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Percy Jackson and The (hopefully) Battle of the Group Chat

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bluecake - Percy
braingirl - Annabeth
grovercleveland - Grover
travistollmygirl - Travis
connorstoll - Connor
dumbmasonjar - Katie
aphrodieting - Silena
whatthebeck - Charles
luke!atthedisco - Luke
onlyhereforluke - Ethan
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad - Nico
mrgoldensun - Will
Chiron - Chiron
DietCoke - Mr. D


bluecake created Keep it PG ok?

bluecake joined the chat
bluecake: wassup
braingirl joined the chat
braingirl: what is this percy?
bluecake: a group chat duhhhh
grovercleveland joined the chat
grovercleveland: hey y'all
bluecake: hey g man
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad joined the chat
whatthebeck joined the chat
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad: omg thank you so much for adding me to this chat ilysm
whatthebeck: ...
whathebeck: should i- should i call the police??
mrgoldensun: nah he's just giddy today
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad: hey everyone
bluecake: hey nico
braingirl: hey nico
grovercleveland: hey nico
travisstollmygirl: hey nico
aphrodiet: someone remove me from this group chat please my phone is blowing up with notifications and i'm trying to do my makeup
mrgoldensun: sure i can
mrgoldensun removed aphrodiet from the chat
braingirl: how is everyone doing
bluecake: good you
braingirl: great
travisstollmygirl: you know who i should add to this chat
ilistentomrcrwhenigetsad: who?
travisstollmygirl added Chiron to the chat
Chiron: Hello?
travisstollmygirl: wassup horseman?
Chiron: Do not call me "horseman".
grovercleveland: hi Chiron.
Chiron: Hello Grover.
bluecake: hi, Chiron
Chiron: Hello, Percy.
travisstollmygirl: hold up a sec
travisstollmygirl: percy's chat name is only bluecake
travisstollmygirl: and somehow chiron immediately knew it was him
Chiron: I can see what people are doing on our camp's wifi at all times.
braingirl: You can?
travisstollmygirl: ....
travisstollmygirl: i'll see you guys later
travisstollmygirl has left the chat
mrgoldensun: hi so
mrgoldensun: i leave for 5 minutes to talk to my overly giddy boyfriend and the next thing i know
mrgoldensun: travis comes knocking on my cabin door asking how to delete the wifi history
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad: ok so i went back and i read the messages
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad: and apparently chiron can see everything we do on the wifi
mrgoldensun: oh
bluecake: i can't breathe omg
bluecake: oh and, oof travis
Chiron: Anyways, I have to go help Mr. D with archery today.
Chiron has left the chat
bluecake: i just needed a moment
connorstoll: my brother is crying
whatthebeck: why?
connorstoll: read the messages above
whatthebeck: oh
whatthebeck: i didn't know that they even kept track of that
bluecake: well apparently they do
bluecake: did everyone leave?
braingirl: no i'm still here i was just not texting
grovercleveland: yo guys
grovercleveland: does anyone want to come over to the Dionysus cabin and watch Friends?
bluecake: uh yea
mrgoldensun: yes, nico and i will be over in 5
braingirl: sure
whatthebeck: sorry, silena and i are watching stranger things :(
luke!atthedisco: hi guys
braingirl: luke!
luke!atthedisco added imonlyhereforluke
imonlyhereforluke: who is everyone
bluecake: who are you
braingirl: who are you
mrgoldensun: who are you
grovercleveland: who is this kid what's he gonna do
imonlyhereforluke: ethan nakamura
braingirl: hi ethan
luke!atthedisco: grover is your cabin still open for friends
luke!atthedisco: if so i will see you in 2
grovercleveland: ya see you
travisstollmygirl: ok so i'm back and i've found something called incognito mode
ilistentomcrwhenimsad: or you could just get unlimited data
travisstollmygirl added DietCoke to the chat
DietCoke: nope
DietCoke has left the chat
grovercleveland: oof
connorstoll: nice try bro
ilistentomcrwhenigetsad: alexa play descpacito omg
imonlyhereforluke: still who are you people
luke!atthedisco: my friends from camp
imonlyhereforluke: oh
imonlyhereforluke: so... annabeth percy nico grover will connor travis...?
luke!atthedisco: yes
luke!atthedisco changed imonlyhereforluke's name to pirate
pirate: haha very funny
bluecake: now that you know us who are you
pirate: who am i? i am a girl that loves her island...
bluecake: hold the phone
bluecake: y OU LIKE MOANA???
bluecake: afdjfljflkajsflj
bluecake: even though idk your name you are my bff
grovercleveland has changed their name to betrayed
betrayed: wow
braingirl has changed their name to chopped liver
chopped liver: because that's all we are to you percy
dumbmasonjar has joined the chat
dumbmasonjar: hola
travisstollmygirl: hey babe ;)
dumbmasonjar has left the chat
connorstoll: oof
bluecake: i have never seen anyone fail that hard at picking up a girl
pirate: luke has
luke!atthedisco: now this is just pure sprite
luke!atthedisco: *spite
bluecake: i like my sprite pure
luke!atthedisco: shut up percy
connorstoll changed their name to garbage
travisstollmygirl changed their name to can
garbage: because i am tin with no heart and mistreated a lot
can: and i can not come up with a way to get katie to talk to me for more than 2 seconds
whatthebeck: what has this become
bluecake: elysium