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Cheers and laughter can be heard from outside the school facility. In your U.A. High School gym uniform, you enjoy a field day playing baseball with your classmates.

"You're so clumsy, Amajiki. Sometimes I feel like your personal nurse."

A few times a week, you'd find yourself healing your classmate's minor injuries, but out of all the students, it seems as if Tamaki was always the one in need of your aid. This time, getting hit in the eye trying to catch a baseball. With a palm over his bruised eye, a little bit of your energy is drained, passing it on to cure the wound. Tamaki mutters a quick 'thank you', shuddering at your touch.

"Ta-da! All better! Now let's go back to playing baseball."

The game continued, the last thing to do before school ended. After a desperate attempt to make it to home base, you're left with scrapes, bruises and a sprained right ankle after running into the catcher.

"Oh, god I'm so sorry-... Ahhhh!"

Your cries of pain fills the field, your injuries covered in blood and dirt. While the catcher is let off with minor scratches, you didn't get so lucky.

Classmates gather around to comment on your tenacity, laugh at your pain or ask if you're okay. But out of all the questions and comments, one voice failed to stand out, asking if you were okay in whispers, if he could help. But instead he shies away to the back of the crowd, his confidence breaking down.

"Okay, class, give (L/N) some room please." Your teacher waves to disperse the bodies so that you could breathe. "Argh, looks like you're gonna need that checked."

You frown. Ironic that you have a healing quirk, but you don't have the power to heal your own injuries. You worry over how much your wound could affect future schooling, but with Recovery Girl, you should get better in no time.

Somewhere in the crowd, Mirio nudges Tamaki to speak up. Ever since the start of U.A., Tamaki has developed a crush on you and for years, Mirio did everything he could to help his friend build up the confidence to talk to you. But after watching his best friend shrink, shuddering over how many witnesses there are, Mirio couldn't stand to see Tamaki's confidence slip away so easily. He couldn't let this perfect opportunity go to waste, so he offers a helping hand.

"Hey, (L/N)? Is it alright if Tamaki takes you to the nurses office?"

As much as the idea sounded delightful, Tamaki flinches, staring at his best friend in disbelief. All eyes fall upon Tamaki, hanging his head low to avoid eye contact, especially yours.

It was odd of Mirio to suggest one of the strangest students in U.A. to take you to the nurses office. But being his classmate for 3 years, he's harmless nonetheless. "Sure, why not!"

Mirio smiles from ear to ear. A mission was accomplished and the start of a new relationship was sure to blossom. A thumbs up was exchanged by the blonde student, mouthing a 'good luck' to Tamaki.





The walk to the nurse's office was quiet and yet too awkward. Carried with one arm over Tamaki's shoulder, his breathing became heavy, body shivering. Out of curiosity, you wonder if the kid is doing alright.

"Amajiki... are you cold?"

"Hhn... no."

You giggle. Knowing him all your time in U.A., used to his awkward behavior.

"You don't have to do this, you know? I can always get Hado to-"

"But I want to..."

The quick response took you by surprise. You may have not exchanged many conversations with Tamaki, but to you, the day was getting weirder and weirder. So oblivious to Tamaki's affection.

Finally making it to Recovery Girl's office, with just a peck, you're cured, bandages gently wrapped around your ankle. But with the cost of your energy being drained. A crutch was issued to avoid pressure to your right ankle to better the healing process. With the school day over with, there was no point in heading back to the classroom. But you did want to get out of your gym uniform covered in dust and dirt.

"All right, all done!" The motherly kindness was making you feel all giddy.

"Thanks so much, Recovery Girl!" You looked up to the sweet, old woman.

"Amajiki, dear. Are you okay with taking (L/N) home?" Recovery Girl didn't want you scrambling home alone, asking assistance from the young man.


How the day was going perfect for Tamaki. But with his feelings going insane, his head growing hot, he found it difficult to control himself.





Your struggle with the one crutch was plain and clear. While woozy from Recovery Girl's visit, you took little strides on the walk back to your home. You felt so bad for Tamaki's efforts, doing so much good for you in just one day, feeling like such a nuisance. It was really hard to tell what he was feeling with his eyes staring at the ground the whole time.

"I'm so sorry if I'm dragging you along, Amajiki. You can go home. I'll only keep you waiting."

Tamaki's mind raced. There was no way he could leave you walking at a slow pace back home. Especially with nightfall approaching. He wanted you home safe.

"No... I-I..." He wanted this moment to last, thinking of a plan to stay by your side longer. "... I can give you a piggyback?"

A bold move Tamaki made. Nervously he waits for your response, waits for your rejection, waits for you to tell him to just go home, that he's a freak. The idea, again, was odd, but if it takes you home faster. You figured that being a hero, he doesn't want to leave you behind. Thinking of your safety.


Tamaki was caught off guard over how open you were to the idea. Slowly he turns his back to crouch down, waiting for you to mount his back. You think nothing of the situation, figuring that Tamaki is only doing this for the goodness of his heart.

One hand goes over his shoulder, while you carry the crutch with your other. When your thighs squeezed his sides, Tamaki's mind blanks. It only got worse when he wrapped his arms under your legs to lift you up. Changed into your school uniform, Tamaki couldn't get over the bare contact and how close you were, getting high over all of you... all over him. Losing his focus, he stumbles, but quickly catches his footing.

It was a quick scare for you, worried over Tamaki's well-being. Embarrased, you wonder if you're too heavy. "A-Are you okay? You don't have to keep going..."

"I-I got you."

No matter how much the spring breeze blew, it wasn't enough to cool Tamaki's burning, bright red cheeks.





"Looks like my parents still aren't home."

Always consumed by work, it was usual of your parents to stay late, often keeping you home alone. But they trusted you and your independence. The loneliness left you feeling bitter, but with Tamaki around, it didn't have to be that way.

"Would you like to come inside? Let me make you something real quick. As a thanks for putting up with me."

Half-lidded eyes grow wide. Him. And (F/N). Alone. Tamaki imagines the possibilities that could happen with the woman he loves. Holding hands... then maybe a kiss? Then kissing could turn into you whining under him, calling his name-


Tamaki snaps out of his lewd thoughts, shaking his head in astonishment.


With the comfort of a friend in your home, you immediately head to the kitchen to get something started. Tamaki follows in silence, admiring the quiet and small house. It was so cute to watch you running all over the kitchen, excited to make something just for him.

So focused, you do everything in your power to make the perfect prep, your back turned to Tamaki. "You know, I really appreciate all that you've done, Amajiki. I know we don't talk much, but-"

Preparing the simple dish, you turn around, but Tamaki is no where in sight. It was just you alone in the kitchen.


You push the food to the side to wander your dark, quiet home. Examining every room, Tamaki was no where in sight and you begin to panick. There was one room you haven't searched. Yours.

Running down the halls and into your room, you scan every inch. But it's empty. You bend over, hands over your knees, panting light breaths. Both yours and Recovery Girl's quirk leaves you exhausted. 'Did he leave?'

The door shuts behind you. Quickly, you turn to the sound watching in horror as Tamaki turns the lock. Your face whitens, but you keep up a fake smile, it's only Tamaki. He's harmless, right?

"You scared me! You can't sneak up on me like that." Not only was your voice shaky, but your legs as well, backing away from your door. But Tamaki slowly follows.

There was a glint in those beady, black eyes. Something you couldn't read when Tamaki laid his eyes on yours. "(F/N). That day, during the License Exam, when you healed me..."

Did... did he just use your first name? You may have known him for a few years, but you always thought of Tamaki as an acquaintance. Nothing more. There was something unsettling about the space. About Tamaki.

Memories during your first year Provisional Hero License Exam came flooding back to you; the first time you healed Tamaki. Your fake smile stays, waving your hand side-to-side. "Oh, psshh, it's nothing, I try to help everybody-"

"... I just couldn't get enough of you."

Your smile faded, turned upside down. No longer able to hide the dread. You continue to limp your way back, your rear hitting your study desk. It was all a mistake. Inviting him into your home, healing him for the first time, attending U.A High School.

Being alone in your home with no one but you and Tamaki, the young man's confidence grew. He picked up his pace to follow, so drawn to your aura.

"Getting you to use your quirk on me. It was the only way you'd talk to me, touch me."

That's when it hit you. Remembering all those times healing Tamaki. It was no accident. Purposely injuring himself just to get you to use your quirk on him.

"The feeling of your hands on my body, it feels so good."

He looms closer. Only inches from your body.

"When I see those hands of yours on someone else... I-I don't know what to do."

He places his arms on the edge of the desk, your body in between, leaving you with no where to run.

"They don't deserve to touch you." His once shy voice grew darker and darker. Inching his face to yours, you knew what was coming.

You sobbed, wanting this nightmare out of your home. Thrashing about, you try to claw and push Tamaki out of your sight, but as one of the top students in U.A., he has no problem pinning your wrists on the desk.

"A-Amajiki, please, I don't feel so good."

But your pleas go ignored as the young man forces his lips onto yours, digging his body in between your thighs. With the intrusive kiss and something hard meeting with your core, you squirm, but it only makes Tamaki press harder into you. He was smitten, melting over your luscious touch, unable to keep himself off of you. While one hand stayed pinned to your wrist, Tamaki's other hand roams past your skirt, feeling up your bare thigh. But he didn't stop there, lifting it for him to thrust, earning a small whimper from you. Even with your free hand, you waste energy getting the man off of you. You shake your head left and right, finally pulling your lips away from his to get through to him.

"Please... my parents...-"

"(F/N)? We're home! We noticed the mess in the kitchen. Is everything okay?"

The door handle jiggles, your mother trying to open the locked door. Everything stops, Tamaki's advances, your sobbing.

Tamaki looks down at you with a piercing, but nervous stare. It was making you feel uneasy, trapping you in the hypnotic gaze.

"What do you think your parents would say if they caught you in a position like this?"

It'd be a shame if your parents knew what you were up to, losing their trust in letting you be alone at home. With the invitation a boy in your room, who knows what sort of punishment your parents would have in store for you. For a moment, your mind swirls to figure out the words to say.


"Y-Yes, mother, everything is fine! I'm changing!"


The other side was quiet, until your mother finally responded. "Alright, honey! Just make sure to clean up."

You gave in. Tamaki won. Feeling queasy in your stomach, ashamed. It was going to be a long and torturous night for you. Tamaki seemed pleased with your answer, lowering his head to take pleasure in claiming your lips again.