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Asgard Park

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It was a dark night in Asgard as Tyr and the forces of the kingdom were overseeing new developments being put into place for the Allfather's latest endeavor. Odin had become disgusted and jealous over the mortals of Midgard on how they looked up to his "first born" son Thor, the type of admiration that should be reserved for him. Made even worse was that Thor married that mortal woman Jane Foster and had has two children with her, which makes the Allfather want to vomit in disgust if it hadn't been Frigga's disapproval. And of course those "Avengers" friends of his were downright insufferable. So in a stroke of genius Odin decided he would come let the pitiful humans come admire his great kingdom for a price of course. Odin had no mortal money amongst his treasure room after all. This way, the mortals would worship once more.

So one by one, he began to construct and bring back old the buried things from the past to make his kingdom look appealing as possible because pathetic mortals loved appealing things

Once such thing was bringing back old fallen soldiers of Asgard back to life as Odin figured mortals would love to see something like the undead. Their insignificant minds always were amazed by such things Odin would note during his days that are best not remembered.

General Tyr was in charge of keeping everything in order during this process and he argued against bringing back the soldiers because these fallen only served one master and it wasn't the Allfather.

Odin ignored his warning and told him to put the undead in a place to be displayed. As Tyr was supervising this foolish order one of the undead grabbed one of the soldiers to their doom as they were being put into a cage.

"Destroy it! Destroy it!" Ordered Tyr as he held on to the solider trying to save him from death from the undead warrior.

To no avail, the soldier was killed which led to questions being asked causing the Allfather to scramble on how to fix and cover this up like he always did.

A councilman had been tasked by the council for a symbolic inspection of Asgard due to recent events and had arrived in Vanaheim to meet Odin, but Odin had other matters to attend to and did not show up.

"The Allfather can't even come see me in light of what happened?" asked the disappointed councilman to a local Odin had tasked with entertaining the this pathetic councilman.

"He wanted to be with his daug….Oh I'm not supposed to say that. He told me to just make an excuse up for him to you." said the local.

"I understand the formality, but I have to give a symbolic inspection of Asgard."

"Oh he knows, he just doesn't care." Said the local as they walked to a cave where the locals were mining for anything to be put on display in Asgard.

"He went to see someone mortals on Midgard for the inspection. One is named Grant. He's a digger like myself." Explained the local as he help up a diamond to show the councilman.

On Midgard scientists and mythology experts Doctors Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler were hard at work looking for Norse objects in the dirt that were linked to the old Norse legends with their class.

"We found something Dr. Grant!" exclaimed one of the students.

Grant was lost in thought during his dig, but he proceeded down the hill with Sattler to the tent where the rest of the students were at.

"Does this thing work yet?" asked Grant to a student in charge of the computer.

"Yes Doctor Grant, we now have live feed of a possible Valkyrie sword." Explained the student as the image showed the sword.

Grant very impressed told the class," So it would seem like the Valkyries did come down to the earth at some point and walked the battle fields. Who knows, they have even battled evil in this very spot!"

"That doesn't seem very impressive." Said a young boy that appeared in front of the crowd.

Grant very displeased with the boy's lack of understanding and appreciation pulled out his Norse knife and walked over to the boy and told him,"The Valkries were legends that came down and slaughtered their enemies without mercy and hesitation. They would strike their enemies from all directions and you would never see them coming. They were the best of all the warriors in all the nine realms and you would see for yourself how impressive they really were if they were still alive." As Grant scolded the boy he did fake knife around him to install fear and respect into him for his foolish and thoughtless statement.

"So try and show a little respect, okay?" asked an agitated Grant.

"Okay" answered the frighten boy.

"Alan if you wanted to scare him you could have just pulled out a gun." Chided Sattler mocking Grant for his over the top lecture.

"Look, I was just trying to him learn something. Kids need to learn." Said Grant trying to justify his behavior.

"What's your problems with kids?" asked Ellie.

"Look they're expensive and require a lot of time."replied an annoyed Alan.

"Oh don't be like that." Said Ellie.

"Thor's father after all is terrible with kids. Look at those two he has and the stories about them before Thor and Loki got better. Just saying." Alan pointed out.

Before they could continue their fake banter, Grant and Sattler were interrupted by a loud alien looking ship that landed right in their dig site.

Alan tried telling the pilot to leave, but the pilot said someone of great importance was waiting for them in their trailer.

"Just who do you think you are!" demanded Alan as he walked into the trailer to meet their disruptive guest.

The figure was looking at their wine bottle and dropped on the floor in disgust.

"We were saving that!" screamed Alan.

"Well you mortals truly do have terrible taste. Not surprising." Mocked the guest.

"Who are you supposed to be!" demanded an angry Alan

"I am Odin." Said the guest quite bored.

Grant immediately changed his tune at this.

"You mean you're Thor's dad!" asked an excited and somewhat nervous Alan.

Odin unimpressed said, "Yes, I am."

"Alright who's the jerk?" asked an annoyed Ellie as she walked into the trailer.
"Ellie, this is Odin." Said Grant trying to keep her from punching the rude guest.

"Oh my! It's an honor to meet you!" exclaimed Ellie with a changed tune.

She tried reaching out to shake his hand, but he scoffed at the thought of some mortal touching him.

"I will get right to it. I am setting up my kingdom to be an attractive destination for sickly mortals such as yourselves. For I tire of my son getting all of Midgard's attention. Especially for dishonoring me my marrying that accursed mortal despite my demands. " said the disgusted Odin.

"My kingdom truly is amazing. A symbol of excellence. No expense nor sacrifice was spared into making into the incredible realm it is today." Explained the overly proud Allfather.

"My kingdom recently had a small "accident" and I am in need of outside opinions for an upcoming symbolic inspection of my kingdom by the council. The inspection is purely ceremonial of course, because my word is law, but appearances have to be maintained or questions start to be asked." Odin said while appearing just slightly nervous at the end of sentence about something.

"What kind of opinions?" asked Alan noticing Odin's odd nervous, but ignoring it for now.

"Why mortals like yours of course." Said Odin mocking him and Ellie, not even trying to hide his disdain for the sheep of Midgard.

"Why would they care what we say?" asked Sattler very annoyed at the Allfather's condensing behaviors towards her and Alan.

"Because you will make me look good if I show the council that I accepting of even the insights of mortals such as yourselves. Imagine how much praise the people will give me for trusting even weak mortals like yourselves. And I can reward you for your help if you accompany me back to my kingdom for this and say my kingdom truly amazing." Explained Odin to his new pawns.

"I don't think we can just drop everything." Stressed Alan despite this sounding somewhat appealing.

"Did I mention I can fund your futile dig for three years if you stop your complaining?" asked Odin growing ever impatient with these mortals.

"It's a deal!" exclaimed both Alan and Ellie attempting to shake Odin's hand in thanks.

"I said don't touch me." Scoffed Odin.

In a Vanaheim tavern, the Greek god Hermes entered to meet his Asgardian contact about the plan to deliver all kinds of valuables secrets and treasures to the Olympians from Asgard.

As Hermes walked around trying to find his contact, the god he was here to meet at his table noticed him and yelled, "Hermes! Over here!"

"It's not good to use my name." stressed Hermes as he set down at his contact's table.

"Hermes! We got Hermes over here! See nobody cares. The Allfather has made it to where no one questions anything at all." Explained a bitter Hermod, Hermes' Asgardian contact.

Hermod had been Odin's loyal harold for centuries, but he had gotten more and more difficult to serve under over time and with his latest endeavor to turn Asgard into a mortal tourist destination, he had asked Hermod to perform spells and other tasks more quickly than normal due to his speed. Hermod said this would not be wise to do as there could be dangerous repercussions and would take too much time, but Odin had then threated to underpay his tribute and threated to make his family "disappear" if he did not comply. Odin had said, "If I care very little for my own children, then why should I care for the fate of yours?" Hermod desperate for any wealth to support his family turned to the Olympians for help after Odin's blackmail.

"You have my payment?" asked Hermod.

Hermes handed the bag of gold to a very excited Hermod.

"Twenty pounds of gold and there will be twenty more for you if you complete your task." Explained Hermes of the rewards that await Hermod for completing his mission.

"Do not worry. Zeus will get his treasures and secrets. Just have one of your gods meet me at sunset on the outskirts of Asgard. With my speed skills, I can make it there in no less in five minutes. I assume you have a way for me to transport your items?" asked Hermod.

"An Olympian bag perfect for easy storage and stealth. You can put what you need in this and deliver us the items." Answered and explained Hermes to a hysterical laughing Hermod.

Hermod noticed little Olympian knifes in the bag and because of his growing insanity of having served Odin for so long slipped a knife in someone's beer mug.

The bar tender then left the bill for Hermod's drinks and meal.

Looking at the bill, Hermod told Hermes to pay the tab by saying and almost threating, "Now don't be getting cheap on me or threating my family, Hermes. That was Odin's mistake."