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Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a beautiful princess (not so much, not anymore)

She was little, so that her parents often call her their munchkin (Lily loved to read muggle stories, to the complete disarray of both James and Sirius). She was only one years old, but even then, was smaller than most of the babies, including her chubby smiley sand-haired cousin, Neville.

The baby had big green eyes, framed by long curved brown eyelashes, and handfuls of bright red hair in her pale white head. She was born in the last day of July, and her parents were very anxious for her arrival.

Two men were in the waiting room of the nursery of St. Mungos. One was sitting on the furthest chair, and the other was pacing fast and nervous.

- I can't wait Sirius, and she won't let me inside. Last time I tried, I was on the end of a Stinging Hex!

The oldest man laughed, wrinkles at the corners of his blue deep eyes.

- Stop walking around, you will open a hole in the floor. Moony will be here soon.

James Potter stopped, and look seriously to the oldest Black son.

- You think we can trust him?

Sirius was nothing but serious when he looked deep into the hazel eyes.

- I would trust Remus my own life. After all, I trusted him to take care of my heart.

Both men laughed, but the sound was fake and choking.

Months after, they both discovered the words as fake as the laugh.

The shape of her face and her other features, in opposite, were like her deceased grandmother Dorea Black-Potter, making her Uncle Paddy very jokingly call her "daughter" (when she called him Daddy, her Daddy cursed him. Her Mummy and Uncle Moony found it all very amusing.).

- She looks more like me than you, Prongs. People will talk!

The animagus dog laughed hard, looking to the little baby in the arms of the wife of his best friend. He was suddenly hitted in the head by an amused werewolf.

- Sirius! - Lilly said in a mock tone of recrimination - She have James'... James'... James'... Smile!

All friends laughed, and the male Potter looked stunned, yet happy.

- If she calls you dad, I will kill you.

- If she is my goddaughter and your daughter, she will do exactly that.

Both of the men laughed more, the war forgotten and gone in their minds.

In the world the little girl lived there was a lot of horrors, war, misjudgments and preconceived notions.

The adult people liked Preconceived Notions, they call that horrible things, "opinions''. But not opinions about how to end hungriness, or poverty, or slavery, drugs, hate, abuse and genocide.

- Are you sure?

- Yes, Sirius. You're too... obvious. We can't risk they using Regulus against you.

Both friends knew that this wasn't the only excuse. Sirius was a Black, and Black were naturally attracted to dark. Regulus was just a way to not hurt the feelings of the oldest, and it was a lie to both of them.

Just one more lie for the record.

It wasn't like they were used to fake to themselves.

- Peter will not broke in any circumstance, I will make sure of that.

- I'm sure he will not. I trust you, Padfoot.

It was one more lie. They both knew it.

The moment they alienated Remus, less they trusted in anybody, which included each other.

Past were the days when they tell everything to one another, past were the friendly meetings. One of the Order was a spy.

But our little girl does not know nothing about IT. IT is the big war happening outside her cradle and outside their pacific house.

Outside the ghostly silver stag that sleeps in her chest, outside the bubbles that her mom does with her wand, and the laugh of Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot when they prank Daddy.

It's far away from the fake scowls of her Mummy, and behind layers of love and peace. The laugh of the married couple were a little too fake, a little too carried with worry.

Peter would not break, they trusted their old friend. But the Dark Lord was stronger and smarter, and could always discover a way to break Fidelius.

They didn't know if Remus was alive, or Sirius, or Frank, Alice and Neville. The last time they talked with anyone was weeks ago, and their food supply was brought by a Potter elf.

Charlus and Dorea were dead since before the birth of their daughter, and their best friends were long gone and hiding.

Maybe that was an error, but everything could be mended after that horrible man was dead and buried, hoping they were all alive and kicking.

Hope that wasn't too late.

The news about IT came by an old man, with hair who carry hints of an auburn hair that turned grey with stress and age. His blue eyes were always sparkling behind his glasses, and he had old wrinkles, from laugh and sorrow.

The little girl didn't like him; he always sounds very fake. Her parents, Mummy and Daddy, were always nervous when the news went by. They had fought in IT, but no longer since she was born.

Albus Dumbledore was a clever, wise man. But he committed errors, and in one of them, he created a villain, a villain worse than the last one. And now, he just didn't know how to overthrow it. The man didn't have any debt with him, neither humanity enough to be sane or moral.

So he researched, and discovered how to make a protective spell, that could be activated just by less than five years' magic children born in a specific lunar circle.

On other side, would make the child attacked too strong, too powerful.

Maybe it would be dead by all the power.

He hoped so, even if guiltily.

He created a prophecy, with a false prophetess and a teenager death eater spy to make a bait to the Dark Lord, and said to himself that it was for the Greater Good.

It was this children, or the future of all the magic world.

That night, after he placed the spell in two babies, telling their parents lies, he cried himself to sleep.

It was for the Greater Good, after all.

Her Mummy was a tall and beautiful woman, with auburn hair and green eyes, just like her. Her skin had a light color to it, since before the IT, she used to pass all her free time in the library. She had a lot of freckles, who looked a bit like someone had just spilled points of paint in her face.

She had callous in the hands, and a small scar in the back, from when she worked as an Unspeakable and had an assignment in Japan (samurais are very powerful). Also had a beautiful smile, with a laugh that could illuminate rooms.

- Lillian is the most beautiful person in the entire world! – The man sighed, dropping himself in the couch - We know, James. Be sure of it, we know. Now get yourself out of the seat, you will wrinkle your suit. – Said Remus, in a deadpanned voice.

The friends laughed. The Potter Heir was whipped by his soon-to-be wife.

(…) - I knew it from the first year, all that bickering…. – Started Sirius, in the discourses.

-…. James couldn't stop talking about Lily…... – Said Remus, in his turn.

-… They were like an old married couple… and now they're one! ... – Peter laughed.

-… I always thought it was endearing, even with Mr. Potter being so immature…. – A "Call me James, Minnie", could be heard from the newly married couple table.

Before the little girl sleep, Mummy would tell her tales of beautiful dragons and courageous plebeian girls, who fought through false friends and difficult traps, saving the smart prince in the end.

More often than not, she would sing too, sing the praises of the gods and ancient heroes, a lullaby that drifts the youngster to sleep.

- What do you wanna hear today, my little lioness?

The mother beamed at her daughter, seeing the youngster point straight at a medieval story, about Lady Boudicca, who was a barbarian medieval witch who could tame dragons.

"In AD 60 or 61, while the current muggle governor of Rome Empire, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, was leading a campaign against the magic island of Mona in the north of Wales, which was a refuge for British magic refugees, that didn't want to be used or slaved because of their powers, and a stronghold of the druids, the Iceni conspired with their neighbors, the Trinovantes, amongst others, to revolt. Boudicca was chosen as their leader.

The history records that she addressed her army with these words, "It is not as a woman descended from noble ancestry, but as one of the people that I am avenging lost freedom, my scourged body, the outraged chastity of my daughters," and concluded, "This is a woman's resolve; as for men, they may live and be slaves." According to Mathilda Bagshot (great-great-great-great-great grandmother of Bathilda Bagshot), they drew inspiration from the example of Arminius, the prince of the Cherusci who had driven the Romans out of Germany in AD 9, and their own ancestors who had driven Julius Caesar from Britain. The books say that at the outset Boudicca employed a form of divination, releasing a hare from the folds of her dress…..."

The redhead woman always liked powerful woman, liking just one fairytale in her short life: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, who, in core, wasn't even a fairytale. She smiled, looking at her baby drifting to sleep, safe from all the evil in the world.

Or so she hoped.

Her Daddy was taller than Mummy, and his skin was darker. His eyes were a profound hazel, with a trickster shine that make her Mummy always blame him about pranks (more often than not, Uncle Paddy had set everything).

His hair was messy, and black, like a nest of birds. He also had round shaped glasses and used lazy clothes. He used to work as an Auror, who is like a very important magic policeman, and its why his shoulders are always stiff and he was always so ready for a battle (but she didn't know that).

- Who is my precious little girl? The baby gave him a toothless smile, closing her eyes. The man smiled, happy, and passed the girl to the man on his left.

- Sirius, I want you to be the godfather. A surprised smile appeared on his face, a shocked expression short after.

- Me? Remus is far more responsible…. And I... I am a Black, James… You know what people say about me behind my back: Reckless, mad…. And also what they say to my face. That I am just waiting to join them.

James put a comfort hand in the shoulder of his oldest friend, and looked seriously into his scared eyes, who eyed briefly the package in his arms, the little human life with big green eyes looking for his own.

- You know I don't care about this bullshit. And you know Remus can never be her godfather, not because I don't trust him, but because the laws would never permit. We plan to overthrow this laws someday, and then have a child to be Remus'…

- Only if it comes from your belly, Potter. I'll think three times before get pregnant again. - Came the weak voice from the redhead.

James laughed, and walked to his post-giving-birth glowing wife, smiling proud towards her. Sirius Black looked at the child in his arms, so similar to him, and in the same time, so more beautiful. He knew, that was his goddaughter.

Daddy used to tell the little girl tales about four wizard friends who turned into animals and pranked very bad people.

Her Mummy didn't like it, she uses to tell her about a poor teenager who, misunderstood, was treated like trash by the pranksters, and ended up distancing his only friend and associating with evil people.

- You will not tell her lies, James. You know it's not Severus fault!

- You don't talk with him anymore! He is a death eater, Lily!

The fierce woman scowled.

- It's your fault too! He never did anything to you, and you alienated and bullied him so much that this lead him to almost kill himself!

- I was immature and wrong, but I did NOT obligate him to go to the Dark Lord. I did NOT draw the mark that he carries with pride. Any good Snape that you knew once is gone!

Lily ran from the room, crying.

The girl was very clever. She knew that most of stories had truth in them, and knew that the tears that dropped from the eyes of her mother, or the regret in the face of Daddy, weren't made up, neither because of a tale.

- I know we were wrong about Sni-… Snape, Remus. But how much?

- I think it's beyond any recovery, James. I think we broke a good boy into pieces, and he put himself being bad. I think that we alienate a boy who was alienated in his own house, and we cause a lack of trust and a connection based only in hate and hurt.

The younger covered his face with both hands, dropping his glasses on the floor, the regret overwhelming his whole self.

The family lived in a house, comfortable for the three of them. It had mahogany floor, and white/light golden walls. Portraits of castles and waterfalls hanging from above the fireplace and in the sides of the stairs that lead to the three big rooms make the place full of live.

The building was purchased by Charlus Potter, and was a marriage present.

- What do you think, Lily-flower? Is a bit dusty, but nothing that Sparrow cannot fix?

Lily look amazed towards the house, smiling. Her white marriage dress was uncomfortable, and she loved even more her parents-in-law.

She would hate have to tell her sister to leave the house where they were raised, and where she now lived with her husband and their son, and was the redhead's by law. She kissed James, and he pulled her in his arms, carrying her into the hall, while the laugh fills the space and echoed through the emptiness.

One night, the little girl was in the carpet playing with little bubbles that circled her, a silvery doe and a silvery stag playing around her, while her Mummy and Daddy sat in front of the fireplace, laughing to themselves.

They both wore red and yellow sweaters, and forgot for a moment about the stress and everything.

- James…

- What, Lily-flower?

- I'm so happy we are here. We, our beautiful daughter… The man hugged the redhead fiercely, kissing the top of her head.

- And we will grow old, and watch her, and any other child we have, marry, and have her own sons and daughter, if they want.

If they had looked outside the window, they would saw a human figure, hiding behind a tree. Its face and body were covered by a black cloak, with a hood that only let show two red dots: his eyes, and a sharp smile with pointy teeth.

- My Lord… - The Dark Lord rolled his eyes, annoyed by the presence of the other man.

- What, Wormtail?! - ("Couldn't the stupid follower backstabber just shut up? He was doing very important things")

- I… I was made the secret-keeper of the Potters, Milord.

Voldemort laughed. He knew the little blood traitor (and now betrayer of his own called friends) would be useful someday.

The figure float, his feet barely touching the floor. He entered the wards, feeling the power run inside his veins and beneath his blood.

Then, one explosive hex towards the door, and he was inside the house.

- Lily, grab her and go! A flash of red hair grabbed the little girl and ran towards the stairs, hiding in her room and locking the door with all the spells she knew.

Then, two Patronus were sent, one for Sirius and one for Dumbledore.

Putting the baby in the cradle, she put herself in place for battle. Lily could listen everything downstairs.









The silence was deafening, but no more that the muffled sound of her husband falling into the floor, dead.

One tear fell from across her cheek, and dripped on the floor. She could listen the footsteps in the stairs, almost mocking slow. The door opened with a soft click, none of her spells protecting what was left of the small family no second more.

She could see a face of a man beyond the cape. It was a brown haired, aristocratic one, with no more than thirty years, mad red eyes looking to her, smiling.

- Get out of the way, mud-blood. I have no desire to kill you, just the baby.

- Please, please, not my baby….

- Out. Of. The. Way.

- Please, she is just a baby, she could do you no harm…

- OUT!

- Please, not her, not my baby…

The green killing course was left the white hand, to the middle of Lily's chest, her body bumping into the ground.

The baby wondered why her Mummy was sleeping on the floor. It must be the green light, one of that spells that Daddy use to put her to sleep, maybe?

- Oh, you're a clever one, aren't you? You aren't scared of me, little lioness?

A boring look was settled in the eyes of the little girl.

- It's a shame you are too powerful. I can't let you live…. AVADA KEDAVRA!

The green light bump into the girl's forehead, and she was a little blind for a minute, before the man before her bumped into the floor.

She felt very, very sleepy, and never saw her godfather lending her to Albus Dumbledore, or the old man taking her to the house of her aunt. Dumbledore knew that now that Voldemort was destroyed (and by the little hands of the last Potter), the girl would be a celebrity.

He could not let her grow up knowing she was more powerful and loved that he never would be, he couldn't let a monster, another villain be raised.

He could not let her grow sly, and cunning, and ambitious, knowing how to use her fame. It would destroy everything, and it would be the demise of everything he ever done to the Greater Good.

So, he didn't let Sirius carry the child, neither let McGonagall. He apparated in Surrey, taking the baby, in a nest, with a lot of warming spells, into the doorstep of her aunt, who hated anything magical, and would raise her needing love and anxious to comply.

Someone suggestible, weak. Someone he could control, someone he could keep an eye on and manipulate their emotions. It was for the Greater Good. The girl would thank him later.

What Dumbledore didn't know, is that Petunia Dursley wanted a daughter to create and transform in a perfect little mini-her (didn't matter that she was exactly like her mother: her stunning looks would make it even easier), and Cassiopeia Heather Potter (and Black, but she do not know this yet) was her perfect chance.

The world wouldn't know what hit it.