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When Angels Fall, They Get Back Up

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Izuku looked down at the ground below, clutching the railing with knuckles whiter than bone. What had led him here, to stand on the school roof, about to let go?

It started when he was four years old.

Izuku’s mother had loved him, once. Back when he was younger, when his father was still home and still smiled at his family as if they were the best thing to ever happen to him.

Kacchan had been Izuku’s friend, too. That was back before they got their quirks, before Kacchan got his quirk.
The badness had started with something simple - Kacchan getting his quirk. It was something simple, yet so exciting and so life-changing.

This amazing, explosive quirk corrupted Kacchan. Kacchan soon believed that he was better than everyone. Especially when Izuku’s quirk had yet to come.

That was when the beating started. His father, his loving father, had started beating him, both his son and his wife, just because Izuku was quirkless. Inko had tried her best to protect her son from harm - but could do nothing for both him and herself and they were beaten by the terrifying man, and burned by his flames.

After only a few months of said beating, Inko’s view of her son began to change. She began to think, If only he wasn’t here. If only he wasn’t here than he wouldn’t be hurting us. Hurting me. It’s his fault. It’s his fault. It’s his fault. Until her hatred grew and grew and she no longer had any love for her son.

So when Izuku had manifested his quirk, he didn't tell anyone. He had seen firsthand how a quirk rotted a person - Kacchan - and seen how quirks could be used to hurt others - his father was the prime example. So he pretended to be quirkless, not wanting anyone to know of the horrifying power he had at his disposal.

As of now, his father had left. Izuku didn’t know where, but he did know that he would probably never come back. Yet his mother’s view of him hadn’t changed, she still hated him, hated her poor son with everything she had.
Izuku had tried hard to smile every day. Even when Kacchan bullied him each day, he would smile. Even when his father beat him, and his mother hated him, he had smiled, every single day, trying to hide his problems even from himself.

But after years of enduring, Izuku started to break. From his surroundings, he learned to hate himself, thinking that the reason everyone suffered was because of him. If he hadn’t been there, then Kacchan wouldn’t frown every time he saw him. If he hadn’t been there, then his mother wouldn’t have had to suffer the intense beatings. It was his fault. He was useless, something horrible that could never be justified. He was a Deku, as Kacchan had said many times.

So, when he was 12 years old, Izuku found himself standing on the roof of his middle school, looking down at the ground below. He was going to leave this world, where all he did was hurt others and cause others harm.
So he took off of his shoes and jumped.


Shouta had been on his way home when he spotted the boy on the roof of the middle school. Curious, and slightly worried about what the boy could be doing out so late, and why at a place of such height, he moved closer to the building, perching on a nearby tree to watch.

He stood there for a few minutes, wondering if the boy was going to jump. Or if he was going to turn around and climb over the railing, back onto the roof and back home. He hoped that the boy would make the smart choice of returning home, but sighed slightly when he saw the boy let go of the railing and start to fall.

Swiftly, he jumped into the air, catching the boy with his bandages as he landed on the roof and pulled him back up.

The boy seemed surprised, and when he was pulled back onto the roof, his face was blank, though his eyes were widened slightly in shock.

“What were you thinking?” Shouta asked the boy, growling slightly at the small figure before him. “Just throwing away your life like that?”

Izuku looked up at Shouta, and his eyes widened as he seemed to recognize him. Eraserhead, he signed, mouthing the word in surprise.

Shouta was a little surprised to be recognized, but he kept that surprise down and crouched down at the figure before him. “What were you thinking?” he repeated, though this time he said in a kinder tone. He tried to place a reassuring hand on his shoulder, but the boy flinched away from his touch as tears started to form in his eyes.

I was ending my life, Izuku signed slowly, sniffing a little as the tears started to run down his cheeks.

That much was obvious, Shouta thought, looking at the hunched figure. He had to knock some sense into this boy, to get him to stop this foolish decision. “What would your mother say?” he asked him. This trick sometimes worked with villains, tricking them into guilt and making them easier to capture.

Izuku didn’t look up as he signed, starting to sob. She would say that it’s the first good thing that I’ve done in my life, and good riddance. His hands were shaking, and he attempted to rub away the tears, but they just kept coming, and it didn’t seem like they would stop anytime soon.

Shouta was surprised by this response. What kind of life had this child gone through??

I’m useless, the boy signed rapidly. Nobody wants me, people hate me, I’m just a burden, all I do is make others frown and cause bad things to happen to them and I’m just a stupid Deku that doesn’t deserve to be alive because - his signing was cut off by Shouta grabbing his hands.

“Hey,” he said quietly, not wanting to scare the boy. “It’s going to be okay.” He sighed, thinking for a moment. “Do you want to go back home?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. He would be surprised if the kid did, after what little had heard.

The boy thought over it for a moment. No, he signed. The boy let out more tears, and embarrassedly tried to rub them away, wincing slightly when his stomach growled slightly.

“You wanna go eat something?” Shouta asked the boy.

The boy looked up at him, surprise in his eyes. “Yes,” he whispered quietly, and if it didn’t hurt him, Shota would have widened his eyes. So the boy could talk.

“Then let’s go,” he said, standing up and extending his hand. The boy looked at it for a few seconds warily before taking it, and standing up himself. He was incredibly short, Shouta realized. How old was he? And he looked way to skinny to be healthy.

He watched as the boy bent over to pull his shoes on, shoes that seemed to be much too small for him, even as small as he was, and watched as he walked over to the wall to grab his backpack.

“Ready to go?” Shouta asked, and the kid nodded, clutching the straps with knuckles that were still white.

“Cool. Climb onto my back,” Shouta said, turning around and crouching down. The boy nodded, slowly climbing onto Shouta’s back as he had said to do, and wrapped his hands around Shouta’s neck. He wondered how the boy would have responded if he wasn’t so exhausted as he obviously was.

When Shouta shot off into the air, jumping from building to building, (occasionally using his capture weapon for support), he realized how light the boy was. It was as if he wasn’t even there! As if he was only carrying the backpack the boy was sporting, and not the boy himself.

When they finally walked into a restaurant, the sun had completely set, and the waitress looked at them strangely for a few seconds before leading them to a table. After placing the boy on the booth, Shouta sat on the chair across from him.


“What do you want to eat, kid?” he asked quietly, gesturing to the menu that was in front of them.

The boy shrugged quietly. “I don’t know,” he whispered quietly. I don’t think I’ve ever really been to a restaurant before, he signed as an afterthought.

Shouta thought for a few moments, looking over the menu. “How about we try this?” he asked the kid, pointing to the Katsudon.

The boy nodded his head. “Okay.”

When the food had come, the boy had quietly taken the chopsticks, and had started taking small bites of the food, occasionally taking a small drink of water.

When he had ate barely half of it, he stopped, looking down at his lap apologetically. “I-I can’t eat any more,” he whispered. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to worry about, kid,” Shouta said.

The boy looked up at him, surprised. What did he expect Shouta to say?

“Could you tell me a little about yourself?” he asked quietly, and the kid looked back down on his lap. “I promise, if you don’t want to answer any of my questions, you won’t have to.”

The boy looked back up at him quietly, inspecting him, analyzing him, trying to find any hint of a lie in the pro-hero’s eyes.

“You’re pro-hero Eraserhead, right?” he asked quietly.

“Yes?” Shouta responded, almost like a question. Why had the kid asked? Didn't he already know? Was he looking for confirmation?

“Okay,” the boy nodded, thinking for a few moments. He twisted around to open his backpack and take a small pencil, and a rather beat-up notebook in front of him. “Hero Analysis for the Future,” the notebook said.

Shouta decided to ignore the book for now. “What’s your name?” he asked, thanking the waitress when she handed him the check.

“Deku,” he responded quietly, before quickly grabbing his mouth, and he looked at Shouta in fear, as Shouta raised an eyebrow. Seeing that Shouta wasn’t reacting, the boy took his hand from his mouth.

“Midoriya Izuku,” he mumbled.

“Okay,” Shouta said. “Can I call you Izuku?” the boy nodded, so he continued. “Why were you on the roof?”
Izuku didn’t respond for a few seconds, before meeting Shouta’s gaze head-on. It surprised Shouta, as all he had seen from Izuku were small, timid little glances and nervousness.

“I think you know,” Izuku said quietly, though his voice had increased incredibly in volume.

Shouta nodded his head. He did know. Hell, he had seen the kid let go of the railing.

“Can you tell me why?” he asked.

The boy shook his head, before sliding the his notebook across the table towards Shouta.

“But you can read it,” he said quietly, so Shouta began to read.

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“The boy is a genius,” Shouta said quietly, looking back at the still figure in the backseat. Izuku had fallen asleep soon after they had climbed into the car, after the huge ordeal that today was.

“This was nice of you,” Hizashi responded, looking at him through his glasses. “I never expected you to be the kind of person who would take in a kid.”

Aizawa glared at the driver. “You pestered me for years. This was my compromise.” he said flatly. “The kids a straight-up genius. I could tell that just by glancing at a few pages of his hero analysis notebook.”

“And you got attached to him,” Hizashi said, grinning.

Shouta sighed quietly before looking back at his husband. “Yes, I got attached. He’s a good kid.” he said quietly.

Honestly, he was surprised things had turned out this way. When he and Hizashi had gone to confront Midoriya Inko, Midoriya Inko hadn’t denied anything. She hadn’t even tried to defend herself.

She had said nothing as they talked to her, until they asked her if they could have custody over her son. Izuku had been hiding in his room, listening through a door that was cracked open ever so slightly.

And surprisingly, Midoriya Inko had complied, signing the papers as tears formed in her eyes.

“Please,” she had mumbled after signing the papers, surprising the men. “Take me somewhere that will teach me how to love my son again…”

So they had registered Inko to a mental hospital, where the doctors promised that they would do everything they could to take care of her, and to help her change her mindset.

Now, her 12-year old son was in the backseat of their car, his small collection of notebooks in his backpack, and nothing else but the clothes on his back.

“Think we should wake him up?” Hizashi asked as he parked the car in the garage of the apartment building.

“Yeah,” Shouta nodded. “I don’t want to scare him if he wakes up somewhere completely unfamiliar.” He then proceeded to shake the boy, softly calling his name.

Izuku groggily opened his eyes, looking at the pro-hero in front of him.

“Hey,” Shouta said softly. “You awake?”

Izuku nodded his head, yawning as he climbed out of the car, and clutching his backpack.

“Wanna guess what floor we’re on, little listener?” Hizashi asked the boy excitedly, and he Izuku snapped awake, excited to talk to Present Mic, the amazing voice hero.

4? He signed, eager.

“Close!” Hizashi said, laughing, holding the door open for Izuku and Shouta as they walked into the elevator. “Guess again!”

6? Izuku asked, and grinned when Hizashi nodded his head, and gestured for Izuku to press the button, which Izuku did with enthusiasm.

You’re treating him like he’s 6 , Shouta thought, but didn’t comment. The kid was double that age, but hadn’t received the love needed during that time, so maybe this was good for him. But if it got to be too much, Shouta wouldn’t hesitate to stop it.

When the elevator ding ed to a stop, and the doors opened, Izuku jumped out, excited. Had he really just been asleep in the car? Did it only take thirty minutes of rest for him to completely recharge? All these questions plagued his mind as he led the boy towards their apartment.

Woahhhh, Izuku mouthed as he looked at the apartment in front of him. There was the yuka, where the three of them placed their shoes. After walking through a small hallway, to their left was a small kitchen. On the other side of the counter was a small table, with barely enough space for four. In front of them, (still in the same room as the kitchen), was a couch, and against the wall was a large T.V. Across the room was a huge curtain, which if pull away, would reveal a large balcony, but Shouta didn’t want to show that to Izuku yet.

“Sorry it’s so small,” Shouta said. “It’s a hassle to soundproof the walls, so we decided to stay somewhere small.”

“It would have been worth it, though,” Hizashi complained. “So much more space…” he sighed wistfully.

“It would have given you an excuse to be even louder, and I’d rather not welcome that,” Shouta said flatly. “Here, this way,” he said, leading Izuku to the right, where there was another small hallway which led to three doors.

“This middle one here is the bathroom,” Shota said, opening the door to reveal the bathroom. It’s a lot bigger than Izuku expected, but he guesses it’s like that because it’s the only bathroom in the apartment.

“This one here is mine and Hizashi’s room,” Shouta continues, knocking his knuckles on the door to their left. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to just smash the door open to get us, kay?” He waited for Izuku to nod before continuing.

“This one,” he said, opening the door to the left, ‘is for you.”

Izuku stared at the room. There was a small bed in the middle, with a shelf to the left and a small cupboard to the right of it. On the wall to his right, there was a small bulletin board for anything he might want to put up. The room looked quite empty on it’s own, but Izuku could tell that they were planning on letting him fill it up with whatever he wanted.

“Kid?” Shouta prompted the kid after a good thirty seconds of Izuku just staring at the room.

He was surprised to see tears streaming down the boy’s face. The boy’s eyes were hidden by his hair, but he wasn’t trying to rub the tears away, just silently weeping.

“Are you okay, little listener?” Hizashi asked, concerned, crouching down next to the greenette.

“I-I,” Izuku began to stutter, and Hizashi widened his eyes. He wasn’t signing??

Izuku took a deep breath before looking into Hizashi’s eyes. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Hizashi, realizing that the tears were from happiness, grinned and wrapped the boy into a hug. “Of course, little listener!! We couldn’t do anything less!!”

He let Izuku cry into his shoulder, and glared at Shouta for not joining the hug.

Shouta sighed, before smiling (ever so slightly) and crouching down to let Hizashi wrap his arms around him as well.




“Did you two sleep at all last night?” Hizashi asked, walking into the living room. He hadn’t bothered to change out of his pajamas, and was planning on making an early breakfast.

“Shhhh,” Izuku shushed him, bringing his finger to his lips, pointing to the caterpillar that was next to him on the couch.

“Oh, well, at least Shouta slept. No need to worry about waking him, though, little listener,” he said, rubbing the boy’s head fondly. “Shouta can sleep through anything.”

Oh. Okay. Izuku signed, turning back to the T.V. to see the current news. Currently, the anchors were reviewing Endeavor’s performance over the past year.

I don’t like him. Izuku signed. His quirk is fire, and he seems mean.

Hizashi stored away the information that Izuku disliked fire quirks somewhere in his mind before facing the boy.

“You still never answered if you slept last night,” he said quietly.

The boy shook his head. I slept yesterday, in the car. He signed, if that explained it.

It really didn’t but Hizashi decided to let it go for now. No need to pester the kid. Still though, how did he not have huge bags under his eyes? Based on his demeanor, Hizashi guessed that all-nighters were something that was perfectly normal for him.

They shouldn’t have been, not for a kid this young.

“You want to help me make breakfast, little listener?” Hizashi asked, and the boy nodded enthusiastically, climbing off of the couch and following Hizashi into the kitchen.

“What do you want to make?” Hizashi asked.

The boy shrugged. The only proper food he had had recently was the Katsudon that Shouta had let him eat. He of course, knew traditional dishes and such, but had rarely ever eaten them himself.

“How about some bacon and eggs?” Hizashi asked, opening the refrigerator to see what they had.

Are all your breakfasts this American? Izuku asked, eyes shining in delight.

“Do you want them to be?” Hizashi asked, taking Izuku’s bright smile as a confirmation, and pulling the eggs, butter and bacon out of the refrigerator.

The boy thought for a moment, before shrugging. All food is good. He signed.

Hizashi chuckled. “Could you get me the two large black pans from that cupboard?” he asked, pointing to a cupboard that was attached to the ceiling, above the countertop. Izuku nodded, jumping in order to open the door, and grab the two items that the hero had requested, before jumping again in order to close it.

“You have great jump strength, little listener,” he said fondly as Izuku placed the two pans onto the countertop, and Hizashi did the same with his ingredients.

Izuku grinned at him delight, signing a quick Thank you with his left hand.

“What kind of eggs do you want to make?” Hizashi asked the excited kid.

The boy tilted his head in confusion. Type of eggs? As in like, chicken eggs? Or quail eggs?

Hizashi was surprised. Did the boy really not know that there were different types of cooking? “Nah, little listener,” he started, thinking over his next words carefully. “There are different types of ways to cook eggs,” he explained, opening the carton and washing one in the sink.

“Here, hold this,” he said, handing the wet egg to Izuku, who nodded, cupping his hands.

When Hizashi placed the pan on the stove and turned it on, he didn’t miss Izuku flinch. He turned on the fan above before turning to look at him.

“Are you okay, little listener?” he asked the boy who hadn’t torn his gaze away from the flames released by stove.

Izuku started to move his hands before realizing that he was still holding the egg. Carefully shifting it into his right palm, he let go of it with his left hand to sign.

Is it going to burn? He asked.

Burn? “Only if you touch it,” Hizashi responded, cautious. Maybe they should have their stove re-installed to an electric one, he thought.

Okay. The boy seemed reassured. What do we do next? He asked, though the shine in his eyes hadn’t completely returned.

“Next, we cut the butter,” Hizashi said, opening a small drawer to grab a butter knife. “Do you want to cut it or should I?”

Izuku seemed to pale for a moment, before pointing to Hizashi.

“Okay, got it,” Hizashi said, not missing how Izuku let out a small sigh of relief when he learned he wouldn’t have to do it. He sliced a small chunk of butter and dropped it into the pan.

Izuku winced slightly when he heard it sizzle.

Hizashi took the egg from the boy’s hand, and placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “How about we have you stay away from the stove, and you can help me do other things?” The boy nodded gratefully.

So they set to work, Hizashi cooking, and occasionally asking Izuku to do something, such as wash another egg or open the pack of bacon.

“I didn’t plan this well,” Hizashi muttered when he realized that he hadn’t gotten out any plates.

“Izuku, do you think you get out some plates for me?” he asked, turning the stoves off, and using his spatula to move both the eggs and bacon around in their separate pans so that they wouldn’t become overcooked. “They’re in that cupboard,” he said, pointing to a cupboard that was high above Izuku’s head.

Hizashi was too busy focusing on not burning the food to realize that, however.

Izuku looked at the cupboard. He wouldn’t be able to reach that, he determined, by jumping. But maybe… if he….

He raised his arms, hoping that it would work. He hadn’t done this in years, so he lacked control, but he could still try. He grunted in effort when the cupboard door opened on it’s own, and grimaced as the plates started to float out of the cupboard and over Izuku’s head.

Suddenly, there was a large CRASH!!, waking Shouta up from his spot on the couch and causing Hizashi to whirl around to see what had happened.

They were both surprised to see the boy lifting his arms in order to keep the remaining plates afloat, wincing slightly as blood ran down his arms, with a shattered plate at his feet on the floor.

Not being able to move his hands, Izuku turned to them, fear in his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.




Izuku’s Depression NoteBook

Page 1



Based on what I think I have figured out, there are ten levels in my mood. I decided to write them down here, just in case… anyone cares. So, this is ultimately pointless. Yay.


Level 1: This is just me. Just a normal, happy kid like I should be. I’m apparently bubbly and excited. When I’m in this mode, there isn’t really anything that can bother me, apparently. I smile a lot more when I’m in this level, too. I like this level. It’s warm and happy. Just treat me like a normal kid when I’m in this level.


Level 2: This is the second level. I’m usually on either this level or Level 3 . There isn’t that big of a difference between this level and Level 1 . In this level, I’m still bright and happy, but I’m more prone to sadness. I’ll take more notice of bad things, and be more hesitant. I also start to use sign language in this one, but I can still talk better than I can in the higher levels.


Level 3: There’s not much difference between Level 3 and Level 2 . However, when I’m in this level, I don’t really talk unless there’s no way to avoid it. I’ll use sign language more often than not. I also apparently cry a lot in this one. The levels don’t really change, even if I’m happy or sad. If I was sad in Level 3 , I would cry. If I was happy in Level 3 , then I would cry. My mood doesn’t really change my level. It kind of takes a big change for my levels to switch. According to my mother, I’m better than usual in this level, because while I’m still bright and happy, I’m not loud and annoying, so… that’s good.


Level 4: This level is where things really start to change. I don’t really smile that much, and just frown. The most common way for me to get to this level is lack of sleep, and lack of food. (Or, less than usual.) I can still have conversations with people, and I can surprisingly talk when in this level. I’m apparently really cool and calm in this level, and won’t really fight back against much. My mom says she likes this level the best, because I’m the most compliant, and I don’t ask for anything. Sometimes, when in this level, tears start to come out of my eyes for no reason, but I’ve never really been able to figure out why.


Level 5: This level is bad. On the outside, I don’t really seem to change from Level 4 , but inside my head, I start thinking all sorts of bad things. It makes me really unmotivated and sad I don't really like doing stuff. If you order me to do something, I might do it, but there’s no guarantee. Usually, when it gets as bad as Level 5 , it helps when I’m in someone’s arms. I only know this from the one time I fell asleep hugging Kacchan in Level 5 . He beat me later because of it, but I was able to get out of this level faster because of it. I don’t really know how to get out of Level 5 that much, it just kinda… happens. Maybe it’s extra sleep? I don’t know. I’ll try to test it more the next time I’m on Level 5 .


The rest of the levels are on Page 2 .

Chapter Text

“Hey, kid, it’s okay,” Hizashi said, abandoning the food and quickly grabbing the plates out of the air. The boy let his arms fall to his sides, and tears started to form as the blood ran down to his palms.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Shouta said quietly, walking towards the boy, after having gotten out of his sleeping bag. Hizashi turned to move the eggs and bacon from the pans to the plates.

B-but I destroyed one of your plates, and caused a mess. The boy signed, and Shouta winced slightly when he saw the blood.  

I, um, let me help clean up.. The boy signed, and started to bend forward to grab some of the shattered plates with his hands.

“Woah, kiddo,” Shouta said, grabbing Izuku’s arms in order to stop him, and Izuku quickly glanced up, fear in his eyes.

“It’s okay,” Hizashi repeated, opening a drawer with gloves, before bending down to grab the porcelain and toss it into the trash can.

“That’s not the proper way to dispose of that,” Shouta told his husband, but the voice hero shrugged before continuing.

“Let’s get those cuts fixed up,” Shouta decided, quickly picking up Izuku in his arms and leading him to the bathroom, placing him gently onto the toilet lid. He opened the small cupboard under the sink in order to grab a small first aid kit.

“Here, show me your arms,” he said, and Izuku nodded, lifting his arms so that Shouta could see. The plate must of hit them as it fell, and while the cuts weren’t that deep, they still bled, and it looked as if there would be bruises left over. A few bandaids and maybe an ointment would do good here.

Shouta said nothing as he opened a small bottle of cream, and gently rubbed it onto the boy’s cuts.

“What kind of band aids do you want?” he asked the boy once he had closed the cap of the bottle, and displaying a few boxes of band aids, each with a different hero design.

All Might, the boy signed, sniffing a little as he pointed to the small box that proudly displayed a grinning All Might.

Shouta nodded, opening the box to grab a few bandaids, before dropping it back into the first aid kit to apply them.

“That should be good for your arms,” Shouta murmured. “We should take care of your feet next…” He grabbed Izuku’s ankles in order to inspect his feet, but was surprised when Izuku quickly kicked his feet out of his grasp.

Sorry, Izuku signed. I can take care of my feet myself.

Shouta nodded. The kid had lived a hard life, after all. He probably knew how to treat his wounds himself. He had forgotten, but now that he remember, he was surprised that Izuku had even allowed him to treat his arms. Was that a symbol of Izuku trusting him? Or was it fear? He hoped it was the former, but if it was the latter, Shouta was determined to make sure that the boy would eventually trust him.

“What do you need, kiddo?” he asked.

Oh, ummm… The boy inspected his feet. I think that the cream you gave me for my arms would be good, because I got quite a few cuts from the plate, but I don’t really need it. It would help if I had something to stop the bleeding, like bandaids, but I don’t want to exhaust your supply, so maybe a few bandages would work? Or no, maybe… The boy signed rapidly, thinking over what he could do in order to treat his feet.

“So, the cream and some bandages, right?” Shouta asked, interrupting the boy’s thoughts.

I, uh, yeah… the boy signed.

“Okay.” Shouta grabbed the bottle and handed it to Izuku, who opened it, and placed the cap on the toilet seat next to him, before squeezing a little bit onto his palm, and he started to rub his feet with a practiced hand.

He knows what he’s doing, Shouta thought. Sure, the boy seemed quite innocent, but he had gone through a life of hardships. It would make sense that he knew how to take care of himself. But the boy seemed afraid of the stove, and he doubted his mom ever made food for him - how had the boy gotten his meals?

When Izuku was done, he closed the bottle and handed it back to Shouta, who in turn handed him a small roll of bandages. He watched as the boy wrapped them around his legs, and ripped the bandages with his teeth, before tucking them under previous wraps.

“You good, kid?” Shouta asked, and Izuku nodded, handing him the bandages. Shouta put the bandages back in the first aid kid, and placed the first aid kid back inside the cupboard under the sink.

He stood up, and extended his hand to Izuku, who took it as he jumped off of the toilet seat, and back towards the kitchen.

When the walked towards the kitchen, Hizashi had already gotten rid of most of the mess, just finishing up with a small vacuum that they kept in the small cupboard above the refrigerator.  

“Ahh! You’re just in time!” he grinned, turning off the vacuum and tucking it back into its cupboard. He brought the three plates forward, each filled with eggs and bacon. “It’s time for breakfast!!”

They led Izuku to the small table, and placed three forks beside the plates.

“Where do you want to sit, Izuku?” Hizashi prompted the boy.

Izuku didn’t let go of Shouta’s hand as he sat down at a random seat, and Shouta sat next to him, leaving Hizashi to sit on the other side of the table.

“Let’s eat!” Hizashi said, grinning.

“Thank you for the food,” Shouta responded, grabbing his fork and stabbing his bacon.

“Don’t kill your bacon, sweetie,” Hizashi complained, scooping up a little of his eggs with his own fork, glancing ever so slightly at Izuku, who was trying a small chunk of bacon.

“It’s my bacon. I can choose how to eat it.” Shouta shrugged.

Hizashi sighed, before looking at Izuku excitedly. “What do you think, little listener?” he asked, gesturing to plate in front of Izuku.

Izuku nodded his head, and tears started to fall from his eyes. “I-it’s good,” he stuttered.

Hizashi grinned. His cooking had made the kid speak!! Maybe that meant he was being successful?

“I assume that you making the plates float was your quirk?” Shouta asked, ruining the moment. Hizashi glared at him, but he ignored it, facing Izuku.

Izuku nodded. It’s half of it. I’ve never.. Really used it before. One of my friends started being mean to be when he got his quirk, and my dad used to hurt my mom and I with his, so I didn’t really want to use a quirk myself. Especially since my quirk and theirs are kind of similar. He had gone back to signing, letting his fork rest on the edge of plate.

“Similar? How?” Shouta asked, taking a small bite from his eggs.

Fire. Izuku signed, before grabbing his fork and eating a small bite of eggs, his face lighting up in delight.

Fire? But When Shouta had seen Izuku using his quirk, he hadn't seen him use any fire.. Was Izuku’s quirk a hybrid of some sort? Fire from his father, and telekinesis from his mother? What was his mother’s quirk, anyway? He also wanted a more specific idea of what Izuku’s quirk was.

“How about, after breakfast,we get changed, and go to UA to test your quirk?” Shouta asked the boy.

The boy looked at him, not really seeming to comprehend what he had just said.

“UA!!??” The boy shouted, jumping up, after a few seconds of silence, scaring the wits out of both Shouta and Hizashi.

“I-I’ll take that as a yes,” Shouta said, and smiled when the boy nodded his head vigorously.




“UA’s a lot bigger than you imagine, kid?” Shouta asked as they walked into the building. They had called Nezu in advance, who was totally fine with Shouta and Hizashi’s kid to come in for a quirk test.

The boy in question nodded his head, gaping at the tall ceilings and walls of the school. The doors are so big… he signed.

“Nezu said we can use Gym Gamma,” Hizashi grinned at the young listener, who grinned back.

“Oh, senseis!!” there was a voice from behind them called, and they both turned to see a third year student. He wasn’t in the hero department, but in the support. He raised an eyebrow at the kid hiding behind Shouta’s torso before continuing.

“Is Power Loader sensei here? I wanted to ask him about a few assignments and such, so…”

Hizashi shook his head. “We don’t know if he’s here. Did you try the staff lounge?”

The student shook his head, calling out a “Thanks, sensei!” before running off in the direction the staff lounge.  

“We’re here, kiddo,” Shouta said when the trio finally walked into the gym.

“So, are you ready to test the limits of your quirk?” Hizashi asked, and Izuku nodded. He didn’t seem as excited as before, but his eyes hadn’t lost their gleam.

“Then let’s get started,” Shouta said, walking over to the closet to grab a few machines for the quirk testing.




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 2

Levels (Continued.)


Not that anyone would care, but after Level 5 , from Level 6 and above, it’s advised to do everything possible to lower my level, because after that threshold… I start to go a little crazy.


Level 6: This is when things start to get really, really bad. I get a lot more stressed, and am more prone to crying. It’s harder for me to form coherent sentences with my voice, but I can still sign pretty well. I also tug at my hair a lot in this level. I’m a lot more sensitive to things that people say, which.. Isn’t that good because I’m already a sensitive person without being at this level.  But yeah, I don’t really like this level. The way to get me back to lower level with this is probably music. When I listen to music, it calms me down and returns me to a lower level. Maybe this would work for Level 4 or Level 5 . I’ll try it next time.


Level 7: When I’m in this level, I would advise… keeping me away from sharp things, or anything I could use to harm myself. In this level, my thoughts get so bad that… I start to do self harm to calm myself. While self harm does usually help me get out of this level, back to a Level 6 or lower, this tactic usually makes me revert to Level 7 again quirker. It’s like.. A drug, I guess? But yeah, this is a lot worse than just tugging at my hair. I think that I get out of this level the same way I get out of Level 6 , which is with music. I think sleeping also helps with this one, and that usually gets me back to a Level 4.


Level 8: This is… really bad. Once, when I was in this level, I remember waking up in the hospital because of.. Well, that’s the part I can’t remember. I don’t really know what happens when I’m in this level, but I know it’s really bad. But I kind of remember being alone the last time I was in this level, and that didn’t really help, so maybe to bring it back down, I need human contact?? Well, that’s never going to happen, haha. So… Level 8 , I’m really screwed. Yay.


Level 9: This level.. Is surprisingly mild. It’s actually quite like Level 5 , just that the main difference is the scale of my bad thoughts, which is a lot worse that Level 5 . I also still do the self harm stuff, but it’s not as bad Level 7. Maybe like a single knife nick or something. But it’s not as bad. But this is the point where my thoughts just start going plain on suicidal. The only way out of this one is human contact, this is what I know for sure. I remember this because once when I was in this level, I ran into Kacchan on my way home, and he beat me up, like usual, but that snapped me out of it. So… Human contact. Even if it’s bad human contact, human contact is the only solution I’ve managed to find.


Level 10: I’ve never gotten to this point before. All I know is that this level exists. But I know I’ll get there eventually. Until then, I’ll do my best to not get to this point.

Chapter Text

“20.6 seconds on hundred meter dash,” Shouta said, clicking his timer. “You do know that you can use your quirk, right?” he asked the boy, who was leaning over his knees, panting slightly. Though the boy looked like he needed more food, his time was surprisingly only a few seconds over the average for his age.

The boy looked up at him before nodding.

“Do you want to move on, or do you want to try again with your quirk?” Shouta asked the boy.

The boy didn’t respond for a few moments, before taking a deep breath. I’ll try again, with my quirk this time. He signed, and Shouta nodded, gesturing for the boy to walk back to the starting line.

When Izuku crouched at the start line, he was trying to calm his nerves. Use his quirk? How could he use his quirk to move across the 100 meters faster? Could he fly? No, he had barely been able to carry the plates this morning, he doubted he would be able to carry himself. What if he tried altering the pressure in the air? If he could apply more air into the area behind his back, maybe he could make wings out of the air? Nobody would be able to see them… but it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

He could also come up with a solution that involved… the other half of his quirk, but he wasn’t really ready to use that just yet.

“You ready, kid?” Shouta called, raising his timer. Izuku nodded his head, which Shouta somehow managed to catch.

“Ready - GO!” Shouta yelled as he clicked the timer for it to start. His eyes (painfully) widened in surprise when he saw the kid take off, flying across the strip and quickly crossing the finish line. He was so fast that Shouta almost forgot to click the timer again to record the time.

“10.5 seconds,” Shouta said, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to rub the pain away. “Could you tell me how you did that?” he asked the kid, and Izuku nodded.

I grabbed the air, Izuku signed. This morning, when I tried to grab the plates, they were too heavy. So I thought that I wouldn’t be able to carry myself across, and plus, the telekinesis doesn’t actually have any speed qualities, and would probably make me a lot slower, so it would have the opposite of the desired effect. So I thought, maybe, I could grab the air, and pull it towards myself in the shape of wings, and kind wrap it around myself, so that the air would carry me across. It was really hard to make the wings move up and down, but it was a lot easier than moving the plates because the air was weightless.

“That was a really good idea,” Shouta said, rubbing Izuku’s head. “It would be really useful in the future, being able to see things from above. But i might be weird to have invisible wings… you got any way of making them visible, like grabbing something just as light, maybe paper or something, that you could fit inside of the wings?”

Izuku thought for a moment, before nodding. He didn’t seem fond of the idea, though.

What are we doing next? Izuku asked, moving on.

“Well, I don’t think we need to do Long Jump anymore, I’ll just give you a score of infinity,” Shouta said. “Hmm…” He looked around the gym for any clue of what they could do next.

“What if you tried target practice?” A voice called from behind them, and Izuku and Shouta turned to see Hizashi walking back into the gym, carrying three drinks. “Here, little listener,” he said, handing the boy a small bottle of milk, before handing Shouta an ice coffee.

“Target practice might be a good idea,” Shouta acknowledged. “What do you think, kid? Do you want to try?” The boy nodded, already halfway through the milk in his bottle. While he ate little, the boy surprisingly drank a lot, Shouta thought.

“Cool. I’ll got get some targets from the closet,” Hizashi said, taking a sip from his own coffee and walking off.

Shouta grabbed his clipboard from the bench, placing his ice coffee on the bench to write down the numbers for the 100 meter dash, and the infinity for the Long Jump. “We could also try weight-lifting,” he murmured. “It would be good to see how much you can hold with your quirk, and then focus on improving that.”

Izuku grinned, hastily wiping the milk from his lips and placing his empty bottle next to Shouta’s coffee. You’re really going to help me become a hero?? He signed, excited.

Shouta glanced at the kid out of the corner of his eye before nodding. “Yeah. You’ve got the spirit, kid.” It would also help the kid’s self esteem, but Shouta decided not to mention that thought.

“I’ve got them!” Hizashi called, holding a few targets attached to poles as he rejoined them.

Shouta nodded. “Let’s set them up.”

“Are we going to have them all at the same distance, or should we go with some farther than the others?”

Shouta thought for a moment, checking his clipboard, before responding. “Let’s go with different distances. It’ll give me more to work with."

Hizashi nodded, placing his own coffee next to the other two on the bench, and Izuku jumped up to help him place them.

“Where?’” Hizashi called when Shouta walked to where Izuku would be standing in a few moments.

“Move a little to your right,” Shouta called, and Hizashi did so, dropping one of the targets there, letting the pole stand on its own.

“Izuku, could you step forward a little more, and move to the left?” Shouta asked the boy, and Izuku nodded, doing exactly what Shouta told him to do. “Great, thank you,” Shouta called. “You can come back now, I’ll have Hizashi do the rest.” The boy nodded, and jogged towards the pro hero, now targetless.

After placing the two other targets, Hizashi also made his way back towards the two.

“Let’s start with the closest one,” Shouta said, pointing to the target to the left, the one that Izuku had placed.

They’re only targets, right? Izuku asked, and Shouta nodded. Izuku took a deep breath, before closing his eyes and appearing to concentrate.

“Look,” Hizashi whispered, (though rather loudly), pointing to the target, which was starting to shake. Oh, so he could grab things from that far! Shouta recorded it on his clipboard. It would be useful if Izuku was able to extend that distance, might be able to save a few lives of people who were too far away to reach by hand.

The target shook slightly, before the pole fell over and landed on it's back. So he had pushed the target away, Shouta noted. 

Izuku opened his eyes, looking at the knocked over target, before looking at Hizashi and Shouta, the former of which gave him a thumbs-up. “Good job, kid,” Shouta confirmed, nodding at the boy. “Do you want to try the next one?” He said, pointing to the next target, which was to the right of the previous one, and of a farther distance away.

Izuku nodded his head, before concentrating. Shouta and Hizashi both watched the target, and were surprised to see it shake a little. When Shouta turned to look at the boy, he had both his arms raised straight forward, and he was grimacing, starting to sweat from the strain.

“That’s good, kid,” Shouta said, and Izuku nodded, letting go of his hold on the target and letting his arms drop. “How about, instead of trying to knock it over, do you think you could pull it closer to yourself?”

The boy nodded, extending his hand and staring at the target, before having to jump out of the way in surprise, when the target suddenly slid speedily towards them.

Shouta made a memo on his clipboard about the fact that Izuku seemed to be better and pulling things closer to him then pushing them away.

“Do you have any idea why you can pull things better than you can push them?” he asked the boy, and he was surprised to see the boy nod.

I think it’s because of my mom, Izuku signed. My mom’s quirk was kind of like my grandfather’s. She was able to pull small things closer to her. The way I can do this is super different from mom’s so it’ probably comes from my grandfather, but I think I might’ve gotten a little bit from my mom if I’m better at pulling.

Shouta nodded. That explanation made sense. “Do you want to try the next target?” he asked, gesturing the third target. Izuku nodded, and outstretched his hands, but after a good ten seconds, the target didn’t move, and Izuku let his hands drop.

I can’t reach it, he signed. Shouta nodded. So the current limit to Izuku’s telekinesis was 50 meters. Not bad, not bad at all. “Do you got any other tricks up your sleeve, or do you want to move on?” he asked the boy.

Shouta-san? The boy asked, and Shouta nodded his head in confirmation, ready to answer his question. What were your parent’s quirks?

“My mother’s quirk was being able to raise her hair whenever she wanted. It’s the reason as to why my hair stands up when I use my own quirk. And I don’t know what my dad’s quirk was, she was a single mother,” Shouta said.

Izuku nodded. So, is your quirk your parents, or is it yours? The boy asked.

Shouta seemed a little puzzled by this question, but still answered all the same. “My quirk is mine. Not my father’s, or my mother’s.” Hizashi nodded in confirmation.

Okay, Izuku signed, before extending his right hand. Hizashi gasped a little when suddenly, there was a little flame in the boy’s hand. But he had seen earlier, the boy had hated the fire from the stove… he hated his own quirk?

“I still don’t like fire,” Izuku whispered. Shouta barely heard what the boy was saying, so he crouched down to hear better. “I can use my own without burning, um, how do I aim…?”

Shouta said nothing as he watched Izuku toy with the fire, twisting his wrist and letting the small open flame follow his palm, before closing his fist and letting the flame disappear.

“Got an idea, kid?” Shouta asked, standing up, and Izuku nodded.

He was surprised to see Izuku open his mouth as wide as he could, and see huge flames shooting out of his mouth, similar to a flame thrower, towards the targets. At first, the flame only extended for a good ten meters, but Izuku squinted, focusing on the targets as much as he could, and extended the flame to a good twenty meters before falling over with exhaustion, and the flames fell away.

“Well... “ Shouta said. He turned back to his clipboard to write a few things down, as Hizashi crouched down to comfort and praise the boy.




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 3

Sign Language


So, this is really really pointless, yay. But I’m going to explain why I use sign language. When I was younger, I didn’t know it, so I had to speak when I wanted to communicate, which I didn’t really like.

Speaking called more attention to myself, which meant that more people who come to bully me about being quirkless, which wasn’t fun. So I thought that it would be better if I could communicate without calling much attention to myself.

So during lunch, I usually made my way to the library. They had a computer that the librarian was nice enough to let me borrow,so I went on that and watched video lessons on YouTube and other sights. It was really educational. I also thought it was really fun, since it was a secret language of sorts.

I kind of adjusted into it slowly, until it got to the point where the teachers stopped asking me to do the Ondoku, which is to read aloud parts of a story to the class. They didn’t even take points off for it, so that was nice, since I hate public speaking.

My mom, though she said that she hated me and stuff, when she learned that I was taking the time to learn it at school, she bought me a few books with lessons how to speak sign language. She even learned the language herself. She claimed it was so that she wouldn’t have to hear my annoying voice anymore, but I hope not. I wonder if I pleased her by learning sign language. I hope so.

If it pleases my mom, I think I would do anything. She says she hates me and stuff, but she smiles sometimes, when I do something that pleases her. I want to make her happy, because her smiles are pretty than her frowns. She also doesn’t hit me as much when she’s happy, which is also good.

I still don’t really like speaking, and I don’t know if I ever will. But sign language helped me with that hurdle. So… yeah. It also helps when my voice is too shaky for people to understand, as well.

The only thing my mom says she misses about my voice is my singing. But she didn’t tell me that, she said that when she was talking to Aunt Mitsuki, thinking that I wasn’t listening. I don’t know if she said that because she actually believed it or because she was just trying to keep appearances. Either way, it made me happy.

Chapter Text

“Your child is rather skilled, both with his quirk and his mind,” Nezu said, looking through the tests that he had graded for Izuku, which caused the boy to blush.

Hizashi patted the boy’s head, to reassure that it was a good thing.

“You’re not planning on him going back to school, are you?” Nezu asked Shouta and Hizashi, who promptly shook their heads. “Well, then I’d be happy to tutor him for you! I haven’t really taught anyone in a while, and it would be good for you two, when you’re here, teaching at UA. I doubt you want to leave him at your apartment while you’re at work.”

“That would be great,” Shouta nodded, but he was still a little wary. All things with Nezu came with a catch. “You good with that, Izuku?” He was pleased when the boy nodded.

“Great!” Nezu said, smiling like he always did. “You should bring him in starting tomorrow! You’ve still got a week or two of school left...  he could use those two weeks to meet the teachers. You said he loved heroes, right?”

The two teachers nodded, thanking Nezu as they walked out.

“Have a great Sunday!” Nezu called as they left.

“So, school at UA, huh?” Shouta muttered, letting Izuku grab his hand as they made their way towards the exit.

“You excited, little listener?!” Hizashi asked, grabbing the boy’s other hand.

Izuku nodded, though his eyes seemed a little blank. He also wasn’t smiling, like usual, the two noticed.

“Hey, Izuku, you okay?” Hizashi asked, stopping and looking at the boy’s face.

Izuku nodded. “Fire,” he said, surprising the both Shouta and Hizashi. “I think that the fire caused me to go to Level 4. The fact that I’m talking right now helps prove that.”

“Level 4?” Hizashi asked, a little confused. “Which one was that again?”

“I’ll show you later, when I have my notebook,” Izuku responded, yawning. Of course he was tired! He had pulled an all-nighter, and had just spent a few hours constantly using his quirk! Shouta mentally scolded himself for not noticing.

“Here, climb onto my back,” Shouta said, crouching down, and Izuku nodded, climbing onto his back and leaning his head against his shoulder.

Izuku fell asleep on their way to the car, so they had to carefully place him in the backseat and buckle him up, without waking him.

“What is Level 4 again?” Hizashi asked Shouta as he got into the driver’s seat.

Shouta shrugged. “I think it was along the lines of exhaustion. We may have made him use too much of his power, today,” Shouta thought.



“Aww, he’s so cute!!” Nemuri cried, grabbing his Izuku’s cheeks and pinching them. “How old are you, sweetie?” she asked him, letting go of his cheeks and a little guiltily watched him attempt to rub the pain away.

“Don’t scare him like that, Nemuri,” Shouta said, sighing. “And you don’t need to treat him like he’s 5. He’s a lot older than that.”

“I know that!” Nemuri said, putting her hands on her hips and pouting at Shouta. “But it doesn’t hurt to ask!!”

Izuku stared at Midnight, the hero who had just pinched his cheeks. It was Midnight!! Midnight had just called him cute!! He could feel his entire face flaming up, and he knew that he must look like a tomato.

“I’m, um, I’m 12,” the boy said, looking up at the hero. His eyes had been dull when they had first walked into the staff lounge, but they were suddenly gleaming again, just as they had yesterday.

Maybe he was back to a Level 3? Shouta and Hizashi could only hope.

“12, huh! So, you’re about to finish your first year of middle school?!” She grinned when Izuku nodded.

“I- um, umm..” Izuku tried to talk, pointing to the notebook that he was holding against his chest. He quickly brought it back in front of his face, and opened it to the page where he had his Midnight analysis. “C-can I have your autograph?? And, um, can you confirm everything I’ve written here?” He asked, holding up the notebook so that the 12:00 hero could see.
“Of course!” Nemuri said, grabbing a marker from a nearby desk (Snipe’s but he didn’t even complain), to sign her hero name onto the boy’s notebook. She tossed the marker back to Snipe, who caught it, when she was done.

“Here,” she said, grabbing a nearby chair from an empty desk (no teacher used that desk yet,) and brought it closer to hers. “Let’s sit at my desk, I can fact check your notes.” The boy nodded excitedly, following her to her desk.

Shouta didn’t react, walking and sitting down at his desk to do work before classes started, but Hizashi openly expressed his joy at seeing his boy already getting along with the teachers.

Most of the teachers were sad that they had to leave for classes, as they had enjoyed watching the boy go around, asking the teachers for their autographs and to fact check his analyses.

Shouta and Hizashi were a little nervous to leave Izuku with Nemuri, but when they saw his huge grin, they were reassured and left for their classes.

Their students all noticed that Shouta and Hizashi seemed to glow a little more than usual, although Shouta’s students thought that maybe he had expelled someone that day.

When the two of them made their way back to the staff lounge at lunch, they were surprised to find all of the teachers already there, crowded around on the floor, where Izuku was playing a game of chess with Snipe.

“Check mate,” Izuku mumbled, looking up at the teacher, who in turn groaned and fell backwards.

“Ugh, nobody can win!! How did you do that?” the gun hero asked Izuku, who just shrugged.

“I predicted your movements, and made my own based on those predictions. Like when you moved that bishop to take my queen. I moved my queen there on purpose, so that I could move your bishop out of the way and create a checkmate.”

“Your kid’s a genius,” Snipe said, turning towards Hizashi and Shouta, who he had seen out of the corner of his eye.

“I was aware of that,” Shouta responded, looking towards the chess board. Izuku had indeed won the game, and seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Let me try again!” Nemuri cried, shoving Snipe out the way and taking his place. Izuku nodded, so they set up the board.

Hizashi placed a small lunch box next to the boy, who smiled at him gratefully. Thank you, he signed.

“Hey, Izuku, how come you sometimes sign and sometimes talk?” Nemuri asked the boy as they finished setting up. She moved first, as she was white.

The boy shrugged, opening the lunch box, and his grin widened with delight when he saw that it was katsudon. He took a small bite using his chopsticks before answering.

“It just depends on how I feel at the moment. If I really need to, I can force myself to talk, but I’m usually more comfortable signing.”

“Oh… Is it uncomfortable talking with us?” Nemuri asked as Izuku moved a pawn forward.

“Mr. Shouta and Mr. Hizashi smile when I talk,” the boy responded. “So do you and the other teachers. And seeing you happy makes me happy, so talking around you makes me happy,” he decided.

Nemuri snorted. “He calls you Mr. Shouta?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at the underground hero who had retreated into his sleeping bag. Said hero shrugged.

“You guys are nice,” Izuku continued as Nemuri moved another pawn. “I like you guys. You’re different from everyone from before.”



(Huge, huge time skip warning. It was spring during the last few chapters, but now it’s like autumn or something. Izuku’s birthday has already passed, sorry, but I want to save that special occasion for the future.)


“5.03 seconds,” Shouta called when Izuku flew across the hundred meter dash strip. “You’ve really gotten fast, kid. Good job.”

Izuku grinned at Shouta’s praise. Thanks , he signed. But I still don’t think it’s good enough… He let his wings disappear.

“On the contrary!” A small voice called from beside Shouta. “I think you’re doing great, young Izuku! So good that I think we should get you a provisional license!!”

“Excuse me?” Izuku asked, staring at the… mouse? Bear? Whatever animal he was, but the principal.

“You’re improved your tactics over the past months.” Nezu said.  “I’ve never seen anyone actually manage to improve their quirk so much in that short amount of time. You’ve also got your own special attacks as well. And plus, you could trademark those awesome fiery wings of yours! And a provisional license doesn’t mean you’ll end up as a hero just yet. It would just let you intern at a hero agency, and you’d be allowed to fight villains and use your quirk without the express permission of someone with a license!”

“It is a bit early, but I guess we could make it work…” Shouta murmured, looking at his clipboard. The kid had really improved. Plus, it would no doubt help the boy’s lack of self esteem by leaps and bounds. The kid still doubted himself quite a bit - and that one time the kid had dropped to Level 7 - that had been scary. After that, Shouta had stopped keeping his razor in the bathroom.

“I-I, I guess…” Izuku stuttered, looking down at his feet.

“There’s a provisional license exam coming up in about a month or two. Most of my students already have their provisional license, but a few don’t so I could take him at the same as them,” Shouta considered, thinking over his options.

“Then you’ll have to work hard! I expect you to pass, Izuku, so good luck!!” The principal smiled before exiting Gym Gamma, leaving the gaping child and the pro-hero behind to continue working on his quirk.




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 4

Bad Habits


I have really bad habits, sometimes, like the self harm I do on Level 7 , but umm… on this page, I’ll explain some bad habits I have regardless of what level I’m on.


Muttering: I just end up muttering my thoughts a lot. I also do this with sign language as well. Kacchan says that it’s really annoying, and that I should just shut up, because, well, I’m a stupid Deku. He also doesn’t like it when I end up signing my muttering, because he says that I’m trying to defy him by hiding that fact that I’m muttering by using my hands. My mom also doesn’t like my mutter, because she says I’m too loud and my voice is annoying and she hates it. She’s a little more lenient when I sign, though.

Edit: Mr. Shouta and Mr. Hizashi say that it’s not really a bad thing to mutter, but can be a little annoying or strange if not used to it. So they say that it’s okay to mutter around them and people I trust, but don’t really mutter around other people, because I don’t want to accidentally tell people things about me I don’t want them to know. They’re a lot nicer than Kacchan and Mom.


Eating Habits: My mom is a good cook. But she doesn’t really make food that often, and usually brings takeout food home. I don’t really eat much. I’ve never really been that hungry, maybe because I don’t exercise that often? So mom usually doesn’t bring any food home for me, but she always makes sure that she leaves enough leftover so that I’m full, so that’s nice. But that’s usually only a little. I really like soft food. One time she made this thing called ochazuke, and it was really good. She said that someday, if I’m good, she’ll teach me how to make it, so that’s exciting!

Edit: I sometimes help Mr. Shouta, oh, um, sorry, Shouta and Hizashi make food. They make a lot of food for three people. I usually don’t eat more than half of it, and the days that I do manage to eat an entire plate, I can’t eat anything the next day. So, yeah… I really, really like Katsudon. It was the first food that Shouta ever gave me, and that it tasted, really, really yummy. Hizashi sometimes makes it a lot, too!!


Drinking Habits: I drink a lot more than I eat. I usually just drink tap water from the sink. But I make sure to only use one glass a day, because mom gets mad when I use too many. I like water, I guess. I guess this isn’t really a habit, I just drink a lot of water. I also really like milk! I don’t really remember what it tasted like, but back when Kacchan was nicer, I remember he gave me some! I think it was… sweet. Yeah. Sweet!

Edit: Still the same. I still drink a lot. I really like those jelly packets that Dad sometimes gives me. Pa usually sighs whenever he sees us both on the couch drinking from them, but he doesn’t ever really say anything. I also love coffee. It’s amazing. Any kind of coffee! As long as it has caffeine, all coffee is good. Dad makes a lot of it, and he even taught me how to make some, so I probably drink way too much. I remember once, at UA, I think I drank like 6 cups of coffee, and Aunt Nemuri and all of the teachers kind of stared at me like I was crazy. It was really funny! After that, they all recommended me their own favorite types of coffee, so I really liked that day.


Sleeping Habits: My sleeping schedule… is really weird. I usually sleep right after school, for maybe 30-40 minutes, before mom comes home. She doesn’t like it when I’m sleeping instead of doing homework or something productive, so I make sure to sleep when she’s not home and still at work. I don’t really like sleeping at night, and mom doesn’t say anything about it. She doesn’t really like sleeping at night, either. She sometimes lets me join her on the couch to watch T.V. Even though he was sent to prison for being a villain, we both still can’t calm down at night, but that’s okay. Sometimes mom gives me candy on these nights, but not usually. We pull a lot of all-nighters. But mom at night is usually the best time to approach mom when I want something.

Edit: Dad and Pa say that I should sleep more often, so I’ve managed to change the time I sleep from around 40 minutes to 3 hours. While they say it’s not as good as it should be, it’s better than before, so they’ve let it go for now. I’m glad that they make me sleep more, though because it makes me less likely to fall into a higher level, so I’ve managed to stay in Level 2 and 3 for the past few months. That’s really nice. I really like that. I still do all-nighters all the time, though, because too much sleep… I don’t like too much sleep. Sometimes, when I don’t go to sleep, they call Aunt Nemuri and Uncle Toshi, and we have a huge superhero slumber party, and those are really fun. I think they do them to help me fall asleep, too. I really like all of Uncle Toshi’s bad dad jokes. Dad never really makes them that much, and Pa makes a few, but not as much Uncle Toshi.

Chapter Text

Shouta and Hizashi woke up to the sound of quiet sobbing that night. Claiming that he was tired after finishing the provisional license exam, Izuku had promptly retreated into his room, saying that he was going to sleep.

Shouta and Hizashi hadn’t been that worried - after all, after that one drop to Level 7, the kid had seemed to be getting better. So when they were both woken up by the sound of quiet sobbing, they were surprised.

They had both climbed out of bed, saying nothing as they glanced at each other, having a short conversation with only their eyes as they made their way to Izuku’s room.

Izuku froze when the door opened. He had been sitting up in his bed, desperately trying to rub the tears away and be more quiet, but he must have been loud enough for them to hear. Izuku mentally cursed himself as the tears started to fall more freely, and as the sobs that racked his body were louder than they had been moments before.

“Hey, kid,” Shouta said, sitting on the bed beside Izuku and slowly rubbing his back.

I’m sorry, the kid signed, but his hands stayed beside his face, as he continued to try and hide it. This is stupid, I, I should be happy, and that you’re so nice, and supporting, but, but… He froze when Hizashi grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his face.

“It’s okay, Izuku,” Hizashi said, looking Izuku in the eyes. The started to look away, down at his hands. “No, look at me, Izuku,” Hizashi said, and Izuku quickly brought his gaze back up, fear in his eyes as tears streamed down his cheeks. “It’s okay not to be okay,” Hizashi told him, and brought Izuku in for a hug. Shouta also wrapped his arms around the two, making it a hug of three.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku sobbed into Hizashi’s shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

Hizashi and Shouta didn’t say anything after that, and just let Izuku cry.




“Has he had any episodes lately?” Nemuri asked Shouta when he walked into the staff lounge, after all the classes for the day had been finished. Izuku was currently with Hizashi, and the two of them had already left for Hizashi’s agency minutes prior.

“No, not since the night of the exam,” Shouta responded, sighing as he dropped his folders onto his desk and walked over to the coffee machine. “Which is a long while back. But I think he’s been having more, and he’s just good at hiding them. He’s allowed to be open towards us, so, I don’t understand why he’s hiding it…”

“He probably needs someone who’s in the same boat as him,” Nemuri said, leaning back in her chair, having abandoned her grading. “You and Hizashi have helped him get better, but he probably needs something more than that…”

“As much is pains me to admit, you’re probably right,” Shouta grumbled, pouring a small bit of milk into his coffee before taking a sip.

“You’ve been doing a lot more of that lately,” the r-rated hero said, grinning. Shouta sighed.




“I don’t want to catch you three bullying anyone else in the future, okay?” Izuku asked the three boys in front of him. They nodded their heads obediently, crying slightly. They had been scolded by a hero! Of course they felt bad about what they had done.

“We’re really sorry, Miko,” one of the boy’s repeated.

“Yeah. Sorry,” the other two mumbled.

The girl who was currently in Izuku’s arms looked at them, before glancing at Izuku who nodded. “It’s okay,” she mumbled, escaping Izuku’s embrace to hug the three of them. “I forgive you.”

“Let’s hang out sometime, okay?” the first boy asked, and he smiled when the girl nodded. “Oh, my mom’s probably looking for us. Let’s go, guys!”

“Bye Miko! By Mr. Deku!!” The three of them called as they walked out of the park, and back home.

“Thank you,” Miko, the small girl with dark brown hair, grinned at Izuku. He grinned back, standing up from his crouch.

“It was no problem. It just reminded me of something that happened to me,” Izuku responded, patting the child’s hair.

“You got bullied?” The girl asked, curious. Surely nobody would bully Deku! He was an amazing hero! He was a sidekick at 13 years old!!

“Yeah,” Izuku said. “It was for the same reason as you, actually,” he told the girl.

“But I’ve seen you on TV! You’re not quirkless!!” The girl cried out. Why would Deku, someone with an amazing quirk, get bullied for being something that he wasn’t??

“I was a late bloomer,” Izuku admitted to the girl. “It’s getting pretty late,” he murmured, looking at the setting sun. “Can you tell me where you live? I bet you’re parents are getting worried about you.”

“I live at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,” the girl said.

“Okay, Miko, how do you want to get there? You want to walk, or do want to take a ride and fly?”

“Fly?” Miko asked, then pointed at Izuku. “With you?”

Izuku nodded his head.

“Oh my gosh!! YES YES YES YES YES PLEASE!!” Miko excitedly jumped up and down. She would get to fly with Deku!! When he became a pro-hero, she swore to herself that she would buy every bit of his merch that she possible could.

“Cool. Hold on, okay?” When Miko nodded, Izuku wrapped his arms around her, and they took off into the air.




“Thank you so much,” Miko’s mother, Hotaru, said, hugging her daughter. “I was so worried when she wasn’t coming home - you said she was being bullied?”

Izuku nodded. “I talked to them, so I doubt they’ll be bothering her again, but.. You never know,” he answered. He pulled out his wallet, before, taking a small business card out. “Sorry I don’t have anything better than this to give you, but it has my phone number. In case she ever needs anything, feel free to call me.”

“Oh, I couldn’t!!” Hotaru said. “I don’t want to use your time, after all, you heroes should be doing more important things!!”

Izuku shrugged. “Being a hero doesn’t always mean fighting villains. Some heroes, all they do is tuck their kid into bed at night, but they’re still that kid’s heroes.”

Hotaru still looked skeptical.

“I like your kid,” Izuku continued, and smiling when she finally took the card. “If you ever need me for anything, even if it’s something like babysitting, I would be happy to come.”

Hotaru smiled at him gratefully. “Well, then I might you up on that offer, um…”

“Midoriya,” Izuku supplied.

“Thank you, Midoriya~kun,” Hotaru said, and Izuku grinned.

“I’ve got to get going now,” he said. “Goodbye, Ms. Hotaru, by little Miko.”

The child in question waved, giggling as she watched the sidekick fly away.

“He let me fly with him,” she told her mother excitedly as Hotaru closed the door.

“Did he now?” she asked the Miko nodded. “He seems like a sweet boy. I think I’ll take him up on his offer for babysitting,” she told the girl, who cheered, before taking the card and attaching it to their refrigerator door with a magnet.



Toshinori had seen all of this. He had been walking by at the park when he had heard the bullying, and had seen the young sidekick stop them. He had seen the boy take off into the air with the bullied girl, and had followed them (no, he wasn’t being creepy, he just wanted to see what would happen,) back to the girl’s apartment. He had seen the boy give the mother his number, just in case they ever needed anything. This boy! He was perfect!!

He was surprised when the boy stopped in front of him. He was wearing a green jumpsuit as his costume, and out of his head were two green rabbit ears, which Toshinori found hilarious. He also wore a belt with various tools on it as well, and his boots were rather large. Toshinori had heard of this sidekick before. He was the youngest one in the history of Japan, if he remember correctly. He could understand why this kid, while he was so young, had his provisional license so early.

“Who are you?” Izuku asked the man. “You were following us. If you have any intention of hurting that girl, I’ll have to report you,” he said.

Toshinori raised his eyebrows. The kid was perceptive, too. He had noticed Toshinori following them, despite the fact that he was surprisingly stealthy in his civilian form.

He chuckled. “Don’t worry, I have no intention of hurting the young shoujo.” He grinned. “I have a feeling, though, that I’ll be recommending to the government that they promote you to a pro-hero.”

“I, um excuse me?” the sidekick asked, tensing up. “What?”

Toshinori laughed. “It was nice to meet you, young Midoriya,” he said. “I hope that we’ll see each other sometime soon.”

He left, and Izuku could only stare at the gaunt man as he walked away.




“This is a dream,” Izuku said, holding his pro-hero license in front of Shouta’s face. “This can’t be real. I’m not ready, I have been trained enough, I’m not mentally stable enough to be - “

“There’s nothing we can do about it now, kid,” Shouta said, sighing. He had been opposed to the idea of Izuku getting promoted, and he had voiced his concerns, but the government saw it fit that Izuku was made into a pro-hero. He had gotten a recommendation from All Might, after all!

“When did you even interact with All Might, anyway?” Shouta asked the kid, who temporarily stopped his freaking out to shrug.

“I don’t know.. Oh my gods, what if he was… it can’t be, he was too gaunt and skinny, oh, but his voice, and his hair…” Izuku started muttering incoherent sentences, and Shouta sighed, knowing that he probably wouldn’t get an answer out of the boy.

“Dad, what are we going to do for my debut?” Izuku asked, and Shouta leaned back in his chair, having just finished grading all of the papers. “Should I even debut? I mean, I’ve been on T.V. a number of times, and that one interview that you guys let me do, and…”

“I HEARD THAT SOMEONE BECAME A PRO-HERO!!” There was a loud shout, that, surprisingly, was not Hizashi. The door slammed open to reveal the r-rated hero, who was panting. Shouta guessed that she had just heard the news, and had sprinted towards the staff lounge.

“Oh, Aunt Nemuri!! Look!!” Izuku said, holding up the card so that she could see.

“I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!” She cried, and Izuku stiffened as she picked him up and twirled him around and around. “You’re doing amazing, kiddo!! What are we going to do for your debut??”

“That’s what I was asking Dad just now,” Izuku said, tilting his head to gesture towards the underground hero who was glaring at Nemuri.

“We’ll figure something out,” Shouta said, wincing slightly when he heard multiple parts of his spine crack when he got out of his chair.

“You’ve turned into an old man,” Nemuri chuckled, and her chuckled turned into a laugh, when Shouta gave her the most evil glare he could muster.

“I could try and give you a back massage, Dad!” Izuku said, ignoring Nemuri. “I did it with Pa a little white back, and Pa said that he really liked it!!

Shouta sighed, before rubbing the boy’s head fondly. “Sure, kid.”




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 5

Izuku’s Do’s And Don’ts



  • If I’m feeling down or something, it usually helps if I get human contact, so hugging me is something good. (Also, getting Shouchan is a good idea as well, but if he’s not available, then any contact is fine. Hugs are the best.) If you want to punch me for being an idiot, like Kacchan does, well, that’s okay too.
  • I like showing people my notebook… um, if you’re a pro-hero, please sign it. I want to you to sign it. Sign it big and huge, just like Uncle Toshi did. He used two whole pages. Okay, um maybe not that much, but still. Signatures. Please.
  • I like Katsudon. If I ever look sad or like I’m depressed (more than normal), then katsudon is a good helper. Ever since Dad gave me some … that night, it’s become my favorite food. But please don’t make any other type of food, because I usually don’t eat.
  • Please make me coffee. Ever since (the word Shouta has been written, then crossed out) Dad let me drink some of his coffee, I haven’t been able to live without it. Power Loader sensei makes really, really good coffee. I swear to god, I could survive on that and nothing else. It’s amazing. I love coffee so much.
  • If you’ve got any games, sure, show them to me!! As long as you’re okay with me getting obsessed, figuring out all of the secrets before you, and spoiling everything for you. Same with anime and book series's. Get me into stuff after you’ve finished exploring everything you possibly can yourself, unless you want me to find out everything for you. Then tell me before. Because I will find every secret and every connection and the lore and everything. It’s an excuse to write notes, and no matter what level I’m in, I love writing notes. Even level 5, which is surprising, but in Level 5 I’m not motivated enough to do anything.
  • Dad says I have to add this part because all the teachers sometimes want to give me gifts (why? I’m worthless, sorry dad, I’m adding that, you can’t stop me) so I should explain here so that he and Pa can tell them what I like. Dad doesn’t want me to get spoiled, which is funny, because he already spoils me too much. He gives me food, and a place to sleep, and he gave me a family! That’s way too much already. Oh, um, but something I like. … Coffee. Please give me coffee. Oh, and hero merch!! A lot of hero merch, please!! If you’re okay with me destroying stuff you get me, please get me a bunch of Endeavour merch. I have this huge collection, almost as much as my All Might collection, which I’m planning to have a little… fun with. I hope Shouchan is going to like it too. It’s a surprise for him, hehe. But yeah, for gifts, coffee and hero merch and notebooks maybe? I don’t really like anything else…. Oh, and unless it’s Endeavour, nothing with fire. I don’t like fire.

Don'ts will be on page 6. 

Chapter Text

They didn’t need to worry about Izuku’s debut; only a few days later, an opportunity would present itself.

It had started when Izuku was sitting on the roof of a building, listening. Izuku had recently figured out a way to be able to hear sounds from all sorts of distances. He would grab a little bit of the soundwaves with his telekinesis, and would then direct all of those soundwaves towards him. It was a little exhausting, but it was worth it. On multiple occasions, heroes had managed to get to crime scenes faster, and save more people thanks to Izuku’s quirk.

So when Izuku heard of a slime villain robbing a store, and no hero there to stop it, he took off, towards the direction where he guessed the villain would head. He had focused all of his quirk on the soundwaves that came from the villain, and he predicted where the slime villain would end up.

He found himself standing under a bridge, near the old apartment where he and his mother had lived two years back. He leaned against the stone, eyes closed and listening, waiting for the villain to arrive.

“Oh, a medium-sized invisibility cloak,” he heard, and he opened his eyes to see a large… green blob of slime. Holy cow, that was a lot bigger than he expected it to be.

The slime villain lashed out, attempting to catch Izuku with his slime, but Izuku grabbed it with his telekinesis, holding it away from him. He extended his arm out towards the villain, so that he would have better control over the slime. When you were fighting a villain, there was no time to be underestimating the opponent. You had to start with full power, and then make assumptions based on that.

“What, how?” the villain started, but grinned when he suddenly broke free of Izuku’s hold and lashed forward. Izuku was only able to dodge thanks to his quick reflexes, reflexes that he had developed after hours and hours of training with Shouta.

So the villain could break out of Izuku’s control. Would he be able to burn the villain? As he continued to dodge the villain’s continuous lashings, he let small flames extend from his palms, and watched as they hit the slime villain - but as they did nothing. Ah. So his quirk was useless. He would have to work on holding things that would fight back.

“THERE IS NO NEED TO WORRY ANY LONGER!!” A voice shouted, catching Izuku off guard, which was just the moment the villain needed in order to grab onto Izuku and to start suffocating him. “BECAUSE I AM HERE!!!”

When the villain was punched away from Izuku with a DETROIT SMASH, Izuku jumped back, and towards the hero whom he had admired for years.

“Thank you for the save,” he told the hero, who grinned at Izuku, giving him a thumbs-up. “Do you have any bottles in that shopping bag of yours?” he asked tilting his head towards All Might’s shopping bag as he jumped back towards the villain with a bigger flame.

“I’m fluid, you can’t burn me!!” the villain laughed.

“Two soda bottles!” All Might called, catching Izuku when the villain pushed him back.

“Mind if I empty them?” Izuku asked, and All Might tossed him the bag, before moving to punch the villain. When he splattered into a million different puddles, Izuku could do nothing but stare.

Work first, Izuku thought. Fanboy later. He sighed, quickly pulling out the large soda bottles. They would be enough, he thought, opening them both, and pulling the fluid out of them with his quirk, letting the two bubbles of soda float in the air and merge together behind him. All Might stared as Izuku let go of the bottles, letting them float in the air as he extended his hands to grab all of the different little puddles of the slime villain’s goop. The villain was still fighting back, but he was considerably weaker now, so Izuku had almost no trouble shoving the villain into the two soda bottles and closing the cap.

“Are you planning on drinking this?” Izuku asked the giant blond hero, pointing tilting his head towards the floating soda bottle.

All Might shook his head. “I can’t drink it all, not at once,” he said. “It’s a shame, but we’ll have to throw it away somewhere…”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Izuku said, before bringing the soda bubble to his lips and drinking it all it one steady gulp.

“I-ummm… How did you do that?” All Might asked the boy, a look of pure shock on his face.

“I don’t eat food that often, so I make up for it with drinks. I don’t like soda that much, but I didn’t want to let it go to waste,” Izuku explained. “I used my quirk to help shove it down my throat.”

“I… I see,” All Might said, before laughing. “Well, thank you so much for your help, young boy!! You cleaned this up much faster than I would have been able to!”

Izuku turned to look at All Might. All Might. All Might, the greatest hero, the number 1 hero, had just praised him. “I, I, umm... “  Izuku stuttered, trying to make a coherent sentence in front of his idol. Oh, all he was going to succeed in was making a fool of himself!!

He quickly grabbed his notebook, which had been rolled up and attached to his belt. “Could you please… um, sign this??” he asked, extending it towards All Might. He pulled a marker out of his chest pocket, and All Might took it, grinning as he signed the first two empty pages he found in the notebook.

“Here, you go, young man!” All Might said, about to hand the notebook but to Izuku, but Izuku flipped to the last page, where there was nothing written on both sides of the paper.

“Could you sign here, as well?” he asked. “Something along the lines of, ‘You can be a hero?’ It’s for the girl who you saw me….” It was a risk, that man might not be All Might, but Izuku can’t deny the fact that they might be the same person, so he tried anyway.

All Might grinned, before writing the exact words of “You can be a Hero! -All Might” because curse originality. “Make sure that you never tell anyone,” He told the kid as he handed back the notebook and marker. “Don’t even accidentally post it online. I had it kept secret for a reason.”

“Then why did you tell me?” Izuku asked, bowing his head gratefully when he took his notebook back and reattached it to his belt. He also tucked the marker back into his chest pocket, before looking back up at All Might.

“I didn’t expect you to catch me last time,” All Might said, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. He really hadn’t meant for the young boy to figure it out. At least, at first. But when the boy had caught him, he just couldn’t help it! The shounen was a genius!! Heck, when he had gone after this villain, he hadn’t even gone somewhere with publicity to get more attention - he had specifically found a place where he knew that nobody would have gotten hurt. He was honestly, perfect!!

All Might coughed, grimacing slightly when he saw a little blood on his fist. The boy already knew his secret, anyway, so he could transform back now. The villain in the bottle seemed to be unconscious as well. He let the steam come off of his body, and laughed when the boy widened his eyes when he showed him his civilian form.

“You look like a grumpy old man,” Izuku said, before bringing his hands to his mouth. He had said that out loud! Oh no! All Might would kill him!! He was surprised when All Might just chuckled.

“I know, my boy. And that’s exactly what I am,” He grinned at the boy, and the boy smiled back.

“We should go give this villain to the police,” he told the boy, patting him on the shoulder, and Izuku nodded, grabbing the bottles from out of the air.

As Izuku and All Might walked to the police station, totally engrossed in their conversation, they didn’t notice the three students talking in the alleyway. Izuku didn’t notice when the kid with blond spiky hair tossed a can with so much force that is knocked the bottles out of Izuku’s hand, causing the contents to spill all over the ground.

Oh, the chaos that ensued…




“And this was the debut of new pro-hero Deku!! What do you have to say, young hero??” The reporter asked, and the cameraman directed his camera towards Izuku, and the reporter shoved the microphone into his face.

“Um, I hope that the kid that was caught by villain is okay,” Izuku mumbled. “Getting caught by him is, well, really painful. I think I’m going to be a little claustrophobic for a while..”

“Well, you were an instrumental part of his defeat!!” the reporter grinned, before noticing the huge blond figure of the number one hero. “All Might!” She called. “What did you think of pro-hero Deku here’s performance! He is currently the youngest hero in Japan, at.. 14 years old, am I right?” the reporter asked, thinking back to the one interview that Izuku had accepted a few months back. Izuku nodded.

“I think he did excellent!!” All Might grinned, patting Izuku on the back. “Honestly, if he wasn’t already a pro-hero, I’d want him for one of my sidekicks!!” he claimed.

“Oh, um, thank you!” Izuku mumbled, his voice barely caught by the microphone.

Later, when Izuku started to make his way back to Shouta’s agency, he was stopped by All Might, who was in his civilian form.

“Could you speak with me, Young Midoriya?” All Might asked the boy. He was very serious now, a complete opposite of the grinning, chuckling All Might he had been moments prior. “I have an important offer to make you that I think you’ll want to hear.”




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 6

Izuku’s Do’s and Don’ts (Continued)



  • Whenever I’m feeling especially bad or depressed, please don’t force me to do anything I don’t want to. I’ll tell you exactly what I think I can do in that moment, and, pushing me to do something I don’t want to will probably make it worse. The only exceptions for this would probably be when I’m in Level 6 or Level 7. I kinda do… bad things to myself in those levels, so I’d say it would be a good idea to stop me then. But yeah. Please don’t force me to do anything I don’t want to.
  • .. Nothing to do with fire. Please. I really, really don’t like fire. I know that my quirk is fire, and I sound really hypocritical, but I still, really, really hate fire. I’m only okay with my own fire because Shouchan’s okay with my fire, and he has a good reason to be afraid of fire, so.. Yeah. Shouchan’s fire is okay too. But I don’t like any other fire. I hate fire. So, so much. Only my fire, or Shouchans fire. And sometimes Endeavour, but usually not. No fire.
  • I don’t like loud noises, or being surprised. Please refrain from shouting when you’re near me.. Or force me to listen to you shout every day so that I get used to it… but I don’t like doing that. It’s not fun. And with Aunt Nemuri, it was mostly accidental, so it’s okay. Her shouting is okay because I’ve gotten used to it. Also All Might’s shouting, because I hear it a lot on T.V. And Pa’s. Pa’s loudness is okay because I know it’s from it’s quirk. I should honestly be used to Kacchan’s shouting, but I don’t like it. I hate his shouts. I hate loud noises. Please, please don’t try to scare me with loud noises, because I will freak out. Being surprised by loud noises is one of the things that makes me switch levels easily, so… Please don’t.
  • When I’m sleeping, please don’t wake me up, unless you’re Uncle Toshi, Aunt Neuri, Dad, Pa, or Shouchan. Their voices usually calm me down, because, well, I trust them, a lot, but I usually start freaking out whenever somebody else tries to wake me up. Even the UA teachers. It sucks. Please don’t try to wake me up, ever. I already don’t get enough sleep as it is, and, yeah…
  • Oh, Dad wants me to include a part about what to do just in case they find me doing self-harm again, um… I don’t know. I would say, whenever I get to the point, I hate it when someone just forcefully takes the tool out of my hand, so, I wouldn’t do that. I’d say that um, you should probably just ask me, and I’ll give it to you. And if that doesn’t work, just try to calm me down somehow? I’m sorry, Dad, I really have no idea. I sometimes do self harm to help calm myself down, so if you could get me to calm down some other way, then that means I wouldn’t have a reason to do self harm, so maybe that? And please don’t buy me clothes with long sleeves. You and Pa have already spent too much money on me, I don’t want to empty your wallets. Please.


Note added later: They bought a lot of long sleeve clothes for me anyway. I like longer and baggy clothing a lot more than I like short-sleeved and more normal-sized clothing, so, well, I thanked them. Still, I wish they used the money that I make from being a pro-hero myself, instead of their own money.. I should tell them that, actually. I use a little of the money to buy coffee. But a lot of it goes to buying food for Shouchan. Oh, dad’s calling me. I’ll continue this later when I have more info I guess.

Chapter Text

“I’m not paid enough for this,” Shouta sighed.

“But you don’t get paid for taking care of me,” Izuku mumbled. “If you want payment, well, then, I’ll give you my salary that I get from being a pro-hero! It’s the least I could do after all-”

“It was sarcasm, problem child,” Shouta interrupted.

Izuku disagreed. He had caused both Shouta and Hizashi so much trouble, and now this!! It had gotten so bad that Shouta had started calling him ‘problem child!’ Izuku knew that Shouta only said it to tease him, because he thought that Izuku was getting better, but Izuku didn’t like it. It was.. It reminded him of his mother too much. But he said nothing, because he didn’t want to be a burden to Shouta any further than he already did.

“Oh. Right,” Izuku mumbled, looking down at his feet apologetically.

“It’s fine, Izuku,” the underground hero said, patting his head fondly. “You can do whatever you want to, all right? Hizashi and I will help you through whatever decisions you decide to make, I promise.”

Izuku nodded, looking into the eyes of his Dad. “Okay.”

“Let’s make some coffee,” Hizashi said, walking back into the living room. He had excused himself 3 minutes earlier to continuously scream in joy with his quirk. Thank god that the apartment’s walls were soundproofed. How would Hizashi gotten out his screaming fit otherwise?

Izuku nodded. “What kind are we making?” he asked, walking into the kitchen with the voice hero, grabbing a bag of coffee beans from one of the cabinets.

“Izuku, later, I’ll teach you how to make something that you can actually eat, instead of just coffee,” Shouta told the boy, pointing to the electric stove. Izuku glanced at him, nodding, then turned back to the coffee machine.

Shouta plopped down onto the sofa in order to take a nap. Honestly, how was he supposed to deal with the fact that All Might would be giving Izuku his quirk??




“My quirk is a hybrid of three,” Izuku explained to the interviewer. This was his first interview since he had become a pro-hero, and it was nerve-wracking, to say the least.

“Three?” the interviewer asked, and Izuku nodded. “I’ve heard of hybrids of two, but never three! Please continue.”

Izuku grinned shyly at the camera from under his mask. His fathers hadn’t allowed him to take off his costume on T.V., deciding that they wanted to keep his identity a secret until he at least graduated high school. Izuku wholeheartedly agreed. He didn’t want anyone recognizing him on the street, he would be a nervous wreck, and god, it would be, so, so, so awkward!

“You know how the wings I make are completely fire?” Izuku asked, and the interviewer nodded. “Well, that’s a combination of my parent’s quirk. My mother had a sort of gravity quirk, and my father had a fire quirk, so I kind of got a combination with these wings,” Izuku explained. He didn’t want to reveal all of the tricks up his sleeve, because he didn’t want villains to get ahold of the information, so he had decided that he would explain as little as possible.

“The third part of my quirk is something I got from my grandfather,” Izuku continued. “I would explain it, but to keep my secret identity a secret, I claim only that third part to be my quirk when I’m at school,” Izuku explained. This wasn’t entirely true, as Izuku no longer went to school, but it wasn’t entirely false, either, because that was what they were planning on doing when he went to UA.

He was going to UA, of all places!! And not just as a student, but he would also be a teacher as well!! How was he going to do both at the same time?? He didn’t know just yet, but he was excited all the same. Honestly, life was really looking up for him.




The first time Izuku met Shouto, it was totally Izuku’s fault.

When Izuku was collecting soundwaves from all over the city of Musutafu, during his last 5 minutes of patrol, when he heard the voice of Endeavour. He would have shut it out immediately, but when he overhead what he was saying and who it was directed towards, Izuku couldn’t stop listening, his face paling with every word he heard.

After a few minutes of focusing on those sound waves, and hearing the sound of a door closing, Izuku took off, looking for some sort of restaurant where he could quickly order takeout.

As Izuku flew around the area, he saw an uncrowded booth that said “Takeout Soba.” It sounded really skeptical, but nobody was there, and it was takeout, so it suited Izuku’s needs. When he landed down next to it and ordered just a normal zaru soba, the employee started to freak out.

“My shop! And a pro-hero chose to come here!” He said happily as he handed Izuku the bag. “I, um, can I tell my customers?” He asked, a little nervous. He grinned like there was no tomorrow when Izuku nodded, thanked him, and flew away.

Shouto was surprised when he heard a knock on his window. Who was it? Why had someone come knocking on his window in the middle of the night? When he was covered head to toe in bruises, for god's sake! Was it a villain? Was someone planning to kidnap him and ransom him to his father??

Shouto, to be honest, was actually kind of okay with that idea. If a villain came to ransom him, he would welcome it. It would throw a wrench in his father’s plans for him, and that was something he was okay with. As long as he wasn’t tortured. Plus, he would be able to break out on his own if needed anyway.

When he opened the window, he was surprised to find pro-hero Deku there.

“Hi,” the hero said awkwardly, when all Shouto did was stare. “I, um, thought that maybe, you could use some food.”

Shouto continued to say nothing, as he continued to stare at the hero. Why had a pro-hero randomly shown up at his window, offering food? Had Shouto ever done something for Deku? No, he couldn’t even remember a time when he had met Deku. Sure, he had seen the stuttering hero on T.V., but that was it! He had never interacted with him… right?

“I, um, accidentally overheard the, uh,   conversation you just had with your dad,” the hero mumbled.

That elicited a reaction out of Shouto, though it was small. “Oh.”

“And, um, well, I thought, that well, whenever my dad beat me, after it, my mom sometimes snuck me food, and it really helped, so I thought, that, well, I’d do the same for you??” The hero sounded really unsure of himself now.. But… Izuku knew that he couldn’t just leave Endeavour’s son alone. Not after overhearing… that.

“Oh.” Shouto repeated, before stepping away from the window, and allowing the pro-hero to come in.

“Do you like soba?” Izuku asked, extending the small plastic bag towards him with his arm.

Shouto nodded. “I, um, thank you,” he said quietly, taking the bag from Izuku’s outstretched hand.

“It’s no problem,” Izuku said. “Um, and, uh, I don’t know if you have anything to treat those bruises, I, um, never did, so, uh, here, I’ll leave this,” He was only going to leave a few bandages and maybe a bottle of cream, but he didn’t know if that would be enough, so he just placed his entire first-aid kit onto Shouto’s desk.

“I’ll, um, go now,” he whispered, climbing out of the window. “Sorry for intruding.”

Shouto could only stare as he watched him go. What had just happened? Wait, did Deku say that his father beat him??




“So, you lost your first aid kit,” Shouta asked his son, who only meekly nodded, looking down at his hands, which we in his lap. He sighed as he pushed on the break, and glared at the red light before turning back to Izuku. “And you’re not going to tell me how?”

Izuku nodded again, looking back down at his hands. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I’ll try not to lose it again.”

Shouta sighed, but he still rubbed Izuku’s arm affectionately. “It’s fine, kid.” he told him. “We can just buy a new one for you.”

“Thanks,” Izuku mumbled.

“It’s fine,” Shouta responded. “I’ve also invited All Might over for tonight, since you haven’t slept for the past two days.”

“Uncle Toshi!?” Izuku asked, looking up at Shouta with sparkles in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Shouta responded, pushing on the gas pedal when the light finally went green. “Why do you call him, ‘Uncle’, kid? I can understand Nemuri and all the other teachers, but…”

The car was silent for a few seconds. “They all did something positive for me,” Izuku explained. “They were there for me… and to me, they’re more than friends… they’re my family. So I wanted to call them something that fit with that.”

Shouta nodded. That made sense, he guessed.




The second time Izuku met Shouto, it was still totally Izuku’s fault.

This time, he had only brought a nikuman, as the soba shop from before was totally crowded - probably because the owner had did what he asked he could.

Shouto wasn’t as surprised this time, when Deku showed up at his window.

“Do you like nikuman?” Izuku asked, and smiled when the boy with candy cane hair nodded.

“Thank you, um... “ Shouto got out of the way of window, and let the hero into his room.

“Izuku,” the hero grinned at him, handing him the to-go box. “My name is Izuku.”

“Oh. Todoroki Shouto, though I bet you already knew that,” Shouto took the box gratefully. “Thank you for the food, and first-aid kit. They helped… a lot.” He said, looking at his bandaged wrist.

“Oh, it was no problem. Abused people gotta look out for each other, you know?” he asked, but Shouto shook his head.

“Your father is abusive too?” he asked, and gestured for Izuku to sit down, and did so himself. He opened the to-go box and took a bite of the nikuman. It was good, he thought.

“Well, he was until he got sent to prison a few years back for being a villain,” Izuku shrugged, pulling his hood off. Shouto was surprised to see a freckled face with fluffy green hair peek out from the neck of his costume.

“Why are you telling me this?” Shouto asked.

Izuku.. Honestly didn’t know himself. “I don’t know… maybe it’s because I know you won’t pity me. You know what it’s like to be… hurt like that. I bet you don’t like fire, as well,” he grinned ruefully when Shouto nodded. “I hate fire. I hate it so much.”

“But isn’t your quirk a fire type quirk?” He asked, and the boy nodded.

“So is yours. And I’m not stuck in that situation anymore, so that’s good.” He sighed. “But you are. And I know what it’s like to be in that situation, so I want to help you. I might not be able to help you get out of the situation, but I want to make it better. Sometimes.. That does wonders.”

He spoke from a lot of experience, Shouto thought.




“So, Izuku,” Shouta started, once the three of them were in the car, about to head home from a long day of patrol. “Want to tell the two of us why you’ve been so late from patrol the past few months?”

“You aren’t in trouble, don’t worry,” Hizashi added, glancing at his son through the mirror.

“Oh, um..” Izuku had expected them to ask. Honestly, he was surprised it had taken this long.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I made a friend?”

Hizashi almost crashed the car into the nearest building.




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 7



Kacchan is my best friend. My only friend. Or.. he was a friend. I still consider him to be something along those lines, but I wonder how he sees me.

He calls me “Stupid Deku,” a lot. He usually doesn’t like it whenever I do anything, so whenever he’s around me, I freeze so that I’m not doing anything, but even then he still gets mad, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

He gets mad at me about being quirkless, a lot. I don’t want to tell him I’m not quirkless, because then he’ll get mad at me for not telling him. And then he might tell mom.

I don’t want him to tell mom.

Kacchan likes to beat me up a lot. Says that “a pebble on the side of the road can’t help but get kicked” a lot, too. It hurts. I, I still think his quirk is cool, but… I don’t like it that much anymore. It’s not fiery, but, it’s explosiony, which is.. Really close.  I don’t like his quirk that much anymore.

I have a few scars from when Kacchan has gotten rough with me, but that’s fine. They serve as reminders of how I’ve failed him, and how I need to do better in the future to meet his expectations, so that I can stop being a Deku, because right now, that’s all I am.

If mom notices the scars, she doesn’t say anything. That’s fine too.

A few of the scars are from mom, too. But most are from him and Kacchan. Sometimes, when things are really bad, I reopen them to remind myself that, hey, I can’t keep doing this, I need to be better, because sometimes even a Deku can do something good.

So I’ll keep trying, until I someday manage to please Kacchan. I don’t know when that’s going to happen, but, I hope it’s soon. Because…

I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Sometimes he shoves me in the bathroom and laughs as I retch into the toilet.

Sometimes he beats me up after school just because he feels like it, just because I’m just a useless shell who can’t be used any other way. Sometimes… sometimes I…

I don’t want to take all of this shit anymore.

I want it to stop, I want it to stop, I want it to stop. Why isn’t anything I do good enough for Kacchan?


The next passage is written in blue ink:

He doesn’t sound like a very good friend. Hell, he doesn’t sound like a friend at all. Nothing that he’s doing is your fault, Izuku. He’s just an ass. It’s not your fault. I promise you. When you open and maybe read this page later, I hope you remember that.

Love you.


Chapter Text


Where are you right now, Izuku?


At Shouto’s house!


That’s fine, just make sure to come home soon.



Make sure to send me pictures! I want to know what your friend looks like!


Hey, Shouto, look at me, Izuku signed, catching the boy off guard when he took a picture. Oh, that was amazing. I’m making that my phone background.

Please… no. Shouto signed back. After learning about how Izuku sometimes switched to sign, Shouto had decided to learn it himself. He was actually doing quite well, after borrowing Izuku’s books only two months prior. Izuku honestly didn't know how Shouto had learned it so fast. It had taken him at least 6 months, yet here was Shouto, who had almost profected it after only two!

Izuku and Shouto had started using sign language more often, not only to let Shouto practice, but to also be as quiet as possible so that Endeavour wouldn’t catch them.

Please? Izuku asked, giving him the puppy dog eyes, and Shouto sighed, before nodding.

I can’t say no to you, he signed back. Honestly, he couldn’t. Izuku was one of the few bright things in his life - and he was constant, dependable… he hadn’t known Izuku for as long, but Shouto felt guilty that he trusted the boy more than he trusted Fuyumi.

Does that mean I can send this picture of you to my Dads? Izuku signed. My Loud Dad asked for a picture of you.

Sure. Shouto signed. It was one of the signs he had perfected - he used it so often, Izuku sometimes swore that it was the only thing Shouto said.



Here you go, Pa.

*photo attachment*


Aww, he’s adorable! I can tell just by looking at his face, you’ve made a good friend, my little listener!



That’s what you said when I met Nemuri for the first time.



Was I wrong?





I think I’ve proven my point. When will you be home, Izuku?


When do you want me to be home?


Maybe in an hour or two. I need someone to watch the News with me late at night, Hizashi goes to bed too early.


Pff, okay. I’ll text you again when I’m about to leave for home.


Have fun with your friend!!


“Your dads seem like nice people,” Shouto said, taking a break from using sign language.

Izuku nodded. “They really are. They give me food, water, and a place to sleep. They also give me a bunch of hero merch and care about me a lot, too. They say that that’s what’s normal, but I think they’re spoiling me.”

“Just as much as you’re spoiling me?” Shouto asked, raising an eyebrow.

“But I’m not spoiling you!” Izuku cried, looking at his friend. “Am I?”

“I doubt so,” Shouto responded. “But it feels like it,” he smiled, a small smile that would be missed on anyone who wasn’t as perceptive as Izuku.

Izuku smiled. “I brought my laptop today,” he said, pulling it out of his backpack.

Shouto tilted his head ever so slightly, curious. “How come?”

“Dad and Pa say that they like to watch movies a lot. I thought that we could try it,” Izuku said, opening the computer and logging into his parents’ Omozan account. “They said that we should try something by Disney - or Star Wars.”

Shouto shrugged, before opening his closet to pull out his futon. “Warmth,” he said when Izuku raised an eyebrow. “I thought warmth and darkness were usually involved with movies.”

“I… I think so?” Izuku didn’t actually know. Sure, he’d been living with Shouta and Hizashi for a god.. Two and a half years now, but he still had never set foot in a movie-theater.

“Oh, how about we try this one? It’s called Frozen,” Izuku asked, clicking the first option that came up when he had looked up ‘Disney.’

“Sure,” Shouto said, turning off the lights and making a small little.. Cave like thing with his blanket, before leaning against the wall. He could feel his smile widen a little when he felt Izuku lean against him, on his left side, no less.  

“Here we go,” Izuku said, plugging his earbuds into his laptop and handing one of the said earbuds to Shouto, who in turn placed it carefully in his left ear.

Izuku leaned his head against Shouto’s shoulder as they began the movie.

Two hours later, they were still in this position, though Izuku fell asleep halfway through the credits. Oh. Izuku looked at the figure that had fallen asleep on his side. Izuku had fallen asleep. Oh, oh no, what was he going to do.

He jolted slightly in shock when he heard the sound of a phone ringing. When he turned towards the sound, he saw that it was Izuku’s phone that was ringing. It was probably his father, Shouto thought. He decided to pick up, he didn’t want to worry Izuku’s parents.

“Izuku?” He heard the worried tone in the man’s voice when he answered the call.

“Um, uh, hello,” Shouto mumbled, embarrassed. Honestly, what was he supposed to say? This was Izuku’s father, the man who had give Izuku, a literal beacon, the spirit to shine so bright.

“Oh, is this Shouto?” The man on the other end asked, and Shouto mumbled a quiet ‘yeah.’ “The kid speaks of you often.”

“Oh,” Shouto didn’t really know how to respond to that. Izuku talked about him a lot? But why? Wouldn’t Izuku have anything better to talk about to his parents?

“Not to be rude, but could you tell me why you’re picking up the phone, instead of my son?” Izuku’s father asked.

“Oh, sorry,” Shouto responded, glancing at the sleeping figure again. He looks like an angel, he thought as he watched Izuku breathe slowly. The freckles on his face looked like constellations. “Izuku fell asleep.” He didn’t say anything more, he didn’t really know what else to say.

He heard the man on the other end sigh. “Where do you live, I could go pick him up, if it’s not a bother.”

“It’s fine,” Shouto said. “He can stay the night, unless you’re not okay with that.”

The voice on the other end was silent for a few seconds, before he heard a small hum. “I guess it’s okay,” the man said, sighing. “When he wakes up, tell him to come home by 10, kay?”

“Yes, Mr…” Shouto didn’t actually know the name of Izuku’s parents. Based on what Izuku had said, he knew that Izuku didn’t live with his birth parents, but he wasn’t sure if Midoriya was his birth name, or if it was the name of his current parents.

“Aizawa,” the voice on the other end said. “Call me Aizawa.”

“Okay, Mr. Aizawa,” Shouto responded.

When Shouto looked back at Izuku’s face, he couldn’t help but let his smile grow wider. Honestly, this angel was sleeping right next to him, and he looked so peaceful.. He wondered if Izuku always looked this peaceful when sleeping. He should sleep a lot more often, then…

“Um, Mr. Aizawa?” Shouto asked, just as Shouta was about to hang up.

“Yeah, kid?” Shouta asked, bringing the phone back to his ear.

“Can I have your permission to ask your son out on a date?”

Shouta had to bring the phone away from his face to laugh. “Holy shit ,” he laughed, and Hizashi, who was on the couch, looked at him with a worried expression. After a few seconds of laughter, he composed himself, bringing the phone back to his ear.

“Knock yourself out, kid,” Shouta said. “You make Izuku happy.”

Shouto sighed in relief. “Thank you,” he said.

“No problem.” Shouta then hung up.

Shouto didn’t know how he was going to ask Izuku just yet. But, as he was thinking, he made the excellent decision to take his phone out of his pocket to take a picture of Izuku.. And change it to his phone background.




“Dad, what do I wear?” Izuku asked his father, a little helplessly. “All I have is all this baggy clothing that makes me look like a girl… it’s not nice enough for a date.”

Shouta stared at the problem child. “Why are you asking me? Looking like a hobo is my aesthetic. I can’t help you.”

Izuku sighed. “Thank anyway,” he said, before walking into Hizashi and Shouta’s room, where Hizashi was digging through their closet.

“Pa?” he asked, and Izuku stepped back slightly in surprise when Hizashi snapped his head and looked at him, a gleam in his eyes and a huge grin on his face. “I need clothes,” Izuku mumbled after recovering from his shock.

“I know!” Hizashi cried, causing Izuku to wince a little, so the voice hero lowered his volume. “I think that a suit is too fancy - it is a casual date, right?” Izuku nodded. “I found this nice jacket I think you might like. It’s a dark green. You can wear it over that one shirt you have about your phone battery.”

“But that’s not nice clothing!” Izuku told his Pa.

“If it looks good on you, then it’s nice clothing,” Hizashi said, patting Izuku on the head. “You have so much to learn, little listener.” He looked back at his closet. “You’re skinny and short… maybe these jeggings will do…”

“You’re going to make me wear jeggings?” Izuku raised an eyebrow.

“You’re going a date with another man. You can do woman-like things,” Hizashi called over his shoulder. “Also, they’ll look good on you. I bet your date will think so as well.”

Izuku sighed, before smiling. “Thanks, Pa,” he mumbled.

“It’s no problem, my little listener!” Hizashi said, grinning. Just as long as you send a lot of pictures! Make sure you send them to Toshinori and Nemuri as well, I’ve informed them about your date!”

Izuku groaned goodnaturedly. “Yes, Pa,” he said. “I promise to take pictures.”




“Nice shirt,” Shouto said.

“Pff, so is yours,” Izuku responded, grinning. While his shirt was a turquoise short-sleeve with a few pictures that had to do with phone batteries, Shouto’s was of a cat playing with yarn. “I never expected you to be a cat person.”

Shouto smiled, extending his left hand to Izuku, which Izuku took, grinning. “I’m a very secretive person,” Shouto said, and Izuku laughed.

“That so?” he asked, and Shouto nodded.

“I love the fur of a cat,” Shouto said. “It’s almost as fluffy as your hair.”

Shouto couldn’t help the grin that spread all over his face when Izuku turned tomato-red and blushed.




“The UA exams?” Izuku asked, rolling over on his bed. He was speaking to Shouto over the phone. “Yeah, I’m planning on taking them. But even if I don’t make it, I’ll still be there as a staff member.”

“That’s nice,” Shouto responded. “I’m on my way to UA right now, they’re doing the testing for the recommended students today.”

“Oh, I didn’t know!” Izuku said. “Good luck! You can make it in, I believe in you!”

“Thanks. Oh, I got to go. See you later, Zuku.”

“Later, Shouchan!” Izuku let Shouto hang up, before dropping his phone on his pillow and walking into the living room.

“How’s your boyfriend?” Hizashi asked, grinning. Shouta had left a little while earlier, for reasons Izuku hadn’t known, but based on what Shouto had told him, he could guess that he was at UA.

Izuku blushed. “He was recommended by his dad, so he’s taking the recommendation test thing today,” he said.

“Ooh, fun. Are you ready to take the entrance exam yourself, little listener?” Hizashi asked the boy, gesturing for him to join him on the couch.

“No,” the boy answered, and Hizashi raised an eyebrow, surprised. “I’ve had this quirk for what, maybe a few months now? I’ve barely used it. I’m screwed.”

“I’m sure we can fix that with a bit of training,” Hizashi said, already grabbing his phone to call the number one hero.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 8

Panic Attacks


This page won’t really be focused on how to stop a panic attack or anything. It’s just, well, kind of a reminder that I do have them, and that well, if anyone cares enough, (so nobody,) they should know.

I don’t really want to write about my experiences with panic attacks. I don’t like them. They suck. They happened a lot at school, but it’s happened a lot less since Mr. Shouta didn’t make me go back.

I guess I can just write times I’ve had panic attacks before? Um, I’m not going to list all of the ones I had at school, because there’s too many, but maybe the ones that aren’t at school?

I’ve had a few at home before, on especially bad days. Sometimes, when mom smacked me really hard, it would remind me of him, and that would be all I’d be able to think about, and, well, it’s not fun. Whenever I have a panic attack at home, mom usually just locks me in my room because she doesn’t want to deal with me.

Um, fudge, outside of school, I don’t really have that many panic attacks. I guess I can mention one from school, then. The time that Kacchan shoved me into the Janitor’s closet and locked me in there. I ended up staying the night there, just crying. The janitor didn’t even say anything when he opened the door the next morning to find me there. When I went back home, mom just kind of sighed, because she was disappointed to see me. I apologized, but I don’t think she accepted it. So, I’m a little claustrophobic now because of it.

Another time I had a panic time was that time when I woke up in the hospital.. After whatever happened in Level 8. I remember freaking out because I didn’t know what had happened, and I didn’t understand why I was at the hospital. I was honestly, really, really scared that they had taken mom away from me, and all those thoughts got all mixed together to make a panic attack. It wasn’t fun, and the doctors gave me a bunch of sedatives to calm me down.

I don’t really feel like writing anymore right now. It’s 4:50 AM, I’m tired. I’ll add more later, if I feel like it.

(The next passage is written in blue ink.)

Izuku asked me to add my own experiences in here, so here we are.

I don’t like fire. I sometimes panic when I see fire, because it reminds me of my sperm donor. But it usually doesn’t affect me, because I’m used to fire, after seeing it come out of my sperm donor every day.

I guess I sometimes panic at the sound of steam. I don’t like the sound of steam. If you’re going to make tea or anything in a pot, please do it when I’m not there. Coffee is okay though, which those weird complicated machines. But that’s mainly because coffee usually isn’t kept in a teapot.

I don’t really know what else to add. Sorry, Izu.

- Shouto

Chapter Text

“Hey, are you okay?” the girl asked Izuku, who was currently floating in the air. “Release!” Izuku stared as he was once again standing the on the ground. “Sorry for using my quirk on you!! It’s just, I thought it would be bad luck if you tripped, you know! Oh, I gotta go, I’ll see you later!!”

While Izuku was grateful, he really was, he was still recovering from the shock. Someone his age had talked to him! A girl, no less! While that in itself was amazing, Izuku couldn’t get a single sentence out of his mind. She had used her quirk on him. Without warning. If they ended up in the same class (if he passed the entrance exam, that is), then he would ask her to not do that as often. Or, Shouto would probably ask for him, as he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything but sign the first day.

“Get out of my way, Deku,” a rough voice said from beside him, and Izuku froze up even more, turning his head like a robot towards the direction of his voice.

“K-kacchan,” he stuttered, and the spiky blond he had somehow managed to ignore during the slime incident grunted, before walking past him.

Izuku felt everyone’s stares. It was odd for someone who was trying out for UA to be so jumpy, right? Or afraid of someone? He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it, not those stares that he gets from everyone as they laugh at him because he’s -

Izuku tried to stop his thoughts, and instead rushed into the building. He didn’t walk in the same direction as the rest of the students, just walking around UA, trying to get as far from the rest of the students as possible, before he crashed into a familiar figure.

“Hey, Zuku, are you okay?” The r-rated hero asked him, grabbing his shoulders.

Izuku… didn’t reply for a few seconds. School. He signed. I don’t like school. I don’t want it to start again. And.. and Kacchan is here.

Nemuri raises her eyebrows in surprise. “The boy in your notebook??” Izuku nodded. “If he gets into UA, I’ll kill him.”

“No, please don’t, Aunt Nemuri!!” And said pro hero was surprised. The boy was speaking through a panic attack, and it was defend someone who had bullied him all his life!! Nemuri sighed. The boy was too sweet for his own good.

“Do you want to go to the staff lounge with me?” Nemuri asked, but Izuku didn’t respond. “I’ll make some coffee.” At that, Izuku nodded. Honestly, Izuku was really easy to bribe. Maybe because he trusted everyone unconditionally, which something that Shouta and Hizashi had tried many times to fix.

When the door slid open, Izuku was surprised to find the staff lounge empty. “Almost everyone else is already in the monitoring room,” she clarified when she saw Izuku’s confused expression. “I stayed just in case any student decided to get lost.” Didn’t expect it to be you, she didn’t say.

She walked over to the coffee machine, and Izuku sat down at the desk that had been specially prepared for him. It was bare, with nothing but a small cup of pencils and a tiny digital clock. Nemuri decided that she would help Izuku customize it later.

“Here,” she said, handing him a small iced coffee, which Izuku took gratefully. He might’ve whispered the words ‘Thank you’, but Nemuri wasn’t sure. Due to Hizashi, her hearing wasn’t as great as it used to be. Oh, especially that time when Izuku had first come, and Hizashi had screamed so much in excitement, which set the boy on panic attacks, so he was screaming, too. She thought they were going to go broke when she saw how many eye drops Shouta had bought during that time.

“The exam is going to start in.. thirty minutes. You’ve got your card, right?” Nemuri asked, and he nodded, holding up the card that they had made a day early, just in case… well, it had come in handy.

“I’ll see you soon, okay! You’re going to pass! I believe in you!!” Nemuri grinned at Izuku, before glancing again at the clock. “I’ve really got to go now, Zuku,” she said, walking towards the door. “Good luck!” she called, before leaving the room.



Shouto, help me.


Where are you?


Oh, you don’t actually have to come, I’m taking the UA entrance exam in a few minutes, and I kind of had a panic attack because there were so many students I swear to god there were so many students and now I’m just kind of projecting my panic attack onto here I’m sorry Shouto I’m just going to press the send button now before this gets bad.


Oh, the exams? At UA, right?


Wait, are you actually going to come?



Yes? Unless you don’t want me to?


But didn’t you say??



Oh, yes, I did say.

Don’t worry, I will only come as a supportive friend.


I thought that’s what boyfriends were.


Zuku. Do you or do you not want me to come?


I… I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve never really used the third part of my quirk, because, well..

I’m screwed, Shouto. How do I use a quirk I don’t know how to use?


What kind of quirk is it again?


Strength enhancer. While it, of course, enhances the other two parts of my quirk, I can also use only that part of my quirk to enhance the strength and power in only my body.


Sorry, I have no idea how to do that.


I thought you said you’d be a supportive friend.


I will be. Are you allowed to bring your phones into the exam? You could plug your earbuds into your phone and we could call.


People will think I’m weird.


It’s better than having everyone else in the school already know who you are because you’re the creation of the number 2 trash bag.


Fine. Wait a few seconds, let me get my earbuds out.




Izuku was not ready. Even with Shouto giving him support through his right earbud, Izuku knew that he was not ready.

“Good luck, Izuku,” Shouto murmured. “And even if you don’t make it, you’re still going to UA as a staff member, anyway.”

“That makes it even more embarrassing if I fail,” Izuku whispered back. “Oh. Shit.”

“Izuku? You’re swearing? What’s wrong?” He heard Shouto, the tone of his voice implying that he was concerned. “The exam hasn’t started yet, right?”

“I didn’t realize, but I dropped to Level 4,” Izuku whispered. He was far enough away from the other students that they probably wouldn’t hear him if he spoke, but he was still cautious anyway.

“Oh. Well, just because you’re in Level 4 doesn’t mean that you can’t pass the test.” Shouto said on the other end.

Izuku nodded. When he glanced around the people, he noticed that the nice girl from earlier was there. But he didn’t approach her, because he was still too scared.

Suddenly, there was a huge, “GO!!!” From the speakers, and Izuku took off, leaving the others surprised.

“THERE’S NO COUNTDOWNS IN REAL LIFE!!” He heard his father call from behind him.

“Fudge, how do I use this quirk?” Izuku wondered aloud, when he was cornered by three different robots. All three-pointers. Figures.

“Just try relying on your brute strength while you figure it out,” Shouto said.

“Got it,” Izuku mumbled, before jumping up and kicking the head of a robot as hard as he could. “Did I just do that?? I just crushed a large chunk of metal, oh my god!!” he screamed when the robot fell to the ground. While he was still in total shock, he quickly took off, disposing the other two three-pointers just as easily.

“That’s to be expected. I bet that you could easily bench press me,” Shouto said from the other end. “Oh, also, since it’s weird that I’m not watching you fight as you’re taking the exam, I’m opening a video on Youtube of one of your fights.”

“Great, thanks,” Izuku muttered, turning the corner, only to run into another robot. It was only a one pointer, but Izuku still took it down all the same.

“Happy to support you,” Shouto replied, nonchalant.

When Izuku had managed to gather a good 15 points using his brute strength, (though he was sure that he was going to have a lot of bruises) he heard someone scream about the 0-pointer.

He watched as the giant robot made its way through the fake city, and watched as all of the other examinees ran from it. He watched when he saw a girl, the nice girl from before, get caught underneath the rubble.

She was about to be crushed by the robot.

Izuku rushed forward, not knowing exactly what he was going to do, but knowing that he had to save her. Oh, if only he was allowed to use his original quirk! He could have grabbed the rubble and thrown it onto the robot! But then there would be no point, he knew. So when he jumped, fist raised to punch the robot with One for All, he was surprised that he was shot into the air. No time to think of it now, though, since he was face to face with the giant robot.

“SMASH!!!!” He yelled, as he punched the robot with all the power he could muster, and grinned when the robot collapsed into itself, and started to fall over backwards. Ow.

“Shit. I think I broke my arm…” he muttered.

“You what??” Shouto cried from the other end. “Izuku, what’s happening??”

“Wait a minute, please,” Izuku said. He was presently falling from really high in the air… how would he stop himself from dying the moment he hit the ground? He sighed, knowing that he would have to use his quirk to catch himself.

When he managed to slow his fall and land on his feet, the girl who he had saved was staring up at him, her foot still caught in the rubble.

“Here,” he said, pushing the rubble off of her (or pretending to, and instead pushing it with his quirk.) He quickly placed her arm over his shoulders. “You good?”

The girl nodded. “I, thank you,” she whispered.

“No, thank you,” Izuku said back, and she looked up at him, surprised. “You know, for earlier.”

“Oh,” the girl seemed shocked for a few moments, before a grin broke out onto her face. “You’re welcome!!”

“Come on, let’s go score some more points. There should be at least 5 more minutes left in the exam,” Izuku said, and he took off, sprinting. “Tell me if you need me to slow down,” he called to the girl, who was somehow catching up by hopping.

“I’m good!” She called.

It was like this that they scored at least another 20 points, which they split evenly. Izuku didn’t use his quirk again, instead focusing on kicking the robots, while the girl used her quirk to make the rubble float and drop it onto the robots.

“EXAM END!!!” He heard Mic’s voice through the speakers, and Izuku sighed in relief.

He helped the girl sit down on a dull rock. “Thanks,” he told the girl.

“No, thank you! I wouldn’t have been able to score any points after the zero pointer without you!!”

“Oh.” Izuku turned tomato red. “I, um, your welcome,” he whispered, hiding his eyes with his hair.

“You two injured?” Izuku heard the voice of an old woman, and turned around to see Aunt Chiyo, or Recovery girl standing behind him.

“Her leg,” Izuku said, pointing to the young girl.

“Oh, here you go, sweetie,” she said, quickly kissing the girl’s forehead.

“Woah!! I’m all better!!” the girl cried, jumping up and testing her leg.

“Izuku, you need to get yourself treated, too. For your arm.” Shouto’s voice surprised Izuku; he had forgotten that he was there.

“Oh, right! I, um, I also broke my arm…” he said, lifting his right arm. The sleeve of his shirt had been ripped off, and you could see that Izuku’s arm was really bad - his entire arm was purple!

Izuku felt the pain, but it didn’t hurt as much as it should’ve. He’d felt worse, after all.

Aunt Chiyo sighed, before turning to Izuku. She extended her lips to kiss his cheek, and Izuku smiled gratefully when the numbness in his arm disappeared. “Thanks,” he mumbled, and she nodded, before walking away to check on the other examinees.

“I, um, thank you, for your help, uh…” Izuku turned towards the girl, who was grinning at him excitedly. She had short brown hair, though it was longer around her face to make a frame. It was cute, Izuku thought.

“Uraraka Ochako!!” she extended her hand, which Izuku took, still a little wary. “But you can call me Ochako!!”

“Oh, um, okay, uh… Ochako.” Izuku mumbled.

“Oh, first name basis already, huh?” he heard Shouto chuckle from his earbud.

“You know you’re jealous,” Izuku whispered, and Shouto shut up.

“Sorry, what was that?” Ochako asked, tilting her head.

“Midoriya Izuku,” Izuku said, his voice a little louder. “I, um, I, you, call, um, Izuku,” He managed to mutter out. It wasn’t a coherent sentence, but it was somewhat better than usual.

“Pff, okay! Thanks so much for your help, Izuku!!” Ochako said. “We should go back now, I think.”

Izuku could only nod his head. At least he had finally gone back to a Level 3.




“So, how are you going to be both a student and staff member there?” Shouto asked when his boyfriend climbed through the window.

“Oh, curious?” Izuku asked, and Shouto nodded.

“They’re apparently going to keep the fact that I, Midoriya Izuku, am Pro-hero Deku, a secret.” Izuku explained. “So, to everyone else, they’ll just think I’m a normal student at UA. Which I will be, probably. The only thing I’m really going to help with is the hero part of class, after lunch, which is what All Might is teaching. He says he’s clueless when it comes to children, other than to shout ‘WATASHIGAKITA,’ So I’m going to help him with that, maybe. I’m not sure!! But I will help him come up with the training, because, well, I wanted to! So I get to help All Might come up with scenarios for us to practice. I think I’ll be able to use my experience in this, as well!!”

“Huh.” Shouto was satisfied with the explanation. “How are you planning on continuing your patrol?”

Izuku shrugged. “It’ll just be a little less than before. If I’m ever asked about it in an interview, which isn’t often because I usually don’t accept interviews, I can just say that I have school. Plus, I never sleep anyway, so I do patrol at night. I do an all-nighter almost every other night anyway.”

“That one time you slept over at my house, you slept for eight hours,” Shouto said.

“I know. I don’t really know why, it was weird. I wasn’t able to sleep for the next two days, though, haha.”


“Anyways! The reason I am here!!” He said, waving the folder in his hand around.

“Wasn’t it to see me?” Shouto asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Smooth. You’re the best. But, you know, I thought, maybe it would be better if we learned about our classmates? Since well, you know.. I doubt both of us want to be surprised.”

Shouto nodded, so the two of them sat at his desk, (Shouto had grabbed an extra chair from the dining room) looking at the papers.

“Oh, this is the girl you’re on first-name basis with,” Shouto said, handing Izuku the paper.

“Ooh, lemme see,” Izuku said, taking the sheet and handing the one that said “Tokoyami Fumikage” to Shouto. “I really want to learn more about that guy’s quirk,” he said. “His quirk is sentient! I want to ask it questions and write it all down in my notebook.”

“Maybe not do that on the first day, because even though you’ll know who everyone is, they won’t know who you are.”

“Oh, right.” Izuku glanced at the page that said Uraraka Ochako . Oh, her quirk is zero-gravity!! I see! That makes a lot of sense now!!

“What did you think it was?” Shouto asked, turning his head away from the desk to look at Izuku.

“I thought it was some sort of telekinesis, like mine,” Izuku said.




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 9



Dad says I sometimes get this, so I, um looked up the definition on Google.

  • Dissociation is a mental process that causes a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memory and sense of identity. ... A severe and more chronic form of dissociation is seen in the disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder, once called Multiple Personality Disorder, and other Dissociative Disorders.

It’s really weird. But I guess I sometimes have this? It’s worse when I get too much sleep, I think. I feel this whenever I’ve gotten too much sleep, because my body feels too loose and bubbly, and I feel like I’m just… not there. Dad and Pa say that I sometimes do it when I’m watching T.V., and yeah.. I guess I somewhat agree?

I don’t like this feeling. At all. It happened a lot more when Kacchan used to hit me a lot. I think it was my coping mechanism, maybe?? I don’t really know.

It just happens… sometimes. Usually in Level 4, 5, 6, or 7. Especially 7. Because in 7 it gets so bad that I cut myself to ground myself.

Oh, I also figured out another way that might help me get out of Level 4. I think it’s making me laugh. I think. I’m not sure. I’ll have to test this.


(The next passage is written in black ink.)

This doesn’t answer all of the questions I have, but it’s good enough. I’m just going to add a few things to look out for here when Izuku dissociates: He gets this weird, blank, fuzzy look in his eyes. It terrifies the crap out of the rest of the teachers, and if it wasn’t a bad thing, it would be hilarious. He also.. Doesn’t really respond to anything you say. He might make a small grunt or some other type of noise, but he won’t really respond to you with words, or sign language, which is kind of concerning. He also gets tired more often when dissociated, which is strange, because too much sleep is what sometimes makes him dissociated. What I usually do to get him back to normal is give him coffee. It hasn’t ever not worked, so if he ever dissociates, give him coffee. Black coffee usually works best, because it’s strong, but any coffee will do.

-Shouta (Dad)

Chapter Text

Izuku knew that it was coming. The impending doom that was school. But it hadn’t really hit him, until he was here, standing in front of the giant door that had a huge letter ‘A’ on it. Honestly!! Was a door this big really that necessary??

When Izuku opened the door, he flinched, hearing the shouting voice of another student. “Get your feet off of the desk!! It’s disrespectful to our other classmen!!”

Izuku tried to shut the loud shouting out, though he wasn’t succeeding, as he walked into the classroom. Almost all of the seats were full, and the only one that he could see open was… behind Kacchan. Kacchan.

The boy in question glanced away from the tall, blue haired boy for a moment and Izuku, and his eyes widened in realization. But before he could say anything, the blue haired boy turned towards Izuku, his hands making strange chopping motions as he spoke. “Hello!! I am Iida Tenya, I went to -”

I heard, Izuku signed. I, oh, sorry for interrupting you. I’m Midoriya Izuku.

“It’s no problem, Midoriya~kun! It’s nice to meet you!!” Izuku’s head shot up, and he stared at Iida. He honestly hadn’t expected him to understand his sign language, but here he was. Maybe families known for having pro-heroes trained their children to learn JSL just in case they ever had a case like that. That didn’t sound too far-fetched.

“What are you doing here, Deku?” Bakugou asked, finally taking his feet off of the desk to glare at the greenette.

“Deku?” a voice came from behind him, and Izuku swerved around to see Ochako standing there. “I thought his name was Izuku.”

“If you kids are here to socialize, you should all just leave,” a voice said from behind them, and the entire class turned to looked at the strange.. Yellow caterpillar on the floor. Izuku had to hold in his laughter. He had thought his Dad had been joking when he said he would show up in his sleeping bag.

“It took you 8 seconds to quiet down. Life is short, you better learn to do that faster.” He climbed out of sleeping bag, then pulled out gym clothes. “Wear these,” he said, tossing a uniform to every student. “We’re going out. Oh, just so you know, I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta.”




Izuku and Shouto were the first to finish changing, and were the first ones outside with Shouta, who was standing there, a little annoyed. Honestly, the kids needed to learn how to change faster.

He was holding an iced coffee, as he always did on the first days of school, because dealing with new kids for the first time was always exhausting. When Shouta made sure that no other kids were coming for at least another minute (by listening, and glancing around,) he handed the cup to Izuku.

Izuku tilted his head, a little curious, before taking a sip of the coffee and handing it back to his father.

“You’re not allowed to fall asleep during class,” Shouta said. Izuku had been up all night, not being able to fall asleep due to his nerves.

You’re dad seems nice. Shouto signed to Izuku when Shouta turned away.

Izuku nodded, before responding. Well, yes, he’s really nice. But that’s only until he expels someone.

I’m sorry?

“Woah, you guys change fast!!” Izuku heard a voice from behind him, and he turned, surprised to see the redheaded boy there. “I’m Kirishima, nice to meet you!!” Izuku nodded, taking the boy’s outstretched hand. He extended his hand to Shouto, who took, although he was rather stiff.

“Todoroki Shouto,” Shouto said, and he let out the tiniest sigh that only Izuku heard when Kirishima nodded.

“I know! You’re Endeavour’s son!!” He grinned, before turning towards Izuku. “What’s your name?”

Izuku was about to sign, but he doubted that the redhead knew sign language. He was about to turn to Shouto for help, when Bakugou appeared behind the red head, as did the rest of the class.

“His name’s Deku,” Bakugou growled.

“Wait, like the pro-hero?” Kirishima asked, turning back to Izuku. “That’s you??”

Izuku hurriedly shook his head. No! He signed. He sighed when Kirishima didn’t seem to understand.

“I..” Izuku stuttered, and he knew that the attention of the class was on him now. Means useless. He signed, a little pathetically.

The class looked to Iida for a translation, as he had been able to understand Izuku earlier, but Iida ignored them, grabbing Izuku’s shoulders roughly. “You shouldn’t say that about yourself! It’s unbecoming of UA students!!” He didn’t notice how much Izuku shook with fear when he clutched the poor boy’s shoulders, but Shouto did, and so did their teacher, Aizawa.

“Hey, brats,” he called, and all of the kids turned towards the underground hero, and Iida let go of Izuku’s shoulders, to the relief of the three people.

“We’re going to be having a quirk apprehension test,” Aizawa said. “Bakugou,” the boy in question grunted. “What was your score for ball throwing in middle school?”

Bakugou shrugged. “Sixty-seven meters.”

Aizawa tossed him the ball. “Try it with your quirk.”

Bakugou shrugged again, before walking to the circle and throwing, using a boost with his explosions.

Aizawa showed them the small device he had in his hands. “705.2 meters!! That’s crazy!!” Kirishima cried, and all of the other class members cheered as well. Izuku only flinched, and Shouto said nothing, but he carefully watched his boyfriend, just in case. Honestly, Shouto was surprised to find that there was someone worse than human interaction than he was, but here was Izuku, right in front of him.

“Sounds fun, ey?” Aizawa said, and Shouto turned his attention back to the teacher. “Well, how about this. The person who gets last place will be expelled.”

The students froze, staring at him in surprise and shock.

“Welcome to UA’s hero course,” Aizawa grinned.



“To think that it was a logical ruse!” Iida cried, walking next to Midoriya and Todoroki.

“Hey, you three, wait up!!” The three of them turned around to see Ochako run up to them.

“You’re the infinity girl!!” Iida cried, and Ochako, proud to be recognized, grinned and nodded. “Uraraka Ochako! Nice to meet you, Iida~kun, Todoroki~kun! And hi Izuku~kun! Or do you want me to call you Deku~kun, like Bakugou does?”

Izuku honestly.. Didn’t mind being called Deku. It was his hero name, after all. It would just be weird if he was called that both in his hero form and civilian form… plus, it would be easier for the students to catch on, if they did that.

But he didn’t want to be rude, either… You can call me whichever you want, he signed.

Ochako looked a little confused, before Iida restated what Izuku had said orally.

“Oh! Okay! Then I hope you don’t mind it if I call you Deku~kun! You actually kind of remind me of the pro-hero, haha!”

Izuku smiled. Thanks. I’m glad you call me that for a good, nicer reason. Kacchan calls me that as a way to say I’m useless.

“Kacchan?” Iida asked. “Who is Kacchan?”

Izuku and Shouto both froze. Did he say Kacchan? He hadn’t meant to! He was planning on keeping a secret as to who Kacchan was from all the teachers, and especially Shouto! And here he was, failing on the first day.

He groaned, slapping his hand on his forehead, before glancing at Shouto, who’s expression was still blank, but Izuku could see the small hints of anger and aggression.

“No.” Izuku turned towards Shouto, which confused both Ochako and Iida, who had turned around to see what was happening. Iida was also surprised to hear Izuku speak. The boy’s voice was a lot higher-pitched than he expected it to be. He suddenly understood why he reminded Ochako of pro-hero Deku.

They didn’t really know what passed between them, before Shouto sighed, and continued walking. “Fine,” he said, Izuku smiled, before they continued walking.

“What was that?” Ochako asked and Izuku shrugged. Nothing , he signed. Iida relayed the message to Ochako.

“Why do you use sign language, when you can talk?” she asked, and Izuku forced himself not to grimace, keeping his lazy smile on his face.. Somehow.

He pulled his backpack off, opening it as they continued to walk, and pulled out a small can of coffee, before closing his backpack and pulling it back on. The can made a satisfying click when he opened it and took a sip.

“Do, do you, um, like it better when I talk?” he asked, catching both Ochako and Iida off guard. Shouto had to put extreme effort in his poker face, trying his best not to snigger.

Ochako nodded. “Yeah! I like your voice!!” she said, grinning.

Iida nodded. “Yes. It is quite enjoyable to hear your speak. Forgive me for asking, but do you need to drink coffee before you speak?”

Izuku shook his head. “No. I, um, need coffee to live.”

Iida continued to make strange chopping motions as he spoke. “That reminds me! Today, at lunch, you didn’t eat anything! You only had a small can of coffee! You must eat, it is unbecoming of a good UA student!!”

“Oh!! Um, should I… uh, want me to eat something tomorrow?” Izuku asked the tall boy, tilting his head. Iida seemed surprised by this reaction. He had expected Izuku to fight back more, but no, the greenette was actually listening to his advice! Not even his family did that! Iida thought he was about to burst into tears of joy, but kept himself composed.

“Yes, that would be responsible behavior,” Iida said to Izuku, who nodded.

“The-then, I, I t-that guess I’m eating food tomorrow.” Izuku smiled at Iida, before taking another sip of his coffee.

“Is that coffee that good?” Ochako asked, and Izuku smiled, handing the can to her.

“I, um, wanna try?” he asked, a little nervous. Ochako nodded, taking a small sip from the can.

“Hmmm… tastes like all other coffee to me,” she said, taking another sip, before handing the can back to Izuku, who took it gratefully.

“I, yeah, it does, doesn’t it,” Izuku smiled down at his coffee, not really knowing what else to say.

Though he could feel Shouto’s jealousy raging from where he stood next to Izuku.

So later, on the train, when Iida and Ochako each left at their own train stations, Izuku made sure to share his coffee with Shouto.




The next morning, Bakugou couldn’t shake the feeling that someone with red and white hair was glaring at him angrily, but whenever he turned to look at the half-and-half boy, he was facing somewhere else, so he couldn’t prove anything.

The real excitement of the day happened after lunch, after Izuku had eaten a small bowl of Katsudon he had brought from home. While Iida said that it wasn’t the best, it was better than the day before, so he had accepted it. But he also told Izuku that he expected him to do better next time, to which Izuku nodded. He would have to force himself to eat a lot more food… he might have to skip a lot more dinners with his parents.. Or he could do both. And hopefully not explode.

Later, when they were required to put on their costumes, as All Might had told them to do so…. Izuku couldn’t stop staring at everyone else’s costumes. They were all so amazing!! Ochako’s costume had a lot of pink!! Ojiro, the guy with the tail, had a really cool karate robe inspired costume! Izuku also really liked Iida’s costume. He looked like a knight!! And wow, the girl who got in on recommendations.. She was showing a lot of skin, so much that Izuku turned into a tomato just looking at her.

He of course, loved Shouto’s costume, but he wished that he hadn’t chosen to completely cover up his left side. While.. Izuku could understand why, it just… wasn’t a happy thing to look at.

Izuku’s costume, well… Izuku’s costume didn’t really look like a costume. He honestly looked more like a traumatized victim with depression, which was exactly what he was, but…

On Izuku’s arms were bandages, wrapped all the way around until his fingers, where they stopped like fingerless gloves, and there were a few bandages on his ankles as well. The pants were just ordinary jeans that stopped maybe an inch above his ankle - so that the bandages would be more obvious. On his belt was a small roll of string, just in case he ever decided to be spiderman and to swing from the buildings. This string was also on his actual costume, as well. It had been useful on multiple occasions when making traps with his telekinesis, especially since the string was so thin yet so strong. Of course, the string had snapped that one time, which had caused… no, he didn’t want to think about that. He also wore a no-sleeve tank top that was a little too big for him, but he didn’t really care about that.

All of this had been designed by Hizashi, Shouta, Nemuri, and Toshinori, when he had told the four them that he didn’t know what he wanted to do for his costume at UA. His four parent-like figures had spent hours relentlessly arguing about what Izuku’s costume should look like, until they had come up with this design. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst, either, so Izuku had been okay with it. Even though it was really embarrassing to have to wear it in front of others.   

“I like your costume, Deku~kun!!” Ochako said, and Izuku nodded. “Thanks,” he whispered, not really wanting to speak. “I like your costume as well.”

Ochako blushed. “Oh, haha, well I wasn’t really that specific when I sent my costume request, so I ended up getting a skin-tight bodysuit.”

“Thank god for the hero course!!” Izuku heard a small voice from somewhere below, and glanced down to see a small kid with a grapelike head wipe away blood from his nose. Izuku decided that he would keep watching him, just in case he did something… not so good.

“Sensei! This appears to be the same field used in the entrance exam,” Iida called to the teacher, his voice loud, surprising Izuku. “Will we once again be performing cityscape maneuvers?”

“Nope!!” All Might responded, shooting Iida a thumbs-up. “You’ll be moving on to step two! Indoor anti-personnel battle training!!” he continued. “Villain battles are most commonly seen outdoors, but statistically, the most heinous villains are most likely to appear indoors. Between confinement, house arrest, and black market deals,” the hero listed,” In this hero-filled society of ours, the cleverest villains out there lurk indoors!!”

The number 1 hero placed his hands on his hips. “You’ll now be split into villain teams and hero teams, and face off in two-on-two indoor battles!!”

“So no basic training?” Asui, the frogged girl asked.

“Practical experience teaches you the basics! The distinction here is that you won’t be fighting disposable robots.

“What determines victory?” Yaoyoruzu asked.

“Can I just blast everyone away?” Bakugou shouted.

“Are you threatening to expel someone, like Aizawa sensei did?” Ochako asked.

Iida, the only one to raise his hand as he spoke, also asked a question. “How do we proceed to divide ourselves into teams?”

The Aoyama boy, who literally sparkled, grinned at the hero, and asked “Isn’t my cape fabulous??”

“One at a time!” All Might called. “My quirk isn’t super-hearing!!”

All Might took a small notecard out of his pocket, and Izuku almost collapsed on the ground in laughter. He had made the hero the notecard on the number one hero’s request, but he hadn’t expected him to actually read it out loud to the class.

“Listen up!! Here’s the deal. The villains will be hiding a nuclear weapon in the hideout. And the heroes have to go in and take care of it! The heroes have a limited amount of time to either capture the villains or secure the weapon. The villains must either capture the heroes or protect the weapon until the time is up.”

Shouto said nothing, but he could guess that Izuku was the one who had written the contents of the notecard, not All Might or any other teacher.

“Your battle partners will be decided by drawings lots!!” All Might said, producing a huge box with the word “Lots” written on it boldly.

“Is that really the best way?!” Iida asked the hero. He was about to say more when he felt a tap on his shoulder, and he looked down at Izuku.

It makes sense, Izuku signed. Because pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot during emergencies.

“I see..!” Iida replied, and almost everyone else in the class was curious as to what Izuku had said, except for Shouto, All Might, and Koda. Koda decided that he would try to approach Izuku later, as the boy with the strange bandages also used sign language like he did.

“I apologize for getting ahead of myself.. My mistake!!” Iida took a 90-degree bow, and All Might almost laughed, before turning away.

“It’s fine!” he said, punchng the air. “Let’s just get to it!!”

The Teams:

Team A: Uraraka and Midoriya.

Team B: Todoroki and Shouji

Team C: Yaoyorozu and Mineta

Team D: Iida and Bakugou

Team E: Ashido and Aoyama

Team F: Satou and Koda

Team G: Jirou and Kaminari

Team H: Asui and Tokoyami

Team I: Hagakure and Ojiro

Team J: Kirishima and Sero


“Moving on, first up are…. These!!” All Might said, sticking his hands into two boxes, labeled Hero and Villain. “The heroes are Team A!! The villains are Team D!!”




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 10

Positive Things


Mom said that I have panic attacks too much. So she told me that to help them end faster, I should write down some positive things about me… So, I’ll try and come up with some, I guess?

  • I have a mother who is willing (although a little reluctant) to take care of me.
  • I’m not quirkless. I have a quirk.
  • Part of my quirk comes from my nice grandfather. Though I think he died a few years back.
  • I sometimes have the ability to make Mom smile.

I’m sorry, Mom. I don’t think that I’ll be able to come up with much more.

(The next bit is written in turquoise ink)

  • Your hair is curly. Sometimes, though not often, you fall asleep on the couch, and I can’t help but pet your hair, it’s so soft and curly.
  • You don’t ever complain about anything. You always accept whatever you have, and you never ask for anything more. That’s… a noble trait to have.
  • You’re very kind. I know what that man did to you. I know what your friend, Katsuki, does to you. I know what I do to you. But you still love me and Katsuki all the same. You love people.
  • You’re warm. I don’t know if you know it, but sometimes, when I fall asleep with you, I wake up to your warmth, and it’s nice. You’re really warm. And it’s different from, his warmth, because his warmth wasn’t warmth, it was scorching hot. You’re warmth is good. You’re warmth is different.
  • I don’t hate you as much as I say I do.

(The next bit is written in black ink.)

  • Your love of coffee.
  • You’re notes are extremely well written.
  • You are an actual genius.
  • Nezu says that you’re the best student he’s ever had.
  • You got, All Might, super annoying and loud, obnoxious All Might, to calm down and be a somewhat tolerable man.
  • You’re likable.
  • You stay up with me to watch the News all the time.
  • You help people, even if what they’re dealing with is small.
  • Miko. It’s a shame she moved away, but you can’t argue about the fact that you changed her life for the better.
  • You’re really good at braiding hair.

(The next bit is written with yellow marker.)

  • You have an amazing singing voice!! Or at least, a good humming voice!! I’ve never really heard you sing, but whenever you hum, it’s amazing!!
  • You’re really good at making food! Especially Katsudon!!
  • You always listen to my radio show, even the boring episodes!
  • You always do your best to take care of others, even when you’re tired.
  • You study hard, and you work hard as well, so you’re really smart!! Smarter than I ever was when I was a kid!!

(The next bit is written with purple marker, probably the same brand as the yellow.)

  • You’re amazing, kiddo!!
  • You’re a pro-hero already!!
  • Whenever I’m broke, you always make sure to let me win the bets that we make about you! (Also, I’m trusting you, okay? For when we do hero names.)
  • You always come up with the best ideas for quirks! Honestly, I’ve been able to improve my hero performance so much, thanks to you!!

(The next bit is written with a pen that seems to have the colors of red and blue, with a little white, to represent the American flag.)

  • You’re a sweet child.
  • You’re physically strong, as well. I bet you could bench press that boyfriend of yours.
  • You have a lot of hero merch.
  • You’ve helped me a lot, especially when making lessons. You probably know exactly how much of it is your work, and how little of it is mine.
  • You like cats.
  • You always remember limitations that other people have, and can usually perceive them without them actually telling you what they are. That’s a good skill to have.
  • You listen to good music. Thank you for all of those recommendations!!

(The next bit is written in light blue pen.)


  • You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
  • I swear, you look like an angel.
  • You’re a literal star, a beacon of light.
  • You’ve saved a bunch of lives.
  • You have a bunch of people who love you.
  • You always do everything you can to help another person.
  • You make people feel safe, better about themselves.
  • You saved me.
  • I love you.


(The next bit is written in pink colored pencil.)

I don’t really understand what this is, but Todoroki~kun came up to me and told me to write positive things about you, Deku, so um, you’re cute!! You’re really cute! Yeah, and hmm, you have a really nice voice! Have you ever tried singing? I bet you would be really good at it! You’re also really smart! I’ve seen what you’ve done in our hero-classes, and it’s awesome!!

(The next bit is written in dark blue colored pencil.)

Todoroki~kun has informed me that I should write something positive about you in here, Midoriya~kun. You’re a model classmate. I honestly do not know why you decided to have me appointed as class representative instead of you, but I am grateful. I think that you are an excellent role model. I hope to learn from you in the future. Also, I will ask my brother to come to school sometime, so that you can get his autograph. I hope that will make you happy.

(Other students have signed their names onto the bottom of the page, as they didn’t have enough space to write what they wanted to say, as well.)

Chapter Text

“Deku? Deku? Are you okay?” Ochako called Izuku’s name a few times before he realized that she was calling his name.

“I, yeah, sorry,” Izuku mumbled.

“Do you have any plans as to what we can do?” Ochako asked. “You seem to know Bakugou~kun more than the rest of us, so..”

Izuku nodded. “This is my idea..” he started, and Ochako was surprised at the sudden confidence in his voice.

A good five minutes later, All Might called for the hero team to enter the building.

“Deku~kun,” Ochako started to say as they had tiptoed around for a few seconds, but stopped talking when Izuku turned to her, finger on his lips to shush her.

“One second,” he said. While he wasn’t allowed to use his quirk to collect soundwaves, (All Might would hear as well, do the earpiece), Izuku still had excellent hearing, trained from all those years of trying to predict when an abuse would come, and somehow managing to avoid them due to the information his ears picked up.

“Kacchan is on this floor,” Izuku whispered after a few seconds. “He just arrived, and he’s also listening.” Ochako nodded. “There should be staircase..” he closed his eyes, trying to remember the map they had memorized earlier. “Over there. He pointed to his left,” and Ochako nodded again. “Go up that way. Find the bomb. When you do, tell me, and we can move to the next stage. Make sure that Iida doesn’t hear you, but if he does, distract him.”

Ochako nodded, before quickly tiptoeing away from Izuku towards the staircase Izuku had directed her too.

After determining that Ochako was far enough, Izuku started sprinting, putting weight into every single one of his steps so that the sound of his feet would echo throughout the building.

“DEKU!!!!” He heard the explosion boy scream, and just as Izuku was running past a small corridor to his right, he saw Kacchan flying towards him, arm outstretched to punch him.

Izuku panicked. Or at least, he thought he did. He thought that he was going to freeze, that Kacchan was going to grab him, was going to beat him with his quirk, was going to laugh as he retched and sobbed, and leave more scars, maybe even blind him, like that one time that had been so close -

So he was surprised by himself when he caught Kacchan’s outstretched arm and slammed him to the ground.

He was surprised to find himself smiling. “How was that, Kacchan?” Izuku asked, jumping back from the boy, just as he set off a few explosions from his palms. “Did I finally please you? I’m not weak and useless anymore, am I?”

When Katsuki stood up, all Izuku could see in his face was anger. Why? Why was he angry? Hadn’t Izuku finally become something that Kacchan had wanted? Hadn’t Kacchan hated him for being weak and quirkless? So why…?

“SHITTY DEKU!!” He heard Kacchan scream, and he once again charged at him, which Izuku barely avoided him, ducking underneath him to avoid his explosiony punch.

“You always punch first with your right arm,” Izuku said as he dodged another one of Kacchan’s blows, this time jumping up to the place where the ceiling met the wall, staying up there for a few seconds before jumping back down.

“Deku~kun,” Izuku heard Ochako’s voice through his earpiece. “I found the bomb. It’s in room XXX,” she said. Izuku nodded. Earlier, Izuku and Ochako had spent time labelling each and every one of the rooms, so that they would have an easier time telling each other where they were.

“Cool. I’ll make my way underneath there,” he said, and after glancing at Kacchan, he sprinted away, in the direction of Ochako.

“OH, YOU’RE RUNNING NOW, ARE YOU, DEKU??” Katsuki shouted, sprinting after the greenette. Izuku wasn’t surprised that Katsuki was able to keep up, though now he was a little afraid that Kacchan would be able to hit him with one of the explosions.

And that he did. When Kacchan fired a huge explosion in the direction of Izuku, Izuku barely managed to dodge, wincing slightly as he dodged to the right, and the explosion tore off his bandages, revealing all the scars that he had been trying to hide from his classmates. They looked… really bad. At least they weren’t as bad as the scars on his back, which couldn’t be seen, thank god.

In the monitoring room, all of his classmates winced, but Shouto and All Might’s faces held murder. Oh, Shouto was ready to beat up a few people in his boyfriend’s honor.

“Deku~kun?” Izuku heard Ochako’s voice through the earpiece again. “Iida noticed me.”

Deku grunted as he dodged another one of Kacchan’s attacked, before making it into the room he had been planning on entering.

“Don’t let him capture you,” Izuku said. “And use the string, if you can. I’m keeping Bakugou busy, so you shouldn’t have to worry about him coming to stop you.”

“Got it.”

“If you end up losing the string, I’ve also got a back-up plan, so don’t worry, okay?” he whispered, and he winced when one of Katsuki’s explosions scorched the edges of his hair.

“Awesome. That’s really reassuring.”

“HEY, DEKU!!” Kacchan called, and Izuku turned, glancing at the blond who had temporarily stopped his attack. “Was it fun?” he asked. Izuku tilted his head in confusion. Was what fun?

“WAS IT FUN!?” Kacchan shouted. “LYING TO ME FOR TEN YEARS!!”

Oh. He was upset about the fact that he had lied about being quirkless? Honestly, Izuku did feel really guilty about that. But Izuku had tried to tell him, multiple times.

“I did try to tell you,” Izuku shouted back. “You just didn’t listen, so I gave up!!”

“The annoying, worthless, Deku I know doesn’t give up,” Kacchan spit.

Deku shrugged. “Sorry that I couldn’t meet your expectations,” he said. He still couldn’t launch an attack on his own, he needed Ochako to, he needed her to…

“Deku, I couldn’t do it, I’m sorry,” Izuku heard through his earpiece.

“It’s fine, Ochako, could you maybe hold Iida off for… another 30 seconds?”

“Got it!!”

Kacchan ignored Izuku’s obvious conversation as he continued talking. “See these gauntlets?” he asked, raising his right arm to show Izuku. “They store my sweat… I had these made so that I could make huge explosions without risking damage to my arms… Let’s see how big of an explosion we can make, Deku.” He grinned maniacally.

“NO, YOUNG BAKUGOU!!” The four students currently in the building heard All Might’s shout in their earpieces. “ARE YOU PLANNING ON KILLING HIM!!??”

“IT WON’T KILL HIM IF IT DOESN’T HIT HIM!!” Bakugou shouted back, and he pulled the key out.

The explosive power… was explosive. Izuku could only stare in shock at the huge, gaping hole that the explosion had left in the wall. Izuku had barely managed to dodge - he had been forced to use his quirk to quickly push himself out of the way with his wings. (He hadn’t activated the fire part, thank god, or else who knows how much worse the explosion would have been.)

Izuku sighed, before standing up from his position, and activating One for All in his right arm, making a show of getting ready to punch Kacchan. Kacchan grinned, preparing his punch as well, and they leaped at each other.

Only a moment before All Might was about to yell at the two to stop, he heard Izuku shout through the earpiece. “Here we go, Ochako!!”

The entire class was surprised when the force from Deku’s punch was directed upward, and they all watched in shock as Ochako used all of the rubble to attack Iida, and grab the bomb, with barely a minute left to spare in the time limit.

Izuku, down below, had taken the full force of Kacchan’s attack. While Kacchan had definitely gotten stronger, Izuku realized that it surprisingly.. Wasn’t the worst he had ever felt. Sure, his arm was broke, and he wasn’t really able to open his right eye, but that was fine. He had won. He had beaten Kacchan.

But would that please him.

“HERO TEAM WINSSS!!” He heard All Might shout through his earpiece, and Izuku winced slightly.

Bakugou just continued to stare in shock. He had lost? Him, Bakugou Katsuki, the guy who had gotten first place in the entrance exam, had lost to a useless Deku? He couldn’t stand the thought.

“I’m fine,” Izuku told Ochako and Iida when they both rushed up to him, worry evident in their eyes. “I’m really fine. I’ve dealt with worse, I promise.”

He doubted that that sentence had the opposite effect of reassuring them, but they didn’t really comment on it.

“Young Midoriya!!” He heard All Might’s voice when they entered the monitoring room. “You should go to Recovery Girl’s office!!”

Izuku shrugged. “It’s only a broken arm, and probably a black eye,” Izuku responded, which caused the rest of the class to look at him with shock. “What?” he asked.

“Deku~kun, I hate to say this, but most people, if they broke an arm, they would be… I dunno, sobbing in pain??” Ochako told her friend.

“Really?” Izuku asked, confused. “But I can move it around just fine..” He swung his arm around, and his classmates winced when they heard it crack multiple times.

“Stop!” Ochako said, grabbing his wrist. “You’re going to make it worse!!”

“Yes, Midoriya~kun, I would advise against making your arm worse than it already is,” Iida decided, at that moment, that he would add his input.

All Might sighed. “You three, you can take a break. Young Midoriya, are you sure you don’t want to go to Recovery Girl?”

Izuku nodded, pulling a coffee can out of the small loop in his belt usually reserved for his notebook. “I’ve got coffee. I’m good.”

All Might sighed, before moving on. “Next, the Team B for hero team!! And Team I as the villains!!”




“We’ve got one on the north side of the fourth floor. The other’s somewhere on the same floor.. Barefoot. The invisible one must be planning to ambush and capture us,” Shouji said from one his arms.

Shouto glanced at his partner, before looking back at the building. “Get outside,” he said. “It’s about to get frosty in here. Our opponents think they’re playing a defensive game, but…” Shouto froze the entire building in a single instant.

“That means nothing to me.” He finished.

When Shouto walked into the building, Ojiro started to move towards him, but his feet were still stuck in the ice.

“Bring it on,” Shouto said coldly. “But fighting without the soles of your feet will be painful.”

Ojiro, frustrated, could do nothing as Shouto walked past him and touched the the nuclear weapon.

“THE HERO TEAM WINS!!” All Might shouted into his mic.

“Sorry about that,” Shouto said, using his left hand to warm the building and melt the ice away. “We’re in different leagues.”




After Shouto’s match, All Might somehow managed to convince Izuku to go to Recovery Girl, (All Might had seen Shouto glare at Izuku, and decided to thank him later.)

When Izuku was healed by Recovery girl, he promptly fell unconscious, having used too much energy.




Dad is going to kill me.. Izuku thought as he made his way back to the classroom, to get his stuff. He hadn’t really changed out of his hero costume, but at the moment, he couldn't really care less.

“Oh, Midoriya’s here!! Welcome back, man!!” Kirishima called to him when he slid open the door, and Izuku flinched, not expecting the loud shout.

“I don’t know what you were saying back there, but that was a wild battle!!” Kirishima said. He said it only now, as he had been.. A little scared by Midoriya’s reaction to pain right after the battle. He couldn’t believe someone was so immune to pain that they could just swing a broken arm around without a care in the world.

“Nice dodging!!” The girl with pink skin, Ashido Mina, said, jumping into Izuku’s face.

“We were all super pumped after that crazy first round!!” Satou Rikkido added his input as well, also shouting into izuku’s face.

Izuku said nothing. Why were they telling this to him, now? Couldn’t they have said it back then, when the adrenaline was still pumping through his veins, when he wouldn’t be overwhelmed like he was now.

“We were all just discussing battle training!!” Kirishima said, giving Izuku a thumbs up,

“I’m Ashido Mina!! You dodge real well!” Ashido repeated.

Asui also appeared from behind her. “I’m Asui Tsuyu. Call me Tsuyu~chan.”

“I’m Satou,” Sato said.

The four of them didn’t notice the panic attack that was starting to happen. Izuku was shaking, badly, and he honestly didn’t know how to respond to all of the attention he was getting, even if it was positive.

“Hey, Uraraka, wanna catch a meal together?” Kaminari was talking to Ochako at the other end of the room, where Iida was scolding Tokoyami for sitting on the desk.

Ochako noticed Izuku, though, and quickly left Kaminari in the dust, sprinting over to him and shoving the other four out of the way. “Deku~kun, your arm!” she cried. “Didn’t you get it healed??”

Hearing Ochako’s voice temporarily postponed Izuku’s panic attack. Izuku knew it was coming, soon, but Izuku was determined to hold it in, to at least respond to her question.

Um, not quite, he signed. I’m pretty worn out, so Recovery Girl couldn’t heal it all the way. My black eye is gone, though!! He signed.

Ochako looked to the other four for help. “Any idea what he just said?” she asked them, and all of them, including Asui, shrugged.

Izuku sighed. “Fine,” he spit the word out, looking at the ground. “Too... “ God, talking was hard. Why was talking so hard??! “I’m too worn out to heal it anymore,” he whispered.

“Oh.” Ochako said. “But it will get better, right?” She smiled when Izuku nodded.

“Where is.. Kacchan??” he whispered quietly.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asked, and Izuku made a claw with his left hand, mimicking Bakugou’s explosions. “Oh, Bakugou! He left, a little while ago. Actually, I think you can see him out of the window over there - “

She pointed to the window outside of the classroom, but suddenly, there was a woosh of air, and Izuku was gone.

“Oh my gosh!! Where’d he go??” Ochako cried, and Kirishima followed her outside of the classroom, where they saw Izuku standing behind the explosive blond boy.

“How did he get there so fast?” Kirishima questions, and Ochako shrugged. “Maybe he used his quirk?”

Izuku had, indeed, flown to where Bakugou was now, wanting to catch up to him.

“Kacchan!” he called, and Bakugou froze, looking back to glare at Izuku. He growled slightly, and Izuku gulped, knowing that his next words wouldn’t be easy.

“I, um…” Izuku took a deep breath. “I wanted to apologize. You were right. I lied to you, for 10 years, about my quirk.” he bowed. “I’m sorry.”

“Did Deku just bow to him?” Uraraka asked, watching from the window.

“I think he did,” Kirishima answered.

Bakugou glared at Izuku for a few moments, and Izuku squeezed his eyes shut, fearing the boy’s explosive reaction.

“I don’t care, shitty nerd,” Bakugou grumbled, before walking away.

Izuku’s torso snapped up in surprise, and he stared at the his blond tormentor, his eyes as wide as saucers. Bakugou hadn’t beat him?? What??

Did.. did this mean that Izuku was getting better?

“Let’s grab his stuff and meet him there,” Ochako said, walking back into the classroom to grab Izuku’s stuff, but was surprised to find it not there. “Where did it go?” she asked, and the other students in the room shrugged. They hadn’t seen anyone taken. Ochako could’ve sworn that she had seen it only moments before, though.

“YOUNG BAKUGOU!!” Izuku heard All Might scream from behind him, and then an “Oh, he already left.”

When All Might turned to looked down at young Izuku, he was surprised to see the boy frozen, tears streaming down his cheeks, and he watched the boy curl in on himself, covering his ears with his hands. (He even managed to bend his cast to do so.)

All Might cursed himself. He might’ve been too loud, he thought, if the boy had reacted this way after hearing him speak. But Izuku had said that he was used to All Might’s shouting.. Had he been lying in attempt to spare his feelings? If that was so, Toshinori decided that he would scold the boy later. Right now, he needed to focus on calming the boy down.

“The other students were overwhelming him,” a voice from behind All Might said, and Toshinori swerved around, surprised to see Young Todoroki there. “I’ve got his stuff,” Todoroki said, holding up Izuku’s bag. “Let’s go to the staff lounge. Zuku said there was a coffee machine there. You carry him.”

All Might nodded. He had almost no experience in the world of Izuku’s depression, so he was grateful that Todoroki had shown up when he did.

The three of them had barely managed to avoid running into Ochako, Kirishima, and the others as they rushed outside in order to tell Izuku that his stuff was gone.

When Shouto slid the door to the staff lounge open, he was surprised to see that most of the desks were full, and all of the teachers were now staring at them.

“Which desk is his?” Shouto asked, and All Might looked down at the young boy, surprised. How much did Todoroki know? He knew that he was Izuku’s boyfriend, but.. Did he know everything? What about his quirk? Had Izuku told Todoroki about One for All?

No . Toshinori shook his head. Izuku would never do something like that.

“Over here,” he said, placing Izuku on the chair of the desk next to Aizawa~sensei.

“Panic attack?” Aizawa asked, raising an eyebrow when he saw Todoroki beside All Might.

The number one hero nodded. “I think I shouted too loudly..” he mumbled, ashamed.

“No, that wasn’t it,” Shouto said, and the teachers that weren’t already staring at him looked towards him. “Zuku was already going to have a panic attack. He was being overwhelmed by the other students. You being shouting may have worsened it, a little, but it wasn’t the cause.”

All Might nodded. He hadn’t realized that Todoroki was this perceptive.

“I’ve never really seen this bad of a panic-attack,” Todoroki said, looking to his teacher. “What are we supposed to do, Aizawa~sensei?”

The teacher shrugged, though he couldn’t help but let the worried expression onto his face. “I doubt we could get coffee down his throat, not when he’s like this..” Aizawa murmured, gesturing to the boy who was shivering, shaking, and sobbing all at once. His eyes were clouded over, and he seemed unaware of where he was.

“What if we tried something warm and fuzzy?” Present Mic called, turning his seat towards them. “Remember that panic attack he had, and he got better sooner because of that cat?”

Aizawa nodded. “That might work..” he looked around the staff lounge. “What do we have that’s warm and fuzzy?”

“If only Ryo (Hound Dog) was here,” Midnight said. “But no, this is the day he decides to call in sick.”

“You said warm, right?” Shouto asked and Aizawa nodded.

Shouto sighed, before extending his right arm in front of Izuku’s face, and making an open flame in his palm.

“Kid, don’t do that, he’s afraid of -” Aizawa started to say, but was surprised when he noticed Izuku’s breathing start to slow, and his sobbing started to quiet. The tears falling from his eyes also started to lessen as well.

“How..?” Hizashi asked, confused, staring at his son, who seemed to be calming down at Shouto’s fire.

Shouto shrugged. “I don’t know. But I understand. Izuku hates his fire, kind of like how I hate mine. We both hate fire, and we both have fire quirks.” He chuckled, a little ruefully. So Todoroki really did know about Izuku, Toshinori thought.  “Strange thing is, Izuku’s fire is one of the brightest, most comforting things in the world,” Shouto finished.

The teachers could do nothing but watch as Izuku’s panic attack ended, and could only watch as he apologized to everyone, and as he thanked his boyfriend.





I just realized




You were kind of cold today, during our hero exercise.


You have no right to talk. You were literally on fire.


I can’t argue with that.

Anyways, I found this really cool cat cafe the other day. Want to check it out this weekend?


Are you asking me out on a date?




Cool. I’m paying.


Shouchan, no!!



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 11



Note added later: Dad doesn’t like this page. Neither does Pa. They say that this page is kind of a reminder to them of all the ways they’ve failed me, which I don’t understand. They’ve never failed me, never. They’ve always been there for me. Shouto likes this page, though. Says he can relate to it a lot. He also says he likes it, because sometimes you have to admit that you.. Sometimes don’t feel okay. He says he likes this page because I’m showing off my bravery, or something.

I’m sad that Shouto’s too scared to admit to himself that he’s not okay.


Sadness. It’s not a fun feeling, that’s for sure. I feel sad and upset whenever Kacchan frowns at me like he always does. I feel this whenever mom looks at me with that disappointed look in her eyes. I used to feel this way right after dad beat me, when all I could do was sob helplessly. I don’t like this feeling. I don’t like it.

All it does it tear at your soul and make you feel horrible, and it tugs at you, pulls at you, and you can’t understand where the pain is coming from because it’s coming from inside of you, and the only way to make yourself feel better is by cutting yourself, because you know why it hurts when you cut yourself, you can understand that pain, and it distracts you from the pain that you can’t understand, the pain that you don’t want, because it hurts, and you don’t want the unexplainable pain to hurt, because it hurts the most when you can’t understand it.

I feel like this a lot. I recently added a Level page to my notebook, to see if I could help myself understand it. Based on what I wrote down, I think I’m on Level 7 a lot. I don’t like being on Level 7.

I also feel really sad when I’m on a Level that’s higher than Level 3. Level 4 and 5 are especially bad. Because I’m just so sad, that… I can’t force a smile. It sucks. Almost all other Levels , I can always somehow force myself to be happy and smile, but I can’t force a smile on Level 4 or Level 5 , because the only smiles that I ever have in those Levels are the real ones.

I’m sad a lot. I don’t like being said. Can someone help me stop being sad? I just want the sadness to go away.. I want to be happy, like all other kids.

I want to be okay.


(The next passage is written with a turquoise pen.)

I’m sorry that you feel sad whenever I look at you. I’ll try my best to make it better. - Mom.

(The next passage is written with a light blue pen.)

It’s okay to be not okay. I’m glad that you’ve accepted that. I hope that someday, I will be able to do the same. Love you. - Shouto.  

Chapter Text

“What’s it like learning from All Might?” A reporter asked Izuku, catching him off guard as he was on his way to UA. Honestly, he should have just left at the same time as Shouta and Hizashi, but no, of course, he had needed to finish watching the movie.

“Ah… I’m sorry. I’m due at the nurse’s office.” Ochako and Iida were also being asked questions, and were a little surprised that Izuku was able to speak so easily to the reporters. He would be on live television because of it! How did talking to his classmates scare him more?

What they didn’t know, was that Izuku had trained a lot with Present Mic, trying to get over his fear of microphones and cameras, until he was able to do interviews, or continue to do Hero work without getting distracted by the cameras. He had made several appearances on his Pa’s radio show to help with said training.

“Tell us what the symbol of peace looks like in front of the class!!” A reporter asked Uraraka as Izuku fled the scene.

“How he looks!? Ummm…” Ochako thought for a moment, before flexing. “Super muscly!! Yeah!!”

One reporter had the misfortune to ask Iida about the pro-hero, and was sighing as Iida gave him a huge block of test.

“Everyday with him is a reminder that I’m enrolled at this preeminent educational institution,” Iida didn’t stop to take a breath. “Beyond his obvious dignity and presence he’s also quite humorous. As we students are privy to observing his many facets, we’ve been given the opportunity to discover just what makes a top hero a d top hero. Also…”

Another reporter had the nerves to talk to an angry-looking Bakugou. “When All Might is.. Huh? You’re the kid from the sludge incident!!” The reporter cried.

“Buzz off.” Katsuku grunted, grinding his teeth in an attempt to not shout at the reporters. Honestly, why had they reminded him of that stupid thing? And he had been saved by a 15-year old hero at the time as well, a hero the same age as him! It was pathetic.

The reporter turned to someone else who was also at the scene. “Does All M-” he froze when he saw the man who looked homeless. “You’re a mess!! Who are you, anyway?!”

“He’s off today,” Aizawa said, flapping his hand at them to make a gesture that told the reporters to go away. “You’re interrupting our classes. Please leave.”

Izuku, who was in the nurse’s office to take off his cast, he sighed when he heard the UA barrier go up. Oh, so some reporter had stupidly tried to get in.




“Good work with yesterday’s battle training,” Aizawa said as class began. “I’ve looked over your grades and evaluations.

“Bakugou. Grow up already, stop wasting your talent.” Aizawa said, glaring daggers at the spiky blond. He had found out from All Might that this was Kacchan, the boy from Izuku’s notebook, which honestly… Aizawa didn’t know what to feel. As long as the boy didn’t do anything at this school, Aizawa would be unable to punish him.. So he would have to make him realize some other way.

“Got it.” Bakugou grumbled into his desk.

“And… it seems Midoriya ended yet another day with a broken arm.” Izuku looked down at his desk. He needed to learn how to control this quirk. He had to. “Learn to control you quirk.. Because just trying isn’t going to cut it.” Aizawa said. “I hate repeating myself. But you do have potential, assuming you can overcome this. Work at it, Midoriya.”

Izuku knew that this was his father’s way of being nice. He had to accept it. So, he looked at the teacher in the eyes, raising his head from his desk. “Okay.” He said. It wasn’t a shout, obviously, but it was much louder than how Izuku regularly spoke with other people, even his parents and Shouto. Izuku was a quiet person, even when he spoke.

Aizawa sighed, before turning to the rest of the class. “Now, on to home-room business. Sorry for the sudden announcement, but today…”

Most of Class 1-A gulped, in fear of what was to come.

“You’ll pick a class president,” Aizawa finished.

Most of the class let out a relieved sigh. “Such a normal school-like thing!!”

Suddenly, almost all of the students in the class raised their hands at once, all shouting about the fact that they wanted to do it.

Izuku sighed when he heard Mineta say something about ‘30 centimeters of thigh.’ He didn’t say anything as He watched bakugou, who was in front of him, release steam from his nose as he raised his hand.

“Leading the many is a task of heavy responsibility!!” Iida shouted, which quieted the rest of the class down and caused them to look at him. “But ambition does not equate to ability!! The sacred office demands the trust of its constituents! If this is to be a democracy, then I put forward the motion, that our true leader must be chosen by election!!”

“This is just a classroom! Not congress!” A bunch of kids shouted at Iida.

“But Iida, we haven’t known each other long enough to build any trust,” Asui said, turning around to look at Iida.

“And everyone’ll just vote for them-selves!!” Kirishima said, raising his arms in a “what do ya know?” kinda motion.

“That’s precisely why anyone who manages to earn multiple votes will be the best suited individual for the job!!” Iida turned towards the teacher in the sleeping bag. “Will you allow this, sensei!?”

Aizawa sighed. “However you do it, just make it quick.”

Once the voting was said and done, Izuku stared at the chalkboard, sure that he wasn’t seeing things right. No, he had to be seeing things wrong!! Who had voted for him? He hadn’t, so how did he have three votes!!?

“WHAT THE!! WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR DEKU!!” Bakugou screeched, and Izuku pointed at him making the face that said, that was exactly what I wanted to know.

“Guess we know it wasn’t you!” Sero said, laughing slightly at the explosion boy’s anger.

Off in the corner, Ochako whistled, deciding that she wouldn’t let Bakugou know about her vote.

“Fine,” Aizawa said, climbing out of his sleeping bag. “So your president’s Midoriya and your vice president is Yaoyorozu.”

“What a shame…” Yaoyorozu said, looking at the short boy who was standing at the front of the class room, frozen like an icicle, trembling.

“I know Midoriya’s got the right stuff for this!!” someone in the class called out.

“And Yaoyorozu was pretty cool, analyzing the battle training and all!!” another student called. Izuku, in call honesty, agreed with that, as he had voted for Yaoyorozu.

Izuku sighed as he sat outside the school building, sitting underneath a tree to watch the reporters scream at UA to let them see All Might. Though Izuku’s Dad hadn’t been lying, as Toshinori really wasn’t at school today.

Ochako and Iida were standing around in the cafeteria, looking for Izuku, when Ochako spotted him outside, underneath the tree. She also saw Todoroki walk up to him. “There he is!!” She cried, grabbing Iida’s arm and pulling him outside to where Izuku and Shouto sat.

Hello, Izuku signed to them when they both arrived outside, and sat next to them in the grass. You didn’t have to come outside with us, you could have sat in the cafeteria.

Iida shook his head. “Uraraka~kun and I wanted to sit with you, Midoriya~kun!” he said, and he repeated what Izuku had signed orally when Ochako tilted her head, confused.

Shouto watched the three interact, slurping is soba nonchalantly.

“That reminds me, Todoroki~kun!!” Iida said, facing the half-and-half haired boy. “You’ve never actually spoken to any of us in class, either! The only time I remember you speaking is when you were talking to Ojiro~kun during battle training, and we were unable to hear you then.”

Todoroki shrugged, before looking back at the reporters. “Oh, the barrier’s back up,” he said, and Izuku turned his head to look as well, sighing.

HIs eyes widened when the UA Barrier crumbled to dust, and the alarm went off, saying, that “SECURITY LEVEL 3 HAS BEEN BROKEN.”

Izuku watched as the reporters rushed to the doors, and watched as his fathers went outside in an attempt to stop them and to get them to go away.

“Is everything going to be okay?” Ochako asked, jumping up. Iida also stood up, concerned.

Izuku shrugged, opening a can of coffee. “I guess we can go in and tell the panicking students that it’s only the press,” he said, looking at the window where he could see the students pushing and shoving each other in their attempt to evacuate.

“Yes! Let’s do so!!” Iida said. He said nothing about how Izuku was talking now, realizing that Izuku probably gained a little confidence in dangerous situations. He would wonder why, but currently, he was busy trying to get to the cafeteria with the three other students who had also been outside.

“Everyone!!” Iida called as they were pushed and shoved by the panicking students. “There’s no danger!! It’s just the media!!” But nobody was listening, and the four students kept getting pushed and pushed, until Izuku and Iida found themselves separated from Uraraka and Todoroki.

“If only Uraraka could fly me into the air,” Iida said, looking around for any trace of the brunette.

Izuku sighed, before tapping Iida on the shoulder. Iida could keep a secret, right? Izuku sure hoped so.

“Yes, Midoriya~kun?” Iida asked, almost tripping over Izuku as he was shoved closer to the green-haired boy. He was surprised when the boy pointed upwards, and when Iida was about to look in the direction that Izuku was pointing, he found himself floating above the ground, up and high above the crowd of pushing students.

Iida decided to focus on how he had gotten up in the air later. He had to get to where the exit sign was!! He activated his engine boost, and flew into the wall, where suddenly, all of the students were looking at him like he was crazy.

Iida didn’t notice down below, but Izuku was struggling to keep Iida in the air, due to the fact that Iida was moving - a lot.

“EVERYONE!! EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!” Iida shouted, causing everyone to freeze and look at  Ingenium’s younger brother. “IT’S JUST THE PRESS!! THERE’S NOTHING TO PANIC ABOUT, WE’RE FINE!! THIS IS U.A.!! BEHAVE IN A WAY BEFITTING THIS GREAT INSTITUTION!!”

Later, when Iida was finally lowered onto the ground, he saw Izuku place a finger to his lips - and he nodded. While he didn’t really understand what had happened, he swore that he would not tell anyone, deciding that he didn’t want to break the greenette’s trust.



“Go ahead, class president,” Yaoyorozu said to Izuku, a little exasperated by the stuttering mess.

Izuku took a deep breath, before facing Iida. People expected him to start signing, and that Iida would translate, but they were surprised when Izuku opened his mouth to speak.

“W-We’d like to choose the other student council members!” he said, and those in the back had to lean forward in order to hear him, as even when he was regularly speaking, he was still relatively quiet. “But, before that, I believe that Iida is better suited to be class president! You all saw how well he led everyone in that crisis. I think.. He’s the correct choice for the job.”

Kirishima grinned. “Sounds good! Iida really showed his stuff back in the cafeteria!!” he said. “Not that I’ve got anything against Midoriya!!” he added as an afterthought.

“He was like a beacon pointing to the emergency exit,” Kaminari laughed.

“Whatever, just get on with it... what a waste of time.” Aizawa glared at his students from his sleeping bag, sucking on one of his juice things, which kind of freaked the rest of the students out.

“I will accept the job, then!!” Iida said, raising his hand and standing up.

“You can do it, Mr. Exit Sign!!” Kirishima grinned.

“Exit-sign Iida! Do your best!!” Another student shouted.

Yaoyorozu glanced at Izuku from the corner of her eyes. Is my position really safe…?! She thought.


Outside, Recovery Girl, Midnight, and pro-hero Thirteen were outside inspecting the damage of the UA Barrier, along with Nexu.

“No ordinary reporter could have done this,” Nexu said. “Someone instigated this whole affair.. Did some evildoer manage to slip in? Or do they intend to wage some greater war…?”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 12

Fear and Hatred


Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Hatred: intense dislike or ill will.


I am afraid of my father. I’m afraid of his fire, his quirk, his weird obsession with his… toys. I’m afraid that he will kill my mother. I don’t want mom to die at his hands. I really, really don’t. His fire burns and is hot and it engulfs you and all you think about is the pain and it’s so scary, scary, and while it’s scary it’s better than watching it happen to mom, but I hate it, I hate it so much.. .But it’s for mom. I’m protecting mom, from my father.

I hate my father. I hate him, because he hurts my mother. I don’t want him to come back. Ever. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

...It was the worst when he had that weird obsession with knives.


I am afraid of Kacchan. He hurts me. A lot. But I can understand why. When something is useless or doesn't do what you want, you punish it, right? Kacchan is punishing me for everything I’m doing wrong. I am afraid of Kacchan, because he is the punisher. But I do not hate Kacchan. Because Kacchan is only doing his job.


I am afraid of my mother. Mom hits me a lot, and she always gives me this disappointed glare. I am afraid that I will never be able to see her smile again, that someday, someone will somehow steal that smile away from her, so that she will never be able to smile like the world has done no evil again… I am afraid that someone will take my mother away from me.

I don’t want that.


I am afraid of the noise of string snapping. Ever since… then … when the string on my belt snapped, and failed, and I was somehow, by mistake, left alive… it is a reminder of two people who have died, because I failed. I am afraid of the noise of string snapping into two.

But I still use my string. Not the same way I did, that one time, because I no longer trust it to work that way. But I use it differently. Because I am afraid that the same thing will happen again. I don’t want it to happen again.


(The next passage is written in blue ink.)

String? You’ve mentioned string before, I think it was that one time I went to visit you in the hospital.. After that week of… Oh. Right.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of afraid of the sound of steam? Or boiling water? It honestly depends on how I feel that day. I think.. I think you know why, Zuku.

Sorry I’m not really saying anything else.

Love you.

- Shouto.

Chapter Text

“Now, for today’s basic hero training,” Aizawa said from the front of the classroom. “It’s turned into a class of All Might, myself, and one other teacher who will supervise.”

“Um, what’re we doing, exactly?!” Sero asked, his hand raised.

“Preparing you for disaster relief, from fire to floods,” Aizawa said, displaying a card that had the word “RESCUE” written on it boldy.

“It’s rescue training!!” Sero shouted, excited.

“Rescue, huh… sounds like another rough day,” Kaminari turned to look at Ashido and Kirishima, who sat close to him.

“Come on, this is what being a hero’s all about! I’m pumped!!” Kirishima said, and Ashido nodded.

“Right!” she said, making a fist.

Asui who was behind them, also had something to say. “I’ll be right at home in a flood, ribbit .”

She even croaks like a frog , Izuku thought.

Aizawa glared at the class, which got them to shot up. “I’m not done,” he said, before clicking his remote to open the section of the wall which had everyone’s hero costumes. “It’s up to each of you whether or not you wear your costumes, as some of them are ill-suited to this sort of activity. The training sight is a bit remote, so we’ll be going by bus. That’s all. Get ready.”

Rescue training, Izuku thought. Today, they were going to go the USJ. Izuku remember Shouta taking him there a few times in the month before his provisional license exam - it had been hard work… and the fire zone had been the hardest. Izuku remember having several panic attacks from just looking at that zone, but he had finally gotten to a point where he could train in it without breaking down in tears, a few days before he had taken the exam.




“Hmm?” Ochako was a little confused. Why wasn’t Deku~kun wearing his costume?? “You wore your gym clothes, Deku? Where’s your costume?” she asked.

Izuku quickly glanced around, making sure that nobody else was listening, when he responded. He still didn’t really like talking around others, and if he had spotted others listening, he probably would have gone to Iida to ask him to translate. “It didn’t make it through battle training in one piece,” he said, though the volume of his voice was still low. “The school support company is repairing it. Just gotta wait for now.”

What he didn’t tell Ochako, was that the gym clothes he was supposedly wearing, was actually his real costume. They had taken off the rabbit-eared hood (which Izuku still insisted was supposed to represent All Might’s hair), and they had changed the colors to look more like UA’s Gym Uniform. Izuku felt much more comfortable in these clothes than he did in his other… weird banadagey costume.

“Line up according to your class numbers, so that we fill the seats in an orderly fashion!!” Iida shouted to the class, which caused a few grumblings, but the class listened all the same.

Iida’s really going full throttle, Izuku thought.

When they all loaded onto the bus, Iida hunched over himself, somewhat ashamed. “Darn. It was this type of bus!!” He said.

“All that for nothing,” Ashido, who was beside him, said not really helping Iida’s mood. Izuku chuckled, he couldn’t help it.

“I generally say what’s on my mind, Midoriya~chan,” Asui, who was sitting next to Izuku, started, catching Izuku off guard.

He let a few seconds pass to calm himself down, before signing. Oh, what’s on your mind, Asui~san?

Iida relayed the message for him, and Izuku smiled at him gratefully.

“Call me Tsuyu,” Asui said, before looking at him and smiling. “Your quirk resembles All Might’s.”

Izuku froze. What was he supposed to say?? How was he going to deny it?

Luckily, Kirishima did the job for him. “Hold up, Tsuyu,” the red head said. “All Might doesn’t get hurt. They’re already different in that way.” He grinned. “But that sort of simple, strength-enhancing quirk is awesome!! You can do a lot of cool stuff with it!!” Kirishima outstretched his arm and hardened it. “Not like my hardening. I’m good in a fight, but it’s real boring.”

“I think that’s pretty neat, though. You’re quirk’s more than enough if you want to go pro,” Izuku mumbled quietly. The people on the bus decided not to call him out on his speaking, as it would probably make him nervous and go back to signing.

“Pro!” Ashido said. “But don’t forget that heroes also have to worry about popular appeal!”

Aoyama smirked, staring at them with a somewhat bored expression. “My Navel Laser is both strong and cool. Perfect for a pro.”

Ashido put a hand on his shoulder. “As long as you don’t blow up your own stomach!!”

“You wanna talk strong and cool? That’d be Todoroki and Bakugou,” Kirishima said. Bakugou clicked his tongue and looked away, while Todoroki didn’t react in any way other than blinking. Though Izuku could tell that he was blushing. It was just… really hidden.

“But Bakugou’s so unhinged. He’d never be popular,” Asui said, which elicited a reaction out of the resident explosion boy.

“WHAT’D YOU SAY, FROG-FACE!!” He shouted, causing Jiro, who had the misfortune to sit next to him, jolt away in surprise. Izuku noticed that she had literally plugged herself into her phone to listen to music.

“See.” Asui said, pointing.

“We’ve only barely started socializing,” Kaminari said, “and you’ve already made it abundantly clear to us the unpleasantness of your steamed turd of a personality.”

“Yeah, okay, Mr. Vocabulary, how about I pound you!?” Bakugou shouted at the boy.

Izuku could only stare in shock. They were teasing Kacchan!! Kacchan, of all people!!

“What a vulgar conversation!” Yaoyorozu said from her place beside Ochako.

Ochako laughed. “I think it’s fun.”

“I don’t think your mouth could get any fouler, Bakugou,” Kaminari said, grinning.

Kacchan opened his mouth to start shouting again, but was interrupted by the frog-girl. “I had one more thing on my mind, Midoriya~chan,” she said, and Izuku nodded, ready listen. “Sorry if this is rude, but, how did you get those scars on your arms? We saw them when the bandages got ripped during battle training.”

“Woah!!” Kirishima said, standing up and facing Asui. “You can’t just say something like that!!”

“While I agree,” Iida said, “you should probably sit down, Kirishima. You don’t want to get hurt.”

Kirishima nodded, before sitting down, looking at the greenette a little worriedly.

The boy in question was looking down at his lap, thinking. He didn’t look very happy, as his smile had turned to a small frown. Honestly, if things got any worse, Todoroki was willing to give up his position as the cool loner to go and comfort Izuku.

“It’s fine,” Izuku said, forcing a grin on his face and facing Asui. His voice was surprisingly louder than normal, so most of the people in the bus were surprised. Why did the boy - who was so shy that he needed to use sign language - use his voice, probably something he didn’t really like and only used to convey something important, use it to deny the fact that he was hurting? They had all seen the dejected look in his eyes, for those few seconds that they had appeared. “I don’t really want to explain them, but I can understand if you’re curious.” He sighed. He didn’t think that he would be able to say anything out loud, so he looked at Iida, who nodded.

Remember the Muscular incident, a few months back? He signed, and Iida repeated it orally.

“You were a victim of the attack?” Asui asked, tilting her head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bakugou freeze, and turn to look at him with his eyes a little wider than they usually were.

Izuku shrugged, not really confirming but not denying. He wasn’t exactly lying, since he technically had been a victim.

Sure. Let’s go with that. He signed, which, Iida, a little confused, repeated.

Asui looked like she wanted to question him more, but closed her mouth when Aizawa turned to face them. “We’re here. Look sharp.”

“Okay!” All of the kids in the class shouted, and all of them (except maybe Bakugou) decided that they were protect the precious green child.




“WHOAAAA!!!” A bunch of the students yelled when they entered the building. “Is this Universal Studios Japan??!!”

“There’s the flood zone. The landslide zone. The conflagration zone… etc.” The students turned to see a hero in a space-suit. “Every disaster and accident you can imagine. I built this facility myself. I call it the “Unforeseen Simulation Joint!!”

So it really is USJ!! The same students thought.

It’s the space hero, Thirteen!! Izuku signed, excited. He of course, knew who Thirteen was, as he had always trained with Thirteen whenever he came to USJ, but it was still exciting nonetheless to see one of his favorite heroes.

“They’re the gentlemanly hero who does their best work in rescue scenarios!!” Uraraka said, jumping up and down excitedly. “I love Thirteen!!”

Aizawa walked up to Thirteen, his eyebrow raised. “Thirteen, where’s All Might? I thought he was meeting us here.”

Thirteen made a three sign with their fingers as they spoke. “It seems he just about reached his limit during his morning commute. He’s resting in the break room.”

“The height of irrationality,” Aizawa grumbled.

Their conversation went unnoticed by all but two students: Izuku and Shouto. While Izuku understood immediately, Shouto decided to ask Izuku about it at a later time.

“So be it. Let’s get started,” Aizawa said, and gestured to the students, who quieted down to look at Thirteen.

“Before we get started, I have one or two points.. Or three… or four... “

That’s a lot of points, Izuku thought. Just like Thirteen. He smiled, used to it. If it wasn’t annoying, (like Shouta found it), then it was just downright hilarious. (The view of Nemuri, Izuku, and Hizashi.) Izuku really liked Thirteen, partly because Thirteen was one of the youngest staff members on campus, at 28 years old. While Aizawa and Hizashi weren’t that old (both at thirty), Izuku thought it was nice to have someone else who also saw the rest of the teachers as their senpais.

“As I’m sure many of you are aware, my quirk is called Black Hole. It can suck in and tear apart anything.

And you’ve used it to save people in all sorts of disasters, Izuku signed, which Iida repeated to the class orally. Ochako was nodding her head so fast that her excited face was only a blur.

“Indeed,” Thirteen said. “However, my power could easily kill. I’ve no doubt there are some among you with similar abilities.”

The easy smile’s on the students were wiped away. Even Izuku, who knew this from experience (how many times had he faced death again?) had stopped smiling, his mouth a thin line.

“In our super-powered society,” Thirteen continued, “the use of quirks is heavily restricted and monitored. It may seem that this system is a stable one.” Thirteen sighed. “But we must never forget that it only takes one wrong move with an uncontrollable quirk for people to die. During Aizawa’s physical fitness test,” Thirteen gestured towards the scraggly teacher, “you came to learn of your own hidden potential. Through All Might’s battle training, you experienced the danger that your respective quirks can pose to others.” Thirteen let the tension settle for a few seconds before continuing. “This class will show you a new perspective. You will learn how to utilize your quirks to save lives. Your powers are not meant to inflict harm. I hope you leave here today with the understanding that you’re meant to help people.” Thirteen bowed. “That is all! I thank you for listening.

“They’re so awesome!!” Ochako cried.

“Bravo!! BRAAVO!!” Iida said, clapping dramatically.

“Great,” Aizawa said, and the two quieted down. “First off…” The class was confused when the teacher suddenly froze, and turned to look at the fountain at the middle of the huge building.

The students turned their heads to followed his gaze, watching as they saw a portal open, and… a man with a hand on his face, along with other people in costumes.

“HUDDLE UP AND DON’T MOVE!!” Aizawa shouted, and the students were frozen in surprise. “THIRTEEN! PROTECT THe STuDENTS!!” Aizawa grabbed at his goggles.

“What the heck’s that?!” Kirishima asked. “More battle robots? Like during the entrance exam”

“Don’t move. Those are villains!!” Shouta yelled, effectively shutting up the students.

“Thirteen.. And Eraser Head, is it…?” the person made of mist said. “According to the staff schedule I received the other day, All Might is supposed to be here…”

“Of course. That whole incident was this scum’s doing,” Aizawa said, annoyed. Izuku almost laughed at his father’s hatred of All Might, but now wasn’t the time.

“Where is he?” the blue haired man with the hand on his face said. “We’ve come all this way. And brought so many playmates. All Might.. The symbol of peace.. Isn’t here?” He laughed. “I wonder if some dead kids will bring him?”

The students could only watch as their teacher jumped into the fray of villains.




“Thanks, Asui,” Izuku said as the frog-girl climbed onto the boat.

“Call me Tsuyu. But we seem to be in trouble, here,” the frog-girl said.

Izuku sighed. “They know our schedule,” he said, sitting cross-legged on the boat, and pulled his notebook out of his belt. “The simplest explanation is that they caused that media rush the other day in order to get their intel. It’s like Todoroki said. They’re been waiting for this chance, and they prepared for it well.”

“But, but!” Minet shouted, a little desperate. “There’s no way they could ever kill All Might! He’ll thrash ‘em once he gets here. Bam! Pow!”

“Mineta,” Asui said, interrupting the boy’s thoughts. “They must have figured out a way to kill him. “Otherwise, why come here just to get beaten?”

“I wouldn’t put is past them,” Izuku said. “That one guy promised to kill us too, after all. Who says we can even hold out until All Might gets here? Even when he does show up, who’s to say he won’t be killed?” Especially since he’s out of time, Izuku thought.

“M-M-M-Midoriya!!” Mineta asked, shaking his arm. “Why would you say something like that?”

“The villains have surround us, ribbit,” Asui said, grasping the railing as she looked out into the water.

“Give me a second,” Izuku said, and he closed his eyes, grabbing all of the soundwaves he possible could to hear what had happened. He almost smiled when he heard Shouto’s ‘You all lost to a kid. How pathetic.’ He heard Kacchan and Kirishima, they were together. He heard Jirou, Yaoyorozu, and Kaminari also fighting together. He heard Iida, Ashido, and Ochako still there, with the mist villain. He heard his father, still fighting the villains one at a time - and Izuku could hear him starting to get tired.  

Izuku stood up. “Everyone else seems to be holding out on their own,” he said, and Mineta and Asui looked at him, surprised. “We can go and help them later. For now, we have a fight to win!” He looked down into the water, where there were villains eagerly waiting to attack.

“Mineta,” he said, wincing slightly when he heard the sawing as the boat started to crack in two.  “Can you throw your hair balls into the water? The villains probably don’t know what our quirks are, if they sent Asui~san here. So they won’t know what your hairballs are, and they’ll most likely be cautious.”

Mineta, who was still crying, nodded, and started throwing his balls into the water.

“What are you planning on doing, Midoriya~chan?” Asui asked.

“I’m going to jump off the boat, and create a whirlpool,” he said. “The villains should get stuck by Mineta’s balls, then. I’ll need you to grab both him and me, and jump us to safety. Think you can do that?”

Asui nodded.

“All right. Here we go,” he muttered, before grabbing the railing and jumping off of the boat. He needed to create a whirlpool, by applying intense pressure onto the water.

“DELAWARE… SMASH!!!” He screamed as he snapped his middle finger at the water. “Damn it,” he muttered when he felt the finger break. “TSUYU!! MINETA!!” he screamed, and he saw Asui jump up, and he winced slightly when Asui grabbed him with his tongue.

Mineta was still crying, but he continued to throw his balls into the water.

“By delivering a strong shock to the water’s surface, it spreads, and once it rushes back into the center…” Izuku started to explain.

“They’re all washed up,” Asui finished for him. “Looks like we beat our first challenge, or something. Good job, you two,” she said.

Mineta clenched his fists as the blood started to run from his scalp.




“I took a really clean dump this morning, so they should be stuck together all day,” Mineta said as  Asui held him above the water by his scarf.

He was ignored by the other two, and Midoriya was constantly muttering, collecting the soundwaves in the building.

“Midoriya, stop that, it’s scary,” Asui said, and felt a little bad when the boy looked a little smacked in the face.

“Sorry,” he said quietly. He was currently listening in on Shouto’s fight.

“Divide and conquer, huh…?” He heard Shouto say. “Forgive me for saying so, but… it’s hard to see you guys as any more than thugs with quirks you can’t even handle.”

“Bastard!” Izuku heard another voice say. “The second he was warped here.. Is he really just a kid…? Ow, ow ow…”

“Hey,” Izuku heard his boyfriend call to the villain. “At this rate, your skin’ll rot away from frostbite. But I’m trying to become a hero, and heroes don’t do such horrible things. What makes you think you can kill All Might? Tell me the plan.”

“Midoriya~chan? Midoriya~chan?” Izuku was snapped out of his listening.

“Sorry, Asui,” he said. “Was listening around. Jirou’s currently having a lesbian panic over Yaoyorozu.”

Asui decided not to question it.




All Might… was not smiling.  The smiling, always smiling All Might, was frowning.

“Take everyone to the entrance.” All Might said,  leaving the teacher in front of Izuku, Asui, and Mineta.

“So fast!!” Mineta said in awe.

“Dad,” Izuku whispered as he saw All Might place his father onto the ground, and he rushed forward, grabbing his father’s face in worry. “Is he okay? Oh my gosh, Dad, you need to wake up,” Izuku could feel the panic attack setting in, and the tears started to flow out of his eyes as he inspected his father’s lifeless face. “I should’ve have helped him,” he whispered.
Asui and Mineta seemed a little lost by Izuku’s reaction, and didn’t know what to do.

“Izuku,” All Might said, placing his hand on his shoulder. “I know you’re panicking, but I need you to snap out of it, okay?”
Izuku blinked, the tears still falling from his eyes as he looked up at his mentor. “If you help him, he will be fine.”

Izuku nodded. If Izuku could help him, his Dad would be fine. He had to believe that.

“Midoriya,” All Might finished the moment, once again calling Izuku by his last name. He turned to Izuku and Izuku nodded, ready for instructions. “While you carry your teacher, I need you to watch as I fight. I just saw you punch that.. Weird brain villain. I would like you to keep me informed of the situation as I fight. You’ve got your soundwaves, right?”

Izuku nodded. “Got it. Is Iida also getting the other teachers?” he asked, and sighed in relief when All Might nodded.

Izuku grabbed his father, lifting him onto his back as he started sprinting towards the entrance.

“What was that, Midoriya?” Mineta asked as he and Asui chased after him.

“Shut up for a minute, Mineta,” Izuku said, and Mineta promptly did so. “Shock absorption,” Izuku whispered, and sent the soundwave towards All Might, who nodded, even as he was caught by the Noumu.

He heard the crackling ice of Todoroki, and Izuku couldn’t help but sigh in relief. He knew that his boyfriend was strong - and felt even better that All Might now had support.

Asui and Mineta would ask questions later, such as his relationship with their teacher - but right now, all Izuku could focus on was the fact that he needed to save everyone.




All Might sighed in relief as Cementoss made a huge stone wall separating him from the rest of the students.

“Thanks.. That was close, Cementoss,” All Might said, grateful.

Cementoss smiled. “I’m a fan of yours, y’know. So let’s get you to the nurse’s office without revealing this side of you. But honestly, you’ve got to stop overdoing…”

“I’d be dead if I hadn’t overdone it,” All Might coughed. “They were.. Just that strong.”

Cementoss sighed, before turning towards Izuku. “We should heal you up too, Deku. I expect that we’ll have some explaining to do to the students?”

Izuku shook his head. “I ask Asui and Mineta to keep quiet, I think we should fine.”




“The situation being what it was… I can’t scold you two this time,” Chiyo said, sighing.

All Might grumbled. “I think.. I’ve probably shortened my time limit again.. I’ll be lucky if I still get an hour a day…”

“All Might…” Izuku looked at his mentor.

“Whaddya gonna do?” he asked the kid, sitting up. “I’ve accepted it. Bad things happen, you know.”

“Pardon me,” a voice said as the door slid open. “Long time no see, All Might!!”

Toshinori coughed blood before speaking. “Tsukauchi! I didn’t know you were here!!”

“This is Detective Tsukauchi!!??” Izuku asked, jumping out of the bed, and Chiyo sighed again, but didn’t say anything. Izuku rushed up towards the detective grabbing his hand and shaking it rapidly. “Oh my gosh, Uncle Toshi has told me so much about you, about how you’re favorite detective on the force, and um, oh my gosh, he tells me so many stories about you that I actually have a page for you in my notebook, and um, would it be weird if I asked you for your autograph? And…”

“Woah, kid, you ask a lot of questions,” Tsukauchi said, laughing. “Uncle Toshi?” he asked raising an eyebrow, and the man in question shrugged.




“You shouldn’t go to school tomorrow,” Izuku said as he finished wrapping his father’s bandages.

“I’ll be fine,” Shouta said. “I’m still alive. Therefore, I can teach.”

“No, I really agree with Zuku,” Hizashi said, ducking his head into the bathroom. “You don’t look so good, Shouta.”

“If I sleep, I’ll be fine,” the man grumbled, and Izuku and Hizashi both sighed, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to convince him otherwise.

“If it gets too bad, let me at least carry your weight a little with my telekinesis, okay?” Izuku said.

“Fine.” Shouta said, leaning on Izuku as he stood up from the toilet seat.

“I’ve got a movie and popcorn ready!!” Hizashi called as they made their way to the couch.

“What movie are we watching?” Izuku asked.

“How does Star Wars sound?” Hizashi asked, grinning. Izuku nodded. He had watched that movie with Shouto a while back, and they had really enjoyed it. Speaking of which, he had noticed a text from Shouto a few minutes back…



Are you doing okay?


Yeah, I’m fine.

Honestly, I’m more worried about Dad. He’s covered head to toe in bandages, yet he insists he’s coming to school tomorrow.


Wow. Dedicated.


More like stubborn.

Are we still on for that cat cafe date this weekend?



Make sure you sleep tonight, okay?


I can’t promise.


I know where you live.


You’re going to sneak out of your house?


I’ve done it before. Think your parents will be okay with it? I’ll just bring my school stuff as well, and I can leave a note in the kitchen saying that I’ve left for school, so tomorrow my sister and my Dad won’t be suspicious.


I don’t know where I’m disappointed or proud.

I asked, and they said it’s fine.


Be proud. Also, I’m icing that nasty bruise on your finger you haven’t told me about.

See you in 30 minutes. Love you.


Wait, were you already packed up?




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 13

Costume Design


This is the page where Toshinori, Nemuri, Hizashi and Shouta worked together to come up with a fake costume for Izuku, as he was already set on his ideas for the real one.

View image here:

You look hot. You should let your family design your clothes more often. Can't wait to see the costume in real life. 

Love you.

- Shouto

Chapter Text

I still can’t believe I had a panic attack that late at night, and hours after the event even happened, Izuku signed, frustrated.

It’s fine, Todoroki signed back. Honestly, I would’ve been surprised if you didn’t have a panic attack. Plus, it gave me an actual good reason to use my fire, so don’t feel too bad about it. When Izuku didn’t look any happier, he tried a different tactic. We’re going to that cat cafe tomorrow, remember?

He smiled when Izuku nodded. Suddenly, the door to the almost empty classroom opened, and they watched as Asui, Ochako, and Ashido walked in, chatting to each other.

“Oh, Deku~kun! Todoroki~kun!!” Ochako said, grinning. “Asui was just telling us how cool you were, Deku~kun!!”

Izuku nodded his head in greeting. He glance at the frog-girl, who nodded. Good. So she had kept the secret, just like he had asked. Honestly, he hadn’t been that worried about Asui… but Mineta. He wasn’t sure. At least they didn’t know that he was pro-hero Deku, he would’ve died if they’d figured it out.

I guess I’ll go sit down, I think they want to talk to you, Todoroki signed, and started to turn away, but Izuku rapidly signed a response.

No! I mean, um, please translate for me. Izuku requested, starting to fold in on himself, and Shouto nodded.

“You know sign, Todoroki~kun?” Ashido asked, and Todoroki nodded. “That’s so cool!!” Todoroki just nodded again.

“Oh, um Deku~kun, do you think I could see your phone?” Ochako asked, and Izuku tilted his head confused.

She asked you for your phone, Shouto signed, and he let a small smile show on his face when Izuku glared at him.

You know that’s not what I meant when I said translating, Izuku signed, before opening his bag and handing Ochako the phone. Why?

“He’s asking why,” Todoroki said, monotone, the smile having disappeared from his face. Izuku was the only one who he wanted to see his smiles, after all.

“I just wanted to add him to a few things,” Ochako said, clicking a few buttons. Todoroki raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. “Here you go!” she said, handing Izuku his phone, after a good minute of clicking a bunch of buttons.

What did she do? He asked as the girls went to their desks and took a seat, resuming their conversation from earlier.

I um… Woah. Izuku signed with his left hand as he scrolled through his phone. She gave me the contacts of every girl in the class. And she invited me into the Girl’s Only Class 1-A Group chat.

The three girls were surprised when they heard Todoroki snort, turning to look at him. They hadn’t expected there to be any reaction out of Todoroki, who was always monotone. Todoroki mentally scolded himself as he attempted to regain his composure.

You’ve been accepted by the girls, Shouto signed. If they find out you have a boyfriend, they might even ask you for tips. He smirked when Izuku laughed. I’ll let you explore your new phone, Shouto signed, and sat down at his own desk, and the girls said nothing as they watched Izuku scroll through his phone, and pulled out there owns as well, leaving the classroom in a comfortable silence.


You’ve been added to The Girl’s Only Class 1-A Group Chat!



Um, if I remember correctly, I’m male??

Not that I don’t appreciate you inviting me!



We wanted to add you, Deku!!



Oh, you already invited him?



Yeah, he's also early. I’m actually surprised Iida isn’t here yet.



We decided to add you, Midoriya~kun, because you’re as pure as a maiden!!




Thank you?


I agree with that statement. I swear to god, you’re a cinnamon roll.



No I’m not? I’m a person?


I finally understand why my family members say ‘cannibalism’ whenever I eat cinnamon rolls now.


Adding you into the group chat was my idea, Midoriya~chan.



We were happy to do so! Honestly, if we didn’t know that Asui was lesbian, we would’ve thought that she had a crush on you, she said so many good things about you!!



Oh! I um

I’m flattered, Asui~san. Thank you?


Call my Tsuyu~chan. And you’re welcome.

I am a little concerned about your chat name, though. Are you okay?


Oh, um it’s just a joke! My Dad put it in, when I first got a phone, and said it’s because it’s the polar opposite of what I am! (when I’m not super shy). I just haven’t changed it.

My other dad freaked out when he saw it for the first time, too. Should I change it?



Your other dad? Are your parents both men?


Ochako, and Ashido laughed when they saw how tomato-red Izuku’s face got when he read Yaoyorozu’s message. They laughed even harder when Izuku threw the phone at Todoroki, who caught it with a straight face.


This is Todoroki. Midoriya just threw his phone at me and I do not know why.




Oh my gosh you guys it was amazing, Deku’s face just turned into a strawberry the moment he read Momo’s text, and I think he actually screeched a little, before he just chucked the phone at Todoroki’s head, who caught it with the most done expression.



I would tell you who his parents are, but they would kill me, so I will keep quiet.

I will, however, say that his parents are indeed a gay couple.

Iida is here, so I am going to throw the phone back to Midoriya now, to see how he will react.


Needless to say, Iida’s reaction was priceless, and Ochako was fortunate enough to catch it all on video.

Chapter Text

“Oh! Shouto! Izuku didn't tell me you were coming!" Hizashi said, a little surprised that Shouto had shown up at his door at 10 in the morning. On a Saturday, no less.  

“Yes, I did!!" a voice called from inside the apartment. There was also a grumble and some mumbling that Shouto couldn't make out - probably Aizawa~sensei.

“Oh," Hizashi said, sheepishly turning back to Shouto. “Guess it must've slipped my mind. Come on in, Shouto, I think Izuku is still getting ready, if you're planning on going somewhere."

Shouto nodded, letting the blond man (who was still in his pajamas) step out of the way, and placed his shoes neatly on the yuka, before walking through the hallway (past the kitchen/dining/living room) to Izuku’ room.

There, Izuku was sitting on his bed, dressed in his nice jacket and jeggings, toying with his phone. He smiled when Shouto sat down next to him, and he leaned his head on the icy teen's shoulder.

“The girls text a lot," Izuku said. “They say things without restraint, even when I'm there.”

Shouto raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

“You don't know how many times Ashido was talking about how handsome you are," Izuku continued, “and how many times I had to stop myself from giving us away."

“Sounds tough," Shouto said. While most wouldn't be able to tell, Izuku was able to discern the sarcastic tone in Shouto's statement.

“Not all of us are masters of the poker face, Shouto," Izuku said, finally turning away from his phone to look at his boyfriend, who had spoken for the first time that day.

Shouto nodded. “I know. But I also know that you are one of those masters, and therefore have no right to talk." He let the tiniest smile appear on his face.

Izuku shrugged, his smile never leaving his face. “Level 4 does it's wonders," he said, confirming himself to be in either Level 1 or 2. Izuku answered Shouto's unspoken question by making a peace sign with his fingers.

Ah. Level 2. Shouto was determined to raise Izuku's Level to Level 1 during this date, to make sure that his boyfriend had the best time possible.

“Where are you two going to go?" Hizashi said, opening the door to Izuku's room, and catching both boys a little by surprise. Hizashi smiled a little sheepishly when he realized that he had interrupted their conversation.

“All we've planned today is the cat cafe," Izuku said, and Shouto nodded. “I thought it might also be nice to explore the neighbouring shops as well, but it depends on what Shouto wants."

“Sure," the boy in question said. And he wasn't lying - what Izuku had said did sound fun.

“Cool," Izuku said, smiling. Hizashi nodded, leaving the room to tell Shouta of what was going to happen - the man himself was currently a yellow caterpillar, lazily lounging on the couch. While he wasn't exactly asleep, he wasn't completely awake, either, somewhere in-between.

“Have you eaten anything today?" Izuku asked, climbing off of the bed, and Shouto did the same. Izuku frowned a little when Shouto shook his head, but his face quickly lit up in a grin. “Neither have I!" he said, a little proudly.

Shouto shook his head, the tiny smile not disappearing from his face. “That's not something to be proud of, Zuku," he said fondly.

Izuku shrugged. “I'm pretty sure Dad and Pa are going to make breakfast, do you want to….?" he eyed Shouto's wrist, which Shouto had desperately tried to hide with his jacket. “Let's eat outdoors," he said, not finishing his question.

Shouto nodded, grateful.

“Want some cream for that burn?" Izuku whispered, hoping that his parents wouldn't overhear.

Shouto shook his head. It wasn't going to leave a scar, and it wasn't as bad as his face, so Shouto saw no reason to treat it. While Shouto appreciated the thought, he really did not want to have any cream on his wrist - cream was usually uncomfortable, unless you had any bandages to follow it up. Plus the burn was on his right wrist; if needed Shouto would be able to spread ice over the burn.

Izuku nodded. Honestly, the two were so close that if one saw them, they would be surprised the neither of them had a mind-based quirk - as they seemed to read the other's thoughts with ease.

“Have fun!" Hizashi called to them as they left the small apartment. There was also a grumble from Shouta something that sounded suspiciously like the words ‘ use protection' , but Izuku and Shouto decided to ignore the remark.

“Thanks, Pa!” Izuku called. “I'll text you later!!" He shut the door behind them.

“Your parents are nice," Shouto remarked when they walked into an elevator and Izuku clicked the “Ground" button, labeled with the number one.

“You always say that,” Izuku said, raising his eyebrow slightly towards Shouto.

“I say it every time because it's true," Shouto said, shrugging.

Izuku opened his mouth to respond, but sighed when the phone in his back pocket vibrated. He pulled it out of his pocket, tilting it in a way so that Shouto would be able to see what he was doing. “It's the girls," he said flatly. “They're planning a girls’ day out or something." He opened the girl's chat. “Here, I'll show you some of the weird girl conversations that I don't understand, at all.”



So, we meet up at XXXXXXX Street, right?



Correct. Are you sure you're not coming, Midoriya~san?



Did you just say XXXXXXX Street?



Yeah, why?

Did change your mind?



No, sorry.

But I'll probably run into you guys, that's where Todoroki and I are going right now.



Really?? Then we should meet up, then!!



Yeah, we should!



Maybe later.

I kind of need to have a conversation with a person outside the screen right now, so see you!



Is it Todoroki?



Yeah, why?



He's so handsome!!




“This the place?" Shouto asked, grabbing Izuku's hand with his left. Izuku surprisingly wasn't cold to Shouto's left hand - he was warm. Shouto didn't know if it was Izuku's actual temperature, or if he was delusional, because Izuku often said the same thing about him.

“Yeah, this is the street!" he said, smiling. He looked down at their hands with a concerned expression, before smiling up at Shouto. It had been Shouto who had wanted to keep their relationship a secret, after all. It wasn't because he was ashamed to admit that he was with Izuku - he wanted to tell everyone about how Izuku loved him - but it was an attempt to keep Izuku safe. If Endeavour found out…

“If we meet any of our classmates, just say that you kept getting lost." Shouto said.

Izuku laughed. “That'll make me seem absent minded!!" he complained, though his tone was mostly joking.

Shouto raised an eyebrow, and Izuku sighed, conceding to the point that Shouto hadn’t even needed to say to express.

“Oh, Shouto, look!!” Izuku said, pointing to a small stand on the street that sold Takoyaki. “That sounds like something quick we can eat!!”

“What about the cafe?” Shouto asked, but let Izuku lead him to the stand all the same.

“We’re going to get coffee there,” Izuku said, continuing to pull his boyfriend towards the stand. “And if we also got food there, it would ruin the coffee.”

“Sure,” Shouto said, letting the tiniest smile appear on his face, before blinking in surprise. “Wait - you haven’t drank any coffee today?” His eyes widened slightly when Izuku nodded his head. “Who are you?” he asked, and Izuku laughed.

“I thought that maybe drinking coffee earlier in the day would be a bit much,” he said, his face tomato-red. “I do drink a lot of coffee, but I’m not actually addicted, Shouto.”

Shouto nodded his head, though he was still a little dumbfounded. “Right.”

When Izuku bought takoyaki from the store, he made sure that Shouto had the first bite before having some himself.

Later, when the two were exploring a department store (as Hizashi had asked Shouto to help get clothes for Izuku, as all Izuku had were long black shirts and pants that looked more like pajamas than anything that could be worn outside,) they heard a voice of someone familiar - from their class.

“Oh, Deku~kun!!” Izuku and Shouto both turned around to see a grinning brunette looking at them, along with the rest of the girls from class 1-A. (Were there really only 6 girls in the class? It seemed like too few.)

“Oh, hello, Ochako,” Izuku mumbled.

“I didn’t know guys went clothes-shopping together!!” Jirou said, smiling at the cinnamon roll. “I thought only girls did that.”

Izuku didn’t really know what to say, so he turned to Todoroki, who’s expression had yet to change. “You’d be surprised,” the half and half boy said, which caused the musical girl to nod.

“Mind if we join you?” Yaoyorozu asked. “I think it would be interesting to help you decide clothes, Todoroki~kun, Midoriya~kun.” She smiled when the rest of the girls nodded.

“Since Midoriya’s cute, I bet we could find some girl’s clothing that would look good on him, too!!” Hagakure said, and Ochako and Ashido nodded, thinking about what outfits would look good on the greenette.

“All Pa wanted was for me to not look homeless... “ Izuku mumbled, and the girls turned to him, not hearing what he had said. (Shouto, of course, had heard, and was struggling to hold in a reaction.)

“Sorry, Midoriya~chan, could you repeat that?” Asui asked him, and Izuku nodded.

“I said that it was fine,” he mumbled, though his voice was significantly louder than before.

“Awesome!” Ochako grinned, making a fist. “I promise we’ll find you the best clothing ever!!”




Izuku pulled his phone out of his pocket when he heard it ring, and Ochako watched as he pulled out his phone to see who it was.

“Hello?” he said into the phone. Ochako was curious as to who was on the other end.

“When are you planning on coming home?” Shouta asked the boy, without even bothering to say something in greeting.

“Oh, Dad, um….” Izuku thought for a few seconds. Oh! Ochako thought. So it was one of Izuku’s fathers!! “I don’t actually know. When do you want me to be home?”

“...Maybe in three hours. Nemuri caught a cold, so she wants me to help her grade papers, but I don’t feel like doing them.”

“Papers? Already?” Izuku asked. Ochako wondered what they were talking about.  “But there’s only been a week or so of school,” Izuku said. Izuku could practically hear Shouta’s shrug. “You just want me to do all the work, don’t you?”

“Yeah. But you enjoy grading, don’t you?” Shouta asked.

Izuku nodded, before remembering that he was on the phone, and that Shouta couldn’t hear him. “Yeah. Oh, also, can you ask Pa what kind of clothes he wants me to get? The only thing he told me was something that made me look less homeless.”

Ochako cracked up - and she had seen Izuku himself confirm the fact that he was the son of a gay couple, so she had information that she could store somewhere, in case it ever turned out to be useful.

Izuku’s cheeks went bright red when he saw Ochako laughing, but he listened to his father’s answer before thanking him and hanging up.

“Nice phone background,” Ochako said, if it was even possible, Izuku’s face went even redder. “Did you draw that yourself?”

Izuku let out a quick sigh of relief that went unnoticed by Ochako. She had thought that it was a drawing, not an actual photo that Izuku had taken. The photo was of Shouto - he was standing in front of a white wall (A bedsheet from Izuku’s room) and he was wearing a fancy white jacket with a blackshirt, and a pair of gray jeans. His right hand had been stuffed into a pocket, and his right hand was raised above his head, and a glass cup was balancing precariously on his index finger. (It was kept from falling with izuku’s quirk.) Coming out of the right side of the glass cup was a design Shouto had made with ice, and from the left side, steam was coming out of the glass, shaped into the same design using Izuku’s quirk. From Shouto’s mouth came a frosty breath - which had been changed into the shape of a heart, which was also thanks to Izuku’s quirk. The two of them had spent hours to get this picture just right - Izuku had wanted a perfect phone background.

Shouto’s phone backgrounds were usually just pictures he took at random, whenever he decided that the moment was cute enough for him to take a picture of - so his phone background was changed maybe once every two weeks. Izuku however, had only had 5 phone backgrounds of Shouto - they had been dating for maybe a year, and every background of Izuku’s was carefully planned - so carefully planned that Shouto thought that Izuku would make good money if he became a designer or director of a magazine. Honestly, the pictures that Izuku took of Shouto looked like they came out of those strange expensive magazines that Shouto never bothered to buy.

Izuku spent months planning his phone backgrounds, and on those days, Shouto was happy to comply. Though he found it a little weird that Izuku was going to turn all of those photos into a Shout-centered magazine. It had been Shouto’s suggestion, as a joke, but the greenette had taken it seriously. So there were many, many sketches of Shouto in Izuku’s room, all planning for the magazine. (Though many of them were also sketches Izuku had made for stress relief.)

And well… Shouto didn’t need to know that Izuku was planning on hiring a professional photographer for the Sports Festival, right?

“Yeah, I, um, drew it,” Izuku said, stuffing his phone back into his pocket, and redirecting his thoughts back to the brunette. He thanked god that Shouto and all of the other girls had gone to a different section of the store - they had all thought that a few shirts had really matched Shouto, and they had started going on a rampage through the store - Izuku honestly thought that the employees were terrified of their group of eight people.

“You’re a really good artist!” Ochako said, grinning, before narrowing her eyes and smirking at the greenette. “I was wondering… do you have a crush on Todoroki~kun!!”

“What!?” Izuku turned to her, waving his hands out in front of him in an attempt to dissuade her. “No, no, of course not!”

Ochako raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? Because most people don’t generally have somebody else as their phone background, unless it’s a crush..” She grinned when Izuku’s face went even redder - honestly, was Izuku’s face going to explode with a blood overload?

“Is that why the two of you came out today? Did you ask him on a date?” She asked, and she laughed when Izuku shook his head vigorously.

“No!” he denied. “It’s just a hangout between friends!!”

Ochako laughed, raising an eyebrow, but decided to let the boy relax and drop the topic for now. Oh, but the plans that were formulating in her mind….




Gravity-Girl has changed the chat name to Operation TodoDeku




I’m down.



Really? I wasn’t aware that you liked Todoroki~kun, Midoriya~san.



I don’t!!



He has a drawing of Todoroki as his phone background.





See? He’s not even denying it!!



Oh, he’s crushing hard. Pff.



Where did you and Todoroki go today, after we split up, Midoriya~chan?



We went to a cafe.



Are you sure that wasn’t a date?



It was just a hangout between friends! I’ve already said this!



So, we need to focus on getting Midoriya a date with Todoroki!! This will be fun!!



Would it work if I asked you not to?






You need to accept your fate, bro. You’ve got no choice now.



It does sound intriguing. I will also help!!



Yeah, Momo!!
I’ll help too!!





I promise you, Deku, we will be successful!!



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 14



I have… a lot of scars. It’s why I always long sleeves, to hide them. I’ve also learned to be able to change really fast, so that nobody notices them at school.

I thought I might as well list a few of my scars here, because, well.. I don’t really want to think about anything right now, at least inside of my head. But these scars are physical, so I think that it might help me calm down? If it doesn’t work, well, then… I can go find Father’s old razor.

Um, I have a lot of scars on my arms. I got a bunch of them from the time that Father had a weird obsession with knives…. I really don’t like them that much. A bunch of them were also scars that I gave myself, when I was in Level 7. Mom’s never caught me making them, but she always sighs whenever she has to bandage more scars, and I feel bad for it, because I’m making Mom feel bad because of it, but I just.. Can’t stop.

On my wrists are a bunch of finger-sized burn scars, from the times that Kacchan’s exploded his sweat while gripping my wrists.. I’ve even gotten a scar from him just squeezing my wrist too hard… my right wrist is a little lopsided now, but it’s really hard to tell.

I have this one scar on my chest, right above where my heart is… If the neck of a shirt I’m wearing is big enough, you can see it. I got that scar… from Muscular, when the string… the string.. But yeah, I really don’t like that scar.. It’s a reminder of my failure. Stupid Muscular. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid… It was all my fault.

Um, anyways, my other scars… There are these huge nasty burn scars all over my back that I got from Father… They actually look a little like the burn scar on Shouchan’s face, just a lot less pretty, and a lot bigger and grosser and more horrible. Shouto’s scar is pretty - it’s kind of a reminder that he managed to survive something terrible, while mine.. Mine are just representations of failures and weakness…

I, um, I don’t think this is helping. I’m going to stop writing now, and… I’ll continue this later.


The continuation is on Page 15.

Chapter Text

“WHAT’S GOING ON?!!?” Ochako shouted when she opened the door to their classroom, and saw a bunch of students standing there, waiting for their class to leave.

“No way out!” Mineta said. “What’re they here for?”

“Scoping out the competition. Duh , small fry,” Bakugou grumbled at the short grape child. “Cuz we’re the kids who survived a villain attack. Makes sense they’d want a look before the sports festival.”

When Mineta pointed at Bakugou and turned to Izuku with a horrified expression, Izuku sighed. “That’s him on a good day,” he whispered to the small boy.

“No point, though,” Bakugou continued. “Move aside, extras!!” He called to the people outside.

“CAN WE PLEASE NOT RESORT TO CALLING THOSE WE DON’T EVEN KNOW ‘EXTRAS’!?!?” Iida shouted at the boy, making a chopping motion with his hand.

“It’s true, we came to get a look, but you sure are modest,” A voice said, shoving past all of the other kids and walking to the front of the crowd. The figure was a boy with purple hair that stuck out of his head, with pale skin and eyes that had bags so huge Izuku wondered if his Dad had ever given a child into foster care. “Are all the kids in the hero course like this one?”

“Huh?” Bakugou looked downright murderous as the three kids in the background (Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka) all panicked. Izuku was actually on the verge of a panic attack, and was struggling to hold it in, at least until he got somewhere where nobody was watching him.

“Gotta say, I’m a little disillusioned if this is what you’re offering. Those of us who didn’t make the hero course are stuck in general studies and the other tracks. There’re quite a few of us. Did you know that?” The boy glared at the students in class 1-A. “Depending on the results of this sports festival, they might consider transferring us to the hero course. I understand the reverse is also possible for you. Scoping out the competition? For a general studies kid like me.. This’ll be the perfect chance to knock you off your pedestals. Consider this a declarations of war.” He then stalked off, leaving Iida, Uraraka and Izuku in a tizzy of nerves.

“HEY!!” another voice called from the crowd, and everyone turned to look at the new voice. “I’m from class 1-B, next door!! Heard you guys fought some villains. Wanted to find out more, but… all I’m seeing is this arrogant bastard!! You better not make fools of the hero course at this thing!!”

“Wait, you jerk, what’re you doing to us?” Kirishima shouted at the blond as he tried to shove his way through the crowd. “Thanks you, we’ve got a whole mob of haters now!!”

“I don’t give a crap,” Bakugou said, glancing back at the redhead. “I’m heading for the top. Why should I care?”

The kids were silent for a few seconds as Bakugou left the classroom.

“Tch…!” Kirishima said, breaking the silence. “So straight-forward and manly.” He was starting to tremble from the manliness, which would have made Izuku laugh, if we wasn’t holding in the panic attack.

“The top…” Tokoyami said. “He’s not wrong.”

“Well said,” Satou murmured.

“Don’t let him play you!!” Kaminari said to the three who were contemplating what he had said. “All he’s doing is winning us enemies!!”

Izuku managed to hold in his panic attack until he got into the boy’s bathroom, where he hid in a stall and let himself panic for a few minutes… (probably around thirty) before calming himself down and walking out of the stall. He sighed as he splashed water on his face, and watched as the water from the faucet went down the drain.

“What are you doing?” Izuku’s head snapped up at the voice - it was the purple-haired kid from earlier, with the huge bags under his eyes.

Izuku didn’t really know what to say, but he forced a smile on his face. “I’m just washing my hands,” he said, quickly turning off the sink and grabbing a few paper-towels. “I’m Midoriya Izuku, by the way. I saw you a little while earlier - it was really brave of you to challenge the hero course like that!!”

He grimaced slightly when the purple haired boy’s stare turned into a glare. “You know what my quirk is,” he said flatly. “You’re just trying to make sure that I’m not going to use it on you,” he seemed really upset.

Izuku almost relapsed back into his panic attack. What had he said wrong? Was he being patronizing? He hadn’t meant to be, if that was what he had sounded like!! “No, um, I’m sorry, I really don’t know who you are….?”

The boy continued to glare at him, not believing him. “That smile is one of the fakest things I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh.” Izuku whispered quietly, letting the smile fall off his face. “I thought I was getting better with convincing smiles,” he murmured. “Sorry that it wasn’t convincing. It’s hard to smile after a panic attack.” he grumbled, which caused the purple haired boy’s eyes to widen slightly. “I also really don’t know your quirk. I haven’t taken the time to memorize the name of every student in our grade yet, sorry.”

“Yet?” the other boy asked after a few seconds of silence.

“Oh, oops,” Izuku said, shrugging. “Can you pretend that you didn’t hear that? Like, any of that? If I was feeling better, I’d probably be a stuttering mess and probably be on my knees begging you to keep the fact that I had a panic attack a secret, but Level 5 makes me really unmotivated.”

He grabbed his backpack from where it was on the floor.

“Level 5?” The purple haired boy asked cautiously, and Izuku groaned.

“Let’s start over,” he said, extending his hand and smiling ever-so-slightly. “Hi. I’m Midoriya Izuku. It’s nice to meet you.”

The other boy raised an eyebrow, but took Izuku’s hand. “Shinsou Hitoshi,” he said after they let go. “I - you really don’t know what my quirk is?”

“Should I?” Izuku asked, raising an eyebrow. “I love quirks, and honestly, no matter what your quirk is, I’d still probably obsess over you for days and ask you strange questions about your quirk so that I can write note about it. I love quirks. Why did you think that my fake smile had to do with yours?”

Shinsou was silent for a few moments. “I have a villain’s quirk,” he said flatly.

“Oh.” Izuku was silent for a few seconds. “Do you know of any villains with the same quirk as you?” He asked the boy, and smiled when the boy shook his head. “Then your quirk isn’t a villain’s.”

“How are you so sure?” Shinsou asked the greenette, glaring at him.

“Your intentions are what matters. If a hero looks at you and thinks of you as a villain just because of your quirk, well then tell me and I’ll personally see to it that they learn to judge people based on who they are on the inside and not the outside.”

“Who are you?” Shinsou asked him.

Izuku shrugged. “Nobody important. Was nice meeting you, Shinsou,” Izuku said, then walked out of the bathroom, leaving Shinsou to stand there in shock.

“Nobody important,” Izuku heard a voice from next to him say, and he turned to see Shouto walking next to him. “I don’t think you can say that, Mr. Number 6 hero.” Izuku shrugged.


“How about we watch a movie after your patrol today?” Shouto asked the boy, and he smiled when Izuku nodded. “See if you can get any human contact before that as well, but if you can’t well, that’s fine. Just means I get more warmth from you.”

Izuku couldn’t help but let a small grin appear on his face. “I’ll save all that for you,” he grinned at his boyfriend, who just smiled back.




“Is everyone good and ready!? The event’s about to begin!!” Iida shouted at the entirety of Class 1-A. They were all in their gym uniforms, sitting in the 1-A Prep Room.

“Wish I coulda worn my costume,” Shouji said.

“They’re not allowed, in the interest of fairness,” Ojiro responded.

“Midoriya,” a voice interrupted Izuku’s attempt to call himself down.

“Todoroki,” Izuku said, turning to the source of the voice. “”What is it?” He asked, as they had rehearsed many times before. Honestly, Izuku wasn’t sure why Shouto wanted to make a public declaration of war against him, but he would support Shouto no matter what, so they had spent days coming up with a script (Or more like, Izuku had spent days, because Shouto was too awkward and didn’t really know what to say. But he had proofread and changed things as he saw appropriate.)

Todoroki speaking (for once) caught the attention of everyone else in class.

“Objectively speaking…” Todoroki started, “I’m stronger than you. More capable.”

Even though it was all scripted, Izuku still felt a chill roll down his back. “Huh?!” he said. “S-Sure…”

“All Might’s got his eye on you, doesn’t he,” Todoroki said. While this hadn’t originally been written into the script, Shouto had insisted that it needed to be there, so hear it was. “Now, I’m not about to pry into why that is, but..” he paused for a moment.  “I will beat you.” he declared.

“Ooh!” Kaminari said, as Bakugou glared at the two. “A declaration of war from the strongest in the class!?”

“Hey man, why pick a fight now?!” Kirishima asked the half and half boy, grabbing his shoulder. “We’re about to go on…”

“I really don’t care,” Todoroki said. “I’m not pretending to be anyone’s friend here.”

Izuku looked down at the ground before opening to say the things he had rehearsed - although he hadn’t ever let Shouto hear his rehearsal, saying that it was a surprise for him - a proper response. “Todoroki,” he started. “I’m not sure why you felt the need to tell me you’ll beat me…” he paused for a few seconds. “You’re clearly stronger…” he muttered. “And I can’t measure up to most of the others here in skill… objectively speaking, even…”

“Don’t be so negative, Midoriya!’ Kirishima said. “No need..”

“But..!!” Izuku said, interrupting whatever Kirishima was about to say. “Everyone… even the kids from the other courses are aiming for the top. And I’m… well, lemme say this. I’m not gonna fall behind. I’m going to it too. With everything I’ve got!”

“Right.” Shouto said after a few seconds, letting the tiniest smile appear on his face - a smile that only Izuku was able to notice.

Bakugou grumbled, glaring at them angrily. Why was Todoroki challenging that useless Deku, and not him??

“Seems like you caught Todoroki’s attention,” Ochako whispered to Izuku, raising her eyebrows and smirking at him. She laughed when Izuku’s face went bright red.




“The first-year stage. The students are coming out!!” Present Mic’s voice called from the T.V.

“Look, there he is!” The green-haired woman said, grabbing the hands of her white-haired friend with her right hand, and pointing at the T.V. with her left. “He got in! Oh my gosh! He’s right there!!”

“And there’s Shouto,” the white-haired woman said, inclining her head towards the T.V., where she saw the boy with red and white hair that reminded her of a candy-cane. “He’s grown so much…” she said wistfully.

“He’s very handsome,” the greenette said, turning to the white-haired woman, who smiled at her friend.

“Yes, he is, isn’t he?” she smiled. “Your boy, Izuku is also very cute.”

Inko smiled at Rei. “he is, isn’t he? Oh, I hope he’s been eating okay…”

Rei smiled at her friend. “I bet he’s doing fine - look at that determined look on his face.”

Inko pointed to Todoroki, who was once again on the screen. “Look at his,” she said, grinning.

Unknown to Izuku and Shouto, their mothers were watching the sports festival on T.V., cheering them both on from Rei’s hospital room.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 15

Scars (Continued)


I decided to try this again. So, um, back to listing my scars. I’ve already mention the ones on my arms and back, oh, and the one on my chest, so um….

I’ve got a lot of scars on my legs too. But the reasons for those are pretty much the same as the reasons why I have scars on my arms. Actually, I think one of them is from that time I accidentally dropped a plate when I first moved in with Dad and Pa - the cut was surprisingly deep.

Um… I think I have a few scars I got from the hospital after the Muscular thing…

Oh, that one scar I have on my shoulder that I got from Mom - she was really angry one time, and tried to slap me, but she hadn’t cut her nails in a while, so she cut my skin. It bled a lot, and she just kind of glared at me before stalking off after it started bleeding. I think she felt bad, because the next day, she brought food home for two instead of one, and let me eat more than usual, so that was nice.

I have a scar on my ankle I have from that one time one of Kacchan’s friends (Tsubasa) was carrying everyone with his wings. I insisted that I wanted to go with them, even though there wasn’t enough space on his back, so he had to carry me, so he carried me by my ankle, and to make sure that he wouldn’t drop me, he had to grip really tied… but the skin there is kind of messed up now. Though that one is mostly my fault, for insisting that I join them.

I actually have a small scar on my lip, though it’s really small, so most people don’t notice it. I think I either got that scar during that one time I was in Level 8 , or during the fight with Muscular, one of those two. I’m not sure of which.

I don’t really feel like talking about my scars much. I’ll ask Shouto to add something in here later, if he feels like it.

I have a few scars all over my body from my sperm donor’s “training.” I don’t really feel like talking about those that much… and I don’t really feel like talking about the scar on my face, either, but um, I guess I got that from my mom when she poured the steaming water onto my face. It wasn’t… the happiest day for me.

I don’t have as many scars as you do, Izuku. Honestly, your situation was so much worse than mine, and I’m really glad you were able to leave it.

I love you.

- Shouto

Chapter Text


“Whoaaaa…” Izuku stuttered, staring at the crowd, putting his hand on his chest in an attempt to still his beating heart. “What a crowd…” He was, of course, used to this, as he was a pro-hero, but it was strange to be in front of so many people in front of his mask… Izuku was sure that at the end of the day, he would have the biggest panic attack in the history of panic attacks - if he wasn’t having one already.

“And we’re expected to put on the best performance we can in front of so many spectators…!” Iida said from behind Izuku. “I suppose this is merely one more necessary skill if we hope to become heroes.”

Kirishima was stuttering to a pissed off Bakugou. “They’re really giving us too much credit.. But we won’t let it shake us, right, Bakugou..?” Kirishima asked the boy.

“Nope,” the explosive child said. “Just gets me pumped up.”


“We’re just here to make the others look good,” Shinsou overheard a few from his class say. “Hard to get motivated.”

“Now for the athletes oath!!” A voice from the stage said, and all heads turned toward the teacher standing at the top of the stage.

“Ooh! The first year’s ref this time is R-Rated Hero Midnight!!” A voice from the pro-hero stands called.

“What about the principal?” Another one asked.

“He’s always assigned to the third-year stage,” A third hero responded.

“R-Rated?” Tokoyami asked. “Should she really be in a high school?”

“Shut it.” Midnight had apparently heard him, despite the fact that Tokoyami had been far enough away for his voice to be inaudible to her. “Pipe down!” She called to the rest of the students. “Your student representative is from Class 1-A, Katsuki Bakugou!!!”

“Whaaa?” Izuku said, a little worried. “It’s Kacchan?!”

“Must be because he placed first in the entrance exam,” Sero whispered to him, but a few of the general studies kids overheard him anyway.

“The hero course entrance exam, you mean,” A girl complained. Shinsou noticed that it was the same girl from earlier who had complained.

“The athlete’s oath..” Bakugou started when he got onto the stage. All of Class 1-A stared at Bakugou in worry of what he would say. “Make no mistake about it. I’m gonna take first place!!”

A large BOOO was heard from all the students who were standing below the stage.

“Don’t get cocky, Class A!” One student shouted.

“Why must you show contempt for the dignity of this event?!” Iida screamed at the boy.

“You dirty bastard,” Shinsou said,  and otherwise not reacting.

“You’ll all make great-stepping stones, I’d say,” Bakugou responded, making a neck chopping motion with his thumb.

“Over-confident jerk!!” A boy from Class 1-B said (It’s Tetsutetsu.) “I’ll be the one to crush him!!”

Confidence..? Izuku thought. No.. the old Kacchan.. He definitely would’ve been smiling as he said that. He’s pushing himself. Telling himself he can’t lose. Izuku flinched slightly when Bakugou walked past him and glared as their shoulders bumped. But taking the rest of Class A down with him is the Kacchan I know…

“Now, without any delay, let’s get the first event started!!” Midnight said, turning away from the crowd and facing the screen behind her. Midnight did her best to conceal her emotions with a bright smile. Honestly, if she hadn’t known what the boy had done in the past, she probably would’ve liked the kid for his spirit. She wondered if Aizawa knew that this kid was the one that had bullied bakugou in the past. Even if they did, they couldn’t really punish him - he’d never acted too out of line at UA.

“Everything at U.A.’S always without delay,” Ochako commented, and Asui, who was next to her, nodded.

“These are the qualifiers!!’ Midnight continued. “It’s in this stage that so many are sent home crying every year!! And the fateful first event this year is…” she paused for dramatic tension.

“She’s actually stalling like crazy,” Jirou said, from her spot next to Kaminari and Kouda.

“This!!” Midnight shouted, pointing at the screen with both hands.

Obstacle Course Race , the huge screen read.

Izuku wanted to be surprised, he honestly did - but he had overheard the other teachers in the staff lounge talking about the sports festival a few weeks earlier - it had been a total accident, on both sides, but because of it, Izuku couldn’t help but know all the events that were going to happen. Izuku had done his best not to cheat, but he couldn’t help the few strategies and ideas that managed to squeeze their way into his mind.

“It’s a race between every member of all eleven classes!! The course is a fourteen kilometer lap around the stadium itself!!” Midnight continued, and the huge doors to the stadium opened in preparation. “Our school preaches freedom in all things!! So as long as you don’t go off the course, anything is fair game!!  Racers, to your positions!!” she called, and all of the students stood in front of the gate, waiting for the light to go green.

“I need you to tell the world… ‘I am here!!’” The voice of All Might said in the back of Izuku’s mind. That’s right. All Might trusted him to get through the event only using One for All. So did Shouta and Hizashi. Nevermind that he was a pro-hero, they expected him to get through this like a student of UA, so that’s what izuku would do.

Realistically speaking, I still can’t regulate it to a reasonable extent, Izuku thought. That’s why I have to overcome it.

The light went green.

So watch me.

“START!!!” Midnight screamed into her microphones.

“The starting gate’s too narrow!!” many of the students cried as they tried to squeeze their way through the door.

Ah. Izuku thought. The starting gate itself is..

“The first filter,” Shouto murmured, finishing Izuku’s thought.

Shouto then proceeded to coat the ground in a huge layer of ice.




“This isn’t my doing,” Aizawa responded to his husband through his bandages. “They’ve been spurring each other on all on their own.”

“WELL, WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED SUCH AN INCREDIBLE TURN OF EVENTS SO EARLY ON?!!?” Hizashi shouted into the mic, grinning from ear to ear. “THE ONE WHO MADE IT BACK TO THE STADIUM FIRST IS…” he paused for dramatic tension, and to let the kid enter the stadium. “..NONE OTHER THAN MIDORIYA IZUKU!!”

In a distant hospital room, Midoriya Izuku cried as she screamed her son’s name into a laughing Todoroki Rei’s ear.

When Izuku heard that he had won, the poor kid had actually started crying, before quickly rubbing his tears away.

Hizashi, back in his booth with Aizawa, quickly turned off both of their microphones, before screaming (with his quirk), “I’M SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!”

Aizawa sighed, but a small smile that nobody noticed (due to his bandages) crept onto his face.

The spirit of a savior hero that lies in your core… All Might thought at he watched his successor. This sports festival is a competition that tests the exact opposite of that - your willingness to take down the enemy. Heroes nowadays depend on popular opinion, so much so that many selfishly seek to beat everyone else. But not you. That’s why I chose you, and I thought that lack of selfishness would be your one weakness. Way to prove me wrong!! But honestly, Toshinori should have expected it. The boy was the current Number 6 hero, after all!!

“What do you think?” A boy from a business class asked one of his friends.

“Doubtless, Midoriya’s stock is about to rise,” another one responded. “But it’s hard to say what’s still in store for him, since he didn’t show his quirk.”

“Say a hero agency were to take him on,” a third student said. “How would they market him? I’m curious to know your opinions.”

The first student once again spoke up. “Well, he isn’t much to look at. You’d have to push his skills and unique, almost artistic sensibilities. When the resources you need just aren’t there, what you have to do is..”

The business course! Toshinori thought. Some things never change!!




“How do you like my babies?!” Hatsumi asked as they landed on the ground. “Cute, aren’t they?! That’s how I made them!!”

“They’re making us totally mobile!!” Izuku grinned back the pink-haired girl. “Your babies are great, Hatsume!!”

“Only cuz I floated you..” Ochako mumbled, but nobody heard her.





“Thanks for your help,” Shinsou said to three boys, turning off his quirk. (Two of those three boys were Ojiro and Aoyama.


“Um.. I’m so sorry.. Really..” Izuku mumbled into the ground, but the two girls pointed to the boy with a bird head.

“Todoroki was clearly shaken by your first attack,” Tokoyami said. “I did my best to nap the ten million, but… I came up short. But I got another one. I managed to get the one of his head when he dropped his guard.” He pointed to his darkshadow, who was holding the bandage that had been on Todoroki’s head only a minute prior. “Midoriya. That last-ditch effort of yours left Todoroki open.

“IN FOURTH, TEAM MIDORIYA!!” Hizashi shouted, wiping a small tear from his eye. Honestly, he was so proud of his little listener! “THESE FOUR TEAMS WILL PROCEED TO THE FINAL EVENT!!”

The other three members of Izuku’s team were somewhat concerned by how much Izuku was crying, but Ochako quickly laughed it off, grinning at the boy.

A few feet away, Shouto was glaring at his left hand angrily. I can never use it to attack, he thought. I was determined about that. But when push came to shove.. “No.. how could I let that..” he whispered, clenching his fist. “It’s just what my old man expected…”

“WE’LL PROCEED TO THE AFTERNOON PORTION AFTER A ONE-HOUR LUNCH BREAK!!” Hizashi grinned. “SEE YOU THEN!!” He turned off the microphones. “Hey, Eraserhead, wanna grab some food?”

“I’m taking a nap,” Shouta responded, closing his eyes.

“What?” Hizashi asked, then groaned. Of course his husband would sleep now! And he couldn’t even go eat food with his son, because that would be too suspicious!

“This sucks,” Asui said. “But congrats all the same, Mina.”

Ashido shrugged. “Bakugou only picked me as a counter strategy against Todoroki’s ice,” she said flatly. “This win doesn’t really say anything about my strength.”

“No fair, Iida!” Uraraka called to the engine boy. “Hiding that super-secret move from us!!”

The boy in question waved his hand at the gravity girl. “It isn’t a matter of ‘fair.’” he explained. “I simply went beyond the prescribed usage!!”

“I really just wanted to measure up to Midoriya,”  Satou said.

“Men,” Ochako said, laughing. “Always measuring their..” she glanced around the group. “Hey, wait. Where’s Midoriya?? Deku~kun?? Where are you?” she called.

“I also noticed that Todoroki~kun is no longer here,” Yaoyorozu whispered to the girl, and Ochako grinned.

“Oh my goodness… you don’t think??” She asked, looking up at the taller girl.




Shouto sat leaning against the wall, looking up at his boyfriend who was staring down at him in confusion, and in worry.

“Are you All Might’s secret love child or something?” he asked the boy, who’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Shouchan, are you okay?” Izuku asked, crouching down and feeling his boyfriend’s forehead with his hand. In the distance, he heard Kacchan’s huff of breath, but he decided to ignore it for now, focusing on Shouto. “You know who my parents are..” he said, though he intentionally didn’t mention them.

“I haven’t met your birth-parents,” Shouto stated, and Izuku couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yes, but you know where both of them are right now,” he said. “I thought we’ve gone over this.”

Shouto watched him for a few seconds before conceding, and then letting his droop. “I promised myself that I wouldn’t use it,” he said, raising his left hand ever so slightly to glare at it. “But in the end, I had to use it… and that’s so frustrating.”

“I don’t see what’s so wrong about that,” Izuku said, sitting next to Shouto, and extending his own left hand to create a small little flame, wincing slightly as he watched it flicker. He had temporarily forgotten about Kacchan, as his thoughts of Shouto had completely overtaken his mind. “I hate my fire. I hate it so much, because, well, I got it from my father, but I… I still use it.. Because it makes me a better hero.” He said quietly.

Shouto raised his head to look at him.

“I’ve been trying to convince myself for the longest time, that, well.. This fire is mine , and not his. I don’t know if I’ve been doing that good, as I’m still not entirely convinced, but..  I’ve still been using it. It’s helped me, a lot. It’s part of the potential energy that I can use, so I have to use it, so that I can be better.” He turned to looked at Shouto, extinguishing the flame in his hand. “I’m not allowed to go all out, so I can’t use it right now, but… You’re allowed to. It’s your power, that you have, that you’re allowed to use. So I think there’s nothing wrong with using it.” Izuku sighed. “I’m only here because there were so many people who supported me.”

Shouto nodded. Yes, he had seen lots of people supporting Izuku. Hell, he was one of those people! The only one who Shouto had supporting him was Izuku. And in all honesty, Shouto considered that more than enough.

“I want to be like All Might,” Izuku mumbled quietly. “That’s why I became a hero. My motivation is almost nothing compared to yours, but… It’s gotten me here. So use your motivation.” Izuku smiled at his boyfriend. “It doesn’t mean that you have to use your left side, though, if you really don’t want to. But, Shouto…” Izuku let his smile fade. “If you and I end up fighting, I want you to go all out.”

Shouto gazed at Izuku’s gleaming eyes for a few more seconds before looking back down at the ground.




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 16



My boyfriend. I just decided that I would make a page for him here, so that I could write something that made me happy if I ever need to calm down, like I do now, so um.. Here we go.

His hair - it reminds me of either peppermint or the Canadian flag - it’s gorgeous. It’s so soft and fun and I sometimes play with it, and it’s so amazing.. Shouto says that he likes my hair, too. So we’re planning on each cutting off a few strands of hair, and then making it the charm of necklaces for each other. I don’t know if that’s weird, but, I like it. Something of the other that we can hold onto just in case we ever need support. We haven’t done it, yet, but we will soon! I also sometimes braid Shouchan’s hair. I think he’s growing it out a little, actually, once he learned how much I like braiding hair. It was something I did back with Mom, and then Dad and Pa both let me do it with their hair.. I swear, both of them have the longest hair ever.. And Dad’s man bun is awesome. But yeah, I sometimes braid Shouto’s hair. He looks really cute with it.

He has awesome clothes. I swear, he would look good in anything. But I like it especially whenever he wears either navy blue clothing, or something white and black, that just makes the red in his hair stand out, and it’s awesome. He also has really nice jeans - I swear to god, I remember, once, when I was so tired after patrol and kind of crashed at his place, he lent me his clothes the next day - and I swear to god, those jeans were the most comfortable thing I’ve ever felt. They were so amazing. I still need to ask him where he bought them, because I need a pair for myself.

He also has the best hoodies. I mean, I have a lot more, but his hoodies are the best. Especially because they’re big enough for both of us to snuggle into at once. He actually gave me one, once, and I was so happy!! Until I had to wash it a week later, and it stopped smelling like Shouto. But it was still nice. I actually where it around the house a lot. Aunt Nemuri teases me about it a lot too.

Oh, and his face… he’s so handsome!! He says his scar is unsightly, but I think it’s really pretty - it’s a reminder that he survived, even through hard and trying times - and I think that that’s really admirable. He’s so pretty.. And I love his eyes. They’re amazing. I swear to god… They’re just so pretty! No matter how much time I spend trying to draw them, I can never get them perfect! His right eye is grey, but it’s like, not even a blue-grey, it’s just a normal grey, which I think is so unique and cool, and then is left eye is an icy blue, and it’s so pretty! I’ve seen eyes of the same color in Endeavour’s eyes, but they don’t even compare to Shouto’s beauty. I swear, sometimes I think I’m dreaming when I think about the fact that I’m dating him.

I would add more, but I’m starting to feel better now, and Dad is calling for me to watch the news now, so I’ll do that later. But I will add more.


(The next passage is written in light blue ink.)

Thanks, I guess. It’s nice to know you think of me like that, though it’s a little weird to read good things about myself. Also, I’m stealing the next page to write things about you, because while it’s flattering.. I don’t know how much more about myself I can read.

Though I have a long list of what I can write about you… I’m starting to feel a little hypocritical. Also, yeah, the necklace thing. We’ll do that soon, I promise.

I love you.

- Shouto

Chapter Text

“Hey!” A voice called from behind Izuku, and Izuku turned to see a gaunt blond man standing there behind him. “It took a while, but.. You’re finally getting the hang of using one for all!!” Toshinori gave the boy a thumbs up.

“Uncle Toshi!” Izuku said, a little surprised. “Not really.. “ he said. “I’m still.. Uneasy about it. Like with that microwave visualization thing.. I’m just trying to recall when I launched it at that villain, but… it still feels dangerous. As if I could fall apart if I lose focus for a second… and.. Well, it’s like you saw.. Given the level my body’s at, even when I control it.. It only gives a small increase in power.”

“Hmm..” Toshinori thought for a few moments. “Right. Remember how I was talking about giving it between zero and a hundred?” Izuku nodded. “As of now, your body’s capable of about 5 percent.”

“Only five percent?” Izuku asked. “But I’m able to go all out with my other quirk, so I don’t really understand…”

“It’s probably because your body was made for your original quirk, and it’s completely unfamiliar with the structure of the new one,” All Might said, and izuku nodded. That did make a little sense… but Izuku thought that there might be a more interesting.. Factual way to explain it.

“If you put it that way..” Izuku said. “I’ve just gotten lucky with everything.”

Toshi smacked him on the head. “That’s because you’re always trying your hardest, my dear prince of nonsense!” he said. “You’ll never get better looking so mopey!!” He looked a little apologetic when a small tear came from Izuku’s eye, as he stuck out his tongue and brought his hand to his mouth, as he had bitten on his tongue when Toshinori had smacked him. “Now, listen,” Toshinori continued. “You probably already know this, but especially when you’re feeling worried or scared, that’s when you gotta smile!!” He went into his All Might form, grinning at the young hero. “You’ve come this far, so show some bravado, even if it’s fake!! And never forget that I’m expecting big things from you!!”


When Izuku stared at the boy, he felt a little scared.. All of the attention of the cameras would be on him! And Shinsou was so much taller than him!! Izuku was seriously starting to doubt that he would ever grow any taller.


“I give up, huh?” Shinsou asked. “Get it, Midoriya? This battle’s going to test your strength of will. If you’ve got any kind of vision for your future, there’s no sense in worrying about how you get there.”


“Like that monkey , babbling about his stupid pride.

“READYYYYY!!! START!!!!” Hizashi screamed.

“What kind of dumbass throws away a chance like this?” Shinsou asked.

Normally, Izuku would’ve been pissed, but he knew that the boy was just speaking in order to get him to speak. Ojiro had explained to him what the purple-haired boy’s quirk was, and Izuku wasn’t going to just ignore what Ojiro had sa- or was he? It would be interesting to see what it was like to be brainwashed… and Izuku while Izuku did really want to battle with Shouto, it would be interesting to see what it was like...

“Cool,” Izuku responded, after a few seconds of thinking.

“It’s my win,” Shinsou said, glaring at the greenette.

“Dammit Midoriya, I warned you!!” Ojiro shouted from the stands.

All Might was also confused. Why was the boy frozen like that?


“Deku..?” Uraraka asked from the stands, and Iida had a stressed out expression on his face.

“Huh?” All Might let out a small noise of surprise as he watched his successor on the square ring.


Aizawa, for once, decided to add his own input. “Like I said, that entrance exam was completely irrational,” he grumbled.

“Hmm?” Hizashi asked his husband. “What’s that?”

“Here are the simple specs on these two,” Aizawa said, getting two pieces of paper out. One was the file of Shinsou, and the other was the file for Izuku. Though Aizawa didn’t need the file for Izuku, as he could recite it from memory. “I’ve got them here because we knew this would be a quirk versus quirk battle,” Aizawa continued. “Shinsou failed the practical part of the exam, so he lost a spot in the hero course. He got into general studies, though, and that’s all he could have hoped for. His quirk is extraordinarily powerful, but, given the format of the practical exam, his ability didn’t help him out.”

“You..” Shinsou said to Izuku, and Izuku was surprised to find that he could still think somewhat clearly! It was honestly nothing like Ojiro had said! Were things supposed to be this clear when you were brainwashed? Sure, it was fuzzy, but Izuku could still comprehend the world around him. “Must be nice to have everything handed to you, Midoriya Izuku,” Shinsou muttered. “Now turn around and walk out of the ring.”


Interesting , Midoriya thought, before realizing that he somehow needed to get out of this situation. Ojiro had said that getting bumped on the shoulder had caused him to snap out of it, so maybe something that would cause Izuku to jolt?

Izuku was surprised when he saw the faces of… eight figures in front of him, all hidden in the shadows of the door to the stadium. His eyes, if it was even possible, widened even more in shock.

“You probably wouldn’t think so, but..” Shinsou continued speaking.

I can move. Izuku thought, twitching his finger and filling it with the power of One for All.

“This quirk of mine is like a dream,” Shinsou said. “Right. You lose.”

Izuku caused an explosion with his finger, which caused the area around him to steam up, and for Izuku to freeze right in front of the line.

“Gah!!” Izuku cried, panting as he looked at his finger. It was broken, oh, it was definitely broken… though it wasn’t that bad, at least in Izuku’s eyes.

“WHAT’S THIS?” Hizashi shouted. “MIDORIYA!? HE STOPPED?!”

When Izuku turned his head to look back at Shinsou, the purple-haired boy felt a chill run down his back. Had Izuku’s eyes always looked this scary??

His finger, Aizawa thought, looking at his son. Did he smash it up to shake off the brainwashing??

“Wow.. to go that far..” Ojiro muttered, and Jirou, who was sitting right next to him, nodded, dumbfounded.

“How?” Shinsou asked. “You shouldn't have control. What’d you do?”

Izuku stood up and looked at the boy. I used my quirk , he signed, not even wincing when his broken finger bent strangely.

The finger wall me.. But something woke me up! Izuku thought. What was that?! Who were all those people in my mind? For that one second, my head was clear!

“One for All,” Toshinori’s voice said in the back of Izuku’s mind. “It’s passed down, like the olympic torch.”

Were those.. People… is this a sign that I’m linked by this power to the past?! Izuku thought. Did they save me?! Is that even possible?! Izuku quickly shook his head, to clear his thoughts. There was no point in thinking about it now.. Right now, he had to finish his fight with Shinsou.

Shinsou glared at the greenette. He had used sign language! Which meant that the boy had figured out what his quirk was!! And Shinsou, surprisingly, had understood was Izuku had signed, as he had learned sign language a few years back in order to communicate, in an attempt to try to make his classmates less afraid of him.

“I’m jealous, though,” Shinsou said, in an attempt to get Izuku to talk. “Just moving that finger kust mean you’re the real deal.” Izuku didn’t say anything. What could he say? “Thanks to my quirk’s nature, I couldn’t enter the golden gates! You wouldn’t get that. You’re naturally blessed.”

I get it. Izuku signed, and Shinsou glared at him.

“No, you don’t!!” he shouted. “You people.. Born with your awesome quirks… getting to follow all your dreams!!”

You have a good quirk, Izuku signed. If you wanted to, you could just talk to a villain and get them to turn themselves in. You could immediately resolve hostage situations. There are a lot of uses for your quirk. It’s not a villains quirk.

Shinsou’s eyes widened as he looked at the greenette.

“What’s he saying?” Hizashi asked, squinting his eyes down below, but he wasn’t able to catch the movements of Izuku’s hands. Luckily, none of the cameras were able to either, as they were too far away to catch the subtle signs that Izuku was making. Izuku had checked to make sure, actually, before going to this fight, because he had thought that he might have to admit something.. And wanted to be prepared, just in case.

My quirk is actually a villain’s quirk, Izuku signed, and he sighed when Shinsou scoffed. My father is currently in prison for being a villain. He signed, which caused Shinsou to look a little guilty.

You and I are in similar positions , Izuku said. But just because I can sympathize with you, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to just let you win.




“I couldn’t smile at all.” Izuku said quietly as Recovery Girl treated his finger.

“Well… this must’ve been a tough battle for you, given what Shinsou was saying,” Toshinori, conceded, rubbing the back of his neck.

“But that’ doesn’t make it okay for me to lose…” Izuku murmured. “When you’re aiming for the top, that’s just how it is, right? Thanks, Aunt Chiyo,” he said to the woman when she finished her treatment.

“The poor boy,” Recovery Girl said. “You’re always pushing him with such strange methods.”

“It’s all very necessary. Yowch! ” he cried when Recovery girl swirled around in her chair and smacked him on the side with her cane.

“Oh, right. Um, Uncle Toshi…?” Izuku looked at the man who was looking down at the ground, clutching his side in pain. Thank god Chiyo had gotten his right side, and not his left. “I had a vision,” Izuku continued after Toshinori grunted a response. “There were eight… or nine of them… not sure exactly how many. When my mind was lulled from the brainwashing, this vision appeared and snapped me out of it… in that instant, I was just barely able to move a fingertip… One of them had your hairstyle.” Izuku paused for a few seconds. “Could it have been the souls of the people who’ve inherited one for all?”

“What the-?” Toshi shuddered. “Sounds scary.”

“What? I was sure you’d know!!” Izuku cried.

“Yeah, I saw them once, when I was young,” Toshinori said, interrupting whatever Izuku had been planning on saying next. “It’s a clear sign that you’re getting used to one for all. They’re the traces of the quirk’s past bearers. But whatever they are, they can’t directly interfere or influence you. Nor can you affect them. In other words, that vision wasn’t what undid the brainwashing. Rather, your own strong will allowed you to see those faces. And as far as Shinsou’s brainwashing… you overcame it! Just for an instant! You managed to move that fingertip all on your own!!”

“Yeah, I’m still not really convinced,” Izuku said, sheepishly turning away from the number one hero.

“Well, don’t dwell on it!!” Toshinori pointed at the boy. “Shouldn’t you be worrying about your next opponent?!

“Right!” Izuku said, jumping out of his seat and making his way towards the door. “Anyway, thank you both!!” he called as he opened the door and left.

“Sure thing,” Recovery Girl called after him. “So you were there too,” she said, glancing back at Toshinori.

“That’s not a bad thing…” Toshinori mumbled back.

Shouto grimaced when he walked through the hallway towards the stadium entrance. “Out of my way,” he said angrily to the hell flame hero in front of him.

“You disgrace me, Shouto,” the man said, frowning down at his son. He was about to say more, but stopped when a certain green-haired boy made his way through the hallway.

“Oh, Shou-” Izuku started to call, but then froze when he saw Endeavour standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall.

When Shouto saw the glare that appeared on Izuku’s face, he was honestly shocked. He had never, in his life, seen Izuku glare at anyone that hard… and even when he glared at Shouto, it was always just a teasing glare, nothing too serious. But here was Izuku, giving Endeavour the nastiest glare that Shouto had ever seen. And Shouto had to admit that it was kind of hot.

What surprised him even more were the words that came out of Izuku’s mouth. “Get the fuck out of here,” he growled at the man, and Endeavour was honestly.. Well, he looked shocked.

Shouto couldn’t help but grin. “Yeah, Dad, ” he said, standing next to izuku and putting particular emphasis on the word.

“You’ll reach your limit soon enough,” the flame hero grumbled, before stalking away.

“What did he say to you?” Izuku asked, turning his gaze towards Shouto. Izuku was still glaring, and Shouto… was honestly really glad that he wasn’t the reason for Izuku’s anger.

“Marry me,” Shouto responded, completely ignoring Izuku's question.

Izuku’s glare completely disappeared, and the blood rushed to his cheeks - and he somehow managed to choke on his own spit.




“Sorry about that…” Shouto said, walking towards the huge ice structure that he started melting with his left hand. “I overdid it. I was just a little over excited.”

“DONMAI!!’ Everyone in the crowd shouted to the tape boy, who was currently getting unfrozen.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 17



This page is written entirely by Todoroki Shouto. I hope that my pen doesn’t run out ink.

Zuku is an angel. He’s got actual wings, for god’s sake. He’s beautiful. They glow in the dark, and they remind you of all things good in the world… and he’s so… warm. He makes fire good, which is… really weird for me. When I’m with him, fire is a good thing.

He’s hot. Reason number 1: he’s like, actually ripped and it’s amazing. He has large muscles that are hard to notice, as they’re hidden by his clothes, but since he leans against me a lot I can usually feel them. Reason number 2: His fire. The second one is a little more literal.

His smiles are an actual blessing from god. Zuku smiles often, but a lot of the time, his smile is forced and fake. So when izuku smiles, when he really smiles, with a smile that could light up the whole world and save the world from darkness, it feels as if you’ve been blessed by god.

His hair. It’s so curly and green and perfect and soft. It reminds me of a cat’s fur, which is nice, I guess. But it’s fun to toy with. And it just suits him. I swear, if his hair was any longer, he would look like a rabbit, and it would be gorgeous.

He has freckles that are like constellations. Sometimes, I want to grab a marker and just connect them all together, but I haven’t done it because.. Well, I haven’t asked. I should ask. The few times he’s fallen asleep on me, I’ve tried counting the number of freckles on his cheeks, but usually lost count after 400 or so each time. He’s amazing.

I would list more, like things that are actually personality wise, but I need to go now, or else Fuyumi would worry. I’ll add more later. Definitely.

Love you, Zuku.


Chapter Text

It was during the match between Shiozaki Ibara and Kaminari that Bakugou got a phone call. All of class 1-A turned away from the fight (as they thought that Kaminari would lose, since, well, it’s Kaminari ), more interested in who would call Bakugou.

He grunted before accepting the call. “What do you want, old hag?” he asked into the phone, which caused each of the members of Class A to wince. Honestly, were those really the first things you said to someone when you answered their call. “No,” they heard him say after a few seconds. “Fuck you.” They were surprised when Bakugou extended his phone lazily to Izuku. “The old hag, wants to talk to you, shitty Deku,” he said.

Honestly, Bakugou was pissed. First, he finds out there’s something going on between that half-and-half bastard and Deku, and now this??

Izuku grabbed the phone from Bakugou, a little surprised. Aunt Mitsuki?

“I, um, hello?”  he asked into the phone.

“YOU’RE ALIVEEEE!!!!!!” A voice shouted in response, and Izuku yelped, quickly bringing the phone away from his ear. After a few awkward seconds, Izuku pulled the phone back towards to his ear. “Oh, Izuku, honey!!” Izuku heard from the other end.

“Yeah, that’s me, Auntie,” Izuku murmured, sheepish. He was starting to fold in on himself, the rest of his classmates noticed. And Auntie? Shouto didn’t ever remember Izuku talking about her.

“How dare you not contact me!!” She shouted into the phone, and Izuku winced. That was right. He hadn’t talked to Aunt Mistuki in.. a little over three years now. “Apologize this instant!!” She said.

“Sorry, Auntie..” Izuku mumbled, and the entirety of the class was wondering as to what Izuku was apologizing for, as Izuku was an angel who seemed to never do anything wrong - at least, in their eyes.

After a few seconds of silence, Mitsuki finally responded. “I forgive you,” she said flatly. “How are you doing?” she asked him.


“Three years ago.. Your mother told us about what happened… so, we know thing things weren’t the best for you back then. How are you doing now?” Mitsuki said.

“Oh,” Izuku said, and for a few moments, he was quiet. “Do you know about…?”

“Your suicide attempt?” Aunt Mitsuki finished for him.

“Yeah, that,” Izuku mumbled.

“Yes,” Mitsuki responded. “Don’t worry, we haven’t told Katsuki.. And well.. I don’t blame you. Inko said that you’d be moving in with some other people who found out about your situation, and well… I’m sorry that things were so bad for you that you felt that you had to end your life.” She paused for a few seconds, before continuing. “But anyways, how are you doing now? Are things better?”

“I’m doing better, Auntie,” Izuku said, finally letting a smile onto his face - although it was rueful. Ochako wondered what Izuku was talking about. He was doing better? If so, how had Izuku been in the past? “You saw me on T.V., today, right?” he continued. “I think that should count as proof, right??”

“Yeah, I guess..” Mitsuki said. “Your mother told me that she would be cheering you on,” she said.

“Mom!!??” Izuku asked, jumping out of his seat in surprise (and surprising the rest of the Class 1-A students.)

And the fact that Izuku had just said the word ‘Mom’... It confused the girls, as they knew that he was the son of a gay couple… therefore, Izuku shouldn’t have a mother?

“You know where Mom is??” he asked into the phone.

“Yes, I,’ Mitsuki paused. “You don’t?”




“I don’t know who you are, but about my boy, Shouto,” Endeavour continued. “He has a duty to surpass All Might. His match against you will prove to be a valuable test. So give it your all. Put up a good fight against him.” The flame hero turned and started to walk away. “That’s all I have to say. Sorry for my bluntness.”

Izuku took a deep breath, before turning back towards the flame hero. “I’m not All Might,” he said, glaring at the hero, and Endeavour swore that he could actually feel a chill running down his spine.

“Well, of course you’re n- the hero started, but Izuku interrupted him.”

“Right,” he said. “Of course I’m not. And Shouto… he isn’t you, either.”




“You ready?” Shouto asked Izuku, and Izuku nodded. He had no choice but to be ready, now. (Nevermind the fact that Ochako and Yaoyorozu were all obviously scheming and were going to somehow use this fight to their advantage to help him score a date with the half-and-half boy.)





“Izukuuuuuuu” Inko sobbed, blowing her nose (again.)

“I wish that they could both win,” Rei said, laughing at her friend’s intense pile of tissues.




“You’re shivering, Shouchan,” Izuku said. “Quirks are still just physical abilities.” He tried to make a fist with his fingers, but all his hand did was tense up, after being too broken to respond properly. “You must have a limit to how much cold you can bear! But then.. You could always use your left side to thaw yourself out, right?” He winced as he heard his bones crack as he was finally able to make a fist with his right hand. “Everyone's giving it their all. To win… to achieve their goals.. To make it to the top!! And you’re gonna win with half your power?! You still haven’t put a scratch on me!!”

GIMME EVERYTHING YOU GOT!! ” Izuku shouted at the top of his lungs. “ COME AT ME!!




“A smiling, dependable, cool hero…” Izuku shouted. “That’s what I wanna be!! What’s what I’ve become!! That’s why I’m giving it everything!! For everyone!!”

Izuku sighed as Shouto was shot back against the field.

“Your experiences… your determination.. I completely understand, but.. If you become number one without giving it your all.. Then I don’t really think you’re serious about denying him everything!!”

“I’ll show my father…” Shouto started mumbling..





“You’ve got abs,” Izuku said when Shouto lifted his arm over his Shoulder, and the two of them started walking out of the stadium together. Shout’s face burned, but he said nothing.

“THE SPORTSMANSHIP!!” Hizashi cried as he saw them walk out of the stadium together. Izuku wasn’t exactly thinking as well as he could be, and winced when he heard the loud voice of his father. He wouldn’t be surprised if Aunt Chiyo told him that he had gotten a concussion, but for now, he was unsure.

“So you’re not gonna tell me to get out of you way this time?” The flame hero stopped the two as they walked through the hallways. Endeavour decided to ignore Izuku, who hadn’t raised his head to look at him. “Without control over your flames, going all out is dangerous. But you’ve finally put aside your childish rebellion. You’re ready to replace me. To surpass me, even! Work at my side after you graduate! I will guide you down the path to supremacy!!”

“I haven’t put aside anything,” Shouto said, ignoring Endeavour’s outstretched hand.

“As if he could be turned that easily!!” Izuku said, finally raising his raising his head and grinning at the flame hero.

“It’s just…” Shouto continued. “In the moment.. In that instant… I forgot all about you.” Izuku’s eyes sparkled with pride. “Whether that’s good, bad, or something in between.. That’s something I’ll have to think about.”

Shouto and Izuku walked away from the flame hero, leaving him in shocked silence.




“In light of the festival, you’ll have tomorrow and the next day off,” Aizawa said. “Scouting reports and such from the pros will be waiting for you here after the break. So look forward to that as you enjoy your time off.”

Many of the students nodded, and the entire class (sans Iida) walked together when they made their way out of the building.

“I still can’t believe that you haven’t seen your mother for three years, though,” Ochako said to Izuku from his side.

Izuku shrugged, smiling at her. “Well, at least now I know where she is. So now I can go visit her!!” He was really excited - and he was even happier, as it turned out that Shouto’s mother was in the same hospital! So they were going to visit their mothers tomorrow!!

“Izuku,” they heard a voice in front of them, and Izuku froze, turning his head to see his mother standing in front him, waiting behind the U.A. Gates.

“Looks like you won’t have to visit her,” Ochako said, grinning and leaning over to whisper in his ear.




“Huh?” Fuyumi asked, looking at her brother, who was pulling on his shoes. “The h-hospital? Why so sudden? I mean, can you really go without telling father, Shouto?”

“Yeah,” the boy responded.

“Why now?” she called as he left the house. “Why go see her now, after all this time?”

“How are you feeling, Shouto?” Izuku asked when the met up in front of the hospital.

Shouto didn’t say anything, but raised his trembling right hand.

Izuku chuckled. “Yeah, I’m nervous, too.”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 18

Level 8


(This page has been glued to the next page, to make in unreadable. Shouto, Aizawa, and Hizashi have never read this page, and haven’t asked. But this page is something you can read, because the author was running out of ideas.)

The one time I’ve been in Level 8 ,  I stabbed myself.

I feel like maybe I should switch the places of Level 8 and Level 9 , but I can’t. Because Level 9 truly does come after Level 8. So I don’t really understand.

I don’t really know what happens in Level 8 , other than… suicide attempt. Actually, other than the suicide attempt, you could easily mistake Level 8 for a Level 3. Level 8  is really dangerous. .. But the bad thing is, it’s not even the worst Level. Level 9 and Level 10 … that’s something I never want to be in. I never, ever, want to be in those Levels . Those Levels.. They change me.

I don’t like the emotions I feel in the last two Levels.

When I was in Level 8 , I found myself in an alleyway for a reason… I can’t really remember. But I remember there being a piece of broken glass on the ground… I remember being really confused, because I was acting like I was on Level 3 , but everything felt worse than it did on Level 7 … it was so horrible.

I remember thinking, that since it was so bad, maybe if I did the same thing as I do in level 7 , it might help me calm down, so I picked up the broken piece of glass to make a few cuts on my arm… but, before I knew it, I was shoving the glass into my chest..

When I woke up, I was in the hospital, with a new scar on my chest. I wonder if Kacchan would be proud. Or maybe he would be angry, since I stole the job of punishing me from him.

The doctors and a bunch of policemen all thought that it was the work of a villain, since they found me in an alleyway. They also assumed I got my scars from trying to fight back against the villain, (even though most of them are really old,) so that’s good.

Though I think Mom figured it out. She didn’t say anything, though. But that night, she brought a bunch of blankets out of the closet, made some popcorn, and we watched T.V. together. It was nice. I love her.

I don’t ever want to be in Level 8 again. It means that I’ve been failing.

But Level 8 is a suicide attempt. Just in case anyone needs to know.

You know what, I’m just going to get rid of this page, and pretend that I don’t know what Level 8  is. I don’t ever want to have to face people’s pity when they learn I’ve tried to commit suicide. I don’t want them to know.

I’ve got some leftover glue from school. I’ll use that.


(The corner of the pages are slowly starting to peel apart, due to the fact that the glue is old. [It’s been there for about 4 years.] Soon, the page will be read by Shouto, but not yet.)

Chapter Text

“Who’s room are we going to first?” Izuku asked, looking up at his boyfriend, who shrugged, faking nonchalance. Izuku didn’t really know which he wanted to do first, either. Izuku thought for a few moments. “How about your mom?” he asked. “I just saw my mom yesterday. I think that you should see your mom before I see mine again.”

Shouto nodded. “That makes sense,” he mumbled, before quickly bringing his hand to his mouth in surprise. Izuku giggled, and Shouto sighed. “It’s your fault if I start muttering like you do,” he said, giving Izuku a teasing glare.

Izuku laughed. “Then we’ll match!! I’m also starting to master your glare, so we’ll match even more!!”

Shouto let the tiniest grin onto his face - honestly, Izuku was so proud! He was getting so much better at expressing emotion!!  “I don’t know if that’s a good thing, Zuku,” he said, ruffling the greenette’s hair.

Izuku nodded. “You’re right. It’s a great thing!!” He laughed when Shouto sighed, but the smile never left his face. He let Izuku take his hand, so that they could make their way to room 315, where Todoroki Rei was staying.

When Shouto reached for the door, he saw how much his hand was trembling. “Hey, Zuku?”

“Yes?” Izuku asked, tilting his head so that he could look at Shouto’s eyes.

“Tell me something completely random to calm my nerves,” Shouto said, raising his gaze to look into Izuku’s emerald green eyes - the beautiful eyes that Shouto loved.

“Oh! Hmmm..” Izuku placed his free hand on his chin (his right hand was still holding onto Shouto’s hand), and thought for a few seconds, before making a point with his finger, grinning. “You’re the fourth youngest in the class!!” he said.

Shouto raised an eyebrow. “And you know this how?” he asked.

Izuku continued grinning. “I’ve memorized the birthdays of every member of our class!! Herem tell me the name of a member of our class, and I’ll tell you their birthday!!”

“Shinsou Hitoshi,” Shouto said, fully knowing that the brainwashing boy was not a member of their class.

“First off, it’s July 1st,” Izuku said, “and second, he’s not a member of our class.” He looked at the boy with a confused expression, as if he couldn’t tell if Shouto was joking or if Shouto actually needed help. The expression was cute - and Shouto couldn’t help but laugh at the adorableness of it all.

“But you still knew his birthday,” he said, after composing himself.

Izuku shrugged. “After talking to him that one time in the bathroom, I asked Dad for his file, I was intrigued.”


“Don’t get jealous, Shouto,” Izuku said, letting out the tiniest chuckle that anybody other than Shouto would have missed. “Think you’re ready now?”

Shouto shrugged. “I, um, do you have anything else?” he asked, still not ready to face his mother yet.

He let a small sigh of relief escape his mouth when Izuku once again nodded. “I’ll tell you what happened last night at dinner!” he said, grinning. “Last night, Pa asked me what I liked the best about the Sports Festival yesterday. Guess what I said!”

“What did you say?” Shouto asked him, raising an eyebrow. This was a trait that Shouto had actually learned from Izuku, after seeing him do it so many times, and being incredibly jealous of the amazing way to express emotion without having to move much of the face. (Izuku had learned it from his mother, surprisingly. He had gotten even more influence when he learned that Shouta also used it often.)

“I told him that my favorite part of the day was when you proposed to me.” Izuku said, grinning.

Shouto blushed. “Oh, right. I did that, didn’t I?”

Izuku laughed, nodding. “What happened next was the funniest thing. Pa had just taken a bite of his food, and Dad had just taken a sip of coffee. Pa started choking on his food, and Dad had the most epic spit take in existence - and he spit all over Pa, too, so Pa had to eat the rest of his dinner with towels on his head because he was drenched with coffee. It was amazing.

Shouto laughed along with him, although it was a little hard to imagine Aizawa~sensei being so surprised about something that he ended up spitting out his drink.

“Are you ready now, or do you want me to tell you another story?” Izuku asked him.

“I think I’m good now,” Shouto said, taking a deep breath, before sliding open the door and entering his mother’s hospital room.

They were surprised to find Inko and Rei playing a game of chess.




“Here you go, Izuku!!” Inko said, handing Izuku the notebook. “I finished it last night. Thought I might give it to you, to add to your collection!!”

“I… thank you,” Izuku whispered, letting the tears start to pool in his eyes. “I’ll treasure it.”

“He cries as much as you do, if not more,” Rei noted, smiling at the poor boy. Honestly, how many times had he cried in the last hour? Rei could swear that this was the 12th. If she remembered correctly, that beat Inko’s record of 9.

“I faint more often that he does,” Inko said, turning back to her friend, and Izuku nodded, smiling as he wiped his tears away.

“We had a contest, once,” he said, and Shouto raised an eyebrow, a little surprised. Izuku, who never slept, in a fainting contest? “She won. Her record is fainting 7 times in 15 minutes.”

“The last two were from dehydration,” Inko said, nodding her head.

“That’s…” Shouto didn’t really know what to say, not even sure why had spoken up. “Really healthy.”

Izuku nodded, not even realizing that Shouto was being sarcastic. “I thought so too! I got more sleep that week than I usually did!!” He quickly tucked the purple notebook that his mother had given him into his backpack - the same backpack that he brought to school, Shouto noted. He wondered why he felt like bringing a backpack - had he brought something along with him, or was it just habit?

“Izuku, if you don’t mind me asking, how much sleep do you usually get?” Rei asked.

“Oh, it’s fine!” Izuku said, waving his hand to show he didn’t mind. “I used to only get around 40 minutes of sleep, and that was on good nights, but now I can usually sleep around three hours a night!! Though I pull an all-nighter every two nights.”

“I thought it was every other night,” Shouto cut in.

Izuku grinned at him. “I’ve been getting better,” he said, excited. “Isn’t that great!?” Shouto nodded, and his grin widened, if that was even possible.

“Oh, Izuku, that’s amazing!!” Inko said, clapping her hands in delight. “I’m still not as good.. I’ve been getting around an hour and a half of sleep each night.”

Izuku turned his angelic grin towards his mother. “I can give you a few tips, if you’d like!!” he said, then proceeded to open one of the notebooks in his backpack - oh, that was why he had brought it. Shouto wondered how many notebooks were in there.

As they continued on with their conversation, Rei tapped Shouto on the shoulder, so he turned away from them to look at his mother. “I know I’ve already asked this,” she said, “but how are you doing?”

Shouto turned back to his boyfriend and Midoriya Inko in front of him, thinking over what he would say to his mother. Honestly, how did Izuku and Inko make it look so easy? It was as if they hadn’t been separated for three years - in fact, they seemed to be so close that Shouto wondered why they even had to be separated in the first place! But there must have been a reason, as there were notebook entries Shouto had read… and scars that he had gotten glances at before Izuku had quickly hidden them. And, those two pages glued together… he had never gotten the chance to read pages 18 and 19, and he honestly doubted that Aizawa~Sensei and Present Mic had gotten a chance to read them either. Shouto wondered what Izuku had written down of those pages - but he respected Izuku’s privacy, as Izuku had already shared way more than he was probably comfortable with.

“I’m doing better,” he repeated, as that had been his answer before. “Though most of that is thanks to him,” he added as an afterthought, tilting his head toward the cute greenette with freckles that he was proud to call his boyfriend. Honestly, now that he was totally ignoring Endeavour’s wishes, they should probably just tell the class - and to end Uraraka’s schemes, because Izuku had had actual, legit panic attacks because of them.

“Because of him?” Rei asked.

Shouto nodded. “I don’t know where I would be without him,” he responded. When Rei gave him a questioning look, he couldn’t help but smile. “He’s my boyfriend,” he admitted, his voice a little quieter than before, but with much more pride and emotion in his tone.





“I’m so happy we got clearance to leave the hospital!” Inko said, clapping her hands excitedly as they made their way down the street. “Isn’t this exciting, Rei? We get to go out and have dinner!!”

The woman nodded. “It is rather exciting,” she said. “Though I don’t really know where we should go, I haven’t been to a restaurant in years…” she trailed off, a little nervous.

Inko nodded her head. “Yes, that is true,” she murmured. “Izuku, honey?”

“Yes, mom?” Izuku asked, turning his head back from Shouto and towards her.

“Do you know any good restaurants around here?” she asked him.

Izuku thought for a few seconds, before turning to Shouto. “Do you know any?” he asked, and he frowned slightly when Shouto shook his head. “I don’t really know much about this place, either, other than the time we came to that cat cafe…” he mumbled.

“Inko?” A voice called from behind them, and they turned around to see the Bakugou family standing there. Izuku and Shouto quickly let go of their hands, thankful that Katsuki had been looking at his phone - and his parents had been too distracted by the fact that Inko was there to notice what they were doing.

“Mitsuki!!?” Inko asked, then grinned. “It’s so great to see you! What are you doing here?” she asked.

Mitsuki grinned, rushing forward to give her friend a hug. Katsuki glanced up from his phone for a moment, then blinked when he realized what was going on.

“I should be asking you the same question!!” Mitsuki said. “I thought you were in the hospital??”

Inko nodded. “We got clearance, so my friend Rei here,” she gestured to the white-haired woman, “and I decided to have dinner with our sons.” She then laughed sheepishly. “It’s just that, all four of us don’t really go out, so we have no idea where to go.”

Mitsuki laughed. “Let us join you! We’ll show you an awesome place!!”

“That would be so great, thanks!!”

Katsuki growled slightly. Shouto and Izuku both sighed. They were glad that they had told their mothers that their relationship was a secret. Who knows what secrets that they could have given away had they not warned them?




“Young man…” a voice called to Izuku on the train. “Young man! You’re Midoriya from the hero course, right!?” Izuku quickly snapped his head up to look at the person who was talking to him, and almost everyone else on the train also turned their heads to look at him. “Nice going at the sports festival!” The man from earlier said. “That was a close one, huh!” he gave the greenette a thumbs-up.

“You made it into the top eight, right?” another person asked. “Pretty cool.”

“You’re smaller than I imagined,” another person said.

“It really reminded me of the good old days,” one said.

A person nearby nodded their head. “I know what you mean! That whole do-or-die-feel.”

Good luck, hero! ” everyone in the train called, and Izuku nodded, calling a thank you to everyone as he left the train to go to school.

Honestly, Izuku was surprised he hadn’t had a panic attack. People recognizing him outside of his costume? That was honestly one of the scariest things in Izuku’s life. What if that had been......? No. Izuku smacked his cheeks. He would not think of it.




“Morning,” Aizawa said as he walked into the classroom.

“Good morning!!” the class called.

“Good to see your bandages off, Aizawa~sensei,” Asui said.

The man nodded his thanks. “The old lady’s treatment was excessive,” he said. “But nevermind that. Today we’ve got hero informatics class. And a special one at that.”

Stuff about hero law and junk… I suck at that.. Kirishima thought.

A special one? Don’t tell me it’s a pop quiz! Give us a break… Kaminari thought, making fists on his desk.

“You’ll be coming up with your hero aliases,” Aizawa said, and the entire class (sans Izuku, Shouto, and Iida) all screamed out their unanimous YEEEAAAHHH!!!!!



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 19



(This page is currently not something that Shouta, Hizashi, or Shouto has read. It’s glued shut to page 18, as Izuku had intended. He doesn’t want them to read this page, but the pages are slowly starting to come apart. Someone will read them soon.)


I don’t want to see ungrateful, so I’m going to hide this page too. When I get the glue. But I don’t want to just waste this page, so I decided to write stuff about Mom in here. Because, well.. I don’t want to seem ungrateful to Mr. Hizashi and Mr. Shouta, because, well, I am grateful.

I just wish they could have helped me without taking me away from Mom. I really, really love mom. I.. I didn’t want her to leave me, I didn’t want to leave her. When I asked them about her, they patted my head, and said that she was somewhere that she couldn't hurt me anymore. And.. that made me sad, because that wasn’t why I was asking.
I want to see Mom. But I don’t want them to think I’m ungrateful.

I miss Mom.

Mom is different from Father. Father enjoys hurting us, being mean to us, and he laughs when.. He does it. Mom is different. She is upset that she ends up thinking bad things, and whenever she says something bad to me, she always does something to apologize. She never says the actual word, but she’ll do something nice, like we have a movie-night with popcorn, or she brings more food home, or she’ll buy me a new notebook. Oh, and that one time she bought me an All Might keychain. Father ended up finding it and burning it, but I really liked it. It was.. Warm. It was just plain old plastic, but whenever I touched it, I got this warm feeling in my chest that made me feel happy. I think that’s love.

Yes. I love my mother. I didn’t want to leave her.

Things are supposed to be better now, with Mr. Shouta and Mr. Hizashi, but it doesn’t feel like it, because Mom isn’t there. Things are supposed to be better for both me and Mom, and we’re supposed to be together. I love mom. I.. I don’t want to be away from her. I don’t want to lose her, too. I don’t want to.. I don’t want to lose her.

I don’t want to lose her like I lost Father and Kacchan. I don’t… but I.. I can’t ask about her, because I don’t want them to think I am ungrateful….

What am I supposed to do? How am I.. am I gonna see Mom again?

I know I’ve written things on here that don’t put Mom in the best light, but… she’s a good person. She raised me. She raised this stupid son who wasn’t able to do anything right from the moment he was born, and well, she raised me to become someone that I hope she’ll someday be proud of.

She taught me things, too. She taught me how to survive hard situations. And not just indirectly, because our life was hard. She actually occasionally made powerpoint presentations, or something silly like that, and she had me open a notebook, and she gave me a lesson on life and it’s hardships, and how to be careful. She even had me take notes, too, which made me happy, because I like taking notes. She.. she was kind.

My mother.. She saved me many times.

She was there, when my quirk activated. What she told me to do after we found out.. It undoubtedly saved my life. She told me to hide it. I know it seems like a horrible thing to tell a child; to hide their quirk, to deny a part of themselves - but she saved my life by doing so. She let me hold onto a positive bright future… someday, when we both somehow managed to get away from my father.

Because if my father had found out about my quirk, he would have beat me more. He would have trained me. He would have made me.. More like him. I would have become a villain, too.

Mom saved me from that. By telling me to hide my quirk.. She held onto what little chance I had at a bright future.

And… I will forever be grateful for that.

I love my mother. I love her, so, so, so much.

I owe her, so, so, so much.

I want to see her again.

Why can’t I see her again?



(There appears to be more, but it’s all illegible, due to tear stains on the paper.)

Chapter Text

“Let’s finish up,” Midnight said after a good 15 minutes of silence. “We can start with whoever’s ready!!”

“We’re presenting these?!”Kirishima asked, and the 12:00 hero nodded.

“Sheesh! That Yuga’s got guts!!” Ojiro said as the boy made his way to the front of the classroom.

“Shining Hero:” Aoyama said, raising his whiteboard in front so that everyone could see. “I cannot stop twinkling.”

“It’s a whole sentence!!”

“It’ll be easier to say if you take out the ‘I’ and contract ‘cannot’ into ‘can’t’,” Midnight said, and Aoyama nodded.

“Just pick one already! English or French!” Satou shouted at the boy from his seat.

“Um, Aoyama~kun,” Izuku spoke up as the boy started walking back to his seat, and Izuku grimaced ever so slightly when the entire class turned to look at him. “Hero names sometimes help if they’re short and concise, in case anyone ever needs to call for help. What if you tried something like Eternal Twinkle? It means the same thing.”

Aoyama nodded. “That’s a good idea!” he turned to Midnight, and gave her a thumbs up. “I will use that instead!!”

“Oh, really?” Izuku said, and he sat back in his chair in relief. “Oh, sorry, I was a little scared you’d get mad that I tried to push one of my ideas on to you…” he let the rest of his sentence die, fidgeting with his bandaged hands and looking down at his lap.

A few of the students were about to speak up, including Aoyama himself, but Ashido stopped any attempts by jumping up to the front of the classroom. “Okay, I’m next!” she called, and everyone turned their heads away from the greenette to look at her. “Call me Alien Queen!!” she grinned, displaying her whiteboard.

“From the sequel?!” Midnight cried. “Is it because her blood was super acidic! I wouldn’t do that if I were you!!”

“Tch!!” Ashido said as she sat back down.

Izuku had to hold in his laughter. Honestly, if she hadn’t added the words “Ridley Hero” in front of it, Alien Queen was an acceptable name. It wasn’t Ashido’s fault that Midnight had gotten so freaked out that one time she had brought over horror movies, after learning that Izuku.. Surprisingly had an affinity to them. A few weeks later, when he had shown a few to Shouto, Shouto had liked them as well.

“Can I go next, please?” Asui asked, raising her hand, and Midnight nodded, gesturing to the front of the classroom. “I’ve had this thought since elementary school,” she said when she got to the podium. “Call me Froppy.”

“So cute!!” Midnight said, nodding vigorously and grinning. “It makes you sound like you’d be easy to get to know!! The rest of you, take note.  This is a perfectly lovable name!” she called to the class, who all started cheering Froppy , for reasons Izuku didn’t know why? Had she done something that spectacular?

“This is me!!” Kirishima called when it was his turn. “Red Riot!!”

“Red Riot!” Midnight said, gasping and letting the grin spread onto her face. “Could this be an homage to chivalrous hero Crimson Riot?!”

Kirishima nodded. “Right!! I know he’s from back in the day, but Crimson’s the kind of hero I wanna be.”

Midnight chuckled. “Just now that bearing the name of your personal hero comes with a lot of pressure,” she warned, but the smile never left her face.

“I’m ready for that!!” Kirishima said, making a fist, and Midnight smiled, before sending him back to his seat with his whiteboard.

That’s pretty cool, Kirishima, Izuku thought. Honestly, Izuku had no idea what he was going to do here. The only thing he could think of was.. Something that he didn’t really want to write down, and the other was his actual Pro-hero name, Deku, but of course he couldn’t use that, so what was he supposed to do? What could he do? What could he write that wouldn’t make anyone suspicious?

“Blahh..” Kaminari grumbled. “I still can’t think of anything.”

Jirou, who was sitting right next to him, tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey, how about Jammingyayy?” she asked him.

“Oh, like a homage to Hemingway, who wrote A Farewell to Arms? ” he asked. “That’s really clever!!”

“Nope,” she said, putting her hand over her mouth in an attempt to conceal her laughter. “It’s because, well, you’re strong, but, you’re always going “yayyy”!” she laughed as she ran up to the front to present her hero name.

“Stop messing with me, Jirou!” Kaminari shouted at her as she displayed her whiteboard.

“Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack,” she said, smiling, and Midnight nodded.

Izuku was honestly really impressed with the hero names that everyone picked. Shouji had gone with “Tentacole,” which sounded really cool! Sero had gone with “Cellophane,” which Izuku thought fit him really well! Ojiro had gone with “Tailman,” and Satou had gone with “Sugarman.” Ashido had shouted when she announced her second try of “Pinky.” Kaminari had combined a few words to come up with the name “Charge-Zuma!!” and while it wasn’t Izuku’s favorite, Izuku had to admit it wasn’t bad. Hagakure went with the name “Invisible Girl”, which Izuku thought was a little long, but it reminded him of Aunt Chiyo’s hero name, so he liked it. Yaoyorozu had come up with the name “Creati,” and Izuku thought that it suit her.

“Frigid Ember,” Shouto said when he went up to front of the classroom.

“Oh! That’s really good!!” Midnight applauded. “How long did it take you to come up with it?”

Shouto shook his head. “I was going to go with my given name, but someone told me to change it to this,” he said, monotone.

“You just let someone else pick your hero name?” Kirishima asked, and Shouto nodded. “Are you sure you’re good with that?”

Shouto nodded again. “I’m not creative. I wouldn’t have thought of anything better.”

Izuku thought the polar opposite. Shouto was amazing, clever, and smart! And sure, he lacked a little creativity, but it didn’t mean that he was completely unoriginal! Like his battle moves!! He put so much effort into them, and came up with amazing strategies, and so many other things that Shouto did when he put his mind to it!! He was incredibly creative in the name that he called Izuku! Honestly, Shouto must have had to think a long time to come up with the name “Angel!!”

“Tsukuyomi,” had been Tokoyami’s choice name. Izuku thought it worked. He also really liked Mineta’s hero name of “Grape Juice,” and Koda’s hero name of “Anima.” He also thought that Uraraka’s “Uravity” was also cute. And Kacchan’s.. “Bakusatsuou…” while it was a brilliant pun, it needed some work, though it wasn’t as if Izuku could talk.

Izuku silently cursed himself. Could he really think of nothing else? Really? Why couldn’t he think of anything else, anything at all, anything other than the stupid name he had come up with?

“This went smoother than expected!!” Midnight called to the class. “All that’s left is Bakugou’s revision, Iida, and then Midoriya!!”

The entire class was surprised when Iida just went with his first name. “I have another name in mind..” he started when Midnight gave him a confused look. “But I’m not ready for it yet.” Midnight nodded, seeming to understand, and the rest of the class.. While they were mostly confused, they also had a little understanding as well.. After seeing Pro Hero Ingenium on the news, with permanent injury.

“Have you thought of anything, Midoriya?” Midnight prompted him, and Izuku shrugged, looking down at his hands.

The only thing I can think of is really dark, he signed, his fingers trembling, still bandaged from the sports festival.

Iida, distracted in his own thoughts, didn’t translate, and Izuku was a little grateful of that, for the moment, but then felt the guilt immediately after thinking so.

“That’s fine!” Midnight said, grinning. “Shoot it at us!!”

Izuku honestly thanked his luck that almost nobody else in the class knew sign language. There was of course, Shouto, but he was okay with him knowing this name, and then there was Koda… but, Koda could keep a secret, right? And Iida, who he was most worried about, was distracted, so it should be okay…

The Suicidal Hero , he signed. Jisatsu.

He gingerly placed his hands on his lap and looked down at his feet when he heard Midnight let out a short sigh, before quickly brightening up and grinning at him warmly. “How about you try something else, Midoriya?” she asked, and her grin widened when Izuku nodded.

The entire class, minus Shouto and Koda, wondered what Izuku had said that had caused such a reaction. Koda was honestly surprised - Izuku was suicidal? But the boy was always smiling and laughing!!

Shouto signing to him from the back of the room caught Izuku’s eye. What about something like Inferno? Shouto asked him, and his signing went unnoticed by most of the class. It might not make the most sense to the rest of our classmates, but I think it fits. All three aspects of your quirk kind of work together to make a raging inferno… and well, you’ve got your levels, which I guess kind of fits with the Inferno theme?

Izuku nodded. Thanks , he signed, before turning back to his whiteboard. He wrote the word “Inferno” on his whiteboard, before walking up to the classroom.

“You sure about that, Midoriya?” Ojiro asked, a little confused, and Izuku nodded.

“I’m, well, I’m not actually allowed to tell you the reason I came up with this name…” Izuku said, a little sheepish, and he looked away from Midnight in an attempt to avoid her piercing gaze. He could also bet that his father was glaring at him through the sleeping bag, but Izuku ignored it. What else could he say, so that they wouldn’t feel was if he wasn’t totally leaving them in the dark?  “but um… It has to do with the question Asui asked me on the bus when we went to USJ!!” he finally said.




“Submit your choices by this coming weekend,” Aizawa finished.

“Huh?” Izuku asked Uraraka. “Battle hero Gunhead’s agency? But isn’t he a rough-and-tumble scrapper? You’re going with him, Uraraka?”

Ochako nodded. “Yeah, I mean, he drafted me!”

“I was sure you’d want a hero like Thirteen~sensei,” Izuku said, and woah, that was weird, calling Thirteen.. Sensei.

“In the end, my fight against Bakugou got me thinking,” Ochako said. “Getting stronger opens up all sorts of possibilities!! And just doing things the same old way is kind of limiting! Or something!” she said, punching the air.

“I see..” Izuku said.

“This is off topic,” Ochako said, “But a while ago I noticed.. You’ve been trembling.”

“I’ve been trembling?” Izuku asked, and Ochako nodded. Izuku looked at his hands, sitting on his desk. She was right. They were… they were trembling, just as she had said. “I- I don’t know why…” he stuttered, though he was pretty sure he had a basic idea.

“Are you cold or something?” Ochako asked him, and Izuku shook his head. No, he wasn’t cold.

But Uraraka didn’t seem to believe him, and a small smirk made its way on to her face. “Hey, Todoroki!” she called to the half-and-half boy who was sitting in the back. “Deku~kun here says he’s cold, do you think you could heat him up with your quirk?”

“That’s not what I said, Ochako~san!!” Izuku said, raising his voice, though his volume was still relatively quiet, as Izuku was always quiet.

But Shouto was already on his way. “I can heat you up, if you need it,” he said, offering his left hand, but dropping it when Izuku shook his head.

“I’m fine, thank you,” he said, then gave Uraraka a teasing glare, which she laughed at.

“But you were trembling, Deku~kun!” she protested. “And if it’s not from cold, then what is it from?”

Izuku shrugged, not really wanting to answer.




“Sorry,” Shouto said as he grabbed a few paper towels to dry Izuku’s face.

Izuku shook his head. “You shouldn’t always have to remember everything that sets me off!!”

“But this one was obvious,” Shouto said. “Honestly, what was I thinking? Telling you the name Inferno. I basically just compared you to…” He looked sheepishly at the ground, but he didn’t take his hands away from Iuku’s face.

“It’s fine, Shouto,” Izuku smiled at him, and Shouto raised his gaze to look at his boyfriend’s emerald eyes. “It’s not your fault. And I know you didn’t mean any harm, so it’s all good!!”

Shouto sighed, before smiling back his boyfriend. “Fine. But I’m taking you on the best date ever this weekend to make up for it.” He couldn’t help the grin that spread on his face when Izuku squealed in joy.




Shouto and Izuku were sitting in the faculty lounge, waiting for All Might. After class, All Might had asked Izuku to meet him there, and Shouto, who, well, went with Izuku everywhere (as long as the rest of the class wasn’t watching,) had followed. They had pulled another chair to Izuku’s desk for Shouto to sit at, and Izuku currently had a plastic cup of iced coffee in his hands - Power Loader had made it the moment he had seen the two walk in.

“When should we tell the class?” Izuku asked, and Shouto shrugged. “Yeah,” he nodded. “I don’t know either.” He took his phone out of his pocket, before laughing.

“What is it?” Shouto asked, and Izuku smiled at him, displaying his phone screen.

“The staff here at UA has this app that holds their weekly bettings,” he said. “Everyone has to participate, unless your name is on the list of people who know the answer, then you’re not allowed to.”

“So you do weekly betting?” Shouto asked, raising his eyebrow. He couldn’t imagine Izuku doing something like that.

Izuku shook his head. “No, no, don’t worry. None of the staff say that I have to do it, which is nice. So I usually don’t enter the bets. But guess what this week’s is.”

“What is it?” Shouto asked.

Izuku tried to stifle his giggles. “They’re betting on whether or not you and I are dating,” he said. “And apparently Dad, Pa, Uncle Toshi, and Aunt Nemuri are the ones not allowed to bet this time because they already know the answer. They’re planning on asking one of us this Friday to get the answer.”

“They didn’t say that you’re not allowed to vote?” Shouto asked.

Izuku froze. “Oh my god Shouto you’re a genius -”

The teachers all turned their heads when Izuku’s loud giggling was heard as he placed a bet - and all of their phones got a notification.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 20

Hero Work


Thought I would add a page here about my hero work, because well… I’m bored. In Level 5, I can’t really motivate myself into doing anything, other than writes notes, because, well, I love writing notes in all Levels , so I just decided to write about this randomly. Yeah.

What I usually do when I’m patrol is either sit on a tall building and collect nearby soundwaves in order to listen for an attack, or anything that might require help. Sometimes, just sitting on the building gets a little boring, so I walk around town as I’m collecting soundwaves. It’s fun, because people wave to me on the streets, and sometimes they ask me to take selfies with them or something. I often get that I’m a lot shorter than they think, haha…

Oh, and then there are the rare times where I get the emergency calls that are specifically asking for me. Like, there was once this time where a bunch of buildings were getting exploded by a villain, and they called for me (though I had already heard and was already there) so that I could use my telekinesis to hold up the rubble and prevent casualties. I don’t think a single person died there. Yeah.

I’ve never failed to save people’s lives, except for that one time… but.. It was only that one time, or at least that’s what Dad always says. So I try to listen to him, but I… I failed. And it caused the death of two…

I’m just going to keep writing till Shouto gets here. Dad and Pa are both at work, and Shouto says he’s free, so he’s gonna come give me human contact. Until then, I’ll just write more stuff.

Oh!! There was this one really scary save I had to do one time. It was during a hostage situation, and basically, everyone else was busy doing something else, so I had to be the one on the phone talking to the villain, distracting him until they could do whatever they needed to do so they could save the hostages. It was really scary, because if I said anything wrong than the villain would’ve done something bad… I still don’t know why they entrusted that to me.. I think it was just chance, but since then, the police and other pro-heroes have been relying on me more whenever they want to predict the actions of a villain. I guess spending my time with a villain for the first 9 years of my life actually helped me, for once. Haha.

My father is currently in prison. I wasn’t the one who put him in there.. I honestly couldn’t figure out who it was at the time, but when I was 11, I was able to figure out that is was Eraserhead, who is now my Dad. The world is a small place, haha.

I wonder if Dad remembers the villain “Raging Inferno.” He’s never asked me about it, so I’m not sure. I have told him that my birth father is in prison, though, so… Actually, he probably does know. Soon after he and Pa took me in, I remember seeing on T.V. that his sentence was changed to life or something. That might be why…

Oh, I got completely off topic. Oops. Oh, and Shouto’s here. I guess I’ll go now. Maybe I'll add more later? Maybe.   

Chapter Text

“I still can’t believe they’re sending me in the internships as well..” Izuku whispered to Shouto, as they made their way into the train station.

Shouto shrugged. “They’ve got to keep appearances, don’t they?” he asked, but was surprised when Izuku shook his head.

“They weren’t originally planning on sending me anywhere,” he said. “It’s not that I’m not happy about the fact that I get to work with another hero for a week, it’s just that, well…” he clutched the costume case tighter to his chest, looking down at his feet. “You know.”

Shouto nodded. He did know. The last time Izuku had partnered up with other heroes for a week… well, Shouto had had to rush to the hospital that week… it wasn’t the funnest week, to say the least.

“You’ve got your costumes, right?” Aizawa called to the class, and he was satisfied when the majority of the class nodded, the others still in their quiet side conversations. “Wearing them in public is strictly prohibited without permission, but don’t drop them.” he said. “All of you, be on your best behavior!! Now go.”

“This is gonna be fun!!” Hagakure said as she walked towards her platform.

“Keep in touch,” Izuku told Todoroki, who nodded, before he rushed forward with Ochako to where Iida was. “Iida!!” Izuku called to the boy, and the aspiring hero turned around to look at the greenette. Izuku took a deep breath, before speaking. “If it ever gets to be too much and you need to talk… or anything… just say something. We’re your friends.” Ochako nodded.

“Sure,” Iida said, smiling to the both of them, before walking off.

It left a bad taste in Izuku’s mouth, but he ignored it, deciding that he had done all he could have done as a fellow student.




“A hero who scares the pants off All Might..” Izuku mumbled as he looked at the map. “Gran Torino. I’ve never heard of him, but.. Oh god, I hope he doesn’t give me a panic attack..” Izuku said.

Izuku turned his head, and saw the building in which he would be staying. It was… shabby. Really… crumbling to pieces. Though when Izuku saw it, he smiled. It fit with his hobo aesthetic, he thought. He was glad that he had brought his comfortable clothes as well, as they would fit the the theme of the building. While it reminded Izuku of a few unpleasant things.. He could work here, Izuku decided.

When he opened the door to the building he was met with quite a surprise on the tiles in front of him.

Not saying anything, Izuku rushed forward, letting his  knees scrape against the tiles and broken plate as he quickly grabbed the old man and flipped him over, in order to check for any sign of injury, or to see if there was any pulse. His thoughts were oddly calm, much calmer than he would have been if there had been someone else in the situation. Had there been someone else to take charge of the situation, he might’ve started panicking or had at least shouted in surprise, but he no need to react this way when he was the only one there. And it would be quicker and more efficient to quickly help the man as soon as possible, instead of to freak out.

“I’m alive!!” The old man suddenly shouted! Jumping out of Izuku’s arms!!

Izuku let himself fall to the ground, and winced slightly when he saw the blood on his pants. He would have to wash it, and blood always took forever to get out of clothing, but he wasn’t thinking about that right now. “He’s alive…” he sighed in relief, looking down at his trembling hands. Honestly, what could he have done in that situation?

Gran Torino eyed the boy, looking at the hunched figure. He noticed the blood on the boy’s knees, as well as the trembling that was happening across his entire body, not just his hands, as Izuku had assumed. While he had done so to test Izuku’s reaction and to have a little fun, he hadn’t expected the boy to be so.. Small. And… he seemed so fragile.

“To slip and fall while carrying ketchup-covered sausage links..” he said, deciding to continue on with his charade. While the oy was trembling, he had so far reacted as a hero should. “How clumsy of me!!” He leaned on his cane. “And who are you?!!” he asked the boy.

The boy looked up at him, his eyes searching for any sign of what the old man had been thinking, but Gran Torino was satisfied when he seemed to find nothing. “I’m Midoriya Izuku, sir,” he mumbled.

“What?!” Gran Torino asked, pretending that he hadn’t heard the boy’s voice. And he really had almost not heard it - it would do some good to teach this boy to speak up!

“I’m Midoriya Izuku,” the boy repeated, though his voice was now barely a whisper, but his trembling seemed to stop.

“Who?” Gran Torino asked again, and he was surprised when he was met full-on with a pair of bright emerald eyes that seemed to… glow? Was Torino going crazy?

“Sir,” Izuku said, looking up at the old pro-hero. “I don’t want to play this game with you. I might’ve entertained you had it been a few minutes ago, but that stunt of yours changed my level, and I am no longer in the mood. I apologize for disappointing you.”

Gran Torino looked at the kid in surprise. Sure, he knew that the kid was pro-hero Deku, but woah. And the kid wasn’t even apologizing with sarcasm! He was genuinely apologizing for not letting Gran Torino have his fun with him! Who was this kid?




Gran Torino’s eyes widened when he froze midair, his foot in the middle of extending to kick the kid from behind. He watched as the kid turned around to face him, the small frown unmoving on his face. “I was never told to not use my original quirk,” he explained as he slowly placed Gran Torino on the ground.

The old hero nodded. “Interesting. I had heard from Toshinori that you had trouble grabbing onto things with that were moving or fighting back with your telekinesis, but I guess that’s not true,” he said as his feet hit the ground.

Izuku shook his head. “It is true. But after a situation where the media got into the school, I decided to practice just in case. It also helps to get victims out of a dangerous area faster,” he said, his voice still flat.

Gran Torino nodded again. This kid wasn’t just incredibly powerful - he was smart. He would be fun to work with, but Torino wasn’t exactly sure what the kid’s personality was. He had mentioned something like Levels earlier, but he had no idea what they were… He decided that he would do his best to find out what he meant later. For now, he wanted the kid to focus on the power of One-for-All, not his original quirk.

“Let’s try that again, but this time, don’t use your other quirk. We’re focusing on strengthening One-for-All, aren’t we?”

Izuku nodded. “I understand. I’ll do better this time.”

Gran Torino winced slightly when he heard the boy say that. The boy had done nothing wrong!




“So… you’re planning on having me go out in Shibuya?” he asked. “In costume?”

The old hero nodded.

“But I can’t use this power in costume!!” Izuku told him, tugging on the ears of his costume slightly, blushing when he noticed a few stares from the other passengers. Of course they would notice him in costume! He was pro-hero Deku after all!!

Gran Torino shrugged. “I don’t really care. It’ll be fine, I promise you.”

Izuku sighed, before tugging his phone out of his pocket. He frowned when he realized that Iida still had yet to reply to his text, even though he had sent it hours earlier. He was really starting to worry about how Iida was doing.



Hey, what are you doing now?



My father and I are about to go to Hosu City.


“Oh your phone again?!” Gran Torino asked, leaning over to see what Izuku was doing, interested in seeing who Izuku was contacting. “I swear, kids these days!” he added as an afterthought when Izuku ignored him.



Isn’t that where the Hero Killer last hit?




You don’t need to type it, I promise I’ll be safe.

My father is stupid. I haven’t really learned anything other than the fact that he still has an ego during work. I'm starting to wonder if this has just been a waste of time. 

Have you learned anything?



Oh! Yes!

And don't say that!! It's a decision that you decided to make!! It can't be a waste of time!!

I’ve learned a lot, actually!!

Gran Torino taught me this way to use my strength enhancer in a way where it doesn’t hurt me all the time, and it’s faster and more fluid and efficient!! I call it Full Cowl!! Though the way I figured it out was with taiyaki and a microwave…



It suits you. Cute.

Also, have you been eating??



Yeah! I brought cans of coffee, so I’m good!!



Zuku, hon, I meant actual food.



Oh. I think I’ve freaked out my teacher by not eating, haha.


Gran Torino nodded mentally when he saw Izuku say that. It was true. He hadn’t seen the boy eat a single time since he’d come, and it was honestly starting to scare him. How could the boy have so much energy when he survived only on canned coffee? Not that he was much different, with his taiyaki, but still…

And the name that the boy had chosen for himself as was a little worrying, to say the least.



I’ll eat something when we get back from our internships.

A full meal. I promise.



I want to say that I’m trusting you, except I’ve never seen you eat a whole meal in the year and half we’ve known each other. And I’ve been dating you for a year.


“Passengers, please remain seated. We’re making an emergency stop,” Izuku heard the train speakers, and he raised his head in surprise, and his eyes widened when he saw a hero crash into the train car, directly in front of him and Gran Torino.



Shouto, I got to go now. I love you.



Iida, Iida, Izuku thought as he sprinted through the alleyways. Where the hell is Iida?? There!! His eyes caught sight on the figure covered in bandanas, standing over Iida’s unmistakable white armor.

Iida’s eyes widened when he saw the Hero Killer get punched away by pro-hero Deku, with a power that he had never seen Deku wield before.

“Pro-hero Deku?!” he asked, and the boy in the green jumpsuit turned towards him, his emerald eyes reminding him so much of Midoriya’s.

“I’m here to save you…” he shouted. “Iida!!”

Iida’s eyes, if it was even possible, widened even more. This wasn’t just pro-hero Deku… this was his classmate, Midoriya Izuku!!

What the hell was going on?



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 21



Dad is usually confused why I call myself this. It was the first thing I told him when he asked me my name when we met for the first time, so, well.. He’s curious. So is Pa, after I said that I wanted to use this as my hero name.

First, I’ll explain where the name “Deku” came from. It was when I was little, I think around 4. Kacchan’s parents were teaching him how to read Kanji early, so when he saw my name written on my shoes, he realized that my name could also be read as “Deku”, instead of “Izuku.” When he told everyone, we all thought it was really cool!! He then proceeded to tell everyone that “Deku” meant someone who is useless….

To be completely honest, I agree. I’m useless. Hell, I’m worse than useless. I’m just… I’m just.. Deku. Whenever I was around Kacchan, he frowned when he saw me. I caused him to have negative emotions, so it means that I was doing something bad and negative, right? Which is worse than being useless. I’ve been a problem. Same case with Mom. If I hadn’t been a later bloomer, if I hadn’t had existed in the first place, Father never would’ve started beating us. He would’ve stayed as the loving man that my mother married. So it’s my fault. It’s my fault.

It’s my fault.

If I wasn’t around, people would be able to smile more often.

But Dad said that I could help people. So I thought, well, I’ll call myself Deku then, because that’s what I am. I’ll always be a Deku, but I’ll always be here, as long as you see a use in me, as long as I can help or cause anything positive.

I don’t think the world needs a Deku like me… but if you want to to keep me around, well then, this Deku will do everything he can to live up to your expectation!s!!

Sorry if this isn’t a really satisfying explanation. It’s just… well, it’s just the truth, is all. And I… I’ve been referring to myself as this for too long to let go of the name now, even though I hate it. Well, I hate it less now, because people have been starting to use it to refer to something good, which has been.. It’s been nice.

So I also used that name to see if I could change it for the better.

I think I’ve been succeeding. :)


(The next passage is written in black ink.)

I guess that makes sense. Though I’m upset that people made you feel that way about yourself. They should be taught a lesson.

Just so you know, Izuku, you are not useless. You are not a problem. No matter what other people say, Hizashi and I will always love you. Make sure that you understand that.

- Dad.

Chapter Text

“Another child in a suit?" Stain spat out as he stood up. He froze when he saw Izuku, who was sending his location to every contact he had behind his back. Which, surprisingly, was a lot of people.

“No..” Stain said, stepping forward, and Izuku flinched tucking his phone into his back pocket and making a fighting stance. “You're not just a child in a suit," Stain realized. “You're pro-hero Deku." He paused for a moment. “No.. your voice. It is wrong. It is not that of a hero's."  

Izuku growled. “So what?” he asked. “I'm still going to protect them, no matter what.”

Stain's eyes widened, and a small grin appeared on his face. He seemed to have forgotten the comment he had made about Izuku's voice. “So that you've already realized there's more than one person you need to protect," he remarked. “You might be worth letting live."

“The hell is that supposed to mean?" Izuku mumbled, before turning to his friend lying on the ground, making sure that the Hero Killer was still visible from the corner of his eye. “Iida, can you move?" he asked as he started to grab the air and put it under pressure - to make barriers around both Iida and Native.

Iida shook his head - he was still in a little shock. “Watch out!" Iida suddenly cried, but Izuku was already aware, and skillfully jumped over the Hero Killer's attack as he extended his palm to launch fire at him, but Stain was equally as skilled, and managed to swerve out of the way of the flames.

Shit ," Izuku hissed as he grabbed the metal and stone walls from the nearby buildings, and started folding them (god, since when was stone so hard to bend ?) over Native and Iida, to make them temporary shields from the Hero Killer. There. Now he could let all that air go. “Thanks, Iida," Izuku mumbled, panting. Ugh , why had he used so much energy when sparring with Gran Torino?? Now he barely had any energy to spare!!

“Stop," Iida said from the ground, wishing that his body would move from his paralyzed position on the ground. “I… I'm taking my brother’s name," he forced the words out of his tired, dying throat. “I.. The hero killer is mine, ” he growled.

Izuku blasted fire at the Hero Killer, creating fireballs and throwing them at the Hero Killer, and he groaned almost silently when Stain managed to swiftly dodge a of his attacks. What if I grabbed him and held him still? he thought to himself, then extending his hand forward to  grab Stain with his telekinesis.

“What the hell are you talking about?!?!" Izuku shouted to Iida once he was sure he had a secure grip (which wasn't  very secure, he could feel the Hero Killer struggling and already starting to break free from his grip, oh, he should've practiced more.) “Ingenium was a hero that saved others!!" he cried at the top of his lungs, and he noticed Native slightly lift his head from his spot against the wall to listen - and his eyes widened in surprise when he realized that it was pro-hero Deku speaking. “He wouldn't do what you're doing now: going after someone out of revenge!"

Izuku felt a pain in his stomach when Stain broke free from his grip - and barely managed to dodge when the killer sent a knife flying at his face. The Hero Killer was shouting, now, grinning maniacally as he spoke about true and fake heroes - and while Izuku wasn't really listening, he couldn't help but find himself agreeing with what the Hero Killer was saying. It was his voice, Izuku decided. The way he spoke, the ritual. It was a rather convincing tone that he had. Izuku couldn't help but shiver from how much the killer reminded him of.. him.

The original quirk tactic definitely was not working. Iida seemed to be shocked into silence for now, so Izuku let his thoughts drift elsewhere in an attempt to think of anything, anything at all , that he could do to save the two beside him.

It hit him as he dodged another one of the killer' knives by jumping up into the air - and wincing as he strained his ankles when he landed - just as he had many times when sparring with Gran Torino. That was it! He could use One for All . He had no idea if it would work, and it would probably hurt very much to try, but he had no choice but to use it.

He surprised Stain by charging forward, using the air around him to push himself to go faster, hopefully faster than the speed of the Hero Killer's dodging. Yet when the Hero Killer managed to dodged again, Izuku winced as he used his quirk to flip himself upside down, land on his hands (painfully bending his wrists) and landed a hit on the Hero Killer's cheek with a kick to the face.

Yes! he let himself think, but he froze when he felt the knife cut into his ankle - and then he couldn't move, his blood having been ingested by the Hero Killer. “Blood curdle," he growled when he was stuck standing on his hands - and Stain's eyes widened in surprise. Stain's eyes widened even more when the kid managed to jump up and almost land a hit on his face - a hit that e killer had barely dodged in time.

“How-" he started, growling, but he stopped and dodged as a huge spike of ice was shot at the killer.

Izuku turned his head, and he couldn't help the grin that spread onto his face when he saw the red and white hair of Todoroki Shouto. “Shou!!” Izuku cried as he let himself fall to the ground. He quickly got up and rushed towards Shouto, glancing at the hero Killer in case the man decided to launch another attack. Of course,  Izuku wasn't actually moving, as his nerves were still paralyzed by the Hero Killer's quirk. It was at times like these where his mother's half of his quirk came in handy, so that he could carry or move his body around without having to use the nerves themselves to move. Sadly, Izuku was good a this - having done this many times when his birth father had still lived with him and his mother - so about the first nine years of his life.

“Zuku,” the cold teen responded, nodding his head in greeting.

“Todoroki,” Iida said from the ground, glancing up at the teen. “You and Midoriya get out of here. This is not your fight!” While Iida didn't say this aloud, he was a little confused by the names that they had called each other.  Had they always been that casual?

Shouto decided to ignore Iida, turning back to Izuku. “You should've added more details,” he said, a little irritated. “Because I had to guess what was going on, I ended up coming late.”

“Another child,” Stain growled, angry.

“Is that the Hero Killer?” Shouto asked, and his eyes widened ever so slightly when Izuku nodded.




“THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ALLOWED TO BEAT ME IS ALL MIGHT!!!! “ Stain screamed, not noticing Izuku as he walked up behind him, and prepare a fist to punch his face, his rabbit hood back on and his fist glowing with the power of One for All . when Izuku's fist slammed into the Killer's face, at barely 3%, the man froze, staring at the green-jumpsuited teenager who had punched him in the face, before grinning maniacally.

“And you,” he mumbled quietly, so that only Izuku could hear,  his knees bending as he started to fall to the ground. “Even though you have the voice of a villain.” Izuku barely heard the killer's voice, but he heard it all the same, an Izuku.. Surprisingly didn't have a panic attack. Honestly,  he was surprised it had taken this long for a villain to call him out on it.

And then, before he knew it, all of the other Heroes had stood up. The police had come, and he was standing there, wrapped in Shouto's arms as Iida stood there both awkward and ashamed.

“Hey, Shou?” Izuku asked, and the boy in question responded with a noncommittal grunt. “Thank you for coming.”

Shouto kissed Izuku's cheek softly. “You're welcome,” he murmured back, so quietly that Iida, who was standing maybe a foot away, almost didn't hear him. Shout didn't mention anything about how he would always come for Izuku, because Izuku didn't need to hear that right now.  He doubted the even Izuku knew what he need right now. But he didn't need conversations. He didn't need extra words. So Shouto was was going to give the greenette human contact.




Iida had apologized profusely. He was apologizing so much that Should was starting to worry that he was going to break Izuku's record - and nothing of Izuku's should ever be broken, even if it was something silly like an apologizing record.

He had apologized so much that Shouto  was surprised he was currently passed out in bed instead if continuing to apologize. The hospital room was quiet, but it wasn't the same quiet as it where he lived - that quiet was silence, filled with fear because his sperm donor would come to beat him up This silence was.. Different. More kind. More comforting.

Izuku was currently leaning against his chest, against his left side in an attempt to warm up. Shouto hadn't thought that there was anything wrong with the room temperature. But Izuku, a boy with fire quirk if his own, had said that it was cold, so Shouto didn't mind sharing his warmth with the poor boy.

Izuku and Shouto both jolted in surprise when the door slammed open, but it luckily wasn't loud enough for Iida to wake up. Shouto raised an eyebrow when Nemuri walked in, dressed in a suit and glasses, carrying a News Station Microphone.

Present Mic and Eraserhead walked I'm behind her,  each of them in their own suits, and Aizawa was carrying two more microphones, while Mic was carrying one of the largest cameras Shouto had ever seen.

“Thank you, Aizawa,” Nemuri said, then guided the camera towards the bed where Izuku and Shouto were sitting together, staring. When Shouto looked down at Izuku, he seems to have an expression that said nothing other than the fact that he was resigned to his fate - and Shouto decided that something strange was coming, something he would need to mentally prepare himself for.

Unfortunately for him, the three teachers didn't seem to want to give him that time.

“Here we are, out in the field,” Nemuri continued. “Right here, at the hospital, we have the boy in question himself, and his boyfriend,  Todoroki Shouto. We've decided that we'll be as I ng them a few questions about their ordeal with the hero killer.” She turned around and shoved the microphone into Izuku's face, but she brought it back a little when Izuku winced. “Tell us, how did you end up in this situation?”

When Izuku had answered all the questions the teachers had prepared, they were suddenly all over  Shouting, attacking him with the same questions they had used on Izuku. They had apparently also wanted to ask Iida a few questions as well, but the boy was still fast asleep, and the teachers didn't have the heart to wake him up.

“See you later, Zuku,” Nemuri said, kissing the top of Izuku's head. ‘“We've got some footage to edit.”

“We love you,” Shouta said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. And Hizashi did the same, before they were asked to leave by the starstruck nurse who looked like she wanted to do nothing more than to ask for their autographs.

“What was that?” Shouto finally asked once the door had closed behind the three pro-heroes.

Izuku shrugged. “They haven’t done that in a while,” he mumbled quietly. “They do it every so often whenever I do something like a normal teenager, because apparently when I do something normal it’s considered extraordinary and newsworthy.”

“I don’t think being in the hospital from fighting the Hero Killer is something that normally happens to teenagers,” Shouto remarked, and he let a smile on his face when Izuku snorted.

“Maybe it’s because we defeated a well-known villain,” izuku said, “And they decided that it was worthy of documentation.”

“Maybe,” Shouto murmured, resting his head on Izuku’s.




It wasn’t until even later that night that Iida woke up.

He had blinked the sleep out of his eyes, wondering where he was, and confused as to why everything was so dark. He had fallen asleep with his glasses still on, so he felt no need to feel around the area in an attempt to find out where he was, and search for them.

He heard quiet voices from behind him - and for a moment he wondered if those were what had woken him up, but he determined that they couldn’t be the cause, as they were too quiet.

When he yawned and sat up in bed, he was surprised to see Todoroki and Midoriya sitting in the same bed, quietly talking to each other. He was even more surprised to see the greenette tucked into Todoroki’s embrace - his hair gently tickling the bi-colored haired boy’s neck.

When Izuku and Shouto heard Iida get up, they turned to look at him. “Hey, Iida,” Izuku mumbled, and the class president nodded his head in greeting. “Sorry,” Izuku continued. “Did we wake you?”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 22



I’ve mentioned before that listening to music helps me calm myself down or change my levels. I like listening to music, a lot. UA surprisingly has a music room - so sometimes, to practice my quirk, I go in there, and try to play all of the instruments at once. It was really hard at first, and I got headache whenever I tried, because, well, it’s hard to concentrate on 14 different things at once, but I’ve managed. I can read music notes now!! I can also play a few songs as well, and I won’t even get a headache anymore. Though I doubt that I would be able to play the instrument with my hands. I really like violin music. It’s really pretty.

When Dad and Pa got me a laptop, and a new phone, they also got me a pair of earbuds so that it would be easier for me to listen to music. It was really nice of them, and, well, it really helps sometimes.

The music that I generally listen to isn’t Japanese. It’s usually American music, because, well, it interests me more. It’s also good practice for English!! Because I listen to American music so often, I’m pretty fluent in English!! It makes Pa’s class a little too easy, but that’s fine. Nezu gives me additional work along with the stuff I get from school, so I’m still learning stuff. Right now, the stuff that Nezu gives me is… I think College Freshman level, I think. I’ll have to ask.

Oh, back to music. I guess I’ll list a few of the songs I enjoy here. One song that I really like is called Devil on My Shoulder. I just really like it. A lot of the songs are of a similar theme, I think. LIke.. an.. “I have problems” theme. Another song I like is Hold my Hand. I pretty much like anything by Lukas Graham. He’s one of my favorite artists. I also really like Queen of France, The Doctor Said, Paper Crown, Good Intentions, Twisted, I See Fire, Be Alright, Serenity, Escape, Love Someone, Don’t Leave Me Alone, Together Alone, and a bunch more!! Most of these are recent songs.

I also, really, really, really, really, really like Dear Evan Hansen songs. I want to someday watch the musical, but for now, just listening to the music is okay with me. I love it so much. I especially love Waving Through A Window !! It’s amazing!!

But yeah, I love listening to music. It’s something I can focus on, other than my own thoughts. And it usually doesn’t bother anyone else whenever I listen to music, so that’s a bonus!!

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Chapter Text

“Looking back now…” Izuku started, looking down at his feet. “What we did was incredible.”

“Yeah,” Todoroki murmured, also looking down at his feet, on the other bed that was next to Izuku’s.

“And after that last-ditch effort,” Izuku continued, “I’d say.. It’s a miracle we’re still alive.”

Both Shouto and Iida nodded their agreement. Iida felt incredibly guilty. This entire mess had been his fault!! But Shouto and Izuku had seemed to forgive him.. And… well, he had learned something new about the nature of their relationship. While he was admittedly a little surprised that the two were dating, he was more worried about the fact that the two seemed to have gotten no sleep - although both seemed to be unaffected by that fact.

“Ohh, all the little wounded warriors are awake!!” Gran Torino said as the door to hospital room opened, and he walked in with Manual, and a… man with a dog head? “I’m still gonna chew you out,” Gran Torino said, but he pointed to the dog-headed man. “You’ve got a visitor. This is Mr. Kenji Tsuragamae, Hosu’s chief of Police.”

As the three started to stand up, he raised his hand. “Please stay seated, woof.” he said, and Izuku sat back down, but Shouto and Iida remained standing.

“So you’re the U.A. students who put a stop to the hero killer, woof,” Tsuragamae commented. “As for the Hero Killer, he’s currently in treatment for his burns, broken bones, and a number of other serious injuries, woof. At the dawn of this extraordinary era, the police moved to prioritize leadership and to maintain the status quo, so they decided to not use quirks as weapons. The profession of ‘hero’ rose as one that would fill that void, woof. Authorizing the use of such might.. Of these powers that could so very easily kill.. Was a heavily criticized decision at first, but it would garner public support. All because your predecessors acted morally and complied with the laws, woof. But those without permission, those who inflicted without explicit instruction from the police and powers that be… even if they were to face someone like the hero killer, such an action would represent a stunning breach of the law, woof. You three, as well as your pro hero mentors, Endeavor, Manual, and Gran Torino. The six of you must be dealt with strictly and impartially.”

“Hold on a minute,” Shouto said, starting to walk towards the policeman, but he froze when Izuku raised his hand, a sign to stop. Shouto didn’t want to listen, and he wanted to argue with the man, but Izuku rarely ever told people to do anything, so when he did, Shouto, reluctantly, would listen.

“Gran Torino,” Izuku asked, turning towards the short old man. “Do you have my wallet?” The hero nodded, and he handed it out to Izuku, who grabbed it with his telekinesis. He opened the wallet, not using his hands, and grabbed his pro-hero license out, and brought it in front of the dog-headed man’s face, as Iida watched in surprise and awe. “Would this change anything?”

Tsuragamae’s eyes widened a little in surprise. “You didn’t let me finish,” he said. “Punishing you was the official police decision. But that was only if this case went public. If we bent the truth a little, and put all the credit to you, pro-hero Deku, we would not have to punish everyone for their achievements.”

He sighed, before turning to Todoroki and Iida. “But in that case, your decisive action and achievements will remain unknown to the general public. What do you say?” he asked, giving the two boys a thumbs-up. “I’m an understanding man. So when it comes to a promising group of young people… I’d rather not have to pursue charges over this admittedly massive discretion.”

“Either way, our negligence is to blame,” Manual sighed. “We have to take responsibility.”

Gran Torino snorted. “ You have to take responsibility,” he said to the water hero. “My intern was already a hero on his own.” He shrugged when Izuku glared at him for making such a rude comment.

“I’m so very sorry,” Iida said, bowing down to Manual.

“Yeah!” the hero said, smacking the boy’s head once. “You caused big trouble for your mentor, so don’t do it again!!”

“Thank you for everything,” Izuku murmured, bowing towards the policeman who handed him his license back, and Iida and Todoroki did the same, lowering their heads.

“The world’s an unfair place,” Tsuragame said. “You’ll receive none of the commendations that you might have otherwise, but…” be bowed to the three. “As someone invested in keeping the peace, I can thank you.




“Iida just got his diagnosis,” Shouto mumbled. Izuku paused, and turned towards the class president.

“My left hand could have permanent damage,” he explained after a few moments of silence. “Both of my arms were badly injured, but my left got the worst of it. He severed something called the brachial plexus nerve. But they said that I might regain most of the feeling and use of my hand and fingers if I receive a nerve transplant. When I found the hero killer, my mind went blank. I should have told Manual before doing anything else. I may hate him…” the boy paused, thinking. “But he wasn’t wrong. So… Until I succeed in becoming a true hero.. My left hand will serve as a reminder.”

Izuku wanted to apologize himself, for not being able to help Iida, but it would be rude, after Iida had so clearly made up his mind about it. “Iida,” the greenette called, and the boy in question raised his head. “I feel the same way.” He made a fist and extended it forward towards Iida. “Let’s get stronger. Together.”

“I’m sorry,” Shouto mumbled after a few seconds of looking at their hands.

Izuku turned to look at the boy, confused and a little concerned. “For what, Shou?” he asked.

“Whenever I’m involved.. It feels like..” the boy started, “people’s hands get messed up or something. Is it a curse?”

“A curse?” Izuku repeated, and the boy nodded. Shouto was surprised when both Izuku and Iida burst into laughter. “What on earth are you talking about?” Izuku asked him.

“Looks like even Todoroki knows how to make a joke,” Iida said, barely managing to get the words out as he laughed.

“No, I’m not joking,” the bi-colored boy responded. “I’m like the hand-crusher or something.”

He was even more confused when Izuku and Iida’s laughing doubled in volume. (Though Izuku was still relatively quiet, because god, that boy was always quiet.)

Izuku walked over to where Shouto was, still chuckling as he laid his crutches against the bed and wrapped his arms around Shouto. “I swear to god,” he laughed, kissing Shouto’s cheek. “The hand-crusher? Really, Shouchan?”

Shouto blushed in embarrassment, and Iida had to admit that it made the situation even better. He had never seen that sort of look on Todoroki’s face before!!

Later that night, when Iida was in bed, he thought over the fact that Izuku was pro-hero Deku. While it was surprising, it had certainly explained a few things, like that time when Izuku had somehow managed to get him into the air when the media had broke in. But there was also something worrying him. What had the Hero Killer meant, when he had said that Izuku’s voice was not that of a hero’s??




“It may have been brief, but I appreciate everything,” Izuku said.

“I don’t feel like I did much for you..” Gran Torino admitted. “And all that happened when you were out on the job, in your costume..”

“No, really!!” Izuku said, clutching his hero case even tighter, notebook almost falling out of his hand, but still looking at the other hero. “Thanks to your inspiring talk and all our sparring, I managed to hold my own against the hero killer!! Ouch!!!” he cried when Gran Torino smacked his good leg with his cane.

“But that arm!! It’s fractured, right?” Izuku nodded. “You went over your 5 percent limit at the last second, huh? You still get nervous and overdo it. When you’re careless, you lose control. I would scold you more, but I think you already know.”

Izuku nodded. “Right,” he murmured quietly.

“Even though you’re already a pro-hero..” Gran Torino sighed, ‘You’ve still got a lot to learn.”

Izuku nodded again. “I, uh…” he brought his notebook towards Gran Torino. “You asked me about Levels, in the hospital, and, well, I thought that I would let you read this.. It’s just a copy I made, so you can keep it!! Though you don’t have to take it if you don’t want to!!”

“Thanks, kid,” Gran Torino said, taking the notebook from the stuttering mess of a child. “Stay strong.”

“Okay,” Izuku nodded, and bowed at the hero. “Thank you for everything.” To Gran Torino’s surprise, the kid spoke at a normal volume.




“Hey, Dad? Pa?” Izuku asked as he opened the door to their room, where the two of them were sleeping.

Hizashi groaned a response, and Shouta sat up, looking at his son sleepily.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” Izuku asked, clutching the fabric of his shirt. Shouta saw Izuku’s small huff of relief when he nodded, and Shouta shifted over in bed so that Izuku could climb in beside them, in the middle of his two fathers.

“Thought you wouldn’t want to sleep,” Shouta whispered into his son’s ears when Izuku seemed comfortable.

Izuku shook his head. “I haven’t really slept the past week, and I haven’t eaten anything since we went on internships,” he admitted, his voice so quiet that Shouta almost didn’t hear him.

“We’ll fix your food problem tomorrow morning,” Shouta responded, and Izuku nodded, letting Shouta pull him closer for a hug. “Sleep now, Zuku.”

Izuku didn’t say anything, but Shouta felt his shirt go a little wet, probably with Izuku’s tears. He smiled a little when Hizashi shifted in bed to hug the two of them as well.

They stayed like this until it was time to get up in the morning.




“Stop laughing!!” Bakugou cried at Sero and Kirishima when they saw his hair. “It’s just stuck like this, even after a good washing! Keep it up and I’ll murder the both of you!!”

“Look at that hair!!” Sero cried, pointing. “It’s a perfect 2:8 hair ratio!!”

Bakugou’s hair exploded at the same time that he did when he started to shout and threaten them.

“Wow!!” Ashido grinned, talking to Jirou and Asui on the other side of the room. “So you got to take out some villains? I’m jealous!!”

“It was just evacuation procedures and logistical support,” Jirour responded. “No real fighting.”

“That’s still awesome!!” Ashido protested.

“Just training and patrol for me,” Asui said. “Though one time, we did catch some foreign smugglers.”

“That sounds awesome!!” Ashido cried.

“How’d the past week go for you, Ochako?” Asui asked the girl.

“It was very…” Ochako started, making a stance. “Intructive.”

“Ochako’s had some kind of awakening,” Asui said.

“She was with the battle hero, right?” Jirou asked.

“Such a transformation in just a single week,” Kaminari muttered from nearby.

“Transformation?” Mineta, who was conversing with him, asked. “Wrong, Kaminari. All women… hide their demonic natures deep within them!!”

“What happened to you with Mt. Lady?” Kaminari said, extending his hand in an attempt to keep Mineta from nibbling on his fingers in frustration. “I, on the other hand, was pretty spoiled. It was tons of fun. Now if you wanna talk the most transformative, most traumatic experiences..” he paused for a moment, looking around the class. “That’d be you three!!” he said, pointing to Izuku, Iida, and shouto, who were all standing around Shouto’s desk. (Shouto was sitting, the other two were standing.)

“Yeah, yeah, the hero killer!!” Sero cried as Bakugou was tugging on his hair.

“I was so worried,” Yaoyorozu said, looking at Izuku especially, and Izuku couldn’t help but blush from the attention.

“I’m just glad you’re still alive,” Kirishima said, though he was also still getting beat up by Bakugou. Though he and Sero didn’t seem to mind, as they were laughing while Bakugou attempted to put scratches on them.  

“But Deku came and save you, right?” Kirishima asked. ‘That’s our number six for you!!”

Shouto nodded. “Yes, he saved us,” he said, and Izuku nodded, sweating a little.

“So I saw on the news that..” Ojiro started, facing the three,” they think the hero killer’s connect to the league of villains? I hate to think how things could’ve turned out if a scary guy like him had shown up at USJ that time.”




“After being away for so long, I worked up a sweat,” Aoyama said as he used a small handkerchief to wipe his face.

“Man, I’ve gotta work on my mobility,” Kirishima said as he also started to pull off his costume.

They were in the locker room, after the class had ended. All Might had been proud and astonished by Izuku’s power with One for All, yet he had seemed.. Rather upset when he had Izuku to meet up with him later.

“You’ll just have to make up for it with reconnaissance,” Tokoyami responded, already almost completely changed, and finishing with his tie.

“We’ll fall behind at this rate,” Kaminari groaned, pulling off his shirt. “I’m jealous of you and Sero.”

“Hey, Midoriya!!” Mineta called, catching the boy off-guard as he was halfway through changing. Izuku froze, as the rest of the boys’ attention was turned to him . “I just made the discovery..” Mineta’s voice trailed off as he gaped.

“Those are…” Kirishima couldn’t tear his eyes away. “Oh my god. Are you alright, bro?” he asked, his expression not concealing the fact that he was totally worried about his friend.

“Yeah,” Satou said. “How’d those happen?”

Izuku didn’t say anything, completely frozen. Oh, why had Mineta called out at him while he was half-way through changing! If only he could have waited until Izuku was done!! Then nobody would have noticed!!

“I, um,” Izuku managed to stutter, but he couldn’t really say anything.

Jirou, who was in the girl’s locker room, was listening in, reporting to the other girls what she was hearing, as they had been worried that Mineta had found the hole in the wall. So far, all she had heard was the boys gaping at Midoriya because of.. Something on him?

“They’re just scars..” he finally managed to mumble, looking down at the ground and hiding his eyes with his hair, still unmoving as the other boys inspected him, and he watched as he saw the horror on their faces as they counted how many there were, where they could’ve come from, and other things about them. They didn’t seem to notice how Izuku was starting to tremble - and izuku was horrified to realise that it was fear causing him to shake this way.

“You’re making him feel bad,” Shouto said, already finished changing, and walking over to where Izuku was. “Stop. It’s not polite to stare at others scars.”

The other boys, though reluctant, turned away from Izuku to finish changing. While they still glanced every so often at the greenette, they did their best to keep their eyes off of him as he also finished changing.

Thank you, Izuku signed to Shouto, who nodded.

The other boys said nothing until he had finished changing and had grabbed his bag, before once again attacking him with their barrage of questions.

“How did you get those?” Satou asked.

“Are you okay, bro?” That was Kirishima.

“Why do they look so scary?” Mineta asked, and Izuku winced.

“You can’t just ask things like that!!” Iida said, scolding Mineta, but he didn’t ask any questions to Izuku of his own, although he was worried.

It’s nothing, Izuku signed, and the class was surprised when Todoroki translated. They’re just scars. Nothing to worry about.

It left a bad taste in the class’s mouth - even the girls, who had found out what was happening from Jirou. The girls decided that they would ask Izuku later, to make sure that the boy was okay.

Let’s go, Izuku signed to Shouto, grabbing his sleeve and pulling him away from the rest of the class. The boys could only stare as they watched the two go. Then they rushed after them, not wanting to be late to Aizawa’s homeroom.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 23

My Quirk


I don’t know if I’ve ever explained my quirk in my hero notebook before, because, well, Father would’ve found it.. And I never really explained it Dad and Pa, even after I became a pro-hero, and even Shouchan is curious, so why not?

So, my quirk is a hybrid of three. I get the fire from my sperm donor, the telekinesis from my mother, (though for some reason, mine is totally amplified), and the super strength from my grandfather. I’m not going to explain the super strength, because, well, I rarely use it, and I think it’s self explanatory. I sometimes use it when sparring with Mirio~senpai, but other than that, not really. Mirio~senpai says it’s weird whenever I call him senpair because I’m a pro-hero before him, but meh. He never notices it when I use One for ALl around him though, which is good. I don’t think he’s ever seen my out of costume.

Fudge, I got off track. Um, let’s see, my quirk! So, I can create fire. From anywhere in my body. It’s kind of different from Shouchan’s, though. Shouchan’s fire uses him as the burning fuel, and yet he doesn’t get burned or scorched by it. I’ve never actually directly touched my flames myself, so I don’t know whether or not it can burn me, and, well, I never want to find out. It feels weird explaining this quirk so calmly, because it’s what I got from Father… and… I really, really don’t like this quirk. When I first got it, I had such a bad panic attack, because I thought that I would become just as bad as him. It was.. Really hard when I used it around Dad and Pa for the first time too. I mean, I did it, but I was kind of forcing it out, and it was terrifying. I hated it, so, so much. It’s gotten better, but I still tremble at the sight of fire, unless I’m in my hero costume. When I’m in my hero costume, It’s like I’m wearing this mask, or putting up a facade that I’m this emotionally and mentally stable person, so I’m able to act like it. So fire is okay when I’m either in costume, or saving someone. But otherwise… I tremble at the sight of even my own fire. The only fire that is kay, the only fire that will probably ever be okay is Shouto’s fire. His fire is warm and… loving. I love his fire. It’s weird.

Oh, but back to explaining it I guess. My fire, well, it doesn’t really need anything to burn. I mean, the flame needs to be near my body when it first forms, unless I’m deliberately setting something on fire. Then I can throw the fire or move it around in the air using my telekinesis, and it won’t need any fuel. I don’t really know how it works, and I’ve never really been in the mood to experiment with it, either.

The other half of my quirk is the telekinesis that I got from my mother. It’s… really powerful. I can grab pretty much anything with it, even air and soundwaves and stuff. I really like it, because I can fly with it, or carry things without having to use my arms when I’m tired. Though it sometimes gives me huge headaches, which I don’t like. But yeah, it’s just plain old telekinesis. It’s harder for me to grab things that are fighting against my grip, like an animal or person that’s physically moving, but for some reason the force of gravity doesn’t really affect me when I’m holding onto something with telekinesis, unless I’m super tired. So.. a lot more often than I’d like to admit.

I don’t really know much about my super strength quirk yet, but I’m planning on using it when I go to U.A., so I’ll learn more about it then!! I hope this satisfies your curiosity!!


That’s an extremely powerful quirk. Honestly, I’m surprised you’ve managed to convince yourself to use your fire, when I still… Nevermind. Though having a quirk like yours, at least the telekinesis, sounds like it has a lot of potential for fun. I might have to borrow you sometime, whenever I want to piss off my sperm donor.

I think your quirk is really cool, Zuku. Thanks for writing about it.

I love you.

- Shouto

Chapter Text

“I realize this got a little dark…” All Might said, a little sheepish. They were sitting in one of the staff rooms, just having finished discussing the creation of One for All, and it's purpose. 

“I’ll do my best!!” Izuku jumped up from the couch, making fists with his hands. “Whatever you say, All Might.. I’ll step up to the challenge!! As long as you’re by my side, I can do anything!! That’s how I feel, anyway!!!”

All Might didn’t respond for a few seconds, and Izuku wondered what he had said wrong. To be honest, Izuku wasn’t really thinking straight - just a few minutes prior, all of his classmates had either seen or heard about his scars, and now All Might had unloaded all of this information on him…

“No,” Izuku whispered just as All Might opened his mouth to speak. “No, you can’t…” Izuku started mumbling now, his voice growing louder and louder until he was shouting, and All Might’s eyes widened in surprise. Izuku had never shouted before - he had never heard Izuku raise his voice, even when he had been fighting against Bakugou that one time!!  “You can’t you can’t you can’t!! You have to be there!! You need to be there!!” he yelled, until there were tears flowing from his eyes, and yet All Might’s guilty and surprised expression did not change. He just looked… so melancholy.

“No,” Izuku sobbed, falling to his knees. “I can’t lose you too,” he whispered, clutching at his arms, so tight that All Might was worried that his circulation was going to get cut off. “I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t want to lose you.”

All Might couldn’t do anything other than to hug the boy. “I’ll do everything I can to be there,” he whispered after a few minutes.




Izuku still felt everyone’s eyes on him when they were seated in home room, waiting for Aizawa to make the last announcements of the day, though he didn’t really comprehend it that much. His mind was still stuck on the conversation that he and All Might had just had.. Honestly, he was surprised he had managed to motivate himself to come to class. A Level 6 situation was really dangerous… Izuku wasn’t sure if we would be able to force a smile if any of his classmates approached him, and he didn’t want them to think it was their fault…

“Uh…” Aizawa said, looking at the paper in his hands. He was glancing at Izuku every so often, extremely worried about his poor boy. What had happened? Instead of standing up here teaching class, Aizawa wanted to grab the boy and take him somewhere warm and safe, and maybe with a lot of coffee. But no, damn it, he had his job!! He had to wait a few more minutes, to spare Izuku’s pride! Then he could help the boy.

“Summer vacation’s close at hand,” Aizawa finally said. “Of course, it would be completely irrational for all of you to take a whole month off.”

“Don’t tell me..” Kaminari started, turning towards Kirishima, who also frowned with worry.

“You’ll be doing a summer training camp in the woods,” Aizawa finished.

“I freaking knew it!!” Kaminari said, grinning. “Nice!!”

“Truth or dare!!” Ashido cried, punching the air and grinning.

“Bath houses!!” Mineta shouted, and he felt a huge tremor of fear when.. Izuku glared at him. Had Midoriya always been that scary?

“Fireworks,” Asui said, excited.

“Since we’ll be out in nature, our training activites’ll probably be different, too!” Ochako said, clapping her hands together and grinning.

“So it’s all about making the right decisions regardless of environment..” Ojiro murmured. “Cool.”

“All of us living together! I’m pumped!!” Jiro said, grinning at Yaoyorozu, who smiled back at the rocking girl.

“However..” Aizawa started, and the class quieted down to listen. “Anyone who doesn’t pass the upcoming final exams is in for summer school hell, right here.”

“Do your best, guys!!” Kirishima shouted to everyone, making a fist.

“So freaking stupid,” Bakugou muttered in front of Izuku, but other than that, he remained strangely quiet. How… strange.

“Do your best, girls!!” Mineta shouted from behind Izuku.




“Hey, Midoriya!” Kirishima called to Izuku, who turned around from his backpack to face the boy, forcing a smile onto his face. He didn’t know if it looked convincing, but Shouto nodded to hi, once, so he believed that it was good enough.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Did you check out that T.V. show I showed you the other day?” Kirishima asked.

“Oh!” Izuku cried, (though he was still quiet), relieved that Kirishima wasn’t asking about his scars. Kirishima seemed to have understood that he didn’t want to talk about it, for which Izuku was grateful. “I actually did!! I finished all 5 seasons, and I have notes written on it if you want to check them out!!”

“Wait, what?” Kirishima froze.

Izku nodded. “Yeah, here, one second..” He opened his backpack and pulled out a small notebook that he had bought the other day just for this purpose. “I did an analysis on the story line, along with a bunch of other things, such as the character personalities and quirks in order to determine what the outcome of the story could be, when the next season comes out in a few months, and I also found a lot of hidden secrets and hidden easter eggs…”

“Woah, bro, slow down,” Kirishima said, and Izuku paused, tilting his head in confusion. “I suggested the show to you yesterday. How did you already do that much?”

Izuku frowned. “I don’t know what you mean. I just did what I thought was perfectly normal.”

“I- are you serious?” Kirishima asked. “Is this kid serious?” he turned to ask the rest of the class, and the others were also staring at Izuku in amazement.

“I… did I do something wrong?” Izuku asked, worried. “If so, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you..”

“No, man!!” Kirishima said, interrupting the greenette. “That’s awesome!! I totally want to check out your analyses!”

“Oh!!” Izuku said, and he grinned - a genuine grin, for once. (And woah, he had never dropped Levels so fast. Level 6 to Level 4? That was a real shock for Izuku.) he handed Kirishima the notebook. “Sure, here!! I really enjoyed the series!!”

“Thanks, man!” Kirishima said, opening the first page, and then his eyes were as wide as saucers. “Dude, you’re a god!!” he cried, and he flipped through the other pages as well. “How did you complete this much in one night??” he asked. “Did you even get any sleep?!”

Izuku nodded. “Of course I got sleep,” he said. Sure, he had finally climbed into bed at 3 in the morning, with his two fathers hugging him, but that still meant he got a good three hours of sleep, so.. Yes, he did sleep last night. “I just get really passionate about everything,” he mumbled, a little embarrassed by all the positive attention he was getting.

“That’s so cool, Midoriya!!” Satou called from behind Kirishima, walking towards the two of them, and soon, there was a crowd around the two. “Would you mind if I asked you to check out some things for me? Like a baking show or something that I enjoy! I don’t really have anyone to talk to about that stuff!!”

Izuku nodded. “Sure!!” he smiled, grabbing another notebook from his backpack, and god, how many of those did he have? “What’s it called?”

He wrote down the name that Satou told him.

“Hey, Midoriya, do you think that you could check out this game I’m really into?” Kaminari asked, and Izuku nodded.

“Would you mind if I recommended you a book series?” Tokoyami asked, and Izuku nodded again.

“What about dance?” Ashido called to him.

“Would you be interested in poetry?” Aoyama called to him.

As the rest of the class shouted their barrage of hobbies at him, Izuku seemed happy, writing everything down in his notebook. The problem seemed to have solved itself, but Aizawa would make sure to keep an eye on his son in case Izuku had a relapse into the bad mood.

When the rest of the class finally left, Izuku and Shouto were left standing there, along with Aizawa~sensei.

“Sensei?” Shouto called to the teacher as Izuku was packing up his things. The man grunted in response. “Has Izuku eaten anything today?”

Shouto narrowed his eyes when the teacher sighed. “Hizashi and I managed to get him to eat an egg this morning, but nothing else.”

“I’m fine, Shouto!!” Izuku said, finally finished packing and having made his way towards the two.

“What time is his patrol?” Shouto asked.

“Starts in around two hours,” Aizawa responded, letting the smallest smirk on to his face. Oh, he knew where this was going, and he was liking it.

“I’ll make sure to return him in an hour and a half, then,” Shouto said, grabbing Izuku’s hand, despite Izuku’s protests, and they made their way out of the classroom.

Aizawa sighed with relief. Thank god Izuku had Shouto. Aizawa decided that he would thank the kid, somehow, later. Actually…

“So, care to explain why the two of you are holding hands?” Ochako asked the two, smirking. She was standing behind them, having waited outside the classroom door, along with Iida, who wasn’t surprised. He had told the girl to respect their privacy, but here they were.

Izuku jolted in surprise, and turned to look at Ochako, sweating in nervousness.
“W-well,” he stuttered. “Y-you see..”

“Level 3,” Shouto murmured, and the three of them turned to him. Izuku realized that Shouto was right. How had he realized even before Izuku had? “That’s good.” He then turned to Ochako and Iida. “I’m taking my boyfriend to eat food. Would you like to join us?” he offered.

“Your boyfriend!!??” Ochako asked, squealing as she quickly got out her phone to record this moment. “Oh my gosh Izuku when did this happen?” she asked, jumping up and down excitedly. The red camera button was beeping, and Ochako knew that she was going to send this to the girl’s chat as soon as she was done recording.

“It, um, uh..” Izuku stuttered, looking down at the floor, tomato red. He glanced at Shouto, with a desperate, please help me expression, and Shouto allowed the tiniest smile to appear on his face - one that Ochako gasped at.

“It’s not a new development,” Shouto explained after it was clear that Izuku would say nothing more. “We’ve been dating for about a year now.”

“Little over a year,” Izuku mumbled.

“Technicalities,” Shouto retorted. “Anyways, my offer still stands. Would you like to join us to get food?”

“Of course!!” Ochako cried, stopping the recording and sending it the girl’s group chat. “We’d love to join, right, Iida?” she asked, and the class president could only nod, a little guilty and apologetic.





Oh my god. Midoriya, you lied to us.



No I didn’t!! I just withheld some of the truth.



Essentially the same thing.



Agreed. Midoriya, why was your relationship kept a secret?



I don’t know how to answer this question. One sec.

This is Todoroki. I asked that our relationship be kept quite, due to the fact that I would not wish my boyfriend to get attacked.



Attacked? By who?



I’d rather you didn’t know.

Actually, now that I have Zuku’s phone, I’m going to use this opportunity to change his username.









I agree. That is an adorable nickname, Todoroki~Kun.


Depressed has changed their name to   Cinnamon-Cat



There, now we match. I’m going to give the phone back to Izuku now.



You match? Oh my gosh, Deku, what’s Todoroki’s username?



It’s Warm-and-Cold-Cat.

Also, this is the first time I’ve changed my username in like, three years.



I’m screaming right now.



I am also partaking in that certain activity.




“You’re strangely quiet,” Mitsuki said to her son that night while they were eating dinner. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” the boy immediately responded, before going back to chomping on his rice. After swallowing, he glared at his bowl. “I was just thinking.. When we saw Auntie Inko like two weeks ago, you asked her why she wasn’t in the hospital. What was that supposed to mean?”

Mitsuki silently cursed herself. “Oh, you caught that, huh?”

“Course I did,” Katsuki muttered, taking another bite of his rice. “It was obvious as fuck.”

“Don’t swear at the dinner table,” Masaru said, but both blonds ignored him.

“It’s because, well..” Mitsuki sighed as she set down her chopsticks. “Inko has been hospitalized for the last three years.”

Katsuki stared at her. “The last three years?” he asked. His mother nodded. He suddenly jumped up, both hands slammed onto the table and he growled. “You didn’t tell me?” he asked, menacing.

Mitsuki glared right back at him. “It wasn’t our story to tell,” she stated.

“Oh, well, you think that you could at least tell me the story of how the shitty Deku got all his scars?” he growled.

This time, Masaru didn’t raise his voice about language, as he was just as frozen as Mitsuki, their faces pale. “Scars?” Mitsuki asked.

“Yeah,” Katsuki said, realizing that his parents hadn’t known either. “Nasty ones, that looked years old when I saw them.”

He was surprised when his mother’s breath hitched. “We knew about..” she murmured. “But we were never told about scars. Oh, that poor boy..”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Katsuki asked, ignoring his father’s sigh.

“It isn’t our story to tell,” Mitsuku repeated, which infuriated Katsuki, and he made a fist. She glared right back at him, standing up and smacking him on the head. “And you’re not allowed to ask him about it, do you hear?!” she said. “If he tells you, he’ll tell you because he wants to!!”

Later that night, Katsuki found himself restless in bed. He had seen those burn scars that Izuku had… well, everywhere. Those.. They couldn’t be from him, could they? Had he gotten all of those from Katsuki?



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 23 (Continuation)

My Quirk 


(This next part of the page is written in invisible ink, so that Shouto won’t be able to read it. Also, this part of the page is written in this chapter because the author forgot to add it into the last chapter.)

Additional Information that I thought was weird: Ever since I got One for All, Dad hasn’t been able to erase my quirk. Well, no that’s not exactly true. But he can only erase one quirk at a time. So.. let’s say that I was using One for All, and Dad canceled that out using his quirk. Even if he didn’t let go of his hold of me, I’d still be able to use my original quirk, which is the telekinesis and the fire stuff. So.. It’s really weird. I’d want to experiment, but I don’t ever really like experimenting with my own quirk that much.

Still though, I thought it was a little weird thing worth mentioning.


Midoriya Inko’s Notebook

Page 1


The doctors told me to try writing my thoughts in my notebook, like my son does, so they got me this notebook to start. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to write here, so I guess I’ll start with what the hospital is like.

The room is nice, I guess. It’s a little better than the apartment my son and I were living in a while back. I wonder if he’s doing okay. I wonder if they’ve figured out how to get him to eat yet. Oh well. Maybe if they come visit me, I’ll tell them the trick.

Back to the hospital room - it’s comfy - it’s kind of like a one-room apartment. I like it. The bed is really nice, too.

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to expect from being here. Literally all I’ve done since getting here is settle in. They gave me this notebook yesterday, but that’s it.

I met another person here though. Her name is Todoroki Rei, and she seems nice. She’s surprisingly in the hospital for the same reason as I: to learn how to love her son again. Or not exactly that, but something along those lines. I hope we can be friends. I miss Mitsuki.

I don’t really know what else to write right now. Should I make this notebook in a ‘Dear Diary’ format? I’m not sure.

When I asked Rei, she said that she sometimes, to relieve stress, wrote letters to her children. One of her older sons and her daughter come to visit her sometimes, apparently, and she gives her letters to them then. I guess I’ll do that too. So, the next page will be like a letter to Izuku.

I still hate him. But it’s strange.. I can’t wait to see his face again.

Chapter Text

When Izuku climbed into Shouto’s room from the window after patrol, he gasped at what he saw before him.

“Oh my gosh you’re drawing on yourself again?” Izuku let the words all out in one breath, rushing forward to watch as his boyfriend used a white gel pen to to dot another star on his knee.

“Hey, Zuku,” Shouto mumbled, not tearing his eyes away from where he was drawing a galaxy pattern. He finished dotting a few more stars, before reaching over towards his desk to grab a purple marker to make a few more strokes. “What do you think?” he asked, displaying his work.

“It’s amazing!” Izuku grinned. “I know I’ve already said this a million times before, but if you ever decide to not become a hero, you should be a body artist!!”

Shouto shrugged. “Thanks,” he said, monotone as usual.

“When was the last time you drew on yourself?” Izuku asked him, starting to pull off his green jumpsuit. He was wearing another pair of clothes underneath, so Shouto wondered how he never got hot. Though people with fire-type quirks were generally able to withstand heat…

“I don’t know,” Shouto said, pulling his foot back onto his chair to look at his knee. “Five months, maybe?” he phrased it as a question.

“It’s nice to see you doing it again!!” Izuku said, shoving his costume into his backpack.

“You know, Zuku, most people would scold others for that,” Shouto told the greenette.

“Oh, really?” Izuku asked. “I didn’t know that… how come?”

Shouto shrugged. “I don’t really know either.. I mean, I have these special pens that are made specifically for skin, so they’re not poisonous…”

Izuku frowned. “That’s weird.”

Shouto nodded. “Uh, anyways, looks like you’re back in a good mood again,” he murmured. Smooth, Shouto.

Izuku grinned. “Yup! Level 3, like you said earlier! It’s all thanks to you, though, so thank you!! I honestly can’t believe I dropped from Level 6 to Level 3 in less than an hour!! It’s all thanks to you!!” he gave the other a thumbs-up.

“Hey, can you give me your right hand?” Shouto asked, him, setting his pens back down onto his desk.

“Why?’” Izuku asked, but complied anyway, placing his hand in Shouto’s, although it was in the sleeve of his shirt. “Eh?” he let a small noise of confusion out when Shouto pushed his sleeve up to look at his hand intently. He flipped it around a bunch, specifically looking at the.. Scars.

“Uh, Shouto?” Izuku asked, blushing, (as he never really liked showing his scars), after the silence had lasted for a good ten seconds.

“I can work with this..” Shouto muttered, letting go of Izuku’s hand in order to grab a few different markers from his desk. After grabbing the colors he wanted, he turned to Izuku. “Would you comply if I asked you to take your shirt off?”

“I-I’m sorry?” Izuku stuttered, his face going bright red. What was Shouto talking about?

“Could you take your shirt off?” Shouto asked again, his voice still monotone.

“I, um, sure…” Izuku said cautiously pulling off his black long-sleeved shirt, though he never exposed this much skin to… anyone. He felt self-conscious. Shouto wasn’t going to judge him for his scars, right?

“Turn around and sit down,” Shouto said, and Izuku complied, though he was still worried. But Izuku could trust Shouto, so he listened, watching as Shouto got off of his own chair, and sat down on the floor behind Izuku.

“You like cherry trees, right?” Shouto asked. “Or would you like some other plant?”

“I, eh?” Izuku repeated. “Um… A sakura tree is fine,” he whispered, not really trusting his voice.

“Got it.”

He heard the sound of a marker opening, and Izuku felt a small tickling on his back. He started to turn to see what was happening, but Shouto’s “Don’t move,” stopped him.

“I… What are you doing, Shouchan?” Izuku asked as he felt more tickles on his back, though he had a pretty good idea of what was happening already.

“Drawing,” the half-and-half boy responded, and Izuku smiled, fidgeting with his fingers as he blushed.




“Dad! Pa! I’m back!!” Izuku called as he left his shoes on the yuka, and walked into the living room, where his Dad was watching the News.

“Oh, good,” Hizashi called from the kitchen. He was making dinner for the three - late dinners at around 11:00 or 12:00 weren’t uncommon for the family, as all three of them were heroes. Though Hizashi did his best to make sure that he got to sleep before it became 1:00. Shouta and Izuku, however.. They were lost causes.  “We were starting to get worried, you usually aren’t out that late.”

“Sorry,” Izuku said, walking past them and into his room to drop his backpack into his room. When he walked back into the living room, he had a smile that would outshine a million suns.

“Did something good happen?” Shouta asked his son, turning away from the T.V., and Izuku nodded, walking towards his father.

“Here, look what Shouto did for me,” he said, tearing up, as he pulled his shirt off - something that surprised both Hiashi and Shouta. Sure, they had seen Izuku’s scars before, but the boy would rarely ever willingly shed his clothes to show them.

Hizashi and Shouta could only stare at the beautiful tree that had been drawn onto Izuku’s back - a tree that had branches growing in just the right places to conceal Izuku’s scars. The branches also reached to his arms, covering the scars there as well. The branches also went over Izuku’s shoulders and to his chest - covering the nasty scar he had on his chest - the one that Izuku had often refused to talk about. On the branches were beautiful sakura flowers - each on was delicately drawn on, and Shouta wondered how long it must have taken to draw each individual one. He hadn’t noticed it before, but Izuku had sakura flowers on both his palms, and the backs of his hands.

“Isn’t it pretty?” Izuku asked, letting the tears fall from his eyes.

“It’s beautiful, Izuku,” Hizashi murmured, leaving the fried rice he had on the pan to burn, and walking over to his son to give the crying boy a hug.

Shouta sighed, grumbling as he stood up, before joining them in their family hug.

Oh, now Shouta definitely owed his problem child’s boyfriend.. And he had a good idea on how he could do it. So what if meant that he was going to be playing favorites?




“Woah, Deku~kun, those are so pretty!!” Ochako cried the next day, grabbing his hands in order to look at the flowers drawn on. “Did you draw these yourself?”

Izuku shook his head. “My boyfriend drew them for me,” he mumbled quietly, surprising a majority of the class. Izuku.. Was gay? And he wasn’t single? Bakugou seemed frozen in his seat, not being able to do anything other than to look down at his desk in astonishment.

“Really?” Ochako asked, and Izuku, tomato red, nodded. “Todoroki~kun drew these?”

The heads of everyone in the class turned towards the half-and-half boy, who was currently sketching in his notebook. When he noticed the attention, he nodded his head to them in greeting, before going back to sketching.

Ochako tugged Izuku by his hands toward Shouto's desk. “These are amazing, Todoroki~kun!!” she cried, and a bunch of the other girls also walked up to his desk to check out the flowers that Ochako was talking about. Mineta watched with jealousy, and wiped a little bit of saliva from his lips.

“Woah, you’re right!!” Jirou said, grabbing Izuku’s other hand to inspect the flowers. “These are really cool!!” She displayed his hand towards Yaoyorozu, who also nodded.

“How did you make them, Todoroki~kun?” she asked, but suddenly, behind her, the majority of Class 1-A had shown up.

“Sorry, hold-up,” Kirishima started, raising his hands. “What was that about Todoroki being your boyfriend, Midoriya?” he asked the greenette, who started blushing profusely.

“I-it’s, uh, umm…” Oh, how Izuku wished he could sign!! But the girls had currently conquered his hands, making him unable to use them.

“They’ve apparently been dating for a little over a year now!!” Ashido told the class, grinning proudly as if she was the one in a relationship with Todoroki.

“A year?” Kaminari asked. “What? But we never - why did you guys keep it a secret?”

“My dad is an asshole,” Todoroki said, finally making a comment of his own, but he didn’t look from his notebook, a bored expression on his face as he continued sketching. The kids who were standing next to him realized that it was a sketch of Midoriya - and that there were a lot more on the page. “I didn’t want him to find out,” he continued. “But then I decided that that was stupid, so now we’re not going to put any effort into hiding from him.”

“Language, Shou,” Izuku sighed.

“S’not like you’re any better,” Shouto retorted.

“I only swear when I’m on Level 4, thank you very much,” Izuku smiled ruefully.

“Level 4? What’s that?” Satou asked.

Izuku shook his head. “It’s nothing.” He looked at the girls, who still had firm grips on his hands, and were taking pictures with their cellphones. “I can show you the rest later, if Shouto’s okay with that,” Izuku told them.


“There’s more?” Hagakure shouted, and Izuku nodded.

“I, um, I kind of need my hands write now, though,” he mumbled, his cheeks a cherry red.

“Oh, right. Sorry.”

“It’s not a problem!” Izuku smiled at them, before walking back to his desk to grab his notebook. “So, um, about all those things you guys recommended to me yesterday - I’ve already finished making analyses about them, found hidden easter eggs, and - ”

“He’s a god!” Mineta shouted, standing on his desk, which was right behind Izuku’s.

“I think the entire class is aware of that,” a new voice said, and they all turned to see Aizawa sensei standing there, looking a little impatient. “Sit down. We’re beginning class.”  



Midoriya Inko’s Notebook

Page 2


Hello, Izuku. I am trying this… letter thing that Rei~san told me about. I hope that you will appreciate it, but I am not exactly enjoying myself writing this.

The doctors said I should just write out my thoughts here, so I believe I’m supposed to be writing how I feel about you in here.

You have green hair, just like mine. It’s curly, like his , which isn’t the best, but I guess it’s okay. It’s really fluffy, and it’s sometimes relaxing to braid. Your eyes are like mine, too. But yours are a lot prettier, darker, more emerald like. If you look really closely, you can see a red tint in them as well. I think that if you wore red contacts, they would look really good on you. Though it would make you look more like him. You got his freckles as well. I don’t like them. They’re.. I sometimes wish that I could just wipe them off of your face. I don’t like them.

You can make good food. I wonder if you’ve actually been eating anything since those two pro-heroes got custody of you. I wonder if they’re going to come ask me for the trick, or if you’ll be able to make you eat. Though if they do manage to get you to eat something, I doubt that it’ll be more than barely enough. So I’ll teach them the trick if they come visit with you. A growing boy needs food.

You always listen to my instructions, which is nice. I mean, you have been rebellious a few times, but you usually always listen to me, so that’s nice, You’re very compliant in Level 4 - it’s my favorite Level out of your 10. I hate your Level 10. Please don’t ever go into your Level 10 again. I wonder if you even remember…

Anyways, I think I’ve written enough for today. This reminds me of those weird memos you made me write in your stupid notebooks, but it’s fine I guess. I wonder if those heroes will remember to buy you knew ones. I hope they’ll give you a decent education, as well.

And hey, you don’t have to deal with Katsuki now. Good for you.

I still hate you, but I’m hoping that’ll change.

- Mom

Chapter Text

“Hello, everyone!!” All Might called to the class as they all walked out in their costumes, ready for hero-training. They were back at the USJ. “I know this place might have bad memories for you, but we’ve made sure that it’s safe this time!!” All Might gave the students a thumbs up.

He froze slightly when he realized that Young Midoriya wasn’t wearing the bandages of his costumes, like he usually did. Instead, there were branches and flowers drawn onto his arms, hiding the scars that Izuku had received after years of neglect and abuse, along with villain fights.

He jolted slightly when Iida coughed. “Oh, um, excuse me,” All Might said, embarrassed, as he he took out a huge stack of paper.

“Wait, sensei, you’re going to read that?” Kirishima asked, a worried tone in his voice - if that was the case, he was going to have a lot of trouble remembering the rules that they would be asking. Kaminari, who was beside him, also nodded his head with the same worry.

“Nope!!” All Might grinned at the two. “Let me explain. I doubt many of you know this, but Pro-hero Deku is actually one of the staff members here.”

“Oh my gosh really??” Uraraka asked, jumping up and down, and Asui, who was standing next to her, smiled at the brunette. Yaoyorozu and Jirou also seemed to be excited, as well as the rest of the class. They had suddenly broken off into conversation - all discussing the possibilities of what having Deku as a teacher meant - and asking the others if they had known. Izuku was surprised when Yaoyorozu claimed to have known - but he decided that that must of been because she checked the staff list or something.

“That’s so awesome!!” Kaminari shouted. “Is he going to be teaching us today?”

When All Might raised his hand for quiet, the class shut their mouths. None of them realized how Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya had been oddly quiet.

“Not quite,” All Might responded to Kaminari’s question. “Deku was unable to make it today due to.. Personal reasons. However,” he pointed to the huge stack of papers he was carrying. “Deku has seen all of your progress, your quirks, your personalities, and other such factors that helped him determine what you need to improve. So he wrote a packet for each and every one of you, explaining his thoughts and training mechanisms he would have taught you if he was here.” He handed a packet to each student, their names on the top of each one.

“Woah, these are thick!!” Ashido cried, almost dropping the packet. While it wasn’t that heavy, it had been much heavier than she had expected it to be.

All Might nodded. “This just proves how much dedication and effort Deku put into making these for you!!” he exclaimed, handing the final packet to Izuku. Izuku’s packet was just as thick as the rest - though only the first two contained actual, useful information. Nezu had pulled this on him just last week - and he had pulled three all-nighters in a row to complete them, so that he would have more free time for the remaining three days of the week. But when Izuku had saved his for last, he had gotten tired, (after not sleeping for three days), so he only wrote the first two pages, (though they were still double-sided) and he filled the remaining 10 pages with the Bee Movie script. He didn’t know why, but it was apparently something that was popular, so he had decided to do the same.

“Your training and activities will all be different!” All Might continued. “You might end up working with another classmate, or be working on your own!! Your packets will tell you what you are to do!! And while the packet will explain to you things that you need to learn, it will also ask you questions to help you come to answer yourself!!”

“Interesting,” Tokoyami said, flipping through a few pages. “These seem to be perfect. Very perfect. And Deku made one of these for every single member of the class?”

“How much time did it take?” Aoyama asked, beaming at his paper, sparkles literally floating around him and his cape.

The class was surprised when All Might let out a long sigh. “That idiotic boy was so pumped up to write these that he pulled three all-nights in a row,” he turned towards the class. “It’s why we’re considering that next time, instead of having him write packets for you we’ll actually have him come teach you instead.”

“Three all-nighters in a row??” Ashido exclaimed, and All Might nodded.

“Do not be too surprised,” their blond teacher said. “It’s actually not that quite uncommon for him to do something like that. And he enjoyed himself writing those, so don’t feel too guilty.” He paused, before grinning again to continue.. “Anyways,  everything you need has already been set up!!” Izuku had come during the weekend to set everything up, and was pleased to see that everything was still in its place. “So read your packets, and find out what you’re doing!!”

“I finished reading mine,” Todoroki whispered to Izuku as the class all started talking to each other at once, comparing the notes that the youngest pro-hero had given them. “And I love you so much.”

“What did pro-hero Deku ask of you, Todoroki~Kun?” Iida asked, walking over towards the two.

Shouto lifted his packet up so that Iida could see it. “He set up a target practice with my fire,” he said, monotone, before a tiny smile appeared on his face. “Except that all of the targets are Endeavour merch.”

“Oh, how strange,” Iida said, looking over at Izuku, who’s beaming smile seemed to be real. “Is there any reason that the targets are Endeavour?”

“It’s because I have an awesome boyfriend,” Shouto said, pulling his paper back, glad that nobody was listening to their conversation, to involved in their own.

“Awww, thanks, Shou!!” Izuku’s grin widened. “I would ask what’s on yours, Iida, but I already know. I hope that you’ll enjoy it!!”

Iida sighed. “While I understand the need of learning how to use my quirk in all sorts of situations, I doubt that I will enjoy running around in the rain, at full speed.” He then shook his head, standing up straighter, if that was even possible. “But it is something I need to learn!! So I will use this training opportunity to the best of my ability!!”

“What’s in your packet, Zuku?” Shouto asked the greenette, and he was surprised when the boy’s smile faded and he sighed.

“The Bee Movie script,” he admitted, extending his painted hand towards the two so that they could read the packet.

“Looks fine to me,” Shouto said as he flipped through the first two pages. “Oh.”

“I was tired,” Izuku mumbled quietly.

Shouto laughed - a sound that surprised the majority of the class, and they stopped talking, turning to watch the miracle. They watched as Todoroki handed Midoriya his packet back, with the tiniest smile on his face that they almost missed.




“I’m so tired..” Ashido groaned as she lay her head on her desk.

“Same,” Jirou called, sighing as she let go of her backpack and finally sat down.

“It was awesome, though!!” Kirishima said, making a fist, and grinning at the his classmates, who were all exhausted in their own way. “I feel a lot more prepared for the final exams!!”

“Yeah,” Shouji agreed. “I didn’t even complete all of the stuff in my packet, but I still feel like I improved a lot today.”

“Ribbit,” Asui agree, not lifting her head from her desk.

Izuku smiled as he sipped on his coffee - he was glad that his classmates had found his pcakets helpful!! Even Shouto looked enlightened!!

Later, once Aizawa~sensei had given his announcements, Uraraka told Izuku that she would be leaving sooner without them, as the girls had decided to have a girl’s night out. Izuku, of course, had been invited, but he politely declined, promising that he would go to the next one - and regretting that promise already, because he knew they would hold him to it.




“Ouch!” Izuku cried when an elbow hit the back of his head. When he turned around to see what had happened, he saw Monomo of Class B standing behind him, holding his tray.

“Ah, sorry,” the boy said. “My tray just couldn’t get around that big head of yours.” He smiled at them creepily. “I hear you guys ran into the hero killer.” Izuku, Shouto, and Iida froze. “I guess the sports festival wasn’t enough. You just keep getting attention with one stunt after another, huh, Class A? But now it’s looking like that attention isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s starting to get dangerous, right? Pretty scary! I’m just worried, that, one of these days, we’re all going to get caught -”

Monoma froze when Izuku grabbed the boy’s wrist, and Izuku caught the boy’s tray before it could fall to the ground.

“I was fine with you insulting me,” the greenette said, staring at Monoma, and Monoma felt a shiver of fear go down his spine. Had the greenette’s eyes… always glowed? “But please don’t accuse my friends of things that they can’t control. And danger comes with being a pro-hero. If you can’t handle that, you shouldn’t be in this school.” He let go of Monoma’s wrist, and handed the boy back his tray.

“Sorry about that,” Kendo, the class president of 1-B, walked over and smacked Monoma on the back. “This guy over here is kind of a walking disaster. I, um, I overheard your guys saying you’re not sure about the practical exam,” she said. “Between you and me, I hear it’ll be a battle against robots, like in the entrance exam.”

“How did you know?” Asui asked.

Before the orange-haired girl could respond, Izuku interrupted. “It’s not. The teachers will be splitting us up into groups of two, and then we’ll have to battle them.”

“I, uh, what?” Kendou asked, as she was lifting Monoma up by the shirt.

“We’ll be battling against the teachers,” Izuku repeated.

“Oh!” Kendou said, turning a little red. “Well, thanks for the info!! Come on, Monoma.” she dragged the blond along with her.

“How did you know that, Midoriya~chan?” Asui asked. “And why didn’t you say anything until she came?”

Izuku shrugged, smiling sheepishly. The people at his table felt a little relief when his eyes seemed to go back to normal. “It was my way of thanking her. I wasn’t actually supposed to tell anyone, I accidentally overheard the teachers talking about it. I apparently have little presence.” Izuku thought about how much he would have to apologize to his Dad, later, and sighed. He had known from the beginning, as he was the one who had come up with the idea, and it wasn’t like his Dad had told him not to tell anyone, but… it had been heavily implied.

“Oh,” Ochako said, taking another bite of her rice. “But won’t you get in trouble?”

Izuku shrugged. “It’s fine, they can’t punish me that bad.”




“I’ll open the gulf between us so wide.. It’ll kill you dead!!” Bakugou shouted, pointing at Izuku. “You two, Todoroki!!” He shouted as he slammed the door open and walked out of the classroom.

“Well, that was nice of him,” Izuku whispered after he left. He felt himself trembling, but hoped that nobody else would notice. Though why was he trembling? Kacchan was a million times nicer when he said that then he usually was!!

“Doesn’t change the fact that he’s an ass,” Shouto responded, walking past Izuku and opening Izuku’s backpack to pull out two cans of coffee, and he tossed one to Izuku, who thankfully caught it.

“Shou, Language,” Izuku said, opening the can of coffee and taking a sip, smiling when his trembling stopped.

“Haven’t seen Bakugou so serious in a while...” Kirishima said, rubbing the back of his head.

“Is it uneasiness?” Tokoyami asked. “Or sheer hatred?”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 24

Mom’s Notebook


It was nice to get to read Mom’s notebook. It was… really enlightening. I kind of.. I finally understand her thought process now. I’m going to visit her soon, so I can thank her for writing the notebook!!

She writes a lot about me, which I guess is nice!! Though a bunch of the information is wrong, because mom says that my suicide attempt happened when I was in Level 10 , when, well… that’s just not true. I’d tell her, but I don’t want to embarrass her or anything. Maybe I’ll tell her when I’m actually in Level 10 . I don’t want it to happen, but I know it’s unavoidable.

My favorite entries are the ones that she makes near the end of the notebook; they’re all really nice and kind, and they make my heart warm and fuzzy when I read them. I’m really glad that she gave me the notebook. I think that the next time I have a nightmare or something bad happens, I’ll just open the notebook and read it.

I didn’t really like the first entries, though, because, well… they remind me of all the ways I failed mom… I wonder if I should get my hair straightened.. And I could use the makeup I use to cover my eyebags to cover my freckles, too… but then it would be really obvious that I’m wearing makeup, and I don’t really want that…


Sometimes, in the notebook, mom kind of focuses on a specific scar I have, which is kind of weird, but it’s nice to read her opinions about them. I can tell that she wrote some of them in a bad mood, because those times, she wrote a lot of… bad things about my scars. But the ones where she was in a good mood, she wrote really nice things about them!! About how she was proud of me!! So… that made me really happy.

I love my mom.

IN a few of her pages, she talks about her experience in the hospital, and it seems like they’re treating her good there, so that’s nice. She seems happier than she was when we lived in the apartment. Though she sometimes mentioned when one of the nurses caught her eye - I think it was because of his bright blue hair. When he realized that it made her uncomfortable, it was really nice of him to dye his hair a different color! I should go find him sometime and thank him.

Oh, and mom wrote down her music recommendations as well. I listened to them, and they were awesome!! Mom also really likes Dear Evan Hansen , but she also likes Hamilton! I’ve never checked that one out, so I’ll ask Dad if I can download the music later.

Oh, I have to go on patrol now. I’ll write more later.

Chapter Text

“So, Izuku,”  Shouta climbed into his son’s bed at three in the morning, once Izuku had finally decided to go to bed, leaving Hizashi alone in his own bedroom to freeze. “I needed to ask you something.”

“Yes?” Izuku asked, blinking up at his father as Shouta wrapped his arms around him.

“It’s about the final exams,” Shouta said.

“Oh,” Izuku mumbled into his father’s chest. “Sorry about telling the class what it was going to be,” he apologized.

“No need to be sorry,” Shouta murmured. “It’s fine, nobody’s mad about it. But what I wanted to ask you about what something else. It’s about the pairings themselves. Specifically, who we’re going to be pairing you with.”

“Oh,” Izuku repeated.

“Yeah,” Shouta agreed. “So, we were stuck between two options, and we decided that we were going to ask for your opinion, as you’re also a faculty member, and therefore have a say.”

“Who and who?” Izuku asked.

“Well, I’ve been considering having you partner with Shouto,” Shouta said. “But then we’d ask him to take the lead, because you don’t actually need to pass the exam, and we want to know more about him during these tests rather than you.”

Izuku nodded. “That makes sense. I bet he would be okay with that.”

“There’s also another candidate,” Shouta said, sighing. “And I doubt you’re going to like him. It’s Bakugou.”

“Oh,” Izuku repeated for the first time.

“You’re free to choose whoever you want,” Shouta murmured to the boy, and he felt Izuku nod against his chest.

“Could I ask you way Kacchan is a candidate?” Izuku asked, curling in on himself slightly as he pulled the blanket higher, until his chin was barely sticking out, and the blanket was a little over Shouta’s elbow.

“You want to mend your relationship with him, don’t you?” Shouta asked, and Izuku nodded. “Well, while we’re unhappy about it, we thought that his might be a good start. And that kid has been going down a bad path ever since the interns, so we’re growing concerned. We were thinking that maybe, if he worked with you, you might somehow manage to get him to cooperate, or at least use teamwork skills.”

“I would go to Kirishima for that,” Izuku mumbled, starting to drift off.

“Yes, but we followed your advice, and teamed him up with Satou against Cementoss,” his father responded.

Izuku mulled over what his father had said. Going with Shouto was the more comfortable decision - a decision where he wouldn’t have to step out of his comfort zone, a decision where he would probably be able to not go all out. While.. It was enticing, Izuku had also gone to UA to learn, just like the other students. He wasn’t there just to teach. While teaming up with Kacchan would be… less enjoyable, Izuku ultimately decided that he would gain more experience from working with the explosive boy.

“Kacchan,” Izuku murmured quietly as he fell into sleep. “Team me up with Kacchan.”




“Good morn - Woah!!” Hizashi almost dropped the plate of bacon that he was placing onto the dining table. “Those are huge bags under your eyes, little listener!!”

Izuku yawned as he nodded, groggily making his way towards the table and collapsing in his sleep. “Had a nightmare,” he murmured - and Shouta frowned. He had slept with Izuku the entire night (Hizashi had luckily understood, so he hadn’t had to face the man’s annoying jabs this morning) yet Izuku hadn’t seemed uncomfortable or unhappy during his sleep. Shouta would have to make sure that he was checking the boy even more than usual, if his nightmares no longer elicited a physical reaction.

“A nightmare?” Hizashi asked, and Izuku nodded, rubbing his eyes.

“I didn’t feel like putting in effort into makeup this morning,” the boy mumbled. Ah, that was right. Izuku was so good at applying just enough makeup to hide the bags under his eyes that Shouta usually forgot that Izuku was wearing makeup at all. He had apparently learned the skill from his mother - and had done it even while he had been living with her.

“You planning on going to school today?” Hizashi asked, sitting down at the table, and being the first to take a bite of his breakfast. After seeing that Hizashi had eaten, Izuku also started to eat his own food.

“I dunno,” Izuku mumbled. “Is there anything important we do in class today?” he asked Shouta, who shook his head.

“Not particularly,” Shouta responded, sucking on one of his weird pouches - and Hizashi sighed. “You could just come into the office, staff lounge thing while we teach today.”

Izuku nodded. “Yeah, that would be nice. It’s been a stressful week.”

“Cool,” Shouta groaned as he got up, and walked into his room to change into his hero costume.




“Where’s Midoriya~kun?” Iida asked, raising his hand when Aizawa~sensei started homeroom. Shouto would’ve raised his hand to ask himself, but Izuku had texted him earlier. When it was lunch, he would go to the staff lounge to hang out with him.

Aizawa sighed, glaring at the boy as he responded. “He apparently had some sort of family business. Won’t be back till tomorrow.”

“Aww, I was planning on asking Deku~kun about stuff today!” Uraraka complained.

“Stuff?” Mineta asked.

“Yeah!!” Uraraka nodded, not elaborating. “I wanted to tease him a little with a few questions that I thought up of last night, but I guess I can just ask him tomorrow!”

“As long as you’re not too harsh,” Todoroki added, and a few of their classmates turned to him in surprise - before remembering that Todoroki and Midoriya were apparently a thing.




Shouto was surprised that the  staff lounge was incredibly quiet - save the for the sound of soft humming. When he turned to look at the teachers in confusion, he was even more astounded to see that all of the teachers were facing the same direction, towards a certain greenette’s desk. He let a smile onto his face when he noticed that a few of them had their phones out, recording the humming of their precious boy.

Shouto listened for a few seconds, before pulling his on phone out to also record the amazingness that was Izuku. He had never hear the boy sing before, and he probably never would, but when Izuku hummed, it was like all time had frozen and all the gods had sent their blessings to the Earth. It was something magical - something so great that recording it would do it no justice, but they would do it anyway for the memory.

While Shouto didn’t know exactly what song Izuku was humming, it was a song that was often in Izuku’s playlist, as he recognized it. It had quite a happy melody, but if Shouto remember correctly, it was a rather dark song.

After standing there, recording Izuku for a solid four minutes, he walked towards the boy, and he watched as the other pro-heros sighed, before turning back to their desks to continue doing their work, and the ones that had been recording turned their phones off.

“Hey, Zuku,” Shouto said as he grabbed a nearby chair and brought it to the greenette’s desk.

“Hey, Shouto,” Izuku responded, turning to his boyfriend and giving him a small smile. Shouto was surprised by the large bags under Izuku’s eyes, but said nothing. Though Shouto was confused by the… mixed signals that he was getting from Izuku. Izuku hadn’t seemed to realize that he was humming. Even now that he had stopped, he hadn’t noticed.

“I don’t know what Level I’m on right now,” Izuku mumbled, answering the unspoken question. “I think I’m like… 3.5 or something.”

“3.5?” Shouto asked, raising an eyebrow, and Izuku let a small rueful smile onto his face as he nodded.

“It’s a new feeling,” Izuku admitted. “I didn’t realize that being stuck in between to Levels was ever a thing. S’why I didn’t come to school, I didn’t know whether it was safe or not. But it seems to be okay.”

“Yeah,” Shouto murmured. “Any reason as to why you’re not wearing makeup today?”

Izuku shrugged. “Didn’t feel like it,” he mumbled back. “Plus, this way, I look like Dad’s biological child.”

Shouto chuckled. “Yeah, you do,” he agreed. “I think the bags under your eyes are bigger than his, to be honest.”

“Nice way to tell someone that they look like shit, Shouto,” Izuku grinned at his boyfriend, who just chuckled as he pulled out two lunch boxes.

“So you don’t forget to eat,” Shouto said as he handed Izuku on the of the boxes, and the boy nodded, grinning. “What are you doing?” Shouto asked him, and Izuku turned back to his computer, pulling it closer to the edge of the desk so that Shouto could see.

“You know those extra summer classes that U.A. offers?” Izuku asked, and Shouto nodded. “I’m planning all of the scenarios for that.”

“They’re surprisingly leaving a lot of the Hero Training work to you, aren’t they?” Shouto asked, and Izuku shrugged.

“It’s no Uncle Toshi’s fault that he’s not good at teaching,” he said. “And, well, neither am I, but Dad says that if I put my muttering on the page, it’ll be fine, so that’s what I’ve been doing.”

“Huh,” Shouto said. “Shouldn’t All Might be doing more, though?”

Izuku shrugged. “It’s All Might’s first year working here, so I think that he’s allowed to rely on the other teachers a little more, like I did last year.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Shouto admitted. “What was that song you were humming earlier, by the way?”

“I was humming?”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 25



So, Shouto and I are making this page, just in case we ever want to insult each other, for fun, like other couples do, apparently. So… we’re going to try teasing each other as well.

I don’t know if this will be a smashing success or a huge failure. We’ll find out.

So, the first thing we thought that we should decide is what we call each other when we tease each other. We want to make these rules so that we don’t actually end up hurting each other’s feelings.

Yeah. So now we have to come up with names to tease each other with. When people tease each other with names, they usually use, like, a sore point of the other person… probably. So… for me, it could be something along the lines of “Greatest Creation”? But I don’t really want to be called that…

I don’t ever want to call you that, either. For me, well, maybe something along the lines of the fact that I’m suicidal? But then you’d only be able to say it around other people who know. I wouldn’t really like.. Other people to know. I mean, it’s no problem when you, Dad, Pa, Uncle Toshi, Aunt Nemuri, (basically anyone at UA), but I wouldn’t really want… other people to know. Oh, I’ve got one for Shouto!! What if I called him Petty Bastard? Like.. you’re really petty, whenever you get mad, (which is adorable by the way) and you’re also a bastard because you don’t listen to your father? That’s what bastard means, right?

I guess that makes sense. That is fine. Then would it be along the same reasoning if I called you Sunshine Bastard? Because you’re father sucks, and because you’re literal sunshine?

I don’t think that’s much of a tease, and more of a compliment. Thank you, though!!

How about Sleepless Bastard?

I… I guess that would work. This is weird, though. Why would we ever tease each other? I mean, I’ve seen Dad and Pa doing it all the time, and while they don’t look that hurt, I don’t know if they really look happy while they’re getting teased, either… I don’t understand why people do it.

Shouto and I are going to go ask Dad and Pa for lessons! We might add more to this page later, when we get a better grasp of what teasing and insulting without hurting the other person is like.

Chapter Text


Izuku had just changed into his costume, and was waiting for the rest of his classmates to finish changing when his phone beeped, alerting him to a text. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, deciding that he would have enough time to at least reply.



Hey, Deku.

I heard today was the final exams at UA.



Oh, hello, Senpai!

And yes, that is true! Why are you saying?



Mind checking my intern today? I wanna know his results.



Sure! It’s Tokoyami~kun, right?



Yeah. Thanks.



It’s no problem!!

Do you want me to tell him you’re checking up on him?



Nah, I’m good.






Oh, I almost forgot.



Forgot what?



Happy Birthday, Midoriya.



Oh!! Thank you so much, Senpai!! :D


‘Who are you texting?” Shouto asked, walking up to his boyfriend, as he had finished changing as well.

Izuku grinned at his boyfriend, quickly biting down on his phone to sign with his hands. A friend , he signed. I’ll tell you later.




“Obviously beating him down’s the best option!!” Bakugou shouted at Izuku, who flinched slightly, but he did his best to not let Bakugou’s voice affect him. He had chosen Kacchan, after all. He had to pull through.

“I-I Really think we’re better avoiding a battle, no matter what!!!” Izuku called to him.

“We’ll let him toy with us until the very end,” Bakugou growled. “Then, when he’s exhausted, I’ll let him have it!!”

“This is All Might we’re talking about!!” Izuku protested. “Even with that handicap, there’s no way you can beat him, Kacchan..”

Most of Izuku’s classmates gasped when Bakugou turned around and slammed his fist into Izuku’s face. The majority of them had gone to the monitor room once their tests were done - and here they were, ready to watch Izuku and Bakugou’s match against All Might.

“That boy…” Recovering Girl murmured, worried about Izuku’s mental state. Shouto, who also knew about the two’s past, couldn’t help the glare that made its way onto his face. In fact, he wasn’t even trying to hide it, and a few of his classmates scooted away from him, feeling the pure rage that he was radiating.

“Stop talking,” Bakugou threatened to Izuku, who clutched his right cheek as he pushed himself off of the ground. “You think you’re all that? Well, it’s pissing me off.”

“If we wanna pass this test,” Izuku said, significantly louder than before, “You gotta listen to what I’m saying, Kacchan!!”

“You think I need your stinking power to pass!!?!?” Bakugou shouted at him. “FORGET THAT!!”

“Stop yelling for once!!” Izuku said - though compared to the normal volume he spoke at, this could be considered a shout. “This is why we can never actually talk!!”

The two were blasted back when a huge SMASH came roaring through the fake city, destroying all of the nearby buildings.

All Might grinned, giving some monologue about being a villain - though Izuku couldn’t hear it, as his ears were still ringing. He turned, about to shout as his partner to get back, but he could only watch as the blond rushed forward towards All Might, and as All might grabbed his face.

“I was expecting this,” Bakugou said, his voice muffled by All Might’s hand, as he sent his wave of explosions towards All Might.

“Kacchan!!!” Izuku screamed as the boy was thrown back. “Like I said, you’ll never win facing him head on!!”

“Stop talking.” Katsuki glared at him. “I’ll win. That’s… what heroes do.”




“If you’re saying I gotta rely on his help..” Bakugou growled. “Then I’d rather lose.”

“That so?” All Might asked, raising his hand to punch the boy. “As long as you have no regrets.”

Bakugou seemed fully prepared for All Might’s attack - but he was surprised when Izuku got to him first and smashed him the in face. “JERK!!” he yelled, and it jarred All Might and Katsuki, how fast and loud Izuku had been. The sound of Izuku’s fist hitting Kacchan’s cheek was a resounding crack, but Izuku ignored it, deciding that he would apologize later. “You’d rather lose?” he asked, his voice still raised. “That doesn’t sound like you!!”

He grabbed the explosion boy, before rushing away from the number 1 hero.

“Get offa me, you!!” Bakugou shouted, but Izuku just growled back.

“Pipe down!!” he called back. “Whether we try to beat All Might or run from him, I honestly…” he gulped, as that wasn’t true. He wasn’t being completely honest, but he couldn’t afford to let his secret out here. “I can’t think of a single plan.”

“Huh?” Bakugou growled.

“But why not try using me before giving up?” Izuku asked, jumping over a large piece of rubble, and Bakugou turned his head to look at him. “I don’t wanna hear you say it’s fine if we lose!! The one who never throws in the towel til he’s won, that’s you, isn’t it!?!




Go DEKU!!!” Bakugou yelled at Izuku, launching his gauntlet at the number one hero. “Get outta here!! I can handle him better than you and your half-assed improvisations. So make yourself useful, you piece of crap!!”

“Ugh,” Izuku groaned, his back hurting from All Might’s attack. Nobody would be able to tell if he forced himself to move using his quirk, right? But just in case, he also activated One for All, speeding forward just in time for All Might to miss attack aimed at Izuku, and for bakugou to get the brunt of it instead.

“Hurry up and go, YOU FREAKING NERD!!” Katsuki shouted. He then turned his focus back to All Might. “ I’ll break. And crack. Even if it messes me up, I chose this path to victory. Cuz I can’t just accept that even this ain’t enough!! I won’t!!”

Kacchan!!! Izuku thought as he ran forward.

“Whoops!!” All Might called. “Can’t let you do that, Midoriya, kid!!”

All Might was surprised when Izuku turned around, using One for All to propel himself (completely abandoning the choice of using his other quirk).

In a voice that sent shivers down All Might’s spine (and Izuku knew, he was counting on it), he grinned as he opened his mouth to speak. “Out of my way, All Might,” he threatened, before punching the man in the face.

While All Might was still recovering from the attack, Izuku grabbed Katsuki, who was out cold, and dragged him out of the gate. They had passed.




“Thank you, Aunt Chiyo,” Izuku murmured quietly.

“Are you even capable of holding back??” Recovery Girl demanded. “If you’d hit them any harder, there’d be no possible way for them to recover!! Especially for Izuku’s lower back!! And Bakugou will be unconscious for a while. In the meantime, I’ll put you two in beds at the school.”

“Wait..” Izuku croaked, and the two heroes in the room turned to him. “I… I need to stay. I’m going to be helping with Class B’s Exams, remember?”

Aunt Chiyo sighed. “That’s right,” she murmured. “But you’ve already seen the results of the rest of the class. I’ll heal you now, and let you get your rest over with now, so that you have the energy you’ll need later, in the afternoon.”

“Okay,” Izuku sighed, just as Todoroki walked into the room. When he saw Izuku on the bed, his back arched, he rushed forward, worrying about his boyfriend.

“Is he okay?” he asked Recovery Girl, who nodded comfortingly.

“He’ll be fine,” she told him. “Though I’m about to heal him now, and he needs to sleep. So you came right on time, because god knows that this boy doesn’t sleep unless he’s with you.”

Both Izuku and Shouto blushed, but Shouto nodded as Recovery Girl gave Izuku her kiss. All Might, who had just heard the exchange, nodded. It was true. The only times he had ever heard of Izuku getting more than three hours of sleep were the times when he was with Todoroki. It was quite odd, tos ay the least. But All Might thought it must have to do with trust. Did that mean that Izuku didn’t trust him?

No, that couldn’t be it. Not when both Shouta and Hizashi were also unable to make him sleep for more than three hours.

But All Might couldn’t deny the shiver that had been sent down his back earlier, when the boy had threatened him.




“Where’s Deku~kun?” Uraraka asked once the class had assembled in the monitor room.

“Still recovering from his injuries,” Recovery Girl lied. “While you all of Class 1-A are free to go home for today, I think you’ll want to stick around for the Class 1-B matches,” she said.

“Why would that be?” Yaoyorozu asked the nurse.

“Pro-hero Deku will be the villain for one of their matches,” Recovery Girl explained. “I thought that you all might be interested.”

“OOh!!” Uraraka jumped up and down, excited. “We should totally watch it!! Right, guys?”

The majority of the class nodded - and even Bakugou decided that he would stick around. The only one who noticed Todoroki leaving was Iida - when the class president turned to question the boy, Todoroki put a his lips. Did he not want people to realize that he had left? While Iida didn’t understand the reason, he nodded. After the Stain incident, he had grown to trust the boy deeply.

“Shiozaki and Monoma, huh?” Izuku murmured from his perch on a roof. He held their two files in front of him, not that he really needed them. While he was in Class 1-A, he had also watched all the videos of the hero training that Class 1-B did. After all, he had written packets for them as well, that one time. Later, when he had asked his fathers if he could watch the Sports Festival on T.V., he had paid special attention to every Class 1-B student he could find. And he had done his research on all of them as well. So, he was probably well equipped.

The testing grounds were the same as the ones that Todoroki and Yaoyorozu had used. He was sitting on the roof of a house that was nearby to the exit - patiently waiting for the buzzer to ring so that he could go after his two testers.

He had no use for his notebook now - as he had no time to write down notes while playing the role of a villain - so latched on his belt in its place was three cans of coffee. Well, two, now, as he took a sip of the first one as he finished reading the files.

The buzzer rang.

Deku folded the files into smaller squares, before shoving the two papers into his chest pocket. He stood up, taking another sip of his coffee as he started gathering all soundwaves in the nearby area.

“What’s he doing?” Jirou asked, watching the screen. Yaoyorozu, who was next to her, shook her head, not having an answer herself.

“Do you think he’s surveying the area?” Kaminari asked.

“No, man, that can’t be right!!” Kirishima replied, grabbing the blond’s shoulder and pointing to a different part of the monitor. “See, look, his eyes are closed.”

As the conversation in the monitor room continued, Izuku managed to grab the soundwaves he was looking for - the soundwaves of Shiozaki and Monoma planning.

“-don’t really know what his quirk is,” Izuku heard Monoma say, as he opened his wings (causing all of the girls and a few of the boys in the monitor room to gasp) to fly towards the two. “So I’ll touch him and figure it out, we can plan more later.”

“How are you planning to touch me, hmm?” Monoma and Shiozaki froze, raising their heads to see the hero right above them. He was calmly sipping on a cup of coffee, watching them with eyes that sent shivers down their spines. If Shiozaki hadn’t grabbed him with her vines and took off, Monoma would’ve realized where he had seen them before, but lucky for Izuku, he didn’t.

Izuku also had no worries about people recognizing him in his costume - he was told by many people that the moment his costume came on, his voice was louder, cheerier. When he was in his costume, no matter how he felt, he acted like he was in Level 1. It was something he didn’t understand, and neither did anyone else, but they were grateful. Izuku rarely ever in Level 1, so nobody ever recognized him when he was in costume. Except for Iida. But in Izuku’s eyes, Iida was a god, so it didn’t count. (this is meant to be a sarcastic joke somewhat and I’m sorry if it doesn’t feel like it.)

“Are you trying to run?” he asked the two, and he heard the Eek!! that came from Shiozaki as she heard his voice. He flinched slightly, not liking it when people were afraid of his voice. Maybe this really had been a bad idea after all.




The match ended in the final thirty seconds, with Shiozaki finally managing to reach him with her vines, and handcuff him around the ankle. It had probably sprained his ankle, but Izuku didn’t seem to notice, and Recovery Girl sighed, knowing that she would probably have to heal the rest of his injuries. Honestly, All Might had gone too far, and now, not even an hour later, he was up again, fighting. She would have to heal so much… While she would have loved to leave the sprained ankle for just a few days just to teach him a lesson, she knew that the boy’s pain tolerance was high - and he would probably cause much more damage without him realizing it.

“That was so awesome!!” Ashido cried. “But even our Number 5 Hero can be beat, huh?” she said.

Recovery Girl shook her head. “He would’ve won that match, if it weren’t for his injuries,” she told the girl.

“His injuries?” Uraraka asked.

The recovery hero nodded. “He’s just an injury-prone boy,” she sighed. “Honestly, I told him so many times that he shouldn’t have gone out today, but he still did anyway.”

Uraraka laughed awkwardly as the teacher sighed again. “That reminds me of Deku~kun, though!!” she said, facing Iida. “Like, the one in our class! Because Deku~kun’s always injuring himself too!!”

Iida nodded, but he didn’t respond.

Kirishima turned towards the rest of the class, after doing a quick head-count. “Hey, I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but where’s Todoroki?”




When Izuku had finally gotten home, Shouto had followed him, and Aizawa and Present Mic had entered the kitchen. They didn’t tell Izuku why, they just let Shouto commandeer their son. Shouto had forced Izuku onto the couch, and they had turned on Izuku’s favorite movie, which, unsurprisingly, was Frozen. How could it not be? After all, it was his first Disney movie, and it was the first movie he had ever seen with Shouto!!

Izuku was confused when Shouto got up halfway through the movie, but the half-and-half boy told him to stay on the couch, that he was just going to use the restroom. When he walked into the hallway, Izuku noticed that Aunt Nemuri and Uncle Toshi had also arrived - and the two of them were also in the kitchen with his fathers. How had he not noticed that the two of them had come?

“Happy Birthday,” Shouto said as he plopped a pile of green fur onto Izuku’s lap.

“Thanks, Shouto!!” Izuku grinned at the boy, bending his knees towards himself to see what exactly Shouto had placed.  “I thought you were going to the bathroom?” The half-and-half boy shook his head, and pointed to the green furball. Izuku complied, turning his head towards the present. “Oh my gods,” he whispered. “I-- Is that a cat. Oh my god Shouto. Did you get me a cat.”

He looked up at Shouto, who had a smile on his face as he nodded.

Izuku teared up, gently bringing his hands forward in order to grab the cat from under the armpits. The cat didn’t resist, and stared back at him with bright eyes - the cat’s right eyes was grey, and the one on the left was blue. The cat also had three claw marks over it’s left eye.

“Remind you of anyone?” Shouto asked him, and Izuku could only nod.

“Looks like us as a fusion - ‘cept as a cat,” Izuku said after a few seconds of silence, before grinning at his boyfriend. He placed the cat back onto his lap, petting the cat’s head ever so carefully. “Hey there,” he whispered. “How you doing?”

Izuku didn’t notice as Shouto took out his phone to take a picture.




“You’re the best,” Izuku told Shouto later that night, once Uncle Toshi and Aunt Nemuri had left, and his fathers had gone to bed. The two of them were watching another movie - they had finally tried the Star Wars series, and Izuku had gotten obsessed. So obsessed, in fact, that he insisted they pull an all-nighter just to finish the series. Shouto had decided that he would stay awake for as long as possible, before sleep pulled him in. But until then, he would hang out with Izuku.

“Thanks,” Shouto whispered back to him, petting the cat that was in Izuku’s lap.

“I swear, actually,” Izuku grinned. “I can’t believe you got me a fucking cat.”

“Language, Izuku,” Shouto scolded, but the boy was unfazed.

“Level 1,” he told him. “I’m allowed to fucking swear in Level 1.”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 26



I’ve never really celebrated my birthday before. I think that the earliest I did was when I was three. After that, we just… stopped, once we learned from the Doctor that I was quirkless. And of course, when I got my quirk a year later, we obviously couldn’t tell Father.. And we couldn’t celebrate either.. Though after year 6, nobody really wanted to.

I hated my birthday, a lot, from age 6 to age 9, because that’s when I got my “present,” which meant extra special torture from my father. I hated it, so, so, much. So much that birthdays.. Are kind of ruined for me. I don’t like them. Even now that Dad, Hizashi, Aunt Nemuri, Uncle Toshi, Shouto… everyone else at UA helped with that… I still don’t really like my birthday. So I don’t really tell people when my birthday is, because, well, I think it might cause a lot of stress and put me in a panic attack. The people who know about it now is okay. They’re enough. I don’t need any more people to know.

I like celebrating other people’s birthdays, though!! It’s a lot of fun!! Oh my goodness, like that one time we went to Uncle Ectoplasm’s birthday party!! It was Karaoke!! It was so much fun!! (Cept I didn’t sing, haha.)

All of the UA staff’s birthday parties are amazing!! Like Uncle Snipe’s Party!! We borrowed an entire amusement park for an entire day!! It was so much fun!! Dad and Pa and I went on so many rides!! They made me a little sick, but they were still super awesome!!

Oh, and another birthday party that’s really fun is Aunt Nemuri’s!! She doesn’t really go all-out, surprisingly. She just has a house party, and invites everyone. It’s really nice, because we all get to hang out at home.

And Senpai’s birthday… Senpai’s birthday party was a lot of fun. It was really scary at first, because there were so many people.. But in the end, it was a lot of fun, so I’m really glad I went to it!!

I would add more about birthdays, because mine is coming up soon, but, well… I still don’t really like talking about my own. So… I guess I’ll leave this here.

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“Wait, we’re really allowed to go!!?” Kirishima asked, and Aizawa~Sensei nodded.

“I knew it,” Sero said into his hands, and Izuku watched him with a sheepish expression. “Clearing the practical didn’t necessarily mean I passed.. Even more embarrassing than outright failure..”

Aizawa decided to ignore Sero’s remark for the moment. “As the villains in this test,” he continued, “we, the teachers, came up with assignments perfectly suited to all of you. ONes that would give you chances to devise winning strategies. If we hadn’t none of you would’ve stood a chance.”

“So when you said you were really going to crush us..” Ojiro started to ask.

“That was to push you,” Aizawa explained. “We are talking about training camp after all. More than anyone else, those who failed are in dire need of this. This was another rational deception.”

The majority of Class 1-A started screaming in their seats, upset at being fooled but also extremely joyous about the idea that they would all get to go the training camp together.

“We’ve been fooled again!!” Iida sighed. “I’d expect no less from U.A.!!” Iida suddenly stood up and raised his hand. “But..! Now that we’ve been lied to twice, aren’t you worried that our faith in you has been shaken?”

“Way to be a wet blanket, Iida,” Uraraka called out to him.

“Perhaps,” Aizawa admitted. “But consider the facts. It wasn’t entirely a lie. Failure is still failure. You five will receive special supplemental lessons.” The five who had been celebrating the most had suddenly froze, mid-celebration. They looked ridiculous. Even more so when Aizawa opened his mouth again to add, “And to be honest, they’ll be far worse than summer school. Anyway, I’ll be handing out camp manuals. Take one and pass it back.”

It was after Aizawa had left the classroom that Ojiro spoke up. “Well,” he said, a little awkwardly. “Whatever the case, it’s nice that everyone got to go.”

“An entire week of training!!” Iida confirmed, nodding his head as he read the packing list.

“The packing list is huge,” Izuku nodded

“I need night-vision goggles,” Mineta said.

Kaminari sighed. “I don’t even have a bathing suit. There’s a ton of stuff I’ve got to buy,”

“Oh, I know,” Hagakure suddenly cried, causing everyone to look at her. “We’re off tomorrow, and the tests are over,so, how about we all go shopping together, as Class 1-A??”

“That’s a good idea!!” Kaminari agreed. “This’ll be a first, come to think of it!!”

“Hey, you come too, Bakugou!!” Kirishima turned to the blond, who gave him one of his trademark nasty glares.

“No way in hell!! What a waste of time,” he grunted.

“You gonna come, Shouto?” Izuku turned to the half-and-half boy, who shook his head.

“I’m gonna visit her, remember?” he asked, and Izuku nodded.

“I also probably shouldn’t go, then…” Izuku murmured.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Mineta cried towards the three who were considering not going. “Try reading the mood once in a while!!”




“This place has more shops than anywhere else in the prefecture. It’s got the coolest and trendiest stuff!!” Ashido grinned, punching the air. “The Kiyashi ward shopping mall!!”

“You, with the six arms!!” a vendor called towards Shouji. “Or even you, with those big, swollen calves!!” Iida turned his head towards the speaker. “You’ll find everything you need here!!

Izuku nodded. “Stores have to do more than simply cater to body types that differ by quirk,” he muttered. “They also need designs for all ages, fro teens to seniors. Now wonder this place draws so many customers.”

He would’ve continued speaking, but he was interrupted by Tokoyami. “You’re scaring the children. Stop that.” Izuku swiftly nodded.

“Oh!” a voice called from behind them, and they were surprised to see a huge crowd behind them. “Aren’t they those U.A. First years? Good going at the sports festival!!”

“People will remember that…?” Ochako asked.

Yaoyorozu and Jirou seemed to be having a different conversation. “I’ve got to find myself a giant duffel bag,” Jirou told her.

“Let’s look together, then,” Yaoyorozu nodded.

“I need some rugged outdoor shoes,” Kaminari told the group, and Hagakure nodded, moving her torso as well to make it obvious that that was what she was doing.

“Me too, me too!!” she cried.

Iida was quick to interrupt. “Our manual recommends well worn footwear!!” he scolded. “Or ah, should we focus on utility instead…?!” Iida seemed to have thoroughly confused himself, and Izuku chuckled.

“Where do you think they sellm lock-[icking equipment and hand drills?” Mineta asked, but everynone ignored him.

“Looks like we all need different stuff,” Kirishima said. “Let’s split up and meet back at a designated time!!”

Suddenly, everyone was gone, and Izuku was left standing awkwardly with Ochako. “They all went off in a hurry,” Izuku murmured. He didn’t really like talking to people one on one, unless they were people that he was super familiar with, like Shouto or his Dads or someone from U.A. Even Tsukauchi~san as well.

“H-how about you, Ochako?” Izuku asked, forcing the words out of his mouth. Oh, he shouldn’t have come, he should have just gone to visit his mom like Shouto had done… or had he should have taken his Dad’s offer about shopping… Izuku was regretting his choices, so, so much.

“I’m looking for a couple of heavy wrist weights..” Izuku mumbled. It was true. While having wrist weights wasn’t the same feeling he had when he was using his telekinesis, it was similar, and he needed to get better at moving and using his telekinesis at the same time. He had almost ended up in the hospital multiple times, from freezing in order to use his telekinesis.

“I need… bug spray..” Ochako said after a few seconds of thought. “Yeah, bug spray!!”  




“In a crowd like this?” Izuku turned to Shigaraki, and Shigaraki couldn’t help the small shiver he felt go down his spine when he heard Izuku’s voice - and his bright green eyes that seemed to glow. “Try that, and the heroes’ll show up. They’ll come and catch you.”

Shigaraki decided to ignore the feeling for now. “No doubt,” he grinned. “But take a look, at them,” he didn’t notice how Izuku had gotten both of his phones out to record what was happening - how there was a phone floating behind them recording everything that he was saying, and a phone far ahead of them so that Izuku could get a good view of what was happening from the front.

“It’s not crazy to imagine that someone could commit an atrocity at any given moment,” the villain continued. “So why do they smile and mingle like this? Because the laws and rules are built on their individual morality. They’re convinced that ‘no one would ever do that.’ In the time it’d take to catch me, I could take twenty…” he paused for a moment, thinking. “No, I could take thirty of them out.”

“Talk about what?” Izuku asked after a few seconds, and Shigaraki felt another shiver go down his back, but he once again ignored it.

“Hahaha, smart move,” he said, moving them towards a nearby bench. “We might as well sit for this. Let’s try and relax..”

Shigaraki sighed as the two sat down. “I pretty much hate everyone and everything..” he said after a few seconds. “But right now, what really grinds my gears is the Hero Killer.”

“Wasn’t he working with you?” Izuku asked him, and this time, Shigaraki really couldn’t deny the shiver that went down his back. How… how did this boy..?

“I never really agreed to that, even if society seems to think so,” he admitted. “And that’s my problem. Everyone’s got their eye on the damned hero killer/ Our attack on U.A… the nomu I unleashed in Hosu.. it’s all been overshadowed by him. No one’s noticing me. Why? He can grandstand all he wants. But in the end… all he’s doing is destroying what he hates. So what makes us different.? Midoriya?”

“What makes you different?” Izuku asked, turning towards the villain, and the villain almost gasped when he saw Izuku’s eyes. There was no fear in them. In fact… he looked… almost confident. But that couldn’t be true, after all, Shigaraki was the one in control, the one with his hand around the boy’s neck.

“I think… well, I can’t accept what you do,” Izuku continued. “And i don’t understand it. The hero killer.. Although I can’t accept him, I do understand him.” Shigaraki was unnerved by how nonchalant the boy seemed to be. “For both me and the hero killer… it started with All Might. Back then, he even saved me. So at the very least.. He’s destructive, but he’s doing it for a reason. It’s not just for fun. Not at all. His methods may be wrong, but I think he’s at least trying to live by his ideals.”

Shigaraki couldn’t help but laugh at the huge shiver that was sent down his spine, when Izuku finally glared at him, when he finally seemed to take Shigaraki seriously.

“Ahh, it’s all so clear now..” he sighed. “About why the hero killer pisses me off so much.. And why you’re so damned irritating. I think I get it now. It’s all cuz of All Might.” He gave Izuku what would’ve been the creepiest smile Izuku had ever seen, if Izuku hadn’t lived with his father for the first nine years of his life. “Right? Right. That’s the conclusion here. The reason these fools can smile and live their lives is cuz All Might’s always got than grin on his face.” He tried to grip Izuku’s neck tigheer, but was surprised to find that he couldn’t and Izuku’s expression, his glare hadn’t changed.

“One thing I was wondering..” Shigaraki turned to Izuku, his smile fading somewhat. “Are you a traitor or something? Because I don’t how the hell you obtained that much 13th sense. It overshadows even mine.”

Shigaraki felt another shiver go down his spine when Izuku grinned at him. “I know it does,” he said. “It makes me wonder why I’m sitting here, dealing with your shit.”




“Here, I took videos,” Izuku told Tsukauchi, handing him his two phones. The rest of Izuku’s party could only stare and watch as everything happened.

“What?” Ochako asked. “When? How?”

Izuku shrugged, turning back to Tsukauchi. “I don’t really feel like accepting an interview right now,” he told him. “Sorry about that. And sorry about not being able to apprehend him either. He split after I threatened him, and I think that going after him would’ve been a mistake, as he could’ve killed a bunch of people.”

Ochako gasped, and the rest of the U.A. students also seemed shocked frozen. “You threatened him?” she managed to whisper after a few seconds, but she didn’t get anything from Izuku, other than a shrug.

Tsukauchi sighed, taking the phones from Izuku. “I trust your judgement, kid,” he said. “And good job getting recordings. While I wish that you could’ve apprehended the villain, you’ve probably gotten us leagues ahead of where we would’ve been without this.”

Izuku just shrugged again. “It’s not a problem. I’m more upset at myself for not being able to do anything other than threaten him.” He sighed, finally showing some emotion. “Though I honestly think I’ve gotten him interested in me. That’s really creepy and gross.”

Tsukauchi laughed. “I don’t know how you do it,” he smiled. “You and your friends are free to go. If there’s anything about the case that you need to ask you always know where to come.”

Izuku nodded. “Thanks, Tsukauchi,” he said, turning back to his friends. While they were also astonished by what had just occurred, they were also astounded by the fact that Midoriya, Midoriya, of all people, had just called someone who was older than him with a casual name. A police officer, no less!




Toshinori met the boy at the train station. “Hey, Zuku,” he grinned, fondly ruffling the boy’s hair.

“Hi, Uncle Toshi,” Izuku mumbled.

“So sorry I wasn’t there to save you,” he said, but Izuku shook his head.

“Uncle Toshi..” he said after a few seconds of thought. “Was there ever a time you really couldn’t save anyone?”

The gaunt man sighed. The last time that Izuku had asked this question.. Was that week that izuku had been sent to the hospital, after the… the Muscular incident.

“Sure,” he repeated, just as he had said, almost a year ago. “Plenty of times. Right now, somewhere out n the world..someone could be hurting or dying. It sucks, but I’m only human. I can’t save people who are out of my reach.”

He smiled at the boy, who frowned as he looked down at the ground. “That’s why I stand tall and smile. I’m the symbol of peace. The citizens.. Heroes… villains.. I need to light the way for all of them.”

Shouta and Hizashi arrived soon after Izuku had started sobbing into the hero’s chest.

While Toshinori couldn’t catch everything that the boy was muttering, he did manage to hear a few words. “ Saved, weak… 13th…. Failed….

When the other two pro-heroes arrived, he let them take charge, following them to their home and helping them cook, feed, and put a tired Izuku to bed.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

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I… don’t take my meds that often, even though I’m supposed to take them daily. Dad and Pa used to remind me about it, but… they know that I don’t like them, so now they only remind me about it when it’s been maybe a week since I haven’t taken them.

I know they’re supposed to help me, but I… I don’t like them. The stupid thing is, some of it isn’t even proper medicine. They’re just stupid vitamin pills. Which I guess counts as medicine? I don’t know.

I don’t really have a doctor. I think that Dad and Pa wrote down Aunt Chiyo as my doctor on some government form, but I’m not sure. But she’s the one who does most of my checkups, and she’s the one who gives me the medicine, so… I guess she’s my doctor. I don’t have a therapist, either. For reasons… Reasons that Dad and Pa don’t know. Or do they know? I don’t know. But… they let me not have a therapist, because they know that I’m super afraid of them. Anyone would be, if their…

Um, anyways, back to the meds. I’m supposed to take them daily, except since I don’t sleep that much, I sometimes don’t feel like a new day is really… a new day. It just feels like a super long, exhausting time. So I forget to take my meds… a lot. When I do remember to take them, I do take them, but… I always make sure that either Dad or Pa is with me so that I actually swallow when I take them, or to make sure that I don’t take to many. I don’t trust myself with that kind of power.

I don’t think Shouto knows I take meds. It’s not like I’ve actually tried to hide it from him, it’s just… we’ve never talked about it. And he’s never seen me take them either, since I usually don’t. I think that the only people who know are Aunt Chiyo, Dad, Pa, and maybe Aunt Nemuri. But that’s it. Though I think the other teachers know about my problems. Uncle Toshi is… surprisingly nice about it.

Oh, I guess I should explain what meds I actually take. So, um. I take Antidepressants. They’re the really good kind, after Aunt Chiyo realized that I don’t take my meds as often as I should, so she gave me this really good kind. Though you can generally tell when I have and haven’t taken them, as my mood shifts slightly. I’ve been taking them a lot more since U.A. started, so that I can smile easier and stuff. I don’t need them when I’m Deku, though, which is weird. I guess.

I feel like there’s other medicine that I take too, sometimes, but i can’t really remember it right now. I’ll ask Dad later.

I also take vitamin pills. I need these because I don’t eat that much, and, well… I’m severely lacking in the vitamins and proteins and stuff that I need. So Aunt Chiyo makes me take them. Though I often forget to take these as well… Dad and Pa remind me of these ones a lot more than they remind me about the antidepressants. I don’t know whether to be grateful or sad that they’ve had to adjust to my.. I don’t know.

I don’t know… I… I think I’m writing about my meds right now because we ran out of the Antidepressants last week, and I didn’t tell anyone, and now, well… Dad and Pa are starting to pester me about it, and I don’t know what to tell them…

This is so f*cking messed up..


Yes, you’re right, I wasn’t aware that you take meds. But there’s nothing wrong with that, Zuku. Honestly, if I had gone through what you did, I would probably be addicted to those antidepressants. So I applaud you for not getting addicted. I hope that’s the right thing tos ay, because… I don’t know if I’m doing this right. Sorry.

I can’t say I have much experience in taking meds myself, but… I’ll support you. No matter what. Even if you decide to jump off another roof, I promise I’ll be there to catch you. I’ll support you.

I love you.

- Shouto


Chapter Text

“Seats are meant to be sat in!! Sit down, everyone!!” Iida screamed to everyone on the bus. He, Izuku and Shouto were all sitting in the very back of the bus, so that the three of them could sit together. Uraraka~san would’ve joined them, but she had chosen to sit next to Asui~san, and the three of them were okay with that.

Izuku was sitting in between the two of them, holding his phone in his lap and watching a movie. Shouto was leaning against him lazily, his eyes only half-open. He wasn’t necessarily tired, but Shouto had a habit of being lazy whenever he could be. (So… not that often. Izuku couldn’t blame him, and totally supported this laziness.)

“What are you watching, Midoriya~kun?” Iida asked, turning away from the class (as they had all finally sat down) and looking towards Izuku.

Izuku smiled, though it wasn’t as wide as his usual smiles, which Iida took notice of. “I was thinking that we could maybe watch a Star Wars movie,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. “Shouto and I watched those for the first time a few weeks back. It was interesting.”

“I see!!” Iida nodded his head. “Would you allow me to watch along with you?” he asked, and Izuku nodded, pulling the earbuds out of his phone so that Iida would also be able to hear. When he went to take the earbud from Shouto, he was surprised to see Shouto hand it to him, and plug the cord back in.

Gonna read some manga online, Shouto signed, and Izuku nodded, handing the earbud to Iida, who took it gratefully.

“Is the 3rd Star Wars movie okay?” Izuku asked, and Iida nodded. Iida had seen these movies before, after all. He had actually watched them recently with his brother, when his brother was in rehabilitation.

It was maybe a good 30 minutes later that Ashido and Hagakure - who were both in the front of the bus - decided to interact with them. They had seen the three of them sitting together, with Izuku very obviously leaning against Shouto, who was on his phone. Hell, they had even taken a few photos without any of the boys noticing. When they had alerted the rest of the class as to what was happening, they also took out their phones to take pictures, while Aizawa let out a long sigh, and Bakugou growled.

“So, Midoriya,” Ashido called from the front of the bus, and the boy raised his head from his phone, looking at the pink-skinned girl. THe rest of the class pretended to resume conversation, so that it wouldn’t look suspicious, but they were a little too late, and Izuku had started wondering what was wrong.

“Is Todoroki~kun comfy?” she asked, and the rest of the class turned to see Izuku’s reaction, expecting to see that classic tomato red that would appear on his face.

They were surprised when Izuku froze for a moment, before shrugging, without much of a visible reaction. “If muscles count as comfortable, sure,” he finally said after a few moments. He didn’t seem to notice how the class was frozen, totally not expecting that from the sweet, innocent Midoriya.

Aizawa wanted to walk over to Izuku, to demand who had taught him such an excellent way to confound his students, but he knew where Izuku had gotten that tone from. And Aizawa couldn’t help the pride that swelled in his chest. (Honestly, if Izuku ever decided to follow Hizashi’s advice and not wear makeup to school, the students would immediately put two and two together, that Izuku was Aizawa’s son.)

Level 4? Shouto mouthed to Izuku, who nodded.

Satou was the one who decided to pick up the conversation again. “Would that mean that I’m comfortable, Midoriya?” he asked, flexing his arm. The class was grateful that Satou had had the guts to speak again, and they were satisfied to see a huge tomato-red blush appear on Izuku’s face.

“I-- I, um, I- I d-dunno?” Izuku finally managed to stutter, hiding his face with his phone.




“Time for a break..” Izuku murmured as he stretched his arms and back.

“Gotta pee, gotta pee,” Mineta mumbled as he got off the bus.

“Hold on…” Kirishima started. “What kind of rest stop is this?”

Kaminari nodded. “Right? And where’s Class B?”

“Pee..” Mineta continued to mumble. “Gotta pee..”

“Of course we stopped here for a reason,” Aizawa said.

“Heya, Eraser!!” a voice suddenly said, and two women suddenly appeared. “Sorry, haven’t seen you in a while!!”

The other woman suddenly starting shouting, grinning. “Rock on with these sparkling gazes!!” She exclaimed.

The other woman, the blond, also let out her own part of what appeared to be a catchphrase. “Stingingly cute and catlike!!”

Then together, the recited the last of their catchphrase. “We’re the wild, wild, Pussy Cats!!!”

Izuku was smiling before, but he suddenly froze when he saw the boy standing next to the two of them as they were posing.

“These are the pro heroes who’ll be helping us out this time. The Pussycats.”

“They’re a four-member hero team who all work under a single agency!!” Izuku grinned, attempting to recover. The boy hadn’t seemed to recognize him. Well, why would he, when they had never met before? “This veteran team specializes in mountain rescue operations!” he continued, “They’ve been in business for 12 years now..”

“We’re 18 at heart!!” the blond one shouted, grabbing Izuku’s face with her giant paw in order to get him to stop moving her mouth.

“How old?” she asked him, and Izuku quickly signed the word eighteen with his hands. She nodded, letting go of him, satisfied.

“This whole area here is our territory,” the brunette, or as Izuku knew, Mandalay, said. “Lodging is at the foot of that mountain over there.”

“So far away!” Kaminari cried.

“Huh..?” Ochako seemed to notice something that was off. “Then why’d we stop halfway?”

“Uh oh..” Satou groaned.

“Let’s… get back to the bus?” Sero suddenly said, chuckling nervously. “Hurry..”

“It’s now 9:30 AM,” Mandalay continued. “I’m thinking… around noon at the earliest.”

“Aw, crud..” Kirishima groaned. “No way…”

“Run!!” Ashido shouted to her classmates.

“Back to the bus, quick!!” Kirishima suddenly yelled, and Kouda was close behind him, running towards the bus.

“Kitties who don’t make it there by 12:30 won’t get any lunch,” Mandalay grinned, and the other pussycat, Pixie Bob, suddenly put her hands on the ground, which caused a huge landslide to push all of the students off of the cliffside, to where the forest waited below.

“Sorry, kids,” Aizawa said as the fell. “The traing’s already begun.”

“This is our private territory, so feel free to use your quirks!!” Mandalay shouted down below. “You’ve got three hours to reach the facility on foot!! Make it through the Beast’s Forest!!”

When she turned around, she was surprised to see Izuku standing there, looking down at the forest. But she sighed, realizing that she should’ve expected nothing less from Pro-hero Deku.

“Gimme a second to figure out which direction we gotta go,” he murmured quietly, pulling a notebook and a pen out of some pocket he had. He quickly sketched a basic map, before turning to his teacher. “Hey, Dad, do I have to write notes about what they’re doing?” He asked.

Aizawa shrugged. “You don’t have to,” he said, “But I can’t deny it would be helpful.”

Izuku nodded, clutching the notebook tighter as he jumped off the edge of the cliff.




“Not Bad,” Pixie-Bob said, pointing to Bakugou, Shouto, Izuku and Iida. “Especially you four. I’m guessing your past experiences allowed you to act without hesitation?” She grinned, suddenly rushing towards them. “Gonna have fun three years from now!! I’m marking them as mine!!” she cried.

“Hey, Mandalay,” Aizawa said, pointing towards the disaster in the making. “I didn’t know she was like that.

Mandalay shrugged, extending her hands in a what do you expect? Type of motion. “She’s worried about being a spinster forever,” she sighed.

“A spinster?” Izuku asked. “You’re that old..?” But if he remember correctly, she was only a year older than his Dad and Pa..

“WHO’S OLD?” she shouted, shoving her palm into his face. “NOT ME!!”

“Hey I’ve been wondering,” Uraraka said, suddenly walking up to them, pointing to the boy with horns on his hat. “That boy. Whose child is he?” she asked.

“Oh,” Mandalay said, turning towards the boy. “He’s actually my nephew. Kota!” she called. “Come over and say hello. You’ll be spending a week with these guys, after all…”

Izuku leaned down towards the boy, extending his hand. “Hey,” he murmured quietly, and the only people who could hear him were Mandalay, Iida and Shouto. “I’m Midoriya, from U.A. Nice to meet you.”

Izuku was surprised to find Kota’s fist in his hands a few seconds later, when the boy had tried to punch him. He had defended himself without thinking… Izuku hadn’t realized he had been so on-guard.

“Hey, Nephew!!” Iida called, walking over to where Izuku was still holding the boy’s fist in surprise. “Why’d you try to punch Midoriya’s scrotum!?”

The boy tore his hand away from Izuku, and Izuku let him. The boy seemed a little fazed by the fact that his punch had been stopped, but the only person who seemed to notice was Izuku.

“I can’t abide jerks who want to be heroes,” he growled at them.

“Abide?!” Iida exclaimed. “Just how old is this boy!?”

Katsuki let a smirk on to his face. “Cute kid,” he sneered.

“You two are a lot alike,” Shouto said from behind him, and the explosive teen quickly turned to make a retort at the half-and-half boy.

“A lot alike?” Katsuki growled. “Buzz off. Don’t wanna hear anything outta you, Mr. Threw the Match.”

“Sorry,” Shouto said, but his thoughts were along the lines of So similar..

Izuku, who generally knew what the other was thinking, laughed when he saw Shouto’s annoyed face.

“Enough of this sideshow,” Aizawa~sensei said. “Go get your luggage from the bus.” He pointed to the building behind him with his thumb. “Drop you things off in your room,s then come to dinner in the mess hall. After that, you’ll bathe. Then it’s bedtime. The real training starts tomorrow. Now hurry up.”




“We’re taking baths?” Izuku asked as he put his bag on his futon, which was next to Shouto’s. When Iida nodded, he sighed, looking down at the ground. “I might just take a bath after you guys are finished, then…” he murmured quietly.

“You don’t gotta worry about your scars, bro!!” Kirishima said, suddenly appearing behind Izuku and wrapping his arm around his shoulder. For a second, he remembered that Izuku was dating Todoroki, and quickly turned to the boy, afraid that Todoroki would be glaring daggers at him, but the half-and-half boy didn’t seem to mind, and Kirishima let out the tiniest sigh of relief, that Izuku surprisingly didn’t notice.

“Yeah!!” Kaminari added, also appearing out of nowhere. “We won’t judge you for them!!”

“Oh…” Izuku murmured. “I.. I guess I’ll take the baths with you guys, then,” he said, his voice so quiet that even Kirishima had to lean in to hear him.




“Stop that at once, Mineta!!” Iida shouted, and for once, the rest of the boys wanted to shout along with him. “What you’re considering would bring shame to both yourself and our female classmates!!”

“So strict..” Mineta just waved him off. Suddenly he grabbed the sticky balls off of his head, and started to climb the wall. “We’re here to overcome those walls!! Plus Ultra!!”

“So quick!!” Midoriya cried. .

“Don’t defile our school motto like that!!” Iida yelled at him, but Mineta ignored the voice of his class President.

Izuku was surprised to see Kota just appear at the top of the wall to push Mineta down. “A hero, really?” he asked, scornfully. “Try learning how to be a good person first.”

“You little braaaat!!” Mineta cried as he fell onto poor Iida’s face.

“Mineta’s really the worst, huh?” Yaoyorozu said, which caused Kota to turn his head.. And accidentally see the girls.

“Thanks, Kota!!” Ashido shouted, giving the boy a thumbs up.

Koda blushed, leaning back, and in tern falling off of the wall himself. He was lucky that Izuku rushed forward to catch him, otherwise he would’ve cracked his skull onto the ground.


Izuku had quickly changed back into his clothes (while it was nice that his friends were trying to support him, he felt the most comfortable when he had big layers) and had brought the passed out Kota to Mandalay.

“He must’ve passed out from fear of falling..” Mandalay said. “Thanks. We put him up there on guard because Eraser told us one of you was the ‘embodiment of lust’... Girls today sure to develop quickly, huh?”

“I’m just glad nobody got hurt…” Izuku sighed. “And, well, if he doesn’t get better soon, I might just have him expelled.”

Mandalay nodded. “You sure did act fast though.”

Izuku nodded. “I… um..” he stuttered, not really wanting to finish his sentence.

“Yeah,” Mandalay said after a few seconds of silence, seeming to understand what Izuku wanted to ask. “He’s Water Hoses’ kid.”

“Oh,” Izuku murmured, looking down at his feet. “I, um, I made a promise to his parents…” he sighed. “Though I doubt he’ll let me keep it.”

“A promise?” Pixie-Bob asked, walking into the room. “What kind of promise, kid?”

Izuku shrugged. “It’s nothing really,” he said, not raising his voice. “But it kind of depends on whether or not Kota wants me to keep it. I guess we’ll see.”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook
Page 28



Sometimes, when I do stuff, I feel horrible about it and feel like I should be punished for it. I don’t want to be punished, but.. It’s been ingrained into me since childhood. So.. if I do something bad, and then I don’t get punished for it, it actually causes me more trauma and stress and stuff because then I feel like the punishment is yet to come, and the longer it takes for a punishment to come, the more horrible the punishment will be.

Sometimes, it gets so bad that I have to calm myself by.. Punishing myself in Level 7. It’s.. not a lot of fun. No, it’s not even a little fun. But I usually don’t do that, because I.. I don’t think I’m really allowed to punish myself. I’m worthless. I don’t have the right to punish someone, so.. Yeah. So I usually just wait for punishment to come. I hate it, but.. Yeah.

Dad and Pa don’t really have punishments for... anything, really. They’re really nice about all the mistakes I make, and I don’t think they’ve ever really gotten mad at me for doing something wrong. That… it’s really strange. And it sometimes freaks me out, so bad that I have panic attacks in the middle of the night. I also… don’t really like sitting at a table when we eat, because.. Well, that usually was a bad omen. Y’know? Dad and Pa seemed to realize that, so now a lot of our dinners are at the couch or something. I tried to apologize about it at first, but they told me not to worry about it, which… I don’t know how to feel.. I think it means something good, right?

Mom’s punishments.. There were never.. Really, rules for punishments. It was kind of like, whatever happened in the moment happened in the moment. There were no.. actual rules. Like, I remember once, I came home with a huge bruise on my face, and the first thing she did was grab an ice pack from the freezer, and then maybe an hour later, we went out and got ice cream. Maybe a year later, when she found out about a bruise on my leg, well, she was in a bad mood that day and she…

She did stuff. Yeah. It’s a scar now.

So… with Mom, it really depends on her mood. But… it usually helps when I don’t speak or look her in the eyes. I think my.. I think it scares her. My voice and my eyes. Reminds her of Father. So I usually try to not speak around her. And since I rely on sign language a bunch anyway, and she knows it, it’s… yeah. It’s actually gotten a little better, ever since I started wearing a bandana around my eyes. It’s a green bandana, so that it fits with my hair, but when it’s so close to your eyes, you can also see through it. So I can see without Mom having to look at my eyes. I still carry it around with me, actually. I have it tied around my ankle… I don’t know if anyone’s noticed. I don’t think so, because nobody’s mentioned it.

I don’t really… like talking about punishments. I… I don’t know. Sorry.

Dad and Pa say that I apologize too much. I think that I don’t apologize enough. I.. there’s no way to atone for the crime of existing without.. Y’know, and Dad and Pa have disallowed it. That was the only time I think Dad ever really got mad at me, when I just casually mentioned it as a joke. He immediately apologized, saying that it was okay because it was a coping mechanism or something… but he seemed really uncomfortable. Did he maybe know someone before who.. Told jokes about suicide, and then maybe actually did? ..That would be sad. In any case, I’m not going to be doing that anymore.

Yeah. I’m going to mark this as one of the pages I don’t want Dad or Pa to read.


(The next passage is written in a special pen that has the three colors red, white, and blue.)

It is a real shame that you feel the need to be punished, m’boy. You’ve done nothing wrong, and you do not deserve everything that’s happened to you. It’s nice to know that things had gotten better with your mother, before you two were separated.

I honestly wish I had better, more experience with this. So I could… so I could help you. But you don’t need to hear about my failings. I promise you, Izuku~shounen, I’ll stand here with you for as long as possible, alright? My shoulder’s always here for you. Well, so is everything else about me. But you know what I mean.

- Uncle Toshinori (Thank you for calling me that, by the way. It was quite a welcome surprise.)

Chapter Text

"Hey boys!!" Ashido called as she opened the door to the boy's room. "We said we'd come visit, so here we are!!"

"Oh, hey," Ojiro said, nodding to them from his seated position on his futon. "You actually came."

"Of course we did!!" Hagakure beamed, somehow. "We were interested!!"

"Feel free to hang out!!" Kirishima grinned, giving the girls a thumbs-up, before returning to his card game with Bakugou. While he didn't show it outwardly, the red-head was a little frustrated by the fact that he was losing, and was desperately trying to save himself. Bakugou had a small smirk on his face as he placed his next card.

"So, what are you guys doing?" Ochako asked when she and Asui, or Tsuyu~chan, walked over to where Iida, Izuku and Shouto were sitting.

Izuku turned away from his phone. "Nothing much," he said, from the floor, where he was laying on his futon, with his head in Shouto's lap. Shouto also nodded to them in greeting, before turning back to his phone.

"Poor Iida," Ochako laughed as she sat down next to the class president, and the frog girl sat down next to her. "You're totally third-wheeling him."

"Ribbit," Asui nodded.

Izuku pushed himself up, until he was sitting beside Shouto. "What's third-wheeling?" he asked.

Ochako, who was about to start a conversation with the third-wheel in question, froze. She turned towards her frog friend. "Did he seriously just ask us what third-wheeling is?" she asked her, and the girl nodded.

"You aren't aware of the action that is third-wheeling?" Iida asked him, and Izuku shook his head.

"No, I don't know what that is," he said. He turned towards his half-and-half boyfriend. "Do you know what that is, Shouto?" he asked.

Shouto didn't raise his gaze towards them as he shook his head. "No idea," he said flatly.  

"Oh my gosh!!" Ochako cried, jumping up, which caused everyone in the class to look at her. The brunette quickly ran over to where Yaoyorozu was conversing with Jirou and Kaminari, and the rest of the class silently watched her do so.

"Yaomomo!!" she exclaimed. "Deku~kun and Todoroki~kun don't know what third-wheeling is!!"

It was Jirou who spoke for the stunned Yaoyorozu. The rest of the class also seemed to be equally frozen, though most of them were exaggerating their reactions for amusement. "They don't know?" she asked, and Ochako frantically nodded.

"Revelry in the dark," Tokoyami muttered under his breath, and Shouji, who was sitting next to him, couldn't even bring himself to sigh.

"How do you two not know what third-wheeling is?" Kaminari suddenly asked, running up to the confused boys in question.

Todoroki finally looked up from his phone. "Is it something that we should know?" he asked the lightning boy.

Kirishima also appeared beside the blond. "Do you guys even know what dating is?" he asked, worried. Had Izuku and Todoroki not understood what the word meant when they had told the class that they were dating?

"Of course we know what dating is!!" Izuku cried, though his voice was only a smidge above his usual volume. "Why would you ask someth-" Izuku froze when his phone suddenly rang.

"Sorry," he murmured as he grabbed it and quickly made his way out of the room, where he wouldn't be bothering anyone with his phone call.

Kirishima decided to let it be for now. "What about you, Todoroki?" he asked the half-and-half boy. "Do you know what dating is?"

"Yes," the boy nodded. "I just don't understand what 'Third-wheeling' is."

Outside, Izuku was on the phone with Hizashi.

"How's the training camp been so far?" His Pa asked him.

"It's been... interesting," Izuku mumbled into the phone. He turned around to make sure that everyone in the class was still focused on Shouto, and was glad to see nobody turned towards him. (Though when he turned back around, Ochako looked towards him curiously.)

"Interesting?" Hizashi asked. "How so?"

Izuku sighed. "Most of it's been fine, fun, even," he admitted. "It's just that, well.. remember Water Hose?"


"Their.... their son is here."



"Have you told Dad?" Hizashi asked. While Izuku didn't know it, the man had taken off his glasses to pinch his nose as he sighed.

"I think that Mandalay told him on the bus ride," Izuku murmured. "Though he hasn't talked to me about it. I don't think he's had the opportunity."

He heard Hizashi sigh on the other end. "I would tell you to not let it bother you too much, but that wouldn't work. Did you bring your meds with you?"

"I don't think so," Izuku mumbled, a little sheepish. "I.. I probably forgot them again."

"That's another thing you should ask Dad about, okay?" Hizashi said in the phone, and Izuku nodded, before remember that his Pa couldn't hear him.

"Okay," he repeated his Pa's word.

"Remember, if you really don't want to be there, I'll come pick you up," Hizashi reminded him. "Or, if you really feel like you can't stand being there another second longer, you could fly home," he added as afterthought.

Izuku chuckled slightly, though it was a little forced. "Thanks, Pa," he said quietly, noticing that Ochako had scooted a little closer to the door, and was listening in. While he could tell that she was also curious, he could tell that she meant no ill will, so Izuku didn't pointedly look at her, nor did he turn back towards the room.

"I'll try to remember that," Izuku continued, "though I don't think it'll come to that."

"Good," Hizashi said from the other side of the phone. "Remember to take your makeup off, okay? Since you're not at home, you don't have to take if off at exactly ten. But at the latest, wait until all your friends go to sleep. But you don't have to do anything your uncomfortable with, alright?"

"Alright," Izuku nodded. "Thanks, Pa."

While he couldn't really tell, Izuku had a feeling that his father was nodding at the other end. "Remember to have fun, okay? Love you."

"Love you too, goodnight!" Izuku said as he hung up.

When Izuku walked back into the boy's room, the conversation about third-wheeling seemed to be over, and the class seemed to have returned to their individual conversations and games.

"Who was your phone call from, Midoriya?" Iida asked when Izuku sat back down with the four of them. (Shouto, himself, Uraraka and Asui.)

"My Dads," Izuku stretched the truth somewhat. "They reminded me to take my makeup off."

"Your makeup?" Ochako asked, and Izuku nodded, pulling his bag from the wall (his and Shouto's futons were at the edge of the room, opposite the door,) the pull out his makeup wipes.  

"Please don't scream," he said as he pulled one out of the packet and started to wipe his face.

"Why would we scream, Midoriya~chan?" Asui asked as Izuku finished. "Oh."

"Yeah," Izuku said as he stood up to throw the wipe into the trash can that was at the foot of the door.

"It's not polite to stare, Tsuyu~chan~kun!!" Iida was saying as he returned. Iida had already seen Izuku's bags before, when he, Shouto, and Izuku had stayed at the Hosu hospital after the Stain incident.

"Sorry about that, Deku~kun!!" Ochako told him, but Izuku shook his head.

"There's nothing to apologize for. I know it's not the prettiest."




“You’re going to sleep?” Shouto asked as Izuku climbed into his own futon.

Izuku nodded as he pulled the blanket over himself. “Only for a little while. I don’t want people to.. To worry. And…” he pointed at his face. “I took it all of quickly, in hopes of maybe getting over my fear, but.. I don’t think it’s been working.”

Shouto gave Izuku a warm smile, something that none of the other boys saw, as the room was almost pitch darkness. It was also.. Surprisingly quiet, too. If Izuku hadn’t been grabbing the soundwaves their voices were creating and redirecting them back to themselves, their classmates probably would’ve heard them.

“You look beautiful, Zuku,” Shouto mumbled as he let his eyes close, tired after the long day. “No matter what, you’ll always be beautiful.”

“Just like you?” Izuku asked.

Shouto couldn’t help but chuckle. “If you say so.”




"Woah!!" Kirishima cried the next morning. "Where did those bags come from, Midoriya?" he asked.

Izuku shrugged. He had gone to sleep earlier than usual, and so therefore had woken up around 7 hours before they were supposed to. He had spent the time writing the lesson plans for future hero lessons, had written notes, and had also drawn a few sketches of Shouto as well. When he heard his Dad up and about early in the morning, he had joined him, asking the questions that his Pa had told him about, and had helped the Wild Wild Pussycats with making breakfast. Pixie-Bob especially liked his telekinesis.

Luckily for Izuku, his Dad had brought his meds.

"Just chose not to wear makeup," he said, letting his mind return to the present. “If you don’t like looking at them..” he murmured, touching the dark circles under his right eye with his scarred hand awkwardly, “I can.. I can put my makeup on.. Yeah.”

“No, no!!” Kirishima was quick to say. “There’s nothing wrong with it!! It’s just… a little different.” He gav Izuku the widest grin he could. “Not a bad different, I promise!! It’ll just take some getting used to.”




“I bet you’re hungry..” Izuku said awkwardly to Kota. He wanted to glance over to where Shouto was, hiding and  watching, but he forced himself to stay faced towards Kota. “Here’s a plate for you.”

“You!” Kota cried. “How’d you know I was here..?”

“Oh..” Izuku looked down at the ground. “Sorry. When I realized that you were gone, I listened for you, and I followed your footprints. Thought you might want some food.”

“Nope,” Kota immediately refused. “Don’t want it. Like I said, I don’t feel like fraternizing with you people. So get away from my secret base.”

“Secret base, huh?” Izuku wondered aloud.

“Improving quirks..” Kota said angrily, making fists with his hands and hiding his eyes with his hat. “Stretching them to the limit… all so gross. Flaunting your power like that.”

“Your parents…” Izuku sighed. “They were Water Hose.”

Did Mandalay tell you?!?! ” The young boy demanded, and Izuku flinched.

“No, I…” Izuku still didn’t really know what to say. “I… I thought that might be it…”

Kota was surprised when Izuku placed the plate of curry on the ground, and sat down at the edge of the cliff, letting his feet dangle off the edge of the cliff. It made Shouto uneasy to see Izuku look that dejected while he was on the edge of something that was extremely tall, but Shouto held himself back, knowing that he could trust Izuku. That he had to trust Izuku.

“They shouldn’t have died..” Izuku murmured quietly, and the young boy was speechless. “Say..” Izuku turned around slightly to look the boy in the eyes, finally. “What’s your opinion of pro-hero Deku?”




“I guess that makes sense,” Izuku sighed. “If I asked you to tell me why you hate him, would you tell me?”

“Why would I?” Kota huffed, crossing his hands over his chest.

“Don’t know,” Izuku sighed, looking down at his worn red sneakers. “You know... “ he said after a few seconds of silence. “Deku made a promise with your parents. That someday, he would take you flying.” Izuku pulled himself up, making his way away from the cliff, though he couldn’t help the small bit of disappointment in his chest.

“How do you know that?” Kota demanded through his gritted teeth.

Izuku, this time, didn’t look down at the ground. “I owe you an apology. No, I owe you so much more than that If it weren’t for my failure, then you probably wouldn’t have lost your parents, and Muscular wouldn’t still be out there…” Kota could only watch, frozen with shock when Izuku suddenly folded himself into a dogeza. “I can’t apologize enough. I don’t know how I can make it better. I… I’m a pro-hero, and I’m supposed to know these things, but..” Izuku felt the tears stream down his cheeks as his voice cracked. “I don’t. And for that, too, I’m so, incredibly sorry.”

Kota could only stand there, frozen.



Midoriya Inko’s Notebook

Page 3


Dear Izuku… I guess.

I wonder if you’ve started using your quirk, now that you’re with two pro-heroes. I don’t care, though, It’s not like it’s going to affect me, now that we’re…

Anyways.. From what I remember that night, your quirk had something to do with fire. It would’ve been better if you had never gotten a quirk in the first place. A quirk like his …. So horrible, ugly, and burning…. Yet somehow so mesmerizing. I don’t understand it. And therefore, I don’t like it.

That’s right… I have to write.. My feelings about stuff in this notebook. Yeah. So, um… I met a new nurse today. I…. I didn’t like him. He… he was a nice person, yes, and I don’t think that he’s a bad nurse… he honestly seems like one of the better ones in this hospital…

It’s just… his hair. It’s not curly, like yours… or his …. But it’s bright blue. And… I hate it. I hate it so much that I just want to grab you by your wrist and force you to burn his hair away so that I don’t have to look at it. I hate bright blue hair.

So… the first time you bought green hair dye… I remember that being one of the best days of my life. Your hair is… really strange. You hair grows in green, but for some reason, the tips turn dark blue. I… it reminds me of him. So when you dyed the tips of your hair the same color as the rest, it… it made me… feel warm inside. Yeah. The doctors say I have to remember all the times that you made me feel good inside, so that way I associate good feelings with you… or something.

So, um… how has it been with the heroes? I hope they know how to treat scars and cuts and other wounds that you might have. And, oh, what are they going to do about your makeup?? I can’t be there to give you anymore, as I’m not allowed outside the hospital… Rei says that she occasionally gets clearance to leave, but that it’s rare...I hope they’ll know… and How will they react if they see your scars? What happens if they judge you for them, when it’s none of their business?

I hate thinking like this. A good son should never make his mother worry.

Rei says that a good mother worries for her children. … But I’ve always worried for you, stupidly. And I’ve never been a good mother.

I hope that I’ll someday be able to change that as well.

So far, absolutely no progress.

- Mom

Chapter Text

When Izuku and Shouto walked back into the boy’s room, they were relieved to see that the rest of the class had all gone to sleep already. Though they still did their best to not make any noise as they made their way across the room, towards where the futon was against the wall.

“Where did you two go off to?” Both Shouto and Izuku froze at the voice that they heard from behind them, and they both turned slightly to see Iida looking at them from his own futon. He didn’t seem dazed or tired at all, and his glasses were still on his face, which was a sure sign of the fact that he had been waiting for them. He glanced at their joined hands before looking back at their tired faces. What had happened?

Izuku shrugged, letting go of Shouto’s hands to tuck himself into his futon, and let his tired eyelids close. He was going to wear makeup tomorrow. Definitely. Especially to hide that blue bruise that was starting to appear on his chin. He should’ve probably asked Shouto to ice it, but he honestly couldn’t care less at the moment.

“Stargazing,” Shouto lied, watching as his boyfriend curled in on himself in his blanket.

Iida frowned. “I don’t mean to pry, but I don’t think that’s what you were doing. While you don’t have to tell me exactly what happened, I would like it if you didn’t lie to me.”

Shouto sighed. He crouched down and tapped on Izuku’s shoulder, a silent way to ask for permission. After a small nod from Izuku, he tucked himself into Izuku’s futon, and wrapped his arms around the greenette, keeping his gaze on Iida, who also turned so that he would be able to see the bi-colored boy better. Iida recognized the gesture. He’d seen it before, back at the hospital in Hosu. The two boys.. Always either made it obvious they were going to touch the other, or they asked for permission. It was strange, he thought. After all, if they were each other’s significant others, then shouldn’t they be comfortable with each other?

“I don’t know if I have the right to tell you,” Shouto whispered, closing his left eye but leaving his right eye open. It wasn’t a wink, and Iida recognized that. Shouto’s eye needed a break, though he’d never admit to it out loud. “I’d need Izuku’s permission.”

Shouto shifted slightly when Izuku raised his arms in order to sign, his eyes still closed. Don’t care. He signed. You can tell him. Or not. But only Iida.

Iida turned his head towards Shouto, his eyes silently asking for the story. Iida wanted to help Izuku. And to do that, he had to know what was going on. Even if he hadn't known, he would’ve done everything he could, but he would be able to do better now that Todoroki had agreed to tell him. Hopefully.




“Look. Black smoke,” Mandalay called, pointing at the sky. Izuku also turned his head to look at where the hero was pointing, and his face went pale when he saw.

He started collecting soundwaves, in hopes of finding the source of the smoke, and he held back a gasp when he heard a voice, and the sizzling of a burning tree.

“Let’s begin,” he heard. “Put them in  their places, League of Villains’ Vanguard!!”

Izuku was about to alert the other pro-heroes, but he was cut off.

“Stay out of our way, Kitty cats,” a voice said from behind them, and all of them turned, surprised to see a knocked out pixie-bob. And…. two villains. Both were villains that Izuku recognized. How? Well, Izuku was good at gathering information.

“Pixie-Bob!!” Izuku cried, starting to rush forward, but he and Iida were stopped by Tora’s outstretched hand.

“Damn!!” Mandalay cursed when she saw her colleague on the ground. She also wanted to rush forward to grab her friend, but she didn’t move, only glaring at the two villains.

“Mandalay!!” Izuku turned towards the cat-hero, who looked at him out of the corner of her eye. “Those two are members of the league of villains!! The one with a giant tool is Hikiishi Kenji, villain name, Magne!! He’s committed nine robberies, and is faced with assault charges, along with three murders!! He’s also been accused of twenty-nine attempted murders!!”

“Got it!!” Mandalay nodded. The villain in question didn’t seem surprised. He actually looked flattered. The fucker . “What about the other one?”

“His villain name is Spinner!! He’s got some metal based quirk!!” Izuku hissed back. “I don’t know much about him!!”

“How do you know all that, Midoriya??” Mineta demanded the boy, but the greenette just ignored the class pervert.

“Holy shit,” Izuku murmured as the villains started their monologue about villainy and what not. He would’ve payed attention to their speaking, but something from his soundwaves had caught his attention.

“What is it, Deku?” Tora didn’t turn his gaze away from the villains as he spoke, and Mandalay brought her gaze back to the villains in front of her, deciding to listen to what they had to say, as it could prove useful in their defeat. She would trust Tora with whatever developement Deku had discovered.

“League of villains…?!” Ojiro questioned, his worried expression concealing none of his fear. “How’d they find us…?!”

“Kota’s in danger!!” Izuku told Tora, looking up at him.

“Stain… so these are his followers!!” Iida cried, in response to what the villains were saying.

Tora sighed. “Go, save him,” he nodded, before turning back to the villains with a grave expression.

“Go on without me, you guys,” Izuku called to his classmates as they started to evacuate.

“Midoriya!!” Ojiro shouted, not knowing what the greenette was saying. Had the greenette gone crazy? He was surprised when Iida nodded.

“Understood, sensei,” Iida said, and Izuku would’ve blushed if it weren’t for the situation. “I’m trusting you to come back alive.”




“It’s …” Izuku took a big breath, speaking to the boy who was sobbing behind his back. “It’s gonna be okay, Kota,” he forced the words out of his mouth. He also forced something else, something that he hoped would cause fear in the villain, yet something that would still comfort Kota. “I’m gonna save you!!”

“A child with the 7th sense?” the man in front of them laughed, and Izuku froze, raising his gaze to see. Him. Holy shit. Holy shit. Shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. It was him. Oh my god. Oh no. oh no no no no no no no. His eye was different, though. Izuku couldn’t help but feel a little satisfaction from his handiwork. “A budding hero would say that. Always spouting off about justice wherever you guys show up.”

Izuku glared at the man, making a defensive stance in front of the sobbing Kota.

“Your name’s Midoriya, right?” The man said, reaching forward as his quirk started to activate. “This is perfect. You’re high up on our kidnapping list. I’m gonna torment you real bad. Now show me some blood.” He pulled his cape off, grinning maniacally, and speaking with a tone that would’ve sent shivers down Izuku’s spine, if it weren’t for the fact that Izuku’s was stronger. “I’m gonna torment you real bad. Now show me some blood.

When Muscular charged forward to punch the boy, he saw surprised to be punched back, and his eyes (even the strange mechanical one) widened as he was shot away from the kid. Of course. The kid had used his telekinesis as a boost, not that the villain needed to know that.

My blood? ” Izuku asked, letting a small smirk appear on his face. A smirk that he hated, but had been proved useful many times. He didn’t let himself grimace as he felt his eyes sharpen, and he could imagine the effect they had right now. After all, he had seen it in his father’s eyes, many times before. “ You want to spill my blood? You didn’t even kill me last time.

Muscular froze, crouched on the ground. He recognized this -

His thoughts were cut off when Izuku grabbed him with his telekinesis and slammed him into the nearby rockface.

You see, I’ve got a job to do here, ” Izuku sighed, walking up towards the villain, forcing his fear deep down into his heart. He wasn’t Izuku right now. He couldn’t be. But he wasn’t Deku, either. No. There was too much rage to be Deku. There was too much anger, too much pain and hopes for vengeance for this person to be Deku. No.. Who was he, right now?

Mind telling me what you’re doing here? ” he snarled at the villain, creating a flame sword with both his telekinesis and his fire.

Muscular, the fool, had the audacity to laugh. “ You think you scare me? ” the villain demanded. Though the villain had shivers running down his back. Who wouldn’t, after hearing the tone of Izuku’s voice? He was forcing his own power out himself, but.. It would never be anything compared to Izuku’s. “ Where’s the kid named Bakugou? ” he asked, grabbing Izuku by the shoulders, but Izuku quickly slipped out of his grip, and was soon standing in front of Kota again. Oh, he should’ve just pressed the flaming blade to the villains throat!!

Izuku didn’t notice how burnt his hand was when he let the sword disappear. He didn’t feel Kota’s eyes widen in shock, and he didn’t notice as a little water trickled on to his palm. An attempt to help somewhat, something done unconsciously. Something that Kota wouldn’t be able to explain later.




“Sorry,” Izuku murmured, not realizing that tears were flowing down his cheeks. “The blast knocked you away.”

“Th-thanks,” Kota stuttered as Izuku pulled him up with his telekinesis.

Izuku opened his mouth to speak, but he froze when he realized that Muscular.. Was still moving. Fuck.

You sure you haven’t gotten weaker? ” the villain sneered at Izuku. “ Last time we fought, you were able to incapacitate me for a while, but this? ” The villain rushed forward, and punched the ground where Izuku and Kota were only half a second before. Izuku had jumped out of the way, pulling Kota along with him. “ This is pathetic!! ” The man laughed, turning his head to glare at Izuku, the sneer still on his face.

“Hold onto my back, Kota,” Izuku whispered, and the boy nodded, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s neck.




DELAWARE DETROIT SMASH!!! ” Izuku shouted at the top of his lungs, as he used every bit of power from all three aspects of his quirk to punch Muscular away from the two of them.

The aftermath was… impressive. Muscular was completely knocked out, almost completely crushed under the rock, but his face exposed to the extent that he could still breath.

Izuku honestly wished that this pain hurt more. For anybody else, it would’ve been excruciating pain, to have both arms completely shattered, but… Izuku had felt worse. And… that made him upset.

“Oh!! HEY!!” Kota shouted, suddenly rushing forward when Izuku started to fall forward. Izuku caught himself by forcing his left leg out.

“I’m okay,” he said, not looking at Kota, focusing on breathing. “There’s still something I have to take care of.”

“What could you possibly do all banged up like that?” Kota asked him, worried, his voice raised.

Izuku raised his head slightly, glancing at the little boy he had saved. “I’ve got telekinesis,” he told the boy. “And when you’ve got that, who needs arms? Hell, who needs a body?” He groaned as he forced himself to stand up straight. “Everyone’s in trouble,” he continued. “And they might be after the students. I need to tell Dad, and the Pussycats, what I know. If what I can do can save any of them… then I’ve gotta do something. Even if I’m unstable, even if I might accidentally… do something… I need to help.”

He looked down at the young boy, a small smile spreading on his face, despite the circumstances. While Izuku wasn’t satisfied, he couldn’t let himself go out of control in front of the kid. “I’ve got a promise I need to keep. Want to help me with it?”




“Dad!!!” Izuku cried when he saw his father in his field of vision.

“Izuk-” Aizawa froze when he saw how injured his son was.

“Glad I found you!!” Izuku cried. “I need you to look after Kota!! He’s got a water-based quirk, so you gotta protect him!!” He dropped the villain that he had been carrying with his telekinesis. “And watch this,” he spit at the villain, not denying his hatred.

“Izuku,” Aizawa called just as Izuku was about to run off again. Aizawa sighed. “Those wounds… you’ve gone and done it again.”

“Oh, dad, umm…”

“As I was saying… tell her this .




“Shouji?” Izuku asked as the tentacled boy grabbed a hold of him.

“Those wounds..” Shouji sighed. “You shouldn’t be moving around in that state. Running around trying to save everyone? You’re full of surprises.”

“Shouji, I need you to let go of me,” Izuku told the boy, and Shouji glanced at him, about to tell him otherwise, but the glow in Izuku’s eyes was… strange, and the boy felt his grip on Izuku lessen.

Izuku used this chance to jump into the air, and he opened his mouth, screaming as he let the fire blow into the air - and in turn, cancel out the darkness of Tokoyami’s dark shadow.

“Thank you Midoriya,” the bird groaned, before looking up at the greenette in confusion. “How did you..?”

“No time for that now,” Izuku warned. He turned to Shouji. “I need the both of you to come with me. A Class B student, Kacchan and Shouto are in danger.”

“C’mon!!” he shouted as he started running off. Shouji and Tokoyami found themselves somehow keeping up with him, following close behind.




“Flesssshhhh..” The villain with creepy teeth groaned. “ Flesh… need… flesh… no good… no good. Can’t forgi- ” the villain stopped talking as he was pulled up from the ground.

I don’t feel like being nice right now, ” Izuku growled, and everyone except Todoroki took a step away from him, a little terrified. They watched as Izuku grinned at the villian, his eyes glowing maniacally. “ If you don’t stop trying to kill my friends, I’ll fucking rip off your arms and force them down your fucking throat.

Vermin, ” the villain groaned. He then smiled at Izuku. “ Good to see you again, Raging Inferno.

Izuku’s classmates could only watch as the man’s costume suddenly lit on fire, and the man was launched far, far, away.

I am not my father.

“Deku, what the fuck?” Katsuki asked after a few moments of silence.

Shut up, ” Izuku said, turning towards him with a glare. “ I hate your guts. Go complain elsewhere.

Bakugou’s eyes widened, but he didn’t move.

“They want to kidnap Kacchan,” Izuku said, turning to Shouto. Shouto would be the only person he’d be able to speak to right now, without being angry. “And me, too, probably.”




I’ve taken him ,” the villain laughed. “ With my magic.

The villain was surprised when the pearls were pulled out of his hand, and Tokoyami and Bakugou reappeared on the ground.

I’ve got magic too, you bitch, ” Izuku grinned at the villain. “ You sure you wanna go? I’m in a bad mood, so I’ll fucking kill you.

“D-Deku~kun?” Uraraka asked, stepping back a little in fear.




“How sad for you..” Dabi grinned. “Shouto Todoroki.” Shouto’s eyes widened in recognition, but he was unable to say anything.

All the students could do nothing but watch as Bakugou started being pulled through the portal, but they were surprised when Izuku rushed forward, and pulled Bakugou out of the portal.

“Deku,” the blond growled, about to shout at him, but he froze when he realized that Dabi had managed to grab ahold of the greenette, and pulled the boy who was half unconscious through the portal.

“Sorry, Kacchan,” the greenette murmured as he disappeared.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 29

Fuyumi, and Shouto


Shouto has an older sister. I met her a little while ago, and she’s really nice. It was a few weeks after Shouto and I started dating, actually. We were in Shouto’s room, after my patrol, and I was sitting with Shouto on his futon, and we were playing a game of Chess. Shouto’s really good at it. I’ve never beaten him, but I’m determined to!! But she’s really awesome.

She was really surprised at first, but she accepted it right away, so that was nice. She makes really, really good coffee. And smoothies and milkshakes and stuff. She taught me how to make them, actually, which was awesome!! I’ve changed the recipes and stuff a little so that I like them more, but hers are still super amazing!!

She’s really pretty, too. She’s like.. Shouto’s motherly figure. Like how Aunt Nemuri Ms. Hotaru are, for me. I haven’t contacted Ms. Hotaru in a while, actually. I should do that soon. She was the photographer who took those pictures of Shouto during the sports festival, actually, which was really nice of her!!

Oh, and, well, when Fuyumi does everything she can to help, she does it fast . Like, Shouto had apparently never told her about the fact that he sometimes can’t see in his left eye or something, and less than a week later, he had a new pair of prescription glasses. So she’s really cool!! Though Shouto rarely ever wears those glasses… I would remind him, except it’s kind of the same as how I forget to take my meds, so, well… I don’t wanna be a hypocrite, you know?

And, well.. She’s there for Shouto when I can’t be. I’m a prohero, so I have to go out and help people, you know? And I also help teach at U.A. And Shouto has school, too. So… I can’t always be there for him. Neither can she, but.. It’s nice knowing that he has someone when I’m not there. It makes me feel warm inside.

Fuyumi’s really nice. She’s also really affectionate, as well. I really like her. And, well, she says she’s really grateful. Apparently, when I first met Shouto, he hadn’t eaten anything for around two weeks, and she was getting really worried that he would die of starvation. So… so yeah.

I’ve got to help Shouto, too. I… I can’t lean on him too much. I can’t just take him for granted. I need to be there for him, too.

I wish Fuyumi knew how to treat Shouto’s wounds, though. Like, she knows how to help people and stuff, but she’s not really good at getting Shouto to let him help her. So sometimes, when I go to Shouto’s place after patrol, he’s got a bunch of bruises hidden and stuff. Fuyumi says that he never lets her treat her. I… I do my best. And I’ll do everything I can for Shouto.

Shouto.. Sometimes lets me treat him, and sometimes, well, he doesn’t. I don’t know if boyfriends are supposed to force their boyfriends to let them treat them, or something, but.. I.. I’m not going to do that. Ever. I don’t want… yeah. He does the same with me, which is really nice. We’re just… we both have boundaries. And now that we’re dating, we’ve got to be… really careful with them. Since we both know too well what it’s like to be hurt by people we love.

I would say more, but… I’ve got to go hang out with Uncle Toshi now. He’s making me clean up all of Dagobah Beach without my quirk, for some reason. So… yeah.

And also because I’m going to buy Shouto jelly donuts.


Chapter Text

“He was…” Uraraka sighed. The entire class, sans Izuku and the few who were still unconscious from the gas, were sitting in Yaoyorozu’s room, talking with her. “He seemed… really angry. And at his wit’s end.” The girl herself was sitting up in her bed, drinking from a warm glass of milk that Uraraka had been kind enough to get her, and was simultaneously glaring at Mineta, who's only offering was a melon. Why on Earth would she want a melon?  

It had been two days after the attack on the training camp.

“That doesn’t sound like Midoriya,” Kirishima grumbled. He raised an eyebrow at the Gravity Girl, but Uraraka just sighed heavily, toying with her hair. 

“Did you know, Todoroki?” Asui asked, turning towards the bi-colored boy, who was leaning against the wall. He was looking down at his feet, his hands shoved into his pockets, eyes hidden by his red and white hair that Izuku sometimes referred to as "Peppermint." He wasn't crying, no, and if he was, none of the Class 1-A members could tell. Though Iida picked up on the boy's discomfort, anger, and sadness. He had felt something similar to what he knew Todoroki was feeling, when his own brother had ended up... He'd rather not think about that right now. “That Midoriya~chan could get like that?” Asui continued. 

Todoroki didn’t respond for a few moments, bringing a shaky left hand out of his pocket to pull his hair downwards, to hide his eyes even more, if that was even possible. It wasn't a gesture that any of Class 1-A regularly associated with Todoroki. “Yes,” he finally said. “But…" he sighed, steeling himself. "But that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that he’s gone.” He didn't raise his head, or his voice, but his anger was evident in his tone. The panic... well... that was something Shouto would never let anyone else see. 

“I…” Uraraka stared at him for a few moments, before murmuring, “There’s nothing we can do about that, Todoroki~kun.” The majority of the class nodded and mumbled their agreements, though a certain red-head and blond kept their mouths shut. 

“Of course there is,” Todoroki retorted, growling slightly, his hand dropping from his hair to his side. Had Todoroki always been... this expressive? Nobody other than Iida and Izuku had ever seen the boy with his monotone expression, or his occasional smile. “Of course there is…” his voice cracked slightly, and he swallowed, upset with himself for letting his voice do so. Nobody would blame him, of course, but years of... would do that to a person. 

“What would we do, Todoroki?” Kaminari asked, wanting Todoroki to realize that what he was saying was ridiculous. “Go after him?” He meant it as a sarcastic comment, and hoped that Todoroki would take it as such. 

Todoroki didn’t respond for a few moments. “That would work, too,” he mumbled, his voice raising slightly as if he had just had an idea... an idea that Iida wasn't sure that he would like to hear.

Too? What else had Todoroki been thinking of doing?

“But we’re not allowed to go after him!!” Mineta suddenly cried, his eyes already tearing up. Oh, we was getting worse than Midoriya!! “Our permission to fight was revoked!! And, we have no idea where they took him!!”

“You think I don't know that?" Todoroki asked him. He didn't wait for Mineta's response. "Of course I know that. But... we... I have to go after him anyway. As long as there isn't any offensive quirk usage, or fighting, there should be no legal problems... I... I want to save him. I need to save him... especially after..." he trailed off, shoving his hands deeper into his pockets.

The majority of the class turned to look at the Ice and Fire boy, surprised at his line of thinking. Iida, however, glared at Todoroki, thinking that maybe Todoroki was making the same mistake as he. 

“I want to save him, too.” Kirishima murmured after a few more seconds, and heads turned to look at him. “Todoroki and I actually came yesterday, Yaoyorozu,” he told the girl with the warm milk, and she flinched. “We overheard you conversation with the pros. You made a tracker, didn't you?" Yaoyorozu hesitantly nodded. "Couldn’t you make another tracking device for us?”

“No, it’s just as All Might said!!” Iida exclaimed, looking at the red head indignantly. Were they seriously considering this? Even after the Stain incident? Todoroki should know better!! He could somewhat understand Kirishima, because Kirishima hadn't gotten chastised, but Todoroki had been along side him when they were scolded!! At the very least, Todoroki should be opposed to the idea!! “We ought to leave this matter to the pros!! It’s not our place to interfere, you fools!!” he shouted, his voice steadily raising, and the class was surprised to hear insults spring from Iida's mouth. 

“You think I don’t know that?!” Kirishima demanded, repeating Todoroki's earlier words to Mineta. “But still!! I couldn’t do anything!! When I heard that they were after my buddy… I couldn’t do anything!! I didn’t do anything!! If I don’t act now… forget being a hero, I’m not even a man!!”

“Calm down, Kirishima,” Kaminari sighed, not wanting this debate to get too out of hand, though it was a little too late for that. “We get that you’re a hothead, but in this case...”

“Iida is correct,” Asui finished.

“If you’re really going to do it,” another, rough, gravelly voice said, causing the entire class to turn towards him, astounded, gasping. “I’ll join you.” Bakugou looked at Kirishima, a solemn expression in his eyes. He wasn’t even glaring. He wasn’t even growling. This was... a Bakugou that none of the class had ever seen... except maybe Izuku, but nobody knew. “I…. I didn’t deserve to be saved by that damn nerd.”

"You and I are more similar than I though," Todoroki grumbled under his breath, yet most of the class turned their heads toward him, their worry increasing steadily. 

Bakugou glared at him, but Todoroki said nothing more, so he continued. “I… I need to fucking apologize to him… You saw all those scars he had…. Fuck , I bet at least a quarter of those were... “ He sighed. “I need to right a lot of wrongdoings. So I’ll go. Even if you decide not to.”



“Heroes today sure have it rough, I’d say,” Shigaraki laughed. “Am I right, Midoriya?”

He was a little unnerved my Midoriya’s nonchalant expression. Or at least, what appeared to be a nonchalant expression, from Shigaraki's point of view. He watched the boy for a few seconds, wondering if the boy was just not responding in order to annoy him. 

Though what was really happening, well... Izuku was a little paralyzed at the moment, frozen in fear. Though it wasn't Shigaraki that he was currently worried about, though his gaze seemed to be locked onto the handyman's movements. No, his thoughts and feelings were currently locked onto the thought that there was a villain with a fire quirk, there was a villain with a fire quirk, right next to him, only a few feet away. 

Shigaraki sighed, a little disappointed. “You should respond to me, boy, like you did last time, as the mall. You have the 13th sense, just like the rest of us, Midoriya,” Shigaraki said. “Which means that you’ve done something villainous. You’re dangerous. Yet here you are, pretending to be a hero…”

Izuku didn't make any noise, other than a small whimper. He needed to get his head back in the game! Get back in the game!! Ignore the fire villain!! Ignore him!!  "I..." he forced his body to say the word, despite... "I don't pretend to be a hero," he finally managed to growl, the anger enhancing the glow in his eyes, which caused Shigaraki to shiver in anticipation, excitement, and quite a bit of curiosity. There was also a little fear, but it was overshadowed by his ambitions. 

“That's right," Shigaraki laughed. "You don't pretend, do you, Midoriya? Since you're a villain, just like the rest of us." His maniacal grin was hidden by his glove, and for only a moment, Shigaraki cursed his father, before feeling a little guilt and panic at having such a thought. 

"I don't need to pretend to be a hero," Izuku glared, his voice raising slightly, "Because I already am one." 

“But, kiddo,” Dabi said, sneering down at the kid, and bringing his face uncomfortably close to Izuku, who shivered slightly. Dabi had the... he had the... but why was it different from the others'? “You’ve got a lot more 13th sense than all of us. Maybe even combined. You, of all people, should know how alluring it is to be a villain. You should understand how we feel. You do understand, don’t you?” He grinned his trademark grin at the greenette, who shivered slightly as he tried to fold in on himself, but he was unable to to much, as his arms were still kept in the shackles by the villains. 

“We’ll come back to this,” Shigaraki sighed. “It seems we've gotten through to him, a little. Let's let him think on it.” He turned to the monitor, where there was a T.V. screen, currently on call with… someone hidden in the shadows. Someone Izuku couldn’t see. “Sensei,” he said, “Lend me your power.”

“Very well,” a low voice, a voice that sent shivers down Izuku’s spine, came from the monitor. “A smart choice, Shigaraki Tomura.”

The voice that Izuku heard through the monitor was... how... how? How did a villain have..? But... but the 13th sense wasn't supposed to travel through... how did he? What? 

“Hello!!” there was a knock on the door, which caused all of the villains to freeze. “Kamino pizza delivery.”

Izuku's quirk shackles unlocked from the sheer air force as the wall beside him SMASHed to pieces by his idol. 




 The villains had yet to surround him, when he noticed the presence of five others hidden behind a wall, their breaths heavy and panicked. 

"Bye," he whispered to the villains, who didn't hear him, before he made his way in their direction, taking care to make sure that he moved as quickly as possible, turning the villains' gazes away from him as he caused a fire to occur on Shigaraki's shirt by sending the tiniest of sparks in the man who needed moisturizer's direction. 

"What are you doing here?" Izuku hissed at them, his green hair peeking out from behind the wall as he both glared at them and watched what was going on a ways away from them. The villains seemed to be cursing themselves for losing him, and they had gone somewhere with Kurogiri, which... Izuku couldn't decide if that was a good omen or a really bad one. 

"We... we came to rescue you," Kirishima murmured after a few seconds, and Izuku sighed, lowering himself onto the ground in order to give Shouto a quick hug. "Though... I guess you didn't need it, since you managed to get here yourself. But we couldn't just do nothing. So we came for you." 

Izuku sighed, again, looking at Todoroki, who was looking at him with tears in his eyes, tears that nobody other Izuku noticed, before turning back to Kirishima and the others. "I... I thank you for coming. But you all need to leave, now. All Might will be here soon, and I need to help him to beat... that man.

"You're going to help him?" Yaoyorozu asked, her voice barely above a whisper, and she looked panicked. "Our permission to fight was revoked, Midoriya!! We can't fight!! The only reason we came was because we decided that we would only rescue you, and then not fight anyone!!" 

Izuku smiled at her. "I... thank you, again. But you don't have to worry about the permission stuff." 

"Deku," Bakugou glared at the greenette, and Izuku almost laughed at how ridiculous Kacchan looked in that suit and those horrible glasses that reminded him of his Pa's. "Your arms. They're still totally destroyed." 

"Oh," Izuku murmured, looking down at his poor, shattered, purple arms. "I... I totally forgot. Shit." 

Shouto opened his mouth to speak, but his voice didn't seem to work, and he couldn't even force a small grunt out of his throat. Don't go. He finally signed. Not again. You can't leave again. 

"I..." Izuku could only hesitantly look at his boyfriend, his eyebrows pressed downwards in order to make an expression of.. what appeared to be guilt and regret. "I..." 

"I agree with Todoroki~kun," Iida murmured quietly. "You cannot. Leave this to the other heroes. They will take care of it." 

Izuku stared at him for a few seconds, considering, before he lifted himself up into the air with his telekinesis. Kirishima and Yaoyorozu gasped, while Bakugou glared in suspicion. 

The battle was... All Might was... his form... He shouldn't go with his friends, he should go and help All Might, provide support, provide help, but...

"This is All Might's final battle," he whispered as he lowered himself back down. "I... the least I can do is to let him finish it on his own." 



"You all aren't going to go home?" Izuku asked, turning back towards his friends one more time, who had dutifully and loyally followed Izuku as he made his way back... somewhere. The only one who had any recognition as to the place Izuku was heading was Todoroki, and he was keeping his mouth shut. Izuku's jacket was one that he had borrowed from Kirishima, as the red-head had had the thought that it maybe wasn't the best idea for Izuku walk around with his purple limbs on full display. And the scars that his friends had all seen across his back... well, Izuku was surprised that he honestly couldn't care less about those for the moment. 

Honestly, the other four found it odd, that Todoroki seemed to have no reaction when he was reunited with Izuku. He hadn't broken down into tears, (though nobody honestly really expected him to,) but they had expected him to at least express some emotion somewhat, just like he had done when they had discussed going after Midoriya in the hospital, but... here they were. 

"No, Midoriya~kun!!" Iida exclaimed, although his voice wasn't raised that much as to not disturb the people in the current residential area. Honestly, where was Midoriya taking them? To his home? Actually... that.....

Who were Midoriya's parents, anyway? He'd heard from a few of the girls that he was the son of a gay couple, and a few nights ago Todoroki had been kind enough to share information about Midoriya's past to him, but he had never been given a really clear image of who exactly Midoriya shared his life with. 

"We're here to support you, even if all that means is walking you back to your house!!" Iida finished, at the same time that he was finishing his train of thought. 

Iida and the others didn't know how they expected Izuku to react to that. Maybe his face would turn tomato red, like usual, or he would burst into tears, the classic Midoriya move? So they were surprised when Izuku only chuckled, his blush only spreading around his cheeks rather than his entire face, and he gave the tall boy a smile. It wasn't as huge or as teeth-revealing as one of Izuku's normal grins, yet this smile seemed to outshine all other smiles that the greenette had ever made before this time. The only one who had ever seen a smile more radiant than this was unsurprisingly Todoroki. 

"Thanks, Iida," Izuku murmured. 

"Hey, um, Midoriya.." Kirishima rubbed the back of his head a little awkwardly as he spoke. "I... sorry if this is rude to ask, but how are you.. y'know," he waved his hands as he searched for the right words. "...Okay with all of this? Because, well, it doesn't seem like you're faking. I, um, I hate to be a downer, but you were just kidnapped for three days, and, like, all of the bones in your arms were totally broken, and, well..."

Izuku nodded his head. "I... I think it's because of you," he murmured after a few seconds of thought. "All of you, I mean. It just.. You're here. And, well, you're not treating me like a piece of glass. Actually, well, you kind of are, but... it doesn't really feel like that, for some reason. It... it makes me feel safe, I guess. Like... there's no reason to be unhappy, because you guys are here. I... is that strange?" 

"No," Todoroki smiled, rubbing his boyfriend's head affectionately. "At least, I don't think that that's strange." 




"This is where you live?" Bakugou asked, raising an eyebrow at the small door that was in front of him. It didn't look like much, sure, just another apartment in just another apartment building, but it was the place that Izuku knew as his home, so he nodded, smiling. 

"Do you have a key?" Iida asked him, making the chopping motions with his hands that he was incredibly well known for. 

"No," Izuku shook his head, before turning to the half-and-half boy who was standing beside him. "Do you have your key?" 

"Sorry," Todoroki said as he shook his head. "I think I might've... my mom. Yeah, that's probably where it is." 

Izuku shrugged, though he winced slightly as he did so, and he carefully brought his shoulders back down to a position where his neck wouldn't feel too stiff. "It's fine," he said. "I can just unlock it without the key." 

All 5 of Izuku's friends' eyes quickly transferred to the door when they heard a small click come from the lock, and they watched as the handle seemed to turn itself as the door swung open. 

"Pa?" Izuku called into the house as he took off his shoes, and he tilted his head to gesture for his friends to do the same. "Dad? Are you home?" 

"Ojamashimasu," Todoroki murmured as he took his shoes off, and the rest of their party quickly did the same, neatly laying their shoes in a line as to not make a mess at the door. 

"IIZZZUUUKKUUUU!!!!" The greenette himself winced as he heard his fathers voice rushing from the living room, and he could only chuckle when his blond-haired father rushed into the hallway, grabbing his son by the shoulders and shaking him excitedly. "You're home!! We were so worried!!" Tears were flowing from the mans eyes, and he turned around, only to be met by Nemuri, who handed him a box of tissues, even as she was trying to wipe away her own tears. 

Izuku smiled, and if he had maybe been in a higher level, he would've even laughed. "Thanks for worrying about me, Pa," he smiled. "And hi, Aunt Nemuri." 

"Izuku..." she murmured, grabbing the boy by the shoulder and leading him into the living room, his classmates following behind, a little scared and... trying to comprehend this new load of information.

Izuku's father was their English teacher. Present Mic. Holy crap. Holy crap. What. So then... who was his other father? Holy sh*t, was it...

No way. It couldn't be. 

No less than 10 minutes later, they found out that it definitely could be, and it definitely was.  




"Izuku," he voice was cold, seemingly uncaring when she saw her son walk into the room. It was the same night, hours after his friends had left his home, hours after Aunt Chiyo had come over and healed him, hours after... Uncle Toshi had won his final battle. Hours after Izuku gained all 100% of the power of One for All. It was something... so incredibly nerve wracking.  

All of his hero parental figures were on the other side of the door, just waiting for something to go wrong in case they needed to get Izuku out of there. If it had been their choice, they would've come in too, to monitor what was going on, to make sure that everything would turn out okay, that she wouldn't cause him to have a relapse... but Izuku had requested that they stay outside. And his hero parents, while reluctant, agreed to this, dutifully standing outside the hospital room to at least feel a small sense of security over the young hero son they had all promised each other to protect. 

"Hey, mom," Izuku mumbled, watching the woman in front of him. They stared at each other, watching the other and gauging their reactions. Inko, honestly, looked like a mess. She had leftover tear stains on her cheeks, along with messy hair that stuck up in random places. Her nose seemed to be runny too, and there was evidence all over her bed sheets, used tissues abandoned at her sides. A few had even fallen off of the bed. Her hands clutched the sheet of her bed in fists, her grip so clenched and strong that her knuckles were white. Whiter than the moon, whiter than Shouto's hair, white than anything white that Izuku had ever seen. 

That was... worrying. Izuku had seen his mother this way before. This was his mother, back when.... back when the words Raging Inferno were associated with a villain now in a prison cell of Tartaros.  

Inko also watched her son, her keen eyes taking in the details that all others might've missed. He looked more relaxed than usual, his shoulders dropping a little lower than what she was used to seeing. He had large bags under his eyes, larger than she ever remembered them being... but she hadn't seen him without makeup for over three years, so what did she know? His hair was also a little longer than she remembered, and the tips of his hair... 

Seeing all these usually concealed things on full view filled her heart with dread. Not because she didn't want to see them. No, actually, that was a small part of the reason. But it was mostly because she was worried that Izuku was somehow neglecting his health... or at least more that usual, and something about that... something about that didn't sit right with Inko, even when she felt her heart go cold with hatred that stemmed from somewhere... even she didn't know where it had come from. 

“You were kidnapped," she spoke, her tone rather emotionless. "Though obviously, it seems as if those villains didn't know what they were doing." 

"Yeah," Izuku murmured, finally walking over to where his mother sat, brushing a few of the crumpled tissues away so that there was a small space on the sheets for him to sit. 

"Did they hurt you?" she asked him, and Inko herself was a little surprised at the worried tone that was held in her voice, despite the darkness that she felt deep in her heart. 

"I... before or after I got kidnapped?" Izuku asked her, pulling off his shoes so that he could pull his legs closer to himself, and he fidgeted with his fingers slightly.




"I... I'm sorry," she whispered, pulling her son closer to herself in an attempt to... she didn't really know. Protect him? But to protect him, then he should be farther away from her, he should stay away from her, away from this mother who could only feel hate whenever her son was in front of her. Oh, what a horrible, horrible, person she was. 

"I..." Inko separated herself from her son somewhat, though there arms were still wrapped around each other as she looked into Izuku's eyes, waiting for him to continued speaking. She let the tears continue to stream down her cheeks. She had honestly thought that she had run out of water hours ago, yet here she was again, the dams of her eyes broken and the water pouring down her cheeks as if a flash flood was occurring. 

"What is it?" she asked, though her voice was still raised no higher than a whisper; she honestly doubted that she would be able to speak a volume louder than that for at least a week. 

"I think you're doing good, Mom," Izuku finally managed to say. "I think you're the best, Mom. I love you, Mom." 

Inko couldn't help it as she felt the sides of her lips twitch upwards. "I love you too, Izuku." 




Shouta closed the sliding door behind him, before turning around to look at the woman with green hair, who was sitting on the bed, waiting. Her head was turned away from him, and she appeared to be looking out the window, at the night sky that would fade into dawn in at least another 3 hours. 

"Izuku said that you asked for me," he said quietly, and the woman turned her head, looking at him with those emerald eyes he had seen so many times in Izuku's gaze. 

"Yes," she nodded. "I did. Although either you, or... the other one would've been okay. You are.. Aizawa Shouta, if I'm not wrong?" 

Shouta nodded his head, walking over to where the woman was waiting. He didn't feel... comfortable right now, talking to this woman, but at least he wasn't wearing what he had been forced to wear on T.V. only hours earlier. "My husband's name is Yamada Hizashi," he told her, and he didn't miss her flinch at the name. Ah. That was right. Izuku's birth-father... 

"I noticed how skinny Izuku was," she said, after the awkward silence had gone on for far too long. The tension could be sliced clean with a knife, though that wasn't something that Shouta particularly wanted to do at the moment. "You haven't been feeding him enough, have you." It was more of statement, rather than a question. 

"We-" Shouta started, but he was cut off by the woman raising her hand to stop him. 

"I... I can teach you how to make him eat. Though... this is a method that.. isn't the best for Izuku. So once you learn it, I want you to help him forget it." 




“Oh my goodness!!” Nemuri grinned, later that night, facing the camera. Aunt Chiyo sighed from her place on the couch, but she and Toshinori watched fondly as Nemuri, Hizashi and Shouta did their thing. Sure, the news reporter thing seemed a little forced, but the younger ones were having their fun, so they couldn't say anything about it. And because of this, the two of them got to pick the movie that they would be watching shortly, which was an added benefit. 

“Reporting to you live from the Aizawa-Yamada-Midoriya household,” Aunt Nemuri smiled at the camera. “Here, we have Izuku Midoriya, the resident child of the gay pro-heroes Eraserhead and Present Mic. We are here today to report something completely unprecedented in the three years that Izuku has lived here.”

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Izuku mumbled, as Hizashi handed him another bowl of ochazuke. Izuku's hands weren't much better than they had been hours before, but Aunt Chiyo had healed them to the extent where she allowed him to eat with them.

“Of course it is!!” Aunt Nemuri argued, still facing the camera. “Today, our resident pure boy, Midoriya Izuku, asked for seconds, after finishing eating an entire bowl of food. Isn't that incredible!!??"

Shouta stopped recording, before handing the camera to Nemuri, who in turn handed the microphone to Hizashi. Shouta then proceeded to grab the green blanket that was they had left on the arm rest of the couch, and he raised it up behind Hizashi to create a makeshift green screen. 

Uncle Toshi laughed at the ridiculousness of it all, but he enjoyed it all the same. "We could watch one of the classics," he mentioned to the recovery hero beside him. "Like Totoro, or Ponyo, or some other Ghibli classic." 

"That does seem like a good idea," Aunt Chiyo nodded. "What if we watched Laputa? It's always been a personal favorite of mine, and I think that Izuku would enjoy it." 

Toshinori nodded, grabbing the D.V.D. case from the small box that was kept behind the T.V. "This is it, correct?" he asked, extending it towards the old woman, who nodded her head. 

Back with the four younger pro-heroes, Aunt Nemuri gave Hizashi a thumbs up as she hit the 'Record' button. Hizashi grinned and started speaking. “It really is absolutely phenomenal,” he remarked. He was remarkably experienced in faking a reporter voice, but honestly, you never know what you might have to do when you have a radio show from 10:00 to 11:00 every other night. “I never thought that I’d see the day where my son asked if he could eat more food. To be honest, I was just shocked by the fact that he finished the first bowl!!”

They then proceeded to walk over to Aunt Chiyo and Uncle Toshinori, who were attempting to turn on the D.V.D. player, interviewing them about the shocking revelation. Izuku blushed the entire time, but the smile never fell from his face.

The three pro-heroes were going to stay the night, as it was too late to go home now, as Izuku had said. So Aunt Chiyo, Aunt Nemuri and Uncle Toshi were all wrapped in blankets in the living room, while the three people who actually lived in the apartment grabbed blankets from their own rooms so that they could join them.

Izuku snuck as many pictures as he could with his two phones, hiding them in certain places with his telekinesis, and solidifying air somewhat in order to press the buttons.

It was later that night, when all heroes except Shouta and Izuku had fallen asleep, that Izuku decided to ask his Dad a question. He was wrapped in the arms of both his fathers’, feeling warm and happy inside. The lights were turned off, and Izuku couldn’t see much in the dark, as he was too tired, but he was still awake enough to ask the question anyway. Honestly, if he hadn’t been so tired he probably would’ve been too embarrassed to ask.

“Hey Dad?”

Shouta shifted slightly. “Yes?”

“You know how you’re planning on implementing a dorm system?” Izuku asked.

“Yes, what about it?” Shouta opened his eyes, looking down at his green-haired son, although his hair looked black in the darkness.

“Do you that Shouto and I could share a room?”

Shouta chuckled, a small smile on his face when he answered. “Of course, Izuku,” he murmured. “Of course.”




Yaoyorozu Momo has created a chat. 

Yayorozu Momo has added Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako, Midoriya Izuku, and 15 others to the chat.

Yaoyorozu Momo has renamed the chat to Class 1-A (Use Responsibly.)


Ashido Mina: 

Another group chat? Oh wait, nvm, the guys are in it this time. 


Ojiro Mashirao: 

The girls have a group chat? 


Asui Tsuyu: 

Yes, kero. 


Yaoyorozu Momo: 

I created this chat so that we could support Midoriya. I don't know if you all have heard, but he has made it back home safely, and I thought it would be a good idea to send him some support, if need be. 

Though he did seem surprisingly fine when we last talked to him. 


Iida Tenya: 

That is a great idea, Yaoyorozu!! So that we can do this in a neat and orderly fashion, I suggest that we all type out something positive to Midoriya~kun in our Shousseki Bangou!! (Class numbers!!) 


Aoyama Yuga: 

Then it seems that I am going first. After all, I am the first, and the brightest. 



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 30

Ways To Comfort Shouto


I felt like adding this page, because, well… I like writing about Shouto/ So…. yeah. But I’ll probably mark this as a page I don’t want anyone but Shouto to read, since, well…. These are things that I don’t have the right of sharing. Hell, if he wants me to rip this page out, I’ll do it. Actually, wait, I’m going to text him to ask him for permission.

I have permission.

Alright, so… Shouto needs comfort… a lot. Though it’s really subtle, most of the time. And.. it’s not really a happy thing to write about either, actually. Oops.

So… ways I try and comfort Shouto. Well, upi see, Shouto is… touched starved. I used to be touch-starved, too, until I moved in with Dad and Pa. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but… I’m still a little. Though Shouto is still really touch-starved, by, like, a lot. So I try to hold his hand a lot, or lean on him or something!! And we sometimes cuddle!! Or I kiss his cheek…

I just realized that we’ve never…

Um, anyways, that’s just a simple way of comforting Shouto. Like, sometimes, Shouto has bad days, too, where he’s kind of just… upset. What I do on those days is give him a shoulder massage (with his permission, of course), in an attempt to rub the stress away, and then we usually watch a movie or something. It’s never not worked, so I hope I’m doing a good job with that!!

Honestly, I don’t know how Shouto is comforted by me, when I’m just… me. Honestly, Shouto is amazing!! He’s like, super out of my league!! So how??

Shouto also has… really bad days. There are usually two different types of bad days. The first type of bad day is when… he’s had a bad “training” session. On those days, what I usually do is treat Shouto. Then, I give him food to eat. It’s usually soba, but sometimes he’s not hungry so I give him smoothies or something instead. Then, I grab his hands and his cheeks and pretty much anywhere where he has scars, and I take the time to mention each and every one of them, and explain to him why each scar is beautiful… which isn’t hard, because, well, he really is beautiful.

The worst days are the days that are bad from the moment Shouto wakes up. Though I’ve had less experience with this one, as, well… I don’t really sleep over at Shouto’s house that often, and he rarely sleeps over at where Dad and Pa and I live. So yeah. But… I’m going to do everything I can for Shouto.

Usually, these bad days are from nightmares or something, where he just wakes up in the morning, with a panic attack. I’ve done that before, too, and, well… it really sucks. It probably sucks even more for Shouto, since he’s still living with his sperm donor. I promise that someday, I will get that problem fixed. I just still need a degree in a few different fields in order to hand over the file that I’m planning on handing the police. Nezu’s luckily helping with that.

Um, anyways… so, on the really bad days for Shouto, his vision starts to go fuzzy. It’s probably something like phantom pains or whatever, … I don’t know. But you can usually tell he’s having a bad day if he’s wearing his glasses. Because, well… on bad days, he can’t see without them. On bad days, what I usually do is I grab a bunch of ice and put in a plastic bag, and then I give it to Shouto so that he can place it over his left eye. Though not always, it really… it really depends. On bad days, Shouto usually doesn’t like to eat muh, like me, so instead, I make softdrinks for the two of us!! Shouto really likes the mint chocolate-chip stuff I make, and my favorite is strawberry vanilla!!

When Shouto has a panic attack… which is surprisingly more often than you’d expect, he just usually manages to hold them in until he’s somewhere nobody can see him, I try to comfort him by calling his name and hugging him. I also use my fire, as well, because Shouto says it’s comforting. And sometimes, when that doesn’t work, I use my quirk (or my arms, whichever) to rock him back and forth.

There are other ways, as well, but Pa says I gotta take off my makeup now, so… I might continue this later, I might not. Gotta grab that page marker though, so everyone knows that only Shouto is allowed to read this page.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

No. I have a better idea.


Yaoyorozu Momo

A better idea? What is it, Todoroki~Kun?


Todoroki Shouto

I’ll tell you at a later time, when we’re all together. I need you all to do something in person.




“Wow, look out how big it is!!” Izuku grinned looking at the huge H-shaped building in front of him. Height’s Alliance. He was going to be living here with all his friends!!

Before anyone could respond to the green boy’s bright smile, Aizawa interrupted from in front of them.

“First things first, Class 1-A,” Aizawa began, “we couldn’t be more glad that you’re all safe and sound, back together again.”

“Looks like everybody got permission, huh?” Sero asked, grinning at the entire class standing around him.

“I had to fight tooth and nail for it..” Hagakure sighed.

“That’s what you’d expect, normally…” Jirou chuckled, a little awkwardly, thinking of her surprisingly accepting parents.

“Yeah, I mean, you two were directly affected by the gas,” Ojiro agreed.

“We’re glad you’re okay too, snesie!!” Asui raised her voice to make a comment of her own. While she sounded happy, there was still a worried, sad expression on her face. “When we were watching the press conference, we were so sad that you might not be with us anymore!!”

“Yeah,” Uraraka, who was beside her, nodded in agreement.

“I’m surprised, too,” Aizawa said, scratching his ear a little awkwardly. “Well, a lot’s happened, kids. Now then..!” He tried to put what little enthusiasm he usually had back into his tone. “I’m going to be giving you all a brief explanation on how the dorms will work. But before that..” he sighed. “We need to address how we’ll be moving forward to acquire the provisional license we’d planned to get at the lodge. This is important, so listen up,” he said, before anyone could make an excited comment. “Todoroki, Kirishima, Bakugou, Yaoyorozu, and Iida. On that night, you five headed to that place to rescue Midoriya.”

The rest of the class froze in surprise. They had… they had actually gone and done it?

“And judging by your reactions, you all knew full well that they intended to do so,” Aizawa continued. “Up until now, I’ve been shelving things left and right, but let me say this clearly: Had All Might not been forced to retire, then save for Midoriya, Jirou, and Hagakure, I would’ve expelled every single one of you.” Aizawa actually wouldn’t have expelled Todoroki, but he didn’t want to tell the class that the only reason Todoroki wouldn’t be expelled was because he was playing favorites.. So he decided to just not let them know at all.

“The five who went go without saying,” he continued, “but the 12 who knew about it but didn’t stop it wouldn’t have gotten away scotch free, either. Whatever reasons you may have had… it doesn’t change the fact that you betrayed our trust. So I’d be grateful if you restore that trust, by going through the proper channels and hero-ing legally . That is all!! Now let’s go inside. And with a spring in your step.”

Almost everyone in the class was looking down at the ground in shame, except for Mineta, who noticed something… a little different.. About Midoriya.

“Hey, Midoriya,” he called to the boy, and Izuku looked down at the grapist below him. “How come your hair suddenly turned blue?”

The rest of the class had never seen so much fear in the greenette’s eyes, and they were a little confused and worried as Izuku’s breath hitched.

“It’s Doki,” Todoroki said, before Izuku’s thoughts could spiral out of control, and Izuku let out a sigh of relief. It was Doki. Oh, thank god, it was just Doki. That’s right. He had let the silly cat sleep on his head without thinking much of it, so he had totally forgotten that she was there.

“Yeah,” he smiled, raising his arms to pull the cat off of his head. “This is Doki, my cat daughter,” he told them. “She’s a rare case of an animal with a quirk - she can change the color of her pigment.”

“Or she can choose to have only a little pigment,” Shouto added as well.

“I remember that,” Izuku smiled, extending the cat forward so that Kaminari, who had approached them, could pet her enthusiastically. The rest of the class seemed to wait their turn as they all pet the cat, one by one. “The day she mimicked you. I should’ve taken a picture, it was so cute.”

Todoroki’s cheeks went a little pink, but he still smiled. “Remember that time when she mimicked your dad?”

“Which one?” Izuku asked him.

“The loud one.”

“Oh yeah, I remember!!” Izuku nodded enthusiastically, letting go of the cat so that he could clap his hands together. Half the class stumbled forward in order to catch the animal they thought would fall, but their mouths hung open as the cat hung in the air, still being pet by Kirishima. “Pa totally flipped out. I swear, I think I almost went deaf!!”

“Hey, um, Midoriya?” Ashido turned to the greenette, who tilted his head as he turned to her with his trademark innocent eyes. “Are you sure your cat’s quirk is color-changing? Because she’s kind of floating right now.”

Izuku turned to where Ashido was pointing. “Oh!! Oops.” He shrugged. “It’s fine.”

“It’s fine?” Jirou asked him, raising an eyebrow, but she went back to petting the floating cat less than a second after Izuku confirmed that everything was okay.

Izuku nodded. “Oh, that’s right!!” he suddenly cried, and he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. “Kirishima,” he called, and the red-headed boy somewhat jolted in surprise. What was Midoriya doing with his wallet. “*I heard that you went and bought night-vision goggles for my sake. Thank you.” He pulled out a bunch of bills to Kirishima, who only stared in shock. “Kacchan was nice enough to pay for some of it, too!!”




“You know,” Kaminari started as he sat on the armrest of one of the common room couches. “The way things got to this might’ve been rough, but, I’m really stoked we’re all gonna live so close by!!”

“Whew, I’m beat,” Kirishima murmured.

“Ah, community living..” Iida almost shouted, his hands making the trademark chopping motions associated with the boy. “This, too, is but another trial to nurture our discipline and cooperative spirit..!”

“If you say so,” Izuku commented. To be completely honest, Izuku had first suggested having a dorm system at the beginning of the year, in hopes of getting Shouto away from his father, but… Well, better late than never.

“Don’t burst a vessel there, class pres,” Sero called to the boy from his spot next to Satou.

“Hey boys!!” Ashido called, walking over to the couches with the rest of the girls in tow. “You finish setting up your rooms yet?”

“Yea, we’re just chilling now,” Kaminari said, raising his hand to wave in greeting.

“Sooo, like!!” Ashido grinned, glancing at Uraraka, who nodded enthusiastically. “We were just talking, and it’s only a suggestion, but!!” She paused for dramatic tension. “Why don’t we have a competition to show off our rooms?!”

That’s how they found themselves standing in front of Tokoyami’s room, with Ashido and Hagakure trying to shove the bird boy out of the way so they could open his door. While Izuku wanted to respect the boy’s privacy, the bird boy didn’t seem to be as opposed to it as he was acting…. So Izuku decided that he would let it slide for now. Though if someone started hurting another… well then, Izuku would have a mess to fix.

“So scary!!” Hagakure cried when they finally managed to push him out of the way and open the door. “Everything’s black!!” And it really was. The room was dark and foreboding, with batman-like wings stuck onto the walls next to the air conditioner. There were skulls and candles lining the walls and shelves, along with two dark cloaks that hung over the bed. There also appeared to be many mirrors, and a cursed painting, but the majority of the class did their best to not look at those. The chair at Tokoyami’s desk appeared to be a mini-throne - he was the king of darkness, indeed. And the sword that was lying against the wall… that was something Izuku found really cool. The bed was dark as well - the blanket was dark as night and… was it made of Tokoyami’s feathers?

“You little..” He growled as they made their way into his room.

“Yo, I bought this keyholder back in middle school!!” Kirishima said, holding up a keychain that was a cross made of bones that he found hanging on a small rack.

“I guess guys really like this kinda stuff,” Ashido commented.

Honestly, Izuku really liked Tokoyami’s room. He just wouldn’t want to be in it for too long. It was a room to think about bad things, and things that made you sad.

“Get out!!” Tokoyami roared at them.

Aoyama was fearless as he slammed open the door to his room.

“Agh, so bright!!” Uraraka cried, attempting to shield her eyes with her arms.

The room seemed to be a huge, glowing beacon, and Izuku had to agree with what Uraraka said. He squinted his eyes as he tried to look at the room, but it was glowing so much that he wasn’t sure what was real and what might just be an illusion. Aoyama’s room was… very glittery, and quite blue. He had two disco balls. Two disco balls!! Why? One was larger, hanging on his ceiling, while the other just appeared to be sitting on his table, which had a sparkly tablecloth of its own. On the cabinetes and on the walls were mirrors…. So many mirrors that it made Izuku feel a little uncomfortable. There were stars pasted onto the walls and ceiling, and spot lights line the area where ceiling met wall, causing even more glowing to occur. And there was even a full suit of armor, along with three roses…. Izuku wanted to call it excessive, but he knew that he was no better.

“Non non non!!” Aoyama protested. “It’s not merely bright, it’s dazzling!!”

“It’s exactly like I always thought it would be!!” Hagakure said as they walked out of his room.

“Yup!!” Ashido nodded. “It fit my expectations perfectly!!”

The skipped Mineta’s room, for reasons unspeakable.

Ojiro’s room was exactly what you’d expect, just a normal room.

“Wow, it’s so normal!!” Hagakure cried.

“It’s so normal it’s amazing!!” Uraraka agreed.

“So this is what normal looks like!!” Ashido grinned.

“You know,” Ojiro said as his tail started to droop, “it’s okay if you don’t have anything to say…”

Ojiro’s room was pretty normal. There was a plain bed, a small calendar on the wall, a small table in the middle of the room, along with a small TV on the cabinets, and his laptop placed on his desk. There was a small clock next to his air conditioner, but nobody paid it any thought, even though it revealed that it was around 9:15, only 45 minutes before they would have to be in bed because of curfew.

Iida’s room was next. And Iida’s room… Izuku happy that he and Iida shared their passion of books!! Though Todoroki seemed to shudder and grabbed Izuku’s hand to whisper, “Please don’t do that to our room,” and Izuku nodded, giving him a comforting smile.

Iida’s room was consistent. He had multiple shelves lining the walls, all with books that he deemed important for Hero education. His blankets were all of the same checker pattern, along with his pillow case and his curtains. More books lined the floor around the bed, stacked neatly, along with even more books on his cabinets, just underneath the four shelves of glasses.

“Wow, those book all look like high level study..” Ashido murmured, before grinning and giving the boy a thumbs-up. “That’s our class pres!!”

“You won’t find anything out of the ordinary here!!” Iida agreed.

“That’s a shit-load of glasses!!” Uraraka laughed, with an excellent spit take.

“And what’s so odd about that?!” Iida demanded. “I’m just preparing for any damage or loss from the intense training to come!!”

Kaminari’s room, was…

“It feels like such he just grabbed whatever he could get a hold of!!” Jirou commented.

“What??” Kaminari asked. “Isn’t it great, though?”

Kaminari’s room… it honestly did look like a mess. Above the bed with a strange leopard pattern, a dark board hung on the wall, with the darks lazilly stabbed into the bullseye, as to not lose them. Izuku was a little worried about Kaminari’s safety, but he chose to say nothing, and maybe remind his Dad about it later if he remember to. Next to the dartboard, there was a shirt for some kind of band hung up in a frame - Izuku was a little confused, and didn’t get the reference, if there even was one. There was a basketball on the floor, not that Izuku ever remember seeing Kaminari playing basketball, and there was a large computer screen, and a keyboard, sitting on Kaminari’s desku. His cabins looked like a mess, and hung on the wall was random stuff that Kaminari had probably picked up around the house. Some of what seemed to be on his cabinet was a small speaker system with CDs, and a little ways above it, there was a pikachu figurine, along with an All Might figurine. Leaning against the cabinet was two skateboards, and one of them had a lightning bolt on it as it’s design. Kaminari’s third skateboard had been attacked to the wall to use as another shelf; on it, he kept a picture of what Izuku assumed was his family, but he wasn’t close enough to actually see. Closer to the door and in front of the cabinet, there was another shelf, which was used for keeping Kaminari’s shoes, although Izuku couldn’t understand why one would need so many. Wasn’t two pairs of shoes enough?

“D’AWWWWW!!” Hagakure cried when they saw Koda’s room. “He’s got a bunny!!!”

Izuku really liked Koda’s room, it was really cute, and rather simple. On his floor he had a circular rug, along with a circular table. His blanket was cute, just like the stuffed animals that he left on his bed. Hanging above his bed on the wall was a calendar, and Izuku liked the picture of the night sky it showed on there. Hanging on the other side of the room was a small bulletin board, one that had lots of photos of animal’s and Kota’s family. His cabinet had almost nothing on it except for a framed family photo, and his desk held a few notebooks, along with his laptop and computer mouse. There was also a small basket with a blanket inside, as a bed for the white rabbit that was also in Koda’s room.

“A pet?” Kaminari asked as the girls (wearing Iida’s glasses, which Iida seemed surprisingly okay with,) rushed forward to pet the small rabbit.  “No fair, Koda, that’s cheating,” he complained.

Only a few seconds later, when they were standing in front of Koda’s door, did Kaminari start complaining even more. “This ain’t gonna cut it,” the lightning boy said.

“Yeah…” Ojiro sighed. “What a coincidence, cuz this isn’t sitting right with me, either,” he didn’t look the happiest, his face expressing the same emotion as his tone.

“Agreed,” Tokoyami nodded.

“And I as well,” Aoyama said, raising his arms above his head.

“Don’t you think it’s a little strange it’s just us guys who’re doing as we’re told here?” Mineta suddenly asked, pointing a finger at the girls. “They said this was a competition , didn’t they? So obviously, we need to decide it by seeing the girls’ rooms, too, don’t you think? Who’s got the number one interior design sense in the class is something we should all agree on, ain’t it?!”

“Sure, why not!!” Ashido grinned, clapping her hands together excitedly.



Izuku’s Hero Notebook

Page 173



Ever since I’ve become a pro-hero, I’ve gotten closer to Hawks. This page isn’t really an analysis, more of a personal comment section. I’ll add the analysis on the next page.

Um, anyways, pretty much, since the moment that I debuted as a pro-hero, the media has kinda pushed us together, since we both because pro-heroes, and entered the top 10 rankings as teenagers. Hawks doesn’t seem mad that I broke his record, which is nice.

Hawks is a really nice person, too. I mean, he might say a bunch of things without really thinking much about what he’s saying, but he’s a good person at heart. He’s a lot of fun to be around, and his quirk is so cool!! He kind of has telekinesis as well, since he can control his feathers from long distances!! And he also has wings, too!! So… he’s awesome.

I kind of see him as an older brother, actually… our merch is from the same company, so sometimes, they have merch of the two of us that come in sets and stuff, or like, stuffed plushings that are attached to each other by the hand or something. It’s really cute. Hawks seems to like it as well.

For the media, when we happen to be around each other in costume and in public, I call him “Nii~san.” He seems to like it. Though when we’re not around others, I just call him Senpai, because that’s what he is to me. Actually, I should ask him to come to UA sometime, I think that Mirio and his friends would really benefit from meeting him!!

Hawks and I, to the media and the internet, are often referred to as the teenage twins, even though Hawks is like… 6 or 7 years older than me. But because we both because top 10 ranking heroes as teenagers, they call us “twins.” There’s a lot of fanart as well. Some it’s… weird. But most of it is really nice!!

We don’t hang out as often as we say we do on the internet and stuff, but that’s fine, since we’re both busy and it’s not like we’re really telling a big lie to the media. He sometimes comes over just for fun, and we hang out and play video games and stuff. He says that he comes over so that he can teach me and Shouto the “millennial” stuff that Dad and Pa can’t, and it’s a lot of fun!! He taught me how to play super smash bros!! My favorite character to play as is Link, but that’s probably only because out of all the characters in that game, Shouto and I have only played one gameboy Legend of Zelda. Which was also recommended by Hawks, actually.

He’s a lot of fun to be around, and I’m really glad I met him. We’re actually considering doing an interview together sometime soon, just for the fun of it!! He does a lot of things just for the fun of it, something that I still have to learn how to do, so… I think he’s a good influence? Shouto and I have a lot of fun when we’re hanging out with him.

Oh, that interview thing reminded me… I wonder when I’m going to reveal my identity to the public. Honestly, while I’m kind of scared to do it, I’m also excited because that’s when I’m going to tell people that Shouto’s my boyfriend, on live T.V., so… I can’t help but be excited!!

I’ll end this comment page here, it’s getting a little long. The next page is going to be a hero analysis of Hawks!!



Chapter Text

“There’s Bakugou’s room, and Kirishima and Shouji’s rooms… right?” Ochako asked once they had arrived on the fourth floor.

“What of Bakugou?” Iida asked, and unsurprisingly, it was kirishima who answered.

“He said he’s gonna go to bed cut it’s quote, ‘stupid,’ the redhead said.  Kirishima was wearing a bandanna, probably to hide the black roots of his hair, which Izuku had seen growing back in during the training camp. Maybe he was going to redye it soon? “I could sleep too, though,” gotta say..” Kirishima admitted, rubbing the bag of his head.

Hagakure didn’t seem to care about the boy’s thoughts as she shouted, “All right, let’s do your room then!!” She probably grinned as he opened his door. “The Kirishima room!!”

“Whatever, sure,” Kirishima started, “It’s just you girls probably won’t get the sheer manliness of it!!”

The curtains. Holy Kirishima those red, fiery curtains. And that strange poster of waves with the bright bold words, 大魚. (big fish.) Even the clock has muscular arms attached to them, and barbells had been left on the floor, next to the bed, with some sort of… what? Above the bed was a box of some sort, and even above that, on the walls, were a bunch of posters. A few seemed to be for TV shows, while one just said 燃えてこそ!Izuku was glad that he didn’t have that poster in his and Shouto’s room. It would probably give them both panic attacks, maybe. Or maybe the two of them had gotten better with their aversion to fire. But still. And those fiery curtains, again…

Kirishima’s desk seemed to be rather empty, other than a small cup of pencils and a lamp. On his shelf, or rather rack, next to it were multiple issues of Shounen Jump!!, along with a few action figures, a radio, and some sort of box. Izuku couldn’t see the bottom shelf, as it was blocked by open boxes that Kirishima had yet to fold, but Izuku could assume that it also held Jump!! Issues.

“You’re right,” Ashido agreed the moment she saw the room.

“This looks like it’d be ranked 2nd for the room you’d want your boyfriend to have the least,” Hagakure nodded.

Uraraka grinned and made fists, grinning. “I can feel the heat, baby!!”

“Haha, yeah!!” Kirishima agreed, giving the girl a thumbs up.

Next up was Shouji’s room, which was empty except for a small desk and a futon.

“I didn’t know that you were a minimalist,” Todoroki commented, forcing himself not to yawn. Ugh, he was getting tired, if only he could go to sleep soon…

“Ever since I was little, I never really liked having stuff,” Shouji told him.

Next was the fifth floor, with Sero’s room, which was… rather surprising. So surprising, in fact, that it was hard for Izuku to even really think of a way to describe it, other than asian. Was that… a hammock? What?? Izuku decided that he wouldn’t really take the time to think over it, he was already tired enough as it was.

“Dig the asian vibe!!” Ashido was shouting as he grabbed Todoroki’s hand and walked out of the room.

“Where are we going?” Shouto asked his boyfriend as Izuku led him to the elevator. He watched as the greenette clicked the button for the first floor.

“I wanted some coffee,” Izuku told him, not looking Shouto in the eyes.

“Is that so?” Shouto asked him, raising his eyebrow.

Izuku’s face turned pink, a shade that Shouto couldn’t help but compare with Sakura flowers.

“Well, umm..” Izuku looked at his feet, scratching his head a little awkwardly with his finger. “I also thought that it would be a little embarrassing if we were there when they looked at our room?”

“So we’re running?” Todoroki asked, raising an eyebrow. “Doesn’t sound like you.”

Izuku finally looked at him, a small confused expression on his face. ‘What are you talking about, Shouto?” he asked, his mouth in a small smile. “You of all people should know that I run from my problems.”

Shouto shrugged. “I guess,” he said. “But I’ll do my best to make sure that you won’t have to run away ever again.”

Izuku laughed as the elevator doors slid open, and they made their way into the kitchen. “Thanks, Shouto,” he smiled. “I’ll make sure to do the same for you.”

Shouto let the tiniest smile onto his face as well. “I don’t really feel like coffee. Think you could make me a smoothie instead?”




“Where did Todoroki and Midoriya go?” Ashido asked after they had eaten the cake in Satou’s room, and were standing in front of the door labeled “Todoroki.”

“Maybe they went downstairs to get a drink?” Kirishima offered.

“Well, they’re not here to stop us from going in!!!” Hagakure said, turning the handle and pushing the door open, despite Iida’s protests about how that was invading their privacy.

“Holy shit,” Sero murmured when he saw the room.

The majority of the class was frozen for a few seconds, before Ashido turned to Uraraka. “Ochako, go open the door to Midoriya’s room!!” she shouted, and Ochako nodded, running out of the room and towards Midoriya’s door. When she opened it, she was surprised to see the same room as before, and the rest of the class stared at her.

“They..” Mineta began.

“They’re sharing a room???” Kaminari finished for him, shouting.

The room was rather large, but that was to be expected from combining two rooms. The two of them had a japanese style room, with tatami flooring and paper doors for the closet and exits to the balcony. When Sero slid open the doors to check outside, he was surprised to see that their balconies were connected as well. In between the sliding paper doors that led to the balcony, there was a shelf that contained a lot of books, action figures, and a few D.V.D. cases for a few classics that Ochako was familiar with. In the middle of the floor, sitting on the tatami, was a small kotatsu. The blanket-like-part of it didn’t really seem to have a pattern, but it was pink, to match the.. The mural on the wall.  There were two desks, in between the two doors. While one desk didn’t seem to have much personality, other than the fact that it had a pro-hero Deku poster hanging on the wall above it, and a few pens that were safe for skin, the other was obviously Midoriya’s. The desk had an incredible poster with Todoroki on it, from the sports festival, and Iida had to wonder how Midoriya got his hands on the photo, before remembering who his fathers were. Sitting on Izuku’s desk was a laptop, along with a few pieces of paper, which on closer inspection, were sketches of pro-heroes. They looked similar to the prints by Deku that pro-heros were often selling, and Iida was a little relieved that they had yet to be signed. There were two cups with art materials, and underneath the desk, there was a huge box of hero merch, along with a stack of notebooks. On the right corner of the desk, there appeared to be important files, and Iida glared at anyone who started to reach for them, so they backed off.

There was also a mural on the wall, the wall that was to the left when one first opened the door labeled ‘Midoriya’. The mural was of a sakura tree, something that a everyone remembered seeing on Izuku’s skin, all that while ago.

But the mural itself wasn’t what the students were staring at. No, they were staring at something else: the framed pictures hung onto the wall, placed perfectly so that they would appear to be hanging from the branches of the cherry tree.

And the pictures… wow.

One of the pictures was one that appeared to be caught during a rollercoaster ride, with Shouto clutching onto Izuku’s arm for dear life, his eyes wide with a small look of panic on his face. Izuku, who was sitting next to him, was laughing, his eyes closed, probably from blinking at the wrong moment.

It was a cute picture, that was for sure. But what surprised the class even more were the people sitting in the cart behind them. It was.. It couldn’t be. Aizawa~sensei, Present Mic, and Midnight? Aizawa~sensei had an annoyed face on his face, and he seemed to be sighing as Present Mic raised both his arms and was obviously screaming. Midnight seemed to be the only one who had noticed that a picture was being taken, and she gave the camera a cheesy smile, along with a peace sign.

There were a lot of pictures on the wall, all of them with smiling people. Each picture always had either Izuku or Shouto, but there were other people as well, such as a woman who might’ve been Shouto’s Mother, and that green-haired woman who was probably Izuku’s mother. There was also All Might, in his skinnier form. There was a small girl with short black hair as well, and in her picture, she had been wearing a shirt with the nametag of ‘Miko.’



“I keep forgetting to ask,” Shouto said as he sipped his mint chip smoothie, leaning back against the kitchen counter, “But how did you get that photo of me for your poster? When I watched the sports festival later, there were no camera shots or angles like that.”

Izuku blushed slightly as he pressed the button on the blender, and Shouto didn’t bother to remind Izuku that there was no lid. He only watched as the blender functioned as if it had a lid keeping its contents inside - and it did, it was just one made of air that Izuku had forced together. Where had the original lid gone? That was a question both Shouto and Izuku refused to answer, when they had been questioned by Aizawa and Present Mic. They had shrugged it off, not really caring too much, but once Nemuri had heard of the incident, she had begun trying everything she could to get the story out of them. So far, she had been less than successful.

“Remember Hotaru~san?” He asked Shouto as he clicked the button again, and then poured the mixture into his plastic cup, right beside the white vanilla smoothie he had been holding up with his quirk. There! A half-and-half smoothie, just like Shouto. Shouto nodded as Izuku squeezed the whip cream onto it, and dropped a few chocolate chips into the smoothie.

“Miko’s mother, right?” Shouto asked, and Izuku nodded as he telekinetically grabbed a plastic cup lid from the cupboard, and placed the blender into the sink. He turned the water on, and also poured a little soap into the blender before he grabbed the sponge to wash. He did this, of course, without using his hands.

“Yeah,” Izuku smiled. “Along with her other jobs, she’s a professional photographer. I asked her to come to the Sports Festival to take pictures. I paid her, of course.”

“Really?” Shouto asked. “I didn’t see her or Miko at the Sports Festival.”

Izuku shrugged. “Me neither.  But Pa said that she and Hotaru~san spent a little time with him and Dad in the booth during a break or something.”

The blender was clean, put away in it’s cupboard, while the sponge was left in the sink.

“They’re nice people,” Shouto said, taking another sip from his drink, and Izuku nodded, finally taking a sip of his own.

Izuku opened his mouth to speak, but he froze when he heard the sound of the elevator doors open, and the girls charged into the room, the guys following close behind them as they rushed into the kitchen to find them.

“Deku~kun!!” Uraraka shouted as the other girls screamed “Midoriya!!”

Izuku stood frozen, eyes wide and he curled in on himself, clutching his drink close to his chest, before murmuring a quiet, “Yes?”

“You didn’t tell us that you and Todoroki were sharing a room!!” Ochako cried, making hand motions that seemed rather similar to Iida’s though they were a movement of their own, as she raised her arms up and down in an effort to express… whatever she was trying to express.

“I…” Izuku didn’t know what to say, but luckily Iida was there to cover for him.

‘Midoriya~kun didn’t need to tell you that he would be sharing a room,” Iida protested, his hands making those trademark chopping motions that Uraraka had somewhat mimicked moments before. “It was his business, along with Todoroki’s.”

“But the betrayal!!” Ochako cried, still trying to convey her point, and the other five girls beside her nodded.

“Sorry?” Izuku shrugged, still not letting the tenseness dissipate from his shoulders, and Shouto, who was leaning against the counter, casually took another sip of his smoothie with a bored expression on his face.

“Oh my gods!!” Ashido cried, grabbing Uraraka’s shoulders. “Ochako, look!! Their smoothies are each other!!”

“What?” Hagakure, who was on the other side of her, cried, jumping forward in order to get a better look at the boys’ drinks. “Oh my gosh you’re right!!” She let all the words out in one breath.

“That’s so manly, bro!!” Kirishima grinned, giving the two a thumbs up, while the rest of the of boys just kind of awkwardly stared at the two. They weren’t used to… the ‘bromance’, as Kirishima would call it.

It was Kaminari who broke the silence (if you didn’t count the three girls squealing, it was silence). “I still can’t believe you to are sharing a room, though.”

“Is it really that weird?” Izuku asked tilting his head, finally letting his shoulders relax.

Kaminari shrugged. “I mean, I guess… You guys are still only 15, right?”

“16,” Izuku told him.

“16,” Kaminari corrected. He stared for a few more seconds, before a thought suddenly returned to his mind. “That’s right!! I was wondering about all those pictures!! How come there’s so much Aizawa~sensei and Present Mic~sensei and Midnight~sensei, and All Might’s skinny form, and pretty much just all the teachers?”

Izuku froze again, which pretty much the entire class had anticipated, while Shouto had a small smirk on his face. “I said so,” he was a little smug as he took another sip from his smoothie.

“No, you signed it,” Izuku protested, and the half-and-half boy shrugged, his point made.

Izuku sighed, thinking over his answer for a moment. “I’ll tell you tomorrow, probably.”



It was later that night, once Asui and Uraraka had walked back into the dorms, leaving those who had gone to rescue Izuku, and Izuku himself, sitting on the stairs, looking up at the starry sky. The starry sky that Izuku rarely ever took the time to look at. The empty space between the stars was mostly black, but there was the occasional purple or dark blue. The dark blue that was almost the exact same shade as the tips of his hair.

He would fix that, soon. Or he might not. Depended on whether or not he’d be able to find the time to buy more hair dye.

The five of them had watched the stars in silence, contemplating how things had ended up with them all living in the dorms. They all had their own share of concerns, even Bakugou, who had been forced out of his room when Asui had said that she wanted to talk to all of them. He was leaning back at the top platform now, arms stretched out like a T, glaring at the sky as he seemed to think about a certain hero with wings of fire.

It was Iida who broke the silence.

“Midoriya~kun,” Iida started, and Izuku turned his head in order to look at the taller class president. His blue-haired friend had taken off his glasses, and was fidgeting with them absentmindedly as he spoke, which seemed so unlike Iida that Izuku almost called him out on it, before deciding against it. They were all stressed, after all. “I was wondering, about your relationship with Aizawa~sensei and the other teachers…”

Izuku shifted his body so that he was completely facing Iida, leaning forward on the step that he had been previously sitting back on. “Yeah?” he asked, tilting his head, as the other three also turned their gazes toward Iida.

“Are we supposed to keep it a secret?” Iida asked him, finally placing his glasses back onto his face and choosing to clasp his fingers together, and then place his elbows onto his knees.

Izuku raised his head slightly, thinking for a moment, before shaking his head. “No,” he decides. “You don’t have to.”  

“We don’t?” Kirishima asked, surprised, his eyes wider than normal and his mouth hanging open a little when he looked at the greenette who needed a haircut soon. His hair was starting to droop slightly, no doubt after the gel’s hours of hard work at keeping the horns standing.

Izuku smiled. “No, you don’t need to. While I don’t want you to go out of your way to tell everyone, you don’t have to keep it a secret.” He buried his cheek into his arm, and if he had been any other person, he would’ve yawned, but this was Izuku, the boy who never slept, so he didn’t.

“Plus, they’ll find out soon anyway,” Shouto said beside him, yawning, doing the very thing that Izuku wouldn’t be doing for at least another four hours.

“Shouto, shush,” Izuku whispered loudly to him, bringing his index finger to his lips, though his smile never left his face. He let his hand drop, but he didn’t put the effort of moving his hand away from his face, just resting it on top of his other arm.

“What do you mean?” Yaoyorozu asked, leaning forward slightly. She rubbed her right eye a little, which smudged the makeup she was wearing, but none of the boys really felt like there was anything wrong with that, so they didn’t comment. Though Izuku was suddenly considering asking the color for tips sometime.

“Are you gonna tell them all that you’re pro-hero Deku or something?” Bakugou grunted, finally pushing himself up from the ground so that his neck wouldn’t hurt from looking at them from an odd angle. He cracked his neck, wincing slightly, before his red eyes once again caught Izuku’s. He had a look of indifference on his face, not even having the energy to muster another glare. Well, they had pulled him out of bed, after all.

Izuku still had no idea how Kirishima had done it. But he decided that the red-head was good for the blonde.  

It took Izuku a moment to process what Kacchan had said, before his eyes widened and he stared at his childhood friend (bully), just like the others had started doing moments before.

“What?” the explosive teen asked, leaning back a little, in an attempt to scoot away from the others without really creating any distance between them. “I thought you all already knew.”

“We didn’t?” Kirishima said, though his sentence was phrased more like a question. He turned towards Izuku, who’s eyes were starting to hurt. “Yo, dude, is that true?”

“Kachan, you’re too smart,” Izuku sighed, leaning back, trusting Shouto to catch him, who did, thankfully. He closed his eyes, resting his head on his boyfriend’s lap. “Yes, Kirishima,” he sighed, while Kirishima and Yaoyorozu’s eyes widened even more than before, if that was even possible. If Bakugou hadn’t been so tired, he would’ve made some sort of snarky comment.

“Want an autograph?” Izuku asked Yaoyorozu, who had started opening her mouth to ask a question. Level 4, Shouto noted in the back of his mind.

Yaoyorozu stared at Izuku, who cracked open an eye and smiled at her with a cheesy grin that none of them had ever seen on his face before. Well, this manner was something he had learned from Hawks, and he never really acted like this around people who weren’t Hawks or Shouto, and sometimes his many many many parental figures.  

“You got a pen?” Shouto asked, leaning over slightly to look down at his boyfriend.

“I’ve got fire,” Izuku shrugged.

“That’s a horrible way of giving a signature.”

“Like you would know.”

“I do, actually.”

“Oh, right.”

“Wait… you’re actually?” Yaoyorozu started, not finishing her question, but Izuku understood her implications anyway. The greenette nodded, lazily lifting a finger, and a few sparks crackled just above the fingertip.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Izuku said, closing his eyes again. “I was going to tell the class tomorrow anyway.”

“So, then… should we pretend to act all surprised?” Kirishima asked him, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly.

Iida sighed, causing the other four to turn their attention back to him, as he pushed his glasses a little higher up on his nose. “I’m honestly a little shocked at the fact that Bakugou~kun was able to figure it out, and that Yaoyorozu~kun and Kirishima~kun had such mild reactions.”

“We’re just tired, IIda~san,” Yaoyorozu said, leaning her cheek into her hand, and pulling her hair out of it’s trademark ponytail.



Shouto woke up panting. Never did he scream when he woke up, nor did he shout. Too many years under his father’s roof had caused his nightmares to barely have any external reactions, and he stared down at his hands, raising them slightly to get a better view of the shaking hands that had failed in his nightmare.

“Shouto?” Izuku asked, stepping off his chair and walking towards the half-and-half boy, crouching in front of him, leaving his files forgotten on the desk, lit slightly by the desk lamp that he had stolen from Shouto’s desk.

Shouto raised his head slightly, looking at Izuku with watery eyes that were barely holding back the tears, and Izuku doubted that those tears would be spilling anytime soon. Shouto was stoic like that.

“Can I?” Izuku asked, raising his hands softly, and Shouto blinked, staring at him for a few milliseconds, before nodding slowly. Shouto sighed as he let his face settle into Izuku’s shoulder as the greenette wrapped him into a hug.

“Want to talk about it?” Izuku asked him, as he felt Shouto’s hands tightening around his waist.

“I failed you,” Shouto murmured softly.

It was maybe an hour later that Izuku finally turned off the lamp on the desk, and the two of them fell asleep, holding each other under Shouto’s futon. They had set up two, but they probably would only need one for a few nights.



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 31

A Poem, He Guesses


I’m okay.

The boy says.

But the boy lies.

All he ever does is lie.


He walks where he is required to walk.

Talks when he is required to talk.

But does no more.

He does no less.


He only does what he is told.

Unless he’s crying.

But the boy cries often.

So… he often does not do what he is told.



The memories of happy times were long forgotten.

Hidden, buried under more current memories of the bitter truth.

So when the boy jumped, he didn’t expect someone to come bring happiness.

The man looked like a hobo.


The man with the scarf helps him.

Takes him to a man with a speaker.

A woman with… a rated R hero costume.

A woman with a bun on her head and lips that could heal.

A person who was not a person, but rather a mouse. Or a bear… or… whatever.

And all the others too, like the one with no legs or the one with fur.


They’re all good people, kind people.

People that he had yet to be used to.

They let him be shy.

They let him be quiet.


They didn’t make him do anything.

They didn’t force him to do something he didn’t want to.

They gave him food, they gave him clothes.

They made him feel safe.


But he was still nothing but his problems.

Will he ever graduate from them, and become his own person?

The green boy doesn’t know himself.

That’s right. He is green. There is no blue.


His new family decides that to help him

He’s going to become a pro-hero.

So he does.

And he’s Deku again, just as before, because he doesn’t feel right when he’s not Deku.


So he becomes Deku.

And when he does, he overhears a conversation of someone in a similar boat.

So he brings that person soba.

The boy says his name is Shouto.

Chapter Text

“No way, super moves!!??” The entire class screamed at once, the majority of them jumping up out of their seats in excitement. “Now it’s both school-like and hero-like!!”

The four pro-heroes standing at  the front of the room waited until the class had calmed down to continue, with Aizawa glaring at them impatiently while Cementoss was waving his hands around a little in panic. Izuku chuckled to himself - it was funny to see his classmate’s reaction to today’s class. Though he knew that only a few hours later, he would get to have more fun, with his face hidden under that green mask of his. Actually, he didn’t know if that would be… fun. It might be more nerve-wracking. Oh, how would Uraraka react, she might even kill him...

“That’s right, super moves!!” Ectoplasm exclaimed. “In other words, killer techniques sure to win the day!!” Win the day? The last time that Izuku heard that particular phrasing was when he and Shouto had pulled an all-nighter in order to finish watching Undertale the Musical. He silently thanked Man on the Internet for existing, although he had nothing to do with the current happenings.

Cementoss raised an index finger. “And any such technique that’s truly one with you admits no imitation,” he explained. “The meaning of battle lies in how far you can push your unique skills!!”

“And your moves are your symbol!!” Midnight shouted, winking at the students in front of her. “In this day and age, if you’re a pro hero without any super moves, you’re an endangered species!!” That remark caused Izuku’s eyes to widen slightly, as it was a reminder to the special move that he had been working on for the past few months, Or rather, it was the word ‘species’ that reminded him of the move.

“We’ll tell you all the details alongside some demonstrations proceeding in a logical manner,” Aizawa stated. “Go change into your costumes and assemble at Gym Gamma.”




“Where did Deku~kun go?” Ochako asked when they arrived at the gym. Todoroki, who was beside her, shrugged, despite knowing the answer to her question. He had given the  greenette a quick kiss on his forehead before Izuku had disappeared to change elsewhere, or to wait for the boys to finish using the locker room, Shouto didn’t know which. But it was one of the two.

More would’ve been asked about Izuku’s whereabouts, but Cementoss opened his mouth to speak, so the class turned their way towards him. Uraraka still seemed upset about not getting an answer as to where Izuku was, but Iida gestured towards the teacher, so she sighed and moved her gaze towards the teachers in front of her.

“This is my personal facility,” Comentoss started, crouching down to touch the stone floor. “I can fashion whatever terrain or objects I believe best suit each individual students.” As he said this, he created small towers of cement (or was it rock? Shouto wasn’t sure) in order to display how he fashioned said terrains.

“Please, may I ask a question!!?” Iida suddenly exclaimed, his hand rocketing into the air. Before any of the teachers could get a word in edgewise, he was already asking his question. “Why is it that super moves are necessary for us to obtain provisional licenses!? I respectfully implore you to let us hear the whole plan.”

Aizawa sighed into his scarf, but it went unheard by the students. “I’ll lay it out in order,” he said. “Take it easy.” He sighed, this time louder, before opening his mouth to speak again.  “Whether they encounter incidents criminal or accidental, disasters natural or manmade, it’s a hero’s job to rescue people from all kinds of peril. The exam for the license will of course be judging your aptitude. Insight. Agility. Judgment. And Fighting Prowess. Along with other criteria such as communication skill, charm, and leadership ability. This exam will test your aptitude at many of these skills, as its contents change every year.”

It was Midnight who continued his explanation, this time not making any poses or raising her voice to scream encouragement. She wanted them to really focus on what they were saying, this time, since it was important knowledge for them to have. “But within that paradigm, the item that will receive far and away the most emphasis for upcoming heroes is fighting prowess. So if you prepare for that, you won’t have any cause for concern. Just keep in mind that having moves for battle greatly influences how likely it is you pass.”

“If you can resist getting caught up in the sway of the situation and maintain stability on the field,” Cementoss raised a finger, “then you’ll be in possession of a high-level fighting prowess.”

“And there’s no reason our super move has to be offensive in nature. For example…” Ectoplasm paused for a second. “Iida’s recipro vurst. A temporary extreme speed boost is a threat in it self, and as such is worthy enough for the title of ‘super move.’”

“It’s worthy enough to be a super move, you say..!!” Iida said, grinning under his helmet and shaking with excitement and pride.

“Oh, I get it,” Satou, who was next to him, said. “So we just need to think of a move that’d make us go, ‘All I need is to use it and then I’ve got the edge.”

“Yeah!!” Midnight’s voice agreed, but it didn’t come from Midnight’s body. Instead, it came from a rather short hero in a green jumpsuit, who had appeared only moment before, unnoticed by all except Aizawa. When Midnight herself heard her voice coming out of the small green boy, she grabbed her mouth with her hands in order to muffle her squeal of delight.

“Remember how Kamui of the Woods made his dynamic entrance the other day?” Izuku referenced the time when Kamui had helped break into the villain’s hideout, though a majority of the students probably didn’t know the exact details. . “Lacquer prison is a fine example of a super move!! And it’s not hard to see why, either.”

The class would’ve screamed at the appearance of Deku, if it weren’t for Aizawa continuing. Though it was hard to ignore the squeals of delight coming from Uraraka, and the excited noises coming from Mineta, who would never dare admit to anyone that Deku was his favorite hero, as a firm believer of Mount Lady.

Behind Aizawa, Izuku and Midnight were toying with Izuku’s voice modifier, trying to make it release a voice that was more like Izuku’s but slightly distorted so that no one would be able to recognize his voice. It was their first time using this equipment, after all, so they hadn’t expected it to work this well, but the support department never failed to deliver, so they honestly really shouldn’t have doubted. Izuku using the voice modifier wasn’t just to hide his identity (which he was planning on revealing soon anyway), it was also to test the modifier to make sure that it worked, before it could be passed on to Shinsou.

“Is this better?” Izuku half whispered once they had changed the settings slightly, and Nemuri gave him a thumbs-up, nodding her agreement. His voice was unmistakably Izuku’s, but it wouldn’t sound like it if you weren’t told or already aware of his identity. So it was extremely unlikely that any of the students would catch on, if they hadn’t caught on already.

Aizawa seemed to finish his explanation, and gestured for Izuku to come stand next to him. “I bet you all already know this, but this is pro-hero Deku. He’s a teacher here, and although he’s your age, you’re to respect him as a pro-hero. Understood?” Izuku waved a hand at them nervously, but he let a huge grin on to his face, as he couldn’t help but admit to himself that he was excited to work this his classmates on their quirks. This was such a perfect opportunity!!

“Yes, sir!!” Ashido and Kirishima shouted for the class, while the rest of them just nodded or whispered to their friends excitedly.

“I’ll let Deku introduce himself,” Aizawa said, before stepping back in order to let Izuku to take control.

“Hello!!” Izuku grinned. “As you all already know, I’m pro-hero Deku!! I don’t know if you remember, but a while back, All Might shouldn’t passed out packets I made for you all about improving your quirks with exercises?”

Jirou nodded. “Didn’t he also say that you pulled three all-nighters in a row in order to complete them?” she asked, and Yaoyorozu, who was beside her, nodded as she remembered as well.

Izuku laughed awkwardly, bringing his hand up to his face to lightly scratch his cheek with his index finger. He glanced slightly at Aizawa, but the man looked indifferent, and if you looked hard enough, a little worried. Izuku felt a little relief.

Of course Dad wouldn’t get too upset with him. There was no reason for Izuku to fear.

“He, um, wasn’t actually supposed to tell you that,” Izuku mumbled, before clapping his hands together, grabbing his student’s attentions once again to get back on track. “Anyways!! As I said earlier, there are tons of pro-heroes out there with their own special moves!! If you can’t think of any on your own, you can take inspiration from them!! You can also ask me or the other teachers for help, that’s what we’re here for!! And I love quirk analyses, so I think it’ll be a lot of fun working with you all!!”




Izuku walked over to where Shouto was, standing in front of his huge ice structure (that looked identical to the one he had trapped Sero in during the sports festival, as he also let out a huge wave of fire in order to melt it as fast as he possibly could. He still didn’t really know what he could do, but he was trusting himself to figure it out was he went.

Shouto swore under his breath, again, and squinted his eyes at the structure in front of him as he continued to try and melt the ice.

“Todoroki~kun!!” Izuku called, and the boy stopped, turning off his quirk, and looking towards where Izuku was standing, relatively close but not close enough to be hurt by Shouto’s quirk. Izuku waked over to Shouto, now that it was safe, and he extended his hand to offer Shouto something. “I thought you might need these,” he said, mercifully not reminding Shouto of what had happened the night before.

“Thanks,” Shouto murmured, taking the glasses from Izuku and placing them a little higher up on his nose than he usually did, and then turned away to continue with his… brainstorming, if you could call it that. Shouto looked good in square black glasses, but Izuku decided to not distract hm for now,

Izuku looked around the room to watch the other students as well, but it seemed as if Ectoplasm had it covered. He sighed slightly when he saw Kacchan completely obliterate one of his clones, but he guessed that that was to be expected. It was Kacchan, after all.

Izuku was a little surprised when he saw All Might walk in through the door, and he flew down to go say hello, as it seemed that no students needed him for the time being,




“I hope you all have good ideas about what to do next!!” Izuku said at the end of class. He was a little disappointed that he hadn’t gotten the opportunity to do much, but he had made a few tips here and there, and had gotten to watch his friends explore the limits of their quirks, so that was fun!! He was still excited about doing it again tomorrow.

“Deku~sensei,” Yaoyorozu called, and Izuku turned towards her, nodding as a gesture to tell her that she could speak her mind. “Weren’t you going to tell us all something today?”

Izuku flinched at the reminder. It wasn’t as if he had forgotten, it was just…. He was a huge ball of nerves!!

“Something to tell us..?’ Ochako questioned, tilting her head and looking towards her short teacher with a confused expression, her manner duplicated by a majority of the other students.

“Yes, I, um…” Izuku stuttered, waving his hands around like he usually did. He took a deep breath, his eyes closed, before they snapped open and he looked at his students, his classmates, his friends . “I do,” he said, more confident.

He turned off his voice modifier, unclasping it and letting it hang loosely around his neck. “I would explain, but it would probably just be easier to show you.”

Uraraka’s eyes widened at the familiar voice, as did Mineta’s, a pretty much all the others who didn’t know about Izuku’s secret. So… if you subtracted the 5 students, (it was five, right?), then that made 15 kids who recognized the voice coming out of the pro-hero Deku’s body. But it couldn’t be… could it?

Uraraka was suddenly reminded of the fact that Izuku hadn’t ever appeared later after she had asked about him earlier in class.

Yet she still gasped when Deku pulled his hood off of his head.



Midoriya Inko’s Notebook

Page 3


Dear Izuku,

I am writing again to inform you that the doctors here are lying to me. They say that i am making progress, but I still feel the same. I feel as if the doctors are lying. No, I don’t feel. I know.

You know that I’m usually right about this stuff. Yeah.

I hope you’re eating well. I think. It’s all still really confusing for me, right now. And it’s odd… you’re new guardians still haven’t come to ask me for the way to make you eat. So I’m honestly worried if they’re lacking in… other departments as well. Like your hair dye. Or clothing. They won’t forget to buy you clothing, will they? I might just have to take matters into my own hands… but I’m not allowed outside of the hospital. And even though I want to, at the same time, there’s just this voice in the back of my head telling me to leave you be, to just ignore you.

I don’t really know why I started writing this letter. Maybe it was just to cool off some steam. I guess I’ feel a little better. Though it feels like a wasted a page, with a letter this short. Sorry about that.

I’m going to try to talk to Rei~san again today. See if I can make a few friends or something.

Oh, and I don’t know if I should’ve done this, but I told Mitsuki what happened. She came to visit me. And she asked questions, like she always does when she’s worried about me. She’s sweet.

But I told her. I hope you won’t be too upset.


With.. whatever I feel right now,



Chapter Text

There was a knock on Inko’s door. She hadn’t been expecting any company today, and was instead reading through a book series that Rei had recommended her, deciding to use the time she had wisely. She was leaning back on her chair, letting the warm sun from the window from behind her light the pages, so that she wouldn’t waste any energy by turning on the lights.

It would be nice to chat with Rei again, especially about a book series this invigorating. Or at least, invigorating to the mind. Inko would have to recommend it to Izuku some time.

So when there was a knock on her door, she had just thought it was a doctor, coming in for maybe another check up. “Come in,” she called, turning to place the book on her table, managing to not wince when the book made a small noise as it hit the table harder than she intended it to. Though it was just barely.

When Inko heard the door slide open, she turned her head towards who she assumed was a doctor, ready to answer any questions he might have about how her day had been. And she could understand it. She had found herself breaking down in front of Aizawa Shouta, one of the men currently taking care of her son. She hoped they would be able to teach him out to eat properly, and fix that only way he actually ate food now. She would have to trust them.

She was surprised to see a gaunt, blonde man standing at her door, awkwardly holding a bouquet of purple hyacinths.




“Why did All Might come, anyway, earlier?” Ectoplasm asked, turning to Aizawa, who was watching Izuku stutter, trying to gather up the courage to pull off his hood.

“I don’t know,” Aizawa shrugged. “Though he talked a little with Izuku, and Izuku handed him a slip of paper of some sort.”

“Strange,” Ectoplasm commented, and Aizawa nodded, though doing strange things wasn’t exactly unusual for the former Number 1 Hero.

“MIDORIYA!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?” Aizawa heard his students scream, and he winced, hoping that his son wouldn’t be having a panic attack at the sheer force of the students surprise any time soon.

“S…. surprise?” Izuku said, his voice back to his normal volume of quiet, now that the hood was off and his “hero-mode” as Midnight referred to it, was tucked away for future use. His cheeks burned red in embarrassment, and Shouto briefly wondered if he should place his right hand on the poor boy’s forehead for a fever. But he brushed away the thought, deciding that the redness was from Izuku’s normal nervousness… though he might have to worry about it later tonight, if Izuku dropped a level after the event, which had happened before.

It was kind of upsetting that he understood how Izuku’s body and mind usually waited to break down until after the event was over. Shouto was the same, and last night had been another reminder of that. Though sometimes that understanding came in handy, especially when the two of them were going through hard times.

“Dude, what the heck!?!?” Kaminari cried, waving both of his arms wildly at Izuku, gesturing to him, his eyes wide and a small smile on his face that was only there because he didn’t know what other face he should make. “You didn’t - what?? What??” Somehow, even his haired had gotten mussed up in the sheer shock of the situation. (Haha, get it? “Shock?” Izuku would shut up now.)

“Pfff, you’re dumbass brain can’t handle it,” Jirou said, though she wasn’t smiling, instead making the comment as if it were second nature, as if she hadn’t even realized the words were coming out of her mouth, still staring at Izuku with eyes that were blown wide. Her arms had dropped to her sides, and other than make that comment, it seemed she was unable to do anything other than stare, astounded.

The class was silent, staring at the boy in the green jumpsuit, who was fidgeting with his fingers, trying to avoid their gazes by staring at Shouto’s shoes. Why his shoes? Probably because he wouldn’t be able to handle looking at any face staring at him right now, even if it was the half-and-half boy’s. He would have to ask Shouto where he got those shoes later, they looked nice.

“What a mad banquet of darkness,” Tokoyami commented, finally breaking the deafening silence. Though even the lord of the dark himself wasn’t unfazed by this revelation - a few of his feathers seemed to be ruffled, and his arms that were placed over his chest were gripped tighter than usual. Dark Shadow, though, was unfazed, snickering behind him.

It was at that moment that Class 1-A exploded.

“WHAT THE HECK!!!!” Sero cried, grabbing the sides of his head with his hands, a panicked and confused expression on his face as he stared at Midoriya, while Ashido who was at his side, starting shouting angry scoldings to the soft boi why he hadn’t said anything sooner. She didn’t seem all that hurt, though she seemed to deem this as a betrayal, as she was one of the seven members of the girls’ group chat.

“You still don’t shine as bright as me!!” Aoyama was stating something along those lines, those he also made a comment about how he felt a little betrayed by the fact that Izuku had not told anyone about his hero identity, though it wasn’t heard much over the sound of the others, and luckily, it didn’t reach Izuku’s ears. Who know how low Izuku would go spiralling if he had heard? (Of course, Aoyama meant no ill will, it was just his bright personality. Izuku didn’t realize that his classmates thought that he was equally as bright, if not brighter. Just less annoying.)  

“Deku~kun?” Uraraka asked, though she didn’t seem to have a follow-up question, before turning to where she saw Todoroki, who was watching the class with a nonchalant expression, adjusting his glasses slightly on the bridge of his nose. “You knew!?!?!” she cried when she saw just how unconcerned he seemed to be, raising her hands in the trademark way that Bakugou did when he made his explosions.

“Yes,” Todoroki said, nodding, because why wouldn’t he be honest to her at this time? Bakugou, who was surprisingly standing next to him without exploding (with Kirishima on his other side) was watching the interaction with an eyebrow raised, but none of his general explosive reactions.

That might have had something to do with Kirishima, but nobody could be sure.  

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!?!?!?!” She sobbed yet shouted at the same time, grabbing Shouto’s shoulders and shaking him violently. Shouto was too surprised to break his way out of her grasp, squinting his eyes when his glasses suddenly fell from his face and to the ground. He winced when he heard the sound of glass cracking - Uraraka didn’t mean to break it, he was sure, but now he would have to either get new ones or have them repaired.

Or he could just hold Izuku’s hand all day to get around. Izuku probably wouldn’t mind. And the times he needed glasses usually didn’t last that long anyway. He’d probably be back to normal tomorrow.

Yaoyorozu seemed to be in a similar situation, with Hagakure, and Jirou seemed to have rejuvenated herself, also demanding answers (though in a nicer manner) from the girl who could create anything non-living. Yaoyorozu had a sheepish expression on her face, her arms raised slightly in an attempt to push Hagakure away, but she didn’t actually seem to be touching the invisible girl, in fear of accidentally touching places she didn’t want to touch.

“You lied to us, Midoriya!!’ Mineta accused, although he honestly couldn’t be happier about these developments. His favorite hero!! Deku!! Who also happened to be, like, the only person in class who didn’t hate him!! He would have to ask him to sign his poster later, the poster that he hid underneath the one he had of the Mount Lady Shampoo ad. Holy cow!! He was gonna get his poster signed!! He was in front of pro-hero Deku!! How cool was that?

“Is this why Iida referred to you as Sensei during the training camp?” Ojiro asked, and Shouji, who was standing next to him, turned to look at the shorter boy with a tail. He didn’t seem to be too fazed, just accepting of what was going on. And honestly, quite a few things were now making sense for the boy who seemed to be wearing the martial arts clothing generally associated with karate.

“He did?” Shouji asked, making a mouth with one of his arm-things. He also didn’t seem to be all that fazed by the development, the only thing people would’ve noticed changing was the widening of his eyes, but once he had blinked after Tokoyami’s comment, he looked just the same as ever.

Ojiro nodded. ‘He did. Honestly, a bunch of stuff makes a lot more sense now.”

“I agree, kero,” Asui said from beside him. “During the training camp, Midoriya~chan was letting loose fire and was somehow pulling villains towards himself. Him being pro-hero Deku explains that nicely.” She turned towards Bakugou and Kirishima, who were just staring at the class, Bakugou without that much of a reaction other than his lack of one, and Kirishima laughing at the class beside him, while also simultaneously checking on the explosive blonde in order to make sure that nobody died. “I assume the two of you knew, kero?” Asui asked.

Kirishima turned his gaze towards her, nodding. “Bakubro apparently had it all figured it out, but I guess that makes sense, since he and Midoriya are childhood friends and all.” He rubbed the back of his head, pushing the spikes up slightly. He had been so tired this morning, from the events of last night, that he had accidentally applied less gel onto his hair than normal. And he had allowed it two minutes to set before walking out the door, instead of the usual three.

“Me, Yaoyorozu, and Iida all found out last night,” he added on at the end.

“No, I already knew since the interns,” Iida corrected, from where he was standing beside Shouto, having picked up the half-and-half boy’s glasses, and was inspecting the damage. They seemed to be fine, and the crack was luckily to the glass on the right, which Shouto didn’t even need anyway. So if they just took the glass out, Shouto should be able to wear his glasses without any problems. Of course, Iida, admonished himself, that was if Todoroki’s eye problems were only from his left eye. He might be having trouble from his right that he might not know of. If things were too bad for him, Iida was considering sharing a pair of his own glasses to Todoroki, if they happened to be of the same prescription. Though that would be unlikely.

“Oh, right,” Kirishima agreed. “You did say something like that last night.”

“Was that after Ochako~chan and I left?” Asui asked, her head tilting slightly as she brought one of her rather large fingers to her chin. She seemed satisfied when Kirishima nodded, along with Bakugou’s rather rude comment of, “Of course, are you dumb?”

Though Asui was Asui, so she didn’t take any offense. It was just Bakugou being Bakugou after all. Though he was surprisingly smart for his explosive nature.

Satou seemed to not be processing the situation very well, as his brain still wasn’t completely back to it’s cognitive ability, from taking in so much sugar from his training. Maybe in a few hours, he would end up screaming in his dorm room, once the revelation truly hit him. And then he would bake cookies to celebrate. But that had yet to come, so he wouldn’t know.

Kouda was also incredibly surprised, signing his astonishment into words that Izuku hadn’t yet noticed. Honestly, Kouda was excited by this development, not only because it meant that his friend was a cool pro-hero, but also because class would probably become more entertaining (and educating) now that Izuku would also be in charge of one of their lessons. Though a certain thing Jirou had said only minutes before caught Kouda’s attention, enough to get him to speak with his voice instead of his hands.

“Didn’t All Might say that you pulled three all-nighters in a row in order to make those packets for us?” Tokoyami, who happened to be standing near him, nodded his head in agreement to Kouda’s comment. Kouda swore he heard the bird boi mutter What a mad banquet of darkness under his breath again.

At that, the entire class froze, turning towards the boy in the green jumpsuit who was stilling looking at Shouto’s shoes.

“THAT’S SO MANLY!!!” Kirishima shouted, which caused another round of explosions, though this time in worry about the health of their fellow classmate.




Class 1-A’s Group Chat (Currently Sans Midoriya)


Yaoyorozu Momo:

Todoroki, I was considering asking you about your plan for what we could do to thank Midoriya? Now even more so, as we’ve learned that he’s pro-hero Deku, and we should also thank him for services in the hero-world.  


Kaminari Denki:

I still can’t believe it!! I can’t freaking wrap my head around it!! AHHHHHHH

Sero Hanta:

If I wrapped tape around your head, would it help?


Kaminari Denki:


I’m probably still too dumb. But we can try.


IIda Tenya:

If you really are going to do that, make sure that you don’t suffocate, Kaminari~kun!!


Todoroki Shouto:

Thank you, Yaoyorozu, for reminding me.

Yes, I do have an idea. Meet me in the common room after school.


Satou Rikidou:

What are you going to have us do?

Also, I’m going to make cookies, to, like, celebrate. You know what kind I should make?


Todoroki Shouto:


I don’t know his cookie preference. I don’t know if he’s ever had a cookie.

…. Have I ever had a cookie?


Satou Rikidou:


Got it.


Todoroki Shouto:

Anyways, my plan:

I was thinking that we could all sign something into Izuku’s most important notebook.


Uraraka Ochako:

His most important one? I though he considered all of them important.


Todoroki Shouto:

It’s not my place to say.

Does that sound like a good idea, or should we go with what Yaoyorozu suggested earlier, and just telling him over text?



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 32

Stress Relief Doodles


The majority of the drawings are of Shouto. Some are of him when he’s asleep, while others are from when he’s sitting at his desk. There’s one he’s copied from a photo they took at an amusement park, while there’s also stuff of him playing with Doki or just watching izuku with a lovestruck expression on his face.


In any case, there’s a lot of drawings of Shouto.


Where there isn’t a drawing of Shouto, there’s usually a drawing of his Dad. Izuku usually tends to draw Aizawa, as his expression is just so relatable, like, all the time. He really likes drawing his dad’s messy hair.


Almost equal to the amount of Aizawa, but not quite, is Hizashi, (or Yamada), and Izuku usually draws him with his hair down or braided, but every once in a while there’s a drawing of him with his weird banana hair and glasses, along with the speaker. He’s always smiling in those drawings, though in the drawings where his hair is down, his smile is softer and more genuine.


There’s also the few drawings of his Aunt Nemuri, making a strange pose, or just looking cool in her normal clothes, and the drawings of his Uncle Toshi, sometimes in his true form, sometimes in his All Might form. Though his drawings of him in his true form are more common, as Izuku seems to enjoy drawing the genuine side of people more than he does when they’re in their hero-costumes or modes. The same can be said for all the other drawings he has of the other U.A. teachers. There’s a few drawings of Nezu, and even Hawks.


More recently, there have been Class 1-A students mixed into the page as well. He especially likes drawing the hair of the girls. Izuku seems to enjoy drawing long hair, or hair that seemed to flow well.


So there’s an occasional sketch of the Class 1-B student, as well. He apparently seems to find drawing Shiozaki’s hair calming, as he has one complete sketch of her from the shoulders up, and then just a few strands of her hair across the page here and there.


Still, it can’t be denied that the majority of the page consists of Shouto.


(There’s one drawing of Endeavour, as well, but it seems to be crossed out in red marker, with an obvious burn mark over the sketch. It seems as if the sketch was created just for the soul purpose of burning it.)

Chapter Text

“I still can’t freaking believe that Midoriya is pro-hero Deku,” Kaminari said as he dropped himself onto one of the couches in the common room, a half-full juicebox clutched in his hand.

“I know, right!!” Ashido agreed, leaning forward from her seat to point at Kaminari. “Like, dude, come on!! I can’t believe he kept such a huge secret from us!!”

“Well, his civilian identity isn’t known by the public,” Yaoyorozu commented from her spot on the floor, where behind her on the couch, Jirou was working on her hair. The majority of the class was also in the common room, each doing their own thing as they had their class conversation.

I think it’s really cool that he’s already a pro-hero at his age, Kouda signed, which IIda translated for him. Iida also nodded his head along in agreement, as did a few others.

“Honestly though!!” Hagakure said, clapping her hands together loudly, so people could tell what she was doing. “I’m going to ask him so many questions about hero life, as well as what it’s like to be a teacher at U.A.!!”

“Totally!!” Ashido grinned, raising her hand for a high five, which Hagakure slapped enthusiastically.

“I’m more concerned about the fact that Midoriya~chan once pulled three all-nighters in a row for us, kero,” Asui commented from where she was sitting next to Uraraka, sipping on a cup of tea that she had made a little while earlier, before the kitchen had been stolen by Midoriya.

“Yes!!” Iida nodded his head vigorously. “I will chastise him about it later!! Midoriya~kun should not have sacrificed his own personal health in order to make those packets!!”

“Maybe now that he has Todoroki with him, he’ll get more sleep?” Uraraka asked.

The class turned their head to where Todoroki generally sat when he was in the common room, but they were surprised to find that he wasn’t there. Upstairs, Todoroki sneezed as he grabbed one of Izuku’s notebooks from the shelf.

“I hope so,” Jirou commented, finally finished with Yaoyorozu’s hair, blushing as she thanked her. “Midori needs to get more sleep. Didn’t you see those eyebags he had at camp? I was shocked.”

“Oh, I remember that!!” Kirishima said, from his spot next to Kaminari. Bakugou was currently absent from their discussion, but he would probably be down in a few minutes, to steal the kitchen from Midoriya. What was Midoriya doing in the kitchen, anyway? “It was early in the morning, so I freaked out for a moment!! He said he usually uses makeup to cover them!!”

“That makes sense,” Shouji called from his game of Uno with Tokoyami, who was furiously glaring at Dark Shadow as Shouji placed another card.

“Wait, that’s makeup?” Uraraka asked, whipping her head towards Kirishima, who nodded. “Oh my gosh, I need to ask him for tips, if he can make it look that natural!!”

The rest of the girls chorused their agreement, even Hagakure.

At that moment, the doors to the elevator doors slid open, and Todoroki walked through, a bucket of pens and a notebook in his hand.

“Oh, Todoroki!!” Kirishima called, raising his hand to wave at him. “Hey!”

Todoroki bowed his head slightly in greeting. “Hello,” he said as he glanced around the room, making sure that the majority of the class was there. The only ones missing seemed to be Bakugou and Midoriya…. Though he wasn’t sure if he wanted Mineta to be here, but… Sero seemed to have him under control.

“I thought that we could do what we discussed in the class’s group chat,” Todoroki explained, placing the notebook down on the table in the middle of the couches, along with the bucket of pens. He opened the notebook to page 10. “Sorry the page doesn’t have much space left.”

“You’re covering the top three fourths of it!!” Ashido said, glancing at the notebook paper that was indeed covering the previous messages left by Izuku himself and his supporters.

Shouto nodded. “Yes. That is intentional.”

Only Uraraka and Iida actually got the chance to write a heartfelt message for Izuku, as they soon ran out of space on the page. There was a small bit left over, but Todoroki said that they had to leave that area empty for...reasons. In the leftover margins, the rest of the class just signed their names, each using a different color pen from the bucket. (Though both Iida and Uraraka had used colored pencils, provided by Yaoyorozu.)

“Thank you,” Todoroki said, after everyone was finished, grabbing the notebook and bucket, leaving to go put them back in his room. He left the notebook on Izuku’s desk, smiling as he put the bucket of pens back on top of the shelf, before making his way back down to the common room. This time, Bakugou was there was well.

“I wonder what Deku~kun’s using the kitchen for..” Uraraka murmured, and a bunch of the class nodded, despite the strong smell of curry that was coming from the kitchen.

“Who cares, I’m going to steal it from him soon,” Bakugou said, walking towards the kitchen, but froze as Izuku made his way into the common room.

“Um, hey, guys?” he called, and the class turned their heads toward him. “As nice as it is to hear about how you guys care about me, I, um, I made curry. And.. I was wondering if you guys wanted any.”

“He heard us!?!?” Uraraka cried, and Iida’s eyes also widened a little in shock, but mostly embarrassment, for a teacher had caught him going against his usually motto of “Don’t talk about other people when they aren’t there.”  




Of course, everyone wanted some of Izuku’s curry, even Bakugou, who claimed that he was only eating it because he wanted to point out all its flaws. Though nobody called him out when he didn’t say anything as he finished his bowl.

“I’m glad that you’re all enjoying it!!” Izuku grinned, watching as the rest of their class also finished their plates. “Do you guys want any thirds?”

“Nah, I’m stuffed,” Kirishima called to him, and those near him nodded their agreement. “Thank you so much for the meal!!”

“Gochisousama Deshita!!” the rest of the class echoed.

Kirishima was about to grab his plate so that he could bring it over to the sink and wash it, but before he could do so, the plate floated up into the air, and it flew over to where Izuku was standing. The rest of the class could only watch, dumbfounded, as the rest of the plates and silverware also found themselves in the air, where Izuku was leading them all into the sink so that he could wash them.

“Holy crap, dude!!” Kaminari cried, jumping up despite the stomach ache he had from eating too much. “How the hell’d you do that??”

Izuku blushed when he realized what he had done, looking over to where the rest of the class was watching him. “It’s just my quirk,” he mumbled, before turning away to wash the dishes. He didn’t touch the sink, or the faucet, but the water ran anyway, and the sponge washed the dishes despite the fact that there was no hand guiding it.

“Izuku,” a voice called, and Izuku turned away, surprised to see his Dad walking into the common area from his own small apartment area.

Izuku? Ochako thought from where she sat. Why did Aizawa~sensei refer to him by - Oh, right. He’s also a teacher here.

“Yes?” Izuku asked, turning towards the man that looked like a homeless person. Izuku would have to braid his hair sometime, if only to annoy the man.

“You’re going on patrol tonight, aren’t you?” Aizawa asked, and Izuku nodded. It had been a while since Izuku had been on patrol, because of all the recent commotion, but he hadn’t dropped in popularity, as his fans understood that sometimes school was unavoidable.

Especially since Shouto was planning on starting that weird blog idea sometime soon…

“Yes!” Izuku nodded vigorously. “I’ll be out from 10:00PM to 4:00!!”

Aizawa nodded, and pulled an envelope out of his pocket. “Do you think that you could deliver this to your mother, for me?”

Izuku frowned. “But visiting hours are already over..”

“That hasn’t stopped you before.”

Izuku chuckled, extending his hand to take the letter from his Dad. “Right. Got it, Dad.” Izuku smiled. “By the way, I made curry. Do you want some?”

Aizawa glanced over towards the pot, peeking inside of it. “No thanks,” he said after what appeared to be a few seconds of thought. “Looks like all that’s there is the leftovers, anyway.”

Izuku grinned at his Dad, who smiled back, fondly messing with his hair before he made his way back to his own apartment area. Shouto, who was sitting at the table, slurping on some soba, also smiled. A few had thought it odd that Shouto was the one person who wasn’t eating any of Midoriya’s cooking, but that had been forgotten by what Izuku had said.





“I can’t believe he’s your father!!” Ashido exclaimed as Izuku sat down at the table with his own bowl of curry. “How many secrets are you keeping from us Midoriya?” she demanded, though she wasn’t expecting an actual answer. “How many!?!?”

“Doesn’t this mean that Aizawa~sensei is married, kero?” Asui asked from where she was sitting.

“Oh my gods, you’re right!!” Hagakure shrieked. “You said your parents were a married, gay couple!! Aizawa~sensei is gay!?”

“I think he and my Pa are..” Izuku took another bite of his curry, searching through his brain for the term he was looking for.

“I think they said that Hizashi~san was, I quote, ‘gay as fuck,’ and that Shouta~san was a disaster-bi,” Shouto said from beside Izuku, dipping his soba into his small cup of mentsuyu.

“Yes, that’s it!!” Izuku grinned, blushing slightly when he realized he had spoken with his mouth full.

“You knew?!?!” Ashido demanded.

Shouto nodded. “So did Yaoyorozu,” he stated. “And Iida. And Kirishima. And Bakugou.”

“Momo?” Jirou asked, turning towards her friend, who was blushing from being called out. “You knew?”

“The rest of us only found out the other day,” she said, and Iida nodded his agreement.

“Yeah, man!!” Kirishima said, pounding his fists together in his trademark fashion. “I was so surprised!! Like, we go to his place, and suddenly, there’s Aizawa~sensei, and Present Mic, and also Midnight!! And like, maybe an hour or two later, All Might walks through the door, along with Recovery Girl, and they’re just acting as if Midoriya didn’t walk into the house with two huge broken arms and hadn’t been kidnapped for three days!!”

“That’s not true,” Izuku mumbled. “They just weren’t really reacting because you guys were there. They can’t afford to lose their composure in front of their students.” Izuku sighed when he thought back to the training camp. “Something I failed miserably at.”

The class was about to reassure the greenette that was fine, that he had nothing to worry about, but Mineta;s voice cut through what he was about to say.

“That’s totally unfair, Midoriya!!” he cried. “That means that Aizawa~sensei’s been playing favorites for you all year!!”

They were surprised when Izuku actually laughed, choking slightly on the rice in his throat.

“No, no,” he said, once he could breathe again. “I’m not Dad’s favorite. You’ll find a totally different name on the chart.”

“Chart?” Satou asked, looking up from the recipe notebook he was reading, in hopes of finding a cookie type that both Midoriya and Todoroki might like.

Izuku nodded. “The chart for the favorite system in U.A.,” Izuku explained. “Each teacher is allowed one favorite. But if another teacher already has the student that they wanted, then they have to pick a different student, or they just don’t have one at all. This year is apparently the first year that Dad’s ever had a favorite.”

“Really?” Uraraka asked, and Izuku nodded, scraping his bowl clean with his spoon, though somehow not making that horrible noise that usually came from doing so. “Who is it?”

“Shouto,” Izuku said. “Originally, Shouto was my favorite, but then Dad suddenly came up to me and asked if he could have him. Nezu~san said that I should give Shouto to him, so I agreed.”

“Who’s your new favorite, then?” Sero asked.

Izuku shrugged. “Shinsou~kun,”he stated. “Kirishima~kun is Pa’s favorite, Asui~san is Ectoplasm’s favorite, Midnight has Iida~kun, and Thirteen has Uraraka~san.”

“What about All Might?” Iida asked, both surprised and pleased to find that he was a teacher’s favorite. Though he was a little nervous about the fact that is was the R-rated hero…

Izuku smiled. “You’ll just have to ask him.”



Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 33

Broken Arrows


There’s this song I really like, by someone who died from suicide. I… I think he’s a legend. And he still kept doing what he loved, even when he was suffering. I know that in the end, he couldn’t do it anymore, but… I still think it was noble. So… I want to be able to do the same. Even though sometimes it hurts, and, at the same time, it hurts for others, I still want to do what I love. Which is being a hero.

So… I thought that maybe I could honor him by writing down the lyrics to one of his best songs here. I just… I really like this song. So. Yeah. I don’t ever want to forget the lyrics.



You stripped your love down to the wire

Fire shining cold alone outside

You stripped it right down to the wire

But I see you behind those tired eyes

Now as you wade through the shadows that live in your heart

You'll find the light that leads on

'Cause I see you for you and your beautiful scars

So take my hand, don't let go

'Cause it's not too late, it's not too late

I, I see the hope in your heart

And sometimes you lose it, sometimes you're shooting

Broken arrows in the dark

But I, I see the hope in your heart

I've seen the darkness in the light

The kind of blue that leaves you lost and blind

The only thing that's black and white

Is that you don't have to walk alone this time

We have to tear down walls that live in your heart

To find someone you call home

Now you see me for me and my beautiful scars

So take my hand, don't let go

'Cause it's not too late, it's not too late

I, I see the hope in your heart

And sometimes you lose it, sometimes you're shooting

Broken arrows in the dark

But I, I see the hope in your heart


It's not too late, it's not too late

I see the hope in your heart

Sometimes you're losing, sometimes shooting

Broken arrows in the dark



Chapter Text


Inko heard the knocking on her window, and turned her head in order to see exactly what it was, and let out a small sigh of relief when she saw that it was her son holding onto the window.

She climbed out of bed and over to where the window was locked, and unlatched it, as the doctor's had decided that she had become mentally stable enough to be trusted with an open window.

“Hello, Izuku,” she whispered as her son smiled at her. “How did you get up here?”

Izuku just gave her one of his trademark grins, his hood pulled off if his head and his curly green hair a shade of black in the darkness. “Dad wanted me to deliver this,”he said, pulling an envelope out of his pocket and handing it towards her. “But I also just wanted to see you. It's been a while.”

Inko chuckled as she accepted the letter from her her son. “Thank you,” she said, with so much love in her eyes that one would question why she was in a mental hospital. “It had been a while, hasn't it..?”

Izuku nodded. Inko made no motion to move away from the window, and Izuku made no attempt to climb inside into her room. “Everything's been hectic lately. I was kidnapped, me and Shouto almost died.. it's been fun.”

Inko frowned slightly in worry, but her son almost dying was to be expected, after all, as he was a hero in training. “I'm glad to see you're still alive, then,” said, her quiet smile returning to her face.

“Thanks,” Izuku agreed, and then blinked when he caught a look at something that was on his mother's table. “Someone brought you flowers?” He asked, and Inko almost dropped the envelope in her hands in surprise. Right, she had forgotten that she had those.

She nodded, a slight blush on her cheeks when she thought about just who had brought those flowers for her. They were purple hyacinths, which held the meaning of apologies, but she still liked them all the same. She'd never really told anyone, but her favorite color was purple. It was even the color she had used when she had occasionally written things down in Izuku's notebook. (AN - I can't remember if this is right or not, if it's not, I'll fix it later.)

“Did Uncle Toshi bring them?” Izuku asked, not noticing what type of flowers they were.

“Uncle Toshi?” Inko questioned, tilting her head in confusion.

“All Might,” Izuku explained when he remembered that his mother wasn't aware of the names he called his makeshift parents.

Inko nodded. “He's a lot less flamboyant than I expected him to be,” she murmured, and Izuku nodded his agreement.




Izuku had planned on just standing at the top of a random building, and collecting soundwaves like he usually did, but when he suddenly got a text from a friend, he jumped off, meeting him in front of a boba place that was just about to close. The light of the open sign had been turned off, and the workers inside were closing up shop, wiping off counters and putting away certain ingredients.

“Hey!!" a blonde called to him, two large bobas in his hand, and extending his wing to wave to Izuku who was pulling his wings in to land next to the bird hero. “How's life been treat'n ya?" he asked as he handed the drink to his greenette friend.

“I've been good," Izuku mumbled, gratefully taking the drink from his friend. He smiled when he realized what flavor the drink was: strawberry milk tea with honey boba. You could never go wrong with strawberries.

“Should I pay you back?" Izuku asked as the two of them started making their way towards a street well known for its crime, to start their patrol.

Hawks shook his head, taking another sip from his own tea, which was just plain jasmine. “Nah, you're good," he said, patting Izuku's head fondly. “Congrats on surviving a kidnapping," he smiled, trying to make light of what had happened to Izuku.

Izuku used the thick straw to suck a few of the tapioca into his mouth, chewing on them as he mumbled his thanks.

“Anyways, I set up an interview," Hawks told him, as they made their way to a busier street, where Izuku recognized the shop he had once gone to in order to buy soba for Shouto. It was a little more crowded than it had been that night, and the two heroes waved back to the civilians who saw them on the street.

“An interview?" Izuku asked his friend, making sure to add an extra “Oni~chan" when he saw some fans watching their interaction nearby, giggling with delight.

Hawks gave Izuku his trademark grin, a grin as wide as Izuku's but more silly and a little more sinister, like he was about to play a huge practical joke - which he probably was.

“Yeah,”" Hawks took another sip of his drink. “I set up an interview with a random TV station, with you and me. It's gonna be like…Next week, sometime during the night.”

“Am I allowed to ditch?” Izuku asked, smiling as a fan walked up to him, and grabbed a pen from his pocket to sign their slip of paper.

Hawks laughed, patting Izuku on the back so hard that Izuku almost choked on his spit. “Course not!”




Izuku came back to the dorms later that night, at 4:30 in the morning, 30 minutes after his patrol had ended. He had defeated a few villains and ended up on a few news channels, as be often did, but other than that, it hadn't been that eventful of a patrol. It was a nice way to ease back into it, after over a week of not being able to go out on patrol.

While he wanted to enter his room through the balcony, his Dad had told him not to set off any alarms, so he sighed as he flew down to the ground, and walked over to the doors, where.. the lights to the common room we're surprisingly still on.

Izuku pushed open the door and walked in, barely feeling the sting of his sprained wrist as he dropped his hands and looked at the sight before him.

His classmates we're all in the common room - the girls were all piled on top of each other on one of the sofas, while the rest of the class found their own places to hang out. Izuku smiled when he saw that even Kacchan was there, leaning in the shoulder of a drooling Kirishima.

They had all been waiting for him, hear in the common room. Izuku smiled at the thought. He didn't know when the class had fallen asleep, but it was obvious that they had tried to stay for as long as possible, from the unfinished board game and empty soda cans, until they had ultimately succumbed to sleep.

Shouto was curiously the only one who was missing from the arrangement l, but Izuku wasn't too worried about that. Shouto was probably in their room, either asleep like he should be, or waiting for Izuku by reading a book, or something else where Shouto wouldn't be required to interact with the others.

While Izuku knew just how tired he was, and wanted nothing more than to climb into a bed, or now a futon, he still used his quirk to put away all the games, drop all of the soda cans into the trash cans, and one by one, he lifted his classmates and delivered them into their beds.

When Izuku finally opened the door to his own room, he wasn't surprised that the lights were turned off, and that Shouto was already in his futon, asleep. This had often been a pattern between them, before they had started UA. While Shouto was often awake from nightmares, or was just up waiting for Izuku, sometimes, the boy was also asleep - as he seemed to realize the importance of rest.

As Izuku was changing into his regular clothing, (which was a black long sleeved shirt that was too big for him, along with a pair of black sweatpants) the phone he had placed on his desk pinged with a notification.






Hello!! What are you still doing, awake?



im having an existential crisis



Oh. That sucks. Want me to bring you ice cream or something?



nah, im good

thx tho.



It's no problem!!

Hey, if you feel like you can't handle class tomorrow, tell me and I'll get your teacher to excuse you!!



you can do that?



Crap, you're not in Class 1-A.

The offer still stands though.




also, am i gonna have to do some digging?



Why would you have to?




i'mma sleep now. thanks for the distraction



Okay!! Good night!!





“Good night, Shouto,” Izuku mumbled to the boy who was in his own futon. His hair was a bit of a mess, the red strands on the left side of his head hiding the scar that Shouto loathed.

Izuku sighed as he crawled under his blanket, squeezing his eyes shut, knowing that he would have to steal at least half of his Dad's coffee beans in order to face the next day.





“Hello again!!” Izuku smiled as the Todoroki boy opened his window. “Sorry for barging in - again - but I thought that maybe you could use something to eat?”

Todoroki frowned, and Izuku panicked for a second, thinking that maybe he had done the wrong thing, but the boy with bi-colored hair nodded, and made space for Izuku to come in through the window.

Todoroki was silent as he accepted the plastic bag from Izuku, glancing inside to see the small to-go box. He glanced upwards at Izuku, as if checking to make sure that it wasn't a trick, and Izuku gave him what he only hoped could be an encouraging nod.

“Thank you,” Todoroki whispered as he opened the box, a small smile appearing on his face when he saw the Niku-man contained inside. It was warm, as all Niku-man tasted better when warm, though he had the small realization that the soba from last week had tasted better than the pork bun he was chewing on now. But he still ate it ravenously, as if the only food he'd had for the last week was the soba that Izuku had given him previously.  

Izuku watched as the boy ate, pulling his hood down, hoping that doing so would let the boy trust him further. “When was the last time you ate?” He asked, when he realized that the boy was barely taking breaths between his bites of food.

Shouto swallowed, and it was a little painful, as he had taken a bite of the niku-man that had been a little to big for his mouth. He didn't look up, only glancing at Izuku from the corner of his eye, through his bangs. “Last week,” he mumbled.

Izuku's eyes widened. “You mean, when I brought you soba the first time?” He asked, and the bi-colored boy nodded. “That man doesn't feed you?”

Shouto took another bite, this time chewing slowly, so that he wouldn't have to worry about choking on the food that Deku had graciously given him. “He doesn't know,” he whispered.

“That you don't eat?” Izuku asked, and the boy nodded. He watched as the boy took another bite of the pork bun, but he was a little more subdued than he had been moments earlier, nervous that he had done something wrong. And Todoroki seemed to know exactly what he had done wrong.

“Why don't you eat?” Izuku asked.

Todoroki sighed, hunching into himself a little more, and Izuku worried that he overstepped his boundaries.

“I couldn't think of any other way to commit suicide without my father finding out,” the boy murmured.

“So you chose starvation?” Izuku asked, and the boy nodded. “So.. why are you eating now?”

“I thought it would be rude to refuse the food you went out of your way to get for me,” the bi-colored boy said.

Izuku didn't really know what to say to that.




Izuku's Depression Notebook

No pages are currently available for viewing.

Chapter Text

It was quiet, the morning sun not yet reaching the horizon, but close enough to the edge of the sky that it was already starting to glow the faint pink that came with all mornings. The sound of birds chirping, sitting in the trees, and water flowing, sounding like it could be a stream when in reality it was the nearby sewer system. The smell of these sewer system, luckily, didn't go through the open windows of Heights Alliance to the students who were still sound asleep - if it had, it might've caused a certain blond to have a short nightmare about a certain villain that he had encountered over a year ago. 

It was like home, here in the kitchen, where Izuku could be found sitting on the counter top, drinking coffee that he had made for himself minutes before. He had poured in more sugar than he usually did, and there was a generous amount of milk, which had caused the cup to almost overflow before Izuku had taken his first sip. Normally he would be fine drinking the coffee straight out of the pot in the morning, but it had been a while since he had been able to have his favorite drink (and no, Shouto, it was not an addiction), so he had decided to treat himself by putting a little more effort than what he usually deemed acceptable. 

He was still sitting on the counter top, the mug in his hands as he closed his eyes, breathing in the morning air, knowing that in at least half an hour, the calamity would begin when nineteen other students made their way downstairs.  

He cracked open an eye when he heard it - the sound of a phone ringing, sighing as he pulled it out of his pocket, but his face lightened up when he saw who the caller was. 


"Oh, I'm glad you're awake!" The woman on the other side of the phone call said in relief. "Oh, wait, did I wake you?" 

Izuku chuckled. "No, no, you're fine, Mrs. Hotaru," he said, bring his coffee to his lips to take another sip. "I was already up anyway." 

"Oh, good," Mrs. Hotaru laughed. "I'm really sorry to ask you this so early in the morning, but I was wondering if you could do me a favor?" 

"A favor?" Izuku asked, wanting to tilt his head. He didn't move, though, as he didn't want to spill his coffee. (He could've just grabbed the coffee with his quirk, but it was too early in the morning for that, he had decided.) "Like what?" 

"Miko's school just decided that it would take a day off today," she stated, "but I still have to go to work, so I can't take care of her. I don't know how my clients would feel if I brought an over-energetic child with me when I take their pictures." Mrs. Hotaru was a professional photographer, and had been the one to take the photos of Shouto for Izuku during the Sport's Festival. "I need someone to babysit, and, well, I know you have school, but there wasn't anybody else I could think of asking, and-" 

"It's fine, Mrs. Hotaru!!" Izuku laughed, cutting her off. "I'd be happy to take care of her for the day. And skipping a day of school won't hurt me." Izuku winced when, at that moment, his Dad walked into the room to steal a cup of coffee from the pot that Izuku had made. He raised an eyebrow, letting Izuku know that he had heard what had been said, but he didn't say anything as he grabbed his own mug and filled it with coffee.




On the bus to the Provisional License Exam, Izuku was sitting in the back, next to Shouto. 

"You're oddly quiet today," Shouto commented, glancing at the greenette, who was on his... was it eleventh or twelfth? can of coffee by now. The rest of the class was glancing at him every once in a while, in both disgust and astonishment, a couple of them wondering why either Aizawa or Iida hadn't put a stop to it yet. But they always turned back to their own conversations before Iida could admonish them for being rude. Though Kaminari and Kirishima were currently having a bet on how much coffee Izuku could consume before they got off the bus. Kaminari was currently winning, and Kirishima had a slightly panicked expression on his face, but he wasn't wavering. 

"I'm always quiet," Izuku mumbled back, turning another page in his notebook, checking over the facts that he had for the students of Class 1-A. He had stayed up late the night before in order to update the pages, as he knew that he needed to include their new special moves in as well. He was particularly fond of Aoyama's, and he found it pretty cool that the French? boy could now use his quirk to write in stone. 

"That's true," Shouto said, trying to think back to the times when he had heard Izuku shout, which... could be counted on one hand. "But not like this. Are you in one of those strange 0.5 levels?" 

Izuku shrugged. "That sounds about right. I've mentioned them before, actually, haven't I?" 

Shouto shrugged. "Yes, that time you skipped school," he stated. "It makes me worried." 

"Worried?" Izuku asked, finally looking up from his notes. "Why?" 

"You stated that you were at Level 10 during the training camp incident," Shouto said, and Izuku nodded, confirming what Shouto said to be true. "But since you recently figured out that you have .5 levels, and that you're still not very familiar with them, it makes me wonder if you really were at Level 10 during the camp. What if you were actually Level 9.5 or something, and didn't realize it, because it's the highest Level you've ever been?" 

"I...." Izuku opened his mouth to make a response, but nothing came to his mind. Because it made sense. What if what Shouto was saying... was true? 

"That's..... something I'll have to think about," Izuku finally said after a few moments. 




"Plus Ultra!!" the class cheered, blinking in confusion when an unfamiliar voice also chimed in. 

"PLEASE ACCEPT MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES!!!" The boy, Inasa, shouted, after getting admonished by his classmate for joining in on their shouting of the school motto. 

"What's up with this guy!?" Kaminari cried. "He's totally the type who just gets through everything by being intensely chipper!!"  

"He's like Iida and Kirishima squared!!" Sero said. 

"Hey, Shouto," Izuku mumbled. "Isn't that the guy that...?" 





"I think Ms. Joke's trying to make a move on your Dad," Shouto said. 

Izuku nodded. "I think so too." 

"If you put a ring on my finger, we could build a blissful home with no end to the laughing!!" she grinned. 

"That'd be a far cry from 'blissful," Aizawa grumbled. 

"You're being really friendly," Asui said, bluntly, confused. 

"Our offices used to be close!!!" Ms. Joke grinned. "We kept helpin' each other out, and before we knew it, we were in love!!" 

"But Aizawa~sensei is gay," Ashido said, tilting in her head. "And isn't he already married to Present Mic?" 

Ms. Joke froze, looking at her, before laughing. "I can't believe you're so fond of this class that you told them about your personal life!! That's a first!!" 

"I see you brought your school here," Aizawa said, ignoring her comment. 

Ms. Joke nodded. "C'mon kids, c'mhere!! It's Yuuei!!" 

"Whoa!! In the flesh!!" A boy that looked like Izuku with black hair stated. 

"I can't believe it!!" Another girl said, tapping the previous boy's shoulder. "I've seen all of them on TV!!" 

"Provisionals for freshmen?" another girl with longer hair asked. "Well if that isn't some high pace eduaction... though I guess a lot's happened, so it makes sense? Goes to show you, they do things differently." 

"Meet the sophomores I'm in charge of," Ms Joke smiled, surprisingly not showing her trademark grin. "Ketsubutsu Academy's Class 2-2!!" 

"The name's Shindou!!" the black haired boy (that looked so like Izuku, oh my god), grinned, grabbing Izuku's hand with both of his in order to shake it vigorously. "Yuuei's been through quite the string of trouble this year, huh?" he turned over to Jirou and Kaminari in order to grab their hands as well. "But you're all still aiming to be heroes despite it all!! So Admirable!!" 

He opened his mouth to say more, but he froze when Izuku snorted. 

"Stop it," Izuku said. "You aren't fooling anybody." While that was a lie, as he knew for a fact that this boy had fooled the most of his class, it would help alert the class that this boy was acting. 

"Oh, you figured it out?" Shindou asked, his smile not changing. 




"How'd you figure out that he was faking, Midoriya?" Kaminari asked him a little while later. 

Izuku shrugged. "I'm used to watching people pretend to be someone they're not. Comes with being a hero." While that was true, the more honest truth would've been, 'comes with being the son of a villain,' but Izuku wasn't ready to tell everyone in his class that just yet.

"You guys have to take your provisional, now," Izuku said, turning around so that he could go join Aizawa and Ms. Joke, where they were going to be sitting to watch the exam. "I wish you all good luck." He glanced at Shouto, hoping his eyes held his quiet encouragement, and Shouto nodded, seeming to understand. Izuku let a small smile onto his face before he left, feeling a little guilty when he heard the voice of Mera, the man who would be explaining the test. 

Though Izuku couldn't really understand why the man wanted sleep so much, (as he and Izuku probably got the same amount of sleep), but Izuku knew that most humans couldn't function off of coffee like he did, (was it a second quirk of his or something?), so he couldn't judge the man. 




"Eraser!!" Ms. Joke laughed as Izuku sat down next to his Dad. "Your fly's open!!" 

Aizawa just sighed. 

"But to think, all 20 kids are still hanging in there!! It's rare for you to not've expelled anybody yet!!" she said, turning her head towards Aizawa, stiffening when she saw who was sitting next to him. "Have ya warmed up this year's..." 

"Hello, Ms. Joke," Izuku said, bowing towards her slightly, before leaning back in his chair so he could watch his classmates. 

"You aren't taking the provisional?" she asked Izuku, leaning forward in her seat so that she could get a better view of the greenette. 

"I'm pro-hero Deku, Ms. Joke," Izuku stated, not unkindly. 

"Wait, seriously?" the laughter hero asked, turning towards the grumpy man with black hair next to Izuku. Said grumpy man nodded, sighing again. 




Izuku's Depression Notebook 

Page 34

Levels (Part 3?) 


So, there was this one time where I skipped school because I had this thing... where I was like.. in between two levels? I think I said it was Level 4.5 or 3.5 or something..? I'll ask Shouto later. He'll remember. But the thing it, that had never happened before. 

And then it happened again, the next time was when I was sitting on the bus next to Shouto, when everyone in class (except for me) was going to take the Provisional License exam. So I was wondering what triggered it? 

Was it when Hawks said that he has signed me up for an interview without my permission? I mean, I wasn't really that upset about it, but a little forewarning would've been nice..... 

Or was it when I babysat Miko that day? But I was happy that day, and I had fun with her... did I get stuck in like, a limbo between two happier levels or something? 

I don't know. 

But as Shouto said, it is kind of scary. Because, as he said, that means that, when I was at the training camp, well... I might've not been at Level 10, and instead have been Level 8.5 or 9 or 9.5 or something, and had just mistaken it for Level 10

And that's really... scary. Just not knowing is scary. 

Like, I'd be reassured if that was my Level 10, because then I'd have knowledge on it, but if it's not... 

I have these Levels for myself because it helps categorize my feelings and analyze them.... It like, brings me comfort, because using them, I can understand my feelings better (or at least, if not understand, then notice a pattern, and it becomes familiar..) so not knowing how I feel is... scary. 

I mean, I know that's how most normal people are, like, they don't really categorize how they feel and how they act in the way that I do, but... like...

Maybe Levels don't help. Maybe they do. I knew they brought me comfort, but... if I'm going to start have Levels that are in between, well then... It might be better to not have them. 

I don't know what I'm going to do. 

I should ask Dad and Pa about this. 


Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t mind sitting next to both his father and Ms. Joke as they watched their students take the test. It was interesting, discussing with Ms. Joke, (after she had gotten over the shock that he was one of the most popular heroes out there [though Izuku believed it was only because of his youth and his friendship with Hawks]), and Izuku was having fun explaining to her his theories about how the exam was going to go. 

To no one’s surprise, Bakugou had decided to separate from the class, with a few of his friends following him. It also came as no surprise to Izuku that Shouto would go off on his own as well. While Shouto had gotten much better at teamwork (and the like) over the time he’d known Izuku, he still found it easier to work independently. 

“We don’t talk all that often,” Ms. Joke said, turning to Izuku, and Izuku also turned her gaze towards her in order to listen, “but when we do, Aizawa always somehow gets us on the topic of his favorite student. Considering the fact that you’re his son, he’s talking about your boyfriend. Is that him over there?” 

Izuku looked over to where Ms. Joke was pointing, and Izuku nodded. “Yes, that’s him,” he said, a small smile on his face, his cheeks reminiscent of a strawberry, but not quite a tomato. 




There was a knock on the window. Shouto didn’t notice, or if he did, he didn’t acknowledge it, hunching over against the door to his room. Pro-hero Deku had started coming around once a week in order to make sure that he was okay. At first, Shouto hadn’t known how to feel about it, but after a while, he had grown to like the arrangement. It was nice having someone care about him, someone that wasn’t his sister. (No offense to Fuyumi, she was amazing, but sometimes only having one person just wasn’t enough.) 

“Hello?” Pro-hero Deku called as he slid open the window, deciding not to wait for an invitation. Shouto still didn’t raise his head, and the pro-hero gasped when he saw the boy sitting their, his eyes hidden by the hair that had grown a little longer than what he was used to. 

It was at that moment that Shouto really realized that Deku was there, but he still didn’t move. So it was a surprise to him when Deku didn’t rush forward like he would have thought he would, voice raised with concern and asking a million questions that Shouto wouldn’t want to answer. While Fuyumi had good intentions, he had had enough of that. 

Did he know from experience? But from what Deku had told him during his previous visits, his mother had also been abusive. So he wouldn’t know… ah, but he had his new family now. So Deku probably knew what it was like to be overwhelmed by the concerns of others, even though all he wanted was just some peace and quiet, and if any concern, then a small amount that wouldn’t feel like too much. 

And Deku seemed to understand that. He didn’t sigh, which came as another surprise to Shouto. He just placed the plastic bag (food he had clearly just bought somewhere), and walked into the restroom, closing the door behind him so that he could change into the clothes he had brought in his backpack. 

When he walked out, he was in a pair of black sweatpants, along with a huge black long-sleeved shirt that was much too big on him, but he didn’t seem to care. His curly green hair looked more black then green, as if it was matching with the tones of his clothing, and if Shouto had been any more aware of the situation, he might have bluntly stated so. 

“Hey, Todoroki~kun,” Deku called to him, finally addressing the boy with peppermint-colored hair. He didn’t reach forward to touch Shouto, like Fuyumi would’ve done, but that might’ve only been because they weren’t as close as Shouto was to his sister. 

“I brought a first-aid kit with me,” Deku continued. His face didn’t change when Shouto finally looked him in the eyes. The boy with the fire and ice quirk stifled a small gasp when he saw the clear eyes of Deku. They were bright, gleaming with strength and not a hint of the hesitation that Shouto had started associating with the face he was looking at. 

“Do you want me to treat those burns and bruises?” Deku asked him, not once looking away from Shouto’s eyes. 

Those are the eyes of a hero’s , Shouto couldn’t help but think. And without realizing it, he was nodding, raising his arms forward and stretching his legs so that Deku would have access to said bruises and burns. Deku made quick work of it, using his own quirk in order to apply burning and bruising ointment. In the few places where Shouto was bleeding, he applied shodoku (AN - it's rubbing alcohol) and bandaged them swiftly. 

He did this all without touching the boy a single time, which Shouto was grateful for. He didn’t want to be touched right now, not after the “training” that he had just faced. 

“Thanks,” Shouto said, his voice soft as Izuku was putting everything back into it’s place in the first aid-kit. 

“It’s not a problem,” Deku said, and the small smile he’d had on his face earlier returned. He opened his backpack again, tucking the first-aid kit into it’s place, and then pulled out a laptop that Shouto had never seen before. Deku didn’t normally bring anything other than food, a change of clothes (though that had only been two of the 6 times before), and his first-aid kit. 

Though Shouto couldn’t say that it was an unwelcome change, when Deku continued speaking after he had zipped his backpack closed. 

“I brought you some more soba, since you said that was what you liked the best last time,” he said. “And, well..” He opened his laptop, typing something into it, but Shouto wasn’t able to see the screen. (He would later learn that Izuku had been inputting a passcode in order to be able to use the computer.) “Back when I still lived with my… other parents, after an especially bad day, I would watch All Might videos on my phone. So, I brought my laptop, since I thought maybe a bigger screen would amplify the effect, you know? I mean, I don’t mean to assume anything, but I thought it might help? Oh, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, that’s totally fine -” 

“That sounds nice,” Shouto said, interrupting Deku’s train of thought, and the hero smiled, a small look of relief on his face. 

Deku had been right. It did help to watch All Might videos after a bad day. Though maybe that gratefulness and relief had been enhanced by the soba that the greenette had brought him. 




“Hello!!” Deku called when entering his room less than a week later, catching Shouto by surprise. Said boy was currently sitting on his futon, pant leg raised, drawing on his thigh with a red sharpie. 

His face went red, and he quickly pulled his pant leg down to his ankle. “H-hello,” he responded, looking anywhere but at the hero’s face. 

“What were you drawing?” Deku asked, placing a plastic bag on the ground between them, before sitting in front of Shouto. He wasn’t changing into more comfortable clothes, which Shouto guessed meant that he didn’t have as much time as he usually did when he came. Though Shouto didn’t mind, as him coming that day meant more interaction with someone he could actually say he was growing to care for. 

“Nothing much,” Shouto stated, and his eyes widened when he saw just how much food was in the plastic bag. He raised an eyebrow at the pro-hero, who laughed a little awkwardly. 

“A few of those are for me,” he said, reaching into the bag to grab on of the onigiri. “My parents get mad at me when I don’t eat at least one meal a day, and since I didn’t eat with them at any of the three ‘normal’ times to eat, I had to promise them that I would get something to eat either during or after patrol.” 

“One meal a day?” Shouto asked, grabbing one of the onigiris for himself. He had already told the green-haired hero that he didn’t need to continue bringing him food, as it cost money that Deku shouldn’t have to waste on him, especially since he had started eating breakfast again every morning. But the hero had insisted, saying that unlike him, Shouto's bad eating habits were less ingrained, so therefore, they'd be easier to break if he brought more food each time. Shouto wasn't so sure that was true, but eating the food seemed to make the greenette happy, so he did so each time the hero brought it. 

“Yeah,” Izuku said. “You and I both seem to have a problem with food.” He didn’t say it as if there was something wrong with it, but only as if it was fact, and Shouto nodded, taking off the plastic wrapper and biting into the seaweed and rice. 

“Are you really not gonna tell me what you drawing?” Deku asked, and Shouto nodded. He didn’t want to tell the hero, as it might burden him. So he was a little surprised when Deku just shrugged. “That’s fine.” His eyes lit up as he took another bite of his rice triangle, (onigiris are triangles, not balls, but rice balls is probably the more correct description) as if he had just been struck with a great idea. 

“Want me to buy you some pens?” Deku asked, causing Shouto to freeze mid-bite and stare at him as if he was crazy. “You know,” Deku continued, “Like, those special pens that are meant for skin so that you don’t poison yourself!! Well, I guess you might not know about them? The only reason I know about them is because Pa once used them to draw all of my Dad’s face when he was asleep -” 

“I don’t want to accept any more from you,” Shouto said, despite taking another bite from the food that had come from the boy in front of him. Shouto was a little worried that he would come across as rude, but the greenette had generally understood him before, so he was hoping that the hero would understand what he meant here. 

And luckily, Deku did understand. “It’s not a burden!!” he said, smiling. “And if you’re worried about that, we can make a trade!!” 

“A trade?” Shouto asked, curious as to what the greenette was implying. 

“Yes!!” Izuku said excitedly, and Shouto was a little surprised that Deku’s voice wasn’t raised as he said so. The boy’s voice was always just barely above a whisper, and Shouto hadn’t ever heard it any different, except for the few interviews that Deku had. He had looked them up after the pro-hero had visited him for the first time. After all, the hero didn’t have a quirk that augmented his ears, yet he said that he had “heard” his “conversation” with his father. 

“I’d buy you the pens,” Deku continued, not aware of Shouto’s internal thought process, “and then, in exchange, you’d draw on me! If you’re of course, okay with that.” 

“Draw on you?” Shouto questioned. 

Deku nodded. “I think having designs on the skin is really cool. It would be really cool to have a tattoo, you know? And if I asked, my parents would definitely give me permission to get one. But I wouldn’t really want that, since I don’t really like the idea of having things permanently on my skin, y’know? Since the only things permanently on my skin are scars and stuff, so it gives me anxiety. So if you drew on my skin with a pen meant for skin, that I could wash off if I really needed to, and change into something else, it would be really cool!!” 

“I.. see…” Shouto murmured. 

“Of course, if you don’t want to, that’s totally fine as well!!” Deku said, finishing his onigiri, but he didn’t reach for another one. Shouto guessed that what he had said about having food problems really was true. (Of course, there wasn’t really a reason to doubt him.) 

Before Shouto could respond, Deku glanced at the clock on the wall, and his eyes widened slightly. “Oh, shoot,” Deku said. “I promised my parents I’d be home a little earlier than usual today, and, well, I’m already late, haha.” 

He stood up, going over to the window. “I’ll see you again the usual day and usual time, okay?” Deku said, turning towards Shouto, who nodded. “Bye!” He waved as he pulled his hood back over his head and took off into the air. It never failed to surprise Shouto when he saw the boy take off into the air without spreading those giant, fiery wings of his, but apparently the fire was just for show, and Deku didn’t actually need to create them in order to fly. 

“Bye,” Shouto whispered back. He pulled his pant leg up to look at the marks he had made earlier, before the hero had knocked on his window. They weren’t any specific design, as Deku had probably assumed he was drawing. 

No. It was blood. Though not really. Fake cuts and burns on his thigh, which he had drawn on using the sharpie, and various other markers. He knew just how bad it was to self-harm, so he had vowed to himself that he would never do it, no matter how curious he was about it sometimes. 

So instead, to cope with that desire, he drew the cuts instead of actually opening them.




Izuku's Depression Notebook. 

No pages are currently available for viewing. 

Chapter Text

“I brought the pens!!” Deku said the next time he came through Shouto’s window. “I also brought some more soba as well, and my laptop in case you need ideas!!” 

“Oh,” Shouto said as the boy came in. “Thank you.” 

Deku gave the two-toned boy a bright smile, before heading over to Shouto’s bathroom to change. Ah, that must’ve meant that he had more time today. 

It had been getting harder and harder for Shouto to hide his smile whenever he thought of the pro-hero coming to his room a few times a week. He wondered if Deku’s parents knew what he was doing, but he never pried, not wanting to overstep with his one friend, who he didn’t even know if he could call a friend. 

Fuyumi had noticed how Shouto seemed to be in a better mood these days, and had even cried once had been able to give her a small smile after thanking her for dinner. 

Deku came out of the bathroom before Shouto could continue thinking, his backpack in his grip. He brought it towards Todoroki, opening it and pulling out the multiple containers of pens that he had gotten. 

“That’s uh… a lot of pens,” Shouto commented, his eyes widening, wishing he could pull of the one-eyebrow raise that he had seen Deku do multiple times before. 

“Of course!!” Deku grinned. 




“What do you think of my students?” Ms. Joke asked the two heroes who were sitting near her. 

Izuku smiled at her. “I think that they’re very cool!!” he said. “I was a little worried, at first, because Shindou was pretending to be nice to us, but their skill is very real!!” 

Ms. Joke clapped her hands. “Yes, that’s it!!” she grinned. She then pointed to an area far enough away that Izuku had to somewhat squint to see. “See that blonde chick over there?” 

“Yes, I… I think so?” Izuku responded, leaning forward in order to see where she was pointing. 

“Her quirk looks hilarious when she’s using it,” she stated, “so be on the lookout for that, because it’s awesome.” 

Izuku nodded, his eyes watching her until the girl seems to completely fold in on herself. “Oh, wow!!” he cried, pulling his rolled out notebook out of his belt in order to write what he could about her quirk from what he could see. “That’s incredible!! Do you know what her quirk is called? What are the limits to it? Can she fold herself in the other way, her legs into her torso? Is there - “ 

Ms. Joke’s eyes widened, clearly note expecting this reaction from the boy who was a pro-hero at 16. She glanced at Eraserhead, who only shrugged. 

“You caused it,” he stated flatly. “Now you deal with it.” 




“Here, take them,” Deku said, holding them forward so that Shouto could do just that. Shouto reluctantly did, placing them on his desk.

“I… Thank you,” Shouto said, looking back at the hero who’s grin hadn’t faded. 

“It’s no problem!!” Deku responded. “I hope you don’t mind the number!! I didn’t know which brand would be the best, so I just bought a bunch!!” 

“I can pay you back,” Shouto said, walking over to his closet where he knew his wallet was sitting, in one of his jackets’ pockets. 

“No no no!!” Deku said. “You don’t have to pay me back!! I wanted to buy them for you!! Plus, we had an agreement, remember? That if I got you the pens, you would draw on my skin for me? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but -” 


Deku froze. “Excuse me?” he asked, tilting his head in confusion. 

“You said you wanted me to draw on you, right?” Shouto asked, and Deku nodded. “Then I’ll do it. It’s the least I can do.” 

Deku grinned. “Thank you!!” 

Shouto shook his head. “I think that I should be the one thanking you, Deku.” 

Deku smiled, sitting down on Shouto’s futon, a spot that was essentially reserved for him, now, and Shouto sat down next to him. “I don’t really feel like having you drawing on me tonight, if that’s okay.” Izuku said. “I have to take a shower when I get home, and I don’t want your drawings to just wash off.” 

“That’s fine,” Shouto said, closing his eyes as Deku typed his password into his computer, so that he wouldn’t be able to see it. 

Shouto opened his eyes again once Deku had finished typing in his password. He opened up a website that streamed documentaries, and he clicked on one about All Might that had high ratings. 

“Since watching All Might videos helped you that one time, I thought that it might help if you watched this, y’know?” he asked. “Of course, if you don’t want to watch this, we can totally watch something else -” 

“This is fine.” 

Deku smiled again, clicking play. “Okay. Tell me if you want me to change it, alright?” 

Shouto nodded his response. 

The two of them had watched the documentary in silence, Shouto turning off the lights to his room maybe thirty minutes later, so that his father wouldn’t be suspicious if he happened to walk by his room. By this time, the two of them had dug into the soba that Deku had brought, Shouto insisting that Deku had to have at least some, especially if Deku also had eating problems. The greenette had reluctantly complied, which Shouto found to be a victory. 

It was as they were watching the credits that Deku spoke up again. 

“I’ve told you before, but my name is Izuku,” he said. “Since you called me Deku earlier… I guess it’s okay if you’re not comfortable with calling me that, but..” 

“Oh,” Shouto murmured, looking down into his lap guiltily. Deku was right. He hadn’t been calling Deku Izuku, even in his mind, despite the request to. He had found it uncomfortable, calling someone by their first name soon after they met. Though Shouto wondered if they were now close enough to warrant referring to the other by their first names. 

“My last name is Midoriya,” Deku said, and Shouto’s head shot up. “If you’re not comfortable with my first name, then how about my last? I think it’s a little better than Deku, y’know?” 

“Midoriya…” Shouto repeated, testing the name out on his lips, before nodding. He could do that. He could refer to Deku by his last name. 

“Does this..” he gulped, his voice shaking slightly. “Does this make us friends now?” 

Deku, no, Midoriya’s eyes widened. “I didn’t actually know, either,” he murmured. “I’m new to this friend thing, too. Can we… can we be friends?” 

Shouto couldn’t help but smile, similar to the tentative one on Midoriya’s face. “I’d like that. Very much.” 




“Hey, Todoroki~kun,” Midoriya greeted as he climbed in through Shouto’s window. Unlike usual, there was no smile on his face, and he was wearing his normal black clothes that Shouto had seen him in multiple times before. He had probably flown without his fiery wings, to avoid being seen. 

“Hello,” Todoroki repeated, wondering if Midoriya was okay. He looked more worn out than usual, his backpack loosely clutched in his right hand as he took another step into the room. “Are you alright?” 

“I’m fine,” Midoriya said, sitting at his usual spot on the futon. “Do you want to watch another documentary today or something?” 

Shouto watched the boy for a few seconds. He had bags under his eyes, bags that were so big and obvious that Shouto wondered how they had just suddenly appeared. Maybe Midoriya had been hiding them with makeup or something? His eyes weren’t gleaming like they usually did, and Shouto could see that the shorter boy weas hunching in on himself. 

“I had an idea for a design,” Shouto said, walking over to his desk where he had a few sheets of paper, all with design ideas for things that he could draw on his friend. “I was wondering if I could draw on you today?” 

“Oh,” Midoriya said, his eyes widening ever so slightly as he closed the laptop. “Uh… okay.” 

“You’re allowed to say no to this,” Shouto started, bringing his pens and papers over to the futon as he sat next to the boy. “But I was wondering… could I draw on your back?” 

The instant paling of the boy’s face was an obvious answer. 

“What about the backs of your hands?” Shouto asked, and this time, the boy nodded ever so slightly, pulling his sleeves up so that his hands would be visible. 

Shouto tried to smile comfortingly at the greenette in front of him, but he didn’t know if it was working. He grabbed a white marker form one of the cases, (he had taken the time to test out every single marker he thought might come in handy for this particular project), and pulled off the cap. He gently took Midoriya’s right hand with his left, before starting to sketch. 

“Care to tell me what has you so shaken up?” Shouto asked him. Sometimes, Fuyumi asked him if he ever wanted to talk about things, and while his answer was always no, he couldn’t deny how much relief it gave him sometimes, to know that option was there. To just talk. So he thought that he’d extend that offer to Midoriya as well. 

Midoriya didn’t respond for a while, and Shouto took that as no. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, as he had also said no to that question multiple times before. He worked in silence for a few more minutes. 

“A building collapsed today,” Midoriya stated, and Shouto’s eyes widened a little in surprise. “I was there. There was a little girl who died after getting crushed under the debris. If I had reacted faster, I could’ve grabbed her with my telekinesis and pulled her out of there, or at least stopped the huge chunk of building that had crushed her. I could’ve saved her. But I didn’t notice in time, and I didn’t react fast enough, and…” 

He broke down crying, and Shouto stopped what he was doing, capping his marker and gingerly giving the boy a hug, hoping that he wasn’t overstepping his boundaries. Shouto didn’t really know what to say in this situation, but he let the greenette clutch him tight, despite the fact that there were bruises where he was applying the most force. He let his left hand stroke Midoriya’s hair, letting out a little warmth in the hopes that it would help. He didn’t actually know if it did, but Midoriya didn’t protest, so he kept doing it. 

It was a little while later that Midoriya stopped crying, extending his arms forward so that Shouto could continue drawing. Shouto gave him what he hoped was a nice smile, before grabbing his left hand and drawing a mirror image of the sketch he had started on the boy’s right. 

“What are you drawing?” Midoriya asked as he watched the boy with two colors in his hair close the cap of his pen, then twist his torso in order to grab a shade of gold. 

“Wings,” he stated. 

“Wings?” Midoriya repeated. 

“Yes,” Shouto nodded. “Because I believe that you are an angel.” 

Midoriya blinked at him, before his entire face went red like a tomato. “Oh,” he murmured softly. “Thank you.” 

Shouto watched him for a few moments, before uncapping the the gold pen and getting back to work, on his right hand this time. 

“Though, if I were an angel…” Midoriya murmured… “I think I would be a fallen one.” 

Shouto stopped what he was doing, not moving his hands but sitting up so that he could look Midoriya in the eye. 

“That’s okay,” he said. “You can be a fallen angel.” 





































“Because when angels fall, they get back up.” 






Izuku’s Depression Notebook

No pages are currently available for viewing.

Chapter Text

“What do you want, Kacchan?” Izuku asked later that night, when the blonde had asked him to meet in front of the doors to the dorms. 

The explosive teenager only shrugged, before starting to walk off. Izuku followed behind, deciding that he would go along with whatever Kacchan had to say, despite their rocky history. If Kacchan wanted to do something in private, then it must’ve been important. That was Izuku’s take on it. 

Izuku didn’t mind that it was past curfew. If he was his Dad, he might’ve given Kacchan detention, or if he was any other teacher, a strict reprimand, but he wasn’t. He was Izuku, and he knew that if he wasn’t doing this, he would be sitting on the kitchen counter, sipping on a can of instant coffee as he watched cute cat videos on Youtube. He was honestly surprised that no one had walked in on him yet, these past few nights. 

“We’re not supposed to be out at night,” Izuku commented maybe a few minutes later, when he saw their destination. “This is… Ground Beta…” 

It was then that Bakugou finally opened his mouth. 

“I fought you here during our first battle training…” Bakugou stated, still not turning to look at Izuku, but instead at the railing that lined the fake city’s sidewalks. “It’s where I lost to you. And I’ve felt like crap about it ever since…” 

Ah, Izuku thought. I somehow knew that it would be something like this… 

“A worthless, quirkless wonder like you…” Bakugou continued, “Somehow got into U.A., of all places. Hell, he’s a pro-hero, who didn’t even take the provisional license exam with the rest of our class.” He sighed. “You always were the little weird, spouting cryptic crap… and making that face like you were the only one in on the joke. Climbing higher and higher.” 

Izuku didn’t comment, knowing that Kacchan had to let his steam out. It scarily reminded Izuku of a few situations he had been in middle school that involved the blonde, but this time it was… different. This time, Kacchan wasn’t looking down on him for being lesser, or because he thought that Izuku had been quirkless. He wasn’t there to punch the crap out of Izuku - well, actually, he might’ve been - but this time, there was just something that… made it different. Something in his voice, something that Izuku had grown so used to hearing to the point where it had affected his own voice… 

Kacchan’s… 13th was gone. Or no, it wasn’t gone, but it was… it was subdued. It was there, strong, like it always was, passionate, but.. It was also dull. Like a constant ache, or a bruise that refused to heal. 

It was what had kept Izuku from fleeing the moment Kacchan had started walking off. Well, that, and just walking away didn’t seem like a very heroic thing to do. 

“Since the time that you left school… you’ve been climbing. Higher and higher. And higher. And recently, I learned that you had your license. A full pro-hero one. Mena while, I don’t even have my provisional. I mean, what the hell, seriously?” 

Izuku had to bite his tongue in order to stop himself from saying something that would make Kacchan angry even further. He wanted to tell the boy that it was only luck, the only reason Izuku was at UA was actually thanks to Kacchan, for making him climb up the stairs to the roof so that he could meet Aizawa. It was all luck that Aizawa and Present Mic had thought that making him a side-kick would be therapy for him, to give himself more self-confidence. He wanted to say that it only worked out like this because he had had people who supported him, and still continued to do so. 

There wasn’t anything special about Izuku himself that had gotten him in that spot, despite what his fathers and other adopted family members told him. It had all been luck, him being the right place at the right times. 

Even his meeting with All Might had just been a mere coincidence. If that coincidence hadn’t happened, the former #1 hero probably would have found someone who was much more suited to the quirk of One for All, but… 

Izuku couldn’t say he regretted having all those strucks of good luck. He couldn’t say that he wasn’t happy that they happened. 

So he said nothing as Kacchan continued. 

“This whole time,” Bakugou kicked the ground with half-assed strength. “I’ve been feeling crappy about it. It’s been pissing me off. But then… after the business in Kamino, I got this idea. I know that you’ve had your quirk for a long time, and that you just being a shitty liar all the time, but… your Dad had a fire-breathing quirk. And Auntie’s quirk lets her pull small stuff towards her.” 

He finally turned to look at Izuku, who gulped. “Despite what you’ve said about having a third part of your quirk come from your Grandfather, I know for a fact that you know nothing about the man, nor have you ever met him. Childhood friends, remember?” 

His eyes narrowed. “So that super-strength aspect of your quirk… You got that from All Might.” 

Izuku didn’t react. He only stared at the explosive teen. The Levels that had recently been losing Izuku’s trust started rising, past three to at least five, to the point where it would be hard to motivate Izuku to do anything. 

“Y’know, that big bad villain boss?” Bakugou questioned. “Apparently, he can suck up quirks to use or just give away. Hard to believe, but… that one cat lady lost hers and can’t even be a hero anymore. Then there’s those freaking Nomu things with multiple quirks… so I’m pretty damn sure. All Might and that huge boss seemed to know each other. We know it’s possible to transfer quirks. And we know that wasn’t the first time those two met. Then there’s the whole thing where you didn’t start talking about your third quirk until around a year after you debuted. That’s when you met All Might… when everything changed. And All Might lost his strength.” 

Bakugou’s head lowered slightly, but he still kept his eyes on Izuku. “You’re the only one who understood him differently.” 

Izuku still didn’t react, only continuing to stare at Kacchan with slightly wide eyes. Izuku would say something, but… he knew that there really wasn’t anything that he could say to Kacchan. He was too smart for that. 

 “All Might himself wouldn’t give me a straight answer,” Bakugou continued. “So I’m coming to you. He stared at Izuku, who still wasn’t responding. “So you’re not denying it… Is that how it is? You jerk.” 

They were silent for a few moments longer, maybe even minutes, Izuku couldn’t tell. 

“Have you ever flown?” Izuku finally asked. 

“Excuse me?” 

“Have you ever flown?” 




“Why the hell are we doing this, Deku?” Kacchan asked from his perch on Izuku’s back. His hands were still shoved in his pockets, recklessly not grabbing onto the greenette’s shoulders. 

They didn’t have to worry about the public below seeing them, as Izuku was flying without the use of those flamboyant, fiery wings of his, something that most people didn’t actually know he could do. This way, they could fly without having to worry about being seen, and Izuku wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally burning the boy sitting on his back. 

Kacchan wasn’t heavy, though that might’ve been because Izuku was also using his quirk to support his weight. 

“You aren’t going to answer me?” the red-eyed teen asked. 

“Just wait a few minutes?” Izuku asked, turning his head slightly so that he could see the boy out of the corner of his eye. 

“Where the hell are we going?” Kacchan demanded. 

“You’ll see.” 

“Right, like that isn’t fucking ominous,” the blonde muttured under his breath, but he suprisingly didn’t say anything after that. 

When Izuku flew down to the roof of a rather familiar building, Katsuki jumped off of Izuku’s back, his shoes making a light smacking sound as they hit the stone. 

“Why’re we here?” Katsuki asked, turning to look at the boy, who was sitting on the railing. Unknown to Izuku, who was turned away, Katsuki’s eyes widened, a distant memory from years ago coming to his mind when he saw the boy sitting there. 

“This is where I flew for the first time,” Izuku said. 

Katsuki walked up the railing, leaning forward on it, glaring at the greenette. “Why should I care about that?” 

Izuku turned towards him, giving him a small smile. “I listened to you. And you found out what you wanted to know. I’d say you could take a little time to listen to what I have to say.” 

Katsuki glared at Izuku’s smiling face for a while longer. 

“Fine,” he finally grumbled, turning his head to look at the ground below. 

“This is where I flew for the first time,” Izuku repeated. “I was here, on this roof, and I had taken my shoes off. My backpack was placed right next to it, since it had my suicide note inside of it.” 

Katsuki’s breath hitched, and he turned to look at the hero with wide eyes, but Izuku didn’t stop talking. 

“I was done with everything, y’know? I was really tired, and really sad, but… most of all… I was really guilty. I felt like… my mom wouldn’t have had to deal with my father’s abuse if I hadn’t existed. If I had only gotten a quirk when I was supposed to, and not a year late… I wonder just how much that would’ve changed everything. 

“My mom wouldn’t have cracked under the pressure. She wouldn’t have felt horrible whenever I walked into the room. She wouldn’t have felt so bad that she felt the need to cut herself on her arms. That’s a habit I picked up from her, actually… though she’s much better at hiding the scars. 

“What I’m trying to say is… I felt really guilty about it. About you, too. I thought that me being there made the world worse for you, a lot harder for you. So I thought that, well, if I jumped, then you and Mom wouldn’t have to deal with me anymore, and I’d be rid of the guilt. It would’ve been a win-win.” 

He stopped talking, his hands coming forward so that he could twist his fingers together. 

“Why didn’t you?” Katsuki finally asked after a while. 

Izuku didn’t turn to look at him, continuing to look at the ground. 

“Dad came. He saw me about to jump, and he stopped me. When I told him that Mom wouldn’t want me back home, he took me to get katsudon, by letting me climb onto his back, and then jumping off the building. That’s how I flew for the first time. On the back of a hero.

“I think he was planning on putting me in an orphanage or something, or under foster care. But then when he saw my hero-notebooks, he decided that I was worth his time.” 

“You don’t feel bad about the fact that if it weren’t for those notebooks, he wouldn’t have done anything?” Katsuki questioned. 

“Nah,” Izuku responded. “I would’ve been grateful either way, probably. Even if the foster care caused me to end up in an even worse situation, well.. I think I’d still have been grateful to Dad for trying. 

“But because he did see those notebooks, he and Pa decided to take me in. I’m not actually adopted by them, which is why my name is still Midoriya, but they let me live in their house, eat their food… they gave me presents and clothing. It was something I was unfamiliar with. 

“Back then, that’s all I thought they would do. I mean, I considered that to be pretty awesome, actually. I hadn’t really had anyone care about me that much before. But they did more. They taught me how to use my quirk, something I had probably only used once before I met them. They got the government to let me take the provisional license test early, so that I would have more self-confidence. They didn’t mean for me to become a full-fledged hero, but that happened too. 

“The most important thing, they taught me, though, was that what had happened that got me on this roof, well… that it wasn’t my fault. That I didn’t need to feel guilty about something that wasn’t my fault. 

“That’s a lesson I’m still learning,” Izuku said, then he leaned back to the point where he was dangling off the railing by his legs. “But it’s an important lesson.” 

He turned his head towards Katsuki, who was looking down at him. “All Might didn’t lose his power because of you, Kacchan. So I promise that there’s no reason for you to feel guilty.” 




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 35


A photo has been glued into the pages. The glue is from the same glue stick that was used to glue previous pages together, so that they wouldn’t be visible to others. 

The photo is of Izuku and Shouto, who are sitting across the table from Bakugou. Behind them, at the same table, Inko, Rei, and Mitsuki can be seen, giving the camera wide smiles and peace signs. 

Bakugou is the only one not smiling, giving the camera his usual glare. 

Despite that, it's a nice photo. 


Chapter Text

It was later that morning that Class 1-A found themselves watching a particular happening. Iida had called for everyone to get up, as there was only around an hour before school began. So his classmates, all in different stages of preparedness, came down either the elevator or the stairs to where Iida was waiting. 

“You must all eat breakfast!!” Iida commanded, leading the students into the kitchen. While they were tired, none of the students really minded being woken up that early, as they knew that the class president had the best intentions. And for the people who regularly barely rushed into the classroom before the school bell rang, well… having Iida there to wake them was nothing short of amazing. 

So it was almost all 20 members of the class that were staring at the scene in front of them. The only ones absent were Bakugou and Todoroki, but they were the top two of the class so everyone had assumed that they would somehow make it on time. 

On one of the tables, stacks and stacks and stacks of papers and important files could be found. Several of the stacks were leaning precariously to one side, to the point where it was a miracle that they hadn’t fallen to the floor and made an impossible to organize mess. Most of the chairs around the table also had their own individual stacks of paper… and each pile seemed to be a category of sorts, filed so that it would be easier to keep track of. Though that did seem a little impossible because of the sheer amount of paper that there was. 

In the middle-ish area of the table that was still accessible, an open laptop sat, showing a screen that was obviously some other form of paperwork. A few of the students took steps forward to get glances as to what was on the screen, but the text was too tiny to be legible. An abundance of empty coffee cans were placed next to the device, some knocked over and spilling a little of its leftover content onto the table. Fortunately, none of the spilling liquid had touched the computer. 

What was the most worrying, though, was the greenette lying on the floor, his arms raised above his head, clutching his phone. He was dressed in long black sweatpants, and an oversized blue shirt that was most definitely not his own, despite the fact that they all knew just how much he loved oversized clothing. 

“ARE YOU OKAY, MIDORIYA~KUN!?!?” Iida cried a moment later, kneeling down in order to make sure that his friend (and teacher) was alright. 

Izuku turned his head to the side so that he could look at Iida. “Good morning,” he mumbled softly, only a little quieter than normal, but still quiet enough that Iida and the others had to strain to hear him. 

“I repeat, are you okay, Midoriya~kun?” Iida asked again, making those classic hand-chopping motions of his. 

Izuku didn’t move, before shrugging ever-so-slightly. “I’m good.” He continued to stare at Iida’s concerned gaze with half-open, exhausted eyes. 

“It doesn’t really look like… you’re okay, Midoriya~chan,” Asui commented from where she was standing next to Uraraka, who had eyes as wide as saucers. Seeing her good friend just lying on the floor like the dead had definitely woken her up. 

“I’ll be fine,” Izuku said, pushing himself off the ground and onto his knees. “Just pulled an all-nighter, is all. I actually haven’t gotten much sleep in a while…”

“What were you doing for so long that required to you stay awake that long?” Yaoyorozu asked, not even bothering to hide the concern in her voice. “Was it all the paper-work here on the desk?” 

Midoriya nodded as he slowly stood up. “That, and I was trying to salvage -” 

It was at that moment that Bakugou and Shouto walked into the room, both of them completely dressed and ready for the day at school, unlike their classmates who were still in varying stages of morning preparation. 

“You,” Izuku said flatly, pointing at Bakugou, who just glared back at the greenette. “This is your fault.” He didn’t sound accusatory, using the same tone he might in order to affirm to someone that the sky was indeed blue. 

19 pairs of eyes turned towards Bakugou, and a pair of heterochromatic eyes narrowed in suspicion. (And malice. There was definitely malice in that gaze that caused Mineta to take a small step away from the two-toned teen.) 

“What is?” Bakugou growled. It was too early in the morning for this. 

“This!!” Izuku cried, though his voice was only about at what would normally be considered a normal speaking level. His classmates all took a step back, surprised. His demeanor hadn’t reflected an outburst, so they hadn’t been expecting anything of the sort. 

Izuku was pointing at his phone, which was raised up above his head somewhat, to the side. It wasn’t on, just a blank black screen in the air. 

“It’s my fault your phone exists?” Bakugou questioned, raising an eyebrow. 

“Ugh, no!!” Izuku groaned. “It’s your fault that the scary hero government people called me, questioning me about the choices that you made last night!!” 

“Oh,” Bakugou responded. “You got in trouble for that shit? Just tell the commissioners to fuck off cuz there’s no need for them to get involved in your business.” 

Izuku could only gape at him as Bakugou started to pull food out of the refrigerator, so that he could make eggs for himself and Kirishima. His squad would no doubt try and steal some later, partially successfully, so Bakugou always made a little extra, but…

That wasn’t what mattered right now!! 

“That’s it!?!?” Izuku cried, making indignant hand motions. “You’re not even going to apologize?” 

Bakugou, from where he was cracking eggs into a bowl, shrugged. “What you got a problem? You’re the one who invited me to fight villains with you, right?” 

“Yes,” Izuku started, “But I told you multiple times to tone it down!! The job of a hero is to keep people safe, not scare the wits out of them!!”

“As long as they’re alive, who cares?” Bakugou responded, grabbing a pan from a cupboard, along with a few bowls in order to mix the eggs in. 

“I care!!” Izuku responded, his hand motions starting to mimic that of Iida’s. 

“Wait, wait!!” Mineta called, and the class turned their heads toward him. (Except for Bakugou, who was cooking without a care in the world.) 

“What do you mean, you fought villains last?!?!” he asked. 

Izuku just stared at the short purple boy with an expression that screamed something along the lines of exhaustion and exasperation, but he crouched down so that he could meet the boy’s eye-level. 

“It means,” Izuku started, his voice back to his normal whisper. “That Kacchan and I fought villains last night, and one of us did it a little too recklessly. ” 

“All the people survived,” Bakugou said, flatly. 




“They are U.A.’s top students,” Aizawa explained as the door opened, and three older teenagers walked in. “The big three.” 

“So these guys are… I had heard there were people like them but…” Jirou trailed off. 

“The big three!!” Ashido cried excitedly. 

“And one of them’s a real beauty to boot!!” Kaminari exclaimed. “They kinda don’t look the part… dontcha think?” 

“Alright, could you give us a brief self-introduction then?” Aizawa asked the three. “Staring with you, Amajiki.” 

The glare that the Sasuke-like boy sent the entire class sent shivers down almost everyone’s spines. Izuku just stared at him with a somewhat neutral expression, laughing on the inside because he knew just why the boy was glaring. 

“It’s no good,” the boy said, confusing the students. “Mirio, Hadou… No matter how hard I try to think of them as potatoes… everything except their heads just keeps its human form… and because of that, I can only see them as human!! What should I do… the words won't come out!!” 

The class just stared at him in confusion. 

“My mind’s completely blank…” the boy then turned around and slammed his head into the blackboard. “I wanna go home…!” 

“This guy,” Ojirou questioned, “Is at the top of U.A.’S Hero class… right?” 

There was a giggle from the girl next to him, and the students of 1-A turned their attention towards her. “Hey, Amajiki!!” she called to the boy who was still facing away. “Listen to this!! Apparently that’s called being ‘chicken-hearted’!! Hey!! Even though you’re a human!! Weird, huh??” She then turned towards the class with wide eyes. “This guy’s Tamaki Amajiki, the chicken!! Add I’m Nejire Hadou!! We’ve come here today because were asked to talk to you all about the internships!!” 

She then turned towards Shouji. “But, but… hey, by the way!!! Why’re you wearing a mask? Catch a cold? Or is that the latest fashion?” 

Shouji’s eyes widened in surprise as he started, “Well a long time ago I-” only to get cut off by his senpai’s next words. 

“Oh, and you! You’re Todoroki, right?! Right!? Why do you have a burn on your face like that??” 

To Izuku’s surprised, Shouto didn’t grimace!! Oh, he was growing more confident in himself!! Yay!! However, as he opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by the ramblings of the older student. 

“And you, Ashido…” she continued, pointing towards the pink girl, ”If those horns break do they grow back? Can you move them? What about you, Mineta? Are those ball things on your head hair? How do you cut it?” 

“Ooh, a natural airhead!!” Kaminari said with a peaceful grin on his face. “How cute!!” 

“She’s like a kindergartener,” Ashido commented from beside him. 


Mineta was kicked in the shin by air, somehow, his voice getting cut off as he swore in pain. 

“I see you’re all lacking any sort of rationality,” Aizawa commented to the last member of the big three. 

“Please do not worry, Eraserhead!!” The blonde said, swinging a thumbs-up. “I’m the key performer here today, after all!!” 




Izuku and Shouto watched as their classmates got pummeled by the older blonde, all clutching their stomachs and groaning in pain. 

“A little harsh, don’t you think?” Kaminari called from the ground, and Mirio only laughed. 

“What about you two?” Mirio called towards the two of them, who were standing next to Aizawa~sensei. 

“I didn’t pass the provisional-license exam,” Shouto said flatly in response. 

“I don’t think I need to fight you to know where I stand, Mirio~senpai,” Izuku also responded with a somewhat blank expression. He then tilted his head to give the older teenager a grin. “Looks like you’ve grown a bit stronger since the last time I watched one of your classes, huh?” 

“Watched one of my classes…?” Mirio repeated, tilting his head in confusion. “Wait!! You’re Deku~senpai, aren’t you!!” 

“You two call each other senpai?” Shouto asked from beside the greenette, raising an eyebrow in amusement. 

Izuku turned a small smile his way, before facing Mirio. “Looks like you’ve improved your mobility quite a bit,” he said in response to the older boy’s question. 




No Fear of Death (Big 3+teach)



So you really are Midoriya?




I thought we went over this? 



Still!! It’s crazy!!






As surprising as that is, there is an actual reason I texted. 

Actually, I probably should of done this on a private chat or something. 

But Deku~senpai…

Sir (Night Eye) wants to talk to you. 




Izuku’s Depression Notebook

Page 36



It’s been a while since I’ve written in here. I know that’s a good thing, but it makes me feel… kinda guilty? Like I’ve been ignoring this notebook for too long? But since I don’t really have anything to put in here as of yet, (oh crap, that’s making me think of something. Kacchan. I guess I’ll do another page on him next.) I decided that I would just copy a link to something I find cool here. 


I’m writing it out, so Shouto, you better appreciate this. 

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Love you.