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The Purrfect Life

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Yes it's another fic,, lol. Don't worry, I'm still updating my other two. This plot has been buzzing around in my head making it hard for me to concentrate on my other two fics, so I thought I would post it and get your opinions. Please let me know if you think I should continue this.

This will be another Harry Potter / Twilight crossover with Harry being paired with Emmett. Harry will be a submissive creature.

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Sirius and Remus stood in the doorway that led to the bedroom their sick and injured godson was currently occupying. Earlier that day they were finally able to gain temporary custody of Harry Potter. If it wasn't for Dumbledore's interfering, then they could have gotten full custody of their pup. 

After the fiasco at the Ministry of Magic the end of Harry's fifth year of Hogwarts, Sirius had been fighting for his godson. Sirius was declared innocent after Peter was captured at the Ministry and questioned under veritaserum. Immediately Sirius filed for custody of Harry, hoping to get him before he was shipped back to his horrible relatives. He was shocked when Dumbledore stormed into the hearing protesting his guardianship. Dumbledore tried to say that Harry was safer with his aunt behind blood wards but Sirius had a feeling that there was more to it.
Thanks to Albus, it took almost two months for Sirius to get temporary guardianship of their pup. As soon as the trial ended Sirius and Remus apparated to number 4 Privet Drive.

The fat bastard of an uncle tried to say that there wasn't anybody by the name of Harry Potter living there. He changed his tune when Sirius pulled out his wand and jabbed it between the many fat neck rolls the man was sporting. The whale then tried to say that Harry was out playing with his cousin but that story was blown out of the water when said cousin came home minutes later, minus one Harry Potter.

Remus started to worry when Harry's cousin had stepped behind his obese father and looked at them, then towards the kitchen. He kept repeating the motion, looking desperately at them. Remus and Sirius knew that after the dementor incident Dudley had sent Harry a letter through Mrs Figg, apologizing for his actions growing up. Harry and Dudley had kept up the correspondence throughout the school year. Dudley had even snuck out at Christmas time to meet Harry in London.

Dudley's attitude wasn't the only thing that changed the past year. Dudley went from being an extremely morbidly obese teen to a fit, muscular, handsome young man. Dudley had spent the last year dedicating himself to eating right, working out and becoming the boxing champion in his division. He also no longer bullied those weaker then him, but stood up for them.

It finally took Sirius blasting the couch to pieces to get the fat lard ass to tell them where Harry was. As soon as they went rushing to the basement following Dudley, Vernon took off.

Sirius fell to the ground in tears when he saw the state his pup was in. Harry was wearing a large pair of ripped up filthy jeans that hung off his emaciated frame. He was shirtless and was covered in welts and bruises. Harry also had numerous serious burn marks and festering stab wounds. He was chained to the damp wall by a metal collar tight around his neck. Harry was curled up on his side on the cold concrete floor, unconscious. 

Dudley explained how his father was still mad over the dementor incident and had chained Harry down the basement as soon as returned home from school. Vernon had always been very abusive towards Harry, but he had gotten more violent this summer. Dudley had went to Mrs Figg begging her for help but she cried, saying there was nothing she could do. Her employer had forbidden her from helping Harry and sending any more letters for Dudley. Dudley had been trying to help Harry by sneaking food, antibiotics and pain killers to Harry but his father caught him a week ago, and threatened to kill Harry if he continued to help him or tried to bring in the authorities. 

Remus and Sirius panicked when they found that it was a magical collar Harry was wearing and they couldn't break through the enchantments. Not knowing what else to do, they sent a patronus to the only person they trusted to help.

Sirius had taken off his robe and draped it over his shivering pup. He grew even more concerned when Harry didn't respond. Placing a hand on Harry's forehead, Sirius cursed when he felt that Harry was burning up.

Both Sirius and Remus breathed a sigh of relief when an elegant aristocrat with long blond hair and grey eyes came storming down the steps. Lucius Malfoy had been working in his study when he got a desperate patronus from Sirius. Immediately he apparated out of his manor and to the location Sirius was at. He froze in his steps when he saw the broken and chained young Potter Lord. It took him a half hour but he was finally able to break the enchantments on the collar.

Before apparating out Dudley begged them to allow him to go with them. He knew that his father was going to flip when he got home and he no longer wanted to live with his sick, sadistic parents.  Remus decided to stay to help Dudley pack, Sirius apparated Harry to Grimmauld Place and Lucius apparated home to get his wife who was a healer. After briefing her on the situation, Narcissa quickly grabbed her medical supplies and floo'd to her cousins house. Lucius then floo'd to Spinners End to enlist the help of his best friend and potions master, Severus Snape.

It took Narcissa and Severus eight hours to patch up Harry and he still was in critical condition. Other then the obvious injuries, Harry had four broken ribs, a broken collar bone, broken nose, fractured cheek bone, internal bleeding, septicemia, liver failure and pneumonia. Harry would also have a permanent ugly scar around his neck from the collar. Upon closer inspection they found that the collar was a magic dampening collar that would punish Harry each time he tried to use his magic, or fight against his uncle.

Dudley had been given a room next to Harry's and was currently asleep. Lucius, Narcissa, Draco and Severus were in the kitchen waiting on Sirius and Remus.

" Come on Siri, there is nothing more we can do for Harry. We have monitor spells placed on him, we will know the second he starts to wake up." sighed an exhausted werewolf.

" I'm afraid if I leave somebody will take him from us. Merlin Moony, our pup almost died. He is still in bad shape." cried Sirius. Looking down, he whimpered when he saw his clothes were covered in dried blood, his pups blood.

Remus pointed his wand at his mate and vanished all the blood. " Come on, everyone is waiting for us in the kitchen."

Taking one last look at his pup, Sirius followed Remus down the stairs and into the kitchen. Narcissa and Severus were practically asleep at the table. Healing such life threatening injuries was draining on a healers magical core.

Remus and Sirius poured themselves a cup of strong coffee and joined everyone else at the table. " Please tell me my pup is going to live." pleaded Sirius.

Narcissa looked at her cousin sadly. " He isn't out of the woods yet, but I believe he will pull through. I just hope that he heals fast enough to be able to survive his inheritance in three days."

 Witches and wizards went through a magical and sometimes creature inheritance on their sixteenth birthday. Some witches and wizards only got a slight magical boost and never felt anything and slept through it, but others got a large boost and would suffer great pain for hours. If your family has magical creatures in your bloodline, then the inheritance becomes even more risky. Not everyone survived a magical creature inheritance. A creature inheritance could skip many generations until it found one who was worthy of the gift. Unfortunately, you didn't know until your inheritance if you were a magical creature or not.

Sirius ran his hands tiredly over his face. " It was Dumbledore!" he growled.

" What was Dumbledore?" asked Severus.

" Dumbledore had to have given Harry's uncle that collar. There is no way a magic hating muggle could accidentally get his hands on such a 'dark' collar." explained Sirius.

" I agree" said Lucius. He was still in shock at the condition he found the Potter boy in. He had never seen anyone so emaciated and broken. The Dark Lord even showed his enemies more mercy when torturing them.

" We have to tell 'him'" said Lucius, looking around the table. " He doesn't want Harry in the war. Harry is his only family and he wants him safely away from Dumbledore.

Not many knew it but James and Lily weren't exactly ' light' wizards. They weren't evil and they weren't Death Eaters, but they did agree with a lot of the Dark Lords ideas. Not long after marrying James, Lily went to Gringotts to take an inheritance test. During her wedding her hateful sister kept hinting that she wasn't a true Evans. After giving it some thought it made sense. She looked nothing like her family and she was the only magical person in her family history. It didn't come as a shock to her when the test showed that she had been adopted when she was a newborn. What was a shock was who her true parents were. Lily's biological mother was Druella Black (née Rosier), and her father was Tom Marvolo Riddle. It took Lily a few months to accept that her father was Lord Voldemort but with the support of her husband she confronted the man. 

Lily had sent a letter to her half sister Narcissa Malfoy requesting a meeting. Lily had taken a copy of the Gringotts inheritance test to prove her birth. Lily was expecting Narcissa to call her a liar and curse her, not to embrace and cry on her shoulder. Narcissa explained how their Lord wanted an heir and her mother volunteered to carry one for him. Everyone was excited for the little princess to be born, none more so then her daddy. The birth had it's complications so Druella was forced to deliver at St Mungos. After thirty two hours of exhausting labor a tiny little girl was born with tufts of dark red hair. The tiny little girl had her daddy wrapped around her finger the second he laid eyes on her. Later that night, Tom left the hospital to celebrate his daughters birth with his followers. Early the following morning Tom was woken by an upset, panicking Cygnus Black. Sometime during the night someone had kidnapped the baby from the hospital nursery. For years Tom searched for his daughter, delving deeper and deeper into the dark arts to try to locate her.

While Lily had a wonderful life with her adoptive parents, she still wept for the life she could have had. She had a father that adored her, a mother who equally adored her, a step father who thought of her as a true daughter and three older sisters who couldn't wait to meet her, Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix. She also had two cousins in Sirius and Regulus Black.

Lily was scared but with James, Sirius and Remus by her side, she went to meet her father. By this time her father wasn't completely sane. He had delved deeper into the dark then anyone before in his search for his missing daughter. He had also split his soul numerous times in his quest for immortality. As soon as Voldemort met Lily, his magic recognized hers as his daughter. The slightly crazed Dark Lord broke down clinging to his daughter, refusing to let go. After that, Lily would visit her family frequently and got to know and love them. Voldemort was thrilled when he found out that he was going to be a grandfather, and started talking about recalling his broken soul pieces. He wanted to make the wizarding world a safe place for his grandson to live in and he needed to be sane in order to do that.

Voldemort knew of the prophecy and he did agree that it was talking about his grandson. The way he saw it, his grandson was vanquishing his dark lord persona and making him into a better wizard. He couldn't live with himself if his grandson saw him as the 'evil Dark Lord' and was scared of him. So he was going to reinvent himself into a wizard his grandson would be proud of and could look up to.

James and Lily only went into hiding to keep Dumbledore from finding out about their secret. They didn't trust the man, and didn't want him to know that Lily was Voldemort's daughter. When Dumbledore came to them proclaiming that their son was the prophecy child and that they had to go into hiding, they played along with the old man. They didn't need the old man getting suspicious of their loyalties. 

On the night of October 31 a Death Eater that Voldemort trusted despite his weakness, slipped him a potion. The potion was a liquid form of the imperius curse and was impossible to fight.  Voldemort didn't think that Wormtail had it in him to betray him so he never suspected anything. The potion forced him to go to his daughters house and despite him desperately fighting it, he killed his son-in- law and daughter. Inside Voldemort was dying, he had killed his beloved daughter, and now he was getting ready to kill his precious grandson. Immediately after firing the the killing curse, Voldemort gained enough control to cast a very powerful, dark shield around his grandson. Harry still got hit by the curse but the worst of it bounced off the shield, hitting him instead. He gladly took the killing curse for his grandson. He deserved to die for killing his daughter and her husband. He didn't know it at the time, but a piece of his soul broke off and embedded itself into his grandsons scar.

After using Harry's blood in the graveyard to resurrect himself, Voldemort had no memories of Lily being his daughter, or Harry his grandson. It wasn't until after he possessed the boy at the Ministry and relived Lily's final moments through the boys memories, did be remember everything. He had spent the last two months with the help of his most loyal followers, Lucius, Severus, Narcissa and Bella, tracking down his soul pieces and reabsorbing them. So far he took back his soul from Nagini, Slytherin's locket, Marvolo Gaunt's ring, and Hufflepuff's cup. Severus was waiting until the start of the new school year to get Ravenclaw's diadem, but sadly his soul piece from his diary was lost forever.

Voldemort spent two weeks locked in his room refusing to come out, mourning the death of his daughter and son-in-law. He was also punishing himself for how he treated his grandson and for trying to kill him on numerous occasions.   He needed to find a way to get Harry out of the war and safely away from Dumbledore. He didn't have proof but he knew the potion that Wormtail slipped him was from Dumbledore. No other wizard was smart enough or powerful enough to brew such a dark potion, except for Severus, but he trusted Severus with his life.

" Do you think Harry will come into a creature inheritance?" asked Draco. Draco had always known that Harry was his cousin. He had hoped to become friends with Harry when he met him on the train, but Weasley had already poisoned Harry against him. Since he couldn't get close to Harry by being a friend, he decided to be his enemy. Even though Draco fought with Harry, he loved his smaller cousin. It hurt him every time he had to pick on him and call him names. Draco had to be close to Harry to watch over him, and that was the only way he could do it.

" It's possible, the Black's, Potter's and Rosier's have a lot of different creature blood in them." answered Narcissa. Draco had come into his Veela inheritance early that summer. The gene had skipped her and her sisters so she was surprised when her son inherited. Lucius was a Veela too. Most assumed that Andromeda ran from her arranged marriage to Lucius but the truth was, after coming into his inheritance he recognized Narcissa as his mate. 

" We will have to keep a close eye on Harry the next few days to see if he starts acting any differently." said Severus. " If he does come into a creature inheritance I would guess by his small stature and submissive attitude, that he would be a submissive. If that's the case, he will have every dominate sniffing around him. Harry is very powerful and famous, they are going to be fighting to claim him."

Sirius cursed, why was it always his nephew? "We need to tell Harry the truth about his family." They hadn't told Harry about him being Voldemort's grandson because they were worried that Dumbledore would find out by reading his mind. They weren't to worried about Harry's reaction. They knew he would flip out at first, but then his desperate need to be loved by a family would win out and he would accept them.

" I agree with Sirius. I also suggest that we take Harry and run." said Remus. All eyes looked to him in shock. " Listen, Dumbledore is planning something and I'm guessing now that he has lost control of Harry, he is going to show his hand."

Everyone sat quietly for a few minutes, lost in thought. " I will talk to Tom and see what he has to say, but I'm sure he will agree." Lucius looked to Sirius. " Start searching through the Black properties and see if you can find a suitable place far away from the wizarding world to take Harry."

" That sounds like a plan, Merlin knows the Blacks have enough properties all over the world." agreed Sirius.

" If you don't mind, I would like to go with you. I would like to finally get to know my cousin, and help protect him." explained Draco.

" That's a good idea, dear." said Narcissa smiling at her son. " If Harry comes into a submissive inheritance, he will need all the dominate protection he can get." 

Draco was a dominate Veela, Sirius was a dominate dark Veela, Remus was an alpha werewolf, Lucius was a dominate Veela and Severus was a dominate Dark Elf. Dominate creatures were more common then submissives, that's why it was important to protect all submissives until they were properly mated. A submissive could be forced to mate against their will, and then they would be forced to remain with their rapist dominate for the rest of their life. There were laws in place to protect submissives, but there were dominates desperate enough for a submissive to break them. Once fully mated, even a forced mating, it would kill the submissive if they were taken away from their mate. Once the submissive was bitten and marked during sex, the bond formed and couldn't be broken.

" Cissa, did you see signs of sexual abuse?" Lucius asked softly.

" No, Harry has not been raped." Narcissa was quick quick to answer. Everybody relaxed at hearing that. It was bad enough that Harry had to suffer the physical and verbal abuse, along with starvation.

" What are we going to do about his cousin, Dudley?" asked Sirius. They didn't mind the boy staying with them, they just weren't sure how comfortable he was around magic.

" It will be his decision, but he is more then welcome to come with us. We will have to hide in the muggle world so having a muggle living with us can only help us blend in." answered Remus.

Lucius stood up and helped his exhausted wife to her feet. " We are going to head home and brief Tom on the situation. We will be back first thing in the morning to check on Harry. We will contact you by your magical mirror first incase Dumbledore is here." After Dumbledore protested Sirius' guardianship of Harry, Sirius banned the Order from using his house. They didn't put it past Dumbledore dropping in though, despite the wards they have keeping him out.  

" If you don't mind, I would like to crash here? I'm too exhausted to floo home." asked Severus. " I will only have to return first thing in the morning anyway."

" That's fine Sev, you can pick any room." said Remus smiling.

Sirius and Remus bid goodnight to everyone and headed to their own room. On their way they stopped to check in on their precious pup.  " Don't worry Siri, we have Harry now and we aren't going to let anyone hurt him." whispered Remus.

" I know, I just wished we could have saved him a long time ago. Despite everything, he is such a loving, affectionate pup. He deserves the world, Moony." Sirius laid his head on his mates shoulder as he looked to his godson.

Remus smiled at his mate. " We will make sure he gets the world, Siri. I promise."

After watching their pup breath for another minute, the two men quietly left the room and headed for bed. They had a busy couple of days ahead of them  and they were going to need all the sleep they could get.