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Barson Holidays

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Liv woke up to the smells of foods. She got up, walking into the kitchen to see Raf. She walked up behind him wrapping her arms around him. Raf leaned into her,

“Morning Liv.”

“Morning Rafi. What are you cooking?” she asked as she looked over his shoulder.

Raf turned around pulling her close.

“Well, I got the turkey in the oven, pumpkin pie cooling 1 bottle of wine, a bottle of scotch, and a bottle of juice laid out.” Raf said looking proud of himself.`

“What about green beans, and the other vegetables?” she asked.

“Was fixing to start them next.” Raf pointed to the vegetables laid out.

Liv smiled.

“I also got the stuffing in.” Raf whispered kissing her.

Olivia leaned into his arms when he kissed her neck. They prepared dinner just the 3 of them. The squad had other plans Fin at his son and son-in-law’s, Sonny, Amanda, and Jessie at his parents and Lucia was volunteering at the shelter. Raf, Liv, and Noah ate until they were stuffed. They stored away the leftovers, sitting on the couch in front of the TV for dessert. Noah passed out after his third piece of pie. Raf and Liv just smirked and cuddled with each other, till they were sleepy. Raf picked up Noah and carried him to bed. He tucked him into bed saying goodnight. Liv and Raf made it to their room crawling in and having more dessert before letting sleep take them.

“Night Liv.” Raf whispered burying his head in her neck.

“Night Rafi.” and then she kissed him.