MetalGarurumon could have lasted with MagnaAngemon."

"Speaking of MagnaAngemon, now that was some evolution. It's about time TK's Crest was activated," Biyomon said.

"Then, there's Agumon's new Fury Blitz," Sora turned as her eyes were on Tai and Agumon. "From what I'm told, it's a technique passed over by X."

"What can I say? We're full of surprises," Tai snickered until his body once again racked with pain. "Owww! Even when I chuckle, my back hurts!"

"Oh, Tai, why don't you try and relax?" Sora said.

Kari noticed TK keeping silent and felt sorry for the young Takashi. She wished she had anything worthwhile to comfort TK but was still surprised by the turn of events that had developed.

"Poor TK. I doubt even you saw that coming," Kari sighed sadly. She huddled close to TK. "Don't worry, TK. I'm here whenever you need to talk."

Nodding his head slowly in response, TK looked down on the floor with his mind solely on his brother. "Matt..."

(End theme)

Sitting at the front, Gennai navigated the aircraft across while humming a song. He suddenly stopped once he heard footsteps behind him. Without turning around, the old man was quick to guess to whom was approaching him.

"Izzy, my boy, what is that you need?"

"Wow, you figured out it was already me?" the computer whiz was taken back.

"Sit down, please."

Nodding in reply, Izzy took a seat from edge of the corner and set it down. Tentomon came walking by to accompany his partner, listening to the two proceed with their conversation.

"Now, what is it you wish to discuss about, Izzy?"

"Well, I..."

"It's about the Digicores and Spira, isn't it?"

"Wow, you're good," Izzy blinked.

Tentomon crouched and crossed his arms. "He got you there, Izzy. Now, you might as well bring up the whole spaceship issue."

"That's right. You said that X had commandeered a ship sometime ago?" Izzy bemused. "Right?"

"Well, I only know half the story. X would know more about it. If anything, X should be able to communicate with him."


"Simple, Izzy. He'll speak to Tai through telepathy."

"He can do that from all the way from the other side?" Tentomon inquired.

Gennai steered the wheel as he turned the ship and maneuvered around a tall, brown obelisk. Concentrating on navigating the ship, the old man momentarily ignored Izzy until he moved above a large forest.


"Sorry, Izzy. Talking to you and trying to maneuver around these roadblocks... I haven't driven this piece of junk for generations!"

"Well, it could use a few repairs and maybe an upgrade?" Tentomon suggested for the older man.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Degital Scratch (Izzy no Theme)

"Now, let's get on with the point. You brought up the Digicores. Now, these Digicores on Spira are four mystical orbs forged from out of each Holy Beast. They each sacrificed a great portion of their own power to form these four special Digicores. Now, these items are not just your ordinary item collectors. When these four are collected, it is said that the one who brings these orbs together will be granted wishes."

"Wishes? You mean you can wish for anything you ever desired?" Izzy inquired.

"That's what I've heard from X. Now, once these wishes are made, it is believed the seal that has locked the four mighty Holy Beasts will be broken. Though, let's not jump into conclusions. It hasn't been proven since no one has ever gathered these four specialized Digicores together."

Tentomon raised his left arm. "But, we'll be the first to gather all four."

Izzy scratched his chin. "So, all we need to do is gather them, make our wishes and we'll release the four Holy Beasts? Yet you proclaim that there is no guarantee the Holy Beasts will be freed."

"Correct but you will need the spaceship to even reach Planet Spira. Believe me you kids are going to need that ship."

"So, how long would it take us to reach Spira?" Izzy was curious to find out the length of time to reach this far off realm.

"On any regular craft would at least get you there approximately... Well, it would take you 4,400 years and three months to reach Spira."

Izzy jumped right out of his seat in shocked disbelief. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 4,400 YEARS AND THREE MONTHS?" His mouth nearly dropped from hearing what Gennai had to tell him directly. "That's practically the same length of time as the entire ancient Egyptian civilization lasted! In fact, I'm talking about everything between the rise and fall of that said civilization!"

"That's a long time, Gennai! With all due respect, I don't think we can last a voyage for that long. The kids won't even be dried up piles of bones before we land there," Tentomon scratched his head. "Or worse yet, they'll become dried mummies."

"Don't even joke, Tentomon," Izzy sighed.

Gennai nodded. "Yes, that's why you should take the spaceship X had commandeered."

"Commandeered? You mean he stole it from someone?" Izzy stopped as he sat down.


"4,400 years and three months to get to Planet Spira...? That's insane!" Joe panicked while keeping quiet to himself.

Mimi nearly wanted to faint. "Sorry but I'm not going to sit on my butt and wear the same pair of clothes for 4,400 years! Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to become a dried prune!" The girl shuddered at the thought of becoming a dried up old woman and gagged.

Sora remained quiet as she continued to listen. Ok, so I'll bet the ship X had taken has to be something special.


"...That's correct, Izzy. X had hijacked it from a space criminal during a routine mission to seek out another mad powerful dimension pirate. Of course, this was before X assumed the duty of becoming Other World's greatest combat master and donning the mask."

Izzy leaned back on his comfy seat and closed his eyes. "Tell me. With the ship X took, just how long will it take us to get to Planet Spira?"

"Using X's space, the least it will take you should be between 5 and 10 days. 5 days at the least. Now that's much better than 4,400 years plus those three months if you ask me. Besides, you can't imagine how much light years you'll be covering each day."

"I can imagine. So, where is the ship?" Izzy queried.

"I believe X has the answer to that question," Gennai answered as he set the ship on auto and turned his seat around. He turned to face Tai's direction. "Tai, I believe you should contact X."

(End theme)

Groaning while ignoring the pain shooting out throughout his body, Tai tried pulling himself up. However, Sora immediately stopped him and set the goggle boy down.

"Take it easy, Tai. Your body needs rest," the redheaded tomboy stated. She ran a hand through Tai's big hair and smiled. "You don't want to throw out your back."

"Yeah... but I have to call X... Only he knows about the spaceship we need to borrow and I'm sure he knows the location of that planet."

Of course, I know where Planet Spira is!

Everyone stopped as they glanced around the room to listen to the disembodied voice echoing. They had thought someone was playing with their minds until they glanced over toward Tai. The goggle boy lifted his head up and smiled.

"X! I'll bet you listened to our entire conversation?" Tai asked.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Bubbles' Dance

I did. Do not worry, Tai. I have everything covered for you and your friends. Besides, why do you think I'm called the overseer of this side of the Digi-Galaxy?

"Wow, so that's X?" Mimi stood up and listened. "He sounds hot!"

"Hoo boy. She's admiring a mystery man she's never even met," Joe groaned.

"Ha, don't let it put you down, Joe," Gomamon pat Joe's leg. "Relax, buddy."

Sora heard X and smiled. "Sounds like a pretty cool guy."

"Are you sure this isn't some kind of trick?" Kari raised an eyebrow. She slightly elbowed TK in the side. "Hey, TK, did you hear that? That was X."

The Child of Hope nodded solemnly. "Yeah. Though, I was kind of caught off guard there for a minute."

First of all Digidestined, I just wanted to say that you all did very well defending the Digital World. I didn't think you'd pull it off and stop those Invaders. TK really surprised even me. I mean… MagnaAngemon? Whoo-wee, we have two trump cards to improve our chances. Between Agumon's Fury Blitz and that… your chances are better than I imagined. However, I must also tip my hat to the rest of you Digidestined.

"Gee, it was nothing," Sora smiled.

"Well, I suppose you can say that but I don't think..."

Don't doubt yourself, Mimi. You played your part in the battle well.

Slightly blushing from the kindness from X's voice, Mimi covered her mouth and giggled somewhat. "Please, you're making me blush!"

"Case in point, Mimi's found a secret admirer," scoffed Joe.

Joe. You and Zudomon continue what you do best.

The preteen responded with a salute. "Roger that!"

So, finally TK's Crest activated? Can't say I'm surprised and it's about time, too. TK, whatever it takes... We will get your brother back I promise you. But, I don't want you ever losing any faith and hope in your friends or your brother. Hope makes you stronger. Don't forget that.

Nodding in response, TK sat down with Patamon in his arms. Kari smiled as she smiled proudly for the young boy.

Those invaders, including Matt and MetalGarurumon proved to be stronger than I thought. I'm sorry to hear about Matt and Gabumon being one of the enemies.

"It's fine. Like you said, we'll bring Matt and Gabumon back to our side!" Tai boldly declared, raising everyone's hopes – including TK's. That's my promise before we return home!"

Yeah but it was a miscalculation on my part for gauging their true extent of their powers. For that, Tai, I apologize.

The Child of Courage smiled. "Nah, you don't have to anything to apologize for, X. You did the best you could."

Ok, now onto matters at hand. Now, Planet Spira... It was once a paradise that teemed with one of the more advanced civilizations across the Digiverse. It is also known for the largest mountain peak, which can be seen even from an outer space view. This geographic peak is otherwise known as Spiral Mountain. However, sometime ago the planet suffered a climatic cataclysm a long time ago. Actually, I thought the native people on that planet all died off at the time. Though, recently, it does seem to be going back to the way it used to be. But really, how could many of them survived...?

"What...?" Sora gulped, as she feared the worst.

"You mean it's no good? Then, the Digicores were wiped out, too?" Izzy jumped out of his seat in alarm.

Now, now, don't jump to conclusions. I'll just have to check up on the planet. Ok, now which way is it again? Oh, it's this way! Let's see here.

"So, let me get this straight. These Digicores can supposedly grant wishes?" Joe scratched his head. "If those people on Spira had those Digicores, why didn't they use them to stop that cataclysm?"

"They probably didn't know how to activate them," Gomamon shrugged. "Go figure."

"Whatever caused this cataclysm was too much for those Spirians," Sora said.

"Wish we could have had those Digicores when the invaders came," Palmon murmured.

All right! I found them, everyone! There are approximately a hundred of them, but they survived. In fact, they're already thriving again! I expect the numbers to double into the thousands in a year or two.

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Braveheart's Triumphant Return

Upon hearing this news, the Digidestined cheered in unison. The mood went from being gloomy to instant gratification. Gennai and Izzy both nodded approvingly.

"YES! Spira, here we come!" Mimi jumped up and cheered.

Oh and don't worry if you believe these are hostile people. The Spirians are mostly a peaceful race.

Tentomon clarified. "Plus, I'm sure they'll understand our reasons for needing the Digicores. Though, we will need to explain with good reason. Oh, I'm feeling so optimistic!"

"Since we've already calculated the time it would take to reach Spira with the fastest engine any normal ship can take us," Izzy said. "X, Gennai calculated it would take us 4,400 years plus three months."

Sounds very accurate. I see Gennai's been doing his homework.

"I don't read books and research for nothing. Then again, you were of great help to me when I needed you the most."

Anytime, Gennai. Now, using my spaceship, your trip should only last between 5 and 10 days at most. You're not going to believe how fast this baby can go!

"I've got another suggestion. Why don't we use the others pods they left behind? Remember that Matt took his and left with Gabumon in it," Biyomon reminded everyone.

"The ones that could have been used by MetalGarurumon and Babimon?" Sora wondered. "You know..."

I propose one of you find that pod so it can be analyzed. Izzy, you think you can do it?

"First of all, I would have to go back to Andromon's factory to get whatever tools I need. My laptop can be of some help, too."

Good, because I believe we can use whatever technology those pods have so we may integrate it with my spaceship's systems. That should at least upgrade the navigation system.

"Do you know where they had landed in the first place?" Sora wondered for a moment.

"The location would be Star City," Gennai confirmed. "Though, from what I hear, it was wiped out as soon as the Invaders came out of their pods. Let's go look for it there later, Izzy."

"Sure thing, Gennai!"

Yes, but first my suggestion is for you guys to recuperate over at Gennai's. I am proposing you all rest up for three days. There needs to be a lot of preparations made.

"Hey! You still haven't told us the location of your ship!" Joe exclaimed. "Now, hold on just a minute!"

Yes, I do apologize. However, I will fill you guys in on that for another time. Just as I suggested, please take this time to rest. You've been through a lot of grief and just came fresh out of a war. You leave the rest to me. I will be sending a colleague down to lead you to the location of my spaceship.

Tai spoke out. "Who's this colleague you're sending down?"

Just a very close friend of mine.

"Well, I'm looking forward to meeting this friend of yours," Sora smiled. "Won't we, Tai?"

"Yeah, sure will."

"Well, kids. We're getting close to my home. Tai, I can let you and Agumon borrow my bed. Don't worry I can manage with a sleeping bag. As for the rest of you, well, I have some medicine that should treat your wounds or any injuries you might have."

"Thanks a lot, Gennai. This means a lot to us," Izzy bowed.

"Of course, you kids are my guests. Besides, I'll have plenty of company for a whole month."

Well, it appears everything's been taken care of. I must be getting back to making arrangements then. Rest easy, guys. I'll contact you within a few days time. Talk to you all soon!

Leaning his head back, Tai took a deep breath. Sora knelt next to her friend and smiled.

"You going to be okay, Tai?"

"Once I've fully recuperated, yeah. I'm kind of actually looking forward to this trip to Spira."

Rolling her eyes, Sora giggled. "Stupid Tai..."


Gennai's Home

One day passed…

The Digidestined spent the first day resting and being treated by Gennai's care. The Digimon recovered and consumed enough food to regain their much-needed strength while replenishing their energy.

(End theme)

As for Tai and Agumon...

The goggle boy was barely managing to awaken in Gennai's bed. He slowly opened his eyes, as his vision was blurry. Agumon was asleep inside a sleeping bag provided by the old man.

"Wh... Where?" Tai groaned while trying to regain his senses.

"Well, it's about time you woke up, boy," Gennai's voice was the first to be heard by Tai. "You've been asleep for a whole day!"

Upon hearing this, Tai slowly sat up and palmed his face. "A whole day? You're kidding..."

"The herbal medicine really did the trick. I think the medicine from the herbs was potent enough to knock you out, too!"

"Man, I can't believe I've been asleep for the whole first day," Tai groaned even more until he realized the conspicuous absence of his Digimon partner. "Um, where's Agumon?"

"Asleep on the floor in one of my handy sleeping bags."

"And everyone else?"

Gennai sat down and explained. "Izzy's out with Tentomon to analyze the space pods those invaders left behind. TK and Patamon are playing out in the forest. Joe and his partner are in the other room. The girls I believe are taking a bath. I must say they're already starting to enjoy the hot springs."

"Hot springs...? You have hot springs?"

"Yep." The old man pulled the covers over Tai's slumped form. "Relax. You'll be back on your feet in no time."

"Has that friend X mentioned come by yet?"

Nodding his head, Gennai added. "Not yet, but that individual should be here soon enough."

Arriving onto the front porch, Izzy and Tentomon stepped through the curtains. He walked inside to find Gennai sitting beside Tai.

"Hey, Gennai! We're back and have all the data we need from those pods. Hopefully, we can successfully integrate it X's ship systems," Izzy confirmed and noticed Tai was awake. "Tai! You're awake!"

"That was a refreshing nap," Tai smirked.

"Oh, gee, did I interrupt your beauty sleep?" Izzy scoffed.

"Ha, ha."

"So? I can sleep longer than that during hibernation," Tentomon scoffed.

"Tai will still need to stay in bed until tomorrow."

"Gennai, we managed to bury those pods," Izzy informed the old man but Tentomon cut him off.

"Well, I did bury them after digivolving into Kabuterimon."

"You could have just trashed them," Tai suggested.

"And what if we need them sometime in the near future?" Izzy addressed.

Gennai scratched his chin. "He does have a good point. Though, I hoped you had buried them deep. Otherwise, someone might end up digging them out. Then, we'll have problems."

"Obviously but Kabuterimon buried them deep enough for no Digimon to ever find them. Unless they have metal detector or something to that extent. Eh, what we can do?" Izzy shrugged. "What matters is that I've downloaded the data into my laptop. You guys aren't going to believe what I've uncovered."

"Well, don't leave us out of the loop. Tell us," Tai demanded.

"This is language I can't even decipher myself. It appears we have a lot of work translating these data codes," Izzy turned toward Gennai.

"I'm afraid that won't be necessary!"

A girl's voice erupted from behind and caused everyone in the room to turn around. Izzy, Tai and Gennai faced the direction of where the stranger called for their attention.

"Who are you?" Izzy asked.

(Cue One Piece OST - Nico Robin Theme

Stepping forward through the curtains, the individual was revealed to be none other than X's female colleague - Keke. She wore a completely different outfit - a reddish-pink spaghetti-string tank top, blue jeans and pink tennis shoes. Her hair was long and flowed out with the wind blowing against her. She wore black shades that covered her eyes. 

"Did someone request for a spaceship?" Keke glanced at the trio.

Gennai smiled. "That we did, Keke."

"Keke...? So, you must be X's colleague?" Tai pointed out while his face twisted with a devious grin. Whoa! What a babe! X's not just a combat master but he's got good taste in hot girls!

The girl removed her shades and winked. "That's me! And I see that look you're giving me, Taichi Kamiya." She slyly smirked. "Now, now, we don't want your friend, Sora, to see you checking me out. Now, do we?"

"Um... Well..." Tai was caught red handed and slipped under the covers.

"Eh, no biggie. I get that same look from every guy who've checked me out," Keke chuckled. "As you know now thanks to Gennai, my name is Keke. I know the exact location of X's spaceship. But, I'd like someone to come with me."

Izzy inquired. "One of us?"

"That's right. Though, you could bring your insect buddy of yours, kid," the girl noticed Tentomon. "I could ask one of the girls but none of you seem to have any expertise in handling or operating a spaceship, but Izzy here seems to be the type that probably understands. Besides, he's the smartest one of the bunch."

"Could you also try helping me decipher some codes I downloaded from those pods the Invaders used? I want to try and see if we can integrate the data into X's spaceship?"

Keke nodded her head and accepted Izzy's proposal. "Sure. I have a tech friend who can help out with deciphering codes and all that stuff. I see what you're attempting to accomplishment. You want to improve the navigation systems to help us locate Planet Spira? Not a problem. My tech pal and I can decipher any digital code even alien ones."


"Now, once my tech friend meets with us, we'll teach you how to operate, fly, and study the data code all before we leave. We've got two days of work ahead for us."

"Great that sounds like..." Izzy suddenly cut himself off and was overwhelmed from what the girl also had to offer. "Wait? Me learning to fly the ship and study the language?"

Tentomon snickered. "Well, it looks like you've got your work cut out for ya, Izzy my boy."

"Indeed," concurred the old man.

Tai chuckled. "Heh, c'mon Izzy. Since when have you ever turned down learning more about the Digiworld? I mean you did want to study everything about it. Right?"

"Well.. That's true but..." Izzy stuttered and turned to face Keke.

"Don't worry, Izzy. We'll take each step slowly so that way you don't feel overwhelmed. It may seem hard, but you find it to be extremely easy. Trust me," Keke extended her right hand. "Are you ready to go?"

Thinking this over for a moment, Izzy knew that he was the only one who could possibly learn to operate the ship and learn a new digital language. Izzy was always fascinated with the very existence of the Digital World, but he sought new interest in discovering other worlds and realizing that there was vast Digiverse beyond just this realm.

This was Izzy's opportunity to take part on a new frontier.

As he put out his hand, Izzy shook Keke's hand. "Let's get to work."

(End theme)


Next episode: Dawn of a New Journey! Onward to Planet Spira!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 2: Spira

Episode 18: Dawn of a New Journey! Onward to Planet Spira!


Eastern Digi-Galaxy/Planet Buriza No. 79/Briefing Room/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)


The briefing room was packed with a group of the higher powers in charge of the Buriza Empire.

Red eyes flared within the dark room as a short, horned seated figure glanced at his subjects. His very evil presence made them tremble and not even object to his word.

This feared authority figure was none other than Burizalor himself, who hid himself behind the shadows. Standing on opposites sides of the warlord was a tall, skinny figure with a devilish smirk and the other was a gargantuan with a pair of giant cannons mounted on its back.

"Starting first thing tomorrow, I shall depart for Planet Spira with my handpicked subjects to accompany me in search for the Digicores. Mr. Phelesmon and Mr. Machinedramon are the gentlemen who I have chosen to join me." The figure spoke in his usual calm, aristocratic demeanor. Yet, there were hints of evil behind this soft tone.


"Once I have these Digicores, not only will I demand immortality, but my royal empire will grow beyond the cosmos. I will become the most powerful and innovative force in the Digiverse! No one and I do mean no one will ever be a threat to my ever-expanding empire. I..." The tyrant pierced his gaze toward a soldier entering the briefing room. "And what is you have to report?"

"Sir, I have come with great news! Yamato's pod has arrived as he and Gabumon have been recovered!"

Burizalor's interest peaked as a calm smirk crossed the villain's lips. "Is that so? Well, it seems the rodent has come back to us. Where is he at this time?"

"Sir, he and his Digimon have been taken to the medical and treatment center. We have placed those two inside rejuvenation chambers."

"Interesting. So his former colleagues have managed to defeat him. I wonder... just how have the other Chosen Children gotten powerful enough to stop the likes of NeoDevimon, Babimon, MetalGarurumon, and now... Yamato. It'll be even more interesting if I ever do confront these children. Still, no matter. Thanks to my unofficial source, I know where to find the legendary Digicores. Planet Spira is my next destination. I'll worry about the Chosen Children for another time."

The warlord chuckled, plotting his next move and anticipating his impending journey to Planet Spira.


Digital World

The Northern Wasteland.

This region is arguably the most barren and coldest region in the Digital World. Surprisingly, no arctic snow ever comes in this region like the Freezeland region on File Island. However, the Northern Wasteland has been known for its strongest winds in the Digital World. No other region even comes close to having the strongest winds.

Excluding a few small mammal and insect Digimon, this region was not the ideal place to build a community. Many believed this land had once been occupied eons ago until the climate changed and drove out the terrestrial natives.

One individual, not a Digimon, sat on a rock while waiting for the arrival of his colleague and two guests. The individual was a youth with short purple hair, wearing a blue shirt and gray pants.

However, three arrivals were about to set foot soon.


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - An Eerie Stillness

Keke, Tentomon, and Izzy Izumi appeared in the middle of the wasteland. The red-haired child and the insect Digimon scanned their surroundings. Blinking his eyes repeatedly, Izzy was taken back by this instantaneous teleportation.

"Overwhelmed, young Izumi?" Keke giggled, walking past the child and the Digimon. She put her hand across her face to keep the blow from blowing against her. "A bit chilly. Don't you think?"

Izzy shivered as he tried covering his body, even with the orange coat and yellow gloves. "Chilly is an understatement."

"My... wing..." Tentomon shivered.

"Ha! Man, I've walked across colder regions than this," Keke chuckled.

"It's about you came!" The purple-haired youth yelled out to the group. He walked up to Keke, arms folded as he scoffed. "I can't believe you made me stay here for hours waiting for you're a-"

Keke shot an angry glare, which made the youth flinch away.

"Is this your tech pal, Keke?" inquired Izzy, who pointed to the purple-haired male.

"Yep, this is Sam," she introduced her friend to the Child of Knowledge. "Sam, this is…"

"Izzy Izumi and Tentomon? Yeah, X told me everything I need to know."

"I see. Then you know what we came for," Izzy insisted.

Sam nodded. "Correct. I know where exactly it is."

"Where are we anyway?" Izzy addressed, looking around the desolate landscape. "It's dead here. I doubt anyone would find this environment the ideal spot to live on."

"Not to mention it's colder than a freezer box!" Tentomon stated.

"Welcome to the Northern Wasteland!" she announced, pointing to a sign post behind her.

Sam announced. "The coldest non-arctic site in the Digiworld!"

Both Izzy and Tentomon sweat-dropped. "You had to point to a sign post?"

"Well, I was once a tour guide," Keke scratched the back of her head. "Anyway, the Northern Wasteland isn't exactly an original name. What can I say? That's beside the point. This is the farthest corner of the Digital World."

"Shouldn't it be frozen like the arctic or even the Antarctic region?" Izzy observed the lack of ice sheets or even any sign of snow.

"Eh, what were you expecting? A winter wonderland? This is the Digiworld, kid," she shrugged, walking ahead and looking for the spaceship.

"She does have a point, Izzy."

"Well, you expect us to believe that X left his spaceship here?"

"Sure, you better believe it," Keke winked while leading Izzy and Tentomon across the barren wasteland. She did not like the strong winds bother her as she had to slow her pace to allow the boy and the Digimon to catch up.

"Izzy, just follow us," Sam insisted.

"So, tell me. You two have known long X for a long time?" inquired Izzy.

"That's right," Keke replied.

Sam nodded. "For a long time."

"How long?"

"Longer than you could possibly think. I'd say probably before you were born. I'm really not supposed to reveal anything you should know."

"If there are some secrets you to keep confidential, then I'll respect that."

"It'd be for the best," Sam said. Well, until the time is right.

Keke stopped and pointed ahead. "Ok, we're here, guys. Take a look for yourselves."

(End theme)

Izzy and Tentomon's eyes widened. Their eyes lay upon a large, round ship with four skinny stilts completely holding the ship's balance. Around the sides were large yellow, glass domes, which served as window. The ship itself stood as tall as fifteen feet in height.

"Wow! Now, that's quite a transportation unit if you ask me!" Izzy was awe struck by the oddly shaped spaceship. "Certainly not a model I was expecting."

"Heh, like it?" the purple-haired youth grinned.

"Don't judge a book by its cover," Keke reminded the Child of Knowledge.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Disastrous Spectacle

Hopping off the edge of the cliff, Izzy raced toward the spaceship with Tentomon tagging along. The child stopped in front of the shuttle and rubbed the surface. Tapping it, he could not hear a chink but rather a tong.

"Hmmm, this is some alloy. It's not metal," Izzy confirmed. "I've never seen anything like it."

"It almost feels like the dead skin I peel every few months," Tentomon replied.

Sam chortled. "Dead skin? Are you for real?"

"Ok, Keke, enough of the silent treatment. Exactly what do you know about this?"

"I can tell you this much. A long time ago, X commandeered a dimension pirate's ship while he was on a routine mission."

"Routine mission from what exactly?"

"We had just defeated a powerful enemy from an alternate universe where we came from. Suddenly, we were transported from there and arrived on an unknown planet. Our team had to fight off a strong army for trespassing on their turf. We escaped by hijacking a spaceship piloted by a wanted criminal in the Digi-Cosmos."

"Most wanted criminal in the Digi-Cosmos?" Izzy questioned.

"That's right. His name is Zagato," Keke confirmed.

"Yikes, something tells me this guy is not someone you'd want invite to a party," Tentomon said.

"Indeed, Zagato has pillaged nearly every corner of the Digi-Cosmos for a certain number of millennia. He is ambitious with an amoral curiosity. He has been in search any artifact that contains the greatest energy in the universe."

Izzy chilled at the mere mention of his name. "This guy sounds like he makes the enemies we've faced seem like child's play."

"The most dangerous abstraction of this monster is not his strength and power but his genius intellect. Only few have ever outwitted this guy and lived to tell about. Maybe none at all. Zagato has already destroyed over 3,000 ruins as he left an overwhelming loss of life and stolen innumerable cultural artifacts."

"Over 3,000 ruins destroyed?" Izzy and Tentomon exclaimed.

"Yeah, but we beat him. You don't have to worry about him anymore."

Sam added. "What she said. He was tough, but we barely managed to defeat him."

"Are you sure you two aren't human?" Tentomon tilted his head, staring at Keke and Sam.

"Not fully," they said in unison.

"We're part digital, but that's for another story," Keke said.

"So, why are you telling us about this maniac if you beat him?" Tentomon asked.

"Just to warn you of one of the many dangers that the Digi-Cosmos will pose on our journey to Spira. Zagato's not even a tiny fraction of the unknown dangers out there."

"Can you confirm if Matt has any affiliation with a guy like him?" Izzy addressed an important issue. "He mentioned a greater evil power before he and Gabumon departed."

Keke sighed at the mention of Matt's name, folding her arms. She and Sam exchanged looks as she turned toward Izzy. "Matt's with an even more powerful enemy. This tyrant is a master warlord of an intergalactic, planet-invading and trading organization spanning at least 79 Digiworlds."

"79 worlds?" Izzy was taken back by such a great accolade.

"Izzy, my boy, we have our work completely cut out for us."

"For each world he's conquered and destroyed, he has forged armies made of strong inhabitants of those worlds. The name of this monster is Burizalor," Sam stated, shivering at the mere name of the space tyrant.

"Great... So, we have a powerful maniac out there," Tentomon lowered his head.

"So, he's the great evil Matt's currently working for?"

"That's right. He's probably heard about Spira and X has forewarned me that Burizalor will set sights on that planet. No doubt to look for those Digicores."

Izzy was horrified by the news. "So, he must be the one Gennai told me about when we had our talk before the invaders landed. Burizalor must be the one who destroyed the Central Digital World of the Northern Galaxy!"

Taken back by what Izzy stated, Keke frowned. "Gennai's well-informed as always. Glad to see he's been giving you the heads-up on what's been going on. Then, Gennai's told you of a previous invasion launched here after you kids left to stop Myotismon."

"That's right."

"It was Burizalor who arrived to lead an invasion," Sam explained. "He and the Dark Masters not only destroyed, but their presence completely warped the entire Digital World. It was truly catastrophic. Burizalor's said to warp fabrics through Digiworlds."

"Well, we're not going to let that maniac get those Digicores! Not as long as we beat him in this race!" Izzy declared.

(End theme)

Smiling at Izzy's growing confidence, Keke placed her hand on the spaceship. "I love your show of passion, Izzy. That's exactly the state of mind our teams needs to be in on this journey."

Gazing up at the bottom of the shuttle, Sam closed his fists. "Izzy, this ship can only open for you once you state the password."


"Observe," Keke cleared her throat. "Zuma."

With that, a platform lowered from the bottom of the ship and hovered in front of the trio. Izzy and Tentomon circled around the platform with widened eyes.

"Whoa... did you see that, Izzy?"

"No kidding. And that's all I need to say?"

"Yep, that's right," Keke smirked as she hopped onto the platform. "C'mon! You've got to get familiar with the ship you're going to pilot!"

"Looks nice, eh?" Sam chuckled.

Izzy and Tentomon jumped onto the floating platform. They gazed up to gaze into the inside of the shuttle.

"Um, so, how do we get in now, Keke?" Tentomon asked.

"Just say 'Zuma' again."

Izzy confirmed the password. "Zuma."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Gods' Bolero

Before long, the hovering platform lifted back up and sealed shut. Izzy and Tentomon gazed at their surroundings and were awe struck. It appeared the inside of the spaceship was far larger than what it looked on the outside.

"Prodigious! How could all of this fit inside a small ship?" Izzy was awe struck. "This is simply amazing!"

"Izzy's going to have a field day with this. Starting... now," Tentomon crossed his arms.

"It's like I'm living in a dream. I'll be honored to pilot this ship..."

"Hoo, boy. He's absorbed in it now," Sam joked.

The girl giggled. "Somehow, I knew you'd like it. X told me just how you love handling tech."

"Yeah, he knows me too well," the red-haired child examined the ship. "So, how do we use it?"

"Well, the door's are working for sure," Sam said, checking the platform. "There has to be juice left in this thing."

Noticing a seat at the front of the ship, Izzy advanced toward it and sat on the cushioned seat. Examining the control panels, he pointed to a small monitor screen with buttons on the top of it. "Hmmm. Could this be the main switch? No... This is weird. I wonder if there's a password on this module or something."

"Allow me to give you some help, Izzy," Sam approached the computer whiz. He looked at the control panels and blinked. "Oh, these buttons here are voice sensors! Just as you stated the password, it opened by command after decoding the password."

(End theme)

"Go ahead, Izzy," the girl said. "Try stating a command."

"I'll give it a try," Izzy shrugged and leaned back. "Hello? I command you to move!"

The spaceship did not respond to the boy's command.

"Move! Can you hear me? Fly!"

The spaceship remained still. Izzy sweat dropped while feeling rather embarrassed.

"Go! Zoom! Zip! Travel! GO!"

Sam sweat-dropped. "Eh."

Tentomon tilted his head to the side. "Nothing? This thing is a piece of junk!"

Placing a hand over his forehead, Sam sighed. "No, I just remembered an important detail. Izzy, this ship cannot understand commands in the human language. In your case, you speak native Japanese. You have to speak in Zumanese. That's the language Zagato speaks."

"And who here can speak it? Definitely not me and I doubt Tentomon even knows."

"I didn't even know anything about Zagato in the first place. I thought I knew everything..." the insect Digimon hung his head in shame.

"No, you two can't speak Zumanese, but Sam and I can," the girl said.

Upon hearing this, Izzy and Tentomon turned toward Keke with shocked expressions. Their mouths nearly dropped.


"Yeah, Zumanese is actually a pretty common language in the Digiverse," Sam said. "X, Keke, myself, and our colleagues learned to speak the language on the planet we occupied before we departed on the spacecraft."

"That's great and all. But, you should have told me you knew Zumanese," Izzy raised an eyebrow. "Why do I have a feeling you wanted to see me make a fool out of myself?"

"I have to admit. That's partially true," Keke giggled.

Sam snickered. "Don't feel bad, Izzy. We want to ensure you can work this spaceship yourself."

Great, I'm dealing with teases. Izzy thought. "Why don't you tell this thing to fly?"

"To where?" she blinked.

"Wherever! For starters... Well, does this side galaxy have its own equivalent of Jupiter?"

"Yeah, it sure does. Everything correlates with your own universe," the purple-haired youth affirmed. "It'll open up a stargate out of this world and take you where you want to go."

"Okay, that's where I want to go."

Tentomon flew up to tour around the ship. "Something tells me this isn't going to be a rough lift off!"

Keke confirmed Izzy's command to the ship's voice sensors in Zumanese. "Aket su ot Pijuret."

The computer replied to the command.

"What's it saying?" Izzy wondered.

"It said: Roger."


Izzy felt the whole ship rumble as he jumped right out of his seat and fell back. Keke and Sam grabbed the red-haired child, preventing him from hitting the nearest wall. Tentomon whirled around as his eyes were spinning.

In a matter of seconds, the spaceship had already launched through the Digital World's atmosphere and flew past orbit.

Looking out the nearest window, Izzy was taken back in shock at the speed the ship was traveling. He watched as the Digital World's view vanished as they entered the outer regions of space. Before they realized it, they stopped by a large planet, which had a striking resemblance to the largest planetary body in the Solar System. The Child of Knowledge found himself eyeing the planet as his interest in researching the Digi-Verse... peaked to extraordinary heights.

In other words, Izzy was going to have more than just a field day researching. He was a pioneer on a new journey to seek an unquestionable amount of knowledge.

"So, what you think, Izzy?" Keke stood beside the red-haired child and gazed at the Jupiter-like celestial body.

"That's definitely the Digiverse's equivalent of Jupiter!"

"Impressed?" Sam said.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Yokoku

"More than just impressed. This is like a dream come true!"

"If we can leave the Digital World this fast, just imagine how long we'll reach Spira. If we had used any other spaceship, it would take us over 4,000 years. Be lucky I have good connections with X," Keke flashed a 'V' sign with her fingers.

"Just wait until I tell everyone about this!"

"Yeah, they'll be very impressed with how fast this ship will go. By the way, Keke and I will be accompanying you guys on your trip. Probably two or three others want to join."

"You think you could be of any help in case we run into powerful enemies?" Tentomon addressed to the teens.

"I maybe a lady, but don't let my looks fool you! If I been there to fight those invaders alongside you guys, I would have beaten them without breaking a sweat! Especially NeoDevimon and Babimon!"

Sam nodded. "Trust me. Most of our old powers might've been stripped from us, but we're no pushovers. We've fought our share of strong fighters."

"Well, you said you're part digital… so, you're Digimon in human form?" Tentomon blinked. "Right?"

The teens exchanged looks and sweat-dropped. "More like Pico-humans, but whatever you say."

"The fact is we're stronger than normal humans," Keke said. "We have a few tricks up our sleeves."

Izzy chuckled a bit as he backed away. Hard to believe that these two are actually stronger than those invaders. Guess what they say is true… this universe is vast and filled with surprises. Makes me wish these two were with us from the start.

The insect Digimon folded his arms. "Well, in any case, thank goodness we have you joining us."

Sam addressed to the two. "Now, we have to start making preparation time before we launch out in a few days. Izzy, you'll learn the Zuma language from Keke. Don't worry. She promises you'll understand the basics by tomorrow. Then, we can install the data you collected from the invaders' pods into this ship's main control system. Let's not forget to revamp this whole thing in the meantime."

"Can we actually get that done in a few days' time?" Izzy asked.

Keke nodded. "Sure, with your young brilliant mind, we can get it done. Gennai will also be lending us a hand."

Izzy smiled, his hopes were raised. "Gennai will definitely be helpful. With him, we can get the ship upgraded and set to go."

"Let's not forget to test run it before we officially launch," the purple-haired male suggested.


Keke smiled. "Good. So, ready to get back? I'm sure everyone will want to know about what we've uncovered."

"Yeah, let's go. Um, you think you can state the command to get us back?"

"Uhhh... sure thing."

(End theme)


Izzy, Tentomon, Sam and Keke discovered X's spaceship as preparations would be made for the next three to four days. The spaceship was collected to be revamped and upgraded, incorporating the tech from the invaders' pods. A test run would follow before final adjustments are made. With Gennai's assistance, they would completely get the spaceship up and running.

Meanwhile, Tai recovered but insisted to stay with Agumon as their injures were further examined.

Kari and TK took it easy during the reprieve. Recovering from a bout of depression, TK observed everyone working hard in preparation for their departure for Planet Spira. The Child of Hope wondered if he'd ever get a chance to see his brother on Spira. Whatever the case, he had high hopes of seeing Matt again.

These few days would come to pass quicker than the children realized.


Gennai's Home

Two days prior to departure.

Izzy entered the briefing room inside the home of Gennai. The Digidestined, their partner Digimon, and Gennai all stood to await the Child of Knowledge's confirmation.

"Guys, I have great news!" Izzy announced to his entourage. He took a seat and waited for Tentomon to land beside him. "The spaceship is perfect! With the final installations made and the ship completely revamped. We can get to Planet Spira in just five days!"

"That's great," Joe smiled, adjusting his glasses.

"No doubt about that!" Sora said.

"We can take off in two days," Izzy continued with his report. "Sam and Keke here can agree."

Upon hearing her name, the two demi-humans entered the briefing room and smirked. "That's right, guys. Even I can confirm that. We're all good to go."

"Man, that's awesome! We're going to be traveling out in space!" TK jumped up in excitement.

Kari nodded. "Sounds like we're in for yet another adventure."

"Plenty of time for me to catch my cat nap," Gatomon leaned against Kari's chest and exhaled in a relaxing manner.

"Me, too," Patamon sighed happily.

Biyomon added. "So, the faint glimmer of hope has become a reality."

"Keke, it'll be an honor for you and your friend to join us," Mimi clasped her hands together. "You and I really need to get to know one another."

Scratching her head, Keke sweat-dropped toward the Child of Sincerity. "Um, yeah. Sure..."

I swear I don't know if I'm going crazy here but Keke kind of looks like me. Mimi thought, closely observing the girl. She definitely has a good taste in fashion. And that friend of hers looks like a cutie.

"Izzy, I heard you've mastered that alien language those two taught you, right?" Tai addressed.

"Yeah, Tai. It's called Zumanese and it's not as complicated as I was led to believe. They made it seem easy."

"Eh, I'm not that tough of an instructor," Keke pointed out.

"Likewise, I just hate the idea of making someone sitting down and studying from a book," Sam added. "I'm a laid back kind of teacher. Once Izzy mastered the language, we carried on conversations in Zumanese."

"Wow, now that is something," Agumon was impressed.

The Child of Courage nodded. "I'll say."

"The mechanics is pretty darn simple once you get used to it," Izzy said. "Oh, Gennai, don't forget about the installations we've added in the ship's revamping process."

"That's right. You kids now have a shower room, comfy beds and even a stereo system installed into the spaceship. I made sure to test everything out before telling you right now."

"Wow! A shower room! Squee!" Mimi squealed happily.

Palmon smirked. "Mimi's sure happy to hear that."

" Tai and Agumon, you two said you want to stay here?" Keke inquired.

"Right, I want to get Agumon to get better prepared after he fully recovers," the goggleboy said.

Sam replied. "Well, we've built a second spaceship you two can use when you're ready to go to Spira. Upon your request, we've included a gravity chamber room for Agumon to use. X and Gennai can show you how to use it."

"Thanks for the heads up, Keke," Tai said. "I really do need to push Agumon to the next level… like maybe unlock some mode upgrade he might desperately need.."

Agumon added another point. "Yeah, you warned us about this great evil… so, his name is Burizalor? He's the one who wants the Digicores and the one to turn Matt against us?"

"That's right," Keke confirmed. "Sam, myself, and a few of our friends will be accompanying your friends. Though, I doubt any of us are a match for Burizalor. His power exceeds mega-level Digimon or anything on this side of the Digi-Galaxy."

Izzy made sure to make his point across with his eyes on Tai. "Let's not forget why we're going to Spira, guys. We need to find those Digicores in order to revive our friends, repair the damage the Digiworld has had to endure in our absence, and release the Holy Beasts from their imprisonment. Let's really try our best to avoid contact with these enemies. Tai. You and Agumon need to be careful on your journey after we get a head start."

"I know," Tai said, shifting his view toward TK. "TK. Listen to me. If we by chance run into Matt, I promise you that I'll bring Matt fully back to his senses. I feel deep down he feels guilty over what he's done and the horrible decision he made by aligning himself with this Burizalor guy."

"Even if you don't, it's okay..."

"You don't have to be modest, TK. I'm a guy of my word. That promise will be fulfilled before we leave Spira."

"That's if Matt is even on Spira," Kari said.

"He'll be there. Somehow, I have that deep feeling he'll be there waiting for us," Tai was positive over the whole ordeal. At least, I hope I'm right. "Keke..."

"Yes, Tai?"

"You and Sam make sure everyone comes out safely," he asked.

"Sam and I promise," she reassured him. "Who knows? We just might be able to unlock our full powers once we leave Spira. But, don't give your hopes up that Sam and I can stop Burizalor. We're not what we once were."

"Sounds like Agumon's got to train hard then!" Tai declared as he knelt by his partner's side. "Ready for some hard training, pal?"

"Ready and willing, Tai!" The Digimon acknowledged.

"Any objections? Feel free to speak now or say nothing at all," Izzy asked his entourage. "Tai? Sora? Mimi? Joe? TK? Kari? Gennai? Guys?"

"No objection here," Agumon said.

"Just a question... is there a refrigerator installed in the ship? Cause we're going to need a lot of food!" Palmon raised her hand.

Joe quipped. "A lot is an understatement. You Digimon are bottomless pits."

"Don't worry. We'll collect a week's supply of food and pack it into the ship," Izzy reassured everyone. "Let's all make sure to pitch in and find as much edible foods as we can."

"Well, I suppose that takes care of everything?" Gennai looked at everyone in the briefing room. "No other questions?"


"That settles it then," Izzy sat up. "Everyone's dismissed. Remember, five days until we depart."

"Personally, I can't wait," Tai closed his fists. "This is something we can never forget, guys."


Outside Gennai's Home

Three days later.

The spaceship, now revamped with as a cleaner and sleeker model, stood yards away from Gennai's home. The eight Digidestined, their Digimon partners and Keke all faced the shuttle standing before them. Each child carried bags filled with the essentials for their month trip.

Stroking his chin, the old man was impressed with the spaceship. "Yes, we did splendid work on remodeling the spacecraft, Izzy. Keke."

"Yeah, but we really couldn't have done it without you, Gennai," Izzy thanked the old man.

"So, can we really go into space with this?" Mimi looked at the ship, raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms.

Joe interjected. "Let's save those comments until we actually enter that spaceship, Mimi."

"Hmmm, you guys did great work but I want to see how you're going to run this thing," Tai said.

Izzy smirked. "I can assure you guys won't be disappointed. We made a few last modifications two days ago."

"I made sure to pack an umbrella in case the weather on Spira is bad," Mimi checked her bag.

Sora sweat dropped and chuckled. "Prepared as always, Mimi."

"Okay, this is it, guys. We're ready to embark on a new frontier," Keke stood facing the Digidestined with Sam by her side.

(Cue Soul Eater OST - Step Up

Sam turned around as he spotted three kids running up toward them. Amongst them was a brown-haired boy wearing an orange and blue gi and wearing glasses. The second child was a blonde wearing a green gi and pants coupled with an orange belt. The third was a small girl with brown hair and wearing a fisherman's hat.

"Ah, about time you three came!" Keke called out to the trio.

The blonde-haired boy jumped over in front of Keke and Sam. "Sorry, but these slow pokes were holding me back."

"Slow pokes? Like hell I am!" The girl snapped.

The brown-haired child sighed. "You took off in a hurry, man."

"Hey, we can't pass this opportunity up!" The blonde exclaimed. "I didn't want to sit on my ass in training sessions all day!"

The Digidestined were flabbergasted to say the least. Words couldn't describe how shocked they were hearing foul language from kids as young as TK and Kari were.

"Uh… these kids are coming?" Joe blinked, adjusting his glasses.

"Yeah? Got a problem?" The blonde frowned. "We're not weak like you think."

"What my bro said!" The girl replied. "We heard you had trouble with some losers. We could've taken them in our sleep!"

"But, we're truly sorry about the loss of Leomon and the others," the brown-haired boy bowed to them.

Keke promptly bonked both the blonde and the girl on their heads. "Don't talk down to them like that. Anyway, allow me to introduce to you our three short friends." She pointed to the blonde. "This is Tike, loud-mouthed to the very end." She shifted toward the girl. "This is his twin sister Kara, foul-mouthed and ravenous." Finally, she turned toward the third child. "And this little guy is David."

"Nice to meet you three," Sora said.

Gatomon and Patamon glanced at Tike and Kara. TK and Kari blinked, keenly looking at the twins.

"TK, is it just me or…"

"They kinda look like us?" The Child of Hope added. "Yeah, I noticed."

Gomamon smirked. "They might be you two from some parallel universe."

"Ha, ha," Joe remarked. "Not funny."

"I wasn't trying to be funny."

(End theme)

"Anyway, I trust you five can look after everyone?" Tai asked.

Sam replied. "Yeah, these three might be small, but they're strong enough to make NeoDevimon look like a bitch."

"Whoa, really?" Agumon and the other Digimon exclaimed.

"Heh, piece of cake," Tike flashed a grin.

Kara smirked. "I heard they're bringing food on board! All we can eat!"

"Just make sure and leave some for everyone," David advised the two.

"This is gonna be a crowded trip," Mimi murmured.

Palmon replied. "That's an understatement."

"Kids," Gennai spoke up, addressing to the group. He put out his hand in front of Izzy. "We're counting on you. Find those Digicores to restore all that we've lost dear."

"We won't let you down, Gennai," Izzy replied, firmly shaking the old man's hand. "We're all coming back together. Right, Keke?"

"Oh yeah," she said.

TK nodded as he knew that Tai would not fail to bring Matt back to the team where he rightfully belonged.

"Don't worry, TK. We'll bring that brother of yours back!" Tike reassured the child. "If he doesn't, we'll kick his ass and make him."


"You guys, be careful," Tai said as he and Agumon waved to their friends. "We'll catch up!"

"TAI! AGUMON! WE'LL SEE YOU THERE!" Kari and TK called out.

Waving to Tai, Sora smiled. "Don't keep us waiting."

"This is it! Gather around everyone!" Keke called out, standing on the floating platform. She watched the other Digidestined step forward. "Okay, Izzy. Do it."


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Premonition of a Grand Adventure

Once he stated the password, the platform ascended into the ship and closed shut to seal the group inside. Much like Izzy before, the kids were awe struck by the inside of the spaceship. Only this time everything was remodeled thanks to the work of Izzy, Keke, and Gennai.

"WOW!" TK and Kari glanced around.

"You guys really outdid yourselves this time," Joe rubbed his chin. "I couldn't have done it better myself."

"No kidding! I mean, look! There's the shower room, the comfy beds and even sound systems installed!" Mimi was giddy with excitement.

"Guys, I'd advise you all just sit down," Izzy warned his friends. "The lift off is going to be a bumpy one."

"Right, five seconds to take off: Destination... Planet Spira," Keke said. "Izzy, go for it!"

"Natiesontide anletp Spira!"

Just like that, with the Izzy stating his command, the spaceship quickly lifted off Gennai's property and flew up past the atmosphere in seconds.


The old man's eyes nearly popped out after realizing how fast the shuttle moved. Never before had he seen anything so fast in his life. It was simply indescribable even for Gennai.

"Yikes... just what kind of engine did those kids put into that spaceship?" Gennai got up, dusting himself off. "I'm getting too old for this."

Tai and Agumon watched the ship pass through a stargate. Determined glares etched on their faces.

"Gennai, how long until our ship is done?" The Child of Courage asked.

"Two or three days. Give or take."

Tai added. "Nice. Can't wait to catch up…" He clenched his fists. In the meantime, I hope they can at least avoid contact with that Burizalor guy. "Agumon, let's get your training started."


(End theme)


As for the Digidestined, nearly all of them had fallen off their feet and were hanging onto dear life at whatever they could grab. Palmon implemented her Poison Ivy vines to pull Mimi toward safety. Tike and Kara caught TK and Kari. David floated around the ship. Sora held onto Biyomon. Izzy, Keke, Sam, and Joe sat down on a pair of seats to prevent themselves from being forced back. Gomamon hung onto a steel bar while Gatomon and Patamon climbed the top of the railing near the top of the ceiling. Tentomon stayed airborne.

"Geez, we haven't even fastened our seat belts yet!" Joe exclaimed. "Can someone slow this thing down?" The blue-haired teen panicked, nearly jumping out of his seat in frantic.

"Okay, since we're now out of atmosphere, we should be good," Izzy confirmed, wiping his forehead in relief. "Whew, we're safe."

"Yep, you're all free to move about now," Keke turned and faced everyone.

Sam sighed with relief. "Thank goodness."

"Ahhh, I wanted to see one last view of the Digiworld. It's gone," TK pressed his face against the window.

"And so we begin a new journey. Just when we thought the Digital World itself was unpredictable," Joe leaned back on the seat he occupied.

Gomamon hopped onto his partner's lap. "Heck, we still haven't seen anything yet. There are other worlds out there. I wonder if the people on Spira are like us."

"Well, X said they're friendly in nature," Kara said. "We'll take his word for it."

"I hope he's right," Palmon said.

Mimi yawned. "All of this talk is making me sleepy. I think I'm going to hit the shower first though."

"Tike, want to go check out the gravity chamber?" David ran over and asked his friend.

"Hell yeah!" Tike said. "Hey, Keke, want to show us the chamber you guys installed?"

"I'd be happy to," Keke smiled, jumping out of her seat. "Izzy, you take over."

The red-haired computer whiz added. "Leave it to me."

Walking past Izzy, Keke led both Tike and David toward the back room to where a steel door was closed shut.

Kari sat down and took a deep breath. She looked up to find Gatomon crawling on top of a railing. "Gatomon, what are you doing up there?"

"What does it look like?"

"You can come down now. It's all safe."

"Ahhh, I was just about to take my cat nap up here."

"I don't think that looks nice and cozy there," Kari replied. "I swear… that Kara girl really looks like me." She glanced at the girl, who sat down and waved to her. Kari waved back.

Gatomon purred. "I wonder if she's a clone of yours, Kari."

"Doubt it. Though, that Tike boy looks like TK," the Child of Light alternated her view toward her friend. Speaking of TK…

TK walked over to Kari. "Patamon might not even get any good sleep up there either."

"So, how are you feeling, TK?"

"Excited... yet, afraid."

"Of what?"

TK knelt down and put his arms around his knees. "Well, I wonder if my Matt will change for the better or will he attempt to take me away to see this Burizalor creep? I just want my old brother back. The one that I used to look up to."

"My brother has promised he would do everything in his power to bring Matt back with us and we'll all be together with our families once we've gathered the Digicores. It's that simple, TK. Just think about the positives"

"I'm trying, Kari, but don't forget. There are a lot of evil creeps. That Burizalor is just one of them."

Kari couldn't help but agree. "You have a point but we'll be ready for whatever gets in our way. We can't lose now."

"I hope you're right."

Putting an arm over TK's back, the Child of Light smiled softly and looked up at the ceiling. "I hope so, too, TK. I hope so, too."

Taking a deep breath, Keke pushed herself away from the wall. "I hope to god it's a safe journey." Matt, please come to your senses and recognize the evil you're serving. If no one can snap sense out of you, then I'll do what I must.


Next episode: A Terrible New Enemy! Emperor of the Digiverse: Burizalor!



Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 2: Spira

Episode 19: A Terrible New Enemy! Emperor of the Digiverse: Burizalor!


Planet Buriza No. 79/Corridors / August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Upon arriving back from the Digital World, Matt and Gabumon were sealed in separate healing chambers. Whatever wounds they sustained were healed and injuries were mended. This treatment was issued to those who returned from routine missions. The normal standard procedures varied – a few hours for minor injuries but several days for major ones.

In Matt's case, he healed up within a day's time. As for Gabumon, it was another 24 hours until he was done with his treatment.


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Presentiment

Matt quietly scoured the corridors whist reminiscing his meeting with his old friends. He couldn't shake off the scenes conveying their looks of disdain and disappointment. Tai hated Matt for turning against them. The Child of Friendship could never seem to shake off the teary-eyed face of his little brother.

Ugh... Tai. No matter what it takes! I'll get my brother back! the blonde growled, shaking his head.

Gabumon walked up behind partner, sighing. "Oh, Matt..."

"First thing we'll do is rest here for a bit and we'll head out to Spira shortly. Hopefully, they took my warning seriously. Burizalor is one guy they don't want to face."

"Well said, Matt. For your brother's sake..."

"I agree. If anything, I don't want him putting his slimy hands on TK. I'm having regrets considering letting TK join these people."

Suddenly, Matt stopped and beamed toward the opposite side of the hallway. Gabumon frowned as he saw a tall, bipedal maroon-skinned alien Digimon. This soldier wore black chest armor trimmed golden brown shoulder padding, coupled with a white flowing cape. He wore white gloves and matching color boots. His black leather pants fit him tightly as his black suit was tucked snugly underneath the armor. His narrow eyes were slanted, giving away his sleazy disposition. Hanging on the sides of his cheeks were whisker-like extensions akin to a catfish. This soldier was a high-ranked henchman who served under Burizalor's regime.

"Humph, Rezo. You spying on me again?" Matt snorted, referring to the alien by his name.

Folding arms, Rezo chuckled in amusement. "Ah, that hurt, Yamato. I was only going to stop by to say hello."

"Whatever. Just move aside and let me pass, ass."

As Rezo 'kindly' stepped aside, he allowed Matt and Gabumon to advance forward. Once Matt passed by, the alien Digimon reached over and put a hand on Matt's left shoulder. The blonde's eyes pierced a dark gaze at Rezo.

"I heard you went through hell."

Matt jerked himself back. "That's none any of your business, Rezo!"

"I even heard NeoDevimon and Babimon bit the dust, too. What a shame."

"Just get out of my face, Rezo. Gabumon and I have some business to take care of."

Rezo wore a devilish smirk. "Ah, but Lord Burizalor is furious that you gone and done this without his permission. Because of your arrogance, we lost two great warriors."

"Well, he can't complain if he's not here," Matt immediately looked away. "Don't you ever put your dirty hands on me again or you'll be sorry."

"Oooo, is that a threat, Yamato?" Rezo shivered as he backpedaled a bit in a mocking gesture. "But I think you should know Lord Burizalor is also a generous person. I hear he's going to forgive you since you discovered something wonderful."

The boy quickly whirled around as his eyes widened in shock. He already knew what Rezo was going to say. "No..."

"Oh yes. He was very pleased. The thought of obtaining eternal youth and life has our lord quivering with excitement."

"NO! Then, he's taken off to..."

"Planet Spira."

(End theme)

Matt closed his fists as sheer anger swelled up inside of him. Damn it all! He listened to our conversation through the scouters? I should've known better... I'll have to beat him there or I'll forever doom my friends if he ever finds them! I can't let him get his hands on TK or even attempt to find a way to enter my home world!

"I actually heard you had shared the same goal as Lord Burizalor. You wanted eternal life and youth for yourself?" Rezo queried. "Ha! Give up your ambition, Yamato! Lord Burizalor plans to conquer the entire Digiverse once he gains his wish! No one will ever challenge his position once he becomes a God! Then, after he conquers this side of reality, he'll set his sights on human's world! Your world!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan)

Having heard enough from Rezo, Matt seized Gabumon as he immediately dashed down the hall.




Somewhere in the Eastern Digi-Galaxy

A single space pod hurtled across space as an angry individual was hot on the warlord's trails.

Pressing his face against the glass of the pod, Matt scowled as he closed his right fist. Sitting beside him was Gabumon, whom flinched simply by listening to his partner's tirade.

"Just you wait, Burizalor! Those Digicores won't be yours for the taking!" Matt declared as he set out to Planet Spira with the goal of preventing the warlord from becoming an eternal force of evil.

(End theme)


Eastern Digi-Galaxy Sector/Aboard the Digidestined Spaceship

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - The Braveheart's Triumphant Return

Nearly five days has passed since departure.

The spaceship quietly hovered near Planet Spira's orbit. The Digidestined, the Digimon, and the Digi-Humans stared out through the front, gazing in awe at the beautiful planet.

"Wow! How pretty!" Mimi remarked as her eyes twinkled.

Joe adjusted his glasses and blinked. "Well, I'll be..."

"...a monkey's uncle?" Gomamon joked, stopping Joe at mid-sentence.

"Ha, ha, I forgot when to laugh."

Patamon giggled as he sat comfortably on top of TK's hat. "Oh there they go again."

"I have to agree with Mimi. That's a beautiful planet," Gatomon purred.

Kari nodded with Gatomon in her arms. "Yeah, I'll say."

"Indeed, Spira has always been considered the most beautiful gem of the Digiverse," Keke stated, pointing to the large monitor screen.

Sam announced as he read the control panel. "We'll be touching down in a few minutes. I hope everyone has their belongings."

"YES! FINALLY!" Tike and Kara shouted, jumping up and down.

David sweat-dropped. "Because of you two, we barley had any rations for today."

Izzy announced. "We're entering the thermosphere, everyone."

"So, tell us, Keke. Is that Burizalor jerk already on the planet?" TK inquired.

"Like I said last night, yes," Keke confirmed once again. "However, we really need to be cautious about this. So, I suggest us stick together. We will not break up until I see it's safe enough."

"Better yet we'll locate a safe, isolated spot where we won't be detected," Sam declared. "Oh and I would suggest to keep your energy levels down. These guys from what I've been told by X will carry scouter devices."

Keke eyes fell on Tike, Kara, and David. Sheesh, having to hide from a guy we could've beaten if we had our full powers is frustrating, but… the Digidestined's safety comes first. "You three especially need to control yourselves when we're out there. X has forbidden us from fighting Burizalor."

"WHAT? WHY?" Tike and Kara's mouths dropped. "WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?"

"She has a point, guys," the rational David stated. "The Nexus took away most of the powers we once had. Remember the deal. It's a sacrifice we have to take."

"So… we have to work our way up again," Kara groaned.

Tike snorted. "This sucks. Now we're back down facing wimps."

"Don't feel bad," Keke reassured the kids. "At least the High Ones restored our D-Vices. You know what that means."

"No, what…?" David inquired.

"Right, you never had one, but I requested to have one made for you, David. Tike, Kara, you two are familiar with our D-Vices."

Tike and Kara's faces lit up as they smiled. "Yep!"

We can't turn Ascendants again until we train our way back up. Luckily, our D-Vices have been revived. Keke sighed.

Kari blinked, overhearing the Digi-Humans' conversation. "D-Vices?"

"Well, whether you guys are ready... Spira here we come!" TK said. I wonder if we'll see Matt there.

(End theme)


Planet Spira/Southwestern Region/Olympian Valley

Planet Spira, the farthest planet of the entire eastern sector.

Despite isolation, the planet was still inhabited by Digimon life. Considered the most beautiful gem of the Digiverse, Spira has long developed into one of the most unique worlds. Thanks to three suns, life has managed to live on prosperously. The people of Spira do not have a strong military, but heavily rely on the legendary warriors known as the Olympians. With the lack of a strong military, they made up for with advanced technology and ways to cultivate the land by replanting the trees to repopulate forests that were lost during the Great Catastrophe.

There have been little to no invasions. The only threat that destroyed Spira's civilizations was the Great Catastrophe many years ago.

However, an even greater threat has recently landed in the form of a cold-blooded, reptilian tyrant with the desire to become a god.

Burizalor and his contingent have made their mark on Spira with the intention of snaring the four mystical Digicores.

In order to combat this evil threat, six of Spira's own Olympian Guardians have awakened.

They are the planet's only hope, but they will in fact receive aid from an unexpected group of visitors.

Those visitors are none other than the... Digidestined and company.


As their ship powered down, Izzy and Sam faced the monitor screen, sighing in unison. They landed the ship safely but not without a few bumps along the way. They turned their seats around to face everyone getting back up to their feet.

"We're here, guys. Sorry for the bumpy landing," the Child of Knowledge scratched the back of his head, chuckling nervously.

Sam chuckled. "What he said."


David scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Quit your bellyaching, you two."

Keke walked over toward the nearest window and looked out to view a beautiful green, lush meadow that dotted the entire landscape. There were tall trees shaped like lollipops. Their hedges were dark green as the bark was dark brown.

"So, we're actually on Planet Spira?" she blinked, pressing her hands against the glass. "I didn't think we'd make it, but we did it."

"Wow! This is so cool!" TK shouted excitedly as he raced across to where Keke stood. "It's beautiful!"

She smiled and kindly stepped aside for TK to look out. "It is, isn't it?"

Patamon drifted across as he softly landed onto the boy's large hat. "Oooo, it's pretty!"

"Let me see!" Kari called out, running to where TK stood and carrying Gatomon in her arms.

"We would be the first humans to travel through digital space. Wouldn't we?" Joe asked Keke.

"Sort of," Keke replied, smiling. "Though, I've had my share of space travels with my colleagues. I mean... how else would we have hijacked one of Zagato's ships in the first place?"

"Correction, Joe. We're one of the first humans to venture out into digital space," Izzy got up from his seat. "It feels great to know we've become pioneers,"

"Indeed, but just how are we going to find those Digicores with Burizalor and his men on this planet?" Tentomon inquired, wondering what kind of problem they would find to solve their new dilemma.

Sora scratched her chin while thinking of an idea. "That's a good question, Tentomon."

Keke approached Izzy and reminded him. "Izzy, Sam, make sure to check the planet's atmospheric composition before we go out exploring."

"Oh, right!" Sam slapped himself across the forehead and turned back toward the screens. He scanned the planet and its conditions.

"Fortunately, thanks to Gennai, we were lucky to have uploaded external sensors to the ship and..." Reaching over to his yellow laptop, Izzy opened it up and clicked it on. " my computer." Waiting for his desktop to load, he clicked on program that read Ship Control System. He quickly rechecked the conditions of Spira. "Ok. Everything looks great. We're able to breath without the need for oxygen masks."

"That's a relief," Biyomon nodded.

"So, it's pretty much the same as the Digiworld," Tike said.

Kara was relieved. "That's good to hear."

"Yeah, that's good that we don't have to wear those masks. I just wouldn't look right with on one," Mimi remarked, getting up from the floor. "Right, Palmon?"

"Got that right!"

Kari, TK, and their Digimon were awe struck by the outside landscape. The lush meadow was nothing they had seen before. Completely lush with little trees. The world itself appeared archaic compared to most of the Digital World's own ecosystems.

"You're right, TK. It's so pretty!" Kari smiled, her eyes awe struck. "Don't you like it, Gatomon?"

"Sure would make a nice place for me to cat nap."

TK giggled. "Even with the tall grass standing in your way?"

"As long as I'm sleeping cozily, it won't bother me a bit," the feline Digimon purred in delight, curling up in Kari's arms. Her love for a peaceful sleeping spot was obvious judging by the relaxed expression on her face. "I'll snug as a rug."

Keke chuckled and turned away to shift her attention to the other Digidestined. "To track the Digicores, we need a radar or a device to track them."

"Oh, we have our problem solver right here!" Sam pointed to Izzy. "I mean, his computer will actually trace them before you know it!"

Izzy raised his hand, grinning from ear to ear. "The chances of finding the Digicores are highly probable. The worst thing that could happen is if any of the Digicores are somehow destroyed. Then, there would be no way for me to find something that's been destroyed."

"Let's hope we don't face that kind of problem, Izzy," Keke stated, taping up her fists and throwing out a quick succession of jabs at mid-air.

"We could find other stuff besides Digicores?" Joe said.

"I'm positive we'll find them with my computer. Gennai also uploaded a program where we can probe and isolate singular points of energy. That not just limits to the Digicores themselves but we can trace other artifacts giving off the same form and amount of energy. Overall, we should do well in our search. I'm positive that the Digicores will emit the same amount of energy as our Digivices when they activate. Does that sound logical?"

"Pretty much," Sam nodded.

"Logical as mud," Mimi remarked, stretching out her arms. "Couldn't you speak in more simple terms?"

"Ugh," Izzy face palmed before turning away. "I'll discuss that later. We have Digicores to look for."

"I told you that he gets quite temperamental," Tentomon sighed.

"Don't remind us," Tike responded to the insect Digimon.

Suddenly, before long, Izzy noticed glowing beacons on the screen of his laptop. Quickly rushing towards it, he watched the beacon carefully and determined its coordinates. Uttering a deep gasp, he immediately garnered everyone's attention. 

"What? What's going on, Izzy?"

"You guys! You've got to come back! This is something you have to see!"

Keke hurried toward the boys and called out in response. "Is it what I think it is?"

"What is it?" TK cried out from the other side as he, Patamon, Kari and Gatomon headed down across the room. "Did you manage to find one already?"

The Child of Knowledge announced to everyone. "Prodigious! We have a lock on one! There are indeed Digicores here like you said!"

"You're right and they don't seem to be moving positions. It is most likely a Digicore!" Sora replied, leaning over to watch the screen. She pointed to the nearest beacon. "There seems to be one close to us I believe."

"Oh, boy! Now this is great!" TK hopped up and down excitedly. "We've found one!"

Kara blinked in confusion. "Ok, so... if there's one close by, why aren't we going over there right now?"

"We need to take this approach carefully though. Remember, Burizalor and his men are here, too," Keke reminded the crew – notably her Digi-Human colleagues. If we run into any of his strongest soldiers, we're in deep crap."

Closing both of his fists tightly, Tike pumped his fists up. "That's good enough for me. I say bring 'em on!"

"Tike! Remember what Keke said!" David chided his overzealous friend. "These are guys that are tougher than those invaders Sora and the others faced."

"David, always the rational one. He's right. As we are now, we're not a match for Burizalor," Keke bonked Tike's head, letting out an exasperated sigh. "Talking to you is like hoping to get a response from a brick wall and I do mean that quite literally."

"Hey, I can't help it!" Tike snapped. "It sucks I can't do any of the cool stuff I used to have, but beating up this asshole is just what I'm looking for!"

Sora blinked. "Is he really serious?"

"Very," Kara added. "Then again, Tike, David, me, Keke, Sam, and the Digimon have been taking turns using the gravity room. We're all likely stronger than we were before we left."

"And I'm telling you to resist the urge to fight these 'strong guys'?" Keke chided the three children. "Am I making any sense?"

Kari sank her head. "That Tike is nuts."

TK turned to the front monitor of the ship displaying an incoming object heading toward the planet's surface. "Look at that guys!"

"What is it?" Mimi asked.

"...I... I don't know," Izzy paused as he observed the monitor and pulled up a closer view of the object. "It's a space pod! Just like the ones used by NeoDevimon, Matt, MetalGarurumon, and Babimon!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kuroi Inbou

Keke frowned as she somehow felt a pained feeling in her chest. "It's Matt, you guys."

"What makes you think so?" Palmon asked.

"Yeah, that's what I'd like to know!" Gomamon nodded.

Joe blinked. "Are you psychic?"

"No, I can definitely feel him," she said. "Call it my intuition. Sometimes I know these things. Yeah… MetalGarurumon's with him." But, there's something different about these two now, especially Gabumon.

Clenching his fists, Tike sported a smile. "This is a good chance for us to snap some sense into him!"

Keke narrowed her eyes at the monitor. Somehow, I knew he'd show up. I'm sure X already is aware of this.

"Shouldn't we start heading out?" David called out.

Suddenly, the Digimon and the Digi-Humans stopped as they quickly probed other energy signals.

"Whoa, there's some strong Ki to the direction of the nearest Digicore," Sam confirmed.

Tike nodded. "Yeah, but they're pretty wicked. Definitely not good. And..." The boy's eyes nearly widened. "Holy crap! Now, this is an intense Ki signal!"

Keke quivered slightly as her body chilled. "Yeah... That's definitely him."

"Burizalor, damn just what is this guy made of?" Kara exclaimed.

"Whoa! Burizalor?" Joe gulped, his entire body quivered like no tomorrow. "Um... Um... Should we even go there?"

Mimi hid behind one of the nearest seats. "Please, I hope you guys aren't suggesting we even try finding that Digicore if that monster is there!"

David scoffed. "Well, sometimes you just have to dig down deep and find your courage, Mimi! If you want those Digicores, you have to fight for them!"

"But, Mimi does have a point," Izzy stated. "Fools rush in."

"Right, Izzy!" Mimi smiled.

"Wrong, Izzy," Keke interjected, pressing her hand on the floor. "Sometimes you've got to fight for what you need the most. Even if it means fighting a super-powered psychopath who has some sick desire to become a god."

Gatomon smirked. "Well said. Though, this is Burizalor we're talking about."

"And? Who said we were actually going to fight him?" David added. "For all we know he must have lost track of it while exploring with his soldier boys."

Sam watched Izzy's laptop screen carefully. "Yeah, well, I suggest we head out and take that Digicores before Burizalor does. Let's avoid fighting as best as we can. I suggest some of us go and the rest of us remain here."

"I thought you didn't want to split the group?" Sora inquired, addressing to the Digi-Humans.

"I know, but I need some of us to stay here to look after the ship," Keke responded to Sora's concern regarding the situation.

Tike nodded as he faced his colleagues. "Anyone feel up to it? Some of us go out there while the rest of ya can stay and guard!"

"Count me out. Besides, we could do guard duty," Joe raised his hand. "I mean we should be fine, right?"

Gomamon sighed. "Don't jinx us, Joe."

"I'll stay, too. That way I can try calming down a bit," Mimi spoke up.

Palmon stood beside her partner. "I'll keep ya company, Mimi!"

"Someone's got to be here to check the computers," Izzy said, pointing to himself. "Tentomon will help."

"How about us?" TK and Kari approached Keke.

"Well, I'm not sure. I mean what if we run into Matt?" Sora asked the younger brother.

TK frowned as his eyes gleamed with determination. "I'm ready to face Matt again if it ever comes down to that."

"Just stick close to us you two," Keke stated, winking to TK and Kari "Ok, guys! Then, the rest of us head out!"

Nodding, Sam walked over to pick up Izzy's laptop. "You mind if I borrow this?"

"Wait a minute? You're actually going to take it?" Izzy rushed over to stop Keke. "You couldn't imagine how much that cost me!"

(End theme)

Pulling off storage device attached to the computer whiz's laptop, the tech smirked and firmly held the device. "Chill. All I need is this. The device to help trace that Digicore's coordinates." He handed Izzy his yellow laptop back. "There you go."

Sinking to his knees and sighing with relief, Izzy hugged his laptop. "I can't ever let you go to anyone. Even if my life depended on it!"

"Oh, god…" The purple-haired tech rolled his eyes, chuckling.

Everyone else in the room sweat dropped at the weird love fest Izzy was putting on.

Sora stood over the platform that opened upon command. "Is everyone else ready?"

"You bet! Let's go!" TK called out.

Sora stood beside Keke and Biyomon. "I hope we don't run into trouble along the way and make this quick."

"That's what we hope, Sora. Believe me," Keke replied, folding her arms in front. I wonder where Matt will be landing. Sooner or later, we will run into him.

"Zuma," Sam announced and stated the ship's password command.

With that, the platform descended to allow Sora, Biyomon, TK, Patamon, Kari, Gatomon, Keke, Sam, David, Tike, and Kara.

Their next destination: the nearest Digicore on the southeastern region in a village site.

Suddenly, the group looked up as they spotted yet another space pod descending from the clouds and following the same path as the first pod earlier. Gatomon, Patamon, Biyomon, Keke, Tike, Kara, David, and Sam frowned as they a sinister Ki from inside the transportation unit.

"It's heading for the same direction as Matt's pod," Sam confirmed, feeling out the wickedness behind the Ki signal.

Sora bit her lip. "There's more coming to this world? The floodgates really have opened, haven't they?"

"Is everyone actually hunting the Digicores besides us, my brother, and that Burizalor guy?" TK wondered. "Who else would...?"

"Well, whatever it is... We'll worry about it later," Keke stated. "This ship can provide some really strong force fields. Right, Sam?"

"Yeah. Not only, that but it completely cloaks it with camouflage. Not even scouters should be able to find it or our friends inside. The others should be fine and this will be a quick trip anyway. After we grab that Digicore, we split and get back to the ship to plot out our next move."

"Ok, then. Let's move!" Gatomon declared.

Patamon added. "Before they find the Digicores!"

"Hold it. Just a fair warning to you guys, Burizalor and his men will carry scouters. I advise we, as in Sam, Tike, Kara, David, and myself lower our Ki. Digimon, make sure to lower your energy levels," Keke advised the perceptive members of the crew. "Their scouters will no doubt be better than the models utilized by the invaders. So, they could trace even the slightest energy level increase by a small percentage."

Tike rubbed his head. "I swear... if we had our old powers… we wouldn't need to be doing this."

"Ditto," Kara scoffed.

"In any case, let's get moving. We have a whole new world to explore. Spira, the Digidestined are here," Sora faced the direction leading toward the southeastern direction.


Far off from the Southeastern Region/Valley of the Grace

Landing in a distant meadow valley, the pod's door creaked open to release the two passengers.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - Daimao Appears

A pair of gloved hands reached out to pull himself out of the pod and the individual poked his spiky, blonde hair out. He opened his eyes, revealing a pair of icy blue and a grin adorned on his lips. Standing beside him was his partner Digimon.

Matt Ishida and Gabumon have finally arrived on Planet Spira.

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - An Isolated Warrior

Scanning his surroundings, Matt tried probing for the nearest level of activity. He then alternated back inside the pod and reached over to pull out two scouters.

"I'm not sure if I even need one now, but let's play it safe, Gabumon."

"Good idea," Matt's partner nodded in agreement.

Attaching the device on the right side of his face, the blonde-haired adolescent activated the device to scan the area's coordinates. He handed the other scouter to Gabumon.

"You think we'll find your brother here, Matt?"

Being reminded of the one person he had left behind in the Digital World, Matt kept to himself and ignored Gabumon's question. Right now he couldn't afford any distractions until he confronts the group again.


"Let's not worry about that now. We're here to find those Digicores before that snake does," the boy frowned, reading the coordinates on the scouter's tiny screen. "If anything, we can prevent him from ever obtaining that wish for eternal power. The thought of a psychopath like him becoming a god is scary."

"You got that right, but don't you think we will need the others?"

"No, we can do this on our own just fine, Gabumon. Let's only concern ourselves," Matt asserted. "Besides, TK already has Angemon and the others. He doesn't need me."

"All I'm saying is that he misses the brother he's always loved, Matt."

(End theme)

As he heard all of this from Gabumon, Matt suddenly let it all sink in and closed his fists. Gabumon noticed the boy's tightened fists trembling. Deep down, Matt still had a strong attachment to his brother and had been thinking about him since leaving the Digital World after his conflict with Tai. On the other hand, he realized just how strong and independent TK became through the whole adventure experience.

Despite that, Matt had been overprotective of him. Though, his constant desire to take up the leadership role was always shot back in his face by Tai as the two often had their heated quarrels.

This drove Matt to the point to him leaving the group and departing with Burizalor off the Digital World.

"It wasn't too long ago since I signed a pact with the devil himself, Gabumon," Matt said, looking down at his hands. "Sometimes I've wondered if I ever made the right choice."

"We weren't exactly given a warm reception back to the Digital World."

"No, we didn't. TK even hated the decision I made. But, by joining Burizalor's forces, I've gain this power that feel so... so... invigorating," the blonde-haired male said. "I mean... Look at us. We're our own guys, Gabumon. We have the power to forge our own path!"

"Where will this path lead us?"

Matt sighed. "I wish I knew, but I think I may have the one possible answer."

"And that is?"

"Obtain greater power from these Digicores after we've obtained them. Then, we'll use this new power to crush Burizalor!" Making his declaration known, Matt stared up to the heavens. "Gabumon, let's move."

"Oh, right!"

Pressing the button on his scouter repeatedly, the blonde traced numerous energy signals encompassing every direction. North. South. West. East.

"You see all of the signals, Matt?"

"Oh yeah. This planet's already getting packed as it is. There's a gathering of some high-level signals from the Sector 098 in the southeastern sector. Make no mistake that's coming from Burizalor and his contingent."

Gabumon growled. "What should we do now?"

"Wait here and follow their every move. As long as we conceal ourselves and follow them, we'll find clues as to where they are gathering these Digicores."

"Thank goodness for that. By the way, you think they've already found out about us coming here?"

Scoffing under his breath, Matt replied. "Knowing that scumbag, Rezo, he probably already warned Burizalor about our rebellion. Feh, no matter. We'll manage to get by without getting caught. Besides, I really don't fear any of his toadies. It's Burizalor himself that I need to worry the most. In order to beat him, I'll definitely need power from those Digicores. I mean after all, those artifacts were forged by the four Holy Beasts."

"Right. Everything's becoming clear to me now," Gabumon nodded.

"Good to hear that from you, my friend. Ready to go?"

"Lead the way, Matt."

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kyoufu no Ashiato

Just then, as Matt and Gabumon advanced, a figure dropped in from above and landed several yards from where the duo had their backs turned.

It was none other than Rezo.

Cocking a grin, the alien Digimon immediately called out to the duo. "Heh, I've finally found you two troublemakers!"

Matt stopped midway across the meadow trek and chuckled to himself. "So, you actually had the guts to follow us, Rezo. I've got to hand it to ya. You know just how to push my buttons." The Child of Friendship turned and faced Rezo with a calm, collective look. "I'll bet you told Burizalor that Gabumon and I were coming here."

"Heh, and what if I did?" Rezo snickered, crossing his arms in front of himself and seemed overly self-composed. "I mean, what are you going to do about it, boy? I'm an elite compared to your digi-pet! I can take you and your partner down like the whipping boys you are!"

The Child of Friendship nodded and laughed. "You sure talk big, Rezo. How about backing it up?"

"Is that a challenge, Yamato?"

"Maybe it is, but it's up to you whether you wish to accept."

Rezo merely chuckled. "Ok, whatever you say, Yamato. You're going to regret ever talking down to your superior!"

"Superior? Feh, don't make me laugh," Matt scoffed. "Gabumon, let's wipe that stupid grin off that idiot's face."

"Let's be careful, Matt."

Turning back to glare at Rezo's direction, Matt popped his knuckles. Got to make this quick. Rezo will be easy to dispatch. My main concern is whether if Burizalor has already obtained anyone of those Digicores. If he even has one, I still have a chance to find the others. Burizalor, just you wait. Once I've taken out your errand boys, it'll come down to you and me!

(End theme)


Southeastern Region/Village of Suzaku

The Village of Suzaku.

Confined toward the southern corner of Spira, there lied a village with a statue of a giant phoenix standing at the center. The surface was dry and the air was humid around this area of the planet. However, there didn't seem any lively form of activity taking place.



However, some grueling and dreaded scenes of mutilated corpses were seen lying across the ground. The decapitated body of a Panda bear Digimon, identified as Pandamon, was on the ground as he exploded into data. Away from him was the body of a Digimon with a face guard covering his face and a pair of long white sleeves in addition to a long, reptilian tail sticking out of his back. This Digimon was the corpse of a Kotemon.

It didn't matter who got in their way.

Whether it was an adult or even a child Digimon.

These ruthless men had no regard of who they killed just complete their mission.

In this case, they entered and raided the village to collect a sacred item hidden there. Not even the strongest of the villagers could cope to defend themselves from a vile onslaught from these brutish soldiers. Their weapons while still technologically based were still archaic in comparison to the weapons these ruthless soldiers possessed.

Only those few remaining villagers were left to these invaders' bidding.

Gathered together at the front gate of the village were Phelesmon, Machinedramon and the ruthless tyrant himself, Burizalor. They eyed the entire village while keeping an eye out for the supposed Olympian Guardians that were supposed to have arrived. Despite these warnings, Burizalor seemed content as this was his first of the four main villages he successfully raided.

The Village of Suzaku was just the start.

The Villages of Seiryuu, Genbu and Byakko were next in the following order.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Kuroi Kage )

Suddenly, two grunts paced out of a red temple, similar to the Pantheon in form and structure, to present a gift for the tyrant.

The one on the right was a white ghost Digimon with a large, gaping mouth, and a black hat adorning his head. In his hands was a basketball-sized red crystallized orb shimmering with a fiery red aura.

Standing on the ghost's left side was a green-skinned man wearing a black under suit concealed behind black and gray battle armor jacket, a scouter on his left face with a purple lens adorning it, his bald head and his eyes yellow.

"I have secured the Digicore of this village, Lord Burizalor," the ghost Digimon drifted in front of the warlord and bowed his head. He then set the Digicore in front of Burizalor as he slowly backed off. "It is our first Digicore."

The bald-headed man bowed to show his respects. "For you, Lord Burizalor. It was an easy task for us to complete."

"Thank you, Mr. Soulmon and Mr. Xenomon," Burizalor smiled, acknowledging his minion's work. "You will receive a promotion soon in the rankings." Floating in the center, the warlord floated in a hover chair with his two right-hand men standing by his sides.

These two were identified as Machinedramon and Phelesmon.

Machinedramon stood on the right hand side. He was a metallic dragon-like beast standing nearly sixty feet tall. His gray feet ended with three silver claws. His left arm ended with a metal hand and was equipped with three long claws of dark gray steel. His right arm had a gray attachment of sorts with three angular claws. Intermingling with the machinery in his torso were red and blue wires; in addition, he has a thick, short tail protruding from his rear end. His face was dragon-like but with black, lifeless eyes. Protruding across the back of his head were two straight horns and his mouth was aligned with rows of razor-sharp fangs. Adorning his massive shoulder blades and aiming forward were massive cannons, which Machinedramon referred to as his 'Giga Cannons.' The entire presence of this behemoth was terrifying, soulless and the epitome of a killing machine.

On the left stood a bipedal humanoid garbed in black-and-red armored hide. Resembling a devilish ghoul, the creature was a fiendish fallen angel. His body, entirely covered in black and red, was hard and rough-skinned. He wore a tuft of hardened skin that folded behind his head. Large, silver rings clasped around his red biceps. His fists fit comfortably in black gloves, armed with sharp claws utilized for tearing and skewering. A long, disjointed red tail jutted out his back. Protruding from his back was a pair of large, glider-like wings akin to a bat's. The fiend wore a devilish smile on his crimson face. This was creature was known as Phelesmon.

The seated warlord appeared to be a relatively short humanoid, albeit with a large chestnut-shaped head. Two, black horns protruded in near 45-degree angles out of his head. The large oval-shaped dark blue chitin embedded his forehead. Coming down the sides of his cheeks was rough, scaly purple skin. His arms and tail were also purple and scaly. His tail was hanging on the side of the hover chair he sat in. It was long and relatively thick in width with the spiked end of the tail being dark blue. The armor he wore was dark blue with brown shoulder padding on the sides, which was the basic uniform worn by the soldiers serving him. The most notable features of his face were fear-inducing red eyes and his lips covered by black 'lipstick.' Though, in his species' case, this lipstick was part of his natural features. One could describe him as androgynous.

However, what he makes up for small size and odd appearance, his power was become feared throughout the Digiverse and many have trembled simply by the mere mention of his name.

Soulmon bowed. "Thank you, my lord. I hereby always serve you."

Xenomon simply nodded and got up from one knee to turn back toward the village to resume his work.

"That leaves only three Digicores left for us to locate," Phelesmon knelt beside the Digicore and tucked it under his left armpit. Taking a deep breath, the fiend gazed out toward the village and watched their soldiers collecting a small group of villagers including the elder. "What shall we do with the survivors of the village?"

Machinedramon immediately responded with a menacing tone. "I suggest we terminate them and be done with this village."

Burizalor responded without a second thought. "Kill them. We no longer have any use of these lowly villagers. I don't even want them as prisoners."

"Very well. I'll be sure to inform our men," Phelesmon nodded.

"Heh and these fools truly believed that their precious Guardians would arrive to save them from this invasion. The screams of those annoying children were simply... how should I say it? MUSIC to my ears."

"Calm but ruthless as always, Machinedramon. That's why I made a good choice selecting you as one of my leads in my military," Burizalor chortled. "Even if they arrived, they'd be dealt with by me."

"Of course. No one on this pathetic world can match your power. Not even Spira's greatest champions."

"Yes, the so-called Guardians possibly were horrified of our arrival and left their people to die!" Burizalor chuckled arrogantly. His aristocratic tone was evident behind his serpentine voice.

"The natives here are pitiful."

Burizalor furrowed a brow. "Speaking of vermin. Yamato comes to my attention."

"Is that so, Lord Burizalor?"

"The fact that Yamato will be here soon makes things even more interesting."

"Oh really, my lord?"

"Indeed. In fact, Rezo will be here to follow Mr. Yamato's every move and dispatch him quickly. Though, I want Yamato and his Digimon brought to me alive."

"Does Rezo know to bring in him alive?"

"Of course, but if he has to beat every living fiber out of that brat, then so be it. I will not forbid him from inflicting punishment to that boy," Burizalor grinned devilishly as his eyes viewed the surviving villagers being shot down by the soldiers. "Yamato and his Digimon have both let me down. And you know how I deal with failures, Machinedramon. They pay..."

"...with their lives."

"On the other hand, I am grateful about learning about these Digicores directly from listening to his conversation with his former colleagues. Not soldier can ever keep their secrets from me."

"Listening to his conversations through his scouter. You can thank me for that, Lord Burizalor."

"I need to make sure that my biggest investment would not plot against me. Of course, I was one step of him."

"Unfortunately, whatever scouter he is carrying, you will be unable to spy on him."

Burizalor chuckled. "Nothing to worry, Machinedramon. He will be brought to me. Rezo will do his job well."

"At least, I hope you are right, my lord. Yamato will no doubt be searching all of Spira for the other Digicores."

"Oh, he will try. Try he will but he will fail. Our two main priorities are to gather the Digicores and punish the boy. Of course, Yamato will be a simple matter as Rezo will dispatch of him. With that boy and his Digimon partner gone, I can obtain my wish for eternal life and power!"

(End theme)


Next episode: Fight Against Burizalor! Matt's Burning Ambition!


Chapter Text

Digimon Fusion: Kai

Season 1, Act 2: Spira

Episode 20: Fight Against Burizalor! Matt's Burning Ambition!


Planet Spira/Southeastern Region/Valley of the Grace/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

The blonde-haired adolescent cracked a grin and folded his arms. "Don't make me laugh, Rezo! Do you really think that you can kill us all by yourself? The way I see it: You're wasting our time!"

Rezo couldn't help but laugh at the boy cocking that arrogant attitude toward him. "You're one real comedian, Yamato! Just listen to yourself! Have you taken a look at your scouter? My combat power is higher than your pet!"

"Oh yeah? Wanna bet, fish face?" Matt raised an eyebrow. "Look, can we just get this over with? I have other priorities I need to take care of."

"Like the Digicores?"

As soon as the alien Digimon brought this to Matt's attention, the Child of Friendship was taken back.

"Surprised, are we, Yamato?" Rezo grinned, pointing at the adolescent.

"Are you kidding me? I don't frankly care what you think. You're just a stepping stone the way I see it," Matt responded harshly and with venom in his voice.

"I know why you want to obtain eternal power."

"Ok, fish face. Take a shot and guess."

Rezo snorted. "You wish to overthrow Lord Burizalor and destroy his empire from within. Once you've obtained the ultimate source of power from the four Digicores, you'll become a force to be reckoned with and nothing would ever come close to ever challenging your authority." He noticed a big grin forming on the boy's face. "So, I guess I was right then, eh?"

"Nice try, fish face, but ruling the Digiverse just isn't my thing. Besides, why would I want to become a god? It's boring."

"Oh, Matt," Gabumon murmured, standing beside his partner.

"Feh, I just see a dead man walking. You'll never leave Spira alive as long as Lord Burizalor is here!" Rezo exclaimed, closing his right fist. "Lord Burizalor instructed me to bring you to him alive, but he's even instructed me to beat you within the living inch of your life!"

"So, we're finally going to settle this once and for all?" Matt scoffed, uncrossing his arms. "About time. I was getting annoyed with that raspy voice of yours."

"Matt! Let me fight with you!" Gabumon hopped beside his partner and angrily frowned toward Rezo. "He's gotten away with calling me fat and I can't stand it anymore!"

Well, put, Gabumon. Matt grinned. "All right, that's just what I wanted to hear from ya!"

Rezo laughed even harder. "Oh, boy! The little fatty Digimon and the pretty boy are going to kick my butt! Oh, oh, what shall I ever do?" He couldn't help but laugh hysterically. "Oh please! You two are killing me here!"

"Laugh all you can, Rezo, but we're going to be the ones laughing loudest," Matt chuckled. "How about we show you a trick Gabumon's learned after our encounter with Tai and his Digimon partner?"

Suddenly, the alien Digimon was slightly interested by what Matt had revealed. He raised a brow in suspicion.

"I think we got his attention, Matt."

"Sure did. Gabumon, make sure and digivolve to your Mega form right away."

"Got it!" Gabumon nodded as he jumped up into mid-air. Matt's Digivice and Crest of Friendship gleamed with blue light as the Digimon received his initial power boost to evolve. "Gabumon SHINKA!" The metal wolf landed beside Matt and struck a defensive posture. "MetalGarurumon!"

"He can digivolve all he wants, but it's still not going to make a difference."

"That's some big talk coming from you, Rezo. Now, pay attention! Thanks to our fight with Tai and WarGreymon, we..."

"Learned how to run off like a coward?"

Matt snorted in annoyance at Rezo's snide remark. "No. We both learned two things. Not to rely on numerical calculations from those dumb scouters and how to conceal energy! Watch his combat level with that scouter you have."

"Heh, ok sure but I don't see any point in doing so. But I'll humor you," Rezo snickered, pressing the button on his scouter to activate the device. Before long, he got a calculation from the duo and was horrified by what he saw. "Wh-Wh-WHAT?" He stuttered in shock. "H-H-HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? " Screaming out, Rezo started trembling and slowly backed away. "Yamato! How is that your partner's battle power is equal with mine? I have a battle power of 18,000!"

Slowly pacing forward with a smirk, Matt raised his closed right fist. "Ah, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, Rezo."

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST - A Mighty Foe

MetalGarurumon crouched over as he sported a blue aura. At the same time, his eyes narrowed and gleamed intensely with blue light.

Stepping back a few feet, Rezo watched as both of their battle powers were increasing.

"You see, Rezo. My partner and I fought our friends back in the Digital World. Two of those guys pushed my friend to his limit. To top all that, my little brother's Digimon pulled off a neat deus ex machina to kick our butts. That defeat alone and getting healed up made both of MetalGarurumon stronger than he's ever been!"

"We're definitely not even close to Burizalor or any of his top elites, but our power is enough to crush an insignificant worm like yourself, Rezo!" MetalGarurumon growled, his feet pressed against the earth.

"How can you even hope to keep up with him, Rezo?" Matt roared, as threw out both arms to his sides and slowly paced toward the alien Digimon's direction. "You've been taking it easy while catering to that psychopath you call a 'lord'! The way I see it... only the strong survive and the weak perish!"

Rezo has never felt such a power such as this. He was sweating bullets like never before as his mouth became dry like cotton.

"19,000? 20,000? 21,000? 22,000?" The alien Digimon screamed as his scouter exploded and caused him to jump back in utter disbelief. "MY SCOUTER!"

"Ah, too bad. Looks like you'll need a new one," Matt grinned as he prepared to finish off his former superior.


Southeastern Region/Village of Suzaku

The scouters from Phelesmon and the other soldiers probed the battle power reading of MetalGarurumon. Phelesmon was startled as Burizalor noted the fiend's distress.

"What's the matter, Mr. Phelesmon?"

"I'm picking up an increasing battle power on my scouter," Phelesmon blinked, checking his scouter carefully. "Oh, how grand! It must be Yamato's Digimon! But, get this. Both of their battle powers are already at the 22,000 mark!"

Machinedramon picked up the calculations through his scanners. "This can't be right. I should have upgraded these old model scouters. Must be a malfunction."

"Well, you old rust bucket! I'm telling you what I'm reading! 22,000 for Metal... Wait."

Machinedramon activated his scanners and confirmed a more accurate calculation of their battle powers. "How is this possible? Now, Yamato's partner has a battle power of 24,000."

"That can't be right! That would be mean that they've grown stronger since their last encounter with those kids back in the Digital World? Those same retched brats are responsible for the demise of both Puppetmon and MetalSeadramon!" Phelesmon snarled, gritting his teeth. "What's worse is that brat's Digimon is going to be dangerously close to matching us, Machinedramon."

"No! I will NOT allow that brat and his pathetic excuse of a partner get ahead of me."

"This is impossible. Even for Yamato's partner," Phelesmon was in disbelief over the situation.

Burizalor interjected. "Why are you two so surprised? Yamato and his partner, MetalGarurumon, are already being spoiled from the initial power boost. It's all thanks to that boy's Crest. Yes, his battle experience can attribute into his Digimon's power increase, but the bulk of that power derives from that Crest of Friendship. But, that can't be all. Yamato's Digimon must have learned a unique ability while battling his former colleagues. 24,000? What does it matter? You two still can crush MetalGarurumon like the insignificant little insect that he is. And even he knows that he's NOWHERE near reaching me at my suppressed level of strength."

Phelesmon nodded accordingly. "Yes... of course."

"Allow me to be the one to crush them, Lord Burizalor."

"If Rezo has found him, then he has no chance against Yamato's Digimon. His battle power is only 18,000."

"Rezo is a fool if he even dares to try apprehending them."

The cold tyrant reflected on an instance where he interacted with Matt. "I suppose Yamato desires the same wish from the Digicores as I do. I bet he wants that eternal power and youth. He would not have a chance against me otherwise. I knew I shouldn't trust a human. He went back to kidnap his brother without my permission. He seeks power for himself. But, I'll still commend him by pulling off this selfish act. He actually has the nerve to rebel against me. Heh. Oh, Yamato, you are quite a handful, aren't you?" A devilish grin curled on the tyrant's black lips.

(End theme)


Top of Spiral Mountain/Outside the Sacred Guardian Temple

At the top summit of Spiral Mountain was surrounded by a mountainous landscape shrouded with thick clouds and a barren landscape. It is laid out as a large platform that is slightly in orbit above Spira. All events occurring on the planet can be observed from here, which the Guardians have done for quite some time. That is how they are able to witness the series of events that fall out. However, only one guardian was on watch and kept his watchful eye on the arrival of the icy tyrant Burizalor.

Standing outside of a golden Pantheon like temple was one of those Olympian Guardians.

This guardian stood at least nine-feet tall. He was a humanoid, bipedal being with what appeared to be the head of a blue wild canine. His snout was long with a black nose at the end. His lower and upper jaw was lined with rows of sharp teeth including pairs of canines. His eyes were white and pale. Long, ears protruded from the sides of his head. The guardian's upper body was built with soft, cushioned shoulder armor on both sides of his shoulders. He wore a pair of black gloves with blue, striped fur covering his forearms and elbows. Wrapped around his fists were steel bracelets with the left one tipped with spikes. The pants he wore were long, light brown and soft as they reached down to his ankles. Whatever was exposed of his legs was covered in light blue fur. His feet were long and equipped with five purple-clawed toes.

Flowing out wildly across his back was a long, green mane. In his right hand was a long knife tipped with bone-li