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“And with halftime. The Bears lead with the score 15-10.” The announcer called through the intercom. “Now, we will have the cheerleaders come and perform a special performance for a special someone .”


I rolled my eyes. I hated cheerleaders and all they do. I didn’t want to go at all, but Mollie wanted me to go to a CHC basketball game. She was hoping to scout out some new guys. She had a rough breakup with Justin a couple weeks ago. He was full on cheating on her and he was stupid enough to post it everywhere. It was like what happened between her and this guy Derion. The poor girl had some terrible guy luck.


I honestly thought that I would go home after that basketball game. But, as you could probably tell, that did not go as planned.


I decided to bring my boyfriend, Andy, along. I did not feel like being awkward and standing there alone while Mollie went and talked it up with someone. Andy knew I could be awkward, but he didn’t care. He had dark brown, curly hair that ended just at his collarbone; his eyes were a chocolate brown that melted through your soul. He was also pretty tall as well, way taller than me, which sometimes makes me feel like a leprechaun.


“You good, Kermit?” Andy was shaking my shoulder. “Kermit” was Andy’s little nickname for me. I thought it was cute, so I just let it stick.


I snapped out of my thoughts. “Huh? Oh yeah. Just thinking.”


“You’re missing it, Mollie over there is really working over that guy.” He pointed to the action. Mollie’s head whipped around in a flirty manner while the guy didn’t seem very interested. I rolled my eyes and smirked. I was used to this; I mean being friends with Mollie for the past two years definitely prepared me.


Mollie had thick, dirty blonde hair that ended at her neck. Her dark blue eyes blended in well with her really tan skin and very tall figure. She was wearing black leggings with a burgundy sweater and brown boots.


Andy, to my right, was wearing plain jeans and a simple shirt. He was never a fancy dresser, which I appreciated. I mean, he still looked put together but he didn’t care that he wasn’t wearing a suit.


“Aria?” A voice called to my left. I turned to the direction to see my friend Paige coming up to me.


Paige had black hair and deep brown eyes that stood up from her dark complexion. She was also a little bit shorter than me, but she was pretty chill. Paige wore some simple jeans, a simple t shirt and black boots while her black hair was pulled into a low ponytail.


“What’s up?”


“Well I just got ditched by my date so….” she trailed off to make her point. She was supposed to meet a girl here to hopefully start things up. I guess the other girl didn’t want to start something up. My poor little freshie.


I made a sad face. “Wanna hang with us?”


“As long as that’s ok with you two.” She gestured to the boy next to me. Andy nodded off signaling the go-a-head.


I smiled. “Totally. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.”


“Eh, honestly I’m used to it.” She shrugged. Paige was honestly the most chill freshman I knew. I mean her freshman class was say the least.


“Didn’t you say that you were bringing another friend?” Paige asked me.


“Yeah. Mollie’s over there.” I gestured with my eyes to where Mollie was. The guy she wa previously talking to had lost interest fast, so Mollie was on the second guy of the night.


“You know she’s talking to an old PLS kid. He’s a freshman.” Paige observed. Oh lord not again. In case you were wondering, we were all juniors except for Paige. It would be kind of weird to date a freshman right now. Also, Paige and I used to go PLS Publice Lane School. It was a catholic school for grades k-8. Now, Paige, Mollie , and I all attend TCHS: Timson Catholic High School, which was an all-girls school.


Mollie started making her way over with her arm locked into a another guy. I sighed and smirked at Andy. He laughed with astonishment at how fast it took her to find a guy.


“Here we go again,” Andy rolled his eyes, fully calmed down.


“Hey guys! Meet Caden!” Mollie smiled brightly. As soon as I saw his face, I immediately knew I was in trouble. It was Caden Brooks, a guy from PLS too, and he’s from my grade. Caden had wavy, deep brown hair tasseled around his forehead. His bright blue eyes popped out from his dark skin and lean complexion. Caden had on some plain pants, an under armor shirt with the CHS (Calvert Hall School) logo on it, and a plain under armor jacket over that.


“Aria?” Caden looked at me with wide eyes.


I somewhat waved. Caden wasn’t the nicest to me. Well, ok it was complicated. Basically, it was middle school and there was a lot of issues with me and this other girl. We kind of drifted apart and everyone stopped talking to me. Caden was nice to me when no one was around, but then he would succumb to peer pressure, like almost everyone these days.


“Caden is on the varsity soccer team.” Mollie beamed. Caden seemed unamused and uninterested. Instead, I would keep catching him stealing some looks at me. I wasn’t bothered by it; I was used to it whether good or bad.


“We know Mollie. Aria and I went to school with him.” Paige replied simply. She popped out her knee and put her hands in her jean pockets.


“Oh yeah! Well you already know Aria and…”




“Sorry hon,” Mollie addressed Paige and then continued. “that’s Paige, and this is Aria’s boyfriend Andy.” Mollie finished her introductions in a perky tone.


“Boyfriend?” Caden asked. He seemed rather confused.


“What’s so wrong with that?” I crossed my arms.


Caden only shrugged. “Nothing I just never thought you would get a boyfriend around here.”


“Oh!” Mollie waved her hand. Andy lives in West Virginia.”


“That explains it.” Caden sneered.


“Yeah. Aria doesn’t go for slugs.” Andy snapped. Paige snorted as I smiled at him. Caden only glared Andy down. Andy didn’t even notice.


Suddenly, a loud crash erupted from outside that shook the entire school. I fell onto the bleachers with Andy on top of me, protecting me from any debris. In a matter of seconds, the room was filled with screaming and crying.


“Everyone stay calm.” The intercom announced. “Stay under the bleachers.”


“Screw that.” Caden rolled his eyes.


“I wanna go see what’s outside.” Mollie started for the door.


“Mollie!” I called out, but she didn’t stop. I groaned and ran out to grab her.


“Aria!” Andy called behind me. I didn’t stop, instead I focused on not letting my friend be killed by whatever was outside. The internal monologue inside my head had various ideas, and I didn’t like any of them.


I finally pushed through the entrance doors to find Mollie standing there. Oh no. Is she having a panic attack? She’s not moving. My pulse raced as I reached her.


“Check it out!” She squealed.


I was confused until I looked in front of me. It was a gigantic robot lion in a bright blue. It felt like it was staring at us. For some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. Some kind of energy was making me look through it.


“What’s going on?” Andy shook my shoulder. I flinched and looked up. Andy apologized and asked me again.


“Do you guys see the lion?” Mollie exclaimed.


“Yeah.” Paige said simply.


Suddenly, the lion started moving toward us. Mollie shrieked, Andy put my behind him, Paige crowded behind me, and Caden-wait, Caden was here too? Um… okay well anyway, Caden was standing there frozen solid.


“Well I lived this long.” Paige muttered.


The lion, however, only opened its mouth to us. We all exchanged confusing glances at each other, wondering what we should do. Mollie made the first move and walked on in.


“What now?” Paige asked me.


I sighed. “I guess follow her.” I trudged in after her. I heard Andy and Paige behind me, along with Caden bringing up the rear. The insides of the lion was lined with the same bright blue shade. A lot of it was pretty high tech to me, and I couldn’t really believe my eyes, especially when I saw the control room.


Mollie was sitting in the chair with neon blue screens illuminated above the dashboard. “How…” I trailed off.


“I don’t know. It just turned on.” Mollie answered, a little timid. I didn’t have time to yell at her or ask anymore questions. What I needed to do was to make sure everyone was safe.


The others finally arrived into the room in a big bubble. “Woah…” Caden’s eyes went wide with astonishment.


“This. Is. AWESOME!” Paige started jumping up and down. Andy stood there with his mouth dropped open to the floor. I rubbed my temples at their reactions.


Suddenly, a loud whistle blew from outside. “Hey! Get out of there!” A police officer yelled with a gigantic cone.


Andy shook Mollie in her seat.  “Get us out of here!”


Mollie typed some buttons on the screen. All of the sudden, the lion started moving like one normally would. I readied myself on the chair to keep balance as the lion blasted into the air. Screaming was a common sound throughout this little adventure into space.


“Mollie! What did you do?” Caden exasperated.


“Like I know!” Mollie replied. “I just pressed a button!”


“Why do it!” Andy exclaimed, his arms flailing in the air.


“Because hashtag yolo!” She retorted.


I muttered, “Lord have mercy.”


Finally, after a couple of minutes flying into pitch black space, a large wormhole entered into the atmosphere. It took us all off by suprise; no one knew what to do.


“Um….” mollie pointed to it. “You guys see this too right?”


“Yeah, but is it really a wormhole?” Andy asked.


“I guess it is.” I whispered to myself, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear me.


Mollie leaned back in her chair and turned to us. “What should we do?”


“I say explore.” Paige replied, bouncing up and down.


“Well it seems like this lion has a mind of its own and I don’t feel like angering it. So let it do its thing.” I explained. Everyone seemed to agree. Mollie pressed forward into the wormhole.