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It Happens

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Murdoc looked up at Kong Studios as he stood at the entrance. It'd been awhile since he'd been back, having finally gotten out of that blasted prison in Mexico. He took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself to see his band mates again. He hadn't seen them in a year and he knew they were already in there, waiting.

He took a deep breath, adjusted the backpack on his back, and pushed open the door. He noticed immediately, all three were in the living room, talking and catching up. They didn't seem to notice he had even walked in.

He huffed, a little angry. He dropped the backpack to the ground, creating a loud thump. This seemed to get their attention. They stopped talking and looked back at him. He gave them a charming grin, flashing his unnaturally sharp teeth.

"Did you not miss me?"

Stuart was finally back at Kong... but he could tell that the year he was far from there was really good for himself. He became a bit more confident and without Murdoc around bugging him, less scared and hesitant. He could say he was a bit cocky, but he didn't mind... much time apart Murdoc would have some effect like that.

When the bassist came home they were all expecting him already, talking like nothing had happened... Noodle was older, and now she was able to speak properly English and communicate with them... it was good. She was aware of her origins too and that's what they were talking when Murdoc disturbed. Russel was the same as always talkative and friends with Del, tha ghosta rapper.

Soon when he got home Stuart slowly lifted his head to him "Missed? Maybe just a bit" and a large smirk appeared on his face. He had missed him of course, the good stuff... that was little. Noodle and Russel looked at him, not as happy as Murdoc thought they would be.

"How was in prison, mate...? Still smelling like burrito..?" He teased knowing his time apart was better than the green-skinned man.

Murdoc's smile quickly dropped to a frown, then a scowl. He wasn't sure what their reaction would be, but he thought it'd be better than that. The dullard seemed a little cockier than when they'd last been together. Murdoc wasn't a fan of it. He preferred the 2D that worshipped him.

"Shut up, dullard." He spat. "I actually had a lovely time in Mexico. I got a degree, I became the proud owner if a gorgeous raven, I had lots of hookers, it was a blast… till I went to jail." He walked over to the couches to have a seat, ruffling Noodles full head of hair. She was on the end next to 2D and Russ was on the other couch.

Murdoc chose to sit next to the dullard, kicking his long legs out of the way as he walked by. He flopped down and stretched his arms out to rest on the back of the couch, his hand close to 2D's head.

"So, Noodle. You called us all back together, what'd you have in mind, love?" While he asked this, he got his hand close to the dullard's hair and yanked on a small tuft, snickering as the kid glared at him.

"Well," she started, her English had improved dramatically, but it was still slightly broken. "I was thinking maybe we could begin work on another album. I have already started on a few songs actually. Would you guys be interested?

Stuart felt really annoyed about Murdoc behavior. Now he remembered how he hated the way Murdoc always treated him.

He smiled when heart he went to jail. he frowned and folded his arms to him, Murdoc remained unbearable.

When the girl said about the album "Of course we're interested right guys...?" he spoke excitedly thinking the band was his, a bit cocky himself. "I can’t wait to record again, especially if it was your idea Noods.." he told her with a smile not acknowledging Murdoc next to him messing with his hair. The girl had a big announcement in the end, a new album after one year hiatus huh? Good he thought.

"Yeah D, I think it's a great idea too. Muds?" Russel looked over at Murdoc, who was glaring at the back of 2D's head, unhappy at getting ignored.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. It's great Noodle." He waved it off. Noodle continued to discuss the album and what songs she had already started with Danger Mouse over the summer.

He impressed, but only half listening. He was more interested in getting 2D's attention. He poked the kid on the ribs, hard. *That ought to do it.* He thought.

Stuart was quietly listening to the younger band member happy that everyone agreed to start a new album. He was excited to see the lyrics the songs and boom that tosser poking his ribs.

Murdoc knew how he hated that and he yelled once he did it, disturbing Noodle and everybody. He frowned with his face red from embarrassment and anger "What's your sodding problem?" he asked the bassist. "We are in the middle of something serious here..." he told him angrily.

Murdoc smiled innocently, holding his hands up, acting innocent. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He shrugged at the other two glaring at him.

They knew his antics. Neither Russel nor Noodle were surprised he was messing with 2D. They had hoped 2D's new found attitude would help keep Murdoc at bay, but apparently, it did not.

Russel pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing dramatically. "Okay. I'm not doing this. Noodle. Lets give these two a moment, they obviously need to work some things out. Come on, baby girl." He stood up with Noodle, guiding a frustrated girl out of the room. Murdoc could hear Russel continuing to talk to her as they walked down the hallway, away from them.

"Good going dullard, now they left." Murdoc chuckled, putting his feet up onto the table, getting comfortable.

"Good going?" He frowned "you started this time ya tosser, I was just listening to them when you poked me... don’t say it like it was my fault" He was really angry "it's your fault." He shifted his body a bit far from Murdoc's

He took a deep breath "What do you want...?" He asked sounding less angry "I was interested in what Noodle was saying, just that."

Murdoc smiled devilishly, noticing 2D shifting away from him. He loved being in control of this kid. It was too easy, he just needed to remind 2D who was really in charge. 

He brought his feet off the table and sat up as he spoke, "Nothing much, my dear Stu. Just putting you back in your place is all. You seemed to have forgotten, you owe me your life, yeah?" He leaned closer to the boy, lifting his hand up to play with a bit of his blue hair by his ear.

Stuart flinched with that approach "Look, Muds we just met after one year apart... I think we should just hear what the others have to say right...?" He looked at him "She had ideas for a new album... aren't you excited for making music again with... us, y'know as a band?" He asked looking to the hand on his hair. Why was Murdoc being this kind? It wasn't a good signal... He didn't bother about his place, actually the singer didn't even think about that, excited about singing again.

Murdoc frowned, putting his hand fully into 2D's hair and grabbing a handful of it. He tried not to grab it too hard, but he still needed to make a point. He used this to bring 2D closer to him, enjoying the little yelp he let out.


"Just remember, dullard. Don't get too cocky. This is my band. You're my singer. You sing whenever I say. Got it? He stared straight into 2D's black orbs for eyes, trying to read his reaction.

Stuart yelped at that his face turning into a grimace from pain but he wouldn’t give Murdoc that taste. Soon his features became serious. It hurt of course but he wouldn't show. His face was emotionless. He frowned a bit. He didn't whimper or said his stupid excuses with his girly voice full of fear.

"I got it Mu'doc." He changed while away staring into his eyes back, not bothering with what Murdoc was doing. His tone of voice equally emotionless. "Now let me go." he said firmly.

Murdoc was slightly shocked by 2D's confidence. He quickly frowned to try to hide it. He hadn't prepared for this reaction, having nothing witty to say back. He let go of his hair slowly as he continued to eye the boy.

"Good." He said hesitantly. He immediately hated how weak that sounded, he tried to appear more confident. "Good. Now go get me a beer, Faceache." He leaned back to his spot, slamming his feet back onto the table and crossing his arms.

Stuart frowned to that "No." His tone was really monotonous "I'm your singer. I don't, get beers. I sing." He combed his hair with his fingers, the part Murdoc messed up. He hated that nickname he had given him, always had. He folded his arms.

If Murdoc punched him now well... He knew it could happen once he was back home. Murdoc stayed the same but Stuart no.. He was just too tired and sick of his shit already.

Murdoc raised his eyebrows in shock. He was surprised by 2D saying no, but he was also surprised by 2D admitting he was Murdoc's singer. This 2D wasn't as obedient as before, but he was proving to be more fun. Murdoc was looking forward to the future.

Murdoc finally chuckled, "Fine. Fair enough, Faceache. I'm going to go unpack my shit, at least go let out little Noodle she can go over the songs with us later, yeah?" He stood up and looked down at 2D one last time before turning and going back to grab his backpack he'd dropped near the door before. He winked at the kid, a devious smile playing on his face, as he made his way back to his old room. 

He hadn't expected this type of 2D when he'd agreed to come back. A part of him had hoped the kid would have been happy to see him again, knowing Noodle and Russel wouldn't be excited to see him. He wasn't quite sure what to make of a 2D that stood up to him. It made Murdoc a little excited.

Stuart was surprised he didn't get punch or yelled at. Murdoc was a bit different after all. "Go on mate... you know where is your Winnie still right?" He smiled a bit to him. A cocky smile. "After we can do that sounds good." He agreed.

The singer didn't know why but that smile and wink made him shiver. Murdoc was still the same after all... but this time Stuart wouldn't bow his head anymore. He wanted to be treated like equal to everybody, not humiliated and mistreated like he was. Murdoc could do it couldn't he? Stuart wouldn't deny singing to him. He would be nice if he was nice to him.

With his head full of thoughts after the first meet with Murdoc he knew the bassist wanted his attention... of course. He was glad to have him back... but wouldn't show or Murdoc would began stepping on him and treating him like garbage once again. It wasn't fair.

As a suggestion he decided to grab a beer for himself. Maybe he could think about all that while drinking.

Murdoc walked out to the carpark, the place that held his Winnebago. He pried open the rusted door and walked up the little steps and in. He threw his backpack on the floor. There was no way he was going to unpack, he didn't give a shit about that actually. He just needed a moment to think. He looked around his old place, it'd been just as he'd left it, possibly even dirtier.

He looked around till he found his old fridge. He opened it and gave a little whistle. It was still nicely stalked with his old beer and malt liquor. He grabbed one and popped it open.

He sat down on his bed and looked around at all the items he'd left behind. He took a sip of his beer, realizing just how quiet his Winnie was. After spending time away, he had forgotten just how quiet it could be. It used to not bother him but now it really did.

He too a few more large gulps, hoping it'd help with this empty feeling he suddenly had. It wouldn't go away. He thought, when he'd come back he wouldn't feel like this anymore. He was happy to be with his band mates again, even if they weren't as happy to see him. This was his band though and he'd be damned if he let them continue it without him.  He laid back and watched his ceiling, letting the thoughts consume him.

Stuart thought for a second if he had already drink enough. Only 2 cans but was enough to make him slightly dizzy. Dense as he was, he thought Murdoc would want a beer as he had "ordered" the singer to take. He wanted to be kind and offer him, as they just reached home after so much time apart... He couldn't help but let the part that wanted to be soft with Murdoc appear.

Soon, he went out the kitchen with another can and went outside hoping he could find Murdoc in his Winnie unpacking his things as he said he would do. Knowing Murdoc well it didn't sound like he would actually unpack, but we'll we all changed maybe he had changed too.

When he got closer Stuart shivered. That Winnie carried some of the deepest memories he had with the Satanist... and there it was, almost untouched, rusty maybe but whole. He sighed.

How may night Murdoc got drunker much more than he needed and called the blue Boy to rant, to cry or to have his breakdowns...? And how many times he stood there and in the next morning got kicked out or punched but when Murdoc asked him again, he would do the same? It was a vicious circle to get closer the Satanist... the only moments he was allowed, when he was drunk and bloody emotional and vulnerable.

Did Murdoc still drink? Of course... but would those moments happen again? Stuart wanted? Missed? His "new" self told him no, he didn't miss Murdoc. He was glad to be away right?

When he reached the rusty door something told him no. He missed Murdoc... even his bad behavior everyone tempted to hate. Maybe he should give him a chance now... be civil and try to talk. He knocked the door waiting for an answer.

Murdoc's thoughts were interrupted by the unexpected knock. He sat up, unsure now if he had actually heard the knock or if it'd been his imagination. He hoped it was real, he welcomed the interruption from his thoughts and the quiet.

He got up and made his way over to the door, he opened it slowly. He was surprised to see 2D, holding a can of beer. He wasn't sure what the kid was doing, considering he had just told Murdoc, quite firmly, he wouldn't get him a beer. He considered 2D was possibly here to gloat at the triumph of standing up to him before.

Murdoc growled, not in the mood if he was, "What do you want, Stu?"

Stu? He thought it was weird for him not to call him Faceache, Dents or Dullard.. even Stuart forgot his birth name sometimes after calling by depreciative nicknames almost whole life.

"I came to see you" he told him honestly offering the beer. He didn't know he had already drink, the Winnie never smelled the best so he thought the smell of booze was coming from it, not from Murdoc.

"Maybe talk..." He offered him a smile. Trying to sound like he missed Murdoc... maybe the Satanist would feel better after Noodle and Russ frowning to him. That old self that admired and worshipped Murdoc was still there... somewhere.

Murdoc squinted at 2D cautiously. He wasn't sure if he believed the boy or not, but he wasn't going to ever turn down a beer. He took it and stood to the side to let him in.

He wasn't embarrassed about his place not looking, or smelling, the best at the moment. It was still his place. He also knew 2D had been in there before a few times, usually when Murdoc was incredibly wrecked. He couldn't quite remember those moments, drunk as a skunk, but he knew he actually enjoyed having the dullard around during those times.

He went and sat on one of the bench seats by the little table, leaning on it while he cracked open the beer and drank. He watched in amusement as 2D looked around his Winnie. "So, you said we should talk. What would you like to talk about?" He gave 2D a charming smile.

As Russel and Noodle let them be to talk 2D thought it was a good idea to talk really... not mock his bad time in prison like an ass... in low key Stuart was happy to see his mate again. He looked around curiously... for some reason was everything untouched... when he got closer he noticed he was drinking... how did that booze survived so much time?

"Oh.. guess about what happened in this year... I mean... we've been through some stuff right...?" He smiled to him. What he really wanted to say was that he missed him... but wouldn't give up that easily. "This place brings me memories" he wiped the dust on the table with his long pianist fingers... mumbling to himself.

Murdoc watched the guy gently touching the table and looking around. He heard 2D's comment about the memories but he just shrugged and grunted in agreement. He tapped the can in his hands, unsure of how to start.

He knew it was probably a good thing they talk, but it wasn't something he was entirely comfortable with. He was used to talking during interviews and to fans, people who he didn't have to live with and see daily. He could say whatever he wanted to them and they'd eat it up. This was more personal, hence why they didn't talk much unless he was drunk.

He sighed and finished his beer, crushing the can and tossing it to the ground. Thankfully he was on his way to drunk, a slight buzz beginning to take away any nervousness he felt.

"Thanks for the beer..." he mumbled. He pointed to the seat across from him, "Take a seat D, might as well get comfortable, yeah?"