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The Deku Tales

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I've met this girl by the name of Pony….

It was a Saturday morning when this whole charade began. Three Days Grace was playing in the background. A video game was on pause. A half-eaten donut was sitting on his desk. Izuku was back was against the headboard of his bed as he felt the tingling sensation of his penis being radiated by the feeling of a familiar muscle. He tried not to look at his penis as it was covered by a blonde girl at the moment. The girl bobbed up and down as she did her hardest to satisfy Izuku as much as he can.

Granted, this was the first time he had ever experienced a blowjob. Honestly, this wasn't how this morning was planned.

He didn't expect his classmate and foreigner, Pony Tsunotori to approach his door at the crack of dawn with a box of donuts and orange juice. He didn't think that the naive and shy girl of class 1-B were capable of ulterior moments. He had about the crazy stories of Americans. But not Pony. This girl was too sweet, incapable of doing any lecherous acts.

Pony made a popping sound as she let go of his phallus. She spat on her hand, using as a lubricant as she glided it all over his hardened cock. Izuku felt the tightness of her hands. Along with her spit, it felt like a slithering eel around it.

"Does it feel good, Izuku," she asked casually, using her doe eyes of innocence.

"Yes," he managed to say as she continued to make shlicking noises. The way she used her hands made the emerald-haired teen think that she has done this before. He tilted his head back as she glided his shaft, then massaging the head of his cock.

"I learn that playing with both tends to stimulate your cock to want to come," she told informatively. "So, be sure to let out much milk for me, Izuku." She gave him a wink. Such pleasant eyes, he thought. It reminded him of the deep blue sea. Pony was quite delicate, so nimble.

Once again, he had heard the rumors of American girls. He didn't think it was true.

Pony closed her eyes, cautiously returning her mouth onto his swollen cock. She was careful to not let her horns get in the way. The pearly ivory whites of those horns even complimented her beauty. Izuku was in a daze. To think that at one point, the duo was playing video games and it had led to this.

He heard her making slobbing noises, but careful to suck up any saliva or precum escaping from her mouth. For control, Izuku placed his hands on her head. He felt the force, he felt the tension. He felt his balls wanting to release his milk into the foreigner's mouth.

He clenched his teeth as he felt his impending climax.

"Pony, I am gonna cum. I am gonna cum," he informed her. The suction of her soft lips tightened quickly as he felt the ejaculation of his milk. She made choking noises as his milk spurt every few seconds. Pony didn't flinch. She continued to suck on cue as he released. The spurting lasted a few more seconds before Pony pulled out.

A bridge of his semen and her saliva was formed. Pony opened her mouth to show his milk. She swished it around her mouth as if it were bubblegum. After a few additional moments of it, she swallowed his milk.

After finishing that deed, she rubbed her stomach and licked her lips. "Milk does the body good," she said to him. Izuku was still in a daze. What in the world made Pony wanting to perform fellatio, he thought. Then yet again, why did he accept?

Pony let out a playful sigh. "Oh, Izuku! You have always been a welcoming person. No wonder why you are such a joy to be around." Pony removed herself from the bed. Just as Izuku thought she was finished and was heading home, it wasn't over.

Pony approached his desk and took a sip of the bottled water. She then ate the other half of his donut. She didn't face Izuku as she pulled down her pants. To the surprise of Izuku, Pony was wearing a purple G-string. The lining of the panty slid into the crack of her smooth, elegant ass. She slowly pulled down her panties, wanting Izuku to become excited by the spectacle.

"Like what you see, Izuku?"

Izuku didn't have a response. He couldn't speak for his son in front of him.

She lifted her arms in the air as she took off her shirt, displaying her matching purple flora bra. She allowed her hair to drop back as she undid her bra. Playfully and teasingly, she tossed it to Izuku, landing onto his lap.

Completely exposed to the young, nubile Izuku, Pony positioned herself onto his desk. "Did you ever have a fantasy of fucking a foreigner, Izuku?" She turned, blowing him a kiss and giving him a wink. "I can be your first."

"Pony! Is that what you want?"

Pony bend over to the floor, exposing her assets to the aroused Izuku. Slowly, she reached into her pocket. Once again, she excitedly tossed a small packet to Izuku. Landing onto his lap, he saw that it was a condom.

"Wanna rattle, Izuku," she asked alluringly in a hoarse whisper. "You must be this cute to ride me." She balled her hands into a fist. She made slight neighing noises. "Do you want to ride this pony, Izuku?"

Izuku didn't know what to say. Granted, this was strange and bizarre. He should contact one of his friends. He should call one of his teachers.

He didn't know why his brain was registering it as he ripped the condom wrapper. He wondered why his heart was registering as he put it onto his throbbing member. He asked God why on he felt forsaken as he steadily approached the girl who was literally hot-to-trot.

"Are you sure, Pony," asked Izuku.

Pony's response was grabbing his dick. She gripped the shaft as she assisted him to guide onto her sopping wet pussy. "As I mentioned, Izuku, you must be this cute to ride me. Now jump on it."

She used the desk as a grip as she felt Izuku inserted his cock into her pussy. Pony neighed loudly as she felt the sheer force of his cock penetrating her virgin pussy. "That's it, Izuku. Make me hot to trot, baby. Tame this white horse."

Izuku heard the sounds of his chair banging as Pony used it to hold on as he began thrusting into her pussy. Izuku felt the hot liquid seeping onto his dick. Both have ultimately decided to exchange their virginities.

"Meow," she purred to Izuku. "Congrats on taking your first pussy. How does it feel to have me as your first woman?"

"It's hot. You feel tight. It's like a hot apple pie surrounding my cock," mentioned Izuku.

"Well, my, my," she purred. "Enjoy this taste of American Pie. Drive that hard duty Chevy into my levee, Izuku."

Izuku kept thrusting Pony against the table. It reminded him of a hammer and nail or a saw cutting to a tree. By then, Pony's moans filled the room. Pony could tell he was fearful so she grabbed the remote in front of her and turned the volume louder on the stereo.

"Ride this pony," she kept screaming. "Ride this baby. Tame this wild horse. Teach the horse a lesson. Fuck me over like it was my fault for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Give yourself reparations for Pearl Harbor. Make a mess out of me, Izuku!"

Izuku overlooked those past war crimes as he had never felt something invigorating as a woman's vagina. Izuku tried to keep the pace as he held onto her hips. Wanting to get fulfillment on his end, he grabbed Pony's leg and held it in the air. Using her leg as a grip was a great idea as he thrust faster.

"There you go," she purred. "There you go! HA! Oh, yeah, baby. Pump me like an angry steed."

"Pony, I'm about to cum," cried Izuku.

"Yes, Izuku. Come inside. Come inside," she cried in delight. "Yes, yes, yes. Oh, yeah," she cried as she felt the hotness of his sperm bombarding her pussy.

It was unfortunate that it was shield by a condom. Maybe next time perhaps, she thought, as she felt the dripping sweat of a boy dripping all over her.

Izuku let go of her leg and walked backward to his bed. He began panting, still surprised by the events that unfolded from this morning.

He pulled the condom from his penis. He tied it in a knot and tossed it in the trash can. Meanwhile, Pony released a smile. She looked like she was refresh as she came to Izuku and kissed him on the lips.

"I think we should have done that first," she grinned eagerly as she returned to grab her clothes. "My God, Izuku, you were a beast. I didn't think you have it in you."

"Thanks," he questioned.

"Seriously, I knew you were too good to be true," she informed him.

"What do you mean," he questioned.

"Never you mind," she said as she quickly put on her clothes. She gave Izuku another peck on the cheek. "Thanks for the good time. Keep the donuts. You've earned it." She walked to the door, blew a kiss to him and closed the door.

Izuku was left with an odd combination of being used, awkwardness, and indigestion.