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YuYuGiDigiMoon: Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux

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A few thousand digicycles ago, following the Great War between Granasmon and Valmarmon, there was another conflict yet to be resolved. That conflict was about to reach its climax as the forces of light and darkness prepared to clash, determining the fate of the Digital World. It has been long overdue and only one side would emerge victorious.

Representing the darkness: Pharaohmon, a former priest and a disciple of Valmarmon, who turned against Underworld ruler Anubimon, Omegamon, and Imperialdramon. The demonic ruler was bent on plunging the Digital World into darkness and rule with an iron fist in the name of Valmarmon.

Representing the light: the Digital Priestess, an unlikely candidate chosen from the Real World. A young man was bestowed holy powers from Granasmon. Her missions were simple: explore the Digital World and receive training from highly renowned digital priests, and confront Pharaohmon for when she was ready. And today she's mastered the Holy Saber, an instrument forged from the fang of a priest and the weapon to seal Pharaohmon.

That fated day was now.

(Cue Inuyasha OST –  Mortal Kombat )

Standing atop of a cliff, the Digital Priestess, a dark-haired young woman, garbed in a traditional white and red Miko outfit, brandished a long sword, imbued with glowing white light. Determined, she narrowed her eyes, focusing her intent on delivering the final blow on the weakened Pharaohmon, who was on the verge of collapse after having been weakened by the Sovereigns, Omegamon, and Imperialdramon's attacks. Steadily rising and growling in excruciating pain, Pharaohmon struggled to meet the Priestess eye-to-eye.

"I... I will not be sealed... not by the likes of you... Priestess! I won't be denied... rule of the... DIGITAL WORLD!" The proud warlord bellowed angrily as his voice echoed across the empty canyon valley.

The Priestess fiercely fixated a determined gaze and lunged forward. "Demon Pharaohmon, your days of terrorizing are over! With Valmarmon gone, you have no reason to be carrying on his wish!" Lifting the holy sword overhead, she came down and aimed straight for Pharaohmon's head. "Repent for all your sins! With this sword, I shall seal you!"


"Supreme Cannon!"

"Positron Laser!"

Just as Pharaohmon attempted retaliation, two massive blasts screamed behind and impacted his back, forcing the demon to stumble forward. Glancing around, Pharaohmon scowled furiously as Omegamon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode hovered behind him, readying their cannons again for rapid fire.



Before Pharaohmon had a chance to evade, the Priestess' blade impaled his forehead, cutting through nice and cleanly.


(End theme)

Taking a deep breath, the Priestess wore a victory smile. "...enjoy the rest of your days sealed in darkness. And with that, my final deed has been done." Channeling the rest of her power, she pulled the sword out and fell atop a ledge, becoming out of breath and losing 'consciousness.' After succumbing to a lack of energy, the Priestess lied still as Omegamon flew over and picked her up as Pharaohmon's entire body seemingly turned into stone. Then, a giant hole surfaced underneath the petrified warlord and swallowed him up.

The sealing was fully initiated. Omegamon and Imperialdramon watched, completely relieved as Valmarmon's last general was banished and sealed inside a hole. Before the hole completely sealed up, a tomb magically appeared behind Pharaohmon and closed over his whole body. Finally, once the hole was sealed, the landscape was swept aside and the canyons vanished. In its place was a spacious and wide barren landscape free of any mountainous barriers.

Sighing with relief, Omegamon realized the conflict was resolved. "It's over."

Imperialdramon concurred. "And the last piece of Valmarmon's former regime collapses with Pharaohmon sealed. I just can't believe it took a human to play the determining factor into this long bloody war."

(Cue Inuyasha –  Dilemma )

"Indeed, and this girl is proof that humans can play a quintessential role in the Digital World's affairs," the white-armored knight affirmed,holding the Priestess in his arms. Gazing over the motionless priestess, his eyes seemed to convey a sudden grief as he felt the Digital Priestess' life force fade. "But, with the war over, comes a great price. The Digital Priestess..."

"She had no home where she originally came from. Her heroic deeds will be engraved on the tablets of digital history."

"May her strong spirit and will become one with sword."

"And Pharaohmon..."

"I highly doubt we'll ever see Pharaohmon again, Imperialdramon. Now, let's take her to the Sovereigns and begin the ceremony to integrate her soul into the sword before sealing it for good."

"Is the priestess lost to us forever?"

Omegamon vaguely replied. "Nothing is ever lost forever, my friend." He looked over the girl in his arms, deeply sighing. "I always believe in reincarnation. One day... should there ever be a crisis that threatens our plane, the will of our priestess will be passed on to another human. When that moment comes, I can't say for certain."

With that, Omegamon and Imperialdramon glided off with the Digital Priestess. The funeral ceremony for the Digital Priestess was a memorable one and marked a new age in the Digital World. Huanglongmon and the Sovereigns transferred the body, will, and spirit of the priestess into the sword before sealing it into the Sovereign Temple, located in a distant jungle situated past the Great Phoenixmon Mountains. Having left Pharaohmon's sealed tomb behind, the Digital World's heroes exuded confidence over Valmarmon's general's seal being permanent. But, as many would say, nothing lasts forever.

Not even a seal containing an evil Digimon warlord priest.

Many digicycles would since then pass and the Digital World underwent a dry spell. The legendary heroes, Omegamon and Imperialdramon, vanished without a trace and the rogue D-Reaper program would begin by systematically erasing higher-evolved Digimon. The Sovereigns would then sally forth and establish their dominions across the Digital Realms. With the D-Reaper being an issue in the Southern Digital World, Zhuqiaomon prepared against a future D-Reaper reawakening and created a new source of evolution. Calumon was born, and with his birth lead to a new era...

...the era of Digimon Tamers.

For the first time, since the Digital Priestess, humans entered the Digital World. These humans would be none other than the Digimon Tamers.

It was the actions of one particular Tamer, who may have inadvertently undid the evil priest's seal inexplicably.

That game changer was Takato Matsuda, Tamer of Guilmon.

(End theme)


It was the Digital Hazard embedded on Megidramon's chest, which served as the essential catalyst to destroy Pharaohmon's seal.

As a result of Beelzebumon's murder of Leomon, this heinous and cold-blooded action triggered Takato's fury, misguiding the childlike innocent Guilmon to evolve into physical incarnation of the Hazard. The chain reaction permeating from Megidramon's Digital Hazard caused a near total meltdown of the entire Digital World, along with the Earth it was connected to. Had Megidramon not been stopped, both worlds would've collapsed with disastrous results.

After Beelzebumon punched Megidramon's chest, the Digital Hazard's power and the beast were subdued, thankfully. But, the 'unlikely hero' would quickly turn his glare and proceed to kill the Tamers. Takato threw himself over Megidramon, pleading to his best friend to awaken. With his eyes brimming with tears, the boy cried and begged for Guilmon's forgiveness, which Guilmon gladly accepted. Their trust became renewed as Takato and Guilmon triggered another affect that would undo Pharaohmon's seal.

"Gallantmon!" The majestic knight shouted upon ascension into his true Mega form. He stood 20 feet away from where Beelzebumon gazed him down, completely in awe over Guilmon and Takato's fusion.

Kazu, Kenta, and Guardromon were mesmerized by Gallantmon's presence, drawn in by the knight's heroic entrance.

Henry stood agape, with Terriermon, Lopmon, and Suzie near him. "Th-That's Guilmon's Mega evolution form?"

A confused Rika noted the lack of a certain Tamer's presence. "Takato? Where's Takato?"

Beelzebumon snorted, dropping his defensive guard. "What the hell are you?"

"Beelzebumon," Gallantmon addressed the Demon Lord, his voice now a union of Guilmon and Takato's. "You sold your soul to the devil and thus became a bigger devil. I cannot forgive you!"

"Bah! Cannot forgive, you say? You can't forgive my existence itself! Spew crap like that until you've beaten me!"

With that, Beelzebumon charged ahead to meet the knight head-on. Gallantmon readied his lance, Gram, and followed up to meet Beelzebumon, roaring out a battle cry. The two Megas clashed, sending a shock wave, which indirectly broke the seal buried several feet underneath them.


(Cue Inuyasha –  Miasma )

Unbeknownst to the Tamers and their cohorts, the evil Pharaohmon's seal finally became undone. The Digital Priestess' power subsided completely as the container slid up. Inside the pitch darkness of the seal, a pair of golden eyes opened and burned, sensing the highly-powered activity on the surface.

A dark, gruff voice emanated out of the seal, adding with an evil chuckle. "So, the Digital Hazard is here... and thanks to him... my seal has been broken. But, I think I'll wait a little longer... now isn't the time for me to emerge freely... not until the D-Reaper is out of the equation. If these humans... and their Digimon... can somehow survive the D-Reaper... I'll take action during their peace time... for now, I just need to concentrate on recouping my lost power..." The dark spirit hid back inside his seal, waiting patiently until the time to initiate his revival plans.

And waiting is what he'll do if it means restoring his old body, but he can't do so without a host.

That time would come after the D-Reaper is defeated.

As for this story, it was only just the precursor to a new era of heroes.

(End theme)


(Cue Digimon Tamers –  My Biggest Dreamer  (TV Size))


YuYuGiDigiMoon Season 1: The Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux


Chapter 1

A New Enemy, Pharaohmon! Arise Heroes!


Earth/Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/March 1, 2003/2:05 PM

On a peaceful and warm Saturday afternoon, it was another calm live for the Shinjuku residents. Everything has been in peace in West Shinjuku District since the D-Reaper incident, which was nearly a year and a half removed. Everyone closely linked to the event disclosed all information regarding the Digimon, but the curious public and researchers still wanted to know more about these extraordinary creatures and where their place of origin was located. They wanted to know how these 'Digimon' became so common and seemingly vanished within a year's time span. The accounts of the Wild Ones, the Devas, and the D-Reaper were still fresh on people's minds.

Whatever the case, there was no denying that Shinjuku encountered a bewildering series of events.

Since then, Shinjuku had never been the same again.

There was one boy who simply could never forget those events. That boy was the gentle hearted 11-year old Takato Matsuda.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Takato no Theme )

"Hey, guys! Takato Matsuda here, the head of the Digimon Tamers! Gosh, it's been a while. Today is one year removed since we were reunited with our Digimon. It was only five months prior when we stopped the nightmarish program gone rogue called the D-Reaper. After seemingly losing our Digimon due to the repercussions of Operation Doodlebug, Mr. Yamaki and the Monster Makers discovered a way for us to communicate with our Digimon by sending messages with our D-Arcs. We weren't sure if our Digimon got our messages. They replied and it seemed like all hope was lost.

Boy, was I ever wrong?

Then, one spring morning on this day last year, I walked back Guilmon's old den and found a digital port! It was a portal to the Digital World! From there, I found my old pal Guilmon awaiting for me! It was great to see each other again, but we didn't stop there. I informed my friends about the open digital port. In sooner after that, the Digimon Tamers were all reunited with their partners. Terriermon was back to give Henry a hard time, or give another one of his wise cracks. Rika never felt any better after she and Renamon reunited. Kazu, like the goof that he was, was all over his partner, Guardromon. Kenta was ecstatic when he found MarineAngemon hiding in his pocket. Suzie and Lopmon were reunited and boy was Suzie happy.

As long as Suzie doesn't give poor Lopmon the Miss Pretty Pants treatment.

Unfortunately for Jeri, her partner was never revived. She dealt with it and knew that Leomon's spirit lied dormant in her heart. Ryo and Cyberdramon were glad to see each other. Though, I still wonder what secrets that vicious Digimon holds. I sure as heck don't want to know. He's not very social.

Last but not least, how could I ever forget about the little troublemaker Impmon? We convinced him to come back to the real world. He might still hold a slight grudge with some humans, but he's been reconciling his differences with Ai and Mako, which is great.

Shortly after we reunited, our first team mission was dealing with the troublesome GranLocomon and the Parasimon. After saving Rika, Guilmon and I merged to form Gallantmon Crimson Mode to exterminate those parasitic bugs. But, hey, who would've thought? I'd save my dream girl... wait. Did I mean to call Rika my dream girl? Heh, well, we've become really close friends and I've become one of her fiercest card dueling rivals.

Oh, I guess I admit... I still dream of Rika. There, you happy?

We were once again complete with our partners and life came full circle again.

I believe everything will turn out better for us this go-around."

Opening his eyes, Takato drew himself out of meditation and saw Guilmon sitting in front of him.

A smile adorned the boy's gentle face. "What'ca think, Guilmon? We're back together again."

"A-yep! Good to be able to live at home with ya, Takato!'

"And no more living like a caged animal. Now we can depend on you to eat the unsold and stale bread."

The friendly red reptile nodded happily. "They say I'm the perfect mascot for your shop."

"Heh, yeah. And they've been making plenty of money off you, Guilmon. The kids really like you."

"And they love the Guilmon bread, too!"

"They sure do," Takato said as he opened his sketch book, opening a page to a comic drawing of him and Guilmon fighting an group of aliens. "I still need to finish this drawing. What do you think, Guilmon?"

Takato held in front of him a sketch of himself and Guilmon on a remote planet battling evil aliens. Guilmon chuckled at the picture with the cutest giggle a child could ever hear. It was enough to bring a smile to Takato's face. "It's great, Takato! I can imagine you and I battling evil aliens! Yay! We'd be heroes!"

"Thanks, pal."

(End theme)

Suddenly, Guilmon sniffed the air and surveyed the park as families and children were taking part in fun leisure activities. He specifically sniffed out the scent of particular Digimon. There was a familiar odor coming from these scents. Guilmon quickly scurried off in a hurry, causing Takato to pick up his things and pursue his partner.

"Wait up, Guilmon!"

"I smell Terriermon and Renamon, Takato! Let's go!"

The goggle-wearing boy chuckled while catching up to Guilmon. Then, Henry and Rika are here, too. I wonder what they've up to. Knowing Rika, she's probably getting back into the Digimon card game. "I wouldn't mind having my rematch with you, Rika!"

"Then, I hope you're ready to duel with the Digimon Queen!" A girl's voice emanated from close by.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Ruki no Theme )

As Takato and Guilmon both came to an abrupt halt, they whirled around to find a girl standing at about Takato's height. Her prominent features were her fiery, orange hair tied back, beautiful soul-piercing violet eyes, and a tomboy wardrobe consisting of blue jeans, the full heart shirt, and red sneakers. Her usual cold glare was replaced with one of fiery passion as a confident smile curved over her face.

This was Rika Nonaka, the Digimon Queen and a tomboy who takes no for an answer.

"Rika! Fancy seeing you here!" The goggle boy greeted his friend and fellow Tamer.

"Sorry I haven't called or e-mailed back, but I was out in America with mom checking out some boring fashion shows. I could've responded, but you... got busy and lost track of time."

"That's ok, but you did tell me ahead of time before you left."

"Anyway, while I was in America, I took part in a new kind of dueling game."

"Is that new and red-hot Duel Monsters?"

Rika nodded as she walked up to Takato and Guilmon. "Yeah, and watched some really competitive duels. I'd daresay it's better than Digimon CG."

Takato blinked in shock. "Wow, really? I always thought Duel Monsters was just gonna be another wannabe Dungeon and Dragons rip-off game."

"It isn't a flash in a pain. It's catching on, Takato," Rika said, pointing this out. "The competition was something fierce."


"You thought that was something? I even saw Seto Kaiba there watching the duels."

"Seto Kaiba? THE Seto Kaiba?!" Takato's mouth dropped upon hearing this. He couldn't believe his ears when Rika dropped the name of one of the world's top Duelists. "The guy that owns KaibaCorp and the driving force behind the Duel Monsters franchise?!"

The red-haired tomboy added, fixing her sleeve. "Yeah, him."

"Looks like I'll need to catch on and start buying me a deck. I need to get involved in this!"

"You better," Rika smirked, folding her arms. "While Duel Monsters is catching on, I haven't quit Digimon card dueling. I'm still the Digimon Queen and I'm looking to reclaim my top position from Ryo."

Balling up his balls, Takato openly declared. "Well, I'm glad I found you! I've supped up my deck with some really good cards! I've been giving Kazu a run for his money in our marathon duels!"

Wearing a sly smirk, Rika offered. "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and duel a real challenge then?"


"I'm looking for any worthy challengers. Judging by your demeanor, you're awfully confident."

(End theme)

"Not if you include us Digimon!" A tiny, sardonic voice interjected between Takato and Rika, causing them to attentively turn around.

Recognizing the voice, Takato chuckled. replied to the girl's declaration. "Terriermon's still has his edge."

The voice emanated from a cat-sized, rabbit-eared dog with black beady eyes, long floppy ears, green markings embroidering his body.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Lee no Theme )

"You guessed right, Takatomon!" Terriermon remarked, giggling like a prankster

"Keep dreaming," a calmer tone coming from Terriermon's Tamer appeared before them. Takato and Rika watched as Henry Wong, a boy approximately their age.

The blue-haired boy wore an orange vest over a variant of a navy blue shirt coupled with black pants.

"Man, it's really feeling like old times," a giddy Takato looked around seeing familiar faces.

Rika sighed out of exasperation. "Have you lost track of time, dreamer? It's only been a few weeks. We've been hanging out nearly everyday before. We've just been busy lately."

Henry added as he approached his friends. "And my dad's been asking me to help install programs. Sorry, I haven't called back, but you need to call us every now and then."

The apologetic gogglehead chuckled while beckoning waves toward them. "Hey, whoa! Sorry, but I've been grounded myself after bombing a few school assignments!"

"Then, you should study more, Takato," a deep, feminine voice, which Rika quickly recognized, caught Takato by surprise.

"Renamon! Were you hear listening to us the whole time?" Guilmon asked as he spotted Rika's partner standing beside a tree near Rika's position.

Upon finding her, Renamon resembled a bipedal, yellow-furred box wearing a pair of purple gloves with the yin-yang symbols emblazoned on them. She narrowed her cyan eyes as they glistened. She phased off the tree and reappeared next to Rika.

"What's up for today? Another lecture on how boring our lives been?" Henry remarked.

"I really miss those days when we kicked Deva and D-Reaper butt. I wish I can relive those days!" Takato said dreamily.

"Well, you need a reality check. There hasn't been anything that has been too peculiar lately and I for one am glad," Rika said. "Besides, I wouldn't want to see any more suffering. Do you?"

(End theme)

Rika's quick reality check silenced everyone as they reflected back on the Deva incursion nearly two years ago. Then, how could they also forget the nightmarish fuel monster known as the D-Reaper, which nearly engulfed their entire home and came close to wiping out their entire planet. No sane person would, and should, for ever ask for another imminent threat from a new enemy.

Rika nodded, clarifying her case. "You see now?"

"Still, we could use a little bit more action," Takato stated. "You know to brighten up this boring day?"

"Let's be thankful for this," the redhead replied. "So, ready for a good butt-whoopin' in our duel? You said you can probably take me now, right?"

"Well, I didn't mean..."

"Get your deck ready, gogglehead! I'm mopping the floor with ya!"

Henry backed away, throwing his hands up. "You two settle it out. This is your duel."

"Oh, Takato and Rika dueling? This is gonna be a show!" Terriermon cackled as he climbed atop Guilmon's head. "Don't get cold feet, Takato!"

"Go, Takato!" Guilmon encouraged his confident Tamer.

"Rika will surely win," Renamon remarked. "No offense to Takato, but Rika did return from competing in a tournament."

"But, this is Digimon, not Duel Monsters!" Takato declared as he drew out his Digimon cards. Wearing an expressive look exuding confidence, the gogglehead shouted. "Let's do this, Rika!"

Suddenly, Renamon drew her attention from the forthcoming duel between the Tamers. She averted her eyes and probed a sinister vibe nearby, which suddenly relocated to a further vicinity. Rika noticed her partner's sudden distress and walked up to her.

"Rika, is Renamon, ok?"

"I don't know. Renamon, what's wrong?"

"I just sensed a dark presence…"

"Are you serious? What could it be?" Rika asked.

"What dark presence?" inquired Takato.

"I'm not too sure, let's all remain alert," Renamon advised everyone. "This could potentially be dangerous."

"Then, we'll look into it later," Takato said as he readied his cards. "Rika, I think we have a duel get to."

"You're on," Rika asserted, though unable to keep her eyes off Renamon.

I wonder why Renamon was so concerned. wondered Takato, observing Renamon's distressed demeanor. Whatever it is, it had Renamon spooked. This is something worth investigating.

Acting as the official color commentator, Terriermon announced. "Ready, Duelists? Get set and...!"

Rika and Takato shouted in unison, initiating their fated duel. "DUEL!"


Guilmon's Former Den/2:13 PM

Unbeknownst to the Tamers, a wicked vibe permeated through Guilmon's former den. Since the Tamers' Digimon returned, the space has since become unoccupied as Guilmon never required it to hide. They only ever gone back into the den to check on the digital port, which Guilmon buried with heavy layers of outside soil. This was a measure they used to prevent any intrusion from the Digital World. Since then, no Digimon has bothered to come out of the portal and bio-merge into the real world.

That was always the case, until today.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Digital Field )

After using precautionary measures, the evil spirit took full advantage of the peace time and emerged from his broken seal. With luck, he managed to locate a digital port taking him into the real world. Another plus for the evil spirit was he was easily able to pass through the dirt mound Guilmon piled over the portal.

Suddenly, a hand punched through the dirt mound. The hand looked as if it were bandaged up with a slight ghastly look. Another hand came bursting out with earth-shattering force. A dark lavender aura permeated through the mound. Then, a pair of crimson eyes burned through the darkness within the deep mound. The dark figure emerged from the hole, breathing deeply and hovered through the most darkened side of the den.

"Am... Am I finally in the human's world? Has it been year since my release?" The evil spirit mumbled darkly as he noted the sunlight beaming through the den entrance. Having spent a year and a half scouring throughout the Digital World, the malevolent being emerged from his broken seal, realizing now was his chance to explore the human world. He stopped, moving away from the sunlight beam. "I can smell them. The retched scent of those revolting humans... the Digital Priestess... a human... she's no doubt in this world... I must find and eliminate her... but first... must find... a suitable body to seal my soul in... and find necessary power sources to revive my body. At last, I, Lord Pharaohmon, have surfaced to reclaim my pride!"

With that, the spirit slowly levitated out of the den and faded behind the light while crossing over through the disclosed areas of the park's forest. He hid behind the darkness and waited for the inevitable nightfall coming in a few hours. By then, it would be perfect timing to locate a host to contain his wicked spirit.

(End theme)


Domino City/Outside Kame Game Shop/2:25 PM

Stepping out from his grandfather's game shop, the teenage prodigy, Yugi Muto, stretched his arms overhead and let out a relaxing sigh. Yugi has quite a unique hairstyle, like that of an octopus hairstyle. His hair was black with red tips at the ends, and there are streaks of lightning-shaped bangs coming down his forehead. Despite his outward grade school appearance, the boy was in fact a Domino City High School student. Hanging around his neck was the legendary Millennium Puzzle, which contained the spirit of an ancient pharaoh named Yami, who served as Yugi's spiritual guidance and partner. He already called up his friends from school and waited for them to come by to show them a new set of cards recently shipped in from America.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters OST –  Carefree After School )

"How's it going, guys? It's me, Yugi Muto, the King of Games. Boy, let me tell you. These past four months have been calm since the Battle City Finals ended in November. In the finals, it came down to me and Marik to determine the fate of the world. After beating Marik, Marik's evil spirit was vanquished for good and I've earned the right to hold all three Egyptian God cards. Not to brag, but they don't call me the world's greatest duelist for nothing. I earned my reputation beforehand with victories over Duel Monsters creator, Maximillion Pegasus, and previous Duel Monsters champion, Seto Kaiba.

Since Battle City ended, we've heard little from Kaiba except he's left for America and was on hand for an American Duel Monsters Tournament.

All traces of Alcatraz tower was destroyed as a way for Kaiba to retreat into America. Though, he had failed to gain the three Egyptian god cards, he and Mokuba went on live their dream of establishing the first Kaibaland Theme Park outside our home country. This was specifically to attract the kids, especially the orphaned children. You know, after getting to know Kaiba better, he does possess a good heart, after all.

Though, as peaceful as life's been, I'm still trying to figure out about Yami's past. What's his real name? And why was I chosen to be the vessel to contain his dueling spirit? Well, all those questions would need to wait, because today I'm spending time with my friends."

"Hey, Yug!"

Yugi quickly whirled around upon hearing his own name being called. He saw a brash-looking, blond-haired teen and walking along with him was a brunette girl, wearing shoulder length hair. These two, Joey Wheeler and Téa Gardner, are Yugi's friends and classmates from Domino City High.

"Joey! Tea!" Yugi called out, waving to his friends.

"Yugi!" Téa answered as she walked up and hugged Yugi. "We're starving. Wanna go and get something to eat first?"

"Yeah, I could go for some burgers!" Joey said.

"Sure thing. My grandpa just stepped out and closed the shop. He'll be back in an hour."

"Ok then, thankfully no dance classes for me," Téa said. "Our instructor fell ill. Too bad."

"Uh, when did you start taking dance classes?" asked a befuddled Joey.

"Since last week. Didn't I tell you?"

"Last week? Why doesn't anyone broadcast anything to me these days?!"

Téa sighed deeply. "You're always slow on the uptake, Joey."

Yugi chuckled at Joey's expense. "Oh calm down, Joey. Tea, I'm proud you're already taking dance classes."

"Dueling is just a hobby, but I've always leaned toward dancing as a serious career move. After we graduate, I'm planning to move to New York to look for a class there. I feel very optimistic about it."

The King of Games nodded, expressing approval for Tea's future. "We'll be there to support you, Tea. Just keep it up!"

"Thanks, Yugi," the girl smiled to her childhood friend.

Joey blinked, noting the lack of a certain member in their group. "Eh, by the way, where's Tristan? That doofus is supposed to be here!"

"He just called me and said he had work today," Téa added. "Sorry I forgot to tell you guys."

"No problem," Yugi added. "We'll be sure to give Tristan a call later. You guys won't believe the new cards we've had shipped to us! They're really neat!"

Joey laughed a bit. "More awesome than the three God Cards? Doubt it. You're really the King of Games as long as you've got those cards!"

"Yeah, but I never use them in friendly duels. Anyway, let's get going, I'm hungry!"

(End theme)

As the three friends walked off, they headed down a corner and headed for the nearest Burger World location. Though they decided against the one Téa once worked at for obvious reasons, which still holds bad memories for her. While they passed an intersection, Yugi had Seto Kaiba engraved in his mind right now.

"Joey," Yugi addressed to his friend.

"Yeah, Yug?"

"I've always wondered how Seto Kaiba has been doing."

Upon hearing his rival's name addressed, Joey scoffed. "Why do you have Kaiba on your mind?"

"I was just wonder how he has been."

"Didn't he leave to finish building that new Kaibaland Theme Park in America? And I heard he competed in a big American tournament."

"That's right, and all things considering I'm not surprised he won that event," Téa pointed out.

Yugi smiled as he turned, wearing an expressive grin. "I just hope he and Mokuba are doing well."

Joey finally gave into admittance. "He really annoyed the hell out of me and there were times I wanted to kick his snobby ass, but he's got my respect for building that theme park for those kids. Besides, he's a good brother to Mokuba. I can't hold him accountable for that, but I still can't stand him calling me a mutt!"

"I thought he called you a monkey?" Téa added.


Deep in meditation, Yugi closed his mind off from Téa and Joey. Kaiba, good luck to your future. I hope one day we'll have another duel where it tops the one we had in Battle City.

Suddenly, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle flashed and reacted, seemingly probing a peculiar and sinister vibe from afar. The ancient item already locked onto Pharaohmon's evil spirit. Yugi linked his mind with Yami's and communicated with him.


'Yugi, I'm sensing a dark power. I don't know what to make of it, but it's an even greater evil than even Marik himself.'

What? An even greater evil than Marik?

'Yes and we best be vigilant. This evil force might end up seeking all seven Millennium Items. It seems to be searching for a power source for fiendish purposes.'

Don't worry, Yami. Just like I helped you save the world, I've got your back. We'll face this new evil together!

'Thank you, Yugi.'

"Hey, Yug! Earth to Yug!"

"Huh?" The teen quickly snapped back to reality as Joey waved to him from a few feet away. "Oh, hold on! I'm coming!" He bolted off for Joey and Téa as they headed off to the nearest Burger World.


Shibuya District/Local Game Shop/2:33 PM

Bolting through a large crowd of people, a boy with a large orange hat was in a hurry to get to the local gaming shop to check out the latest gaming titles. Accompanying him was another boy, five years his senior, and just as eager to get to the game shop.

"Whoa, Tomoki! Stop!" The older boy called out, panting as he beelined through a crowd of people. Sheesh, that kid knows how to run!

"Hurry up, Takuya! Or else the lines for the newest Duel Monster decks are gonna get long!"

"This whole Duel Monster hype has been crazy since Battle City!" Takuya exclaimed.

(Cue Digimon Frontier OST –  Honoo no Theme ~Takuya no Theme~ )

"We made it!"

"About time… I need ten minutes to rest…" Takuya panted deeply, catching his breath while the eager Tomoki gazed through the front shop windows.

Tomoki wore a large orange hat, which concealed nearly his whole head. He wore white shirt garb coupled with yellow shorts reaching above his knees. His large shoes had green laces in between them.

Takuya wore a brown-green hat with a pair of goggles folded over the hat. He wore a red vest over a yellow shirt, which had an emblazoned black symbol on the front. He also wore brown cargo pants that reached below his knees and above the ankles. His hands were fastened inside a pair of light brown-green gloves. Takuya's shoes were a mix of fiery red and intense orange.

"Yo! It's Takuya Kanbara, former Legendary Warrior of Fire! Yep, you didn't mishear me. I said 'former' Legendary Warrior. Chill out and let me explain.

11 months ago, we, the Legendary Warriors, were fresh coming off saving the Digital World from the tyrannical Lucemon. We were chosen by Ophanimon, one of the Three Celestial Digimon, to restore peace and balance. Besides me, Tomoki, the kid with me, was a Legendary Warrior, too. I was the Legendary Warrior of Fire, Agunimon. Our powers were derived from the spirits of powerful elemental Digimon called Ancient Warriors. Acquiring their spirits, we became the Legendary Warriors through power of Spirit Evolution. Rather than being partnered with Digimon like those Tamers we've heard about in Shinjuku, we turn into actual Digimon and fight our own battles! That sound cool or what?

To restore the Digital World, we released the fractal code after merging our spirits to form Susanoomon, the driving force that led to Lucemon's downfall.

After we defeated Lucemon, the Spirits sent us back home. Without any more enemies, there was no need to fight anymore. We lost the powers of Spirit Evolution. Since then, we've been just chilling back and enjoying the peace time, but it really sucks having to go back to school! Luckily spring break is coming up in a few weeks, so it's all good."

"Takuya, what are ya idling for?! C'mon! The lines are gonna get longer!"

"Oh, right! I shouldn't be lolly-gagging! Takuya called back as he bolted inside the store with Tomoki. Upon entering the store, his eyes and mouth widened agape at the crowds and lines near the Duel Monster gaming section. "WHOA!"

"Whoa is right!" The younger boy's grin widened, clasping his hands as he jumped up and down. "I'm gonna buy either a Warrior or a Dragon deck!"

(End theme)

"I hope there's one with Fire-elements," Takuya added as he and Tomoki walked past the Playstation gaming section. Unlike the ecstatic Tomoki, Takuya didn't get the whole concept and rising popularity in Duel Monsters. Like others, he wrote it off as just another flash in the pan until the recent Battle City tournament, which drew and secured record-setting ratings. Merchandise sales rose over 40 percent more than prior to the Battle City event. It's already overtaken the Digimon TGC in less than a year and is approaching Pokemon's overall business. The Battle City event finally convinced Takuya to join in the Duel Monster craze. He couldn't resist urge, being a big gamer himself.

(Cue Digimon Frontier OST –  Koori no Theme ~Tomoki no Theme~ )

"Wow, look at these cards, Takuya! This is one I've been looking for!" Tomoki held up a card with a three-horned blue dragon monster.

Takuya examined the card and was quite impressed with the detail. "They make some pretty good cards."

"Yeah, this one is called the Tri-Horned Dragon! Its attack power is at 2850! This card is going into my collection!"

"And how many cards did you say you have?"

"Of Duel Monsters? I have about… 200, give or take."


"Not a big deal."

"It is if you spent up all your allowance on it!"

The child's proud smile broadened. "Nah, my brother kinda helped me build my decks and he gave me some cards he didn't need anymore."

"Now you've gotten me into this craze. I'm looking for a Fire-theme deck. Any suggestions where I could start?"

Tomoki scanned through the available beginner decks hanging on a wall. "Let's see here. You could go for some Pyros or Dragons. Oh, and there's this." As he pointed to each deck, Takuya surveyed each other and picked up a Pyro deck. "Hmmm."

"That's a good choice."

"Man, that Yugi Muto is the freakin' King of Games!" A Yugi fanboy shouted from the other side of the shop. "By beating the Duel Monsters creator AND champion, there's nothing who can stop him now! He's a living legend!"

Overhearing the claim, Takuya turned toward Tomoki. "I've learned a little about Yugi Muto. I hear he's the top Duelist in this country."

"Yeah, and he's still in high school! Can you believe that?!"

Takuya folded both arms behind his head. "High school, huh? And already the King of Duel Monsters?"

"Of games, period."

"Yeah, right, I get it, but he's the sole reason Duel Monsters is becoming the next big thing."

"A-yep, that's right!" Tomoki said. "Couldn't have a better figurehead than him! I've seen a lot of high school kids playing Duel Monsters. Even grown-ups are jumping on the band wagon!"

Scratching his nose, Takuya picked out the Pyro deck. "I'll give it a try then, but you teach me the basics, kid."

"You got it, Takuya!"

"Heh, you know, I wonder if Izumi saw me playing Duel Monsters."

"Are you kidding? She'll cheer you on! So would the others!"

Smiling with excited glee, Takuya was brimming with renewed confidence. "Then, if high school kids and adults can play, I'll gladly throw my name on the bandwagon!"

"That's the spirit, Takuya! We're gonna have fun having duel spars!"

Upon hearing this, every Duel Monster gamer and veteran coughed, snorting, and chuckling amongst themselves. Takuya overheard a few calling him a 'newb,' 'bandwagoner,' and 'cocky kid,' which didn't site well with the former Legendary Warrior of Fire.

"Why you... I'll show you arrogant players what I'm made of! Just wait until I really get serious!"

Tomoki chuckled as he pulled Takuya toward the front counter. "Relax, they're just trying to rib ya. You'll show them your dueling skills in no time!"

"My Pyro Deck is gonna cream whatever stupid decks ya'll got!"

(End theme)

Meanwhile, listening to Takuya calling out on the fanboy ribs, an attractively, cute blonde-haired girl wearing a red bow, giggled at the overzealous boy. She stood reading the latest Otaku Gamer Weekly Magazine with a Gran Turismo advertised front page. She was garbed and decked in a pair of blue jean shorts, a white t-shirt with 'Volleyball Queen' labeled on the front, and a pair of sneakers.

"Oh, those crazy kids and their card games," the blonde snickered while reading the magazine. One of the store clerks approached her, tapping her shoulder. "Oh?"

"This ain't a library, miss. Either pay or leave it."

"Sorry, yeah, I'll pay," she apologized as she walked toward the front counter. As she walked up, a white cat with a half-crescent moon on its forehead whispered to her, speaking in formal human speech.


The girl, Minako Aino, gasped and whispered. "Artemis... if they see you, we'll get kicked out since I can't bring animals in here."

"You didn't answer your communicator. Rei and Makoto have been trying to contact you..."

"Is something up?"

"That lady thief, Lady Psyren, was just spotted robbing a place storing Duel Monster cards."

"No really?! And I'm the one who proposed we catch her since the police can't seem to get her!"

Artemis nodded, sticking his head back inside Minako's purse. "...remember where your priorities lie. You wanna to catch her or not?"

Fueled with determination, Minako put the magazine down and bolted out of the store. "I'LL COME BACK LATER AND BUY IT!"

Everyone in the store watched as a giant dust cloud zipped along by as Minako dashed out in a hurry. Even Takuya and Tomoki were left bewildered at the speed the girl was going.

"Whoa, wonder why she's in a hurry for?" Tomoki wondered, blinking thrice.

Puzzled, Takuya scratched his head. "...yeah."


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/2:44 PM

Storming out of her front door, the Miko of Hikawa, the beautiful and fiery dark-haired Rei Hino, hurried out as her grandfather and Yuuichiro watched her leave. She didn't have enough time to acknowledge them and raced out in a hurry to catch up to where the last Lady Psyren sighting was confirmed.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST –  Flame Sniper )

As her communicator went off, Rei hastily drew it out and received a message from Minako.

"You just got the message now?!" The miffed Miko groaned as she saw a tall brunette girl running ahead. "Oh, Mako-chan!"

"Rei! Hey, girl! Glad you made in time!"

"Yeah, but can't say the same for Minako-chan."

"She's just leaving the Shibuya side, but don't worry. She'll get here!"

Rei quickly picked up the pace and held her Henshin stick. "Can't believe that stupid thief is at it again. Why are we even bothering with this?"

"Because Minako wants to take her down," Makoto said, resisting the urge to laugh.

"You're taking this awfully too lightly, Mako-chan."

The tall brunette replied. "Maybe cause I have nothing better to do? Ever since Minako-chan moved in with me, she's been out and about across town."

The Miko shuddered at the thought of living with the blonde. "I feel so sorry for you putting up with her."

Suddenly, Makoto and Rei's communicators vibrated as they received Minako's message. Upon reading her message, their eyes widened in disbelief. The two girls stopped and exchanged dumbfounded looks.

"She... beats us... to her...?" Rei and Makoto gawked at one another.

"Good day, everyone. I'm Rei Hino, the beautiful and popular Miko at Hikawa Shrine. You know me better as the Sailor Warrior of Fire, Sailor Mars. You might be asking, why are there just three of us here on active duty? Well, that's quite simple. Allow me to explain.

It's been nearly two and a half years since we stopped Sailor Galaxia and the Shadow Galactica. But, it's barely been a year since we graduated from high school. God, it's barely been a year and we're already of the legal age. Anywho, after we graduated, Usagi, me, Ami-chan, Mako-chan, and Minako-chan, gave each other bracelets as graduation presents. Each one bears our distinct uniform colors. Not so surprising, mine is red. These are friendship bracelets we swore to always wear until we all reunited again. Following graduation, Usagi moved to live with Mamoru-san in America while he finishes studying aboard in Harvard. Ami-chan, too, moved to America following graduation after being accepted into the University of California in San Francisco. She's making us proud by studying in a very prestigious school in the field of health science research.

Until Usagi, Mamoru-san, and Ami-chan return, it's just me, Mako-chan, Minako-chan, Haruka-san, Michiru-san, Hotaru-chan, and Setsuna-san to deal with local troublemakers. Lately, there's been a sudden rise of Youma activity and Setsuna-san has pointed to various doorways these Youma have breached from some demon realm. But, recently, rumor has it that some guy called a Spirit Detective has been given a duty to pacify these Youma.

Spirit Detective, eh? This just might be worth investigating.

But, who is this Lady Psyren, you ask? She's no Youma, but just a lowly thief wearing a distinct butterfly mask, completely concealing her identity. She's been infamously known for robbing Duel Monster cards and making a quick buck off them. I don't know why we have to resort to chasing thieves, but Minako-chan apparently wants to relive her Sailor V days. Well, no use complaining. We're closing in on the thief!"

"Ready, Mako-chan?" The Miko asked, drawing out her Henshin stick.

Makoto smiled, readying her Henshin item. "Let's take this thief down."

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban District/Local Smoothie Shop/2:50 PM

"Piss on this. All they got here are cold smoothies!"

Kicking open the door, a junior high-school aged delinquent boy stepped out wearing a slight scowl on his face. He had black red slicked back and wore a fitting jacket and blue jeans. He stormed right down a block, grumbling over the lack of decent service from the smoothie place. "All I asked for was coffee and they ain't even got that. Screw their smoothies. I'm not in a smoothie mood to begin with!" Suddenly, he heard a beeping noise in his left pocket and pulled out what looked like a make-up mirror kit. He opened it, revealing a cheer, blue-haired girl's face giving him the cutesy cat's grin. "Oh, hey, Botan." The teen responded with a deadpan expression.

"Oh, you could liven up and say... 'Oh why hello, oh smart, beautiful and sassy ferry girl Botan!'"

"What do ya want?"

"You can be such a buzz-killer, Yusuke Urameshi!" Botan scoffed on the screen. "Anywho, Lord Koenma has informed me to tell you that there's been another Youkai breach. A few Youkai gangsters are trying to steal some valuable artifacts imbued with mystic powers. You and Kuwabara need to head over on the double."

"I don't need Kuwabara to deal with a bunch of lowlife demons. Let me handle this..."

"Uh-uh! Where do you go hogging all the fun, Urameshi!" A loud, hoarse voice barked out behind Yusuke, nearly startling him. As Yusuke turned, a tall, orange-haired teen, garbed in a checkered shirt and jeans, approached him and waved over to Botan on the communicator. "Heya, Botan! Kazuma Kuwabara at your service!"

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST –  Kuwabara's Theme )

"Move over, doofus!" Yusuke snorted as he light pushed Kuwabara back. "Ok, he's here. We'll head over and check this out."

"I'll give you the coordinates right now. You two better follow and head on over on the double!"

The proud Kuwabara firmly saluted and nodded. "You got it! C'mon, Urameshi, we've got work to do!"

"Whoa, hey wait!" The grease-haired teen barked out as he pursued Kuwabara.

Before she could finish, Botan left one last message. "Wait, guys! I forgot to inform you... Hiei and Kurama... will be over there! I'm on my way there to check up on ya-Hey, wait! Boys!" Her connection was cut off as Yusuke folded the communicator and hurried off toward their destination.

"We don't need stupid coordinates if you can sense these demons out, Kuwabara!"

The orange-haired teen's grin widened. "Yeah! I've already got a lock on them! This way!"

"Hey, this is your unfriendly neighborhood delinquent and most dangerous punk from Sarayashiki Junior High, Yusuke Urameshi! What's been happening lately? Well for me, I'm just fresh off my most recent cases dealing with the Saint Beasts and saving Hiei's sister Yukina from the Toguro Brothers. Since then, there's been a hella lot of demon activity across town. Most of these demon activities have been isolated mainly in the Sarayashiki and Azabu-Juuban areas.

What's my occupation? I'm Spirit World's Spirit Detective and work under a toddler. Yeah, you heard me right... a toddler named Koenma. Believe me, you'll get a good laugh when you try picturing an all-seeing deity whose the size of a baby and wears a pacifier. On top of being Koenma's Spirit Detective, I'm the disciple of the ol' granny Genkai. I'm the overall top badass on this side of Tokyo and wielder of the Spirit Gun.

My sidekick beside me is my worst rival and friend Kazuma Kuwabara. He's got a better spiritual awareness than me, and he's got a pretty mean weapon called the Spirit Sword. Oh, and don't tell Hiei this, but Kuwabara's become such a love sick puppy when I bring up Yukina. But, that's a story for another time.

That cheerful girl you just saw on the screen is a a ferry girl of the River Styx, or so she claims to be. Her name is Botan, and she's the most unlikely "Grim" Reaper you'll ever meet.

Then, there's Kurama and Hiei, who Botan just mentioned. Kurama, also known to his family and companions as Shuichi Minamino, is a fox demon taking on a human identity. Hiei is a fire demon with a mysterious past, and he's got plenty of issues with me and Kuwabara. Both were my enemies before, but now work alongside me to crack the latest cases. Koenma put them up to it to keep them in line and prevent them from being locked up in Spirit World.

So, here we are, on our way to take down a few low-level demon thugs. Piece of cake, we'll have this job done in a hurry! This is will be a great way to enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon breeze!"

"Look ahead, Urameshi!"

"I see them," Yusuke grinned as a familiar red-haired teen garbed in a purple school uniform and a shorter, dark-haired demon in black were blitzing over a rooftop. "Looks like the four of us are gonna have ourselves quite a picnic with some demons."

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban District/Outside a local game shop/Alleyway/3:10 PM

"POLICE! LADY PSYREN HAS STRUCK AGAIN!" A shop owner roared out, trying to call out for the local authorities to receive his distress.

As she bolted out through the backdoor of the card shop, the infamous masked lady thief, Lady Psyren, carried a bag of precious and collectors' jewels in a small handbag. She hurried through an alleyway and picked up the pace, making sure she had completely left any local authorities from finding a trace of her.

"I've already have enough these. I can just sell this over to my bidder," the overly confident female thief smiled, speaking with a thick French accent. "Once I pawn these off, I'm off to duel in America and avenge my loss to you, Mai Valentine!" As she turned a left corner, she abruptly put on the brakes and stopped. She face contorted with shock and distress as three figures barricaded her path. "Ugh, you three again."

The three figures stepped forward, revealing themselves as teenage girls garbed in Sailor Senshi-esque attires. They wore the trademark colored fukus, sailor colored tops, the back bows, and the embroidered chest ornaments.

"Yeah, it's us again, Lady Psyren!" The blonde-haired Senshi, Sailor Venus, reproached the thief. "You got away from us last time, but you won't be so lucky!"

The raven-haired Senshi, Sailor Mars, heatedly pointed to Lady Psyren. "If I were you, I'd hand over that bag. Your stealing days are over."

The tall brunette, Sailor Jupiter, dropped into a fighting stance and fiercely stared the thief down. "Unless you want to pick a fight with us?"

"Oh please, you've failed to catch me and I've always managed to one-up you three time after time again," the overly confident thief said, wearing a devious smirk. "You're considered legends in this country and saved the world from evil, but you can't even catch one lowly thief like me? I must say that kinda puts a damper on your reputation, dears."

Sailor Venus growled as she charged ahead. "This time I'm taking you in, thief!"

"Nah, sorry," Lady Psyren chortled as she opened her hand and threw down an explosive ball, which threw up a giant smoke screen.

"Look out, Venus!" Mars cried out.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Shuugeki! Soshite... )

As the smoke covered the area, Sailor Venus was blindsided and left coughing. Lady Psyren, covering her mouth, dashed through the smoke and bolted across the alley with her loot. Suddenly, a flame shot shot across and blasted the ground, stopping the masked thief in her tracks. Hastily moving back, Lady Psyren whirled around as Mars and Jupiter jumped over the smoke screen. They landed and closed in, preparing to catch her.

"You have nowhere to go this time," Jupiter remarked. "Give up."

Irked by the thief's slick nature, Mars bolted across and prepared to sweep Lady Psyren off her feet. The thief jumped over Mars' kick and pressed a button on her right hand, which fired a rope out of a slot on her left wrist band and ensnared Mars, pinning her down and hog-tying her bondage-style. Ignited with fury, Jupiter stormed across and balled her left fist. Before her fist could connect, a door quickly slid up as seven demons garbed in suits stepped out carrying bags of loot. Abruptly taken aback, Jupiter and Lady Psyren jerked back from one another as the demons interceded their path.

"DAMN!" Jupiter cursed as she dropped into a fighting stance.

Startled by the demons, Lady Psyren hollered out and ran off. "Lucky break! Au revoir, sweeties!" However, as she looked back, she noted the thieves looked grotesque and demonic. "Yuck, but who were those weirdos in the suits?" She shrugged and ran off through another alley pass. "Not my problem."

Once the female thief left, Sailor Jupiter faced down the five gangster demons carrying their loot filled with artifacts.

"Well, well, look what we got here, boys!" A fat, pink-skinned demon gangster chuckled, biting down on a cigar. "It's those famed Sailor Senshi we be hearing about!"

A tall, gray-skinned snake-like demon hissed, chortling a sick laugh. "Want me to rough them up for ya?"

"It's better if we fight them together. As silly as they look, they're tough and they can easily kill us individually," a moderate-sized orange demon, dressed in green Armani suit, added. "After all, they were actively involved in stopping Sailor Galaxia and her crew. And those gals ain't no joke."

"Too bad we're the new bad guys in town! First we kill the legendary Sailor Senshi and then those blasted Spirit Detectives!" A stocky, green-skinned demon, wearing a purple Armani, laughed and snorted like a pig. "We'll be collecting two hefty big rewards!"

The leader, a moderate-sized human-looking demon dressed in a white Armani, walked up and drew a katana. "Killing the Senshi and Spirit Detectives? We'll become legends across the Youkai Underground!"

"Pfft, typical Italian mafia wannabe demons," Jupiter snorted, standing her ground. "I'll take ya all on!"

"Jupiter! Venus! Ugh, somebody untie me!" Mars snapped as she tried breaking loose. Then, she ignited the ropes on fire and freed herself. "There!" As she sprang to her feet, she watched as Venus dashed through the smoke screen. "About time you made it."

Venus scanned around. "Aw, crap! She got away... again?!"

"Yeah, but we got bigger fish to fry," the Miko Senshi furrowed her brows, narrowing her eyes coldly at the demon gang. "More Youma scum, eh? This shouldn't take long."

"Just who the hell are you guys? And what's in the bags," Jupiter demanded a quick answer.

The seven Armani-garbed demons struck a tacky pose simultaneously and shouted. "WE ARE THE ARMANI DEMON GANG!"

As the demons indirectly introduced themselves, the Senshi trio weren't overly impressed and sweat-dropped.

"Kill these bitches dead, boys!" The leader cried out, heatedly pointing toward the Senshi.

(End theme)

As the Armani-wearing demons charged ahead, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter readied their attacks. Then, within the blink of an eye, a blue stream of energy blasted through the leader's head, leaving a hole in between his eyes. As the leader was dropped dead, the demons frantically turned as they saw Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei standing from the other end. The demon gang frantically looked around as the Detectives and Senshi sandwiched them in between.

"That was a warning shot," Yusuke snickered while blowing on his finger, like he just fired a gun. "Next time, it's gonna be all your asses."

Kuwabara grinned as he brandished his Spirit Sword. "C'mon and get some of this, punks!"

Drawing out his sword, Hiei prepared to cut down the demon gang to ribbons.

Kurama slowly drew out a thorn whip from his red locks and lashed it to the ground, which startled the thieves.

From the other side, Mars readied a bow and arrow forged from her flames. Jupiter's fists crackled with electricity. Venus whirled a chain of hearts around, firmly standing her ground against the demon gang.

"RETREAT!" The leader, with a hole still through his head no less, sprang to his feet and screamed like a coward.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST –  Phage Comes Attacking!  (1:15-2:32))

"Not a chance! Mars Flame Sniper!" Mars shouted as she fired an arrow toward the demons, blasting the ground near them as they were blown across the alleyway.

As the demons were knocked across the alley, Yusuke jumped in and punched the leader, cold clocking him out. Kuwabara swiped at the snake creature and batted him against the wall. Jupiter lunged forward, punching the green-skinned demon, dazing and knocking him out in one shot. Venus and Kurama tied up the orange and pink demons with their chain/whip. Hiei took out the last gang member with a quick swipe of his sword, cutting the gang member's chest open as he collapsed.

With the Armani Demon Gang taken out with quick succession, the Senshi and Detectives had finally crossed paths. Both sides faced each other, reluctant to make an advancement toward each other. Mars, in particular, probed Youki directly from Kurama and Hiei.

(End theme)

Kuwabara gasped. "Guys! Look! Can you believe it? It's really them!"

Hiei snorted. "Them, who?"

Kurama answered for his demon colleague. "We're meeting the legendary Sailor Senshi for the first time, Hiei."

"The Sa-" The fire demon stopped, vaguely frowning at the Senshi and measured their powers.

"Thanks for giving us hand there, girls," Yusuke said, checking over the three and their fukus. "You actually walk around with skirts that short? Don't your asses freeze or something?"

Offended by his remark, Mars and Jupiter blushed while Venus couldn't resist laughing.

"Well, he is right, guys!" Venus vividly laughed aloud. "Why are our fukus so short?"

"That's besides the point," Jupiter folded her arms, still blushing.

"Anyway, you're welcome, but are you guys those Spirit Detectives we've been hearing about lately?" The blonde curiously approached the young men.

Scratching his head, Yusuke was abruptly caught off guard. "Whoa, hey! How did you guess?"

"Well, besides the bad guys giving you guys away, we had it pretty much figured out," Mars openly pointed out. "And we also have our outside sources."

"What outside sources do you mean, woman?" Hiei shot an intense glare at Mars, who didn't too kindly to the demon's assertiveness.

Mars verbally dissuaded the fire demon. "That's none of your concern, demon."

"Easy, Hiei," Kurama whispered to the fire demon, meticulously studying Mars and the ofudas she has hidden inside her suit. "That Senshi in particular is a Miko."

"I know that..."

"I'd watch what I say with her..."


"BOYS!" A cheery girl's voice emanated skyward, which attentively drew the Senshi and the Detectives above them. While waving to them, Botan descended from the skies riding on her oar. "Oh...? Well, isn't this a surprise! I can't believe the boys would run into you!" As Botan hopped off her oar, she ran up and greeted the Senshi trio. "Sailor Senshi, it's an honor to meet you!"

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST –  Botan's Theme )

"Did she just fly down on an oar?" Jupiter asked, noticing the oar floating behind the ferry girl.

Botan walked up and shook Mars' hands. "Thanks so much for helping these boys take down the Armani Demon Gang. They could've gotten away stealing those artifacts, but you all saved the day!"

"Uh, gee... um, no problem?" A speechless Miko Senshi stared blankly at Botan, unsure what to even say otherwise. "It's what we do best."

"Besides, we were fighting a common enemy! These Youma are just asking for trouble!" A proud Venus interjected, taking in all the glory for herself. "It's a pleasure showing these boys how we deal with freaky demons!"

Kuwabara blinked. "Gee, that blonde is so oblivious, isn't she?"

Yusuke quickly interceded as he stood between Botan and Mars. "Yeah, yeah, we appreciate the help and all..."

"Oh, Yusuke, don't be so rude!" The blue-haired ferry girl miffed at the Spirit Detective's brashness.

The lead Spirit Detective smiled and extended his hand to the Miko. "Thanks for helping us there. You girls aren't half-bad."

Venus jumped right in as she shook Yusuke's hand for her friend. "Oh, Mars is just shy... here, you can shake my hand! I was the one who led them here on the chase for those demons!"

"Really? Oh, gee, thanks!" Yusuke offered a stupefied grin, shaking Venus' hand, much to Mars' utter discontent.

"Ve... Venus... you're taking all the credit... now that's just selfish," the brunette shamefully nodded, shrugging her shoulders. "And we were chasing a different thief beforehand."

"Regardless who lead the attack, thank you, Sailor Senshi," Botan said. "Now, we'll be confiscating these criminals."

"Thanks again, Senshi! You girls kick butt!" An overzealous Kuwabara said.

As Mars and Hiei gave each other cold glares, Venus brought her friend back to reality and patted the Miko's back. Alarmed, Mars turned and saw her two cohorts preparing to depart.

"Hey, let's work together again sometime!" Yusuke waved to the Senshi.

Waving back, Venus concurred with Yusuke's sentiment. "You bet! Maybe when more Youma show up!"

"Right," the Miko mumbled as she dashed ahead and followed her two friends through the alley.

Watching the Senshi's departure, Kurama carefully analyzed them and memorized their attack patterns.

"Looks like we might have some new allies, Hiei," the red-haired demon added with a playful smirk. "Doesn't sound fun?"

The fire demon merely turned his back to the Senshi's direction, scoffing. "Yeah, right."

"The Miko obviously knows we're demons, Hiei. She doesn't take too kindly to our presence."

"Obviously, but that's not important. Did you sense that ominous vibe from earlier?"

Kurama acknowledged what Hiei alluded to, folding his arms. "You, too? Yes, now that we must stay vigilant."

"Boys," Botan addressed the Spirit team after tying the unconscious demons with rope restraints. "I'm glad I was able to get you four together. To put it bluntly, I believe an alliance with the Senshi will benefit us in the future and I will have a talk with Koenma."

Thrilled with the idea, Kuwabara added with a grin. "Now that's an idea! We'll clear up these streets of nasty demons quicker!"

Hiei scoffed. "Don't get your hopes up. I'm not aligning with a group who has a Miko on their side."

Botan beckoned a finger and reprimanded the fire demon. "Now, Hiei, wherever one of them is a Miko shouldn't matter. Just as long as you don't provoke them into a fight. We're trying to forge a working relationship with them!"

"Damn, you're just as passionate about this as Kuwabara," Yusuke teased the fiery-eyed ferry girl.

"What if I am? Besides, taking down these demon gang members is nothing... not compared to the possibility of a new enemy lurking about."

The Spirit Detective blinked thrice, befuddled by Botan's vague hint. "What new enemy?"

"Is it related to that sinister vibe I've been feeling since we got here?" asked Kuwabara.

Nodding, Botan clarified and jumped straight to the point. "Listen up, boys, because it's imperative we get better prepared for this big new case."

(End theme)


The Sailor Senshi trio raced across the alleyway until they jumped over a wall and took a minute to recollect their thoughts.

Mars asserted, steadily standing up. "So, what do you guys think?"

"About those Spirit Detective guys?" inquired Jupiter.

Venus added, stretching her arms over her head. "Ah, well I think working alongside them is a good idea. With Usagi-chan, Ami-chan, and Mamoru-san not around, we could use help stamping out these random Youma."

"Besides, Haruka-san, Michiru-san, Hotaru-chan, and Setsuna-san haven't contacted us lately," the tall brunette suggested. "We should let them know and see where they stand in all of this."

"Good point, and recently I've had visions," Mars confessed to her friends. "Very ominous visions related to a possible new enemy and my senses have been acting up. It can't be a coincidence."

"No, and your senses are always accurate," the blonde-haired Senshi said.

Folding her arms, the firm and astute Miko declared. "Guys, even if two of those Spirit Detectives are demons... I'm willing to put aside any differences and work with the Spirit Detectives. What's your assessment on that?"

"I approve!" Venus quickly chimed in.

"Let's do it, but I suggest we take one step at a time," Jupiter offered.

Mars smiled. "All right then. It's settled. First thing I'll need more confirmation on this new evil's whereabouts. Whatever it is, and wherever it's origins link to, I don't like it."


Shinjuku District/Cain Corp/Board Room/8:30 PM

As evening fell, a wealthy family, known across the boards as Vincent and Elizabeth Canebrook, are owners of a widely known American Gaming Company called Canebrooks Industries.

Vincent Alan Canebrook resembled a middle-aged man, wearing azure hair, shades, and wore a full body trench coat suit coupled with a cane he carried with him. Elizabeth was a lively blonde woman, wearing a sparkling blue dress and white high heeled shoes. hey arranged to meet with Cain Bearer, CEO of Cain Corp, Dartz, president of Paradais, Jeremiah Grand, business consultant and friend to Dartz, and Mitsuo Yamaki, head of the Hypnos team, to debate on the situation regarding the Juggernaut Program debacle and the D-Reaper incident over a year ago. The business meeting was initially Grand's idea. However, just as the topic shifted over to the Sailor Senshi, the mood abruptly changed for the worst and Cain got into a heated verbal exchange with his financial partners. The meeting quickly escalated with Cain erratically chastising on the couple's continued insistence to honor the Sailor Senshi of their heroics and good deeds for the world.

"NO! I absolutely refuse to acknowledge those monsters as good-willed people!" Cain bellowed and insinuated the couple for their rampant support to bestow the Senshi an honorable statue in their name.

Vincent berated the erratic Cain Corp CEO. "Cain! You need to get over the fact your wife died because of an indirect attack by a terrorist! Those brave young ladies did all they could!"

Elizabeth gave a pitiful look to the defeated and broken-minded man. "We're sorry for Mei's unfortunate death, but I think she would've wanted for you to support the Senshi in her honor. Don't you think?"

"No... they took her from me! Those monsters are just pretending to be heroes until one day... they'll convey their true colors and attempt to take control of our planet!"

Dartz quickly stood up form his seat, reprimanding the broken CEO. "Mr. Cain, I think we're better off calling this meeting adjourned!"

Jeremiah sighed, shaking his head shamefully at Cain's expense. "He's been like this... what for almost three years now?"

"Two and a half to be precise," a brown-haired young woman sitting beside Jeremiah answered.

"I can always rely on you with your accuracy, Sharon."

"Everyone, I suppose Cain isn't coming back," Yamaki addressed everyone as Riley walked over and handed him his coat. "This meeting is adjourned then."

After offering his apologies to the Canebrooks, Yamaki took a moment to discuss his concerns regarding the Juggernaut and Hypnos' underhanded activities prior to the D-Reaper's incursion. Yamaki knew he couldn't get himself into even more hot water with the couple as they are one of Hypnos' official sponsors for recent projects. Their previous partnership was with KaibaCorp, but had since severed ties with that specific corporation since Seto Kaiba's recent departure to the U.S.

"I see we have an agreement then," Yamaki stated.

"We left Kaiba Corporation to continue pursuing your company and sponsoring your projects," Vincent reproached the head of Hypnos. "You never informed us about using the Juggernaut Program. At least the public hasn't gotten on our case."

"Listen, everything has been under control since the D-Reaper incident," Yamaki replied. "We've been restructuring. We've completely dismantled the Juggernaut Program."

"That's fine, Yamaki, but we have ideas how we can help with the remodeling. We'll do our part, now you and the team do yours," Elizabeth promptly stated.

"Understood, Mrs. Canebrook," Yamaki stated.

"Let's go. We're heading out to the nearest hotel," Vincent turned to his wife, gently taking her hand and lead her out of the board room.

Dartz walked toward the door, turning his view as Jeremiah and Sharon walked up behind him. "Well, that was quite a night. What do you think think of Cain's descent?"

"I really do pity that man," Jeremiah added, sighing deeply. "He can't seem to let it go. It's a shame my meeting had to devolve into another one of Cain's Anti-Sailor Senshi campaign. What a mess."

Offering Jeremiah his business coat, Sharon asserted. "I don't blame him. He has gone through a mental breakdown since losing his wife."

"He should apply support for the Senshi. They've done nothing but good for our city," Dartz replied. "I'm digressing, but there's those Digimon I've been hearing about..."

Yamaki and Riley walked past Dartz, Jeremiah and Sharon, leaving them behind. Dartz closed the door and adjusted his business attire before facing his two business partners.

"Let's call it a night. I'll see you two tomorrow morning."

Jeremiah nodded in response. "Fair enough. I hope I'll never see Cain act the way he did again. That's not how a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company should present himself."

Unbeknownst to the business partners, the dark spirit of Pharaohmon crept past outside a window and faded into the background, leaving obscure traces of his hollow presence.


(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Zone Digital )

Quietly roaming across the street block from the Cain Corp building, Pharaohmon's spirit idly hovered around in search of a host container.

"Must… find… host... Can't go on… without... a host..."

Just then, the haunting presence probed a living presence within the vicinity. The spirit immediately swerved around and caught a long, white limousine parked outside the building. Inside the limo was a blue-haired teenage boy wearing a long-sleeved green shirt and blue jeans. He was playing with a hand held Game Boy Advance. Then, he heard an eerie breeze blowing outside the limo. His eyes caught the sighting a shadowed presence floating toward a street corner. Naturally being a curious boy, Lance stepped out of the limo, albeit even against his parent's orders, and followed the shadow.

"Hello? Anybody there?" The teenage boy asked while walking up closer. As he stopped, he felt a cold chill blowing against him, making him quiver and folding his arms around his body. "Hello?" Before he headed over to his family's limo, a raspy voice crept up behind the teen. As he whirled around, a mummified hand reached out and grabbed him.

"AUUUUUGH!" The boy sent out a blood-curdling scream while the evil spirit merged into him. His loud cries were abruptly silenced once the merger became complete. Pharaohmon's evil spirit found the host he was searching for. Lifting his head, he readjusted himself and grinned evilly, chortling. "Most excellent. I thank you, Lance Canebrook. Now that I've acquired your body, I've scanned through your memories and have learned all there is to know about you. Ah, yes, I've found a body full brimming with youth! I can maintain my form and build up my strength until then. Nobody will suspect my arrival." I'll deceive this boy's family and gain access into this secret system they call Hypnos. From there, I will hunt down Earth's greatest energy sources. I must find them to increase my power and allow me to kill the Digital Priestess and return to the Digital World to exact my revenge on the Sovereigns! I, Lord Pharaohmon, will not be denied revenge!

Lance's eyes burned red, wearing a sinister grin, and muttered a dark incantation. He lowered his hands, which imbued with dark purple light as they produced a portal under his feet.

"Arise my children. It's time for my creatures of the night to begin their feasting!"

With that, large, leathery brown eggs popped out of the portal and unfolded like flower petals, releasing large beetle-like creatures wearing distinctive blue emblems on their backs.

"Arise, my Scarabmon. Begin the hunt and report back once you've located plentiful energy sources to empower my spirit. Show no mercy to any who opposes you! Now be off, my soldiers!"

The Scarabmon swarm opened their wings and glided off, beckoning screeches to each other as they scoured over the Tokyo skies.

Unbeknownst to the Scarabmon, a certain yellow-furred fox quietly observed the eventful and startling revelation of Pharaohmon's host acquirement. For the first time since the D-Reaper incursion, Renamon conveyed uncertainty regarding this new enemy. She feared the worst has yet to come and vanished from her position. Renamon scurried across into Shinjuku Park and headed toward a shortcut route, leading her back to the Nonaka family shrine.

That was... that was him! Anybody but THAT monster! Rika and the others have to be warned! This is an enemy we've never faced before... one that is purely evil.

(End theme)


Earth/Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/March 2, 2003/11:30 AM

Following last night's uneventful experience, Renamon relayed everything she witnessed to Rika, Takato, Guilmon, Henry, and Terriermon. Naturally, they were astonished by Renamon's terrible discovery of an impending and imminent enemy. The prospect of facing a new enemy after a year of downtime was disconcerting to the Tamers. However, they weren't going to let up and allow this new threat to endanger their peacetime, which they've earned after disposing of the D-Reaper and the Parasimon.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST -  Sousa )

Determined to face the new threat, Takato outright proclaimed. "This isn't anything new with us. We've dealt with evil before."

"You're wrong, Takato," Renamon quickly corrected the firmly resolved. "Other than the Parasimon, the Devas were strictly following Zhuqiaomon's commands. The D-Reaper was a computer program that merely carried out its primary functions. This creature that's arrived... is the truly evil. There will be no reasoning with it. We must engage this new enemy whatever it takes! He will take what he can obtain to conquer both worlds! His spirit requires nourishment before releasing what I believe will be his true form."

"So, he's taken a human hostage as a vessel? That's gonna be hard for us to get through," Henry pointed this out to his team.

Rika nodded. "Agreed."

"How powerful will he get if he acquires these energy sources he's seeking?" asked the curious Tamer leader.

The yellow-furred vulpine made it painfully clear. "I dread that possibility, Takato. You can't imagine the kind of monstrosity we'll face if he acquires the necessary power to revive his full power."

"So, what's this creep's name?" Terriermon inquired.

"Renamon. You can't keep this a secret. Who is this heartless monster?"

Renamon answered bluntly. "Pharaohmon, a Mega-level during his prime. I've only heard stories of his reign of terror prior to the D-Reaper's first appearance in the Digital World. He was an evil and powerful priest in his day, and challenged the Sovereigns' authority over the Digital World. But, it seems he's been freed from the seal he was contained in many digicycles ago. I couldn't tell you how this happened, but... he's our current problem and him possessing a human boy doesn't make it any easier for us."

"A boy's body? Did you at least get a description?" Takato asked.

"I was unable to. Pharaohmon must've traced my whereabouts and concealed his presence, leaving me completely blind to his whereabouts."

"Whoa, if he can do that, Guilmon won't be able to sniff him out!"

"Well, he's not playing fair, Takato!" The red reptile snorted, blowing smoke through his nostrils, conveying his irritation.

Takato stood up, garnering his team's attention. "We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled then! If Guilmon and Renamon can't sense them, we'll have to use our eyes to track them!"

"And there's no telling when these Scarabmon servants of his will turn up," Henry said. "They, too, could be concealing their whereabouts to throw us off."

"This really sucks for you two, huh?" Terriermon walked up to a distraught Guilmon and a disappointed Renamon. "Eh, not like I can sense them any better either."

The Digimon now have a daunting task of locating the Scarabmon, inheriting Pharaohmon's concealment magic to mask their presences from even the keenest sensors. They might as well be handicapped animals with their extrasensory perceptions rendered useless.

"Well, guys, we have our work cut out for us," the gogglehead proclaimed yet didn't yield to the challenge awaiting them. "But, hey, that hasn't stopped us Tamers before, right?"

"Oh yeah! You got it, Takato!" Guilmon chimed in, supportive of his Tamer like always.

Rika folded her arms, turning to Renamon. "We'll begin scouring through the park and near the bridge."

"We've got some ground to cover, but we can manage," Henry replied.

Renamon acknowledged the plans. "Then, we're all set."

"Tamers! Let's go find us a Pharaohmon!" Takato declared as he and the Tamers stormed through the park, initiating the search for the evil Digimon priest.

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Near Shinjuku Bridge/11:47 AM

Near the Shinjuku Bridge within the heart of the city prefecture, the assembly of Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Téa Gardner, and Tristan Taylor emerged on their stop. They turned while viewing the Shinjuku Bridge situated several yards from their direction.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Sound Duel OST –  Battle City )

"So, tell me again what are we doing here?" the pointy-haired teen scratched his head.

"We're here because Yami foretold me of an evil presence in Shinjuku last night, Tristan," Yugi confirmed as he looked over his Millennium Puzzle. "He claims it might be an greater evil than the spirit that possessed Marik. We need to be very careful, guys. Oh, and did you guys bring y'alls decks like I asked?"

"Sure," Joey replied as he drew out his cards. "But, why do we need 'em for? It's not like we'll need to duel this freak show."

"Yami has instructed me to bring my deck. I figured you guys should heed Yami's warning and do the same. I have no idea what he's planning, but we can believe in him."

"We understand," Téa replied. "All we need to do is find anybody acting peculiar, and I don't mean finding crazy drunkards."

"Like that guy over there!" Joey pointed out to an obvious whiskey-drinking beggar.

She said in a matter-of-factly manner. "I rest my case."

Chortling, Yugi added. "Téa just said drunkards don't count. Leave the poor guy alone, Joey."

"Hey, I was just testing ya!" Joey scratched his nose as he pivoted his view on his friends. "But seriously, shouldn't your spirit be like... y'know... sensing him or something?"

"That's just it. He hasn't been able to trace any evil vibes anymore," Yugi answered quickly, gazing over his puzzle with concern. "Maybe this guy's able to block out his presence from Yami. We'll need to search carefully and stay together."

"Sounds like a plan," Tristan added and turned, catching a familiar face walking out of a fashion clothes store. His eyes widened as he saw it was a lavender-haired girl wearing a distinct yellow ribbon. "Oh...! Miho!"

Hearing her name called from afar, Miho surveyed and turned toward the source. She saw Yugi and company standing on the opposite end of the street.

"MIHO! OVER HERE!" Tristan called out to the lavender-haired girl, who responded by waving back.

Téa called out to the aforementioned teen girl. "MIHO-CHAN!"

"GUYS!" Miho called back as she raced across the street, carrying a shopping bag. "What brings you here?"

"Just in the neighborhood," Joey replied, grinning widely.

Yugi added. "It's good we'd see you again outside classes."

"Yeah, me, too," Miho replied, greeting her friends and classmates. Being the kind hearted, sweet girl, she greeted them each with hugs. "I was just out shopping. Where you guys heading?"

"Um... well..." Joey and Tristan stammered, trying to hide the truth regarding their reason for being in Shinjuku.

Yugi vouched for everyone and spoke up. "Just walking around."

"Oh, then, can I join ya'll?" Miho asked.

"No... I mean, we're..." Yugi stammered, unable to bring himself to lie to their sweet friend.

"We rarely see each other outside classes anyway."

Téa replied as she took Miho's hands. "Sure, but you'll need to stick really close to us. We're out investigating."

"Investigating? Like what...? Oh, are you guys out researching some crime case? Oh, I'm totally so in!"

The boys nervously chuckled amongst themselves, which drew a confused look on Miho's face. Téa dismissively shook her head and helped her carry her shopping bag.

"Just don't tell anyone what we're doing, ok?" Téa asked her female friend.

Miho shook her head, smiling. "Sure. I always keep secrets!"

Yugi, Joey, and Tristan sighed with relief, once again drawing a befuddled and awkward stare from Miho. Téa turned and cleared her throat, quickly putting the boys in line. Yugi walked forward and proceeded to lead the group forward.

(End theme)

Ugh, man. This is going to be more trouble than it's worth. I just hope Téa can help deal with Miho. The Battle City champion mused, carefully looking over his left shoulder. The last thing we need is for Miho to get too deeply involved in this.


Quietly observing the Duelists crossing the street, a disguised Scarabmon, wearing brown coats, followed them vigilantly. Underneath his hoods, gleaming red eyes turned and surveyed the crowded prefecture.

"Intriguing. That boy has an artifact. This may suit to my master's needs. I'll have to keenly watch this group closely."

Suddenly, the Scarabmon whirled around as he saw a familiar yellow-furred fox leaping over him. Luckily for him, his concealment magic allowed him to go undetected by Renamon's extrasensory perception.

My master was fortunate to have given us his share of his own power. Those wretched digi-fools can't even probe our positions. Now, onto crucial matters, for Lord Pharaohmon.

The Scarabmon jumped right off the rooftop and landed into an alleyway. He seized this advantageous situation and slowly blended behind the crowd of people, slowly approaching the Duelists. His eyes fell directly on Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, which hung and dangled right out for the insect to analyze.


Making a giant leap across another rooftop, Renamon landed on a billboard and quickly scanned the district. This is getting irksome. It's as if I'm looking for a needle in the haystack!


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/12:05 PM

After yesterday's run-in with the Spirit Detectives, the Senshi trio took the time to recollect their views on the particular group. They assembled outside the shrine just as mid-day arrived. Rei sat outside on her porch while Makoto, Minako, and Artemis gathered near the stairs. They discussed the matters over what they should do with Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei. Minako and Makoto seemingly had no problem with receiving aid from the Detectives, but Rei herself was still in doubt due to Kurama and Hiei. Sensing their Youki put the Miko at unease.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST –  Minako's Ambition )

Artemis offered his stance on the situation. "It's really up to you, girls. But, personally, I think it'll benefit us greatly if we let them help us clear up the rising Youma presences."

"Heck, those guys had spirit powers!" Minako said with awe. "I don't see any problem aligning ourselves with them!"

"Yeah, besides, we helped take down those demons," Makoto added. "Everything worked out well in the end."

A reluctant Rei sat, weighing in her options. "Haruka-san and the others have been out of contact for a while. And we're mostly the ones patrolling this side of town. The question is how often those guys turn up around here."

"I've done some very intricate and thorough surveying lately," Artemis confessed. "It seems these Spirit Detectives have just started investigating this side of Tokyo. That all started a little less than a month ago when the Youma numbers picked up."

Minako asserted. "That's a sure coincidence. Just then these freaks show up, these guys turn up on out turf."

"I'm a little less trusting toward those two members in particular," Rei carefully pointed out, referring to the redhead and the sword-wielder. "My senses doesn't lie. I sensed demon energy from them."

"But, they were helping us take care of those demons," Makoto said.

"Yeah, but you know how I am working alongside demons!" Rei spat out, shooting an angry and intense glare toward Makoto. She quickly relaxed and dismissively nodded. "Sorry, I didn't mean..."

The blonde idol-in-training added. "It's ok, Rei-chan. You're a Miko and teaming with a demon is a bit contradictory."

"It's not that I don't trust them, it's just... well... it's a forbidden concept for a demon and a Miko to be on the same side."

"Eh, I don't know. It's worked in InuYasha, right?" Minako asked upfront to her dark-haired friend.

The Miko blinked and scoffed. "That's a manga and anime story. This is reality, Minako-chan."

"So, what have you decided?" Artemis inquired, awaiting the girls' immediate answer on possibly forging an alliance with the Detectives.

The trio faced one another and gave firm nods, quickly answering Artemis in little time.

"We'll give them a chance," Minako firmly answered. "If things don't work out, we'll break it off."

"Now we'll just need to know where they'll turn up next," Makoto proposed.

Rei folded her arms and nodded. "Yeah, let's start by looking for them today. I'm sure to sense those two demon teammates of theirs easily."

"Say, Rei-chan, about that evil source you sensed," the blonde-haired former idol collectively recalled her friend's claim of sensing Pharaohmon's evil spirit from yesterday. "Can you sense that source anywhere now?"

"Sorry, but it's suddenly vanished without a trace. But, it's highly and unusually stronger than a normal Youma. Whatever it is, we'll need to remain on alert should it ever resurface."

Makoto and Minako initially responded in unison. "Got it."

Sighing deeply, Rei looked up toward the skies, visualizing Usagi, Mamoru, and Ami in her mind. "If only... I wish Usagi, Ami-chan, and Mamoru-san were here. Things would be much easier."

"Same with Luna," Artemis added. "But, we'll have to carry the slack from here on."

"Hey, why don't we go out and start looking for them? But, first, I could go for some ice cream!" The ecstatic blonde jumped and licked her lips at the savoring thought of consuming a cold refreshing dessert. "That should really hit the spot right now!"

Rei chuckled. "Sure, sure, I guess we could do that." Suddenly, her extrasensory ESP activated, alarming the teenage girl as she jumped off her porch and pierced a cold stare toward the shrine steps. Minako and Makoto closed in and approached her, noting her distressed look. "Guys..."

"What is it?" Makoto inquired. "Did you just sense those two demon guys?"

"No, it's not them... there's multiple malevolent presences outside the shrine," the Miko confirmed as she closed her eyes and scanned the perimeters around her grandfather's shrine. She picked up the closest two, but they quickly moved away from the shrine and relocated to a new vicinity. "They're gone, but I sense they've relocated somewhere outside Azabu-Juuban."

"Where did they move to?" curiously asked Artemis.

Minako approached the Miko. "Rei-chan?"

Concentrating, the dark-haired Senshi swerved her direction and locked on their current positions. "They've relocated in Shibuya!"

"Then, we should go," Makoto insisted.

"Agreed, let's go and investigate this," Minako said.

Rei calmly opened her eyes and concurred. "Let's check this out, guys."

(End theme)


Shibuya District/Away from Shibuya Train Station/12:22 PM

Having relocated themselves from Azabu-Juuban, the cloaked Scarabmon pair stormed off past the train station and headed toward the direction leading to Shibuya's local public park. However, many people watched the cloaked duo and seemingly were befuddled by their suspicious activities. In fact, amongst them was a young boy wearing long dark hair tied in a ponytail, and garbed in a blue long-sleeved shirt coupled with black pants, and had a blue bandana tied over his head. Granted, even if he didn't have an extrasensory ability like Renamon, Guilmon, and Rei do, he could easily discern suspicious activity from his own eyes. He headed off and followed the cloaked duo into the park.

"What are those guys up to? They're not very subtle," the boy mumbled as he slowly followed the cloaked Scarabmon. "Hmmm..." The park? But, why?

(Cue Digimon Frontier OST –  Attack the Frontier )

Just as he approached the park gates, he turned as Takuya and Tomoki running toward him. Much to his relief, he waved out to his two days as they hurried over to greet him.

"Kouji! Well, isn't this great timing, buddy!" Takuya said. "What's up?"

"Nothing all that's considering," Kouji replied, giving the two a firm and serious glare. "I noticed two suspicious characters sneaking into the park."

"Oh, and what did they look like?" Tomoki curiously asked.

"I couldn't tell. They wore cloaks that completely concealed themselves..."

The former Warrior of Flame replied. "Cloaks that covers them completely? Yeah, that's suspicious all right, and they had their faces concealed, too?"

Kouji added. "I did say completely concealing themselves."

"Well, shoot," Tomoki sighed while holding a soccer ball in his hands. "I was gonna play soccer with Takuya today."

"That can wait, Tomoki," Takuya said. "Are ya up for some investigating?"

The former Warrior of Ice's slight frown was replaced with a genuinely excited demeanor. "Oh, boy! Now that sounds even more fun!"

"Then, no use in us idling here," Kouji said as he raced through the park entrance. "C'mon!"

"Yeah, yeah, we're coming! Slow down!" Takuya exclaimed as he and Tomoki stormed of after their friend. "Stay close behind me, Tomoki!"

"Right!" The boy called out while picking up the pace and ran as hard as he could.

As Kouji reached the shadiest part of the park's forest, he saw that the cloaked individuals entered this disclosed area. By the time he arrived, the cloaked Scarabmon were gone and nowhere in sight. Miffed, Kouji cursed under his breath.

(End theme)

"Damn, they're gone!"

"Hey! Did you find them?" Takuya asked as he and Tomoki ran through some bushes into the disclosed forest area. "I barely saw them pass into here!"

"No," Kouji remarked. "I'm beginning to think these guys might not even be human or they might not even be of our world."

"What are you saying? They couldn't have come from the Digital World?" The gogglehead inquisitively wondered. "But, that portal should've been sealed the moment we came home after kicking Lucemon's sorry rear!"

"What makes you sure there couldn't be another door leading in and out of the Digital World? I bet there's another one somewhere."

"You're nuts, Kouji!" Tomoki exclaimed.

"They couldn't have been Digimon. Otherwise, they would have attacked us by now."

Turning around, Kouji's expression conveyed somberness. "That's just the thing. Why didn't they attack us?"

"So, what do we do now?" wondered the younger boy of the group.

"I say we wait until they come out again," suggested the leader. "We have all day. They should come back out."

"It's too bad we don't have our spirits anymore," Tomoki sighed deeply, feeling completely powerless without his Ice Spirits. "Then, we could've stopped these cloaked freaks."

"I know what you mean, dude," Takuya replied. "Say, you know where Junpei is?"

"I haven't seen him or heard from him in months," Kouji quickly added, answering Takuya's concern. "We've been pretty much split since coming back from the Digital World. I've only been hanging with my brother, Kouichi."

"How's he been?"

"He's doing good and we're pretty much getting closer as a family."

"That's really good to know," said Takuya. "Ok, we'll start our search. Since these guys might be airborne, we have to keep our eyes to the skies. I just hope they're not Digimon as you claim, Kouji."

"It's a possibility. C'mon, there's no time to waste."

With that, Kouji continued scouring through the park. Takuya and Tomoki followed after their friend to be witnesses to what could be the first clues relating to their new enemy.

Just then, unbeknownst to Takuya, his cell phone in his pant pocket gleamed a red shining area. A familiar symbol related to the Legendary Warrior of Fire was emblazoned on the phone screen. Then, inside the phone, a familiar-looking artifact materialized from out of fractal code data. The artifact turned out to be Takuya's own H-Hybrid Spirit, which was readily available for Takuya again in response to Pharaohmon's threat.


Shinjuku District/Near Shinjuku Bridge/12:26 PM

The Tamers were unsuccessful with their search. Ultimately, Renamon's claims were accurate in regards to the Scarabmon's concealment abilities. Even if they contacted the other Tamers, they would still face an arduous task of searching out any peculiar characters.

"Takato, it's going to take us days if not a week!" Henry griped. "Even if Renamon's claim of their concealment powers are accurate, we're still looking for two little needles in a giant haystack. Tokyo might as well be one giant haystack!"

"Yeah, but Renamon said she did sense a few ominous presences," Takato replied as he and Henry ran across a sidewalk corner. "Then, those sources just went up and vanished. I think these guys still leave some faint traces of their whereabouts."

"I hate having to look with my eyes!" Guilmon pouted. "I can't even pick up their scent! But, I am hungry for a peanut-butter and banana sandwich!"

"Can't stop thinking of food, huh?" Terriermon snickered.

Just then, the boys turned to find Rika racing towards them. Renamon materialized before them with a perturbed look. It was obvious that they've failed to locate the Scarabmon clan's whereabouts.

"I'm guessing you didn't have any luck?" Takato asked.

"Ugh, these things are just toying with us!" A irked Rika snapped. "They probably know we're looking for them and they're blending in with this city. They could be anywhere!"

"So, we're dealing with a bunch of chameleons here. It's a clever trick on their part," Henry said.

"We're basically screwed, especially if Renamon can't find them," muttered Takato as he surveyed their encompassing area. "How can this be too hard even for us?" He turned and watched a crowd of people past them. "They could easily blend in with these crowds and leave us in the dark. Where are these freaks?"


As Yugi and his friends crossed through an intersection, they were being spied upon by two other cloaked Scarabmon. They stood motionless and completely out of their sight while examining the Millennium Puzzle hanging around Yugi's neck. The insect warriors relayed telepathic messages to each other. Then, they sent a distress message to their fearless leader Pharaohmon.

Yes, my brethren. Now is the perfect opportunity to take that ancient artifact and hand it to our Lord Pharaohmon.

First, let us wait until we draw them out into an isolated area. We'll easily crush them without outside distractions in our way.

Shall we report this to Lord Pharaohmon?

Yes, he has every right to know. I'll send a distress signal.

As the Scarabmon forged their telepathic links to Pharaohmon, the horde leader directly relayed the latest status report to Pharaohmon himself.


Shinjuku District/Local Hotel/Floor 8/12:30 PM

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Kyodai Kuukan )

Lance stood out from his family's hotel balcony and looks out to the beautiful blue skies. The wind blew Lance's hair across his face, which forced him to push his hair back. Just then, he initially responded to his minion's distress signal.

Lord Pharaohmon. We have wonderful news to report.

Lance closed his mind from the outside world and replied to his minion. Go on. What did you find?

We've located a boy with a group of his comrades. He seems to be wearing an artifact and there is a ancient power from within. It seems to grant him mystical powers akin to the nature of your own. I do believe this ancient power has possessed the boy's body.

An evil smile adorned Lance's face as he evilly chortled. Is that so? How auspicious of him to arrive at the opportune time and place.

Would you mind if we enacted our move and take the boy's artifact?

Yes, we must act quickly. I'm not too certain if my spirit will stay intact within this boy's body. These humans do not provide the best source of energy, which may be a greater hindrance to my well being. Do not fail me.

Suddenly, Lance's mother abruptly interjected and cut off his train of thought.

"Lance, honey! We're about to go shopping! I'd really like if you joined us!"

"Um, I'm coming mom!"

"Well hurry it up. We've got a lot of shopping to do."

Lance scowled with his back still turned to his mother. Foolish woman. Once I gain that artifact, she'll die a rather slow, painful death. What a beautiful way to die!

(End theme)


Shibuya District/Shibuya Park/12:45 PM

As they arrived at Shibuya's public park, the Senshi trio and Artemis stopped exactly where Rei's intuitive perception led them. They surveyed around the park for any suspicious activities or characters that would draw out their immediate attentions. Thus far, there was nothing which required further investigation. Unbeknownst to them, they were being careful observed by three cloaked figures sitting concealed in a tree. They picked up traces of extraordinary energy sources from the Sailor trio, which piqued their interests.

"Sense anything, Rei-chan?" asked Minako.

The dark-haired Miko answered with a dismissive nod. "No malevolent presence here. One minute they were here, and then the next... gone!"

Irked, Makoto carefully scanned the park. "Seems quiet here. No suspicious activity as far as I can make out."

"Maybe we were wrong?" wondered Artemis, sniffing the air.

Watching the girls drawing near their location, the concealed Scarabmon conversed telepathically.

Their powers are quite adequate, my brethren. Pharaohmon will be pleased once we give him their power.

It will just be one step from Pharaohmon regaining his godly stature.

It's time we pay these disgusting humans a greeting from Lord Pharaohmon's camp!

"Humph, well, anyway," Minako scoffed as she pulled up her chocolate ice cream cone. "All this running around is making my mouth parched!" As she readily bit into it, one of the cloaked figures appeared behind Minako and intentionally bumped into her, causing her to fall and drop her ice cream on the floor. She angrily turned and snapped at the cloaked figure behind her. "ASS! Watch where you're going!"

Alarmed by the cloaked figure's entrance, Rei, Makoto, and Artemis sprang back while heatedly glaring him down. Minako picked herself off the floor and walked up, barking at the cloaked figure's face.

"You're gonna pay for that, jackass! That was MY ice cream you spilled!"

"MINAKO-CHAN!" Rei and Makoto cried out as the two other cloaked Scarabmon materialized behind Minako.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST –  Aku no Shutsugen )

As they tried ambushing Minako, Rei and Makoto ran up, striking them with elbows that knocked them back. Minako whirled around and nailed the third cloaked Scarabmon with a spinning back kick, sending him sailing next to his colleagues.

The cloaked trio quickly recovered and got back on their feet.

"Sheesh, all I asked as for you to pay me back for my ice cream!"

"That's hardly important, Minako-chan," Makoto remarked, dropping into a battle stance against the cloaked Scarabmon.

Fiercely glaring down the cloaked figures, Rei growled toward them. "That malevolent energy I sensed came from you three. Who are you? Why attack us?"

The middle cloaked Scarabmon snickered in response. "Sorry, ladies, but we regret to inform you... we want your energy."

"Energy? Just what are trying to play here?" Makoto demanded.

"This!" The trio shouted in unison as they promptly removed their cloaks and unveiled their true Scarabmon selves. Upon witnessing the fight and the appearance of monsters, the park witnesses began fleeing as the girls stood their ground to readily confront the Scarabmon.

Delighted with the human fear, the left-hand Scarabmon chortled evilly. "Ah, I just love the screams of fear. Brings music to antennae."

"Bugs, yeah, not what I was hoping for," the blonde-haired idol-in-training remarked.

"Who are you?" Rei inquired.

The Scarabmon trio passionately exclaimed simultaneously. "We're Scarabmon, loyal servants to Lord Pharaohmon."

Makoto wondered, oblivious to the evil priest's existence. "Pharaohmon?"

The right-hand Scarabmon proclaimed. "We sense you wield powers necessary to harvest our lord's recovery. You will surrender your energy to us."

"And if we refuse?" Rei asked.

"Then we shall take them by force, human trash," the middle Scarabmon hissed while dropping into a battle stance.

"Wait, Pharaohmon? Scarabmon?" Minako pointed out. "Their names end with -mon. That makes them one of those Digimon we've heard about and encountered in Shinjuku about two years ago! Remember?"

Artemis added. "Then, these freaks aren't Youma."

"Youma or not, we're up to the task of getting rid of these guys," Makoto said, drawing out her Henshin stick.

Following Makoto's lead, Rei and Minako hastily pulled out their Henshin sticks. Befuddled by the girls' items in hand, the Scarabmon trio called out on their immediate actions.

"What's this?" questioned the middle Scarabmon.

Rei retorted against the Scarabmon's threat. "Talk is cheap, bugs! You've messed with the wrong girls! The Sailor Senshi are ready to take you down!"

The right-hand Scarabmon spat out. "Sailor Senshi?"

(End theme)


Just as the heated skirmish between the Senshi and Scarabmon was set to commence, Kouji, Takuya and Tomoki passed through the undergrowth while the fleeing crowds passed them. They turned toward the source of the lively commotion. To their surprise, they spotted three teenage girls standing off and facing the Scarabmon.

"Look at that, guys!" Takuya whispered, watching the heated face-off.

Tomoki asserted, shocked the notion of girls fighting monsters on their own. "Those three girls are gonna fight those freaks?!"

"Whoever they are, they don't know who or what they're dealing with," Kouji said as he noted the cloaks laying across behind the Scarabmon. "See? Those cloaks? Those three bug-looking things are definitely our culprits and I have a hunch they're Digimon!"

The goggleboy contested his friend's claim. "But, what makes you so positive?"

"Well, it's like I said, it's just a hunch, Takuya."

"Guys! Something's about to happen!" Tomoki cried out. "Those girls... they're holding items in their hands!"

Before the Legendary Warrior children knew it, the Senshi's Henshin instruments lit up and completely engulfed the area with a bright flash of magical, colorful light,which engulfed the three girls. The Scarabmon were blindsided by the light as they watched the teenagers transform into magical girl warriors before their eyes.

"No... way... you're kidding me..." Takuya muttered as he, Kouji, and Tomoki watched in bedazzlement. What they were about to experience would completely twist their minds around forever.


Shinjuku District/Near Shinjuku Bridge/12:48 PM

Meanwhile, the other Scarabmon quietly made observations over the Duelists. They remained still while hiding in an alleyway as Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, and Miho passed through. One of the Scarabmon beckoned to his colleague and instructed him to initiate the first strike. A Scarabmon jumped out and punched the ground, which startled the Duelists. As the Duelists turned and faced the cloaked Scarabmon, the creature tossed a concrete block toward Yugi. Yugi evaded the incoming block and let it smash into pieces behind him.

"Yug! Are ya ok?!" Joey called out to his friend.

"I'm fine!" Yugi shot an intense glare at the cloaked man. "What's the big idea throwing that at me?! Who are you?"

Miho clung to Tristan, who held her close. "What's going on? Tristan?"

"Stay close to me, Miho," he said, holding onto his purple-haired classmate.

Téa cried out. "Who is he, Yugi?"

"I don't know, but I believe we might've found one of culprits behind that malevolent presence Yami sensed!" Yugi said as his Millennium Puzzle produced a golden light, which surrounded him. "No one gets away with trying to endanger me and my friends! YU-GI-OH!" Upon summoning the spirit of the pharaoh, the young teen's innocent disposition was replaced with the firm and determined demeanor of Yami himself. Yami heatedly directed his view toward the cloaked Scarabmon. "You made a mistake instigating a conflict with me. The sinister vibe I'm sensing from you comes directly from that evil source I sensed the other day. Tell us upfront who you are and who it is you're working for?!"

(Cue Megaman X4 OST –  Egregion Sky Lagoon Boss )

Taken aback by Yugi's abrupt change in appearance and demeanor, Miho watched in bedazzlement. "Yugi... what just happened to him? There was a golden light and then..."

"It's along story, Miho, but you see the necklace with the artifact over his neck?" Tristan pointed out. "Well, it's hard to believe, but inside is the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh named Yami. He's been... well... a spiritual guide and partner with Yugi. Yeah, I know... it all sounds weird. We didn't want to believe either."

Fascinated with Tristan's story, Miho's view turned back on Yami. "Amazing..."

As the cloaked Scarabmon straightened his posture, his two other colleagues walked out of the alleyway. They stood their ground and faced the Duelists. Joey quickly raced up to Yami's side, providing his friend with necessary backup.

"You guys are bringing back ugly memories of the Rare Hunters!" Joey exclaimed.

Yami repeated himself, but for the last time. "Who are you and what do you want?"

"We're here to take that ancient artifact around your neck. It's energy shall be necessary to sustain our master's spirit."

"Take the Millennium Puzzle? I've had enemies attempt to do so for their own evil deeds and they failed."

The middle Scarabmon interjected as he slowly advanced toward the Duelists. "Yes, but Lord Pharaohmon wishes for the artifact to be handed to him. In order to ensure that, we can't let you or your friends off the hook. Hand it over!"

"Over my dead body!" Joey snapped as he stepped right up to the middle Scarabmon. "You'll have to deal with me and Yug first!"

"Very well," the Scarabmon trio answered with earnest, but just as they initiated their first attack...

...the Tamers and their Digimon returned to the area to find the cloaked Scarabmon standing off with the Duelists. Guilmon and Renamon quickly sensed malevolent presences from the cloaked insects, which alarmed their Tamers right away.

"Yeah, that looks like suspicious activity!" Henry remarked.

Rika nodded. "About time we found something, at least!"

"Let's move!" Takato barked as he stormed off ahead. "Thank goodness. We don't have to look for them anymore!"

"We must be cautious!" Renamon warned the group as she and Rika raced up behind Takato and Guilmon. "They're more dangerous the the Devas. They all share Pharaohmon's wicked power."

"We'll take care of them, Renamon," the tomboy Tamer reassured her Digimon partner.

Once the Tamers reached the exact bridge spot where they battled Musayamon before, they caught up to where the Yami and Joey were preparing to engage the Scarabmon.

Takato looked over to Guilmon. "Guilmon! We're definitely going to need Growlmon for this!"


As the Tamers arrived at the bridge, the Scarabmon sensed an approach closing behind them. They turned as they saw the Tamers heading toward them, closing off their path.

"Ah, we have uninvited guests," a Scarabmon asserted, pointing out to the obvious Tamers' arrival. "And they have Digimon partners? Seems they're Tamers."

Taking note of the Tamers approach, Yami turned his head and gasped. "Tamers?" As in the Digimon Tamers of Shinjuku?! He and his friends watched as the Tamers and their Digimon got in between them and the Scarabmon trio. "You... you must be the Digimon Tamers I've heard a lot from the reports."

"We're just your local heroes," the Tamer leader said, looking over to Yami. "Hey! You're Yugi Muto, winner of the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City events! This is an honor!"

"Hello, gogglehead! We're here on an important task!" Rika snapped and returned Takato to their current dilemma. "Stay focused!"

"Sorry, but couldn't help let a little fanboyism out," the goggleboy remarked with a confident smile. He shifted his attention over to the Scarabmon.

"So, these are the wackos you're telling us about, Renamon?" Terriermon asked.

"Yes and we must be cautious," Renamon advised warning to her colleagues.

The other Duelists were abruptly in awe at the Digimon Tamers' shocking arrival. Like Yami, they hadn't expected to be graced by their appearance. This was, to say the least, an honor to meet the Tamers in their local side of Tokyo. Joey, Tea, Tristan, and even Miho were speechless.

"Never thought I'd say we'd be teaming with the Tamers," Tristan said.

Téa added. "I'll say!"

Miho nodded. "Yeah..."

Joey grinned like he just won the lottery, snickering with delight. "Talk about our lucky day, Yug. We're actually teaming with the Tamers."

"Indeed, this is quite the honor," Yami replied as he turned and noticed Takato standing side by side with him. "Boy, do you know who these people are?"

"Sorry, but one of our Digimon believes these guys are working for some evil creep named Pharaohmon," Takato replied.

"How fortunate for you all to challenge our lord's power," the middle Scarabmon announced to the group. "I see various sources of potential energy are isolated within this area. As you can see we're contained in a dome, just call it a shadow barrier. To make sure no bystanders distract us, we can fight it out to our heart's content." He pointed to an obvious black dome that shaped and materialized over themselves and the heroes.

(End theme)

As the Tamers and Duelists noticed the black dome, Miho clung onto Tristan while Tea, Henry, Terriermon, Rika, and Renamon were unhinged by the darkness surrounding them.

"Now, let us begin," the middle Scarabmon issued.

"Why do you seek my Millennium Puzzle?" the Pharaoh demanded an clear answer.

"It's simple. With every powerful ancient artifact, our master's power will grow exponentially. This way he won't see any necessity in acquiring energy from countless filthy humans. He's rather procure all the power he can get his hands on through ancient artifacts and energies from empowered humans."

"Your master's no different from the evil spirits I've encountered before,"Yami replied, gritting his teeth as he boldly glared at the Scarabmon trio. "Together, we shall crush you! Behold the power of my Millennium Puzzle!"

With that, Yami's puzzle produced a bright golden aura, which flashed through his card deck. More golden beams were produced from his puzzle and sprinkled over his friend's decks.

"By tapping into the power of my Millennium Puzzle, we can unleash our most powerful monsters! Joey! Tristan! Tea! Now!"

With that, the trio drew each of their favorite cards. Joey drew out the Flame Swordsman. Tristan summoned his Cyber Commander. Téa brought out the Dark Magician Girl. After watching her friends summoning monsters one after another, an alarmed Miho fell back, dropping her shopping bags.

"W-W-W-What's going on?!" Miho stammered aloud.

"Miho-chan! Get behind us!" Téa called out as she pulled her friend off the ground.

Tristan and Tea's monsters barricaded them and Miho from the Scarabmon. The Tamers were taken aback by the summoned monsters brought to life by Yami's Millennium Puzzle magic. Before it was all said and done, Yami summoned his trademark monster the Dark Magician.

The Pharaoh openly declared, beckoning a loud and epic cry. "Behold these four have come to life with the power of my Millennium Puzzle! Your lord has a lot to learn as far as knowing the in-depth true behind it's mystical power."

"Intriguing turn of events," the middle Scarabmon chortled underneath his hood. "Now we have every reason to obtain your artifact."

As his mouth dropped, Takato couldn't believe his eyes. He wasn't sure whether the fact Yami used his puzzle's mystic power to turn the monsters real or that Yami summoned the Dark Magician up close.

"Like whoa... am I seeing things? I thought they were supposed to be holograms…" Takato was awestruck with the turn of events.

Guilmon discreetly noted. "They sure are real."

"That's because they are!" Henry cried out. "I don't want to believe it, but that Yugi kid used some form of ancient power to summon the monsters to life!"

The gogglehead cried out. "Man, this is so cool!"

Rika quickly asserted. "Takato! We're going to have to send our Digimon out to battle."

"If these things are stronger than the Devas, then they will need to evolve into their ultimate forms!" the Tamers leader proclaimed. "Guilmon! Let's show 'em what WarGrowlmon is all about!"


"I'm ready to kick some tail, Henry!"


"Let's do it."

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST –  Evo )

The Tamers trio drew their blue cards and slashed them through their D-Arks. "Card Slash! Evolution!"

"Guilmon... Shinka! Growlmon!/Growlmon... Chou Shinka! WarGrowlmon!"

"Terriermon... Shinka! Gargomon!/Gargomon... Chou Shinka! Rapidmon!"

"Renamon... Shinka! Kyuubimon!/Kyuubimon... Chou Shinka! Taomon!"

Abruptly caught off guard by the Tamers' Digimon's evolutions, the Duelists witnessed the Digimon floating side by side their Duel Monsters. WarGrowlmon walked up beside Dark Magician, who was five times smaller than the giant's entire leg. Rapidmon flew over next to the Flame Swordsman. Taomon floated behind Cyber Commander and Dark Magician Girl.

"Whoa, they are the Tamers!" Joey exclaimed, recalling the instances of seeing these exact Digimon via televised sightings. "I remember seeing these guys fighting a giant pig and that red jello thing!"

"Yeah, and they just so happen to be right in front of us!" Téa exclaimed.

Takato turned toward Yami Yugi and added, smiling. "Since we seem to have a common enemy, how about we take these freaks down together?"

"I couldn't have asked for an unlikely alliance to work out in our favor," Yami accepted, shaking Takato's hand. "We both have common interests."

Joey sneered and taunted the Scarabmon. "How about that, ya hooded freaks? We're kicking your butts to the curb!"

"Such big talk from a group of children," the middle Scarabmon snickered as his colleagues jumped forward and removed their cloaks. "Very well! You leave us no choice but to kill you all right now!"

"Stand firm guys!" Takato and Yami shouted in unison.

With that, the Tamers and the Duelists readied their positions. WarGrowlmon and Dark Magician stood at the forefront next to their partners. Rapidmon, Flame Swordsman, Taomon, Cyber Commander, and Dark Magician Girl waited behind the two leads, preparing for an imminent engagement with the Scarabmon trio. Miho huddled behind Tristan and Tea, slowly taking a peek over to the heated face-off.

"When you guys said investigation... I wasn't expecting this..." The purple-haired girl closed her eyes, turning her head away while standing behind Tristan. I feel so cold. This dark dome thing is giving off some weird vibe... is this really some crazy magic... no,just a dream or something? Right. I'm just dreaming!

"Get ready to meet your downfall, cowards!" Yami bellowed as he pointed toward the cloaked trio. "Dark Magician, engage!"

Takato shouted. "WarGrowlmon, go!"

Following their partners' commands, the large cybernetic reptile and the magician advanced forward, preparing to meet the Scarabmon trio with combined brute force.

The middle Scarabmon added with a chuckle. "And so it begins."

(End theme)


Shibuya District/Shibuya Park/12:52 PM

(Cue Sailor Senshi Transformation Mars/Jupiter/Venus Themes)

The three girls drew out their Henshin sticks, roaring out in unity as mystical energy spilled out from their devices and washed over their bodies. and each of them calls out their official transformation cry.

"Mars Crystal Power! Make-Up!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power! Make-Up!"

"Venus Crystal Power! Make-Up!"

The Sailor Senshi trio stood in line formation, standing firmly as the mystical energies from their devices empowered and imbued them with superhuman abilities.

The Scarabmon trio were bewildered by the girls' instant transformations, which piqued their intrigue over procuring their rich Sailor energy.

"Ah, so these are the powers of a Sailor Senshi," the Scarabmon trio mumbled simultaneously. Yes, this is simply what our master requires.

"Sailor Mars!"

"Sailor Jupiter!"

"Sailor Venus!"

"We're the Sailor Senshi, and here to vanquish you!" The Sailors shouted altogether.

"In the name of Mars..."

"In the name of Jupiter..."

"In the name of Venus..."

"...we will punish you!"

(End theme)

Sailor Mars immediately wasted no time and pulled out her ofuda. "C'mon!" She shouted and ran up, throwing three ofudas, which the Scarabmon barely managed to evade. "Damn!"

"Ugh, whatever those were... they would've sealed us!" The right-hand Scarabmon hissed.

The middle Scarabmon scowled. "We won't be trifled with!"

Sailor Venus retorted toward the insects. "You messed with the wrong ladies, freaks. It's payback time for my ice cream!"

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST –  Phage Comes Attacking  (2:34-2:59))

Sailor Jupiter spun around, shouting and summoning a bombardment of sharp leaves. "Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" Venus blew a kiss, which releasing energy-imbued heart bombs at the Scarabmon.

Summoning a bow and arrow out of wild fire, Mars gathered them into one hand. "Mars Flame Sniper!" She let loose and launched a fire arrow toward the insects.

"SCATTER!" The Scarabmon flew up, but the combined attacks managed to knock them afar.

"Whew! Got them!" Venus celebrated prematurely.

Mars added as she focused ahead and watched the Scarabmon recovering from their falls. "It's not over, guys. We still need to finish them off!" With that, the Sailors stormed off to continue their fight with the Scarabmon.

Artemis called out, chasing after the girls."WAIT UP!"

Closely observing the Senshi's battle with the Scarabmon, the Legendary Warrior boys were enthralled with the eventful scenes. Of all the people they would've expected, they never expected three teenage girls to be legendary vigilantes of Tokyo who've saved the planet from various planetary and galactic threats. Most of all, the boys had now just seen the Senshi in their civilian identities transform, which could lead to disastrous results.

"Man, that was so cool!" Tomoki exclaimed. "What'ca think, Takuya?" He turned and noticed the boy's face conveyed perversion as his face turned red. "Takuya?"

As his cheeks blushed, Takuya was content with what he witnessed. "Wow... close-up shot... nude transformations... and wearing skirts. I must look under their skirts..."

"Hey, you're forgetting that Izumi would kill you if she saw you acting like that!" the Legendary Warrior of Ice shook his perverted friend. "Takuya!" Gosh, why are older guys so perverted?

"They're good," Kouji remarked, having witnessed the Senshi up close. "Their teamwork is almost flawless."

"I'll say, but can they beat those freaks?" the goggleboy wondered aloud.

The calm and observant Legendary Warrior of Light added. "Likely so, but if we had our Spirits, we'd give them even better odds. Of course, they don't have experience fighting against Digimon."

"Compared to the monsters they've fought before, I really don't see the difference," Takuya replied. "Then again, I wish we'd have access to our Spirits again. It'd kill to just become Agunimon again!"

(End theme)

Unbeknownst to the goggle boy, his cell phone screen gave a subtle and faint red aura, which had an emblazoned symbol appear. All of Takuya's Spirits materialized one after the other. Auspiciously, Ophanimon granted his wish. His wish to become Agunimon would soon become true.


From afar the park, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei closely watched Mars, Jupiter, and Venus fighting the Scarabmon. They made their own assessment on the ongoing battle, studying the Senshi's teamwork patterns and how well they operate when facing a enemy.

Yusuke quipped. "Gee, if only we had their sort of teamwork."

Kuwabara turned toward Hiei. "Well, not all of us still gets the concept of teamwork. Right, shorty?"

Kurama nodded, offering his own assessment on the Senshi. "Their attack patterns are so fluid. I'm impressed, but they're short of their usual members. They won't be able to carry the whole weight with just the three of them."

Hiei closely viewed the Senshi trio in action, most specifically Sailor Mars. "The Miko seems to be leading them on."

"I'd say they're leading one another on presumably as equals," the red-haired demon corrected him. "Though, yes, I admit the Miko woman looks quite formidable."

Smashing his fist into his palm, the fight-crazed Spirit Detective couldn't resist sitting back. "Well, guys. I don't know about you, but I'd like to get a close-up view of the action. Let's greet those girls again and show how we handle things."



Takato: Gah, these bug freaks are tough!

Yami Yugi: Don't give up, Takato! We're working well as a unit!

Joey: Yug, heads up! Their weakness... aim for the...!

WarGrowlmon: Here! Send this as a message to Pharaohmon! Tell him we're ready for whatever he brings!

Taomon: I can still sense that malevolent presence. Pharaohmon is out there watching us from afar.

Jupiter: Pharaohmon's gonna fall just like the rest of the bad guys we've beaten!

Takuya: Guys, my Spirit... can it be? All right! Here goes! Execute! Spirit...!

Mars: Spirit Detectives, we meet again. About our alliance...

Hiei: I don't like the idea of teaming with a Miko.

Lance/Pharaohmon: It seems I've greatly underestimated these heroes. Oh well. I'll just have to push the efforts a little further. Arise, my minion...

Return of Agunimon, the Legendary Warrior of Fire! The Scarabmon's Weakness!

Henry: You don't want to miss the next episode!

Terriermon: Be there for the next Redux, boys and gals!