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To create a home

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The loud noise ringing in the apartment suddenly woke Blaine up, and he sat up on his bed, groaning in annoyance. He turned towards his bed table and looked at his alarm clock. It was past midnight, on a week day. He was going to kill his roommate. Deciding to ignore the noise, Blaine fell back down on his bed, only to hear someone knocking loudly on his door.

Kurt, his roommate, tumbled into his room without asking.

“Blaine, would you answer the fucking door? It's almost one in the morning, it's middle of the week, and it would be great if you could avoid having people in our apartment in the middle of the night!"

He then stormed out of the room without waiting for an answer. That got Blaine out of his bed, and he reached for his clothes, complaining about his asshole of a roommate while pulling on his sweatpants.

He was certain that whoever was knocking on the door for the third time in a row now, would be one of Kurt’s hook ups.

The guy was very popular, which of course, wasn’t such a surprise to Blaine. He had to admit that Kurt was attractive, even if it pained him to say so. He had pale and smooth skin, light colored-hair which he paid such a close attention to, and deep blue eyes. He also dressed in a way which made it almost impossible to not look at him whenever he entered a room. Kurt with his peculiar, yet fantastic style commended everyone's attention every time he stepped into a room.

Blaine thought he was, to be honest, absolutely gorgeous. Of course, he would never admit this to his roommate. However Blaine had felt about him when he first moved into the apartment quickly changed when he got to know Kurt. The guy was smart, he had to admit that, but he was also obnoxious, pretentious, self-centered and he drove Blaine up the wall. In the two years that they had shared an apartment, Blaine and Kurt almost never managed to share a normal conversation without getting angry at each other.

It was like the guy didn’t even live on the same planet. He was always so concerned with his looks and so materialistic, which Blaine couldn’t stand. And of course, there was the dozens of guys that Kurt had hooked up with over the years, which didn’t help Blaine’s opinion of him. He didn't really mind that Kurt hooked up with a lot of people in itself, to each his own. What he did mind however, was that Kurt always brought his various hookups in their apartment, and they never bothered to be particularly quiet. There are just some things one does not need to know about the people you live with.

Blaine was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts by yet another loud knock on the door.

“Isaac, if this is because you forgot your keys again, I’m going to kill you…” he complained out loud, while making his way to their front door.

Isaac was their third roommate, and a close friend of Blaine’s. He was fairly tall, with blond curly hair, and baby blue eyes. They had shared a class freshman year, and he was the one that had told Blaine about the available room in his apartment. Of course, he had forgotten to mention his very annoying roommate, at the time. However, Blaine was thankful to have a opportunity to live in such a place. The apartment was in a great location in the middle of New York, close to NYU, where all three roommates were attending school.

Blaine might not get along with Kurt, or approve of his life style, but on the contrary, him and Isaac got along great, and for that he was grateful. Except when he woke him up at one in the morning because he had forgotten his keys. Again.

When Blaine finally opened the door, he stood stock still for a moment, with a gaping mouth. His sleep-addled brain had a hard time understanding what he was seeing. Contrary to what Blaine had expected, the person standing on the other side of the door wasn’t Isaac, but a tired-looking police officer with a grave face.

“Are you Blaine Anderson?” asked the man in front of him. Still in shock, and not understanding what the police could want from him in the middle of the night, Blaine didn’t answer right away. The police officer looked at him, perplexed and uncertain, until Blaine finally remembered to nod, a silent answer to the man's the question. “I’m sorry to wake you up at such a late hour in the night Sir. My name is Officer Williams, and I’m afraid I have some bad news. It’s about your sister.”

Blaine didn’t say anything for a while, and just frowned. Why would some police officer come to his apartment in the middle of the night, to talk about a sister with whom he had lost all communication years ago? After their parents had passed away four years ago, him and Laura had disagreed on so much and their lives had taken very different directions. Indeed, while Blaine had decided to use the money from his parents’ life insurance to put himself through college and make something out of himself, his sister had decided to use hers to drown her pain in alcohol and drugs.

Blaine had tried to talk to her at the beginning, to stay with her so they could grieve together, to push her to get some help when the drinking became out of hand. He had been so patient. Forgiven her for creating a scene at their parents' funeral, took care of every legal matters without asking anything of her, picked her up at the station when she was arrested for public disorder... But after a year, he had given up.

He still missed his parents every day. Still felt like a hole was in his chest whenever he thought of them, and he sometimes felt so guilty for the way he had abandoned Laura, but he had to move on. He had burrowed himself in his work, and tried his best to keep on living. The sound of someone clearing their throat suddenly brought Blaine back to the present. He looked back up towards the police officer who was still patiently waiting outside their apartment, a pitying look on his face.

“Come on in officer,” said Blaine, pulling out of his shock.

They sat at the table in the middle of the small lounge in the apartment, and after the police officer declined Blaine's offer for coffee, Blaine sat in front of him and waited for the news. He was already dreading what the answer to his question would be, and how he would come up with the money to pay for whatever Laura had done this time.

“What has she done now? And how much is this going to cost me?” he said with a sigh.

The police officer looked taken aback by the cold tone of Blaine’s voice, but his professionalism quickly made him hide his emotions and surprise.

“I’m very sorry to come here with such news, but your sister passed away tonight Sir,” he said with a soft voice. “She was found in her apartment by a neighbor…”

The man continued to explain the circumstances of how the body was found, but Blaine had stopped listening. He couldn’t comprehend what he had just heard.

His sister had died; the last member of his family had passed away. Sure, he wasn’t all that close to her anymore, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt deeply. He hadn’t talked to her in years, but he always knew he could always find her if he one day wanted to. The opportunity to rebuild his relationship with her was always present, if he had chosen to take it. Until now, that is.

Because his sister had died. The last member of his family had died. He was truly alone, for the first time in his life. Blaine lived in New York, the city which never slept, and where the streets were always packed with people. He lived in an apartment he shared with two other students. He was constantly surrounded by people, and he never felt lonely. Until now. His sister, his last tie to his parents, to his past, was now gone.

The words the officer was saying finally reached Blaine, and he focused back on what he was saying.

“The person who found your sister went to her apartment because he was worried about the cries from the baby that had been going on for quite a while. He said it wasn’t unusual for the baby to cry, but that it never lasted this long…”

“I’m sorry what?” Blaine cut him off “The baby… What baby?” Blaine felt even more lost than he did before.

Surely, he had misunderstood. It was the shock that was making him hear things. 

“Your niece Mister Anderson. Emily.” The officer said confused, before understanding drew on his face, “You didn’t know your sister had a daughter?”

Blaine completely froze upon hearing the news. He couldn’t talk, couldn’t find his voice. His sister had a baby, a daughter, and Blaine didn’t even know about her. How could this be news to him? He didn’t even know he had a niece. His sister never told him that she was with someone, had started a family again. They had grown so far apart that he didn’t know anything about his sister’s life anymore. What kind of brother did that make him?

“How – How old is she?” he asked with a trembling voice “And where is she? Was she harmed in any way?”

The officer quickly shook his head to reassure him; a reassuring look on his face.

“Emily is 11 months old. She doesn’t have any recent injuries, but she didn’t look too good when we found her. She was crying next to the body. It looked like she hadn’t been fed in days, and hadn’t been bathed in weeks… She’s with child services right now”.

“What about her father?” Blaine asked quickly.

The officer looked at him with sad eyes, and started to explain. “When we interrogated the neighbors, they said they never met the father. That they weren’t even sure if your sister knew who the father was. You’re the only family this child has left Mr. Anderson. She needs you…”

Understanding came to Blaine, and he finally saw what the man was trying to tell him. What they expected him to do.

He was the only family she had left, this child had no one. Her father was missing, her mother had died, she was now Blaine’s responsibility.

His sister wasn’t there anymore, she had passed away alone in her apartment, and had only been discovered hours later by a neighbor. He hadn’t even known he had a niece until a few minutes ago, because he had stopped talking to Laura years ago. He would carry that guilt for the rest of his life.

However her daughter was still there, she was still alive, and  she was alone.

With that thought in mind, Blaine knew his decision was taken. He would do anything he could to help his niece, and honor his sister by taking care of her daughter. Blaine had thought that he had no family left, that we was alone in the world, but maybe it didn’t have to be that way. Maybe Blaine didn’t have to be alone. They could be a family together. Him and this little girl, whom he had yet to meet. He could do this, had to do this.

In that moment, Blaine was hit with the realization that his life would never be the same.