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Digimon Fusion Kai

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All there was throughout the outside of a planet was empty space with an array of stars and other planets that make up a solar system. Amidst this side of the Digiverse, it was a solar system with many Digital Worlds. This was merely one sector of the vast Digiverse, there were three others.

However, there was a massive flow of activity taking place in the Northern sector.

Floating in the middle of this vast universe was the so-called 'Earth' planet of the Northern Digital Sector. This was the Northern Digital World. Like its counterparts, it teemed with life forms known as Digimon.

All was well, until now.

A massive spaceship ascended over this Digital World. A sinister being confined to a small hovercraft glared down at the very planet and faced off what looked like an army of Digimon garbed in military armor. Suddenly, a blur of explosive light blitzed through the Digimon army with sheer ferocity. The blur stopped and a figure faced off against the creature in the hovercraft.

The figure turned out to be a teenage boy. His hair was similar to the style of Taichi Kamiya's. However, this boy did not wear any pair of goggles over his hair. His chocolate brown eyes narrowed. His orange-tan skin was covered in heavy sweat. His battle attire consisted of sleeveless body armor, black spandex pants, fingerless gloves, and a pair of combat boots. He wore a red headband and there was scar visible over his left eye. The left side of his face was coated with sweat and blood dripping out of a wound on his forehead.

The teen sported a confident smirk on his face and chuckled under his breath. Materializing in his right hand was a beam of white light - which extended out and condensed into a long saber. Gripping his weapon, he prepared to do battle with the sinister creature.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Destiny )

"BURIZALOR!" The young man roared out for all, including the creature, to hear.

The shadowy figure within the hovercraft points his finger, glaring intently at the teen.

"It's over you murderous monster! It all comes down to this... my fate, this world's fate, and our successors' fates! Oh yes, and yours too, Burizalor," the young warrior wore a proud warrior's smile. In an instant, he created a Ki ball in his right hand and tossed it toward the sinister being. "DIE, BURIZALOR! THIS ONE IS FOR MY FRIENDS!"

The energy blast hurtled toward the hovercraft, homing within the being's range.

However, the creature laughed maniacally as a massive sphere expanded at the tip of his finger. The sphere grew into a gargantuan, expanding outward as it became larger than himself. As it expanded, it easily absorbed the teen's Ki blast.

"NO! IT... IT CAN'T BE?!"

The being, identified as Burizalor, tossed the 'Ball of Death' toward not just the boy but at his own fleet of soldiers.

The teen roared out with intensity, his own life replayed through his mind. "AUUUUUUGH!"

My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you. Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors. Burizalor must die. My time has passed. I… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged. We… we will be avenged!

With that, the teen was thrown back and buckled under the tremendous pressure exuding from the 'Ball of Death.' His body armor and clothing disintegrated from the scorching heat of the sphere. Following his clothing, the young warrior's body was engulfed by the blast. His body buckled while breaking down into data fragments.

The sphere quickly slammed into the Digital World. The planet started cracking and transformed into a massive ball of magma. After that, it exploded as if it were a ticking time bomb. All that was left was a large flash of light.


The sinister monster witnessed the apocalyptic event and laughed upon at his accomplishment.

All it took was one attack from this icy monster and the Northern Digital World was reduced to planetary rubble.

Nothing remained of the planet.

"WAHAHAHA! THIS IS EXCELLENT!" The proud tyrant laughed with remorseless glee. "I've reduced it to bits! No more Digital Knights to stand in my way! Now, it's time we move on to the Eastern sector!" Farewell, Taito Yagami. You can die with the rest of your pitiful comrades.

As he made his declaration clear and known, Burizalor lowered himself through the open-door roof and descended inside his cockpit. The roof sealed up and the ship soared off into space while entering hyper drive mode.

Watching the tyrant's ship depart into the farthest area of space, the ghostly spirit of Taito Yagami appeared. His face sneered as he glared daggers at the departing ship.

It's not over yet, Burizalor, until you're dead. Mark my words.

(End theme)


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Avant )

'100,000 thousand years/digital cycles ago, before the Great War between the Digital Knight Council and the Corrupts, the foundations of the Four Digital Realms were laid out by the powerful Huanglongmon. Before his time, there were the Guardians. Before them were the Supreme Guardians. There all but existed one Digital Realm ruled by the Supreme Guardians. Then, following a great crisis, all but one Supreme Guardian remained. Under this Supreme Guardian's supervision, Digi-Guardians took their predecessors place and trained warriors who would become Watchers for each Digital Realm.

Then, 5,000 years/digital cycles ago, as Huanglongmon rose to prominence, the golden dragon divided the once single realm into the four Digital Realms. They were all designated according to the Four Symbols of Chinese Mythology: North, South, East, and West. Huanglongmon chose four Digimon, empowering them with the authority to oversee each realm.

Azulongmon would rule the Eastern Realm. Zhuqiaomon was designated as 'Sovereign' of the Southern Realm. Ebonwumon was given authority over the Northern Realm. Baihumon was entitled to watch the Western Realm. Each realm became parallel to various realities and worlds beyond the outer perimeters.

Overtime, as their stranglehold on each realm strengthened, so did those who threatened to oppose them. Behind the Wall of Fire, a destructive and sinister force ripped through to the other side and spilled an enormous vast of corrupt energy throughout the universe – including the Four Realms. Born from this evil energy were the Corrupts, a vast army consisting of powerful interdimesional denizens from various dark realms – including those from the Dark Ocean and the Dark Area.

Amongst the crop of these wicked creatures, one was given the gift from the creature behind the Wall of Fire. The gift enabled this chosen one to evolve with frightening results. This creature was known as Burizalor, who ultimately chose to use this power for evil.

Opposing Burizalor and his wicked forces, the Holy Beasts forged a counter strike and recruited various warriors. Most of them bore resemblance to humans. Amongst those warriors was Gennai, fit and chosen to lead the Digital Knights. Their mission was to oppress Burizalor's empire and force the evil back behind the Wall of Fire.

Despite their futile attempts, the Digital Knights' numbers were reduced as Burizalor's armies surmounted against theirs. As per request from Gennai, he asked the Holy Beasts to summon aid from the human world. Disgusted with the notion of working with pure-blooded humans, Zhuqiaomon turned down the request. Ebonwumon and Baihumon gave Gennai notice about giving a final decision. However, Azulongmon openly accepted and asked Ebonwumon to transport five specific children with the highest potential to aid them against Burizalor's forces.

Taito Yagami: the leader

Cyrus Fujita: second in command

Sara Masaki: third in command

Mimiru Mitsuo: Support

Leon Shinomori: Technical support

Shortly, with Ebonwumon's guidance, Gennai opened a portal to Earth. He arrived in Tokyo, Japan. He quickly gathered five orphaned children, who witnessed the same visions. They were drawn together to meet with Gennai. As fate would have it, they were chosen to be the first Chosen Children. Gennai and the five children were summoned back to the Northern Realm, which has already been oppressed and devastated by Burizalor's forces.

Under the guidance by Gennai and the Digital Knights, the five children were given the first Digivices made specifically to draw out the potential of chosen ones. Unlike any of their successors, these five children lacked Digimon partners. After intense, physical training, they achieved their potential and activated their Digivices, granting them extraordinary powers.

By the time they reached their early and mid-teens, they were thrown into the battlefield and achieved excellent results. Their powers allowed them to battle and overcome many of Burizalor's armies. In short time, they surpassed nearly all of the Digital Knight Council. One by one, they crushed any Corrupt army that invaded the Northern Realm.

At the end of the First Great War, the Chosen five combined their powers to stop the evil behind the Wall of Fire – Apocalymon. Defeating Apocalymon drained the Chosen five. They expended most of their powers to seal the force of evil, costing them their majestic armors. Despite losing their powers, they achieved a grand victory and their names became synonymous with legendary. They became heroes of the Northern Realm as their names became spread throughout the other realms.

Enraged by the losses of his men, Burizalor launched a counter strike to finish the Chosen five. With his planet-destroying power, he sought to wipe out the Chosen five and the Northern Realm. Fortunately, the Holy Beasts intervened, united, and banished Burizalor into the Dark Area. The tyrant and his evil regime would remain sealed there for a long period of time. At last, peace was restored to the universe and the four realms.

That didn't last.

An anomaly named Millenniummon freed the evil sealed behind the Wall of Fire. Millenniummon freed Burizalor and his father, Mutalior, from their imprisonments. With Apocalymon's help, Burizalor and Mutalior summoned an amassed army of sinister Digimon. Many of these wicked creatures evolved and formed elites. Among those serving under the Buriza Empire: the Nightmare Soldiers, the Dark Masters, the Demon Corps, and the Nightmare Special Squad. As for Millenniummon, he was never seen or heard from again.

Granted another chance, Burizalor launched a second campaign. Rallying support from evil Digimon, his supporters greatly doubled since the first Great War. His armies were greatly advanced from their predecessors, heavily prepared to eliminate the Digital Knight Council and the Chosen five. Upon hearing about the impending threat, the Digital Knights were forced to engage Burizalor's advanced armies. The end results were disastrous as the Northern Realm was at risk of being oppressed by Burizalor.

The Second Great War commenced.

The Chosen five were summoned again from their training posts.

However, there would be a traitor among them. Cyrus forged a secret alliance with Burizalor, who offered him more power from the Dark Ocean. Promising him more power, Cyrus joined Taito and the others to suppress Burizalor's Special Task Forces. Upon receiving a prophetic message from a Digimon he killed, Taito was given foresight to see events unfold in the future – including the destruction of the Northern Realm, the death of his colleagues, and a brief glimpse of their successors (the Odaiba Digidestined).

Incapacitated after his last mission, Taito was forced to stay behind. Cyrus and the others were called upon to take another mission. As fate would have it, it was pre-staged by Cyrus. With Machinedramon's assistance, Cyrus betrayed his colleagues and finished them off. Sara, Mimiru, and Leon met their unfortunate ends. With all but two of the Chosen five dead, Burizalor closed in as his forces wiped out the Digital Knights. Gennai escaped with eight Digivices and Digi-Eggs. He wasn't able to get the crests and tags. Piedmon confiscated them before Gennai had a chance to ensnare them. These items were crucial in the fact that were supposed to be for the next group of Chosen ones, the first generation to have partner Digimon. As he escaped into the Eastern Realm, he mistakenly dropped Gatomon's Digi-Egg and Digivice... who would later hatch and be taken under Myotismon's wing.

While Gennai escaped, Taito defeated Cyrus and left him for dead near a magma pit. Burnt alive, Cyrus was retrieved by Burizalor's men. With only a short time to live, Cyrus' soul was transferred into a Shadramon as his old body was discarded. Taito, the Northern Realm's last warrior, resisted and gave it his all to confront Burizalor. Recognizing Taito's power growth and his fears that a warrior would destroy him, Burizalor received horrific visions and unleashed a Death Sphere to destroy Taito… along with the entire Northern Realm.

Taito's last words were as followed:  'My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you. Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors. Burizalor must die. My time has passed. I… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged. We… we will be avenged!'

In the end, the Buriza Empire won. The Digital Knight Council was all but reduced to a sporadic handful. The Northern Realm was destroyed as its remaining worlds were quickly conquered. Setting his sights to the Eastern Realm, Burizalor organized a man hunt on Gennai. Gennai was found, but at the last minute Azulongmon intervened and swiftly rescued him.

With Shadramon's aid, the evil one arrived in the Eastern Realm. He gave the seven tags to Devimon of File Island and ordered him to banish them into the oceans. With the Crests, Shadramon divided them into various sectors of Server Continent. Burizalor handed the Crest of Light and the tag to Myotismon.

Afterwards, Burizalor led his forces on an assault against the Holy Beasts. As valiant as their efforts were, the majestic gods were overwhelmed by the dark forces. The Dark Masters and the Nightmare Special Squad sealed and rendered the Beasts' powers useless. This would ultimately lead to Burizalor sealing away the weakened Holy Beasts. As a last resort, the Holy Beasts expelled their last Digicores into another realm, ensuring Burizalor never finds them. That realm would later be confirmed as Spira.

Overtime, his evil campaign slowly spread across and influenced the Eastern Realm. As news spread about the Digidestined's arrival, he ordered every virus Digimon to kill them without hesitation.

Among the first to be informed was Devimon of File Island.

The seven Digidestined eventually arrive on File Island. They were ultimately introduced to their Digimon partners.

The leader of team, Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya, is partner to the Digimon known as Agumon. He wields the Crest of Courage. He's appearance and personality resembled the late-Taito down to the core.

Sora Takenouchi, the motherly tomboy, became the partner for Biyomon. She wields the Crest of Love. She is much like her counterpart, Sara. Both possess love for the ones she calls friends.

Yamato 'Matt' Ishida, the lone wolf, became partnered with Gabumon. He is the bearer of the Crest of Friendship. He shared some resemblance to the traitor Cyrus. However, this boy didn't forge any hatred with anyone, but seemed distant. Although, he came at odds with Tai.

Matt's younger brother is Takeru 'TK' Takashi. His Digimon partner is Patamon and he holds the Crest of Hope.

Then there is the self-proclaimed "girly girl" of the group. Her name is Mimi Tachikawa. Much like Mimiru, her taste for fashion is no different. She adores the color pink. Her partner is Palmon and she inherited the Crest of Sincerity.

Of course, the team needs a genius in the group and that role fits Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi. His talent with computers and calculations has helped the team get out sticky situations. He holds the Crest of Knowledge and his Digimon partner is the wacky insect known as Tentomon.

Joe Kido is the eldest of the team, but he was quite cowardly at the beginning. He eventually realized his responsibility as a Digidestined and became an asset to the team. His partner is the witty Gomamon and he inherits the Crest of Reliability.

Through their journey, they have managed to overcome many enemies. Devimon of File Island was the first to fall at the hands of Angemon. Later, Agumon evolved into his ultimate form and vanquished Etemon of Server. The Digimon were getting stronger after every battle. They ultimately returned to earth to stop Myotismon. The villain sought out to find the eighth child, who was later to be revealed as Tai's sister.

She is identified as Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya. Gatomon, who once served Myotismon, united with Kari to help bring down the villain. This ultimately led to Gatomon evolving into Angewomon with the Crest of Light.

After harnessing the full power of their crests, Tai and Matt enabled Agumon and Gabumon to digivolve into their mega forms: WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. By doing so, they destroyed VenomMyotismon and restored peace to Odaiba.

Unfortunately, they noticed that the sky was beginning to rift. The Digital World had somehow become connected with the real world. The Digidestined knew that they had to return and investigate the urgent situation. As soon as they returned, they noticed that the Digital World was out of proportion.

Tai and Matt eventually found themselves in a squabble after a fleet of Digimon attacked their team. Matt argued that he should have led the team since he felt that he wasn't as incompetent as Tai. This led to Matt disbanding himself from the group and sought time to think about these actions.

Burizalor discovered about the Digidestined's progress and invested interest in team's lone wolf. He concluded if he could draw Cyrus into his dark forces, then drawing Matt would be easy. Ultimately, the tyrant personally appears before the boy and offered him a chance to become stronger than he already was. Matt wanted to become stronger than Tai, but never felt the need to kill him.

In the end, Matt agreed to Burizalor's terms and was offered a spot in the forces. He was eventually groomed to be the next lead commander and was greatly influenced by the tyrant's word. Matt was slowly becoming "baptized by the darkness." Matt now realized that strength was everything and that the weak had to perish. The darkness consumed the boy to loathe his rival, Tai Kamiya. Everything since then would never… ever… be the same again.

Meanwhile, Tai and his friends overcame Daimaomon, a dark lord who sought TK and Kari's powers. Summoning Angemon's power, the dark lord was destroyed.

When word spread about the Digidestined's return, a cutthroat warrior was summoned from his duties. This warrior would end up confronting the Digidestined… and from there their lives would change forever.

So, ends Taito and company's story, now we begin the Odaiba Digidestined's long tale.

My name is X, a watcher of the Digital Worlds… and I am here to tell their story.'

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai Opening (TV Size) –  Dragon Soul )


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 1: A New Conflict! Return to the Digital World!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Several hundreds of kilometers away, a herd of Bullmon grazed on a specific grassland area. Two Scarecrowmon were working on the fields; one gathered hay and the other was loading it into a small black truck. The one who gathered hay was walking about and planting pumpkin seeds across the fields. The farmer pair were planning to grow some more pumpkins for the next harvest. They whistled about as if nothing would disrupt their day of hard work.

However, that would soon all change.

Suddenly, they raised their heads and heard resounding. A bright flash of light opened a hole in the sky, forging a vortex that shot something out like the sound of a cannon.

As it came closer, a spherical object hurtled through the vortex and aimed to land at a designated spot.

"Um, hey! What is that up there, Cletus?" the Scarecrowmon in the truck asked pointing up.

"I'm not so sure, Jim," the Scarecrowmon harvester replied, looking up at the same direction.

Then, their eyes widened at once as the object drew closer. Engulfed by flames from the atmospheric re-entry, the object approached the earth and then…


Jim (the Scarecrowmon in the truck) jumped out and cowered behind the vehicle. Cletus watched as it plummeted toward the surface of the grassy meadows ahead of them. The Bullmon and Emumon scattered away in droves away from the object.

A large explosion erupted from the surface of the ground, leaving a billowing dark cloud. Cletus and Jim faced each other with gaping mouths.

"Um, we had better check this out! This has to contain some kind of great discovery!" Jim suggested. "I'll bet we'll find something worthwhile!"

Cletus exclaimed, getting into the truck. "You're thinking what I was thinking, Cletus! Well, yee-haw! Think about the amount of digi-dollars we'll get once we get this thing pawned off!"


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Hashiru Senritsu )

Upon arriving at the crash site, Cletus stopped the truck and looked out with his eyes widened. Jim was also shocked at the deepened crater the object created. It was about twenty-five feet wide in diameter and twenty feet deep. The area inside the crater was still steaming hot and embedded at the center was a capsule space pod, which was about the size of a Greymon's head. It was silver all over with a thick purple glass shield encasing the front. On the center was an odd-shaped symbol with a pair of yellow 'eyes' embroidered and odd lettering on the front. Smoke expelled out sides of the pod.

Cletus reached for his shotgun and stepped out of the truck. He nervously approached the crater and gulped. "I better be careful with this..."

"I don't like this, Cletus. I changed me mind," Jim spoke, in typical hick-like slang. "Let's forget about this."

"Pipe down, Jim. I've got to check this out first," Cletus assured his work partner. "I can tell ya. It ain't no meteor. It's made out of steel and we would have been cooked like Cockatrimon dinner if it were a meteor!"

"I'll be darned, Cletus!"

Suddenly, the glass shield opened, expelling more smoke to emerge. Cletus jumped back and caught glimpse of a skinny hand sticking out of the pod. Alarmed, he readied and pumped his shotgun. Jim bemused and trembled.

The hand pulled itself out and a lone figure emerged as a shadow presence. Then, the light illuminated over the 'visitor,' revealing himself to the Scarecrowmon pair. It slowly ascended off the ground and landed on the surface. Cletus stiffened, feeling cold sweat covering his face.

"Oh my gosh, Cletus! A Digimon! But, he looks like that... that varmint from File Island from the stories I've heard!" Jim exclaimed, pushing himself against the end of the truck.

"It's that Devimon fella!" Cletus cried out.

They were wrong. The visitor from inside the pod only had a body structure akin to Devimon's. This one possessed traits that differentiated from File Land's greatest enemy.

This villainous figure stood a staggering eight-feet in height. His skin was dark gold, more like a dark bronze skin coloration except around the mouth. The arms of the fiend reached down the top of his shins. Black, leather bands covered his waist, the left thigh area and the left wrist. Around the left knee and left hand were brown ropes. Brown lengthy bandages covered the entire right arm from elbow and downward and the index finger on his right hand was entirely red. A purple bat-shaped insignia marking adorned his chest. His wings had holes through the skin and purple skull symbols covered his shoulders. Protruding from the temples of his head were long horns and the face of the fiend was pale. The fiend's crimson eyes flare, gleaming and oozing with evil intentions. Attached on his right arm appeared to be a wrist device with a scanner screen attached to it. Adorning his chest and shoulders was protective dark gray armor with large shoulder padding. Another device, albeit smaller, was attached on the right side of his face. The device had what appeared to be a small purple glass object served to scan the perimeters around him. A brown-leather tail like belt extension wrapped around his waist.

(End theme)

"Hey! You're on our property!" Cletus called out to the fiend, pumping his shotgun. "Get... off!"

Glancing over at Cletus, the oddly-colored Devimon smirked and pressed a switch on his device. "Are you threatening me?"

He scanned the two Scarecrowmon.

"You two have a battle power of 5 each. How pitiful!"

"I told you! Get off our property!" hastily warned Cletus. "Don't you come closer! I-I'll shoot!"

Jim lowered himself and gulped. "Don't tempt him, Cletus!"

NeoDevimon advanced by stepping forward once.


Cletus recoiled out of fear and fired his shotgun.

The shell shot forward only to be caught by the creature before it even struck his face. NeoDevimon smirked and flung it back at Cletus. The shell returned with more force and snapped the shotgun completely in half. Cletus flew back in front of the truck, hit his head and was knocked unconscious. Jim stayed at the backseat and howled in fear.

"What a bunch of weaklings," NeoDevimon remarked, smirking.

Suddenly, the device on his face reacted as did the device on his arm. They were instantly tracing the location of a high battle reading. It was much higher than either one of the Scarecrowmon.

"The readings are going off. Signal is picking up from Range 4880. I'm currently in Sector 12974. There's somebody with a huge power over there. That has to be him!"

With that, NeoDevimon jumped off the ground and flew up into mid-air with his wings spread out. It didn't take long for NeoDevimon to disappear off into the far distance.

The two Scarecrowmon were left behind. Jim crawled out of the truck and found Cletus laying unconscious. He then noticed the shotgun snapped into two halves from the shell NeoDevimon had flung back at Cletus.

"That's no ordinary fella... that's for sure," Jim stuttered, his mouth became dry.

Unbeknownst to the Scarecrowmon, a mysterious figure sat watching on a tree branch. The most notable featured was his mask. Eyes were visible under the mask as they narrowed to the crater where NeoDevimon had left his pod.

"So, the time has come."


Elsewhere within the Digital World, a beautiful blue sky loomed over a lonely horizon. There was a cliff side with a rather ominous figure. The warrior looked like a cross between a lion and a human warrior. He was bipedal, with a pair of pants, a strap over his chest and a sword sheathed on his back. His upper body was massive and muscular. His eyes were blue as the heavens. His arms and legs were massive in size as well. A light tan mane encircled his head. This was none other than the brave warrior of File Island who helped the Digidestined battle Devimon and recently Daimaomon. The figure turned out to be none other than Leomon. He faced the horizon ahead and peacefully meditated to himself.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he felt an approaching presence. He turned to see where the mysterious dark power emanated from.

"W-What kind of power is this! It couldn't possibly be... No, Daimaomon was slain! It also couldn't be WarGreymon or the angels either!" Leomon exclaimed, his eyes widened.

Then, from the top of the clouds, NeoDevimon came traveling across faster than Leomon could pick up. The fiend looked down to where Leomon stood and swiftly landed down.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Akumu )

Leomon gaped in shock. Wait! That can't be THE Devimon! I witnessed his downfall back on File Island! This one has a different presence and power behind him.

NeoDevimon was twenty yards away from where Leomon stood and smiled. "Excuse me for dropping in, but I was looking for a specific Digimon. I thought you were him."

"Who are you? You don't look like Devimon from File Island."

"I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. I'm not his reincarnation if that's what you're implying."

"Feh. Be off, demon! I have no business with you," Leomon growled, his eyes on NeoDevimon and preparing to unsheathe the sword from his holster.

NeoDevimon frowned. "Not until you answer my question, but do call me NeoDevimon."

The brave warrior retorted. "Cute. I don't have any business with the likes of you unless you're looking for a fight."

NeoDevimon chuckled deeply. "You sure are in high spirits, warrior."

Then, the fiend pressed the buttons on both of his devices. They immediately scanned Leomon like the two Scarecrowmon from earlier. A higher calculated power reading was revealed for Leomon.

"Ho, well, your battle power is 322. So, there are powerful warriors like you around, huh? Impressive, but you'd be a fool to attack."

Leomon grunted angrily and stepped into a defensive stance. "Now you listen to me! I warned you! Do you wish to fight?!"

"Show me what you've got."

Incensed, Leomon balled up his two fists and exerted a powerful thrust. "FIST OF THE BEAST KING!"


Connecting with impact, the attack consumed NeoDevimon right off the bat.

Leomon smiled in satisfaction, until his eyes witnessed a shocking result. As soon as the billowing smoke cleared, the landscape was reduced to rubble around the fiend, but NeoDevimon stood unscathed.

"Bah! You call that an attack?! Is merely kicking up dust all it can do?!"

Leomon stood horrified at the result.

"Allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack!" NeoDevimon bellowed out, raising his right hand to his side. "Now, pay close attention."

Leomon braced himself with cold sweat pouring down his face. He was prepared to meet his fate until NeoDevimon's devices probed another energy signal.

"Humph, well it's your lucky day then, warrior. My scouters are picking up another great power here."

(End theme)

With that, the fiend ascended up into mid-air as Leomon looked up. NeoDevimon checked his scanners' readings and picked up another calculated battle power.

"It's that way. Range 12909. It's large. It has to be the largest battle power on this side," NeoDevimon muttered, reading his calculations. "It's Agumon in his supposed mega form! This time I'm sure of it!"

Then, without any hesitation, NeoDevimon flew off into the distance and left Leomon behind.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Kuroi Kage  (0:00-0:10))

The brave warrior dropped down to his hands and knees. He was horrified at the invader's incredible durability, taking a full force of his attack.

"I... I don't believe it. I hit him full force and he didn't even flinch. No... The Digidestined do not stand a chance against this monster!"


Wonder Swan Digi-Amusement Park

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Kame House )

Meanwhile, standing outside the gates of the amusement park, the other Digidestined gathered around to wait the arrival of their friends. Among those in waiting were Izzy, Tentomon, Joe and Gomamon.

The sea mammal Digimon groaned out of boredom. "Ugh, this is soooo boring! When are they going to get here?"

"They should be here any minute," Izzy answered, looking up and trying to keep the sunlight from bothering his eyes.

"Izzy! I see Mimi and Lillymon!" Tentomon called out.

Lillymon came flying down with Mimi at her side. The girl jumped off and raced to her friends.

"Hi guys! Sorry we're late!" Mimi apologized to her friends.

"No problem. You're already late," muttered Joe, as he nearly losing his cool. "We've been waiting!"

"I needed to lie down after all of that running around," the girl replied, wiping her forehead. "Ick, I hate sweat!"

"Hey, where's Sora?" Izzy asked Mimi. "We just received word from a source that Tai, Kari, and TK defeated Daimaomon."

Lillymon replied. "Well, she said that she had to take a walk somewhere, but she'll meet up with us soon. I hope..."

"What about Tai, Kari and TK?" asked Joe. "We just can't wait for everyone to get here."

"They're on their way over. But, boy, my feet are KILLING me!" Mimi whined, sitting down and kicked her feet up.

"Funny, cause we didn't even have to walk over here," Lillymon sighed.

Mimi scoffed to her Digimon's comment. "As a former princess, I shouldn't be sweating like a pig. It ruins my image."

"I'm assuming all is well in the Digital World," said Izzy.

"Weird, I kinda figured that something was wrong. We've checked around for hours," Tentomon shrugged. "Though, I've noticed quite a lot of irregularities."

Izzy raised a brow in curiosity. "Really? I'd better recheck then."

(End theme)


As soon as they recognized the voice, the Digidestined glanced upward to find WarGreymon descending to where they gathered. Sitting on his back were Tai, TK, Kari, Patamon, and Gatomon.


Meanwhile, NeoDevimon was already catching up with WarGreymon's location. He picked up the Digimon's power reading and grinned.

"The position of this power is moving at considerable speed, but not fast enough."

Then, he noticed the power reading suddenly stopping at the coordinates of the Wonder Swan Digi-Amusement Park.

"What...? It suddenly stopped?!"


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Boku-tachi, Digimon! )

"Hey guys! We have arrived!" Tai announced to everyone, hopping off WarGreymon's back. "What are you guys standing there like a bunch of sad cases?"

"We've been waiting for you! Here you come all unannounced," Izzy exclaimed, approaching the gogglehead.

Tai waved his hands out and cautiously laughed. "Hey! Hey! Take it easy, dude!"

TK said, jumping off WarGreymon and lent a hand to Kari, letting her down. "That was sure a fun ride!"

Kari noticed the absence of a certain Child of Love. "Um, hey, where did Sora go?"

"Not to mention Biyomon," Gatomon affirmed.

"She'll meet up with us later," Tentomon assured Tai's little sister. "She... Well, she left to get some things off her mind. I don't know why though."

"I still can't believe Matt ditched us. I couldn't even find him anywhere," Tai scoffed. "Not even a trace from my Digivice. It's like he vanished from the Digital World."

"I hope he doesn't hate us," TK sighed sadly, recalling Tai and Matt's argument earlier. "He must have had a reason for leaving us like that."

"I'm sorry, TK," Patamon felt sorrow for the little boy.

"Don't worry. We'll find him eventually," Tai reassured Matt's brother. "Don't you sweat it, TK. He's bound to be out there somewhere."

"Once Sora gets here, we'll be heading off to investigate the recent irregularities with the Digital World. I've noticed some rather bizarre turbulence of events lately," Izzy stated. "You see I have discovered shifts in the land and..."

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  The War Breaks Out )

Suddenly, WarGreymon glared up toward the heavens and probed a disturbing, ominous presence from a distance. Izzy paused briefly, noting the sudden moment of silence. Soon, the other Digimon were able to sense the dark presence but not as acutely as WarGreymon.

"What is it, WarGreymon? What's the matter?" Tai asked, noticing a hint of fear in the Digimon's eyes.

"Something is coming, Tai. Something strong is heading our way," the mega responded, his eyes focused on the source.

(End theme)

Patamon muttered, frowning "A rather powerful one."

TK gasped and kneeled down beside his Digimon. "Patamon? Is it really heading our way."

"But I don't see anything," Kari replied, gazing up into the skies.

"You can't see it, but we can sense it," stated Gatomon, her fur standing up.

"I don't see anything," Mimi looked up.

"Um, that's cause your senses are not keen like ours, Mimi," Lillymon said.

No! It's a much, much more powerful presence. It's super strong! WarGreymon mused, his face contorted with bewilderment.

"Look! I see something above us!" Joe exclaimed, pointing up. "It looks like…"

"Not Superman that's for sure," Gomamon joked, looking up.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai OST –  Anxiety and Unease )

Descending at near super sonic speed, NeoDevimon landed right in front of the Digidestined. They showed defiance and defended their partners upon the creature's arrival.

The children looked like they had just seen a ghost. They never thought that they would see another 'Devimon'. TK was the most frightened one of them all for obvious reasons.

"I'll protect you without dying this time!" Patamon frowned, floating in front of his human partner.

TK smiled and nodded his head. "Patamon…"

Facing the Digidestined standing before him, a scowl formed across NeoDevimon's face. He then shifted his focus primarily on Tai and WarGreymon. The fiend broke the brief silence and a manner very un-Devimon-like.

"I thought I'd know you but you seem to have digivolved to your mega form," NeoDevimon chuckled a devilish chortle. "WarGreymon, very nice. I am impressed, Agumon."

WarGreymon growled defiantly. "What? How do you know my rookie level name?"

"Huh? Who is this? I doubt this is the Devimon we've dealt with on File Island," Joe pointed out.

"If you are, then tell us how you came back to life!" Tai demanded, gritting his teeth while clenching fists.

"You're mistaken. Don't compare me to that weak fool. Now answer my question, Agumon," NeoDevimon shifted away from the children.

"Why me?"

NeoDevimon frowned, closing up his wings on the back. "What have you been doing this whole time? Has something distracted you from completing your mission?"

"My mission? What are you getting at?! I don't even know you!"

"WarGreymon. What is it that he's talking about? Did you have some sort of previous identity and not tell me before?" Tai asked, tapping WarGreymon on the side.

"I have no idea what he's talking about."

"Your mission was to exterminate the Digimon of the Digital World-One! What have you been doing?!"

(End theme)

Getting annoyed with NeoDevimon's manners, Lillymon advanced toward the fiendish Digimon.

"Lillymon! What are you doing?" Mimi whispered, trying to restrain her partner.

"Look, pal. I don't know what you're talking about, but I think that you're sense of sight is poor. Scram! Shoo!" Lillymon waved her hands off and narrowed her eyes. "The last thing that we need is a drunk Digimon attempting to threaten us!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Aku no Shutsugen )

Suddenly, the fiend's belt came lashing out from behind his back. Lillymon's reflexes were poor as she was struck in the face. The force of the blow sent her crashing against a tree stump.

"LILLYMON!" Mimi cried out in horror.

"Lillymon! No!" WarGreymon gasped, realizing how fast NeoDevimon struck her down and rather mercilessly.

Following the strike, Lillymon fell off the stump and immediately DE-digivolved back to Palmon. Mimi hurried over her fallen Digimon.

"Oh no! Palmon! Are you okay?!" Mimi shrieked, shaking her now unconscious partner.

"What was that for?!" Tai exclaimed, his eyes hardened. "Leave her out of this!

"Pardon me, but the lady approached me first. I acted on impulse and had to defend myself. If you don't like it, then too bad. Your whiny friend should get over it!"

"You low life!" TK blurted out. "That's all you are!"

"That's right!" spoke out Kari, frowning.

All NeoDevimon could do was laugh. "Agumon, was that sufficient enough to refresh your memories?"

(End theme)


Next episode: The Dark Invader! NeoDevimon!